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Crime Increasing In America’s Suburbs

January 1, 2013 by  

Crime Increasing In America’s Suburbs
Crime is on the rise in the suburbs.

Amid an overall national decline in homicides, murders in the suburbs and other areas not traditionally associated with high rates of violent crime are on the rise.

This, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, is the result of criminals looking for easier targets outside inner-city areas where police presence has increased in recent years.

“They just shifted their operations,” Craig Steckler, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, told WSJ.

The report indicates that about 25 percent of all homicides in the United States occur in suburban areas, up from around 20.7 percent in 2001.

According to a Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics study of the most recent data, there was a 16.7 percent drop in homicides in big cities due largely to aggressive police patrols in cities like New York and Los Angeles. But during the same period, homicides rose 16.9 percent in their outlying suburbs.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    And when the Obama regime disarms everyone, the crime rate in America will skyrocket because the crooks will know that we are unable to protect ourselves. They may be in for a surprise. I do not think people will give up their 2nd Amendment rights, even if it means owning guns covertly. So, crooks may enter homes they think are not armed and get one big surprise. The big trouble is, the victims of the burglars will be the ones arrested.


      I agree gun control will disarm Law abiding citizens and leave the guns with the criminals, when they know home owners no longer have guns they will force their way into your home and rob you, perhaps kill you.

      • Bill

        And the seniors will suffer the most. Their only line of defense has been firearms






    • czman75

      I am thinking a lot of perps will disappear….

      • John Kurle

        One angle on the rising crime and gang graffiti in the suburbs that I know of is people trying to escape the crime in the city.

    • Benjamin Fox

      The reason they, the crooks are moving to the burbs, they know too many people own guns in the city, and some say they aren’t smart? I know the Kenyian president is very smart but have to be dumb as a rock to think your the messiah?

    • Dan Mancuso

      Mr. Olsen;
      Don’t be a victim. Have you not heard of the ‘Double Tap’ and the three S’s?
      One to the chest, one to the head, Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up!
      When you are pushed into a corner, drastic times call for drastic measures.

      • ibcamn

        bravo-bravo…….ancore!just remember,two can keep a secret if one is dead!!!!



    • oh oh

      Anti-gun policies have already caused this to happened to the British, some of whom are now warning us against making the same mistake:

    • Chuck S

      It would be interesting to see a correlation between crime rates in the suburbs (and everywhere else for that matter) and gun ownership, concealed carry, castle doctrine, stand your ground, etc.

      Also welfare rates, unemployment, foreclosures, etc.

  • Worried_In_the_USA

    The Section-8 program moved the criminals to the suburbs.

    I know from experience. In the Atlanta area, I lived in a quiet middle class mixed neighborhood. No problems until a slum lord bought the house next to mine and moved in a single mother with six young kids. She brought her sister and her five kids and all the various boyfriends. Also, she decided to “shelter” some juvenile youths. In less than two months, the neighborhood had turned into a drug dealing hood. Trash everywhere, drugs, loud music all night. Of course the “liberals” wanted to help her out, and fed and clothed her children and gave her stuff. Cops would not do anything about the open drug dealing unless they personally saw it.

    I should have taken notice when all the black families put their houses on the market the month the Section-8 family moved in. Yes I took a big lost on my house, but at least I no longer have a gun pointed at me when I roll my garbage to the curb, have to pick up the neighborhood litter, watch out for drug buyers blocking my driveway, loud music at 2:00 AM every night, being called their white slave whenever I do yard work, etc.

    The Section-8 program moved the ghetto into the suburbs, not into the rich politicians’ neighborhoods.

    • Jamie

      only forgot the old pair of nike shoes hanging from the power lines. that’s their drug house sign.

      • Carlucci

        I had no idea what shoes hanging from a power line meant, and I’ve always wondered about it whenever I saw it. Thank you for enlightening me.

    • Warrior

      Same result in chicago. Isn’t “progessive utopia” just great!

    • Mikey

      I’ve witnessed the same thing happen to small desert towns here in California. I moved out of one of these towns because the small town atmosphere turned into the small ghetto atmosphere. And, of course, the crime rate skyrocketed, including murder.

    • Peter S

      Under the Section 8 federal housing voucher program, thousands of poor, urban and often African-American residents have left hardscrabble neighborhoods in the nation’s largest cities and resettled in the suburbs. Law enforcement experts and housing researchers argue that rising crime rates follow Section 8 recipients to their new homes, while other experts discount any direct link. But there is little doubt that cultural shock waves have followed the migration. Social and racial tensions between newcomers and their neighbors have increased, forcing suburban communities to re-evaluate their civic identities along with their methods of dealing with the new residents.

      • Mary

        I found that the Section 8 program is designed to encourage low-income tenants to settle in middle-income areas by subsidizing 60 percent of their rent. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development issued 70,000 more vouchers for suburban relocations in 2012 than in 2010, bringing the total number of renter families to 3.5 million. Federal officials and housing experts say that the increase in vouchers was offset by people being forced out of federal housing projects that closed and by renters moving into foreclosed properties.

      • Dan Mancuso

        I hadn’t ever heard of this ‘Section 8′ before. Is this why the banksters created the housing crisis? To open up all these single family homes in the suburbs – through foreclosure – to allow the dregs of society to be moved in with taxpayer funded ‘assistance’, in order to further dismantle and destroy the middle class. The middle class, you know, the one third of the tripartite system who actually works and pays the taxes? The rising suburban crime statistics seem to bear this out!

    • Carlucci

      When I was in college, I rented an apartment in an old Victorian style house that had been subdivided into 4 apartments. All of the other tenants (white) were wonderful, except for the ones in the largest unit downstairs, who were black. In a very short period of time, the downstairs “neighbors” had turned that charming property into a ghetto. They smoked pot all day and all night long, and had loud parties almost every night. The whole building smelled like pot, and none of the other tenants could get any sleep. These tenants also had a baby (of course), and threw dirty diapers and other garbage all over the front yard daily. I thought I was the only tenant who complained to the landlord, because he always made excuses for these awful people, and ignored my complaints. Finally, the rest of the tenants got a written petition together and told him if he didn’t get rid of these people, we would go to city hall and file complaints on him and these tenants as they were a hazard and a nuisance. We also made it clear that illegal activity was going on in his property and because he wasn’t doing anything about it, he was just as guilty as those tenants. We also said we’d contact CPS because there was a baby involved. Only then did he make a move to rectify the situation.

    • Bill

      My wife owns a property management company and she recommends to owners not to go section 8. If you own an investment property and you want to bring in a fair steady income stream, then avoid section 8. There is too much govt red tape and your investment will be a non stop drama.

      It does not make sound economic sense

    • ibcamn

      yep,Desert Hot Springs in So. Cal. is the same thing,it got so bad that the houses for sale,the owners had to hire security to protect the property so it wouldn’t be destroyed by the same type of people!and what was really weird is the Mexican families living in the town didn’t want them there because they said,”they ghettoize the nieborhood” …go to DHS now and it’s a total sheet town!and the fairly new housing development next door to it is the exact same also!(i almost bought a house there)now those houses are less than half their value and dropping every year,sorry to say,they steal from up north(Hollywood and Glendale area) and come back with the loot!and then it gets dumb,they hear about the stolen loot,and steal it from each other,over and over,some even get killed for it!a man was shot over a pitbull he stole!it’s bad there,hey,maybe have BHO live there for a while(no secret service)and then see what his attitude is later!lol….

    • Melissa

      I live in a small city in the North East.
      We have the same problem as you, since our neighbo, slumlord , but that house, as the old man passed away, who lived their all his live and but Section 8 people in the house next to ours..

      Some examples:

      Drug problems, , housing of other Druggies where are barely over 18 years old, , Drug Travic all hours of the night. Letting their dog run around for hours in the neigborhood every day. Trashing their yard and our driveway. and dont care about no “Tresspassing signs”
      The Man is also on “bath salts” in one of that occations he swang a knife and forced my other neighbor , who came out on the street to look after the screaming children, to” dance” with her in her yard.
      it needed 4 Police guys to catch him and they but him in the ER, He was not charged as the dealer he is , but is the poor victim. My neigbhor wanted to press charges, but the police never should up to interview her.

      On top of it, they let their children run wild all day without supervision on the street.
      Nothing happens even when the police is called . Others get a child neglect charge when the child is left alone in the street., this people let their two and five year olds run around unsupervised.
      The 7 year old came to me and asked if I can help to catch his three year old sister running towards a busy street. He could not wake up his parents , who where passed out at 2 PM.
      The police was called, but ther was no notice in the paper about action taken for child neglect.
      The child services nows about them, but nothing happens.
      It is even worse, siblings of the women drop their kids for baby sitting there. So in the simmer when school was out, there where up to 15 children from two to twelf years running around all day out on the street, till nine a clock in the evening, till I threatend to call police. The noice was so bad all day, I could not use my backyard or frontporch..

      None of this people worked a day in their live they are both under 30 years old.and able bodied.
      They bragg that they get 1000 dollars in food stamps every month and they selling them. . .
      The police nows that both are heroin attiicts, , but does nothing.
      The so called father of the 6 children living there was caught in the last two months three times stealing at sears, at Walmart , only gets a slapp on the hand and a appreance in City Court.
      None of them has a drivers license, but they driving all the time. The Women had four Tickets because of driving with out a license.
      She does not care. I heard her saying, that money is not a problem for her. Sure they going to the casino all weekend.
      The is a welfare dynasty, the grandmother is regulary in the paper for stealing things and I guess the children sell the things she stole. .

      It ruined our quiet neigborhood street.
      Three people but their houses on sale this year, none was sold, thanks to this low lifes, who are white by the way.

      Sorry, if may post got a little long, but Iam so upset about the situation.
      I am ready to sell my house too, but it will make me very sad. and I put t so much work in my house and backyard.

      sorry also for my writing mistakes. English is not my first language. .

  • JimH

    Some street gangs are moving their activity out to the burbs, because no one expects them to be out here. Everyone thinks of inner city poverty when they think of gangs. Not so now.
    They are expanding the franchise and modifying how they act to fit in.
    They learned suburbane kids have more money to buy drugs with.

    • czman75

      The apartment complex I live in, started out nice, clean, quiet until a change of owners brought in Sect. 8…trash everywhere, loud cars, rude people and lots of noisy kids. Then starts the break-ins, fights, etc., The good side so far, no gun fire (yet). Managers are un-approachable, they don’t care as long as they are getting their paychecks.

    • ibcamn

      that’s why private schools have a drug problem too,the rich buy off the tabliod’s and court’s to down play the problem and make it sound non-exsistant!but it’s there,just drive by one of those school’s and you will see the kid’s that don’t go to that school hanging around outside!then you know that school has a drug problem….and it’s weird because those school’s have all that security and yet they have a big drug problem,sound’s like security is involved with it!it’s like prison,the drug’s will find a way to get in!most dealer’s are pretty brazen nowaday’s!and security patrols don’t make jack(all their money to unions and taxes)and are alway’s looking to make some extra cash,the non taxable type!

  • jungle man

    Here’s the plan.. An intruder forces his way into my house, I shoot the slime ball dead. I keep quiet, call no one and tell no one. Under the cover of darkness, I haul the body away and dump it (like the garbage he is) in a place it will not be discovered until it’s totally rotted. No one knew he was here and I cannot be connected in anyway with this stranger, so I’ll be free of concern about being prosecuted for defending my home. If everyone did this this and made sure there were no survivors, there would be a sharp decline in the number of criminals and no one would be the wiser. I live in a scattered neighborhood of homes on a lake in the woods. The driveway to my house has a sign posted: “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again”

    • Mikey

      Love your sign!

    • Carlucci

      LOL, jungle man. I think farmers used to do that to tax collectors during the Lincoln administration.

    • Bill

      Hi Jungle Man
      How about “Never mind the dog, beware of the owner”.

      • JimH

        I don’t dial 911, I dial 357.

  • Bill

    What do you expect when we have a government that promotes poverty over prosperity.

    When people have no jobs and way to earn a living they resort to crime. That is why we need to arm ourselves to fight off the thugs created by the socialist policies

  • New world

    Widespread concern that extending public transportation to suburban areas will increase crime in those areas threatens the long-term viability of the transit systems and the metropolitan areas they serve. There has been little systematic research on whether crime increases when new transit service is initiated in suburban areas.

  • H. Ford

    Providing housing vouchers and housing support services, but not employment or transportation assistance, section 8 vouchers permitted low-income blacks to live in middle- and upper-income white suburbs. Can low-income white families receive housing vouchers? If yes, where can low-income white families apply for help?


    In areas where gun control is prevalent and force the citizens into becoming prey for the criminals,murderers and terrorist, those who choose to defend themselves are victims of their own government laws and are subject to punishment for using the right of self defense…this is where and why the crime rate increases.

    Remove the tax paid security from our duly elected incumbent elites and their appointees and the 2nd amendment will work just fine for the both of us…..a taste of parity would be a humbling experience for our government officials…

  • ibcamn

    Our gov’t officials just went for another pay raise(after Obama used his almighty power)just when the pay raise ceiling was taken away!the gaule of these a$$ jacks,it use to be gov’t workers had a steady job to make ends meet,now they do insider trading to do that!these guy’s are gonna try to do whatever they want and not listen to the people,unless we vote them out,now…humbling experiance,these guy’s,never again!they are gonna go after our gun’s,it’s in the Marxist handbook Obama reads!American’s need to wake up first to make it by way of the constitution and then it will be humbling to them!!they put sec-8 in white areas to make the town or city politically correct!i didn’t care to live next door to a guy who constantly called me cracker or that white p.o.s. or white trash!why can he say deragatory terms to me but i cant to him!when i first moved in it was sour from the start,no chance to blend in to the apt complex…i wound up moving out shortly after arriving there!nothing worked at all there,washers or dryers,and the rec room was closed off and used for storage of broken washers and dryers and air con…etc…and the parking areas were used up daily by the residents and there friends to hang out in.i got several parking tickets due to the party parking lot problem!i got to park in my apt space three times then a broke down ford was there and i was asured it would be moved soon by manegment,but not,and i soon started looking elswhere to live because of this sec-8 idea..and mine is not the only story like this i’m sure!!!i try not to be this way about it,but sometimes they make it hard not to be!sec-8 should just end,the gov’t is just enabling the people who abuse the system!!

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    How about the correlation between crimes commited in the City State of the District of Columbia by people in suits, who make the laws?

    Think thats up any from say: 2008?

    How about from: 1964?

    How about since say: 1900?

    How about from: 1860?

    Can anyone really say with a straight face ~ that other cimes would be down if we have criminals at the helm?

    Peace and Love Shalom

  • http://midcontent i41

    Since everyone got hit for more taxes, the2% increase taken from our paychecks and the 90 federal regulations coming at everyone 365 days a year, cut 2X that much off of jug ears and all federal employee checks, it would help balance the budget.


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