Credit card law includes gun provisions


Credit card law includes gun provisionsPro-gun advocates have praised the law signed by President Obama last Friday that includes a clause which allows guns to be carried in national parks.

As explained by Obama, the main purpose of the legislation is to bring clarity and transparency to the credit card market to protect customers from some of the techniques used by credit card companies such as unexpected fees and interest rate increases.

Among its provisions are a ban on retroactive interest rate hikes and an end to "late-fee traps," such as due dates that fall on weekends or change every month.

The new law is also designed to restrict credit card companies from advertising among and enrolling college students without the knowledge of their parents.

However, the bill also includes a provision that makes it legal to carry concealed and loaded guns and rifles in national parks.

The measure was supported by Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, and endorsed by the National Rifle Association which argued the law would enable law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against acts of violence in the parks.

However, opponents counter by saying it will make the parks less safe.


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