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Credit card law includes gun provisions

May 26, 2009 by  

Credit card law includes gun provisionsPro-gun advocates have praised the law signed by President Obama last Friday that includes a clause which allows guns to be carried in national parks.

As explained by Obama, the main purpose of the legislation is to bring clarity and transparency to the credit card market to protect customers from some of the techniques used by credit card companies such as unexpected fees and interest rate increases.

Among its provisions are a ban on retroactive interest rate hikes and an end to "late-fee traps," such as due dates that fall on weekends or change every month.

The new law is also designed to restrict credit card companies from advertising among and enrolling college students without the knowledge of their parents.

However, the bill also includes a provision that makes it legal to carry concealed and loaded guns and rifles in national parks.

The measure was supported by Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, and endorsed by the National Rifle Association which argued the law would enable law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against acts of violence in the parks.

However, opponents counter by saying it will make the parks less safe.


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  • Mike Clark

    Its about time that the Government allows citizens to carry guns into our national parks for both defense against terrorists , criminals & wild animals. It’s also about time that the government is making it law that banks can’t just arbtrarily charge higher interest rates ,its cheaper borrowing from a loan shark than some of these credit card companies.Now that we have given all these tax payer funds to the banks for getting the toxic assets off their books , now the banks are wanting to buy those toxic assets back from the government using tax payer funds at a lower price. How does that make any sense,we give them money to help them get rid of the assets now they want them back agreatly reduced prices using the taxpayers money. down right disgusting , but that is how government works , what is wrong with us anyway?

    • http://boblivingston Cynthia Ewing

      Goof ball they just took away our RIGHT to carry a gun in the national parks! Obama slipped this by on the back of another bill, BASTARD! Now we have no way to defend our selves agaist some goof that lerks there or a wild animal! The government needs to STAY OUT of the peoples lives! They are taking away our constitutional RIGHTS! This is HITLER all over again!

      • Paul JUmes

        Cynthia, what bill was that? Need that if you have it for data mining….thanks
        and you are right, Hitler would be proud of B.H.O. as would Stalin, et al.

        • http://boblivingston Cynthia Ewing

          The credit card bill that was just passed……….The article is above this blog.

        • Carol

          I knew that this man was a very sneaky sneaky man even before he became President (of which I had nothing to do with) if he can’t even say what his real name is or where he was really born nothing about him is real and never was he is a professional con man and eveyone believed him just by his body language spoke volumes for me and that is a fact.

      • Eric Bischoff

        the most dangerous thing we are faced with is morons like some of you owning guns.

        Bush and Rumsfeld was the closest thing to Hitler we’ve seen since Hitler. Pre-emptive war, shock and awe, the patriot act. Straight out of the Nazi playbook. Hitler didn’t take German people’s guns or rights away from them, he fueled the flames of blaming everything on the immigrants and ethnic groups. Does that ring a bell? I wouldnt want to be a chicano today

        So after 50 some years of mostly Republican leadership and our nation being bankrupt you want to blame all of our woes on the new guy who’s only been at the job for 100 days. You are ridiculous.

        And don’t go off half cocked, I didn’t vote for him either but let’s get real. When you act this way you have no credibility. You just look like you are either uneducated or stupid or maybe both.

        Your rights have been taken away long before Obama came along. Where were you then? Losing Habeas Corpus didn’t bother you? Is it because you don’t know what it is? Guilty until proven Innocent didn’t bother you? Kidnapping and torture didn’t bother you? Is that because it didn’t happen to you or someone in your family.

        Were you complaining about our govt when the Bush regime stole the elections and illegally came to power? Or have you just decided to start complaining now that the black man and the other party is in charge!

        Can you be trusted? Are you being honest?

        Fed up with stupidity and hypocrisy.

        • http://boblivingston Cynthia Ewing

          What world are you living in? First off It was your President that played a big part in orchestrated and worked with ACORN to “strong arm ” and force banks to give loans to people that had NO business owning a home. He and the democratic congress were a MAJOR cause of the downfall of our country. Bush tried on serveral occations to put regulations in place at fanny and freddy BUT ole’ MR Obama created the filabuster vote to keep that from happening because he along with others in the democratic party i.e. Dodd Frank got “kick back from fanny and freddy!! They are the cause for this melt down and you Goof balls that sit in front of your TV’s playing nintendo voted him in office!!! He now is funnelling billions of our money to ACORN who is a fradulant little army he uses to gather votes harrass people and God knows what else. He is taking away our Constitional rights one at a time and it will effect you too you dumb ass but YOU are too STUPID to see it comming! guess your watching MSNBC and got your head up your ass the rest of the time! Don’t insult my intelligence………….Moron

          • Monarchist

            Both of you above are correct. It’s what you deny that is wrong.

        • Jeff

          Gun legislation in a credit card bill? I do like pro gun legislation, but I HATE when our “Leaders” sneak legislation into unrelated bills.

        • Jeff

          I agree with almost everything you say. And yes I complained about Bush. Bush had my support until 2003, then he lost it.
          Losing Habeas Corpus bothered me immensly. It downright pissed me off! As did the illegal wiretapping, and every other “Known” violation of our constitutionally guarrented rights.

          Yeah, so I voted for CHANGE, but now I regret it. After only 4 months. I should have voted for NOBODY.

          A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. “SHALL NOT, be infringed!”

          There should be no problem with providing “Morons” cheap and easily accessible firearms safety training. You should not worry. It is our right to be able to defend our lives from wild animals and criminals. Anything living, has the right to survive.
          Where I live, defending from wild animals is a reality. I deepley resent the idea from some former Chicago dweller, that I should be suspected as a domestic terrorist, {Look up Misouri List} just because I need a firearm. I could lose my life to a Lynx attack, while I wait for Animal Control to show up. These freakin people have no clue, as they have never lived on the outskirts. I have Lynx and coyote, and Bobcats trapsing through my yard everyday. Sometimes when I am in the field, I am very far from the house, a rabid animal is unperdictable. Its always a possibility, and protection from that is prudent. I have seen daily coyote tracks that come right up to my front door, on the steps.. True they avoid people…but again, a rabid animal is unpredictable.

          Go back home to your broken glass strewn, asphaut paved front yards, complete with used condoms and discarded hypodermic needles. That is not the reality for most of America. Whats good for the inner city Mr. Obama, is not always whats good for the “Rest of America.” Obama, a whole lot to learn….
          4 years, then your OUT!!

        • Jeff

          You must be a Glenn Beck Listener…
          Nobody is investigating the Acorn story, except Glenn Beck and now O’Riley.

          Yeah, Acorn, watch this thing Explode in Obama’s face…

      • Jeff

        Interesting point Cynthia.
        How did they take our gun rights away? By “giving” us the “right” to carry in a national Park, they assume the “right” is granted by the government? Is that what you are saying?
        Good point. Sneaky…

        • http://boblivingston Cynthia Ewing

          OMG I guess I really have to stop putting off going to the eye doctor so sorry for any confussion out there…. But there is a bill in the works HR45 where the gov. is trying to take the guys from the people except the gov. they can carry. And the way they Sneak these other bills in that have nothing to do with the original bill is just wrong. I don’t trust this administration. They sold out my grand sons future and I’m worried about whats comming down the pike tooooooooo much spending and printing. God Bless America.

  • Eric Bischoff

    Pretty soon we’ll be packing everywhere. The next person whose cell phone goes off in the wrong place better watch out!

    • Capt. Gene Leone (Ret) USA/USAF

      Please do not take any offense to what I write as I am trying to correct your misconceptions on Concealed Carry Permits (CCP). Besides being retired military, I have an extensive law enforcement background, both military and civilian. In a sad way, it always amuses me to hear comments from non-gun owners or ill-informed gun owners. For years now, people have been trying to debunk Dr. Lott’s work (University of Chicago) without success. Dr. Lott broke down violent crime rates for EVERY COUNTY in the United States. The results were interesting in that every place CCP’s were issued, violent crime went DOWN. The reason is the “bad guys” don’t know who’s carrying. In Florida and Texas, the anti-Second Amendment crowd made the exact same claim you make. Will there be exceptions to every rule? Absolutely. But they are just that: Aberations, not the rule. Criminals feel safest where there are laws preventing decent, honest folks from defending themselves. When there is doubt on their part, the bad guy’s part, they tend to shy away from committing that violent crime. As an aside, when responding to a rape call, more often than not the victim was unarmed. Here are just two examples.

      This was nearly 40 years ago but I remember it like it happened yesterday. A woman was being attacked by a rapist in her home. She tried calling 911 only to have a knife put to her throat. She was brutaly beaten and suffered minor cuts. The rapist got away. I asked her if she had a gun in the house and she said she “didn’t like guns”. Then I asked her, “Don’t you wish that phone had turned into a .38?” To her credit, she bought a pistol, we taught her how to use it and she was issued a CCP.

      On another rape call, we arrived to find the potential rapist on his knees, trembling, crying and having wet himself. His intended victim was perhaps 10 feet away pointing a .45 Auto at him saying, “MOVE YOU SON OF A * AND I’LL BLOW YOUR A OFF!” In the intrest safety, she was talked into putting down the pistol and we hauled off the bottom dwelling pond scum sucker. She was quite the hero in that case. As for the wouldbe rapist, he was eternally grateful for us saving his sorry butt.

      There is one truism I always like to give folks as food for thought. “Wghen the bad guys are doing you harm, it is comforting to know the police are only minutes away.” Also, before you respond “more people are shot by their own guns”, understand that is not the case, though the “brady crowd” would like people to believe that. In fact, over 2,000,000 incidents of firearms self-defense are REPORTED every year. I know from personal experience, many, many more are never reported.

      Finally, the National Rifle Association is currently GIVING AWAY FREE 1 year memberships. Please take advantage of that one year membership and pick the American Rifleman magazine. You will learn a lot about firearms owners, firearms ownership and just how mistaken you are about “cell phones going off in the wrong place”.

      • Jeff

        Thank you Capt. Gene Leone (Ret) USA/USAF.

        That sums up the reality of it..

        I hope no idiots have any questions.


      • sylvia

        Thank you Capt. Leone for your military and law inforsement service, and thank you for beitn the only person here to speak the TRUTH and nothing more. I am 70yr old and a life-time member of the NRA. also I have a ccp and have traveled over half the Eastern part of our country but not without my equalizer. I have only had to use it twice in my life & both times NO one got hurt. They either ran like the coward they are or just gave up. I have been taken to couert for brandishing a fire arm & the JUDGE said JUSTIFIABLE, Case dissmissed. Now I would say to the NON gun owners at leeast get a security system of some sort and keep it in good order. Make a plan B for anything that might come up and don’t be afraid to dial 911. God Bless AMERICA

  • Eric Bischoff

    When will we put an end to letting them insert unrelated items into bills?

    • Jeff

      That I can agree with. An end to the insertion of legislation into unrelated bills. Its sneak tactics plain and simple.
      Sneaks by nature have something to hide. If you are a United States Representative, you should have nothing to hide. Especially when it comes to lawmaking!

      Good point!


    • Kevin Beck

      Maybe you should ask that question to those who voted against theLine Item Veto.

  • Benny

    I am always in favor of keeping our right to keep and bear arms. The time is rapidly approaching when you will be very glad that you have weapons to defend yourself. Your life and the lives of your family and your loved ones may depond upon these weqpons to stay alive. Take away the right for our citizens to bear arms and the only people who will have guns will be criminals and those who are potential criminals, like those who will rise up violently when this administration fails and they realize the “fairytale” actually is not going to happen. That time is coming !!

    • http://timewarnercable talkermann

      Benny…you da man. I agree…recently I took the 14-hr course here in Ohio. I passed the state test, and now carry a .38 special. Joined the NRA, joined a local gun club, and target shoot twice a week. At night I set the house alarm, load 5 hollow points in my revolver, put it in the bottom night stand, and sleep like a baby. I even do my own re-loads. Having trouble getting primers now cause “Obie” wants to shut us gun-carrying citizens down. Oh yea, I started this a few months ago, when I turned 74. I saw a bumper sticker that read “IF WE OUTLAW GUNS ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS”…..makes sense huh?

      • FreeColorado

        Slight clarification:
        If we outlaw guns, only outlaws AND THE GOVERNMENT will have guns.

    • Jeff

      Then that is the time when I will become a “Criminal.”

  • charles

    I believe gun control is a good thing! We should all take our guns to the range and learn how to use them properly, as well as hit the center of the target. When you shot 3 times and only find one hole that’s gun control.

    • http://boblivingston Cynthia Ewing

      Amen brother

    • Liz

      Charles, I couldn’t help but smile at your comment. When I started reading,

      I believe gun control is a good thing!

      I thought “Oh! No. another nut”. Wrong!! What you said should be written in bold letters.

      “When you shot 3 times and only find one hole that’s gun control.”

  • Constance Kenney

    Is this the same gun law (HR45?) that states on page 16, sec 103(approx), that they can inspect your home, unwarrented, to be certain it is stored away from children properly? So it’s not just about our Constitutional right to have firearms, but also about unwarrented home invasion, isnt it?

  • Eric Bischoff

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not a gun person but more and more as I see the decline of the american empire and the potential collapse of this society I have thought about moving out of New York and into the country and owning a gun. A nice pump shotgun that you keep in the house and just the sound of that pump is a deterrent.

    I am merely pointing out the sadness or irony of the fact that instead of improving and being more enlightened, we’re headed more towards a morally (and fiscally!) bankrupt society.

    Some of you may find this hard to understand but I believe that there is a certain dynamics at play. I am talking about some natural laws like “You better be careful what you wish for (or focus on) because that just maybe what you’ll get. Have you ever noticed how those most worried about having their cars stolen, usually have their cars stolen!

    Therefore when you decide to get involved with guns you are stepping into another realm and you might be improving the odds that you will find yourselves in situations where you will need to use that gun.

    Food for thought!

    • jrmft

      Eric, you are right we are in a moral decay. However, it is due to the liberal left pushing God out of everything, trying to redefine what makes a family and attempting to prove that children do not need fathers to grow-up healthy. You are right be careful what you wish for. The left has got what they wished for and look at the mess it has left our country in. Real promissing!

    • Bud

      c&p from Eric B. “”Therefore when you decide to get involved with guns you are stepping into another realm and you might be improving the odds that you will find yourselves in situations where you will need to use that gun.””
      And why would that be? Have you one instance Eric or did you garner that from your “food for thought”?

  • c c

    You do not learn how to drive, fly a plane, operate a boat etc.etc. unless you are taught, this goes for handling a gun. With all the mony being spent by our goverment to rid us of our guns they should give more to our law inforcement so they can combat the gun problem with criminals and teach people the proper way to handle a fire arm weather they want to owen one or not, if you want some real food for thought, rip up your DEM. and REP. voter registration card and sign up as an independtant, you will see a REAL change from both parties. AS soon as they see we are tried of kissing there A–ES it will swing back the way it should be them kissing ours

  • http://Colorado Robert

    Interesting article, but there seems to be disagreement as to whether this one stands on its own and concealed carry will now be permitted in National Parks. As a practical matter and to get to the real truth of this all, can anyone clarify the status of this for certain and also state when this law would actually take effect? Thanks.

  • bill

    thank you capt gene leone. i lived in texas too and had many hand guns and learned to use them so well that i only hunted with them. when my father died in ny, i couldn’t bring them home with me. after that i was convicted of felony dwis(driving while intoxicated) (3), last dwi was about 20 years ago, and i have been told that since i have been convicted of a crime i have lost the right to own a firearm forever. now i have heard that there is a way to have this right to own firearms restored. if so, how do i go about it???

    • sylvia

      Bill in Virginia we could get our rights given back by petitioning the court for re-instatement of rights. since yours was of a minor -sort of* offence you could probably get them back eisier than most. Just ask the Police Department where you should go to do this. Hope that helps. Good Luck

  • bill

    eric bishoff: in living in ny state, i’m not sure if you’re aware that you live in the state with the toughest gun laws in the usa!!! as much as i like pump shotgunns and have enjoyed using them, my favorite shotgun has always been a Browning five shot auto,, which also has a very distinct sound when you load the 1st round,, you should hear the sound it makes when the bolt slams that 1st round home.. IF FACE WITH INTRUDERS, THE 1ST RULE I LEARNED IN HUNTER SAFETY CLASSES WAS: VERIFY, VERIFY MAKES SURE OF YOUR TARGET, IN A HOME ENVIRNVMENT IS WHERE MORE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE KILLED!!! owning it gun isn’t bad, but the responsibility of ownership can be bad thanx

  • bill

    I have been hearing about a town in the south west that boasts the lowest crime rate in the USA because everyone (GET THIS) CARRIES A PISTOL, AND ITS THE LAW!! please i’d like to know where this town just for the info.

    • Francois Arouet

      I believe the town that you’re making reference to is Kenneshaw, Georgia, it is however, located in the southeast. E.g.Gun Ownership -
      I hope that you find this response helpful to your inquiry.
      Sincerely, F.Arouet

      It’s The
      Law In Kennesaw
      By Jonathan Hamilton and David Burch
      Marietta Daily Journal Staff Writers

      KENNESAW, Ga – Several Kennesaw officials attribute a drop in crime in the city over the past two decades to a law that requires residents to have a gun in the house.

      In 1982, the Kennesaw City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition.

      The ordinance states the gun law is needed to “protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants.”

      Then-councilman J.O. Stephenson said after the ordinance was passed, everyone “went crazy.”

      “People all over the country said there would be shootings in the street and violence in homes,” he said. “Of course, that wasn’t the case.”

      In fact, according to Stephenson, it caused the crime rate in the city to plunge.

      Kennesaw Historical Society president Robert Jones said following the law’s passage, the crime rate dropped 89 percent in the city, compared to the modest 10 percent drop statewide.

      “It did drop after it was passed,” he said. “After it initially dropped, it has stayed at the same low level for the past 16 years.”

      Mayor Leonard Church was not in office when the law was passed, but he said he is a staunch supporter of it.

      “You can’t argue with the fact that Kennesaw has the lowest crime rate of any city our size in the country,” said Church, who owns a denture-making company in Kennesaw.

      The author of the ordinance, local attorney Fred Bentley Sr., attributes at least some of the decrease in crime to the bill.

      “I am definitely in favor of what we did,” he said. “It may not be totally responsible for the decrease, [but] it is a part.”

      Although he is pleased with the outcome, Bentley said he was originally opposed to drafting the law.

      “I didn’t think it could be written in a constitutional fashion,” he said. “Obviously, it was constitutional, because the American Civil Liberties Union challenged it in court and we won.”

      Jones said the ACLU challenged the law in a federal court just after it was passed. In response, the city added a clause adding conscientious objectors to the list of those exempt.

      Although the law is now being credited with a drop in crime, Jones said that was not the law’s original purpose. He also pointed out that Kennesaw did not have a big problem with crime before.

      “The crime rate wasn’t that high to start with. It was 11 burglaries per 1,000 residents in 1981,” he said.

      According to the Kennesaw Police Department, the city’s most recent crime statistics show 243 property crimes per 100,000 residents in 1998, or .243 per 1,000.

      The city’s crime rate continues to be far below other metro Atlanta city’s with similar populations, like Decatur. In 1998, Decatur recorded 4,049 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

      Jones said one motivation for the council passing the ordinance had to do with publicity.

      “It was done in response to a law passed by Morton Grove, Ill., outlawing gun ownership within the city limits,” he said. “Several council members were upset Morton Grove had gotten a lot of attention with their ordinance so they decided to top them.

      “They figured the gun ownership ordinance would knock that city right off the front pages. They were right.”

      Jones said the ensuing publicity surrounding the law has given Kennesaw worldwide name recognition.

      “I have been to Australia and Europe and when I tell people I am from Kennesaw they recognize the name as the place that requires everyone to own a gun,” he said.

      But Stephenson said the issue was not publicity-driven but issue-driven.

      “We believed in the right of people to own guns,” he said.

      Jones said he has sold 550 copies of a 1994 book about the first-of-its-kind law, “The Law Heard ‘Round the World.”

      He said the law in its final form has many loopholes, so not everyone is required to own a gun.

      “There are many outs,” he said. “When you look at it, almost anyone could fit into one of the exempted groups.”

      Kennesaw Police Chief Dwaine Wilson said no one has ever been prosecuted under the ordinance.

      Among those exempt are residents “who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine.” Others exempt include the physically and mentally disabled, paupers and those convicted of a felony.

      The law contains no clause addressing punishment for violating the law. If convicted, City Clerk Diane Coker said punishment would be determined by the general penalty clause of the Kennesaw Code Ordinance – probably a fine of about $100.

      Jones said the unusual law has not deterred anyone from moving to Kennesaw.

      “Our population has increased just like everyone’s in Georgia in the past 20 years,” he said. “The law really hasn’t done any harm to the city’s growth.”

      The city’s population in 1998 was recorded at 14,493 – a sharp increase over the 8,936 residents recorded in the 1990 census.

      Cobb Chamber of Commerce president Bill Cooper said odd laws are typically not counted as strike against a city when a business is looking to relocate.

      “These laws don’t have laws don’t have an impact on a company’s decision to move to Cobb County,” Cooper said.

      “Many communities have strange laws that are out of date. Businesses look at many factors when relocating, such as quality of life, education, infrastructure and available workforce.”

      Bentley said the law actually may have helped business development.

      “Kennesaw is home to more manufacturing businesses than any other Cobb city,” he said. “Companies have said they want to be located in conservative areas.”

      And Kennesaw isn’t the only city in Cobb with an unusual law on the books.

      According to Jeff Koon, who runs a Web site specializing in funny laws,, Acworth has a ordinance requiring residents to own a rake.

      In Marietta, it is illegal to spit from a car or a bus, but perfectly legal to spit from a truck.

      www rense com

  • Huh?

    I just pulled the credit card laws and read the pre-curser of the proposed bills. Not one mention of guns/National Parks.

    Please provide the backup data.

  • Jeff

    If Obamacare passes the politicians responsible will be quick to implement new gun laws for fear of public reaction. Axe Obama Now!

  • jerryBB

    I have a hand gun carry permit not a ccp.I can carry it openly any where it isn’t posted not allowed. I think that is how it should be. obama and his adm. needs to climb back up atree and keep their mouth closed then they can’t be accused of lying if their lips aren’t moving. That browning 12 gauge shot gun is avery good persauder to help calm some idiot down.You don’t have to have a shell loaded.all you need is ammo in the mag. if you needto load a round just push the barrel aginst the wall,floor or the invader when the barrel springs back it will load up it might even help if he pulls on the barrel it might make your aim better.

  • jerryBB

    I belive that the people that say they are afraid of a gun should think about this . a gun is a tool to be treated with respect and used not abused.If you want agun you should have someone instruct you on how to take care of it and how to use it.It is atool if you don’t know how to use it dont. Ihave seen several people hurt very bad using power hand tools that they didn’t under stand how dangerous they can be. you can buy these things most any where and you don’t have to have any kind of a permit and don’t have to show ypur age.

  • Lewis Munn

    Problem where I live is that no ammunition is available any more. Shelves are cleaned. And apparently nothing new can be shipped in. In a high hunting area, this seems strange!

    But may be why the carnage on deer and cars has gone way way up. Nobody can hunt and the deer multiply tremendously! All their natural enemies have been pushed out, too.

    I agree that people need to realize that the gun is a powerful tool, and not for “fun” or to play around with, especially when drunk. But then, so is a car. And we do get Driver’s Ed in schools. How about everybody gets a course in “Gun Ed” in the public schools, also?

  • Bud

    to jerry bb what kind of a gun are you talking about here? push on the barrel it loads a shell, pull on the barrel it loads a shell. Maaaaybe you should run right down to your local gunsmith as something is verrrry wrong.


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