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CAPS Continues To Ring Immigration Alarm For California

October 8, 2010 by  

CPS continues to ring immigration alarm for CaliforniaCalifornia is the most populous state in the nation and the biggest destination for illegal aliens, two facts that an immigration reform nonprofit believes are putting the Golden State in grave danger. 

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has just revealed the results of a new analysis, which found that many of the state's ills — including environmental devastation, multibillion-dollar budget deficit and poor performance of public schools — can be traced back to uncontrollable immigrant population growth.

Among the issues highlighted by Sustainable California: the Unmentionable Problem of Population is the fact that the Golden State has a higher population density than Europe and the measure is set to exceed that of China by the middle of the century. By 2040, the state's population is expected to swell from 39 million to 54 million.

California is also the least-educated in the nation, as measured by the percentage of workers with a high school diploma, and spends nearly $22 billion on benefits for illegal aliens while facing an estimated $14.4 billion budget deficit in 2010–11.

The organization's representatives have expressed frustration with politicians who have failed to push through a comprehensive immigration reform out of fear for electoral backlash.

"Politicians, by their nature, focus on short-term issues and choose to ignore the long-term crisis of population growth that lies beneath so many problems," said Marilyn DeYoung, chairwoman of the board of CAPS.

She added that "with this report, we hope to make it a little harder for all of California's political candidates to disregard the issue." 

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  • s c

    It’s too bad that Arnie can’t find a way to act more like a Republican (a conservative would be better). The governor in Arizona seems to know the difference between up and down, and is ready to give illegals reasons to go elsewhere. So what’s your problem, Arnie?
    If Arnie gave a damn about California (or America), he’d do the right thing, and stop catering to those who don’t belong here. I’m sure he understands what’s wrong about his delusion, but he’s also a politician, and his priorities are important than acting like a responsible, law-enforcing governor.
    It sure makes me wonder who owns Arnies’s posterior.

    • dan az

      Hollywood does, if you where an aging actor and needed more money for all the face lifts that he has had wouldn’t you pretend to support all those who could help your sorry azz too. I left the communist state of California 18yrs ago because of the politics, so I don’t feel for them. they made their bed and now they can sleep in it.With them ruling on the decision for Arizona in favor of the constitutional law that now is challenged in the supreme court which looks as if a tie vote will most likely happen because of kagan succeeding is the justice that we needed.The funny thing to all of this is when they tried to boycott AZ it was like there was a gold rush to come here and spend what little monies they had in protest to the lame decisions of their elected few.And guess where all of our illegals went to yep California.

      • marvin

        dan az only thing about any state for that matter cal or arizoina illegal migration is and has broke this country it is not just a cal prob it is the nothing fed goverment,if we don,t put a stop to it by 2020 we will no longer be a free nation the illegal will out number the legal

      • Bob Wire

        illegal immigration and being a state of the United States is about the only common thread these states share. One is in the 21 Century and the other the 19th.

        July 2009 California population was 36,961,664 compared to 6,595.778 for Arizona ~ what would 30 million extra people do to Arizona today? A;ready the two major employers in Arizona is “government” followed 2nd by Walmart.

        It’s good to hear that politicians are feeling forced into looking at the long view regardless how unpopular with “conservatives” or anyone that fails to understand the needs of Americans future generation are real and the time to address it was yesterday.

        This is the catalyst that will pull today’s Americans out of this economic slump.

        This is what the present Administration has been saying all along. It hard to believe I finally heard it here.

        • Warrior

          Right, maybe the increased weight of all the illegals will finally make it fall into the ocean. What an Fth – up state of lunatics.

          • eddie47d

            What about “headless” Brewer in Az.:Now there is a lunatic. (No matter how popular she is).

          • http://?? Joe H.

            your just jealous that she has a bigger set than you do!!!

          • dan az

            Joe H
            Thats a fact jack!Edduh apparently didnt read that the 9th district court said it was constitutional!And that now since Holder lost he is going to the supreme court for a decision.The problem is that Kagen is not going to vote on it because of conflict of intrest so it leaves it to a 4/4 vote tie which falls back to the decision of the prior court. Which Is Constitutional which every one already new except edduh!

      • Bob Wire

        Dan says;”The funny thing to all of this is when they tried to boycott AZ it was like there was a gold rush to come here and spend what little monies they had in protest to the lame decisions of their elected few. And guess where all of our illegals went to yep California.”

        See! there’s many ways to get the affect you desire ! ~ If I was an illegal in Arizona , I’d find a way to get out too! It’d take a $h1t-house rat to want to stick around.

        But seriously Dan, did they really all leave and you no longer need federal help with the border?

        I don’t think so ~ I think you still need the help.

        • dan az

          Bob Wire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          You missed the meaning of what a border is for. and that is to guard it maybe with bob wire would help.The mexicans arent the only problem if you werent noticing, that every islamic nation is crossing this border and they are not here to mow your lawn.

    • Duende

      Mexican workers are at the core of CA’s economy, and the great majority work their asses off for pay no one on this email group would work for. Admittedly by being available they’ve lowered wages and put americans out of jobs but htis is by design.. just as the hi tech Indians and Chinese put american tech workers out of jobs. This is no accident and I was a tech worker who was forced out. However I don’t make the mistake of blaming these workers who want to make their lives better but put the blame squarely on the shoulders of a government that is controlled by the elite. It’s hard not to resent them I know but it’s really the right thing to do. I once prayed to be rid of my resentments to Indians(asian) I saw how my resentments were pretty acidic and poisoning my own life. I do have to say that prayer works if you mean it.

      • Bob Wire

        I appreciate your perspective. It’s is realistic and just. It’s an open mind that permits such wisdom.

        Life is a game of “positional play” ~ when your position is compromised you have two choices, defend it or move to a more powerful position.

        That’s exactly what these immigrants are doing. As bad as you might wish to treat them,it is nothing in comparison to what they left. All the anger and hate will not change this.

        We just need to get people working at something meaningful and beneficial to society, to where each contributes and a cut back of some social services. This is not the “Good Ship Lollipop” and they are very use to doing without many things we take for granted. They won’t complain.

        • dan az

          You see this as a racial thing and thats the problem.Its not no matter how you play the words its still a problem with the gov. not doing its job.What part of national security dont you get?Do your own laundry and mow your own lawn its time to let go of the slaves that you want to own!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    The only reason the illegals are putting California ‘in grave danger’ is because of its spineless politicians and our government who would rather fork out tax payer monies to sustain those who are not here legally then to stop the onslaught of those crossing the border for the hand outs they know they can get. This is insanity and if California can’t take a hard core stand and enforce the laws, then they will have to deal with the consequences. I hope that the rest of the 49 states are not expected to ‘bail out’ their butts!

    • slickporsche

      The real problem is not just CA.The illegals are now pushing east in a very heavy fashion. It will not be long and the rest of the USA will be like California, Over populated with hispanics who are in a breeding frenzy. If they are given amnesty, one of the stipulations should be they get fixed, so they can no longer reproduce.

      • marvin

        slickporsche give them the boot not amnesty and take their kids with them i like sex and i like kids but i don,t like paying for illegals to have kids

        • marvin

          and as for a womans right to choose what about my right to choose,when you lay down with dogs you get fleas,when you have unprotected sex you are choosing to have a child ,and i don,t want to pay for your right to choose being stuped

          • Duende

            You can thank the Catholic church for that. I live in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. The population here is Mayan and the catholics have cornered the market (though the Evagelicals are now overtaking them). Anyway, western doctors are keeping babies alive that would have died and they’re having babies due to the church not allowing contraception. To ask them to use contraception is to loose their souls in hell. Would you?

          • Bus

            Get rid of professional politicians, pass term limits, get those people out of the state house every 4 years and make them get a real job.
            Professional Republican politicians cater to big business which uses the cheap labor illegals provide, and the Democrat politicians are hoping to get votes from the illegals if they can figure out how to make them legal. The only group against illegals are the hard working tax-paying citizens.

      • thinking

        The Illegels are having babies so the babies become citizens and the cost is free because hospitals have to take them in. (Parkland in Dallas has 75% of babies born to Illegels) Thank you and your taxes very much. Then the parents get aid for their american children like medical, and education and food…

    • alpha-lemming

      I fear bail-outs of ALL the most egrigious “underwater” states (CA, NY, MA plus 2nd tier… MI, WA, Cook County??.. all hot-beds of right-wing extremism) is nearly inevitable. When “preservation of the union” becomes enabling destructive behavior… secession may be the only answer. Otherwise, stop f’in’ around, be HONEST about what you want, and just permanently disband the Senate and become the “Megastate of America”. The great experiment is terminal.

      • Barbara

        It’s not necessary to disband the Senate. Just repeal the 17th Amendment. Then the Senate would be controlled by the States, not the general population.

    • eddie47d

      California is the 9th largest economy in the world and has held up America for a long time. Most states don’t even come close to their GDP. Half of California belonged to Mexico at one time so get over the Hispanic bashing. Some of you want to steal their heritage and don’t mind stealing from their economy. California only gets $.80 back from the Feds that they pay in taxes. No wonder they are slipping and can’t keep up with their problems.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, quit showing your ignorance…California is not the 9th largest economy in the worlds and you don’t know diddly squat about what you’re talking about…California is a bankrupt economy, nothing more and the illegals are almost as much a contributor to the economic disaster called California as the liberal proggresives that live, vote and run this state. The environmentalists have almost singlehandedly shut this states workbase down and the Boxers, Feinsteins and Pelosis have suck the environmentalist’s teats to stay in control.

        • eddie47d

          Jeffy pooh! It indeed is the 9th largest economy in the world. It was 6th 2 years ago so it is slipping. So get over your as per usual arrogance . Google it mr California man.

      • thinking

        How is California helping my state? They send no funds, they charge for produce and products sold here. They are not business friendly and they have cities like LA and San fran that are out of control. They have fires because of tree huggers and mud slides because they build on side of hills. They get back from the federal government more then they give and they are a union state. They will not last much longer unless they change their ways. Will that happen? Why do I have to pay for their experiment that has gone wrong?

    • dan az

      We did bail them out and will be again!

  • J.M.R.

    let calif. sink and no money from the tax payer to save their sorry a&&es they deserve what they get. i know let the over paid actors & actresses pay to save them. the s.o.b in d.c. told us let the rich pay more.

    • marcel duranleau

      Let all illegals move to Kalifornia find out about liberal democrat
      politic. Karl Marx said democracy leads to socialism. Hollywwod
      will take care of you.Santa Claus home is not North Pole but Kalifornia. Deport all illegals to Kalifornia. Muslim kenyan marxist professor Obama move to Kalifornia your new country.

  • Don Rorschach

    Come on Kalifornia, I hope you continue to attract more and more illegal aliens. Maybe, those here in Texas will come running and we can begin to get rid of these thugs who rape, rob, and murder American citizens daily, as well as swamp our schools, jails, prisons, hospitals, single family home subdivisions by turning them into multi-family houses, and drive like Mexican idiots.
    The land of “fruits and nuts” is the perfect place for these uneducated criminals. Seems they will be right at home with their equals!

  • Bob L

    How many illegal aliens does it take to vote the Dem ticket? Answer: One, but he does eet 250 times, senor.

    • s c

      Bob L, be fair. Don’t forget the dead voters. They toil long and hard to give us the ‘cream of the crop.’ Where would America be without loyal, dead voters? And, where would we be without the constant efforts of the hordes of mammy jammers and sunny beaches who locate and register all those dead voters?

      • artinthewild

        Well darn it – you guys are scaring me. I am planning on moving to Ca. where my daughter lives and I have been worrying and worrying about living there with all the crap going on. I’m from Texas (on the border) and we have problems here too. But that 22 billion to take care of illegal aliens….I just don’t know. I like the way that ex-eBay CEO talks. She needs to be elected. I can’t understand why anyone would want to take care of all those people that aren’t legal. Like why would they want to keep all those guys in prison that aren’t legal. Two years of not paying illegal fees and Ca. would be out of debt. Sounds like a plan to me.

        • JeffH

          artinthewild, I’ve lived my 61 years in California and am seriously looking to “exit stage left” outta here. This state is screwed up bad and without dumping the progressive mentality (citizens and politicians) it’ll not get any better. I spent 59 years living in the SF bay area, greatest weather and worst liberal mentality in the coutry other than Los Angeles.

          Whitman has a plan and so does Carly Fiorina. It better be enough, otherwise this state is finished.

          • dan az

            Hey JeffH
            I know what your saying I lived in sebastapol for about 10 yrs and its the most liberal county beside sanfran that I know.Your welcomed here we could use more like you!

  • Bob L

    Hopefully, when enough “guest workers” fill the state, it will obligingly capsize and slide into the blue Pacific Ocean.

    • slickporsche

      No! Those suckers are good swimmers and will swim ashore to the other states that are left. LOL! HAHAHAHA We are truly doomed unless we get very firm and strict. NO more and you all will be getting deported.ALL!

  • Elena

    Before U.S was a prosperous, rich country. In a past 97% population in U.S were white people. But now because of too much immigration from third world countries, nowU.S is getting down into poverty. In 20 years U.S will be a poor third world country.

  • dan

    who needs to visit a third world country when you can live in LaLa-land.
    Reps/Dems…makes no difference to an Austrian educated by Socialists in peoples republic of Wisconsin.White-people crazy enough to kill their own babies SHOULD be overwhelmed just as they overwhelmed the “savages”before them…no culture is irreplaceable.As California goes…so goes the nation.

    • marcel duranleau

      Why whites has dogs and no babies? The communist destroy white people
      in 20 years not too many whites folks around or blacks because of abortion. Only muslims and spanishs left.We live Alice Wonderland World. Hitler was sins of Germany today Obama is sins to USA.

  • AmShegar

    THIS COUNTRY IS F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








    • http://?? Joe H.

      Well you have just put about four million teens out of work, maybe more. Not to mention quite a few adults as well. I will eat what I wish and nobody has the right to tell me not to! I don’t buy anything made outside the US unless it is not made here or it is a computer. I looked for about six months for an American made pocket knife! Buck, nope, sheffielf,nope, Gerber,nope, all the ones you used to find made here are now Chinese. I finally found one by S.O.G. called a Blink. 20.00 but well worth it!! Craftsman tools are now made over seas. Milwaukee power tools just moved to China, lock, stock, and barrel!!!

  • http://msn Kerri

    When the government refuses to enforce our laws, and inturn hruts the American people and the American economy that should be grounds for impeachment of every single polotition involed.
    When a president refuses to enforce American law at the peral of the American people and America that should be grounds for impeachment. Even worse, when our gov. and pres. holds securing our border hostage for political agenda ie amnesty that should be grounds for impeachment.
    What the hell is wrong with this country? Why don’t the American people demand investigation for impeachment for all of these people who say they are doing the peoples work but insted are doing thier own agenda and their own interests?

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      Many people are demanding investigation & impeachment, however this administration ignores everything the American people want. Obama, Pelosi, & Reid are Anti-American, & only care about themselves & Votes. Most of the Democrats are idiots & the present batch of Republicans aren’t much better. I am surprised Obama hasn’t turned the National Guard loose on the Tea Party Group, after all they are a threat to the Democrats & even some of the OLD Time Crooked Republicans who want to stay forever. Why would they want to do so, if they can retire after one term? Because they like their power, & all the perks they get, as well as all of the under the table dirty money they receive. People, we have got to vote out all of the INCUMBANTS, & force our governors to force term limits on these crooks. It only takes 3/5ths of the States to do so.

  • Rob

    US citizens…I don’t get it…We sit here and constantly complain about this issue that is affecting our country and really, what are you doing about it…We have mid-term elections coming up and truly how many of you have heard any true debate from candidates regarding “ILLEGAL” immigration??? My bet, VERY LITTLE…have you contacted any candidates and directly ask where they stand on “ILLEGAL” immigration?…I have…both Repub. and Dem….Answers? Rehtoric…Immigration Reform…what does that mean? Candidates don’t want to commit…Underlying, I hear amnesty…Makes me sick..My answer, start by quit feeding the stray cats with so-called entitlements…If this issue is so disturbing “We the People” need to be heard and put the screws to our elected reps…We have been passive to long…

  • Bob Wire

    Think big! big everything! it’s grow or die.

    Consider China and what she’s had to do to come into the 21 Century. It’s a fight. While I’m not sure she’s there yet, China has came a long way in quick time as the USA has dilly dallied around and focused on non-productive wars and who was getting their knob polished.

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      Why is China doing well?? Because of the American Dollar. Look at all the goods we buy from China. Because our dumbass politicians have raised taxes, & Unions have gone crazy with wages & other perks, almost all of our manufactuters have gone overseas. The biggest problem with our country is our Educational System. With most of the colleges having Liberal Professors spewing trash at the students,the majority end up becoming attorneys, & they are the ones who write the laws. Show me someone who learned out of a book & someone who learned from hands on experience, & I will choose the Latter every time.We have got to get rid of the incumbants, not only this election, but everyone hereafter, until we get people in congress who care for this country & the LEGAL citizens in it.

      • Bob Wire

        well? Education should be the process of learning “HOW” to think and not “what” to think.

        Now if any professor is not doing that ~ we’ve got a problem.

      • Bob Wire

        and I’d not lay the blame of “Today’s” problems on student but old Zezzers since they the ones that seem to be running things. Rupert,to just name one. ~ Now how todays professors are responsible for a “runaway” NAFTA and trade imbalances beats me and leaves me scratching my head.

    • alpha-lemming

      Kindly don’t forget Bubba and the Loral fiasco. That little transaction (payback??) effectively leap-frogged Red Chinas’ aerospace program by ~50-70 years.

  • Jim

    I am a Californian, Born and Rasied, It seems that all the losers and misfits end up here, and then tells every one back home what a bunch of Morens live here in California! We Californians are stick with the other states rejects, and so we have what we have here! California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is the front line from Mexico, Central and South America. I am of the opinion that all other States should bring action against all 4 States for failure to protect the Borders of the United States, because the Illegals come though one of these 4 States and end up in New York, Washington, and all the States in between. Then maybe while your State is trying to protect itself, it will Force California, New Mexico and Texas to get in line with Arizona or something close to their action to stop then DRAIN on us Americans. Funny thing about these losers here in California, They out-law smoking in public places, BUT have a BIG PUSH to make Marijuana legal, Kinda gives you an idea of the Losers here don’t it!Just my opinion. I wonder how much kick back these so called Law makers are getting from the Drug Business???

    • marvin

      Jim only trouble with that is arizona tryed to enforce the federal immigration law and obama had holder go to federal court and stop them put the blame where it should be on obama and his band of crooks staying in power and getting votes out way the immigration laws

      • Bob Wire

        by all means, let us put the blame where is should be. ~ This is not an exclusive OBAMA problem and been going on for several decades and that is the failure of the FED to “control” border crossing.

        Evidently it’s a big job or it’d been done by prior administrations, what do you think? I know personally of Federal efforts and the men engaged over the pasted 20 years.

        That Arizona wished to address their problem by means the courts deemed partly unconstitutional and infringed on everyone’s personal liberties might make it a great talking point by “certain crowd’s” but it flies in the face of a Constitutionalists” and offer the smell of hypocrisy for the sake of expedience. That you are willing to close your eyes to it, I should?

        Arizona just needs more money! Why not accept the truth! They need more! and their tax base feels ( I suppose) the pressure and complain about the heavy load they have to shoulder. ~ I don’t know how bad it is ~ no one from Arizona has weighted in and offered testimony. I’m just having to speculate. But i KNOW IT’S ALL TO DO WITH money!

        Laws are a double edged sword and can cut both ways. Think like a government and not a pissed off red neck. Think “Bean Tax” you Tea Party folks should understand the such effects.

        Just get the argument on some sound footing. We all (even Mexican Americans) want the same thing !
        It’s only a matter of how to get there.

        • dan az

          Bob Wire
          Give me a break!You have been here long enough to spew your BS and think that no one remembers how you feel about amnesty!You say that its been going on for a long time and its not all obumers fault.Yes it has and it needs to stop now!tell them the truth when Reagan gave them amnesty with the promise from the dems that they would secure the border they said sure why not and when he did what happened next? they refused to do it!When Bush allocated the monies for building the fence who was it that stopped it was it your pal obumer? Give it a break with all your bull sh-t we know what you are and when you say that know one every says how bad things are down here BS Ive been here talking with all the rest of these people here every day about it for a very long time.So if your memory is that bad I invite you to come on down and learn for your self Ill be the one carrying a gun so as to protect my azz not yours and we’ll go down to the border and introduce you to mexican mafia and islamic terrorist that have taken over our state since 9/11 Im sure they will explain what they have in mind.

          • Bob Wire

            Dan AZ say;

            “You say, that its been going on for a long time and its not all obumers fault. (it’s Obama and it’s not all his fault)

            Yes it has and it needs to stop now! ( how so? ~ is it ALL his fault?)

            Tell them the truth, when Reagan gave them amnesty with the promise from the dems that they would secure the border they said, ” sure why not” and when he did what happened next? They refused to do it! ( who is they? ~ Obama? ~ I don’t think so!)

            When Bush allocated the monies for building the fence who was it that stopped it was it your pal obumer? (Obama? ~ Obama didn’t stop it!)

            Give it a break with all your bull sh-t we know what you are (oh? and what is that?) and when you say that know one every says how bad things are down here. BS! I’ve been here talking with all the rest of these people here everyday about it for a very long time. So if your memory is that bad, I invite you to come on down and learn for yourself.

            Dan , I’ve lived in Mexico and on both the Arizona and Texas border.

            Texas ranchers and farmers has been “seriously complaining about these “incursions” by my own personal accounts since 1978 and as I understand it, even before then. I have a retied Texas Ranger buddy that was in “intelligence” that worked Uvalde, Eagle Pass and far reaching areas for 5 years before his retirement 7 years ago.

            My memory is clear, and the issue is complicated by many things, gaff, money, drugs and arms being but a few. Then there is the politics

            You wish to name a single name, Obama personally as creating and causing this and in so doing you are dead wrong.

            An actual fence project was started by California National Guard and Army Reserves in 1993. ~ This was above and beyond standard border barriers construction.

            Oct,26, 2006 Bush signed a bill for 700 miles of Fence to be built.

            Sept,25 2007 , Bush signed the Fence Act Law.

            and like some many things left undone, so has been your section of this fine 16 ft. tall all “weathering steel” fence. Some states have got fence and some haven’t yet. My guess is the wealthier states and the states with the greatest need, got their fence first.

            I see how your problems in Arizona could be acerbated or worsened by fence construction in other state. And for that I am deeply understanding and sympathetic as I look deeper into this “fence issue” Put quit simply, “You need a fence NOW, more then ever before” Correct?

            The project is a large undertaking and to date been piece mill, in both construction and funding.

            Now you can lay this solely at Obama’s door if you wish, but Arizona has able representation on Capital Hill , worthy of Presidential consideration. I would think an arguable case could be made for more Federal spending on a fence for Arizona.

            Unless of course ~ California fence has proven ineffective and yet to turn the tide.

            I understand, we have rats trying to leave a sinking ship and today , Arizona offers the best possible escape.

            May 25 2010, Obama ordered 1200 National Guardsmen to the Arizona border.

            So you are saying, you need more? ~ Okay ~ If so ~ just say you need more boots on the ground and quit making it a political game. ~ There’s enough people doing that already and no more help in this area is needed.

            Dan, ~ Just say you need the fence and until it’s construction you need more Guard Troops! see how easy that is to say?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Barb Wire,
          It may not have started with NObummer, but he is the very first to sue a state for trying to enforce the laws ON THE BOOKS!!! Quit with the bull!!

          • Bob Wire

            Joe H. , That’s not correct and just no the case. The Arizona State Legislature is “attempting” to “put something” on the books that conflicts the US Constitution and abridges “all” Americans Citizen personal freedoms.

            You would think a person as yourself might appreciate the current Administrations efforts to protect your rights as a citizen of the USA.

          • dan az

            Did you not read that the 9th district court said it was constitutional? And that Holder now took it to the supreme court?

          • dan az

            Oh and bob they didnt send us 1200 troops check your facts!No boots on the ground is there!

  • marvin

    when you have a president that hates white people and mostly all harvard professors or grads running the country under obama direction they have put a big hole in the ship and it is sinking fast and they like all rats are jumping ship,but their is a small light at the end of this great experiment in stupidity by the liberals, put a unqualified know nothing that has never ran anything but his mouth and promise the world to the people with there hand out,this dreams of his father has turned in to a night mare and as for liberity and justice for all forget that ,it,s only for them that demamd right they don,t have,so vote nov 02 2010 and [like liberals and acorn vote often]that hope,e change,e thing an,t working for me how bout you

  • Brad


    So California spends 22 billion on illegal aliens annually and has a budgit deficit of almost 15 billion, I know where the cuts need to come from, cut the illegals off at the knee’s. I use to live in Vallejo, a good town now run by gangs and unions, the city had to file for banfruptcy protection last year. I feel sorry for California, the bleeding hearts did it too themselves and they are the only one to blame for the mess. The old adge goes, give them an inch they will take a mile and that’s exactlly what the illegals have done to the sun shine state.

    • JeffH

      Brad, you get it where California is concerned.

      This part of the article rings so true; “California is also the least-educated in the nation”. Ain’t that the truth!

      This state has been run by “bleeding hearts” for way to long…Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi lead the pack. The mentality in Sacramento has set a precedence for DC to follow. Regulate and tax, read my lips…no new jobs. The environmentalists lead the California politicians with a leash and a whip. The central valley in California, the richest most agriculurally productive fertile land in the nation has become a “dust bowl” because of the environmentalists need to protect the little fishie “delta smelt” and their kowtowing politicians, most all of them far left liberal Democrats. Unemployment has balloned to over 17% in the valley due primarily to the lack of water delivery. Obama could have helped but has chosen to ignore it, not surprising at all.
      California is a state, well, that deserves to go the way of Vallejo, Ca. This Nov.2nd election will be the only chance we have to start rebuilding and we can’t do it successfully with the likes of Jerry Brown, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and their progressive ilk making the laws and regulations and giving away the bank!

      Vote Whitman, Fiorina and start the rebuilding process OR start looking for a new zip code in another state.

  • Tiffany

    We just cannot win! Why is our president not standing by the Americans? I am so disappointed in him and everything he has done and it is not because he is black; it is because he can care less about the citizens of the United States.

    California pays over 10.5 billion in illegal aid expenses including: housing, healthcare, food, and transportation. Over 3 billion of the California taxpayers money goes to illegal alien education. In total it is almost 14 billion in expenses that go to illegal aliens of California. If CA is in debt 19 billion dollars a year then why, why is 14 billion a year going to illegal aliens? Cant we contribute that to our own citizens education, or our own poor?

    You want to say they contribute, yes they do. They contribute 1% of USA economy while accounting for 4% of the population–and most of that money IS OUR OWN!

    Over 250 applications were turned into the Farm Workers Job ploy and only a fraction of those applications were given a job.

    Dont believe me then look it up for yourself. Americans ARE willing to WORK, they are just NOT given the OPPORTUNITY.

    If your undereducated then an illegal has taken away over 8% of your pay because of the competition. If you are educated then they take almost 5% of your income due to working at less wages.

    25% of Americans fail high school because illegals lower the standards of education by teachers having to take additional time to teach them English.



  • chuck b

    if you think illegals in california don’t rule the roost, take a look at the california gov. race between “moonbeam brown” and whitman. whitman fired her housekeeper after learning she is illegal and working under a fraudulent social security card. the whole world saw it on tv and heard the confirmation of her crime. so far the u.s. authorities have made no move to arrest this woman for her crime, she’s paraded daily before the tv cameras. nopolitano (homeland security) was asked on tv if she planned on doing anything and she didn’t want to commit herself and refused a definite answer. if that was you or i we would be in the calaboose immediately. of course napolitano is a democrat and moonbeam is a demo so that makes sense, they don’t want to arrest her until after the election, moonbeam would miss her vote.

    • JeffH

      Poor little “illegal criminal” Nicki Diaz…now a pawn for Jerry Brown’s little dirty union funded campaign and paraded around by Gloria Allred, the same hack attorney that took Tiger Woods personal porn star to the scribes and TV just asking for an “apology” and nothing more. RIGHT!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        JeffH, watch they WILL arrest Witman for firing her!!!

        • eddie47d

          Are you that dumb Joe or just pretending?

          • dan az

            Go back to sleep!

  • Raul

    People who are grumbling about impeachment of the president should be more aware of our constitution. Our founders were specific on gov. dos and donts. Our donations, volunteering and money ie donations for people who will do the PEOPLE’S business is the AMERICAN way to make changes. I am a legal imigrant who did not have any special programs in school to teach me. I learned by my self determination and self drive to become an AMERICAN. One of the problems in current America is that we forget that we are AMERICANS!!!!!! first. We may be desendents of Germans, Italians, Mexicans, etc, but when we became Americans that is what we are. Dont forget your heritage and honor it, but being American means taking pride in who you are. I do not endorse ilegal migration from where ever it may come from. Like many parents who are looking for a beter life, go through the legal process to get here then learn what it is to be an American. U.S NAVY RETIRED. GOD BLESS AMERICAN!!!!

  • MNE in CA

    Having read all the messages above, I would say each of us has the same view with just a few items more important than others. It is a shame we cannot get our government to simply enforce the existing laws. You are all right, we need to not squander tax revenues on illegal aliens. However, the politicians need that “minority”, union(education, SEIU’s etc.)to side with them to continue supporting the welfare system. The purpose of the federal government originally was limited to representation of the electorate, protection from foreign incursion, protection for freedoms like speech, practice of religion, and certainly not to take all our earnings and determine what portion should be returned to us.

    Thank you especially Raul for your message and views!

    MNE in CA.

  • Bob Wire

    Raul, thanks for weighing in and confirming what I already knew.

    Americans first ! I served with many Mexican Americans, took basic in ElPaso. AIT in Hauacha, ~ I started out not caring for them much, but those short legged boys could hang tough with the best of us and I “learned” to respect them as Men and as Americans.

    Then on to Nam where they died as well as any American. ~

    This is a tough nut to crack, but the good news is, it’s not being swept under the mat anymore and it out there for us all to see.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Barb Wire,
      you seem to have missed parts of Raul’s post. the part where he states he is a LEGAL immigrant and the part where he says HE isn’t for illegals no matter where they are from!!!! I notice you do this quite often, perhaps you should read a post two or three times before you answer it!

      • Bob Wire

        Joe? I didn’t miss that part at all Joe! Raul clearly stated it so.

        And I assure you “ANYONE” serving in the US military is a US Citizen and I seen no need it stating it as so.

        Don’t be superfluous with me JOE.

  • chuck b

    what is it with white liberals, they have to hang the “mexican american,” “african american” title on people who have colored skin compared to them? i don’t segregate people by their nationality and if they are u.s. citizens you would think they would resent this recognition.

    • Bob Wire

      Good point Chuck. and I’ve wondered that as well, but it’s not as you suggest a “white liberal” thing.

      But just everyone does this,~ accept maybe you. (and I doubt that)

      For one thing, These ethic groups wish it so, ~ while this does seem to fly in the face of being Americans first. But as Raul points out to us, they wish be Americans First yet “to not” lose but celibate their ethnicity. The are a proud people and refuse to be 2nd rate citizen.

      So~ for your efforts to lay such a notion in the laps of “white liberals” only, as you call them.

      You get a big fat ZERO!

      Try again SunShine. I know liberals are guilt of something that you fine outstanding people are not. But not in this case.

      In my case, ~ my post actually address the bias and required the pronoun/adjective for syntax and comprehension.

      It does make people feel a bit unconformable to address race/bias head on and I do so with the greatest of respect and trepidation.

      The very nature of bigotry makes it invisible to those that practice it, so it’s very easy to deny it.

      Now if we could just get rid of “Affirmative Action” I think many of us would feel better about the whole race issue. But this is the price we all seem to pay, each in his own way.

      I personally think it’s sundown for “Affirmative Action” as it now hurts those it’s intentions was to help.

      I would like to see the current administration put an end to affirmative action. This would go a long way in helping the current administration be accepted by more American.

      But that issue is not currently being discussed here or anywhere that I’m aware of.

      • dan az

        Affirmative action is on the AZ. ballot and its coming to an end here!

  • Craig

    Really too bad about California! We retired here over 21 years and were looking to make a permanent residence here but looks like that is going to go down the drain! We are hoping the people here will wake up and dump the rotten corrupt and incompetent Democrats and hope for this on the national level. Barring this California is going to go straight down the toilet with an idiot like Jerry Brown at the Helm, yes all aboard for a cruise on the Titanic with Jerry Brown manning the helm! The state is turning into an overpriced and dangerous dump, would advise all to avoid this place at all costs!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yes, but if you can sell your house for anywhere near what it’s worth in Ca., just think how much more it will buy you in say Myrtle Beach. Or just about anywhere else!!! My 200,000 dollar house here in Ohio would cost about 3/4 of a million there. Think about it. Less headaches with the politicians as well. Unless, of course, you guys get rid of san fran Nan!!!

  • chuck b


    i can’t believe that half intelligent people would vote moonbeam back in office after the last time, however, a large part of the voting block is minority and people ho were not alive when he was governor. if you look up jerry brown on wikipediam the write up they give him you would think he is fiscally conservative, this is nothing but liberal propaganda on wikipedia. look at, this gives a more honest look at him, but still doesn’t really show what a jerk this guy is. he is a union orientainted thug. he got married in 2006. he’s 72 years old and a rumored homosexual. the marriage is nothing but a coverup for his sexual orientation. he used linda ronstadt back in the seventies and got caught up with on a trip to africa, when they got there she went one way and he another. the homosexual bit can’t be helped and shouldn’t be held against him, but, he’s the one covering it up. he also was practicing the buddhist religion back when he was governor. a big time pot smoker. my wife’s nephew is a political campaign manager in sacramento and very familiar with brown. the guy is bad news for california and these voters here have suicidal tendencies. (democrats)

  • Karl

    California is in a deep deficit because the Democrats have been spending
    money we do not have. Most of the deficit money goes for services for the illegal aliens, who contribute very little to the taxes, but need a lot of services. However, they generally are hard workers for low pay.This is a failed system. The question is why does Texas, which is on the border and has its own illegal alien problem in the black and doing well. First of all, the Texas does not give out extra benies(benefits)and only gives out what is required by a national government which imposes on the locals. Secondly the state favors business and knows that the key to prosperity is employment. Californian politicians and those who elect them do the opposite. I love the weather here, but I am thinking about leaving, and I am one of the people who contribute to the state and require little services.

  • jopa

    An article above said Whitman and Fiorino have a plan for California.I read about it, they send the jobs Americans want overseas and they personally hire illegals themselves.Not my idea of a solution.

    • JeffH

      jopa, that is the exact message that Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer want you to believe. Do your own research about California’s demise and you’ll find out that the other two, Whitman and Fiorina, will provide solutions that just may well get California back on track, wiich includes real private sector jobs…not government job waste.

  • Tunaman


  • charles

    california is reaping the rewards for taxing legal Americans and giving Billions to ILLEGIALS. Why does that not register? I am not given to understand why we wuld give ILLEGIALS a penny let alone Billions. Qui Buono, who profits? Just maybe they are pandering to elict votes. Just how can that be if ILLEGIALS cant vote? Good question deserves a good answer. Don’t be shocked to find that in many places Illegils can and do get to vote.

    • Bob Wire

      they don’t vote Charles.

      • dan az

        Really Bob then why is it that the early voter registration is also in spanish?And all they require is a signature?

  • mickey

    You have to love the progressives. They denouce cigarettes and give drugs a high five. They don’t support domestic oil production but cry when gas goes to $5. They don’t support legal US citizens but promote illegals. They don’t like religion but support the illegal crossing of those who have vowed to kill us.

    Worse, every time they run into financial trouble they want the other states to pay for them, transfer of your $$ to their wealth.

    They cruxify any organized labor coming into the country but support border crossing.

    Worse again, they employe these people then cry foul about the job suppression. They make it appear as those against this type of illegal labor is unamerican.

    California probably has more cars on the road than any other state but enforces their “smog” solutions on states that contribute little to it. Now they want a better transit system but want the rest of the states to pay for it via cap and tax.

    The solution to AZ and the other border states (quickly becoming a menace to other states) is to file a class action suit against the obama administration for wrongful death. Forget being bit by an agency funneling illegals into legitimate households. Hold the politicians accountable for each death. When I see this list and in what year each of these people were raped or murdered on the politicians watch, I won’t believe any one is trying to do anything about the problem.

    Since Google can use public information to give your data to the world (also a CA product), then we can compile a list of the crimes committed by politicians who encourage illegals.

    • eddie47d

      Are you sitting around the campfire telling tall tales waiting for everyone to go to sleep? Well, we are out like a light and you are out to lunch.

    • dan az

      you hit the nail on the liberal head Thanks oh ignore eddie he is still a sleep!

  • Bob Wire

    Micky ! you need to get yourself some more boxes to fit us all in. We don’t all belong in your tiny little box.

  • Howard Roark

    California deserves everything they are getting. It is totally Unconstitutional for the Fed. Govt to take money from the other States to bail them out.

    The States are sovereign to one another and to the Federal Govt. taking money from the States that have planned more effectively to bail out the States who’s looney tunes State Legislatures have planned poorly is taxation without representation.

    The people of Nevada had nothing to do with electing the Marxist California State Legislators. We have our own looney tune Legislators to deal with.


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