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Coyers’s wife accepted bribes, resigns from city council

June 29, 2009 by  

Democratic Congressman John Coyers’ wife, Monica, has handed in her letter of resignation from Detroit’s City Council amid corruption allegations.

While the letter simply stated her choice to vacate her position, the media reports that she was motivated by her recent poor decision to accept bribe money.

Media sources revealed that Mrs Coyers admitted to taking money from a company in exchange for her vote on a sludge cleanup contract.

Council president Ken Cockrel called for Coyers’ resignation, according to Detroit news ratio station WWJ 950. It was further reported that Cockrel said, "I am glad she did the right thing and resign from the Detroit City Council."

He concluded, "We as a council and a city can move on and forward in focusing on the vital issues our city faces – and we will."

The news source further indicates that Cockrel was confident that the council’s operations would not be interrupted even with this vacant position.

Meanwhile Congressman Coyers was quoted as saying he had nothing to do with his wife’s actions. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19241823-ADNFCR

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  • Tkraus

    The name is Conyers, John Conyers MI, (D-14), district covers inner city Detroit. Conyers is in his 23rd term.

    it is time for him to go.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yes I agree. In fact, if it was really looked into, Im very sure that we would find that this guy has taken 10 times the amount his wife has over the years. These career guys have been in there long enough, they know how to send the money through 10 stages before they get it so that it cant be traced from the hand it came from originally to their hand, but thats what they do. Its time to kick all them out with term limits before they stay in there long enough to set up their little kick back career programs. They all do it, only a few get caught. Shoot, it would be staggering if we all knew how much illegal “pay” money Ted Kennedy has pocketed over the years. Staggering.

      • Billy

        I wonder if Ted Kennedy is physically and mentally capable of performing his duties as senator, but yet does he have a voice? Past time for him to step aside[out].

    • Owen

      What this country needs is a supreme court like Honduras. Indivudals with morals and the balls to back up their decisions. Until we get away from Obama and the socialist democrats in this country and their treasonous ideas we are screwed.

    • Rob

      Now I am realy irritated!

      Just to get off topic….
      The Global Warming boobs that supported disasterous so called “Free Trade” agreements, you know the trade agreements that directly lead to the destruction of our manufacturing base…. Are the very same clowns that support importing crap from China, and transporting it halfway around the world on Diesel guzzling ships to America, then transporting it across America on Diesel guxzzling trucks, to the very citys and towns that USED to make these very same products, but of better quality, and that employed Americans.
      Now we go to China, for something that used to be available locally.

      Does that make sense? You burn more fossil fuels getting it here from China than producing it locally. But hey, you save a couple bucks per item right? Well, not exactly.. I don’t need to pay $29.99 for a dvd player that lasts me 6 months before ending up in an AMERICAN LANDFILL, when I could pay $120.00 for a quality item that may last me 10 years. You tell me which is cheaper in the long run? You tell me which item reduces trash, which item has a smaller CARBON FOOTPRINT?

      Folks….Its ALL CRAP!
      Watch the left hand….. but don’t look at what the right hand is doing…..

      Global Warming is a manufactured crisis. Terrorism is a manufactured crisis. Free Trade, amoung other things, has gutted America’s manufacturing base and destroyed our economy, its put Americans out of work.

      How much longer are you going to continue to support the incompetents that engineered this mess? Time to vote them all OUT! The Brain Trust In Washington needs 100,000 volts to the head. Shock therapy. The thinking needs to change.

      Make it locally, make it work!
      Let America worry about employing Americans, let China worry about employing Chinese.

      Vote’em out next election.

      I feel better all ready….

  • Dave Altman

    It’s John Conyers rather than John Coyers, as per your article on “Coyers’ Wife Accepts Bribe”.

    Appreciate what you do.

  • Bob Webb

    It’s CONYERS,

  • Robin from Indiana

    Most of Detroit is corrupt. I lived in Michigan growing up and it never gets better. You would think they would catch on to these people and vote them out. I guess Monica will get a slap on the wrist because she came clean with the bribe issue. She wasn’t caught; she volunteered the information. But, I’ll bet she was close to having it found out. Wake up Michigan. Try getting some new people in these positions.

    • TeresaE

      I live in a burb outside Detroit.

      It isn’t just Detroit that is corrupt.

      I firmly believe that politics, at any level, corrupts at some level.

      Every politician I have ever followed changes their “opinions” based on campaign contributions.

      If that isn’t corruption, at least mildly, I don’t know what is.

      Just wait until it comes out (if it ever does) that the former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick’s new job was bargained for a future lucrative health care IT contract.

      Mommy sits right next to Conyers in Washington.

      People, it ain’t just Detroit and we are FUBAR.

      • Robin from Indiana

        I think most of Michigan is FUBAR. Haven’t heard that in years! I didn’t actually live in Detroit, but north of Detroit. And I agree that politics is corrupt; some more than others. I have in-laws that live on the west side of Michigan. Michigan is really hurting. At the risk of starting a whole new controversy, I blame the unions. I had many relatives and friends that worked for the Big 3. The unions started out good, but grew into monsters. I don’t know if Michigan is ever going to recover. Wish you the best….

        • TeresaE

          The state worker’s unions are more at fault than the Big 3.

          It isn’t the Big 3 that created budgets and contracts that raise my taxes year after year.

          And, as is to be expected, the Michigan (California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts) government union problems are getting ready to roll out nationwide (more than they already do).

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          These same unions run Massachusetts, and look at the state it is in. Taxed more than anyone. They built that tunnell thing, the cost doubled and took twice as long while the unions rode off with all the money. You dont get anything built there without first paying off the mob, then you have to pay off the union, which are the same guys. Why do you think John Kerry and Ted Kennedy get elected again and again and again? I have talked with many people up there, and not one has voted for these guys, or even knows of anyone that votes for them, and they all hate these guys, yet every election there they are winning easily. Yeah, something is definately rotten, and a lot of it starts with these corrupt unions. If I owned a company any my workers unionized, Id close it down right now. There is no way you can properly operate a business with your workforce dictating to you how much you are going to pay them. Worked out real good for the big 3 didnt it? I say let them shut down and let someone who knows how to run a business take a shot at it. I dont see us having to bail out Honda, Toyota or Subaru. Seems the quality they sell speaks for itself. Why? Because they dont allow their workers to dictate to them what they are going to do. They can sell a quality product, and get rid of worthless workers who dont want to do what they are getting paid for. Ive got no problem with that at all. I worked in union shops for 13 years, and I couldnt get anywhere because some fat slob that couldnt do the job always got the best and easiest job, and cost the company thousands of dollars continually, and there wasnt a thing the company could do about it because of union contracts. I was told to slow down, I was making the others look bad. Unbelievable. Instead of rewarding excellence, they chastized me for it and advanced the worthless that did the bare minimum. This is what you get with unions. Been in 3 of them, seen it 3 times. I know many guys in the UAW that tell me horror stories of the crap the union guys get away with here at GM, and how many thousands and thousands of dollars a day they cost GM, but they cant do anything about it because of the unions. They are dirty and need to go, so I say let them close. We will never see a return on the tax dollars Obama just gave them, none at all. He is just giving to them to buy future votes for his party, as the uninformed and worthless stay together.

    • Gerry

      She didn’t volunteer it the FBI investigated her and an indictment was handed down. In court she pled guilty to get an easier sentence.

      • Robin from Indiana

        Thanks Gerry. Sometimes the articles leave out facts that could change an opinion or comment. Corruption is everywhere, not just in Detroit. But, it seems Detroit has had so much more than other places. I think they really need to vote out the old and vote in the new!

        • Gerry

          I agree there is so much corruption in this city it stinks. They all need to be voted out, but the ignorant sheep living in this city just keep voting name recognition.

          We just start to get over the fact that our ex-mayor, the number one law enforcement officer for the city, committed perjury when testifying in a trial and this strikes.

          The investigation that ultimately cost Mrs. Conyers her position is still on going. The FBI says that no more council members are targets. Although our ex-mayors father appears to be part of the investigation as does the ex-mayor.

          What will happen is that the Monica Conyers stink will just about be forgotten and aniother bomb will be dropped.

  • Ed

    It’s actually Conyers (D). Considering how well Detroit has done, the man must be very proud of his performance over 40-odd years.

    • TeresaE

      He is as proud as all the other long standing Democrats that Michigan continues to send back to Washington.

      With the vote on Cap & Trade last week it is now certain our elected officials haven’t talked to a business owner in Michigan since the last century.

      And yet the unions and the welfarites continue to re-elect the same crooks over and over again.

    • Don

      get rid of the dinosaur term limits will keep them in line–TERM LIMITS

  • http://personalliberty Lisa

    I bet nothing will happen to her. Just like our the head of our Treasury who did’nt pay his taxes! They are all above the law. If any ordinary citizen played these games we would be in jail! It’s all a bunch of crap. We need to wake up and vote out these career politicians. Lets not forget that they work for us, not the other way around.

    • TeresaE

      Don’t you think the majority of your fellow citizens have already forgotten?

      And they continue to ask the politicians to take over even more.

      Today, they are talking about taking Tylenol off the store shelves.

      Where does it end?

      Michigan is in shambles and I will guarantee that we go to the polls and re-elect the same crop of thieves that turned this state into a wasteland.

      And in 4 years, we will also re-elect the chosen one.

      • Sharon

        With what has happened in DC in the past few months and in the years preceeding, what makes you think that there will even BE an election in 4 years? I seriously have my doubts.
        1. No-one in Washington is listening to the alarms of the people
        2. No-one in Wash obviously cares about the people
        3. No-one in Wash cares about our precious Constitution

      • Billy

        In 4 years you wont have to re elect him, he will have the authority to just take the office.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Sotomayor will dismiss all charges, if she could. Thats how this thing with her will work. Get enough of those liberals together, no telling what kind of damage they will do from the Supreme Court. Dangerous people.

    • Average Joe

      If you actually believe that you can vote them out, or that your vote even counts; you might try watching the award winning HBO expose’ “Hacking Democracy”. Awarded for exceptional investigative reporting.It can be found online, free of charge.

      Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.
      William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806)

  • Ralph Garner

    For Years Hollywood has made movies both for entertainment and education. Mr Smith goes to Washington with Jimmy Strewart portrays how corrupt officials make their deals and Born Yesterday portrays how a simple ignorant citizen can become a wealthy man as long as he has a congressman in his pocket. Farmers Daughter shows how political parties operate as a crime syndicate trading deals and just plain wheeler dealing. Its a shame that politics and religion have taken a beaautiiful earth and turned it into a big casino with human blood as the prize. Disgusting.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And Scarface and the Soprano’s show how the democratic party works also. No doubt about that.

    • http://windstream ronnie gregory

      Reglion has not destroyed this country it has been destroyed by immorality, adultury, baby killing, homosexuality, and the such are a bunch in our Nation.

      • cr747

        Very true Ronnie

  • Ralph Garner

    I almost forgot State of the Union with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn with Angela Lansbury illustrated just how corrupt it can get behind the scenes. Its supposed to show that wheeler dealing is a crime but quite profitable and dont for get the bickering and trading and nothing short of bribery among congressmen when trying to get their pork into some legislation. They would sell out their own mothers to get a piece of the cash.

  • s c

    Conyers’ wife is simply the tip of the iceberg. Washington is the seat of our political curse. The day politicians are prevented from becoming entrenched is the day we start to take back the freedoms we have lost. Show me a politician who claims to be good enough or wise enough to be a career politician, and I’ll show you someone who is a budding career criminal. Crime doesn’t pay? Look at Congress.
    Show me a voter who looks up to career politicians, and I’ll show you a two-legged
    sheep begging to be rounded up, sheared and slaughtered.
    Grow up, America. America’s fate is in your hands.

  • Kelleigh

    Michigan will never wake up, it’s filled with Democrats and Muslims…you’ve got there what the country has in the White house. And of course Conyers won’t go sneaking off anywhere because Dems stay no matter what the charges to them or their family members, but if they were Republicans, they’d have their resignations asked for immediately.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      This muslim thing. Dude, I was shocked. I was sent up to the Daimler-Chrysler plant to pick up some parts, and it used to be Detroit was almost all black, it is now all middle eastern muslims in that part. Every gas station, every convenience store, every restaurant. I was stunned. They have taken over, as as our left wing liberal pacifist appeasers continue to gain power, these guys will get stronger and more and more, until they own us. Of course, the left will stand back and point the finger at Bush as they are being marched off to their death camps.

      • Kelleigh

        You are absolutely right Mark. I lived there several decades ago in the early 70s and it was not a bad place to be. Today, I wouldn’t step foot in Michigan and it’s a sad state of affairs when something like this happens. If you’ve never read Oriana Fallaci, look her up on the web. She was a famous Italian journalist who wrote prolifically and told the world that Europe was now Eurabia and her beautiful Italy was lost. What she said was this, “First the Muslims immigrate, then they produce like rats, 6 or more children per family, then they use the laws of the country to demand rights for their religion, then when they’ve become many in number, they demand even more. Eventually comes the total takeover, which was the plan from the beginning.” She went on to explain the falling numbers of children by Europeans and Americans and that 25% of the earth’s population is now Muslim. She had death threats on her life the last 10 years she was alive. She died a few years ago from breast cancer. God rest her soul, she was the only journalist I know of that wrote the truth of what is happening in America now…she warned us and we’re still not listening. I’m sorry, but Islam is not a religion of peace.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Absolutely. That is one thing I lost some respect for President Bush over, when he kept kissing their butt and calling it a ‘peaceful religion”. No it is not. The very tenant of their religion says that if someone doesnt think like they do, then that person is an infidel, and needs killed. Sorry, a peaceful religion doesnt think like that, nor does it strap a bomb on the back of your 8 year old child and have them walk into a market and blow up a bunch of people you dont know because they are jewish. No, not peaceful at all.

      • Nancy Swedelius

        Be prepared for thousands more muslims. Obama got a bill passed to give him 20 million to accept “refugees” from Palistine. siting that it was necessary to rescue these people from a war zone.


    It would not surprise me if it is found that Conyer’s himself was involved along with his wife in some odd way. After listening to this Black Caucus member exhibit his cowardice in investigating the impropriety of ACORN I had to remember that the Black Caucus is noting more than nother useless means to inject bias and racial overtone into legislation in order to obstruct and impede a solution. Also it is the Black Caucus who had a direct hand in the turmoil caused by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by demanding that it continue on in the same vein of upside down financing in order to benefit their members and their friends.

    Someone tell me why we need any kind of racially slanted government Caucus when all it does is obfuscate, interfere and use racial leverage to intrude on a useable legal solution for personal gain.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Let me ask you this, speaking of racism. Has the NAACP ever helped a white person? Has the black college fund ever helped a white person? Has the black ministers alliance ever helped a white person? Has affirmative action ever helped a white person to get a job? Has the Black Caucus ever helped out a white person? Has Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton ever helped a white person? Has Rev. Wright ever helped a white person? We all know the answer to this, and its not racist of me to ask this, its a fact. Black America is very racist towards white people, no doubt about it. To make the fact, what would happen if I started a White American College Fund? Id be thrown to the wolves and told that I couldnt do it because it was racist, excluding other people. But it is allowed and tolerated to be the other way. Why? You tell me why. This is why racism is kept alive and well here in America, because people are not held responsible for what they do because of the color of their skin, and it isnt whitey getting away with anything. No, we are definately held accountable, but people that dont look like us get a pass. That is racist prejudice in the 1st degree, and shame on you blacks that claim you want racism wiped away, yet you freely propagate it and keep it going. You are hypocrites.

  • Billy

    It needs to be that a person can not buy an elected office.
    Allow a canidate a certain amount that can be spent on his campaign. Each candidate has same amount to spend, then let the best man win. Let them prove themselves before the voters.

  • John

    Check out There are millions of Americans sick to their stomachs over what is happening to the USA. Join your state group at and start working with other concerned American.



  • Pam in Michigan

    Our country is in deep trouble, especially when most politicians will be swayed by money and special interests...One has to ponder, is there any with integrity anymore.... If cap and trade goes through, we are all done for...

  • Kelleigh

    Exactly Mark…when President Bush (who I’d much prefer to have back in the White House compared to the Marxist Muslim) said we worship the same God as the Muslims, I wanted to puke. My immediate thought was, YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR BIBLE GEORGE! I know politics requires that you say things you really don’t mean, but gimme a break, he didn’t have to say that at all. I’d much prefer Laura as first lady too, she was a class act…this new one doesn’t have a clue of protocol nor manners…they’re nothing but Chicago thugs…believe me I know them. I was born and raised in Chi town when the old Mayor Daley was in power…it hasn’t changed a bit..worse if anything.

    Off to a 912 meeting, thought I’d check it out although when Judge Napolitano said on Beck’s program that we needed a constitutional convention to get rid of the 16th amendment I lost faith…we fought the push for a con-con 15 years ago and I don’t want to do it again, but they’re trying. Figure Glenn is being used for “controlled” opposition.

  • JJ

    It’s the same everywhere. Oregon has been ‘run’ by the Democrat Party for years. All elected officials, majority of the legislature, and the Governor, ALL democrats. We have the second highest unemployment in the country behind Michigan. And what are the politicians doing? Raising our taxes, raising taxes on corporations. The people have asked state government to live within their means but NO. They all want to keep their ‘pet’ projects so they tell us they’ll make the cuts in law enforcement and education. Come one, come all… we have the most lenient welfare in the country. That’s why we have so many liberals that run this state, they’ve moved in by the train load. Looks to me like Texas and Oklahoma are the most conservative states in the union. So far they haven’t been overrun by the liberal, government should do everything for everybody, crowd.

  • Mike in CA

    Haven’t noticed anyone bringing up the fact that Conyers withdrew his call for an investigation into ACORN. Funny, he asked for them to be investigated, next thing you know his wife gets accused of taking bribes. Then he withdraws the idea.

    Next, the air will magically clear around the allegations against his wife.

    This administration is corrupt and morally bankrupt.

  • Eldon

    Isn’t it “Conyers” instead of “Coyers”?

  • cr747

    Both of them are crooks, 1st he forgets to pay his taxes, and now she wants to take a bribe.

  • Patton45

    Do you mean John Conyers? Your article
    keeps saying coyer.

    Asa Simmons

  • Robert

    Hey, why do you think that there will be any justice served here??? There will not be anything done to this clown because she is the wife of the idiot in Congress who thinks that everything in the housing market was just fine before it crashed and Fannie and Freddie were just fine!!! If you think that all of these idiots in the Wash. gov. are trying to do what is right then you are drinking Kool-ade!!! There are very few of these guys who are really trying to do the right thing, problem is they are totally drowned out by the idiots like Pelslobby, H. Weird, B. Frump, and Dupe!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Owen, What you say is true!


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