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Court Upholds Obamacare, Supreme Court To Begin Discussion

November 9, 2011 by  

Court Upholds Obamacare, Supreme Court To Begin Discussion

A District of Columbia Federal Court of Appeals upheld President Barack Obama’s healthcare law on Tuesday as Constitutional, setting the stage for a probable Supreme Court fight regarding the law.

The court, according to The Associated Press, agreed to dismiss a Christian legal group’s lawsuit that said the healthcare law was unConstitutional and in violation of religious freedom.

The lawsuit was one of many challenging Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and appellate courts throughout the Nation have ruled both in favor of and against the act, further ensuring that the issue will eventually reach the Supreme Court.

On Oct. 26, SCOTUSblog reported that the Supreme Court will most likely take its first look at Obamacare challenges at its conference this Thursday.

The court is scheduled to discuss six petitions against Obamacare, including:

The initial conversations will give Supreme Court Justices a chance to decide which cases and whose arguments they will hear before ruling on healthcare reform. An actual ruling on the law, most experts say, will not take place until next year. Because of the numerous contradictory rulings from lower courts regarding the individual insurance mandate, the Court is expected to focus heavily on that particular issue in discussions about the law in its entirety.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Steve

    Obummercare must be repealed or ruled unconstitutional and Obama, Holder and the rest of their ilk must be thrown out in November, God Bless the USA regardless of what Obummer thinks!!!

    • Patriot II

      Steve; I does not matter what we say about “Obummercare”, The Liberal/marxist Media will spin and sway the Judges as well as the public to stay the course, and protect the foothold of Marxism. Only by exposing this Conspiracy with the Liberla/Marxist media do we have any hope. We have to expose their Lies, and their grand purpose and the Elite Super Powers behind them, or all is lost.

      • Lost in Paradise

        That will also not work. The only thing left for us is violence,and force them to leave and or back down. We are totally screwed, and we are about to change over to Socialism, then ultimatly Communism.

        • Patriot II

          Lost; Yes, I agree and empathize with you, but here’s how it can work:

          If all of the Republican Candidates quit talking about Obama and starting acting like they are really running against the Liberal media, (which is the real opponent), and using their PAID adds to attack and expose their bias and spin, then I beleive it would work.

          Forget Obama, he is just flesh and bone and there is nothing really there that the Liberal media has not created. He is just a face and a functioning human body they have selected to use.

          Without them he is no more valuable than the his weight in Carbon on this planet.

        • Ferrosynthesis

          You have just crossed the line and are now a traitor.
          Have a nice day.

      • theotherrhalf

        Obama care was crafted by the Republicans, to favor the insurance and drug companies. Of course it won’t be repealed.

        • Patriot II


          how is life down there under that rock?

        • Lost in Paradise

          HAHAHAHAHAHAH LMAO! Are you crazy? You must already be locked up in and institution, and have computor privledges today. GOOD GRIEF. I thought I had heard it all.

        • Justme

          To theotherrhalf. You appear to have a Masters Degree in STUPID.

    • Dale

      Our great country the United States is not a buisness. It is a government that is to government our country. Obama wants more control. And let the indivual states control their own state.

      • http://CALIFORNIA Floyd Patterson

        Obama has proved he can do anything he wants. He even got his wife a plane to fly on, wich proves he can SPEND OUR WONEY ANY WAY HE WANTS!!
        He is not a president, he is a person that should be in prison for all his actions of flying all over and now he got one for his wife.

    • ted

      Why doesn’t anyone demand that we get to vote on it in a general election……Period. let the american people speak.

      • Ferrosynthesis

        Perhaps you should read how our government works

  • Dagney

    It’s pretty scary that there are so many people in positions of authority that PRETEND not to understand to Constitution. If there weren’t so many people that rose up because of Obamacare, I would really be worried. If the Supreme Court does not follow Constitutional law, I’m pretty sure, we will start to see the beginnings of a real revolution. No, and I am not referencing the snot-nosed brats “occupying” the various cities right now.

    • DanB

      I am not sure that they pretend to not understand the Constitution. I think sometimes we ought to ask which constitution they are upholding. The US Constitution? The UN? Or perhaps the constitution someone has drafted to replace the current? And many of them truly believe that it is a living document that can be changed according to the interpretations the people decide necessary. This way of thinking is completely foreign to some of us. It makes us sick so we have trouble putting aside that awful stomach lurch when we even try to consider what it really means that they could really believe that view.

    • Colopnel Skee

      You might also note that a full division of highly trained,hardened troops has been restationed in the USA to combat such a “potential” uprising.As a former military officer, I would never obey an order to shoot fellow Americans.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Dagney I sure hope you are correct about a revolution. It is the only thing that will save us from socialism/communism.

      • Ferrosynthesis

        Yes you are a traitor, keep it up. Now we know what the right really is!

  • Runninbear

    If we all are going to be fined,but the Muslims, Amish and other religious groups that say its a risk a form of gambling are going to get a free ride because they don’t believe in insurance? And we find out that it won’t cover everyone anyway? we must repeal Obama care?

  • Alex Frazier

    You know, people miss the obvious. We don’t need the courts to decide this stuff. We the people can simply refuse to abide by it or recognize it. The first time someone is put in prison, or shot, for not having health care, the stink will rise clear to heaven.

    I for one think that the whole thing is garbage. They don’t have the authority to take taxes from me to pay for someone else, and they don’t have the authority to make me carry insurance. They have absolutely no way of enforcing this act except to shoot or imprison me.

    They’re welcome to lock me up if that’s what they want to do. If I carry insurance, it’ll be because I want to, not because they told me to. And if they fine me for not having insurance, good luck collecting the fine.

    • Lost in Paradise

      They have really sneaky, despicable ways to make you pay. I have been down that road before, and it is like living in a communist country. We really have very little freedom left in this country. If you really want that freedom, you will need to stand up and fight like your life depends on it, because it does.

  • Monte

    Since the healthcare law has overwhelming popular opposition, the court ruling will show, just like in open borders and queer marriage, ‘majority rule’ is a term without any real meaning or existence. Votes are bought, the media covers up with a barrage of propaganda, and the ruling class does as it pleases, no matter how stupid or evil. Welcome to the land of the free – where we’re free to pay our taxes and do as we’re told.

    • ricardo russo

      Your correct: DC has virtually redifined their own words: majority, jobless rate, inflation, recession, depression, debt. Who knows what these words mean? Big circus where taxpayer pays for admission.

  • Brian

    I hear you Alex! Although many people won’t have the balls to do as you will, Obamacare is a boondoggle that will bankrupt our economy(as if we are not heading that way currently!)

    • JC

      Bancrupt the nation is exactly what it’s meant to do.

  • curtis

    What troubles me is NO-ONE is telling the American people, especially the Middle class that Obama campaigned he was there to protect,the cost they are about to incur when Obama care does go into effect.An average worker has company benefits of about $1000-$1400 per month that their employer now is paying. Under Obama care this becomes taxable income to the worker. Thinks about it that’s between $200 to $350 per month out of your pocket and out of the economy. Think things are bad now! What’s worest is Obama and Democrates are telling the few that read the bill this is not a tax increase but just a change in the way taxable income is calculated. I don’t know about you but more money out of my pocket is an increase in taxes!

    • professor

      The only way to get rid of the corruption in Washington is to take away their power to “tax and spend.”

      Take away Washington’s power to tax Americans. Take away their power to spend all this Nation’s treasure… on their own greedy, self-serving projects, on deals with big corporations, on deals with corrupt foreign governments, on their ability to give away money, on using our money to advance their Marxist agenda, and on their ability to steal as much as possible. Evidently, stealing tax money has become a full-time job for Congress.

      Divide the power among the 50 States, let them collect their own taxes and spend their own money. They can decide if they want to spend money on Medicaid or not. (Alaska doesn’t offer any benefits to anyone for any reason.) That money should never go to Washington and be put in the hands of the ruling Marxists. The government has forgotten that taxpayers are the ones that are supposed to benefit from the taxes collected!

      States’ Rights should supersede the Federal government. The people of this country cannot control the criminals in Washington, meeting behind closed doors, deciding how much more of our money they can confiscate and how they are going to do it. The Federal government has become “uncontrollable.” It is too large and there is no other way to end the corruption…take away the money…that is a “tried and true” way to assume power and control of our country.

      • Monte

        My thoughts exactly, Professor!

  • William L Collins

    I agree with you Steve and so do millons of others Obama,Holder are not for the constitution of the U.S.A. they break the law they sale guns two the drug cartile and they get our agents killed and our court system will let them walk and let them take our second amendment away from us to get gun controw and the Obama Health Care Law Is unconstitutional where is it in the constitution that the government can tell us the land of the free what we have to buy or can have me and my brouther,sisters did not fight for and die for a commeist country or a ploice state we faought for freedom fore all not detater ship

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


    • Jeremy

      FOX????? They are bought and paid for just like everybody else! Between Orealy bragging about how good he is and Hannity hoping we go to war with somebody else and how good Reagon was, it makes me sick. You can get the same amount of useless garbage from any other news channel.

      • Fozzysmom

        at least on Fox you get BOTH sides of the useless garbage. unlike the other panzy butted, one sided, childish, name calling, morons on the other news channels. and no, fox hasn’t been as good sence mid-summer when they let a muslim buy into the ownership of the network. ( that one i will never figuer out ). money greed i guess.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          O’Reilly is a totalitarian socialist. You will see that in his ideas about forcing people to do one thing or another, as long as he agrees with it. Fox is only slignty to the right of CNN. They are all a part of the NWO conspiracy.

          • professor

            Fox used to talk about stories that the MSM didn’t mention. They have changed a lot in these last couple of years…a lot of what they used to do has been squelched… I attribute that to the personal attention that Fox has gotten from obama. They are under scrutiny.

            Night before last I tuned in to Fox and it said that the program was unavailable. The station was shutdown. That was the night the government tested their ability to control radio and TV programing.

          • eddie47d

            You are one confused professor.

          • Ferrosynthesis

            Professor of what?

      • ChristyK

        Fox at least makes an attempt at being balanced, but I honestly don’t think they do real investigative reporting or tying the stories together since Glen Beck left. Glen Beck isn’t perfect, but he seemed to bring out the best in Fox News. Fox is pretty Vanilla now. I wish my satellite got Fox Business. They have a few good reporters. Of course they are predominantly focused on the business side of the story, rather than the whole story.

  • Fozzysmom

    you couldn’t expect anything less from the federal courts from the district of columbia. being in obozo’s back yard, it would go without saying they are in obozos’ back pocket. i’m blessed to live in the midwest n have no desire to even visit the beltway. govmt. has always been, lets say less then honest. but these last few yrs. the dishonest, illmoral, the scamers, panzies, the eragent, the eletists, the hollier then thous, the scum, the people with money who think that that is everything in life, the brainless, morons, fancet to do people and mindless braty people, they all seemed to have found their voices, spewing all sorts of nothings, thinking they have just saved the world with their brillant ideas n words of wisdom, and they do it over n over again bloating their chest n egos with each word. people are strange over there. it’s like one big soap opera, trying to outdo each others’ stupidity, ( no real challange there ). they all do this and continue to do this, because obozo incourges this type of behavior, ( occupiers ). the more voices there are the less that is heard, obozo knows this that’s what he’s counting on. the only thing this guy is lacking is a blk. top hat and a rabbit and of corse a fast get-a-way car. ( i respect the office of the presidancy but i have not an ounce of respect for obozo because he has shown not one ounce of respest towards the American People or this Great Nation. we and Our Nation are just distractions for him, inconvenyances ). ANYWAY … show me where, in the constitution, where it specifically says the govnt. can MAKE ME BUY something i don’t want to buy or have the money to buy. it’s that simple. put it on tv, word for word from the constitution n show us where it’s written. and it would be over. yes, it is that simple. ( and not because the beltway FEELS it would be best for US, because that’s a bunch of bull crap ). use the frount door, it really does work. thank you for your time.

    • Marlene

      You’re righ that the District of Columbia Federal Court of Appeals is in Obammie’s back pocket. They’re there, to scratch his balls if they can ever find them.

  • Donny C

    They do what they want because the majority do nothing.Most are like sheep standing in line to be sheered.

  • Donny C

    A District of Columbia Federal Court of Appeals upheld President Barack Obama’s healthcare law on Tuesday as Constitutional,ARE WE LIVING IN AMERICA OR COLUMBIA?

  • Bogusbob

    What we need to do is amend the 21st amendment. Only people in the military and 18 years old, can vote. All others need to pass a litmus test, that shows they understand the constitution as written. Hopefully we can educate the ignorant who voted for these tyrants in 2008.

  • CanCan

    And how in the hell is the U.S. Supreme Court supposed to rule with an impartial view, when two of the newest appointees owe their positions to Obama himself? And how can any of them be impartial, or even give a damned, when, if Congress members are any indication, U.S. Supreme Court justices are just as likely exempt from Obamacare as the very brainless, Congress members who passed this bill in the first place? If we “little people” are forced to buy Obamacare, will the Feds give me the money to do so if I cannot afford it? Probably not. Then again, if I am thrown in jail because I cannot afford to purchase something against my will, there is always the taxpayer who will pay for my three hots and a cot, and hey, I will get free health care then. Now there is some irony for you.

  • Jaco

    Alex, and others
    I wish I cheer your belief that they “can’t make you do it” (buy insurance), but they can and will. In most states, if you own a motor vehicle, it has to be insured to even get plates for it. In some states even if the vehicle is non-operational it has to be insured and plated. The “Supreme Rulers” upheld that one, they’ll also uphold this one. Think for a moment on what it would mean to Truely reinstate the Constitution the way it was ment to be. Are you Ready to have the PLedge of Alleagence reistated (including the word GOD in it)? How would you feel to see a bunch of kids sitting down to eat lunch at school and saying a prayer before they eat? Would you be willing to stand up for their rights?

    • Lost in Paradise

      How about you Jaco, are you willing to stand up for their rights? Is a prayer a negative thing to you? What is your position exactly? Please tell us.

    • Lost in Paradise

      You are very correct, they will force it on us if we like it or not. THe real truth is, America is gone! The forces that be however, do not want you to know that, so they still bring up the existence of the contitution, and the bill of rights. IT IS ALL BE HUGE ILLUSION.

  • Lost in Paradise

    YAAAAh YAAAh YAAAh I hear all the good ideas and complain complain, but what are you really going to do about it????????????? WE all need to organize, and start telling them “HELL NO WE WILL NOT” Liberals,and Conservatives alike. If the majority of Americans do not rise up against the current government, they WILL control us, and we will lose our constitution,and our bill of rights.

    We are maybe only Two Years Away from Losing It All. I do believe Obama will be re-elected, through illegal means of course, and that will be the beginning of the end. I’am very confident, that OBama, and his goon squad are preparing for a rigged election,right now.

    We need to get the military on our side, along with another country if possible, and secretly put an interem government together, for when we are able to unseat the current one. Sound scary?? Yup and it should scare you, but not as much as America becoming a commie nation. We need to hit the streets in large numbers, as soon as tomorrow. Believe it and act, or be very sorry you did nothing.

    • Ferrosynthesis

      So you do promote the violent overthrow of the USD government.

      No, you can’t be that stupid. You’re really making fun of this blog aren’t you. If so you fooled me, but now I’m on to you. I didn’t realize at first you were just playing with these idiots. Good job.

  • Lost in Paradise

    You also need to ask yourselves are you willing to lose all your property, and the things you have worked very hard for? I believe it will all be taken from us over the course of about 4 years. If you try to resist on a small scale, they WILL arrest you, and then fine you and add it to your property taxes. Many of you do not know it, but if they want to play hardball, they can bury you with fines, and you will be finished.

    • Monte

      If you want to know the horrors of what it will be like. Study Reconstruction as it was mercilessly done in the South. Wipe away the propaganda and prejudice. Read the actual history. Everything that was of any value was stolen. Bonds for millions of dollars were created for railroads that were never even started and the money disappeared without trace. If the people showed any resistance to this wholesale theft, the military was called in to enforce the plunder. For more that 100 years your fellow countryman lived in third world poverty, created by the greatest theft and plunder in the country’s history. Read and ponder.

      • Lost in Paradise

        I have already read and pondered for many years. Now what do think is coming? Is it any better than what you talk about? I feel it may be worse,as it will involve everyone, and not a specific group. The country is also deeply in debt, and the population is much larger now.

        I prefer to die fighting, or starving to death to living under the coming communism.

  • John Lilleburns ghost

    On this (I hate to say) I agree with all you crypto – facists . I think this act needs to be repealed simply because it wont work its just a crap compromise. It has to be all or nothing; the european model of universal coverage. I know this wont appeal to you all but it has pro’s & cons. A pro being it allows for much cheaper delivery due to the power of a sinle buyer. A Con being certain non-emergency treatment is rationed.
    Or responsibility for individual helth insurance and the removal of/or extremely limited/curtailed medicaid, VA etc benefits. However a decison has to be made because the current system is not substainable and it will be a major drag on the S economy

  • catfish

    What can you expect from any thing comming out of DC?

  • stormy

    Next thing you know Obummer will make it law that we will have to wipe our butt like a stinky muslim……

  • Buck

    Any and every judge that takes this stance should be prosecuted for violating his oath to protect and defend the constitution , as should be every judge that refused to look at Obamass citizenship status . When are we going to put some teeth in these constitutional oaths and start prosecuting violaters .


    Make no mistake about it. Unless the two leftwing appointees recuse themselves, Obamacare will be unpheld! The fact the majority of Americans do not want it, the DICTATORS say to HELL with you buttheads, we know what is best for you morons!

  • Asashii Fustazi

    like to see the feds come to the south and enforce the pay or go to jail commie Obama care law. man, woman and even children have guns to protect Our civil freedoms down here, civil war today would have a different outcome than say over 1 hundred years ago, i got enough bullets for all of them!!!!!!


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