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Court forces governor to accept bailout money

June 4, 2009 by  

Court forces governor to accept bailout money The Supreme Court of South Carolina ruled yesterday that Governor Mark Sanford must accept the $700 million in federal stimulus money that was set aside for his state.

The court said the state’s legislature – which has already passed a budget including the funds – has the power to accept or reject the money, not the governor.

Media reports have suggested the Republican governor’s efforts were based on his belief that increased spending would bring a crushing debt burden on future generations.

"This decision is terrible news for every taxpayer in South Carolina, and even more so for future taxpayers who will ultimately bear the responsibility of paying for this so-called ‘stimulus’ without seeing any benefit from it," he commented.

However, the decision was hailed by state educators who feared teachers could lose their jobs and colleges be forced to increase tuition without the funds.

"It was so unnecessary and took so long to do what 49 other states figured out how to do a long time ago," said state Education Superintendent Jim Rex.

"It will allow districts to immediately begin to reconstitute programs and fill positions they didn’t think they could fill," he added.

In February, Congress passed the economic stimulus package worth $787 billion in an effort to jump start the economy.

According to the Associated Press, in April South Carolina had the third-highest unemployment rate in the country at 11.5 percent.

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  • s c

    The funds may do some good. However, the good people of South Carolina may learn too late that Washington-styled ‘gifts’ are usually laced with an iron-handed message. What is Washington doing to
    insure that when young adults graduate from high school and college that jobs will be waiting for them? At the moment, the main US job growth industry is in working for our over-spending government. There is a distinct possibility that South Carolina’s credibility and freedom
    will be the ultimate price of this ‘gift.’

  • Robin from Indiana

    Forced to take money that will only lead to issues in the future; what a dilemma. I hope that they will figure out a way to appease everyone concerned. I applaud the fact that they didn’t want to take it, but was made to. This governor will not be responsible when things go awry.

  • Dan

    What many people fail to realize is that this “free” money from this administration and congress is not a longterm solution and will, most lilely, compound the problems down the road. When these funds have been spent, the states will still be facing the same budget concerns and the cycle will start again, only this time the entire counrty will be much further in debt.
    We have become a nation of cerdit junkies, living beyond our means. The current economic woes we face is our own doing and the only way to break the cycle is to rein in spending funds we don’t have.

  • http://none TT

    You cannot pay a debt with another debt. It never gets paid. It is deeper and deeper enslavement. If the south Carolina Supreme Court and it’s Legislatures would like to PERSONALLY be held accountable to pay back this 700 million, then I agree that they acted righteously and correctly. If they are dumping enslavement onto the people, without their permission, it is Fraud and the Supreme Court is forever personally responsible for FULL liability of their fraud. There is no statute of Limitations for Fraud. The people walk away for free and the 700 million will have to be paid out of the personal private accounts of these Supreme Court personnel as well as the personal private accounts of the Legislatures at the tune of one million dollars per day, per legislature, per Supreme Court decision maker, until it is paid in full—for 700 days or less days, minus the amount of fraudsters involved. This can easily be paid by these fraudsters personal accounts by accessing their personal bond numbers tied to their Treasury Direct accounts. OR, each fraudster can each personally submit a 1 dollar bill–federal reserve note–seeing how it says that it is legal tender to pay ALL DEBTS both public and private. Get each fraudster to personally pay the 1 dollar bill and get each of their signatures and personal bond numbers, to be tapped for the full 700 million. All the judges and CFO’s of all the courthouses know exactly how to process these transactions daily. The court is a bank. The public needs to switch all the liability to the ONES WHO ARE CREATING ALL THE DEBT. Each man has his own bond number attached to his ssn, to utilize as we are all co-equal, created equally. This absurd game of slavery dumped on the people by the bloodsucker politicians must STOP now. People did not ask for this enslavement, are not liable for it and do not deserve it. Stop the Fraud now. Lets bloodsuck the politicians, it is their turn to get whacked with holding all the liability seeing how they create all the liability (fiction) debt. HJR192 guarantees that ALL our debts will be paid by the ones who stole all our gold in 1933, that is our US Treasury, and all it needs to do is speed up the printing press (ponzi scheme) that they have been operating since 1933. Let the politicians affix their signatures on the 700 million dollar dotted line, with their bond numbers. All is well in Zion. All is well. Make the fraudsters step up to the plate and be held accountable for their fraud, right NOW.

    • Tired TOO

      Here, here, HERE!!! I SO agree with you! Great post.

    • Mike D

      Can you imagine! A bureaucrat liable and responsible for their misdeeds, both ethical and monetary! Has someone taken leave of their scenes? What’s this world coming to? Next you will hear that politicians are going to be honest and transparent! I guess some would say that these Bureaucrats come from the same place that we do, but I have a hard time swallowing that.

  • http://none TT

    Follow the yellow brick road, dorothy, right back to the outlawing of true money (gold bricks) back to June 5, 1933 when FDR turned us into a cashless society and made us all debtors, but had to create a law to cover his fraud, on the other side of his accounting ledger. HJR192 for you and you and you. All is well. Tell the banksters where to go. They know how to access Treasury. They do it all day long.

  • Richard Pawley

    In my 2006 autobiorgraphy, “Leaving South Carolina” (I leave every year) I had an entire 25 page chapter called “The Day After Tomorrow”. It was just on the ecomomy and the crisis that I called the “Greater Depression”. I talked about the problem with derivatives and the problems we were going to have. Well, it has barely begun and as I said in 2005, it will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. I can understand the governor’s position and the chief justice of the SC Supreme Court is a former classmate of mine, so I can understand both sides of this issue. I’m reminded that 40 years ago I had a professor at the University of South Carolina who asked “have the states lost their usefullness, should they be done away with?” Sadly, nothing that anyone can do at this point can stop what is happening. I said so in 2006 and the train is speeding faster down the mountain than ever before. Washington has simply removed the brakes so the crash is going to be a dozy. Americans have begun to save, but unless their savings are in things they are actually going to need and which will not be available in the near future it will not help them much. If we are fortunate we will be no worse off than was the old USSR, you get bread on Tuesdays and milk on Fridays. I don’t even dare tell you how bad it is really going to get or you would think me crazy. Even the former comptroller general of the US said that if he can’t wake people up he will move to Vancouver because New Zealand is to far. I’m also convinced that those who have a relationship with God that is such that they can pray and get specific answers will be much better off than those who don’t. It is really going to be worse than I am telling you but food and bullets are likely to be the currency of the next decade. May God bless America. No one else is going to do so.

    • Marie

      Please do tell us more about what you suspect might be ahead for our nation. We NEED to think outside this box we’re being corraled into.=!

      • Richard Pawley

        To much to tell. It’s why I wrote another book called “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” although some apparently think I shouldn’t mention such things. Russia thinks our country will break up into five countries after the crisis gets really bad. I don’t, but it will be greatly changed. The dollar is going to be destroyed by Washington’s out of control printing of money and when the dollar goes it will rather quickly take all the rest of the world’s currencies with it. With no money worth anything what farmer is going to grow food unless he gets paid in something. Stocks are still overpriced and set for a fall. It will be the 1930′s times ten. None who own real gold (not paper gold) are selling it and food and fuel may be worth more than gold in a few short years. I expect in excess of 200% inflation first and maybe much more in some things. The most fortunate will be those who have a good relationship with God and who perhaps own a bit of land away from the city. 15,000 a month have been leaving the country for years now and 6 our of 7 that I talked with in 2004-2005 told me that it was because of the coming financial crisis. It has barely begun. DON’T BE FEARFUL but pray and think about how you can get ready. No rush but no time to waste either. God bless you.

        • Marie

          Thank you for your reply; I very much appreciate your insight, your wisdom, and the mention of your books. Apparently, Mr. Pawley, you’ve been following Biblical prophecy and current events for many years. And you’re not alone . . . I’ve been watching the prophecies unfold for three decades now, and there are millions of others around the world who are not surprised by what is occuring and are not fearful for their own souls. Fifteen years ago, I bought a farm 60 miles away from the nearest city and have become quite self-sufficient. There’s no doubt that the powers that be want to herd us into concentrated areas where they can better control us and our votes and make us completely dependent upon them. How long we can mantain our independence is ultimately up to the Lord. But staying abreast of the diabolical agendas and telling folks about God’s Kingdom soon to come should be a Christian’s main objective. And that is my humble opinion.

    • Brenda

      Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!

      • Richard Pawley

        Yes, hope is important. God is still in control but He is letting those who wish to run rampant do so. This is not a Democratic problem or a Republican problem but it is all our problem. Get involved! Find out how your Senators are planning to vote (70% of our representatives in Washington believe differently than we do on most things yet we keep electing the same people). Hold them accountable. Sign petitions (not the blank one with just names, they go into the trash, but legitimate ones that require at least email addresses and the town you live in). Even better is a short polite but well thought out letter to your Congressman on why you don’t want to see the USA brought down to the level of a former great nation. Personally I do not believe it can be stopped but I do believe it might be slowed down if enough people got interested and stopped letting someone else make all their decisions for them. There are many in Washington and Wall Street who want to do just that!

    • 13th Gen. American

      Advertising for your book makes your point invalid. You could have got your point across without mentioning your book. I know times are tough but this isnt the place for it.

      • Richard Pawley

        I don’t know what generation of American I’m considered. My dad came to this country from Germany around 1919, my grandfather from Nova Scotia about 1888, and on my mom’s side of the family her mom could trace her family back to before the American Revolution. That and $2. will buy me a cup of coffee in some places. I didn’t mention my autobiography hoping to sell it. I think it is mostly out of print but wanted to point out that I had publically said a few things that were pertinent. What I said was going to happen has begun. I’ve studied our outrageous spending and the hidden tax of inflation for years. Not anything I can do about it but I did write another book on just what is really coming and all are going to be affected. By now most people know that times are bad and getting worse but they don’t have a clue how bad they are really going to get. Think “Great Depression” times ten! That is why I write, books, letters, emails and even things like this. I’m hoping to save lives. Don’t believe it will get that bad? Wait and see! We are all going to be amazed, undoubtedly even me. May God bless us all. We are all going to need it!

        • 13th Gen. American

          Well Im not selling anything with my name or putting my name out there because I too have a book.Whatever the subject is there is a time and place for it and I dont think you should say you have a book because all the liberal nut jobs that have books feel they are superior than everyone else and they are right just because they got a book printed. There are people who have books published about the most absurd subjects and truly believe we came from apes or aliens or whatever. I do agree with you. I know its going to get real bad and I am trying to stock up on things that can sit forever on the shelf and get my family through about 3 years if we are frugal. Im even stocking up on dog food and rotate it. Im even saving stuff for my kid so they have at least the basics in the future. Most conservatives do believe all this . “Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.” And on a side note I recently did a family history. We all thought we were a bunch of drunk Irish that fell off the boat with the rest of them. Turns out we are Dutch and came here between 1630-1640. So at the family reunion we had name tags to tell which of the 7 kids from Gr. grandfather we belonged to and the generation we are. We all got a big hoot out of it all and there were a lot of us. So since I got the family together and name tags and everyone knew me anyway some of the cousins just called me 13thgen. as a joke, and I said Im keeping the name for my CB handle and well, it stuck. I like it. Nothing more than a silly “CB handle” I have another cousins that is 13 on one side and 1st on another. But as long as you came here legal. Your an American and I will defend you against the enemy. Even if you are a liberal wack job.

      • staats9

        My Ducth family came here in that same time 1600hs and many of them fought for the greatest country ever,and now these political communist are trying to make us slaves to there every word.We must stand together, if not they will pick us off one small group at a time.How can we gather thousands of us at a moments notice? Any ideas,fore i am very scared they have the guns and the jailes. ps We may be related

        • 13th Gen. American

          Isnt that cool we just may be. If it wernt for all the wackjobs that come here Id give you my name. But they came to Flatbush, Brooklyn. about 1630-40. help build the first church there. The 3rd version of the church from 17something is still there. The second generation family is buried there. The first name of 1st gen is Guilliam and Maria if thats a clue. He was a French guy who came from Holland. If your 60plus you might be 12th. 40to 60 13th, 25-40 14th, a guess based on generations in my family. So I to am dismayed at all the blood shed over hundreds of years for the freedom we have and were loosing it in like 4. Im a christian so there is hope in Christ we wont be here for the worst but ya never know. All I know is Im not going out without a fight. I do think we are starting to gather the storm. The 9-11 groups started with a hand full of people and now there are groups of thousands. Join one. Be part of a group with similar values. Then get a gun. Now when its legal. If nothing else for looters if the world goes nuts because if Katrina taught us anything a tragedy brings out the best in man and the worst. Then start staking up with stuff that can sit on the shelf for a long time. Get a little extra everytime you go to the store so its not so painfull not to dig a hole and hide but better safe than sorry. Think about what you might need if electric and oil and food were to be cut off for a long time. Then most important pray. The libs are trying to take our freedom for speech with the fairness act which is anything else but freedom. Then with cap and trade and carbon tax and well,, you know. It is pretty scary if you dont have faith. They will be throwing people in jail for the stupidest stuff in the future. I wouldnt go out of my way to get there but if we are still here when they try to put that chip in us I wont do it. Ill not give up my gun either. I dont care if they do kill me Im not turning my back on God or stop talking about him because it offends someone. If you have family get them involved. If your alone Id find a 9-11 group and ask for more detailed advice and make friends with a service veteran because they are the men who gave of their life and soul for America and they know whats up. They would probably help you out if your alone to get life organized in case things get to bad. But in the meantime PRAY.

  • Gary

    Well another nail in the U.S. Constitution. Seems we have become a banana republic and we are a nation of men under the ruse of a nation of law

  • http://none Meme

    It is so sad that Americans do not have true representation in our Legislature, President, and even our courts.
    Our President is a runaway train going to crash, and for some reason,[I suspect payoff and payback,] it seems no one wants to look into that.
    The legislature does not see beyond the power and money they are going to get from these policies so they just pass laws that the President wants regardless of the harm to the American people they are supposed to be protecting and representing.
    The Republican Party has fallen prey to the same false glossed over rhetoric as the Democrats, while the President just decrees something and the Democrats or at least a majority of them in Congress just blindly follow his instructions and we have no strong voice of dissention to combat the ” strong man tactics” of the President, the Legislature, and our courts.
    We are becoming a Socialistic country with no rights nor say in what we are being forced to accept. SOS Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and Kennedy will get up and rant and rave and call everyone who disagrees as being “mean spirited ” among other things. They stir up everyone to think like they do so when the mealy mouthed Republicans just mumble something the Democrats just laugh at them because they do not have anything or anyone to offer or counter attack them.
    No wonder they lost the election. And those who voted for ‘change ‘ without knowing what the “change’ meant are beginning to see that the change is turning the US into another Muslim run, socialist state.
    The majority of the citizens of the US have not prospered or benefited from all the billions of $$$ they have printed out or borrowed. So where has all the millions of $$$$ disappeared to?
    A few people who draw Social Security were given $250 and then all we hear is that “entitlements had to be cutback”.
    Social Security is not an entitlement.It was set up to be a voluntary program which workers could voluntarally give into. Now the government has made it mandatory and taken more and more of our paychecks, stolen the interest off the Social Security assets, and not paid one dime back.
    But they say they have a legitament reason for not paying it back. Only funds from employees income can be put into the Social Secutity account.
    Well it does not take a scientific calculation to figure out that if you can’t put it back, pass an amendment to the law to allow it to be paid back.
    Better yet, make a law that the money must be paid into the medicare and medicaid funds. There would be plenty of money to cover medicare and medicaid but the President and the mindless people that have been elected to take care of us , in Washington would have to give up money from some of their Socialist Lobbyists so they just want to keep the American people in bondage by keeping them broke and controlling everything
    The banks, the auto companies, every company or state that takes these funds that the President and the Congress keep telling us it is our money so the government controlls it and gives us no choice in how it is spent.
    Just keep watching all the things the President [of course all under the banner of," if we don't do it right now our economy is going to collapse"] is going to strip from the American people.
    And all these misguided people who keep referring to the President as, “he’s like god, above America’, the anointed one, the one who is going to be in controll of running the New World Order,” just feeds his insatiatable ego. He believes all ths stuff and if he doesn’t, his wife does.

  • sandra leathers

    I agree with everything being said here,but how do we get people to wake up and see what is taking place right under their noses?I have been trying to get friends and fanliy members to listen,but either they don’t care,or they don’t believe what I am telling them.

    • Marie

      When people fear, Sandra, they can be controlled by those who offer hope. Like a deer in the headlights, too many Americans are looking to the Obama regime to usher them to safety. With eloquent words, he promises to restore our prosperity, and really, that’s all that matters to many folks right now. They don’t want to hear that his plans are leading us to our demise; they want to hang on to the hope he promises.

      Perhaps between now and November 2010, something cataclysmic will occur which will snap them out of their delusion. In the meantime, those of us who see the handwriting on the wall need to continue speaking out while we still have the freedom to do so.

    • Brenda

      How many are going to the Tea Party Sept. 12th in DC? Please, blogs are great, but we need numbers!

      • 13th Gen. American

        Im doing my best to get there!!!!!!

      • staats9

        I will go there and take as many people i can we better have millions if not they will be laffing at us,an spit wright in are face. Count me in

  • DD

    We all can see what is happening. What we cannot see is a solution. The (right) talk shows say we should clean out Congress and Senate, but there are no options out there! This past election I had to vote for Amnesty Graham and did not want to AT ALL. But what choice did I have? The other option was to vote for the dem and give them 60 members. I think this is the problem. People who think “right” and talk “right” seem to have no interest in running for office. That leaves us right where we are. Don’t know how to find someone with intelligence who is willing to step up to the plate so that we CAN have someone else to vote for! I would gladly move my vote to a different person with conservative views.

  • Patriot

    For the past 6 months everything has been thrown at the American People. I hope Governor Sanford goes for an appeal in a higher court to decline federal stimulus funds. The spending can be stopped at the ground floor, “the people”. If south carolinians had contacted their state representatives and said “no to the stimulus” chances are Governor Sanford would not have lost in Court. We seem to be afraid and intimidated by Federal Government, please remember it is “We the people”. It starts with demanding our States Rights! Educating our state representative! Read about the Patrick Henry Caucus, Tea Parties and 912, Educate and Motivate!

  • JanO

    What we need to do is find the best republican in each of our states that is contemplating running for the House or Senate. We need to volunteer our services to get out the word and work for our democracy. We can make a difference, but it will mean rolling up our shirt sleeves. Tea parties are great, but it is the day to day activity that is also much needed. Volunteer for a phone bank or take flyers and go door to door. I am in a hard postion as I live in Florida and we have a large spanish as well as black population. We need to educate these people, they need to see where this road is taking all of us.

  • Robert

    If the state of North Carolina gets tired of paying for the programs that they are required to support in perpetuity for accepting ‘stimulus’ money then they can always reduce the cost (to them at least) of other state programs. May I suggest that they could clear out their state prisons and close them by granting ALL inmates unsupervised parole on the condition that they leave the state for the remainder of their sentences! If the convicts return then they could be housed under ‘primative’ conditions that would make them wish that they hadn’t. NC could even give inmates a one way bus ticket to one of the bastions of liberalism such as NYC, Chicago, Madison (WI), LA, or SF. This would cost them less than they spend on incarceration for a day.


    In FY 2003, New Mexico, Alaska, Mississippi, West Virginia and North Dakota received substantially more from the federal government than they paid in taxes, while New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota and Nevada paid much more in taxes than they received in spending.
    South Carolina in 2004 received $1.38 from Washington for every $1.00 sent to Washington. 2004 was an average year for SC.
    So why is Governor Mark Sanford suddenly getting religion? He doesn’t need to take any money as far as I’m concerned. The stimulus is a drop in the bucket.


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