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Court delivers setback for illegal immigration advocacy group

February 20, 2009 by  

a setback in Arizona for illegal immigration advocacy groupAn Arizona jury has rejected the claims brought by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund against an Arizona rancher who detained 20 illegal aliens on his property in 2004.

The plaintiffs alleged that Roger Barnett and his wife Barbara, who operate the Cross Rail Ranch near the Mexican border, violated their civil rights by detaining them, but the jury disagreed.

"For years, MALDEF and other illegal alien advocacy groups have threatened local governments and individual citizens with lawsuits to intimidate them from protecting their communities and property," says Michael Hethmon, a co-counsel for the Barnetts.

He adds that "the Barnett family are Americans who refused to be intimidated," and that the Immigration Reform Law Institute is proud to have represented them as they sought to "defend their right to protect their homes and safety."

IRLI is the legal defense and education arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, there were almost 12 million undocumented foreigners living in the United States in January 2007.

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  • Brittancus

    LAST CHANCE for California, Nevada and this Nation
    Senator Harry Reid (Dem-NV) showed his true colors by killing the E-Verify system in the Stimulus bill. He must be receiving large Campaign contributions from the Un-American Chamber of Commerce, predatory businesses, the anti-American ACLU and Special Interest lobby. Nevada! Remember this Senator who has used his power in Congress to Tax you even more, when he runs for office again–or even recall him–NOW!
    Now that all Californian taxpayers are forced to pay the financial burden of illegal aliens who have settled in the state. Supposedly there are 3.7 million people who have no right to be in the state. Population stabilization (caps ), a pro-sovereignty group in California has concluded their own investigation and determined that their is a least 40 million nationwide? So who is telling the truth and who is financially supporting all these foreign nationals thats paralyzed the state? YOU ARE! How much is the cost to support thousands in our prison system, for education and health care? California is just one state anchored down, because the elected officials ignored the overwhelming peril over three white house administrations.
    We have one last chance for all Americans and legal residents to fight back against unfair taxes. We still have time to back Senator Sessions and other honest lawmakers before the deadline this March 6? We need E-Verify with its mandated success rate of 99.6 percent in perpetuity, not just 5 years? It will stop the illegal Immigration invasion for good!
    Jam the Washington Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 In addition you can call President Obama at 202-456-1111. Switchboard: 202-456-1414 ONLY YOU CAN STOP THIS TRAVESTY OF OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS. Remember! If Democrats manage to pass a AMNESTY, you the taxpayer will be paying even more of your hard-earned dollars for millions waiting across the border, not the pariah employers..

    • Gerry

      Harry Reid – I don’t think too many people are aware of the fact he pushed through legislation that turned thousands of acres of national forest, protected wildlife refuges and parkland over to members of his own family who were developers. These relatives went on a massive construction spree just outside of Las Vegas. Building tens of thousands of luxury condo’s (likely funded by the taxpayers too). Now these are a bust and his relatives will likely get bailout money to compensate them for the decline in the housing market.
      But you won’t see that in the NY Times or Washington Post, their too busy making up fake scandels against Republicans to care what democats do.

  • BajaRat

    Illegal aliens are criminals and parasites, one and all. Their very presence here and practically everything they do on U. S. soil is illegal. They need to be ferreted out, rounded up like cattle, punished for their numerous crimes, then booted back to whence they snuck in from with such extreme prejudice that they will never, ever think of violating our sovereignty again. Enough is enough.

  • John

    I couldn’t agree more with everything BajaRat says!

  • fausto Hernandez

    (comment removed for offensive content)

    • twoninerkilo

      (comment removed for offensive content)

      • Dewey

        (comment removed for offensive content)


    Well… the corrupt Amerikan government won’t do anything about the massive people invasion from Mexico! So… it’s up to us (the legal citizens) to take matters into our own hands.

    Frankly… the interlopers were lucky they weren’t shot and buried somewhere. My advice? Every Amerikan rancher along the Mexican border needs to own a couple of semi-automatic weapons… and trench digger for burying dead cows and dead aliens. We the people of the United $tates… have had enough! Let me reiterate! We have had enough! Amerikan authorities are going to deal with the drug gangs and the ill-eagle immigration problem along the Mexican border… or there will be extreme violence.

    Hey! Wake up! Mexico has become a chaotic, gangbang cocaine country… where the rule of law is breaking down. Amerikan troops in Iraq-NAM and Afghanistan-NAM should be brought home to defend the U.$. from barbarian beheaders on the border.

    • Captfixit

      Gentlemen, Here in AMERICA we spell America with a “c” not “k”. Whether you are in favor of illegal entry into this country or not, your points, whatever they may be, are completely lost when you cannot spell the name of MY country correctly.

      In as much as no other country in the world allows people to enter their country illegally, I personally believe that we should send them all home with their “anchor babies” as has been done 3 times before in the history of this country. My country can no longer afford to support the rest of the world and it is way past time for her to take care of her own citizens, and stop spending my tax dollars providing funds and services, that are not available to my family members, to illegals.

  • http://AmericanBorderPatrol Bernie

    Americans must continue to fight for our rights. This vermin that is crossing our border illegally must be stopped. They bring nothing good here and infect our society with their drugs, diseases, lawlessness and sponge off our social services like parasites, dropping anchor babies like ants. There are many reasons American citizens want them all deported. Go home and sponge off your own worthless, corrupt countries.

  • borderraven

    Hey MALDEF, did you get the message? Be sure you got the word real clear, that we the citizens of the USA, are tired, fed up, and angry, about illegal aliens, and we are legally taking matters in our own hands, as vigilantes. We have formed militias, and armed groups of citizens are patrolling the borders and private property, looking for trespassers and suspected illegal aliens. We have the right to carry loaded firearms. We have the right to hunt down trespassers and suspected illegal aliens. We have the right to detain, search, handcuff, march, transport, and hold, trespassers and suspected illegal aliens, until hand-off to proper authority. Anyone resisting arrest can be assaulted, until properly secured. We have been nice in the past, but we will decide, when it is time for us, not to be nice. Any illegals discovered, from now, will be treated as kindly, as anyone else caught trespassing. Now, would you be so kind as to pass this message on to the governments of Mexico, and Central America? MALDEF read that again, and if you still don’t understand me, I’ll be happy to help you understand. Thank you. BR

  • Paula

    Harry Reid of the Senate is not helping the legal American workers by kicking out the E-Verify amendment. We do not want our tax dollars being given to illegal immigrants that will be take our jobs at a cheap wage. Apparently President Obama does not think much of the legal citizens either or he would have vetoed this bill and demanded E-Verify be added to it. We are all tired of being abused by illegal immigrants and their anchor babies. It is time for them to go home or be picked up and deported. We need to protect Americans, our jobs and our economy countries.

    • Mark

      I own a business. I signed up for e-verify.

      Guess what one of the requerments is?

      I have to post signs expaining that I use e-verify and how to appeal, in SPANISH !!! BS

      Always wondered is you have to demonstrate English proficiency to pass the citizenship test and you have to be a citizen to register to vote……. then why is it required to print ballots in Spanish ????????

      • rwnut

        Mark…English proficiency? Hell no! They stick a little toy American flag in their hands and then give them the citizenship oath in their own language. You can bet your -ss when they go to their home’s in their un-assimilated communities,they probably burn their little toy flags.

  • franklkinney

    well jury sticks up for their rights in which to defends ones property and family! yet our own goverment and activist judges are doing their ut most best to put U.S. all in harms way! majority of U.S. americans ask and ask for enforcement of our laws and we still have wide open borders? drugs and illegal invaders just walking holiday inn? 5 million americans out of work and congress in secret passes stimulus bull bill without even time to read it? pr president out telling U.S. ALL how we need to protect our jobs and economy now live? yet E- VERIFY to protect our jobs from illegal invaders is not in stimulus bill? h-1 h-2 visas bringing in thousands of foreign workers each and every year? than when visas expire they just stay? next they get to become nationalized citizens? amnesty! our children being rape and murdered! seniors citizens? jobs being ship over seas? social security will be broke when baby boomers will need it? oh yeah ticking time bomb indeed. michigan little big horn AMEN.

  • twoninerkilo

    Send all the illegal parasites back where they came from. Head em up!!! Move em out!!!

  • twotut

    The American people have got to stand up and be heard! Congress is filled with old farts that need to be bussed to “ole folks homes” all across the country and have proved time and time again that what the American people say means nothing!!
    Where do they get off? How many times do we have to say we don’t want illegals here living off government assistance and programs that were meant for our own people who are in desperate situations right now! Meanwhile the government passes their rediculas pork barrel stimulas plan and NO ONE has ever asked what the actual contents of this plan is, WHY? The Republicans know what’s in the plan but they don’t mention it, why? If they told the American people what they know, the whole country would be up in arms and the Republicans wouldn’t look like the bad guys, maybe the Congress would come to a screeching halt, that would be a good thing, RIGHT?
    Come on America stand up and demand to be heard, demand to know!! And don’t re-elect the old farts!
    As far as our “so-called” president ( there’s a reason I don’t capitalize president…)
    goes, DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!
    Get some balls America!

    Thanks for the forum, it’s nice to know there are others who just as pissed as I am……

  • Shirley

    Our borders need to be secured for many reasons. The problem is with people like several of those above who sound more like nazi skinheads than rational citizens are the reason that our government doesn’t take our concerns seriously. Try speaking like intelligent concerned citizens instead of a raving lunatics and maybe, just maybe, someone will listen. As long as you continue to rant like a crazy person, those in power will not respond to your concerns. Tone it down, write lucid, well thought out letters, then and only then will those in power listen to you!

    • http://BobLivingstonAlternativeMedicine Michelle

      Shirley, get a life! and do not lecture people!
      What I want to know is: “Who died and left YOU in charge?”
      The skinheads have valid reasons for their anger.
      The people “in charge” will never listen to anyone anyway.
      Grow up and post on Huffington so some other idiotic venue…
      This is for adults…

  • http://N/A Gaye McGann

    I agree with the lady in the post above stay calm write lucid letters and join and support NumbersUSA, they let you send faxes, furnish you with phone numbers and keep you up to date on every thing going on Pelosi and Reid need to be sent home they have no sense. They are not from Texas if they were we would get them out of office.

  • FLGirl

    This article does not tell the whole story, but the Rancher did win a victory for his right to protect his property, as well as his right to ‘detain’ those trespassing on his property until the authorities could arrive.

    However, the court awarded the illegals damages for ‘emotional distress’ and assault. The illegals received only $77,804 of the $32 million they requested – but the ranchers attorneys believe that award will be thrown out in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I am not so certain, the Ninth Circuit is the most liberal court in this Nation, they will probably have to fight beyond the Ninth Circuit (the Ninth Circuit is also the most overruled court in the Country due to their outrageous liberal views).

    All in all a good ending. I salute Roger Barnett and his wife for standing up and fighting for their right to protect their property, and their assistance in collecting the law breakers invading our Nation.

    Things are going to get worse, Mr. Barnett may need backup soon! Will Americans have the courage to stand with this brave rancher? Time will tell.

    • David

      Another question is what will happen if all the lawlessness in Mexico continues to get worse? Will their drug war, that rages just like a fire fight in Fallujah, ultimately spill over our borders? We’ve already seen increased crime on the borders due to Mexico’s ineptitude at controlling their drug cartels, but as the collapse of Mexico’s government continues, how bad will it get here? More importantly how do we stop it?

  • FLGirl

    Governor Perry of Texas has requested help from Homeland Security to add 1000 more boots on the ground in his State due to the deteriorating situation.

    Napolitano does not believe the violence has gotten close enough to our border for her to take action?? Our border is a WAR ZONE!! But in a statement she said she “does not want to militarize the border”. Why? Does she believe things will just get better?? How many people have to die to convince her it is a serious problem? Do Americans have to die for our government to take action? What about our Border patrol agents, they get shot at all the time, is that okay with her?

    Seems Obummer is surrounding himself with whining bleeding hearts too afraid to take action.

    • http://BobLivingstonAlternativeMedicine Michelle

      FL Girl,

      Pelosi and Reid are not bleeding hearts, they are hardened criminals that do not belong in our government, along of course with Usurper-in-chief.

  • rmccusker

    Where I live about 10% to 20%of the people are illegals. Any of you all who think that we don’t need then should spend a week out in the fields. My guess is none of you all would last a day.
    Tomatos are rotten in the fields cause they can’t get pickers.

  • s c

    Soon, Americans will need a passport to enter Canada or Mexico. Illegal immigrants trying to get into America need no passport. That is, Canada and Mexico have had their ‘problem’ solved for them. The BEST way for us to solve our part of the problem is to shorten the process, and deliver EVERY illegal immigrant
    to the front door(s) of our world-class role models of love and justice. I KNOW
    that if Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Boxer, Schumer, Frank, Dodd and all other true lovers of SOCIAL JUSTICE would open their doors to EVERY illegal immigrant, this problem will end very soon. These special people deserve this and so much more. It is only fair that these paragons of social justice reap the rewards of their lofty ideals. Then, and only then, will America no longer be an INTOLERANT or MEAN-SPIRITED or UNJUST nation. Amen.

  • m

    Anyone who votes for an incumbent doesn’t know what’s going on.

    They are ALL OWNED by special interests

  • m

    When the illegals are sent packing, the politicians who brought them here should be sent packing, as well.

    • http://BobLivingstonAlternativeMedicine Michelle

      sc and m, you are both so right!

  • Edda Raye Moody

    We have many American-Mexicans who are citizens living here and they make good friends and keep their residences looking great. On the other hand, we also have some of those same citizens who have lived here for over 3 generations and they still have Mexico in their front yards. A lot of new illegals are lawless, inhabiting our prisons, and on welfare out of our pockets, and if some of them get amnesty, just wait and see if they don’t have our country trashed out — looking just like Mexico. It takes several generations for them to become Anglicized, but not before our whole country looks like slums.

  • Cindyluwho

    I feel like the people who are presently in office of congress or the house, need to sit back and remember who sent them there. I will continue to support the need of America to protect our borders from any and all illegal aliens. We owe them NOTHING. Any of our tax money that is supporting them by providing a home, job, a free education and free healthcare is morally wrong when the American’s are unable to receive the same benefits. As far as that goes, the American’s need to get off their asses and do what needs to be done to provide for their families. There should be a cap on how long young people that continue to have illegitimate children can receive benefits. Medicaid shouldn’t be a way to live forever. I work and expect that everyone should carry their weight. I’m a single mom that had three children to raise alone (by one father). I had little help and it was never welfare. My children are smart and have been taught what is expected from them as adults. I’m looking forward to November and getting some democrats out of office and getting control of Mr. Obama’s spending spree.

  • Rick

    I can talk here. I live on $674/month. I can’t get any help from Medicaid to help with my health issues. I worked myself half to death most of my life. I see Mexicans driving new cars, dressed to the nines, living high. I struggle. When I called police for three Mexicans smoking door in my shed, the police caught them red handed and let them go without as much as a warning. The same cops came on my porch and ticketed my son for smoking a cigarette one week shy of his eighteenth birthday. When I complained about another incident in which an adult Mexican touched a neighborhood girl’s bottom I was told there was no evidence of molestation or rape. Yeah, its time we sent them packing at the business end of a twelve gauge.

  • Rick

    The above should have read “smoking dope” instead of “smoking door”. The police know who the main drug dealer in this town is but they’re afraid of him. He’s a Mexican. What happened to our country?


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