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Couple Arrested For Dancing While On Date

July 10, 2012 by  

Couple Arrested For Dancing While On Date
Caroline Stern and George Hess spent 23 hours in prison for dancing.

Prison is a hop, skip and a jump away. Just ask a New York City couple. George Hess, 54, and Caroline Stern, 55, were arrested after dancing while waiting on a train.

The couple was at the Columbus Circle subway station, along with a musician playing the steel drums. The couple, who were on their way back from Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: A Midsummer Night’s Swing, decided to pass the time by dancing.

“We were doing the Charleston,” Stern said.

According to Stern, two cops arrived on the scene and wanted an explanation.

“They said, ‘What are you doing?’ and we said, ‘We’re dancing,’ ” remembered Stern. “And they said, ‘You can’t do that on the platform.’”

According to the couple, the police asked for ID, but Stern had only a credit card. Hess began to record the incident; but the cops became hostile, called for backup and tackled Hess.

The couple was arrested and taken to jail, where they spent 23 hours.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Pete0097

    TYPICAL of cops. If you don’t know what to do, arrest them. They just don’t want anyone ELSE having fun.

    • Robert Smith

      “They just don’t want anyone ELSE having fun.”

      Sounds like up tight right wingers.


      • Mike

        No. It sounds like it happened on Obama’s watch.

      • College Boy

        No, It sounds like Obamas brown shirts.

      • Jonathan

        Really? This is why I don’t take much of what you say seriously, Robert. Instead of just saying that what happened was wrong, you have to attack ad hominem people with a conservative viewpoint who weren’t even involved.

      • randall

        no sounds like the STATE. that is what the bully govt does, it demands obedience.
        if i point a gun to your head and demand money, that would be wrong. if i demand money from you to give to someone else, that would still be wrong. if my friends and i got togeather and demanded money from you to give to others, that would also be wrong. so govt is just plain wrong and we do not need to be bulied anymore.

      • rocketride

        Right wingers have nothing on left wingers when it comes to giving people crap for having unauthorized fun.

        And, those particular brownshirts answer to Mayor Bloomturd. Not that it makes any real difference. They should all be sent back to the hell that spawned them.

      • SonOfSam

        Robert Smith: a 35 year old fine arts major still living in his momma’s basement And now he’s pi$$ed because she’s shut off his internet, so no more barnyard porn for old Bobbie sox

        liberals: allergic to soap logic and common sense

      • duane

        Flake off bozo butt. Why do you have to have such a negative attitude? Oh because you are a liberal fascist. Go to your liberal blogs where you are in tune with your bs ideas.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Yo Smith, don’t look now but all of this brown shirt violations of our basic rights are happening since Obama was elected and they are being tested in NYC under another sugar teet liberal Mayor Bloomberg. Try to get a CC permit in NYC since Bloomberg was elected, and now it is even against the law to drink more then 16 ounces of soda, so does that mean we will be seeing people walking around with a bottle of soda hidden in a paper bag likr they are wino’s, now even dancing at a train platform gets you arrested, so don’t even try to put this on the right wing, it is your Dictator and Chief along with Bloomberg as his litmus test seeing how much they could get away with before the people of NYC say enough is enough, and doesn’t this all seem coincidental that thee things are all happening months before the presidential elections, I smell Marshall law coming, don’t you?

      • Ranchman

        If us Conservatives are really the uptight ones, why is it always you going negative? You need to rethink that libtard ideology, “Robert Smith,” it’s obviously causing you WAY too much anxiety. Maybe you need to see a shrink, take some lithium or something. You might even be a danger to yourself or someone else. You probably need to have the police do a health and welfare check, too. A little ride downtown, get checked out, lose your gun rights, you know, all the stuff you probably like to do to everyone else. (Maybe even an anal probe, you’d really enjoy that).

    • 2centsworth

      Here’s what the problem is…. The cops they’re hiring now are really dumb. They have to have a low IQ to get a job as a cop. The police have too much power, and they are on an ego trip. The police need to be stopped of this behavior. There is a tactful way to handle situations, and apparently the police don’t have the common sense to know how to do it. This brute force stuff just needs to be stopped in situations like this, where the couple is just having fun. They should have gotten down off of the platform if it wasn’t safe for them. When I go out for a walk, I don’t have my ID with me… what law says you always have to have your ID on you, if you’re not driving a car?

      • roscoe

        you don’t if you are from mexico and not suppose to be here

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        2 cents, realize that if you want to be a plice officer ad come out number 1 on the civil service exam, you will be passed over for candidate 1,000 since they have to hire so many mnorities before they take you, so if you are saying they are hiring police with lower IQ’s blame your liberal government for that. Also blame your Dictator and Chief since these silly laws are being enforced for no other reason then to see how far the law could get away with taking our basic freedoms away from us. If you notice, NYC since Mayor Bloomberg was elected us the one doing the testing, first with his strict anti gun laws, then how much soda a citizen could drink, now with dancing at a train platform. The police are being dumbed down with affirmative action and they are also following the chain of command, first liberal Bloomberg orders the Chief of Police, then the chief relays the order down the chain of command until it reaches the police walking the beat.
        If you can’t see Marshall law coming before the November under the orders of Obama then maybe your IQ is just as low as the police officers you mentioned.

    • carrobin

      There must be a lot more to this story. I take the subway at the Columbus Station often. There’s almost always a musician or two on the platform. Nobody cares if someone wants to dance. Maybe it was a very crowded platform and they were endangering people who could fall on the tracks? Just sounds weird.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Pete, I must say that this is not what our typical police do to people only dancing and I could vouch for this because I spent 25 years both as a prison segeant then a police officer in Philadelphia.
      I keep saying that NYC Mayor Bloomberg is using that city as a litmus test for Obama’s tactics to control We The People. With Bloomberg’s anti gun agenda, his controlling how much soda people could consume and now even people out waiting for a train after a night of enjoying themselves and merely dancing as long as Bloomberg is Mayor of NYC you wll see more and more of the peoples rights in the Pursuit Of Happiness being taken away from them.
      Please don’t feel that all police act like this, but just like in Nazi Germany the soldiers only follow orders and to some, that feeling of supreme power goes to their heads and it has to stop, so hopefully, after the November elections, Obama will be gone and the likes of Bloomberg won’t be able to get away with these infringements of our personal lives.

  • Al Swindle

    That was frigging ridulous. Like danicing is a saftey hazzard.

    • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      No, the 0′bomb regime has declared that dancing (particularly the Charlston) is a terrorist activity and should warrent arrest and detention.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Perhaps it wasn’t a pack of smokes dancing to rap music then begin shooting each other, that would be ok under the current administration in the White House and Tamminy Hall with Obama and Bloomberg’s Marxist government Tea Party.

  • RivahMitch

    Further evidence that, as sheeple in New York gave up their means of self-defense, they gave up their freedoms.

    • SonOfSam

      yeah, you would think that in a blue state “bastion of tolerance” they’d be okay with this, but apparently the cops there have been told to ignore flash mobs beating up shop owners — because GOD knows we don’t want to have to look at how the thugs “from the hood” violate the civil rights of decent people all the freaking time — so instead they go after a middle aged white couple who look about as “dangerous” as the Girl Scouts selling thin mint cookies door to door.

      Liberals: allergic to soap, logic and common sense

      • Bailey

        Anen to that!!! Cops always complain that they do not have the manpower or finances to go after the REAL criminals, but they have plenty of time and finances to arrest and har ass these two taxpayers. Seems to me they need to change their priorities back to “Serve and Protect” instead of “Harass and fine”. And they wonder why the public has No Respect for them???

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Of course the flash mobs can do what they want Sam, they remind Obama of the son he never had and there goes liberal Mayor Bloomberg with his nose deep inside of Obama’s arse testing how much this Marxist administration could get away with.

  • duif100

    It is about time that the cops do something about that dangerous dancing. People could get injured that way.
    Why don’t those dancers go to Dearborn and help the Muslims with the peaceful stoning of the Christians. At least nobody gets hurt that way.

  • Mike112769

    Why anyone still chooses to live in the biggest Police-State-controlled city is beyond me. Bloomberg may as well outlaw everything and be done with it. With the nation’s most corrupt police dept. it should be easy for him to do. The NYPD is a travesty of law enforcement.

    • SonOfSam

      speaking of which Mike, have you seen “there will be NO big gulp for you” Bloomberg’s latest brainstorm? They’re called “micro” apartments, they measure 300 sq ft and will rent for about 2000 dollars a month Here is the link:

      Btw, for all the retromingent ObamaNazis reading who can’t do basic math — and that would mean all of you — I have a bedroom that measures roughly 16 by 17, or about 272 square feet. Yup, that’s what you get when a limousine liberal is in charge : he lives in amansion, but he wants you to live in a filing cabinet

      liberals: allergic to soap, logic and common sense

  • John

    Your papers please! (with Nazi accent)

  • Bill

    I read to few stories about the police actually being “People” and to many stories about the police being ignorant morons, jerks, idiots, bullies, etc. The main problem – they watch to many police shows on TV and believe that’s how they are supposed to act. I would much rather be stopped by a cop in his 40′s then by some twenty something cop who has nothing but attitude and so petrified out in the streets that the first thing into his mind is “Pull the gun.”

  • momo

    They probably made the mistake of drinking a big gulp to cool down after dancing.

  • cmi

    Was there signs posted “NO DANCING”? If not, no law was broken,…..just over-zealous cops!

    • SonOfSam

      again, I believe that the police are (rightly) frustrated having to deal with the revolving door that is justice in the blue states and big (Democrat) cities. There are just so many special “protected” groups that if you even move to arrest one, Al Sharpton will be right there to get his fat head on TV and talk about the horrors of modern America, that its just so much easier for the cops to pick on people whom they think won’t fight back or resist in any way. The result is that quite frankly, middle class people are fleeing the cities, and the only ones who will be left are the illegals, those living the “thug life” and the ruling elite inside their gated communities with their private (armed) security details.

      liberals: allergic to soap, logic and common sense

      • teaparty13

        Rev Al won’t be there, the couple arrested for dancing are white..

  • http://google john p.

    Socialism do as i say not as i do . be a robot and let them Dictate
    to you and what you can do or not do . funny but true scary isn’t .

  • Paul

    I guess John Stossel was right!!!

  • john

    your right, it is the result idoits electing a muslim socialist

  • hooder

    Good old NYC. Run by idiot Bloomberg and full of gestapo cops.

    • SonOfSam

      I wouldn’t kick NYC for fear of soiling my shoes, so the only thing I care about is my tax money going to bail out the “too big to fail” cities. Let ‘em rot like the compost heaps they are!

      liberals: allergic to soap, logic and common sense

  • Steve E

    And they say they need more money for police when they have so many now that all they have to do is arrest people for dancing, and at the same time, someone on the streets nearby is getting mugged.

  • Paul

    I agree with Jesse Ventura. I think it’s a demoCRIP reBLOODlican problem.

  • AK Tom

    You’re all supposed to good little sheep and wait in line quietly before being herded onto the train.

    • SJJolly

      Your papers — don’t leave home without them! (And don’t dance or otherwise attract attention to yourself if you don’t have them with you!)

  • Ed Dunaway

    Read George Orwell 1984!

  • chester

    Funny thing is, there was no real problem with the police until a camera came out, then seize the camera and arrest the user. Mayor Bloomberg should be proud of those officers, and the backup goon squad they had on hand to enforce the no filming of a police action policy. That is all about power and control, in a city controlled by one of the tightest bungholes I know of. Do NOT bless this man with the name Liberal or Conservative, as he is neither, and I fully expect New York City to find he is far harder to vote out of office than he was to vote in, as he will have control of the polling stations as well.

    • SonOfSam

      You’re right, Bloomberg is neither a conservative nor is he a liberal: Bloomberg is an ObamaNazi

    • 45caliber

      Actually, they were arrested for not having and ID and trying to record the police, no matter what the charges might say.

  • e

    Unfortunately for the general population we are not provided with the main reasons for hiring the police. In the region I live I spoke with an attorney for the state, he informed me they hire the police candidates on three primary criteria 1- IQ of not more than110 overall, 2- Ability to obey orders, 3- Power Hungry (Control over Others). This pretty well somes up the current police state, no pun intended!

  • joerosey

    These people need to sue the cops in their private capacity, as they “should have ” known, as anyone with common sense would, that dancing, while waiting for a train, IS NOT illegal. Then sue the department just for the hell of it.
    2centsworth is right…I read something years ago that said the departments are only hiring cops with an IQ of 110 or less…why ??? they think less and follow orders more

    no need to reason why tazing someone first and asking questions later is wrong…plus it makes me feel powerful when I see their eyes bulge out and their body shake…WOW, what a rush

    this will continue till someone gets fed up and removes the cops from the equation and when it goes to trial, THE PEOPLE of the jury acquit the defendant

    WE THE PEOPLE must take back control

    • SonOfSam

      spot on, my friend: we need to use 00 buck on the “thug life” and the rest of the lib scum need to be thrown into a pit of live lawyers

      liberals: allergic to soap, logic and common sense

      • 45caliber

        Son! A pit of live lawyers? You are just terrible! I’d rather have the snakes!

  • Patriot007

    Surprised? Bloomberg is the Mayor and the Bolshevicks don’t fall far from the tree. Honestly, the Barney Fife conducting the arrest needs to lose his doughnut breaks and his job or be given a beat in Harlem during the graveyard shift, maybe then he’ll distinguish what threatening behavior to the public looks like. While we’re at it have Bloomberg and Obama along to talk these people into obedience to the law. Oops I forget, they only want law abiding citizens freedoms to be curtailed, not the criminals that plague poor neighborhoods.

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind that in NYC that it is illegal to even own a gun if it isn’t licensed by the city. Yet Bloomberg goes everywhere with an armed detail of guards. I’d think that if he really was trying to lead and not command, that he’d get rid of those guards. Instead it is “Do as I say; not as I do.”

  • Renée

    I would like to know how the police knew about it to begin with?

    • SonOfSam

      Probably because some ObamaNazi a$$hole dropped a dime on ‘em

      • SJJolly

        Q: Do anti-Obama thoughts fill your mind, or do you get paid to post them?

    • 45caliber

      The police were on duty patrolling the station. Since there was almost no one else on the platform it was plainly seen by them. They insisted the couple couldn’t dance because they might accidently bump into someone else – while everyone else there (not many of them since it was about midnight) was standing back watching and laughing.

  • vanguard7

    I’m just curious….what does the Qur’an say about dancing? Is it forbidden in the Qur’an? If so, then these brownshirts were just following their Supreme Leader’s Theological upbringing.

    • 45caliber

      According to them, a woman can’t dance or display her legs in public. And dancing would do both.

  • Mike

    AHA, the video recording issue raises its ugly head one more time.

    I hope some lawyer with good intentions reads of this travesty and offers to represent them for free. The police have got to be set back on occasion to prevent the creeping abuse of rights.

    We the people DO have the right to video record anything we wish. This notion that we can’t record the police has got to be made clear once and for all.

    The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston ruled a man was within his rights to record the police during a drug arrest. It involves the first and fourth amendment. AND the justice department has even sent out memos to police clearly stating the public have the right to record. That right helps promote an atmosphere of trust.

    • SonOfSam

      or how’s about we pull a TSA on them? After all, if they have “nothing to hide” why should the cops be afraid of being scrutinized on camera? Or is it only gang bangers, gays and jihadists that have civil rights worth protecting?

      liberals: allergic to soap logic and common sense

    • Mike

      It appears Massachusetts, and Illinois still have a clause that refers to consent of both parties. So if you are in either of those states, make certain the camera is visible so they can’t claim you were recording AUDIO without their knowledge. I don’t know if it would hold up in THEIR court but it seems if the recorder is visible they know they are being recorded and therefore if they continue talking with that knowledge they are giving consent.

      That’s what a lawyer told me about recorded phone calls. My answer machine does not say, “Leave a message.” It says, “Your call is being recorded.” When I pick up the phone and begin talking if they do not hang up they are giving informed consent to record.

      I did that after an aggressive bill collector kept harassing me over an account that belonged to someone with the same name. I gave the recording to a lawyer and that shut the idiot up.

      I decided to keep it on the phone in case the nut case decides to resume his tirade. Guess what, it keeps the solicitors at bay too. I sometimes hear them mumbling in the background, probably asking their super what to do, and then it goes dead. They don’t like being recorded, HAH! Power to the people.

      • 45caliber

        Mike: Several years ago I was out of work for nearly two years and had people calling daily. One in particular was a pain, sometimes calling three or four times a day. One day when they announced who they were, I stated, “Before you start, I know that you record all these calls so I wanted to let you know I’m now recording you.”

        She stuttered and then insisted that she wasn’t recording (they always do in hope you will say something they can use in court – after editing, of course). I stated that I was recording. She hung up and I was never called by that group again.

      • 45caliber

        Several years ago, a teen pulled a gun on a woman filling her new car with gas in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He drove her to a deserted area and shot and killed her, taking the car he kept calling “his birthday present”. She had a recorder in her pocket that made an audio copy of the entire thing. It was still on and working when her body was found several days later. She managed to get the boy to give his name and address. When the cops showed up at his house, the car was parked in the front. (And his parents had no idea that he had stolen that car! They thought the boy had bought it with his own money! Don’t you believe them?)

        His lawyer tried to insist that the dead woman hadn’t told the boy he was being recorded so the tape and all evidence (the car and gun) had to be thrown out of the trial. The judge refused so the boy went to jail for life (he was sixteen and the SCOTUS wouldn’t allow the death penalty). So apparently here in Texas it isn’t the law.

        A year or so ago a police officer was harrassing a taxi driver in Houston. The driver finally put a recorder in the car. The policeman pulled him over one day for “running a red light”. He had stopped with his bumper 6 inches over the white line before the stop light. The policeman used a lot of vulgar language and insisted he was going to get that driver off the street for good as he issued the ticket. The driver then took the tape to a news station. The policeman was fired and the driver got off the ticket. Not a word about recording without permission.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        45 caliber, I could fully understand your recording these scum bags that harrass you continuously if you fall behind on a bill, but know the law before you begin to talk about what police and civilians can and cannot do for recordings to be admissible in court. Every case is tried differently depending on how good the defense attorney or the prosecutor explains reasonable cause.
        The case of the woman that was killed with a recorder in her pocket was a case shown on Law And Order and the murderer was convicted since the car was a gift for his girlfriend and since the police were going to prosecute her as an accessory to murder the tape recording was not admissible but good old fashioned police work had the jury convict the perp.
        If you have an axe to grind with the police at least know the case history, it gets tiring to hear some ex con tell stories that have no merit to them.
        I hope after you left prison your arse didn’t hurt any longer.

  • suebee

    I think the cops were jealous because they didn’t know how to do the Charleston. Or,…maybe they thought this couple would flash dance & mob the train…

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Suebee, police follow orders and stupid laws like this one comes from the top which would be the Mayors Office and knowing NYC’s Marxist Mayor Bloomberg with his anti gun, anti soda agenda demands that you know the police were only doing their job.
      When I was a policeman, I would find personal drugs on a junkie and simply crush the drugs into the street with my foot and chase them home, we don’t know if the police were rookies and going by the book but rest assured that this law came from the top and if it didn’t the police would have just laughed and did something more important to keep the people of NYC safe from the scum bags.

  • sesame

    New Yorkers need to get a large volunteer group together. divide up, and start dancing at a whole bunch of different subway stations all over the city at the same time. Also, take along a lot of cameras. That will keep the cops really busy cutting down the New York crime rate.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Great idea sesame, take the police off their beat for petty crimes while they could be out doing important things like saving peoples lives.

  • historian

    Just remenber that the SS’s first job for adolf was selected “workers safely” then general public safety. Then the money holders (jews) then anyone not in FULL suport of their way.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      You are right Historian, and history is repeating itself with Obama being Adolf, Holder as Himmler and Bloomberg being Hess.

  • 45caliber

    One interesting thing about this – when the police first interrupted their dance, the first thing they did was demand an ID (and the NAACP opposes ID’s at voting booths!). She didn’t have one – and the cop almost took her to jail right then. It is one of the charges against them. So apparently if you leave your house, you are REQUIRED by law to have an ID with you – except when you go vote, of course.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Can anyone say, Nazi, thought police, Control? that is what America has become and very fast, what you eat, how you have sex, how you die, government contolled, wake up satan rules for a short time, Call on the Name of the Only True God and live forever, or satan and love the hot, dark climate that you have free will to choose?

  • Liz

    Was their dancing that bad?

  • George Estepp

    bloomberg brownshirts that should make Obama proud

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Obama is so proud of Blombergs Marxist regime that Bloomberg could be the next Larry Sinclair in the back of a limo with Obama.

  • froggy1944

    Why would anhybody want to spend time and money ion that s*it hole NY anyway

  • healthnut

    Whoa…he did not have an ID…so the cops take both to jail….BUT…he will be able to vote withOUT an ID….and in Arizona…the cops cannot arrest anybody who are found in an accident…AND…cannot take them to jail…because they have NO ID…AND they will also be able to vote withOUT an ID…AG Holder’s ideas are really great….aren’t they?

  • oldbill

    It’s New York. What do you expect? You have no rights in New York City.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Of course you do Oldbill, as long as you roam in a pack and beat up on innocent senior citizens, murder somebody with an unregistered firearm, walk the streets as a hooker or sell crack that is ok in NYC.

  • Dan Mancuso

    As easy or desireable it is to blame everything else maybe these two cops were just a**holes. I generally support law enforcement and realize how tough a job it is, but this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more, it makes no sense.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Welcome to Obama, Holder and Bloomberg’s New World Order Dan.

  • gator

    you’ll only get my dancing shoes when you pry them off my cold dead feet

    • Renée

      Great response!!!

  • boyscout

    What a crock of crap some of you folks are slinging. Put an A hole in uniform and he/she is still an A hole. As far as I know, it’s always been that way.

    • Renée

      The only problem with what you are saying is it seems they are being trained that way now. Sure there used to be one in a million now its the other way around, there is one in a million that is still human.

  • William Harrington

    Presuming that the information in the article is correct, the police reaction is only a reflection of the repressive regime of Mayor Bloomberg. The policies and attitudes of those in power are reflected in the practices of their underlings.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Thank you William, now lets go to NYC and drink a couple f 32 ounce bottles of Pepsi, we could have a relaxing vacation in Riker’s Island.

  • Deerinwater

    This incident has no connection to the federal government or federal elected officials.

    Why this attempt to turn “stupid” into a weapon to attack people with?

    If you don’t like to be thought of or spoken of as “stupid” you can help yourself by stopping this behavior.

    This (dancing) event in question appeals to be an overreach on the part of local authorities why I suspect there are omissions to this story.

    Has anyone asked themselves, “What’s missing here?”

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Yeah Deerinwater, I didn’t see Mayor Bloomberg, Obama or Holder’s name mentioned since NYC is now the litmus test for Obama to see how much of our freedoms he could get away with taking from us.
      Wake up dude, and read between the lines.

  • my 2¢ worth

    What the hell is wrong with New York City? Is it the air? The water? The crazy ass mayor?? I’ll take a 16oz soda to go please (far away).


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