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Fraud Always Has A Pretty Face

May 6, 2010 by  

Fraud Always Has A Pretty Face

Fraud always operates under the color of law. Look for fraud anywhere. You will find it in government, in politics, in religion, in money and finance and absolutely in organized medicine. Being alert for fraud is not paranoia but survival.

Fraud and deceit has carried teeming millions to an early grave. Just think of the millions of young boys and men who have died in phony wars camouflaged with propaganda.

And just think of the millions who have suffered a living hell and then were sent to an early grave at the hands of “orthodox medicine.”

Yes, orthodox or organized medicine has the prettiest face of all and is almost untouchable. In fact, organized medicine, which should be called “organized promotion of sickness and death,” persecutes and prosecutes truth in healing with all the police power of government.

Orthodox medicine is modern medicine that promotes “treatment” but denies healing.

Money is in treating but never in curing. So-called “medical research” is hunting but never finding. This is the cloak of modern medicine.

We succumb to this deception and fraud because we are too trusting and too lazy to question establishment medicine. The price is high.

In this instance, we have on our mind the millions of men, dead and alive, who have been victims of what Dr. David Williams calls “The Billion-Dollar Scam.” Dr. Williams, in his June 2009 Alternatives health newsletter, called vivid attention to the prostate cancer scam which is actually an industry under the color of conventional and orthodox medicine, sanctioned by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the force of law.

Yes, the force of law. Just try an alternative cure and see what happens to you.

Whereas Nazism was a crude and aggressive physical force draped in symbols (Swastika and SS) and iron discipline, modern fascism poses as a “constitutional democracy” that is a totalitarian state as much as Germany’s National Socialism. The difference is that modern so-called democracy pretends to be guided by the rule of law. International gangsterism is concealed beneath a benevolent aura of totalitarianism.

Things that are equal to each other are equal to the same thing. Evil is evil, no matter the pretense. Does it matter by what name we call the death of human liberty?

Dr. Williams calls prostate treatment “The Billion-Dollar Scam.” It is indeed.

The pattern of American conventional medicine is to use “diagnostic tests” to loop the unsuspecting public into the esoteric “medical treatment.” The average doctor is drunk on the propaganda of the pharmaceutical system and he follows the “test” protocol dutifully and blindly.

In men’s prostate health the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is the gold standard and the public has committed the “PSA test” to memory. It has “evolved” that a high PSA test equals prostate cancer.

The high PSA leads most men straight to biopsies and straight to the operating table and straight to incontinence and impotence. It has happened millions of times and will happen millions more. It is an industry of fraud feeding on public ignorance.

I had a prostate examination once. The doctor said that I was fine. In a day or two, he called me himself to tell me that I needed a biopsy. I asked “Why, did you find something?”

He answered, “No, but you need a biopsy and I will connect you with my secretary for an appointment.” I hung up the phone. I am still living some 20 years later without the biopsy and without prostate cancer.

Well, the biopsy or the prostate operation can cause a dormant cancer to spread through the rest of the body. This will almost guarantee that you will expire as another cancer statistic. And it will guarantee thousands of dollars for your doctor and the medical establishment. You will have volunteered your body for the cancer industry.

Dr. Williams says that a high PSA reading does not indicate cancer. Instead it indicates that something is going on to inflame the prostate. That something could indeed be cancer, but it is much more likely that a high reading is due to a recent infection or a completely benign enlargement of the prostate gland.

The literature claims that many or most men age 50 and older have dormant prostate cancer and that most never become active.

Be as active as possible. At least walk as much as possible. But in my view nutrition is basic to prostate health. Zinc, selenium and lycopene (found in cooked tomatoes) are very important minerals. A handful of pumpkin seeds daily is basic. I read about pumpkin seed for the prostate 30 years ago in Prevention magazine.

I rely on Pros-Food™ from Health Resources™ (1-800-471-4007). Pros-Food™ contains 10 of the best nutrients for prostate health that I know of, including: zinc, copper, selenium, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, pygeum, beta sitosterol, red clover and lycopene. I’ve been taking this Pros-Food™ formulation for years.

Also fatty acids—as in standard process cataplex F—are reliable for prostate support.

Some of this prostate information was published in the June 2009 issue of Alternatives newsletter by Dr. David Williams. You can purchase a subscription for $69.99 per year by contacting Mountain Home Publishing at 7811 Montrose Road, Potomac, MD 20854.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://Yahoo Sandy Archer

    Thank you for your informative articles. It is indeed a shame the waste of life and money that affects the American public! I am a true believer of taking control of your health and I wanted to give you a website that seems to promote that. Thanks again. Best Regards, Sandy Archer

    • Sidewinder

      Yes a lot of fraud and waste in the medical system. My mother is taking Inderal for moderatly high blood pressure. I told her, “Why not try potassium and magnesium first?” Its safer, and far cheaper. I mean a percentage of high blood pressure can be controlled like this, so why not take some burden off the system, and give your body a break from dangerous drugs if that will work for you?
      Drug therapy should be the last resort.

      Like I said the other day, Americans are so deceived on every front. Deceived on every front.

      One of my big gripes is Hospice.
      They tell you the terminal patient is going to get “Care” in Hospice. Nobody lasts more than 3 weeks in Hospice. Removeing life support is one thing. NOT feeding or hydrating a patient is neglience, and if it results in death…its murder. Thousands of people are systametically murdered in Hospice each year.

      Its a silent holocaust, right here in America, and right under our noses.

      Morphine is their favorite weapon. Injecting someone with morphine every half hour until they die is murder. The cause of death is always listed as “Respritory failure,” or “Cardiac Arrest.”

      Yes, when you die from a morphine overdose, you stop breathing, and your heart stops beating. Even the listed cause of death is wrapped in deception.

      Its a curious thing to me, that so many can stand by and watch this happen, and manage to walk away lying to themselves that they have done their best.

      Perhaps we have been conditioned since childhood, starting with the vetinarians who tell us our pet is better off dead than sick. Suffering must be avoided at all costs. If we accept this, then we are one step closer to accepting that this is the right thing to do for our parents or loved ones too.

      You don’t hasten death. You don’t cause death. Thats murder. You don’t give up on loved ones, no matter what the doctors tell you, giving up is not Christian.

      Wake up to Hospice, before you find yourself there.

      • Donna B.

        I am a volenteer at hospice. I have had people get better and off hospice. It is to assist the family and the pt. in a very stressful time to have help and support. Yes they do try to keep the person that is terminal comfortable. They do not overdose their pt. our care is given with love, and support long after the family member passes over.

        The pt. has been admitted to one of our traditional medical facilities and all their (fighting) the disease methods that are accepted by the AMA and FDA to the limit of the acceptable insurance allowance, they then say there is nothing else we can do to you after makeing your life extremely worse as far as quality of life goes and then turn pt. over to hospice to give assistance to pt. and family to finally get some humanity and loveing care in a tragic situation.

        We need volunteers so please look into this to help people thru. difficult, heart rending times. (I am an RN retired and if we were to have alternative care available to these pt. Many would live much better quality lifes and longer also.) I am not hospice RN

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    It seems all doctors are in bed now with some pharmaceutical company, and they just want to push their products, as it is well know they make money for selling these guys products. People are getting tired of the high costs of medicines and doctors. Here in Northern Indiana, we have a large Amish population, and they have this one doctor that was healing peoples ailments, at a low cost, using nothing but herbs, roots and natural things like this, that you can pick up at the local health food stores, for pennies compared to the pharmaceutical drugs. The doctors and lawyers all got together, and took him to court and cited him for practicing medicine without a license, and ordered him to cease and desist, and gave him a large fine. Shame on all of them. This guy can cure with herbs and vitamins and such, while all they want to do is sell expensive drugs to us. Thank goodness those of us that know him, still know where to find him, and get treatment we all can afford, that actually works. Doctors and drug companies should work with him and maybe they might learn something to help man, but then again, all they seem interested in anymore is making the big bucks, and they dont care about people. Shame on them.

    • ‘Ol Glenn

      I spent nearly 25 years in health care and the drug companies have a strangle hold on treatment that just doesnt seem to be able to be broken. We had a doctor in Oregon that cured cancer without radiation and chemo. Did the drug companies rush to her clinic to see how she was so successful? Of course not. They had her medical license pulled. She had to go to Mexico to continue to treat people. What 25 years in the industry has taught me is that I will not take any of big pharma’s drugs and I only go to the doctor to get a blood work up and then I do my own treatment. Cemeteries are full of people who put their lives in the hands of todays medical people.

      • s c

        ‘Ol Glenn, you need to talk to a guy who calls himself ‘Mick.’ He doesn’t understand that in America, the deeper you get into ‘mainstream medicine,’ the more your posterior belongs to the medical establishment. Independent thought is taboo, and those who refuse to wear their AMA/FDA blinders will be singled out for punishment.
        Mick may never understand that it takes more than medical school, an internship and a residency to make someone a healer OR a ‘peer in good standing’
        OR a truly functional MD. Then, you can try to make Mick see that it’s ‘modern medicine’ that’s the real pretender in healthcare. Any healthcare system that denies the value and function of natural substances [and dares to call itself 'scientific'] is not fit to be a part of healthcare.

    • Kingsley

      Beberoni, I hear you clearly. Please feel free to give me the adddress or phone number of the herbalist you wrote about. A friend of mine has been in and out of the ER lately trying to control the spike in his blood pressure, to no avail. So far the bill has mounted into thousands of dollars. I am told that there are nutural cures for this kind of ailment.

      • MikeC

        Have your friend start with Magnesium and Potasium. Magnesium relaxes the heart muscle, and Potasium aids in flushing the body of sodium. There is a great book out there by Cass Ingram D.O. called The Cure is in the Cupboard. This book is a godsend. Dill has an amazing amount of Magnesium. I eat it out of the garden like grass. Good luck to your friend.

    • Bill Kurz

      I have been diagnosed with Stage #4 cancer and no treatment available for my condition. Could you give me this man’s address?

      • (Wondering Woman)

        Hi Bill,

        You stand a good chance with diet and macro-nutrition. If you don’t have any idea of what that is, go to sites like
        The further advanced your cancer, the more urgent improving your dietary habits are. One thing for darned sure is you need to stay away from all processed or junk foods/drinks. If you are familiar with so-called weeds like dandelion, dock, clover(especially red & yellow), sheep sorrel or sour grass, pepper grass, water cress, land cress, broad leaf plantain also known as rabbit lettuce, violets, or a bunch of others, gather a handful of these from your yard daily, wash them and throw them in a blender and puree them to make yourself a green smoothie. Drink about 1/2 of this in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. Do this daily until you are much improved.

        I don’t know what area you live in but poke sallet is getting up to a foot or two around here in Tennessee. The reason I am telling you this is because a physiology instructor at a medical school lecturing in l978 shared a pearl of wisdom: “From a little research project we have going on here, we can tell you that poke berries throws the body
        into gear to fight”. This translates to it “jump starts” your immune system. Since you will have to wait until fall for the berries to ripen, the whole plant contains some of the same chemicals found in the berries, so now I will tell you that eating poke sallet should help until the berries are available. You can keep picking fresh growth leaves from the top of the plant and keep eating them almost until the berries are ripe. But REMEMBER that poke sallet has to be parboiled. I don’t think you could eat it if you didn’t parboil it first. Of course if you were my neighbor, I’d gladly share some of my pokeberry extract or tincture with you. I can vouch for the fact that pokeberries are not poisonous, as I have been taking them for at least
        30+ years, and I am not sending this from the other side!

        Some nutrients I would be adding would be selenium, vitamin C (up to 10 grams/day orally), magnesium, B complex (100 mgm),iodine in the form of Lugol’s solution or SSKI (if you can’t find a doctor to write you a prescription for you check for one or both at aquarium supply stores).

        If you need instructions on using it, type potassium iodide or Lugol’s
        solution in a search window, look for Tahoma Clinic reference one and print this out. It is Dr. Jonathan Wright’s (alternative MD) 6 page article on using SSKI. This is something you want to have on hand anyway to protect your thyroid gland in the event of a nuclear mishap.
        I would also be taking a good multivitamin/mineral supplement once or twice a day.

    • don


    • Mike In MI

      Hey Beberoni -
      Now, slow down and rein it in a wee bit. Not all doctors are in bed totally with BigPharma. There are lots of doctors out there who, I believe (don’t know for sure), really struggle within themselves about some things they are coerced to do. The coercion works in the form of legal sanctions against their licenses, loss of fair process in judicial/malpractice cases set up to get heretics, loss of hospital rights/privileges and intense peer pressure (to name a few). They are convinced as young people that medicine is a great way to make money and do things that are percieved as benefitting humanity. “Idealism” is a big thing to kids – as you may remember, yourself. Once they get trapped in the mess of huge debts, time spent in schools and desire for recognition/approval it’s devilishly hard to get out.

      Much as we hate BOMB’R’CARE there may be some things in it that may stop the carnage and alter the balances of power that empower the gangsters and “principalities” driving the death squads in disease care. It’s the devil who has the “power of death” according to the Letter to the Hebrews. The best defense is God’s offense. Arm yourself with the right hand of Truth – It’s the best punch you can throw. Just because the churches teachings have tied God’s handx in most people’s live don’t think He is out of business. You line up your head with His, on the DETAILS, and in any situation you two make a majority.

      • Mike In MI

        Had to leave, but there’s more I want to say about this.

        There is a shift that IS taking place; look at Dr. Wiley here on Bob’s site – and others showing up on the I’net, and our communities.

        These folks are expending huge amounts of time, effort, personnal mental challenge and money to get out of the snare they found themselves in. They are doing it because they found themselves dismayed at being unable to, could not achieve the expectation and personnal vision they originally had of doing the best possible to help people.

        The best thing we can do to fight back is to find the docs in our regions of whatever profession or technical approach to providing real health care. Then, talk them up, recommend them as options for care, encourage them, use their services if you have need of care that fits their expertise. Let’s not just get mad – GET EVEN. Yankee ingenuity can still be the best resolution to terrible injustice and evil.

        Bless you all have a great day. XOOXOX

  • Victor L Barney

    Bob, you get it! Fraud IS the American Government NOW and the “CASHLESS SOCIETY” is next! The MARXIST(anti-messiah, according to Karl Marx himself, and he should know, although you could also have asked Mao(Obama’s idol), I suppose, but, too late now, unless you believe what he said!). The Bible is about Israel, not China, Russia, India, Japan or whatever! By the way, did you know that America is from the Joseph line of Israel and was forbidden from appointing a foreigner(non-Israelite) over them(Deuteronomy 17:15), which the white women in America did! Not much has changed in 6,000 years, has it? By the way, the Bible also says that Hebrew is the only set-apart language(Zeph. 3:9) and all things must be proven through Hebrew, not Greek or whatever(no J’s in Hebrew, and even the Catholics who gave us “Jesus” and “Jehovah” now acknowledges this mistranslation and it should have been “Yahweh”! In fact, Acts 26:14 said that Yahweh spoke in Hebrew to Paul! Either; we believe the Bible and live, or don’t and die! Life is about “choices,” isn’t it?

    • EltonJ

      Yeshua ben Joseph ben David. His earthly name. He still accepts it. Although, he does accept Jehovah and Jesus Christ and has introduced himself as Jesus Christ on numerous occasions.

      “Jesus Christ” is an acceptable title for him. But if you want to get casual and still be reverent, Yeshua ben Joseph ben David. :)

  • Cribster

    I’ve been researching the “Gerson Therapy” lately. There’s much controversy surrounding it but it makes a lot of sense.

    Any opinions on this?

    • Sidewinder

      I bought their book, but haven’t read it yet. Its all about clearing toxins out of your body so your body can overcome cancer and other noncurable ailments. Although that makes good sense, I have no real idea if it works or not. You would need to go to Mexico to their clinic to be treated by them.

      Thats a real tough one, if you are facing a life threatening illness. You lose time if it turns out to be a scam.

      I would look to see if you can find lists of people who have actually been cured by this alone, and see what they say.

      • DrKete

        You are correct that you may lose time if the treatment you choose turns out to be a scam- but what scam is larger than the mainstream medical treatment?

        And , wow, do those medicos HATE IT when you do your research! You not only have to fight your illness, but also have to fight them. Sometimes it feels like it is too much to deal with when you are ill and STILL have to be your own advocate. If it is an emergency you have no freedom and just have to submit. Hopefully you will live and be able to undo the damage. They are pretty good at the emergency treatment, but they do not have an eye for your future good health, so after the emergency is over be prepared to work to undo the deleterious effects of the treatment.

        • Sue

          Check out Oasis of Hope – I think you will like what you see.

    • Rich Blumenthal

      Cribster, I heard Charlotte Gerson speak in detail at a health conference. It made a lot of sense and their track record of cures is exceedingly high. I’m sure they are legitimate.

    • Mike In MI

      Cribster -

      There are a multitude of things you can doto increase your health status – whether or not you are dealing with a health problem.

      Helping your body to detoxify is always healthful. Whatever system or process you choose, a lot of it you can do for and by yourself, will increase your immune system’s ability to attack any invasive organism and stave off a large number of conditions – including the “inevitable” aches and pains of aging. (It don’t have to be so.)

      Since your liver is the primary laboratory for metabolizing and detoxing everything start clearing it out first for a while with something like milk thistle or a liver cleansing preparation. Make liver care a regular part of any health regimen, especially if you know or suspect you have had significant environmental exposures to atmospheric pollutants or stuff that can go through skin and membranes (petroleum based products, cosmetics, deodorants, heavy metals in fluids or food, etc.). Get good detox products from a reputable, knowlegeable dealer near home.

      If you NOW have health issues seek out an integrative doctor, nutritionist or herbalist (Registered Dieticians usually use medical standards – not helpful), or chirpractor who knows detox and nutrition. IF you really want to get healthy and are WILLING to make significant lifestyle change contact Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, NC. or Cancer Treatment Centers of America (if you think or know that is the issue) in Zion, IL. You may ask, but don’t expect to be able to use health insurance. If you have lived on the standard American diet (are constipated) you may get fast help from a clinic that does enemas. If you are sick now do not try a headstrong rush into unsupervised changes. All kinds of things can go wrong unexpectedly which can suddenly require expert help to SURVIVE.

      But, congratulations on having the deep desire to do something to get healthy. Educate, educate, educate yourself. Set goals and YOU take responsibility.

  • s c

    Trust is the core of good health. You can trust your MD (an AMA puppet), or you can trust the FDA (Big Pharma’s pimp). You can trust Big Pharma (or bend over and smile). You can trust Congress, which is a sidewalk stewardess for anybody handing out money and easy votes. Or, you can trust yourself and those who get results.
    Because our latest White House demigod is determined to destroy healthcare (in the name of making it ‘better’), we are truly on our own, America.
    The days of trusting everyone and relying on thoughtless, trusting decisions are over. Now, you educate yourself, or you take your chances.
    If your healthcare pro has a proven reputation, good for you. If your ‘pro’ worships money and has an unearned reputation, run like the wind, folks.
    Trust those who produce. You know what happened to the White House, Congress and most varieties of ‘leaders.’ Put your faith where it belongs – in YOURSELF.
    Let America’s vote-suckers and money whores howl at the moon. You deserve good health. You KNOW what America’s many varieties of two-legged TRASH deserve.

    • Mick for thought

      I find your generalizations offense and your opinion will poison some people from seeking the care they need from the caring medical professions of America. Yes of course there is corruption. It bipartisan but not universal. The vast majority of the medical professionals treat their patients compassionately with medications that have a proven track record for cure and control.

      • s c

        Mick, if you find my remarks offensive, you will find life in Herr Obummer’s New Amerika even more offensive. Any American who has absolute faith in the FDA/AMA crowd has some very interesting lessons coming. And, now that we’re stuck with a pretender who thinks he can make our healthcare ‘better’ by destroying it [via wealthcare], many people will be forced to learn the difference between being naive (via good intentions) and being beyond stupid (via politics).
        If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last 30 years, you should know that what we have and what we should have are two different matters. Take notes. Since you are determined to learn the hard way, please remember that you were warned not to put your trust in those who play with a stacked decked and a social engineering agenda.
        You will lose every time, and when your health is gone, don’t expect the FDA/AMA/Big Pharma cabal to save you. Open your eyes while you can. You will NEVER be able to claim that “no one told me.”

        • Mick for thought

          Did you read word I wrote or are you just spouting your own agenda without the ability to debate. The truth is I have been practising medicine for 20 years and the vast majority of my collegues are in the business to cure disease and decrease suffering. The drug reps leave their samples for free that we investigate before we use. Once used we aske our patients for their feedback. Your generalizations are like saying all you men who leave the Army will be a Tim McVeigh.

      • Mike In MI

        Ok, Mick on thought (as in micturate) -

        You are right at the edge of the world. Before you venture another step over into the abyss and a life of freefall in la-la-space read “Death By Medicine”, Dr. Gary Null PhD, et al.
        Fifty…sixty years ago your sentiments were generally true. In the mid-1980′s the medical profession, specialties and big insurers with a push from the BigPharma crowd (and the Rockefeller family) took medicine’s good reputation and pushed it into Disease-Maintenance-Organizationland. Since then we fell from the number one place in most health care indices to down by the bottom in most. The big numero uno spot we hold is double the national costs of anywhere else in the world. Oh, there is another bigtime negative we hold the record for: denigration, disparagement, defamation, discouragement and destruction of any services, supplies and information that relates to making people healthy. There’s money in keeping folks sick.

        Next time you open yer big bazoo in defense of evil, check your facts.

    • laura

      The only thing I would add is to put faith in the LORD.

      But as for-MICK FOR THOUGHT- I have always chosen conventional medicine first, but this time (see my post from earlier)I chose to put my faith in the LORD and look to alternative medicine.My doc told me he could do nothing for my fatty liver, which he diagnosed without further testing.
      So I must agree with s c on this one, trust yourself. & Pray to the LORD for guidance.


      • s c

        It’s not necessary to say it, so it was left out, Laura. One side of the health coin says ‘trust yourself.’ The other side says ‘put your faith in GOD.’ That isn’t contradictory. It simply is a reminder as to who the REAL boss is.
        People are realizing that America’s allopath wizards [MDs] make prostitutes look like pillars of the community. When you add to that list the legions of losers at the FDA, AMA, Big Pharma and Congress, it’s no wonder why Americans are caught in between the best healthcare system in the world (temporarily) and hardcore LOSERS who don’t want us to get or stay healthy.
        That would mean the loss of power and easy billions and trillions, and they are outraged that we think enough of ourselves to fight them and look at them as pretenders and tyrants (yes, I’m being polite).

        • laura

          I hope I did not offend when I added the LORD in there.

          I agree with your other points.


          • Mike In MI

            Laura, RIGHT ON POINT-

            God’s Word says: III John :2 – “I wish above all things that you may prospr and be in health.” I Peter 2:24b – “…by whose (Jesus Christ’s) stripes you were healed”. You never have to apologize to anyone for thinking or saying what God says or wants you to say. If the power that created the heavens and the earth is so weak today that He can’t help us with something as small as health then how’s He ever going to keep His promises about flippin’ the stupid darkness, temporarily, runnin’ this place on its head? All we have to do is find out how to get Him doing His thing to aid in our thing.

            It still says “Seek and you SHALL find”. He ain’t going to dump it on your head or come galluphing down on you like a fifty pound snowflake. You do your part and He can be trusted to do His…that’s my experience. Make it YOURS. He isn’t “a respecter of persons”.

  • Dorothy J. Roberts

    It was found through lab tests that I have stage 4 kidney failure.
    I am not as yet on dialysis but soon will be.
    I am on a strict way of eating.
    I don’t believe this is curable but maybe you know more than this…

    • Sidewinder

      I guess it would depend on the nature of the failure Dorothy. I would begin reading anything and everything you can get your hands on about your condition. Of course not everything out there is to be believed. But keep reading. Especially research papers.
      I don’t believe your average doctor spends his spare time reading research papers, some may, but most follow standard protocol. Just keep reading.
      And if you need surgery, do yourself a real favor, and go to a center of excellence. A renowned hospital that has a real track record for that type of illness. Far too many people make the grave mistake of going to a run of the mill hospital and pay dearly. There are BIG BIG differences between hospitals.
      Hope that helps.

      Good luck

    • Sue

      Check out Oasis of Hope. They specialize in cancer treatment but I believe they can either help or direct you to someone who truly can.

      • Mike In MI

        Dorothy – As fast as you can, get in touch with Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, NC. They have been seeing great results by getting people with advanced just-about-everything back to life by eating the sorts of foods, prepared and served in the manner and at times that they did back in Biblical times. That would have been before they had medical doctors and drugs to poison people into disease and damage so they can lead them down the pathway to dialysis, surgery and a lifetime of anti-rejection medications, visits and opportunistic diseases (due to immune system suppression).

    • George Halepis

      Dorothy: Try the American Botanical Pharmacy. They have an excellent 30-day detox program. I’ve used it myself. Check it out.

      • (Wondering Woman)

        Hello Dorothy,

        I wish I knew more to go on, but what little you gave us will help.

        I stopped drinking carbonated beverages and decreased my coffee intake after a bout of pyelonephritis years ago, because I realized that those two things probably contributed to my kidney problems and didn’t want to follow my mother’s path down poor health secondary to kidney problems.

        I became personally convinced that my suspicion were correct in respect to carbonated beverages after seeing 4 children in clinic who
        who were spilling protein in their urine and could find nothing to explain why in their urinalysis or urine culture. After talking with their mothers and learning that they much preferred carbonated beverages over water, the only thing we had mothers to do was not let them drink anything except water, fruit juice or milk and return to the clinic in 1 week for a repeat urinalysis (foods remained the same). One week later, each of these kids had dropped from their 3 & 4+ proteinuria to negative for 3 of them and to trace for the one who had the 4+ proteinuria. Her mother said she had “fudged” and drank one on her way to the clinic that morning.

        Another thing you need to know is that some of the cheaper and most popular oral hypoglycemic pills for diabetes will destroy renal (kidney) cells. This information came from a “medical rounds” at a medical school.If you are diabetic, put the name of any oral medicine you take for this in a search window and read for contraindications.
        If you find “contraindicated if you have renal or kidney problems”, call the DA (any MD still prescribing one of these for diabetics should be titled Dumb A.., not MD)and tell him your opinion or even better, just skip that part and go find you a better doctor – seeing
        what he wants to put you on instead should tell you if the new one is better. Anyone who has type 2 diabetes mellitus should on line search
        Metabolic Syndrome X which orthodox medicine now calls “insulin resistance”. Researching this you will learn that the initial problem in Metabolic Syndrome X or insulin resistance is excessive production of insulin. Knowing this, the question arises: “Is continuing to treat diabetes type 2 with oral hypoglycemics to make their pancreas produce more insulin malpractice?” Just think what wiping out diabetes would do to everybody in the medical field who are making a living treating it. Another travesty is that two things that cause excessive production of insulin are those two excitotoxins: monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame (Nutrasweet or
        Equal) and to learn more about this there are two great books: The Carbohydrate Addict’s Healthy Heart Program” and “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills”. You will learn that all processed foods are laden
        with them. Trying to avoid MSG is difficult because it is hidden under many different names in the ingredient lists.

        Now to give you hope and incentive, there is or was a doctor in our state that was getting a lot of guff from other doctors because he was
        taking patients that had been given up on and putting them on macro-nutrients and a very nutritious diet to improve their health enough that they could undergo a renal transplant, which definitely gives them a more normal quality of life than dialysis. Again, another question arises here: “If the kidneys regained enough function to
        let them undergo a transplant, would they have returned to normal with
        another 6 or 12 months of this therapy, thereby avoiding the transplant?”. If I had been one of these patients, it would have been
        tried before a transplant was performed. The expense of,and the damage to the immune system, done by anti-rejection medication would have been what drove me to try it.

        Next question, are you a big carbonated beverage drinker? I recently read something that probably explains what in the carbonated beverages causes kidney problems. The article said that sodium benzoate, a preservative used in most carbonated beverages, is alright by itself. But when you add vitamin C or ascorbic acid to the same food or drink, a chemical reaction occurs which converts the sodium benzoate back into benzene. An on line search of benzene reveals that one of the things benzene causes is cancer of the kidneys.

        The next time you read that famous quote: “You are what you eat” believe it, but also add “and drink”. Our body can’t function normally when all your give it is processed food and drink or fast and junk foods. We are said to replace every cell in our bodies in a seven year period (not all at once of course) so if we continuously give our bodies what they need they should function normally for a long time, and not be developing alzheimer’s disease and cancers at
        earlier and younger ages. If you have a problem with this, ask yourself why they have renamed Juvenile Onset and Adult Onset diabetes
        and now call them Dibetes type 1 and type 2. If you don’t already know the answer it is because toddlers are developing what used to be called Adult Onset! The difference between the two is that juvenile
        or type 1 produces no insulin and apparently is still developed by juveniles. To date I haven’t heard of adults developing type 1 unless they came into contact with something that wiped out their pancreas and caused it.

        • Mike In MI

          WW, Good goin’!

  • Mark McLean


    • Sidewinder

      And don’t forget Vitamin D Mark.
      Thats a big one.
      I take 5,000 IUs every day. No chance of toxciity with that dose.

      • Lila

        Actually doses much higher than 5000IU are safe. I have been taking 15,000IU/day since September, to raise my blood level of vitamin D3 to around 70 – 80 ng/ml. This range will prevent a whole host of diseases. Since I have been taking the higher dose I have not had a cold or flu. Check out They are one group of doctors that are really trying to heal the world.

        The real problem with health is how we eat. The diet is filled with refined carbs and bad fats (not the ones you might think! Any vegetable oil – soy, corn, canola – they are rancid damaged oils and are very unhealthy). The combination is truly deadly. The best thing to do is to stop eating refined carbs (sugar, pop, pasta, bread – almost anything that comes in a box), reduce the amount of so called good carbs (grains, potatoes, corn), increase the amount of non starchy veggies, moderate amounts of fruits and then best part, increase consumption of fats. The best fats are butter, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, lard, cream. Eggs are a terrific food. Eat moderate amounts of protein. The fats keep you full and so you eat less. Fat cannot make you fat! The catch is that the animal fats and products should come from pastured animals, those allowed to graze, as they were meant to. Naturally with no hormones or antibiotics. We were designed to eat this way. Just think about how we existed before we became agriculturalists. The easiest source of fat was animal and we knew the value of it. The Bible is filled with references to this (i.e. “the fat of the land”). Archeological records show how sick we became when we started eating grains – the Egyptians suffered from the same diseases we do now. Grains are safe to eat in smaller amounts, if they are sprouted or soaked first. There are toxins on the outside of the grain to protect it and the toxins need to be removed. I suspect that a person in good health could eat a fair amount of soaked grain and still be healthy, however are there really any people around who are in “good health”? This information can be found at There are also some great books with this info – “Eat Fat Look Thin” – by Bruce Fife. “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” Mary Enig & Sally Fallon, “Nourishing Traditions” also by Mary Enig & Sally Fallon. If you want to stay out of the hospital and away from the doctors, it pays to check this out.

        • Mike In MI

          lila – Gadfree,did you ever hit me on the head with “who’s in ‘good health’?”

          This is one beast I’ve been trying to cram info into my head on for a LLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG time. “Who’s in good health”. Well now, don’t you have to have something to measure that by??? HuH? When did they start to measure the physiology of humans to try to put numbers out there on what are healthy vital statistics? Not too long ago. (They sure weren’t healthy, normal primitives eating pure, simple foods and drink.)
          But on whom have vital signs, statistics and chemistries been gathered to establish “Human norms”? – Post industrial revolution, city dwelling, smoke sucking, meat-and-potatoes eating, beer swizzling, adrenaline primed and stressed, occidental males who probably were afflicted with some “normal civilian”, presymptomatic, subclinical level condition or disease.
          I’ve often wondered…how can you make people healthy, or be sure you are establishing health in people, when the basic vital statistics you use to measure health may be symptomatic of some condtion or disease? Also, what good are “norms” if each individual’s system is tuned to function within his own anatomical, physiological, emotional and environmental set of circumstances?

        • elaine

          Lard has never been good for you, it is definitely a saturated fat not to mention it is full of worms like anything that comes from a pig. Additionally, GOD forbids it.

      • MikeC

        Vitamin D is awesome! I’ve been on this kick for some time now. Just going outside in peak sun for one hour gives you 10,000 IUs of D. All this time, we were told the sun is dangerous, and wear sunscreen. I believe some skin cancer is caused by the chemicals in the products…and the lack of sun! Go get some “D” as I tell my kids! Oh, quick story. My daughter had a fever of 102 and chills last weekend. I put the couch in the backyard, and had her nap on it for 2 hours, in the sun. She was 100% better by the morning!

        • Mike In MI

          MikeC – Fascinating idea!!! Truly credible, but don’t let the local Child Protctive Services of the state you live in hear about it. The state Medical society will throw a conniptionfit.

  • http://google Shirley Ferguson

    did I leave the valid website yet?

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Hi, retired nurse here, degree from best nursing university program in country. Problem: we were all too smart for that system, most of us left and never looked back. However, i got my own back when i counseled for healthy life habits for an health insurance company. I blatantly told the folks the plain truth regarding mammography screenings, psa tests, “cancer cures”, and my favorite– bone marrow transplants. I always thought it quaint when the members listened to me and not there doctors.

    Many doctors called irrate and threatening, I would simply ask these questions to shut them up for good: where does your wife get her mammogram done? When was your last PSA test? Would you personally send your young child or any other family member to get a bone marrow transplant? They left me alone and i did my own thing, highly recomending exercise, healthier eating habits, screenings that made sense like B/P and waist hip ratios, and i had a huge following because the folks knew they were not going to get bull but the true facts. I was very sucessful with this for a number of years and the doctors stopped calling because they could never answer my questions.

    It was a personal triumph to bring a bit of truth to the gullible masses and i thank God for that opportunity. I have fallen ‘prey’ to them myself on ocassiom. But, i guarantee you that “saving the patient at all cost, simply translated means: getting the most money out of them before they die of the illness. LAST CAVEAT: ALL MD’S KNOW THAT BY CUTTING INTO A CANCEROUS TUMOR, SPREADS IT more quickly and totally than man could ever affect. But, in stead of this being a source of remorse, it is favorite diagnosis and a starting point for all kinds of poisonous, life-zapping “therapies”. In other words, when you have a real problem they exploit it to make tons of money for themselves and the system and are sheltered by the lie that the patient is getting the best “treatment” to date.
    I simply hate their money making scams and voodoo cures that are guaranteed to kill you after they get all your money. CAUTION: use modern at your own risk!

  • laura

    Great article.
    I have my own recent experience with my doc.I went in for my yearly “everything” tests. My liver tests came back saying my enzymes where “elevated”. I asked my doc “what does that mean?” he said “you probably have fatty liver,” I said “what’s it caused from?” he said “probably not being your ideal weight?” I said “OK” “how do we cure it?”
    he said “there is no cure” “it’s not that serious”.
    So I went home and googled fatty liver, guess what it “can be” very serious and eventually it “could” be fatal.
    So with that information I then googled “natural cures for fatty liver” found some great natural medicine web sites.
    So I incorporated all of what I found.
    1st I went to juicing, so for 2 weeks I drank nothing but carrot, apple and lemon juice(combined together). 2nd thing I did was drank lemon juice 3 or 4 times a day. 3rd thing I did was started taking a liquid liver cleanse.
    I got my 2nd set of test results back yesterday my enzymes are at 18. My enzyme levels where at 53 on my first test. The normal range(varies from office to office)is between 5-33.As you can see my first test says I was 20 points over the normal range.
    My doc diagnosed me with fatty liver without the proper tests,which is usually an ultra sound, some docs go right for the kill with a biopsy.Oh by the way a liver biopsy can be deadly from what I’ve found.
    So anyone out there with fatty liver or anything else,make sure you read up on all the pro and cons of conventional treatments and alternative treatments.


    • laura



  • Airangel

    First of all who do you think benefits from Obamacare? Fining and arresting American Citizens for not buying “disease insurance”? You know most plans don’t even cover prevention with nutrition or acupuncture or alternative means…they don’t want you getting better! They want you buying “approved insurance” backed by Big Pharma!

    This just in…You tube censored a video against Monsanto’s Genetically Modified seeds which are hazardous to your health and killing the bees. This video network (owned by Google) is playing right into the hands of the big corporate agenda in America — an agenda that demands consumers be kept in the dark about the dangers of GMOs. Learn more

    U.S. government representatives, in fact, are right now attempting to force a new global rule at the CODEX meetings taking place this very week. They’re trying to outlaw and make illegal honest companies that label their product contains “no GMOs”! Guess people getting smarter and buying organic and “not Genetically Altered” is crimping their pocket books! If this passes, we won’t know what we’re buying. What a shame we’ve become so greedy for money that we care little for human health!…you can can however see this banned YouTube video right here from the French network :)

  • LynnPA

    As an RN who runs a healthcare advocacy company, I agree that it is very important for individuals to blend their allopathic or traditional treatment plans with alternative medicine in a safe and effective way.

    Unfortunately, there are many who still believe that bringing an alternative plan to the table is voodoo and irresponsable. Little do they know just how important it is.

    And yes, navigating through the complexity of the healthcare system is overwhelming and stressful; some of the clients who have crossed my door brought such egregious cases, in my 23 years in healthcare, the outright greed never ceases to amaze me.

  • Ellen

    I am a retired RN. I pray every day for the patient’s that believed in me, because I believed. Soon 2 + 2 did not add up to 4. I saw how people believing hastened their deaths, the scam began to unravel.
    Some medical facilities, education, is funded by pharmacutical and AMA all feed and encourage each other. The great fund raising, HOW much of that $$ does the patient receive?? Oh so much I have read here gives me HOPE! I learned the hard way. I was told to, “Get my house in order.” Thank GOD my brain tumor was to deep for surgery, radiation, or chemo. #1. I PRAYED, Went on a de-tox diet, caused my life style (DIET) then I was annointed. I read everything I could get my hands on, and read “The China Study,” by the Dr. who STUDIED and went out on his own with other doctors joining in with him BECAUSE THEY wanted to know and let us KNOW what was killing us. Over 70% of illness and disease comes through DIET. Diet?? Wrong toxins??
    DE-TOXING is a life saver. I still have things to deal with, but my last MRI, NO TUMOR!! O I know I have a Great God, He has been with me all the way and He is the safest Phycian I know or will ever have! More pourd to all, Study, learn, help each other, we can DO it WITHOUT
    all these scarey costley evil drugs!!

    • laura

      I’m so happy for you!


    • Mike In MI

      Whooppee, Yeay, Hurrah, Shazam!!!
      Ellen, That’s fantastic, tremendous, credible. That’s the way it gets done folks. You do your part; He does His part when we make the necessary changes and keep Him and His promises first and foremost and right up front as we go through whtever process we are convinced will fulfill our need. A brain tumor, no less. WoW.

      That’s what I was talking about up above: Yankee ingenuity. Praise the Lord and pass the manumission. That ‘Yankee” stuff has been the bedrock of our nation since Plymouth Rock. Williamsburg and Jamestown never acomplished anything except eat people and suck hind tit – until the devil noticed there was a success up north and God was getting the glory. Yet, look at where the museums and all the focus is placed by our government. HaH! Tourist trap.

      One bunch came for Gold. One bunch came for God. Which bunch accomplished most?

  • Philip

    I have been involved in the natural health industry for many years.
    In response to Kingsley re blood pressure. L-Arginine is converted into Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body. NO is a very powerful vasodilator and will normalise BP very quickly. This is easily validated by checking a before and after on a digital BP monitor. CRIBSTER, there is no controversy about detoxification of your body, only by those whom have another agenda.Dr Gary Gordon is known as the “Father of Chelation”.
    Regarding Gerson Therapy. Everything involving this therapy makes good sense, the problem is most people go there when it is to late as a last resort.
    I have no relationship with Gerson, but I would suggest it’s worth a visit even if you are not ill. You will then learn about the lifesaving importance of good nutrition, hydration and exercise and it will change your life!
    Good Health to Everyone!

  • Ellen

    Sorry for the mis-spelled words, that is one of my blown out areas. I get in a hurry and miss alot. THE main thing is I am PROUD of everyone of you and more power to all of you, YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • Rogandy

    Cribster – Gerson Therapy. My wife had breast cancer treatment and surgery and was given a 40% chance of living 2 years, whatever that means. Naturally her doctor suggested a stem cell transplant costing 75,000 at the time.

    Instead she did Gerson and lived a good quality life for 13 more years. She would have lived longer but she quit Gerson in all ways after 5 years when her medical doctor declared her she was cancer free. Shame.

    It came back in her liver, abdomon, ovaries, and bones. Doctors pronounced death in 2 months. She went back on Gerson and got 2 1/2 years of good quality life with the children before passing.

    Gerson works, but every persons cancer and immune system differs.
    The truth is if a person can’t jump start their failing immune system in some way and there are many, there is going to be no turn around.

    The regular doctors are trained at fighting a poison with a poison, which any thinking person should realize is a DEAD end.

  • Mick for thought

    As a medical provider that over the past 30 years has worked his way up from EMT, paramedic, LPN and as a PA for the past 20 years I will admit there is some fraud in the medical system. However it is a tiny fraction of the system and providers. Most of us are completely open to alternative medicine as adjunct to traditional medicine but I truly believe that to completely abandon traditional medicine in favor of alternatives in a dangerous plan. In my practice I frequently have come across the disastrous outcomes of going down this road.
    - patient declined treatment for prostate cancer for fear of the possible side effects such as loss of the ability to have an erection. He chose a naturopathic treatment. Now he is terminally ill with his cancer metastasized to his bones and he is in constant excruciating pain.
    - patient decided his hypertension could be treated with diet and exercise with supplements. He looks great, thin and well muscled however his hypertension never improved while he abandoned his treatment and he is now in complete kidney failure and needs to be dialyzed 2-3 days per week.
    - patient decided to stop using insulin to control her type one diabetes because her chiropractor said he could cure her. She is also in complete kidney failure.

    The allure of alternative and natural medicine sounds wonderful and can be beneficial in conjunction with traditional medicine. But my experience and my compassion for human life and my oath to prevent suffering compels me to strongly recommend everyone reading this article to combine these medical concepts under the guidance of your family doctor.

    • Cathy

      I don’t understand why it’s called “alternative” medicine, since it’s been around MUCH LONGER than the “traditional” medicine practiced in the US. I believe herbal remedies and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years.

      You are what you eat.

      • laura

        GREAT POINT-

        GOD BLESS

      • Mick for thought

        You are correct but I did not invent the terms. I use them because they are understood in general conversation.

    • Airangel

      Mick, I think you make some great points but I feel the trust in our Dr’s and the medical establishment is lost…I will go to get a proper diagnosis with blood tests, urine, saliva, etc from my Dr. which I think is EXTREMELY important because I do know many people go the Alternate route thinking they have this symptom or that one and are “GUESSING” at what they may actually have and therefore “GUESSING” at how to treat it….we are very good at setting bones and saving lives due to accidents and emergency situations but stink at prevention and true healing. It’s a shame because both all Healers working together could offer a more rounded healing modality for the patient but it will never happen as long as Big Pharma and the FDA go after the natural people trying to shut them out and insurance doesn’t cover alternative treatments only those approved by Maffia Medicine…they simply want you sick from cradle to death…I know there are some good Dr’s that are openminded but they’re going after them too if they don’t sell their quota of drugs to patients…they are targeted, then the Mob makes a visit and they comply or face law suits and some lose their license for caring about the’s scary and sad! It happened to my Dr. He wasn’t hitting his quota of LevaQuin from his practice and got a visit.

      • Mick for thought

        In the cases I highlighted each of those people had abandoned the Western science of traditional medicine. I had no issue with them striving to exercising additional controls of diet, exercises and appropriate supplements. Many of alternates can be wonderfully helpful in curing and controlling disease as an adjunct to their care, but in these cases and many others I have witnessed the results are catastrophic. If someone read some direct attack in their beliefs it was not my intent. I merely provided more information for thought.

      • Mick for thought

        In my 21 years as a PA I have never been aproached about my perscribing practices. However I have had big insurance companies not want to pay for the appropriate, more expensive medication that my patients have needad.

    • Mike In MI

      Ok, Mick -
      How long did you treat patient number one for prostate cancer without much improvement (or how did its onset get missed) before you told him the surgery you wanted to have done would take his manhood from him? What did you do to help him before he got to that point where a change in therapy would finish him off? Why did you not OK the naturopathic course of treatment to the insurance company and work with him before you dismissed him as a patient? Surely insurance wouldn’t cover without your say so and was probably too expensive for him to pay all of it himself. How long did it take to get his stuff off your hands?
      Patient Two – Did the hypertension meds you had him on have the potential to damage the kidneys? Or, what happened that the naturopath didn’t get all the information he might have needed to help him in the care the patient chose? Did he quit stuff by going off cold? Did he get any warnings that that might not be good? Did you try to help work with the man’s case via the naturopath? Why as he dissatisfied with your care?

      Patient Three – I can’t believe a chiropractor would tell a patient to just go off insulin. Many of the questions asked above fit here, too. In fact there are too many and too probing for you to ever give a straight answer, I believe. Medicine has never done well with diabetes, now, has it? Why not?

    • Mike In MI

      Ok, Mick -
      How long did you treat patient number one for prostate cancer without much improvement (or how did its onset get missed) before you told him the surgery you wanted to have done would take his manhood from him? What did you do to help him before he got to that point where a change in therapy would finish him off? Why did you not OK the naturopathic course of treatment to the insurance company and work with him before you dismissed him as a patient? Surely insurance wouldn’t cover without your say so and was probably too expensive for him to pay all of it himself. How long did it take to get his stuff off your hands?
      Patient Two – Did the hypertension meds you had him on have the potential to damage the kidneys? Or, what happened that the naturopath didn’t get all the information he might have needed to help him in the care the patient chose? Did he quit stuff by going off cold? Did he get any warnings that that might not be good? Did you try to help work with the man’s case via the naturopath? Why as he dissatisfied with your care?

      Patient Three – I can’t believe a chiropractor would tell a patient to just go off insulin. Many of the questions asked above fit here, too. In fact there are too many and too probing for you to ever give a straight answer, I believe. Medicine has never done well with diabetes, now, has it? Why not? There have been better methods of treatment for years. Yet, medicine has not changed course!

      • Mike In MI

        RE diabetes meds: Go read (Wondering Woman), May 6, 5:58PM above as to what I mean. Te medical system hardly ever tells patients to get off pop – ‘specially DIET pop. Plus, Avandia and Januvia – both highly prescribed diabetes meds are about to be taken off the market because of the side effects on several life sustaining organ systems.

        • Mick for thought

          Never used either of those meds that are now in question. I read the side effect profile. I tell all patients with diabetes get rid of the pop and do not drink beverages with artificial sweeteners (I am aware of the neuropathy connection), drink water. I teach and provide information on the avoidance of simple vs complex carbohydrates, how exercise and good rest can help control your diabetes. The patient I discussed above was a type 1 diabetic. She had stopped producing insulin when she was 11 years old. She had been well controlled and leading an active life with her insulin pump, but while in college she hurt her back playing sports. During her chiropractor visit the pump was noted and the chiropractor told her that she did not need that thing because he knew how to cure her diabetes by special manipulation. Unfortunately she did not call her trusted familiy doctor before going down that road with the chiropractor.

      • Mick for thought

        I met the man with the prostate cancer long into his story. He came to me when he was unable to see his primary physician who was out ill. (Yes we get sick also.) As he tells the story – When the urologist he was sent to early on in his disease explained the procedures he recommended and the alternative treatments he had to choose from the patient declined all treatment and left the office. In our conversation he merely stated he was not going to put himself through that process with those possible side effects. He was a wealthy man, very bright and educated in his area of learning. He sought out a natural path highly acclaimed here in the North West but unfortunately the disease is continuing to run its painful course to his death.

      • Mick for thought

        Patient 2 was offered a well established medication that has been around for over 20 years. There were many to choose from that could be carefully adjusted to his particular needs. To answer your question however no they would not damage his kidneys. All hypertension medications actually protect the kidneys from being destroyed by the increased blood pressure damaging their delicate filtration system thus preventing kidney failure.

        • Mick for thought

          Final reply. Yes medicine has done well with diabetes but treatment requires the patient to take an active role in their treatment. Those who make the effort to change their life style, monitor their sugar levels and take their meds, if needed, lead normal active lives. Unfortunately there is a segment of the population, that crosses all racial/ethnic groups, who simply want more pills, more meds but continue their sedate high calorie life styles until they are so deconditioned and obese that they pass the point of no return. The oral meds do not work any longer the patient does not check their blood sugar to properly judge their insulin dosage. Ultimately their kidneys fail, their circulation fails and after their legs are amputated they go to dialysis 3-5 days per week in the power chair. Some reading may think I am being mean. I am not. This story plays out all over the country everyday.

  • Cathy

    Oh, I forgot to explain the foot bath… It’s a method of detoxing and is used for diagnostic purposes too since the color and flecks in the water define the possible problems in your body. It has something to do with negative and positive ions. After all, all of our toxins end up in our feet!

    You can get the same detoxing effect by walking on a beach.

  • Rose Terriere

    I know of a perfect example. A few years ago a company named Esperon developed a cholosterol medison dubbed as liquid draino. It was bought up by Phiser and was shelved.

  • Meteorlady

    My brother-in-laws father lived 25 years until he was 87 with “Prostate Cancer” and no treatment.

    Most prescription drugs do more damage than help and a lot of “ditch effort” surgeries are not needed because it does not help the person live long and decreases their enjoyment of the time left to them. Anti-inflamtories are a good example. Most of those prescription drugs actually make your condition worse because they mask pain and eat up fluids and necessary joint nutrients.

    I have gone to Dr Jonathan Wright and he has prescribed vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, etc. and I am a happy and health person and have been for years and years. I go to a regular doctor once a year and for a physical and follow-up with Dr. Wright for guidance. I do this because I like the doctor that I have and she supports my interaction with Dr. Wright.

    • CM

      Where do you live? Is this Dr. Write an herbalist?

      • Meteorlady

        Dr. Jonathan Wright works out of Kent, WA – his clinic is the Tahoma Clinic and he trains doctors and osteopaths in his regimes. You might be able to call there and ask about a “trained” physician or DO in your area. He is really very good and has a reputation around the world.

        Here’s a link to their website:

    • Mick for thought

      Hopefully your brother-in-laws father was provided the appropriate long acting narcotic analgesics if his prostate cancer metastasized to the pelvic and vertebral bones as it is inclined to do. I never said that all cancer patients die quickly. But which would you prefer: Being cured with a minor procedure that requires simple followup tests 1-2 times per year when your cancer is found early or a long drawn out painful existence

      I had a dear friend diagnosed with esophageal cancer several years ago and he passed away within a year of diagnosis. In the end no pain medication was strong enough for his agony.

      • Meteorlady

        He was only on pain medication for the last 2 months of his life. So, he lived a happy normal life including sexual activity, until that time. His son, my brother-in-law, rushed into surgery when his PSA levels were elevated and is now impotent and they really never told him whether he actually had cancer or not.

  • kate8

    We must keep in mind that our medical system and big pharma are owned by the Rockefellers and the same globalist cabal that owns everything else. And their main objective is not our money, although that is a big part of it. It’s population reduction.

    Most of my education and work has been in alternative health care. Unfortunately, most alternative practitioners have little idea about how to cure serious illness or, if they do, they risk their careers if they attempt it. It seems that if a natural healer tries and fails, he is liable for prosecution. If one goes to an MD, failure is pretty much a given, but as long as they follow standard guidelines they are approved.

    The best way is to do a great deal of research, and take charge of our own health. Get to basics: a good oxygenation and alkalization program, along with a healthful diet. You can fine-tune from there. Doing those things allows the body to regenerate, and increases the effectiveness of other therapies as well. And this can be done at home, very inexpensively.

    When we consider the extent of the toxins and pollution to which we are consistently exposed, it is no wonder everyone is ailing. A weak and sickly population has little will to resist an oppressive government.

    We have been so conditioned to believe we must consult the “experts” when it comes to our own heath that many people will follow the drug protocol even as their health continues to fail. In my own search for healing I always pray for an answer, and then remain alert. The right path always reveals itself.

  • Keith H

    I think the only way the pharmaceutical companies can keep the scam going is to get the doctors involved in the scam, for example the pharmaceutical compamies are the drug king pins, and the doctors are the drug dealers, which means both of them profit from the scam. I have more respect for the natural pathic doctors, because they realize they don’t have to be involved in the pharmaceutical scam, to make money.I don’t mind people making money,as long if it’s benefiting the people. The cold medicines to me is a waste of money,because I haven’t taken any over the counter medicine in over ten years, all I have done is eat healthy, detox my system, take vitamines and herbs like oregano oil, organic apple cider vinegar and a few other things natural pathics tell you, and then you won’t have to spend a arm and a leg on medication and doctor visits. Eating healthy is always cheaper, I just don’t like to see people getting scammed.

  • spotless

    I’m sorry Sidewinder had such a bad time with Hospice. My father had hospice come in, (I was the caregiver) and they were wonderful. They expected him to live 2 weeks with his bone cancer. He lived 7 1/2 months and was never given morphine….never denied food or liquids. Just made sure he was comfortable. The most meds he took was a Tylanol 3. They were great and encouraging.

  • American Citizen

    I am a 13 year cancer patient of breast cancer. I have had chemo, radiation and meds. Once you have cancer, you are never really free of it. You may be declared cured, as some I know have been, only to have it recur. I only had the lump removed as I didn’t want a mastectomy. I see my oncologist once every four months and get an infusion at the same time as the cancer metasticized into my sternum. I know I will never be cured, but I am living with it and hopefully will have a few more years. I want to see all my 17 grandchildren to at least graduate from high school. We have one great-grandchild with another on the way.
    My doctors all along the way have been just great. When something stopped working, they put me on a different med. The oncologist I go to now is new to me as my original one moved his practice. He put me on a new me as the one I was on stopped working for me and my markers started going up. Since I’m on the new one, my markers are going down. I know that eventually they will go up again. But as long as I can, I live to enjoy life.
    It bothers me when someone damns the medical profession. All the doctors I have been to throughout my 76 years have been caring and helpful. I just had cataracts removed within the last 3 months. Before I could have the one eye done, I had to go to the Eye Institute in Indy to have a major problem corrected. The retina specialist and the surgeon who removed the cataracts are both first-rate doctors. I am so grateful for their knowledge and expertise. I think most doctors work hand in hand with God.
    As for the insurance companies, my primary care doctor said she is tired of fighting for her patients. The insurance companies and government get between her and the care here patients need.

    • pook

      Imo, the God they are working hand in hand with, is Bigpharma, and it’s many partners, including the CDC, WHO, FDA, FTC, and the media, which they own.
      Every six minutes, there is a drug/chemical ad which airs on American televisions. America, and New Zealand, are the only two countries that allows drug advertizing. Why do you think that is, American Citizen?

      Good luck with your cancer, sincerely. My hope is that others seek, alternative opinions, and seek, actual cures.

    • Meteorlady

      I would HOPE that you are practicing good nutrition and daily exercise. These are key. Plus you should also visit some alternative regimes in addition to what they mainstream is doing for you. I know there was a case where an actual MD cured himself with a very specialized diet that actually starved the cancer cells. There is also a ex-model living in Washington state that arrested cancer by diet and no intervention from the medical establishment. We are programmed to believe that modern medicine is great and we should seek help at every opportunity. That may have been true when we had doctors in small offices, but today it’s BIG business and we all need to be very careful.

      I am sorry about your suffering. Please research diet and exercise are it relates to cancer.

  • pook

    When I first began advocating natural medicine, and the outright fraud and collusion involved with organized, conventional medicine, I was afraid I’d be thrown into the mental institution/ ward for months.

    That was fifteen years ago. I’ve been hearing many times that, things are getting “better”, and that more and more people were having the tape lifted from their eyes.

    I think now, that that is true. Finally. But, there’s a long way to go. We are losing thousands upon thousands of natural products, including teas. It’s relentless. And even when the Codex or Bill C-6 etc appear to have defeated the persecution, it reverts back, and the victory for health freedom becomes toothless. Stores are closed; herbalists are harassed; ND’s are hand-cuffed; heath stores are suffering. People are dying, maimed, and injured. And our precious children are the most vulnerable. People, including priests, are being thrown into jails for the horrible sin of selling vitamens.

    Kudos to everyone who refused to line up in the sheep-line of the vaccine pushers.

    Thank you for publishing this editorial. I may be an idealist, but I am still praying for the day when, articles like these, and unbiased, truthful research is on the front page of every newspaper, and that people are armed with real knowledge.

  • 45caliber

    I read an editorial about thirty years ago that was similar. The writer stated that if a cancer cure is ever discovered it will NOT be in the US and will be immediately denied by the Cancer Foundation. As he pointed out, if you had to pay $10,000 for a pill that would cure the cancer it would still be a lot cheaper than keeping you alive with the cancer for twenty years.

    As partial proof, he pointed to that fact that every time someone in the world came up with something that looked like a possible cure, the Cancer Foundation would deny it would work even before any study on it. He stated that they were getting far too much money to “research” cancer to actually find a cure. And I know of several cases where someone was told that there was nothing the doctors could do for them. They went to another country for treatment and the doctors filed charges against them. In one case, in California, a couple had a 3-year-old boy with terminal cancer. The doctors here gave him six months to live. They took him to Mexico where they kept him alive for an additional 4 years. The American doctors filed murder charges against the parents.

    Incidently, a friend researching cancer on the internet found an interesting possible cure for throat cancer (95% fatal). A doctor back in the early 1900′s would give the victim strep throat. Cancer cells die at 105 degrees; strep would cause localized temperatures to 110 degrees. He had a 95% recovery rate. The government shut him down because strep was another disease and shouldn’t be used to cure something.

  • DaveH
  • Mona

    I have heard of so many people that practically live on medicine and are not improving. I went to a Doctor when I was 59 because I thought maybe there was something wrong with my heart. She didn’t say anything was wrong with my heart but loaded me up with medicine for my chronic pain and said that I needed Fosamax because I had some bone loss. After taking the Fosamax for one and a half months, my teeth started hurting. I quit taking the Fosamax about a month later because I thought that was the problem. It got to the point that it hurt to eat. It took months of taking lots of calcium to get rid of the pain. After turning on the road going the wrong way twice, I quit taking the sleeping pill and the medicine that can cause heart attacks. A dentist gave me an antibiotic after pulling a tooth and it made me sick a whole day. I won’t go for checkups because they want you to have a mammogram and I don’t want to have them. It is too bad that we don’t have more doctors that are interested in natural healing that doesn’t load you up on medicine.

  • Meteorlady

    Here’s a good story. Dr. Jonathan Wright, Tahoma Clinic in Washington State, had his clinic raided by the FDA/ATF. ATF agents entered his clinic (there were approximately 15-20 elderly people in the waiting room), with automatic weapons at ready and wearing flack jackets. They entered illegally and confiscated his computers and patient records. This all was in response to local doctors complaining that he was practicing fringe or illegal medicine. There was a Grand Jury hearing (Dr. Wright was not allowed to attend) and after more than a year, the charges were quietly dropped and his computers and records were returned. During the time of the raid the local “liberal” news portrayed him as a monster and tried to ruin his reputation. When the charges were dropped there was a one paragraph story at the back of section B in the same paper. There was never an apology offered by either the news media or the government.

    Dr. Wright is world renowned for his research and treatments and trains other doctors and DO’s in his regimes. He is very successful at treating severe allergies, getting you on the proper nutrition to keep you healthy, and chelation therapy among other things. There have also been cases of arrested cancer without surgery, radiation or chemo so there is a lot of reasons that the medical establishment would like to see him gone. He takes money out of their pockets and does not prescribe drugs so the drug companies hate him.

    I am very healthy and take no prescription medications even though friends in my age bracket are on at least 2 prescription drugs or more. I attribute it to the regime of vitamins, minerals, herbs and digestive enzymes that Dr Wright has me on.

    If you enter Dr. Wright’s offices today there are posted notices on the outside doors that any government representative needs to contact his attorneys before entering the premises, and he has been left alone since.

  • Robyn

    I already knew about the majority of of this, but having said that, I still found it helpful. Nice work!

  • yves

    Wow thats some great information thanks kindly for sharing that

  • pat

    People intuitively know all this, and that is why there is a tradition of making laws against fraud. Sadly, America has found it more lucrative to ignore fraud even in government because that is where the only hope lies.

    Without government, it’s a free for all determined by the strongest and best funded – and that may be where America is headed of late. That’s why the bailout, the health care reform and the Supreme Court case allowing business funding of elections. Politicians prefer to help themselves first, by insuring all is legal under the color of law while they rape the American public of a lifetime of good citizenship, and hard work.

  • Cathy

    I visit a doctor in Mexico in Tijuana every year for my blood work, chelation, foot bath, tumor marker test…which detects any cancers or tumors in your body, replacing those ridiculous mammograms and pap smears, sometimes a “live cell” screen, an actual live shot of your cells, or live cell shot ($100 for each of these procedures)…

    He prescribes NOTHING but homeopathic “medicines” and has an alkaline diet he puts his patients on. He has cured cancers, diabetes, asthma, hepatitis-C, MS…you name it! It’s NOT cheap but beats those BS prescriptions (drugs) the medical industry issues that kill more people than the damn ailment they are treating. Never focusing on the cause, instead the effect. So, they only treat the symptoms. Tsk tsk…

    Unfortunately, my sister is an RN and very pro the conventional medical system and thinks meds are great. In fact, she’s a “fan” of meds. I just shake my head…

  • Allan


    WIth all due respect, I think the highly negative characterization of the medical profession is misguided. Sure, there’s all kinds of self-interest being pursued as well as just plain bias. I am upset with my own doctor for being skeptical when I wanted to lower my cholesteral with natural methods instead of a drug. But…show me a profession that doesn’t have self-interest and bias in equal measure, including your profession, and the marketing you do within the message. There are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things in the medical profession. Could it use reform? Absolutely. Just like the legal profession, the accounting profession, etc. Always inseparable from human nature and self-interest. Always a “bias of the familiar” that says “we already know how to do this”. It’s always difficult to introduce new ideas to people, whether the next hit song, TV standard, or treatment for cancer. Unless all change is to be accomplished by inciting the impressionable and constant bemoaning (as Progressives like to do), the approach that does the most good IMHO is to keep emphasizing what works, and win people over with results.

  • kate8

    The issue isn’t that there aren’t good people in allopathic medical practice. They are doing what they’ve been trained to do.

    The issue is that the allopathic premise is faulty. Pharmaceuticals are not in harmony with biological function. They do nothing to bring about healing. What they do is suppress symptoms, creating new problems in addition to the one being treated. Even in the case of antibiotics, they do much damage, and there are natural medicines that work with the body to eliminate the invaders without upsetting the body’s delicate balance.

    If you have an accident and need to be sewn up, by all means see an MD. But for illness, natural is better. You just have to know the basics of how the body works, not only on a physical level, but on an energetic level as well. (Allopathic medicine completely ignores the energetic component.) If one seeks alternative help, it’s best to find a practitioner who understands this.

  • Allan

    Naturpathic, allopathic, omnipathic, whatever works. It’s an individual choice, though perhaps less so with Obamacare. All modalities have varied effectiveness. All individuals vary in their response to different treatments and their cooperation with treament recommendations. There’s just as many, if not more, natural remedy purveyors as there are “scientific” remediesy purveyors taking advantage of consumers. And it’s been going on for thousands of years. If you or I are dying of cancer, and there is a natural remedy or pharmaceutical that will save our lives, what it is called and who informs us about it is not so important. I do not believe in largescale conspiracies. Self-interest operates on every level from medicine man to drug manufacturer. The idea of prevention is great. The reality is that most people don’t take any better care of their bodies than their cars. Ultimately willpower is the greatest medicine.


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