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Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order by Jeffrey Grupp

June 17, 2010 by  

America is a nation secretly controlled by large corporations and other background entities that terrorize the nation’s citizens in order to establish a fascist-like control. And sadly, the vast majority of Americans have no idea anything of the sort is going on, according to Jeffrey Grupp, author of Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order.

The transformation from a free to a corporatist society actually began in 1870s and continued slowly into the 1970s. But since the 1970s the transformation picked up speed turning the United States into a communist nation—an Orwellian state with all the standard characteristics such as invisible and fabricated terror networks, mass brainwashing, staged war, mass poverty and, eventually, the migration of virtually all citizens into compact, dirty, disease-ridden cities that could more accurately be called labor or concentration camps. And the pace of the transformation really accelerated after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Grupp writes.

For Grupp, the idea of a corporation includes the normal idea of a corporation: General Electric, for example. But it also encompasses the mainstream media and organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United Nations (UN) and a myriad of other alphabet soup organizations that he says work against the people and take on criminalistic and/or genocidal qualities.

He posits that there are actually two governments at work in the U.S. (and around the world for that matter). The visible government is comprised of the President, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Justices that you see in action on C-Span, various news channels or in Washington, D.C.

But then there is the invisible government that operates behind the scenes by pulling the strings and pushing the buttons of the visible government. Grupp also writes that many members of the visible government are a part of the invisible government as well.

Grupp knows there are many skeptics to his beliefs. But this book lays out step-by-step his argument of how the secret government controls not only the thoughts and actions of the visible government, but the thoughts and actions of the populace as well. He writes:

“Do you have trouble believing that such a secret corporatist government exists? Do you have trouble believing that it could be as well-coordinated, hidden, savage, and tight-lipped as I am describing it? Is it so hard for you to believe a secret corporatist government exists, that you are inclined to reject the idea as implausible? Well, if you are inclined to reject the idea, then you have forgotten that this sort of group has manifested all throughout history, with the same level of secrecy, savagery, and well-organized functioning. The Nazis are a perfect example, where Nazi media information, medicine, military, government, and so on, were all perfectly controlled and coordinated by a secretive corporatistic government which, it seems, most Germans were oblivious to. You don’t think this is going on here in the United States?”

And Grupp’s argument is that some of the same people involved in the Nazi regime are behind today’s corporatism (for example, George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a top Nazi and Hitler’s banker).

Grupp shows how the secret government uses the media and corporations to achieve its goals—that is pushing toward One World Government.

It does so by framing its message to push the people into believing that—as George Orwell stated in 1984—that war is peace and freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

He demonstrates the effects that false flag terror and war events have had in molding and shaping the minds of Americans in order to make it easier for the decision-makers to achieve their ends: wars, economic downturns, higher taxes, oppressive government and submission to the nanny state.

Grupp writes that al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden are tools used by the CIA and that the government was complicit in the 9/11 terror attacks and the President, his staff, Congress and the media covered up the facts in order to hide what really happened that day.

He also makes a case that the secret government is using vaccines, faulty medical data, poisonous medicines and dubious research in order to make Americans a docile people that submit to orders and follow instructions without question.

Finally, Grupp posits that the secret government is using chemicals, bioterrorism and nanotechnology to advance its agenda of population reduction and control of American citizens.

The book is well sourced and a fascinating, thought-provoking trip into the major conspiracy theories alive today. If you believe that people and governments are capable of pulling off evil acts to achieve their agendas—particularly in a move toward One World Government—this book will reinforce your beliefs. If you’re not prone to conspiracy theories and don’t think people and governments can be evil entities, then this book will at least give you pause.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Al Sieber

    We know all this, but getting other people to believe it is next to impossible.

    • s c

      Al, until or unless progressives can muster enough integrity or ‘spine’ to rip the Fed a new one, they might as well shut up and go away. You know what the Fed is. I know. MANY people know. But, according to any progressive’s “mentality,” the Fed is a benign and mysterious agency and we don’t need to concern ourselves with it.
      That’s like having a large group of Hitlers in your country and assuming that they can’t do anything bad because ‘this is America.’ Hitler was bad for the world. The Fed is bad for America, and it’s even worse for the rest of the world.
      Have you ever heard a progressive EXPLAIN how or why a prez has any constitutional authority to “appoint” the Fed’s head? It’s these “non-issues”
      that make progressives so RETARDED, Al. They take stupidity and anti-patriotism to new, unconscionable heights. And WE get to pay for that mental disease that progressives have between their ears.

  • http://trust fred

    we dont have much time anyway this old world is about to end

    • Al Sieber

      I hear you Fred, end as we know it.

      • Missleman

        So are we now supposed to just roll over and accept that we will never be free again? I don’t care what it takes, I will not roll over but i will fight for my daughters future and the future of a free people or go down in flames fighting!

        • Rich


        • Al Sieber

          I’ll fight to the end also, I didn’t say roll over, I’ll never give up my freedom.

  • kate8

    Revelation, Nostradamus, and many other prophecies are playing out right before our eyes.

    These cycles have been repeating since the beginning of time. Evil always self-destructs, and then the whole thing begins again.

    There is far more to all of this than any of us can comprehend and, if one is paying attention and looking for truth, you soon realize that what we think we know is but a blip on the panorama of what we don’t know!

    • Anthony

      I agree – it feels like we’re watching a Lite-version of Lord of the Rings…. or Thomas Covenant’s constant trips back to The Land (this is by Stephen R Donaldson – go to

      Evil tries to take over everything, damaging what was righteous along the way, and nothing’s ever the same once it’s ruined, either.

  • Yvan

    Bob I thanks you for having the courage to publish this. It certainly shows that no matter who run the government, we are all pawns and victims of an incredible machination. It’s not only USA, its all over the world; UK is the leader with the Royalty behind it all. There is one powerful nation that pulls all the strings but it can’t be mention here.

  • Vincent Germano

    Dear Mr Grupp: Thank you for telling Americans the truth; while our government borrows the money to send the military to risk life and limb, to police the world, see how law abiding, patriotic Americans, are being defrauded: We seek an attorney to review our affidavit of legal actions, through which our legal counselors and the bank moved the court for judicial foreclosure WHILE refusing to tender satisfaction documents to the title company and close the TimCorp commitment (for which we paid $19,500.00 to pay-off its mortgage).

    We seek an attorney to look into the facts and circumstances in which the lawyer received $2000.00 from us and other fees from our son. The basis for such payments were statements advising he had completed our petition for Congressional Certification for summary judgment to the court of federal claims based on 80 of the 150 key instruments of the court records -FedExed to the investigator and attorney son.

    Listed on our Affidavit are detailed legal actions of case history, through which our legal counselors’ and bank lawyer Peter G. Pierce III, moved the court for judicial foreclosure WHILE refusing to tender satisfaction documents to the title company and close the TimCorp commitment (for which we paid $19,500.00 to pay-off its mortgage).

    The succession of the named/pictured lawyers of nine (9) Oklahoma law firms, answered our frantic pleas and continued their predecessors treachery to move state/federal bankruptcy and district courts to finalize the foreclosure and dismiss and strike our retaliatory legal actions in the years that followed.

    Despite the public statements that “The American Legal System Has Been Corrupted Beyond Comprehension,” by such authorities as the Honorable Edith Jones, Chief Justice, U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the corporate owned media continues to cover up such government tyranny.

    Notice of our website have been sent to the predatory lending bank, lawyers, judges and bankruptcy trustees, who don’t dare sue us, and await our demise. Vincent Germano

  • Chris

    I have been saying this for 20 plus years, that the Bilderbergs run the world!!! That 911 was a false flag to get the Patriot Act passed!!! When Tower # 7 IMPLODED & was not even hit by a plane, I new that there was a work of evil going on. I mentioned this once in this column & was called a conspiracy kook, which by the way my family & friends & associates have also called me the saame thing for years now.I challenged anybody reading this column to please explain how the 3rd tower was imploded if it was not hit by a plane?? Nobody accepted the chalenge!! Bob Livingston keep up the good articles. More & more people are waking up to see the TRUTH. As for the comment above this, let me say that the very evil ZIONIST bankers rule the money flow in this world, & have for centuries.

    • larry751


      You hit the Nail on the Head. All Accept for one thing. The Jews and Christians are Religious Cousins as we Believe in the Same Old Testament of the Bible plut the Christan’s also believe in the New Testament.

      The God of the Old Testament is the Same God of the New Testament.

      It is only a Few Jews at the Top of the Banking Arena that are Bad.

      Hitler was not Satisfied to Destroy those Few Jewish Super Bankers at the top. Hitler tried to Destroy and Entire Race for what a few Bad ones at the top did. Hitler tried to Destroy Every Jewish Man, Woman and Child to Exterminate an Entire Race of People.

      The Jewish State of Israel is only One Percent of the Islamic part of the World. However the Islamics will not be Satisfied with 99%. The Islamics will only be Satisfied with 100% of the land in that part of the World, and so Islam wants to Wipe Israel OFF the Map and has expressed this many times in many Islamic Nations over the last half century.

      Israel is a Small Sliver of a Country and it already has Deep Cuts into it that make in nearly Impossible to Defend …… and yet the World Community is Determined to Chop it up further. How Outrageous for any Nation including the USA to Demand that Israel allow itself to become Further Chopped Up and and in the end Eliminated.

      The God of the Bible says that God with Bless those who Bless Israel and Curse those who Curse Israel and the Jews.

      In Recent Years our Former Blessed USA has become a Curse to Israel and therefore our USA will become Cursed by God Himself.

      Our USA needs to Back Off of being Troublesome for Israel and not be Critical of Israel or Her Biblical Right to Exist.

      The USA and Her Citizens do not need any more Curses upon us from God.

      The USA is Hated by Russia, China, the Islamic Lands, the Europeans, Venezuela, Brazil and the list goes on and on and on.

      Our Blessed USA nees to Stop putting our Noses in other Nations Business. The Entire World Hates us for our Agenda of Nation Building and in the end the Globalist intend to Merge All of these Nations into Regional Governments and a One World Government.

      We are In the last Days Biblically Speaking. The World is so messed up that only God Himself will be able to Stop the Madness.

      The God of the Universe is the God of The Bible. A God of Mercy where Mercy is Sought. The God of Islam is Not a God of Mercy. The God of Islam is a God of Hate and Mercy is not in their Belief System.

      We only have Two Choices to Chose Mercy and the Messiah of Mercy or chose Merciless Legality and Hatred that mankind cannot possibly comply with.

      The God of Mercy sent his Messiah of Mercy to the World 2000 years ago. The Christians got it right the First time and the Jews will get it right on His Next Arrival. I am not sure that Islam will ever get it right this side of Armageddon. Time will tell. The Islamics seek to Further Hatred and I don’t see how Hatred can get it right in time to Avoid the Total Destruction of Hatred.

      Jesus is the Messiah of Mercy and the Only Way to Forgiveness to those who Chose Mercy in Him. Anything else is just out in the Darkness of Hatred and Godlessness and it is Dark and Insanely Lonely Out there.

      • Bill

        Thanks for your comments Larry. I have found that a lot of conspiracy theorists are in danger of causing the rise of antisemitism and some are churning out “the protocols of the elders of Zion” and that the world domination plan is a Jewish one. Untrue!. Yes there are Jewish bankers and many greats in other walks of life as God has greatly blessed the, allowed them to be scattered to the four corners of the earth and we as gentiles have been blessed throughout. One of my main concerns is as the banks crash again Jewish Bankers will be blamed (as the Jewish People are the standard scapegoat) and as Israel is forced to defend itself antisemitism will break out world while. I hope I am wrong. I say to my Jewish friends pray to HaShem and he will tell you what to do. I believe things that are coming on the earth that Israel will be the safest place for my friends to be.i live in the UK and most of us can’t see the danger we are in here and that we are being ruled Brussels! best wishes Larry from Bill UK

    • s c

      Chris, dig deep. What you think is true is a part of it, but you haven’t done enough research. What you see is what you’re supposed to see.
      As powerful as central, international bankers can be, all of them work for others. They’re useful idiots. Look behind every curtain. Even the Rothschilds have to bow to more powerful people.
      To claim that Zionists are responsible for everything doesn’t do much but make you act like a closet Palestinian.
      Isn’t one Helen Thomas in the world bad enough? Read, look and think. If you don’t, you’ve
      done what so many others have done, and the truth is still out of your reach.


    Wow you guys are spouting some pretty scarry stuff. Always hope it is not true but am smart enough to know that it could be. Time will tell as it always does.

  • Dr. Mabuse

    For whom the bell tolls…

  • Truth-Seeker

    Thanks Bob, for a good review of a book most people obviously need to read. I have been aware of all this for some time from my own research, but there are few people I can tell it to–including my own relatives. They just don’t want to believe it–it’s much more comforting to believe that some liberals in Congress are responsible for all our problems and they can be replaced at the next election. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.
    The first step to get rid of this evil conspiracy is for the American people to wake up and recognize that 9/11 was a false-flag attack by a traitorous cabal within our own government and to demand that the real perpetrators be brought to justice. Since 9/11, the U.S. has rapidly moved toward fascism (which is corporate socialism or corporatism)–and 9/11 was used as the excuse. Next, we need to cut off all aid to Israel (our biggest foreign aid recipient!) and get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • owldog

    Us left wing liberal commie socialists hard-working american citizens have been saying this for years while the neoconservative mantra of tax cuts (for the super-rich class oligarchy) and deregulations went on along with the middle class.

    When you weaken the government with debt and wars and blame it on the least of our brethren’s hardship, that’s fascism – corporate style. Now they have the power and call the shots. They tell the government of the people what to do.

    They only need this country for its power, but they don’t need the consumer population here. They don’t need American people. They only need our capital to make money buying and selling all over the globe, and gamble on stocks for fun.

    Whose side are you on.

    • Al Sieber

      Not their’s, that’s for sure. the side of freedom.

      • owldog

        While I believe the Democrats are traditionally tougher on corporations (aka “business”) than the Republicans, the health care episode left me sadly disappointed with Obama and some Democrats with their willingness to appease the health care corporate interests, while abandoning some of the left wing grass roots interest groups that got him elected. However, there are some Democratic lawmakers that are true to their colors – but not enough.

        It was a wake up call, and although I do not agree with the right on many issues, I am glad the right wing/center and tea baggers are finally catching up with awareness of this dangerous trend.

  • Rochelle

    Now THAT is truly CONSPIRACY THEORY …at its finest!!

    No kidding! This book is proof of why business-ignorant Lefty-Liberals truly fail, in the real world. They just cling to that contrived, (yawn) time-worn myth that ‘Nazi fascism’ is somehow connected to the Capitalism that Hitler (also Marx, Stalin, Mao, Castro, nauseum) were all so extremely jealous of – so much so, that they concocted volumes of theories to find ways to snatch away all that profit for themselves!! But mostly they yearned to destroy capitalism’s smug, confident, FREEDOM-loving power. God knows, they hated freedom with a passion – but they raged to think all of us little peons could have POWER over our own lives! What nerve!!

    So now they are dumping all of that old, failed, garbage into some political-caldron to stir in “..invisible and fabricated terror networks, mass brainwashing, ..mass poverty…” then slapping on a new-fangled slur: CORPORATISM … Oh well, I guess hatred has served the Left conveniently for the last century or so, and it also serves their victimhood-mentality, just in case our American business community wakes up, takes this country back, and the Liberal insects must swarm back under the rocks from whence they came…

    For only if our economy is based in freedom can our seething, disease and hatred-ridden, inner-cities’ folks (the real victims) escape the yoke of poverty that Liberal despotism has imposed upon them for so long. Only then can they come back and claim their RIGHT to freedom and success also.

    Seriously, Bob, you really need to get out of the habit of calling yourself a conservative… and no ultra-conservative would stoop to even putting this tripe into print!!

    • owldog

      “…business igorant Lefty-liberals truly fail”


      Such stereotypical cliche thinking.

      I live in a tourist town of theatre, arts, music, and fine cuisine. The businesses here are doing great. We eat organic food. We vote 85% Democratic, and are doing much better than the redneck parts of the State. My wife’s restaurant is actually doing better in the recession. But we are also very independent thinkers. 30% of our kids have “religious” exemptions from vaccines, for attending school.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Rochelle,
      I would first suggest you divest yourself of the left-right paradigm. Corporatists care not a whit which side of the spectrum the “small people” are on and left and right mean nothing to them. For evidence look at the make up of the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergs. There are representatives from both sides in attendance. By the same token, Corporatists fund (and therefore control) Republicans and Democrats alike. The left-right paradigm is a tool of theirs to keep the “small people” at each others’ throats and concerned with trivial matters so they don’t see the bigger picture (that bigger picture being the march to One World Government). Do you remember Zbigniew Brzenzinski? At a recent CFR meeting he said that a global political awakening, in combination with infighting amongst the elite was threatening to derail the move towards One World Government. The elites h e refers to are the corporatists (fascists) who pull the strings and push the buttons that start wars, epidemics, economic crashes, etc. I would hope that you would look a little deeper into what is going on around you… and read some of the information we expose on our site. Then come back and post about “tripe.”
      Best wishes,
      P.S. It takes very little intellectual effort to discount a theory posited in a book before you have read the book.

      • Anthony

        Thanks, Bob. Great rebuttal. There are several who are speaking without real knowledge, especially from the Left.

        As for the Fascism comment on who starts the Wars – that’s actually the Banking Elite – it’s the biggest profits they can corral at any time in the business they do. Both sides have to ‘borrow’ and when it’s over, the Winner pays off the debts of the Loser …. it’s a win-win, for the BANKERS….., so they just keep doing it over and over.

        As stated on the Rothschild website I read – during the 1800′s, once they were able to takeover the Bank of England (at the end of the Battle of Waterloo), if Britain wasn’t involved in a war – they were constantly “preparing for war”.

        Once the Rothschilds got Rockefeller and Morgan to grab control of our currency (aka: THE FED), that’s exactly what THIS Country has been doing for the last 100 years.

        The original Mrs. Rothschild is known for having said:
        “If my Sons didn’t want any wars, there wouldn’t be any!”

        Bottom Line? Imperialism is a tenant of the Banking Community .. not the normal citizens of this Planet and only when we have put “money” back in its place as a tool for society and therefore not allowed to enslave us, as it has been used for over the last 300 years… only then will we see renaissance.

  • bedbug

    GET A ROPE!!!

  • s c

    If there’s anyone out there who’s on speaking terms with a progressive, please ask a question for me. Ask him/her/it why they supposedly HATE ALL CORPORATIONS, but they REFUSE to admit that the government is IN BED with corporations. Also, ask him/her/it WHY they REFUSE to admit that one of the WORST corporations [The Federal Reserve] ALWAYS gets a free pass from them.
    Progressives have a most curious blindness when it comes to owning up to certain matters. One of their worst faults [PURE, UNADULTERATED MEAN-SPIRITEDNESS] is never admitted. Is it not curious how they love to accuse others of being ‘mean-spirited,’ but they can’t see it in themselves? No wonder they’ve been programmed. When you’re programmed, you don’t need a functioning conscience. Ah, the many ‘joys’ of being an elite, enlightened, illuminated and “sans peer” progressive.

  • Info Videos

    Thanks for the tips. This is something we are concerned about. Unfortunetly this site doesn’t work to well on my ipod. I will see what we can do when I get to work and will be back for more info.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Global Mamma

    I’ve been TRYING SO HARD for years to get people to SEE THE TRUTH that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and Democrats. If we all just keep voting for one or the other, The New World Order will take over before we know what hit us.
    We have got to vote people in office who truly want to preserve our Freedom and Liberties. Granted there are not many of them, but there are a few really good ones. It’s really important that they uphold the Constitution!

    • Anthony

      YOU CAN actually find Articles written on how both Parties in Congress constantly go out to dinner together after they clock out for the day…. It is a truth, most adults do know about. It’s the others who find it diaagreeable to admit knowledge of.

      Again – there are a lot of videos on the subject, already uploaded on YouTube, if you care to just search for them… and they are quite revealing, no matter what the Lefties here might think about it. You certainly don’t see them diffusing the conversatoin with real proof as to how their argument might have more merit…. do you?

  • LateToTheTable

    Matt Simmons died.

    It was just a coincidence of course that the highly respected oil industry insider, Matt Simmons, who was publicly accusing BP of lying on so many major cover-ups in connection with the
    Gulf Oil Spill, I feared for the safety of his life as I listened to his videos.

    It concerns me that in the last 3 months of Matt Simmons’ life this oil industry insider legend was dedicated to his personal crusade. No matter how the coroner writes up Matt’s death there will always be doubt as to the cause of death because Matt had pulled open the green curtain surrounding the Wizard’s control room, just as Dorothy’s little snippy dog “Todo” in the 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” Matt barked and yanked upon a secret that ran an empire. Worse yet, he called them flat out liars.

    Let me make it simple. One does not look behind the curtain, talk about it, and live…. that’s what I fear. Did Matt know he was dying and entered a self-sacrificing humanitarian act of exposure? If you watch his video interview of which there are many posted under his name on line, he went straight for BP’s jugular. Heck, he went for the entire oil industry’s jugular. One lingering prediction which no one wants to address with available scientific data found in the drilling Mud Logs, is the “sea floor bubble” which Matt was claiming his sources told him shows a huge sea floor bubble several feet above normal. If it collapses, says Matt’s sources, it will send out an energy wave that will cause 100 to 200 feet Tsunami in the Gulf killing and destroying unimaginable levels of life and property and rushing inland many miles. You can’t leave a guy with this many insider contacts, and a life time of industry knowledge like this walking around naming names and pointing his finger at those he claimed to be in cahoots against the greater public good.

    Two weeks before BP Disaster after much in-house BP trouble with the well, BP Directors initiate a massive sell off of their shares as shown by stock exchange records. … all insider trades… this is criminal if proven… and that’s probably why Tony Hayward pleaded ignorance at congressional hearings. If any direct knowledge is linked and they lie about it, they all go to jail. At the very minimum, the profits are taken away and the insider must pay a fine. It’s that simple, when its all under US jurisdiction. But BP is not all under US jurisdiction. These guys will all walk with their fortunes in tact …. that’s my prediction. We will not receive the Mud Logs of the wells from BP. NOAA is not going to engage them with pressure to release them. Did you catch Admiral Allen’s low key comment that the intercept well’s last 40 feet collapsed? This all gets too close to the centers of world powers behind the scenes and we are not supposed to look too closely at the persons behind the curtain are we? Say, I wonder if what “they” say could actually be true. You know, that David Icke fellow with the brit.

    you might think NOAA surely has our backs covered on this possibility, i.e. a bubble in a rising sea floor. You might even figure that since we have data on wells in the Gulf reaching back some 70 years, that NOAA may have access to such data as sea-floor elevations tracked over many decades. It would seem to be a worth while check since perhaps millions of lives and trillions of dollars in property damage would likely flow from a seafloor-collapse Tsunami. Try and contact NOAA on this point and you will discover for yourself their first response is unnecessary contemptuous condescending arrogance. Why? Somebody has put this idea of seafloor-collapse into play. We do not know that person’s motives. If possible we should track back on the paper trails and try to understand the character, the reputation, and if possible the very motive of the individual(s) that have done so, as these are extraordinarily serious comments.

    NOAA rates very high in public relations image in the “Crystal mystic revelation”- good feelings department, but very low in strategic oversight, in my opinion. Their data basis should be made open and accessible to public inquiry without FOIA demands by a user.

    A non-scientist, PR person with likely respond telling you something to the effect: “We are not aware of scientists that support this theory.”

    In short: Don’t task us at NOAA to produce data that might prove there exist such calamitous, catastrophic conditions far greater than our political mission allows us to report. Even if we have the data, you will have to fight us for years to get it. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my experienced perspective with NOAA so far.

  • http://none Rose Falcone De angelo

    I wrote the following in my book of poems “Reality and Imagination”
    I saw the One World Government coming then,


    I had a dream that our country died,
    and I awoke with an ache inside;
    tho not a single shot was fired,
    It seemed to me that our world expired.
    I found myself in sweat and tears,
    a victim of these futile years;
    and Liberty I could not find,
    for there were shackles on my mind.
    Our leaders did what they thought was right,
    They signed the peace to stop the fight.
    And Peace descended on our Land,
    administered with a heavy hand.

  • http://UpForDebate.Us IAmRight

    I wrote about this recently on my website. It all started to go down hill when Corporations became protected under the Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment as “Natural Born Citizens” this gives them the right the petition the government and all other rights of an individual citizen.

    It was not always like this, i go into much more detail in my article here:

    I take an early look at the history of corporations in America and give a few different examples from the modern era. I thought you might want to take a look at this. Thanks for the good read.

  • Dove

    May 20, 2011

    Today is Memorial Day. Memorial of what? That we as a species send our youngest and bravest out to do battle, for what? Not just the USA, but all countries of the world. It takes two (sides or individuals) to fight. The men and women of both sides of the fight, for what they aren’t sure, have wives/husbands, mothers, children, and a country. Both sides are willing to give up the most precious commodity they have…their lives! To fight a war they didn’t ask for and they know nothing about. Oh yes they were told they were fighting for their country, but why? They were told to hate the ones on the other side, but why? Yes we Memorialize those that went, and either came back in a box or destroyed either mentally, physically or spiritually. We Memorialize the fact that they stood were you or I would not stand. They gave all they had to give while we sat here and mis-used what they stood for, Our Highest and Best Good.”

    “Our highest and best good”, what is that? Is it using this most beautiful fruitful of all planets to destruction?

    We have grown as a species like petulant children. We have mis-used, over used and abused this planet we live on and then we wonder why we are hearing all of the talk about dooms day. WE are building our own dooms day. This ol’ planet we call earth is going to shake her shoulders and we will be gone. Just like that in a blink of any eye.

    We have polluted her air, water and earth. We have become like a growing cancer on her skin. And even though we see this happening we sit back and continue to use all of the resources she so generously gave. Have we driven our cars less?, Used less oil? Looked for alternatives to plastics? Stopped throwing our trash in the streets, and road ways not to mention the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams?

    Some of you reading this may see nothing wrong with the way we live. Big, BIG T.V.’S, our cell phones, computers and all the rest. We would kinda like the planet cleaned up but we will “LET GEORGE” do it. If you lived through the 50’s you will know what I mean. This has no reference to the Bush’s. It means that we depend on someone else to do the job. We don’t care who, just as long as they talk a good game.

    Some of you reading this have dropped out of trying to wake up your fellow man due to FEAR. You have let big brother intimidate you into being quite and hiding your head in the sand thinking you will ride out the trouble unnoticed. YOU WON’T. When you have fear you are saying you are a victim. And a victim consciousness is being a slave to the very thing you say you hate. There is no sand deep enough to hide your head in believe me.

    When some of you read this you will think,” gee that individual is weird.” But know this; you attract to you what is in your Heart/Mind. If you live in fear because of the thought/s for what you believe, then you believe you are a victim. If you are a victim then you attract to you what you have feared. And the circle goes round. On the other hand, if you believe in THE HIGHEST AND BEST GOOD for all species and the earth itself then that is what you will attract to you.

    That would be THE HIGHEST AND BEST GOOD we could do in remembrance of our military past and present this MEMORIAL DAY.

    Thank you to all who have and are serving.

  • Mrs James



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