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Cops Taser Woman Who Wanted To Buy iPhones

December 13, 2012 by  

Cops Taser Woman Who Wanted To Buy iPhones

Two Nashua, N.H., police officers used a Taser to subdue a slight Chinese woman trying to buy IPhones at a Nashua mall last week.

Xiaojie Li, who says she doesn’t speak English and had to talk through her daughter, tried to buy several IPhones from the mall’s Apple store, but was limited to buying two. She said she wanted to send them to relatives in China.

She recorded video of other customers buying more than two at a time. Store employees then asked her to leave and the store requested a no-trespass order. Several days later, the 44-year-old Xiaojie returned to the store to buy more IPhones and was again asked to leave.

When she didn’t leave, police decided she was resisting arrest. Xiaojie’s family said she didn’t understand what was happening.

A mall patron made a video that showed Xiaojie lying on the ground with two officers on her. The Taser can be heard crackling, followed by Xiaojie’s screams.

Police are increasingly resorting to Tasers and brute force — including beating and shooting “suspects” — in all types of situations. Tasers are considered non-lethal weapons, but they are quite lethal.

In Texas in another situation that demonstrates why you should never call police, two police officers are being sued for using a Taser on a man who was suffering a seizure. The 50-year-old man suffered a heart attack and permanent brain damage.

Police were responding to a 911 call for medical assistance. When officers Chard Norman and Kevin Sederquest arrived at the man’s  house, they controlled the man by “pushing a knee on his back while he was in handcuffs, causing his head to be pressed against the back cushion of a chair, all while he was still convulsing,” according the victim’s brother. After he was handcuffed, he was Tasered again.

It took paramedics 11 minutes to revive the man and restart his pulse.

In Los Angeles last month, police Tasered a 50-year-old woman who did not consent to having her personal belongings searched, which is her right as guaranteed under the 4th Amendment. The Taser caused her to go into cardiac arrest. She claims to have permanent brain injuries and loss of memory.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    I). Police officers are so afraid of suspects that they feel immediate submission is necessary – even if, a catastrophic-health event (like, heart attack) occurs; AND/OR,
    II). Police officers are so happy they have this “toy,” and will use it whenever they want – DAMN!, the consequences.


    FROM A LEGAL STANDPOINT, IT SEEMS TASERS PROVIDE TOO MUCH “WIGGLE-ROOM” FOR POLICE OFFICERS CAUGHT IN A LEGAL “JAM” – “Can you prove the taser caused the heart attack, or, was there a previous medical condition like, intoxication, etc?”

    • Harold Olsen

      I thought tasers, like guns, were only supposed to be use when a cop’s life was in immediate danger. Based on the description of this woman (I didn’t watch the video) it’s unlikely she was any type of threat. I guess this is just another cop who is badge heavy and/or afraid of his own shadow. Another thug with a badge.

    • surrelam

      Betcha a muslim wouldn’t get tazed by these idiots.

  • Matthew

    The above examples are so wrong on many levels. The police are supposed to uphold & enforce the law,NOT brutalize,attack,injure and sometimes kill INNOCENT civilians / citizens ! This is the police gone wild! Lesson learned: don’t call the police! You may end up injured ,or God forbid,dead!!!

    • rogharm45

      The police saved my life by sending an ambulance when my blood disease caused me to call for ambulance. I am not a SUSPECT and do not perform illegal acts. So I have no fear of the police. When my mother had Alzheimer, the police were called by me and they took my mother who was VIOLENT but the police realized that my 79 year old mother was SICK. They calmly talked her into the amnulance she went to the hospital and from there to a nursing home. EMPHASIS, my mother aged 79 WAS VIOLENT BUT THE POLICE REALIZED THAT SHE WAS S I C K WITH ALZHEIMER disease. If the police were attacked by mother or resisted , I could not complain as my mother had to taken away for correct medical attention either peacefully or forcibly as my mother unaware of her actions was sick. THE POLICE HAVE TO POTECT THE PUBLIC AND THEMSELVES. The POLICE are NO T supposed to be victims. I do not believe the LIBERAL MEDIA. ROGER HARRY ARM

      • gordon

        We need to start and give our Police Officer’s a break. First this Lady could not speak any english, but she had an interpreter, so she knew that the store informed her they did not wish to sell her an Iphon. The Chineese have been stealing our products for years and it is the right of the store owner to refuse to sell their product to anyone, but normally would not do this unless they had reason to belive it was going to be used in a fashion that lead them to belive was wrong. She could of tried her game somewhere else, but she demanded to exercise her right, which she had none. She was becomming a public nusiance, in China, her country would of put her in jail for refusing to follow the instructions of an official officer of the Law, but here she is going to sue. When you enter property again after being informed to leave, that is an unlawful entry, she was not welcomed!

      • Butch

        Both of you SOBs deserve to be tasered in yr alleged balls for siding w/ fascists over this!! Stupid oppressive hypocritical bastards!


          You probably are a criminal or druggie or a wife beater. If you are not doing illegal actions, why should you be concerned about the police doing the job protecting the public. Are you a criminal? Only you know the answer. But I suspect you are.

      • JDL

        These police are COWARDS and there is no excuse and I DID watch the video. Is that what makes the police feels powerful these days, a taser gun? No danger, just cowards, ROGER.

      • JC

        ROGER HARRY ARM says:

        December 13, 2012 at 10:19 am

        You probably are a criminal or druggie or a wife beater. If you are not doing illegal actions, why should you be concerned about the police doing the job protecting the public. Are you a criminal? Only you know the answer. But I suspect you are.

        And that is precisely the kind of neanderthal ignorance that reinforces the actions of what has become a bunch of paramilitary robo-cops who are no longer capable of dealing with people…just treating them like cattle.
        That’s what you picture as a “free America”?
        If the cops beat and abuse you…you MUST be guilty right?

      • Kinetic1

        What do you mean “I do not believe the LIBERAL MEDIA.” This article was not written by someone at the NY Times, this is Bob Livingston’s work. Look around, read the posts. The Libertarians on this site are constantly referring to the police as thugs and fascists. Just look how Butch responded to you!
        “Both of you SOBs deserve to be tasered in yr alleged balls for siding w/ fascists over this!! Stupid oppressive hypocritical bastards!”

        Liberal media?




        “gordon,” THEN YOU SAY [sic], ” … the Chinese have been stealing from us for years … ” EVERYONE IN THE WORLD STEALS FROM US – THAT IS NOTHING NEW. FURTHERMORE, THE FEMALE WAS NOT STEALING; SHE WAS GOING TO PAY FOR SEVERAL iPHONES TO SEND BACK HOME. MY ONLY CRITICISM OF THIS FEMALE IS WHY DID SHE GO TO A MALL IN ORDER TO BUY ELECTRONICS? – SHE SHOULD HAVE WENT TO Wal-Mart AND “GOT” A BETTER PRICE AND NO HASSLE. [Since her daughter was "hip" enough to speak English, I can not believe she did not take her mama to Wal-Mart].

      • DaveH

        Kinetic1 says — “The Libertarians on this site are constantly referring to the police as thugs and fascists”.
        I pronounce you as Liar, Kinetic. Please feel free to prove me wrong with examples of Libertarians doing such on this site.

    • Jim H.

      According to the Supreme Court, law enforcement only has to enforce the law now, they do not have to protect the public anymore, so expect a lot more abuse now, because they know they can pretty well get away with it now.

      • JC

        Fact! Which puts the public in the position of enforcing their own rights.
        Well done Supreme Court!

      • Brad C.

        Isn’t Homeland Securtiy a wonderful thing. Lets get it straight where the new directives on police action is coming from. The HSA logo can be found on almost every police web page. Americas home growing Gestapo. Protecting Government from the citizens. The more we fail to hold this up to the Constitution the more we lose it’s protection.

      • auhunter

        It has been that way since the term came into use, hence Law Enforcement Officer. They break up two people fighting, it’s domestic violence, unless it is clear cut as to who swung the first punch, they take their statements, arrest both of them and let the judge sort it out. Been there done that.

  • Harold Olsen

    Cops make the claim that tasers are not lethal weapons. Tell that to the people who have died as a result of being tasered. Any time a cop tasers someone and they die, that cop should be charged with murder.

    • GRusling

      First, you need to understand that before an Officer can be certified to carry a Taser, he or she has to submit to BEING Tazed by one of their own! Make no mistake, every officer who carries a Taser knows exactly what that weapon feels like.

      That being said, the problem with over use/improper use is a DEPARTMENT problem, and should not be attributed to the individual Officer. If an Officer is not properly trained he has no idea that what he’s doing is wrong, and that’s a constant problem in any department…

      • JC

        Fair enough, but it still doesn’t take the individual’s health into account.
        These things should be outlawed period.
        If a cop or two cops can’t subdue (did they even need to?) a small asian woman, they are a pathetic reflection on a once proud uniform. If a cop’s life is actually in danger, they have guns, like all Americans.




      • Charlie Tall

        That is not true.

        All law enforcement officers are required to have taser training before they carry or use them, but they ARE NOT required to be shocked by a taser.

        However, you must understand that police carry firearms, tasers, and other weapons to protect themselves, not you.

      • Jim

        I need to get me one just in case I get over powered by a 90 lb woman.

    • Hedgehog

      I think that the term “not lethal weapon” is an oxymoron. Properly used weapons are all lethal, else they would not be weapons. The flat of a sword can be used to subdue someone, the edge is usually lethal. Even defensive weapons such as shields can be lethal if you crack someone under the chin with one. But I imagine someone wearing a broadsword, shield and chain mail is probably unlawful despite your 2nd amendment.

      • bandit

        There are many people who wear chain mail or plate armor, carry a sword and shield, and do so in public. There are three general groups: the Renaissance Faire, Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), and “others”, ie various re-creation groups. Most cities and towns across the USA either have specific events (tourneys and wars), or fighter practice. Most states in the Southwest (NM,AZ,etc) have open-carry laws, not just guns, but swords and knives. (Not sure about the East Coast, and California is just weird.)


    Why was the lady refused buying two iphones? I watch cops and multiple police have subdue a violent suspect. Bring back the BILLY CLUB. I do not trust liberal media news coverage of events where claims that police acted incorrectly. The liberal media always leave oyt the ENTIRE FACTS (OMISSION OF FACTS).

    • Bob Livingston


      You write: “Bring back the BILLY CLUB.” Because beating a person senseless and leaving them bruised, battered, broken and concussed is so much better than electroshock therapy.

      Best wishes,

      • rogharm45

        Police time is wasted with multiple cops subduing one person. The extra police not subduing one “SUSPECT” can be patrolling in police vehicles being pro active/responding to radio calls. Police using more violence frees other police to protect the public.

      • JC

        Right Rog,
        That’s what we want, “more violent police” to give them more time…to be more violent…
        Hey why don’t we just call in the UN boys? They can conduct all the violence so that the police will have more time for radio calls and donuts? ;-)
        Apparently your America looks like a police state anyway right?

        You really don’t do a lot of thinking do you?


        Bob Livingston,








  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Roland

    Roger, police using undue force has been going on for a long time! The tazer is a toy to them. They are not required to be accountable for their actions. If they shoot, or taze someone & they die, they plant a throw away gun on them, & claim self defense. They’re not here to protect & stop a crime, only to commit one, & investigate crimes other people commit, except the flash mobs of black teens.

    • GRusling

      It is never an Officers duty to “prevent” a crime from occurring. Their only job is to identify and catch the perpetrator, after-the-fact. They are a purely reactionary force.

      Police Officers are “FIRST” expected to defend their self and go home to their family at quitting time. If you don’t believe me, ask any Cop’s Mother, Wife or Children. No amount of money could pay a person to die for someone else’s sake. Sometimes they do, but when that happens it’s always because they made a mistake…

      • rogharm45

        That is reason I ROGER HARRY ARM agree to bring back the BILLY CLUB the police should not be victims. I agree that the police should go home to their families and the “SUSPECTS” dealt with. Why should multiple police officer have to subdue one “SUSPECT”? That is crazy wasting staff when the police offers can be looking for more “SUSPECTS”. The police used to shoot a “fleeing felon”. Since I am not a “SUSPECT” or “CRIMINAL” I believe the police should USE ALL FORCE NEEDED to reduce the number of police subduing one “SUSPECT”. MORE FORCE FEWER POLICE NEED TO RESPOND IN A SITUATION AND MORE PROTESTION FOR ALL AS THE POLICE CAN RIDE AROUND PATROLLING INSTEAD OF HAVING FIVE POLICE OFFICERS TRYING TO SUBDUE ONE “SUSPECT”!!!!

      • ranger09

        Sorry State law has always stated that it is unlawful for a Policeman NOT to respond to a Crime. Its your local Politicians and Ins Cos that make the rules. When you Put on that Badge or Shield you agree to uphold the law. Most of the Problems with our Police men and women today is over educated in the wrong things, They lack common respect, Do not practice Right from Wrong, They protect ea other more than they do the Public, To day 85% of your overpaid Police are Money agents and Paper writers. And yes the Supreme Court said the Police do not answer to the Public But to the Powers to Be.

  • Jamie

    This Year 72 Cops, nation wide were removed from the force,by even greater fate forces too never assault another human. Karma rewards everyone. so play fair all you Cops.and remember Your Job is to Help not harm or lame,kill for the Elites man made Laws

    • GRusling

      Just 72? Out of how many million Police Officers in America???

  • Scott in SC

    “To protect and serve”, is long gone. Today’s cop is there to generate revenue and condition the public to accept total govrnment control.

    • GRusling

      Spoken like a man who never spent a single day working with Police Officers, and has no idea what he’s talking about…

      • ranger09

        Scott, You are fairly right, And for that other Joker I have spent most of my life carrying weapons for the safety of American Citizens, I have been around Small Police Depts, County Sheriffs Depts, State Police, BIAP police, Indian Police, Security Police and Yes the Military. And i have seen most all the Good things and The Bad. And today i would have to say OUR Police people are on the down side, And keep going down.BUT we still have many that believe in that Badge,And care about the Public that they work for. And as for PROTECT and SERVE this will be left up to ea Policeman or Woman to ubderstand its meaning.

  • Cliffystones

    Here’s my question. How is blaming all police officers for the actions of a few any different than blaming all gun owners for these mall shootings?

    We don’t know the details of this story. We were not there. News coverage WILL be slanted one way or another. It’s been my life experience that if we treat the vast majority of police officers with respect that they will reciprocate. if we treat them like “pigs”, then we will sometimes get the bitch-slapping we deserve.

    • GRusling

      You’re correct, 99.9% of the time. Sometimes a bad guy sneaks through the psych analysis and gets a badge for a short time, but they mostly get weeded out very quickly, by their fellow Officers, who refuse to take the heat for a single bad apple in the barrel…

      • ranger09

        GR, Sorry YOU are WRONG. Most Police People are taught to Protect ea other, And the Bad do not get replaced. The amount of Fired Cops to day is VERY small, heck i remember when Citizens could complain about Police conduct and get results from the Sheriff or the chief. Today most complaints get put into file 13.

      • bandit

        A simple test of your assumption: be a black teen in New York City or Chicago.


      Agree the liberal media is always against the police. I still want to know why the woman could not buy iphones two of them? Eliot Spitzer former Governor of NY STATE went to D.C. had prostitutes with nys police protestion and Spitzer was district attorney. Talk about investigating the police. I watch cops and jail and I think the cops and jail guards have it difficult they have to videotape. Tired of liberal concessions to suspects who are probably criminals. I said probably. In domestic fights, if the police are not positive who is the aggressor, both are arrested and in drug cases. Watch COPS and JAIL.In that situation the polices themselves are not sure who the agressor is so both parties are arrested. One is most likely the victim and NOT a CRIMINAL. The police say, let the Judge decide which I believe is correct.

    • Jim

      You are wrong, police today demand humility, not respect.

  • ibcamn

    just like i’ve been saying my whole life about the gang of cop’s,they all have a GOD complex!TSA isn’t to far behind them either!you put people with issues in control and you have problems.most cop’s were kids in school that were either bullies or bullied!!you’ve got people who were in on mob rules or herded sheep that are in control of how you’re life a lifer in the biker world,let me tell you the police are a gang,they can’t use heavy baton and pistol anymore so now it’s pepper spray and taser,folks were right back where we started at years ago!!except now the victums survive the assault by police and can testefy against them and thank god for videos!!

  • Deerinwater

    If Tasers are seen and accepted as “Passion” action, ~ anyone that accepts the responsibility of using one needs be exposed to the effects of using one to understand how to employ such a devise.

  • clark

    From what I have observed over a lifetime of nearly 70 years, the cops, lawyers, and politicians of today, are made up of people just to lazy to work, and have a need to bully others. There may still be some good cops out there, but I haven’t met any recently. I think they changed with the attitude of the people they are dealng with. After all, we are now being governed by people who think it is alright to take from the person who worked for his money and give it to the scum who won’t, and the scum who won’t work are the ones who elected them. The police seem to reflect a cross section of society, and society has gone downhill badly in the last 50 years. It is not going to get any better. Quite the opposite.

    • Chester

      Clark, that statement puts you in the same boat as about 90 per cent of the posters on here. Seems like you have been burned a time or two, and thus only look for the bad in our police rather than the good. Will agree that the BAD stuff makes great headlines, but the GOOD stuff that happens most often is never even spoken of, outside of the people directly involved. If you had a man on the street a hundred dollar bill, what are the chances anyone is going to hear about it? But, if you go out and take a hundred dollars from someone who did NOT want to give it, guaranteed you will be in the news rather quickly.

  • ranger09

    I wish more people would study the WHOLE case involved in WACO Texas. And out of hundreds of Police from several Groups ONLY one Officer Said this is all Wrong and walked away Kind of shows you what direction our Police are going in. After all my years of Living this was one of the Worst work of Police i have ever seen. And there has been many others. BUT very few people Complain, People have to do something about these kind of actions.

  • T. Jefferson

    This is why the time is quickly coming when citizens will start fighting back against heavy handed law enforcement personnel who abuse their authority with excessive and uncalled for force. What happens will be placed squarely on the department chiefs who refuse to “police” their own departments.

    • TML

      I agree… I already rue the day when something like the Nashua, N.H incident ever happens in front of me. It doesn’t take a taser for two male police officers to subdue a woman. For me to remain still and quiet at such a sight would be as immoral as seeing a man punch a woman and just stand there watching. I couldn’t do it. Whether I was tased or arrested for interfering with a police officer, so be it, but at least I could stop what was going on.

  • ranger09

    Tasers were ment to be used, when others means failed, Seems like these Big policemen cant handle an upset Female, That must have been a very large and mean chinese Woman. HA HA

  • ranger09

    I am sure glad it was not a Large Drunk Indian, They most likely would have Shot her.

  • Tom Cook

    Said it before–worth repeating–cops are no longer the thin blue line protecting the public and enforcing laws. Cops are now brutal pigs swathed in their identity hiding swat black and militarized uniforms and weapons. Cops are our enemies; they are the SS of liberals who are all cowards and think cops are their trained swine to control the proles. Cops need a good Nuremburg and a good many swinging by their necks to regain their lost respect for the public and innocent civilians. Time to bloody the noses of the overstuffed grown-up schoolyard bullies.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Donnie

    The Police State of the United States started with the Patriot Act.And it continues to get worse.You can thank a paranoid President and Congress for your loss of freedom.Do you feel any more secure than you did before 9/11?

    • SJJolly

      No, thank a paranoid America for pushing the President (of whatever party) and Congress to enact police state laws. “You have to protect us from THEM!!!”

  • NOW2 taxes

    Try having Eye contact with police. As they scan an area or room, just stare at them and observe their look back at you. I,ve noticed a stare of attempted intimadation[sp], very childish bully behavior. Child in adualt clothing wearing guns

  • Ben W. Gardner

    Fortunately, I have an exceptionally high tolerance to electrical shock. I spent 17 years as a broadcast and television repairman and worked on high voltage circuits during all of that time. I would get hit with 50,000 volts from the second anode on a color television picture tube at least daily. I had a friend hit me with a taser several years ago and discovered that I am only knocked slightly by them. I pity the cop that tries that on me because I can disarm him while he’s trying to shock me. The next place the taser will be applied after I take it away from him will be the cop’s crotch.

  • SJJolly

    There has long been a saying in black communities: “If you have a problem and you call the police, you have two problems.” Brown and red communities certainly have equivalents.

    For those who think they are safe because they are breaking no laws, how do you know you aren’t? There are thousands of laws on the books, some totally absurd. And, haven’t you heard about “bad attitude” arrests? — no law violation is required.

    • afdbghq

      You are right about everyone breaking the law at some point. There are so many laws on the books that every time a person leaves their home they will break some obscure law that almost no one knows is still valid. Some examples: spitting on a sidewalk, jay walking, driving with no shoes on, driving with thongs or flip flops on. The list goes on and on. What needs to happen is that old or obscure laws need to be repealed or updated and many laws combined into one or two laws instead of dozens or more covering essentially the same subject.

      • JC

        What needs to happen is a return to the Constitution. No victim, no crime.
        A government and civil police force who’s job it is to protect our rights, not dictate them.
        A “Justice” system, not a “Law” system.

  • MindyR

    The truth is there are good cops and there are bad cops – they are after all just people. In general I would say most cops are pretty good people, however, I have run into a few who should have been in prison not brandishing weapons under the guise of “protecting the public” – they do exist and they are criminals. But, I have often wondered if this is who they were at the beginning of their careers or who they became after having suffered the inhumanity of the population they deal with on a daily basis. It is real easy to judge these cops based on the story provided and in general I find this site to at least somewhat reputable but, well , sorry – there are some pieces to the stories provided. Not all was told here. When is the last time a cop thru you to the ground and tasered you for no real reason?

    • http://PersonalLiberty Donnie

      MindyR,sorry but I don’t think they should be policeman if they can’t take the pressure.Bad cops are bad cops because they want to be that way.

  • Toy

    I understand that the shop limited sales to this customer because they suspected she would resell them in China, at a profit. Why should they be concerned?

  • tim

    Cops are PIGS now adays. If they aren’t trying to get some woman to perform a sexual act on them, then thier out looking for someone to shoot or tase. You people who sit there and praise them. Wait until they violate your’e rights. You are no longer innocent until proven quilty!!!!!!

  • auhunter

    Gordon, why do you say she had no right? The article says she was Chinese. It doesn’t say she was not a US citizen, which would not make any difference anyway, since people from all over the world, that are here on visas are protected by our laws. The only ones here that are immune and protected under their home countries law are diplomats.


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