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Cops Taser, Arrest Innocent Deaf Woman

August 8, 2012 by  

Cops Taser, Arrest Innocent Deaf Woman
Increasingly, innocent people find themselves on the wrong end of police tasers.

An innocent, deaf woman in Washington called 911 for help. She didn’t get help. Instead, she got tased and arrested.

Lashonn White was in jail for about three days without an interpreter, despite two State laws requiring law enforcement to appoint an interpreter for deaf suspects.

White was attacked in her apartment on April 6. Although she is deaf, White was able to communicate with a 911 dispatcher using a phone equipped with special video capabilities connected to a TV.

“Right now! This is serious! She’s fighting at me, then she chokes me. She’s coming right at me!” White said on the night of her attack.

Dispatch logs show that two officers from the Tacoma police force, Ryan Koskovich and Michael Young, responded to the scene within about six minutes. They received texts on their way with the messages, “Person doing the hitting is a Sophia,” and “Vict. is Lashonn White.” Police records also reveal that the officers were informed that White is deaf.

This was the conversation when police arrived:

White: “I’m deaf.  I can’t hear if they’re out front knocking or whatever … I can’t—are they going to the front or back? Where are the police at?”

Dispatch: “They want her to go outside the front door.”

White: “Oh, they’re here? Okay, I’m on my way to meet them. I’m going right now.”

When White walked out the door she was tased. Her body fell to the pavement causing her multiple injuries. She was then arrested and taken to jail.

Koskovich said he tased White because she “ignored my commands.”

Margaret Sims, a neighbor who witnessed the incident, explained to KIRO Seattle: “They had tased her because he thought she was coming at him, but what she was doing was running to him. But he said, ‘stop’ and he didn’t put his hand up. He just said, ‘stop’ and she couldn’t understand that.”

Another resident of the apartment complex, Geraldine Warren, described the ordeal in similar terms. “They just told her to halt. She kept running, she can’t hear—she’s deaf.”

Tacoma police have not responded to the incident.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I don’t really believe these two Tacoma cops really gave a damn what they were doing. It’s seems that these days cops are only interested in exerting their authority. They were informed the victim was deaf and should have considered the possibility that the woman approaching them could have been her. I doubt that they even cared. Both these cops should be fired. Here in Seattle, the Justice Department just completed and investigation of the Seattle Police Department. Maybe they should move on to Tacoma and investigate them also. Thugs with badges seems to be what the majority of cops are these days.

    • swampfox


    • Johnny Hiott

      The justice department ? eric holder , obama ? The very thought of holder’s justice department investigating anything is a joke. obama and holder make Al Capone look like a saint !

      • eddie47d

        I thought some of you didn’t want Obama getting involved in local issues. Apparently that is another lie.

      • Opal the Gem

        eddie show us where Johnny Hiott said anything about obama, holder, or the doj getting involved in local affairs.

      • Opal the Gem

        That should have been:

        eddie show us where Johnny Hiott said anything about wanting obama, holder, or the doj getting involved in local affairs.

    • duaner

      I agree with what your saying to a large degree. However, in light of the Lakewood incident that happened about a year or so ago, I don’t blame the cops for being trigger happy. But here is really no excuse for what happened here. These cops knew what was going on. Also, remember the chief of police who shot and killed his wife then killed himself. This man was a rouge cop from the git go. Tacoma and Seattle have always been corrupt from the mayor down to the street cop. I have lived in the are for 30 years. I got tired of the B.S. so I moved to a small town in Washington State where the cops are just is bad. It must be something in the air.

    • Chester

      Harold, the only thing this officer truly did wrong was NOT holding his hand up in what is more or less universally recognized as the sign to stop. In all probability, he already had his hand full of tazer, and forgot, if he had ever been taught, to use at least one hand to signal stop. Seems a lot of these guys any more have zero experience in traffic control, or he would never have had to use the tazer. Does NOT releave him of fault, but does give some slight explanation for what he did and didn’t do.

      • 45caliber

        To a cop, the taser is the answer to all questions. Once the person goes down, you can always sort out who is whom and why they were doing what they were doing. After all, it doesn’t harm them – right? So why should anyone object? And if they do object, who cares? After all, they weren’t hurt … well, they aren’t dead anyway.

      • phideaux

        “Harold, the only thing this officer truly did wrong was NOT holding his hand up in what is more or less universally recognized as the sign to stop.”

        Since he KNEW the woman was deaf he did a lots more wrong than just fail to hold up his hand.

      • Carol J

        Chester, I suggest you re-read the article. The 2 cops were informed that the woman was deaf so there was no excuse for what they did.

    • DaveH234

      The tazer has become the weapon of choice in unarmed police confrontations.
      It shouldn’t kill but I know if I fell from being shocked I would probably break some bone or other. Discretionary use has to be considered when an aged type is being put under control.
      The dispatcher should have gone to radio after they told the woman that the cops were outside. They were already armed for a confrontation.
      WIth only two hands and one brain maybe they could have used the brain much better here since they already knew of a deaf person involved.
      The investigation begins with the local dept. and then can escalate as questions of inappropriate behavior expands.
      With the cohesiveness of the local force trying to find the officers have done right and sweep any other conclusions under the carpet a possibility, closer investigation is required.

    • Jim in gensan

      YEAH,lets take out the innocent first then ask questions. Even when we know of a particulr handicap. Cops have families and kids as well, some are even handicapped. Perhaps we can find a nut case,seems to plenty,to pay them a taser visit.

    • Art

      Seattle says it all

  • Dwight Mann

    These days you have to protect yourself. This is what you can expect as the crime rate goes through the roof.
    RON PAUL IN 2012
    He will protect your liberties. . .

    • http://Idon'tknow john vance

      voting for Ron Paul is same as voting for Obumer

      • Mike Horn

        Why is it? Instead of voting for the best, (like we did 40 years ago) we are now trying to decide which will rape us the least.

      • 45caliber


        It is basically because neither party bothers to try to run honest people for any office any more – particularly for any high office. They want someone they KNOW will obey party leaders – so they pick someone who is basically dishonest to begin with. Reagon was the last officer I know about that refused to obey the party hacks.

  • Dwight Mann

    3 days in jail? What they could not understand that she could not talk. Unconscionable . . .

    • eddy114

      It’s not encouraging when law enforcement officers appear to be not so bright! Very sad.

      • Mike Horn

        APEAR to be??????

  • Dick

    Stupid cops. Fire them both. Make them pay for the inevitable lawsuit.

    • 45caliber

      A fired cop can generally find a new job with another department within a couple of days for something like this. And all police (and many other departments) have a clause in their contracts that forces the city or whomever hires them to provide lawyers, etc. for free since too many people tend to sue for frivolous reasons.

      • DaveH234

        Police departments were for a period of time, before the current job crisis, having a hard time getting recruits.
        20 years ago I tried to help a female employee at my workplace get away from a nutcase boyfriend who was abusive.
        He happened to be a local cocaine dealer and had thrown her around many times and she got a restraining order and had to leave while he was away and move in with other family members to protect her and their son.
        When he found out she was leaving the violence escalated to damaged house and cars left in the wake.
        About a month later he showed up again but this time wearing a police uniform. He had been accepted and been deputized and now even had a gun. Things got even scarier then.
        I don’t know what transpired since I moved away but I never could believe he could even qualify with all the legal problems he must have had. His reputation was known even by other cops, they had been called during the previous encounters.
        Police can be scary and should be recorded/videotaped at all times when encountered for later proof as to their indiscretions.
        Cops Gone Wild could be a good reality TV show…

      • 45caliber


        This brings to mind a story in Houston not long ago. One of the cops didn’t like a taxi driver. I dont’ remember if it was due to his race (Vietnamese) or if it was personal. The cop would pull him over every time he saw the taxi and give him a ticket for something. He gave him a ticket for running a stop light because his front bumper was over the white line painted across the lane as a stop line. The taxi driver had a recorder beside him and recorded the cop’s language. It included all sorts of foul words (which can get you arrested if you use them on the cop) and it included the fact that he didn’t really run the light at all. It also included the cop saying that he intended to get the taxi driver’s license revoked so he couldn’t drive a cab. The cop was fired – and went to work the next day for a suburb of Houston the next day. But the taxi driver didn’t run into him again.

  • Jonathan

    Tacoma Police will likely give the “Officers were acting appropriately they did nothing wrong” speech. They are right now just trying to figure out how to spin it so that it looks like they thought this poor woman was coming at them with a weapon and that she’s lucky they didn’t shoot her dead.

    I think she should be able to tase them each for the wrong done to her.

    • Brad

      I think she should be able to tase their nuts together!

    • Arnold

      Even if they thought see was a threat at the sceen this still doesn’t explain 3 days in jail. Before they even got to jail they would have know who she was. I would like to see the spin on that. But in a country where you can get away with perjury by stating, “it depends on what you definition of is is’, anything is possible for the left.

  • T. Jefferson

    If you know a good lawyer, get in touch with her and sue the bejesus out them. Stupid cops don’t need to be on the beat.

    • Bev

      I agree completely. This type of behavior will become more prevalent as more and more non-lethal weapons are allowed to be used. With non-lethals there’s is no thought process, no inner debate about using a weapon on another person. She should just sue the entire force and the city for their stupidity.

      • 45caliber

        The idea of tasers was to reduce the need for cops to use guns to stop a person. The intent was the cops would use these as next-to-last choice. Instead it has become the first choice for cops to use in any situation. (I won’t kill them so it is okay to use – and I don’t have to argue with them)

        Not that long ago, a man was taking his newborn son out of a hospital. A security guard tasered the man – who was carrying the baby – without regard for the baby’s safety. It is a wonder the baby didn’t die from the shock or from being dropped. The hospital’s excuse was the father hadn’t followed hospital protocol to take the boy.

    • eddie47d

      Tasers were eventually brought into police departments to make situations less volatile. Apparently the opposite is occurring.

  • Dennis

    Unfortunately, I no longer trust any police officer to do the right thing any more than I would trust the criminal. This is a sad thing. I remember as a kid looking up to a policeman, but today, no. My response now is similar to the response most Germans had to the Nazi Gestapo during WWII.

  • Don Wright

    My question is this. Did they read their text messages? The department obviously is seriously deficient in training officers to respond to this type of call. I refuse to believe that an officer deliberately tased an individual for “fun”. This has to fall on the whole police department!

    • Mike Horn

      COULD they read ??????

      • Art

        Probably not, they were educated in the american school system

    • Bill Willis

      Why would you believe that cops would not harm someone for fun? Extreme aggression has become a desired trait in the hiring of police. I am ashamed to say that I have a relative who is a cop. He’s said many times that he wants people to give him an excuse to fight. He’s bragged about knocking a woman out because she wouldn’t shut up when he told her to. Cops are no longer public servants. They are violent enforcers who keep the slaves in line.

      • Arnold

        Not all cops are like this. I had a friend who was with Reno PD for 20+ years and tried to ‘protect and serve’, he was never promoted apparently for non-aggression. They assigned him to downtown bicycle patrol for years because most cops don’t like it. When they found out he enjoyed the exercise and being out with the ‘citizens’ he was reassigned. It starts at the top, is it any wonder that under the obama/holder justice system that it is getting worse at the street level?

    • Patsy

      I could sort of go along with that they did not read the text messages, but they also kept her in jail for 3 days without an interpreter and it had to be obvious at the time they took her in that she was deaf.

    • Rick

      In the article it says she texted the diepatcher and it sounds like the dispather didn’t do her part in communicating that to the officers. SInce it only takes appox. 1 minute to go 21 feet and having someone alreaady moving coming at you takes less. They acted to protect themselves. It is a whole series of mistakes when taken together made for a big mess.I think blaming the officers for all this is unfair to them and officers i9n general. Some are power hngry but most aare trying to do a very difficult job with the leadership handicaping them at every turn.

      • Lee K

        A fair comment/reply, but your opinion is not supported by the fact that the lady spent 3 days in jail for no legitimate reason. The lack of an interpreter only worsens the situation.

  • Arby Justice Wilder

    More and more the victim gets arrested and the perp walks. Welcome to Obama’s social justice.

  • Brian

    sounds like the police knew she was deaf and decided to tazer her and put her in jail for being deaf.. where is the aclu? where are the libs speaking out.. where are the gays.. where is al sharpton.. isnt this a hate crime against the handicapped.. is the victim black? or an Illegal alien or a muslim, or gay?? must not cause all the major news networks would have 10,000 reporters saying what a racist. place tacoma is and the mayors of chicago, boston and san fran. saying tacoma cops do not represent the values of their cities.. I think she is a black illegal alien gay muslim.. cover all the bases then the democratic party and all their useful idiots will start rioting in the streets of tacoma. and the occoupy crowd should decend on tacoma until Justice is served.. Whats next tacoma cops?
    oh I got it. a felony stop on a dude in a wheel chair… where the wheel chair dude gets shot because he fails to get face down on the ground.

    realistically she is most likely a white christian woman.. so she is screwed and nobody cares…

    she should sue the city of tacoma for 200 billion dollars and part of the settlement the city must erect signs saying they hate handicapped, and will tazer them and throw them in jail if they call the cops..

    hey libs (progressives, statists, commies, socialists, fachists or what ever you call yourself now).. here is your utopia, enjoy it you dumb a$$es

    • Chester

      Brian, they did not know which party was coming out the door, so some of that would fall back on dispatch, too. These officers should have received verbal notification that the deaf victim was coming out the door, instead of just another text message they didn’t have time to read.

      • Patsy

        That could explain the tazer, but it does not explain the three days in jail without an interpreter.

  • Brad

    I think Obama and his public servants are traitors and should be strung up in public view along with the Mass murderer in AZ they let live yesterday. To bad the 13 he killed did not get that same choice. Obama is killing innocent Americans everyday from poverty stricened policies. …………Well the word is OUT, that is what someone told me!

  • Tom Cook

    Just another instance which reinforces my assertion that cops are no longer the thin blue line between citizens and criminals. Cops are the criminals. They are almost universally fat stupid lazy crass scum.

  • hooder

    Arrogant dumb-assed cops.

    • Mike Horn

      The only reason they are “dumb ass” is because that is where their heads are. Otherwise they wouldnt be smart at all.

  • JWC

    I live south of Seattle and I can tell you for a fact that cops in the Puget Sound area (especially Seattle PD) ARE a bunch of thugs with guns and badges. Unnecessary beatings,brain-damaged victims of police muscle, gunning down indian woodcarvers on the street for no reason, all done practically with impunity. WE THE PEOPLE need to arm ourselves to defend against those who here “to serve and protect” us.

  • ArkansasRebel

    I too have lost respect for police in general. If you still have respect for them you probably have not had to file a complaint, make a police report or call for their assistance. If you had & if you had asked for the responding officers report you would find that their story is far from your own. Even quoting you when you did not state what they quote. Their report is often worded to make THEM look more like they are doing their job & you are one of the bad guys. Just another “perp”.

    Unfortunately, there is apparently no intelligence requirement to become a police officer & the trainers at the police academies don’t appear to meet any intelligence requirements.

    If the police still have your respect, check around, find a local drug dealer and ask who, in general, are their best customers. I’m confident you will hear that they are the police.

    • Robert

      I live in Alabama and have only had 1 negative experience with a cop in my lifetime. (60 years). I have been stopped approximatly 15 times in all this time and only received 3 tickets, usually just a warning., and all but one was very courteous and professional.

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    At least they didn’t shoot her.

  • Bill

    With all of that evidence in her favor, she has a great lawsuit.

  • 45caliber

    I have several deaf relatives. This is one of their biggest fears – police commanding them to do something they can’t hear and then taking action on it. Several of their friends have been killed by police at one time or another because of this. One was walking down a street at night. A policeman behind him ordered him to stop – and when he didn’t the cop shot him. (Many years ago now.) It is a sad situation and one that no police department does anything to correct.

  • Nanc

    The so called Officers need to be FIRED

    • 45caliber

      It wouldn’t matter if they were. Generally, a fired cop can get another job with another department within a couple of days.

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  • Bill Fox

    She’s still alive. She could have been shot by the police. When you call 911, you invite pain and death into your life. I had a three hour ordeal when my wife died, and I was left with the impression I was going to be prosecuted for murder, to the fullest extent of the law. The next morning, I was told that’s how all “deaths at home without an attending physican are handled.” I do not call 911. I do not cooperate with the police except to avoid being arrested. If I see a crime that does not directly affect me, I mind my own business. If I see the police acting inappropriately, I go the other way. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m really careful about who I invite into my life and I don’t hesitate to tell people to leave and don’t come back. If you ask the police or fire department for help, the most likely outcome will you being arrested and your property confiscated. “Protect and serve.”

  • Nobody’s Fool

    To compound their crime, they left this poor lady rotting in a cell without assistance while they figured out how to cover their a$$es. I hope she sues them to Kingdom Come.

    • Bill

      Only problem with these law suits is that everyone living in the city has to pay. I’m tired of the deep pocket crap. If a cop screws up where he is being sued, HE should have to pay, not everyone else.

      • cpa

        Agreed. Let’s bring back some personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

        I’m fine with the city providing legal council etc (so that petty lawsuits by criminals cannot be used to derail a good cop). But in the event a cop is found guilty of actual wrong to a citizen (such as in an event like this it would appear) the end payout of the lawsuit should come from confiscating the cop’s own assets who did the wrong thing and not the city / taxpayers.

  • http://yahoo marc lizotte

    It was an dam if I do dam if I don`t situation. There was a women reported to be one of the perps. They did`nt know probably if the one they tazed was the victim or the perp. I feel bad for the lady but think if it HAD been the perp and she had run off or could have caused the cops harm. They owe the lady an explanation and apology and her injuries taken cared of. I sure all the above were done and that the ccops involved will go over the situation with a fine toothed comb and hopefully have learnt a lesson here.

    • Bill

      And the 3 days in jail – where does that come into play.

    • turingschild

      It might have helped if the cop had bothered to raise his hand instead of speaking to a possibly deaf suspect. KNOWING the victim was deaf and talking to her? What’s this cop’s IQ? 17?

  • Chuck

    Just guessing, but I assume from the lady’s first name that she is probably of African descent. In this case ONLY I would support a Justice Department investigation of the brutal and unnecessary force used to subdue this poor woman.

  • Elizabeth Sloot

    You mean to tell me that 2 policeman could not have handled this situation with an older woman running towards them without tassering her? Most of these cops are nothing but losers who want to be wannabees.If the officer was close enough to taser her he was close enough to see she didn’t have a weapon.

    • 45caliber

      The problem is that most cops today believe that the taser is the FIRST thing to use in any confrontation. It doesn’t matter if the person is the criminal or the victim. Tasers won’t kill so no harm is done – right? It doesn’t matter if they hurt the victims or not. It doesn’t really matter if the victim has a weak heart or something and dies from it. It is simply easier for a cop to use the taser than it is to risk getting within a few feet of the other person. They are using tasers for all sorts of things now. Recently a man jaywalked. When a cop ordered him to stop, he looked at the cop and walked away. The cop tasered him – and then charged him with failure to obey a cop’s instructions. Tasered? For that? I think the taser should be attached to some delicate parts of the cop’s body and turned on for thirty minutes or so as punishment.

  • DC/Tex

    Corrupt illegal White House, Congress, Governors, Mayors, Police, they all seem to be so power hungry and only care about themselves and the the wealthy that have them in their back pocket. Cops, at one time could be depended on to protect the public, now most of them want the power over others by packing a gun on their hip and a tazer. The two that tazed this woman should be jailed for two years and pay restitution to the lady and five years of community service, stupid corrupt is stupid corrupt does.

    • 45caliber

      When the top is corrupt, the bottom follows suit. Always. It is the easiest way to know if the top is corrupt since the bottom is more blatant about it.

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Texas has a state law that an interpreter must be present or on duty when dealing with deaf people, and just like what happened to this lady in Washington a similar incident happened in Amarillo about seven years ago. My youngest brother was born deaf and he had the following incident happen to him at a dairy queen restaurant: Upon sitting down to eat, he took off his jacket ( a leather pilot jacket I gave him as a gift ) and when he went to get some napkins a man took his jacket and ran out of the restaurant and my brother pursued and a fight resulted in the parking lot. The manager called the police and apparently the thief heard the police and he ran leaving the jacket, my brother reentered the restaurant to eat and the police came in to interview him, but when they spoke he did not answer and so one of them grabbed his arm and he tried to lift his hand free to do sign language and the police say they interpreted his hand gestures as threats and the officers threw him to the ground and tried to handcuff him and he did not know why they were beating on him as he tried to regain use of his hands to speak. He was beaten and finally cuffed and when they searched his wallet they found his id with the deaf notification and when they finally got an interpreter and found out what the truth of the situation was he was let go, but when my sister went to file charges against the police they said they were not charging him with assault on a peace officer and they did not apologize or admit they were wrong. Because my brother is totally deaf, when he tries to speak it is not very plain and his speech is slurred so the officers claim they thought he was drunk or on drugs. My brother does not like to public places by himself much now, and he usually tries to get a hearing person to take him because he thinks the police will kill him. I told him they are not out to get him, but he still cannot comprehend why someone stole his jacket and he got a beating. I sympathize with this lady and I hope these police officers get fired.

  • SJJolly

    Approach police while deaf and get tasered, thrown to the ground, and arrested? Not as bad as approaching them while naked — then they have a reputation of shooting to kill!


    All that work of training for public encounters and to pay attention to situations, this makes all the effort look like a fools errand…..

  • Karolyn

    If anybody’s interested, here’s a pettition to sign for the Tacoma PD.

  • Mr. Nunur Bezeness

    The local Fire Department suggest I put up a sticker in my windows (they provide it) telling them I have kids and or pets or both. Why i it a deaf women living alone does not have, nor was required to have anything on the exterior of the building or apatment or house that would indicate to first responders her condition of being deaf?? Now do not give me that she has the right to not label herself or she is deaf not disabeled, I’m sorry, the women can not hear a cop say stop, then she is stone deaf and should get an implant so she can hear or post somethng for the mailman fire department and police that indiscates her being deaf. If not, then she runs the risk of getting tased or worse yet shot! There comes a time when disabled persons must accept and live as though they are not like the vast majoority of the rest of society, we can hear a cop say stop! We can know when the house is on fire or someone has broken in, she could not. Dis-Abled it means you have a disadvantage from the rest of us, in this case she can’t hear. Case closed, cops go back to work!

  • whitedoveblogg


  • Michelle Hummer

    Remove the Law Enforcement Officers from the force, They obviously do not listen to thier dispatcher & refuse to step up and take responsability for their grave error in judgement.DO NOT ALLOW THE ENDANGERMENT OF THE CITIZENS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT CONTINUE!! Make an example if for no other reason than to let the people know that their safety should come first, And while their at it they could hold a mandatory once a year brush up course in Common Courtesy & …..uuuhhh…..Oh Yeah ….. (COMMON SENSE)..It’s time for this complete disregard for Public Safety to END!! & learn to start practicing Care & Discipline when dealing with a Handicapped individual.Thank God she did’nt have a cell or any other Item in her hand’s at the time or their probably would’nt be just an article,More likely due to the seemingly constant procedural screw-ups it would be an Obituary. How much more of these (I did’nt have the full story so I just went with my gut & badge and Seriously injured a poor handicapped woman that really needed my help) Excuses will the people seem to Ignore & take until SOMEONE stands up & properly makes an example of the Individual in question so it does NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!


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