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Cop Cites Toddler For Trying To Pee

November 7, 2012 by  

Cop Cites Toddler For Trying To Pee

Boys will be boys, and cops will be cops.

A 3-year-old in Piedmont, Okla., earned his mom a $2,500 fine for unzipping his pants and attempting to urinate in his own front yard. Before the reportedly still potty-training tyke got down to business, a police officer stopped him and informed his mother that the child’s impromptu bathroom break would cost her.

“Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside, I guess and the cop pulled up and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket for public urination,” the boy’s mother, Ashley Warden told Oklahoma’s News9.

“I said really, he is three years old, and he said it doesn’t matter. It is public urination. I said we are on our property and he said it’s in public view,” the boy’s grandmother Jennifer Warden added.

The Wardens reportedly filed a complaint with the department that was rejected by the law enforcement agency. The family claims that they live on two acres near a public street, but are actually located in a quite rural area. They allege that the citation-writing officer parks on their street daily.

“I am disappointed that the officer thinks this is what he needs to do with my tax dollars is sitting and harassing our family,” Jennifer Warden said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Patriot II

    The Piece of Crap Political Correct Cop that did that shoud be horse whipped!

    • James L Smith

      $2500, give me a break. This is why i would rather meet a mugger than a cop, the mugger only takes what’s on you but the cop can take everything you own and the agency will back him 100%

      • old hillbilly

        Why not put his name out here – let him reap what he sows… Probably a lot like a two bit town near by with 2 new cop cars, 6 officers, a mayor, a dog catcher, 4 council members, & a jail & all 12 of them reporting to the 12 town citizens

      • auhunter

        Yes and in NYC a drug pusher is only fined 150 bucks for a intent to sell violation. Where’s the justice?

      • Harold Olsen

        It’s this sort of abuse of authority by cops that surveys here in Seattle show that the average citizen is more afraid of the police than the criminals and they believe that the only difference between them is the cops carry badges.

    • Mark Are Reynolds

      At the very least.

      • GALT

        Promissary Note

        I, ( state your name ), promise to pay to__________________________________
        ________________________________dollars, in the “lawful money of account” of the United States in accordance with 31 USC 371, and Article One, section 10 of the Constitution of the United States which states in pertinent part that; “no state may coin money, nor make any THING a payment of debt, except gold and silver coin.”

        As a natural born citizen of the united States, from the town of ……….., in the State of ………… and currently residing in the State of ………., I hereby declare that I shall not voluntarily violate the “Supreme Law of the land” and will consider any attempt to compel me to do so, a “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” 18 USC 242, and should this action involve more than one individual, an act of “Conspiracy”, under 18 USC 241.

        Should either of these events occur, I shall seek both criminal and civil relief within all relevant jurisdictions.

        Submitted with all DUE respect:

        ( John Doe ), “without prejudice”, UCC 1 -207, 308 UCC 1-203 104 NRS 1207/308

        Greeting fellow citizens of the “united States of America”. While I certainly agree that the Article Two of the Bill of Rights is an important one, it is one that should be considered by responsible citizens as a last resort. Also, rhetoric is easy, as is sophistry……but for those who truly wish to restore the Constitution of the United States, and “legitimate government”, which “derives it’s just powers from the CONSENT of the governed”, then two things are of primary importance in deciding who are the legitimate voices and potential leaders in this fight and do they have “skin in the game”.

        The means of “resistance” are many, and the primary one that is available is to “deny” as much revenue as possible to “government” at every level……….the closer to home, the better, and Article One, section ten can be an appropriate means to do so.

        On the signature line, you will note the citation UCC 1 -207 which is a “reservation of rights” under the Uniform Commercial Code, whose effect “declares” that unless this reservation of rights is in place, before you need them, you have no access to them, after the fact. ( Whatever “rights” you do have, are those which government ( and the courts, ultimately ) allow to remain.
        ( just enough to create the “illusion” of justice.)
        104 NRS 1-207 is the State of Nevada equivalent of the Federal version, and the UCC has been adopted by every State and Commonwealth in its entirety, ( except Louisianna which only adopted some of it, due to it’s napoleanic origins ) and each one has this section, which has the same legal effect. ( which is to eliminate all common law and equity courts and replace them with admiralty and maritime courts, which are essentially federal in nature, thereby removing the protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights from “ordinary citizens”, so that making the attempt to access obvious parts of it, such as Article One, Section Ten as difficult as possible.

        This was done by the Social Security Act, the adoption of Postal Codes, and finally the UCC and Codification of US Law, in 1939. You will note that all legal id, licences and court documents are in uppercase letters, John Doe from the State of Nev ( legal abbreviation) became, JOHN DOE from NV. ( federal citizen/slave/property of/asset ) of the UNITED STATES.

        Now it is interesting to here the term “statesman” used, but a statesman would be showing ordinary people the means to resist government tyranny by methods that are directly beneficial to the individual and easily undefrstood and implimented.

        To divest yourself of slave status, you need to inscribe every legal form of ID you have with the Federal and State, reservation of rights under UCC 1 207 with the words “without prejudice” or “all rights reserved”. I prefer the first one, because its meaning is subtle and most government flunkies have no clue as to its meaning, including cops, lawyers, and sadly many judges. 1939 was a long time ago. You should also include this on everything you sign and if you are questioned regarding it, simply say that it represents your commitment to “equal rights and protections under the law”. To further establish your “reservation”, filing notorized affividavits with local city and county office of record would also be a prudent step.

        What effect does this have? It essentially allows you to claim your “common law and equity law rights”, in the US and State constitutions, to challenge the jurisdiction of any “court” and force them to try you under “common or equity law”, ( no such courts exist ) to demand a jury trial ( in all cases over $20 ), to obtain free assistance of counsel, ( you have no income, since for you there is no “lawful money”, although always insist that any “lawyer” you get, is merely a co-counsel as they are largely useless for these types of strategies ) and also, you can challenge the law directly, as well as the facts.
        ( Georgia v. Brailsford )

        As I probably have put you all to sleep, I will end this by saying that the “promissary note” above, is a devious instrument…….it is not a refusal to pay, it is an inquiry for the authority in question ( and eventually a judge ) to resolve the problem of payment, without violating the “supreme law of the land”……and to force payment, the judge would have to rule that ‘federal reserve notes’ were “constitutional”, ( lawful money ) Any such decision, would be subject to “appeal”, which would become precedent…..and this has not and will not ever happen.

        The easiest way to test this, is to sign the next traffic citation you receive, with the above reservation of rights ( also add this to the front of your SS card, and put a sticker on the back of your drivers licence and/or state id.) If you have not caused injury or damage, you should avoid penalty……challenge the jurisdiction of the court in a pretrial motion, and go from there.

        Warning: This can be scarey, you will be threatened and bluffed, but let me ask you ALL a serious question……..if you can’t be bothered to take this rather minimal risk and learn from it…….please do not expect anyone to believe, that if a “violent revolution” is the only remedy, you will be leading from the front…….or be anywhere near it.

        WARNING and Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as “legal advice” by an attorney at law, duly licensed by the “bar association” of any particular state and/or federal district.

      • Jonathan Baker

        @ GALT An excellent comment. What has happened quietly regarding the switch from equity courts to admiralty courts is fastenating and frightening. That hardly anyone outside the legal system is aware of what has happened and how the change has strengthened the federal government’s power while nullifying citizens’ rights is frightening. The topic is involved, lengthy and not easy to understand for a layman. But, if one is willing to put the mental, and time-consuming, effort into studying this change in our legal system, it’s a big eye opener and is hair-raising. To protect one’s rights without being thoroughly versed in the basis of his adversarial move against the established bureuaracy can be a daunting task. I’m not sure that I could withstand a blustering judge. But, that’s just me. I’m more sheep than mustang, I’m afraid. However, we all should be willing to protect our rights to equitable justice.

      • GALT

        To be afraid is quite understandable…….but there are two points to be considered here.

        1.) This is not a confrontational approach…….once one has taken the preliminary
        steps of placing the UCC reservation of rights on the appropriate I.D. and signing
        any legal document with this reservation…… have effectively removed yourself
        from the jurisdiction of the “admiralty and maritime” court………and you would be in a position of simply asking a “question” regarding the “authority” of any judge to
        proceed against you.

        2.) From this point any proceedings must involve the court ( in this case a judge )
        establishing jurisdiction over you……….and this can only be done by asking you
        to plead to the charges………which you can refuse to do based on your reservation
        of rights…….which will be “evidenced” on the “complaint”……….

        Now I am assuming that in the normal course of events……one would be testing all of
        this with regard to a traffic citation………or even in an instance like the above one
        in this article……..and even if you do not get it right…….the penalty isn’t going to be
        any worse than what you are already facing……..

        You also need to remember that for most of the people involved in this process
        ignorance abounds……….so until you get to the “judge”… just say nothing…..
        although you may find that……..a 2500 dollar fine becomes a 50 dollar fine
        before you actually get to a judge…….. ( it’s magic )

        Also, even if the “judge” is not completely aware of what is going on, when you
        finally stand before him…….your refusal to plead, based on your reservation of rights,
        will bring the matter into focus for him…….because this is dangerous territory
        and for the reasons cited……that this has the potential to be made public as
        well as become part of the record……….needs to be avoided…..( so once again
        a magical result at least to those observing will be the most likely outcome )

        You will find some of the potential dialog in the link….although as described there,
        it is way more complex than what will be needed…….

        You are after all, not some criminal who has committed a heinous act… are simply
        asking an inconvenient question…..and one which needs to be “disposed” of……rather
        than answered……..and that THREAT is far more powerful than you can imagine….
        at the moment……but even if you never act on this for whatever reason, just knowing this may be useful………who knows, maybe you can hang a jury by simply refusing to convict,
        just don’t tell anybody why you are doing it……..

  • steve

    maybe they should catch the officer sleeping ,take pictures and get his butt fired. what use to be forgiven is no longer accepted in this politically correct world

    • Bill

      A 100 to 1 this piece of $#!? has been parked on a public street, highway, or property and has relieved his pathtis @$$ numerious times. Just a quote from a local cop here at McDonald’s. This sick freak can give a citation to a three year old, but probably doesn’t have the balls to arrest or give a citation to a 55 year old pervert master bating on a public street, in a most popular apacific coast city, in broad daylight. How sickly stupid can the human race go?


    Whats next? citation for when your pet urinates in public view? FORWARD ———> an awesome nation we have become, no question about it

    • rebel country

      A police nation is what we are becoming,and our fellow countrymen voted it in.


    I bet this does not happen in Communist China or Russia. What a load of noinsence…is this story true in America today?

    It discusts me to even think a policeman would do this to a family.

  • MontanaGrandmom

    Just google ‘split pants’. Quite a cultural difference.


    Looks like Piedmont needs them dollars to pay for their gas for the cruisers, since they are losing tax dollars due to the high unemployment, they have found new ways to squeeze money from the public. Charge 3 yr old boys for “weak bladder”. They’ll find ways to charge people for f arting in public now also, claiming second hand fumes omitted from bodily functions caused damages to another.

    • Lori Ellin

      I am going to personally write to that PD and let them know how asinine this was to do and how much time and money I will not be spending in their town ever again.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Most likely the cop was under pressure to write some tickets and he nabbed this opportunity. What a jerk. Someone should take away his doughnuts.

  • Pete

    Another sign of our cultural decline. Common sense is totally lacking.

  • Michele

    How pathetic. Leave the kid alone, and for goodness sake fire this cop, now. I wonder where all the people in the path of Sandy go to the bathroom. Their toilets aren’t working, so from what I hear they are using stairwells and hallways…better watch out New York, because they are going to start giving you fines.a

  • momo

    Doesn’t this cop have real criminals to nab?

    • Harold Olsen

      Most likely, he’s scared [expletive deleted] to face a real criminal.

  • Elected4Life

    Serious lack of good judgment here! This is why things will happen that some say will never happen. Man’s compass of right & wrong is spinning out of control.

    If we do not build on the foundation of God’s Word then our work is in vain.

  • eddie47d

    My grandson (3) has done that once in his yard. Good thing he was behind a 6 ‘ fence! . I’ve done it myself along side a lonely country road so I better be careful next time! LOL!

  • Twistingyarn

    At 3 years old the child doesn’t understand anything about laws, he’s just coming to the realization that he shouldn’t pee in his pants. This policeman is a prime example of a moronic obamanation police state. No logic, no judgment just zee rules, you vill comply.
    Worse than that he’s a waste of taxpayer money. He parks himself on a quiet street in a rural neighborhood everyday avoiding real work getting paid to lounge in a vehicle the public pays for. What a horses ass.

  • Chris

    Should have done his peeing on the cop.

  • R

    The community should refuse every single levy and boycott police related fundraisers and city sponsored events until that cop is let go.
    Vote with your $.

  • concerned citizen

    I’d tell the cop to serve my son and throw him in jail if need be…. but wouldn’t pay that fine…
    Could you imagine them not getting the $2500 and trying to take a 3 year old to jail? Of course, it would be me going to jail for not paying the fine… but hey… somebody has to do what is right and not let stupid laws prevail.
    Old folks pee in public all day long… they just do it in their Depends. What makes it legal to do in your pants, but illegal to do what the animals do?
    Now if it were #2, break out the pooper scooper like for your pets in the park… but geeesh… in your own yard?? I’ve done that lots of times… nature-tinkle….

  • Ron Allen

    I just wonder if this [expletive deleted] had to call for backup. It takes two of them to do anything. And that is a minimum. For that much money, the little boy should have peed on the cops shoe.


    R.I.P. America ., 1776- 2012

  • texastwin827

    As a former city councilwoman (Addison TX) the city should be asking why this officer parks on her street, daily, in a fairly rural area. If you check this city’s website you find they have 10 full time officers (6 reserve officers…which are usually not paid officers so they are not full time people) to cover 43 sq miles.

    Since police departments usually operate with 3 shifts, per day, that means that at any given time, there are usually only 3 full time officers on duty, per shift (including the Chief of Police who probably doesn’t do patrol duty)…..and this man has time to “park” on a street, everyday?

    If it were me, he’d be wise to stop parking on my street as I would make sure there was always a camera ready to catch him sleeping in his squad car!

    • Harold Olsen

      It makes me wonder if he parks there so he can find a place to take a pee.

  • ves

    If the cop is into this type of petty harassment….then who knows what he has done to the Teenagers and Young Adults in that town!
    I guess every male I’ve ever known is now in big trouble…..good grief our country has lost ALL Common Sense!!
    Most people (if they actually noticed) would have laughed and said they hoped the parents got a pic for future blackmail….LOL

  • tim

    Another stupid liberal cop!!!! This is the kind of cop you need to be aware of. He’s a chicken[expletive deleted] when it comes to going after criminals, but he will shoot a law abiding citizen because there is no threat!!!

  • R

    The community has to complain. Get the people informed.
    No Squeak, No Greese!

  • amusedinil
  • Mark Are Reynolds

    Here is the mayor’s email address: Cop Cites Toddler For Trying To Pee

    Here is her phone number: 405-373-3660

  • jhkjsdhkjhd

    Furthermore, I would almost guarantee the cop sits on a stack of phone books in his cruiser, and probably has a very itty bitty you know what.

    • Harold Olsen

      Yes, he is obviously someone with the small man syndrome. Place him in a position of power and he thinks he’s a god.

  • taz

    Probably turned him on and made him feel like he had to take action.

  • Robert

    I think this cop should take his ticket book up to his a$$



  • Rob Weinhold

    There has to be more to this story than meets the eye. I just can’t believe a cop would do such a thing. Did someone interrupt his donut and coffee break or something? Unreal!!!

  • s c

    Methinks that “cop” must have voted for the utopian. First, I’m surprised that the cop didn’t make any effort to go after the parents for letting the kid survive Amerika’s abortion lottery. Second, Technically, peeing in public is not a violation of the law UNLESS Oklahoma’s laws have been set up to mirror a utopian society. Third, When a utopian tries to pee on my leg and demands that I think it’s just ‘raining,’ I don’t need a cop to know that I’m truly being victimized by a retarded utopian (and someone who doesn’t deserve to be a R E A L cop).
    Last, I DEMAND to know the name and address of that wannabe “cop.” I have something to say to that closet Hitler. I will be polite (NOT pc), but I will word it so even that “cop” understands what I mean and he will know how little use I have for lower life forms – especially utopians. Up the rebels!

  • nw

    The judge needs to throw this charge out and charge this officer for wasting taxpayers money, something so stupid, peeing in public view out on a rural countryside, who saw this indecent act besides the gestapo police? I will research more on this, really ridiculous, the police wouldn’t even answer to news media about this.

    • Teresa

      I bet when it goes to court, the judge is not gonna be too happy with the cop, and the actions he took, I would not want to be in the cops shoes, does he not know how stupid this makes him look, I hope the mother takes it all the way, this is so crazy, I sure hope that policeman stays in Ok..A good lawyer would probably get this mom some money for the harassment she has been through, I say go for it, maybe he will learn not to pick on little youngins, Was wondering (does he have any kids?), must not, or he would have some common sense about him….

  • Charles A

    You have to look at this from the cop’s point of view. If a three-year-old would urinate in public this week, next week he will commit armed robbery. Then, the week after that, he will murder someone. By the time he is four-years-old, he will be a hardened criminal, incarcerated in a maximum security prison. You have to “nip it in the bud,” as Barney Fife used to say.

    • Harold Olsen

      That probably is this cop’s mentality.

  • ranger09

    Most likely hes a kin to the Chief or the Mayor, Either way hes one stupid Jerk, this type of law was designed for people who are at the age to know better.

  • DaveH

    Once you understand that Government is just the largest Gang in the Land, everything else comes clear.

    • Harold Olsen

      Most police departments in this country seem to be becoming organized crime gangs. Instead of going after criminal gangs, they are becoming them.

      • Robert

        Yep, There are two kind of gangs, illegal and legal.. the law-by-citizen are between.

      • Gary

        How to create an instant bully. Give a coward $75,000 a year and a badge and gun!

  • Harold Olsen

    Sounds like another badge heavy cop to me, useing his badge to abuse his authority. All that POS should have done was informed the child’s mother and warned her that he shouldn’t be doing it and let it go at that. I’m surprised the cop didn’t handcuff the child and haul him off to jail.

  • nw

    He probably thought about it, but figured the boy would not understand his miranda rights.

  • Gary

    Just think ….. after Tuesday more of the same aren’t Americans lucky!

  • michael a.

    welcome to PostAmerica! it’s just going to get even better.


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