Cook With The Sun Using The SUN OVEN®

Bake a turkey in a SUN OVEN® for 6 to 8 hours (on a clear, sunny day). The turkey is done when its interior temperature reaches 180 degrees F on a meat thermometer.

We have no idea whether we will be hit by a natural disaster, a manmade disaster or even an economic collapse. With the SUN OVEN® you can be assured that you will have a way to cook no matter what happens.

The SUN OVEN® can be used anywhere there is sunlight. It can be used in the coldest part of the winter as long as the sun is shining. The ideal time to use the oven is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. On a cloudy day, it will take a lot longer to cook, similar to a slow cooker.

The SUN OVEN® bakes, boils or steams any kind of food with the power of the sun. You can hard-boil an egg inside the SUN OVEN® without water. Just place the egg inside, and it will cook in about 20 minutes.

The SUN OVEN® is economical. It requires no fuel. And cooking with the SUN OVEN® reduces air-conditioning costs in the summer, because you are not heating up the kitchen with the conventional oven.

The even temperature of the sun allows it to cook evenly and never burns the food. There is no need to stir the food as you are cooking it. Because there is no airflow, the food stays moist and never dries out.

The SUN OVEN® works just like your home oven. It will reach temperatures of 350° to 400° F.  Yet it is totally safe, and there is no danger of fire.

The SUN OVEN® is easy to use and portable. It can be used in the back yard in case of a power failure. This makes it ideal to have in case of some sort of disaster.

The SUN OVEN® comes with a black enamel roasting pot with a lid. Enamelware is used because it is dark and holds heat, which allows the food to cook faster.

The SUN OVEN® is composed of an outer box made with very durable PVC plastic and an inner box made out of aluminum that has been sprayed with black, non-toxic powder coating to absorb the heat, which is easy to clean. The oven has a leg you can adjust to get the right angle of the sun. It also has a leveling tray inside, which you can adjust as needed to keep the pot from being lopsided if you’ve adjusted the oven’s leg.

The inner lining of the SUN OVEN® is made of insulation similar to that used in pizza ovens. It is so well insulated that it traps heat inside the box and allows it to cook anything in a small roasting pan that you normally would cook or bake in an oven. It has reflectors that fold out to reflect the sun and heat up the black inner box.

There is a tempered-glass door that locks to keep the heat inside the box. The glass heats up, so it is important to use oven mitts to reach into the SUN OVEN® when removing food. The glass locks down and heats up, which deters animals from getting inside to eat food that is being cooked.

The SUN OVEN® reflectors are made of anodized aluminum. They will never rust or oxidize, and they are 86 percent reflective. They fold down, lock and lay flat on top of the oven. The oven, which weighs only 21 pounds, has a handle and can be carried like a small suitcase.

The SUN OVEN® has a temperature gauge that allows you to regulate the heat.

Two Ways To Cook In A SUN OVEN®

  • As if you were cooking in a conventional oven: Check the SUN OVEN® every 20 to 30 minutes and refocus it toward the sun so it will get the same amount of heat.
  • As if you were cooking in a slow cooker: Put the food in the pot, place it in the SUN OVEN® and focus it facing south for midday sun. Leave it in from early morning until afternoon, and it will be done when you get home from work. There is no need to worry about the food burning or overcooking. It just keeps it warm, moist and fresh for hours.

Being Prepared To Cook In Case of Emergency Can Reduce Fear and Anxiety

The SUN OVEN® pays for itself in a short time. Thousands of SUN OVENS® have been sold and families are prepared with an alternative way to cook, steam and bake. The fuel the SUN OVEN® saves offsets its cost. The regular price is $269.95. It comes with the enamel roasting pan and lid. I own one of these ovens, and I have enjoyed using it and experimenting with breads and one-pot meals.

How much fuel and wood do you have set aside for preparedness? With the SUN OVEN® you won’t need any fuel or wood for cooking, just the power of the sun.

If you don’t ever need it for an emergency, you can use it to have fun with the children and grandchildren on a campout or just a fun backyard picnic. Make snacks like s’mores, dried fruit and fun desserts.

The SUN OVEN® Does Much More Than Cook

Some other things you can do in the SUN OVEN are:

  • Boil and pasteurize water.
  • Dehydrate fruits and vegetables.
  • Heat water for cleaning or bathing.
  • Kill bugs that may have infested your grain, beans, rice or other food storage.
  • Sanitize dishes.
  • Soften honey.
  • Sprout grains, seeds and legumes.

SUN OVENS® are being sent to Third World countries where the women must search for twigs, sticks and wood to cook because their resources are being depleted.

In my next article, I will explain how to make your own solar cooker or oven. It is less expensive and can be made with surplus materials.

If you are interested in the SUN OVEN® and accessories as well as cookbooks, you can check it out on my website.

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–Peggy Layton

EDITOR’S NOTE: Peggy Layton and her family were featured in the TLC special “Livin’ For The Apocalypse,” which premiered on Aug. 28.

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a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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