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Cook County Misquotes Landmark Court Cases In Defense Of Its Gun Ban

December 21, 2010 by  

Cook County misquotes landmark court cases in defense of its gun banAn Illinois county has stumbled out of the gate in its legal defense of its gun ban, according to the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).

In a case that challenges the precinct's existing law that criminalizes the possession of many common firearms, the Cook County State Attorney's office recently filed briefs that contained factual errors, including misquotes of past Supreme Court decisions. According to the ISRA, the documents contained errors in the DC v Heller and McDonald v Chicago cases, which upheld the 2nd Amendment.

When the mistakes were brought to light by the plaintiffs, Cook County's legal team filed a motion to withdraw the errors in favor of amended versions. The plaintiffs have moved to strike the amendments on the motion that the changes do not remedy the ramifications of the misquotes in the original briefs.

ISRA spokesman Richard Pearson said that the Cook County Attorney General's office blamed the misquotes on "electronic errors."

"In the county's briefs, the two high court decisions are erroneously quoted as addressing 'common handguns' whereas the decisions, as written, do not contain the phrase 'common handguns,'" said Pearson. "There is a clear difference when one addresses handguns versus 'common' handguns in that the latter would drastically reduce the types of firearms whose ownership is protected under the Second Amendment." 

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  • Teresa

    Obama finally chose a director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Mr. Obama will submit the name of Andrew Traver, the special agent in charge of the Bureau’s Chicago field division, to the Senate, the White House.
    It could be the last Christmas present you unwrap on Christmas morning; or perhaps, it will be the throbbing headache you wake up with on January 1. The bottom line is this: Andrew Traver is an ENEMY of the people, like you and me, who understand the Second Amendment is the cornerstone of liberty and, without the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms, we would be no more secure, no more safe in our homes, than the least safe and least secure people in the most despotic nations on Earth. The Second Amendment is what safeguards the entire Bill of Rights. Weaken the Second Amendment and the Constitution of the United States will easily be breached.

    Let me give you Andrew Traver’s philosophical resume:

    He favors banning ALL gun shows.
    He opposes civilian ownership of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.
    He opposes private firearm sales.
    He wants the Center for Disease Control to have oversight of the firearms industry. Apparently Mr. Traver believes guns are a disease. Or, maybe it’s the gun owners he believes are diseased.


    • rafael


      • J.M.R.

        right on

      • Dead Zero


      • Huapakechi

        If we send ‘em to prison, they might eventually get out. We should be considering a more permanent solution for these clowns and their puppet master.

        • Frank

          And we wouldn’t have to feed them either

    • TIME


      How right you are I have been telling folks this for a while now and no one wants to listen, I have heard “it can’t happen here” more than I have in a long time.

      People wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps Grow the hell up is a better way of saying it. Its not only happening, its nearly a bloody done deal.

      Have any of you contacted your congress and senate people about the FCC’s internet take over, well if not what the bloody hell are you waiting on a gold plated Invite.
      ***Now hear this; The UN is also getting in on the act of TOTAL control of all Information and NEWS.

      PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! And get off your FAT ASS’s get out and speak with your neighbors, Friends, anyone who looks like they LOVE FREEDOM………. PLEASE for GOD sake just do it!!!!!!!!

      Are you Bold American’s or are you all euro girly men????????

      “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to WORK.”

      • Teresa

        Sadly Time, yes I contact my congressmen on a regular basis…and will continue to do so….I do not think people Do realize how important this is….once we are unarmed and have no way to communicate we are done!

        • http://yahoo Cherokee

          HITLER DID THAT!

          • 45caliber

            Yup. Right after he trained up a lot of men through his Youth Corp program to follow his orders to the letter. Just like Oblama is trying to do with our own youth.

          • Thomas G Kroger

            Correct. And just like Hitler, Obama wants his own Praetorian Guard – e.g. A “national security force, just as well funded, and just as powerful, as the military,”

            What will it take to wake people up? A midnight knock on the door?

        • TIME

          I hear you loud and clear, (saddly the FCC has voted for Internet restrictions in a 3 – 2 vote.)

          Folks as Barry’s crews work hard to take away your Rights while many of you sit on your hands. WHY are you silent?

          This still has to go to the new 112th Congress, so will you all PLEASE Get off your ass’s and ~ call Fax and email your state reps, we may be able to stop it. If you don’t speak up it will be over sights like this will just stop being, my God do I have to spell it out for you.

          Let me make this very clear, if you think that your silence is worth anything, its not! In effect your condemning the rest of us to DEATH.

          • Teresa

            Yep, and like I said earlier he knows this will end up in courts as well…watch the judicial system well. Watch who he appoints and stay on top on this hard!

          • kate8

            TIME – I have been calling and emailing constantly, as the idiocy keeps coming out of Congress fast and furious.

            They aren’t listening. What do you say about that? They go ahead and pass everything anyway, one way or another, by hook or by crook.

            They aren’t interested in our opinions. They have an agenda, and instructions to get it all done NOW. They see us as dead meat, anyway, so they are going to go with the PTB.

            If anyone is expecting the new Congress to remedy any of this nonsense, I truly hope that is so. But considering Obama’s veto, and the socialist control in the Senate, I wouldn’t be placing any bets on it.

    • 45caliber


      The Center for Disease Control, under Clinton, made the comment that guns are a virus. People only commit crimes when they get a gun, therefore guns are a disease.

      So this character believes them, yes.

      • Teresa

        The Center for Disease Control should have worried more when Bill and Monica were playing w/cigars then w/peoples gun rights. If someone has intentions on killing they will use any force needed. Guns do not kill, people do.

        • TIME


          Truly a Great POST!

          Do You all know I don’t even own a gun, not a single one but I will fight to the death for anyone who is not a criminal to be able to own one. I will fight for your rights to have free speach, to not have to incriminate yourself, just so you understand why I posted that, that special Health Care Reform package, takes away that right, do you grasp that? I will fight to the death over all the other Rights in the “Bill of Rights” As well.

          Why would I fight for your rights?

          I am an American first and formost, as many of you know my family came to this country on ships that I garantee you thats a fact.
          But they were chained below deck as they were slaves taken from their homes in North Africia.

          So I very well understand what being a slave is all about, as well what FREEDOM really means.

          Please wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

          “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to Work.”

          • Teresa

            AMEN, and God Bless you. Well I am not a slave, never have been and don’t intend on it. Would I fight and die for any one of your rights…Yes I would!! Gladly. My entire family has!
            My grandmother was born in 1899 moved to TX in 1903 on a wagon trail and was raised on a cotton field.

          • Huapakechi

            *”Do You all know I don’t even own a gun, not a single one but I will fight to the death for anyone who is not a criminal to be able to own one.”

            Without a weapon you are either a target or a hostage. You may never need a gun, but having one guarantees that you’ll never be totally helpless when confronted.

          • Dan az

            Another one that should be addressed is Start:
            This is worse. Never before in America’s history has a president asked a lame-duck Senate to vote on a treaty. Never before have a few senators – rejected by their constituents and voted out of office on November 2nd – been given this power to disarm America, as their last act in office.

            Now, America needs your help. The Senate is poised to vote on the dangerous New Start Treaty with Russia. On Monday, December 20, 2010, voters in your state are being asked to contact their senators to VOTE NO ON NEW START TREATY – through appeals in local newspapers, talk-radio, and online.

        • 45caliber


          Oh, I agree! But they wanted the Center for Disease Control to be the one to say this since it would be far more difficult to convince people that guns should be given up because they aren’t needed any more. Most people won’t believe that in today’s world. But if they are a disease, then people might be willing to agree that we don’t need them.

    • Carole Howell

      They will not get any gun ban to pass anywhere period.

      But you all need to call your republicans in your districts about this filibuster they are doing that prevents our FIRST RESPONDERS, POLICE AND FIREMAN WHO LAID THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE TO SAVE THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS DURING 9/11. The republicans are blocking the legislation to give them the medical care they need while suffering illnesses caused from breathing all that crap that was in the air at the time, some have already died.

      This is cruel, callous, immoral and down right criminal and should not be tolerated by the rest of us.

      • Claire

        Carole Howell—I agree with you on your comments.

      • Kim

        I agree that they need medical assistance….but WHERE ARE THEIR UNIONS that they have paid into for so long? Why aren’t their unions supplying that needed extra care for their union members? Why do we have to pay for that when the unions have been reaping (read that raping) their paychecks? What the hell good is it to be in the union if the union doesn’t step up in cases like this and take care of them?
        What a bunch of crap!

  • rick c

    Just anither in a long line of anti-American nominees put forward by potus.
    Kagen,Sotomeyer,the list goes on and on .
    how do we stop them?
    I have an idea…………..

  • Tom Martel

    What is your Idea?

  • Al Swearingen

    Answer to “rick c says” The answer is the “2nd Ammendment”.

    • bear

      That isn’t how Washington did it. When the British persisted in trying to make us another part of their diosfunctional empire, he took up arms and with a well trained organized army and started killing the bastards.

      Teresa, you said “wake up?” Ok then. Let’s wake all the way up. We are looking at he domestic enemy. The enemy that every military soldier in every branch of service has taken an oath to defend our nation and our Constitution against. Now, what do you think we should do? Do we have the guts that Washington, Jefferson, and Adams had? Do we launch an all out revolution within our country to defend our way of life? What is “our way of life” worth? The Civil war pitted brother against brother and that’s exactly what we’re talking about here all over again. Only it won’t be with muzzle loaders. It will be with an array of much more sophisticated weapons and a much better educated soldier. “When the government doesn’t trust it’s people, the first thing they will do is take away their guns.” When the people see that their government wants to take away their guns, it is time for the people to resist by any and all means available.

      • Teresa

        I will paint a cross upon my chest and I will fight for God and country for I KNOW what is right! I will bow my head and pray for strength and not be a slave to man.

        • bear

          You will not be alone.

        • Kenneth J. Alling

          Teresa: You stated a very good way to resist these SOBs, I like it. Another thing to give thought to are the amount of hunters in every State That are packing a gun, bow and arrow, and Muzzle loader. it has to be in the millions, and that is a fair sized Army. Thanks for your post Where you posted your dedication to The United States of America and it’s Constitution

      • 45caliber


        You need to take another look at your history books. And not the ones they give you in school. Washington didn’t work with a “well-trained and disciplined” army. We didn’t have one. The soldiers simply showed up with their own weapons and fought as they wished – usually for only three months at a time. Some muskets were kept around to be used by those without guns but most had them.

        The British didn’t like fighting the Americans. First, they had muskets. They would march up to a range of about thirty or forty yards and then fire in volleys to try to get a machine gun effect. Even then it wasn’t uncommon for most of the bullets to miss.

        The Americans fired rifles which were a lot more accurate but they didn’t think it very smart to stand in a row and trade shots at 30 yards. They preferred to hide behind trees and fire at distances up to over a hundred yards. A “disciplined” army would have stood in front of the British volleys. We weren’t disciplined or well-trained.

        • kate8

          45 – Good post. The Americans not only were rugged volunteers whose only training was nurturing a sense of liberty, dignity, conviction and courage. Many of them also gave up their land and possessions for the cause.

          How many of us would do that today? The truth is, it will do no good to try to hold on to things. If we lose, it’s all gone, anyway.

          I can really see how people can be pushed to the point where all bets are off. Those b*#t@&ds in DC know that we aren’t buying into the complete lunacy of what they are doing. They are laughing at us for thinking that we can use the system to fight them. They have corrupted the system beyond repair. It is rigged against us.

      • Huapakechi

        *”That isn’t how Washington did it. When the British persisted in trying to make us another part of their diosfunctional empire, he took up arms and with a well trained organized army and started killing the bastards.”

        Washington certainly did not start his campaign against the British with a well armed or well trained Army. The volunteers started killing the bastards and acquired training and expertise along the way.

  • FireMall

    The Second amendment is in place in case our leaders forget the other amendments.
    Seems to me that the others are already well forgotten. And the second is the next & final amendment standing in the way of Complete & Total control of the masses.
    If “WE THE PEOPLE” are fool enough to let “our” last hope, go the way of “Our” God Given Rights within the now forgotten constitution.
    Remember, All these Constitutional Rights could “Not” have been Ignored, forgotten without the Approval of “All” Members of / in Dot Gov along with the U.N..

    • CJ

      The implication for the 2nd is that we can own the instruments needed to defend ourselves against the government. However, other laws and decisions that have taken place over the past few years makes me believe there are few who will actually have the true will to take that action. We may HAVE the right, but taking personal action to EXERCISE that right brings on a whole different results. Assange has exercised his right to free speech and look where he is. Exercise your right to defend yourself from the government with a gun and see where it gets you. Having the right does not mean it will be an easy road when you exercise it. The government still has the power to make trouble for you, right or wrong. Are you prepared to suffer the consequences if you have to exercise your right? Right now, the government considers the Constitution as mere idle threats. They know the masses are not willing to be the enforcing arm of the Constitution.

      • marvin

        what you say is totally wrong i am an american citizen assange is an australian,what he has done would be treason for me as an american ,but has nothing to do with his rights for he is not like me covered by the constitution the 1st or 2nd amendment,this is not a one world goverment yeat,and yes i remimber ruby ridge and waco and what an out of control goverment can and will do to you

        • bear

          CJ is not entirely wrong and neithr are you. Julian Assange is Australian but that does not make him immune to other governments which have been ultimately affected by the released documents. Many communications involving many diplomats of many nations have been compromised. Does that make him a traitor or does it make him a hero? There are two different perspectives here. If you are the government who doesn’t want you and me to know anything about their covert operations and plans, then you are a traitor. If you are an individual who wants and needs to know if your diplomats and politicians are doing things behind your backs to undermine the freedoms we enjoy, then he is a hero. What will happen next? Well, since the kittens are getting out of the bag, the diplomats and politicians will either start conducting themselves in a more respectable manner and start being a bit more transparent with the citizens of their respective nations or they will find a more secure manner in which to communicate more secretively. I see the latter happening because politicians and diplomats will never be clean people and I personally believe they do not want you and me to have and enjoy the freedoms of a “non-police state.” Why do you think we are getting scaned and patted down at the airports instead of profiling Muslims? We are slowly being conditioned to accept intrusion into our lives. More of George Soros’ agenda….and remember, he was one of Hitlers protoges.

      • 45caliber


        It isn’t that the people don’t have the will to challenge the government; it is more that they don’t want to give up trying to change it peacefully for once you open the door to violence it can never be closed again. I have no intention of marching on Washington with gun in hand, and not just because I know they would nuke the group. It is because I want to hope there is a better peaceful way to get better people in there to change things.

        One thing that annoys me is the apparent belief that once a law is passed, it cannot be revoked. I’ve seen several comments about de-funding some law that the Dems passed … as if that is the only solution to it. The real solution is to simply repeal it.

        • bear

          45 caliber’s word have some merrit but the bigger question is, What the hell will it take to make the changes necessary to restore our Republic. I’m beginning to believe that the government reads a lot of this stuff and they do indeed figure that the majority of the population don’t want to go to war because it would disrupt their everyday lives and they might actually miss Dancing with the stars. That is the real reason. Complacency rules because we don’t want what we have disturbed, but wake up. It IS being disturbed one brick at a time. You might not take up arms against this government but when the second amendment was put in place it was just for that purpose and I believe the founding fathers actually believed that there would always be free men in this country that valued what they put in place to rise up and defend it. Hope they don’t think we’re a bunch of gutless wonders. What do you think of yourself?

          • 45caliber

            The government we have took about 200 years to get to this point. Well, let’s say since the Civil War since the Civil War was really fought to determine whether the states had the rights or the feds did. And the feds won. Lincoln was a STRONG Federalist.

            So I’m nervous about using violence to change our system that far back. For one thing, if we use it, then you can be certain that the next person who wants “change” will be willing to use it – probably first. I don’t want us to get to the point of having a civil war every twenty years or so like some countries of the world do today. If we can change it over ten years by voting, I’ll be satisfied.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            very well said and a voice of common sense. Violence should ALWAYS be a last chance approach! I would fight for the future of my country to the death if needed but to waste thousands of lives on a throw of the dice is worse than doing nothing!

        • kate8

          45 – You’re right. Defunding isn’t good enough, because all they have to do is wait until 2012. If they can cheat enough to get dems back into power, the laws are there to go ahead and implement.

          They know this as they are passing all this stuff. They know they may have to wait to move forward, but they have it in place.

      • Kenneth J. Alling

        CJ: I’d say it takes a few to plant the idea and then as our fore fathers we got who we could and toppled the British. Not every one was for the idea of the USA, and as today there are still some who don’t care. We like our Military say “We are those who have born the brunt of battle”, and “We fight for those who can not”, and there are one helluva lot of Vets that will step up to defend that constitution. I know I will regardless of the sacrifice….

      • honeybadger

        I don’t know whether Assange is all that great as an example. Just how far does one’s ‘free speech rights’ go? As I’ve been hearing since this event was first discovered, free speech, free speech. From this view point is is certainly a good thing everybody does NOT know ALL the trade secrets, else who knows how many ‘free speech advocates’ would spill their guts about any/everything they might know to ANYONE who might be inclined to listen? An example is the ‘twit’ who got ‘it’s’ britches in a wad, and over WHAT. Can you imagine that idiot having knowledge of the launch code AND control of the ‘button’ and having a ‘bad hair’ day? When you tell EVERYTHING you know then others know more than you do. It is OBVIOUS, at least to me, everybody DON’T NEED to know everything. EVERYBODY just ain’t equipped to know everything, you can see this in some of these comments.

      • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

        You’re right, C.J. The main problem individual gun owners have to face is the organized firepower of the police or other Authorities and their swat teams, etc. Ruby Ridge comes to mind. These people are exceedingly dangerous and will blow you away on the slightest pretext.
        As individuals we are vulnerable in any confrontation with these people. Consequently, our only option is to form a defensive structure whereby neighborhood groups can be called upon to come to the aid of individuals in any confrontation with armed aggressors, legal or illegal. Quick response neighborhood defense teams can be formed using cell phone technology to alert members when needed. A teapartylike structure could be used to form a nationwide structure of armed citizens ready to resist tyrannical acts regardless of the source. Individually we are weak and ineffective. Once organized, we become an army of patriots ready and able to defend our constitutional rights and privileges. One has to assume that apoplectic authorities at all levels will move heaven and earth to forstall such a movement. I LOVE the concept !!!

  • James

    First, the DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago decisions didn’t uphold the Second Amendment right, they upheld the unalienable right to bear arms, which the High Court said was not dependent on any constitution for its existence. The Second Amendment is a restriction the people placed upon the national government.
    Second, the Illinois Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 22, reads: “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The problem here is that the State of Illinois has not protected the right, but has rather ‘infringed’ on it. Cook County ordinances have violated their state’s constitution, the solution is to vote the evil-doers out of office or, failing that, let your conscience be your guide.

  • Cabokalz

    U.S.Constitution: Second Amendment-

    Shall not be infringed…
    Those political officials not upholding our Constitution should be tried for treason! PERIOD!

    • Patriot


    • 45caliber

      I agree. Particularly when they swear an oath to defend it.

    • Knighthawk


      You mis-quoted the 2nd amendment, you left out “of the people”.

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    • James

      Cabokalz, Here’s some basics on the Bill of Rights

      In the original Constitution (1789), the powers that were delegated to Congress (Article I, Section 8) made no mention of rights, and about half of the Founders believed that would suffice to prevent the new federal government from legislating over rights. However, others thought future congresses might misconstrue those powers, to include rights, and insisted upon adding a Bill of Rights (in 1791). The Preamble to the Bill of Rights reads:

      THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added.

      Thus the stated purpose for the Bill of Rights was to add “restrictive clauses” “in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers” with respect to rights, where ‘its powers’ referred to the federal government. The Second Amendment reads:

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      Viewing the Second Amendment out of its Bill of Rights’ context has misled many to misconstrue its “shall not be infringed” as a proclamation to all governments, including state legislatures as well as Congress. But, just as the First Amendment’s “Congress shall make no law,” obviously applies exclusively to the federal government, so also does the Second Amendment.

      In Barron v. Baltimore, 32 U.S. 243, 247 (1833), Mr. Chief Justice Marshall said: “The [U.S.] constitution was ordained and established by the people of the United States for themselves, for their own government, and not for the government of the individual states…the fifth amendment must be understood as restraining the power of the general government, not as applicable to the states.”
      In United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 553 (1875), a mob of whites had disarmed two blacks (in Louisiana) and the issue was whether that action had violated the Second Amendment right of the blacks. Mr. Chief Justice Waite said: “This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed, but this, as has been seen, means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress. This is one of the amendments that has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the national government.”
      In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. ____ (2008), the U.S. Supreme Court said: “We consider whether a District of Columbia prohibition on the possession of usable handguns in the home violates the Second Amendment of the Constitution.” After meticulous analysis of every word and clause in the amendment, the Heller Court stated: “In sum, we hold that the District’s ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment, as does its prohibition against rendering any lawful firearm in the home operable for the purpose of immediate self-defense.”

      Just remember that that decision involved an ordinance of a territory (the District of Columbia), which falls under federal jurisdiction, it has no effect within the States. The Heller Court cited Barron, Cruikshank and other High Court decisions as precedents.
      In McDonald v. Chicago, the case just recently decided by the High Court, the issue was whether a state’s city ordinance, which prohibited handgun possession in a certain area, had violated the Second Amendment. Based upon previous High Court precedents, it did not, the Court rather held that it violated the “liberty” in the “due process of law” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. That is, the “liberty” of that Amendment now includes the unalienable right to bear arms, just as previous decisions added miscegenation, abortion and homosexual acts to one’s “liberty.”
      No State law has ever been held violative of the Second Amendment, for the simple reason that the Bill of Rights has always applied exclusively to the national government.

  • sean murrey

    we better be ready to turn this to ur advange.

  • Carol

    And this is why I keep saying that if you own any guns, do not tell anyone you don’t really know. If I stlll had mine I know I wouldn’t. Of course, if the guns stolen from me are ever used in a crime they’ll come after me because the Reno police refused to take a stolen gun report from. Said I couldn’t prove they had been stolen so they are still registered to me.

    • independant thinker

      Carol, Just a thought but you might try taking out a classified add offering a small reward for the return of your guns and making it clear in the copy that the police refused to follow up on your attempt to report the theft. That would give you something to fall back on if they are ever connected to a crime.

      • Carol

        Good idea. Thank you

    • Hi Desert Ed

      See my posting of 21 Dec at 11:55pm

    • honeybadger

      Is this not where Harry Reid was reinstalled/recrowned or whatever? I cannot understand WHAT has happened to this country’s (leaders) these people are as old or older than I am, I know the time frame they were born and raised in, this is NOT how we were raised…. Someone needs to organize an old fashioned ‘Snipe Hunt’ in the Arizona desert and, by ‘invitation only’, select a couple of bus loads of DC’s finest and ‘Snipe hunt’.

  • 45caliber

    Trust a lawyer to try to twist the meaning of words.

  • RoBoTech

    Don’t worry, the Socialist LIAR Obama will do a Christmas Recess appointment of the guy.
    All is well in Wonderland.
    Too bad most of us don’t live in Wonderland.

    • 45caliber

      If you were to take a real good look at Wonderland, you wouldn’t want to live there anyway.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Excellent report. Lying by omitting the word “common” from a quote. How typical is that?

  • http://facebook mountainman

    In my Opinion,this is a Direct Result of Obama Administration Working through the United Nations(UN).Secretary Of State,Hillairy Clinton is Lobbying Hard to Complete their Agendas of Taking away the 2nd Amendment.Now Eric Holderfield is Trying to Gain U.S. Citizen’s Support through Guile Procedures saying Americans that are Born in this Country are the Terrorist or Radicals.If this Administration is Allowed through the U.S. Surpreme Courts to Recind the 2ND Amendment,U.S. Citizen’s will NOT have Any Protections to Protect Themselves Against it’s Enemies,Foreign and Domestic.The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is very Clear We,The People, Own the U.S. Government NOT The Opposite ! What a Socialist Joke these Activist Liberals in Power are Attempting !

    • James

      Mountainman, read my ‘bill of rights’ post above. If we keep insisting that the Second Amendment secures our right in the entire United States, that would place the right under federal jurisdiction, which is what Secretary Clinton wants (subjection of our rights to UN control). If that happens then the right to bear arms could be regulated out of existence by the federal government, the very thing the Founders feared when creating the federal government.

  • marvin

    go to pole,s and vote, but befor you go find out. who, were, and what,time changes most people don,t if someone votes for something and has no idea what they vote on or for like [obamacare]dream act]dadt] ,run don,t walk to the voting booth and tell them thanks but no thanks,give them their pink slip,IT IS THEIR JOB TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE VOTING ON,if they don,t you don,t need them,if they vote aginest you return the favor vote no for them

  • John Rainger

    They Can Take it away on Paper! But Then they Have to enforce it! That’s When all Hell will Break Loose! Just Because someone say to jump of a Bridge is Lawful! Doesn’t make it Constitutionally Legal! We will all have to Decide how to Answer them if that Day Comes!

    • 45caliber

      My wife said that if they come to take away our guns, to do what I must. She will reload for me.

      • Roger

        My wife and myself made the same commitment.

      • bear

        Why wait until they come to your door? Why not go to their door, kick it in and ship them out to some other place where communist and marxist are appreciated? How about some obscure island in the Pacific or the Atlantic where we can do some nuclear testing?

        • 45caliber

          See what I said above. Besides, I’m a little leary of people who come on here and urge everyone else to take up guns and charge Washington. To me, that is doing exactly what Oblama and friends would want us to do so he can declare martial law. And I’m convinced I’ve “outed” several government agents here trying that very thing since they were so quick to disappear when challenged.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          mind telling me why you are so eager to use violence and force to get what you want?? rushing to violence will only get a lot of people killed and still we will have what we don’t want. We will have the new world order and we will have the N. American Union. what would you suggest then? more violence? more lives forfeited worthlessly??

          • honeybadger

            Joe, I do believe you have missed the proverbial boat! If you have to ask such a question, just DON’T GET IN THE WAY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I missed nothing! I already fought for this country in Viet Nam for eighteen months and saw a lot of lives wasted. I’m just sayin if we are gonna fight at least make it a planned unrushed affair not a jump in, no head, ignorant, spur of the moment mistake!!! how would you like to be the first to die? Or maybe your spouse and kids? Be slow to anger and quick to success!!! Don’t be wasteful with peoples lives.


    Most who are wondering what happened to rights,Constitutional Law and enforcement of law can look at the courts and their lack of integrity to practice law instead of activism, there is just as much need to clean out the courts as there is to clean out the White House and that band of thieves that now resides within.

    You now have a shill whose identity is being protected by the courts, the idea that you would send a honorable man in the military to jail for asking why his CIC has no credentials is ludicrous, the thought that this shill has the power to send these men and women into harms way is highly illegal in improper as well as flatly illegal.

    To allow the improper submission of faulty briefs into legal argument is now adhering on not law but activism and cuban legal thinking, this is not the kind of law for this Republic and won’t be for much longer.

  • Alice

    I also contact my congresspersons (House and Senate) on a regular basis. If you haven’t done so, be prepared!! Most of the “replies” that I get are along the lines of, “Thanks for your input, I really value it BUT…I know MUCH better than you and will vote as I please anyway.” Of course, they make it sound so sweet as they “explain” why they are going to vote contrary to any common man’s interest, that I just boil!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Has this a..hole in the White House ever promoted anything that supports the Constitution or our rights under it as a free people ?

    • 45caliber

      Not to my knowledge. Not a single thing.



    • TIME


      How I miss my old friend; if it were only true that who posted the above post was really Frankie.

      Non the less thanks you have said just what Frankie would have said.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        My favorite album of his is Phi Zappa Crappa!!!

    • 45caliber

      Most politicians want to merge the countries of the world into the UN for a very good reason from their point of view … most of the countries there are dictatorships or otherwise similar. They want our country to be the same. If they were to merge us, they could then insist that our rights must go because no one else has them. It is far easier that way than to try to take them away from us as it is now.

  • JeffH

    A bit of good news in from New Jersey.

    N.J. Governor Chris Christie Commutes Gun Owner’s Prison Sentence

    Mr. Aitken was convicted last year of illegal possession of firearms, following a trial in which the judge refused to let the jury hear about exceptions in the law that allow possession of firearms without a license, while moving to a new residence. Mr. Aitken was sentenced to a seven-year prison term even though he had lawfully purchased and owned the firearms.

    “While Governor Christie’s grant of clemency was absolutely the right thing to do, Brian Aitken’s case is just one example of how New Jersey’s ridiculous gun laws turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals,” added Chris Cox of the NRA/ILA. “There is a serious need to reform New Jersey’s gun laws so that the full weight of the state’s law enforcement and legal system falls squarely on the shoulders of criminals, not on people like Brian Aitken.”

    Folks, I say “damn them all” and let God sort he rubble.

    • 45caliber

      Good news. At least one politician seems to have his head on right.

    • independant thinker

      Congrats JeffH, Ya beat me to it. I was just a fixin to post the same thing.

      • JeffH

        LOL! In this day and age, good news travels fast.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          jeffH, that is good news indeed! now if only he could reinstate his gun rights!!!

  • http://none Mike

    People, This has been a long time in comming. This started way back in the 60′s when Nixion wanted all the war protest stopped. The ideas for disarming the public were first floated. Before that time you could walk in to your local sears store and buy just about any gun you wanted without even haveing to show ID.

    Entering the early 70′s was the first time that you even had to have an ID to buy a gun. The age limit also came into effect then as well. This prohibited anyone under the age of 18 from buying a gun. This part still holds true untill today on rifles. But handguns have been raised to 21. Isnt it strange to you all that these 2 age brackets cover High school and collage?Its not to me it has given the goverment time to teach your children that guns are bad. They have taught that these inattiment objects are capeable of killing on their own apparently with no one to pull the trigger.

    In the mid 80′s with the attempt to assinate Reagen we got the brady bill and the first attempts at regestering guns. At this time your goverment started to move on the ban for sale of anything that would compete with millitary hardware. Thus the ban on assult wepons was born.

    Now also at this time the 4473 form and background check was born. This was the reasoning that you needed to keep any guns out of the hands of possible crimanals. Perfectly fine to the unknowing public.These forms were to be kept for 45 days and disposed of after.All well and good right. The goverment had other ideas folks. These forms were starting to be stored for up to 5 years at this point.Gun registration was born under the cover of a safer public.

    In the 90′s it was now possible to store indefinatly the 4473 forms. At this time the computer background check was born. Isnt it funny to thoes of you that have bought guns since 96 that they have you fill out a 4473. Then they turn around and enter the same information into a computer kiosk?Not to me it isnt this stores the serial number of the gun.The drivers licence information of the owner of the gun. And the psyical adress of the guns owner at the atf’s data base. You have been fooled again in the name of security.

    Also in the 90′s the Brady bill was supposed to be let expire. To apperances it was. But at the same time Clinton had a reworded bill come before him to be signed into law. That was essentially the Brady bill reworded. It also had provisions for a high caliber rifle ban. Thus it became rare to see anything above a .40 caliber rifle for sale. The reason behind this was .40 and above can penatrate light armor. Even bullet proof vest are not as effective on these calburs because of the high kinitic energy they carry.

    In conclusion your friendly goverment. In the name of your safty. Have effectivly rendered you disarmed. They have removed from circulation just about any and every wepon that could be used for defence against them. Now its just a matter of time before they move against all gun owners.We need to wake up now. Its very close to being to late to do anything about this, I feel it might just be a matter of a couple of years before this happens. Now that they are moveing openly in this way. It shows they now hold anyone with a firearm in contempt. Because most likely the firearm you own can be mitigated by their defensive armor. Mike L.

  • http://PersonalLiberty John

    I’m doing a lot of thinking about this “Army in Place” called a police
    force. They are mobile, well armed and can communicate nationwide.
    The National Gaurd will follow and then (Constitution be damned) the
    military. The colonists were able to plan and communicate in secrecy,
    which is a luxury we don’t have. Buying ammunition is almosr as closely watched as buying a firearm.
    Timing, supplies, coordination and secure communication are vital to
    the success of any mission. The government knows there are many groups
    talking about a revolution to restore our Constitution and they are
    ready to take whatever steps needed, to stop any group from getting past the talking stage.

    • http://none Mike

      Jhon, Try buying ammo for a .416 rigby or a .500 win mag.These are almost non existant. Even if you can find it its close to a hundred dollars a box for 20. If you want to reload them the dies are rare as well.These calibers are concidered elephant loads. They would at the very least knock someone down even wearing full body armor.Mike L.

      • independant thinker

        Three places to try for the ammo esp. the 416 and the reloading dies. Sportsmans Guide, Cheaper Than Dirt, Natchez shooting supply and for the dies Dillons Blue Book as well.

        • http://none Mike

          I use Dillion’s Still pricy,But not as bad as some places here in Tn.The brass has a tendancy to break down after a few reloads. So caseings get high too. I barely ever shoot them anymore because most places I could have gone away.But there are a few outdoor ranges that can handel them and much larger rifles here. Mostly members only clubs. Recently sold my .510 Nitro I messed my shoulder up and cant handel the recoil from it. Even with the best of pads shooting it free standing was hard. And benchrest isnt fun. :) Mike l.

  • chuckb

    people we have a conspiracy in washington d.c. this started back in the sixties and is now coming to a head. they are taking a bite at a time, they have used the education system, the unions and the media, barry is their puppet and they speak through him. they have allowed our borders to be over run and these people will be used for votes and eventually part of their army of suppression. lots of these illegals are veterans from the communist wars in latin america and mexico. they are trained anarchist. the media would have you believe they are just poor working people, well, some are and a lot are not. this is not to say we should fear them as a superior force, they are for the most part ignorant uneducated peasants, but, they do have experience as guerrilla fighters. they will be used by this corrupt administration when they are needed. we need to consider all this for our own protection and i believe it is time we stand up and say this is enough. the politicians have just sold us down the river with this start treaty. republicans and demos both, i see this treaty as a way for the progressives to reduce our missle defense technology, this is something the liberals (communist) have been trying for, remember ted kennedy making a joke about it, calling it star wars. well they have finally succeeded and i place the blame right st the rino’s feet. this is the beginning, barry will be boldened by this and he almost has the supreme court where he wants it, or maybe i should say “they”
    so it is up to us to stand up and say “no more” or we lose what freedom we have left.

  • Tina

    I am sure that none of you are from MO. But these issues are Nation wide. So I will share this site with you and you will be able to hopefully find a chapter in your area to attend meetings, have rallies, get petitions going etc.,etc. We are working on it here. Best of Luck to You All in your area!!! 9Principles,12Values. Unite or Die., MID-MO-9-12-PROJECT. All of your issues & concerns are valid BUT WE THE PEOPLE MUST ACT. Knowledge is power!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    We can talk about the subversion going on in Washington until our faces turn blue, but nothing will change. Too many idiot voters more than willing to be manipulated by the very people who are destroying our Constitution. The only thing that will make any difference is if one million violent citizens riot in Washington, invade the halls of Congress, the Senate, the White House and drag everyone of those Communist / One World Government proponent / Socialistic bastards out into the streets and hang them from lamp posts. THAT is the only thing that will make a difference, and the politicians know it.

    There comes a time in which the pitchforks and hanging ropes have to come out. How much more are you willing to take before we take such action? That’s all that’s left for us to do. Signing faxes, writing letters, making phone calls, carrying signs haven’t made much difference? What’s left? Are you going to allow your freedoms to be stolen? If Obama gets re-elected, then it’s time to invade Washington. Start saving your money to pay for travelling there when the time comes. And yes, I know that my posts will get me on a “to be watched list.” That just proves that the government is no longer our government of the people, but a government of special interests and Socialists.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      well said Doug. If the ballot box won’t work I guess all that’s left is the ammo box. This country and our freedoms as Americans is still worth fighting and dying for if necessary.

    • oldtimeyman

      Aaah. A million armed man march on Washington. That would certainly get some attention.

      • honeybadger

        Oh yeah, you got that right and the FIRST time it would no doubt be fun but a million armed persons marching on Washington, D.C…..Kinda reminiscent of Custer at Little Big Horn, if it went as reported.

  • Hi Desert Ed

    Find out what your local “paper of record” is.
    This will be a publication that has all the legal notices in it. Sometimes it is a community paper, sometimes it is a paper focused on news and information of interest to the legal profession.
    Write up your own report of the stolen items including where and when the theft occurred and a description of each stolen item with any identifying markings (such as serial numbers). Have this published 3 times in the paper of record within a 30 to 90 day time-frame.
    Obtain and archive a copy of each publication. Better yet, obtain several copies and have them stored in different places, with family members, etc.
    The more widely distributed the storage the less possibility of all copies somehow being destroyed.
    I am not a lawyer and the investment in an hour or two of consultation time might be prudent in order to tie up any potential loose ends and make this as air tight as possible legally.
    Before you make the first publication try one more time to get a police report on file. When you make the request have a witness or do it through your lawyer.
    Make sure you get the name and badge number of the sworn officer refusing to take your statement and record the information. Have your witness attest to the information and have your statement and your witnesses notarized. Take the notarized statement to your County Recorders Office and have it entered onto the recorders official records.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Also make sure you can PROVE where you were at any given time!! hang on to recpts. and be engaging with people so that they remember you! A perfect stranger is always the best reference when you try to prove where you have NOT been at any given time!!

  • vonluke

    Lets not be divided. The only assumed power that those intent on subjecting the people has is to disturb the emotional state of the people. Greater is the power in us than the power of the world. Lets become independent of the lifestyle of dependence, we don’t need the things that we have been tied to that lead back to these manipulators. If we don’t need them they are no-thing, and powerless, even a weed if not fed shall wither and die.

  • jim d says

    oh!!! the people on this site get more and more time to waste. please do something productive, buy a gun.

  • herbal high

    Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any tips?


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