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Convince Reluctant Loved Ones To Prepare

August 22, 2011 by  

Convince Reluctant Loved Ones To Prepare

Once you realize how important and urgent it is to prepare your family for disasters, getting loved ones on board can be one of the most frustrating and heartrending parts of the process. Whether it is getting someone in your own house to “see the light” or getting a friend or loved one to take threats seriously, this can cause almost as much stress as the disasters you’re trying to prepare for.

I’ve got a couple of approaches that I want to share with you today that will help you with people who have investments or see the wisdom in saving.

I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s financial radio show on the way home earlier this week, as I often do. He was suggesting, as usual, that someone needed to follow his steps to financial peace.

The first step that he suggests is to get a $1,000 emergency fund. Interestingly enough, the reason for doing this is “for those unexpected events in life that you can’t plan for… It’s not a matter of if these events will happen; it’s simply a matter of when they will happen.”

The second step is to pay off all debts except the house.

And the third step is to build up three to six months of savings to serve as an emergency fund.

I can’t remember ever talking to anyone who thought that having an emergency fund was a bad idea. Even people who are dead set against preparedness or even simple food storage will agree that having a rainy day fund is a smart idea.

I’d venture to say that every adult has either benefited from having an emergency fund or wished that they had one at some point in his life. I’ve experienced both of those situations, and I can tell you that when you find yourself in “emergency” mode, you will always wish you had more in your emergency fund than you do.

Most people stop with the thought that an emergency fund is a good thing. But if you peel this onion back a little bit, it opens up a whole new way of looking at emergency funds/rainy day funds and preparedness and will give you a solid foundation for talking about preparedness with someone who believes in having an emergency fund.

Let’s start by looking at the kinds of expenses that people think they’ll use their emergency funds for. In many cases, it’s for a car repair or medical expenses. But in today’s environment of high unemployment, people generally accept the fact that they might be using their emergency fund to pay for basic necessities like food, shelter, fire, water and possibly fuel for transportation after losing their job(s).

Forget about the fact that there may be a regional disaster; people lose jobs every day and experience their own personal emergencies. Unemployment rates are on the news almost every day. And if you know more than 10 people, chances are very high that you know someone who’s lost his job in the past year or two. The loss of a job is much more realistic and easier for the general public to accept than the possibility of a failure of the electrical grid, rioting, fuel or food shortages, or any other major disaster that could cause a breakdown in civil order.

So, if you’re talking with someone who has an emergency fund set aside for a rainy day, ask him if he found himself in a situation in which he needed to use it, if some of that money would go to buy food.

This makes sense for a few reasons, namely:

  1. If he simply buys larger quantities of the items he currently eats, there’s a good chance he will save money. If he has three to six months of expenses set aside, then he is already planning on spending a portion of that money on food. There is no additional expense to holding some of his emergency fund in food rather than dollars.
  2. If the disaster that causes him to tap into his emergency fund causes a breakdown in the supply chain for stores, he will be able to eat his emergency fund if some of it is in food rather than dollars.
  3. If he is keeping his emergency fund in the bank and there is an emergency that affects the banking system, he is stuck. If he converts some of his emergency fund from dollars to food, then he will still be able to feed himself.
  4. This is one of the most important points: food inflation. If you convert some of your emergency funds to food right now, you could get significantly more for your money than if you wait until an emergency happens. Food prices might go down; but droughts in China, bad U.S. money policies causing a weaker dollar and wasting farmland and corn to produce ethanol will all serve to keep food prices high and possibly push them higher.

You might need to actually pull out a pad of paper and write out some numbers on this. Let’s say that the person you’re talking with has $3,000 in his emergency fund. Ask him how much of that he would be willing to spend on food in an emergency. Let’s say it’s 20 percent, or $600. It may be more or less, but let’s use $600.

Whatever number he comes up with, ask him if there’s any reason why he wouldn’t want to go ahead and buy $600 of nonperishable foods before the prices go up.

If the light clicks with food, you can use the same line of reasoning to get him to keep extra fuel for his car, grill and heating system on hand, as well as any other necessities. This isn’t a complete survival plan, but it is a good, solid baby step.

Preparedness as Asset Allocation and Diversification

Asset allocation and portfolio diversification are strategies financial planners have been pushing for years to try to protect their clients from market risk. One oversimplified way of looking at it is that someone in his 20s who’s saving for retirement can stick all of his money in high-risk investments that have the potential for high rewards. As you get older and have less time to recover from any losses in your retirement account, you allocate a bigger and bigger percentage of your retirement money to conservative investments.

I recently talked with a gentleman who sells ranches and ranchettes who uses this exact strategy to sell properties. He’ll ask people how much of their retirement they have in very conservative investments that aren’t making them any money. When they give him a number, he figures out how big of a ranch or ranchette they could buy and stock with the same money in case TSHTF. Normally, they are people who have car insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, life insurance and sometimes long-term care insurance. This is simply a way of converting money that isn’t doing anything for them into SHTF insurance.

If you or a loved one has a big nest egg, this may be an approach you can take to talk with them about preparedness that will ring true with them.

If you aren’t at the stage in life at which you have money to go out and buy land, but you are saving for retirement and some of your money is going into very conservative investments, you might want to take some time and look at food storage and preparedness items as a great way to diversify your savings.

Are you a financial planner or stock broker and a prepper? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this approach. Have you used this approach to get to where you are today? Have you used this approach to get loved ones to buy into preparedness? Please share your experiences below. Do you have other strategies that you’ve used successfully to get loved ones on board with preparedness? Please share them below.

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • M. J. Borgerding

    Only the unprepared call it hoarding.

  • c kline

    The best approach I have found with those with small children who refuse to consider self defence or prepping for themselves is to ask them “what would do if someone was going to harm your child?” or “what would you do if there was no food in the stores to feed your child?”, and then ask them, “what will happen to your child if you are killed or injured, or you do not have any food to feed them?

  • Phillip in TX

    Unfortunately, most people will depend on the “government” to rescue them. Just look at hurricane Katrina, Rita, etc. They will make excuses that they can’t afford having an emergency fund, buy extra food, and be prepared. Then when the SHFT they will complain about how long it takes the “government” to provide them with what they need.

    The Boy Scout Motto “Always Be Prepared” should be practiced by everyone!

  • http://NA Joe Hooker

    I’ve long noticed that it is MUCH easier to convince folks with children (sometimes even folks with grandchildren) to get prepared, than it is people without any children to worry about! Another thing that I’ve found usually helps a lot, is to show them how easy it is to prepare meals that are both delicious & nutritios from storage foods. Ofen enough it also helps to invite a friend & their family to a dinner of well prepared wild game, when you’re trying to get them interested in adding a firearm or 2 to their preps.
    Once you’ve done those simple first steps, you’ve usually gained their full attention & it growns much easier from there on.

  • Former Walmart person

    I don’t know why people are so against food storage. I always get this argument: “well what if all these terrible things don’t happen??” Well, if they don’t happen, why then life will be awesome!! Unemployment will be like 2% and plentiful jobs and prospects will be for all! Not only that, but since SOME inflation is inevitable, if you buy a bunch of food and then consume it all later, you save lots of money. If you buy 6 months of food at today’s prices, and then lets say 5-10 years later, the crap doesn’t hit the fan and you then basically eat free for 6 months, you saved money, as ever since 1913 with the creation of the FED there has always been some inflation. Just ask anyone alive in the 1950s how much things used to cost. It always drops my jaw to learn how little things cost just a few decades ago.,.

    • Cliffystones

      “well what if all these terrible things don’t happen??”

      Another good analogy to use. it’s like insurance. Just because we have car insurance doesn’t mean we expect to have an accident.

      My mom used to give me a dollar, which I could take to the corner storeand return with a small grocery bag full of tooth-rotting goodness! She would remark that when she was a little girl all she got was a nickel.

      I won’t be surprised if we need a $50 bill to buy a Pepsi in 2015, like in “Back to the Future 2″.

    • Christin

      Former Walmat person,

      Good post.

      I have advised many family and friends to stock up not only on food, but other necessities like paper products so that if we have a natural disaster or man-made crisis (inflation) you are prepared and won’t go hungry or without. Some thinks it’s a good idea and others think I am crazy.

      Prepare and if something happens you have food to eat…
      Prepare and if nothing happens, guess what, you still have food to eat!

      • Old Henry


        You are right on the money. By prepping we do not buy anything we will not eventually use anyway. A LOT of folks suffer from the Normalcy Bias – it’s never heppened, so it won’t happen.

        As a nation we have become fat and lazy and spoiled. Trouble is, spoilage is just the early stages of rotting.

        • Christin

          Thanks Old Henry,

          I like your ‘spoilage” analogy…

          Time to Unspoil ourselves and become frugal and helpful Americans, stop the rotting by being practical, and stand for Courage and Truth.

      • Prepper

        Christin, there’s one paper product that has an infinite shelf life we should all have stashed away in large numbers. If chaos breaks out everywhere and I am brought down by the zombie apocalypse, at least I will have a clean butt. If I am lucky enough to find a farmer with extra apples, I suspect he might even trade for TP. I can’t think of any meaningful argument for not having hundreds of rolls of the stuff stored in your basement, attic, or garage.

        • Christin


          Ha, ha :)

          Actually, THAT is one of the items we have stocked up on!

          One of my family members who saw our pantry said, “Wow, do you think you have enough?!” I mentioned every time I hear bull cr-p on TV I seem to buy more… ;) !

        • Gordon in Texas

          If you want to store a lot of TP I would suggest taking out the carboard tubing from each roll (good fire starter) and compress the rolls of TP into a compact, storable shape. This will allow you store much more TP than if you stored it in the packaging. BTW, another area most people don’t consider are femine products. Remember, most paper goods will store forever if stored in a climate-controlled area.

    • texastwin827

      In the mid 1960′s, my husband & I both worked (we were newlyweds and very young) and we took home $585 a month. Now that doesn’t seem like much, today, but I could buy a week’s worth of groceries, including milk & baby food, for $15 a week. Granted, that didn’t include expensive steaks, but we had a meat, 2 veggies & a salad, EVERY night. We had a new 66 Mustang (small engine…not the big one)and a couple of credit cards. Our apts, here in TX, included utilities AND furniture, so it was a flat rate for the apt.

      While the costs have skyrocketed, the wages have not increased by the same percentage, so you actually have less than we did, 45+ years ago.
      That’s a sad commentary for a country that is suppose to be “the land of opportunity”.

      • mickey

        lol I thought when I made $400 a month I was on cloud nine. Now I live off a 1970 retirement, less than welfare gets. I also laughed at my mom telling us she only paid a nickel for bread when it was then 25 cents. We’ve come a long way, baby, super inflation.

        Sadly, I lived through the Cold War, and many others, but have never really been afraid of what might happen–until now. And yes, lol, I store those paper products too.

        I’ve started buying the old camping equipment at rummage sales. Some laugh but I have run into more people digging holes or storing in a closed camper than I ever had in my life.

  • http://charter howe

    Food and water are two biggees on a list of many things folks should consider as a emergency stash. It would be nice to have an emergency generator, but plenty of flashlights and batteries may be a short term good idea. Firearms for self protection is important if you can do it safely, because there will be varying degrees of lawlessness, there are always people out there that will stop at nothing to do harm if they need food or water or anything else they think they need to survive and they will risk being harmed to get whatever that is. A medical kit that has enough bandages and anti-biotics in it to last a few months. Plan a safe location in case of civil chaos and along with supplies for an emergency kit, remember to keep it updated. If you never use the stuff, the investment will we worth it because its like life insurance if you need it and don’t have it the consequences could be catastrophic. Having passed on my thoughts, there is one more critical peice of advice, and that is to get down to the polls on 2 Nov 2012 and vote this President and his corrupt democratic cronies out of office and maybe our emergency stash will go to waste.

  • MA Moon

    Being prepared was a way of life as I was growing up.. Yes. I was a Girl Scout.. Be Prepared.. BUT, people in my area were always aware we could have a monster snow storm and it was quite a hike to the grocery store.. IF it was even open.. anhd we had produce in the garden that needed to be presurved or go to waste.. so we were frugal and canned things.. later on the freezer became useful.. but we also dried things and put carrots etc in baskets of sand if we didn’t have a root cellar.. I won’t go to far with this.. but what has become of the pioneer wisdom.. I have ALWAYS kept supplies on hand.. Does that make me a “Prepper”? ANd infglation is a beast that may get a lot worse before it gets better!

  • Don age 77

    To few have their eyes open to the problems we face as a country. Howe says….”Having passed on my thoughts, there is one more critical peice of advice, and that is to get down to the polls on 2 Nov 2012 and vote this President and his corrupt democratic cronies out of office and maybe our emergency stash will go to waste”.
    No better advice can be given. VOTE and vote for the conservative ones. Socialism must be defeated!

  • ted meskers

    As you are buying food for future problems that our government is creating, make sure it’s well hidden. In the Obamacare Bill, there is a provision to hire a new kind of army, one who is only responsbile to the President. Recently, via the UN, we see that are personal weapons are being targeted. Stocks of food will be removed too as we would be condering hording. My advice is to stock pile your weapons in a hidden place. Put the worst of the lot where they can be taken via gov. inspection. You may lose a few guns but your best still will be hidden. Same with food. Don’t keep it all in one place. You think I’m afraid of our government? You bet I am. And, if you can manage it, get out of the city where you might have a chance. There are many books on the subject, buy some. Read about living without regular elec. service – to phone service – or TV. Radio is going to be the only source of news, and a walkie talkie system could be your best way to stay in touch with family when you have to trade goods for other items. We’re seeing riots in various countries now, but they’ll be coming here too. Only this time peope will be looking for food and and anything to keep their families alive. They won’t e looking for TV’s or fine furniture.

    • Christin


      You are probably dead right on your post.

      I got this e-mail from NAGR- National Gun Rights…

      “You are a Terrorist.”

      “Recently, the FBI stated sending copies of a letter to military surplus stores in Colorado under the premise of a new program called ‘Communities Against Terrorism.’”

      Their intent is to have Americans report on fellow law-abiding citizens if they suspect them of any terrorist activities.

      Guess who they want to be viewed as “suspicious”?

      * People who “insist on paying in CASH”;
      * People who buy “Meals ready to eat”;
      * People who buy “weatherproofed ammunition containers”;
      * People who buy “high capacity magazines”;
      * and even people who buy “night FLASHLIGHTS.”

      The Feds are going after a group of Americans known as “preppers.”

      Those that want to be prepared for emergencies and possible disasters.

      People who don’t want to rely on the gov for every possible need and
      feel that they are their own “first responder.”

      NWO wants YOU to rely on them so they can cull and CONTROL YOU.

      • Gordon in Texas

        Last night I was watching the local news on CBS and they were talking about a marine who was on the run and the FBI was searching for him in Sealy, Texas. It was mentioned that “he is a member of Oath Keepers; a militia.” I almost came out of my chair. Of course they’re also referring to a militia as a terrorist group. Oath Keepers is neither but the MSM—and the FBI—want to portray them as such. Best to keep your “radical” opinions to yourself and only share them with those of whom you can trust. I have some very liberal neighbors who I know voted for obama and, though they are nice people, I’m not sure how they would react when push came to shove.

        Information about your preparedness (food, guns, ammo, precious metals, etc.) should be kept between yourself and family members who can be trusted to keep their mouths shut. If possible, keep your possessions at least two locations where they are easily accessible…by you. You might not be able to access all your goods but you’ll at least have something to keep you going until the situation changes.

        Government organizations are already telling people to spy on their neighbors (the patriotic thing to do). This is being done when things are not as bad as they could be. Imagine how these neighbors would react if everything goes to hell and people are desperate; especially if they know you have plenty of food and other survival items that they feel should be shared.

        • Christin

          Gordon in TX,

          A Military man who served his country, honors the Constitution, and will keep his oath to his country now a hunted terrorist by our very own FBI… imagine that.

          I heard them portraying other fringe militias around the states like that a couple years ago as well as Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security Pamphlet about veterans, pro-lifers, and other patriotic American being a threat to them… so now they have broadened it to include the those who would uphold the Constitution.

          Sealy, huh, was near where I lived for 15 years.

          I heard a Liberal Demo on FOX news say that ‘Tea Party’ folks were “treasonous’ and quoted the Dictionary definition of treason…

          treason – 1. betrayal of trust, or faith, treachery 2. violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign or state; betrayal of one’s country, specifically in the U.S. (as declared in the Constitution), consisting only of levying war against the U.S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

          So, this Marxist administration has changed our Allies to our Enemies and our Enemies to our Allies, they have changed to a Freedomless, anti-Free-Market, Anti-Christian, Anti-Rights granted from God… and turned us against their version of Unconstitutional America and made us treasonous traitors in their eyes…

          • Gordon in Texas


            The man who was being chased by the FBI was being sought for a specific crime but the mention of the Oath Keepers in relation to a militia (translation: terrorist group) showed me what the mindset is of the FBI, DHS, ATF&E, and other law enforcement organizations. I’ll bet the person “reporting” the news didn’t even know what Oath Keepers is or that Oath Keepers has military, ex-military, law enforcement, and other law-biding citizens as members. In the news world, ignorance IS bliss.

          • BimBam

            We have been betrayed by our government for over 100 years. Washington is INFESTED with communist, socialist, anarchist, vipers of all sorts, traitors and Marxist DOGS!!!

            We the people have put them there or either that they got there by VOTER FRAUD.

            But whatever it is, the Washington is INFESTED with them. Only God’s blessings have kept this country alive and going.

            We are always a stones throw from becoming like other 3rd world countries by just a nit.

            I can see the mercy of God on this country. Now I pray God protect his own here, the rest can rot from the inside out.

        • texastwin827

          Gordon, while I guess it’s possible that it’s a typo, the news story on KHOU (Houston station) says the milita group he belongs to is called Oath SEEKers, not Oath Keepers.

          The man is wanted on charges of raping a 6 yr old girl. His first trial was a mistrial and he was scheduled to start his 2nd trial on Monday, but didn’t show up at court. That is why the FBI is involved..he is now charged with flight to avoid prosecution as he left Oklahoma and is believed to be in Texas.

      • Marty S.

        I got the same e-mail Christin. Don’t let that spook you out of doing the right thing for your family. We are new at this but have begun to make changes in our habits to provide for our family in an emergency. I had a bad feeling about Obama and his thugocracy and it looks like I was correct.

        • Christin

          Marty S.,

          We, too, have been preparing since we saw ‘Redistribute the Wealth’ obamacare running side by side with ‘No Second Amendment Rights’ Hillarycare in the summer of 2008.

          I am deeply saddened that America has come to this… but I will keep the faith and fight the good fight.

      • Howie

        I have to say that you and ted are right. I am happy to see that I am not the only one to see exactly eye-to-eye on this matter.

  • Old Henry

    Mr. Morris:

    You mentioned early in the article about listening to a radio talk sow host who advised that part of prepping is getting out of debt, except your house.

    Why on earth would you not want to get your house paid off? When the manure hits the air circulation system you will at least have some place to live. If you loose your vehicle(s) you can always walk, or ride a bike, which I would rather do than sleep in my vehicle.

    I hear a guy on the radio who trumpets carrying the largest mortgage you can afford to pay on each month. That is insanity. I remember listening to nit wits in the mid-nineties urging people to borrow against their homes to invest in tech stocks and the market in general. Then in 2000 it went south.

    However, your advice on how to make comparisons with prepping and the rainy day fund are right on. In just the last year I have made 5% to 10% on food items I bought last Fall. As in all things, a balanced approach is best. You do need some cash on hand, precious metals, etc., but you can’t eat them.

    • ValDM

      Old Henry,
      I used to think like you. In recent months I have made an about-face on the mortgage issue. I have no intention of paying down my mortgage early for several reasons. There are too many foreclosed properties now. There are people that have been delinquent on their mortgages for up to 36 months & have NOT been foreclosed yet. The O’boy is a Socialist…….he believes there should be NO private property for anyone who isn’t of the elite squad, & I am convinced that he will start eviction proceedings against people (particularly those of us who are of the elderly persuasion) to get what they earned, maintained & grew during their lifetimes. As he has recently opined, he wants to take the already foreclosed properties & ‘rent’ them to the have-nots. If this comes to pass, what makes you think YOUR property can escape? I fully expect that I will be evicted when the O’boy starts winding up for his “coup de’tat” and am making preparations to ‘take it on the road’.

      • mickey

        I’m pretty much of that mind too. He intends to “give” those houses to illegals. I would rather China repossess than have obama take mine away.

        And yes, the repossessions are going to be massive once these 2nd mortgages mature. Banks won’t refinance and we can’t pay them off in time.

    • http://personalliberty rockdoc01

      When Ramsey says pay off all debt excluding your mortgage, he is prioritizing debt reduction. Eliminate the credit card debt, car payments, etc then deal with the accelerating the pay down of the mortgage. If your 10 years into a 30 year mortgage, how can you expect a person to pay it off right away. The concept of a mortgage is to carry the debt over time to allow you to live in a house that costs more than a few years salary and still meet your life’s needs – food, medical, insurance, taxes (unfortunately), etc. Besides, ValDM is right, if SHTF, you hit the road. The house is lost anyway. Immediate survival is the priority.

      I am a proponent of prepping. Do what you have to do to get through tough times that may be coming.

    • Gordon in Texas

      I used to pay extra on my mortage each month to pay it off early. I don’t do that anymore. We are not really in an inflationary state right now but sometime after 2012 or 2013 we should see inflation set in. Why pay extra towards your mortage in today’s dollars when the dollar is projected to be worth quite a lot less in a couple years? Take that extra money and put it into something that will not depreciate (food, precious metals, supplies, ammo) when the dollar goes belly up. There may also be a time when bartering will be the way to do business. Stocking up on non-inflationary items is one way to prepare for the future. You can pay extra towards your mortage when the dollar is worthles.

  • A.C. Turner

    I have a daughter who lives right in Tulsa who has 130 acres of land in northern Arkansas and has access to my acreage in central Kansas. She won’t move because her husbans doesn’t believe that thre’s anytbing wrong, AND he would miss his bowling and ice hockey. I fear that he would have to be shown how to put on work gloves!

  • CanCan

    Back in the day, one was considered a fool for NOT preparing for an emergency, and having extra stores of food and other items on hand. Now we are considered terrorists for doing so. Oh, how times have changed. Better to prepare for the unexpected, and keep ones mouth shut while doing so. That will make for a smaller number of free loaders pounding on your door, demanding to be supported because they thought it inconsequential to do the same when SHTF. For your once-nice-neighbour (or family member even) may very well turn you in, and rat you out for doing so-knowing you were prudent-so that in return, they can be rewarded for being the fools they are.

  • bob hubscher

    How many of these children are the children of illegal aliens.? How dedicated are the parents looking for employment or trying to start their own businesses.? Not to be mean but this sounds like a Democratic
    prapoganda piece to justify more tax increases.

  • RKZ777




    • Wendy

      I read often about others getting silver, gold, etc. Why? If one is already preparing, they should have everything they need, so what would one need the money for? Also, in a true disaster, a canned ham would be worth it’s weight in gold to someone, not prescious metals. They can’t eat metals. In a true disaster like nuclear or something, ANY form of money would be worthless except to melt into things. FOOD, GAS, MEDICAL supplies, car parts, would get you anything you might need later.I can imagine someone trying to trade diamonds for food,when it would be better and more successful to trade a lamp and batteries, something they can USE.I am learning from all these posts!

  • Rosie Morillo

    It is soo frustrating that people even with all the signs around them don’t want to get out of the denial mode.. Worse off is when your fiancĂ© changes his views into denial also through the process.. He litterally gave me his back when moving into another state away from the coast and the city.. Really frustrated! On top of everything your sisters except one thinking your completely ridiculous for believing in all of

  • texastwin827

    Only my 28 yr old daughter takes this all seriously, however, I believe the two older ones are beginning to see enough “daylight” that we may someday be able to influence them. I live with the oldest daughter so am doing as much stockpiling as my Soc Sec will allow. My son in law, is former 1st Cav, so he has guns of every type and all the equipment to load his own shells.

    The 28 yr old has her concealed weapons license and a 9mm and, even though her older sister says no, she is strongly considering buying my grandson (her nephew) a gun for his 18th birthday. LOL She also says she has enough MRE’s to feed the 4 of them for 3 mos, so my concentration is on the family, here in the Austin area.

    One idea for convincing your younger family members to “stockpile” is to point out how the cost of food just keeps going up and that buying extra now, at today’s prices, will save them in the long run. Sometimes you have to learn how to “force feed”, gently. LOL

  • pat

    I have been preparing since last summer. I have canned foods, prepackaged foods, drinks, powered milk, etc. Just bought a freezer and in process of putting food in there. Also have a small garden. I have bought enough veg. seeds to last a few years. I have one question. What is the best way to store gasoline? There is no way I can get a big storage tank to put it in. All I can do is buy the 5 gal. plastic containers. How long will it last in those and is it safe?

    Also have grill with charcoal and lighter and in process of getting a
    firepit built to use just in case. Also have propane stove and extra water stored.

    Keep up the good work. Your readers have excellent ideas!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you can get fuel stabilizer and the fuel will last about a year. better yet, use the gas in your car weekly and replace it instead of just storing it. Understand?

  • Thomas

    I agree with all of what has been said here. I have been looking at many things here recently and came across one disturbing fact.

    Take a look at world census data. The world population has increased by like 4 billion people in not quite 100 years! If ANYTHING happens, those who are prepared will need to really keep their heads down untill the dust settles. I mean, that is alot of people added to this planet in a very very short time compared to what world populations has been since the beginning.

  • Wendy

    While I respect the opinions of others, I do not blame the gov’t or focus my fear and anger on it, especially when I read about some crazies with guns opening up fire on schools and other places.That is not the gov’t, it crazy people.I believe the gov’t wants people to be prepared because they would need to focus rescue work on clearing roads, restoring power,etc., not hunting out people to hand out food and water because they were so clueless to not get it themselves beforehand. I think they ARE concerned with the ones who think preparing means getting ready to become a one man army. There is a fine line between weapons to protect you and overkill like you are ready to kill an army of citizens just to “protect” you and yours. Getting ready to murder is not what prepping should be about. I would hate to be the maniac who sits in his bunker pointing a gun out the window, who shoots a couple of people coming thru the woods because they are “coming to steal my stash”, only to find it is a few starving kids just lost and looking for help. When the disaster is past, you will have to live with murdering your own neighbors because of your fear of everyone coming near.The gov’t feels it needs to keep an eye on groups who are trying to become their own army, because you DO live in America and ARE subject to its laws, and just because a disaster happens doesn’t mean you have the right to become someone who seems actually anxious to start shooting anyone and everyone. It gives preppers a bad name. If gov’t comes into an area to help citizens who need it, they don’t want nutcases shooting them. Members of our armed forces are citizens and neighbors,too, and deserve to not get shot just because they have chosen to help instead of becoming selfish “I only care about me” people. If you hate the govt so much, move. Good or bad, it’s OUR gov’t, not just yours. Disasters are happening all over the world, so you can’t blame our gov’t for flooding in Australia, or fires in Russia. Being a prepper, or just someone who wants to be prepared as best possible, should entail some care for others if needed, not instantly degrading into a monster.There would be a lot less fear if instead of holding out a gun, you simply held out your hand.

  • Arecee

    One of the things I did was purchased emergency supplies for all my kids and 15 gallon water storage containers. I got them the essentials, food, matches, water, T.P., trashbags, medical supplies, etc. Now, what they do with those is up to them. I even went so far as to get rice, beans, a small medical kit and water for each of my close neighbors with a list of things they should add in case of an emergency. Again, what they do with that is up to them. It really is beyond me how you can slap someone in the face with the facts and the only thing they get out of it is the slap in the face. Their heads are turned so far to the left that they can’t see what is “right” in front of their faces.
    As my prepper brother once said to me regarding those that won’t listen, “You just can’t worry about them anymore. So, for those that get angry or won’t open their eyes, it is time to cross them off your list and wish them well!
    That’s my advice to all of you out there in preparedness land, do what you can for yourselves and your families and give as much advice to those that want it and to everyone else, cross them off your list and wish them well. But one word of warning, those will be the one’s knocking on your door for hand outs.
    To any of you that still need a good list to go by, go to this site.

  • mickey

    I’ve tried to convince my sons to move away from the coast and get ready but they think I am an old fogey. I am afraid that I will lose them but they are all in their 40′s and have to decide for themselves.

  • donna

    please everyone go to this website,! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!


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