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Controversies Surrounding Medical Marijuana Continue

April 15, 2010 by  

Controversies surrounding medical marijuana continue Despite complaints that those who legally use marijuana for medical purposes may risk losing their jobs, and despite evidence of broad public support for medicinal use of the drug, some activists have called the proposal "a silent killer" and suggested it should be defeated.

In recent months, the case of Joseph Casias, a 29-year-old cancer sufferer from Michigan, sparked controversy after he was fired from his job at Wal-Mart for failing a drug test due to his use of doctor-prescribed marijuana in a state where it is legal, according to CNN.

However, while supporters of legalization worry that individuals who use cannabis for pain relief in the 14 states where it is legal may risk their employment, opponents argue that because drug addiction is an epidemic and marijuana is "a silent killer," its use should be penalized.

In particular, The Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative has vowed to work to defeat the ballot measure for The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 that has been certified by the State of California to qualify for the November ballot.

"Marijuana legalization infringes on our right to a healthy society and exposes communities to addiction, crime, biohazards, drug dealing and it must be defeated," said the organization’s representative Alexandra Datig.

Meanwhile, the Pew Research Center found that nearly three-quarters of Americans (73 percent) say they favor their state allowing the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes if it is prescribed by a doctor, while only 23 percent are opposed.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19719033-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    OK, OK, the estinkin’ proposal is a silent killer. My public education hasn’t been completely eradicated quite yet.

  • WesDay

    Alexandra Datig, what are you smoking? Let’s look at this using logic. You said:

    “Marijuana legalization infringes on our right to a healthy society and exposes communities to addiction, crime, biohazards, drug dealing and it must be defeated.”

    You’re polar opposite to the truth on almost every account here. I only say ‘almost’ because biohazards has nothing to do with this debate. Where you got that from, God only knows.

    If you want to find the rest of this rebuttal, go to I’m gonna break this comment apart.

  • Politicalzoo

    “Marijuana legalization infringes on our right to a healthy society…”

    umm, wtf? Where can I find this in the constitution? Is fast food next on your prohibition to-do list?

    “Silent Killer” oh really?
    Them there marijuana is the devil I tell ya…

    • Pat R

      Someone has their facts wrong here!!!
      Either I’m wrong or all of the FDA’s ads are: HBP (High Blood Pressure) has claimed that title for years!!!!!
      Cannabis is an herb. tobacco is an herb. So are thyme, rosemary, basil.
      The list goes on and on. If the Pharmaceutical Co.s can’t make a “killing” off of a treatment; we aren’t allowed to have it!!
      That’s the whole ball-game!!

      • TIME

        Pat, Very good post and your dead right!

      • http://NONE COLLEEN

        YOU GOT IT PAT R!!

  • Nip It In The Bud

    Marijuana = Silent Killer

    Argument #101

    • michael

      I love how our government works. They have been telling Americans for a long time that this plant is evil and it will turn you into a drug addict and kill you and it will make our white women want to sleep with the black man.-not kidding it was advertised in the early days of prohibition. Now our government faces a huge problem, it’s called SCIENCE! So now that science has proven a few things for instance like marijuana is a non addictive drug, its dramatically less harmful that our legal drugs, the gateway argument is just plain absurd, studies are being conducted now that are showing it can actually cure cancer. Now after science has proven that everything they have been telling us is a lie how do they respond? They no longer go after the plant itself because too many people are educating themselves for that they now go after a fungus that could possibly grow on the plant. I see this as a panic attempt to save themselves from everyone saying liar liar pants on fire. Cheese can grow a fungus also so act now, we better make it a schedule 1 drug before someone gets killed.

      • TIME

        Michael, I think that as I know you must also know that Pot is not anywhere near what it was cracked up to be back when the Progressive movement made it Illegal.

        This was all started by the “Progressive movment” who were and still are interwound in religions as well the government.

        Thus they were able to bring about “CHANGES” that have hurt the United States baddly over the last near 100 years – as in to the very core as a matter of fact, 80% of the US Pollution issues would never have existed had we stayed on course with hemp production.

        So that means that all the factory standards would never had to be enacted, OMG, whats that mean?

        That 60% Plus of the massive cost we face in Government spending would not exist today with just this minor cog alone, as in the Progressive left Hemp / Pot alone.

        Lets see what moneys we could have saved, let alone haw many would have been saved from Cancer – or other illness that are brought on by Pollution.

        No DEA, how many hundreds of trillions
        No EPA, how many Thousands of Trillions?
        No IRS, How many Thousands of Trillions?
        No BATF How many thousands of Trillions yet again?

        Saddly the masters of the “Progressive” movement used many ploys to make a case to use metals like steel for cars bodys,
        yet hemp bodys were 100% eco frendly and would have saved in fuel cost as in lighter materials less weight, = better gas miliage.

        Or small plastic items to be made out of hemp, rather than the far more agressive to the earth such as Phenolic based resin’s, like Bakelite / Melamine / Urea etc.
        When Hemp would have been far more cost effective and had
        “zero pollution factors.”

        Paper and lumber mills – yet Hemp paper is far more cost effective and had been for hundreds of years prior, thus again reducing pollution from the run off of the Paper mills that used timber rather than hemp. Let alone the forest that would be still standing today.

        By the way Hemp “100% rennewable” with zero waste or ill effect to the earth.

        We must keep working at it perhaps some day we will be able to bring the “PROGRESSIVE” movement down, and let Freedom back into the lives of all Americans.

        • Norm

          If I had cancer or any serious affliction, I think I would want all possibilities available to me. If people can get some help and/or comfort from pot, I’m all for it.

          • TIME

            Thank YOU you posted a logical post, again I Thank You.

          • Chris

            Congressman Ron Paul presented a bill last year for the production of Hemp to be made legal again, His reason is the same as above for clothing, materials, all the other uses that it was used for prior to being abolished, & pease note Hemp is not what peolpe use to get “High”. His main reason for the bill was all the help & money it would help farmers to make. Note the bill went no where in Congress.

          • s c

            Ron Paul has another issue to stick in Obummer’s face. The idea that a legal and moral industry could be side-tracked by utterly disgusting RETARDS in Washington says much about their ‘priorities.’ Do JOBS mean anything to this prez? Does this “leader” give a royal damn?
            Just because it won’t put 1 million people to work overnight doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue. We’re already at the point where a job is a job is a job. And, since this administration is NOT hard at work creating jobs in the PRIVATE SECTOR, here is one more proof that this administration is a FARCE.
            Prove me wrong, progressives.

          • Pat R


            Cannabis is not a drug; it’s an herb!! It should not be under any type of Govt. control.

          • chuck b


            you can believe what you want, most of these medical opinions are from pot smokers themselves. this is a mind altering drug and i’ve seen too much of the bad effects in my lifetime, this is a first step to the use of heroin. every society that have these lax laws with this drug find themselves in the gutter and their young generations destroyed. if people want to destroy their lives under the pretense this a harmless drug, thats their business, but, keep it out of the childrens reach, you can see for yourself how much use there is amongst the young people and the trouble that goes with it. let the adults have what they want, but, don’t ask the taxpayers to foot the medical bill to clean them up when they go down.

          • michael

            Your argument is that you want to protect our kids? This is one of the main reasons I support legalization.I support legalization So that as a parent I don’t have to worry about my girls smoking pot when they are 12 or even younger. In today’s times it is easier for our kids to get their hands on pot than a pack of cigarettes. If marijuana is legalized then it could be better controlled and kept out of the hands of our youth. Any legitimate business owner is not going to sell to our kids because of the risk of loosing their business but please tell me what does a dealer who is already breaking the law have to loose? There will always be dealers willing to sell to our children as long as marijuana remains illegal. When my girls are 21 if they want to light up it’s no different to me than them taking a drink. I feel as an adult they can make there own decisions. Until that time I would like to think I have done everything I can to keep it out of their hands and you should do the same for your children. Honestly as a parent I would rather my children smoke marijuana at 21 than drink because it doesn’t cause the physical damage to their body that drinking does and marijuana is far less inhibiting. No one has ever woken up in the morning and not remembered the night before from smoking pot. If your child or someone you know has ever became addicted to cocaine or meth or any other dangerous drugs you should be the first to vote to legalize marijuana so that our police and lawmakers can put their attention toward the dangerous drugs that actually kill our children.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            how does legalizing it make it harder for kids to get??? booze and cigarettes are legal and they can’t keep it away from kids. As the old saying goes, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!!!!

          • michael

            I agree that it’s not a perfect world and our children will always have access to things that we don’t want them to have but it has been proven that it is easier for our kids today to get marijuana than cigs or alcohol. Dealers don’t ask for ID and they never will. Legalize it and it will take it out of these dealers’ hands.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            and 21 year old friends don’t ask for ID either!! The legal age will more likely be 18 as that’s what booze was for a long while. there’s your access to it at 15, 16, 17 or younger!!!
            My 19 year old daughter has a 24 year old boyfriend. He and I had words when he bought her a few drinks on a date one night. I told him isf he ever did again before her 21 birthday, we would have words again, two of them …Kick ass!! He hasn’t again since!!!

          • michael

            Realy chuck did you just pull the gateway card? First step to the use of heroin? The first argument that is always thrown out against legalization is that marijuana is a gateway drug. This is nothing more than an uneducated statement. The only gateway that exists is provided by prohibition. Prohibition is provided by people who need to read the facts and stop listening to the lies. The fact is that the people selling marijuana are also the ones dealing the dangerous drugs. Drug dealers want to move our kids from pot to something more addictive because it puts more money in their pockets. If marijuana was legal then this problem would simply not exist. If a person does hard drugs its not because marijuana made him want to it’s because that person wanted to try hard drugs due to their own judgment. If marijuana didn’t exist that same person would have still wanted to try hard drugs.

        • michael

          Dont even get me started on hemp. Hemp is a product that is softer, stronger and more durable than cotton and can be used to manufacture many different products. The long list of materials and fuels that can be made from hemp shows truly how valuable this plant is yet today in our troubled times it remains illegal.You can even run your car on hemp oil! Do you remember when America was a large provider of textiles to the rest of the world? You can easily see that most of our textile companies have moved overseas by looking at the vast empty textile mills scattered across America. Our workers have lost their jobs due to these factories closing and moving away. Legalization could bring those much needed jobs home.

          • s c

            Michael, the fact that Uncle Scam was so opposed to the idea of a long-lasting hemp industry proves that our government was screwed-up many years ago. These same geniuses also gave us Prohibition, which was a marvelous way to redistribute America’s wealth and protect organized crime (AND career politicians) at the same time.
            Uncle Scam’s excuse was wrapped in ‘morality.’ Of course, that was a lame excuse, especially when Chicago, NYC and Miami and so many population centers were proudly immoral (and making so much easy $).
            Uncle Scam has a long track record of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time for the wrong reason.
            Take a look at California. They have a golden opportunity to make serious bucks via marijuana sales, and they can’t get it right (Arnie Syndrome?). And then there’s Uncle Scam, once again poking his huge nose into the situation. Probably, Big Pharma isn’t getting their cut via the FDA, or it would be a success.
            I wish you luck with the hemp program. Just remember that Uncle Scam never has to be held accountable to mortals. And with the current loser in the White House, it won’t get any better any time soon.

          • TIME


            I agree with you 100% lets face it Hemp cloths were the norm from the 1200′s up until 1930. “Levi Jeans” were the best made jeans in the world and were made from 100% hemp!

            Let alone the food, 1 pound of hemp seeds have more protein than 10 pounds of lean red meat.

            The oil is something I have been reading about and that is really something! All I can say is WOW. Its also a better lubricant.

            I figure the “”PROGRESSIVES”” just can’t allow this very natural product to be legal due to the “massive amount of control and loss of profits” that they would encounter.

            Lets be real, they own 80% off all Pharm Co’s, They own 55% of all big Oil, they own 65% of all major meat packing and food distribution.

            They own 70% of all Cotton farming, 65% of all Soy Farming, 55% of all plastic production.

            What would happen if these products all became 1/20 of the price that they now sell for?

            What would happen is massive amounts of money could be saved by all US citizens, let alone the world.

            As well how many people could eat better food live better due to better health, or could have better cloths that last longer and break down into dust when they are done being used, just as car bodys, plactic’s made from hemp, rather than all the garbage we now have that will take 100′s of millions of years to break down.

          • eyeswideopen

            Time, would love to know where you get your statics from? A link showing those percentages would be great. If you don’t have any links backing up your statements, then, you too can be classified as fibber!!

    • Common Sense Police

      Is this true? Oh my god, does this mean that since there has never been a single case of anyone dying from ingesting marijuana, half the people in america are zombies???? Holy living dead! What a joke you morons. What the hell are you smoking to have come up with this absurd crap? And for the person who was concerned about the marijuana being laced with deadly chemicals and who would ensure the quality of the product, umm…….. maybe the people who grow it and use it?? Do you sprinkle boric acid on your cheerios for a little extra bite in the morning? Or spray a little raid in the non-stick skillet before frying up your eggs, just for the flavor, you know?

      • http://NONE COLLEEN


  • m

    Alexandra Datig forgets to mention she is a former addict
    and hollywood hooker. Checkout:,3657846

    • s c

      M, if that’s true about Datig, you can be sure she’s on Obummer’s short list to be yet another CZAR. She is SOOOOO very qualified, eh?

      • michael

        Every article I have read lately that has any type of discussion board about marijuana seems to always be about 9 to 1 in favor of legalizing marijuana but from what the people I have talked to about 2 in 100 have took the time to send an educated letter to their local and state government officials stating that their jobs depend on how they will vote on this issue or we WILL vote them out. I feel very strongly about this issue for many reasons and the more I learn the stronger I feel. We need to stop sitting on our hands complaining and stand up! I know its old fashion thinking for someone my age (31) but I believe if you’re not going to contribute to the change then you have no right to complain. Let’s all do our part.

  • Siridh

    Its high time marijuana was legalized. This is a harmless non-addictive substance in its natural state. It does not cause the violence associated with alcohol use nor does it cause crime because its not addicting. There are no (zero (0)) deaths associated solely with marijuana use. If we’re going to fight drugs lets fight the killers and addictive drugs and leave this one alone. Why should anyone spend one day in jail for marijuana? Its absurd.

    In this day and age of increasingly disastrous debt, a tax ono marijuana could help tremendously as well as reduce at least some of the prison population.

  • The Dude

    Listen up People! I’ve been a pot head most of my life. I started when I was in High School. Let’s go back in time a few years before that. Let’s say when I was five. In 1958. I’m on my way to school escorted by my siblings. My oldest brother held up his arms to prevent my other brothers and sisters from going out onto the street. Some how I knew he was being a crossing guard. I, on the other hand was smaller and didn’t or wouldn’t wait for him to tell us it was clear. So, I ran under his out stretched arms and onto the road where I was immediately struck by a new Rambler with faulty brakes. Sending me through the air over a 100 feet to land in the ditch next to the road. I was rushed to the hospitals in Richmond California all day long. It was dark before they found a hospital that would take me because my Dad didn’t have insurance. Later, when I was admitted to the hospital they found that I had a piece of the back of my head scrapped off by the bumper of this Rambler and I was leaking Spinal Fluids. I still have a bald spot on the back of my head. Believe it or not! I’m still here and kickin’. I’ve had a very hard time dealing with the pain that this accident left me with. Up until the Medical Doctor’s started treating pain as a condition, I was told I had to deal with it. Because of my accident, I had a very hard time running. So when I went into the United States Army, I had a hard time keeping up with my platoon for PT and Double Time March. I know you’ve all seen in the movies where there’s always a soldier tagging along behind the platoon. That guy was ME. I was later Beaten by my Platoon while my drill sergeant watched and kept an eye out at the door, in what the Army calls a Tent Party. In a Tent Party, 4 or 5 guys throw a blanket over you and hold it while the rest beat you with tent pole. All I could do was put my hands over my head and wait it out. Now when I see a wool OD green blanket I get the shivers. It’s very upsetting to say the least. Because of this, I’ve had about every pain killer known to the Pharma’s. Until I started using pot on a regular basis. Since starting pot regularly I’ve managed to quit smoking the cig’s that I’ve been smoking since I was in JR. High. Pot was my savior. I still smoke pot and I feel a lot better knowing that soon it will be legal, making it easier to obtain. I’ve watched all the propaganda video’s like Reefer Madness and such. I’m still not crazy. Nor have I killed anyone to obtain my pot. I have a bong, not a water pipe. Oh, I do have a water pipe. But it does what it’s supposed to do! Send water to my house. I’ve heard of people being busted for calling a bong a bong. I have a relative that blows glass. He says he makes whistles. But, these whistles are for smoking pot. I call it a pipe. Let’s take some lessons from Amsterdam. They have Coffee Shops where you go to smoke pot. They have restaurants for drinking Coffee. They have a red light district where you can… Well you get the jest. I’ve realized I’ve been going on and on. I tend to do that. Any way if you want to read more then visit me at or join me at
    The Army still will not give me compensation for what they did to me.

    • American liberal

      Dude.. Thanks for the truthful and eye opening story..I’m very glad youre doing better and I’m in total agreement with you… Good luck

    • American liberal

      Sc, Time… This may ruin your day… But I’m in agreement with you…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That’s called a BLANKET party. I’ve seen quite a few in eight years!!


    As a 71 year old fuddie duddie great grandfather, I have to share my only experiences with pot. All four of my sons did their amount of experimentation with it. Those who experiemented more than usual as a recreational drug, paid a dear price.

    1. Three of them dropped out of school.
    2. These same three came home late from “pot” parties, slept in, got bad grades, were kicked off of sports teams and while still in school failed to make the honor rolls.
    3. These same three readily found jobs, but just as easy, lost their jobs because of the bad habits of sleeping in, failing to learn and failing to be of any value to the building of a company.
    4. One has three “bastard’ sons, for which he has never gave any support to. One died early at age 33, from the life style that he led. One has been married, but the marriage was annualed by her parents, and he lost custody of their only child with few fatherly rights.

    The son who gave up the choice of using pot for recreation is married with seven children, pulling in over a hundred grand per year in a state where the average wage is less than $30,000 per year, and the unemployment is over 20% in his county.

    I have many wonderful grand children, who for the most part do not use pot for any purpose. They are all honor students still in school, doing well in sports and music.

    I have daughter who has never used pot, and she never will, and her children have committed likewise.

    Most of the talk has been about medical marijuana. My thought is that at least over half of those who portend to use pot for the purposes of pain are in fact closet recreational users, who will one day look back and ask themselves “Why was I here” and “Is the world now a better place because of my contribution”?

    You can rationalize all you want about all of the values of marijuana. There is more to life than getting high and ignoring our destiny.

    As to the use of hemp for industrial uses. I have no opinion, and if the cause is just and legally and financially rewarding, I say go for the “free market” use.

    • TIME

      Not knowing all the details of your case leaves me with out any direct answer to your statments.
      Thus I say this again after many time posting this on this sight – {Pot by its self is none addictive,} THC is not more addictive than say eating a blueberry, nor will it inhibit your productivity any more than say drinking a milk shake.

      As to behavior problems that has “very deep roots” that THC would not be to blame for.

      That would be no differant than my not getting a deal together in time – and then blame it on my dog eating it.
      I know thats a very simple explanation, but its also very straight forward and honest.

      Most folks that use “HARD” drugs (not herbs) tend to have not smoked pot /an herb, and please – thats not my opinion, thats fact based on studies run by even our own Government.

      The government of Cannada has started a growing of Hemp to make food, oils, and cloths, let alone other uses.

      The only reason that its not legal here in the US, is the “PROGRESSIVE movement” way back in the 1930′s.

      The Constitution and bill of rights are both written on HEMP paper. George Washington used to grow hemp as 70% of his crops.

      Last but not least, I made a lot of money in my life at the ripe age of 59, and I know countless folks who are in my tax bracket that have and still do smoke pot, and they have never had any problems making money nor holding a job.

      Its all controling ones self, I used to drink when I was with clients and that was the norm, {I missed more opportunity’s} due to being drunk than I ever missed after smoking a number.

      As a matter of fact I had my best deals ever when I was more relaxed after smoking a few hits, one was a transaction where I made over $2.6 million dollas on that deal, that was my commission after tax’s and everyone walked away happy and could recall everything that transpired.

      This herb has many uses and we could in fact dig ourselfs out of the bloody mess we are in if we had smoke shops like coffee shops, and smoke shops where one could buy a supply of well grown herbs for personal use at home.
      Spain did it and they did really well until the politicians started spending the new tax moneys on well – new jets for themself, new homes, new cars and bank accounts. Its always the politicians that make the problems.

      Any way OFD, thanks for your post look forward to seeing more from you.

      • Enlightened one

        It’s about responsibility … I suspect that that smoked pot and dropped out of school would have done so anyway .. It’s the same with drinking, a person has to be responsible for every act… I smoke pot… Have had a great career, marriage and enjoy my life… I smoke it at home.. I also love my beer , but I only enjoy drinking no more than 2… And I don’t drink and drive… Saying pot is a gateway drug is nonsense.. It’s true that most hardcore drug users have also used pot but they also drank coffee, had a beer , smoked a cigarette or eaten a hamburger… Again, it’s about responsibility and modeation… Anything you over indulge in is harmful.. just think..and be responsible..some people need an excuse when they fail.. But it still comes back toaking the right decisions… Lots of tempting things in the world… That’s why we have a brain… To make the correct decisions..pot really does help those with cancer and many other diseases… And replaces hardcore medicines

        • ABinGA

          Never missed a day of work due to smoking but have had some non productive days due to drinking. Quit many years ago with no problem, just didn’t want it anymore. No addictive additives like in cigs. Still trying to kick that habit. Would much rather be at a party with pot smokers than a bunch of drinkers. Alcohol tends to let the crazy out.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Wait a minute you just counterdicted what you guys have been saying about an herb being non-addictive. Tobacco is an herb also and you can’t get any more addictive than it!!! Opium comes from a plant that grows naturally and it has killed so many people it’s rediculous!!
            To whomever it was that said that you can’t be a bad Dad, tell that to all those abused, physically, mentally and sexually by their”DAD”!!! you can, indeed be a bad dad and can even sometimes be a good dad by not doing anything to “help” your kids!!!

    • michael

      OFD, I hate to make an assumption about your children but I only have what you told us to go by. It sounds like your children are suffering from a problem far more debilitating than smoking pot. From what I can tell it sounds like a major case of laziness. I hope this doesn’t come off as too offensive but it’s the marine in me that’s going to say this-as a parent you blaming your children’s problems on marijuana is nothing more than a cop out. As a parent is your responsibility and yours alone to light a fire in your kids if they begin to slack off. I see you blaming marijuana as nothing but an excuse for your failure. I only say this because some of the people I know that smoke every day are the hardest working people I know. A good friend of mine runs a surveying company and he is up at 430 in the morning and works till sundown and he smokes every day, not at work at home. I know the thought of a responsible stoner is not something you may be accustomed to but it’s real. They do exist. I’m not going to say that marijuana can’t be abused but let’s face it you can abuse anything in existence. You can abuse sugar and obesity kills Americans every day. Does this mean that one should go to prison and carry a criminal record for the rest of their life for possession of a Hershey bar?

    • oneshot

      Iam also a great grandfather also,I was when I was 58yrs old..
      I was in a car accident when I was 17yrs old,that was in 1965!I was going to war and the drunk driver hit me..leaveing me a Qaud in a wheelchair for life..i was interducted to pot shortly after that and thats when I wokeup and seen there was a world going around out there and I was not part of it..Now I have 45yrs of smnoking pot and decame a electronic teck,master gunsmith for 35yrs,silversmith,lapadary,high school deploma,collage with a 3.9 grade average and so much more,just to much info to relate..My point is my kids do smoke but very litte,all have great jobs,the grandkids do to but all have great jods work every day..
      one is in collage now on his 6th yr and will have the highest degree in mathmatics and minor in computer science also,oh by the way his eduction was all paid for with scolorships!
      Now the downfall is really the drinking problem in this country,the congress and senitors bar tab went up 330.000.00 dallors more this year over last year and guess who pays the bill?(tax payers).
      the morals in this country is gone,common sense out the door!
      One last thing,take the money out of drugs and you will solve the problem(i mean pot not hard drugs)the hard drugs destory people and young folks,Tax it!lots more to say but iam getting off subject!
      may God Less you all!

  • http://gmail Dodad

    As a high school student in ’68, I got to watch my classmates, jump the rope! Some of my classmates were excellent cabinet makers and carpenters, they start using pot like a rabbit going through alfalfa, now that group of 20 some carpenters, 4 have died of car wrecks while loaded, according to surviors, 4 still live with their mamas, 3 have taste tested a gun,2 have high dived on to sidewalks with pot and a little help from some pharmacuticals, and rest have a carpentry skill of a 5 th grader, no motivation. All had brand new Grand Ams. Anyone that says continuesd use of pot doesn’t slow you down or mess up your thinking and reasoning is full of crap

    • michael

      So your saying each one of these people never drank a drop right? You may be confused with alcohol abuse. Marijuana may be an altering substance but it doesn’t make you lose your judgment like alcohol does. I lost a friend that killed himself also, he took a bottle of jack and a shotgun in the woods and never walked out because his girlfriend broke up with him had that been a joint I have no doubt in my mind he would be alive today. Alcohol is an extreme depressant, weed makes you giggle. I have never once seen anyone go superman like I have drunks 1000s of times. I’m sorry about your loss of friends but imp going to guess an out of work carpenter living with mom has a pretty hardcore drinking problem as well. I have too many friends that work hard and enjoy life and are very successful that do smoke for me to think that pot will make me want to kill myself. In almost every case of something bad that someone blames pot on there is always another underling problem that goes unmentioned.

  • ABinGA

    Joe H.It’s the added chemicals as far as I know in cigs that are addictive, not the tobacco itself. Not the expert. Never had anything to do with the harder drugs but have known others who went that route. Should not have done that. They are killers. You are right Joe H. Sometimes a daddy has to stand back and let their children suffer the consequences. I know that sounds bad but sometimes it is the only way for them to learn their lesson.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It is the nicotein in the cigarettes that is addictive. Also, any smoke you take into your lungs does damage! If you take in smoke from a wood fire, you are damaging your lungs to some degree! The ones that are saying that MJ smoke does no harm to your lungs are full of shi.! If you want to ruin your lungs, that’s fine with me, just don’t try to convince others that it does no harm! As far as medical MJ, I think it should be legalized for that. for recreational use, no!! sorry, I have a right to my opines as well as you!!

  • TIME

    Folks – It goes with out saying that anything can be abused, thus one needs to understand that point.
    YET- to date “no one has ever died” from smoking pot.

    Now just as one should not drink and drive nor text and drive, nor even be on a cell phone and drive, nor should one eat and drive, nor smoke pot and drive – thats called “common sense.”

    **Hows it all work;
    Each person has a slightly differant base or acid compound, thus one can and will have effects that may be varried slightly – with THC – but never to the point that you will see things or hear things that are not there.
    But you may feel “sleepy,” or even have a raging case of you gota eat something.

    As far as the base chemical’s Pot has only one active substance, thats THC, and the C is good for you as I noted its a “canabinioid” – again this is found in “mothers milk.”

    The T-H is a mild form of a sedative, a 5mg valume, has 10X more sedative, even if the THC level is near 25%, and thats the highest level that can be found. Its very expensive, as in not found with ease.

    **) Many times people have other issues that effect behavior, thus problems that manifest themselfs in ways that seem related, yet are not.
    Think of this as your brain makes chemicals everyday, if you eat lots of high fat foods your brain is starved for O2, constriction by way of placque in the arteries and if you smoke many joints of average THC levels at 8 – 12% that may be enough to starve your brain a tad more, BUT and this is a BIG but- it would be very hard to say with out running test on each person, as noted effects will varrie.
    But to kill ones self is not on the table due to the THC effects.

    Person who smoke in a responsible mannor I have known for 30 -40 years now and they are just fine and in great health too. All make very strong incomes, have kids, have grand kids, they love their familys and jobs and life in general.

    Yet I also have known wild people who have had ((many other issues)) going on that the THC can not be the blame factors for.

    I would lay the blame on poor judgment, bad habbits, such as drinking and driving, “massive depression”, by the way “depression” is nearly the number one killer of person’s who commit suicide. Only a few will kill themselfs due to an illness that can’t be cured, there are other reasons too but not related to THC in anyway shape of form.

    Depression has nothing to do with smoking pot, THC has never – nor will ever be a cause and effect factor with depesession – thats a chemical imbalance and thats based on your family tree, it has nothing to do with THC.

    100% of the people I know that are DOC’S do not smoke pot – nor drink anything but COFFEE, and most drink way too much coffee.

    There are many issues that I have not addressed but the core factors I have, thus Pot will not harm you in anyway, thats based on sound science based on standing fact from persons who do not use THC, they just study it.

    As to crime and THC, Spain is the only country where it is 100% Legal, the crime rates dropped by 8% after it was made legal, thus clearly displaying that the petty crimes such as steeling a few bucks from Mommie and Daddy have all stopped.

    The real Crimes of Rape, Murder, Home invasions etc. are still strong.
    Yet all criminals who have been arrested for such crimes don’t smoke pot, this has been proved by blood test as well the Urine test.
    80% abuse Liqueur, as well drugs that are MAN made. Both of these eat away your liver, and kidneys, as well your brain cells.

    **And lets not forget many persons really don’t have much gray matter let alone the amounts of folds in said gray matter are few any thus smooth gray matter.
    Thus the motor functions are limited to start with, thus they are really no differant after smoking THC, they were just as stupid prior to the THC.

    That brings me to – the statment that Doctors are in fact legal drug dealers is a much more true statment.
    And the profits are “MASSIVE” for this kind of drug dealing as a matter of fact they are many billion X’s more than all black market drugs combined per year.

    We all really need to understand the hows and whys – as many times we feel that we know something; yet the facts by way of science will not sustain such when put to the test.

    Last but not least if you believe in the Christian religion at all, you have heard of Holy Oil – right?
    Well – Holy Oil is THC OIL, made from as noted the strong smelling ripe “Canobus flower.”

    Thus Christ himself healed people with Holy Oil all the time.

    I have done massive amounts of research into this plant, I have no questions at all about how much positive benift it can yield to humanity.
    The one and only reason it was made Illegal was due to the “PROGRESSIVE” movement in the 1930′ – they used religion the media as well out right lies to bring this about, and again all easy to find facts.
    Don’t fall for the LIES.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Please quote chapter and verse where it mentions pot, cannabis, or THC in the Bible. Like I said a while back to you, if what you say about your cancer is true, then it’s a true miracle but all I have to go on is your word that I can’t even put to a face or real name. I go on blind faith with the Bible and only the Bible!

  • chuck b


    most of the time i agree with you, however, on this subject we part ways. my son is in law enforcement and i can give you another side of the picture. pot is defended by pot smokers, that includes doctors and a lot of college pro. these so called experts are users themselves, ask any alcoholic how dangerous booze is and you will hear the same defense. i’ve seen a close friend lose his family and his home over the use of dummy dust, he was a mathematician and right now he has a problem adding two and say this is just and isolated incident. i say it isn’t, had to terminate several employees for smoking pot on their coffee break, the first break at 10am and they were out of it the rest of the day. they were a danger to themselves and the people around them. i tried social drinking years ago and ended up with a ticket for dui, that taught me a lesson about recreational use of mind altering chemicals. its impossible to tell people to stop smoking cigarettes, something they have to do themselves so telling them to stop using dummy dust is fruitless. smoke all the pot you want, i care less thats your business. when it becomes time for rehab you pay the bill.

  • ABinGA

    Joe H.-Not trying to persuade you one way or the other. To The Dude, I understand completely what you are talking about, Fathers and Daddys. Ya’ll have good day.

  • s c

    How is marijuana a silent killer? Did the geniuses at the FDA make that decision? If anyone is looking for a silent killer in America, look no further than the FDA.
    Their #1 goal is to protect Big Pharma. The normal process involves the protection of patented drugs. If there are no patents involved in the production of medical marijuana, then you ca be sure Big Pharma has ‘spoken’ to the FDA, and the FDA will do its worst to flex its muscles.
    Once again, I would like to know HOW medical marijuana can be considered a silent killer, and WHO made that decision.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Thie is A pretty damn ridiculous controversy!___The Government and the Medical Industry spend millions of dollars, in advertising, shouting to the world, DON’T SMOKE, that it causes lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, COPD!__They’ve shut down cigarette smokers from lighting up, in Restaurants, Public Places, some companies won’t even allow people to smoke on or near Company properties__ NOW it’s banned in Bars that serve more than a certain percentage of food!__Ads are constantly running on TV and reality shows pertaining to drug abuse On one report I heard that California MAY become a SMOKE FREE STATE???Is that true,ANYONE?____(it’s late and I’m too lazy to check!)
    WTF___AND THEY WANT TO TRY AND MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL?!!!___I’ve got a rare form of Glaucoma, I’m one of five in the United States with it__I could probably get a script for medical marijuana, but I won’t BECAUSE, I’m afraid of it__Why?__Because everyone says, that todays weed, is laced with everything imagineable!__TELL ME, If it goes legal, Who’s going to regulate it against it being tainted, the Government? YEAH RIGHT!???__What next?__Heroin, LSD___You know what really redundant and sad about this whole thing?__The fact is that street drug sales, will be the only form of capitalism left in America if the “BO BO” Administration have their way!

  • michael

    Yes be aware of all the harmful things that today’s marijuana is laced with. These things will kill you! Can you believe you will find things in marijuana like dirt and water and worst of all sunlight? Seriously that is the point of legalizing marijuana so that we can take the crime element out of it. Not one pro pot legalization rant I have heard says anything about legalizing harmful drugs. I want marijuana legalized but I would never agree with the legalization of anything that is addictive and can kill you-marijuana is neither. You should read up about what a vaporizer is and how it works. You can use marijuana without smoking it. If you’re too lazy to check if smoking is banned in California (which it was in most places when I stationed there 10 years ago) I’m guessing you’re too lazy to actually read the facts about marijuana before making an educated opinion.

  • TIME

    I had cancer – it was in an advanced stage 3, I didn’t smoke it, I made a oil / paste out of it – and in just under six months I was 100% cancer free.
    As in don’t you just love watching a Doc’s scratch their head and say, Ahhhhh I don’t know what to say, but what ever – your 100% cancer free.
    Oh and “don’t tell me how you did it!” I don’t want to know, I mean I think I know – but don’t say it.

    That alone speaks volumes, as in they know how to cure cancer so why all the rhetoric.
    (( NO MONEY )) in it is why. If you can grow a plant and cure yourself from many ills, for less than fifty bucks, things just don’t jell well for the Pharm Co’s. You don’t need them, nor do you really need the Doc’s, so hows that work out for them? Hows that going to work out for the Government to admit they did something to further a small core group of Big name business persons in the 1930′s!

    One more thing, I know a fellow who is 80 years old he had a number of skin cancers that his Doc was going to burn off with a laser.
    I gave him enough of this green paste to apply to these areas for two weeks or what it takes to get rid of skin cancer.
    In just two weeks they were 100% gone, so when he showed up for his
    laser burning, he was sent home. This stuff really works.

    This is no bloody joke, its a fact and it works quite well.

    The single side effect you will note right off is – you do sleep a lot at first.
    The first month I was sleeping an easy 19 hours per day. By the end of six months I could handle being awake an easy 16 hours per day.
    But after all your healing, so you really have to look at the massive amounts of sleep as a good thing.

    I am one of now many thousands that have done this – any info you need to get started – just Google; “RUN from the CURE.”
    This will give you enough info to start with, as well many links to people who have done a ton of research on this topic.
    All of what will blow holes in the noted; Alexandra Datig.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Time, I think that’s awesome and Thank Christ!!__Now, To be quite honest Time, our daughter was a Heroin addict for about 4-5 years, we detoxed her 3-4 time at home, tried rehab which she refused to go, she stole us blind, broke into our parents homes for money, and one day when I’d finally had enough, I had an APB put out on her, had her brought home and arrested for stealing my Dads car to get her stuff. __Thank God, for the last 7 years she’s totally clean, she’s now happily married with two childrenn and she’s never looked back.__ Hadn’t I been through the drug scene with her, Time I’d probably look at it the legality of weed differently. as far as I’m concerned, Aside from the Rare Glaucoma, I have Macular degeneration on top of it__I’ll have to read about it, thanks for your input._Angel :)

  • American liberal

    Thanks for your story… And I’m glad your doing much better… This plants a gift and it’s a crime it’s illegal..

  • TIME

    First off I understand what you went through, I have lost many friends to real “HARD CORE” drugs, ones that should not be legal.

    On that note let me be 100% clear the big – H and THC are like black and white.
    Black my be the sum of {all colors,} but white is the complete absence of all color.

    The H is more in the Black color, by that I mean it has everything in it but the kitchen sink.

    Think of a meat ball, if its made from pure ground round, it has zero fillers, thus a real meat ball. Yet most add bread – eggs – flour – hard cheese – or veggie stems ground down.
    {So with H you never know what your getting mixed in.}

    Thats why its so hard for people to break the habbit, then toss in “addictive personality’s” – then – its on down the road to destruction.

    THC is very straight forward thus the white color more pure, it has what are called canabininoids, these are also found in “Mothers milk,” and some fresh veggies, fish and a few meats that are lighter in color, also eggs etc. But its in such small amounts that it has only a slight effect.
    Thus the cooked down pot made into an oil / paste makes for a much higher / condenced THC format, thus 10000X the canabininoids, thus better effects in killing cancer, or other ills that effect your human body.

    I tell you – it was a friend that had cancer that turned me on to Mr. Livingstons sight last year, she had found a few blogs that helped her but not cured her.
    I inturn gave her the THC oil / paste info, as well made her a batch she is now 100% cancer free.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Time, thirteen years ago my brother was diagnosed with liver cancer, it traveled to his lungs and brain and in a matter of four months at 57 he was dead. He tried Chemo once, and said the cure was worse than the disease, he never went back.__My old man and I don’t buy into big pharma deal either, we do believe in natural methods of healing and we don’t run to the doctor for eveything little thing.I watched mother used as a guinea pig, all but 11 years of her life. I watched my father, tethered to a syringe for 30 years as a diabetic. Pop blood pressure medicine like it was candy. If your not careful, big pharma will strap you an haul you in, merely because of ingnorance(simply not knowing the truth). We didn’t buy into the H1N1 scare either.

  • jomama

    There is NOTHING wrong with smoking a little pot. It DOES NOT make you want to rape & kill (whoever came up with that one needs to smoke more grass). It just makes you want to kill a package of Oreos – that’s all.

  • American liberal

    I was gonna say cookies and ice cream could be in grave danger…. It’s a shame they put people in prison over this plant… I believe the drug wars been the most distructive war waged on our people.. Ohh,, try sone Rum Raisen ice cream next time you get the urge…

  • American liberal

    Time… That’s twice this week we agreed on something . Yikes.”…and do I understand the ultra rightwing Sc also agrees on this subject?…

  • TIME

    I know thats strange.

  • chuck b

    old fuddie duddie

    having grown up around the pot scene in east los angeles, i can speak from an experienced opinion. pot is addictive, the ones denying this are the users themselves. over the years i have employed people who were users (only till i found out) and have friends whose children got involved with the dummy dust. pot does dumb down i have seen this in several cases and don’t need some pot head professor to deny it. the people who are making these claims about how harmless pot is are the ones using it and are in a state of denial. they want this drug available so as not to pay the high price. medical marijuana is a joke

  • TIME

    AL, Again I agree with you..

  • michael

    Marijuana is not an addictive drug. This has been medically proven. Do potheads like to get stoned and enjoy smoking? Yes, but if they stop smoking there are no withdrawal symptoms. No headaches, no shakes, and no feeling like you will die if you don’t soon find some pot. This is unlike the other drugs that marijuana remains classified with that kill people each and every day. If there are not any withdrawal symptoms in the absence of a substance after regular use then it is simply not addictive substance period. Caffeine is a more addictive substance which has terrible withdrawal symptoms and people give it to their children every day. again not my opinion this has been medically PROVEN.

  • michael

    In addition you said you have employed people until you found out? Why should it be up to you to judge someone for wanting to partake in something safer than drinking or smoking tobacco? I’m not saying marijuana is good for you although there are more things in support of its benefits every day. It’s May not be great to smoke it but there are other ways to use marijuana. Vaporizer anyone? Maybe your ex- employees are like me. I probably drink less in a year than most Americans do in a week. I don’t drink because I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I don’t know about you but I find nothing enjoyable about a hangover. But I do like to smoke and relax at the end of the day. maybe you should think about how I run my company because I have learned it works pretty well- I tell any new hire that I will drug test you but here is the deal, I’m not looking for pot but if I find anything else you’re out the door no questions. if you don’t want to destroy your liver and slowly kill yourself from drinking and you smoke your job is safe but understand that if you are ever stoned at work there will be no warning you will be fired on the spot. Same as you wouldn’t want someone drinking on the job. I find that if you treat people like human beings they work a hell of a lot harder for you. Just a little advice from one small business owner to another.

  • chuck b


    you make all your excuses for yourself. users all have the same answer so i’m not surprised at your comment. you lose your judgement with the use of pot.

  • michael

    Chuck, again your showing just how closed minded your thought process really is. Saying things like I don’t care about the medical reports they are done by stoners? All doctors in favor of marijuana are stoners? You would have to know that these medical reports would be very well documented to show proof of all claims because there will be people who want to say it’s not true and prove them wrong but they haven’t been able to do so yet. You also said that they are all stoner doctors and their opinions are biased. Well isn’t that statement alone a contradiction of your beliefs. If marijuana makes you stupid then how are these people doctors? I have never met a stupid doctor myself. I know a few doctors and they are all very intelligent people. You should read a few of the reports before making an uneducated opinion. Most of these reports were done at large medical facilities- not just some old pot head with a beaker and a Bunsen burner. No one is saying you need to smoke pot it is your decision but what right do you have to judge me? I own a successful company, I have a golf course in my back yard, I have 2 beautiful little girls and a wife that loves me most of the time –by no means do I consider myself a failure. You assume that because I’m for legalization I’m just some lazy pothead?

  • The Dude

    Hey! Old Fuddie Duddie, I partially agree and disagree with you and the others out there posting comments. I didn’t mention, I’m 56 years of age. I have a saying that goes, DONE THERE, BEEN THAT!, Remember you heard that here. I’m an educated pot head, right OFD? I have a Degree in Electronic Technology. I was a C.N.E. (Certified Netware Engineer) and a Level III Connectivity Specialist with IBM. I had my Computer Business, specializing in Networking. I did a Network for Lucky Enterprises, they specialize in 3rd party equipment for ATVs. TMI ??? Anyway, Am I an exception to the rule?? Or just a fluke? No! I realized early in life that if I’m going to be a responsible ADULT, then I’ve got to be a responsible pot smoker. With the things that I experienced in the Army, in my younger years, I realized that I couldn’t function to my fullest potential. I said that I’ve been smoking pot most of my life, Right? OK. Now here’s the truth. I didn’t smoke pot while I had a job to do. Now that’s just me. I’ve known people and still know some that can work better when they are stoned. It all depends on the person. We are all different in our own ways. And as far as being a bad Dad, you can’t be a bad Dad. Unless you have the bastard kids and don’t do any thing to support them. Now that’s as bad a Dad as one could be in my books. But on the other hand. I think the child support laws are too one way. But, being a responsible ADULT. That’s what it takes. If you can’t function then the Father figure should step in and say I Love You Son/Daughter. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    Back in High School? I had friends that got their selves killed riding stupid on Crotch Rockets. Doing drugs and Alcohol. I know of one that pot may have been a factor. Crotch Rockets are still legal. We could put anything up here and compare but we all forget one thing! We have the right to our own CHOICE! By our Constitution. That’s what it should be about! One should have the right to choose their own destiny.

    I no longer do the job I use to. I have a hereditary disease that keeps me from working. From my Dad.

    JOHN H, In 1970 they called them a Tent Party cause they beat you with TENT POLES.
    Done There, Been That! Once again you can visit me at or

    Later… The Dude.


    Hey, Time, Michael and The Dude, thanks for your intelligent replies. The only thing missing is duhhh, what’s up dude? Kind of like listening to the responses that Jay Leno gets on the street from all of the other intelligent college graduates, some who are pulling in hundreds of grand per year in spite of their “dulled” and dumbed down minds.

    There will always be those who make it financially in life. As I mentioned in my first comment yesterday, there is more in life than being high. One has to some day pay the piper and look back on what one has really accomplished while having the blessings of mortality.

    Thanks to Chuck B and Dodad for their comments. Obviously, there are millions of Old Fuddie Duddies out there who can see evil for what it is.

    I only shared what was in my heart and my personal experience with pot as used by my sons, and it became necessary for Michael to attempt to destroy the messenger.

    Now, I don’t personally know if marijuana usage is addictive. I don’t personally know how it makes you feel, and I trust my instincts not to test it or any other number of drugs, legal or illegal. I once drank and smoked, but these very addictive products were dangerous enough to my health that I quit.

    As Enlightened One mentioned, perhaps over indugence is the key by using responsibility and moderation in all things.

    As for me, I’ll abstain, and suggest that if you doubt your ability to function normally while being high, perhaps it would be better if you would abstain too! That is your choice. I do know this. Pot was the gateway drug that was responsible for three of my five children to “rot” their minds and waste their lives in misery. I just wish that the once brightest son of all of my children was still alive so as to perhaps make that responsible choice today.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I HAVE met a couple of very stupid Dr.s!!!! The one I have now is very good, but the one that did the first surgery on my back, and the one that did the second surgery on my back were both kinda stupid! both lied to me and then went out and went on vacation after I paid for their services!!

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I think you better put the pipe down man cause it’s JOE H not JOHN. I was in from 68 to 74 and then a year in the guard. They were called blanket parties because they threw a blanket over you and used ANYTHING to beat you, even a sock with GI soap in it cause if used just right it wont leave a mark and will hurt like hell!!! you can also put sand in them!

  • The Dude

    Joe H. Through life I’ve learned that even our smartest of geniuses have made mistakes. If calling you John H. offended you then I apologize. But why do you think my mistake was because of my pot? That offends me too no end. I see it all the time. Put down that pipe! You made a mistake! hehe…

    And on the subject of not being a bad Dad. Those types of men that beat their children are not a Dad. If they were around for the conception then they are the Father or sperm donor. There’s a lot of difference between the both. A father is the man that donated the sperm. A Dad is the one that stayed around a raised the kids. Now if you had gotten beaten or molested by a person that called himself your Dad, then he was a liar! Dads don’t beat on their kids. You can be a father and not a Dad and you can be a Dad and not a Father or one could be both. Some men pretend to be a Dad but aren’t the Father or a Dad. Giving Dad’s a bad name. Does that make sense to all you unstoned peeps? Or, should I put down my pipe?

    Has anyone out there experienced a Blanket Party? I know how it feels. Even to this day, I remember the tent poles coming down on me like rain drops weighing a ton. But you are right. It is called a blanket party. But being in one reminded me of being in a tent. I guess it’s because of the tent poles they used. Huh? After all, I was only 17 when I went in the Army. And I’d never heard of a tent party or a blanket party. Hell, I didn’t even know what a cotex was used for. OK. Enough of that..

    I think pot has been getting a bad rap. That’s what this was about right. I think making pot legal would be good for our economy, BUT, with my experience there will be people that can’t handle it. Just like with Alcohol. It has been proven that smoking cig’s kills! They are still legal. Cars kill people. And even creatures that don’t use them.

    Hey bud, Try this car. It’s a killer. I bet you can’t take more than one hit! hehe Gotta go.


  • http://?? Joe H.

    As far as my Dad, he was the greatest and taught me to stand on my own two feet without crutches. He was always there for me right up to the day he died. I miss him. what I meant by you can be a good father by not doing anything for your kids is a molester would be a better father by never entering his childs life a abuser by never sticking around to lay one hand on their kid! I never went through it, but I almost went to jail for beating the hell out of a guy that was abusing his kid! I never gave it one thought and would do it again tomorrow if needed!
    As far as the pot, I knew a guy in VietNam that started by smoking it and went to the harder stuff in Bearcat. When he came to our unit from there, he lost all contacts to get the stuff he was hooked on. He started taking barbituates to try to ease the pain and when that didn’t work, he put an M16 under his chin on full rock and roll and pulled the trigger. I found a piece of his skull on my fatigues I had laid out for duty. That turned me against it and I’m against all forms of it except for medicinal purposes only. I know it helps glaucoma and certain diseases of the eye and if what Time says is true, then I guess there is some use for it there. But legal for recreational use? No!


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