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Consumer advocates call for Geithner’s resignation

March 25, 2009 by  

Consumer advocates call for Geithner's resignationFollowing the AIG bonuses debacle, two prominent consumer advocates have called on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to resign.

Harvey Rosenfield and Jim Donahue have written to President Obama to express their lack of confidence in Geithner’s ability to grapple with the ongoing financial crisis due to his previous association with Wall Street while chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and an author of the first round of bailouts.

They believe the Treasury Department was aware of the controversial bonuses and retention payments but failed to act until after AIG paid some $180 million worth of them.

"It is clear that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner cannot provide the requisite independence that is required in an environment in which financial institutions and other businesses are demanding trillions of dollars of taxpayer money," the letter to the President states. "With respect, we urge you to ask for his resignation."

Recently, issued a report identifying policy decisions by the federal government that led to the current financial meltdown and how those policies were dictated by Wall Street through $5 billion in campaign donations and lobbying fees between 1998 and 2008.

It states that many of these firms are now receiving American taxpayer dollars.

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  • http://leonhardsr carl leonhardsr

    Secretary of State background of taping Bills girl conquests sold pardons unlimited corrupt deals. Attorney General . Involved in Pardons to terrorist that tried to kill the President . Arranged pardon for Mark woods . International crook and on most Wanted FBI list. Will release terrorist out of Cuba. Treasure secretary Tax invader one of the chief contributer for the financial Mess. This is the changes Ubama promised.

  • dianne4dees

    I think it is of the utmost urgency that Timothy Geithner resign as Secretary of the Treasury. Economists, financial wizards, and others have called his plan “radical”, at best. I honestly don’t think this man knows what he’s doing, or maybe the problem is that he does know what he’s doing and that’s scary. Obama’s administration is a disaster after only 60 days, and the administration, Obama especially, is doing more to harm our global relations than any other president since Jimmy Carter.

    • lmae


      • Janet Beckwith

        We need to recall this scary president before he has a chance to “finish off our country”.

        • Janice

          I agree! We need to get that fraud out of the White House!

        • http://firefox Frank

          Absolutely, its time that we take back our country. Lets win this fight together.

    • Osborne Ellis

      SCARY! — is the mildest word that I would use to describe how I feel about the current situation. Obama is scary, Biden is scary, — they are all scary.

      • http://firefox Frank

        We need to get rid of Polosie, Reid and the rest of these left wing idiots that don’t give a dam to our country and our fight on Terrorism. We need to do our part to take back our country.

    • http://firefox Frank

      Amen to that. This so called president is a danger to our beloved country and our rights are being taken away slowly but surely. We must stand up and fight back for our freedom and our rights as AMERICANS. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Geithner should have never been considered for the position to begin with. How can we have someone who can’t pay their own taxes be in charge of the entire nation’s taxes. This is an outrage and he should step down. He needs to be able to keep his own affairs in order. Now he is in charge of everyone’s. What’s wrong with this picture????

    • freespeech


      You asked… “how can we have someone who can’t(i prefer wont) pay their own taxes…” Thus, many of the 500+ reps on Capital Hill also did not pay their taxes!! So is not paying taxes a crime? If you answer yes, then you need to do a lot more research!!
      The point I’m trying to make here Robin is that YOU are the only one that is going to stand up for you!! NOT your government FOR SURE. The only way this will turn around is to scrap CONgress and the President and ALL FEDERAL PROGRAMS AND DEPARTMENTS and start over.

      • http://firefox Frank

        Amen. Lets spread the word. Lets clean house.

      • Mary

        I am so frustrated and very scared at the same time. What do we have to do to take ouur Contry back. This is way more scary than the cold war.

        • freespeech


          do not be afraid but have faith!! everything is already worked out and you will see more evidence soon!! frustration is a sign of fighting change and change happens 24/7! hold an intention and visualize peace on earth. your fear will disolve and your heart felt intention will be realized!! like i said- it is already worked out!! there will be peace on earth, and in fact, it is already happening!!

    • http://firefox Frank

      Geithner needs to step down immediately. You are absolutely right, this so called president knew of the danger of this TAX CHEAT and still appointed him to this position. These guys are liars. Those who voted for change well they got what they wanted, no change bigger government. Lets all of us to step up to the plate. Lets get our country back and get our values heard. Keep spreading the word. Take care.

      • Mary

        I tottaly agree. Can we sign a petition to get the Tax cheat Geitner fired.
        Whatever happened to the Governement of the people for the people?
        Have we lost our minds? These people have got to go NOW!

  • James Griffin

    Seems like a double standard to me. Just think about the consequences that the everyday tax payer would go through if anyone of us decided to “over look” paying what we owed the Federal Government. Of all people,”The Treasury Secretary”, not paying his taxes, I believe this would fall under “UN-PATRIOTIC” as the dummycrats put it.

    • freespeech

      Actually James, at this point in the game (and it is a game), NOT paying taxes looks to be the only responsible non-violent patriotic action left.

      • Marge

        I also feel that we should all stop paying our taxes. They can’t put us all in jail. We would at least be able to speak out loud and clear this way. They don’t hear us any other way that I can see. Why is he giving a foreign country so much money. He is trying to buy their friendship or what. I am sure they are just laughing at us and calling us stupid which I agree.

        • Craig

          I think it is called the “dumbing of America”. And speaking of sending money to foreign countries, to make them like us, etc. We spend yearly $144 trillion on 144 country’s.

        • Craig

          Sorry it’s ONLY one trillion a year/144 countries.

        • Mary

          Isn’t it sad! They are all laughing at us. Ant to think that President Bush made the world hate America! Obama/Geitner is making us look like total idiots.
          I love my country, I want it back.

    • Craig

      Were any of us taxpayers not pay our DUE taxes, i forgot, etc., ignorance of the law would be no excuse. However Congress seems to be ignorant of the tax laws, and Constitutional law. Of course the Constitution does say it is a voluntary tax, but the congress interpretation seems to exempt them!!!!

    • http://firefox Frank

      Lets stand together and get rid of this TAX CHEAT Geithner.

  • Nancy

    We see how other countries are reacting to this new administration’s handling of the economy (angry beyond belief, rightfully so!)….plus the fact that Geithner failed in handling his OWN finances…you’d think this would have been a slam dunk and he’d be out of there. I personally feel that we have a group of key players who are leading this nation into a downward spiral deliberately. Some of those key players are in Obama’s cabinet…some in other countries, in my opinion. To go on the kind of spending spree they’re on indicates to me there is another agenda here….and I think it’s spelled SOCIALISM. The American people need to rise up to the occasion and fight it with all their might to protect the Constitution and our “republic for which we stand”. Don’t let them take it!!! Join the Glenn Beck 912 Project in your city NOW!

    • Mary

      I am not surprised at all by what’s going on. We knew going in what this most liberal Senator, who only voted “absent”, was all about. He spent his life being indoctrinated by his mentors, Rev. Wright and the infamous terrorist William Ayres. The young people of this country that voted for him have no clue what they were doing, others voted because they were “Bush Haters”, and now we have the end of our democracy which is the CHANGE and HOPE that most of us could only ever imagined.
      May God protect all of us.

  • Mitch

    A great part of what bother Me about him is the fact that he was trying to get by with cheating on his taxes, but suddenly “remembered” when he was picked as a candidate for the SOT.
    With regards to the AIG bonuses: These were LEGALLY binding contractual bonuses, and the Gov. had no legal right(or Constitutional right) to create a special “TAX” to confiscate what was a legally paid bonus. Sure some people think that paying these contract payments were out of line, but a contract is a contract.
    This current administrations ” ROBIN HOOD” style of taking what people earned to further their Socialist ( read Communist) agenda. The outright disdain with which they are treating the American Citizens is appalling.
    The elected officials in our Nation have long ago forgotten that THEY WORK FOR US, AND THEY CAN BE FIRED.

    • Ed

      What we need to do is start a “Impeach Obama” site.

      • bob

        i totally agree with ed, this man has some very SOCIALIST idea’s. and it doesn;t take much of a hard look to see this. bob the welder

        • EJB

          Not only impeach obama, but prosecute him, pelosi, geithner, and dunn, on treason charges..obama and congress have already violated 5 constitutional amendments….if that isn’t treason against this country and its citizens,,I don’t know what is.

      • Marge

        I agree an impeachment site should be started and see how many signatures we could come up with.

        • LMF

          I totally agree with you.

        • http://hotmail Mike Sample

          It has never been proven that Hussaine Ubama is a natural born American Citizen. He has an agenda that will destroy capitalism, free speech, and the desire to succeed in our American free enterprise system by supressing our citizens under the weight and false shield of socialism. I believe that once our freedoms start to dissappear, true Americans will stand up for who they really are, and what they truly stand for, and throw this fraud out of office.
          I will sign a petition and so will my friends.If I knew how, I would start one myself. If someone does start one, please let me know and I will help get signatures and support it any way I can. LONG LIVE THE AMERICAN WAY.

        • joe yechout

          you can thank the ACORN group for ramrodding the left’s man in. The N. Y. times now admits they stuffed a story about this in october, because as they say,” It would have been a GAME CHANGER” Exactly, the truth to dishonest people is dangerous.
          They even had a “TRUTH POLICE” in Missouri last fall to ” correct people’s thinking in case any were found to be making ” untrue remarks about their saviour.” This kind of thing is an obvious tip-off Joe

      • Jack

        I agree he should be impeached or “recalled” somehow. To impeach is to bring criminal charges against the president. Has he done anything criminal?

        He is the most destructive government employee I have ever heard of. Is there any way we citizens can legally hamstring him? I understand many democrats are turning against him. Thank God. I doubt if even Joe O’Biden would be as dangerous or destructive as O’Bama. Pelosi would be horrible.
        She appears to be just plain ole’ stupid.

        • Mary

          Let’s do it! We must take our country back. If we wanted to be run by the corrupted Europeans, most of us would have stayed there. We come to America because we want what Mother Liberty means to us. Why can’t these elite idiots recognize that. I know why, they’re not there for us, their only goal is for their own power. They all need to go. All the crooks left over by the Clintons, what an embarrassing thing for us Americans.!

      • milidude

        To the comment made about impeaching obama: you cant impeach a person who illegally occupies the office of president(usurper) the constitution has no contingency for it. he must be forcefully removed from office by arrest,and soon before he totally corrupts the lawful status of our juris prudence permanently. although this is entirely possible, this may be the means to the end of our constitution and the way made to a global autocracy, mark my words.

        • Mary

          What constitution! We no longer abide by the constitution, we will now only answer to the European group they’ve created, this is much too serious. I’m really angry and scarred. A civil war might even be what we’re facing. I cannot believe these fat lying pigs will get away with it. They need to go. Ms. Pig-losi should have been the first one, after all she, Reid and now Geitner are running a mock with the country. Obama never run anything, so he lets them make all these horrendous decisions, he thinks he’s so smart, because he can put the blame back to them. What an idiot!

      • James

        NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!!!! I don’t know who you are but you are the first person besides myself that wants to get some action started. Now lets don’t stop there. We must GET the guy IMPEACHED not just talk about it. I just wonder if we could start the movement based on imcompitence? A group of us here at work, just last week, were comparing our work ethics and do diligance in getting our work done effectively and productively. If we pulled the same crap as our “wonderful so called pres” is pulling we would all be run out the door? What is the difference? If we don’t do something and do it soon this country is “history’. If you watch the talk shows, and that is just what they are, Hannity, Rush, Bill Orielly, they all sit around daily moan, groan, complain and talk everyone into the ground but none of them are doing anything to get the movement started in this country to give Washington an Enema. If I had their money and wisdom believe me I would be on the streets getting this movement on the roll.

        • Mary

          I agree James, the problem with these talk shows is that they do not give us any clue as to what we the people can do. And something MUST be done. I’ll stay tuned.

  • Annie

    Mitch, the contracts could have been renegotiated when the bailout was written and before $billions handed over to AIG, with NO strings attached. The government could also have required AIG file for Chapter 11 and let the Bankruptcy Judge re-negotiate those contracts. They didn’t do that because (1) Chris Dodd and Obama both received over $100,000 in campaign contributions from AIG and (2) Geithner, who wrote the AIG bailout, is the Administration’s man and has lots of pals on Wall Street. (3) Also, Ann Coulter wrote about Wall Street contributing $millions to the Obama presidential campaign. Follow the money. All the pork laden spending bills and projects are simply “pay back” from the Democrats for campaign contributions. And it wasn’t just $165 million; there was an additional $58 million in December and another $85 million in bonus to overseas employees of AIG who don’t intend to return the bonus money, and of course, they are outside US jurisdiction on this one.

    Yes, Everyone connected with this disgusting display of greed in DC should be fired. But only a super grassroots effort will effect any real change. Check out They also have State and other groups you can join to connect up with like minded patriots. We have to do more than just talk about it. We have to roll up our sleeves and start slugging.

    • BudJed

      Everyone is missing the point with these AIG bonuses. There was a total of $1.2T given out in bonuses. BUT, there was $170T given to AIG in the bailout. I want to know where the other $168.8T is!!!
      The outrage shown by Obama, Barney Franks, Geitner, etc, was feigned and simply a ruse to distract the American people. They all knew about these bonuses last October – Geitner put together the original AIG bailout plan for the Bush administration! Now, once the public finds out, they insist they knew nothing about it! How stupid do they think we are?? They passed the bill and Obama signed it without reading it! Total incompetence! How many other ‘surprises’ are we going to find out about in the weeks and months to come? Better yet, how many are we NOT going to find out about?

      • Annie

        BudJed, You are absolutely correct. The whole outrage scene was a farce, a coverup to the more heinous actions being planned by the Obama, Franks, Geitner, Dodd, etc. going on behind the scene. Obama didn’t have to read the bill; he knew what was in it. His “partners in crime” wrote it. Remember how he rushed it out, saying he wanted it on his desk next day, then didn’t bother to sign it for four days.

        He and the dems are running circles around the republicans. We need some strong voices in Washington, but we are being outspent by the left. The latest insult is that Soros made $1 billion last year when everybody else lost their shirt. I smell a rat. And you are smart to be concerned; there is lots of evil yet to come out of Pandora’s Box. Thanks for the figures; this is information I hadn’t come across. Can you respond with the source reference?

        They know we aren’t stupid; they just have us over a barrel and know it. They have the money and power to destroy this country. Soros said a year ago he was going to destroy American economicall; his millions put Obama in the White House, and that promise is now being played out.

      • EJB

        Budjed- the rest of the money went to banks overseas….our tax dollars were sent overseas, to bail those banks out…Obama and geithner knew it was in that fiasco package, before he pushed it through. congress would have known too, if they had done their job and read it before they voted on it..Congress is just as bad as obama, geithner and dunn.

      • susan day minerly

        1.2 Trillion is the total amount of ‘losses” is 25% of all oustanding mortgages had to be reduced by “40″% to match appraised values.

        If you want a copy of my “solution” please email me at

    • Chuck


      I agree with you completely. Socialism and bigger government at the cost of our freedom and democracy. The whole bunch must go, they must be defeated in their plan to break this country. It is sad that many well meaning American’s voted for this group of partners in crime. Obama doesn’t care about the constitution or our democracy. He wants power and money to the detriment of everyone but his cronies.

      • Marge

        I agree with the above that they should all be removed from office and now not later.

        • James

          YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT MARGE, NOW NOT LATER. These loons in Washington DO NOT KNOW what they are doing other than they know how to ruin our lives. I tried to tell everyone I know, before the election, not to vote for this clown because of his voting record. If you have a voting record like his in the senate, you can not possibly have a clue as to what is going on around you.

    • bob

      i agree even these morons in washington say,freedom is’nt free.sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe.

      • James

        Not sometimes Bob, you must stand up ALL the time for what you believe, and I believe it is time for these morons to go, and I say NOW>

        • bob

          james, you are right.ALL OF THE TIME we need to stand up for what we believe in and i also agree we NEED to rid ourselves if them , RIGHT NOW. we need to cut the money supply off ,that will get their attention right now!!

  • joe

    Need to have term limits we should go to the offices(our offies on the hill) throw 90% out of them in the street strip them of all the illegal monies they have made off the taxpayers under handed bills etc ones like kennedy the swimmer who are really guilty and put them under the rock! Something has to be done!

  • Mary

    Why don’t we boycott all these compaines that got the bailouts until they fire the CEO’s and those that have not done their jobs. This is not change it is shame.

    • EJB

      They couldn’t have got the bailout money, if obama and congress hadn’t given it to them. Make all who voted for this fiasco, pay all the money back to the Americna people, and then through them out of office, without any pension or right to hold publick office again.

      • http://robertLivingston Tom

        I want the same result as you do BUT do the people in the districts and states these elitist jackasses live in agree with us? Remember liberals want a socialist democracy and to get it they must ruin our capitalist system. They are well on the way in their power grab. And Geitner and Bernake are Obama puppets. When O is through using them he’ll throw them away.

  • Ray

    Just a thought here, these people who work for us, Our tax money, I’d like to see them : Congressmen, senator’s, and ll involved take lie detecacter tests. Find out truth from all them. and not just this time, but often whenever the public is in trouble like this. Lets find out the truth.


      I think that all the Senators and Congressman and The President and all his Cabinet and advisors should resign or be impeached. What they have done and are doing or allowing to be done is immoral and unjustifiable. It is illegal and unconstitutional.

      • http://personalliberty Dory

        I absolutely agree….when does this insanity stop? Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be ousted immediately with Geithner. Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Schumer should go also. There is NO CLASS with these power seeking idiots…. the phrase “WE WON” tells it all! Playground bully tactics, and we citzens are on to them and it will be a matter of time before their goose is cooked!

        • Mary

          Totally agree! You never know what you get when you don’t know the person you elect.

        • KC

          Dory….lets just say ALL Demoncrates….that way we can be sure to get the right ones.

        • Paul Trood

          KC do you really think this institutionalized corruption is restricted to the Democrats? If McCain had won nothing would be different as all these companies that gave campaign funds always play both sides which provides them with a win win. It is time people got away from the distraction of party’s, they are all in the game together, they are all as bad as each other because they are all created by the same system. It is the system of government that needs to change.

  • Ray

    Just a thought here,these people who work for us, our Tax Money, I’d like to see them
    Congresman, Senator’s, and and all those involved have to take a lie detacator tests.
    So we can find out the truth from all of them, and not just this time but every time there
    public trouble or worrie or concern like this :Lets Learn The Truth.

    • bob

      maybe we the people ,should instigate a tax revolt.when i’m a small business owner and it costs me 11,000 this year to have a business in this country . there is something wrong with that. THEY,CANT JAIL US ALL.

      • Marge

        How do we go about doing this a tax revolt I mean. Would someone have to establish a website and get millions of signatures or would we have to go door to door with a clipboard in each town and city across America. There must be a way to get something started even if it is to impeach him and others as well.

        • bob

          i guess that we just don’t pay them,they will jail a few of us.but there’s not room enough for all of us. but they need our money to run there empire,so if we cut them off they will be STOPPED.i’m not saying there won’t be any persecution,or that this will be easy.some will suffer,and pay a high price for doing so.we have a great history to reflect on,there have been many who have stood up for what we ALL believe in freedom,liberty and the right to make of ourselves what we will.

  • KC

    All I can say is “I’m glad that I didn’t vote this dimwit into office with all his brown shirts following him to the impending doom of the whole United States.

  • Eric g

    When did we get companies to big to fail and to dishonest to succeed . With workers pensions guarnteed by some goverment pension assocation up to $54,000 a year . What happend to the rich guys that used to own the banks , Banks can loan out ten times as much money as they have . Only requrement is that the loans have to be secured by real assets . And the loans have to be paid back .
    If I had 2 million dollars I could loan out twenty million dollars . That would be a great chance for a profit . But I still have to be carefull , that I loan on real assets ,such as government bonds . good cars and houses with a solid foundations . The most important part is to loan to real people , that not only want the loan , but also want to go to work and pay me back . If enough people dont pay , the government checks my books , closes my bank , and if necessary keeps my 2 million million dollars . And sells my bank to another rich guy . Usually all the rich guys want to buy banks and become even richer . Maybe not now with the government owning the banks , and the politicians getting gifts ,and the banks getting bailouts
    I sure wished we had a generous government when studebaker was making cars , I loved them studebakers . We probably had a hundred car manufacturers over the last century . None of them ever got a bailout , OH FOR SAD , These guys cant even make enough with a monopoly

  • Claudia

    These communists who have finally made their way into the majority in D. C. have caused all of our 401Ks and IRAs to disappear. To further destroy our freedom (capitalism is freedom) and our children’s future they intend to take the rest of what we work for through more frivolous taxes. This country MUST be saved from these monsters! Yes, off with Geitner’s **!!!

  • Eric g

    A lie detecter test OK , When did they have a their DRUG test , Our last 3 cheif exucative officers admited the were drugies . WE SHOULD TEST ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERMENT . three failures and your out Kind like TEXAS three strikes and your in for life . Its a good chance they are drugies ,look at the laws they pass . And they seem to make money disappear .

  • http://google Dave ” M “

    Incompetense breeds incompetense`look who is president and this guy in treasury is second rate.The administration as just filled two position with second rate people too run the tax system what a joke,and now world currency!

  • slim gym

    let,s make the man produce his birth certificate. why is he fighting this so hard? it<s one of the first things asked when your job hunting, getting married, looking for home loan, lets get the FBI to look into this matter now. we may have a alien in the WHITE HOUSE. for the rest of his cabinet looks like the dirty dozen.

    • Marge

      I am all for this. I have never seen or heard of any proof that the man was born in America. I would love to see proof of this but probably has been destroyed. That is what he is doing to our country (destroy) and we are letting him get away with it with our money.

  • Barley Joe

    And to think I voted for these jokers. Now I wonder if my mama dropped me on my head. Any intelligent person would not vote for Obama.

    • Betty

      Barley Joe, glad to have you among the living and not the brain dead that elected Obama. It’s too late to take back your vote but not too late to do something to make up for it. We the people can make a difference but it won’t be pretty.

  • Ken

    Forget the AIG bonuses. Secretary Geithner should resign because he’s working for a dufus. This is not a “consumer issue.”

    As for the AIG bonuses, they amount to $165 M. On the other hand, ACORN got a $5 Billion bonus it would seem for their handiwork in voter fraud sitings in 14 states as well as their aiding and abetting in illegal voter fraud activities. And Obama is okay with that. Why should people go ballistic over the AIG stuff and passively accept the egregious bonus given to ACORN?

    I’ll bet you that the consumer advocates said nothing about the ACORN bonuses.

    • Ken

      Forget the AIG bonuses. Secretary Geithner should resign because he’s working for a dufus. This is not a “consumer issue.”

      As for the AIG bonuses, they amount to $165 M. On the other hand, ACORN got a $5 Billion bonus. It would seem for their handiwork in voter fraud sitings in 14 states as well as their aiding and abetting in illegal squatter activities. And Obama is okay with that. Why should people go ballistic over the AIG stuff and passively accept the egregious bonus given to ACORN?

      I’ll bet you that the consumer advocates said nothing about the ACORN bonuses.

  • David

    Guess who is in the Trojan Horse??? O bum a (emphases on bum), pop up Jackie in the box Pelosi, Crises Dodd, Blarney Frank, Trim (your taxes) Geithner, and Error(y) Reid.

  • Ellen

    Well the way I look at it is Obama brought the corruptions from Chicago with him. He will not prove he was born in this country had that sealed. This makes me wonder what else he is hiding in the closet. Also if they do not deport his aunt this next coming week when she is suppose to be in court, it will open up a can of worms which will have every illegal in this country saying ” If the Presidents aunt gets to stay so do we. ” Notice how they don’t talk about it much in the media. I would bet my bottom dollar that she could tell the truth about him and that is what he is afraid of. All I know is that there has to be some way we can take back this country and get him out of the white house before we have no country left to keep. He is turning it into a third world country and fast .

  • Anon

    To say that Obama brought corruption to Washington, is like saying he tossed a torch onto a bonfire.

    • bob

      I AGREE ANON, lets see if we can clean it up,support your local TEAPARTY!!

  • Viv

    My question is WHY JUST GEITNER? There IS a lot more on the Hill that needs to resign, starting at the top!!! But, oh no we couldn’t do that, that “Might” clean out the crooks! Heaven forbid! I want those of you who voted for change~~well you got it, and now you don’t have any in your pockets, bank or savings!!! I am an American NOT a “PARTY” person! Right now the Dems are after Palin, because she cleaned up Alaska~ Hey that sounds good to me! We as Americans NEED to clean up D.C. just like they did Chicago (and Blago and Obama was friends~ I’ve seen the pictures) Let’s do the grass root thing and limit their terms like we do for a Pres. Then they too come home and live on what they have saved and Soc. Sec. like the real world does! (You wouldn’t have to worry about it going broke, they for sure would save it!) We weren’t asked if we wanted to pay for the bailout, they just TOOK our money and jobs, what did they do? They voted for themself a raise! I sure don’t see there pockets hurting, nor their retirement! No, we are the ones who just keep paying and paying!!! When does it stop? It won’t unless we do something and VOTE the crooks out! Some have been up there way to long! Top salery should be $100,000 (which sounds good to me) there is a lot of GREAT people out here that could do a better job for that kind of money! This would also get our debt down FAST! Don’t worry they are to much a coward to do the right thing! The “G” in AIG is GREED! This is not what our founders wanted! Just think about it! We as American’s can make things right, and at the same time keep our FREEDOMS! Closing Gitmo was the stupidest things too!!! I sure don’t want any of them as my neighbor, do you? That’s what is happening!

    • Marge

      I am for term limits as that is one thing we can all do if we get out and vote. We are paying the bill for issues we don’t even believe in and they are setting in Washington getting rich off of our stupidity.
      We have lots of people out there who want to destroy America and lots in Washington DC as well. They have us over a barrel right now and they know it but people put them in office so now what. Our battle has just begun and what do we do next. Action speaks louder then words. Concerned Citizen

  • David

    Don’t you realize, This is still the same cat in the hen house. AIG would have gone belly up if it had not owed Goldman Sachs,and they too would have gone belly up. But for the Antics of Mr Paulson. This is just more of the same scam. Guess who’s going to be really paying?? Your kids and grand kids. No if NO and NO but

  • Jack Schafer

    You hit the nail right on the head. The first thing we should do is to get rid of all the ACORN affiliates. & demand they return the money they got to throw the election. As long as they are being supported by the democrats, we can’t have a fair election. We all need to go to the Tea parties & any other groups that support capitalism. If we don’t stand up now, we are headed straight into communism. I can’t believe how fast Obama has headed us into it.

  • Patricia korz

    strong textI am so proud to say I did not vote for Obama , I knew he was not experienced enough to be president . Timothy Geithner needs to go ! I think we need to know more about the people we vote in office . I watched ever time they had a debate to hear there views . If your going to vote know what they have and have not done . I did not care much more for McCain , but he was much more experienced to know what to do in a time of trouble .

  • Marge

    I feel that Geithner should be removed from his position as not qualified to do what is expected of him. I also think Pelosi and Reid should be removed as well. This country is going to stand for so much and then things are going to start happening and they will not be pleasant I am afraid.
    We are going to lose our blessed America if we don’t stop what is going on in Washington. I feel that none of the elected officials have any sense of direction. Why should we follow people that aren’t capable of leading. The old saying (You reap what you sow). These people will not listen to anyone even the ones who elected them into office. We have no check and balance anymore. If they want to pass a bill they just pass it right or wrong. I write to my senators and legislative representative but get no response or else just a form letter. We need to be heard loud and clear but it is going to take millions of us to do that.

  • Glenda

    Just like Obama, Geithner is the wrong choice. He is one of many backdoors for more corruption. His resignation should be accompanied by Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Biden, Emanuel, Holder and the Dum O Crat Congress.

  • bob j

    A sceptical Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State, rose to ask how it could all be done in a day. But the sweep of Mr Brown’s ambition was not to be curtailed. “We are building for the first time, not just a global economy but a truly global society.” The credit crisis, he repeated, would be seen as a mere hiccup in the progress of globalisation, as the world financial system adjusts to massive flows of money between countries.

  • http://personalLiberty Dora

    I read all the repl and I agree with all of them. We have to start a revolution and get as many people as we can. We have to get those bumbs outotherwise we will not have a future. Obama is a radical socialistand his agenda will bankrupt our country.
    Lets start at the grassroot level. We have to move fast before more damage will be done

  • http://recallthecongressofthisunitedstates sandymontjoy

    I hear many of you talking about getting rid of Obama. There is a site you can go to if you are serious. I had trouble getting it typed out so I put it on the web site page. Please read it carefully. there is some talk about impeaching Bush, so you know these go back a way. But it tells us IT CAN BE DONE. tHEY ONLY HAVE 193 signatures. they NEED 10,000,000. We need to do something and we need to do it now.If you agree, sigh and pass it on. ‘we have to save our country
    +I signed it, sandramontjoy, Va. Im not hiding from anyone
    good luck
    to all and God Bless you all

    Sandy M

    • Sharon Taylor

      Like you, I want to get involved and do something which will begin a movement to accomplish exactly what everyone is talking about. My great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin, would be disappointed in me if all I did was stand around and fuss about what is happening. I do not want to hide from my responsibility and have been looking for some way to help get these people out of control of our government. Where are all the men who are supposed to be standing up for the Constitution of this great country? Have they all gone into their corners waiting for the ball to drop? I am not understanding how it could get this far and them not know what was going on????? I hear and read of them expressing disapproval at all of this, but not making a move….and the way they treated Sarah Palin is a terrible thing to behold. We have to be bold against unconstitutional and illegal behavior such as our new president and congress have assumed. I will not give them honor by capitalizing their names or offices. We, as Christians, are to pray for our leaders….which we are definitely doing. but at the same time, we have learned from the Founding Fathers that we also must TAKE A STAND for the right. Sometimes that means stepping out of our COMFORT ZONES of doing nothing but fuss about it and getting involved in not so pleasant confrontation with evil as it tries to consume us. I wish to help. Please guide me as to where to go…I will sign a petition to impeach/remove them all. thank you for the info. Have a great week.

  • richard

    obama , deep down in his soul is a muslem and has been groomed from birth for this if the cards fell just right .which they he is taking full advantage of it . if something isn’t done in the next year or so ,this country is going to see things like never before.finantial ruin is just the beginning.people had better learn to be self sustaining.and learn to live off the earth,as our forefarthers did. city dwellers will get the worst of it.crime will be at its highest.thats why he wants to take your guns.then it will be easy.

  • Sharon Susdorf

    The dummycrats have gotten us into a financial chaos with their leadership. Obama taught Marxism when he was a Community Organizer in Chicago and also was heavily involved with Acorn. What did people expect with this kind of a background? I see our country quickly headed for a total financial disaster, which was encouraged by this administration. The money being drained from us is a crime. We are going into poverty quickly. The money for his agendas has to be a done right now. No thinking or rationalizing just let the government put us into a communist society, maybe even a dictatorship. Obama thinks he is above reproach in all of his decision making. He doesn`t care about the American people or the Constitution, he probably could quote very little of it. He is a hard core Marxist. The redistribution of wealth ..take from hard working people or those who are retired and steal their Iras.
    Pelosi and Reid, Frank, Schummer,Dodd and many others should be thrown out of office, they are a disgrace.
    Are we going into a one world order?

  • Barb

    I agree. Let’s get an impeachment started before it’s too late. Get rid of Obama and all his crooked people. He knew what he was doing – from the ones pulling his strings. He’s not educated in politics to do these things by himself. Someone is coaching him. He was ‘stunned’ by the bonuses at AIG? Bull, he knew what was going on. He just got caught and laughed his way out of it. Get rid of this man who is not a natural born citizen and is in office illegally. They are in such a hurry to get these bills passed before anyone questions them and finds out what really is in them.
    And Geithner was more power? We are headed for a dictatorship just like Hitler in the 40′s. Heaven forbid.

  • Jack

    Agree with all of the above, but not likely to get a Democratic congress to impeach one of their own. HR 875, now being rammed through without fanfare, will eliminate organic farming, even to the point of risking fines and seizure of your property for growing your own vegetables. The only seeds allowed will be genetically modified “Frankenfood”, by Monsanto, ADM, etc. Bill is sponsored by Rosa Delauro, D-Conn., whose husband is a lobbyist for – guess who? – Monsanto. This has nothing to do with Geithner, but shows the increasing, intrusive reach of the Obama administration and its push toward Socialism. They now control the biggest banks, insurance companies, and now Geithner and Bernanke want control of “Non-bank institutions” on the brink of failure. What’s next? Auto industry? Airlines? Railroads?
    Check out “HR 875″ (Food Modernization Act of 2009) and “Obama-deception” in your search engines. Watch the full length documentary, write your reps to stop HR 875.

    Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, et. al., didn’t just bitch – they acted. We can’t just gripe and post – we must ACT – and act NOW!

  • Victoria Coots

    It is imperative that we as American citizens stand against the onslaught to take our freedoms away. We must diligently pursue the resignation of Timothy Geithner, and any other appointees by this administration, including the president, himself who have made it clear they plan to move this country towards socialism. The damage can be reversed just like a fatal disease if it is caught in the early stages. Let us not get past the point of no return. Our freedom hangs in the balance.

  • John Galt

    I’m noticing a profound commonality in ALL these various websites that discuss the issues facing *REAL * Americans.
    It is that we all vent our frustrations and then leave the issues for someone else to handle.
    Tea parties? yeah, that’s the ticket.
    Unless and until the American public stand up to these vermin thru a show of FORCE not one thing will change (that YOU want).
    For those of us who are, shall we say, Slow, They ARE TELLING YOU that you have NO future but what THEY want you to have. And that’s not good.
    It WILL take a “Push back” physically of millions of citizens DEMANDING the end of the corruption that permeates D.C and corporate America.
    Hate to tell you this but THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU IN THE LEAST. Just shut-up and pay your taxes.
    If/when they’re confronted they will scurry away like the cowards they in fact are.
    I believe they (PTB) are testing us to see how much B.S. we will actually take.
    And they’re laughing at us.
    For the male of the species,You’re either a man or a mouse in this life.
    And these clowns are mice.
    Just how much business acumen does one need to bring a corporation to it’s financial knees, along with a world economy, and then ruin MILLIONS of peoples lives worldwide?
    And then STEAL these same peoples money thru bailouts and “retention” bonuses to boot!
    Hoping against hope that early April we se Blagojevich at trial singing like Beverly Sills. (Hey, a guy can wish can’t he?)

  • John Galt

    Just wanted to add that in 1776 when the British were doing the same thing to their”subjects” forcing the formation of undesirable “laws” on their people that the Colonists rebelled to form the U.S.that only 5% of these colonists acted as a “Well organised Militia” and defeated the Brits.
    Today, 5% of the U.S. population would be, at least, 15 million people.And these people have 200 million firearms collectively.
    If you recall,the U.S. had a hardtime coming up with 100 thousand armed forces personell for Iraq. Plus another 100 thousand mercenaries using Blackwater (recently renamed EV,Inc.)
    Our problem collectively is inaction.

  • Bob K

    If nothng else, it is at least encouraging to know that people are paying attention to our economic dilemma. Additionally, most people do not favor current policies and know socialism when they see it. Most of the commentary “it’s GWB’s fault” is waning . It appears that every day, grassroots efforts are rising to stem this communist/socialist agenda.
    Let’s just hang on till 2010, vote out all incumbent politicians, and start fresh. Get all current politicians to run on a platform of term limits, pro fair tax, or, at least, an amendment to allow only tax paying individuals to vote. That last one will be tough, but it will be the end of the democrats as we know them. I would guess about 2% of the taxpayers are actually democrats. In our town, a rally for Palin brought out 60,000 people last summer – Obama bought out 400,

  • http://Simon12 Seymour Heller

    The Idiots we have in congress , those that have used “Earmarks” are guilty of theft, As most real Americans know we have a Constitution, and this wonderful document directs exactly how our money ((Euphemistically called federal funds) is to be spent. This spending is to be done sfter a bill is presented, deliberation and a vote etc; “Earmarks” circumvent this process.; there fore it is THEFT and these IDIOTS should be charged and tried— this way we can get rid of them, From obama down.
    I filed charges with the Attorney General, but as we know he is one of obamas foot lickers.

  • bob

    WE THE PEOPLE, THATS WHAT THIS COUNTRY STANDS FOR,god bless the u.s.a. and all those with opposing views. tolerence has made this country great,but sometimes you need to stand up for what you believe in.and i believe in america,you,and our children.lets remember that the children will live with our decisions we make today .lets make them the right ones.LET THEM LIVE IN LIBERTY

  • TheAngryAmerican

    Now, let’s not forget that Henry Kissinger has arrest warrants on him too, in several other countries for crimes against humanity. Why does the United States even allow him in this country and even to this day, has connections with the White House and top military officials…this is an outrage, and high treason, and he wants a New World Order??? His diplomatic ammunity needs to be revoked.

    I see nazism reforming in this country. The economy in 1929 spiked just before WWII, then the U.S. got dragged into the war because of Japan. Well, isn’t ironic that we are about to be in a TRUE WORLD WAR….Number 3.
    Canada vs. Russia…(Artic Ownership)
    Isreal vs. Iran, Sudan, Lebanon and possibly 2 other countries…(over munitions)
    U.S.A. vs. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, N.Korea, and maybe China.(War on Terror)
    Wars that are in full swing are USA vs. Afghanistan and Pakistan (Al-qaida). Isreal and Sudan. Iran maybe attacked very soon. N.Korea maybe pulling a suprise attack against S.Korea, Japan, or the U.S.A. Saudi Arabia could choose a side real soon as well. This is a tragady because idiot world leaders DID NOT learn one damn thing about past history events. But, this will be the most devastating war of all time. Even the U.S. Government has pointed fingers at American people calling them terrorist even children.Millions, maybe billions will lose their lives…I just hope the globalist are happy now. They’ve asked for it…now, they got it…or, they are gonna get it.
    And, I haven’t even mentioned about the protests around the world that are taking place. When the one starts in the U.S. well, you can bet it will be the bloodiest battle anyone could have ever imagined.GOD FORBID.

    All these wars are started over greed and the wanting of more power over the masses. I have the feeling that when all is said and done…the powerful rich will be the proud owners of a pile of rubble, and diseased and contaminated rubble at that.

    IT’S TIME TO IMPEACH THE WHOLE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and start cleaning up and down sizing government.

    If this is what the N.W.O. is all about…THEY CAN KEEP IT…I sure don’t want it…and yes…Geither NEEDS to get out now. Just so the super rich know…NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

    • Chuck Gilliam

      I have noticed that a lot of people are getting confused about Nazism, in that Nazism came into being for the very same reasons that we the people are now complaining about.

      It was after the First World War that Germany needed a jump start in their economy. It was the U.S. and England, primarily that sent Jewish Bankers, and business men and women to Germany to restart their Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail Stores, etc. In a short twenty years, the Jews owned everything in Germany, all the way from the Banks down to the mom and pop stores, machine shops etc. while the German people were working economically enslaved for a loaf of bread a day.

      If the German people (entrepreneurs) wanted to borrow money, they were charged high rates of interest while the Jews could borrow money from the Banks without paying any interest at all!

      Believe it or not, that same scenario has been happening in this country since the Jews took over the Federal Reserve and the entire banking industry.

      The Germans finally revolted against their economic enslavement and WE THE PEOPLE of this country must do the same. One way or another! We have already had our votes and if we wait too long (for the next voting exercise) it will be far too late.

      Yes, it was nothing but an ‘exercise’ that put Obama in office in the first place. Not a legitimate voting process. For example, and other than the illegalities of ACORN, we have 9 States where Jews are concentrated. With the exception of Florida, the other 8 States went to Obama. Each of these nine States, however, either had political figures that were Jewish that influenced the vote or big business (Jewish owned) that influenced the vote. With eight of these nine States going to Obama, how could he lose? What I am saying is a very simple solution to the questions of ‘why, and how’ Obama got elected.

      Regardless of the State, Blacks (about 98% voted for Obama) while we have highly concentrated areas in our largest States, California and New York that are very Liberal and large enough in number to carry those States for Obama.

      So, there you have it. We are being had by a small number of people (minorities) that have ganged up on us while we were unprepared with the likes of McCain that could only spew forth his egotistical verbiage of, “I’ve been there! I’ve been tested”. Trust me on this, a lot of military personnel are just as much of a hero as McCain but you never hear about them for they were NOT OFFICERS.

      I hated to vote for McCain because of his father helping to cover up the attack of the USS Liberty by the Jews of Israel. And, of course, his own hero bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, he deserves the status but we don’t need to be bombarded with it from his own mouth! That in itself helped to lose him the election.

      Chuck Gilliam

  • Me

    WE THE PEOPLE will have to have Timothy Geithner fired. If anyone is to be fired, impeached, or arrested and charged with theft and we wait for someone in the government to do any of this for us, it will probably never happen. WE THE PEOPLE must make them do there job of representing us. We need to email, call or even write our congressman and senators and make them do what we want. I hear on talk radio that the bail out is bad for America. Some are saying that we are headed for a socialist america, at best. Maybe we have to march on Washington DC? It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE, to get this country going in the direction that we want it to go. A CAPITOLIST America. No one is going to do it for us. If you have guns don’t give them up and buy more ammo.

  • Chuck Gilliam

    First off, I am not a racist nor a bigot so don’t anyone get their panties in a wad! Okay? The fact of the matter is, I want to know WHY is it that no one seems to make a connection between the failed banks, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and last but not least the Federal Reserve with those who run them, and their religious affiliation? They all appear to be of the Jewish faith and all appear to be beyond the touch of the law for scamming billions upon billions from the American taxpayer. What gives with this crap? Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan, Orszog, Summers, Geithner, and a whole slew of others. Obamas advisers, like George Soros, Alan Dershowitz, and the real pusher of George Bush to attack Iraq, Joe Lieberman; all Jews. What in the hell is going on? Is it that 1 % of our population has all the money and the complete control of this country? And the world, for that matter? Please, someone tell me what the hell is going on? Chuck Gilliam

    • s c

      There’s no quick way to address all your concerns. Know that that these back- stabbing losers do not deal in answers. They legislate to contaminate, and they despise freedom. Their actions speak louder than their damnable words. They plan to control the US without firing a shot. The Russians and the Chinese see these self-made retards for who they are. We are witnessing blind allegiance to those who will do anything to destroy America. B O wants to ‘bless’ America with Mein Kampf and Das Kapital. Impeachment is a first step in curing this
      blatant insanity. This gang of thugs will learn that America will not put on the chains of slavery or tolerate domestic enemies. King George couldn’t avoid that lesson. If those lessons have to be taught again, then sobeit.

  • Bill

    Is it not obvious to the American People that this is exactly what Obama (sorry I can’t call him president) and all the rest of his administration wants. He has put into place Socialists to run this country down so they can take hold. They are all Socialists, cheerleader Pelosi, Reid,Clinton(s) and who knows who else. I don’t think that Obama is really running this country (he is a puppet on a string) and someone else is pulling the STRING. And now I read Obama seeks Muslims for White house posts!
    Barack Obama is conducting his own affirmative action program to get more Muslims in the White House.
    The move began with Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn, who took his oath of office with a hand on the Quran, to solicit the resume of what he considered to be the nation’s most qualified adherents of Islam. (This was in which is also a good read)
    just as this site is. All I can say why are WE letting this happen.

  • speedy

    I would like to see the Kenyan-born/Indonesian Obama/Soetoro resign or be removed from the white house ASAP. I agree that he is scary. He is destroying our country.


    Mr Geitner must go. He should never have been placed in charge of the Federal Reserve as Treasury Secretary due to his history as a TAX CHEAT. That is like putting a burglery suspect in charge of watching your million dollar mansion, and you don’t really expect them to steal the house – yeah right!

    Out with Geitner!

    But we all know Obama will keep him in there because he is helping him rob us blind America.

  • Pat Schurr

    How do we start???? to Impeach Obama…how do we get Pelosi, Geithner, Reid and the rest of the crooks out? I agree they are destroying our Nation…if we do nothing they win….I myself am going to attend the tax day tea party in my city…I hope everyone who feels the way we do does the same in their towns across America…….lets send a message Loud and Clear WE WANT AMERICA BACK…MAYBE WE HAVE TO GO TO WASHINGTON WITH 30 MILLION OF US AND STOP TRAFFIC..clog every street and highway…bring the city and congress to a halt…..but we do need to act!!!

    • Chuck Gilliam

      I like the hell out of your idea, Pat. I have suggested that on several different blog sites, and in most cases I have absolutely no reply or supportive comments.

      We need Ron Paul, or John Beck, or Shawn Hannity; someone that can broadcast the information around the country as to when it will happen. And we DO NEED IT NOW! Chuck Gilliam

  • Ron

    Do we have a constitution anymore!!!!!!!!! It looks like the Democrats do just as they want and won’t listen to anyone. We hear all this talk but no one is doing anything about all that is going on in Washington, DC. I wish someone could tell us what we could do that is lawful and right and then get with it. It will take millions and millions of us to stop what is going on up there. I am not a socalist and don’t care to be one and I don’t want our country to be come one either.

  • Dolores Fleming

    I am a democrate and i can not believe what the hell the democrates up in washington are doing to our country.Obama can not be president because he is not a natural born citizen of the united states.He was born in Mogadesha Kenya.His sixteen year old mother has died so his father took him to Indoneshia to be adopted.His father abanded him.Thats why he wrote the book Dreams Of My Father.He never knew his father.Our supreme court knows this and has said that they will do nothing about it.Obama thinks are constitoution should be thrown away.All the white men in this country are fightin the blacks saying NO WAY IN HELL IS A BLACK MAN GOING TO RULE OVER THEM.This is still white America isn”t it.There is no black man going to rule over me either .

  • Chuck Gilliam

    I think something very positive needs to get started on a small scale in a number of communities around the country that will mushroom into a full scale revolt. There is no other way around it. We don’t seem to have any leaders that have positive answers, only a bunch of rhetoric. John Beck, Ron Paul, Shawn Hannity, and a few others speak well, but we need some underground movement from these guys to get things rolling. Right now we bonafide Americans are getting shafted and seem to be hog tied from being able to move without detection. Even our fellow neighbors and friends are suspect. If we don’t know who to trust and we don’t PERSONALLY have the means to do what it takes to get the ball rolling then, what do we do?? I am baffled! Chuck Gilliam

  • Pat Schurr

    Glen Beck has the 9/12 group started with over 600,000 people saying they are going to DC for a March…I checked it out and other groups are going as well…including “” …has rooms available for $84.00 per nite with their group……march will be on 9/12 ….I hope it will be in time….many are going earlier to have conference and then march on the morning of the 12th..I think this is going to be huge…I also hear people from Illinois and Indiana are takiung buses together and large vans…plus their is a group that starts in califronia and picks up more cars to their caravan along the way…they leave Ca for DC on 8/29…So keep the faith …we are joining together… gp to the “” to join.

    • Malcolm

      Remember the farmers driving their tractors to Washington? Maybe we need to crank up our tractors again and plow under the weeds that infect and grow in Washington.

      We call it Kudzu in GA. Washington now calls it Socialism. It is not impossible to stop, but we can and must stop the Washington weeds, if we all use our will to stop them…….

      Old Red Neck Country Boy

  • Malcolm

    Kick the bum out………..NOW

    Is he on our payroll? What a waste of TAX DOLLARS!!!!

    So is Obama…………

    Wake up America before it is too late (or is it too late?)

    Oh well you better learn how to live off the land……


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