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Constitution Halts Government Food Grab

December 8, 2010 by  

Constitution Halts Government Food Grab

It appears a Senate screw-up has killed the food control bill, also known as S510: the Food Safety Modernization Act, for now.

It seems a “sticky” provision in the United States Constitution — Article 1, Section 7 — got in the way. That little Constitutional provision that says, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”

Section 107 of the bill includes a set of fees that are classified as revenue raisers, which are technically taxes under the Constitution, the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reports.

So House Democrats had their feathers ruffled and are expected to use the blue slip process to block the bill’s completion. This process would force Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to drop the bill or try and force it through after the House passes a new version. To pass in the Senate, a new bill would have to receive unanimous consent to limit debate, and Senator Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.) has said that won’t happen.

This bill did nothing to improve food safety, as its supporters claimed. It gave more power to large food producers at the expense of the small farmer. It raised taxes on small farmers and increased the bureaucracy on all producers of food — something the Monsantos and ADMs of the world can absorb, but small food producers cannot. It also opened the door for Government to dictate whether you could grow and can your own food or buy organic, locally produced produce at your nearby Farmer’s Market.

It passed with support from Democrats and Republicans, and its passage was trumpeted as a good thing by those who seek to control what you consume.

Watch closely. The bill will be back. The government power mongers can’t be satiated.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Boys and girls, our elected “leaders” can’t read. When they can read, it’s a fluke. And, most of the time, someone else seems to do their “thinking” for them.
    How can anyone look at this herd of incompetents, and see them as leaders or people who give a damn about America? For those of you who vote blindly [I've always voted a straight ticket, my parents said I needed to vote for certain people, my family belongs to a certain group or a certain church, etc.], WHAT do you have between your ears?You are willing slaves to government employees. THINK! Act as though you deserve to be FREE! Can a sheep be any DUMBER than many Americans?

    • CJ

      Most of our leaders have a “utilitarian” morality. Meaning, they don’t care how they get there, the end justifies the means. Another reason we have to ignore what they say and judge them for what they do. They may be moral in their own eyes, but not to most citizens.

      • Vicki

        Far worse then “the end justifies the means” is that the END they seek is re-election.

    • castaway

      I think you are incorrect about our so-called leaders ability to read and write. They are good at it and good at twisting the truth and other words to mean another thing than we would wish.

      THey are basically evil and not for the American public, but have an agenda all their own. POWER

      • castaway

        Yes we are their slaves, and their enablers, that empower them through our tax dollars. If we did not pay them the huge amount of taxes we do now, they would be “screwed”.

        They have proven to us many times that more money is spent outside the country than is spent on our own infrastructure and military.

        • http://none sean moor

          both parties are owned. DUMB ASS’SS!!!!

        • rick

          The military doesn’t need more money for hardware this budget is out of hand. For troops yes they need our support. Retired Military

      • J.C. in CA

        IMO…most bear the mark of the beast…liars and cheats.
        They who bear the mark of the beast shall burn in Hades.

      • DaveH

        It is the natural order of things for evil people to gravitate towards positions of power.

      • Observe_and_Learn

        Indeed, take one look at Pelosi (if you can) – she is a control and power FREAK. She still can’t come to grips with losing her HMFIC status in the house this January.

        Term limits, term limits, term limits!

    • EddieW

      This link gives us a pretty good insight on the what and why things are going so badly for us, and it will get worse….far worse!!!

      • Kate8

        EddieW – Thanks for the great article. Good site.

        I’d love to see the DVD CampFema.

    • EddieW

      In case you should be wondering WHY this is, this is the best thing I have read yet, that fully explains it!! It is called Liberalism is a Mental Disease, then goes on to prove it!! I’m sorry the only link to it I have is the post I made in my blog!!

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    they will try anything to get thier commie rules through.

    • Teresa

      And thats stated about as plain as you can get!

      • Mike

        “Centralization of the means of production and credit in the hands of the (all knowing and benevolent) State.” Everyone should own a copy of their enemy’s bible…
        These are amoral people who believe that the end justifies the means. Their flagrant disregard for constitutions, laws and inalienable, God given rights with never cease.

    • castaway

      I personally feel that congress and the senate should take a ten year hiatus, so we can get caught up on all the [offensive word removed] laws that have been passed. We need more laws and rules, like we need more taxes and an additional butt to poop from.

      • independant thinker

        99.9999999% of politicians need another butt to pass stinky stuff from they are so full of it however the country needs to have their current ones closed so we do not have to put up with as much excrement from them.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Not sure it’s “commie.” I believe it’s Bill Clintons Third Way. neither fish or fowl but a new way for gvt. to own and control it’s citizens.

      • Vicki

        Nothing new about it. And Bill Clinton is not smart enough to come up with a new way.

        The way is Socialism
        1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

        You can put all the lipstick you want on it. Dress it up in blue dresses. Even poke it with cigars. A Pig remains a Pig.

  • Matt V

    Monsanto is behind this bill

  • Colleen

    Well, at least a few representatives got their “feathers ruffled” by the Harry the Weasel Reid in his unconstitutional attempt to pass laws he cannot do! With time limited in the lame duck Congress, maybe we can kill this idiot bill once and for all!!

    • Joe Crespo

      My fellow Americans. Most of us in the country knew that if Harry Reed got re-elected we would have to put up with years of his socialist, Marxist, liberal, progressive, communist agenda. I am still upset that the people of Nevada re-elected this man. All they had to do was to look at his record. My fellow patriots this is going to be our biggest problem during the next election. There are millions of people in other states like Nevada that would vote for Obama-Reed again!

      • castaway

        It is because of the huge amount of immigration that the government has allowed from countries where the people are indoctrinated to communism, and socialism. It is in their brains and is all they know.When our government brings people from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Iraq,South America, Mexico, former soviet union countries, what do you expect. OH and I forgot Africa, the dark continent.

      • Cribster

        Reid stole that election. I don’t know anyone who voted for him. He bought votes with gift cards and food giveaways. Casinos that garnered favors from him (for one thing, thanks to Reid casinos are full of illegal alien employees) sent bus loads of their employees to vote for the miscreant. Voting machines were acting odd, many reports of Reid being selected even before the button was pushed.

        He pulled out all the stops and used every dirty trick up his filthy little sleeve.

        Now he’s pushing for on-line gambling and throwing the casinos who helped him steal the election under the bus. He’s a decrepit, senile power monger.

        • Vicki

          Is he throwing them under the bus or paying them back? Who is going to run these OnLine Casinos?

          The unions might have been thrown under the bus but not likely the Casinos.

      • Joseph C. Moore, USN Ret.

        Re: Reid’s reelection

        You have heard about rigged voting machines, implausible vote counts (more votes than registered voters, voter roles of dead and inelligible voters. The list goes on and not just in Nevada. I do not believe that Dirty Harry won the senate seat legally.

        • Linda

          Neither do I. He is a theif!

      • DaveH

        I think all good Conservatives should boycott Nevada, especially Las Vegas where the Union members and other benefactors of Democrat largesse chose to feather their own nests at our expense.

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          I’m ashamed that the Rebulicans didn’t challange Reids fraudulent election.

      • Steve

        Harry Reid Sucker got in because of the illegals and the spineless union workers. They are all more concerned about their own self interest than our country and everyone else in it. They will all get what they have comming to them but I just hope I’m not anywhere close to them when they get it. I don’t want anyone to suffer but I’m afraid “you reap what you sow” gang. So one things for sure. It’s comming.

    • Richard Pawley

      Actually Colleen, they keep changing it and the number of the Bills. In the disclaimer of my 2006 autobiography, which was about a lot more than just “Leaving South Carolina”, I warned of a House Bill, number HR4167 that was passed to diminish the power of the states over food safety. Almost all of the state attorney generals opposed it. Thank God for people like Bob Livingston and Glenn Beck and Dr. Joseph Mercola and other citizens who endure scorn and worse to bring the truth of what is going on in health and nutrition, and congress in general. In order to save our country Americans need to be continually involved with their government. Believers need to pray for the newly elected so they don’t get converted to the dark side of temptations in our District of Corruption on a scale that many of them have never encountered before. I am convinced that nothing can prevent the price of goods, food and fuel and imported goods from tripling in the not-to-distant future (like the next 36 months) but in addition to preparing for that on an individual level (Not to loud now, the Marxists in congress don’t believe in the individual, only in the collective) we need to be watching who votes for what and letting our representatives know that the growth of giant government cannot continue. It used to be that only the rich could go to congress but congress has become a place where some look “to become rich” and the statistics tend to bare this out. Many are only millionaires when they arrive but multi-millionaires when they retire. Unfortunately both Republicans and Democrats voted for S 510 apparently, and some of both are bought and sold by big agribusiness that wants to control the not just the American food supply but the world’s food supply. The Amish and small organic farmers must be protected from these congressmen and the food giants who control the FDA and have heavy influence in other parts of the government. The for individuals to prepare is now. Learn all you can and take care of your own family first. That is what the banks and big business have always done. They are not all bad but must be constantly watched like a kid in a candy store, which is how I think they look at the taxpayer (and remember, INFLATION IS REALLY A HIDDEN TAX caused by to much money being created). This was true when the Spanish brought so much gold back from the new world that prices started to go up not just in Spain but in all of Europe. How much easier is it today when money in not anything real but just numbers in a computer. Unfortunately when the Democrats voted into existence the Federal Reserve Bank the bank was given the power to be unregulated and only they know what they are really doing, what they have done (Henry Ford once said that if the American people ever found out how it all really worked there would be a revolution before daybreak) and other than Goldman Sachs and perhaps JP Morgan few even know who the owners of the mysterious and powerful FED really are. They control enough in congress that there has never been enough votes to authorize and independent audit since they were established nearly a hundred years ago. Remember, no ONE knows it all but together I suspect that ALL OF US know most of it. May God bless all who read this.

  • justavet


    18 U.S.C. § 1621 : US Code – Section 1621: Perjury generally
    Whoever -
    having taken an “OATH” before a competent tribunal, officer, or person, in any case in which a law of the United States authorizes an “OATH” to be administered, that he will testify, declare, depose, or certify truly, or that any written testimony, declaration, deposition, or certificate by him subscribed, is true, willfully and contrary to such “OATH” states or subscribes any material matter which he does not believe to be true; or (2) in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code, willfully subscribes as true any material matter which he does not believe to be true; is guilty of perjury and shall, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. This section is applicable whether the statement or subscription is made within or without the United States

    • CJ

      Unless somebody actually enforces the code, it’s meaningless. They know that is extremely unlikely. There is no risk.

      • PacificRim

        You don’t think so…HA! HA! HA!

        This government wants to take everything away from you down to your shorts. Then, instead of looking up to God for help…you will look to our wonderful government for your meager existence. By the way…this will be WORLD WIDE within 5 years. You can deny that your mate has quit smoking cigars when you start finding cigarettes lying about. Do you know get the message?

    • Teresa

      Does not work in Congress, Remember Rangel…..

      • Joe Crespo

        You are right my fellow American. Rangel is another puke. Look at the people in Harlem who keep voting for him. Look at schumer,Gillinbrand, and all the others in California! WE ARE INFECTED WITH THEM. WE MUST STAY ACTIVE UNTIL 2012!

        • Alaskasense

          Well, you have to admit that Rangle must be a true representative of the people who send him there–that is to say, they see themselves in his behavior, and see no more wrong with it than he did. Face it, there will always be some districts where the local corruption is so ingrained that their view of morality embraces it as normal–and so in any elected body there will be a few really bad apples. So here’s a question for discussion: does the freely elected scoundrel, by voting scoundrels, deserve to take his or her seat? Assume there is very likely fraud in the election, but the locals accept it without complaint. Or, does someone at a higher level (ethics committee, for example) trump the free election and deny the seat to the elected scoundrel? Which path is liberty, which is tyranny?

          • Alaskasense

            Sorry, make that “Rangel”

      • ValDM

        Ever since the mid-80s the Congress has been systematically exempting themselves from the laws you and I have to abide by. Perjury? Theft? Money laundering? Ol’ Charlie knew they couldn’t do anything more than a wrist-slap to him. Ousting, with tar and feathers is too good for that old reprobate.

    • fa

      Even the SCOTUS wouldn’t enforce it; probably deem it ‘political’ and dismiss it.

    • Carlucci

      Congresspuke! That is hilarious. What a fantastic way to describe those a**holes in the district of criminals. Unfortunately the “congresspukes” could give a rat’s patootie about the Constitution or laws, because they are all on the federal payroll, and most of them have sold their souls to sell the American people up the river.

  • justavet

    Remeber entering into congress is a competent(?) tribunal. They cannot lie if we do not let them.

  • Bill

    As most people know, George Soros holds a great deal of stock in Monsanto, and this law certainly benefited them. Push out the little guys by overregulating, boggle them wth paperwork, taxes, and fees.
    Then the big companies like Monsanto have the road cleared to control supply price and demand.
    Big Brother world is no longer fiction—its becoming the reality.
    Arm yourself by educating yourself, become involved in everything that concerns our life, get off the couch like I did and voice your opinions and concerns to your reps…they will listen. Look what happened this past mid term election. It is not too late yet.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Bill says: Big Brother world is no longer fiction—its becoming the reality.

      Big Brother is the One World Order. It’s been in place for while. They are a patient bunch. They move so slow that changes are happening and we are not made aware of them because of the biased MSM. We need to open our eyes and watch Washington unlike never before. They have had carte blanche for too long.

    • bbstacker

      While I am a big supporter of getting off the “boob tube” drug (all of it, all of them–just turn it off), there is one channel that should be watched: CSpan
      It’s boring, yes, until it hits you that what you’re watching is your tax dollars, YOUR INCOME taken from you, and being spent to have these ninnies babbling about the myriad ways they can spend your money–and none of this legislation every was on a local referendum. This should ignite a fire of passion to stay on these vermin like a pit bull on bacon.

    • Linda

      They do not listen at all. I wrote to both of our Senators before the vote and they both voted for it. Rats that they are. I wrote back again after the vote and told them if they don’t start listening to the will of the people they will be next on the chopping block.

      • Vicki

        Re-election of harry reid, barbara boxer, barny frank and others make it clear the politicians need not fear the wisdom of the common voter. Maybe that is why our forefathers originally limited voting to only those who had standing (Owned property and would be affected by the laws).

        Then the government began to escape the bonds of the Constitution and more and more people had standing as laws were enacted outside the framework of the constitution. Thus it was “fair” to have them vote.

        • Vigilant

          “Maybe that is why our forefathers originally limited voting to only those who had standing (Owned property and would be affected by the laws).”

          Vicki, The Constitution never specified voting qualifications. That was done by the states, and rightly so, by virtue of the 10th Amendment.

          “Then the government began to escape the bonds of the Constitution and more and more people had standing as laws were enacted outside the framework of the constitution. Thus it was “fair” to have them vote.”

          Government did not “escape the bonds of the Constitution” with regard to voting rights. Constitutional amendments are not arbitrarily passed by the government, they are the will of the people. Do you not think it’s “fair” to allow women and blacks to vote?

          • Bleh

            The reason may be flawed and the cause may not be the one stated, however the Government has undeniably escaped the bonds of the Constitution.
            If it had not this Bill and many others, would never have passed the Senate in the first place.

          • Vicki

            I rechecked what I said and I did NOT say that the Constitution set the voting requirements. I DID say that the vote was limited to property owners by the founders. I then thoughtfully provided a link to my assertion. from that link I quote
            “When the Constitution was written, only white male property owners (about 10 to 16 percent of the nation’s population) had the vote. Over the past two centuries, though, the term “government by the people” has become a reality. During the early 1800s, states gradually dropped property requirements for voting. Later, groups that had been excluded previously gained the right to vote. Other reforms made the process fairer and easier.”

            I further stated that the government has escaped the bonds of the Constitution. As bleh noted that is rather self obvious. I will name just 2 examples of the many hundreds.

            National Firearms Act (“NFA”), 73rd Congress, Sess. 2, ch. 757, 48 Stat. 1236, enacted on 26 June 1934

            Obamacare requiring us to purchase a product from a private firm.

            I did not address income tax nor fed reserve as both seem to be hopelessly entwined with the 16th and 17th amendments.


    • Tony

      Bill, education is a great thing when you can get a decent one but here in the good old US of A it’s all leaning in the wrong direction. The arms that I have chosen spit lead and I beliece that it will soon be time to use them. Our Constitution demands that we take up arms to control our government when it no longer represents us. Everyone seems to be forgetting that part of the Constitution. If it ain’t worth fighting for then it ain’t worth keeping.

      • Vicki

        There are FOUR boxes to use to protect our freedoms from tyranny. Be it foreign or, more likely, our own government.

        Soap box
        Ballot box
        Jury box
        Ammo box

        They are all still available and Must be used in the order shown. The last box must NEVER be opened until they come for it or the other 3 boxes are gone.

        • Bleh

          But thats the problem. They own the Soap Box, the Ballot Box is rigged, and the Jury box is rendered irrelevant by the Judges.

          • Vicki

            They obviously do NOT own the soap box cause we are standing on it. Right here. Right now.

            They do not own the ballot box and a rigged ballot box can and should be investigated. Closely.

            Judges do not invalidate the jury box as the Jury has the final say. If you are talking of cases where there is no jury then the question is moot. In criminal cases the right to trial by jury is still fully functional.

            Thus I assert that all 3 primary boxes are still functional. In fact due to the internet the soap box is MORE effective than it has ever been. Use it. :) Oh right. We are using it ;0

      • Vigilant

        “Our Constitution demands that we take up arms to control our government when it no longer represents us.”

        Tony, that was the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

    • Claude

      Bill says: it’s not to late yet, man what a pipe dream, it has been to late for the last 100 years, the creeps that started the Federal Reserve should have been tried for treason, and shot on the spot. They have controled the world economy ever since that deceitful event. People you can elect all the politicians until you are blue in the face, but it will not change our destiny one iota. People in the past that has tried to eliminate that said branch of banking has had ill effects on their lives, the result of which very few people have decided to risk their own life to change things in the financial world. You want to stop tyranny, you have to defund the tyrants.

  • don oesau

    The biggest threat to the US today is the democratic party and the communists who are currently running it.

    • RT

      I do agree with you concerning the dem party, the majority of them. But, do not be naive. Their are Repubicans in DC that also beleive in this ONE WORLD gov. The Bushes believe in it and I was a Bush fan at one time. Most of the Presidents, if not all know what’s really going on (dems and reps), so please do not be naive in saying only the dems. WE ALL NEED TO BOMBARD OUR REPS AND SENATORS AS OFFEN AS POSSIBLE. I would like to know what republicans voted for this crazy ass FOOD BILL? We may want to start digging and exposing these people. WE THE PEOPLE need to start our own oversight panel!!!SERIOUSLY! JUST EXPOSE THEM EVERY CHANCE WE GET, DEMS AND REPS!

      • DaveH

        It all boils down to one thing:
        “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground” – Thomas Jefferson.

  • Bill

    I refer to Democrats as “Socialcrats”. As a party they have effectively thrown out the “Bluedogs” and embraced the Liberals(like Obama). In the last two years, the Socialcrats have thrown more of there own people under the bus as they say and eaten there own when it suited the cause.
    I wish all these liberals could have a chance to actually live in a Socialist country like Eastern Europe was prior to the Soviet collapse.
    First, they would find out they couldn’t run their mouths like they do here and when they would threaten the established govt, they would simply disappear.
    Their money and property would be stripped away and more than likely they would be handed a shovel and told to get busy.
    The Liberal/Marxist/communist in this country always want it both ways.
    Enjoy the freedoms of speech but want to be protected and keep their freedoms of the Constitution.

    • puzzled

      I really really don’t understand why you think that when Capitalists like Monsanto try to buy a monopoly position by subverting your legislature that this is evidence of creeping communism.

      It’s obvious that the rich are trying to get into a position to control the rest of us now that they no longer need the midde classes. But what has this to do with liberalism?

      Btw I’m not a US citizen so my perceptions of political norms are probably different from yours. It just looks like divide and conquer to me.

      • fa

        Good call. Collectivist would be a better monniker. Capitalism, as it exists here, is just another form of collectivism, just like communism or corporate fascism. And the government here IS a corporation, from the federal government to all local municipal governments; why are towns incorporated?
        This bill will go back, it will be tidy’d up legally, then forced through. You are right in stating that a middle class is no longer needed; that middle class consists of liberals and conservatives alike. There will be a ruling and a working class (you don’t really think that the ruling class will continue entitlements forever, do you? Especially when it’s no longer resulting in profit for them!)

        • puzzled

          Thank you for your reasoned response. I would personally think that corporate fascism is perhaps a more accurate description.

          • fa

            I agree. That’s what has been going on in this country for some time now…not sure of when it started, but it’s not just been since the General Election of 2008.

          • DaveH

            Then you support the Libertarian Party, Puzzled? We advocate returning the power to the consumer and eliminating political influence in the marketplace. Free Markets empower consumers. Unfree Markets empower Politicians and Crony-Capitalists.
            For Free Markets, Personal Responsibility, Individual Liberty, and Limited Government, Vote Libertarian:

        • Bleh

          I agree with the Fascism comment. But I feel compelled to ask why are not the monopolies busted up?
          I had thought it was not legal to create and hold a monopoly?
          Did they remove that from books?

  • castaway

    That bill is only another stepping stone for the Democratic/communist party of America, to bring us closer to total control of the masses. In time if allowed to continue, America WILL become a communist state and align itself with the other communist states of the world.

  • newspooner

    You must surely have noticed how the major networks’ national news broadcasters made S510 sound like such a wonderful bill that would help make us all much healthier and safer. They knew the truth, yet they still lied to the American public. Why can’t the general public see through this deception and label these people for what they really are — communists?

    • castaway

      Because they have had so much communist sunshine,tolerance,blown up their fat butts, they do not know the difference anymore. Americans have become dull, beyond any of my wildest ideas. WOW!

    • fa

      Who owns the ‘major networks’? There is censorship in this country, and it’s not about keeping our kids from seeing nudity before 8PM. It’s about convincing us to buy something, believe a certain way, vote a certain way, THINK a certain way.

      • 45caliber

        Back in ’68, the Air Force Academy published the THREE rules of takeover of the US as put out by the American Communist Party. (The party closed in the ’80s and the members became loyal Democrats)

        First rule: Destroy the ruggedness of the American people by concentrating their attention on spectator sports and sex.

        Second rule: Take control of the news media to prevent the people from knowing what is going on in the legislative halls and to tear down the image of any natural leader the people might wish to follow.

        Third rule: Disarm the population through gun control.

        Does that answer some of your question?

        • bbstacker

          We have certainly phased in the first two…wish there were a crystal ball to know the 3rd rule implementation date. I am amazed at how many people can tell you all sorts of stats for some sport, yet know NOTHING of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers and how we as a Nation got where we are. But, they can quote you stats of past, present and even future about their sport.

          tick, tock…

          • Richard Pawley

            This may be true to some extent but look at the millions who have gotten involved in the Tea Party. More people are interested in the Constitution today than in many generations. I don’t think anything can stop the big inflation that is coming but it could be a lot worse if Americans go back to sleep.

          • Bleh

            bbstacker – “I am amazed at how many people can tell you all sorts of stats for some sport, yet know NOTHING of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers and how we as a Nation got where we are.”

            Some of these same people believe the Constitution is an aged document with no place in our present or our future. They thing the document written by the forefathers is irrelevant and could not possibly apply to todays situation.
            Of course they forget or simply are to ignorant to follow, that the document can be changed by the agreed upon methods.

            Others look upon the founding fathers as terrorists and in this country at this time they would be classified as terrorists.

            This my friends is a sample of how far down the sh**hole we have fallen.

        • DaveH

          I wasn’t aware of the rules, 45, but I have observed throughout my life how Socialist countries try to focus their citizens’ attention on Sports to take their attention away from their economic misery.

          • Vigilant

            “Bread and circus.”

  • Mike

    I agree with Bill, I was behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Soviet Block countries. Every one made the same wage no matter the job, and the wage was very very low. Meat was rationed, paper products were almost nonexistant. The goverment owned the auto makers. The choice of car styles was limites to two or three. It took 18 months to get one after you paid in advance. When your car was delivered you had to take it or go to the back of the line. You had no choice of equipment or color. Gasoline was scarce and about $5.00 per gallon. WE IN AMERICA DO NOT WANT THAT WAY OF LIFE. Lets get off the socialist wagon before its too late.

    • 45caliber

      Yeah. And you had to stand in line to get a limited selection of food and then go to stand in line at another store to get some other types of food since they didn’t all provide the same things. If you didn’t, you didn’t eat.

  • castaway

    COMMUNISM is now in your face and pushing hard People!! What are you going to do about it?? What will you do America? Will you push back even harder, or will you go sit on the couch, and turn on the boob tube, and say “oh well it ain’t that bad”,They ain’t all bad, It won’t happen in my lifetime. ???? Dumb like a post in the ground.

    • Bleh

      I imagine many want to do something but no one wants to stick their head out first.
      First head out, undoubtedly gets the Ax.

  • Ronald Johnston

    This big government grab of our food supply is reason enough to store food for the big meltdown.

    • 45caliber

      Where I was raised (Arkansas mountains) gardens were the only way to keep food on the table. You raised and canned or froze all the food you needed or you went hungry.

      But this will give the government the ability to shut down those gardens – or at least seize all produce. The people will starve or go on welfare and buy their food. The corporations make more money so they can give more to the politicians. And it will allow the government to cut off that food at will is some group doesn’t fall into line obeying them.

      • Bill

        Amen .45cab, I raised my own food and can too. If it wasn’t for that every year, I would fall short. Food is better for you too. I sell my excess eggs on occasion. Country folk can survive.

      • DaveH

        I have to wonder if some day we won’t have to grow food in secluded regions much like the Marijuana growers do now. If this food bill doesn’t wake the citizens up to reality, I don’t know what will.

        • 45caliber

          Some of the friendliest and most helpful people in the world are hillbillies. On the other hand, if you anger them by telling them what they can or can’t do, then you’d better leave. Or else you might find a permanent home in the area.

          • DaveH

            I think most people don’t like being told what to do. The real test of character is do they extend that same courtesy to others?

          • Bleh

            I am no hillbilly but I can certainly relate to that.
            I have been working on my own gardening to ease some or most of the cost of food for my household and I’ll be damned if some Government loser tells me I can’t grow it or eat it.

            I have something specific for those losers should they try it.
            I care not whether I kick it at the end of such a disagreement.

      • Richard Pawley

        The food that the corporations are producing is far from the quality of food that we had as children. We had no Franken-foods created in laboratories, no canola oil or high fructose corn syrup (excuse me, corn sugar, as they are now calling it), not chemical sugars, no artificial bovine hormones in our milk and cheese and ice cream. All these things had not been invented yet. We had real food and Americans are beginning to learn that they cannot eat what most people eat and not get the diseases that most people get. It’s why people in dozens of foreign countries live longer than we do. The Amish are an example. They do not use genetically modified seeds that require tons of extremely strong pesticides like Round-Up and their children have only a tiny fraction of the Autism of the rest of the population. Funny thing they have only about as much Autism as we all did decades ago when everybody ate natural or normal food. In my autobiography, LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA, I pointed out the tremendous differences in even the nutritional value of fresh vegetables in 1960 and the same 40 years later. You would have to eat a whole lot more vegetables to get the same nutrition and it’s why I and many doctors and other knowledgeable people take natural supplements. You really can’t eat enough to get all the nutrients your body need.

      • Kate8

        45, You may already know this, but the laws are on the books for martial law.

        Hoarding food is illegal, and stored supplies will be confiscated. This includes all survival equipment, too.

        They plan to do everything to make sure we DON’T survive.

  • Buddy

    Most of those in congress are lawyers. Their reference is whether it’s legal, not whether it’s right or wrong. Overlaid on this unreasonable concept is the fact that it is important to them to get elected and reelected. Hence they are beholden to the big contributors (the corporate and big money people) rather than representing their constituents. As is said, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”. Their loyalty is not to the constitution which they swear to uphold but to the lobbyists who essentially own them.

    Incidentally, as a NV resident I have observed that “we” did not elect Harry Reid – power politics including full support by the service employees union and teachers union plus arranging to be opposed by a weak Republican candidate did the job (as well as those who voted the party line because “daddy always did”).

    • DaveH

      Sharron Angle was not a weak Republican candidate. Would you rather have had a typical RINO that the Republican Party has been offering up as of late? How do you ever expect to get our Freedom back if we keep accepting the lesser of two evils?

    • 45caliber


      Further, since they are lawyers, most of them belong to law firms with partners. When they suggest a bill and try to get it passed, it already contains some sort of loop hole. This allows the partners to use the loop hole for a time to get those offenders off. When the other law firms figure it out and start using the same loop hole, they change the bill to close it – and open another loop hole only the firm knows about. The whole thing is making money.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        Lawyers do not practice Justice, they practice the art of comprimise under unjust laws. This is the reason most in Congress or Senate do not follow the Constitution. Its so simple and easy they cant understand it.

        • 45caliber

          They can understand it – they just don’t want to because it conflicts with what they wish to do.

          As someone once pointed out, we no longer are ruled by criminal law. We are ruled by business law. Our lawyers depend upon business law and mutual settlements rather than admitting that something is absolute. Further, settlements require a lot more of their time and hence more pay than a simple right or wrong.

          • Bleh

            You can youtube this one.
            A soon to be ex Senator Phil Hare was caught on Cam saying that he did not worry about the Constitution.
            That is the kind of people we are dealing with.
            Luckily the same soon to be ex Senator was defeated in his re-election bid by Bobby Schilling.

  • DaveH

    I don’t think it was a Senate screw-up at all. Rather it is just another underhanded attempt by Democrats to retain their power.

    • Bleh

      I would revise that to read
      “it is just another underhanded attempt by Democrats to retain their power” + While at the same time garnering more power.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    It will be interesting to see the feds enforce the food bill. they’ll have to start a new beuracracy of food police. they’ll make great fertilizer for our gardens.

    • Bleh


  • Violet

    It is difficult to keep a civil tongue when discussing this or any other matter because these charlatans have buffaloed so many of the people. If one says anything against any of those in power they are told that they are unamerican. Duplicitous actions have been on the menu for many years now, including republicans and democrats. I have no connection to either party these days because they are all on the same page with rare exception

    Regarding food control. I think one needs to look into the depths of the Department of Agriculture. Many of the Ag colleges are beholden to the government for experimental farming. Those Doctoral graduates of those schools are at the forefront of the experimental seed and food farming programs. I know firsthand because I worked for the Department Chair at a large Aggie university in Colorado. We need to pay attention to everything they say and do and take everything with a BLOCK OF SALT.

    • j.McConnell

      Violet: What do you think would happen to nearby crops if seeds from genetically modified crops
      are carried by the wind into nearby fields and intermix?

      • JLC

        J. McConnell — I recommend the book, “Seed To Seed,” by Suzanne Ashworth. It outlines several methods to guard against that. Amazon will probably have it.

      • Bleh

        Not sure why you ask that question?
        No one should be told they can not grow a garden, nor should the Government have the power to do so.

        Gardens grow food, food feeds people. Without food people starve.
        If GMO is a problem then perhaps Removing the GMO from the equation and planting non-GMO in its place is the solution, but never should growing a Garden be prevented.

  • bbstacker

    they didn’t read it before they got it into law, but Thank God somebody did! These clowns swore an Oath to the Constitution, but very, very few have any intention of protecting that sacred document and all of it’s principles. It matters not that they have no jurisdiction over what, when, how we acquire our food, but the masses are following the MSM into believing that the gov’t has the absolute responsibility to ensure their personal being in every facet of life. The lemmings would be content to eat twinkies as long as the FDA/USDA/ABC/CBS/NBC says it is perfectly fine to exist on twinkies all day, every day. They have no interest in being burdened with responsibility to participate in the market place–and certainly not to engage in Self-Reliance and Liberty!

    • Bitter Libertarian

      In a Constitutional Goverment WE THE PEOPLE prosper.
      In the Current Oligarchy WE THE PEOPLE pay for others to prosper.

      The Others are; the politicians, the elites, the corporate interests..

      This is why Constitutional Govt isnt popular with the leeches and parasites of the world who think that sharing the wealth with everyone is fine. These maggots are the type that are generally too lazy to get up and do something for them selves, feel sorry for others and push for more handouts (TAXES) in the name of ‘Helping others”.
      Those parasites that think its “OK” to take/steal/plunder in the name of “doing good” need to go some place and all live together apart from those of us that work and earn what we have.

  • http://com i41

    The Dept of Ag will just let some agency wonk dream up another run at under the radar of the elected officals. My guess it will be put in a land use amendment. Socialist democrats are always trying to exert more control over food producers as dreamed up by the first Sec of Ag, a communist democrat.. Don’t forget Omoron hasn’t forgot his plans to take over all private land over. As it passed in the UN to prohibit private land ownership all over the world. Planting garden should be a idea every citizen would want to do. But if you go to several cities, they are restricited or the ordances will limit the watering amounts and times it can be done, but in these same location golf courses don’t have any restrictions. Best thing to do is, turn all golf courses in to gardening spots for citizens, since it is only the elitist pukes play grounds. These smucks run around with the golf carts and don’t walk anyway, most are leech lawyers or politians anyway.

    • Bleh

      Golf courses are big enough for you have a few gardens and for homes for the homeless.
      You know the folk that have no homes that everyone seems to forget about?
      Especially the politicians whom signed a bill into law bailing out the banks who are now foreclosing on the homes of people who helped fund it. They are apparently foreclosing whether or not they actually prove these poor people even have had a loan…

      I ask, should not the bailout money have gone to pay on these loans instead, thus helping banks stay afloat and the people to keep their homes? That would have been a-helluva-lot more acceptable in my eyes.
      Not that I was for any Bailouts…

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    There is nothing new these days in the federal government. You who would question where the wealth and power is and will stay should read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and learn your future and the future of your children and grand children: It amounts to draconian socialism and economic slavery.

    I have just about lost all hope for America’s survival as a nation and a society. I’m 63 years of age and not in very good health, so I won’t be around myself very much longer, but I’ve done just about everything I can legally do in my little corner of America to support the US Constitution. My watch is just about over…time for the next generation, if they have the intestinal fortitude (guts) and backbone to do whatever becomes necessary to bring integrity back to the governed and then the government. Not only have we lost the Third World War, but we are just now learning who paid for the fight (we taxpayers) and already know who will indeed suffer the consequences: Our children and grandchildren.
    Those who voted for even one liberal Democrat or spineless Republican will regret their votes in 2008 and now in 2010…I really wonder if there will even be an election in 2012, I am beginning to doubt we have that much time.
    At least food for thought, is it not?
    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • libertytrain

      your comments are very thought-provoking of course. And, am saddened that you are having health issues. My best to you -

    • Bleh

      Sorry about your health but I certainly do agree with you. I am not so sure about 2012 either.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    And, to those Americans who did not vote in either 2008 or 2010…your failure to be responsible citizens means you have sown the wind and will reap the rigid realities of hard core socialism in America…and you desparately now deserve it.

    • bbstacker

      Sadly, I cannot deny your predictions and insight, based on the mindless lemmings that cannot bring themselves to face the truth, and stand arm-in-arm with Patriots. The ignorant remain locked in their blindered world, refusing to acknowledge our History, and incapable of remorse to examine the facts and question what they perceive as authority. You can’t fix stupid. Ignorance doesn’t have to be permanent, but the failure of responsibility to maintain the Republic squarely rests upon all of us as Americans. The question now is, if there is enough time: Are we simply residents, or are we Citizens?

      Uncle Sam’s Plantation must look mighty good to some people, yet they are the first to say that a conservative white Citizen is racist, and will vote lock, stock and barrel for the very vermin who is condemning them to the Plantation.

      You simply cannot write fiction this bizarre.

      • DaveH

        So true, bbstacker.

      • Bleh

        That post should be framed and hung in public.

    • DaveH

      I would say that same thing about people who voted for Democrats or Republicans, Thomas, with the exceptions of at least Reagan and Ron Paul (who were really Libertarians). I have been Hoping and Dreaming for at least 40 years that voters would wake up to the fact that neither the Welfare State nor the Military State was going to be our salvation. Both major parties have been growing Government, albeit not so fast at the hands of Republicans. But growth is growth. In fact, the slow growth is probably more insidious as it generally goes unnoticed. We are going to need a sea-change in voter education to turn this Leviathan Government around, and you are probably right that it isn’t likely to happen. But I will keep on hoping and wishing.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        Funny thing..the right ingredients were out there trying to get elected..Americans didnt support them.

        • DaveH

          John Stossel has shown clips of himself asking people on the street “What is a Libertarian?”. It’s surprising how few have any idea what we stand for. That is the problem. Our party has been ignored (probably purposely) by the MSM for decades. Now, however, thanks to FoxBusinessNews folks like John Stossel and Judge Napolitano, we are finally getting some exposure.
          Many of the entrenched Corporate players (including Media Moguls) fear us as a result of our Free Market stance. Competition? Heaven Forbid. They would then need to really produce instead of standing behind the protection of Big Government.

  • http://com i41

    The bildge of democrats being for the common man, they are, as long as they all get paid the same, and all belong to unions. The liberal progressive group is now the Soros’ Socialist Union Marxist Democrats. Since its inception the socialists have embraced communism are were communist democrats for decades like McGovern, FDR, and the State Dept. which is loaded with appeasers to the UN and dictators.

  • Kate8

    Alert! Apparently the Senate is trying to sneak the food bill, S510, through in an amendment to an amendment, or something.

    Anyway, we need to get on them! Start calling!
    Wednesday’s Update

    >>Dr. Paul’s office was correct. The language of S. 510 is contained in an Amendent to an Amendment whch is currently before the House Rules Committee. Scroll down and down and down in the 423 page amendment and there will find the worst of S. 510 under a new name. Foundation Trustee Ralph Fucetola in in DC today to speak with leaders in the House about this vitally important issue. With him are others who know that pushback is effective – but that the push back MUST be massive. <<

  • Mark Matis

    Until their enablers start rotting where they belong, this WILL continue. If they will not comply with their oath of office to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” they are nothing more than Thugs with Guns who should be exterminated at the earliest opportunity.

  • FireMall

    I wonder if anyone but me has thought further down the road if this bill is reintroduced into the senate after the house passes it ??

    Consider this; The dollar is just about seen it’s last days as a world currency. This will bring on massive inflation, thus lowering the dollar to a minus value in purchasing power. I.E. $10.oo loaves of bread, $6-$10 gasoline, etc. Yep, dam right it’s coming. Several nations have already put the word out that they are dropping the dollar as an accepted currency.
    NOW; When the dollar becomes near worthless , what will “The People” use to sustain some semblance of a life regarding Food ,Shelter, etc ?
    Dot Gov has known for quite some time that the dollar is tanking.
    When this inevitable event occurs is when “We the People” will begin underground “Bartering” for necessities of life.
    I.E. The dollar is a Bartering instrument now but is becoming a low value medium in regards to the Dollar’s value vs. purchased values.
    Food will “BE” the most valuable purchasing agent .
    Which “Will” Necessitate Dot Gov’s control of the food supply , mush the same as Dot Gov controls the dollar & it’s value.
    Kid your selves “Not” S510 is Dot Gov’s backup plan for countering the collapse of the Dollar, in effort to later “still’ have control of All ways of purchasing / Bartering for sustainment items.

  • Sam in Cal


  • troubleshooter

    dear S.C. being an yellow Dog my grandfather and my great grandfather also, I would like to think that we have a better grip on today’s goings on thank you. As far as thinking is concerned, that is there thinking ( when it suits them ) otherwise its called bongoheadisum (their head could be used as a bongo drum because its so hollow inside) as far as sheep and dumbness? Well Ive hauled sheep before and there is nothing more dumb than a sheep, I sit corrected!!! T.S.


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