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Conspiracy Thoughts

December 15, 2008 by  

Conspiracy Thoughts

Governments can stay in power if…

  1. They can continue to deceive most of the people.
  2. They can very gradually reduce human liberty.
  3. They have a method to steal the people’s assets without hostile awareness over a long period of time with inflation and income tax.

The key to government power is gradualism. Anything can be accomplished over a long period of time. People accept their conditioning no matter what it is.

I have found that the very first step toward awareness is to become suspect of all politicians.

I want to give you a list of things and thoughts that all governments today want and are skillfully maneuvering for, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. There is no particular order or priority.

  1. Make Christianity just “another religion.”
  2. Mongrelize religions into a New World Order brotherhood of man and “love.”
  3. Group control vs. individualism or individualism vs. “the greater good.”
  4. “Same sex marriages,” an expression of sodomy.
  5. Thought and language control.
  6. Feminization of males.
  7. Wide promotion of the contradictory term Judeo-Christian.
  8. Absolute medical control.
  9. Book burning to erase truths from the public mind/mind control.
  10. Multiculturalism.
  11. British Israelism—Zionism under a Christian front.
  12. Use of Patriotism as a front for increasing control of the American people.
  13. Organized religion a tool of the system.
  14. No-win wars/control all sides.
  15. Public education to control the public mind.
  16. Military industrial complex is part of the fascist state.
  17. Destruction of the family unit—transfer children to the state defacto.
  18. Racial mongrelization.
  19. Euthanasia to limit aging population, except for the elite.
  20. Gradually destroy the Social Security system.
  21. Keep the public from preserving their savings with propaganda against gold and silver.
  22. Abortion/murder of the unborn as birth control.
  23. Synthetic vitamins as chemical food.
  24. Wage wars perpetually.
  25. Paper money to enslave and steal the savings of the middle class.
  26. Reduce and destroy the middle class.
  27. Illegal immigration.
  28. Free love.
  29. Promote drugs (legal and illegal) and criminality.
  30. Commercial food processors to manufacture and sell synthetic foodless foods.
  31. Mass immunization and inoculations.
  32. Kill inheritances.
  33. Propaganda on every subject originated by the state.
  34. Use of created myths and counter myths to confuse the people.
  35. Dumb down the population with public education.
  36. International New World Order.
  37. Wide use of the word “democracy” to cover for state fascism—same as Nazi Germany.
  38. Gun control for non-criminals.
  39. Secret societies.
  40. Medication of water and food with legalized food poison like chlorine and aspartame.
  41. Destroy Christian morality and the Ten Commandments so the people don’t know right from wrong.
  42. Confiscate real property with taxes.
  43. Control agriculture by creating agri-farms using hybrid seeds.
  44. Use herbicides, pesticides, etc. to kill the land and cause estrogen dominance (cancer).
  45. Democrat/Republican—uniparty.
  46. Create obsession with sports and Hollywood frivolity.
  47. Mass litigation to funnel wealth to a privileged society who hold titles of nobility, namely lawyers.
  48. Control all local and state police with secret societies.
  49. Promote obesity and diabetes through soft drinks made from high fructose corn syrup… placing vending machines in public schools and businesses.
  50. Destruction of respect for human life and silent promotion of pedophilia.

My friends, this long list tells you what governments and their politicians want. Most is already accomplished. Just look around and you will see it.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Fred Yde

    It’s time for the FairTax! We take taxes off the table as a political issue, we create a balanced budget, we bring jobs back home, we collect taxes from the illegal as equitably as we do the legal, the rich as equitably as the poor, the foreign as equitably as the national, and property owners as equitably as the nonproperty owners. Let’s get some vision going, not more paranoia. Let’s start a new conspiracy if that’s what it takes.
    Fred Yde,
    Carmel Indiana

    • Robin from Indiana

      I agree! The fair tax is what we need!

      • Steve

        NO TAXES ARE WHAT WE NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        do away with the federal reserve, IRS, and taxation without representation.
        B&O taxes
        excise taxes are taxes upon taxes. Just a few of the many taxes being imposed on people without Constitutional standing.

        • Robin from Indiana

          Whether you like it or not, taxes are needed to maintain roads, bridges, government buildings, courts, schools, prisons, and more. I agree we are over taxed, but if we went to the fair tax, those who are paid “under the table” will be taxed on everything they buy, fairly. You should read up on it. It’s a heck of an idea. Too bad more people are not interested in it. The government has to have some money to operate on. It’s too bad they are not held accountable as to how they spend it!

          • Edith Jarem

            Robin from Indiana….

            You are so right. I have read about the Fair Tax and when I didn’t understand something, I had enough brains to have someone explain it to me.
            Neil Boortz, radio talk show host, has had many sessions devoted to the Fair Tax and he was very enlightening. He also has published a book called……”The Fair Tax Book” Read it people. Maybe then you will understand what the meaning of “Fair Tax” is.
            I don’t know why people are afraid to read anything political or listen to common sense people explain this Fair Tax. Maybe it’s because they are afraid of any kind of change in Taxes.

        • Steve

          here is a must read for everyone. just follow the link………….

        • Ken

          You can say whatever you want about taxes, but the truth is that they are a fact, and if you do not pay them, you either pay hefty fines or go to jail. Tere is a more constructive approach.
          Most people take their taxes to an accountant and pay a lot of money to ave him do the math for you and fill out all the forms. When you do this, you have no idea of what is going on.
          The best approach is to do your own taxes so that you know where is is going. Read a bit on tax reduction, buy good tax software and do it yourself. I’ve been doing this for fifty years. This is one way to learn tax avoidance measures your accountant will never tell you about, but which are perfectly legal.. I have generally kept my total income tax well below 10% for both
          Federal and State income taxes, and beginning in 2007, my taxes will be at or near zero for the forseeable future and state income taxes will by no more than 2-3%, but possibly also zero during some years. This is on an income which most will consider moderate. The Bush tax breaks for the “rich” were available to all of us if we merely find out what they are and how we can use them to our advantage. I keep reading about a flat tax, but every flat tax rate is a lot more than I have ever paid.
          I have been audited several times, but have found that IRS people are average people like me, and even though they take an adversarial position, I can generally come out OK as long as I am facing them across the table, and I have been able on occasion to find some deduction I missed and walk away with a refund. The most important consideration is that all your deductions are legal. Then right is on your side. One important tactic is to record all encounters. One recent tactic is for the IRS to correspond with you from some place hundreds of miles away, but you can deal with this too.
          One thing to keep in mind is that government sets the standards of morality for the nation, and ours has been sinking during the past several years. Rather than campaigning for a flat tax, we should campaign for a more honest government that treats all citizens equitably. This means an honest currency, and equal treatment of everyone regardless of social position. Currently,, there is one set of rules for those with money and another for those without great wealth.
          Has anyone else figured out that the $700 billion first proposed to bail out the big banks amounts to $3.5 million for every adult. Who is going to pay for that. The government is counting on inflation to pay the bill. I suggest that rather than giving such huge amounts of money to the big bankers who created the problem, they should provide an economic stimulus of a tax-free million to every adult. This would be provide recovery across the entire economy,, rather than having to bail out the economy, one sector at a time. What we need is a huge chorus of ordinary people loudly demanding their million. Otherwise how many trillions of debt will be added to an already bankrupt nation?

        • Mark

          I agree. Unless the gooberment is following the constitution, taxes are not needed in a fiat currency system. As they can print all the money they want which is why WE don’t control the economy. When we decide to start using GOLD and SILVER for currency again, THEN we will control the economy and THEY will NEED our money to operate.

      • Nino

        First,It was the nafta and gatt trade bills that caused this calamity …by allowing our food shelves,homes,schools ,etc etc to be flooded with slave labor goods from china,lowballing made in America workers and their products…this is the main cause of the disaster. How can products made here compete with slave labor..they low ball our items and thus americans buy their products and leave the others to get dusty on the shelves…repeal the so called free trade laws and see what happens..the higher the tariff the lower our taxes..each American should be charged 10% ..a flat tax no matter how much you earn.

    • Barry

      Need to see how the politician set the “Fair Tax” laws. We need a better plan but then again many of the thing I thought were safe are not.

      Do we need to re-store and then safe guard Social Security from congressional abuse?

      • seigrella

        By turning it into a Trust Fund NOT to be touched until Maturity: Retirement Age or disability of the individual payer, and making it inacsessible to anyone other than the specific Tax Payer.

        • Barry

          I could see a trust style Social Security fund, You put in $wwwwww.ww – $zzzzzz.zz then you get out a fixed amount upon retirement, say something in the middle $yyxyxx.zz. The only thing that might change is the cost of living.

          The thing I see now is somebody getting Social Security and never contribution much.

          As I understand it now.

          A person comes to this country at the age of 60 and works until 62 or 65 then collects as much as a person that contributed for 45-50 years. These needs to be scale equal to the years worked and % of the amount contributed.
          5 year should get less that a person working and contributing for 30-45 years.
          I understand that my grandson (8 years old) might be able to pull from Social Security eventually. He has Type 1 Diabeties. In my mind he should be able to work and contribute like everyone else. If he needs government help it would not come for Social Security. Yet even with that help he should be encouraged to follow he dreams of schooling and careers. Financial help would go away as his income went up.

        • http://none Peter Stabovitz

          I am a retiree on Social Security, and had 45 working years when I retired, so now i am getting the maximum. They use a formula considering the working quarters (1/4 year) to determine how much you can get, up to a maximum. There is a minimum, I understand, so the person with fewer working years will get less than the person with more working years.


    • http://Yahoo Fred

      Fair Tax is oxymoronic. We are constantly taxed without representation. We must change our two party system or we are beyond help.

      • TeresaE

        You state the smartest thing here.

        They keep us divided and fighting over issues NO government should be involved in. They keep us prisoned by scaring us against vices.

        All the while the two parties work together to remove us from the power the Constitution granted us.


        • M. Ball

          Obama and all the rest of the Democrats are doing their best to destroy the two party government already….but I sincerely hope they aren’t able to do it. If they do we won’t have a prayer of remaining free or prosperous.

      • seigrella

        How would you change the system? One party vs 3 or maybe more? The more parties the more difficult it is to reach agreement, and the greater the likelyhood for an impass.

        • http://Yahoo Fred

          No parties no electoral college. Vote on line during the month of November.Anybody eligible can run.Registration fee $5,000.00.Any office has term limits. Flesh out the particulars but the general idea would work.

        • alan


    • CS

      The fair tax is not fair because the income tax was never intended for the common person in the first place.

      It was designed as an indirect tax on special business interests, such as alcohol, tobbacco, and firearms, or government jobs, and government territories…. hence the term “federal” income tax. The limited federal government could survive nicely and in the black with this concept.

      The common person does not have federal income. They have property that they have exchanged labor for.

      However, for special needs, the federal government was given the ability to make a “direct” tax on the people with the condition that it was porportionate… in other words everyone paid the same amount. Maybe everyone pitched in a dollar for a special need, but then that meant that the government would have to come before the people to present their need… in other words be accountable to the people. They don’t like being accountable though , do they?

      When the Federal Reserve Bank conned their way into taking the Congress’ job of coining money, it made it easier for Congress to spend money without being accountable to the people. They simply borrowed it from the banksters instead of going before the people with a plea. They didn’t care about how they were going to pay it back or the interest that was added to it.

      Then came World War II, and the deception that we needed a war tax to support our troops. They made the patriotic plea for us to sacrifice for the cause. They didn’t need our money for the war. The elitists funded both sides of the war and profited from it. They always do. People were led to believe they were helping our country by donating to the cause with the war tax. They filled out a form on the back side of the 1040 form. Eventually the back side was not needed, as they just used the front side of the 1040 form. Over the years people were just conditioned to continue using the 1040 … war tax or not.
      Then pressured to use it, until a whole generation always remembers filing a 1040. Slow… deliberate… deception

      I am amazed at how many people are still under the dillusion that we are somehow obligated by law to pay this tax. It isn’t the law that obligates us… it’s those who we have intrusted to represent us and our laws that have obligated us, or made us to think we are obligated….. for THEIR benefit.

      If you want to know what the law says, you have to read the law.
      If you want to know who by regulations are obligated, you have to read the regulations. Title 26 and it’s regulations are quite lengthy… deliberately to discourage anyone from studying them. However there is a book that will help…
      It’s called “Cracking the Code”.
      You can find out more about it by going to this wedsite….

      • Fred Yde

        I don’t think someone understands the FairTax, because it is not an income tax, in fact it is designed to eliminate the income tax, income tax reporting and all the compliance that goes with “cracking codes”. The Federal tax code is a 67, 000+ page behemoth that even the most astute tax accountants will not find agreement with on any given issue. It is what currently costs the country some $400Billion in total compliance. Enacting the FairTax will drastically eliminate the need for an expansive IRS, thus reducing that bill big time. It is a sad fact that over 100 years of legislation has brought us to the point of funding big government as we have. Funding big government as we have has led us into the abyss of the loss of many personal freedoms, and it has led to many of the moral corruptions we are unwittingly supporting today with our taxes. The FairTax of and by itself cannot save us from ourselves. We do after all, elect these mongrels into our legislative halls, and they continue to spoon feed us with many promises of reform, many cures for our ills, etc. As a citizenry, there is no great singular figure we can turn to or single entity of advocacy to save us from any of it. We have to act by putting pressure on those we elect to act in a way that serves us, not them. The perpetual and persistent rewrite of the tax code is such an example. Every time we’ve reformed it, we’ve merely added to it. “Amended” it some would say. It’s time to kick it into the gutter and replace it with a simple, actionable, fair form of taxation and one needs to read that book ( FairTax , the Truth ) to see how simple and actionable it really is. It is on the House floor as HR 25 and on the Senate floor as SB 1025, so it is not something coming from the radical fringe. It is a bill that has support and it is growing. Slowly it grows however, because politicians are extemely reluctant to give up an election issue like taxes . If the citizens start to put the proper pressure on, it can be done. We cannot operate the government, defend our borders, provide Social Security ( I’m sorry but that is not going away ), or regulate our commerce without taxes. The FairTax puts our industrial, manufacturing and business bases back in the saddle within our borders, helps put our people back to work, will allow us the luxury of reforming old entitlement programs without distressing those who have become dependent on them ( like most of our senior citizens), and forces us to spend only what we take in. Once we have a surplus, and the model shows clearly that in a relatively short period of time we will, we return that portion that we don’t need to the people in the form of a real tax cut, or a raise in the prebate. A prebate puts everyone on the same playing field. The prebate is an amount equal to the previous year’s fixed income cost of living level, so that poor and elderly alike are not penalized by their consumption. It is a simple, actionable, and fair method to pay for our needs. We just need to get enough people educated to demand it of our legislators. Go to Read the books. It is possible. When we free our people from the shackles we’ve put on ouselves, we will prosper, and I think our moral compass finds true north again.

        • CS

          It may not be an “income” tax, but it is a way to obligate the people further to something that they should not have to pay for in the first place.

          If we would just focus on restoring the constitution, all the financial things would work themselves out, because….
          Borders would become important again, and NAFTA, CAFTA, the invasive, enslaving PATRIOT ACT would be a thing of the past. Jobs would come back home. The financial incentive would be for investors and businessmen to establish themselves here once again. We would become self sufficient as a country as intended. We would use our own resources instead of paying huge prices for oil, simply because we have special interests that are getting rewarded for us doing so.

          The respect and adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights is what keeps the people free, and allows them to prosper. Our right to prosper: to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not leinable or taxable.

          Our form of government is not socialistic… it is designed for promoting independence.

          God gave us our rights… not the Fed government. The people created the government to secure those rights. The federal government came second… the “people” who created the federal government came first.

          Well, actually God is first, as we were given our rights by Him, and they were acknowledged as we established our government.

          The federal government was to be VERY LIMITED.

          Yes, we are unlike all other countries in that regard, but that is why we became prosperous as a nation.

          Like I said before, the constitutional guidelines allow for growth for the people and “restraint” for the Federal government. We have allowed the 10th amendment to be ignored and now we have a monster in the closet that has busted out and wants to devour everything in site.

          Picture a wild animal in a cage at the zoo. The sign says “Don’t feed the animals” for a reason. However, they seem harmless enough and you think that by feeding it, they will appreciate you, maybe even befriend you. There is a system in place already for the animal to be cared for, but he looks so desperate and needy, that you ignore the sign, and succumb to feeding it anyway. You, and others have taken it upon yourselves to feed this thing, in spite of the fact that the zoo keepers provide for the animal.

          So, over time , this animal has gotten to expect you to feed it and even gets upset when you don’t… oh oh… someone forgot to lock the cage, that wild thing has gotten out….. and he is after you!

          The government is like a wild animal that needs to be caged. It was designed to be lean, and could do well on the tarriffs and taxes of special interests. It wasn’t for the people to feed this animal in the first place.

          Making a law now to say that we “must” feed it is counter productive.

          Making a law to say that we should pay less than we were paying before, when there wasn’t a law to say that we must pay anything before, is not a step forward. We would be making a law to do something that, by law, don’t have to do anyway.

          It is the equivelant to us now obligating ourselves to feed the animal in the cage, while the zoo keepers go on vacation.

      • Tom Gallen

        Now, I believe this guy CS. We had a choice between Democrat A and Democrat B. If this guy, CS was running for president, I would have voted for him.

      • Ron Leonard

        In reality, there is no lawthat requires you to pay income tax. It has been researched prolifically. It has beat govt prosecutors in court.

        They do not want you to know that, but the law does not exist.
        Thisis from the research of ex IRS prosecutors.

        Research it yourself.

    • FreedomFalcon

      That would be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire the fair tax scheme. Is the name “Fare Tax” an admission that what we have been giving is unfair? However, your concern is well merrited. Early last century the government gave up import tarrifs in favor of a direct tax or, so the made us believe. After getting the income tax they then redeployed the import tarrifs to control competition while recieving favoritisim for their own enterprise. An anology is lets firstly send jobs overseas because a healthy middleclass is an adversary to the Red Coat overthrough of the USA. Secondly, we recieve all profit while making it impossible for others to stay in business because the table is slanted in their direction.
      What we are witinessing is the overthrough of the world by Old World European Airostocracy in their ancient asprtation to create universal empire. can help you to understand everything going on today.
      Peace and love.

    • Robert R Smith

      Senate bills No. 773 and 778, introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., are both part of what’s being called the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, which would create a new Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor

    • Dave Krieger

      Ages ago, Second Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Learned Hand, in his dissenting opinion in Gregory v. Helvering, specifically stated that it is an American citizen’s right and duty to do everything in his power to arrange his financial affairs in such an order so as to minimize his taxes. Lest we should be so ignorant of what that means … it means that each American has the opportunity to find his true intent and purpose for existing in this country and start up two corporations … one as a holding corporation for his assets; the other as a corporation for his business. Each corporation borrows from each other and takes care of the board of directors via benefits and payments while issuing no salary; in essence, the Directors of the corporation receive loans from the corporations to pay their bills. Loan proceeds are not taxable income! If a majority of Americans who have the reason and capability to do so would incorporate, the tax revenues collected by the IRS for the Treasury Department would soon come grinding to a halt [at least in large part]. More Americans would have asset protection from lawsuits … and the “little guys” out there like us would end up owing the IRS nothing, yet retain asset preservation for our offspring [issue]. In order for this country to be “righted”, more devout people that are NOT attorneys are going to have to be elected to Congress, as the attorneys now serving in the “uniparty” cannot be trusted with anything less than passing laws to keep themselves in business.



    • TAZ

      Obama = One Big Ass Mistake America

      He may not be a Muslim or an American citizen. For sure he is a liar, socialist and a racist!

      • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

        You forgot ” a Marxist Wannabe”

  • Jason Yost

    The very foundation of our country’s constitutions has been attacked along with any real standards of living today. If you have any standard higher than reaching out your hand for that bail-out, hand-out, license to do whatever you wish, then you’re considered an elitist or racist, especially if you’re a christian male. People need to wake up, wise up, and get informed: Freedom doesn’t mean you get License to do whatever you want in this country. We do have morals that were laid as the foundations of this country. Look at almost any state and federal constitution in this country and wake up to where you are. This is the United States of American, by God and In God We Trust! You don’t come over here and change our constitution because you’re lazy, careless, selfish, or missing your homeland! Get over it! The reason this country is so great, has been so great, and has been better than the rest is because of our foundation. When we take that foundation, don’t care for it, and don’t respect it, then the country will fall just like a weakend and neglected house will when its foundation is not cared for, not respected, nor nurtured. God help us all in this country. Now more than ever we need to live by those words “In God We Trust” before our children’s heritage is wiped out forever and the hope of the world (that this country has stood for) is also extinguished.

    • seigrella

      You have my vote … MERRY CHRISTMAS to those that put their TRUST IN GOD.

      • AlPon

        A woman neighbor of mine said to me ,”I’m not curious, I put my trust in God.” Well as an extension of that ideal we all have been taught to trust and have faith. Faith in God, faith in the government. Blind Faith. Ironically all the mind control that comes from these two organizations has been the bain of mankind for centuries. “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer, superstition is the way.” Holy Wars, Inquisitions, genocide, ethnic cleansing. All sponsored by the Churches and in league with governments. All designed to divide and conquer those that want to be told what to think and how to react.

        People are not curious about lifes’ mysteries. They just follow what they were taught as children. Doing as they are told, like the good little children that they are. Concerning the government most don’t have a clue what is going on. They don’t know that the Fedreral Reserve is a privately owned cartel of world bankers. They don’t know what ‘fiat’ money is. They never heard of ‘fractional reserve banking’. They think that they ‘elect’ public officials. Ever heard of the Electoral College? I suppose I could go on and on about the secret government that really runs most of the world. But to no avail.

        Now, concerning religion, what makes anyone think that a different mind set applies? People are more than happy to let God take care of them. Why be curious when you have already been told what to think. Why worry about world events since your place in heaven has been assured. Assured by the very scoundrels that profit from your brainwashing.

        Therein is the major problem. Most Americans just can’t or won’t think for themselves. Even when presented with the facts they dismiss them as not conforming to their preconceived (preprogrammed) notions. The facts are plainly there for all to see. But, to see you must open your eyes.

        READ – READ – READ. Be a sponge, not a reflector! Grow a brain and have your own thoughts. Don’t let others tell you what, when, where and how.

    • http://BobLivingston? MCSC09

      The only eletes in this country are the congress! How can Barney Frank say that the housing crisis and down turn was caused by the conservatives? How does his stupid ass get a free pass when EVERYONE WITH A HEARTBEAT knows it is all his fault? I am so sick of being blamed and punnished for stuff I can’t and wouldn’t do!!!The libs and their complicent lackies, the drive by media, are tearing this country appart! Where is the true outrage we are entitled to??? I believe that our only hope to truely take back our country short of revolution, is the hope that houssein will over reach and by the media trying to cover for him, both will lose all credability and the country won’t listen to or obey them anymore!
      GOD HELP US!!!

  • Me

    We need to abolish the “Federal Reserve”, which is not part of the federal government, nor is it a reserve for anything…that’s for starters. We also need to give the ability to print and control money, and the power to collect revenue, back to the United States government…abolish the IRS, and get rid of the usury fees of the international banking cartel against the people of this Republic. We also need to have an informed public…which is hard to do when most of the major media outlets are controlled by privitized interests with censorship and propoganda ruling the contents…BTW, when are you going to do a piece about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones?

    • Jim R

      The IRS is the US Government – the part set aside to collect the revenue, and who only follow the laws the Congress passes – so the dummies in Congress are passing stupid laws, right? People who do not know the roles (uninformed) of government entities shouldn’t talk about them!! Fair tax still leaves some agency to collect the revenues!!!

  • Barry


    Is there anyone to help lead against the loss of freedoms in America? I do not mean an off the wall radical. Somebody (Group) that can look as the system, see where it is headed and actually lead the fight to protect the ‘old’ American way of life I grew up in.

    Obama and McCain were the opposite of a Free American. One will try to control too much and the second is only slightly better.

    I have hope for Sarah Palin style person, still do, but McCain tried to screw that up.

    I do not care if the freedom leaders are Conservative, Middle road Democrat, Independent. That person needs a clear direction to lead America back from its present course into a Socialist Republic.

    • KarenLee

      I think the persons we seek need to be ourselves. Did you hear about the guy in Utah who ran with hardly any money and just his bed? He won.

      I bet today if 100 Americans would run for office, who were regular people who paid their bills and could speak a decent sentence, would run for office, we would come close to all winning.

      I was President of my condo home-owner association for exactly one year. It was insightful, but not what I would want for the rest of my life….politics, that is. But this is what we the people get…..if we don’t run….we get people NOT LIKE US….we get people who will run because they want power.

      I hope all of us will run for something. I live in Modesto CA. I am not sure, but on the radio they said the population of Modesto is 200,000 and that 80,000 people work for the government………sick isn’t it….but it may be typical…….we all have to run for something folks….we have to do it ourselves.

    • http://firefox Jerry W Hollifield

      We had the chance to put a strong president in “Tom Tancredo” and the media and voters wouldn’t even give him a chance to talk………we blew it……..Jerry

      • Julie

        Tom Tancredo Was My Candidate Too.
        That he has retired, speaks volumns.

    • CS

      A socialist republic???

      We don’t want a “socialist” republic… we want a “FREE” republic.

      Our once free republic has been shelved, while our present no good for nothing congress, president, and judicial system operates under a socialist democracy.

      We want our right for individualism back. We want our freedom back, we want our Republic Restored!

  • Dr. Shirley Lynn

    This has been going on for many years. Go back a few years and see how people rejected gay lifestyle and then they were made to think that they were intolerate of others. The liberal news media has cause this but the people must take the blame because they are lazy and do not want to work and teach their children they would rather let the government tell them what to do and what the government runs the government rules and what the government rule they corrupts. We were never intended to be ruled by a government Our government was supposed to be for the people and by the people. People are asleep!

    • Allan

      Dr Lynn; you are right on target. We are being slowly but methodically programed to the ACLU and it’s agenda. I entered the U.S. in 1963 and perhaps because of living elsewhere first I am very aware of every change that has come to America. The changes the ACLU are gradually programming the people into is not for their own good. And you are right: half of America is really going around half asleep. Their Rights are being removed before their very eyes and yet their consciousness is unaware of this occurrence. It’s takes alot more today to wake people up and get them into action than in the past. But get them mad enough and they just might come up with some concrete actions.

    • http://none Rose

      I think that too many people adopted the phrase “live and let live.” My mother was one of them, however, she died in 1990, and had she lived to see what is happening today, she would be one of the first to yell and scream–now it is time to act. It is no longer viable for us to “live and let live.” The thing that has changed is that now, we are not allowed to follow our own hearts to do what we think is right. Now, suddenly, we are the bad guys because we have scrupples. Now it is our freedom that is being targeted. Now we must speak loudly.

      There are many of us who do not let society or the liberal media dictate what we teach our children. But when you hear others say that we need to get with the times, that makes me ill–so if you see a whole group of people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay, do we need to follow too because, we need to get with the times?

      We need to stand up together and be counted. And we need to stick together like our adversaries do. Lastly, we need to teach right from wrong as tradfition has taught and the Bible has taught us. And we need to ask for wisdom and discernment for the truth, because now the powers that be are rewriting, not only history, but our precious Bible as well. KNOW THE TRUTH AND FOLLOW IT.


  • Cowboy

    Our government manages its budget the same as a family of four living in California with a 40 thousand dollar a year income juggleing a 500 thousand dollar credit card debt sitting on a sailboat in the Bahamas discussing whether they should cut out thier annual trio to Europe as a cost cutting measure. Our freedom will only come when we as a nation, and as individuals, start living within our means.

  • Dr. Fred Thompson

    This list looks very much like the events and leadership characteristics attributed to the prophesied Antichrist and the Great Tribulation period described in the Bible. As patriotic citizens, we must avail ourselves of the opportunity to speak up to those allegedly representing us in the legislature. But more importantly, we must “humble ourselves and pray as exhorted in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Certainly bad things will happen before the end of time, but Christian believers can rely on God’s promise “never to leave or forsake” us.

  • Sean

    “A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by a dint of victories.”

    (Napoleon Bonaparte)

  • Robin from Indiana

    I agree that the fair tax is one step in the right direction. Why people oppose it is beyond me. It’s fair for everybody! I too, hope that we will see a third party emerge strong before the next election. A party that takes the 50 ‘conditioning steps’ for the loss of our rights and makes all Americans aware of what is happening. The media has not been on the side of what is good and right either. Their bias has been blatant and only obvious to a few. People are already conditioned. How sad that our once strong, powerful nation is heading in the wrong direction. We need to bring God back into our lives, and not just on Sunday morning. He needs to be the center of everything we say and do.

    • Jim R

      You answered the question yourself – they oppose the Fair Tax EXACTLY because it is fair, and there are a large set of very liberal folks in control in this country who want to “share the wealth”! Let me see – I think I just heard a lot about that from a recent successful politician. You know – the entitlements for “making things fair”, like giving our Social Security to illegal aliens!!??

  • Sean

    “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned- this is the sum of a good government.”

    (Thomas Jefferson)

  • Phil D

    I think Bob Livingston made a number of great points and leaves little to be added.

    Fred Y and John L, on the other hand, have raised secondary issues… Primary issues should be at the forefront of everyones concern. We are at risk of losing our Liberety and our sovereignty. As clearly stated in our pledge of allegiance…”to the Republic for which it stands”… We have lost sight of the “Republic”, and have taken to calling our nation a “Democracy” which in and of itself is Socialist in nature.

    If we stick to honoring the rights of the individual as outlined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we will be able to maintain our freedoms given to us by our forefathers, and our inalienable rights given to us by the creator, and

    No I am not a religious man, but I do beleive in GOD!

    Conclusion; Our problems can be traced to the root of an out of control government and an elite class who has intentionally funded this reckless foray into the depriving the “American People” of their rights and Liberty under the guise of “Reform” and “Protection from Terrorism” along with it’s overzelous reach to gain control of our lives.

    Phil D

  • Robert Littlejohn

    Destruction of the family unit—transfer children to the state defacto.

    I suffered under a false allegation which separated me from my children and their mother from 1994-2001. By 1999 the children were taken from their mother and stepfather and taken into protective custody due to unspeakable acts committed by their mother and stepfather.

    By 2001 my daughter had been so brainwashed against me by her mother, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, that she to this day believes that I had molested her when there was no physical proof of even that happening.

    I maintain my innocence to this day that I never laid an improper hand on my daughter, and that we had a wonderful relationship which has been destroyed at first by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and later by the Kentucky Department of Community Based Services who urged the McCracken County Family Court to terminate my parental rights for want of a Service Plan.

    Whether guilty or innocent, you must prove your innocence to the State by doing everything in a Service Plan or lose your rights. If I was so guilty, I would have beaten a path to the IL DCFS and begged for a service plan from them. I am not guilty, so no Service Plan should have been required of me.

    But because I refused to do one, they assumed my guilt and took away my parental rights from me.

    Now because of BH Obama, we are headed to become the USSA – the Uniited Socialist States of Amerika (misspelling intended to reflect the Russian spelling)!

    God Save America
    For it’s gone to the Dogs
    Stand beside her, and save her
    With the Light of Truth from Above!

    I used to say God Help America, but I think that it’s now way beyond help. We need God to save America from its own destruction.

    • Ron Leonard

      That is exactly what the Give Act in the house, and the Edward Kennedy Serve America bills are The Kennedy one passed the Senate 79-19. volunteer all your kids…mandatory. A Civilian Securtiy force as big as our military….Children as young as gradeschool mandatory volunteerism…Veterans voluntary volunteerism…seniors mandatory volunteerism…this is not volunteerism, it is slavery and tyranny!

      I know for a fact I will not participate nor will any of my family.

  • God Save the Queen

    Please explain to my how God is going to save us? We have to save us! Get out into the streets and and pissed. The politicians, the military and the state want your sons and daughters to go and fight a corporate sponsored war on the other side of the world. They don’t care if they die or come home with no limbs. Additionally, stop taking all that so-medicine your so-called Doctor prescribes to you and go smoke some pot or take some magic mushrooms America! Then maybe you will see the Truth!

    • http://none Rose

      I agree with you in part, but not in total. God helps those who help themselves. He offers guidance to those who want it and ask for it. We fight in Iraq because Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction. Hussein had 3 or 4 months to move them before Bush actually went in, giving him plenty of time to hide them in Syria and Lebanaon, and other countries in the area that hate Israel, which is probably all of them over there. And yes, do you think for one minute that they–in the MId east care about the US? They want to destroy us period–fundamental Islam.

      Now, I do not believe the moneyed people care one way or the other about any of us, whether it is in foreign countries at war, or here at home. Case in point is the recent Stock Market Crash causing at first a recession, but that will develop into a depression, gratis of Soros and his pals. If you look for information on the Rothchilds, you will see where they control the money and would like to control the world. And that those who do not go along with their program end up dead, their countries end up in depression, etc.

      As for the medicine the doctor gives you, take it after you have researched the problem they say you have if that medicine is the ticket to health. Take the medicine if the side effects are not dangerous like those that cause death. In the case of medicines where death or permanent injury to any place on or in the body can occur, look for alternative methods of treatment. There are wonderful vitamins and mineral products that will help a lot more than those perscription drugs will, and they leave you healthy, feeling well, and no side effects. Liquid oxygen is very good for those who have COPD or Ashtma–I do, and I never have to use an inhaler or oxygen tanks again. There is a wonderful vitamin and mineral combination to take to take care of bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinus as well. Works wonders and you can tell it in the first day, not in three to four weeks of percriptions that make you feel sick the whole time. By the time you take it for three days–vitamin and mineral combination, you are allmost 100% free of bronchitis and sinusitis.

      As far as that majic mushroom, I do not advise it. Rather, wine and hard liquor in small quantities may help what ails you. Wine is especially good for the blood.

      There are wonderful vitamins and minerals for pain as well. I outta know–I take plenty of them for chronic back pain, leg pain, etc. since I am disabled. The perscription pain stuff does not work in small quantities but the vitamin/mineral kind does.



    • Carolyn

      You want to know how God is going to save us– because He is in control of all. What is up to us is to repent and turn back to Him that He will forgive us and extend His mercies. God sets up Govts and brings them down; it depends on us- who we want to serve- God or Mammon. We have free will and there are consquences for our choices. Histroy is repeating itself when people turn from God of the Bible and mock His Word. We reap whar we sow. We have sown filth and now we will see more of the Wrath of God. Just call us educated fools; book sense and no common sense.

  • http://none Rose

    You forgot one item–control the elections. You hit upon it when you said the uniparty system, and many states will not allow other parties on their ballots.

    The first thing we have to do is take control of the local governments–that is right, our mayors and our city councils. They are the people we should know the most about, but we know nothing about them until they are in office. So, we need people in each local who will scrutinize those who are running for political office and then launce a newspaper informing all citizens of what each person stands for–that way they can make up their own mind about who they want to elect.

    The second thing is to repeat step one for the state level–all offices.

    The third thing is to repeat steps one and 2 for the federal.

    The last thing to do is to keep everyone informed about what these elected officials are trying to do to us in the way of new laws. And then we need to let these people know what we want them to do, and what we do not want them to do.

    We also need to have a recall system to recall those who are not fulfilling the will of the majority, or who are inept, or who are corrupt.

    This is a lot of work, but if we want our freedoms, we have to do something to keep them.

    I suggest we start now through the various organizations which could unite for the common cause of the constitution of the US. There is power in numbers.


    • Jim in Atlanta

      Fran said it well. Get involved and get knowledgeable. You don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia of every elected person, but you need to know what the support and who is influencing them–they should be influenced by their collective constituency ONLY, but we know that is not how the system currently works (or, sadly, maybe never did). Term limits, first and foremost–it ain’t a career path! It’s “serving” as civic duty, then get out of the way for the next American. These people are not elite–we employed them! They hold no power over us, they just think/fantasize/imagine that they have acquired that status because of all the deity showered on them. They were hired to create laws to govern. They have bastardized that into creating laws that benefit them and those who line their political pockets–to hell with the American taxpayer upon which they “feed”. Without the taxpayer those in office at any level of government cease to exist.

  • Sonny

    I am not hearing much for the support of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Until we adopt principles which we are willing to die for, all we are doing is trying to put band-aids on the problem liberals are creating.

    Remember, you can only understand liberalism as a psychological disorder. They desire to dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity. Their political leaders chose to ignore individual differences in talent, drive and personal appeal and work ethic. Liberal legislators create environments of rules which over-regulate and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state.

    We are dealing with those in positions of power with a distorted development which has produced irrational beliefs. The list presented by the author of this piece makes it painfully obvious.

    The Washingtonians have drifted far away from the intentions of our Founding Fathers. Those principles must be re-learned and carried out if we are to recover from the economic and political devastation caused to our country since the 1930′s. Electing BHO was the worse possible way to get where we need to be. It will be nothing but the same old failed policies that got us where we are in the first place.

    We are economically and morally bankrupt as a nation. The only way back is to “hit the bottom” in order for the people to wake up. The next few years are going to be the most difficult of the past 100 in our country. Yes, even more difficult that the Great Depression. Our country is disintegrating bit by bit, piece by piece.

    Prepare yourself for the worst, but hope for the best. It is going to be long and painful.

    • http://none Rose

      Sonny, you are a fellow ditto head!!!!


  • Sean

    We need to unit and speak out against lobbyist and senators who only have their pocket books in their best interest it is time to make this country great again we were given the right to protest and vote we should take advantage of that before that liberty is also striped from us.
    We the People have the power to fix our once great country, separated we are weak but joined together we far outnumber and out power the idiots running this once great nation into the ground. I Believe it was Napoleon Bonaparte who said “ten people yelling make a lot more noise than ten thousand who are silent.” George Washington one of the great leaders and founders said “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”

    Email you local and federal representatives and let them know we are pissed!

  • JimF

    There is a consertive organization working at the grass roots level that is trying to turn some of this nonsense around. The current thrust is aimed at the new administrations plans for our socialization. Visit their site at to see if you might be interested in their agenda.

    • http://none Rose

      Jim, I am a member as well as a member of The Republican Revolution, and a few other groups as well.

      Check out and or Patriotbrigade for more of what is actually going on in the world.

      We have lots to concern ourselves with.

      Anybody see that movie that was on t.v. this week about the Russians attacking the US and high school students are in revolt. It is a real eye opener because it was on at a time when Russia has 5 of their military ships or so, in Cuban waters.


  • S C Mailen, Jr.


  • Sally

    The 50 vital points listed above sounds much like “The U.S. In Prophecy.” Rev. 13:11 talks about a beast out of the earth. Rev. 13:12 (He rises after 1798); Rev. 12:16, The New World for religious freedom; Rev. 13:12, He has 2 horns like a lamb. Read chapter 13. It is powerful! Luke 20:25, Jesus taught separation of church and state–Bill of Rights guarantees religious freedom–and The Declaration of Independence, UNLESS the government changes the constitution! Rev. 13:12: A religious dictatorship is coming and a nation speaks through her laws–might I suggest the USA! Rev. 13:13-14: making the image of the beast. The first beast was a religio-political power resulting from an ecumenical movement. Hence the image will be the same thing. Rev. 13:15: all die who do not worship the image–might I suggest a national Sunday law! Rev. 13:16-17 All must receive the mark to be able to buy or sell. Yes, yes, a great crisis lies ahead for America and the world! Thanks for the warning!

  • LisaBforfreedom

    Here is a good place to start. Sign up, become a leader get active and change tomorrow from getting one step closer to Nazi control.

  • Karancahua

    START PEACEFULLY WITH TAX REVOLT When the “Silent Majority” sets a specific date – let’s say July 4, 2009- and we all give our employers notice THAT STARTING ON THAT DATE (7/4/09) the employer will begin withdrawing HALF OF THE REQUIRED INCOME TAX (not Social Security Tax) from our paychecks FROM THAT DATE FORWARD. Probably 99% of employers (Corporations) will refuse. THEN FROM 7/4/08 FORWARD THE SILENT MAJORITY STRIKES!! In 6 weeks, the government will be in a cash crunch and the country will be shut down. If government doesn’t stop stealing from us, then we will no longer work for the money they steal. It’s ONE plan. Any FEEDBACK??


    • AlPon

      I like your tax revolt idea. But it is not necessary. The US is already bankrupt and the Zionists already have plans to shut down the government. All this inflation, thru the printing of more fiat money, insures that our national debt (mostly to China) can / will never be paid. The dollar is dying a slow prolonged death ! When the world governments will no longer accept our worthless green toilet paper, the Treasury will default on or debt and declare ‘force majuere’. No ability to pay. We will burn the rest of the world with this debt. They already have invented the next ‘fiat’ currency. It is called the Amero. Goggle it and see for yourself.
      The only real solution is a violent revolution. Sound crazy ? The world and all of it’s socio-economic facets are in complete control of these ‘Neocons’. They have all the money (gold) and thus all the power. They control the banks and governments and churches and media. They will never willfully give up this power. It would be naive and stupid to think otherwise !!

      • Karancahua

        I am aware of the planned forthcoming Amero and the “blending” plans for America, Canada, and Central America. I have paid attention to the Treasury notes, bills, and bonds over the last 7 years and realized a couple of years ago that the yield rarely changed due to the fact that at every auction (4x a month) that the Chinese were buying everything the US auctioned. Hence I knew then that the US would devalue the $ in order to break China and really hurt Japan. The problem is, one can’t “break” China because they are a communist nation and will only lay their problems on the backs of their people. I understand the slow progress of repression that our govt has slowing been paying out to us like some small fish hooked on the line only to be eaten soon. I do concur with your evaluation of the proposed citizen remedy for the ills we now and will continue to endure. I will request your PDF with the words “My name is Texas T-Sip” in my subject line, as I would like to read it, if only to know who might be the ones on the “richer” side of my taxes and toil. I appreciate your candor here in the open sunlight but do fear for coming reprisals that might show up as the proverbial “theif in the night”. Long Live Libery.

        • Karancahua

          UH, that’s LIBERTY with a T

  • AlPon

    Hurray, hurray … some of us are finally getting to the ‘real’ truth. The world IS controlled by a few hundred, maybe a thousand or so, ultra rich, ultra secretive families. For all who still wonder why and for those that can’t seem to understand what’s going on in the world. For all those still divided by petty differences. For all those that still have a partisan mindset. In other words; us vs. them and Dems vs. Repubs. Let me present the ultimate evidence of world wide manipulation and control. Written over 150 years ago, by the evil doers, for the evil doers, this document has been denied by them as bigotry. But after you read it and see that all the plans and proficies have come to fruition there can be no denying the truth. They never denied the existance of this document, only to say it is racist and bigoted. They never deny the contents thereof. For over 100 years it has been hidden and censored.
    Every citizen of the planet needs to read this book. It will rock your world and you will never be or think the same afterwards. I’m not selling anything. Unlike so many web sites trying to get rich by informing us of what we should already be aware of. My only motive is too circulate this publication. To help the citizens of the US and the world in general to see and discern the truth. The REAL truth.
    At the risk of disappearing or being ‘rubbed out’ I am revealing this to all the world. The name of this tome is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. If you can’t find it with your browser, as I said, they want this kept under wraps, I will provide it free as a PDF document. Just request a copy from I will promptly reply and attach said doc to my email. Let’s see how many people have a quest for the truth or just like to hear their own gums slam together.

  • Doug

    You can talk about what we need in this country all that you want, but unless we have leaders who will first lead us into REPENTANCE forget it! Unless we return to GOD and HIS ways we are doomed! When Israel strayed from GODS leading, HE gave them EVIL leaders in the form of captivity…. We are headed for captivty unless we turn back to GOD and follow HIS ways completely! We need to pray collectively and repent as a country….. The strong man SATAN, has woven himself in the very fabric of our ONCE set apart country for GOD! SATAN is driving our leaders straight into HELL!!!! If what I’m saying isn’t evident enough, you need to WAKEUP and smell the coffee! We don’t have much time, the illegal alien, communist, terrorist sympathizer, muslim, and I believe the ANTI-chrtist and his minions are about to close the door on everything that you worked hard for to attain. What little that you have left is going to be taken from you by people all lead by SATAN, and then you will be a slave to them.

    Woe to amerika unless we REPENT fast!!!!!!!!!!

    • AlPon

      Every dialog on this site misses the point entirely. All these topics are exactly what the controllers want. Subterfuge. Keep people concerned with side issues and petty superstitions when the real issue is hidden. Divide and conquer the oldest tactic known.

      All the problems facing mankind have been perpetrated and perpetuated by the Zionists to attain their agenda. And it is succeeding very nicely, thank you.
      Put aside the brainwashing that has been part of your education and see the true enemy. The hidden force behind all the worlds problems.
      After decades of watching the political scene, it should be obvious that nothing changes in politics except the faces of the players. They are all from the same evil cadre. They couldn’t rise in this system otherwise. They are all appointees of the ruling class.
      Read the 50 points that Livingston has laid out for you. Investigate them on your own. Don’t let other people tell you what to think. Do you own diligence. Don’t be led around by the nose as if a child. Put aside childish things and become a free thinker. Investigate and understand cause and effect. There is no such thing as coincidence, especially in government.
      READ – READ – READ. Be a sponge, not a reflector! Grow a brain and have your own thoughts. Don’t let others tell you what, when, where and how.
      And for the real truth see item 23 in this blog.

  • Sean

    It would be a great plan if everyone was self employed but how would convince companies like GE and Halliburton to do that they receive a large portion of their income from the government I believe the only way to do something about it is to have half the country march on Washington and demand that all senators and congress men/woman step-down wipe out about half of the bull** spending and laws close are borders, quit sending money to foreign countries that are full of corruption and mock us. Intact the fare tax start producing are own Oil from Alaska, off the coast of California and Florida. Start worrying about fixing the problems in our own country before we start trying to fix the world. The only thing Federal government should be in charge of is the Military and watching over state governments. The only thing either should be collecting taxes for is Education, roads and law enforcement. It is time to do away with welfare, food stamps, Social Security, (why send are money to them only to get 1/8th of it in return) Medicaid and Medicare (if People where only paying 2-3% in taxes they would more than able to pay for their own health care). If you rely on welfare then it’s time to turn off Jerry Springer and get off you’re A and make a contribution to your country. I am self employed and tiered of handing over 30% (60% once Obama gets his way) of my income to watch the government give it to drug users, illegal immigrants, wall street, AIG, Fanny may and Freddy Mac, GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc.. and other people who don’t want to work and contribute to society.

    • http://? DeeJay

      In the early years of this country there was no income tax. At some point later Big Bro instituted a voluntary income tax. I believe it was president Lincoln who started a 1% tax to fund the civil war. In spite of the the country grew. All this talk about money and those that make milions and billions is a sickness called greed. All super rich people should be suspect. What can a corporate CEO possibly spend all their millions on that they receive every year? All they do is accumulate it to what end? The working class is responsible for everything you see around you, the roads, the buildings, the food supply transportation modes, etc. We are the backbone of society and we are much too heavy a load giving so much money to the rich.

  • Patrick Lee

    I am in basic agreement with all points except where religion and sexuality are injected. My parents were both raised in very strict religious tradition. My Dad
    was Church of Christ and my Mom’s Dad was a Methodist preacher. My
    Dad especially raised us four kids to be tolerant of anyone no matter their religion or skin color and that what people do behind closed doors with respect to sexuality, was their business. I don’t think that government ought to be involved in any activity with respect to sexuality unless it is blatantly violent such as rape, pedophilia. Yes, we are primarily a Christian nation but let’s face it we are also Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, Shaman, Spiritualist, and everything under the rainbow. I am a strong believer in live and let live as long as it is non-violent. And that is a good reason for the government to refrain from promoting any “One Particular Belief”.

    When people came from Europe,Asia and elswhere to this country they looked upon the Native Indian population as heathens and so eventually Indian culture was virtually destoyed and this is a prime example of what Iam talking about when a particular religion or culture becomes “The Preferred One”. And this scenario has taken place throughout history where indigenous people have been subjugated. And since I have a Grandfather who was half Native American Indian, I take it as a personal attack, when someone tries to make me feel guilty for my belief system. So I would say in conclusion, that we as Americans, must be very cautious of anyone whether they be a political or religious figure, especially if they go round espousing their “Brand” of morality and culture…We need to stand firmly with the Constitution. Because the Constitution is the one document that binds us altogether without respect to any particular religion or culture!

    • Wiley

      “With respect to what are called denominations of religion, if every one is left to judge his own religion, there is no such thing as a religion that is wrong; but if they are to judge of each other’s religion, there is no such thing as a religion that is right; and therefore all the world is right, or all the world is wrong. But with respect to religion itself, without regard to names, and as directing itself from the universal family of mankind to the Divine object of all adoration, it is man bringing to his Maker the fruits of his heart; and though those fruits may differ from each other like the fruits of the earth, the grateful tribute of every one is accepted.”

      “All religions are in their nature kind and benign, and united with principles of morality. ….Like everything else, they had their beginning; and they proceeded by persuasion, exhortation, and example, How then is it that they lose their native mildness, and become morose and intolerant?”

      “By engendering the Church with the State, a sort of mule-animal, capable only of destroying, and not of breeding up, is produced, called The Church established by Law.” ….France and America “have abolished it, and, ….have established Universal Right of Conscience and Universal Right of Citizenship.” Thomas Paine “Rights of Man”

      Patrick Lee…..You are RIGHT ON!

  • Barry

    Can somebody tell be about Bob Livingston other than what is on this site?

  • http://? DeeJay

    I wonder about the signers of the constitution. A doctor signer tried to get something added to the constitution that would keep the medical profession from getting out of control. He didn’ succeed. There is nothing in the constitution to regulate corporations. I believe the elite rich at that time in history were very self serving and wanting to control the working population and and create more freedom for themselves. Also during the early history of this country children of the rich had their spouse chosen for them to widen the gap between the rich and poor. Nikola Tesla the genius was funded by J. P. Morgan. Tesla was building a device that would give the world free electricity. When Morgan found this out, he stopped his funding. How does that sit with all the talk about energy and relying on Arab oil? Wanna preserve your health? Check out saunas and oxygen therapy. Start with the book Flood Your Body With Oxygen.

    • Sonny

      The Constitution is not about the regulation of corporations or any other business enterprise. It is about self-government; that is, people who could govern themselves. In the dictionaries of that time, any reference to government had to do with the individual, not enitities.

      People who are expected to be self-governing are obedient to God and respect others. Then, you will get the “uptopia” you are dreaming about. As it is now, civility and mutuality is pretty much disregarded by most of the population today. Individual sovereignty has been forfeited and given to the state that has also taken away the desire to succeed with ones own efforts.

      Your analysis of the Founding Fathers is way off base and evidently the thoughts you have about the Constitution were given to you by “Hate America” teachers and professors in our educational system. Get yourself a copy of. “The Making of America, The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution” by W. Cleon Skousen. It will not be a revised version of our history as so many writers desire to do today.

  • http://? DeeJay

    I wonder about the signers of the constitution. A doctor signer tried to get something added to the constitution that would keep the medical profession from getting out of control. He didn’ succeed. There is nothing in the constitution to regulate corporations. I believe the elite rich at that time in history were very self serving and wanting to control the working population and and create more freedom for themselves. Also during the early history of this country children of the rich had their spouse chosen for them to widen the gap between the rich and poor. Nikola Tesla the genius was funded by J. P. Morgan. Tesla was building a device that would give the world free electricity. When Morgan found this out, he stopped his funding. How does that sit with all the talk about energy and relying on Arab oil? Wanna preserve your health? Check out saunas and oxygen therapy. Start with the book Flood Your Body With Oxygen. Did you notice how the media shut out Ron Paul in his bid for the presidency. The silent majority if they vote don’t take the time to research candidates. So how can we ever have an intelligent government?

  • S Blake

    Yes, Fair tax, but what is fair? We the people need to communicate with Washington on what WE want and put all Congressmen and Senators on Social Security and take off the Illegals. There are many ways to protect our rights, even if we have to go underground to do it.
    Also people need to rely less on formal medical and pharmasuduical(mispelled) means and more on God and natural means. The more we pull away from what the Government controls the better we will fare. There is a natural way to handle almost any problem. (nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs)

    • Sonny

      I agree with you that people should rely more on their own judgment for their health concerns. Personally, I like doctors with a D.O. degree that have additional training with alternative medicines. With the House of Representatives selecting Henry Waxman to be head of the Health Committee, we may see the last of the vitamin and supplements industries in America. We may be importing them in disguised packages in order to get them through customs instead. Waxman doesn’t want Americans to have good health. It costs too much in Medicare as far as he is concerned. He likes euthanasisa of the old folks instead. He’s a real cheery guy.

  • Sean

    If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

  • Allan

    Yes Patrick you are correct about the religious tolerance of many religions in the U.S. and thank goodness for each one. The problem has been that the ACLU has chosen to attack Christianity since our nation was founded on this religion. The day they were successful in having prayer removed from our schools was the beginning of the decline of character, sense of soul purpose, and social declines. 7 years after the removal of prayer school shootings and on campus violence became prevalent. We now have several generations who have grown up without a religious basis of any sort. We now need the right to display religious artifacts of various religions as we did in the past. However since Christianity worked so well in years gone by; why on earth cast aside what made us once;;;;; a Great, Great, Nation?

  • Doug

    We don’t have time to worry about taxes, and NOT even the Constitution, without GOD, none of it means anything! We can’t WASTE time worrying about anything, NOTHING, the thing that we should be worried and concerned with and have as our number one priority is PLEASING GOD! If GOD is not happy and pleased with us, NOTHING will be good for us, nothing! We have corrupt leaders, GODLESS, secular humanist, Satan following, representatives who will lead you right down to captivity first, and then HELL!!!!! We as a country need to invite GOD back into our country, that should be the ONLY concern that you have!!!!!!!!!!! We need to REPENT, NOTHING else matters until we do! If and when we do, we have nothing to worry about because all of GODS promises are true! HE will meet all my needs through HIS riches and glory in CHRIST JESUS! I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who strengthens me. Greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the world. The number one promise is, if you believe in HIM, you will have ETERNAL life!

  • Denis

    Without a doubt, the fifty points in this article are occuring in America and Britain today and to some extent in all Democratic societies. It is a short leap from becoming a free society to being a controlled society. Control the media you can control societies thinking by delivering “THE BIG LIE’ (i.e. Lets attack Iraq because they have weapons of mass destruction where the real issue is OIL) Just keep repeating the big lie over and over again. Soon almost everyone will believe it, Dissent gets the following Point of View. Pick your friends and control who are your friends., (i.e, You are for us or against us, cited after 9-11) Attack your opponents by accusing them of being unpatriotic if they differ from the ruling elites POV. Soon dissenters have no voice as they are drowned out by the controlled media opposition or the dissenters have no jobs. ( They are fired or ostrasized)

    Way to go Bob Livingston. 50 inmportant points.

  • Terry M

    I am all for the equal tax.I am tired of the working class of people carrying all the load. Thing is the government is working very hard at going broke and that means whatever money, CD’s ,IRA’s,any retirement you have will soon be gone.The government is pushing hard at taking all you have and giving you a brand new money thats controlled by the New World Order under the direction of the UN Council,better know as the EU and UN Fema Council,,I like the idea Fred Yde has,start a new “conspiracy”,,only thing is, that would really make the government happy because then they could put the Martial Law into effect.If you don’t know about the Martial Law you better find out because Home Land Security and FEMA is going to put you in one of the 800 concentration camps located right here on “American Soil” Our Government only has one thing in mind and they are not telling everyone what that is,,Its the New World Order and all who resist will be put in the camps under the guise as you are out to over throw the government,,Conspiracy,,I can’t say all I want to here but the information is out there look for it,,our government is not who or what you think they are,,,They are out for a one world system that will rule your every move.You will be left with nothing and you WILL BE THEIR SLAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Jack


    Being somewhat of a student of history, I find your conspiracy column refreshing
    and hitting the bullseye.

    I continually tell my employees that all they need to do is to read about the downfall
    of Germany in the 20′s and 30′s…..The United States is following that format

    What is a shame that when good people do nothing……..fill in the blanks.

    Keep preaching.

    You have my support and prayers.

    as always
    your servant
    Dr Jack

  • Fred Yde

    I do not think for one minute that God is not important in my life, or in the future of this country and the world. In God We Trust should not be a casual thing to say nor should it be removed from our currency and public buildings. The Ten Commandments should be posted in every hall of justice.The foundation of this nation is in our freedom to believe in God as we see fit to worship Him, not as we see fit to exclude him from our lives. Those who pontificate upon the separation of church and state are welcome to such indulgence. It’s their right. That does not give them a pass however, to demand that God be stricken from the record. That has nothing to do with church and state, and there is where so many are confused.
    Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s. Render unto God that which is God’s.” and so it goes…Give as you are compelled to give, but do not take anything away from those of us who want to keep Caesar in check, or promote the notion that we are neglecting God by doing so. I believe God has given me the energy to fight Caesar, not for his name sake, but for my brothers and sisters who are shackled by him. So I fight for the FairTax, because Caesar is disempowered by it, and the people will be freer for it. And I pray to God for the strength to keep fighting.
    I fight for the Pickens Plan because in time it will free us from the murderous bastards who would decapitate your children in front of you as “infidels”. There is no one political figure, national or otherwise who has yet to put together a plan like this, yet there are those in the oil business and on Caesar’s Capitol Hill who seek to discredit that plan which imperils their false prosperity and the murderous bastards alike. Read the Pickens Plan. It will turn us around, really create new jobs, promote environmentally friendly technology and energy use, and it will please God that we did so. If we have the courage to enact such a plan, if we have the courage to enact the FairTax, we will see a resurgence in our true propserity, I believe we will see a resurgence in our core beliefs and our common morality, and we will raise a generation of hopeful children who have a chance to perpetuate those things most of us in this country truly hold dear. The 50 points fosters paranoia to me. Yes some of them actually may have some substance, but as a conspiracy? … that is paranoid. There is no multi generational evil braintrust passing on the reins of oppression in a slate of evil doings to the next. That is merely us human beings, being human beings, and waging the battle of good vs evil. I believe good will win. Should we know the face of evil? you bet, but some of it is in the mirror.

  • Clayton Jones

    FAIR TAX? The federal government doesnot have the constitutional authority to levy any tax other than that which described in the early constitution. The 1913 income tax amendment did not have a quorum to enact an income tax! Check it out!

    My New Mexico license plate: NOMOTAX

    I’ve had it with these crooks. The people are waking up and the Oligarchy is getting nervous. They will attack the people to subdue them and nothing is below them. Store food, water, medical supplies, garlic, ammunition, guns, and build a bunker.
    “And that’s all I have to say about that.” Forest Gump. Good day.

  • Ken

    Some of these points I cannot agree with. First of all, Christianity has a terrible record historically. It is been used for some of the most horrendous crimes in history. It prolonged the Middle Ages by denying ordinary people basic rights, enslaving them for nothing more than creating more wealh and power for the church. Most people lived in shacks with dirt floors and died in their thirties. Nowadays it is used as a justification for a government that tramples on people’s rights and expects them to fight and die in wars for which there is no reason. I see the current wars in the Middle East as wars between Christianity and Islam, which have been going on since the early 8th century. Christianity is also used by governments to rationalize their incursion on personal liberties. Bush’s religion is a façade. There is nothing wrong with religion as a personal guide to living, but I oppose its abuse by governments.
    Populations are easily controlled when they are concentrated, so if you want to escape governmental control, leave the city. But 5 or 10 acres out away from the city, and you can plant your own garden and avoid the GM plant varieties, the high fructose corn syrup and all of the food additives, chemical fertilizers and other items you want to avoid. Plant a garden with all of the heritage varieties and a dozen or so hens to provide eggs, etc. You can go off of the grid and live on a modest income. If you like the cultural things, as I do, go into the city and experience all of the museums and the symphony whenever you want. You don”t have to live within ten miles of these institutions to enjoy them, and it makes them even more enjoyable because when you go home, you disappear into the background. This is what people did during the early Middle Ages. The population of Rome declined from about 2 million to about 25,000 within a century or so. People in the country are more neighborly than they are in the city, and you can trade favors and do so many things you cannot do in the city.

    • Doug

      Ken, that was religion, NOT true Christianity! Men have done things in name of religion, and even Christianity, but GOD was no where near those acts! Until you read the entire BIBLE, as a believer you will not know that. When you read the BIBLE as a believer you will KNOW GOD, and how HE does things, and what HIS precepts are. When JESUS came and died for ALL of our sins, everything changed. Man and his thoughts and ways can do nothing, mean nothing, unless he is being lead by GOD, and HIS WORD!

      What I am talking about is NOT religion, its RELATIONSHIP with the one and only true GOD!

      The separation of chuch and state according to our founding fathers was so that no religion could dictate the way we lived. They in know way intended for GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON, and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT not to be woven into every stitch of our society, in fact if you read the papers they wrote they stated that we would not survive if we did it any way except GODS way and included GOD in every institute of our country.

      • Doug

        NO =know

    • Ken

      It’s great that you have a philosophy that you feel is just right for you. But remember that religion is a personal matter. There are many religions in the world and religion or philosophy is not a “one size fits all” proposition. I have a good friend who is a Sikh, and when we get together we have so mmuch to talk about, because, even though I do not share his religion, I never feel that we are separated by religion, but united because there are so many other interests we have in common.
      I realize that a lot of people woulld not feel comfortable in this situation, but that is their loss. You do not want to live in any country where one religion predominates. If you don’t believe me, look at the Middle East or look at the history of Christianity during the Middle Ages, when it was a capital crime to belong to not just another religion, but any sect of Christianity other than the
      orthodox one. It is important in life to appreciate the viewpoints of those who hold different opinions from your own. This is one way that we learn. My point is not to vilify Christianity, because I see the teachings to be very important, but no one philosophy includes all of the important teachings of all time. There are always things we can learn from others.
      Religion is a part of culture and as such belongs to a particular group of people at a particular time, and I find other cultures too interesting to want to impose mine on them. I am not an ethnologist, but I can see why someone would become interested enough in another culture to want to study it. I feel fortunate that I live in an area with people from many different cultures. I feel good when I see my Laotian neighbors across the street being visited by a van occupied by four Buddhist monks. This reminds me that the U.S. is a democracy where everyone can share our democratic experience. I feel that this experience has made me a better person.

      • Doug


        You are missing the whole point! No other religion had a man confess that HE was GOD! No other religion had a man walk sinless and die on the cross for all of us. Its NOT religion, true Christianity is relationship, NOT religion! Man, in concert with SATAN guiding and driving him are responsible for all of the atrosities than have taken place throughout history. GOD is a righteous GOD and religion is NOT righteous………… The other religions you mention mean nothing! They have no power to save you from anything in this world, and especially don’t promise you ETERNAL life……..SATAN has blinded you from seeing the TRUTH!

        • Ken

          Hasn’t anyone taught you that it isn’t nice to attach negative labels to others, especially when you demonstrate a lack of understanding of the situation. I point out larger developments in our society and you personalize them.
          If you want a personal note here, my mother tried to make a Southern Baptist out of me, but when it came to credibility, I concluded that my teachers in school were far more credible than those in church. I have always preferred the arts, science and history to religion. I found a much better spirituality than religion. I found the preachers trying to sell my on anti-intellectual garbage – pseudo-science and distortions of history. I never could buy that,, even as a child. The arrogance of that point of view always bothered me, because I have never believed than anyone had all of the answers. Anyhow, it is much more fun to find out answers for myself rather than having them spoon-fed to me. At 67 I still find there is so much to learn, and that keeps life interesting for me. If you find it more interesting the other way, that is your choice, and I support it. That is what democracy is all about. That is why I enjoy having so many different kinds of people around me with so many different opinions and beliefs. I do enjoy my friends, because they are not clones of me, but individuals with their own outlook on life. As I said previously, if everybody thought the same, this country for me would be unlivable. Suppose some group got into power and they said to you “Doug, you must believe the same load of crap that we believe and do the kinds of things we do or we will cut off your head.” What would you do? That’s exactly what has happened several times in the past,, and it will probably happen again in the future. Why? Because there there are so many people in this world who feel insecure when they are faced with people who are different from them. By the way, if you want to see societies which have made freedom of religion illegal, you need look no farther than Cromwell’s England and the early decades of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
          By the way, opposition to science is asinine. Our whole standard of living depends upon science and technology. If you do not believe me, read a history of China and find out what happened there when one of the Mongol emperors outlawed scientific enquiry. There all kind of ways that those who oppose science could rationalize schience. For example, these people could say that they were gaining a greater understanding of God’s creation, and that denying that would be a sin. After all, if God created the Universe, didn’t he also create all of the scientific principles to give us something to do, when we weren’t praying or trying to overpopulate the earth?
          And what about history? It’s there in the hope that we might use it to avoid making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. That could also be God’s plan. So what’s the problem? Why do people feel the need to rewrite it?? And yet, they often do. My assessment is that they use it to hide their evil deeds.
          These criticisms isn’t directed at you, but I am merely thinking about the assaults on rationality committed by the preachers I heard and occasionally still hear echoes of. After all, I really do not know enough about you to have any kind of intelligent opinion. I am merely raising questions I have considered over the years. Just because I do not profess to be religious, that doesn’t mean that I do not think about it in constructive ways.

  • Doug

    A REVOLUTION will not work! That is what they want you to do so that they have an excuse to institue MARTIAL LAW!!!! Our problems are not with flesh and blood, but powers and principalities and spirits of darkness in high places. That is why a REVOLUTION, or a revolt of any kind won’t work! Only GOD can stop the evil that has taken over every strata of government in the world. These evil rulers, presidents, polititians are NOT following GODS laws, or doing things HIS way! It will NEVER change, until WE pray and repent and follow GODS ways, then we will only allow people who are doing it GODS way to govern us, and GOD will bless us. Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and then ALL these things will be added to you.

    • Ken

      Has anyone ever told you that it isn’t nice to apply uncomplementary labels to others, particularly those you do not understand. You do seem more than a bit prejudiced. There are many many people in this world who possess views quite different from yours. Would you be so arrogant as to say that all these other people are completely wrong – agents of Satan. If they are, ole Satan must be a lot stronger on this earth than your God. That seems like food for thought, don’t you think?

      • Doug


        I am only speaking the TRUTH, and that TRUTH will set men free from whatever SIN that ensnares them. I don’t have to understand them, you see it doesn’t matter what happened to them, NO one has any excuse, once they have heard the WORD of GOD, and been told about JESUS as their LORD and Savior. HE came and died on a cross to deliver EVERYONE from whatever SIN they are in bondage to, no matter who it is, and no matter what they have done. HE alone has the ability to renew your mind, and to change your heart.

        Call me what you want, I am only explaining the WORD of GOD. If the WORD of GOD says they’re wrong, thats good enough for me. They have those views because SATAN has made them to be blind and deaf spiritually. Satan walks around as a lion, to and fro, seeking whom he may devour. Satan kills, lies, and steals. He kills everything from a human life, to every relationship that humans are involved with. Satan is as an angel of light, he lies to people all the time promising them anything they might want to hear. He steals your soul if you don’t know the WORD of GOD to stop him. The WORD states resist Satan and he must flee.

        I hop that you aren’t that ignorant to think that Satan is stronger than GOD! GOD uses Satan as a tool, so on that premise alone who’s smarter the man holding the tool, or the tool in his hand? How can the created be smarter or greater than the Creator? It doesn’t happen. GOD and HIS angels can’t do anything without prayer, that is why HE gives us a choice to follow HIM or not. That is why prayer is so powerful coming from a believer and follower of CHRIST!

        I would suggest that you first get on your knees and ask JESUS to forgive you, and to surrender everything you have to HIM. If you are converted, then you will have a hunger to know more of HIM, and about HIM. That is why you read the WORD of GOD, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD! True Christianity is about relationship, the relationship that you have with JESUS, and through JESUS the FATHER GOD. It is written no one comes to the FATHER, except through JESUS! The WORD of GOD is the handbook of humanity, one choses to either believe it and follow it, or proceed at ones own peril.

        If you try to read and understand the BIBLE, the TRUE WORD of GOD, without first being reborn spiritually, you will NOT be able to understand it and it will be confounding and confusing for you. Men and women of GOD filled with the SPIRIT of GOD wrote the HOLY WORD of Bible, that is the first part of the code, Men and women reading the Bible who are believers have that same Spirit of GOD inside them, there is the second part of the code. When you read the WORD of GOD as an unbeliever it is the letter of the law which brings DEATH. However, when you read the WORD of GOD as a believer it is the SPIRIT of the law which brings LIFE, and and LIFE ever lasting.

        I will not respond to any more of your comments or posts regarding this topic. If you would care to read all of the posts and comments that I have written you will see that I have left no stone unturned. If you have a legitimate question or questions about being a Christian I will be more than happy to assist you.

        I hope and pray that the FATHER will call you because you are truly seeking HIM with all of your HEART, MIND and SOUL to JESUS HIS SON and to the TRUTH that will set you free.

        Satan has dominion of this world, that is until JESUS CHRIST returns. Satan can only do what GOD allows him to do.

  • Mung

    Dear Bob,
    Thanks for the revealing article of conspiracy. It’s very interesting to see how the readers responses. I know that we are being used cleverly. And I also
    know that God is in control even when things look so dark. I speak out of experience, not out of my mere thinking. The fact that I am here to day in US is because it was a prayer to the God when I was a 9 years old kid. He did the rest to get me here. Prayer is urgently needed during this dark time.

  • John M.

    About your article, I have heard it all before. However, I agree with you.

    Years ago, an Australian, Dr Fred Schwartz, published a book after WW2. The title was “You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists)”. Dr Schwartz told how; if they are out of favor at the time, go underground to continue their efforts to control the world. They get into education and political office in their efforts to subvert liberties, just as you claim in your article. This book should be required reading in the schools. However, those educators are part of the problem, being educated by those “ists” leaning educators of the past. You can find the text of the book at

    I think the Muslim fanatics are also going this route. In Pakistan, people in droves are sending their kids to fundamentalist schools where they learn hatred of America in every lesson. I believe that parents are being threatened by these people (who care nothing for human life) to enroll the kids. The reason is Pakistan has an elected government, and has atomic weapons. The goal is to eventually get enough of these radical fundamentalists into the electorate, and into government, and then have access to those weapons.

    What we are doing in Iraq, is trying to establish a stable government. What will happen when we pull out, is all hell will break loose. The existing week government will be toppled, and the fanatics will take over. Then they will have access to the oil resources. (Notice, in the news, the oil industry is not a frequent target nowadays.) This tremendous wealth will fund worldwide terrorism, the likes we have never seen. Combine that with control of atomic bombs, and there will be no way out, except for a nuclear holocaust.

    Pray for your sons and daughters.

  • Ron

    Dear Bob,

    I believe entitlements must be removed and we must start with those held by congress. They should have the same retirement benefits as the people, the same health care as the people, the same job holding requirements as those of the people, perform or be removed. Our Senate and Congress is literally filled with thieves, hoodlums, con artists, and do nothings who hold others to higher standards than which they hold upon themselves.

    Unfortunately our founding fathers did not foresee the time when the people would not have the gumption to hold their elected officials accountable. Instead we the people pretend vote, we do not study the individuals running for office, determine their qualifications, their leadership qualities, their history of accomplishments, doers not laggards full of deceitful promises.

    Statics prove my statements because those statics show a 95% incumbent retention rate. There are very few politicians today that merit that rating. In fact it is working right now, The latest poll show 60% of the people say Caroline Kennedy deserves Hilliary’s Senate seat!!!! Based on what qualifications I am forced to ask because I know of none. The only qualification it would appear is to have a last name like Kennedy. My God what a bunch of flunkies we “The American People” have become. I say get out the muskets stock up on powder and lead and fight to the death! Hell with what is bound to come is not worth living for anyway.

    • Barry

      I think part of the problem are the newer immigrant citizens that vote. What was the political back ground of the country they come from: Vietnam, China, Philippines, France, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Countries in South America, Africa, Middle east, yada, yada.

      What do they expect of the US? What had they learned in the US prior to becoming citizens? Who teaches them about America and its dream? Does a Conservative person allow only liberals to teach the American way? Are we part of the new citizen indoctrination teachings?

      How do we expect a person from a Socialist nation to understand what we believe without becoming involved in the process?

      • Mung

        America is composed of humans. They have needs and wants just like the rest of the human race. Human instinct and comon senses teach me to respect the land and its laws. Open your horizon of perception.

        • Ron


          You are correct we all no matter where we are from have wants and needs and the only way we can make it work for everyone is to “WORK TOGETHER” to build a stronger more free America. In order to do that we must maintain the vigil and keep a sharp eye on those we elect to carry those ideals out to fruition. If they don’t we must get rid of them. That my friend is what voting is about. It is not about voting based on Party or because you like an individual or because of their race or color but because they do their best to serve the country and make a better America for all of her LEGAL citizens. I am total opposed to illegal immigration and do not believe in Amnesty for illegal aliens. If people migrate to America and do it legally then I welcome them all and I would hope they came because they like America and will assimilate into our society and help to build a stronger and better America, an America that can rekindle the lighthouse of freedom for everyone in the world. Freedom from tyranny even from within our ranks. The bell of freedom should sound the same to everyone, everywhere, from all walks of life.

          I know your post was to Barry but I felt that I should comment because I may have solicited Barry’s reply and I agree with Barry to some extent in that today there are many more illegal aliens in our country and they want to be treated like citizens and the only way that can happen is for them to go home and apply like everyone else that wants to live here and BECOME AN AMERICAN.

          Our population like all countries must be controlled because all resources are finite and everyone knows an overloaded boat SINKS. Our population was under control until about the 1960′s when people got the attitude that it was okay to let people just come here and settle in no matter if they came here legally or not. That is just not the case iIlegal aliens while they may be great people are exploited by the Robber Barons as well as by other groups and also consume resources put great pressure on our infrastructure and because of the exploitation drive citizens wages down because they are willing to work for less money than legal citizens. It is my firm belief that there is no work an American will not do as long as a livable wage with safe working condition are provided. After all who did those jobs before there were illegal aliens here? Yup that’s right Americans!

          Thank you for your interest in my post and I do respect your opinions and believe what you posted is right.

          Thank You, Ron

      • Ron


        While I am a strong believer in reducing all current immigration quotas and either eliminating or severely reducing all of the 23, (I believe is the current count), foreign worker visas programs. I do not believe the newly migrated legal citizen of the USA are the primary problem. The problem is with those that were born here and have been spoiled by luxury. I know not everyone thinks they live in luxury but in comparison to some places immigrants come from we live in luxury. One thing about today’s immigrants is that they feel for the most part that they do not have to assimilate, learn the language, ENGLISH, and become Americans. They do not have to surrender their heritage we all retain that but they have to become part of American society and give up their old non-American tendencies just as our ancestors did.

        New immigrants are taught and in many cases are more knowledgeable about our government than natural born citizens because you’re right the liberally controlled school system teach what little is being taught to our youth.

        The real problem in my opinion is the refusal of our citizenry to partake in the process of holding those elected to office in service to the people accountable for their decisions and their refusal to listen to their constituency over the demands of lobbyists, Corporate Americas Robber Barons and Special Interet groups. They make decisions based on what’s in it for them not what’s best for the people or the country.

        I am not a liberal nor am I a total conservative, I believe in my right to vote the way I see fit and that is always for the best candidate, the one best qualified with the best track record for getting things done for the benefit of the contry and the people, not one that is and shall always remain in the pocket of the Robber Barons, or Special Interests. I want a person that thinks for themselves and makes decision based on what the majority of his/her constituency wants and needs and to hell with the Corporate monsters that would sell their Mothers for a buck.

        I respect your opinion and appreciate your reply. Just remember every living person in America today even the so called native Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

    • Gwen

      Hurray! for you Ron, i can identify with what you are saying. Americans are not informed and do not wish to be informed. Just don’t rock their boats.

      • Ron


        Thank you for your interest in my post, I have a confession to make until I retired I took very little active interest in what was going one within our government. My interest started in the mid 1960′s when I joined the Navy in an attempt to avoid the Vietnam war. This was the start of my dissatisfaction with my government I was 20 in 1965. I saw no real reason for our country to be in Vietnam as they were not a threat to us and as far as I know never asked us for help. I was not interested in losing my life or becoming one of countless thousands maimed for in my Opinion the whims of my government and to enrich the Corporate Robber Barons.

        My disgust only deepened when the facts regarding the activities of Richard Nixon started to come to light. It was at this time that I began to really mistrust the people who were put in charge. I still did not take part in actively protesting and in fact only voted intermittently at best struggling with my mistrust and searching for the right person to vote for. This was all prior to the Internet so research into the qualities of a candidate was gleaned mostly from the press, we all know how reliable and honest they are, I say snorting in disgust. I was for the most of my life an Electronics technician, trade learned in the Navy. I struggled through the ’70′s & ’80′s and finally started to make a place for myself in the ’90′s after Nixon I trusted no one and dropped out of politics until 1999, I voted my Party line for yup that’s right GW Bush, after a very short while I realized what a huge mistake I made and in 2004 wanted badly to make a correction but I didn’t think very highly of Kerry. Not yet having established my voting style I voted for him anyway because I hated GW and after all there was nobody else. Lost out again. In 2008 there were a lot of choices but little else in my opinion I hated Hillary and McCain having lived in AZ during the Keating 5 scandal and mistrusted him from then and from when he insisted while working with Ted Kennedy, (yuk), trying to force Amnesty down our throats when every American was screaming no way in hell, well he just turned me off.

        I didn’t and still don;t think Obama is going to do right by us and he didn’t get my vote either, for a while I thought I may have made a mistake and that Obama might just be the answer but as of late he is starting to look more and more just the same old crap no change, business as usual. I voted for Ron Paul, not because he had all the answers, who does? I voted for him because he is honest and stands by the Constitution not just when it’s convenient to do so like when your using it to support some scheme to get around doing the right thing or trying to turn it against the nation by making an outlandish interpretations based on Washington speak, or as I call it gibberish, but all the time, taking it as written. His record shows he stands his ground based on Constitutional guide lines, my kinda guy! Yeah I had to write his name in because he was no longer on the ballot and yeah I knew he didn’t stand a chance in hell but dammit I am determined to vote for the right person, one with integrity, honesty, strong, who believes in the people and America not in stuffing his/her pockets and ass kissing the Robber Barons.

        Man I’m on a rant here, sorry but I am making up for lost time, Gwen I appreciate your interest in my post and thank you for the flowers, I deserve no praise nor hurrah’s I am just trying to finally be a good citizen and take my responsibilities seriously. I refuse to let these jerks we elect walk all over us and think that they are for some reason above the law. I hope I didn’t bore you too much.


        • Gwen

          Thank you, Ron, for your kind reply.

          You must be a few years younger than i am as it was in the ’60′s that i began to research and try to become informed regarding politics. I started out by becoming an activist in the Barry Goldwater campaign. Of course the media contributed to his losing the election by calling him a “war-monger” which was stupid because the Vietnam War was going on and Barry Goldwater had nothing to do with that.

          Then i voted for Nixon and was alarmed at the amount of the tax-payer’s money that went into Watergate. I figured Nixon had not been involved in anything that the other party hadn’t already been involved in and just didn’t get caught. Gerald Ford was OK i guess and then we had Jimmy Carter. What a fiasco. Then George Bush the first which was a dissolution to me as he kept talking about a “one world government.” I didn’t vote for Clinton though. Then our present president that i did vote for and has taken a terrible amount of brow-beating about the Iraq War. Of course the media does not tell us what has been accomplished nor how many of the Democrats voted for the war and now will not admit it. I have not been happy with a lot of things that have and are taking place in his presidency as i am a conservative. In the Nov. election i voted against rather than for. I did not vote for Obama.

          We who are conservatives really need to stay interested and stay in touch with our Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen. And, i encourage all to stay informed.

          I live within walking distance of Ron Paul’s home in Texas and i can tell you that i know we should have had him as our president. He tells it like it is and he does not say anything that he does not mean. I cannot say enough positive things about him. I only wish he had more help in the Senate.

          Thank you again for your response.


  • Big Jim

    A free man needs no goverment.

    • Barry

      A free man needs a limited government to help protect that freedom.

      If everyone if free to do as they wish then what kind of system would that be without any check or limits?

  • Rayma

    What is past is past and there isn’t anything we can do about it, they have kept us so busy making a living and raising children,we thought the men we voted into various offices were honest men, but once they got there they to become “traitors” to the office we elected them to and to the American people. All this has been planned years and years ago. I believe Obama will be our ‘”last ” president that is if you are a Christian. It was prophetized that he would win because God is mad at America, and that is what we deserve. I would suggest that you get everything in order and a little food stored up for a period of time and sit down and read the Bible, HE is in controll now. Personally I am excitted about what Jesus has in store for us.

  • Doug

    What I have determined from much investigation and observation is that you will only find a remnant, basically 10% of the people who are either educated outside of the propaganda box, or are willing to stand up for any cause that might present itself to them. I am also talking about the Church! I have been crying out for the last 5 years to everyone I know to prepare, I read legions of articles everyday and send them on to people on my email list. Everyone I meet, I tell them that the world as we know it is about to do a 180 turn and to prepare for it. Nobody wants to be around me because they call me Mr. Gloom and Doom, I tell them not to worry, because they have a Savior, that their only hope is in HIM, that HE will protect them. I have bad news about whats going on, but GOOD news if they know the LORD JESUS CHRIST as their SAVIOR. I’m an alien visitor to this planet, this is not my home, my home is with the LORD in Heaven, I hope you are of that mindset too. Our parents lived the lifestyle of which we were modeling our lives after, which consisted of material possessions, things that owned us, not we that owned them.
    What is coming is going to rip every thing that you own from your steel handed grip, everything that you worked hard for, and sweated and bled for is going to be taken from you. It will either be from natural disaster as the Earth is rebelling against the SINS of man, or the men full of SIN, thieves, and murderers taking it from you, or the Anti-christ system which wants to ENSLAVE you, where they will have theirs and yours. Everything that you have given homage to, everything that has taken the place of time away from serving the LORD, also know as an IDOL, will be torn down. if you want to take a look into the future, read the BIBLE, the old testament will give you an idea of how GOD THE FATHER was with HIS people, the relationship that HE had with them and how HE did things which blew men’s minds. HIS thoughts and ways are higher than our ways. That was the LETTER of the LAW, which brings DEATH. JESUS came with the SPIRIT of the LAW which brings LIFE! Whether you believe in GOD or the BIBLE is irrelevant, GODS WORD is TRUE!
    Many generations have wondered if their’s was the one where JESUS would return in all of HIS GLORY, we are the generation that will see that! But before that the TRIBULATION must come, and come it will, right now we
    are experiencing birth pangs, wars and rumors of wars and all kinds of natural disasters, just warnings of what is coming. next will be the time of peace, but it will be a FALSE peace, and but for a short time, and then all HELL will break lose.
    The ANTI-christ system is just about in place, where you will neither be able to buy or sell without the MARK of the BEAST, 666. You won’t be able to drive, you won’t be able to work, you won’t be able to travel, you won’t be able to do anything and you will probably be hunted down. BUT whatever you do DON’T take that MARK, because if you do, YOU WILL DIE and go to HELL for ETERNITY. This is real folks, time is limited, seek GOD, ask JESUS into your heart, get ETERNAL life, find that secret hiding place in GOD! I hope and pray that you do the right and wise thing. If you don’t know GOD, or believe in HIM, just go into a quiet room, get down on your knees and say GOD if you’re really REAL, I want to know you, please show yourself to me, come into my LIFE and be my LORD, forgive me for my sins. That all it takes……… and then let HIM lead you. May the LORD of ALL bless you and keep you until that day.
    One last thing. I mentioned serving the LORD, so I thought I would explain. See we are born in SIN, and until you turn age 14 you are safe, but after age 14 if you died, you would go to HELL because you are accountable. When JESUS died on the cross, HE had not committed any SINS, so HE gave HIS life for ALL of us. Even if you were the only one on the planet JESUS would had to have died on the cross for you or you were on a bullet train to HELL, when you died. When JESUS died on the cross HE took back the keys from Satan and unlocked the chains of BONDAGE that had you wrapped up in continual, habitual SIN. HE also took the keys to DEATH and HELL. Now when you die if you know JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR you go to HEAVEN.
    That said, your life is NOT your own, HE bought your life, the life that was going to HELL, with HIS life, HE paid the price for your SINS. Therefore even though you are living, its not really your life, but HIS. That is why your body is no longer yours, it belongs to HIM, because HE paid the ultimate price. This is why ABORTION is such
    an abomination to HIM, because its NOT your body, its NOT your child to kill, that woman’s body is HIS, and the baby inside is HIS too. A man or a woman have NO rights to their own body, JESUS does.
    A person living a HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle is choosing to lead that lifestyle, its a choice. Even if they were born as a homosexual, its their choice to continue in SIN, as JESUS died to give them the power over that SIN, so they have no excuse to continue in their homosexual lifestyle choice.
    JESUS died to take away the power of ALL SIN! So no one has any excuse to continually, habitually SIN. HE is there to help you escape whatever SIN that has the power over you.
    Your life was bought with a PRICE! JESUS and HIS FATHER aren’t asking that you pay them back, you CAN’T, nothing you can do can pay them back for saving your life from HELL. All THEY ask is that you LOVE HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, with all of your, HEART, MIND and SOUL.
    JESUS was NOT born at christmas, christmas is a pagan holiday, including the tree, because that is an idol. GOD is calling COME out of Babylon, Babylon is the worlds systems, or the way that the world does things. Things that are against GOD and HIS ways. In this world there are physical laws, and if you break those laws there are consequences, and a lot of those can be bad.
    There are also SPIRITUAL LAWS, which are even more important, and when you break those they can have ETERNAL consequences. I would suggest that you read the BIBLE if you are not already doing so and find out about the GOD who created you and everything around you. Find out how easy it is to LOVE and follow JESUS CHRIST and make HIM your LORD and SAVIOR.
    Please HEED the warnings that have been coming from every direction lately, as time is short.
    We have been invaded by a country, Mexico, and they started the collapse of every infrastructure that was the what appeared to be a solid foundation. Every institute in our country has had their bulwarks shaken and their walls are coming down. Everything that we have put our trust in is melting like chocolate ice cream on a sunny day. Banks, the auto makers, the stock market, department stores that have been here for decades, and this is just the beginning. I won’t even talk about terror events, or the natural disasters.
    How can this be, we have the brightest, smartest, best educated people in the world, how could they let this happen? It is happening because GOD is not happy with the united states of amerika. Our SINS have reached to HEAVEN and GOD has to judge us or apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. We were a country set apart for GOD, just as ISRAEL was, but we chose NOT to follow GOD and HIS ways, we have rebelled and kicked against HIM. Instead of our leaders following GODS ways, they instead did things their way, they chose to follow secular humanism, so now as it is written, ye reap, what ye sow. GOD has allowed men following men’s ways to become our leaders, the decision makers. By following what they thought were mans ways, they were actually listening to SATAN, because he wanted us to spiral right down to HELL, as we doing. If you aren’t following GOD, you are being led by SATAN, even if you don’t believe in SATAN.
    The time to choose of whom you will follow is HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clifford Decker


  • Ken

    One idea I had about the current economic turmoil is that instead of giving great gobs of money to the crooks who created the problem, the government should give every adult American a tax-free million dollars. The total cost would be about $200 billion, and it would take care of all the inequities that have taken place during the past couple of years. How many people have figured out that the $700 billion being bandied about is $3.5 million for every adult. This is so inflationary that I shudder to think what the economy is going to look like in five or ten years when all of this funny money hits the economy. So far the government has been successful in locking up so much of the inflationary money introduced in 1989-90 and 2001-02 in foreign central banks, but I can’t imagine that those governments aren’t disturbed by the deeds of our banking crooks, and I think they will be a lot less anxious to take on more of our debt. And I believe that the current bailouts are merely delay tactics.
    Giving each American that million would be a more efficient and faster way of reviving the economy. After that I think we should reinstitute the gold standard. This tctic has worked in the past and will no doubt work this time. There is definite historical evidence for this.

  • Clifford Decker

    error two

  • Clifford Decker

    No long message or comment that is posted to you can get through to your site. You are being monitored.

  • Maureen

    You morons are sending this to an offended Lesbian. Yes, a “Sodomite. I applaud smaller government but not a government or a movement like yours who feels it can dictate how I live and who I love. Screw you.

    • Patrick Lee

      Maureen; It is amazing to me that most people on this site talk big about the Constitiution but when it comes down to it they revert to shoving their version of Christianity right down our throats. None of them in my view are believers in the Constitution, otherwise they would not be so fearful of people with other sexual orientation. But you must understand that is the very same attitude which all but erased Native American Indian culture over the decades and to a large extent led us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all it was a so-called “Born Again Christian” that lied to this nation prior to invasion of Iraq. Don’t think for a minute that I am a follower of any mainstream political or religious instutition. I did not vote for McCain or Obama because they are simply part of the left/right paradigm. There were some good Presidential candidates out there like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader…but for various reasons, mostly mainstream media, they got very little attention. Somehow many Christians believe that since the founding fathers were mostly Christians, that the nation must somehow follow suit. But I believe they had a greater vision than that. My Dad warned me and my siblings to be wary of “Narrow Minded” people and I have done my best to follow his example.(see my comments at 27.) I am a Free-Spirit and will continue to be
      one no matter how many narrow minded people I encounter. I support your right to love whomever you want. I did not serve my country to appease a bunch of “Bible Thumpers”..You can rest assured that there are people out here that are one-hundred percent behind you. I served with many professionals in the military who were Gay and Lesbian and I found them to be very down to earth—good people! So Maureen, here’s to you and me and if the bible thumpers should disagree, to hell with them and Up with you and me!!

      • JanH

        Patrick and Maureen:
        I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I totally understand that He did not come to this earth to judge you but to save you. Therefore, I do not judge you either. Jesus was God in the Flesh. His ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts and HIs ways are higher than our ways. That takes a spiritual revelation to know what Jesus meant when He said that.
        I believe that we are 3 dimensional beings….once saved we go into a litle higher dimension, the 4th dimension. God is probably 100 or more dimensions, but we then through no work of our own begin to see and understand the way of man better, and they way of God better. It raises up your level of consicousness to a higher level of discernment of good and evil. Hindu’s even purify their hearts so that they can reach nivana…..ask a Guru if he thinks he can meditate with known sin in his life. It’s true of many religions. Walking with God’s Spirit is the best thing you’ll ever know in your human body….now’s your chance while your alive….when you die you will remain in whatever state of mind,body and spirit you die in…….and if that is how you want to live for an eternity then live it…but don’t hate a christian for trying to be a little better than the average, or trying to tell you how you can experience the things of the Spirit too. We in America are probably the only nation where there are so many religions and freedom from any religion, except maybe Europe….I will never know what it is like to live in a country where everyone is the same race and religion, like in South America, Africa, India , China, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia . We European caucasians, will never know how wonderful that must be. And most American’s
        when they meet someone from the Hindu/Indian, Afro/American/Baptist, South Korean/Buddist, Turkey/Moslem, Native American/ Spiritualism…..we don’t rag on them for believing in their God! Why do you do that with a white American/Pentecostal ? When you were in Iraq did you rag on them for reading the Koran? And I wish Homosexuals and some Heterosexuals would stop their sex talk at work, I don’t care to enter in your bedrooms thank-you. That should be a very private and sacred act between two people. However, a vagina and a penis happens to be sexual organs , and there is a proper place for pleasure and for depositing seed for reproduction. I have a anus, and that is where I defecate from, not where it should be the object of my partners affection. My mouth is for forming words and eating and kissing and smiling. My sex organ is mine and not to be rubbed by anyone but myself or for partner. Everything has it’s purpose and its place and when its my private its mine not anyone else’s. You can’t really experience what I feel and I can’t experience what you feel, during sex. It’s our own experience. If all you want to do is play with each other that is your fixation, not mine. If the male wants to stick his organ in a rectum or in a mouth that is his fixation. So, if you want to be fixated then live that way we don’t care….Heterosexual’s like difference’s not sameness. If you want to have sameness than have it. And stop being so prideful and boastful about your sameness. I have known some nice people in both types of preferences. No one ever said that you aren’t nice people. I have known a lot of people who are really good people, doesn’t mean I am attracted to them or want to go to bed with them. My sexual feelings have never been toward every one I see or talk to, its only been for one person, and I don’t talk about my sexual feelings with anyone but that one person. And I don’t go around saying I”m heterosexual either…….I am a person with a name and a personality…I don’t have to claim my sexuality, like you think you have to. If you think we will ever think your normal we won’t. Doesn’t mean people won’t love you just as are, cuz most people do love other people’s personalities, it does mean we respect your boundaries and most of all our own. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  • James

    Boy! I have read almost every one of the posts on this blog. I am very impressed with a lot of the posts referring to the Constitution. As I see things in order for common people, such as us, we have to take matters into our own hands. I know the founding fathers probably did not intend for this country to become what it has. A country of the Government for the Government and by the Government. So I am going to promote the only political party that I have studied that 100% in compliance with the Constitution of the United States. That is the Constitution Party.
    During this past election cycle I was very dissappointed, as many Americans were, with the candidates running on either major party ticket. I was even enegized when McCain selected Palin as his running mate. Then I actually took the time to read what the constitution parties platform was and I was hooked. I was on of 47 people in my precinct to vote for Mr. Baldwin, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate 08. Yet I feel I did not waste my vote because in my view you cannot go wrong when you put the Constitution of the United States ahead of partisan politics.
    It isn’t only the tax laws that are in violation. Look through almost overy title of the code of laws. Violation after violation of the Constitution. And we keep electing the same two parties that have slowly stripped our Constitutional rights away. Making government more and more responsible for us. We can do something about all of this. Vote for the Constitution by becoming involved with the Constitution Party. The more people that get invlolved the more the other two parties will have to listen and Just as the WHIG party dissappeared so will the Democrat and Republican parties dissappear.
    Remember the Constitution of the United States is for everyone of us. The other two parties both exclude large portions of our population, or try to legalize people who are not eligable to vote to be their constituants but that is another story. All in all I will never vote Democrat because that party is the mose deceiving party available, I will not vote Republican anymore because there are not enough of them that actually follow the Republican model, so I am a convert to the Constitution Party and I am strongly recommending them to you.

  • Pathfinder

    There is no such thing as a “fair tax.” All taxes benefit the politically connected at the expense of taxpayers. We need to abolish the unconstitutional, federal income tax and replace it with nothing. Asking what form of taxation we should replace income taxes with is like asking what other disease we should be given to replace the one the doctor has just cured us of.

  • unkaglen

    For more on this subject read Edward G. Griffin on “Freedom Force”. Collectivisim vs. Individualisim is a war that is being fought in this country and I don’t need to tell you who is winning.

  • Dan

    I am thirty-eight years old In my lifetime I have witnessed the complete turnaround of the American dream principles and morals. The Democratic party has been hijacked by liberal socialists who believe in equality as long as it fits their model (not reality).
    The republicans have been hijacked by Ivy League morons eg. Harvarard/Yale types.
    who have no idea what the average American really thinks or wants.
    Lobbyists have bought policy so completely that we are slaves to the whims of corporate America.
    Our country is radically divided along racial hyphenations ,
    (your ethnic origin here)-american. Instead of just plain American.
    Our government has embraced and implemented the creedo “keep the natives restless while you steal their gold.” Reinforcing this with public education that keeps our children too ignorant to see the forest for the trees.
    Our government needs an enema. Lobbyists need to be removed and executed for treason. No corporatin deserves to control legislation. Our represenitives work for us not corporate America and they need to be reminded of that.
    I have two young children and thanks to the socalist/communist movement rising in this country I fear for their futures.
    I love this country. I love my fellow countrymen and women. I hope we can come out of the darkness before America is no more.
    Most people my age and younger are completely ignorant and DO NOT understand what America is or how quickly we are losing the liberties that our great nation and the Constitution has afforded them. If this is not remedied I fear it not even take one more generation to destroy what America is.

  • Clifford Decker

    There is a goebbelssnout attached to your site that is monitoring and recording all the comments and replies that gwb passed into law under an all-enclusive surveillance proviso that has been adopted by both parties of the Congress (The Landed Gentry Party)

    You have no rights under any Amendment that cannot be abridged by the present Police State.
    Those of you who use this outlet to vent your outrages, state your rights and opinions, et al, might as well now be sitting in China or Russia.

    Someone at this moment is taking your names and putting them in the order of which is most considered damaging to the “national security” of the Police State.

    Don’t look to Obama to “change” anything.
    He long ago agreed to “surge” into Afghanistan with Generals using code-words to describe the forever wars in the ME and Far East like a “long time” or “several years, four or five” to describe the ongoing involvement in the Pakistan/Afghanistan Theater of Operations in The New World’s Empire Building, or he would not be now sitting where he is as President Elect.

    Those of you who rant on in diatribes about this ridiculous Christ-based religiosity, and as well insult other oriented individuals, are breeding deep resentment and typing this site as a radical fringe that is most likely controlled by the Police State who are either using or posting this inflammatory disinformation to smoke-out anti-Semites or Muslims, or those who preach for over-throw of the present Police State, or a change in the Landed Gentry Party set-up.

    AIPAC now has an overt SS agent in the White House operating in the plain sight of all as the Chief of Staff. This is how confident that the Police State is of their power. They can put an overt operator into a power position to continue the nixon, reagan, bush, bushcheney reign of terror.

    Rather than going on about the things that you cannot control you should be using your energy to bring about the next Depression in-toto. That will separate the survivors from the others in all of the areas of your precious U.S.

    The powers that are on Wall Street have been failing, self-destructively, as rapidily as the NYTs can print and so have given the Depression a good head of steam. Detroit is finished. Soon, the insurance companies, banks and the NYSE will all join them and their will be nothing and no one to bail them out.

    You must finish the process and cut off the snake’s head should you ever hope to see the United States of your dreams. None has ever existed.

  • Fred Yde

    There are far too many “radical” ideas in this forum for me to hang around. Most of what I read in these posts is beyond reason, and almost all of it tells me how many people can’t assimilate reality. We cannot have a government today without taxing the citizenry to pay for it. The people have come to the public trough and they have drunk profusuely from it. It wasn’t just some “out there” conspiracy that forced them into it. It was a very natural progression over a few hundred yeras. Add the unwinding of slavery into the culture, an unrelenting immigration at the turn of the 20th century, and the ever present immigration of the last 35 years and you’ve got a social mess. It is not possible for it to be resolved in one quick brush stroke of ultra-conservatism, nor is it possible with zealot evangelism. Our progress back to reason must take place in steps, not in some drastic hellfire reversal of an orginal constitutional interpretation. We need conservatism, and we need evangelism, and we need to be aware of the original intent of the Constituion, but we have to swim back to the shore folks. The FairTax and the Pickens Plan get us back on terra firma. Screaming at the survivors in the life boat doesn’t get us a lifeline. There are prominent Senators like Dick Lugar of Indiana who support the FairTax. He is not an aristocratic power monger seeking to oppress the citizens in some conspiratorial web. He is the kind of man who can help us get this raft back to shore.

    • Ron R.

      Good points. We have start going back the other direction but incrementally. Too many people are ‘brainwashed’ so I doubt it will happen. I am willing to lead a ‘revolution’ to go back but I can’t find any followers. Everyone follows the government and they think the government will save them. Time to wake up people.

  • Jim M

    I just found Big Berkey with PF-2 filters (fluoride/arsenic reducers) on Ebay for $250 with free shipping; this also comes with a “sport bottle”. this is the best price I have found.


    Is there any country that is safe; that you don’t have to worry about your life or anything you own, or your privicy

    • Doug


      Satan is everywhere, and in everything. There is NO place to hide except the secret hiding place of the most HIGH GOD, JESUS CHRIST! Look around you EVIL is everywhere and it is growing exponentialy, like a cancer. Our only hope is to repent, and pray and do GODS will. There is NO hope except in JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! Nothing, no one, or groups of no ones can change the fact that we are headed to HELL on a bullet train unless we repent! This world finished, man and his propencity to do EVIL has reached the heavens and GOD must judge us, once and for all. We have rebelled against GODS HOLY WORD for to long, and now we must reap what we have sown. GOD says HIS ways are higher than our ways, and HIS thoughts higher than ours. We can’t stop anything bad that is happening because we refuse to do it GODS way! You will only find safety in JESUS CHRIST, and HIM as your LORD and SAVIOR!

      May the Merciful and only TRUE GOD of ALL draw you to HIS SON JESUS and to all TRUTH.

      • Doug

        The last so called bastion of freedom, amerika, the land of the free and the home of the brave is gone. We pay the equivalent of 56% of our pay checks in taxes and so called fees, but really hidden taxes. We are NOT free, we are slaves, slaves don’t get to keep 100% of their wages. The US Constitution is just like bush said, a dead document, because they made it a dead document along time ago. The federal reserve, the irs, are ILLEGAL entities, but the stupremes, usurped the law thinking that they are the ultimate decision makers and allowed them to stay. We are the ultimate decision makers according to our Constitutional rights, but because we are a deaf and dumb nation when it comes to anything that matters, we let them do as they pleased. So today you have NOTHING but corruption at every level, and in every office that governs us.

        We have allowed them to dumb us down, and to imprison us in our minds, until now theyhave decided that we literally need to be imprsioned to work as their slaves.

        This is a time like never before in the history of the world, where EVIL will be more prolific than ever before. Why, because satan knows that his days are numbered, and he has to make his move to kill as many people as he possibly can, and to destroy everything that they ever worked for or believed in. The EVIL in mens hearts is going to be so murderous it will make the Civil War, and all the wars that followed it look like a walk in the park. I am talking about every living human being on this planet, unless they have JESUS CHRIST living in their heart, his new and true temple, they will have the potential to become an out of control murderous thieving demon filled monster. Satan is going to unleash every demonic spirit and they will takeover anyone who is NOT a believer in CHRIST JESUS. You will NOT have the power to stop him or them. Time is running out, the line is beling drawn in the sand, you are either with and for GOD, or you are aginst HIM. I would implore EVERYONE to make the right choice before its to late.

  • Doug

    To all of you proud Sodomites, you have you your rights, all of the rights given to any man or woman are the same rights given to you individually. You are not a race, creed, or color, or religion.

    You are someone making a choice to live in a lifestyle that every religion in the world does not accept. So its not just Christians who don’t accept your lifestyle, they accept you the sinner, as we are all sinners, but by GRACE we are saved. You have a choice to be saved, or not. Its ALL your choice!

    Every great civilization from the past fell because of homosexuality and internal corruption and finally anarchy.

    • Doug

      I forgot to say HATE the SIN, LOVE the sinner!

  • Brian

    Wow, I found the Motherlode of knuckledraggers! There’s right-wing lunacy in them thar hills!

  • St Alphonzo

    Sorry folks, if you’re waiting for the government to do the right thing, better pack a lunch and get some good books, cuz you’ll be waiting indefinitely. I like what Ken says way up top about accept taxes and learn how to minimize them. Just the billions in Roth IRA’s alone negates anything that could be done fairly to change to a different tax because millions have already paid future tax obligations–not going to happen. If the macro-bailout is monetized, who’s going to pay the trillion a year in interest coming around the corner? Everyone, that’s who. Flat tax? Fair tax? Get ready for Mega-tax! (oh yeah, the stimulus package of 2009-another couple of trillion in vaporbucks). AIG needs another golf-spa week, BOA still regurgitating Countrywide and Merrill–count on giga-bucks here. Fannie and Freddy done yet? Take a guess. How do you think the third-world financial system is holding up through this? They can’t stand up when things are good. They’re all underwater. Ben Stein needs a bird gun for all the crow he’s eating these days.

  • Texas Patsy

    Friends, Some bankers in Irving, Texas, a city outside of Dallas, Texas, did some serious analysis of the tax problem and came up with an excellent concept that made it all the way to Congress. But, there it died in committee. It may be buried in the Congressional Record, somewhere.

    It would have eliminated the punitive income tax. It’s name: The 2% USE TAX.

    The concept was solid. Everything would be taxed at the low rate of 2%. Yes, everything!!! Every purchase. Every rent. Included were groceries and prescriptions.

    Businesses would be the ones to compute taxes–not individuals. It was easy to calculate.

    We NEED our IRS. We need an internal tax conveyance, to handle the necessary components of running our America. But, we need only the basics. No hand-outs for the freeloaders and deadbeats, including illegal aliens. If I understand the concept, their thinking was that excise taxes covered all the essentials that our American government should perform and control.

    I have presented this concept at (1) a political conference in 1993, (2) privately to a tax-opposing organization, (3) in a Toastmaster’s club, and (4) now to YOU.

    The friend who was one of the bankers that created the 2% Use Tax concept has passed on. His files were in the possession of his sister. Through his nephew, they might be attainable but I question that. Our best method to examine in detail the excellent concept is to search for it in the Congressional Record, and perhaps in the Library of Congress.

    My best wishes for you during the coming year,
    Texas Patsy

  • Texas Patsy

    In my note, I neglected to tell you the approximate year this was presented in Congress. It would have been in the 1960s or 1970s.

    Texas Patsy

  • Texas Patsy

    Friends, is it true that the Bush family bought 70,000 acres of land in a Central American country?

    Texas Patsy

  • 1776 repeat


    Solve the BIGGEST problem which leads to the rest of the fraud which is running the country, “The Crime of the Century”, as it was known when it was signed in 1913:

    Sign the petition to end the FEDERAL RESERVE:

  • 1776 repeat


    Solve the BIGGEST problem which leads to the rest of the fraud which is running the country, “The Crime of the Century”, as it was known when it was signed in 1913:

    Sign the petition to end the FEDERAL RESERVE:

  • rusty

    I have only one thing to say to everybody also. problem reaction solution. unemployment breeds frustration, frustration breeds anger,anger breeds violence. violence enacts martial law. martial law means control. hopefully it will not come to this. remember the president can declare martial law when he deems necessary . it does have to equal violence to be declared. take for example food recalls. dont think it cant happen. thank you for your time….

  • kss

    Take the $1 Trillion and use it to eliminate the mortgages.

  • kss

    I think it is time the American public got a bail out.

    Take the $1 Trillion and use it to eliminate the mortgages.
    That way the economy would really be stimulated.
    It these folks suddenly had no monthly mortgages to worry about they could afford to buy new cars and GMC would not need a bail out too.

    We the People have paid into the Wall Street Millionaires for decades. It is about time something was done for us. You could start with wiping out the mortgages for every man and woman who volunteered for service since 911. Then remove mortgages from every home owner who lost there homes due to the hurricanes and are still paying for houses that no longer exist. This would allow them to rebuild without double mortgage payments. Any one who has paid back at least the purchase price should have the balance of the mortgage forgiven. This would stimulate the economy in a way never before seen in history. Why should we bail out millionaires? The took the risk, let them take the fall. If we default on a loan we lose our possessions, why shouldn’t they?

  • shell

    Reading these comments I wonder how many actually read the Constitution. taxes basically are illegal, but because no one says anything they are passed. apparently no one has the guts to stand up and say anything for fear of being called a homeland terriost. most of our problems started under pres Reagan back in the ’80′s when he took us off the gold standard and lossened the regulations on business. government is not a bank, it is there to govern, it shows it’s support for business by the laws it passes or doesn’t pass.
    I’m tired of everyone blaming the liberals who have not been in power in decades, the last politician to actually say they were a liberal or actually did anything remotely liberal was back in the ’60′s. the media is mainly owned and operated by conservatives. NBC is owned by GE, this country’s third largest weapons manufactorer.
    People under Bush Sr wrote the patriot act and it was passed under Bush Jr. the most damaging document to our freedoms to date. If you really want to be scared try reading the emergancy act signed by Bush jr. on May 9th 2007. He above everyone else has tried to concentrate all power into the presidency. He spent money on wars and the military which was making many of his friends rich beyond comparison instead of using it on restructuring or building this country, which was one of Russia’s main down falls. The amount of money spent in Iraq in three years could have redone every school in this country or sent every US citizen between the ages of 18 and 40 through a four year college or hired 6 million new teachers. According to the army 70 to 80 percent of the young people fighting in Iraq joined for the college money and yet the amount spent in one day could have sent 33,000 through a full four year scholarship to college.
    Yes maybe I am a liberal but I believe in small government, fair taxes and everyone is equal. I believe in a clean environment free from chemicals and pollutants. I believe in the Constitution and what many of the writers ment when they said it. I really like Thomas Jefferson and what he said about government and religion. Many of the founding father were dualist and masons. John Quincy Adams said this country was not a Christian nation but one of many religions and names several in the Treaty of Tripoli. Thomas Jefferson wrote his own version of the Bible. George Washington had a very bad temper and no body wanted to work with him, he also taught the most lurid songs to the children of his cabinet memebers. And all of them owned slaves, George Washington’s were the worst treated. They were not saints by any means but they above the rest at the time and very educated.
    we need to get back to the basics.

  • Marlene B.

    Sign Petition To Stop Television Prescription Drug Ads

    Published by Marlene B. on Mar 18, 2009
    Category: Health
    Region: GLOBAL
    Target: U.S. Congress, FCC, FDA, European Commission, EMEA

    Background (Preamble):
    Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1998, a report finds that prescription drugs kill about 106,000 Americans each year – that’s three times as many as are killed by automobiles—making prescription drug death the fourth leading killer after heart disease, cancer and stroke.

    Last year, the Journal of the American Medical Association puts death from all drugs, illegal and prescription, second only behind car accidents as a cause of death.

    The rise in deaths coincides with the direct marketing of prescription medication to the public. Prescription drug sales have soared nearly 500 percent since 1990.

    The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar business. Companies spend billions on advertising and promotions for prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies claim their drug ads are “educational” to the public. The public seems to genuinely believe that drugs advertised on TV are safe, in spite of the plethora of side effects listed. Many of these drugs have proven deadly.

    Every day it’s estimated 2,500 teens abuse a prescription pain killer for the first time.

    The White House Office of National Drug Control policy had been planning to unveil an ad campaign to target prescription drug abuse by teens. It is time to stop this form of advertising by the pharmaceutical companies.
    We, the undersigned, request that Congress, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the European Commission, EMEA (European Medicines Agency) stop all television advertising of prescription drugs.

  • Cynthia Timko

    This will be my first and last post on this website. It appeared in my e-mail so I checked it out and will unsubscribe immediately.
    I believe this particular page is supposed to be devoted to conspiracies, all focused on depriving us of our freedom and humanity in one way or another. I kind of make following conspiracy theory a hobby, and you would not believe how many there are or how long some of them have been at their evil work. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that they are incredibly inefficient and innefectual. We can go from the Masons to the Bilderbergers to the One Worlders and the U.N. to the Council on foreign relations to UFO cover-ups (I happen to believe there may be UFOs since I saw a real doozy once, but it even though it happened in broad daylight during rush hour-Iwas driving home from work) there wasn’t a word in the news, probably because, like me, no one thought is was a big enough deal to call the news media or anyone else. What was anyone going to do about it since it was harmless, disappeared very suddenly after siiting in the same spot in he sky for about half an hour, and, like me, no one felt threatened. Now we have President Obama and his secret allies in Guantanamo (all 225 of them) who will be relesed into this country to do their evil on us. BS! You would think that after hundreds, maybe thousands of years of these conspiracies, a few of them would have succeeded by now. They sure take their time about it. So far my Dad is still going to his Presbyterian Church (he’s 89), my step-daughter, a former Marine captain helicopter pilot with two trips to Iraq on the tax-payers’dime, has not been brainwashed into joining any martial law plans (after 15 year including the time she spent at Annapolis), I can grow my own flowers and veggies without herbicides, pesticides or hallucinogens, the biggest controversy around hear lately has been a “rogue” professor who sued the University for wronful dismissal (he won on 1st Amendment grounds) and the overpopulation of prairie dogs and what to do with them. The radio and TV station reflect the times-no Big Brother blaring out of them, I was able to take my money out of the stock market without interference three years ago because I just had a bad feeling about it, my taxes are dropping slightly because of Obama, and it turns out that that fist bump you saw Barack and Michelle use (you know: the secret Muslim terrorist version of the handshake) was used frequently in 1940s WWII movies between buddies going on a dangerous mission. I started noticing that after the infamous fist bump-it suddenly stuck out like a sore thumb!). My Dad is a Mason and has not been leading or going to secret meetings: he’s too busy with more fruitful things like his grand kids and flowers), I subscribe to the Council on Foreign Affairs newsletters on line-they have a vast array of interesting article on practically everything from the NORMAL full spectrum of political and other thought, the Bilderbergers are a bunch of intellectuals and other well known types who get together once a tear to discus such things as whether Pluto is a planet or not, anong other things. George H.W. Bush was the one who seriously called for some sort of one world policy, which didn’t workobviously, whatever he had in mind. So relax, vote, write your Congressman or go see them when they come home on breaks, go to church, write the White House, and try not to worry too much about our prairie dog problem. We’rekind of a liberal town, so I guess I could surmise that Bob Livingston is reponsible for this terrible scourge/conspiracy to run us over with plague-ridden prairie dogs, but I won’t. We just don’t have enough predators to take care of them naturally because it was somebody’s bright idea to shoot them to bits with guns big enough to bring down an elephant (just kidding about the size of the guns, but the slaughter was certainly unecessary. Coyotes and peregrine falcons are pretty terrific creatures. God made them, you know!)

  • Dan

    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:27 pm:
    A leader must have certain characteristics to be successful. First, he must have a set of principles—things he believes are absolutely true. He must possess a moral compass-understanding what is absolutely “right” or “wrong”. It is important for him to have a vision—what is to be accomplished. He also needs the skill to develop a consensus, that his plan is appropriate, among a group of individuals who will carry out the many tasks needed to effectively complete the project.

    In addition he must have courage to act on his convictions and take full responsibility for his actions. He must have a sense of justice—such as, “do unto others as you would have others do onto you”. A sense of moderation is also needed, which is an understanding not to “act out” with outrageous arrogance. Equally important, he must have the wisdom of how to apply all the above.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:30 pm:
    In Plato’s book “The Republic,” he constructs a “just city.” He says that if a city has been correctly constructed, it should be perfectly good. If it is perfectly good, then it should be wise, courageous, moderate and just. These are the cardinal virtues of ancient Greece. The city is wise because it is ruled by the skill of its guardians (leaders). It is courageous because the soldiers endure any danger in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is moderate because all citizens restrain their desires in order to follow the orders of their leaders. It is just because each of the citizens is “minding his own business.”

    Plato goes on to explain that the perfectly good individual, like the perfectly good city, is wise, courageous, moderate and just. He is wise, because his reason rules him. He is courageous because his spirit is the loyal ally of his reason. He is moderate because his desires obey the dictates of reason. He is just because each part of his soul “minds its own business.” The just man “arranges himself, becomes his own friend, and harmonizes the three parts, (reason, spirit, and desire) exactly like three notes in a harmonic scale.”


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:33 pm:
    You say “that universal truth is a myth. The truth is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    Thank you for challenging me to defend my ideas.

    Law is the set of enforced rules under which a society is governed. Law is one of the most basic social institutions—and one of the most necessary. No society could exist if all people did just as they pleased, without regard for the rights of others. Nor could a society exist if its members did not recognize that they also have certain obligations toward one another. The law thus establishes the rules that define a person’s rights and obligations. The law also sets penalties for people, who violate these rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules, and it states how government shall enforce the rules and penalties. However, the laws enforced by government can be changed. In fact, laws frequently are changed to reflect changes in a society’s needs and attitudes.

    First, we need to explore the idea of “Natural Law”. Natural law is the idea that people have certain rights that cannot be taken away. It probably began thousands of years ago. This theory states that a natural order exists in the universe because all things are created by nature, or God. (To appreciate this idea you first have to accept that there is a God) Everything has its own qualities and is subject to the rules of nature to achieve its full potential. According to this theory, anything that detracts from a persons human qualities, or prevents their full achievement, violates the laws of nature.

    The ancient Greek philosophers and the writers of the Old Testament stressed that there is a higher law than human law. In the first century B.C., the Roman philosopher Cicero insisted that this higher natural law is universal and can be discovered through human reasoning. (It is God’s law, which he reveals to all people through their reasoning. It is not learned. It is divinely given) This led to the idea that government power has limits, and that people and governments everywhere are bound by natural law.

    Some of the most historic English legal documents are based on the principles of natural law. The earliest and most famous was the Magna Carta, which the king approved against his will in 1215. The document placed the king himself under the law. In 1628, the English Parliament drew up a Petition of Right. The petition claimed that certain actions of the king, such as levying taxes without the consent of Parliament is unconstitutional.

    Natural Rights—Natural law has always stressed the duties, more than the rights, of governments and individuals. But during the late 1600’s, the natural law tradition began to emphasis natural right. The change was brought about largely through the writings of the English philosopher John Locke.

    Locke argued that governmental authority depends on the people’s consent. According to Locke people originally lived in a state of nature with no restrictions on their freedom. Then they came to realize that confusion would result if each person enforced his or her own rights. (“The truth is in the eyes of the beholder”, your statement.) People agreed to live under a common government, but not to surrender their “rights of nature” (my universal rights) to the government. Instead they expected the government to respect these rights, especially the rights of life, liberty and property. (Note: this is stated as unalienable rights by our founding fathers, our esteemed leaders, in the Declaration of Independence.) (“Unalienable” means it cannot be separated from the individual, because it was divinely given by God in the Natural Laws, which he revealed to all people through divine revelation, through their power of reason.) Locke’s idea of limited government and natural rights became part of the English Bill of Rights (1689), the French Declaration of Rights of Man (1789), and the U.S. Bill of Rights (1781).

    Today many scholars reject the natural law and natural rights theories. These scholars believe that all laws—including those guaranteeing civil rights—are simply devices that people find convenient or useful at a particular time. Nevertheless, nearly all civil right laws have resulted from the theories of natural law and natural rights.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:36 pm:
    In an effort to establish the idea that there are universal concepts let us explore Plato’s philosophy. Many of Plato’s dialogues try to identify the nature or essence of some philosophically important notion be defining it. The “Euthyphro” revolves around a discussion of the question, “What is piety?” The central question of “The Republic” is, “What is justice?” The “Theaetetus” tries to define knowledge. The “Charmides” is concerned with moderation, and the “Laches” discusses valor. Plato denied that a notion, such a piety (reverence), could be defined simply by offering examples of it. Plato required a definition of a notion to express what is true of, and common to, all instances of that notion.

    Plato was interested in how we could apply a single word or concept to many different things. For example, how can the word “table” be used for all the individual objects that are tables? Plato answered that various things can be called by the same name because they have something in common. He called this common factor the thing’s “form” or “idea”

    According to Plato, the real name of any individual thing depends on the form in which it “participates.” For example, a certain object is a triangle because it participates in the form of triangularity. A particular table is what it is because it participates in the form (idea) of the table. Plato insisted that the forms differ greatly from the ordinary things which are around us. Ordinary things change but their forms do not. A particular triangle may be altered in size or shape, but the form of the triangle can never change (it is absolute). In addition, individual things only imperfectly approximate their forms, which remain unattainable models of perfection. Circular objects or beautiful objects are never perfectly circular or perfectly beautiful. The only perfectly circular thing is the form of circularity itself, (its form is absolute) and the only perfectly beautiful thing is the form of beauty.

    Plato concluded that these unchanging and perfect forms cannot be part of the everyday world, which is changing and imperfect. Forms exist neither in space nor time. They can be known only by the intellect, not by the senses. Because of their stability and perfection, the forms have greater reality than ordinary objects observed by the senses. Thus, true knowledge is the knowledge of forms. These central doctrines of Plato’s philosophy are called his “theory of forms” or “theory of ideas.

    This is another attempt to support my argument that there are universal ideas that are true for everyone, everywhere and at all times.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:38 pm:
    The Christian definition of the Four Virtues, by St. Augustine is as follows:
    According to St. Augustine, virtue leads to a happy life. Virtue is perfect love of God. The four virtues, for St. Augustine, are taken from four forms of love. The four virtues are the following:
    Temperance is love giving itself entirely to that which is loved (God). Temperance is love keeping itself entire and incorrupt for God. Let us consider temperance, which promises us a kind of integrity and incorruption in the love by which we are united to God. The office of temperance is in restraining and quieting the passions which make us pant for those things which turn us away from the laws of God and from the enjoyment of His goodness, that is, in a word, from the happy life.
    Fortitude is love readily bearing all things for the sake of the loved object. Fortitude is love bearing everything for the sake of God. Scriptures present to us a woman of amazing fortitude, and I must at once go on to her case. This woman, along with seven children, allowed the tyrant and executioner to extract her vitals from her body rather than a profane word from her mouth. What patience could be greater than this? And yet why should we be astonished that the love of God, implanted in her inmost heart, bore up against the tyrant, and executioner, and pain, and sex, and natural affection? Had she not heard, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints?” It is because she heard, “A patient man is better than the mightiest?” Proverbs 16:32. She heard, “All that is appointed you receive; and in pain bear it; and in abasement keep your patience: for in fire are gold and silver tried?” Sirach 2:4-5. She heard, “The fire tries the vessels of the potter, and for just men is the trial of tribulation?” Sirach 27:6. These verses she knew, and many other precepts of fortitude written in these books, which alone existed at that time, by the same divine Spirit who writes those precepts in the New Testament.
    Justice, according to St. Augustine is another virtue. Justice is love serving only the loved object (which is God) and therefore rules rightly. Justice is love serving God only, and therefore ruling all things well. The lover, then, whom we are describing, will get from justice this rule of life, that he must with perfect readiness serve the God whom he loves, who is the highest good, the highest wisdom, and the highest peace. This rule of life, is, as we have shown, confirmed by the authority of both Testaments.
    It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover, but it is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. For he alone has a proper love for himself, when he demonstrates that he aims diligently to please God, who is the chief and true good; what is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? We can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man.
    Prudence, another virtue according to St. Augustine, is love distinguishing with sagacity between what hinders it and what helps it. The object of the highest love is only God. Prudence is love making a right distinction between what helps love towards God and what might hinder it. Prudence determines what is to be desired and what to be shunned. It is part of prudence (good judgment) to keep an active vigilance against any evil influence, which may creep up on us.
    To seek the good means to live well. Living well is loving God with all your heart, soul and mind. This love must be incorrupt, which is accomplished through moderation. This love must not give way to opposition, which is accomplished through fortitude; this love must serve no other, which is justice and the love must be watchful or evil things will creep in, which is a part of prudence. These things lead to the perfection of man by which he can succeed in attaining purity of truth.
    It may be thought that there is nothing here about man himself, the lover. It is impossible for one who loves God not to love himself. He who seeks the true good must love himself as well. What is to prevent one who loves God from loving himself? And then, among men should there be no bond of mutual love? Yes, we can think of no surer step towards the love of God than the love of man to man. The first thing to aim at is that we should be benevolent. We should not bear malice or evil against another person. For man is the nearest neighbor of man.
    Hear also what Paul says: “The love of our neighbor,” he says, “works no ill.” Romans 13:10 A man may sin against another in two ways, either by injuring him or by not helping him when it is in his power. It is for these things, which no loving man would do, that men are called wicked. “The love of our neighbor works no ill.” We cannot attain the good unless we first desist from working evil. Our love of our neighbor is a sort of cradle of our love to God. As it is said, “the love of our neighbor works no ill,” we may rise from this to these other words, “We know that all things issue in good to them that love God.” Romans 8:28


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:41 pm:
    Confucius was born in 552 B.C. in the principality of Lu in China. He came from a distinguished family.

    Civilization, which is characterized by writing, the use of metal, the building of monumental structures, and complex government organizations— did not develop in China until around 1700 B.C. During the time of Confucius, which was the 6th century B.C., the emperor was a puppet. China was divided into states that owed loyalty to the emperor, but were actually governed by aristocrats. At first, Confucius was a civil servant and chief of police in Lu. He was either dismissed from the civil service or went into voluntary exile. His regard for formalities and rituals was fundamental to his teachings. He spent years traveling from one principality to another, giving advice and being honored for his wisdom. His advice was seldom taken, and he was not given another position of authority. In his last years, he retired to the principality of Lu, where he died in 479 B.C., leaving his mark as a teacher.

    As a teacher, Confucius has had tremendous influence. He shaped the civilization of China from his time until the 20th century. His sayings, teachings and the works that he believed should be studied were fundamental to the educational system and the entire governmental structure. Civil servants at all levels studied his sayings and had to pass an examination that was based on his teachings. For any great teacher, however, life is not about a series of events that happen outside, but about the teacher’s intellectual and spiritual development. At one time, Confucius had 3,000 students. His inner circle of disciples has passed on what we now know about him. Like Socrates and Jesus he never wrote a book. His students gathered his wisdom into a collection of sayings. Confucius taught the importance of study and the way of moral instruction; He also taught his followers to be steadfast and to tell the truth.

    Confucius believed that morality had to be founded in works of antiquity. For Confucius cutting oneself off from the past was leaving oneself without roots. Like a tree, a person without roots will topple over. Confucius studied history and played a role in putting together and editing a historical chronicle.

    Confucius culled the poetry of China for 300 odes that he believed were crucial. These odes were always sung. Confucius believed that music and the words of poetry put to music were essential to creating harmony in the soul. Confucius shared with Socrates the belief that the soul must be in harmony and that music was the outward expression of that harmony. At first the odes might seem unrelated to moral instruction, however, when properly interpreted, these seemingly meaningless messages told the truth. For a whole Chinese civilization, these odes offered a means of speaking the truth. Odes were often used to convey a political or individual message. No person could begin on the path to wisdom without knowing the odes, poetry that speaks to the soul. The message of the odes is rooted in concrete knowledge of the past.

    Confucius believed in the importance of carrying out ancient rituals, for example, offering sacrifices and wearing certain kinds of clothes on specific occasions. He also believed that rituals must change to accommodate to new circumstances. Confucius saw such civility as being important, but harmony was far more important. Carrying out certain formalities is a way to preserve the harmony around us. Harmony derives from everyone knowing his or her place and knowing what is expected of him or her. When asked why he did not return to government service. Confucius replied that by being a good father or a good son, he was doing the most he could do for his government.

    The followers of Confucius were expected to follow the Dao–the way that is the truth. Confucius spent his life in pursuit of the truth. Confucius divided his life into a series of stages. At the age of 15, he began his studies. At the age of 30, he took his stand. By this he meant that he decided to devote his life to the search for truth. At the age of 40, all his doubts were put aside, that is, he began to understand the way and knew that he must follow it. At 50, Confucius understood what heaven had decreed for him. Heaven had decreed that his proper place and destiny was to teach. It is noteworthy that according to his students. Confucius never talked about the gods. The divine plays almost no role in his teachings; He believed that people can find their way without invoking the gods. At 60, his “ears were properly attuned.” At this age, he knew what he would be doing. At 70, he was conscious that he was treading the path of truth.

    The way of truth is the way of benevolence. For Confucius, the Golden Rule is the path of benevolence, the way of truth and harmony in the world. The path of good is marked in our character by wisdom, courage, and justice. Justice is doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. Courage is steadfastness in truth and doing what needs to be done, unafraid of any consequences. Wisdom—the ultimate goal of the teacher and seeker of truth—is knowing what needs to be done. Moderation joins justice, courage, and wisdom together to ensure that they work in harmony.

    It is possible to compare Confucius, Socrates and Jesus. The virtues encouraged by Confucius are those that Socrates also extolled. Both men devoted their live to teaching others the path of virtue. Both Confucius and Socrates were philosophers who labeled themselves as searchers after truth. They both saw the search for wisdom as the way to truth. Jesus, who was recognized in his own day as a teacher, also engaged in this search for wisdom as the way to truth. The word “education” comes from a Latin root meaning “to lead out from.” Jesus, Socrates, and Confucius wanted to bring out from their students, or disciples, the truth that was already there but had been hidden by the falsity of the world. They sought to reroute the individual from wandering aimlessly through life to following the true path. None of the three great teachers wrote a book because each was a true searcher after truth and knew that the search is a lifelong pursuit.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:41 pm:
    Cicero, On Moral Duties (De Officils)–Our theme is the path we can take to foster what is best for ourselves and others.

    In 44 B.C., on the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was assassinated. His assassins, Brutus and Cassius, as well as most of the conspirators, fled Rome. Rome was in the hands of Marc Antony, who was underestimated. Many considered him to be a drunkard and gambler, (lacking the four virtues) but he had gathered all Caesar’s power. One elderly man, who could have enjoyed a quiet retirement, spoke out for the free republic and for liberty, knowing that doing so might cost him his life. (Fortitude) That man was Marcus Tullius Cicero.

    In a series of ringing orations, Cicero attacked the character, policy, and intentions of Marc Antony. These powerful orations are called the “Philippics.” Cicero’s attempt failed. Antony joined forces with Caesar’s nephew, who was later known as Augustus, and together, they eliminated all opposition. Cicero was included on the list of those proscribed and was struck dead in 43 B.C. (This act shows a lack of moderation—an act of outrageous arrogance)

    In the last part of his life, beginning in 46 B.C., Cicero refused the high government position that Caesar offered him, opting for retirement. During his retirement, he embarked on a search for truth so that he could base his polities on what was morally good in his effort to preserve freedom in Rome.

    In searching for truth, Cicero wrote “De Officilis” to educate his son, who was spending his “junior year abroad,” studying philosophy in Athens. At the time, philosophy was not an arid academic discipline. It was the crowning accomplishment of a general education. Students who could afford the expense went to Athens to study under one of the great philosophers. Cicero wrote “De Officilis” in the form of a letter to his son to enable the young man to learn from Cicero’s experience.

    During Cicero’s career as an attorney, he demonstrated that a person could be successful and wealthy, as well as a man of integrity. He took difficult and dangerous cases, defending the poor and those in political trouble. Cicero realized the highest calling was public service. He set out to prove that he could be an honest and successful politician. He held political office and was consul of Rome. In 63 B.C., a faction, led by Catiline, sought to destroy the constitution. Cicero took a firm stand, although others warned him that he was following a dangerous course. Cicero put the salvation of his country, its constitution, and its liberty before his own needs. He broke up the conspiracy and took responsibility for having the conspirators put to death. For a while Cicero was exiled, but he was brought back. When Cicero triumphed, Cicero took a stand against Caesar. Cicero believed that Caesar had enormous ability but that he sought to destroy the liberty of Rome for the sake of his own ambition. (An act lacking moderation—outrageous arrogance)

    Cicero tried all his life to follow the moral course. He believed that all morality was founded on the idea of Natural Law. Natural Law is the belief that God exists and is revealed in the reason of nature. The entire universe is a place of reason, and the entire universe reveals the hand of God. Like Plato, Cicero believed that God had established a set of absolute values, including wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation. These values exist even if they are denied in everyday life. An individual can be good as well as successful. No dichotomy exists between morality and expediency. An immoral act, such as lying or cheating, can never be helpful. No separation exists between the private and public selves. The highest possible calling for an individual is public duty.

    Wisdom is found in knowing the truth, understanding absolute values, and knowing how to apply these values to one’s life. At the beginning, the individual needs facts and information, but later in life, he can weave these facts into a broader set of knowledge. Knowledge is worthless unless it is used to find and apply in life what is good. In the search for wisdom, the individual must avoid becoming a pedant, studying the insignificant, or retiring from the world to become a scholar. Wisdom consists of knowing how to apply the good to life.

    Justice is the single most important quality that a person can possess. Each individual’s life should be guided by justice. Justice consists of never doing harm to anyone else—either to another’s person or property. The essence of justice is founded in the respect of private property. One great fault is passive injustice, which is to stand by and allow another person to be wronged. Passive injustice occurs when we chose to remain silent because of our own needs or through preoccupation. Justice can even be extended to those who have wronged someone else by avoiding excessive retribution. Except for those who have committed the most heinous crimes, such as parricide, even the guilty deserve an attorney’s best effort. Part of justice is generosity, but an individual should never give more than he or she can afford. We should not ruin ourselves by giving, and we should give with a sense that our generosity will truly help. Morality is built on keeping one’s word, or “fides.” The Romans believed that the empire was built on integrity. However, the individual must be practical. At times, keeping one’s word is wrong.

    Courage is essential to living a life of justice. An individual must have the courage to stand up for what is right. Wisdom is essential to courage. The individual must have the wisdom to know what he should defend. Bravery in the service of evil is savagery.

    Moderation is the fourth quality of goodness. Nothing should be pushed so far that it becomes a wrong. Moderation is a guide for living life and letting the individual know what is right. In selecting a career, an individual must know, in terms of moderation, his or her capabilities. Sometimes people enter an occupation because they inherit it, because of connections, or on a whim. Each person should step back and ask what career he or she is best suited for before making a decision. The highest calling is public service. Those who would pursue a career in public service must be certain they possess the qualities for leadership of the nation. A good leader is not vindictive and does not enter public service for self-interest, self-aggrandizement, or partisanship. Public serve should be a noble and pure undertaking. The public servant must always act with moderation.

    How do we put these theoretical underpinnings into practice? We must recognize that immoral acts are never expedient. The essence of justice is keeping one’s word. The advice in “De Officilis” did not work for Cicero’s son, who was a drunkard, sold his services to Augustus, and lent his name to the new order of Augustus. Although Cicero’s son did not follow the advice given in “De Officilis,” Cicero left future generations this enduring statement of moral justice.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:42 pm:
    To many, including Winston Churchill, the British Empire was a great force for good. To an unprepossessing Indian lawyer, the British Empire, which saw itself at the bastion of liberty, was evil, for it rested on a lie. It denied to many of its subjects the very equality that was the essence of freedom. But no less evil for Mohandas Gandhi would be the use of force to overthrow it and gain independence for India. Drawing on the traditions of Indian thought and reading the “Bhagavad Gita” daily, Gandhi made his own path. Strong in the truth, he used moral power to bring a great power to its knees. His autobiography eschews many of the traditional elements in a life story. Gandhi focuses on his entire life as a search for truth, teaching us that there are many roads to wisdom and many ways to fight the battles of life. He teaches us to be true to ourselves, do what you know to be right, and never give up.

    In 1893, a 24-year-old barrister, Gandhi, was representing an Indian company in South Africa. Although he had a first-class train ticket, he was not allowed to remain in the first-class seating compartment and was thrown off the train. A stagecoach driver also refused to let him sit with the other passengers. This was Gandhi’s introduction to the morality of the British Empire and its legal system.

    The British raj was theoretically based on liberty and equality for all subjects. In reality, one standard of liberty and equality existed for white subjects and another standard existed for those of color. Even science, as taught in many universities, proclaimed the superiority of the white race.

    Gandhi decided to take on the scientific establishment, the legal system, and the power of the British Empire. Armed only with his belief in the truth and his concept of satyagraha–steadfastness in truth, Gandhi took on the empire and led his nation to independence. Gandhi’s life is an example of what one individual can achieve if he or she believes in the truth.

    The story of Gandhi’s life is captured in “An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with the Truth. Gandhi’s autobiography was published in two installments, in 1925 and 1927. It is written in Gujarati, and Indian language, because Gandhi believed that the culture of India was his culture. The subtitle of Gandhi’s autobiography conveys his understanding that we are always making our way toward the truth. Gandhi had a profound belief in God. He was greatly affected by the “Bahavad Gita” and believed that God is truth, but more important, he believed that truth is God and should be worshipped. Truth is in God, and God will progressively reveal wisdom to the searcher for truth. In his “Autobiography” Gandhi does not hesitate to point out his mistakes.

    Gandhi was born in 1869. He begins his autobiography by describing his family and the caste to which they belonged. Gandhi later struggled against the caste system of India. Gandhi’s formal schooling had little impact on him. He believed that the teacher should be the textbook, and the teacher and the teacher’s moral qualities should be what the student retains. At the age of 13, Gandhi was married to a younger girl. At age 35, Gandhi took a vow of celibacy and saw his wife as a creature of pure love.

    After finishing high school and passing his examinations, it was decided that he should become an attorney. In England, Gandhi gradually began to understand how unique his native country was. He met English people who were interested in mystical religions and encourage him to read the “Bhagavad Gita” in English, and it became a part of him. The “Bhagavad Gita” celebrates God as truth and teaches us to follow the path that God has laid out for us. It also says that doing the work of someone else is slavery, but doing the work of God is true liberation. The philosophy of the “Bhagavad Gita” began to shape Gandhi’s thinking. Gandhi passed his examinations at the age of 21. He found that becoming a barrister was easy. He had to attend 12 dinners, study outline notes, and pass the examinations.

    Gandhi returned to India, obtained a job, and left his wife at home while he went to South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi realized that God was telling him not to be afraid, (have courage) to stand up and recognize the injustice around him as injustice to God, and to put an end to injustice. Gandhi began to teach his fellow Indians that they should not let anyone treat them unjustly, (justice) that they should not harm anyone, that they should stand fast in the truth, (have courage) and that they should struggle for their rights. Gandhi came to the idea of “ahimsa”, which means “nonviolence” (an act of moderation). Gandhi began working with Indians in South Africa. He not only fought for their legal rights but also began a movement for education.

    First in South Africa, then in India, Gandhi opened commune schools and began to educate his students in “ ahimsa–nonviolence” (moderation) and satyagraha. The teachers in Gandhi’s schools were parents. Gandhi believed that parents should be the source of education for their children. At one point, and untouchable (lowest caste in India) family came to the commune. The members of Gandhi’s ashram believed that the untouchables would pollute the commune’s well. Gandhi asked the meaning of his teachings, because he taught that all people were equal in the sight of God. Other commune members said that they believed in equality but did not want the untouchable family there. When Gandhi threatened to leave and return to practicing law, the members of the commune agreed to let the untouchables stay.

    Gandhi then moved to an even larger sphere—he stood up to the British Empire itself. Gandhi had begun to understand that his God-given mission was to help establish an independent India in which Muslims, Hindus, and Christians could live together in unity. This nation would be an India for all Indians.

    Gandhi abandoned European clothes and wore simple Indian dress. He took up spinning. Indians had been required to buy cloth made in Britain. The cotton was grown in India but it was shipped to England and made into cloth, then shipped back to India. Gandhi held mass demonstrations in which European-style clothes and cloth brought from England were burned. The spinning wheel became a symbol of liberation—the wheel of life and a sign of God, with no beginning and no end.

    The British had a monopoly on salt. Gandhi believed that the tax on salt was unjust; it supported oppression. Gandhi said that Indians should not pay the tax on salt: they could obtain salt by marching to the sea. The English could beat the Indians but could not stop them. Gandhi, also called the “Mahatma,” or “great-souled one,” taught his followers to do nothing violent (remain moderate and just) but to keep coming back. (Show fortitude)

    World opinion began to focus on Gandhi. Indians—Muslim as well as Hindu—saw in the figure of Gandhi the symbol of their struggle for liberation and enlightenment. They began to recognize that England and Europe were not the only sources of culture and that India had its own set of ideas that were foreign to the West. Gandhi believed that the culture of England was based on war, struggle, and violence and that capitalism is a form of violence, because it steals from the poor to benefit the rich. Capitalism carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. For Gandhi, the Indian way was the way of God, truth, and nonviolence.

    Gandhi was imprisoned many times. He found in prison new sources of strength. He read “Unto This Last,” by John Ruskin, which taught him three crucial lessons. First, the good of all is encompassed in the good of one individual. Harm to one individual is harm to everyone. Second, every form of work has its own dignity. A barber is as worthy of respect as an attorney. Third, the noblest form of work is to farm and make something with your own hands. Tolstoy’s “Kingdom of God Is Within You” opened a new world to Gandhi. According to Tolstoy, Jesus was not God but taught that everyone has a God within himself. A similar teaching also appears in the “Bhagavad Gita.” Gandhi’s readings showed that unfamiliar books, in addition to great books, can touch the soul.

    Gandhi used self-imposed hunger strikes to protest British actions or the actions of his followers when they refused to follow his path of truth and nonviolence. When Gandhi went on a hunger strike, the British raj feared that he might die and would give in. Gandhi thus harmed no one in his fight for the truth. (Moderation and justice)

    Gandhi’s moral authority played a decisive role in Britain’s decision to give India its freedom and in the decision of many Indians to form political parties that could achieve freedom under a constitutional government. Gandhi was bitterly disappointed in 1947 when India gained its independence but allowed itself to be divided into a largely Muslim Pakistan and a largely Hindu India. Gandhi believed that this partition contradicted his teaching that God had fashioned many roads to truth and that all religions teach the same fundamental values.

    When civil war broke out over disputed territory and thousands were killed, the elderly Gandhi walked from village to village (Fortitude) trying to bring people together. The moral authority of Gandhi had become a threat. Radical who wanted a truly separate Hindu India set out to assassinate Gandhi, and he was shot. With his last word, “Ram,” Gandhi invoked the name of God. The “Bhagavad Gita” says, “He who dies with my name upon his lips is freed forever from the cycle of life and joins me in bliss.”

    Think about this: People record and study history so that they can learn lessons from the past. Ideas are not physical, but they are very powerful. A man, who truly believes in these ideals, can create historical events.


    Dan on April 6th, 2009 at 12:54 pm:
    The art of leadership as it should be was discussed in the works of Socrates and Confucius, as I described in my email to you. However, Machiavelli presented in his book “The Prince”, written in 1513, how leadership is in fact. It is as applicable today as it was during the Renaissance. It is useful to CEOs and politicians. Machiavelli is concerned with power. He teaches how to get power and how to keep it. Machiavelli believes that power is everything. What matters is the sheer possession of power. He is not concerned with using power for any good purpose. The leader leads for his benefit. His subjects are sheep to be sheared or threatened with elimination. He believes, contrary to Socrates and Confucius, in one maxim: “Do others in before they do you in.” Machiavelli came to this conclusion by studying the lessons of history. History shows that tyrants are frequently men of mediocre ability, who focus on power and are utterly ruthless in its pursuit. Machiavelli described people as they were. The lessons of Machiavelli are written throughout history, especially the histories of Greece and Rome.

    Machiavelli believed that power is the only thing that people want and that people will do anything to attain it. He believed that the teaching of Socrates, Confucius and Jesus were fine intellectually, but people do not actually behave that way.

    Machiavelli was born in Florence in 1469 and died in 1527. He came from a family of distinction. He had a good education in Latin classics. He learned that history could be used to understand the present. Machiavelli entered bureaucratic service, became a diplomat and traveled widely.

    Machiavelli taught that a person must first decide if he wants power, because a person who does not want power should not seek a role in leadership. Those who seek power must be willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

    The leader must possess several characteristics. He must be cunning, not wise philosophically. He must understand people. The leader is not seeking ultimate truth, he is searching for what works. The leader must be stingy. It is not good to give gifts to people or the leader will be ruined financially. Money is one of the means to procure power. Power is about force, and money is needed to buy that force and sustain it. The leader must be cruel. Being hated and feared is better than being loved. People will not aid a loved leader unless it is convenient for them. However, they will aid a cruel leader in fear of being punished if they do not give him aid when he needs it. The ability to lie is key to his success. The leader should never keep a promise unless it is convenient. He should say whatever is expedient at the moment, than do what he pleases.

    He must appoint his immediate supporters. They must be capable, loyal and under the leader’s control. The followers must be flatterers, but the leader must know when they are flattering him. Anyone who contradicts the leader in public or gives a frank opinion in public must be removed.

    The lessons of Machiavelli were not lost on Hitler and Stalin, who used cruelty and shrewdness. Trotsky, an opponent of Stalin, said, “Joseph Stalin is a mediocrity, but he is not a nonentity.


  • Emily Sandstrom

    Where to put the folks at Guantanamo: If the White House basement was good enough for Ollie North, put them there. They will be right next to their buddy president, he can bring them hors d’oeuvers in the evening and have a chat with them; and the White House already has security, so there would be no extra money expended!
    All this talk of conspiracy is a farce. The real conspiracy is that this president fully intends to destroy the country and have it run by outside foreign interests. He intends to undo the Social Security debt the government owes citizens by making the dollar worthless: Social Security is a fixed income. If people paid the same amount in private insurance they would be very wealthy, and the federal government “borrowed” their money for Viet Nam and other boondoggles. He intends to be president for life (as Nixon did) by declaring martial war when there is an attack, so he lets the Mexican drug cartel situation fester. He softens up the populace for a police state by keeping violent criminals who are illegal in the country. And when I say “he,” the president does this, I really mean whoever owns him and congress is doing these programs. Soros? Soros has exactly the same ideas that are suddenly being bantered around: that everyone should have the same income, have no weapons, that the United Nations should run the world, and so on.
    Speaking of Viet Nam, this was a war that bankrupted France, and we took it over for them: Everybody has forgotten that.

    • Emily Sandstrom

      Oh, I forgot: and the Gitmo folks would be delighted to be in the White House, their dream come true!

  • Draco

    Taxes, we don’t need no stinking taxes.Anybody heard of the Boston Tea Party?Talk about your #6 on the list .The feminization of man.Look at your replys no true grit.I guess what we are going to get today are history lessons.If we don’t act on what we have learned what good is our education? Lord help us.

  • Cherly Riviera

    These types of Joker impressionist generally exaggerate while using the creepiness/darkness. the joker hasn’t been nearly this retarded/paranoid in the movie. esspeically this guy, this joker didnt talk including he / she does. although all in all for just a uncomplicated online video media it is good.


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