Conservatives write open letter to Nancy Pelosi


Not all political representatives think government-regulated healthcare is a great idea and 19 House Democrats recently expressed some of their concerns about the proposed healthcare reform in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The letter was written in response to President Obama’s recent announcement that the government is working towards reducing "the crushing cost of healthcare" and possibly allowing for government-mandated health plans.

The group opposing this move contains conservative democratic representatives from a range of states including Louisiana, Minnesota and Alabama. These politicians fear government-sponsored health insurance will be used to pay for abortions and other pregnancy termination procedures.

As presented on US News and World Report’s blog, God and Country, the letter warns any plan that gives permission to pay for abortions is "unacceptable" and expresses concern that the Health Benefits Advisory Committee may have the power to recommend abortion procedures be covered.

The letter asks for an "explicit exclusion" of abortion in a government healthcare plan because co-signers to the letter "believe in a culture that supports and respects the right to life and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of families."

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