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Conservatives write open letter to Nancy Pelosi

July 2, 2009 by  

Not all political representatives think government-regulated healthcare is a great idea and 19 House Democrats recently expressed some of their concerns about the proposed healthcare reform in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The letter was written in response to President Obama’s recent announcement that the government is working towards reducing "the crushing cost of healthcare" and possibly allowing for government-mandated health plans.

The group opposing this move contains conservative democratic representatives from a range of states including Louisiana, Minnesota and Alabama. These politicians fear government-sponsored health insurance will be used to pay for abortions and other pregnancy termination procedures.

As presented on US News and World Report’s blog, God and Country, the letter warns any plan that gives permission to pay for abortions is "unacceptable" and expresses concern that the Health Benefits Advisory Committee may have the power to recommend abortion procedures be covered.

The letter asks for an "explicit exclusion" of abortion in a government healthcare plan because co-signers to the letter "believe in a culture that supports and respects the right to life and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of families."

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  • Chris

    The “crushing” Obama speaks about is not healthcare, it is the rising cost of the pork stimulus that has failed the economy and aided the select “In” crowd. when a godless liberal by the name of Helen Thomas comes down on the Obama administration complaining of the lack of transparency and dishonesty by Obama’s use of “select” questions prearranged by a select few so as to appear somewhat knowledgeable when he cannot read his cues off his teleprompter makes one wonder if the media lapdogs are not looking for a new master? When the facts behind the healthcare numbers are included in the uncovered become transparent, i.e. the illegal’s, the unemployed, (stimulus?) the young who choose no coverage as they don’t feel the expense is worth it and one comes to realize this is another manufactured crisis in a series of manufactured crisis that continues to enlarge the size and scope of government. It is way past due for the people who care about their country to take back what’s left while there still remains something to salvage. Nancy Pelosi would not know the truth or do the right thing even if she had a teleprompter giving her directions. The abortion issue belongs back in the purview of the states, and its jurisdiction is not allotted to the Federal Government per our constitution, or to the Supreme Court allowing it to be so.

    • HopeforAmerica

      Wrong Chris! I along with many generations of my family, as Americans, we’ve worked hard for what we have, paid our taxes, and when health care becomes too costly, or laid off from a job, we need good dependable health care. Obama is Right! We cannot continue on and do nothing. If we don’t revamp our current healthcare system, we will sink further in debt through medicare and medicaid, and have less to show for it. If France and other countries can afford comprehensive, quality health care at a fraction of what we currently pay for medicare and medicaid, we can do it too!! We voted for Pres. Obama because we want Change! So Yes WE Can have an affordable health care for all citizens, and give the crooked insurance companies a reason to be competitive in a market where there is little to no competititon. Insurance companies are fighting this because they too know they will have to lower employer group prices and offer better coverage !! And I appreciate Pelosi. She is a strong woman who’s intrepid stance is just what we need in a speaker!
      And finally, the law of the land gives a woman the right (freedom) to Choose. I as a woman appreciate that right, and those woman who choose to have an abortion, then so be it. Nobody can make that decision for me, or any woman! It is personal. I agree that any health care option should also cover a woman’s right as it is by law. Too many unwanted pregnancies end up in homes where there is no father, low income, and/or disfunctional homes because the mother could not bear to give her child up for adoption.

      • Roxanne

        Obviously you missed his town hall…the one where he told you you probably didn’t actually need those procedures just pain pills…he isn’t talking health care he is talking elimination of health care…and i guess you missed that the house and senate have opted themselves out of said health care plan….try actually paying attention.Yes there are things that we can do to reduce cost in this country they however have little or nothing to do with the government stepping in and handling it for us.

        • HopeforAmerica

          Roxanne, You’ve taken Obama’s words and misconstrewed them. Obama’s point, of which you apparently missed, was Efficiencies. Efficiency cuts down on unnecessary costs, and Obama was commenting on that physicians malpractice insurance is so high, that physicians often order unnecessary tests while in fact, a simply pill or remedy was all that was required. Obama is working with the physicians (Amer.Medical Assoc), pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and so on, and Wants to hear your health care stories from you, me and everyone so he can put together a plan that works!!!
          For instance, Knock on wood, but if I were to contract a serious illness such as cancer, I want to have piece of mind that the public plan will cover all costs. And I don’t think people who have been laid off their job should have to pay.

        • Pat

          I agree. Some people are only listening to Obama (wrong thing to do; he is being less than truthful). This isn’t so much about fixing health care as redistributing health care to those he favors, giving Acorn and the unions subsidized health care via the taxpayer, and killing off the elderly (and sorry, one can assume nothing else than that from this bill it says limited all over the place….and adding the 50 million Obama wants to add to the existing number of doctors and nurses will absolutely bring about rationing considering he will not allow hospitals or anyone to expand).

          I also have followed the town halls, read this monster bill, and followed every bit of news on it. I also am very upset that this dictator president has maxists as advisors in the government (one has a record that disqualifies him from holding any position in the government, but Obama ignors things like that or minimizes them).

          This bill allows the government access to your medical records, your financial records, access to your checking account, and your IRS records. Given the propensity of politicians to use things like that as weapons when the mood strikes them, I wouldn’t trust them with my dogs name much less all of the personal information I don’t even share with my friends and family. This legislation for those who have not read it, should be read and digested. Heck guys it even has a section between pages 700 and 800 about gender identity that apparently is going to allow the lucky taxpayer to pay for sex change operations. And for the lady that thinks she should have a right to an abortion, I do not agree, but I don’t think that right should extend to making a taxpayer who is prolife to pay for it. You want an abortion, break out your checkbook!

          Oh yes, there aren’t 50 million uninsured unless you count all the illegal aliens, those who make enough money to buy insurance but choose not to and those who are already eligible for medicaid but have not applied. There are only about 14 million truly uninsured who can’t afford insurance, and for that the wing nut in the white house wants to destroy our current health care system.

      • Rod OH

        Hopefor Ameica, I agree with everything you said except Pelosi. There are some people that do NOT belong at that level of responsibilty or power. She is definitely one of those. Haven’t you noticed how Mr. Reid and Mr. Obama “boxed” or in (or out, however you want to say it) at the start of the term? She is too much of a lightening rod or polarizing figure.

      • Chris

        Dear Hope. Responses are never wrong, they are a reflection of an opinion that one exercises. Thanks for the civil response. Opinions when shared are meant to be examined and other information shared to gain knowledge and understanding. As a Christian however I must take exception on your viewpoint that abortion is better than adoption. A dysfunctional home is never good but it beats dying and never knowing the loves of life. It is not a woman’s right to decide life or death and never has been. It has become a “Granted” right by a court in strict defiance of its own heritage. The woman has the choice to protect herself from impregnation through: 1) abstinence, or 2) birth control. After an unwanted conception there is adoption. It is not or ever has been the right of a mother or the father to terminate a pregnancy. If we grant the right to the mother do we also not grant the right to the father? There may be exceptions to this but they should be the exception and not an overall right to kill a child. And when do we decide the child as no right to life? At 3 months, at 6 months, at term? Why do we draw the line at birth? Is life at conception or is it when delivered? Who are we to judge? And when is our Government supposed to interfere in this decision for us? Do we answer to our Government or they to us?
        This brings us to Government healthcare of Medicaid or Medicare or whatever fanciful name one might call it. You want competition? There is no competition when Government steps in and provides benefits at taxpayer expense and can provide benefits at a loss as compared to free enterprise that must maintain a profit to survive. You want cheaper medical care? Then let us insist on an overhaul of our legal system where those who bring frivolous lawsuits are forced to pay when they lose. That alone would bring down the costs of health care. And let us also remember and understand that the 4th leading cause of death in the US is prescription medicine. Perhaps the reason you (and my parents) spend so much is to fill prescriptions that you don’t need. I could go on but the information is out there if you learn to look. There are conflicting “Studies” that prove “This” and other studies that prove “That” all using supposedly the same criterion. What I have learned over the years is the side that refuses to yield to real research and yells the loudest is the one to avoid. This same analysis can be used in politics or any other field. Let’s have a real discussion without yelling. If you have to yell or call names, you are probably wrong.

        • HopeforAmerica

          Chris; One of the points I was trying to make, is that there are many women mostly very young (teenagers) who naturally gain an emotional attachment to the baby once they go to full term, and decide to keep the baby instead of what would in the best interest of the child such as adoption. I don’t know if you’re a woman or a man, but I can tell you as a woman I could not go full term with a baby I did not want, nor would I have a baby without a committed relationship with the father. Call me old fashion, but that’s the way I am. I would have an abortion (if I was too stupid to use birth control), before going that route. That is my Choice, and a choice that no one can choose for me, nor could I choose that for someone else. I respect your opinion on this subject, but the truth is, it is Freedom of Choice! Women have the right to all health care within the law, Period! Hypothetically, I could say that I as a tax payer do NOT wish to pay for some teenager or single woman who cannot support both child and themselves, and still decide to have a baby! But again, I cannot force my beliefs on someone else. They too have the Freedom to Choose!

      • Patricia Henson

        What you just said makes absolutely no sense. A woman can’t bear to give up her child to two parents through adoption but she will elect to kill it outright and give it no chance. That’s pretty warped thinking. I’ve been hearing lately about babies being aborted when in actually they were far enough along to live on it’s own . Some for no other reason than that it is summer and the mother won’t fit into her bikini. How sad. The healthcare bill has nothing to do with healthcare. It is a plan to bring this country into ruin. I know what it is like to have no money but need a medicine or a procedure that I couldn’t pay for. It’s tough but I still didn’t feel entitled to it because I live in this country. I just worked harder or borrowed money until I could pay for it myself. That is the American way. What about all of the ILLEGALS that the government wants to cover? Am I supposed to be happy about paying for them to get care that I can’t? What part of Illegal don’t people understand? I’m tired of being forced to help people who are too lazy to help themselves. I’m tired of the attitude of entitlement that people are adopting these days. Good ole fashioned work has always worked for me. I raised two boys on my own and never asked anyone for anything. Was I ever worried? The answere to that is a resounding YES! It’s time to get off of your duffs and do what it takes to take care of your own families and quit thinking that it’s someone elses job. Someone else just died today so now it’s up to a new person. YOU!

        • HopeforAmerica

          Patricia; *Where did you get your information that the gov’t wants to provide health care for illegal aliens ??? I’m asking because I have not heard of no such thing. So, please tell me Where did you get your information ??*

          Have you heard the horror stories and watched the interviews of people who were Cancelled by their insurance companies the moment they got sick with cancer, and some were stricken with less severe ailments?? My god, the insurance companies are NOT going to go out of their way to provide you, me, and fellow co-workers with a low cost, quality health care policy because they will have to cut their profit margin!! For the most part, there is very little competition out there, which gives the insurance companies NO incentive. A public plan Will Force the insurers to provide Better Coverage at Better Rates to businesses!! It’s a win-win. The insurance companies are spending upwards of a million or so $$$ everyday to try and defeat a public plan because they do Not want to have to lower they profit margins!!! The Ceo’s make billions !! People should not have to loose their homes they worked for all their lives, and worse end up on the street homeless!! No, not in America!

          The public plan will save us tax payers ten’s of millions of dollars, and we’ll get more for our money!! And we don’t have a choice, we have to act now otherwise medicare and medicaid will skyrocket!! My god, if France and other European countries can do it, so can we!

          • Bud

            Dear Lemming,

            Sorry to be so blunt, but you is an idiot.

        • Patricia Henson

          Dear hope for America, I have actually listened to Obama tell us what he wants to do and he has every intention of covering illegals. He tells us so. He markets it as he doesn’t want the hospitals to go under because the illegals will use the hospital emergency rooms when they get sick so we may as well cover them for that reason. Have you heard the Europeans and the Canadians who do have managed care tell their own horror stories? Did you know that alot of them come to the U.S. to get their care because the treatments are refused to them in their own countries. When you are covered by government programs it is they who decide what care you get. Did you know that older people like your parents would be turned down for care if they got cancer because they are older and no longer beneficial to society? It’s true. I right now have a husband who has colon cancer and I know our system isn’t perfect but if the government wants to do something they need to regulate medical cost and regulate these big insurance companies not take over your medical care. I hope I have answered some of your questions.

      • mike

        I work in a lower income neighborhood with “at-risk” youth. None of the children I work with should have been aborted…nor should the many others that have been because a mother “decided” she couldn’t afford a baby or their family is dysfunctional, or whatever. These parents (mothers) want to keep collecting a paycheck…welfare and stamps by having more children and they also encourage their young daughters to do the same. Instead of telling them they can have HOPE in their future and also CHANGE their circumstances in life, we must tell them they have to CHANGE their behavior and way of thinking. YES THEY CAN choose to stay in school and graduate. YES THEY CAN turn off the crap on TV and quit hangin on the streets to finish their homework. YES THEY CAN choose to not have sex with any boy/man that comes along and tells them what they want to hear. Once they, or any woman CHOOSES they can sleep around, then in my opinion, they have lost the CHOICE to kill that baby. YES THEY CAN find other options and as they search those options out, they might actually CHOOSE to raise their child developing within them. I’m going to continue to work with lower income, at-risk boys/girls and teach them character, and good decision making skills. If they CHOOSE to play with guns and shoot off their foot, then they live with that decision…if they choose to have sex and become pregnant or become infected w/ a STD, then they CHOOSE to live with that. We teach alcoholics and drug addicts to go to AA/NA, call their sponsor, do what they have to do to stop the “stinkin’ thinkin” that may lead to a drink or hit. Why are we not doing that w/ our children and teaching them that their options and they have the ability to CHOOSE not to sleep around. The hypocracy is amazing! I don’t think our coming Nationalized Health Care system, with my hard earned money should pay for Drug Addicts often repeated attempts at sobriety or for the WOMEN and CHILDREN who CHOOSE to sleep around. My dimes shouldn’t pay for that. My dimes ought to go to providing for my family that I chose to have and support. The lower income youth I work with…most of their dads are long gone, most of the moms are struggling or addicted…all BAD CHOICES…their is HOPE for a better future for them, if WE CHANGE our attitudes. GUess what….I’d say most of the DADS that are long gone, and the mothers who made bad choices and are collecting their FREE money with our hard earned money…VOTED FOR Pres. OBAMA and his HOPE and CHange rhetoric. May God Bless America and forgive us our bad CHOICES.

        • Eva

          HopeforAmerica: Please wake up. Most of America already gives illegal aliens free healthcare. They do in my state. Also, anyone that cannot afford healthcare can go to the University hospital and receive healthcare. No one is rejected. As a taxpayer, why should have to pay even more when I am already paying for it now? Any wakeup people. At some point we will not have anything left to give. We are quickly approaching a third world country status if we as a country go bankrupt. The old Chinese proverb still applies: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. America is in the business of passing out fish.

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        ” Too many unwanted pregnancies end up in homes where there is no father, low income, and/or disfunctional homes because the mother could not bear to give her child up for adoption.”
        Wrong….. Unwanted pregnancies are usually a result of irresponsible people. There are too many ways to prevent pregnancy and abstaining from sex is the cheapest and best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. People do not go through ‘heat cycles’ as animals, but it almost seems like that is the case when you see so many at abortion clinics to rid their ‘mistake’ from their lives.
        As far as Nancy Pelosi goes, she is only in it for herself, much like Obama. She is scary, as is he. Too many people are believing all the crap they spew, and perhaps you are one of them. I don’t buy it. And as our great country goes further and further into debt and unemployment, all I can say is don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for him!

      • Robert

        Wait to see your taxes increase and a bill from the government, which if you don’t pay up, will garnish your wages. You think affordable ‘free health care’ is right up your alley, just wait and see. The money has to come from somewhere to pay for this ‘free healthcare’, and you’re going to be subverted into a socialist parasite, courtesy of the us government.

  • s c

    There are many reasons why Queen Pelosi is not good enough to be in Washington. SHE has taken it upon herself to SANCTION and BLESS the passing of legislation that has not been read or understood by Congress. Her actions prove that America is being TAXED WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. She is not competent. She is power-mad. She hates the American people. She hates freedom. SHE MUST RESIGN. She must be denied EVERY retirement benefit.
    If her salary was $1 a year, it would be too much. A California IOU is too good of a salary for her. How can ANY sane, rational American not see this woman for who and what she is? She is a CURSE to this nation!

    • Cribster

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      • Dickie

        Years ago, This EVIL EVIL Anti-Chirst thing,Told a reporter what in the hell did he expect that the, I use this word lossey,[learders] of our country to stand on a street corner & sell pencils to make a liveing, Thet get millons of dollars when they retire if they ever do, Or they get more worthles like byrd,in VA. If you don”t beleve me, & you are not to scard go to you tube punch nancey pelosi, And see for yourself just how damn stupid she is,She & boxer has broke Calif. & all the demons-there are pushing real hard to make all the illeagles,leagle just to get their DAMN VOTES, & THATS ALL, DAMN THINK ABOUT IT MY GOD PEOPLE, SHE OPEN HER STUPID ASS MOUTH & LIED ON THE CIA< & AMERICA, You seen how fast she shut up didn:t you.Why don”t she fly her family,& puppets around in a commercial plane like other people,Instead on tax payers money, For $65,000. 00 per wk. Figure it up fokes, Around $3380000.00. A year not counting the money she spends other wise, But she desevers it,Boxer is a taxs cheat, They would put us in prison if we did”nt pay ours.People are loseing their homes,jobs,bussiness, & pride to the illeagles, So they can just in office, The Qeen of Calif. won”t never be satisfyed until she has broke all of America, Do you realize that if this health care passes, We will paying for all illeagles medcial,And the nasty rich that don”t Taxs, Well you wanted CHANGE YOU DAMN WELL GOT IT. Were in the hell is all this money going to come from if they don”t raise tax”es WHERE? We don”t get to vote on anything nothing, WE just let them do what in the hell they want, While WE lose,Obamb, Even said WE the American need to stop this spending, Where in the hell did he get that from, They are the ones stealing,& wasteing our money on garbage, I pray not, But it is going to get alot worse, If we keep putting these slobs, Back in with their little smiles, Shakeing hands, And lieing through their teeth, Even the good old boys & girls you would not think would do that to you, Who in the hell do think gave our jobs away to other country”s, They did!!!. Not us.So while you are loseing every thing to illeagls,Thank pelosi,boxer,reid,muthar, & Good old boy ted.

        • David G. From Michigan

          There is a way to take care of the illegals in this country.It has been done before back in 1953 i beleive it was.Go to “GOOGLE” and type in “OPERATION WETBACK” and see what comes up.If it could be done back then with a lot less manpower,then we sure as hell can do it today.The only problem is that the Democrates and some Republicians don’t want any kind of reform,because they just want there stinking VOTES so they can stay in office and really screw everything even more.


    • Jerri Jeffres

      all I can say is AMEN, she needs to leave the office and get someone who loves the United States and our freedom. Also, Healthcare needs to be left to the people. The poor will always be with us and some are of their own choice; too lazy to work and make better of themselves; they want everything given to them and if we would get the illegal aliens out of our country we wouldn’t have to give so much free medical help.

      • http://n/a Shore Barb

        AMEN again. Healthcare does need to be left to the people. 12 million of the socalled uninsured are illegal aliens. Get them out of here. Sign up the medicare people who have not signed up. They do not have computers or a means to get their benefits. We will always have the poor and medicaid pays for them.

    • Sandy Close

      Polosi does not reply to her E-mails. I guess she doesn’t think her employers are important enough. She caters to the Gays and the illegals, promises them everything, gives nothing but more taxes. She needs to be voted out. The woman does not know reality because she was born into politcs and money. She needs to go out and work a real job for a month, not her phoney photo opts at the soup kitchens.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy koch

      $1 a year is too much for Pelosi..

      • Dickie

        You, Judy, This evil skank, get millons of our money for retirement, & Free health care, But the politicans get a different plan than we get stuck with & the worse part is WE pay these evil thugs Inus, Not them.

    • Robert

      I think that Nacy Pelosi is another one that needs to drop out the picture & shut up.

    • Michael Willey

      Your words and wisdom ring so true. Now what can the American people do to cease this relentless onslaught that seeks to turn our nation into another, piteous, social state? We need the support of the citizens of California to enact a recall of Pelosi on the grounds that she is corrupt and has failed to represent the will of the people of the state of California and the citizens of the United States of America! This is without doubt, the most corrupt Congress and administration in the history of our great nation. We must free ourselves of their influence quickly before we are mere dupes.

    • HopeforAmerica

      California is hurting like the rest of the US. Nobody expected this deep of a recession, or the sharp decline in taxes to support services.

      And I completely disagree with You. Pelosi is a great speaker, and doing just what the dems want!

      • jim

        califofnia is hurting because of the pelose& reed stupity how hard is that to see, the sharp decline in taxes is mostly because crazy envirmental laws that won’t let us explore for the oil/gas/uranium / under our feet, when you shut down entire industry’s it will all of us

      • Thomas Paine

        There is hope for America. The same hope that once allowed us to found this great nation. Some of us (Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton) called it what it was, an “experiment”. An experiment to see if people could really rule themselves or would forever be destined to depend on accident and force whether from monarchy or oligarchy. It was an experiment in rule of the people, by the people and for the people. Where common good and general “well-being” were at the very core of the reason for this nation. Note that in using “well-being” I use the word that conveys the original meaning of “welfare” as used in the United States Constitution, not the meaning that has been thrust upon us today in the NEVER INTENDED form of the government dole, consisting of confiscated monies and goods ripped from the hands of the hard working and set aside for the those, not who need it – our individual charity bids us take care of them – but to those who cry “foul” and “restitution” and “I am entitled”.

        That which is not for the common good – that which undermines or tries to negate the laws of nature and nature’s God – must be cast aside and eschewed from our nation and ourselves. This includes such aberrations of nature, and which nature’s God took time to specifically mention in His own Law so that there would be no chance of misunderstanding, that seek to undermine the common good: as murder, lies/deception, adultery in all its forms (promiscuity, homosexuality, extramarital liaisons, etc.). These are not protected, in fact are utterly denounced as the wickedness they are, and all laws that try to protect them must now and forever be declared un-Constitutional and removed.

        You are entitled, to be sure we all are, with certain rights in whose exercise a government may not interfere. While some (including Hamilton) did not want to enumerate any rights in the Constitution, feeling that no thinking man or woman would NOT know what rights are inalienable, and fearing that enumerating some would lead to the exclusion of others, it is fortunate that at least some were enumerated in the first ten amendments. For we have seen throughout history that there are those who try to tell use that what is not mentioned is not guaranteed. How wrong they are. The IXth amendment specifically tells them that “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” All that supports life, and which is for the common good and general well-being, and is in concert with the laws of nature’s God, are inalienable rights – including rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as well as property, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. Some have taken the right to the “pursuit of happiness” to mean “doing whatever I want” and using it to usurp the rights of others and the Constitution’s protection thereof. Again let me clarify by giving you the meaning of that phrase, “pursuit of happiness”, from the era in which the Constitution was written so you may understand the intent – it is the right to pursue any legal activity as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

        Note too, that life is a right. Therefore, whether you be religious or secular, if you be a member of this country you must be allowed to exercise your right to try to live. You must be able to try to live free. And, to defend the Constitution which is the law of this land, you must defend that right of others as well; especially those who cannot defend that right themselves. For this reason alone, even if it were not murder to kill a child in the womb, because it has a right to life, we must defend it.

        Rights cannot be taken from us. The Constitution and representative system of government which is sworn to uphold it by EXECUTING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE were meant to protect our rights. The Constitution and law were not meant to control the people, but to limit the government’s ability to control the people. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The Xth Amendment to the Constitution in what is known as the Bill of Rights. That needs no further explanation for its intent and meaning is as clear today as the day it was written.

        Rights cannot be taken from us, but we can choose to give them up. Our choices have consequences – do not for a moment believe that it is any other way, or that the Constitution or any other law should shield us from the consequence of our choices. If I choose to walk on the highway and get hit by a truck, my choice has a consequence. If I choose to kill my neighbor, I have given up my rights to life and liberty as surely as I took his rights for the same from him. If we choose promiscuity and pregnancy is the result we give up the right to an unencumbered life and take on the responsibility of being a parent or finding someone who is willing to be a parent to the child. If a heinous, unwelcome, violent sexual act perpetrated on another results in a pregnancy, the perpetrator has given up his right to life and liberty. But what of the the victim who has become pregnant? Unfortunately all crimes have victims (i.e. there are NO victimless crimes), that is why all crimes must be punished. And all victims need our help in their healing. But even this innocent victim must bravely defend the right of the other victim who is both innocent and cannot defend itself, the conceived child. Let the charity of family and neighbor support the poor soul who finds herself in this situation, taking care of her needs, but do not allow the murder of the innocent victim she carries.

        Today, the oligarchy of the large banks, under the auspices and direction of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve (the only federal part of it is that the President gets to appoint to its board of governors) , constantly adjusts the value of our monies to suit its own end, constantly interfering with the common good and general well-being of our country and its citizens.

        Today, the office of President, through the use of executive orders, is the monarchy that seeks to limit and revoke our freedoms by taking upon itself a power that was reserved for our representative Congress, the ability to enact law.

        Today, the lives of all Americans are at the mercy of those they did not elect, called Czars (the very word means “emperor”, in Latin it is Caesar) appointed by the monarch formerly known as the office of the President, who enact rule, policy and law without due process in the elected bodies of Congress.

        Today, we are unrepresented by those we elect to represent us. Those who vote not the will of their constituency but their own ideology, to their own end and purpose. Enacting laws which unduly encumber us and levy confiscatory taxes to drive a machine that serves not the people, but themselves and their agenda.

        Today, the foreign enemy, in the form of the United Nations, seeks to punish successful nations and hold them hostage through its treaties and conventions. Their stated intention is to create world equality – while they simultaneously, through impotence and internal corruption, allow tyrannical governments to prosper off the backs and bodies of their own people. The United States is not equal to the other nations of the world. It is better by design. Its prosperity is the result of the limited government that we had for the first 2/3 of our life as a nation, that allowed individuals to prosper. That’s why the rest of the world turns to us constantly for help in its various needs and we have more than generously given, even when common sense dictates we should withhold. We must continue to hold fast to and exercise our sovereignty and decry the adoption of any convention or treaty that attempts to usurp the authority of the Constitution. Our Constitution is our law, we will not have the law of a foreign power, nor answer to a foreign court. Now or ever. Kyoto – No. IPCC based Cap and Trade – No. UNCRC – absolutely not.

        This country, this experiment, has been proven a success and carried us well, despite those foreign and domestic who would have set us asunder. The world has seen: A people can govern themselves. Very successfully. Our country does not need alteration or adulteration. It needs preservation in its original form. But for several decades, the insidiousness of a few already mentioned, with stealth and treachery, for their own gain and power, have usurped our Constitution, usurped our liberty, usurped our rights – all in the name of “progress”. We are told to embrace diversity, but they mean give up patriotism and succumb to disunity and “class warfare”. We are told we must practice tolerance, but we who want to speak truth are not tolerated and our speech and acts are called “hate”. We are told that we must embrace a global economy, while they seek to re-distribute our wealth and prosperity to those who have squandered theirs. We are told that we must save the planet, the whales, the owls – animals at the expense of human life and freedom.

        Ben (Franklin) helped me to come to this country. I valued his friendship and his wisdom. While he is credited with many witty and wise sayings, the one I wish to bring to your attention now is “A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

        There is Hope for America. First, leave your ignorance behind and GET INFORMED. Public school curriculum is inexorably being re-written to support socialist, communist, globalist ideology. The revisionist histories that are presented and the skewed logic of entitlement and “fairness” they teach have caused an entire generation, perhaps two, to be uneducated in the America that is sovereign and free. Perversions are being taught as “alternate lifestyles” and deviant behavior is being taught as “being yourself” and if current legislation passes will be legally protected, while normal and natural behavior is considered passe and speaking out against deviants is considered hateful . Relativism and plurality are destroying our ability to discern truth and right. The many are being enslaved by the ideology of the few, and those few have an ideology that is abhorrent to nature and nature’s God, and therefore needs to be abhorrent to us. We need to reject this and seek out an education that will teach us to know and prize the rights that God has given us, and reject those, who we elect to serve us, but instead use their office and the perception that they are law MAKERS who control us, when indeed they are OUR EMPLOYEES.

        There IS Hope for America. By making a choice. By taking back what is rightfully ours, originally endowed to us by our Creator. By saying, as the founders of our country said “No taxation without representation” and FIRING our employees (Congress, President) because they are not doing the job we hired them for.

        Maybe you’ve never been involved in politics before and were content to let others do the work, debate the issues, and felt that your one voice could not have an effect. An orchestra is made up of individual instruments. A symphony is made up of individual notes. But when they act in concert, the beauty they create is astounding. Now is the time to raise your voice. When we are all raising our voices our symphony will not be able to be ignored. Our will will not go unheard, nor can it go unheeded.

        Peaceful revolution is preferable when possible, so let’s start this way:
        1) Call, write, and fax your Representatives and Senators. Let them know what you want, let them hear your side. Let them know they are YOUR employees and how you want them to vote.
        2) If any don’t act in your best interests, get them out of there. Don’t be fooled by their “look I got you this money, and we got this bridge built” tactic. That’s your money anyway, and giving you back some of what was illegally appropriated in the first place is NOT doing you a favor. Vote them out at every election. Elect a new one and let them know that if they don’t represent you, you won’t vote for them.
        3) Require term limits of one term for every Representative, Senator and President. Every 2 years, put in a new Representative. Every 6 years, put in a new Senator. Every 4 years put in a new President. How about your neighbor? How about you? Congress and our Presidency was never meant to be full of lawyers and Ivy League graduates – it was meant to be full of people representing their own people back home.

        Our Hope for America does not rest in the man who would be king, nor in those who would control instead of represent us. It does not rest in re-inventing our nation in the form of those countries we left in order to “form a more perfect union”. Our Hope rests in Americans who want what God granted them and which this Country was created to preserve and foster. Our Hope rests in taking back to ourselves what was created for us by those willing to fight and die for it. Our Hope rests in the Second American Revolution. Take back our country we must, or we will forever be relegated to a footnote in the annals of history. And that we CANNOT allow to happen.

        No citizen can be silent. No citizen can say “it’s not my battle”. Every citizen must muster to the cause. This means ME. This means YOU.

      • Linda Dudek

        Are you in the land of oz? Nancy Pelosi has a lot of empty space in her head. Did you happen to watch her answer questions to the media about how the CIA mislead her to believe they weren’t using waterboarding on our prisoners of war? She clearly lied and hemmed and hawed her way out. Then she had the gaul to just drop it and refuse to answer any more. I think she should be thrown out. It is a criminal offence for her to accuse our CIA of such allegations without proof. That of which congress refuses to produce !

      • Frodnaps

        Dear Hope,
        Read the bills if you want to know about pandering to the illegals. It’s all there. The mainstream media doesn’t report such things as it’s not flattering to the Democratic party. This may sound like an extreme statement, but close attention will prove it to be true. The statement that France and others can afford this great health care ignores the truth of the matter, which is that all of the countries with socialized medicine are in serious financial trouble because of the expense.. Again, I suggest looking at foreign press as well. I spent nine years in Germany, and they have a wonderful socialized medicine program, but it is bankrupt because of a demografic shift, a significant drop in birth rate for the last 30 years. As a result, many more folks are now drawing on it than are paying into it. Sound familiar? It should, as our Social Security system is in the same shape for many of the same reasons, excepting that it was taken out of trust. The next question is, how are we going to pay for this, in addition to all the other outlays already done? I have the same question about a change which will put an extra $500 in my pay for life. Sounds good, and who couldn’t use the money, but HOW do we pay for that in a way that doesn’t hurt us all? Nobody has an answer for me.And the fast track method of passing hugely important bills without time for even the legislators to read them, never mind consistenly broken promises to allow time for the same by the public, will never give us the results we need. Let me tell you, I have been living with government run health care for many years now, and it’s not as good as one might think. I went to them for four and a half years with chest pains. I knew I was looking at my own possible death all that time. Finally, sent to the cardiologist, he said ” there’s nothing wrong with you. Come back in two years!. Six days later I had a heart attack. You see, the face the same problems as everyone else, and so will you if this goes through. In closing, I hope that you understand the spirit in which this is written. I am reaching out, sharing some of what I know, and trying my best to answer your questions, and give a counterpoint as well. The point is not politicl affiliation, the point is we are being failed by our government as it now exists. My wish is that you be well and happy. That’s what I want as well.

      • Bud

        Dear Hopeless,

        Sorry to be so blunt again, but you is still an idiot!

    • cj

      That about says it all…AMEN!

    • s c

      Queen Pelosi and her partners-in-crime only exist to destroy America. We deserve and must have TRUE trash removal. Every time new legislation is pushed, ‘certain’ names must appear in it. That is, each document needs to contain language that says ‘certain’ elected slime will immediately RESIGN, sacrifice their retirement, and then LEAVE America. Experience proves that the legislation WON’T be read by anyone. Those elected #*%&@ will have to go elsewhere, and we can begin re-stocking Congress. Fair is fair. Et tu! Good riddance to rotten rubbish. LET THE HEALING OF AMERICA BEGIN!

      • http://cw2generals Lee

        Loud mouth and consistantly WRONG “Pelosi” and her henchmen , CONGRESS should listen only to “We The People” that let her stay there ( by Mistake) .

        The recall of Congress will stop OBAMA and The good old guys!

        Your opinion, please. The Southern General of
        Cw2 generals

    • mitch

      yeah, but its worse than that she’s also a bitch

    • Robert

      Nancy Pelosi ia a very dangerous person having to weild so much power, and having an IQ of a radish.

  • Mike D.

    The “Queen” is were she is today only because of who her father was. I believe if it were not for Tommy D.’s influence no one would have given her any recognition at all. Just my opinion.

  • Viv

    Quessn P youhave seen and heard!!! There isn’t anything else to add but STEP DOWN YOU ARE NOT WANTED!!!!!!!!!

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      That will never happen. She will have to be forced out. If that is possible.

      • Lilllian Hodges

        What will it take to force her out? She needs to be ousted as soon as possible.
        She spends taxpayers money on her trips–such as researching her family roots in
        Italy! She is a rich woman who is power hungry.
        I am highly upset that congressionals have voted themselves a raise when the rest of
        us are not to get an increase in Social benefits for at least two years. Congressman
        do not have to depend on Social Security and Medicare as we do.
        I am a registered nurse who is 75 years of age and have to continue too work part time to be able to afford things I need and a few pleasurable things in life.
        I thought I would be able to enjoy my senior years–not spend them working!!

        • Brian Rawls

          I feel for you Lilllian. I hate to hear things like that. I believe that voting this evil person out of office is just not good enough. For what she has done I believe she should be spending the next 20 years in prison. The people of the city should recieve a cut of her wealth.

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    Obama said if his kids make a mistake they should not be punished with a child. Did you not think that this health care plan would probably include abortion. Omg people wake up! He made this speach! Did all of you not hear it?

    • K.C.

      I heard it and what else I heard (or read into it) was that if an unborn child doesn’t mean that much to him what do YOU mean or I mean or anyone else mean to him?

      • Robert

        He is bent on the destruction of our country, and being two faced about it. He came from nowhere, has no past history, no birth certificate, nobody has ever heard of him in college, been caught in lies, he is not compete enough to lead this country to better it for the future, and for the children to inherit this country. Is he a puppet on strings for an agenda from some obscure orgainization? He has enough traitorous people surrouding him to do his bidding, besides being a traitor himself.

    • K.C.

      I heard it and what else I heard (or read into it) was that if an unborn child doesn’t mean that much to him what do YOU mean or I mean or anyone else mean to him? These people MUST go…

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    Pelosi will not listen to a letter! These people are not going to stop no matter how manny letters are written. They all have one agenda and they will not stop until they get what they want.

    • K.C.

      Understand that uz….then what “We the People” must do is step up to the plate and see that she does go, along with the rest of those comedians up there….Al Franken should feel right at home with all those comedians up there in DC

      • debrarae

        I agree with brian, we all have to step up to the plate and make our voices heard. WIth the senate having a 60 seat majority, that will be all the harder. But understand, it is not ‘impossible’.

        However with all the ‘comedians’ having the say over who is and is NOT deamed to be worthy of life (and with I, my children, and everyone else with Aspergers and Autism on the brink of being forced to sign a voluntary registy/monitoring system in accordance with hr 2413 and s 819), I don’t find any of this ‘funny’.

        • Brian Rawls

          I do not find any of this funny. This is a terrible series of events that have taken place in this great nation. Most people will not flat out tell you the truth because their ratings might drop. Or they do not want to offend any one. I dont care who gets offended. My right to voice my feelings and opinions has been paid for in blood.

      • Brian Rawls

        I believe that all the blunders with the economy have been orchestrated.This has been aimed at getting the American public to give up liberty for a false sense of security. You are right Obama does not care for the public. If you traveled to any mideastern country that bases their laws on Islam you would find all kinds of human rights issues. What does that say about a closet muslim. I dont want to sound rash by saying this but Islam is not a freindly religion. I see it all the time in the American media people say they know people that are muslim and they are good people. This may be true but they are not true to their religion or they are liars. This would mean that their doctrin changes geographicly.

        • Michael Willey

          I concur with your assessment completely.

        • HopeforAmerica

          Brian; What the ^%@# are you talking about ??!! Did you by chance read what you wrote before hitting the “submit commit” button?? Talk about Pananoid, unfounded and baseless rhetoric! Do you think people are out to get you??? I think there may be medication for that!! lol.
          And what you said, doesn’t even make any sense! Give up What Liberty?? Getting a health care OPTION is MORE Liberty, more Choice!!

          You said,”I believe that all the blunders with the economy have been orchestrated.This has been aimed at getting the American public to give up liberty for a false sense of security. You are right Obama does not care for the public”. LOL. It was greedy bankers on Bush’s watch who over leveraged and gamble big, and lost. The sad truth is, the banks not only gambled with their own solvency, but they gambled the health of our economy. The Bush administration was notorious for looking the other way on so many levels including the FDA, EPA, etc. if it greased the hand of big oil, corporations; all with the underlining theme of making money.

          And by the way, stop with the ridiculous and petty BS about Obama and his religion. He’s a Christian, and you know what? There are good muslims, good Christians, Good jews, good hindus, etc. Just like their are bad Christians, bad muslims, bad jew and so on. Who cares what religion he is anyways!! i judge people by who they are, and what they stand for. I find President Obama a man of who comes from an average middle class family and who has worked for everything he has. He knows what it is to struggle, and understands the middle class. We finally have a president who is truly for the people. God bless President Obama, and God Bless America!

  • Winston

    I live here in Ca. I’m white and a professional engeer——- There is NO work here for me. I can not get unemployment food stamps or anything. I have never asked for any of these things. But when I did ( nothing , nada , zip ) I do believe it had somethng to do with my skin color and I have no kids in my home. I’m going to lose my truck 90 days behind , and my apt. the my wife and I have lived in for 2 1/2 years. We will be on the street . So my question for our (wonderful over sized gov. ) WERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE JOBS THAT WERE TO BE OPENING UP ??
    Anyway I’ve said my peace , Thank you for listening (USN-RET ) Winston
    and no VA the can’t do anything eather———–Thanx

    • Winston

      Engineer / sorry

    • debrarae

      Winston, my prayers are with you.

      When I was in your position, I took on jobs with temporary employment agencies until I could find a permenant job. That way I was able to keep something on my ‘experience’ so no ‘blanks’ showed up.

      By the way there are temp agencies every where for a variety of occupations from just light industrial, to all the way up the coorporate ladder.

      Hang in there.

      • LoneWolf57

        Have you been to the temp agencies lately? They have more people than they have temp positions.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

      They WERE SUPPOSED TO BE shovel ready jobs. What a joke!!!

      • HopeforAmerica

        Judy; What state do you live in?? It first up to the state to get lead out and apply for funding. I know my state’s has shovel ready projects, we’re getting a huge chunk of stimulus money!! We’re getting stimulus money for road and infastructure in my state! But it takes time to approve the projects, and much of the money is still coming.
        Go to, and you can view what Stimulus money Your state has receiced or is receiving!

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

          What, shovel ready jobs for the summer? Still a joke

        • Brian Rawls

          I dont understand what you are doing on this site. You must have a afilliation with the hemorrhoid with ears, or a similiar group. Get off his marbles you need to come up for air at some point.

        • Thomas Paine

          Dear “HopeForAmerica”
          You are falsely named, for you offer neither hope, nor do you espouse the ideas of America. You toe the monarchist socialist line which led to our secession from the crown some 233 years ago.

          The only hope lies, not in re-distribution of our wealth to “make work” projects by a government that has lied about what they intend and why; who continue to foster “panic” and push through congressional bills that are so large, no one can read, let alone understand, them in the 1-2 days given them; who are spending right now more than all the presidents and congress COMBINED in our 233 year history; who have replaced the securing of blessing of liberty for our posterity with the encumbrances of paying off a debt which we did not ask for, do not need and which will continue to grow, until we the people say ENOUGH.

          All of you here have taken the brave step of speaking your mind among equals. Now speak your mind to your employees. You are their superiors. You have nothing to fear from them, but let them know they have things to fear from you. Let them know how you want them to vote. Do not listen to rhetoric or promises – they are false. Just ask why, when the stimulus which had to be rushed through without thorough reading and no chance to ask we the people what we thought, in order to save 3 million jobs has not saved 1/10th that many jobs but, instead we have lost almost 3 million jobs since the stimulus was approved. Then, they told us “pass it now, so that we can stem the bleeding”, now it’s “the stimulus will take time, we can’t expect miracles”. Both are lies. The stimulus didn’t work when FDR tried it. won’t work for BHO either. Because it can’t work. It is foreign to a free enterprise and free country. Don’t listen to them. Tell them how you want them to analyze bills, get input from their constituents and then vote the will of we the people. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Then, at the first possible opportunity, at each election, a complete turnover of all elected members of government is the first order of business for those who would be free of “good old boy” dealings and corruption. It’s time to clean out those musty old closets and throw out the trash. If you can’t find someone you trust to represent you for the next election – run yourself. Both current parties are corrupt and members vote party lines. They aren’t supposed to vote party lines, they are supposed to vote the expressed will of we the people. So let them know your will. Then hold them to it.

          And tell your Congressman that, like little Michael Banks in the classic movie Mary Poppins when his tuppence was taken – “Give it Back!” What hasn’t been spent already of the earmarked stimulus – Give it Back. What has been given to companies to bail them out (a crime in itself) – Get it Back and Give it Back. What is wrongfully taken from us each year in the form of extreme payroll and income taxes – Give it Back. We the people know best what we want. We the people know best how to use that which we earn for ourselves and our families. We the people know best who to take care of who is too poor to take care of themselves – hospitality and generosity reached an all time high in this country during the time when people, because of greed ridden banking oligarchies and failed government stimulus plans held us in the Great Depression 7 years longer than necessary, were under the same problems as now – but instead of looking for a handout they shared what little they had with those who had even less.

          Take your faith out of Washington. Stop making excuses for yourselves and certainly stop making excuses for them. Take back America.

    • Dickie

      I feel for you, Sorry,I have friends selling things,just to stay alive,While I see illeagles rideing around in brand new trucks,cars,Better than i have & i am a 60-yr old American with No ins, Would love to retire in two yrs, I would love to have a quarter of what pelosi & boxer, will get just one year, The sad part is they don”t give a damn about us.Good luck my friend.

    • Pat Rutland

      Winston, I am so sorry that you are in this situation. In my opinion, the job situation is only going to get worse.
      My advice to all reading these response: The Money Is On the Internet!! I know of people who has done Internet Marketing using PC’s at the Public Library. If you know anyone who is working online, ask them to help you become familiar with it.
      (That’s what we are here for–to help our Neighbor in need). There are so many new business starting up now online, with the “newbie” in mind.
      I am 66 yrs.old, drawing very little SS. I babysit 4 of my great-grandkids to help me at least be able to eat & pay my utility bills. [ Today while eating lunch, one of the 2 yr. old twin girls started throwing her food at her brother & sister. I reprimanded her within the legal guidelines :-) and told them that there were millions of kids that were hungry and would very much like to have their food.]

      I would love to see a Major Overhaul in Washington, starting with the “Change”
      man, Pelosi the Queenie and so many more.
      I now feel that Action along with Prayers will work. {God didn’t leave America–
      America has left God out of Everything for Too Long!!

      • HopeforAmerica

        Pat; Many of those “internet startup” businesses are SCAMS. Beware!!
        If you are not internet savvy, and don’t have alot of experience on the net, you are easy game for a scammer. Even experienced savvy internet users, have to wary and careful.

        And … Pres. Obama said the job situation would get Much worse before it gets better. Economists have also said that even when the economy recovers, the Last, last sign of recovery will be employers hiring.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

          Obama said with stimulus money it would stop job loss. Oh that’s right Joe Biden said that didn’t realize how bad the economy was. Seems to me this administration doesn’t realize a lot of things.

  • debrarae

    I am totally against ‘Socialized/communist/facist’ health care. Even when I and my children qualified for medicade, medicare, social security, and 100% disability; I refused to accept these benifits.

    I refused to accept these benifits because I wanted the freedom to ‘chose’ the treatments that would ‘actually work’, and not the treatments that the government deemed to give us.

    Obama’s, Palosi’s, Reid’s etc… government health care package openly discriminates against myself, my children, and every one else living with Autism/Aspergers. As a matter of fact according to, HR 2413 and S 819 call for every man, woman, and child with Aspergers/Austim to sign a so called ‘voluntary’ registry (and SUBMIT to being monitored as though we are all common criminals).

    I have to ask WHY I am not surprised that the administration, the liberal, and even the conservative media has NOT to covered this little ‘horror story’ of Health care reform?

    • debrarae

      I meant to say ….

      I have to ask WHY I am not surprised that the administration, the liberal and conservative media has not covered this little ‘horror story’ of Heath care reform?

      Sorry for the TYPO.

    • GrammiSami

      The “effete” media will not cover anything that makes the liberals look bad and like the tyrants they are, and the conservative media just isn’t keeping up with all the rush to get everything past the public. The health care system is broken because :
      1-So many billions of $s are going to pay for health care to welfare recipients, etc.
      that the medical providers are trying to make up a deficit by jumping charges
      to people with insurance.
      2-There needs to be reality in medical charges, fees posted in Drs offices, hospitals
      etc. The same for everyone, and not usury, but also allow for all the
      cost involved in running the business, education, etc and allow for a good profit.
      Decent competition would allow for that. Too much government interference
      stifles competition. Water will find its own level.

      Writing letters, making phone calls, sending faxes does a little good and the tea parties make a little bit of an impression, but the only way I can see to get any results is to stop the money to the media. if millions of people would write to advertisers and tell them they would not buy their products as long as they advertised on media that does not report all the facts, and then not buy them, the media would have to change their policys or go out of business. Hit them in their pocketbooks. That would probably get rid of the powermongers.

    • HopeforAmerica

      DebraRae; Medicare Works! And.. that’s government run.
      Would you Rather have a Insurance company CEO who’s Bonus is evaluated on the Amount of Profit his company makes and how much he increases shareholder’s earnings…. would you rather that CEO be between You and Your Doctor????? That very CEO can essentially hand you, or a beloved family member who becomes ill a death sentence if he/she decides to Cancel your policy, or deny benefits! If they cancel you DebraRae, what piece of mind you will have to know you have an OPTION, the public option.

      A NonProfit Public OPTION will work. The incentive in a non profit is to provide qualtiy health care and not on profit. And…. a NonProfit Option will absolutely, positively Force the Damn insurance companies into a competitive mindset. Therefore, they Will Lower they Prices and Improve their plan for Employers! That’s a Win-Win for both the employer and the employee!! :)

      • debrarae

        Medicare DOES NOT WORK! My niece was on Medicare, Medicade, Social Security etc……. and so forth. She did NOT get the best doctors for ‘her money’. Instead, these ‘so called’ agencies reserved the right to ‘choose’ which doctors, and which treatments she could recieve (via refusing to ‘pay’ for the treatments that actually ‘would work’ for her).

        And as for tthe NonProfit ‘option’ …………NO it will NOT WORK.

        ANY OPTION which plays GOD in CHOOSING who IS and IS NOT ‘Worthy’ of treatment, (and is and is NOT worthy of being treated EQUALLY under the CONSTITUTION, The ADA, and the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT)is FACISM and COMMUNISM!

        Again, I urge you to go to CONGRESS.GOV, search via the Bill number search for S. 819 and HR 2413.

        And AGAIN as someone who is living with Aspergers, and raising two children with Aspergers; I will NOT sign the VOLUNTARY REGISTRY. And IF the ‘government’ makes the REGISTRY ‘Mandetary’ …………AGAIN I will REFUSE to SIGN!

        AUTISM does not DISCRIMINATE! WHY should the government?

        SAY NO to FACISM by saying NO to ‘Socialized’ Health Care reform. AND SAY NO to FACISM by saying NO to the Health care reform acts, S 819, ‘and’ HR 2413!!!!!!!!!!

      • HelpForAmerica

        HopeforAmerica: You are totally misinformed – much like all the liberals I’m forced to communicate with. First, there will be NO COMPETITION in the Obama-rama Health Careless plan! It’s on page 15 of the bill – or haven’t you been able to read that far yet?

        So, you like the idea of a non-profit HC system eh? You and all your lib buddies think that you should be treated for cost or less? How about we take that thinking to your level. I want you to provide what ever service you provide for free – at your cost – no profit? Deal?

        There is nothing wrong with the health care system we have today from my viewpoint.

  • David

    No, Nacy Pelosi will not resign. She will hang on with her dying breath, as will all of those holding office. It is going to take a very angered American people to demand and force their removal.

  • Gina

    Seriously, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and crew need to all resign. We need to get rid of them all before they wreck our economy any further. They are making this recession an even worse disaster. We need to impeach all of them.

  • http://NationalHomeBuilderConsultants Steven McCleaf

    The health care issue could be very simple. Cover every US citizen with the same coverage that every government employee has.
    It should be paid for by reducing non humanitarian foreign aid and calling in all debt that has been hanging out there since the second world war. We need to take care of our citizens. To insure quality health care in years to come, it needs to remain in the hands of the free Enterprise system. Sounds simple. Is simple.
    Steven McCleaf

    • Winston

      Thank you sir , I could not have said it any more clear———– stop the bullsh*t and take care of the one’;s who count Thank you Winston (USN-RET)

      • HopeforAmerica

        Winston: I’m trying to help you out and sent you several clean energy job links; but I dont see my posts. Do this Winston! Google “clean energy jobs” and you will be amazed at how many links there are. Also, beside wind, and solar, there is Tesla motors in Silicon Valley who is hiring. Good luck.. there alot of green jobs out there.

        • Winston

          Hope-for-America , Thank you , I will check this out today——— Winston

    • Linda Dudek

      Hey Steven, sounds good to me. Too bad you can’t get the clowns in Washington to understand what the people want.

  • Laura Walls

    Nancy Pelosi needs to be put back into her cage!!! In fact EVERY Senate Democrat needs to be put in cages and left to live underground in the sewers, they deserve to live with the cockroaches and rats!!! We need to keep them there where they will never see sunshine again!!

  • JoAnn Reece

    We are moving too fast on too many issues. We need to take a deep breath,
    read the bills, discuss the pros and cons like a civilized society. We cannot continue to spend, print and borrow money at such a rate we can never gain control of our prudent democracy.

    We are used to having the “will of the people” not the speeding train that is running wild at this moment.

    Common sense are not too “common” these days.

    • George This org is pushing for a bill to do just that. Downsize DC

      • Pat R

        Good to see another member of “downsize DC”

  • Marian

    My experience with health care while my husband was in the military is enough for me to shudder at the thought of a National Health Care System. Pelosi, calling you Madam, is mild with what I’d like to call you. What a snob! No nationalized health care system is as good as our health care system. Keep and let us have the freedom to choose what we want. Look at all the people who come to the United States from Canada seeking medical care here should be proof, something is working in a free market economy. Let me keep my own health care. God Bless this Great Country and keep the liberals out. Marian

    • Sandy Close

      Our government vetern hospitals are mostly a disgrace. A nurse once told me you don’t want to go there…you’ll die! The government does not run anything well.

    • Pat Rutland

      The shrews or magi’s whatever you want to call them in DC, don’t want us to have anything. “Everything has to be National and totally controlled by DC.

      Welcome to the New Socailist, Fascist, Whatever else America. WE The People Does Not exist anymore. It has been “Changed” right out the gates which allow all of the illegal “aliens’ to enter in!

      Jesus, Help Us All!!!!

    • HopeforAmerica

      Marian; The dems will not go for a low quality health care plan. In fact, France and othe countries have high quality health care and at a fraction of what we pay and we don’t even cover all Americans. A public Option is a good plan!! Every American will have affordable quality health care. And…. they can still keep their employers plan if they choose! Reforming our health care system will also save us ten’s of millions of $$$, and will Force the insurance companies to be more competitive!!!

      • jim

        what employer plan if this go thu there won’t be any employer’s

      • frodnaps

        That may be what you believe and want, but I don’t think, in the final analysis, that you will get it. The bad experiences in other parts of the world tell us that.

    • HopeforAmerica

      Marian; That’s why they called it a Public OPTION. You can Choose! If you prefer your current health care plan you can keep it! ;)

      The Insurance Companies are Scared To Death because if there is a Public Option they will have to lower their prices and offer better plans to employers in or to compete!!! The employers will be thrilled to have lower insurance costs, and happier employees who will pay less for better care!

      • HopeforAmerica

        Marian; Look, this is not my first recession. It’s tough. But I know that we’ll make it through this, we always do. It just takes time, and much of the stimulus money is still going out to states. Some of it has already helped a lot of people like my brother who was laid off because of the economic downturn, and he’s already back to work after. It just takes time.

      • Deb

        I just found this site and can’t believe how uniformed you are about the Healthcare Reform. Check out Canada and other areas where the government has taken over. If the current administration gets their way, they will undermine the private insurance companies, they will offer cheaper rates (BUT LESS BENEFITS) so naturally our EMPLOYERS will choose the cheaper government care, then we will be given a name of a doctor we can use(not one of our choice) and we will be given a number. We can only go to the doctor when our number comes up, regardless of whether that is a good time for you or not, you will have to go then, or wait until your number comes around again. If you have an emergency, you will be seen by someone, but they will determine whether it warrants treatment or not. Eventually this will lead to “NOT TREATING THE ELDERLY’ but elimanating them because that would help with all care and benefits, so when you reach a certain age, you will just be left to die. The government agencies handling the healthcare for you will determine what you need and when you need it. Do you think that “the best” doctors will stay around for that? Ask your healthcare physician would he rather work for the private sector or the government, and you will see. I know I have had breast cancer and have had a mastectomy, but the doctor I was seeing at the cancer center, I did not feel comfortable seeing, so I no longer have to see him, but if I was under the government plan, I would have to see him or else….I couldn’t choose a different doctor. You say a woman has a right to her own choices, (which I differ with you there when it involves murdering an innocent life), so I feel that everyone has a right to choose a doctor that they have trust in and feel comfortable with. BELIEVE ME, EVERYTHING ELSE PUT ASIDE, THIS HEALTHCARE PLAN IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. PRES. OBAMA TALKS THE SMOOTHE TALK, BUT IT IS JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK GREAT…AND WHO WILL BE PICKING UP THE TAB….THE WORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYER….US! I’m praying that this plan will not succeed! Yes, we need better healthcare, but NOT GOVERNMENT MANDATED OR GOVERNMENT RUN….

  • wayne bower

    Obama, Pelosi, Murtha, Reed, Boxer, Shumer,Dodds,and so many more, so unamerican. We dont need any more of there policies. The devil doesnt need their help in spreading evil in our country. Try them all for treason and give them their just reward. Let government do what it was intended to do. Protect its citizens, and guard our borders. Invite God back into our schools ,and all public places. Those who dont like it can go to the country of there choice. Not ours ,it was built under God and the United States Constution. Read it ,up hold it, honor it, or leave.

    • http://personalliberty Lisa

      AMEN!!!!!!!! I agree whole heartedly.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Judy

      Could not have said it better myself.

    • HopeforAmerica

      Wayne; What about Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Jindal, Ensign …. I think they are UnAmerican and are more interested in their own personal gain than the American people! Don’t you ?

      • wayne bower

        You are so right. And the list goes on and on. I think what we need in Washington is some Patriots. The lawyers and skull and bonesmen we have had for the last several years have nearly ruined the country the founding fathers worked so hard to get. I dont have a problem with them wanting to live is socialism , if thats there prefrence.But theres lots of socialist countrys for them. We dont need to change this one. I think the most of us like what we had. And most who dont, have been educated in our communist influenced public schools.*

      • Jon, Louisiana

        I find it hard to believe the barncarpet coming from “hopeforamerica”. I am from Louisiana, I have met Bobby Jindal, and YES!!! he’s an AMERICAN!!! The first year in office he vetoed millions in Democrat PORK, and saved Louisiana taxpayers a wad of cash. And as far as clean energy goes, the ONLY “clean energy” on the market without a taxpayer subsidity to keep viable is NUCLEAR. And how many democrats want it? I haven’t found very many, all of them scared of glowing in the dark after watching to many B grade si-fi movies. No brains there! But France get’s over 80% of their electrical from nuclear, and the French people I have talked to are not to keen on their health care system, neither are the Brits, or the Canadians.

  • Robert

    This administration would have to be removed by force or faced with actually losing their positions in order to do what is right for America. As long as we have a radical citizen of who knows what country as president the democrats will continue to tax us and take our freedoms away. Hopefully the next president can undo all of their choas.

    • HopeforAmerica

      What’s Right for America, is what is happening Now! This IS the change we voted for! God Bless America, and God Bless President Obama!

      • skip

        we (I )did not vote for obama !!! You need to drink more kool-aide

      • Linda Dudek

        This may be the change you voted for ,but not I. Are you so dumb that you can’t see how Obama and the Dems are trying to have complete controll over everything? Seems to be geared for communism. Lets unite and take back our country and freedoms. Lets not forget our fallen heros and the great sacrifice they gave for our freedom. And I emphasize FREEDOM

        • HopeforAmerica

          Linda; My god, where do you get this crap?! Obama and the Dems are trying to Fix the Catastrophic Economic downturn left over from the last adminstration!! Do you realize that our entire economy would have Collapsed if Bush and Obama did not pump $$ into the banks, AIG, and tried to save GM and all the of GM’s suppliers. Remember… .the recession began the end of 2007, and it was Bush who started the bail outs and rightly so. If Bush hadn’t moved on this and Obama hadn’t continued, you, I and everyone would be in much, much worse shape! Dems, Repubs and Independents are capalists. Right now Congress is trying to figure out How to Protect the public from Future unscrupulous behavior and risky business practices mainly induced by banks and the financial industry. And Also.. Congress is trying to figure out how to make the banks responsible and for them to take the risk without putting taxpayers on the hook.

  • wayne bower

    What can we do? Do you think if a million people showed up on capitol hill some day , with a list of people we want to go home, would it happen ? I know the jails would not hold us all. There is strength in numbers. I would be willing to go ,its the least i can do for my children.

    • Pat Rutland

      I don’t think a Million people would make it to the White House! The Security for Obama is so tight, which we pay for, that 20 people could not March!
      So much for our FREEDOM!!!

    • http://? Jama

      Where have all of you been for the past 8 years? Did you protest over anything Bush did with our money? You are just throwing mud at one another, wake up and read both sides, think for yourself, and stop using your religion as a tool for politicians. Grow up!

      • HopeforAmerica

        Wow Jama! Finally… someone who really sees it for what it is. I was wondering the same thing. And the politicians who try to use religion for political gain, are the very same hypocrites who have mistresses.

      • wayne bower

        i cant tell the diffrence between Bush 41 and Bush 43 Clinton and Obama. Can you? All liberals all working so hard to change America over to theNew World Order

    • Frodnaps

      Ten million!

  • Leo

    When the presstitutes of the MSM begin to question the anointed one that really signals a problem. Good for the 19 who took a stand.

  • http://none James

    Greetings fellow citizens of the United States of America!

    As long as the U.S. continues to murder 2,000,000+ babies per year, as long as
    citizens of the U.S. continue to openly parade its homosexual and lesbian agenda and try to make marriage between members of the same sex legal in all states, which is totally against godly principals and defies the very CREATOR Himself and HIS laws, as long as one in two marriages ends in divorce, as long as countless children are raised in father-less homes, as long as large number of citizens commit fornication, adultery and other sexual sins, as long as the United States of America continues to peddle pornography on the internet, in magazines and in strip clubs and “gentlemen’s clubs”, as long as the citizens of the United States of America continue to kill each other with needless murders, as long as the citizens of The United States of America continue to cut each other off and tailgate
    and drive drunk and dangerously on the highways and byways of our country, as long as we collectively as a nation continue to commit these and other grievous sins, our nation will CONTINUE to be CURSED with leaders like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Dodd, Barney Frank, and so many more far left leaning liberals who CLAIM to be GOD fearing people but who snort at GOD and inside laugh and deride HIM – which is provable by their ACTIONS with respect to abortion, partial birth abortion, making marriage legal in some states between two members of the same sex and on and on the list goes. WAKE UP United States of America!
    Our nations is going to FALL just like the other great empires of the world have fallen because of their ANTI-GOD actions and stances. The answer to ALL of our problems is quite simple. Obey GOD and STOP sinning and we will ONCE AGAIN be blessed. May the people of the United States see their sin, repent and turn to YAHWEH our Father and YAHSHUA the MESSIAH and SAVIOR of all men! All of want is happening here in the Unites States of America is PROPHESIED in the BIBLE to happen. We must REPENT and turn to YAHWEH THE FATHER and YAHSHUA the MESSIAH and SAVIOR!

    • Jimbo

      Amen my Brother!! You are absolutely right. The United States of America has made it’s own bed and now must lie in it’s filth! I am a sinner (we all are) and are (is) unworthy of God’s (YAHWEH) grace, but Christ Jesus (YAHSHUA) has died for our transgressions so we, who truly believe, will have life beyond this earthly domain. What’s happening now in this country and the world, is Satan and his cohorts (i.e. Politicians, so called world leaders and yes some Religious leaders) are deceiving God’s children away from Him. America’s situation is truly unfortunate and if we want this county to be Blessed again, we as individuals in this country must Accept that there is a God who loves us, but he does not tolerate or is angry with what this county has become, a seas pool of sin and unrighteousness! I am far from being righteous in the eyes of GOD, but I trust in HIM to get me through each every day. Thus we as American’s cannot control the future of this once great country, it is in God’s hands. We must first examine our own lives and ponder what do we/you worship, money, success, material things or even other human beings (i.e. entertainers, sport figures, Politicians, etc.).
      Yes, we must be alert to what is going on around us and try do what we can, but we must first keep God in the forefront of our lives 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If My people who call by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” With that said, Pray for your self and pray for this nation and I do not apologize for offending anyone who does not believe, but rather I will pray for you who don’t believe! Thank and GOD Bless!

  • Sherrie

    What I dont understand they say that they love american,Obama, Pelosi, Murtha, Reed, Boxer, Shumer,Dodds,and all the others.How can they when all they want to do is bring American down and take away all of our rigihts.And so far they have got 5 or 6 banks,3 car companys,and now they want to take away our health care.They say that they want to cut back ,well heres an idealSTART RIGHT THERE IN WASHINGTON,cut there pay back,stop giving yourself raises,I bet that they couldnt live on what we have to live on.And I agree they do need ot get Pelosi out of there.

    • HopeforAmerica

      Sherrie: What,.. What are you talking about??! Take what Rights away ????????
      I see more rights from Reid, Pelosi, Dodd and the dems. You wouldn’t have seen any kind of credit card bill of rights bill if the repubs were the majority! It took the dems to do something about. And you didn’t see much of anything when the Republicants were in power… they were only interested in pleasing oil and big business!!

      • Eva

        Hope: Where were you when the Reps wanted regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2005? Dems won’t allow it. They controlled Congress and were too busy lining their pockets becoming millions. Where’s the investigation? The blame Bush game doesn’t work for those of us with a memory. I have never seen so many lies and whitewashing down in all of my life. It appears to me that people don’t look at the actions that follow all of the flowery words. The actions don’t match the words!! As for me, I can think for myself and do not need the government trying to regulate every aspect of my life.

        • HopeforAmerica

          Eva; In 2005 Congress was controlled by the Republicans. And from 2006-2008, what ever the Dems tried to do they were repeatedly Filibustered by the Republicans. In fact, the Republicans Filibustered the Dems so much, they actually set a new record of Filibusters.

          And the Dems did try and do something about Fannie and Freddie. In fact, Barney Frank two months after he becoming Chairman in 2007, was able to pass legislation. Before that the Repubs had control of congress from 1995-2006, and the dems were unable to get it passed. Moreover, this economic downturn is so much more than just Fannie and Freddie. And you have to admit, All of this did occur on Bush’s watch.

      • Frodnaps

        Hope, the rights we speak of don’t have to do with credit cards. They are rights God given, not government given, and claimed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It is government’s duty to protect them. Obama is not the first to erode them, not by a long shot, but he does continue to head in the same direction. Remember the furor over the Homeland security act during Bush’s administration? They were going after terrorists, but people were concerned that those powers would be abused. We now Obama has requested warrantless wiretap to apply to anyon, including your average law abiding citizen. Now why would he do that? This is a question nobody wants to answer. To say that it’s somewhat disturbing is a bit of an understatement. It can be hard to winnow the crap (there’s lots of that) from the wheat, but it has to be done.

        • HopeforAmerica

          Frodnaps; No… it was Not Obama who has requested warrantless wiretaps, it was Bush who implemented this program. I remember reading about it last year, and outraged that Bush had abused it and were listening to ordinary citizens conversations!! OMG.

        • frodnaps

          OK hope, you’re not listening. I know Bush started that, and it was wrong. Fact is, Obama has taken it even further, which surprised me, but it’s true nonetheless. As long as you focus on one person as the doer of all evil, you will not see the facts for what they are.

  • George
  • George

    Make Congress Read Their Bills Before Voting
    165,398 Messages Sent
    Help us pass the
    “Read the Bills Act” (RTBA)
    You can read the text of RTBA by clicking the Talking Points tab above, or you can start by reading a summary of the legislation below. Following that summary is a description of our strategy for passing RTBA, and then a call to action.

    Part 1: What RTBA does and why
    Most Congressmen are lawyers, and many others are businessmen. They know what “fiduciary responsibility” is. For Members of Congress, fiduciary responsibility means reading each word of every bill before they vote.

  • Winston

    Dose anyone remember (because) I CAN NOT FORGET THE 52,419 THAT WE LEFT IN V.N. I am sorry my brothers but they will not let me come back and get you
    Thank you –I love you — No Sir I will not forget ( USN-RET )

    • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

      Winston, God bless you and all those that were left behind.
      I spent several years as a full time/part time GI, but my age bracket kept me out of harms way. I was always either too young or too old.
      I did see the devistation of WWII on Guam, Iwo, Wake, and Okinawa. Granted it was some ten years after the war, but it left an impression in my mind that I will never forget.
      I did know only a couple that came back from Nam, each minus a limb. One survived, one didn’t.
      I know we still have many young people willing to serve, but I worry about the kind of administration that we have today. Is a WHITE FLAG going to save us?
      Thats not my idea of freedom.
      My best to you.

  • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

    I can’t find it, but back around 1954 I read where the US could not be taken by force. BUT it could be taken from the inside.
    We are seeing it happen. We now have a (not proven American citizen) president, a far left anti-American liberal congress, including my two RINO senators, and a monetary debt that will never be paid for. My great-great grandchildren will be paying for it.
    They want our 2nd Ammendment erradicated. They fear us..and thats the way it should be.
    They are spawning a revolution. I’m willing, are you?

    • HopeforAmerica

      TO: Neal Wooley; That’s an outright lie! I say you Prove your citizenship! Obama’s shown his birth certificate, Where’s Yours??!! What you are saying, is Anti-American and frankly, very ignorant. You can stop with the BS about “my great-great grandchildren will be paying for it,” Crap. Obama inherited an unprecedented Titanic economic mess from the repubs and Bush.
      If you know Anything about economics would know that the feds Had NO Choice but to invest in our economy. When the banks stopped lending and cut of credit to individuals and businesses, and who by way, were also the cause of this great calamity, are also essential to the economy. As much as we hated having to give them federal $$, and no matter how angry we were/are at the banks for creating this mess, the feds had NO Choice. The feds then became, “the bank of last resort” and saved our economy from a worse fate. That fate being a total economic Collapse. No one regardless of political affiliation wants to have to lend Fed money to the banks, auto companies, and so on. And some economist were saying 4 months ago that we may still need to invest more into our economy.Additionally, this is a Global recession and not one which is isolated here at home.

      • Mike

        Hope in America, I'm sorry, your name should be Led by Obama because you have bought into the lies that have spewed from his mouth and the mouth of his followers.
        You still want to play this party game when both sides are the ones that are at fault. The latest reports show the main reason for the economic problems we are having is because Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were forcing banks to make loans to people who could never afford to pay them back. It started back with Jimmy Carter and was later ramped up by Bill Clinton. In fact, the first job Obama did as a lawyer was to bring litigation against banks for not wanting to make these unsound loans. Bush's administration tried to regulate Fannie and Freddy back in 2001 but the dem's refused to bring it out of committee, in fact Barney Franks said it was sound and needed no regulation more than once while he was on the committee, and so through his wisdom he has been put in charge of the committee. Now look at where we are, the free market works, it only stops working when the government steps in and tries to regulate. Todays problems are a direct result of government involvement in the market system. The same senators and representatives that are given control over this financial monstrosity are also the same ones who bounced more than 12,000 checks off of their on private bank. Oh, by the way, they never had to take responsiblity for those checks.
        Now you want those same people to be in charge of our healthcare?! Wow, I feel better already.. knowing that the people who can't balance a checkbook are going to be getting us all affordable healthcare.. Did you know that the government officials won't be using the same healthcare they want to give us. They have their own premier healthcare program paid for by tax dollars that give them the best doctors avaliable and refuse to give it up. I thought universal meant for everyone, apparently not so.
        I could go on and on about so many different things that the government has abused, but frankly I am tired. But not so tired as to keep up the fight for our cause to return freedom to this country. It was once great and it could be great again if we can get the career politicians out of office where maybe they could do some honest work and restore the country back to the Constitution as written by our forefathers.

    • Linda Dudek

      Way to go Neal,
      I’m with you. I feel our freedom is being taken away from the inside. More and more this administration is doing things behind everyones backs. They are sneaking in legislations and passing laws under smoke screens. For intance the supreme court nominee Sodamier. She has stated her views against our second amendment. The ARA is following closely . They will strongly oppose her nomination if she fails to answer the questions asked of her about this.We do not need a supreme court judge who does not follow our constitution. Hispanic, Black, Caucasion, it doesn’t matter. I would be against anyone who doesn’t defend it.

  • Barbara Fenlason

    Congress should vote Pelosi out, just as Hondorians did their power hungry President, who was not following their Constitution. And they shouldn’t stop there, they should also vote out Obama, before he destroys our country.

    • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

      Only the House of Representatives has the constitutional power/authority to oust any elected official.
      If you look at the political makeup as it exists, Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Kennedy, etc., have a shield that neither you or I can penetrate.
      The voters are to blame for puting these people in power.
      And as long as the bought voters are given their meager handouts, they will continue to vote these power hungry people back into office.
      We are becoming outnumbered. We are becoming a MINORITY !!!!
      That may serve as a ray of hope!

  • Linda Dudek

    Hello to all patriots. I am just an ordinary American trying to make ends meet and live my life in peace. Lately , I have been bothered by this new administration and thier out of control spending. I feel Like we the people are not being heard by our congressmen and senators. I feel they do as they like and not the will of the people. Are they all corrupt? Does anyone else have my viewpoints? I think our government is trying to take control of all our rights. they seem to pay no attention to our Constitution. What is going on? It is becoming very scary. I want to be heard, as I’m sure others are also. Wake-up Americans before its too late. Both parties are at fault. What is up with Nancy Pelosi? Why is she allowed to get away with her Lies? I don’t understand why people don’t do something.

    • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

      God bless you for seeing what is going on.
      I’m 71 years old. I’ve seen my share of politics. Now I’m seeing the results of brainwashing of the past few generations. GOVERNMENT is the answer to all the problems (THEY CREATED) at our expense. Not just monetarily, but at the cost of our Constitutional freedoms.
      We, the USA, will be taken over from the inside.
      That was spoken of by several of our forefathers.
      Too many of our elected congress people are only interested in securing their retirement and medical benefits.
      They won’t have to live on what the rest of us have to.
      Socialism is great until THEY run out of OUR money!
      We have a Socialist, Marxist, Communist president running (ruining) our country.
      They have the bought for, welfare receipients that will keep them in power. And now, they are bringing in as many illegals as fast as they can, to bolster their ballot count.
      Lets face it, we are engaged in an internal war.
      I have two RINO senators (I address them as such when I contact them), and a (D) Rep.
      They do good in what makes them popular. But they rank ‘F’ on too many issues that should protect our rights. All three bend over to Obama. Need I say more?

    • LoneWolf57

      Some people are doing something. They’re contacting their elected officials, They’re no longer just complaining among themselves but getting involved. Their numbers are growing every day. Check out your local Tea Party, The 9/12 project and many many others. Stop complaining make your voice heard where it counts. Get involved!

    • HopeforAmerica

      TO; Linda Dudek; Linda, NO I don’t agree with you at all. The reason you don’t understand is that you don’t understand economics. You cannot compare how you regulate your household budget to a national economy in this kind of recession. I know it may seem logical, but it just not the same!! What’s “Scary” is the fact that Greedy Bankers nearly collapsed our economy!! That’s what’s so scary! I hope that Congress devises regulation which will force the banks to act more responsibly so that the banks cannot repeat the same mistakes which created our current economic downturn.

      *The TeaParty is a JOKE. It’s a bunch of ignorant people who have sucked up the republicant and neocon BS, and don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. *

      • Cribster

        The reason for Tea Parties completely evades some people.

        Just like the Boston Tea Partry they are a protest against government oppression.

        The larger the government becomes the more taxes we pay and the less liberties we have. Government doesn’t produce anything, it takes from those that do.

        The government under Obama is ballooning to gigantic proportions overnight and it’s being done with Chicago, thugish type politics. Lying, bribing and intimidation. There are 20 czars appointed by Obama to date, no voting, no debate. They are not held accountable to anyone, is that not scarey?

        If people like you keep blindly defending the Con-in-chief it won’t be long before you will have government officials entering your home to make sure you’re living the way they
        think you should.

        Liberals don’t see the misery they are bringing on themselves.

        • Linda Dudek

          I totally agree with you. Don’t forget about all the illegal aliens Obama wants to give legal rights to. Is it because of his Aunt? Why isn’t he making her follow our laws? Is he above the law? I think not. Oh by the way I think its more like 30 czars now. Maybe more. Seems to me he is not being transparent. Another lie!!

      • Linda Dudek

        You are sadly mistaken. You are being fooled by this administration. Have you heard of Acorn? Do you know the president is directly linked to them? We all know they are under investigation in some states for voter fraud. Also much of our tax payer dollars goes to them. This administration want to run everthing. They are going to put small businesses out of business! By the cap and trade policy. We will all be paying higher utility bills. I know my mother , who is on a fixed income willl not be able to afford more bills and higher taxes. I say lets get these crooked politcal leaders out!!! Oh , by the way, Who in their right mind would vote for that snake Barney Frank?

        • HopeforAmerica

          Every President has had to deal with the illegal alien problem. Remember when Reagan had the Amnesty program…. and I think Bush Sr. had talked about it too.

      • frodnaps

        OK Hope, you’ve gone far enough. The economists don’t understand all of what’s going on now, so I doubt that you do. My dad was an immigrant, the legal kind. became a citizen. Fought the Germans in Africa and Europe. Lost ALL of his family in the camps. Had his doctorate, taught people. Read the passage below from another legal immigrant. Have you lived in a socialist country? Doesn’t sound like it. As a matter of fact, all you sound like is regurgitated party line. Finally hit home when you decided to insult me, my family, many co-workers and friends. I (we) are not ignorant, do not suck up BS, including yours, and I have a clue. I spend every free moment learning about the relevant issues and events going on today all over the world. I am a student of history and religion, and can think for myself. I do not parrot party line because from my own “clue” it is evident that what we have here is not a failure of a political party, but failure of our government as a whole. For your reference: 1. Persons in government tried to institute controls over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae several years ago, which would have headed off this mess.. If you must know, McCain sponsored a bill to do so. And who do you think stopped them? Go find the truth, it’s out there. You may not like it. 2.Althought the fellow griping about Islam didn’t present his case worth a damn, you response was even worse. Do you read the Koran? The Hadith? Do you know anything about Mohammed’s life and how it relates to the Koran? Do you understand the terms abrogation and Taqiyya, as they apply to Islam? Have you been there? Do you follow the recent events in Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Great Britian, and now here, most recently in Michigan? Obvoiusly not. It’s a pain, and hard work to do one’s own factfinding. Shame so many think they don’t need to do that. The truth nowadays is extremely uncomfortable, and many don’t want to face it, but that will not stop events from unfolding. We all have a choice, victim or survivor. What will you do?

    • skip

      You are so right Linda.I feel as though I must have traveled through a time warp. I don’t even recognize my country anymore.This guy obama is really scary. I believe his mission in life is to take this country down.

  • Hubert

    I am a naturalized US citizen and I am an immigrant who entered this country legally in 1966. I came to this country because I did not like the socialism in my own country. All any person really has to protect their families future is their willingness to work for it and use his/her god given talents to better their families life.
    Socialism takes this away and rewards doing nothing and squandering whatever is given to them. Socialism makes working for a living stupid.

    Obama’s wealth redistribution is no more than stealing your assets to buy votes from ilegals and people who are not willing to work for what they want. He is no better than a thief in the night who steals from you. A burglar is probably more courageous since he does his own dirty work. Obama use the government to steal and pretends to be stealing for your welfare.

    Nothing stops Obama, Pelosi and all the other do-good politicians to redistibute their own assts first to show that they mean what say.
    They all become wealthy while in office so they obviously serve themselves better than they serve you and me.
    They protect their assets from their redistribution polocies. Their Social Security is in a special fund and protected from the problems our SS is subject to. (This is probably a violation of the 14th ammendment that guarantees equal protection under the law, since their funds are better protected than ours).

    It is time to take our government back.
    In principle this is very easy to do.
    At the next election do not vote for a single incumbent.
    Kick them all out of office.

    The new crew will get the message
    They are supposed to be working for you and me.
    They don’t.
    They work for themselves and that means for special interest groups and lobbies or whomever contributes the most money to their “causes”.

    Lobbies and special interest groups cannot vote.
    Vote in your own best interest and that means vote all the crooks out of office.

    Demand that truth in advertizing also applies to politicians.
    Why should it be OK for your vote to be purchased with lies.
    It is fraud and should be prosecuted.



    • Linda Dudek

      Amen to that! How aabout sending Barney Frank on his way too. I think we need a complete government overhaul.

  • American Vet

    HopeforAmerica,Like your hero,Obama,you are long winded and shift the blame to the Bush administration for the problem’s we now face.It was under Clintons watch that plans were formed for 9/11 and the economy was allowed to run on an “anything goes” format. It was also a Democrat controlled congress that caused and is is still causing many of our problems.You seem to think you know all the answers and climb up on your soapbox and broadcast your thoughts far and wide and do not give credit to the rest of your fellow Americans for having a brain.Your “hero” has been traveling telling the rest of the world how sorry he is that America has been such a terrible example.Perhaps he should have gone to all the graveyards all over the world where true American heros rest after saving many countries from dictatorships such as those in Iran, N.Korea,.Nazi Germany,etc.before taking that trip .Perhaps then he would engage his brain before he ran his mouth and appeared weak to much of the world.For your info,back in the 30′s there was another great talker that promised to save his country which was also in dire straits due to the economy .I’m certain you know who that was.Most of the people gave him control and the result was ww 2.Remember, those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.If this country does go down,it will be from the inside and the blame can be laid at the feet of our political leaders and those of us that allow’d then to go along with their agendas and only voted along party lines.

  • Susan

    If this National Healthcare is so wonderful, why is Congress exempting themselves from it!

    You don’t curb costly spending by Government MANDATES! It only increases spending and waste.

    Forget about whether abortion is in or out, this bill should not happen. It needs careful thought and planning, not a bill to be written today, voted on tomorrow and no one reads it. This writing and passing bills without considerable thought and no time even
    to read it before it comes to a vote is bull….

  • http://cw2generals Lee

    It sounds like the huge majority replying to these issues agree that something needs to be done.Unless “WE” force Congress to Live Up-to thier OATHG OF OFFICE (RED IT) and conform to that CONTRact put them in jail for Treason. We have taht option.

    Do it to a couple and the frest will conform.

    Some one smarter than me needs to create a patition fro “WE” so all can sign it. Send it by snail mail addressed confidential for Each Congressman eyes only) return reciept demanded. I’d donate to that.
    We could also notify the U.S. Attorney General for Congessional breach of Contrac

    the southern cfw General

  • Brian Rawls

    HopeforAmerica , you have to be on crack rock. Nobody can think like you without taking some sort of mind altering drug.

  • Wayne

    I have been a financial advisor and owner of Tennessee Financial Advisors for 30 years and I can tell you that the current path we are own will result in the exact same thing that is happening in California. Politicians are careful with their own money and liberal with other peoples money. Why? For votes. Power. I am for Congressional term limits that would be the same as the Presidential term limits. It seems when people get elected and go to Congress they become tainted by the crowd. The only thing that will stop what is going on is term limits.

  • Wayne

    I have been a financial advisor and owner of Tennessee Financial Advisors for 30 years and I can tell you that the current path we are on will result in the exact same thing that is happening in California. Politicians are careful with their own money and liberal with other peoples money. Why? For votes. Power. I am for Congressional term limits that would be the same as the Presidential term limits. It seems when people get elected and go to Congress they become tainted by the crowd. The only thing that will stop what is going on is term limits.

  • Jake Corner

    So some will be wondering why universal healthcare is so good, why Congress and
    most likely the (Black) White House are exempting themselves?Here it is
    ” Tier System”, that’s why! They follow Canada where MP’s, senators and their relatives too receive prime care by top doctors, in the private parlement, getting top pay to prevent them to be lured south! Understand? No goose gander policies by
    your elite politicians.

  • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

    To the unamed respondent that disagreed with me, and blames Bush for everything, do just a little research. Don’t just repeat what is fed out by the main stream media.
    I just less than six months, your savior has increased the national debt by over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! Bush didn’t do it, Obama did.
    Bailing out private enterprise is NOT authorized anywhere in the Constitution.
    Taking over more in the form of medical care is going to be the disaster that has happened in other countries.
    Appologizing to other countries, that the US went to war for, our people died for, and brought them back from near extinction, is not my idea of someone who believes in what this country was founded on.
    If all you want are his meager handouts, than that’s your choice. Just remember, when other peoples money runs out, you will be left to yourself.
    I doubt Obama will take you into his house, feed and clothe you.
    So vote for him again and prolong the inevitable!

  • skip

    How the hell can Congress opt out of the health care plan, are they better and more deserving? I have been wrong all these years, I thought they worked for us since we pay their salaries. Lets put them back to the unemployment lines where they belong..

  • http://msnhotmail Ben

    A man is only as good as his word.Obama's word is worthless.

  • http://msnhotmail Ben

    I voted for change ,this is not the change I was looking for.I’m sorry for voting for Obama.A man or woman is only as good as their word.Nancy,Obama are you listening.

  • peggy

    hope for america did you know there are 20million illegals here in america and alot of them in california why do you think californias in so much trouble because we have been doing everything under the sun for them and they do not spend their money here in america they send it back home and they do not pay for their health we the tax payers do and california has exhausted there economy for it. now they’re begging for more money because they did not live within their means they just kept spending just like our government is doing now. and if i can help it this will stop

    • HopeforAmerica

      Peggy; I lived in So. Calif for 16 years. I know how it is. It’s a moral issue. I mean, nobody wants to pay health care for an illegal alien, but is it humane to deny someone health care ? And what if we had illegal alien(s) who were carriers of disease…. I would want them to see a doctor so I or my family doesn’t contract what ever disease they may have. They could have TB, Swine flu, ….you get the picture!

  • Kenneth

    Pelosi, Frank et all are in part of the demise of government and the citizens of this land have just about had enough of “Our way or the highway ” government.

  • jim

    the only good i see in all this crazy bullshit coming out of this goverment is the dems that voted for this will have a real wakup call, this stupity will end up hurting every one before its done and it will get much worse be for it gets better as long as we have the like’s of obama/polosi/reed running things

  • Linda Dudek

    We have to make our voices heard. Obama has to stop his spending and Congress needs to listen to the people. I think they should have a pay-cut and be forced to go along and take whatever health care is being FORCED on the American people. If its so good for us, Why aren’t they taking it also? After all, aren’t we the bosses of them? Also we need to say no to cap and trade. We surely can’t afford any more taxes or higher utility costs . And I don’t want my government telling me how to live my life and how much energy I can use. Its none of their business what kind of car I drive either!

  • Deborah

    You know, folks, you get the government that you deserve and I must say there is a concerted dumbing down of America as expressed here by some of the posts and by the representatives elected to serve in the Senate and House. You can’t put a socialized bandaid on a capitalist issue. Capitalism blesses the many while the misery of socialism is shared by all. There is nothing in our Constitution that states we have the right to health insurance. And all of you assuming that you have the right are part of the swing by this nation toward a desire to no longer be responsible for yourselves and expect the government to take care of you, especially you -Hope for America – you are a prime example of the “I wanna be taken care of” crowd…. May I suggest you take yourself out of this country and spend some time in Germany or Sweden or Canada and enjoy their medical services. God forbid you have a bladder issue that means you visit the bathroom 12 times a night. Something that could easily be fixed by a 1/2 hour surgery here in this country. However, in Canada, you will join a 3 year wait. You need to understand that when you give your power away to a government entity , you become a Sheeple and a Sheeple has no rights. A government controlled health plan is population control ~ plain and simple. Government run ANYTHING is NOT the answer and NEVER WILL BE ! Get yourself educated instead of playing with your ipod or cellphone or zoning out in front of the tv. You would understand then how out-of-bounds this Obama Administration has stepped and continues to step with his Czars and preposterous “Changes” . He is sucking up your rights like a vacuum and you are calling it Change….

    • Nobama

      Great post Deborah!

      “He that lives upon hope will die fasting” – Ben Franklin

      Any more comments Hope For America? Try taking on some personal responsibility.

    • HopeforAmerica

      Deborah; My parents have medicare and it works. There’s No (3) year wait here in the USA, Medicare is Goverment run… and it works. So I don’t see why a Public Option wouldn’t work ! I hope you don’t become seriously ill one day, and your insurance company decides to cancel you. That very same scenario happens to thousands of people each year. I wouldn’t want to lose my house and everything I’ve worked for, or simply not have the means to pay for medical attention if I were in need.

      And your assertion that our rights are being “sucked up” couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it sounds like a Rush or Fox sound bite, and we all know that’s a bunch of crap they’ve thrown at the wall to see what will stick! Phew! The truth is Obama has taken steps to Protect the public from the all the crap of the past (8) years.

      • Deborah

        Like I said, Hope for America, you seriously need to get yourself educated and take the blindfolds off. I lived in Germany for 10 years and I know of what I speak. FYI I just had open heart surgery and was 100% covered by my insurance with no questions asked. I also employee several people and provide 100% insurance coverage. My employees have a savings account/credit card into which monies are deposited for future deductibles. Some of these people have had cancer and have not been denied any coverage. Obama’s agenda is to scare the ignorant and unfortunately you appear to fall into that category. I suggest you wake up… You are trying way too hard to convince yourself.

  • warpig1

    Voter fraud people! Everyone here is trying to tell everyone else about this and the other and the bottom line is none of our votes count anymore and you all are to dumb to see the obvious. Why do you think they want to give illegals drivers liscense. Maybe alot of states automaticaly register you to vote and issue a voter registration card with your drivers liscense. Al Frankin a senator are you kidding me! Dimpled chads,acorn,boxes of votes riding around in trunks!How many times did Mickey vote this election. Maybe he cast votes for both so it probably doesnt matter just like our votes!The bottom line is its no longer a two party system and they will do what they want to because we wont stand together as americans. A bill just passed the house to stop all ofensive speech with a heavy fine and two year prison sentence and I bet most of you didnt even know. Totaly unconstitutional and when does the trial start for the house violating our first amenndment right. The second will be next and then welcome to one world government and the new world order! Wake up and look into it yourself drones.

  • Fred

    Nancy Pelosi needs to go. She is one of the reasons who California is in the situation that they are in.(BROKE).

  • Paula

    As always it seem that the masses want to toss more money at the problem. The real problems have always been the greed and coruption in the billing end of healthcare. When it is so easy to cheat and overcharge the insurance companies, medicare, etc., and there isn’t a reliable oversight department to punish those who to defraud the system it will not change. I agree the system in not working properly but I would rather see what we have corrected than induct a plan which reduces our ability to get what we need when we need it not if the government feels we are worth saving. That goes for all departments in government city, county, state and federal there is so much greed and corruption that we really cannot trust what is being said or done. The other issue is medical care checks and balances in procedures so there are no mistakes made more responsibility taken then the law suits would diminish and we would see our rates go down not up.

  • James Corbin

    Hopefor America, if you really want hope for america, you will STOP upholding Obama and the other nitwits!!!

  • James Corbin

    Hubert and Brian you know what you are talking about!

  • James Corbin

    Skip, Sounds nice if only it would be that easy. With everybody belonging to the same
    party (Dem. ) Thats why we have a two party system. But—now it’s almost a dictiator-
    ship and that is where we are headed!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Hats off to you American Vet!!! Thanks!

  • James Corbin

    Linda D, Yes I agree with you!!

  • James Corbin

    The states that voted for Obama, get’s “STIMULUS”

  • James Corbin

    James ,we have the same nameand same thoughts!!!!

  • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

    Not being a computer whizz, it took me a while, but I found the supposed ‘birth certificate’ that Obama had put forth.
    It’s actually called a ‘Certification of Live Birth’. Placed along side of a ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ shows a marked difference.
    The latter gives all the information as would be found on other real Birth Certificates.

    So Mr. Hope, if you did a little homework, you’d realize that Mr. Transparency is still hiding the truth.
    Does spending over $800,000 to hide the truth tell you anything?
    My two RINO senators are worthless. They won’t even raise the question.

  • Linda Dudek

    You are so blinded by all the crap Obama and the Dems are feeding the people that I think you honestly believe what they tell the public. The unemployment rate since he took office has become so high. Where are all the jobs he has promised? Who is going to pay for his massive spending spree? It is my understanding that not all will be insured by his healthcare proposal. I agree that something has to be done to offset the rising health care costs. Governmment controll is not the answer. We need to have a competative market . Not a dictatorship run by the government and by companies obama pays back for votes.

    • s c

      I know how you feel. Many of us feel the same way. What you need to know about neolibs/libs is that they hate common sense, and they never let facts get in the way. It didn’t take long to peg b o as a zero-talent hack. Watch what happens with CIT. B O tries to brown-nose small businesses. The elimination of CIT will cripple small businesses. Let the neolibs/libs try to deny it. B O has set up a situation where his czars will get blamed if something goes wrong. If something goes right, he’ll take credit for it. Nations around the world know what b o is. Only b o’s backers are corrupt enough to want a destitute America. They will call it ‘change.’

  • http://Netscape Neal R Wooley

    Mr HOPE(less).
    Have you seen the casualties in Afganistan lately?
    Who is President at the moment? IT AIN’T G W BUSH!
    Tell me what your make believe presidents’ reasons are for being this part of this war?? Shouldn’t we be questioning what the reasons are?
    Apply your same anti-Bush logic to Obama, and give me a rational answer.
    I realize you may have to crawl out of your mole hole to respond, so I’l just wait for your intelligent answer.

  • Tim FL

    Hope for America, euphemism for Dope against America! Just type YEA! if you agree….

  • Jon, Louisiana

    “hopefor america”: I stopped reading your comments, you have O.D.’ed on the Kool-Aid. I only have one word of advice for you…Prozac!

  • Jon, Louisiana

    “hopefor america”: I stopped reading your comments, you have O.D.’ed on the Kool-Aid. I only have one word of advice for you…Prozac!

  • Linda Dudek

    Is the Acorn organization finally being investigated? What do we know about the presidents envolvement? I recently learned he and Michelle were oganizers of a health care reform in a hospital in Chicago. Apparently it passed patients up according to their financial status. Local folks had to travel an hour away to get medical treatment in emergency situations. Is this the change we want? Also there is a caption that states that minorities willl have preference over the general public in his health care reform bill. I think as the public becomes more aware of what is in his bill, they will be outraged!!

  • s c

    So pelosi is seeing swastikas at town hall meetings. Does she hang garlic around her house? Does she hear voices? This is spooky stuff, people.
    We have someone who’s 3rd in line to the presidency, and she’s seeing things.
    Most responsible people know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It could be that power is pelosi’s undoing.
    The idea that someone in her position is seeing things in broad daylight can’t be good. Democrats, you need to take a hard look at your ‘leadership.’ Next, she’ll be seeing little green aliens running through Congress and UFOs flying around Washington.
    Somebody needs to look into this craziness. This is spooky, spooky stuff, people.

  • Walt Gadberry

    This was originally written in answer to a letter I received, imploring my to support a Single Payer Health Care system:
    Reform of all related systems really is needed. Medical, legal, big pharma, etc. Our right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is denied if we can not get the medical care that we need,(rather than band aids and pain pills) to keep us alive as long as is practically possible. In my own experience, the insurance companies definitely ARE in the business of denying help when needed, if they can get away with it without a big court fight.

    And Big Pharma is just as corrupt, denying what is needed to people. Not to mention the medical schools. Effective medications taken from natural sources remain hidden from public view, and belittled by Big Pharma and the AMA when they do become uncovered. They will NOT give information about such remedies, if it is not available to them to put under a government patent for their own gigantic profits. And if the product does exist as a natural substance, no matter how good it works, it is not patentable. So it remains hidden from public sight, and doctors are led around by the “Big Pharma” gold ring in their noses to keep them from recommending anything that will not bring big profits to Big Pharma.

    The majority of renegade doctors who do believe in, and are capable of supplying such information about superior natural medications to people, have their own business model to do battle with. They, too, keep the stuff out of the hands of the poor and under employed who can not afford THEIR prices, either.

    Yes! Vast reforms are definitely needed! Trouble is, Humans will still be in charge, regardless of what system is launched. Or retained. Whenever and where ever humans have that much money and power within their grasp, there will be horrible, gigantic corruption and abuse. And the poor or underprivileged will once again be required to bend over and grab their ankles, without benefit of kissing OR Vaseline.

    I do NOT trust this administration and their motives. Or the writer of the letter. The letter below (((which begins: “If You Are Not 100% Sure Why We Need Single Payer Health Care, And What It Really Is, Please Read This. — What Is Single Payer Health Care And Why Is It The Only Possible Solution??”))) manages to ignore (or put a negative spin on) the facts that we do know, that have been acknowledged by the reactions of those in power at present, or have been uncovered by honest research. And I don’t think the writer is any more honest about the facts than is the current administration. It looks to me like the current administration with men such as the extreme radical “Progressives” among the many “Czars” really is a full blown communist dictatorship, looking for ways and means to happen in this country. And will use anything available, such as the current medical care problem, and anybody willing to be a “useful idiot” like that socialist half-wit, Nancy Pelosi, to gain those ends. And they will try to destroy anyone in honest opposition. Glenn Beck, for example. He has nothing hidden to gain from what his research and broadcasting is revealing, other than a rifle bullet between the eyes out of nowhere from some Acorn sniper, some night on his way home. And I will not be surprised if that is what happens. God forbid, but that might be what it takes to awaken some people to what is taking place in this country.

    Actually, what it all boils down to, once again, is that we have nothing and nobody we can trust or look to for help, other than the Kingdom as per the Lord’s Prayer that we constantly pray for. If we don’t, or can’t, put our confidence in that incorruptible Rulership taking over the earth and doing away with these political self servers, we might as well put our head in the oven and turn on the gas. There’s certainly nothing to look forward to if this current government is able to turn this country into a gigantic copy of a third world Cuba, where the only people well taken care of are in the ruling circle, as their intentions seem to be.

  • Diana

    Hope for America has not even come close to doing their homework. Healthcare for example will not be free… You will be fined if you don’t have it, by ways of seizing it from your bank accounts, and even if you DO have it, the 30% of costs known as copays,coinsurance could still prevent you from receive the healthcare you need! Taking away freedom of speach and choice is socialism and as an American citizen, think anyone even “hinting” in this manner should be impeached!!

  • Ace Sez

    Page 59 line 5 begins the clause of the Obamacare law that gives gov’t hierlings (health commission panelists) total ‘electronic transfer access’ to each and every American’s personal bank account(s)
    These gov’t employees will reach into your savings and help themselves to whatever they deem necessary to cover your costs (and someone elses costs) for consultation or actual medical procedures.

    Osambo himself has stated there will alwyas be a few million ppl not coverd by health ins. –even a gov’t run health system —so who do you think is payin’ for the ‘less fortunate’—the ‘have nots’ that Osambo’s agenda is favoring in every aspect of of their ‘do little’ lives

    ‘Hope for America’ is I suspect workin’ on some gov’t agencies payroll–can anyone be so pro-Oambo unless they are recipients of gov’t largess? Osambo and his anti-American czars need to go up against the wall and be eliminated by a selection of sharp-shooters!

    Every day I hope Osambo will die of natural causes?? Please Lord–help us out down here ??

  • Jon, Louisiana

    I find it hard to believe the barncarpet coming from “hopeforamerica”. I am from Louisiana, I have met Bobby Jindal, and YES!!! he’s an AMERICAN!!! The first year in office he vetoed millions in Democrat PORK, and saved Louisiana taxpayers a wad of cash. And as far as clean energy goes, the ONLY “clean energy” on the market without a taxpayer subsidity to keep viable is NUCLEAR. And how many democrats want it? I haven’t found very many, all of them scared of glowing in the dark after watching to many B grade si-fi movies. No brains there! But France get’s over 80% of their electrical from nuclear, and the French people I have talked to are not to keen on their health care system, neither are the Brits, or the Canadians.


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