Conservatives Are Among The Critics Of Karl Rove’s New Book


Conservatives are among the critics of Karl Rove's new book Former top George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove’s defense of his boss’ presidency has been facing criticism not only from Democrats, but also from Rove’s own party members.

Last week, the former aid’s new book Courage and Consequences hit the bookshelves, and in it the man who was dubbed "Bush’s brain" set out to defend the administration’s key decisions, including the war in Iraq.

Speaking with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Rove emphasized that 110 Democrats voted for the war, and that there was a "worldwide consensus" on the existence of weapons of mass destruction with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair being listed among the believers.

He added that given the subsequent "attacks" on Bush by major Democratic figures, and their accusations of lying to the American people, Rove’s only regret is that the administration did not "[respond] stronger than we did."

However, The Dallas Morning News reports that as Rove continues his publicity tour, former Texas GOP chairman Tom Pauken offered a different assessment of Bush’s eight years at the helm.

Pulken said that the Bush-Rove team "hijacked" conservatism and nearly destroyed it. "[As a result] Republican politics is barely recognizable to many of us who were grassroots activists in the early days of the conservative movement," he told the news provider.

He specified that Bush spent too much, increased the national debt and conducted a "reckless" foreign policy.

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