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Conservative Think Tank Unveils ‘Solutions For America’

August 23, 2010 by  

Conservative think tank unveils 'Solutions for America' The Heritage Foundation, a conservative public research institute, has published a report that outlines ways in which America’s most pressing problems can be addressed.

"Solutions for America" provides an overview of 23 policy areas and includes recommendations on a wide variety of issues, including national debt and entitlement programs.

"All the recommendations have one thing in common. They would return power to the people," said Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner.

"Collectively, they will put America back on the track to prosperity and greatness," he added.

According to Heritage, it is necessary to bring public sector employees’ pay in line with salaries in the private sector and exempt retirees who are still active in the labor market from payroll taxes. Moreover, the Federal government should put a cap on the growth of welfare programs, expand incentives to seek work and turn a portion of these benefits to repayable loans, as opposed to taxpayer-funded handouts.

Further recommendations include reducing the top corporate tax rate and putting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security on five-year budgets with spending limits.

The think tank also suggests restoring the state’s primary role in providing public services such as transportation, education and law enforcement.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19927518-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    In addition to a comprehensive solutions, conservatives and conservative think tanks could help make America better by thinking ‘outside the box.’ First, encourage parents to take their children out of every pre-adolescent and adolescent indoctrination center (public schools). Parents who are not willing to deprive Uncle Scam’s “right” to turn their children’s brains into breeding grounds for all manner of social engineering and anti-American propaganda should be viewed as being ‘on their own.’
    America’s military leaders should demand that the all-volunter military be phased out, and the old ‘draft’ should be reinstated. Congress can help by passing legislation that will force all military contractors to help fund medical programs for those who are wounded or totally disabled. Give politicians reasons to STAY OUT OF UNNECESSARY FOREIGN WARS.
    American voters can’t afford to ignore the devastating results of a system that encourages incompetence in its elected leaders. No politician can be trusted with consecutive terms. Let each state pay those who go to Washington. Limit politicians to a 5-member staff.
    No lobbyists should be allowed within 500 miles of Washington, and no politician should be allowed to have any durect or indirect contact with any lobbyists.
    There are many ways to approach this issue. The people of America MUST come first. Politicians must be viewed as temporary help – PERIOD.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      did you see the news report that Iran just unveiled a new lon range unmaned bomber??? Now if their nuclear ambitions are just for electricity, then why do they need this??? They announced with the unveiling that repercussions would include the WHOLE world if attacked by anybody!!! They are about as peaceful as a rabid dog!!!

      • s c

        JoeH, yes, I’m aware that Iran’s version of North Korea’s gift to ‘leadership’ let that cat out of the bag. If Iranians have more faith in peace than in catering to a runt puppet, they owe it to themselves, their children and their country to rid themselves of him. How can any “leader” be so prepared to wave a sword, hate others 24 hours a day and claim to love peace at the same time?
        Remember that many Muslims idolize Hitler, and they willingly adopted that ‘attitude’ long ago. Apparently, there are infidels and there are ‘infidels.’

      • dan az

        have you got a site for that bomber I’d like to read about it!

        • 45caliber

          try I believe they had a link to it. What I thought funny was that Iranian’s rant that this would help bring peace! I wonder seriously if he really meant the ‘peace of death’.

          • dan az

            thanks 45 going there now!

          • dan az

            if that isnt a russian made bomber i dont know what is.I guess there running short on martyrs so now its game boy tactics,I wonder if they know that they are radio controled and can be hacked from any where and returned to sender?geek squad ready?

    • Jackson

      Great points. Removing children from the Public Fool System is a priority unless and until that system returns to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That system must also return to teaching true, untainted, un-revised American history with at least an entire semester dedicated to teaching the reason and purpose of the Constitution of the USA.

      • 45caliber

        We used to have a course in high school called ‘Civics’. It was a one year requirement for graduation, just like American history was. It taught what the Constitution said, why it said it, and what the history conditions were at the time it was said. It further taught about the Federalist Papers and many other documents. It also taught what your rights, benefits of being a citizen, and your duties as a citizen were so that no student would doubt just what his rights might be. It is one reason I am so indignant when someone with the Feds start trying to say that the government can make all your decisions for you – as if one size fits all will work for our diverse population. Why should I – or anyone else regardless of race – give up some of our freedoms so that someone else can have more than I do?

        • meteorlady

          Civics went away because we can’t have our children learning about the actually country they live in. They want a public that has not national honor and pride. That makes it easier for the One World proponents to get their foot in the door and start the wheels in motion. Judging from this year’s class of seniors I’d say they have reach their goal.

    • Steve

      great points SC….you have my vote on the idea to have military contractors pay for medical care for our wounded veterans….I wonder how many of the defense contractor big shots actually have sons and daughters in harms way….

    • George Halepis

      How about making it easier for politicians to get us into unnecessary foreign wars? Reinstitute the draft! You cannot be serious!

      • s c

        Start thinking outside the box, GH. A professional, standing military is a plaything for any career criminal politician who lets himself be tempted to give us another Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. This is an old trick used by central bankers around the world.
        It is worse than an Obummer-style redistribution of wealth. This insanity puts America in the role of
        being the world’s prostitute “cop”. It is a waste of lives and resources. It makes America a puppet of those who hate freedom.
        Where have you been hiding? When politicians have to register their brats for the draft, they will have reasons to keep us OUT of unnecessary foreign wars.
        Are you one of those dreamers who thinks America’s job is to spread ‘democracy’ around the world? THINK! Use what you have between your ears. Stop being a willing puppet for those who specialize in using, abusing and tossing us to the four winds.
        Live in the REAL world, not lalaland, GH.

    • newspooner

      Most of your ideas are valid, with one major exception! Any compulsory military or community service is totally immoral and anti-freedom. No government has a moral right to tell individuals how they must work and serve, and where they must go, and that they must blindly follow the orders of “superiors”. God created people to be free, not to be under the orders of others, especially government. If a country is worth fighting for, volunteers will join the professional soldiers very quickly when needed. More than half of the many generals I have known, including General Patton, agreed with this. The way to reduce the chance of war is to reduce the size of government. People don’t create wars, governments do.

      • s c

        Newspooner, we’re probably on the same page. You have to realize that we are under the influence(s) of master puppets and chess wizards who have the experience and the money to play America and the rest of the world like a cheap violin.
        One of their oldest tricks is to “give” us a ‘choice’ betwen THIS and THAT. It forces us to choose between the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil, and perhaps the best we can do is to keep all puppet masters at a distance (and treat all politicians like red-headed step-children).

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I think the idea of a conscripted army will only hurt one set of people and that is the soldiers. We had a draft during VietNam and while most of the draftees were good soldiers, some of the biggest screw-ups were in the draftees as well!!! Making a man do something he doesn’t want to do only makes him do what he has to to get by. Letting a man do what he is good at serves to make him want to do his best. Letting Americans die by making screw-ups serve is just as bad as letting them die in unneccesary wars.

        • viktor leben

          We need to invest heavily in unmanned weaponry. A computer can think faster than a human. Advances in robotics could make the need for a large human military unnecessary.

          Why send Johnny off to war when an army of “Terminator” like robots will take care of Al Queda ? Robots don’t sleep and would pursue the terrorist unrelentlessly. We just need to invest more defense dollars into R & D . Robots could be integrated into Air Force and Navy weapn systems, such as the f-18 Hornet or the USAF’s Raptor … Unmanned fighter planes can pull more G’s than Human Fighter planes …

          Just a thought …..

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      sc… Your post was good, but I wonder how we would benefit going from an all volunteer military to a drafted one? Would it be a reduced sized military? How would you sort out those you want from those you don’t want? Would you change the way rank is made?

    • EddieW

      I hope the think tank really is for freedom, but with this coming down the pike, I wonder!!! Please pass it on!!!
      there may not be anything we can do about it, but be prepared!

      Making decisions on who lives and who dies, who goes to FEMA Camps etc NOT Healthcare!!…Need to see this!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I think there should be a better choice than the draft. Keep the military all-volunteer … but make it a requirement that ONLY vets can vote or run for public office. After all, they have proved that they were willing to do all they could to protect this country. Those who don’t want to be in the military can remain in private business and make all the money they want … but they can’t take any position in government beyond front line management unless they have served honorably for at least one term in the military.

      I’ve found that vets are almost universally willing and eager to defend our country from all threats and aren’t willing to follow behind any foreign government – even if they were drafted originally.

      Or – if you don’t like that proposal – make a requirement that ALL young people must serve at least two years upon graduation from high school or turning eighteen, whichever comes first. Then they can go to college or whatever. That would tend to put everyone on an even keel while insuring that if our country is ever invaded that the people have the knowledge and training to put a stop to it.

      • Anthony

        Should be FOUR years… it’ll stick longer.

    • Henry Miller

      An exact cut and paste from Livington Seagulls article about Barrack Obama;

      While in Indonesia Obama was enrolled in school under the name of Barry Soetoro, as proven by school records photographed by an Associated Press photographer in 2007. Those school records list Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 4, 1961, and records his religion as Muslim.

      Obama was born before possibly being adopted. The paragraph above say’s he was born in Honolulu – that’s American soil – he’s automatically a US citizen. Further he was born to an American mother on American soil. That doubles his citizenship qualifications. This occured before the school enrollment issue came up. Before the AP Press photod the school records.

      Would it be possible a charge that the school papers were forged or some such thing could be made? Maybe some parts of it were? But not the whole thing, just the evidence that counteracts the sought after incriminating words?

      It’s right there in the item posted by L. Seagull.

  • Attilla


    The movement to take the kids out of the indoctrination centers is long overdue. I have often wondered why so many middle upper income families opt for the non education system run by leftist acedemia.
    Government education is the begining of historical disinformation put out by Marxist.

    • Dan Burke

      It is easy. We are lazy. We have been taught that we don’t have the required knowledge and skills to teach our children.

      We don’t know enough math. We don’t know enough english. We don’t know enough history. Psychology, sociology, science, art, and the list goes on. (Of course, it scares me to read that some math teachers actually know less math than what they are teaching–I heard stories from the past where the exceptional few surpassed their teachers but the stories I read about now are where the teacher cannot do some of the basics–and I went to college first where I learned to do calculus by hand and only used a calculator to do the number crunching only and just a year later went to a university where my friends were learning to do the whole problem with the calculator–first question I thought was “how does this teach them to think?”–and my story here is from ten years ago).

      • eddie47d

        So true.We want everything quick and easy and that includes our education.No effort to achieve our goals and only instant gratification. We have (in society) laborers and office workers who want more money for doing less work. We have corporates who demand million dollar signing contracts without proving themselves. I see or hear about people who don’t take their positions(jobs) very seriously but complain loudly about how unfair their company is. My granddaughter,14,God bless her;but she get’s in a huff when we won’t buy her something. I ask her if she really needs it and how will she help to earn it.Sometimes she goes back to her room and that’s the end of it. So she must not have wanted it very badly.

        • dan az

          careful your conservative side is showing!

        • 45caliber

          For once, eddie, you are making some sense!

          I know that only one of my kids’ math teachers knew the basics of algebra. In fact, one couldn’t work even the examples in the book! One example had an error that she simply did not understand – and she had been teaching algebra for nearly twenty years. I know that history books have many “errors” – another word for someone trying to revise history to make it show what they want shown. That is one reason they have problems finding science teachers – you can’t fake science and have to understand the math. One local grade school teacher spent most of the year teaching her students that pollution was bad – and that all plants in the US pollute. Her students wanted to know why Dad or Granddad worked in such places that were evil!

          There are a number of good home-school programs that people can use. They are actually better than the teachers can do in many cases. Today’s teachers are supposedly taught to teach – not what to teach. As a result many don’t know what they are teaching regardless of what it is when they graduate. The good teachers do what they can to stay one lesson ahead of their students. Many aren’t that good.

    • dan az

      If it didnt take two family members to make a living home schooling would be the only way of getting out of it.

      • TeresaE

        With the coming costs of “free health care” most two income households would be further ahead to lose one income and get government handouts.

        By the time you pay childcare, lunches, clothes, cars, etc, etc, I can’t believe how many parents choose to work for next to nothing (or in the hole) every payday.

        Do without the flashy new car and vacation to Disney and get back to the important things in life – like spending quiet, quality play time with our children.

        Just my two cents.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. But it is possible for several families to get together to teach. Each family or parent takes one or two classes for ALL the kids. And if you homeschool with less kids it can be much quicker to teach them.

      • 45caliber

        Incidently, until WWII, it was assumed that women could not hold down a good job. (In fact, companies that hired women had to provide a lounge for women only since they assumed that all women had to have at least every third hour off for rest.) They had to during WWII when all the men were gone. The government discovered this and I believe made an effort to insure that all continued to have to work as well as their husbands since it brought in more tax money.


    If we are going to return America to the people then we need to start with the federal reserve we can no longer allow our economy and curency to be controled by a small group of private bankers
    Thomas Jefferson said it best when he stated
    “I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”
    This aristocracy is still running our country and it’s time for us to show them the door

    • 45caliber

      Just to make you happier – the Federal Reserve is actually a privately owned bank and the owners are – foreign. The Rothchilds, in the Netherlands, owns the Federal Reserve. All banks EXCEPT the Federal Reserve are audited regularly to insure they don’t cheat the depositors. The Rothchilds makes their money by buying and selling money – i.e., exchanging one money for another at different rates. Since they also control our printing of money, they have the capability of printing vast amounts they don’t disclose for them to use to trade. That’s why Ron Paul, among others, wants to audit them.

      • meteorlady

        Then we should all write our congressional leaders and ask them what became of Executive Order 11110 – signed by JFK. It basically disallowed the federal government of the United States from borrowing money from them and would have effectively put the Fed out of business.

      • s c

        45caliber, Ron Paul is doing a great disservice to America by wasting time with plans for an audit. An audit would give the Fed credibility. It would be the same as telling those bastards that now that they’ve “learned their lesson” we should welcome them back into the flock.
        SCREW the Fed. Scrap it. End it. Kill it. Abort it. Destroy it. And anyone who’s elected and has a use for the Fed needs to be on the end of a rope or posing for a short stint in front of a firing squad.
        We must SOLVE the problem. To let it continue amounts to surrendering to insanity.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I think auditing the fed would have that very effect. I don’t believe that the fed has only printed the moneys that the US has used!!!

          • dan az

            how about the three trillion that they printed and gave to the imf with out congressional aproval or even when asked where it went they refused to say.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I read about this last week on, and I totally agree with SOLUTIONS. However, the problem is that none of it can be achieved – as long as this current leftwing Democrap regime is in power. Thus the best solutions are the 2010 and 2012 elections, in which now we really need HOPE and CHANGE!!!! It’s obvious the American voters made some foolish mistakes in 2006 and 2008. And the latter was a real disaster!! Hopefully these voters will wise up and correct these errors. Better yet, why can’t they learn, and avoid repeating such errors in the future?? My only mistake was back in 1976, when I voted for Jimmy Carter. Since then, I’ve only voted for 2 Democraps (on a state level) endorsed by the NRA. But sadly many Americans seem to have short memories!!!!!


      We have to see past this whole left right thing any one who still beleives that the dems or repube’s are not working for and answering to the same masters is just fooling them selves . Neither of the current political partys can ever be trusted to do the right thing again both of them have allowed more and more of our freedom and liberty to be taken away from us and both have repeatedly sided with the bankers over finacial issues and the authoritys over second and fourth amendment issues rather than the poeple . When i was growing up our history teachers always remided us that our founding fathers would say it is far better a 1000 guilty men go free than it is to imprison 1 innocent man If you told that to a kid in school now adys you would probably be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. We need politicians from new partys that will put the people and the constitution FIRST over all including the banks and authoritys and that they will ensure that americans be left to live thier lives in peace w/o interference .To be able worship or not worship what ever god they may or may not beleive in to be able to protect their homes and property from not only a thief but from a govt agency hell bent on tryanny and to ensure that our privacy remain as important an issue as it was some 230 odd yrs ago and that states rights be protected .If a state passes a law that allows the manufacture and sale of a fire arm made in that state and not sold accross state lines then it is no concern of the federal govt just as it is no concern of theirs if the people decide on how they want to handle the use and sale of cannabis in their own state or for the voters to decide who can and can not be married .But when it comes down to it none of this matters unless we can rid our selves of the 2 current political partys that are answering to the the same people that are actually in control.

      • George Halepis

        Vote for liberty! Vote Libertarian!

      • TeresaE


        Vote the bums out, ALL of them.

    • dan az

      thanks you proved a point that if every one can open there eyes and make the right decisions and not just vote for there party just because
      they think on party lines.what is needed is solutions,Ron Paul was a libertarian turned republican they thought he was a nut job he pushed for getting rid of the federal reserve and doing away with the irs to just a flat tax and bringing or troops home and stop being the worlds police and warned us about the coming nwo.These are the people that we need now to clean up the mess that these clued eyes no thinking sheep followers have left behind.

      • 45caliber

        One thing I disagree with Ron Paul about (and I’m in his district) is that before we bring our troops home we need to finish what we started. Further, we need to keep an eye on the rest of the world and stomp on anyone who threatens the peace. For instance, the second any country drops its first attack nuke on someone else – anyone else – we make a big glass parking lot of their country. If someone invades another we go kick them back – and make a big enough mess of doing it that others won’t be interested in risking the same thing. Paul doesn’t believe in any of that.

        • dan az

          I agree whole heartily thats was my thought about him too but you have to admit that if there was a person that believed in the ways of the fore fathers than thats our guy.what i think about going to war is that there is no longer any reason that there should be any boots on the ground we are more advanced than that. shock and auh and now intendo fly by wire.there is no need for troops anymore like you said one big glass bowl.

  • Jim Clark

    The growth of welfare…my opinion:

    While I cherish conservative values, I do so only in the true and fundamental sense.

    The term “publik common weal” goes back a few centuries, and certainly was known to the “conservative” founding fathers. How it all came to what we have today – public welfare – is interesting, to say the least. Moreover, the growth of public welfare is somewhat just a congruency of the growth of human population.

    It should be obvious that this use of the term “growth” is not a conservative virtue, yet look at all the “conservatives” calling for more growth; “growing the economy;” etc. That is to say, growing the Ponzi scheme, and keeping the lordships – the elites, the powers that be – in riches. Nor is true conservatism about creating poverty through overpopulation.

    True conservatism is – as is true capitalism – a derivative of Nature. Both recognize the cyclical characteristics found throughout the Natural world. True capitalism is revolutionary. It is about cycles, about constant change; new products and ways of doing things. The “conservative” part of conservatism is for the preservation of a set of values that allow human action to proceed in an somewhat orderly, pro-life, live-within-your-means manner, within this changing environment.

    • dan az

      the liberal way of thinking is to take all the money from the people that work for it and give it to the ones that just dont want to work for it.To sustain that way of thinking growth would have to maintain its course to pay for all of you lazy give me its.with out it you would not survive. go live where you can suck off the tit of some country that agrees with your thinking because its not here.

      • 45caliber

        I’ve got to agree with Jim on this. I don’t think he is pushing the welfare gig. It’s more questioning why we should even have it.

    • alpha-lemming

      Consider if you would, a hypothetical headline in the paper.

      “50 Million added to the Welfare Roles”

      Which side would be appalled that this is occuring in the greatest country on earth and which side would be elated that “finally.. people are getting the help they deserve”??

      Tells me all the difference I need to know.

      • 45caliber

        The real question to me is: “Who would be paying for this fiasco???”

    • 45caliber


      I used to have a report by a think take that Johnson hired about 1965. Up until that time, the government tended to try to control the economy of the country by using the military draft. If there were too many workers (increased production) they would draft some of them. If there was too little production they released some. But with the end of the draft they couldn’t do that.

      The think tank recommended a welfare system for a SHORT TERM solution. They warned that any attempt at a long term use would result in people staying on it for their entire lives which would end up harming the government and the economy. It was supposed to be temporary until something better could be used. Unfortunately the Democrats failed to pay attention to that part of it.

  • http://gmail i41

    The USA will sooner or later get into some squall with some dip stick dictator, when we fight cut the feely meely B–; s–t of rules of engaement crap, the libs and pusified educated socialists want. Go knock the living crap out of them everytime we have to fight. Your marxist liberal mantra of poor women and children crap needs to end. If they are in the fight killing and fighting Americans, waste their a$$es and let St. Peter sort it out, that is the way they fight us. We didn’t learn that in Nam and we sure F–k upped in Irag and now in Afghanistan, with the puke socialist dem writing the rules of engagement, which is tying our troops hands. Looks like the pull out of Iraq is just a peach of a move. But theorists never get their poop in a group ever, the recovery stimulas is just humming isn’t it. “Why didn’t people read and check this lying crossbred muslim marxist moron more?” It is called canvernous “head up their a$$es , and need some one to think for them”.

    • 45caliber

      I definately agree with you about “rules of engagement”. That’s one reason I think only vets should be allowed to serve in office.

      As a vet from combat, I wasn’t interested in putting my life on the line without the option of shooting back – but they routinely expect our soldiers to do just that. Further, our men aren’t allowed to destroy the enemy’s ability to make war – it might force the enemy into some situation where they might lose. To the politician, a war is only meant to force the enemy to agree to meet in some setting to allow the politician to make some agreement that will give the politician some fame at home. (HH Humphrey, when Senator, stated that “it didn’t make any difference as to how many soldiers were killed as long as the politicians could get the fame for ending a war.” He even ran for President based on that – and lost because too many of us vets had heard him.)

      I think it goes back to WWII. Eisenhower was a general and ran and won the Presidency. He didn’t put in his time as a politician in Washington and basically jumped to the head of the line, depriving some politician who had spent years working his way up of being President. Ever since the politicians have done all they can to insure no general can succeed in any war. Instead they try to micro-manage the war from Washington and if any general seems to be getting too much of a rep they replace him.

  • Anthony

    I have my doubts as to whether this Proposal is nothing more than distraction media.

    The very first item on their List should have been “returning control of our own currency…back to the People – meaning Congress. This would demand eradication of THE FED – a complete separation from the World Bank, etc., etc.

    April, 1862: [involving Lincoln's printing of greenbacks]…causing the Central Bank (Rothschilds) of Europe to have this commentary printed….that same year in The Times of London a story containing the following statement —–
    “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.
    It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world.The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

    IF ANYONE READING THIS CANNOT FATHOM IT’S MEANING… then go home, get in bed, and stay there….

    As long as a Private Corporation holds the reins of currency – it won’t mean a hill o’ beans whatever advisements this THINK TANK proposes. And, I use the term THINK TANK, loosely.
    They will be able to undermine any tactic used. There is no “benefit of the doubt” … they’ve held the reins for 100 years, and in that time we’ve either been AT WAR, or PREPARING FOR…..WAR.

    It isn’t some politician’s good intentions gone wrong with this constant imperialism. Imperialism, itself, is pure oppression of other Cuontries and other Peoples…period.

    You do notice that when we gear up militarily, our Politicians never announce in advance exactly what WAR will cost… they divert our attention with well-meaning obfuscation. And, the people sucker up for it, time & again.

    Does this THINK TANK discuss ENDING THE FED ??
    It’s a not-for-profit organization… therefore, it is controlled by THE FED.

    • Anthony

      Did this THINK TANK also recommend ending the unconstitutional and illegal INCOME TAX? This would put tons of money back in “the people’s hands” and I do mean immediately.

      Strike three would be repealing the 17th Amendment.
      Can you just imagine how the Kennedy’s would have reacted to finding out ol’ Teddie was being recalled….. now THAT’s a visual.

      I don’t see their List…linked on here… so, it must be cosmetic, overall.

  • Anthony

    I knew I was missing one part in my comments….

    Here’s an interesting read -


  • http://gmail i41

    The biggest posers are the socialist democraps, nobody wants a fight or war, but if pushed, go in to win. The pukes in colleges and the lamebrained media are the pacifists, that screw everthing they touch, like government. The soveits go the hippy and the no war as-holes to march and create problems, pretty much all are still socialist democrats. Every time one of Onumnutts thugs, try and show how damn educated and f–ked up they are. Makes people who were there when the dope heads were spouting their crap, and still are a bunch of do nothing constructive but bray like jackasses and live off of everyoe else. Trouble is Onumnutts is always been a muslim marxist moron and will always be.

    • dan az

      cant argue with that!

  • Doc Sarvis

    From the little information presented in this article it looks like conservatives want to further expand the gap between the rich and poor.

    • alpha-lemming

      Everybody poor???

      Great solution bud!! You need to get this idea to the government ASAP!! I’m sick of working double time to support the guy working less than zero time. I want to work less than zero too!! Which way to the wefare office??

  • http://gmail i41

    Doc, talks just like a welfare rat, government employee, but definitely sounds like a muslim marxist moron rear end kisser of the socialist democrat party. The workers of small businesses and the self employed are damn tired of this B–l s–t of gaps of rich and poor. Onumnutts proves how damn moronic socialist are. LOaszy bastards don’t take risks, don’t want to work over 40 hrs. if that, every sh-t brained democrats are slugs, a drain on society, are usally fups in the real word, and always a bit-king about life and things are unfair. Get your sorry as-es off the couch, get a job or create one and get a life.

  • think4yourself

    There are some GREAT discussions here! Personally, I think it’s time we returned to the constitution BUT I don’t think it’s going to be an easy trip. I suspect that it will happen AFTER (unfortunately) a depression hits this wonderful country. By then, people will FINALLY realize what the republicrats & the democans have been doing to this country. One of our founding fathers (don’t remember which one) said that the best people to serve in government were the ones who didn’t REALLY want to be there & made little money doing it. Since all you have to do is serve ONE TERM in the Senate or Congress to get one hell of a sweet pension, why WOULDN’T the rats & scum of our society apply? Not ALL of our politicians are crooked lying bastards but I believe the good ones are in the minority. Get rid of the fed & the IRS, get back to the Constitution & flush the garbage we now recognize as the “Dept. of Education”. For too long, our country has allowed the ‘progressive’ gutless airheads to dictate & poison the minds of the next generations. Look where it has got us?! Will the transition be easy? Hell no!! Look how long it has taken us to screw up this wonderful country?! In order for us to repair the damage that has been done by enemies waaay too numerous to list here, we have to get back to what worked for so long. Our founding fathers took a long time to finally hammer out an OUTSTANDING document/government that is the envy of the rest of the world. THAT is one of the biggest reasons why America is the great countries ever created. For more thoughts & ideas of what the founding fathers were thinking about, I suggest reading a GREAT book called “The 5,000 Year Leap” & NO, I’m not the author but I do think the book sums up our country’s origins very nicely!

  • Gary Frasier Gloversville, N.Y.

    Woodbutcher, You sure hit the nail on the head. Thomas Jefferson was exactly right when he said “Banking Institutions are more dangerous than standing armies”. Even in the face of the Real Estate Meltdown they still accept no shame or blame. Some people say about people who are being foreclosed upon “Well they should’nt have got involved in a Mortgage they could’nt afford”. The hell you say. Who gave them the money? Many of these people were dupped into believing they could get money fast in the equity of their homes via an adjustable rate mortgage, (ARM) at a lower interest rate and of course they should and /or could Refinance before the rate adjusted within a two year period of time. All you had to do was pay your Mortgage on time every month and you could refinance. Mortgage brokers were telling people this every single day! Make no mistake that Investors not just in The United States of Wall Street (not a Typo error because that’s what is is now), but all over the world, took the opportunity to CASH IN ON THIS CASH COW! There’s isn’t a person with any degree of intelligence whatsoever that has any basis to believe that these greedy Banks and their righteous investors were going to refinance any of these Mortgage Loans. Do the Math! Ask yourself Do I want 7% or do I want 10.78%? Have you arrived at the obvious answer to this most difficult question? Sure you have ,especially if your a Banker or Investor or a “WALLSTREET FATCAT”. Ironically, These Banks, Wallstreet, Lending Institutions, in Greedy frenzy did not and could not see the double edge sword that was about to swing both ways. “Foul” they cried, “We are in trouble”. “We need help”. “Wait a Minute”! “O my God, it’s the United States Gov’t and they are going to give us money and bail us out”. “They are going give us Billons of taxpayer dollars and with that money we can buy up Banks and Institutions who did’nt make the same decisions we made and show them how wrong they have been all along”. “Ohhhh! there is a God we’ll be able to keep our hard earned bonuses,(even though they are in some cases 60 times our salary),and at the same time prove that we have been right all along”. “Right”. “I’m so glad that the Gov’t decided to pay and place the decisions on who else but former constituents just like us who have failed on Wall Street already. “Thank God we have started the United States of Wall Street”. “O, YES WE DID!” Congratulations, you fell into a bucket of sh*# and came out smelling like a rose! But only for now! But listen, all is not over, and all is not done. Remember “that you foxes will not always be of the Jury at Every Goose’s Trial. Also, remember “when a poor man can’t get bread, the rich can’t always digest it”. “The rich are only rich because we carry them on our shoulders, but throw them off and they will sprawl on the ground”. As for me, I desire to live long enough to see the coming of the new UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But also remember that all this can and will not come without great sacrifices. Whether you are rich or poor it is going to take sacrifices on both ends of the spectrum. We have spent years locked up in a two party Gov’t., too much finger pointing, far too many bad decisions, incessant inabilties of these parties to cross party lines for the good of all people, be they rich or poor. These politicians will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected. But has all they promised come true! I think not! Citizens of this country,(“and I am sorry to say I don’t know what the hell this Country stands for anymore,”) the upcoming elections may very well be the most important election of our time and believe me we are almost at a point of no return, vote every incumbent out of office. Vote to elect representatives in Gov’t who can without question make fair decisions in the interest of the United States of America, and rout the United States of Wall Street. In addition, until we get back on the right course sacrifice by keeping your money in your own pockets, don’t spend anything on something you don’t need other than what it takes to survive. Remmember you can’t raise the price on something you can’t sell. Cut up the damn credit cards and hold the cash. Starve a Fat Cat and save a Mouse.


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