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Conservative Organizations Claim DISCLOSE Act Would Violate First Amendment Rights

June 22, 2010 by  

Conservative organizations claim DISCLOSE Act would violate First Amendment rightsDespite the call by some watchdog groups for Congress to expedite the passing of the DISCLOSE Act, the legislation has come under increasing fire from conservative organizations, including gun rights advocates.

The proposed bill would impose new disclosure requirements on organizations, including grassroots campaigns, that spend money on political advocacy campaigns, compelling them to list the top donors in their TV ads.

As a result, FRC Action, the legislative advocacy arm of the Family Research Council (FRC), has urged lawmakers to reject the act, saying it would impose unconstitutional limits on free speech for organizations during election cycles.

The negotiations can also potentially drive a wedge between gun rights organizations, as lawmakers have been trying to forge an exemption from the act for the National Rifle Association, but not other similar groups. This has prompted the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) to criticize it as "morally, if not legally, repugnant."

"This proposed exemption is unconscionable," said CCRKBA chairman Alan Gottlieb, adding that it "reveals the desperation of its sponsors to pass legislation that would still silence organizations [that are] critical of how the Democrat leadership has mismanaged things on Capitol Hill."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19847629-ADNFCR

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  • spoonerist

    Back in the 1970′s Ron Paul and Larry McDonald saved us from the utter destruction of our First Amendment rights when the corrupt federal government tried to stop TRIM Committees from publishing and distributing the voting records of Congressmen. The corrupt federal government also tried to stop the Right-to-Life groups from doing the same thing. Now they want to stop gun rights groups from exposing the truth about anti-gun legislation. We must defend the First and Second Amendments at all costs. And we must get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. before Juan Peron Obama and crew sign treaties that undermine our Constitution.

  • Raggs

    Another double standard by the Dem’s, they are willing to pocket millions from the unions but run scared when opposition is getting support.

    I recieved a letter from the NRA on the discloser act after I sent them a not so nice letter… It was misunderstood that the NRA was in bed with the Dem’s to gain an exempt status under this bill.
    This is actually a move by the Dem’s to limit organizations with less than 500,000 members meaning that an organization of less than 500,000 members will be required to name thierselves when in support of a canidate as in a TV ad.

    • Sondra Pickett

      Just another sign that the Dem’s will do anything for big buiness and let the little guy suck eggs.What makes the NRA think that the Dems will not renig on their agreement with them at a time when it will suit their purpose. Make a deal with the devil and it will come back to bite you in the backside sooner or later.

      • Raggs

        Yeah I know…
        That is what I addressed to the NRA, they sould not be involved in a scam that would allow the democrats to dictate the outcome.
        It seems clear that the dem’s are using every means to buy political power.. To give the NRA exemption because it has over one million members at the same time using force to any other organization with members of less than 500,000 to disclose who they are and who they are backing in a senate race is a double standard. The democrats are trying to pick on the “small” guy. The outcome of this is yet to be seen, but I’m like you once your in bed with a snake your going to be bitten.

      • Donna Espo

        Agreed Sondra, Nothing goes on behind the Devils back that doesn”t come under his belly. Keep praying truth prevails and it will!

    • independant thinker

      “All restriction on political speech is repugnant,” Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the gun owners’ group, told USA TODAY.

      “Am I happy that the NRA’s tongue is not cut for the 2010 … elections? Absolutely,” he said. “Do we still think this bill is unconstitutional? Absolutely.”

  • Robert and Julie Koch

    Why are the washington insiders wanting to regulate the internet? The same reason they are trying to pass the Disclose act. To shut up the majority of Americans, who are tired of the same old BS. The same reason they are using the EPA to kill our economy, and the fcc to regulate the internet, the army core to hinder the gulf clean-up. How can the Majority allow this unconstitutional administration destroy all that our founding fathers created? WHERE’S THE Birth Certificate? In Kenya?

    • JC

      They want to regulate the internet to monitor what we are viewing, who we associate with and what our political leanings are. Then isolate us from each other and kill all lines of communication.
      We’ll be much easier to put on trains that way.

  • Richard Pawley

    Dr. Larry Patton McDonald was probably the last ultra conservative Democratic member of the House. This cousin of General Patton of WWII fame was the complete opposite of President Obama. He would have opposed the current socialist and/or Democratic 111th Congress and the President as much as anyone. He was totally opposed to Marxism, be it the Nazi or Soviet variety and was hated by the true believers in Moscow and in Washington. I was one of those who thought it all to convenient when he was killed along with 60 plus other Americans by the Russian Air Force when they shot down the airliner in 1983 which had supposedly strayed off course twice. The truth will likely never be known but we must remember that replacing Obama in 2012 is a given (even he knows that) but if we do not replace the members of the Democratic Party in congress who have been taken over by the socialists, THEN JUST REPLACING THE PRESIDENT WILL HAVE LITTLE EFFECT. We are headed for economic peril on a scale never before seen in the United States or the world. Obama is just one person. It is the Socialists, Communists and Progressives that he has surrounded himself with that are destroying the country and some of these are in Congress. It is to late to change what is going to happen, the terrible inflation that is coming after the deflation, and just voting for Republicans in four months or two years will not be sufficient to stop what is going to happen. However, I am convinced that if we can vote in pragmatic independents who believe in “equal rights” and the God-given freedoms that are numerated in the Constitution then we can slow this all down. Can we stop the earthquake in LACALIF? I do not believe so. Likewise I do not believe that we can stop the destruction of the US economy and the US dollar which the 110th and 111th Congress has spent with abandon. However, Obama cannot pass any of his economy destroying and dollar killing legislation without the complicity of the US Congress. It is they who vote on the monies to be spent and it is they who must be replaced, and in four months! Whether the destruction of the dollar will eventually destroy the Euro or the destruction of the Euro will eventually destroy the dollar is irrelevant. Inflation greater than any ever seen in this country will be the result in either case, and that is just the beginning. If we wait until 2012 to elect a new president it will make little difference IF we still have the same “spend till you die” radicals in Congress that we have now (not all of course, but to many for the USA to survive as we have known it). We have not completely replaced the republic yet but just as we need senators who are appointed by their states to serve their states (that was changed in my grandfathers time) and senators now serve the 36,000 lobbyists in Washington who pay them so well, so we need to replace them every so often so “We the People” have a chance now and then, to be heard. If the Georgian Democrat McDonald was an extremist on the right, then the Illinois Democrat Obama is an equal extreme on the left, but it will make little difference if we don’t do all we can to see that the current Congress is sent home to think about what they are doing and have done to the United States. It is NOVEMBER OR NEVER!

  • s c

    If this piece of progressive crap violates free speech, then to hell with it. This is how progressives rot a country from within, folks. They use new laws as socially-corrupting tools, and they do it in the name of ‘morality’ and making life ‘better’ (for those who RULE the country and decimate the Constitution, i. e.).
    There is only ONE standard when it comes to the creation of a new law. If it’s constitutional, then it’s OK. If it’s NOT constitutional, then scrap it, and go after the retards and traitors who want to ram it down our throats!

  • Raggs

    We must demand that the Supreme court over-rule any attempt by the democratic party to limit the free speach of any one person or group of people regardless of thier political party affiliation.

    The ruling passed by the court was not intended to have “limits” on speach nor agreeing to the use of force or intemidation on parties in opposition to the democrats.

  • JC

    Its already started overseas…

    The Australian government appears to be set to force internet user to
    install government anti-virus and firewall software. Given that governments
    provide notoriously bad and over priced service I doubt this software will
    correspond to the free market checks and balances where people can complain
    , return for refund, and refuse to use the garbage that is produced by a
    monopoly. But then this isn’t about piracy or cyber crime this is about
    watching where your going, who your “talking” to, and what your posting.
    This is about control nothing more and nothing less. This is about the
    eventual severing of our contacts with each other and the total isolation of
    each and everyone of us.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    Lets go for a body blockade of DC. 2 Million people walk in and sit down and not move. Fill streets, sidewalks, steps, every open space. Come with safety goggles, 2 liters of water wash cloths, and baseball gloves.
    Goggles and washcloth for Tear gas (eyes & mouth) Glove is to catch the tear gas canister & throw it back at the Goose steppers. :P

    • s c

      Frank, that’s a good idea. If ‘extras’ are needed, I’d recruit senior citizens who are about to be raped by Der Obummer’s healthcare scam, and teenagers and recent college/university graduates who have learned the hard way that Der Obummer doesn’t care about real healthcare or jobs for anyone – let alone senior citizens, teenagers or higher learning grads.
      I’d also consider taking along kids between the ages of 10 and 16, so they can see how Uncle Scam reacts to younger people who want to know how Uncle Scam really feels about those who demand their RIGHT to dissent.

  • Raggs

    This is one of several responces I recieved from the NRA.

  • JC

    The “Steal Your 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights Vote” is tomorrow.
    Let Waxman know what you think:

    Let the NRA know what you think:

    Ronald L. Schmeits, NRA President:
    18 Private Road #2001ST
    Raton NM 87740
    575-445-5836, 575-445-2080 fax

    Charles L. Cunningham, Director, NRA-ILA Federal Affairs:
    4864 Oakcrest Drive
    Fairfax VA 22030
    703-352-3245, 202-651-2570 fax

    David A. Keene, NRA 1st Vice President:
    5602 Dawes Avenue
    Alexandria VA 22311-1102

    James W. Porter II, NRA 2nd Vice President:
    215 21st Street N #1000
    Birmingham AL 35203-3710

    • Raggs

      I contacted the NRA….
      Waxman is a RAT. looks just like one too.

  • J.M.R.

    yes if it walks, talks.looks like a rat then it must be a rat.

    • Raggs

      yeah, don’t rat’s infect everything they touch with an incureable disease? most of this is done by them pissing on themselves and spreading it around.

  • chuck b
    • JC

      Go Dennis Prager! WOW!
      That was Great.

    • JC

      Wow! That was great.
      Go Dennis Prager!

    • JC

      Don’t know how THAT Happened! :)

  • http://gmail i41

    It never seems to amaze the Americans, why in the hell do they allow democrats and socialists to keep playing games and schemes, with our freedoms. Every damn socialist marxist democrat know it will take slow erosion of rights and freedoms, to destroy the USA. Trying to cut a deal with Chuck U Schumer or any other marxist democrat, is just plain folly. Dems idea of compromise is everyone else gives up something, except dems never give up anything except crap. Ever see a democrat compromise, never unless, your pet pot belly hog or fat butcher ewe, t is better, smarter, and can wash dishes faster than their mates. The reason dems voted to let women vote, was because sheep couldn’t wash their dishes and women gave them shade in the summer and kept them warm in the winter. Democrats are always a scourge and always be a pox on the USA. Compromise is a sign of poor leadership and no standrads. Of course that is the feel good crap being taught in the public schools, get along and there is nothing you can do about the problems. The government wonks know what is best for everyone.

    • Raggs

      yup thats called the sheeple effect.
      You know, herd-um-in, move-um-out go little doggie!
      All we need now is for the government to brand us…

      • Vicki


  • eddie47d

    This is not about free speech it’s about honesty from both parties. All political ads or any ad for that matter should have a source and be upfront about it. What about the free speech of those who these ads lie about? That’s the rot! Free speech means you can say whatever you want but you better be willing to back it up. If not then it becomes slander.

    • Raggs

      Maybe you should let obama know what you think, obviously he has no clue one how to tell the truth!

    • s c

      Edwardo, you’re a progressive, so this will come as a complete surprise to you. Herr Obummer’s tactics aren’t new. They date back to at least Wooden Head Wilson. Wilson stepped on the Constitution via a free speech matter, and he did it in the name of ‘presidential privilege’ (an executive order, actually). Check it out, if you dare.
      He was able to get away with his infamy because America’s media whores protected him. Wilson and Herr Obummer have much in common. Herr Obummer will try to rape the Constitution in his own ‘special’ ways.
      However, the cat is out of the bag. You and your friends have walked into a buzz saw with your eyes wide open, and you take pride in the same blind faith that let Hitler use social engineering and open hostility to his advantage (for ‘Germany’s own good’).
      Herr Obummer is going down the same path as Wilson. You sure can pick ‘em, bruddah. Remember, no one forced you to be a progressive. That was YOUR choice.

  • chuck b


    democrats prefer a government who will offer them a job guaranteed forever, a union to enforce their employment, free healthcare and a full salary retirement.
    they haven’t figured out yet they produce nothing to pay for all these luxuries, their tax base is gone and foreign governments refuse them anymore credit.
    so what do they do? well, print more money of course. happy days are here again.

    • paul

      well said!

  • bob pa

    yes they will print paper that is worthless just like in germany when it took a willbarrell of paper currency to buy a loaf of bread. yet a tiny 10cent silver would get you a loaf of bread and milk. people know crooks and liars and know the government is full of crooks and liars. that is why they wrote a constitution for us, but the government is trying to destroy it. when they destroy the second amendment which was to give us the means to overthrow a trynical government. the first admendment was to give us free speach, religion, and association. the disclosure and internet control finish it up. you are about to lose everything. what a bunch of evil tyrants we have. we are about to lose everything. when you give up a right you give them all rights.

  • GregS

    The Democrats are fully aware that the DISCLOSE Act is unconstitutional, and they know that it will be overturned in the courts. However, they also know that, if passed quickly, the courts will not have enough time to overturn it before November. This could help them to maintain their majorities in both houses of Congress in November. That’s ALL they care about, nothing more. If that happens, ObummerCare will become a PERMANENT reality, and 11-20 million illegal aliens will become instant citizens through amnesty! Maintaining majorities in both houses in November is the sole purpose of the DISCLOSE Act.

  • hundabuxt

    After listening to the comments made by Dennis Prager thanks to the link provided by Chuck B (thanks brother man!)It occurred to me that the termerity (look it up) demonstrated by Obama and his minions these last few months, has for the first time in memory, energized what used to be the “silent majority”. We can actually thank Obama (the anti-christ?) for waking us up to the steady erosion of what is the fundamental essence of America. Rather than just grumbling and taking it day by day, we’re pissed and involved. I hope Bob doesn’t ban me from the site. Am I being bad Bob? I try to be good. Really!

  • mehoward

    Obama has time and again overstepped his power. He knows he is going to lose his majority in congress and he is forcing a lot of crap down our throat. Mehpensacola.fl

  • airdaleusn



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