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Conservative Lawmakers Condemn Budget Compromise

April 12, 2011 by  

Conservative lawmakers condemn budget compromiseCongressional leaders managed to stave off a government shutdown by striking an eleventh-hour deal on government spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

Just a few hours before the April 8 deadline was set to expire, lawmakers announced a budget that included $38 billion in cuts. Legislators passed a stopgap measure before the government shutdown, giving Congress until April 14 to approve the compromise package.

Some members from both parties are expected to oppose the measure, but the consensus is that Congress will find a way to pass the budget by April 14, the last day before Congress goes on recess for two weeks.

During an interview on ABC's This Week on April 10, Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said that he will work tirelessly to prevent a government shutdown because "it will have a huge disruption in the economy."

However, several conservative Republicans have already protested the deal by voting against last week's bridge bill. Although the package includes a ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia, it does not remove funding for Planned Parenthood nor does it halt the implementation of President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul.

Among the Tea Party favorites to oppose the budget are Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). These conservative lawmakers were pushing for $61 billion in cuts.

"I can't support this," Chaffetz told FOX Business Network. "We have a multitrillion-dollar problem here. And I feel disappointed we came up a little bit short." 

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  • Jana

    They need to START with a 10% cut straight across the board. The amount of $38 billion is tatamount to crumbs.
    The real shame is they used the Military as pawns in this budgeting deal. The Republicans wanted to exempt the military from the shutdown but Obama wouldn’t go for it. He is such a crummy pathetic man that calls himself our President.
    I think if the military hadn’t been in danger, we could have gotten more. We need to keep hammering our Congress to let them know we EXPECT more.
    Obama didn’t want any cuts. How dare he get out there and brag on himself on the cuts that were made.

    • EddieW

      The 38 Billion is really smoke and mirrors, the cut won’t come close to being that much…If I had 200 cigaretts and gave you the last drag of the one I’m smoking…that’s 38 billion!!
      Boehner BETRAYED us…no other way to put it!!! BUT..If I have my set of values and beliefs, and you have yours and they are totally opposed to mine, how is compromise possible? One of us will have to forgoe our integrity!! That’s what Boehner did!! Congress does that most of the time, until they have NO belief system left, they have compromised it all away!! I can’t do that with mine!! I doubt you can either!!

      • Jana

        Then we need to vote in a new House Leader. No more being or acting weak.
        Of course they are blaming the TEA Party for any cuts. The TEA Party is not happy about this either.

        • Bruce D.

          He needs to do more than pay lip service to defunding Obamacare. He needs to defund it. 38 billion doesn’t really accomplish much of anything and the left knows that. They also know how to complain and throw insults to make it look like it is a lot of money to cut.

  • tax payer

    this is a test. beeeeeeeeeep wakeup government if you have no money how can you spend it?????
    i think we should charge for going to countries and fighting there problem. no money no fighting.

    • dan

      …and how about paying us back for all the other wars and police-
      actions.Remember WW2 ? How about all of the aid and handouts through the years and let’s not forget that we’ve been the chief financier of the UN and every thing they’ve been handing out….well,maybe we do deserve punishment.

    • Alice

      It is important to stop illegal immigrants and deport them back to their homes. Illegal immigrants with their children cause’s economy deficits now and it increasable will cause havoc in the future.

      • Allen in reality

        We do not have to deport the bums…just stop hiring, medicating, and feeding them…They’ll go back home voluntarily.

        • Jana

          You know these Reps are supposed to be working for us. What is going on with them that they won’t listen to us? We need to start speaking louder that we don’t like it that they get all of these freebies from the lobbyists, and we need to start firing them when they don’t do as WE THE PEOPLE expect them to do.
          I am also tired of them making laws that they are exempt from. One more thing, no more deals. That never works for the good of our country, just or the good of the individual.

  • David C

    We only got $38 billion because Speaker Boehner would rather make backroom deals, and compromises rather than make tough decisions and do what ultimately must be done before the country goes under.

    As bad as I hate to say it. We need a conservative Nancy Pelosi. She wouldn’t hesitate to shut down the government if it meant winning.

    • Daniel

      And then we almost certainly would have lost the next election, because too many people are too stupid to give up their big government programs. Poll after poll showed that more people would have blamed the Republicans rather than the Democrats for a shutdown.

      • independant thinker

        Sad but all to true.

      • lkar

        Not only can the Republicans not communicate the absolute truth of the Democrat failure, they capitulate to retards like Charlie Rangel. Did anyone see this POS on O’reilly and Glenn Beck? He really thinks we cut too much!!! What? This guy is not only a crook, cheat, and liar. But he is mentally unfit to represent the people. New York, what the he!! are you thinking when you vote for this guy?

    • lkar

      That’s because the gutless Republicans can’t communicate a clear messege to the American people (granted the media is staked against them). Every Republican, every conservative, every tea party congressman should have been blaming the incompotence of the previous speaker, the current senate majority leader, and the president for not passing a budget 6 months ago! They should have been unruely and down right insulting to the fact that they had anything to do with this. They should have flooded the news shows and sat alongside every Democrat and chided them and made fun of their hypocrisy. They should of corrected (and I mean to the point of having their mics muted) every anchor and news pundit. The fact that there was any cuts should be heralded as a major victory!!! Even on this board we should be thankful as the lousy Democrats could have passed this 6 months ago without a single Rebulican vote and without a single budget cut! Do not be as ignorant as the liberals.

  • Raggs

    As much as I think that most Americans hate the idea of a compomises from the repubs on this 2011 budget, this budget should have been addressed LAST YEAR when the democomm’s had both the house and senate.
    Now obama is trying to do back-flips in order to save face with the American public on the upcoming 2012 budget not to mention the debt celling which the US is near hitting it’s head on once again.
    All the while the democommies are trying to cry their way out of the responcibility by the accusations aimed at the repubs by telling the country the repubs want to kill women and old folks.

    This country has NO leadership!

  • Lastmanstanding

    Personally, I look at this as a bailout of govt. employees. Being self-employed, with 2 businesses, I have to call bs. No one bails us out if we have no work. We are unable to collect unemployment. We have to work harder for free in hopes to gather employment. We have to negotiate our deals. We have to ask for a job.

    The amount of non essential govt. workers pisses me beyond belief.

    I actually feel like I have to pay taxes for myself and then again when their checks are cut. After all who pays their wage. Their wage regardless of the amount comes from the sweat off our back.

    I know several people who have recently taken govt jobs and were sweating the “shutdown.” Both of these guys are smart guys with great skills. I had no simpathy for either. My comment was welcome to everyday of our world. Your govt has complete control over you…how does it feel.

    Any of you who haven’t figured it out by now are in a world of trouble. The dems/progs/libs/socialists/communists/rinos/repubs/gop whatever you want to call them are ALL screwing us. token spending cuts, massive spending, quantative easing, etc. our country is broke.

    50% of our population is “special”. They need to have a pat on the back everyday. They are told that the big bad rich guy, is the reason that they have nothing. if you hate me or someone else because you can’t get what we have you have only yourself to blame.

    If you think the govt is your friend, God have mercy on you.

    We must follow the US Constitution to return to a better day.

    Again, if you think a govt is your friend, May God have mercy on you.

    • Raggs

      Very true!.. many people are seeing that as well.

      • Bus

        The spineless boobs will never make the hard decisions until the whole thing crashes at their feet. There main job is to get reelected and to do that they have to win the approval of the press which is liberally tilted, because the press will tell the stupid people how to vote.

  • Jim Biven

    They should have shut it down. I remember when I was in the USMC in the 70′s and they “shut it down”. No big deal. We didn’t have drinking money for a few weeks while they worked it out. There’ aid societies for all the services for the married troops to get assistance when needed. No, you don’t have to go to a loan shark to get money to feed the family. That’s a Demoncrat lie. All who vote to continue this debt need to leave office. Vote them out. If they just got in, impeach them for violation of their oaths. They swore to preserve and defend the US and uphold the Constitution. When they vote for debt, they’ve broken both promises.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    While I don’t like the deal compromise is a fact of life but its difficult to swallow since the polarization of ideas. While ultra liberals are living in some Utopian society that will never exist, and the ultra-conservatives want to go back to Herbert Hoover rugged individualism, that will never exist either — As much as both sides want –Mr. Obama is a terrible leader at a time when we need someone like Jefferson so badly — Mr. Obama is a talker!!!! and is posturing for his next reelection run. If you are realist and see the danger our country is in, join the Tea movement , join your civic clubs and really fight against the governments take over of your rights and force them to take actions they don’t want to, bring power back to where it belongs — the tax payers

  • Lastmanstanding

    It is not about money anymore. If it was about money, profit, prosperity there would be jobs and growth as far as the eye could see. “They” control the money and have enough of it.

    It is about the power to control you. Look at history, it is a cycle.

    Unless you do something about it.

  • Bob

    It should be obvious that the scumocrats are out of touch with reality. They apparently believe the lies that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that a country can thrive by robbing the producers to feed the parasites, that pay and benefits do not have to correlate to industry and talent, and so on and so on. The simple facts are as follows: government employees could lose 25% of their pay and still be overpaid, big government is bad government, we have no moral obligation to feed parasites, and, if we don’t realize and act on these truths, America is going to fall into either chaos or become another socialist dictatorship. Note to GOP: to compromise with the scumocrats is treason.

    • Mick


      You are right America is falling at a rapid pace, the democrats have always used the poor and minorities as an excuse to collect more and more dollars which they waste on their extravagances .
      We as people have to take a stand against their sick agenda or there will be no tomorrows for the next generations and probaly even sooner.
      As for the the Government employees, they need to be cut down to a minimum. most of them are nothing but pain in the a$$ and are under the impression that they own you.

  • blue

    Law makers upset. Bull chips.
    Every penny of the budget originated in the legislature. They are the only ones that can propose spending. If all you can get is 1/3 of the cuts you propose then propose 300000000.00 in cuts and give us the 1000000000.00 you promised us.
    1 trillion deficit 39 billion reduction that’s 3tenths of 1 percent .
    Threetenths of one percent
    B-b-b-boehner you ain’t done nothin’ yet
    Take up the chan’t send it to your friends.
    Make it viral.

  • Patriot

    Keep in mind if you raise the taxes on everyone making over $250K to 100%, that still would not cut the deficit in half! Where do you think this End Game is going folks? Wake up before it is too late!

    • 45caliber

      Also keep in mind that nearly all those in Congress are numbered among the rich. There is no way in a hot place that they will increase taxes on themselves.

  • Frank

    I e-mailed my representative, tom petri, a few days ago and chastised him for his support of the last c.r. he voted for. I asked him two (2) questions:
    1. Does cry with boehner?
    2. Is his yellow streak as big as boehners?

  • Dr. smith

    and I feel disappointed we came up a little bit short.”

    I’ll say, like $1.6T short. that’s the money we don’t have yet spend. try that home or with the IRS. we’re running $5B/day in debt!!! so the cuts will let us break even for a week!! 7 x $5B = $35B.

    But who’s counting, not our government. turn on the printers and let the money roll on out.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. It is time that the people in Washington realize that they can’t continue to use federal taxes to buy votes in the next election.

      Our only recourse is to eliminate all things that have been passed but not put into action yet, such as healthcare, and then follow that up with all give-away programs such as money for foreign aid and charities. That will also mean a healthy slice of Welfare. We need to keep cutting until we do not only balance our budget but have enough income to start paying down our debt as well as pay the yearly interest. Then, when things are all paid off, we can decide what we REALLY need to spend any money on rather than what might get Congress more votes.

  • Bob

    Our representative, Jerry COSTello (a scumocrat), recently came to town to “warn” us about cutting the budget. Of course he has an interest in a bloated budget because half of his family is on the government payroll working at jobs they would not have if it were not for his abuse of his power. With men and women like COSTello in power, America doesn’t have a chance. We must destroy the scumocrat party before it destroys us.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Bob. It is both parties. I was at a local mtg the other night and someone told me that in the original US Constitution one of the original amendments prohibited lawyers from being congressman and senators. Maybe because the Founding Fathers knew that they would make (lots!)of laws to benefit themselves and “others.”

      Still looking for proof, but look at how many things have been buried from our eyes and ears.

      NOTHING SURPRISES ME ANYMORE. I just go to work and live my life and prepare until it is time to protect my family and way of life.

      If nothing happens, no problem.

      You and everyone else should do the same.

      • Bob

        True, the less power lawyers have, the better off we are. Lawyers are leeches who produce nothing but misery and expense.

        • 45caliber

          Bob: The US have 3% of the world’s population but have over 50% of the world’s population of lawyers. Like most countries, we need a few. But NOT the number we have! That’s why we have so many court suits, ambulance chasers, etc. They do that to make a living and all get tarred by the same brush. Actually, we need more doctors but the number of doctors allowed to graduate each year is strictly controlled by the legislators (who are mostly lawyers).

          • Bob

            On of the Bard’s plays had a line that went something like this: “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers”. A little extreme, but not too extreme. Lawyers are parasites, they serve no usefull purpose and because of lawyers and judges, America has murdered more people than Hitler. In a few more years, we will pass up Stalin and Mao.

          • 45caliber


            If you are talking about the death penalty, I can’t agree. It isn’t murder to execute some character intent to kill others. It is simply a safety measure every species does to make sure they can’t harm the species. And I’ve worked as a prison guard for awhile. Don’t try to say that life in prison will keep us safe. It doesn’t. It leaves those in prison – prisoners and guards – in danger and some politician can always remute the sentence and let him out again. We had just that thing done when Ann Richards was governor. She released a man sentenced to death for the torture/rape slayings of several women. In the 9 months before they caught him again he is known to have done the same thing to at least 50 more women – none of whom deserved it. The death penalty is the ONLY way we have to insure things like this don’t happen.

        • Bud Tugly

          The difference between lawyers and roosters is the roosters cluck defiance while lawyers…

      • 45caliber


        Copies of the US Constitution from 1814 until 1859 were found to contain the following as the XIII Amendment.

        “[Contested Article.]
        [Proposed 1810; Possibly Ratified 1819, but evidence lacking, and it seems most likely that the number of ratifying states did not reach 3/4 of the states as new states were admitted.]
        If any Citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any Title of Nobility or Honour, or shall, without the Consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, Pension, Office or Emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince or foreign Power, such Person shall cease to be a Citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any Office of Trust or Profit under them, or either of them.”

        This supposedly included the statement that lawyers were not allowed to serve in the Executive or Legislative bodies of the government because they were – by profession – already a part of the Judicial Branch. The reasoning was that the Judicial Branch would take over the other two branches and the Judicial Branch would rule.
        Further “honors” as listed included anything pertaining to the position to which one was elected that were not ALSO given to all people in his district. In other words, if he had a horse given to him by the government so he could get to Washington, all his constituents also had to get a horse. And anyone who was caught in this not only would be kicked out of office, he could never run again – even after he got out of jail.

        Interestingly enough, this limited Thirteenth Amendment disappeared during the Civil War when the Northern Congress passed the Present Thirteenth Amendment. They simply over-wrote it.

        Investigation showed that enough states had passed this prior to the War of 1812 EXCEPT FOR ONE. They found the original paperwork in Virginia in 1814 – after the war – that stated that they had successfully passed the amendment and it was now law. But they didn’t find the original paperwork in Washington. The court system took the view that this law was therefore invalid and that other state approvals were also uncertain because they didn’t want to accept this as law now.

        After all, just think what Congress and the Presidency would be like if ONLY NON-LAWYERS could hold office. 90% or more would be kicked out of office!

        • Lastmanstanding

          45. Thank you and good job. Stand with the US Constitution.

        • Howard Roark

          You are absolutely correct. lawyers that have a licence to practice law are OFFICERS OF THE COURT, and as such are a part of the judicial branch. there have been attemts to make a lawyer turn in their license if they want to serve in the legislative branch. wuthout success of course.

  • http://condembudgitcompromise BEV

    we need to see trillions cut off budget not millions and not to increase our taxes anymore people are living paycheck to paychrck and still having to rob peter to pay paul or like me choose can i afford to even buy my asthma or my incilin or let a bill go to buy my meds and will the money be there next bill time.the government needs to get rid of all these copy cat offices and keep one for each

    • 45caliber

      Correct. I’ve heard of as many as 15 offices that all do exactly the same thing. 14 of them are unneccessary.

  • Bob

    Ben, get real. If my wife and I were facing bankruptcy and about to lose our home we would not be standing at whole foods arguing about whether to buy the fillet or the Porterhouse. This budget deal is about less than 1% of the total budget proposal. Boehner is going to “get tough” next time? Lie to me once shame on you. Lie to me twice shame on me. I expect the Dems to not get it. I was hoping that the Reps would understand the message of the last election. Silly me. I actually thought that we had two political parties in this country. Instead we have two groups of spoiled children fighting over who gets to cut the pie and who gets to choose while the American public gets to pay for all of it.

    • Bob

      True – we need a party that hates the status quo and that really wants change and fiscal repsonsibility.

      • azwayne

        Agree it’s time for a TRUE CONSERVATIVE party, nothing will change with the elitist politicians running the money machine. Bribery, lobbyists, fraudulent elections and counting, is there no way to get an honest politician?

        • 45caliber

          We haven’t had a true conservative party in the last sixty years or so. We have a liberal party and a not-so-liberal party. And don’t suggest the Libertarians. They appear to be so far right that they lap over onto the Far Left side too when they start planning to legalize all drugs and ignore the rest of the world.

          • Bob

            The Libertaian Party is fiscally conservative and socially depraved. We need a party of good, Christian conservatives.

          • 45caliber

            Agreed. Unfortunately Ron Paul (my Congressman) is Libertarian. He makes a fine Congressman but I’m not so sure he’d make a fine President – although I’m sure he’d do a better job than the one we have.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Just had a phone call from the office of majority leader Binger asking for my opinion. Most of the time when I tell them I cnn”t send them any money they hang up rather quickly’ but this lady not only listened but was in agreement with me on what needs to be done. It gives me some hope that maybe they are really listening. I told them to stand strong and cut even if it meant hurting me.

  • Donel

    Obama asking for more taxes of the rich
    for his spending spree.

    They ask time and again that stupid question.
    Does he know what he is doing?
    Of course he does. He said in the beginning of his
    campaign, CHANGE, TRANSFORMATION, how clear can he get?
    What better way of doing his diabolical transformation?
    I’ll ask the question, do the people know what he is doing?

    • Lastmanstanding

      Some do. It is called communism/marxism/socialism/etc.

      The meek, weak, pathetic will never inherit the earth. The earth doesn’t work that way.

      Truth can be painful.

      • Boris

        When USSR was created many people believed someday life will be better. Those people worked often for free to build new railroads, factories, hospitals… USSR never had welfare, and everyone must work for a little salary. But many people were smart, they grow vegetable and fruit gardens and it gave them extra income and feed their’s family. In America socialism will never work because some people on welfare and some people never worked.

        • 45caliber


          There is one problem with what you said about people growing their own food in Russia. In most cases, they were required to turn it in to the government to be “shared”. Actual food raised was more in line with a couple of tomato plants or a handful of greens.

          One of the major reasons that it failed in Russia (or should we say the USSR) was because there was no incentative to work harder. If someone else gets paid when he does very little and cannot be ‘fired’, why bother to work harder yourself? Particularly when there is no advancment for working harder? After all, the supervisors were all appointed because of political connections.

        • Bob

          Sorry, things never worked that well if the USSR; if it had, the USSR would still be around.

  • barbm

    i felt that cutting it by $61 billion was a compromise since they promised $100 billion. i agree that all depts should be cut 10% immediately. that’s $355 billion cut right there. perry did it here in texas, so it can be done.

    • Bob

      The budget needs to be cut to where there is no deficit, period. The only way that can happen is to eliminate much of our malignant government,

      • 45caliber

        I agree. And all the newer items such as healthcare that are overloading the system and will be even worse in the future have to go until we pay off our debts and have a balanced budget. No one can spend their way to prosperity.

  • H. Kirk Rainer

    In the end, the legislature deferred the pain in favor of the illusion of prosperity.

    Not to confuse this issue (and action) with the recent attack on Libya, but the common and consistent notion is that the public will beleive “the people” are of primary import (in decisions…actions.

    The public does not have to look far to realize the inconsistenty in such publicized or reported notions.

  • http://com i41

    Making cuts, why the hell isn’t the Prez and Congress getting trim at least 25%, between pay, benefts( they can pay just like Sally and Joe have to. Stop the endless free bies when the slubs leave office tero to 1950, including Prez, Congress and federal workers. Donel why doesn’t the marxist muslim moron explain how much taxes he will pay or again is the cross bred jackass and his Big Boss Sow qill have too pay. They are elitist rich that dems supposely hate and loathe. Better start to make cuts of 16-18 trillion for startes to seriously getting real movement.

  • homeboy

    so remember ya’ll the next time you vote , the face will change but the body will be the same meaning it does not matter who is elected your screwed and will always be that way as long as you have politicians running the show. so do you still think man has the answers?

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Does anyone know if the 22 reported first lady aid’s are ;considered essential or non-essential.. ;

    • 45caliber

      They are the essential ones. After all, she had to get help selecting what to wear and how to tie her shoes. It’s the other 30 or so who are non-essential – but I’m certain she can come up with reasons to keep them that would make them essential.

    • Raggs

      I can’t imagine finding a way to keep 22 people busy cleaning up after 4 people, I guess thats why we have a government of millions.

      • 45caliber

        Oh, they don’t clean up. They have maids for that. These are her “advisors”. And they make as much as $250,000 or more a year. I think Barbra Bush had two.

  • 45caliber

    They are pushing for a whole 61 billion in cuts. Wow. That is what – about a 3% cut from our deficiet?

    As long as we continue to have a deficiet and refuse to pay off the debts we now have, we WILL sooner or later go bankrupt. And what happens with a country goes bankrupt? Is there a court system that will forgive and forget most of our debt? I certainly don’t know of one. What I would expect instead is that our court system will aware the people who we owe money to much of the government land and resources in the US.

    Let’s see – China gets all the oil, Japan gets all the timber and national parks, Congress gets to keep their checks and retirement, …

    What do we get?

    • Bob

      We get the shaft, we get the shaft.

  • liberty4me

    Democrats, Republicans, ALL politicians, nearly ALL lawyers, and ALL out for the good of themselves first, their party second and the people third and then, only to the extent necessary to gain re-election!
    If we want our America back we need to start a new political party without the traditional ties and obligations. Then establish new election rules:
    1 – Office holders will truly represent the people by proportioning representation amongst all economic classes, not just professional lawyers.
    2 – All funding for elections must come from the party or from public funding. Otherwise, personal wealth will rule (only the wealthy can afford to successfully run for office).
    In addition, new laws are needed to focus control back to “the people”:
    a. Government employees must be disqualified from running for office (because of conflict of interest; i.e. influence over salaries and benefits, expansion of government).
    b. Establish term limits for every office, no career politicians. This will reduce focus on re-election and thereby reduce influence of lobbyists’ (financial support).
    c. Eliminate special pensions for office holders. Such “perks” disconnect them from the results of their actions in office. Office holders should live under the same conditions/rules as the rest of the represented public. If they have the same interests they will better represent “the people”.
    d. Suspend voting privileges for welfare recipients, except for disabled persons. Incentive for self-sufficiency needs to be reestablished and the pursuit of freebies eliminated from the election process.
    e. Revise the role of the FED and return direct control of the U.S. treasury to Congress.

    Currently, a relatively small portion of the population “supports” a much larger portion of the population including children, disabled, unemployed, welfare recipients, and government workers (town, county, state, and federal employees) to say nothing of the billions in foreign welfare giveaways. This imbalance is not sustainable and is why the country is so far in debt. The establishment of social programs (Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, welfare, etc.) ARE Socialism when they are operated by the Government. This was certainly not the intent of those who founded this country. It requires limitations on personal freedom (individual choice) and exceeds the duties (and limitations) assigned by our Constitution to the Government. The Constitution must be adhered to and Government reduced to the original intent if the U.S.A. is to survive. The social programs must become private institutions like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Church, etc. as they once were.

    By the way 45,
    there were links posted here several days ago which said that there is a plan being developed to exchange Federal Lands for Federal debt, not only for the U.S. but world wide. Land will become the new “backer” for debt and a new world currency. That article said even our National Parks are up for grabs and the FED is involved.

    • 45caliber

      I missed seeing that article, but it doesnt’ surprise me. Japan has wanted our national parks for years – and I’m fairly certain that China has already been given rights to all our oil in return for the loans they gave us. That’s why the Dems keep insisting we can’t pump and use it.

      I can just see the world soon, though. Every country has over half of it owned by other countries. That’s one way to create a world government, I suppose. Nothing else would work.

  • 45caliber

    Sam Rayburn, who was once Speaker of the House, once stated – after retiring of course – that he always considered every bill in the following manner:

    1. How it would affect him, good and bad.
    2. How it would affect the Democrat Party, good and bad.
    3. How it would affect his district and his ability to get votes there.
    4. How it would affect the state.
    5. How it would affect the country.
    6. How it would affect the citizens.

    Notice that the first two ONLY have the the “good and bad” part.

  • http://com i41

    liberty4me, why do you think Onumnutts and the dems are such suckers for the UN mandates. Onumnutts still hasn’t abandoned his plan to take away all private land ownership by executive orders. Most of the oil is on a lot of private owned land as well as food production land which if in government control is easy to give rights to give to China as well as government will decide what crops are grown and who it will be sold to. The democrats from Wilson, FDR, all democrat Pres down to Onumnutts all have beleived in the s–t of total government control of everything. All dems from the soros socialist dems to the marxist/communist wings, all beleive in government control down to what is produced, eaten, what types of equiptment a citizen is allowed to use, down to what we drive, and think. Shades of Russia, China, and all f–king muslim pervert goat rangling countries controlled bt dictators.

    • Charley41

      So who do we put in 2012? Trump? Rommey? Who?

  • Bert Cundle

    What does the Donkey say to the Elephant?
    There isn’t enough room in this Country for the Two of us… So: YOU GOTA GO!!!

  • http://com i41

    Charley41, just about anyone that isn’t a muslim , or a marxist, communist, or a socialist, a union thung supporter, or a whore of George Soros and his training and taker of his money and his 527′s, and most of all a worthless multi degreeed book trained smuck who has never done anything in life.

  • Bert Cundle

    budget that included $38 billion in cuts. /////////////\\\\\\ THAT MEANS NOTHING TO ME… (1.) WITH-OUT: KNOWING THE TOTAL REVENUE / YEAR… NOT NEXT YEAR, OR 10 YEARS DOWN THE LINE!!! (2.) WITH-OUT KNOWING WHAT OUR ANUAL BILLS ARE!!! (3.) wITH-OUT KNOWING OUR “REAL” INDEBTEDNESS! (4.) WITH-OUT KNOWING HOW MUCH IS OWED TO US! So… the dumber the government keeps us, the more they can get away with!!!


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