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Conservative Group Backed By GOP In Open Letter Calling For Civil Debate

December 17, 2010 by  

Conservative group backed by GOP in open letter calling for civil debateA host of Republican leaders have signed an open letter by the Family Research Council (FRC), which defended its First Amendment rights following a character attack by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Earlier this month, the SPLC accused the FRC and several other socially conservative organizations of being hate groups because of their views about homosexuality. In SPLC's winter edition of its Intelligence Report, the civil rights group said that certain conservative factions are on par with the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations, according to The Daily Caller.

The FRC responded by crafting an open letter which appeared in the Dec. 15 print editions of Politico and The Washington Examiner. The letter was signed by more than 150 organizational leaders and politicians, including House Speaker-elect John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

In the letter, the FRC calls for "vigorous but responsible exercise of the First Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty that are the birthright of all Americans."

"The surest sign one is losing a debate is to resort to character assassination," the letter reads. "The Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal fundraising machine whose tactics have been condemned by observers across the political spectrum, is doing just that."

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  • newspooner

    Ask the Southern Poverty Law Center if it supports “affirmative action”. It is very likely that they do. So-called “affirmative action” is a racist policy, plain and simple. Deciding who should get a job (fireman, policeman, teacher, etc.) because of race or skin color cannot be justified by any moral person, or the Constitution. Mandating that teachers count and report the number of their students categorinzed into racial categories is also racist. Appointing delegates to a political party convention, based on race and ethnicity, is also disgusting. Having racial categories checkoffs on a federal census form is abhorrent.

    Individual racism is bad; institutional racism is worse; governmental racism is the worst of all.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Carol G.

      newspooner – Very well said and perfectly accurate. I too, find this entire situation to be very disgusting, unfair, tiresome and just plain WRONG.

  • Jake

    • The SPLC took on a case, on behalf of a mother, or so it seemed, whose son was murdered by Klansmen. The SPLC won the case. The victim’s mother was awarded property belonging to perpetrators which was valued at $51,875. The SPLC sent out letters to donors containing a picture of the murdered youth as a means of fundraising, and collected $9,000,000 in total. To cut a long story short, the centre walked away from the case with over 173 times more money from the case than the victim’s mother did, and the SPLC didn’t offer her a penny of their mammoth total.
    Source: Article When a hate crime is something to love by Wesley Pruden
    • The SPLC claim to be a “non-profit organisation”, yet the collective assets of the Center by October, 2008, amounted to over $170,000,000. This is higher than the individual GDPs of six real-life countries, and higher than the bottom three combined. Source: Article King of the Hate Business by Alexander Cockburn
    • In 2008, staff of the Southern Poverty Law Center were payed the following amounts: Morris Dees (“chief trial consel”): $273,132, Richard Cohen (CEO and President): $290,133. For comparison, the Director of the Institute of Southern Studies (a prisoner’s rights group) makes $50,000 a year, and the president and senior counsil of the group, Stephen Bright, only $11,000. In fact, Stephen Bright, wrote in a letter to Morris Dees, “you are a fraud and a conman. You spend so much, achieve so little, and promote yourself shamelessly”.
    Sources: Articles King of the Hate Business by Alexander Cockburn and When a hate crime is something to love by Wesley Pruden
    • The article Lump of Coal, which was featured in the Fairfax Journal on December 16, 2003, reported that 89% of the money recieved by the Southern Poverty Law Center is spent on fund-raising and “administrative costs”.
    Source: Article Lump of Coal

    • Bus

      Sounds like victumhood pays well.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the lady should turn around and sue the pants off of them for using the picture of her son to line their pockets!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Carol G.

      Very disgusting but it doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s business as usual at the SPLC. I detest that organization. They need to be shut down. Oh, but of coarse they would sue on the grounds of hate and racism; even though that’s a load of crap.

    • Granny Mae


      Now isn’t that special? Thanks for the info. How disgusting of them !

  • http://com i41

    What was the supporting party was enabled this crap? It is the National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Socialist Party. The bastards always have catagorized their supporter, They know the blacks don’t mind being used a a rented mule, sinceit is a welfare multi generational idoits. Reservation Indians always will vote for the socialists dems, because that was the way their ancestors lived, plus a feast and few bottles of Mad Dog 20/20, you got their vote for life. The illegals will always vote for the socialist bastards because illegals will keep getting more and more freebies. Government employees will always vote for socialist dems, since government pay and benefits are way over what private business can afford to pay, since taxpayers arer getting the tab. All damn democrats treat citizens like livestock, sorting by color and the dumber and lazier, the greater the freebie these morons will be given.

  • Yvonne Taylor

    WOW, after reading the article and comments, it seems I am hearing a lot of ignorant views and facts, and that there was wrong on both sides. If the hate and bigotry was eliminated through some education this whole scenario would not have ever happened. (“i41″ is a prime example of ignorance and bigotry, such a shame, growing up with bigotry perpetrates bigotry through generations.)

    • Bill

      Yes and damn proud of it.

  • eddie47d

    How about a few facts on the Family Research Council run by Tony Perkins. He works closely with David Duke (kkk) and they share the same mailing list.So I don’t understand why Personnel Liberty desk is supporting this group. Tony Perkins says gays equal pedophiles (yet there is no truth to that). Perkins also spoke at the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2001 (in Louisiana) That group says “blacks are a retrograde species of humanity”. Some of you say Conservatives aren’t racists? Give me a break! Peter Spriggs of Family Research Council wants criminal laws against homosexuals. That means jail time and government intrusions into folks personal lives. There is a clear path to what these religious extremists are saying and physical attacks against homosexuals. Bulling and suicide deaths can be traced back to some of these “groups” also. More than one of these religious groups want to force homosexuals to become heterosexuals. That is not working out to well and is creating more division on both sides of the line. Another member of American Family Association Bryan Fischer says that the gay community is” powerful and vicious and wants to overthrow Christianity”. In reality it looks like it’s the other way around. Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries says “There is a gay Mafia and the Democrat Party is owned and controlled by homosexuals”. I thought you all would love that one and it fits into so many of your agendas. Here is a guy I mentioned 2 days ago on another subject. Scott Lively of the American Family Association and Abiding Truth Ministries. He fought for a law in Oregon that would criminalize homosexuals as pedophiles (it failed). Then he went to Uganda to help them with legislation to outlaw homosexuals. This law would automatically give them the death penalty and the rights of citizens to beat up and kill gays. Same law was passed in Germany in 1942. It worked there and is working in Uganda.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Let’s not forget that dukes was also a close comrade of the dems in 1988 running for the pres as well!!

  • Harold Olsen

    The Southern Poverty Law Center seems to be a broken record. Saying conservative factions are on par with the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations is exactly what they said about the TEA Party several months ago in an AP story that was actually about Oath Keepers. Their major problem with the TEA Party and Oath Keepers is that both groups believe in the US Constitution and feel that it should be upheld and enforced. In the article SPLC labeled both groups militia organizations.

    • eddie47d

      The Oath Keepers are a Militia group although I see nothing wrong with them. Maybe some of their members are in other extreme groups who took advantage of the Oath Keepers. That has happened (to a very small degree) in the Tea Party. I may be Liberal but the Tea Partiers have a positive message on the future of America and can’t be ignored.

      • eddie47d

        Chuckie,below; You are so full of right wing elephant dung. Keep piling it higher!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Carol G.

        eddie – You say that you’re a liberal and you believe that the Oath Keepers are a Militia Organization, but you see nothing wrong with them. You sound like a confused hypocrit.

      • james r list

        oathkeepers are not a militia, im one of the founding members of oathkeepers and i know better. its an idealogical group,and a supporter of the constitution.i belong to a militia group and its not oathkeepers

  • chuckb

    the aclu and the splc are the most dangerous organizations in the u.s.
    these are both communist orientated and they use blacks and gays as their big money tickets and the splc is probably the most dangerous of the two. they both get their genealogy from the old russian communist regime.they use labels such as racist, bigotry and anti semetic to cut down their opponents in law suits. destroying the christian element in our country is their main agenda and setting up a marxist government is their goal. barry is their puppet.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Carol G.

      Yeah, and “Barry” is the perfect puppet for their kind of crap.

  • Rick

    If you ever happen to go to Montgomery, AL in sight of the Capitol Building and stand in front of the SPLC Building, you will see that they are as fraudulent as their other liberal cohorts who are always excoriating the wealthy. This fancy building that the compassionate Morris Dees occupies is certainly not reflective of “POVERTY”. It is in the South, and they do deal with law, but thw rest is bogus.

    • eddie47d

      I have seen the original SPLC building back in the 80′s and it wasn’t bigger than a small house. Times change and new buildings go up for any growing office. Poverty doesn’t mean we all have to stay poor and live like paupers either. SPLC has helped many and hopefully those people are no longer in poverty. Even Abe Lincoln moved out of his log cabin and into a decent home in Illinois.Now if the new SPLC building has gold flooring and gold bathroom fixtures then I’d be more than a little ticked.

  • chuckb

    morris dees is not interested in enforcing the civil rights of people, he is interested in removing the rights of christians in this country.
    removing the symbol of christianity from our government, schools and all aspects of public display. he would like to make sure the menorah is displayed.

  • http://com i41

    Yvoone, all pee brained Marxist Communist Democrat Union Socialist pukes can spout all kinds of socialist creap. But let someone point out facts, their liberal underwear comes up around their necks and causes their eyes to stick out on stems. Then they can claim we are a all racists. What party sorts people out in different herds like livestock, to play one off against another. It is similar to like feeding a bunch of different weight hogs, feed some at different times and there is always some sows squealing and biting thru the fences at ones on the other side.

  • jopa

    i41;Lay off the MD 20/20 didn’t anyone tell you what it does to brain matter?

  • Allan Halbert

    Let’s be honest. Most activist liberals and progressives hate conservatives and like to call conservative beliefs they don’t like “hate speech”. SPLC is just keeping up the attack on Christianity in order to try to gain sympathy with independents and moderate democrats.

    • Bill

      Well here is a little something that should upset them even more.It is a results from a survey that I participated in. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!
      Will The Tea Party Change Washington?

      Here are the results!

      The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 76,467
      1) The Tea Party is good for America.
      78% voted: Strongly Agree
      7% voted: Agree
      3% voted: Disagree
      11% voted: Strongly Disagree
      1% voted: Undecided
      2) What should be the new incoming Congress’ #1 Goal?
      28% voted: Cut Spending
      5% voted: Reduce Deficits
      4% voted: Cut Taxes
      30% voted: Repeal Obamacare
      15% voted: Create Jobs
      16% voted: Impeach Obama
      0% voted: Other
      3) Will things get better now that Republicans control the House of Representatives?
      36% voted: Definitely
      45% voted: Possibly
      10% voted: Not Likely
      9% voted: Absolutely Not
      4) Did the Tea Party influence how you voted?
      61% voted: Definitely
      14% voted: Maybe
      7% voted: Not Likely
      17% voted: Absolutely Not
      5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
      11% voted: Democrat
      63% voted: Republican
      14% voted: Libertarian
      11% voted: Other
      6) What is your gender?
      66% voted: Male
      32% voted: Female
      2% voted: Prefer Not to Disclose

  • http://AlexConstantine'sAnti-FascistEncyclopedia Alex Constantine

    “The surest sign one is losing a debate is to resort to character assassination … ”

    Republicans must lost a lot of debates, then, to judge by the rhetoric of GOP hate groups: Swiftboaters, Fox News Obaama bashers, Arkansas Project sperm chasers, FRC liars, Eagle Forum Texas textbook revisionists, David Horowitz’s anti-Muslim brigade, gun-toting Arizona profilers, FreedomWork’s blood-drenched war on anyone who can’t afford health care, Republican congressional smears of anti-war liberals as “unpatriotic,” etc., etc., etc…


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