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Conservative And Veterans’ Organizations Vow To Keep ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ In Place

May 28, 2010 by  

Conservative and veterans' organizations vow to keep 'don't ask, don't tell' in placeDefense Secretary Robert Gates gave his approval on the vote to overturn the "don’t ask, don’t tell policy" earlier this week. However, many media outlets stressed the apparent "lukewarm" nature of the endorsement, which may be unsurprising given the significant opposition to the measure, especially in conservative quarters.

The Family Research Council (FRC) has been at the forefront of trying to prevent the overhaul of the agreement that bans openly gay individuals from serving in the military. The organization’s lobbying arm called FRC Action recently launched an ad campaign accusing Democrats of attempting to use the military to "advance their radical social agenda."

"We call on Congress to protect the military, listen to our troops and the American people by rejecting this outrageous deal that politicizes the military at the expense of our national security," said FRC president Tony Perkins.

The FRC was seconded by the nation’s largest wartime veterans organization, The American Legion, which affirmed its opposition to repealing the law on the grounds that it served the military well for 17 years and that it would not be wise to make a major cultural change in the middle of two wars.

The legion’s National Commander Clarence E. Hill also pointed out that the Department of Defense has ordered a study on the policy, and the vote should not take place before the commission releases its findings.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19802022-ADNFCR

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  • Norman F. Cates

    If they allow open homosexual freedom (and, therefore, homosexual activity) in open bay barracks, will they also allow freedom for straight soldiers to bring their girl friends in? Or is this just another privilege reserved for homosexuals?

    • Dave

      They are not allowing homosexuals to have sex in the barracks. They simply saying that the gay men and women who are already risking their loves to give you the freedom to hate them should be allowed to admit that they are gay. Beleive it or not many of them are already serving and serve with just as much honor as straight people and they deserve our respect. The article above neglects to mention that the passage of this is contingent on a government report on the affect of this on the military. Many other armies have done this and have found that it had no negative affects. Opposing this on the grounds that you, or your religion, don’t agree with the practice of homosexuality goes against the very spirit of our country and our constitution. The fact that an agency which is a fundamentalist religious group opposes this is not surprising and frankly, who cares. Didn’t one of the founders of this group just get caught coming back form an overseas trip with a male prostitute. Don’t you see the hypocrisy?

      • donbch

        I am a 84 year old vet of ww2 I would like to know how we have won all our wars up to now without Homo’s ??Get rid of the Imposter, Gates & admiral shit face & let’s get this country back to nomal !!

        • Mochona

          The same arguments were used to keep blacks out of the military in the old days. I hope you now agree the military has benefited by been inclusive as opposed to the anti-black of those evil days.

          • TIME


            No not really, the facts are that Blacks were in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corp from pre Civil War times right up until Woody Wilson who was an “out right 100% total raciest” who tossed out all Blacks. FYI- FDR was also a total Raciest.

            Thanks READ real History,

          • CJ

            Set asside your racial bias and deal with the facts. DADT has allowed gays to serve honorably for years. One’s sexual preference has nothing to do with their ability to do their job. However, openly identifying it does nothing to improve their performance. There is no purpose to openly admit your sexual choice. Because it has everything to do with physical and emotional desires, you might as well just put everybody together in one area, no more separation by gender, because if gays can bunk in the same area as their sexual desires trend, why can’t straight people? Just bunk everybody together and it won’t matter what your preference is. I present this rhetorically because doing away with DADT is just as ignorant to the purpose.

          • Kim McGough

            Hey blacks served with George Washington, all the way the way up to Woody Wilson

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Haven’t seen much from you lately. All ok? Hope so, bud!

          • Richard Pawley

            The military was integrated until the great Democrat Woodrow Wilson who was a racist segregated them. He also threw thousands in jail who opposed him and he ran on the ticket of keeping us out of WWII and five weeks after his inauguration speech he got us into the war. Americans minded their own business back then and Wilson’s propaganda methods to coerce us into war were so effective that the Nazi’s modeled their methods after Wilson. He was one of our first progressive presidents, those whose brilliance (and arrogance) make them believe they are so far above the common man that they think they must be Godlike. More like the devil I would say.

          • TIME

            Hi Joe,

            Thanks for asking, we have been very busy moving to our new home in the south east, plus our last child is going to be graduating in two weeks the formal part anyway. As well I will be closing down my business as of the new year so thats been taking a lot of time. So things have been really crazy.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Time ,
            congrats! you must be a proud dad! sounds like it’s gonna be time to enjoy life what with closing down the business! All the best to you and yours. Safe and happy Memorial Day!!

      • refuse2lose

        If it’s passage is contingent on a Pentagon report then why are they voting on it now?The report will never surface,or if it does it will be weeks after DADT is repealed.What makes me laugh is how all the gays and liberals demand that gays be allowed to serve openly but they themselves have never served a day in the military.They have no idea of what goes on and the sacrifices that are involved.They just want their AGENDA pushed until it overturns every part of our social structure.And anyone that disagrees with them,just like with Obama,are called racists and bigots.

        • Mochona

          Those who have tied themselves to the Whitehouse fences demanding end to DADT were in military uniform. Thus soldiers are demanding end to DADT.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            There have been reports that if they get rid of DADT that the services could lose up to 60% of their experienced soldiers. Do you know how most soldiers get experience? Under fire! A whole lot of troops died to get them that way! Do you know what happens when you send out a TOTALLY green patrol? If they are lucky most of them die. If they aren’t lucky ALL of them die! Is that what you think is best for your “Gay” friends??? I don’t think so and neither should you!!!

      • libertytrain

        I think the decision should be left to all the soldiers, sailors, officers, pilots, etc. etc. etc. Those that actually have to deal with this issue should be the ones to decide the issue.

        • Mochona

          Had it been left for the soldiers to decide the military today will be still segregated. Thanks to Prez Truman executive order there is no racial discrimination in our military today.

          • Richard Pawley

            As I already pointed out the military was integrated until Progressive Woodrow Wilson who was a racist desegregated it. Fortunately Truman, a much better man, not an intellectual elite, reintergrated them.

        • libertytrain

          I don’t see this as the same correlation. But perhaps you do and that is your prerogative —

        • CJ

          Just how would you propose THAT. Get real. Would you need 51%? What happens when they transfer and the new unit votes the other way? Do officers choose their enlisteds? Use your head, if you have one.

          • Claire

            CJ–You have expressed your opinion, therefore I believe libertytrain has the right to express her opinion.
            You stated “use your head” —well, why don’t you try using yours instead of trying to be hateful.

          • libertytrain

            CJ I’m not sure what your problem is – I would expect there are many ways they could vote. Hadn’t really thought about it till I mentioned that I thought it should be their choice but I don’t see why it is so confusing for you whether they change units often or not. It doesn’t have to be done in a day. There’s not a reason in the world they couldn’t log on to the US Army site that they have access to and have a place for them to vote – Shoot, they have to deal with many issues by using their US Army Internet email accounts – or even dealing with their insurance no matter what unit they are in – it’s not complicated unless you feel the need to make it so.

          • libertytrain

            CJ – and keep in mind just about every soldier has access to the Internet, whether at war or not – not every day but often enough. Like I said, it couldn’t be done in a day…but perhaps over a couple of months.

          • libertytrain

            Claire, again how gracious of you to have “my back” and remember I’ll be watching yours. Hope all is well and good with you.

  • Kris

    Well if you’ve ever heard the term fragging, then you will be smart enough to know that if they repeal this policy, there will be alot more fragging! They do it at their own risk! Just another radical act by this pretender in chief!

    • Dan Burke

      Personally, if we assume that they are not ignorant in what they are doing, then we must consider other alternatives. For example, if they do believe that one world governance is better than an independent America, then they must reshape our military, most especially the way our military thinks and operates. You must make them willing to act against fellow Americans. The best way to start is to have them take actions against “fragging.” I am not for “fragging” and am quite opposed to it. I am also against the repeal of “don’t ask. don’t tell.” I have never served in the military, but if they repeal it then I will probably lose much of my great respect for our military as well. Why? As you thus condition the soldiers to discipline each other and change their own moral codes, you make them more flexible to use against American citizens. In other words, as they are now, a president probably couldn’t order them to “sweep” American streets of Libertarians and Republicans, but if you reshape them and their morals first this becomes more and more possible. Perhaps not this president, but maybe they will be flexible enough in the future? Plus, you will probably shove out of the military those who won’t change their way of thinking to be flexible enough. So you “thin the herd” from soldiers that are not flexible enough to accept openly gay, and thus eliminate a number of those who may also not be flexible enough to condition to use against Americans. So you eliminate the “far right” from the military, either by forcing them to move to the “center left” or to all out leave. Now that you’ve either made them change their thinking or leave, you just simply need to disarm civilians. That would work great now that you’ve reduced some of the military element you would have feared to become civilians themselves. You now have not only removed them from positions to solidify a military resistance to the war against freedom, but you have also now made those who remain into disarmed civilians…. I really think they need the “fraggings” to happen so that these cases can go to court and court martials. They need to whip the military into something more flexible for the future envisioned. A vision I don’t share, but I can certainly look at their political moves and try and guess where they might lead or create future pitfalls.

      • Dan Burke

        Oh, forgot, repealing “don’t ask. don’t tell” also works to create citizen resentment of the military. Now those “fraggings” would be useful in the main stream media to vilify the conservatives in the military. Not only can you use that to accelerate a plan to change the way the military thinks and reacts, but you can also use such cases to create or widen the gap between the military and the civilians like me. I will probably always keep a yellow magnetic ribbon on my car (the current one was sun-bleached to white last I looked) because as pessimistic as I am about the future, I do believe in the men and women in America’s military. There is no other military in the world as great as far as I am concerned. As far as I know, there is no more humanitarian military around. When it comes to humanitarian efforts, I give my hat off to the churches, but our military comes in a strong second place in my heart. I think sometimes we are too soft in our “war” efforts, but I am proud that our military does humanitarian aid as well on a scale very few can equal.

      • CJ

        Dan makes a good point. It takes a strong moral code to follow many of the orders given in the military. You follow even if you may not like it. However, if you chip away at the fiber of moral ethic, it will be easier to persuade a soldier to do something they wouldn’t normally do, especially an illegal order. Yes, there is such a thing as an illegal order, and a soldier is not obligated to follow it.

  • Harold

    1. Gates is a total fool or has no guts. 2. Obama is for anything that will weaken America. 3. His little minions and lap dogs, Gibbs, The A.T., Axlegrease and all the other anti-American idiots (congress and senate). should be removed from office by what ever means necessary. In order to restore America. Obama is nothing more than a little wannabe dictator, made in the image of Adolph Hitler.
    Obama is not even a man let alone an American.

    • Mochona

      So much HATE. What are you going to say to your creator on your judgment day? Please dilute your hatred.
      How will you feel if your hate words will be the seed that will grow to a McVeigh? Will you be happy then?
      Take a deep breath and think about it.
      The Peace of Our Lord Be With You.

      • Claire

        Mochona—I agree with your words.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If they repeal DADT it very could grow the next mcvieh. I don’t personally agree with a vengeful stance but there are many that would!

  • Shana

    The dont ask dont tell was put in place to protect our gay soldiers. Nothing more. So the next gay soldier that gets murdered because of dismantleing this policy needs to have Obama tried for manslaughter.

    • Dave


      • Sue

        Yes really! Sexual preferences are no ones business other then the people involved! There are tons of homophobes and bigots out there today, in all walks of life, military or civilian and getting rid of the Dont Ask Dont Tell issue is wrong!

        I am a proud member of the American Legion and I say RIGHT ON for their stand on this

        • Elaine

          I am with Tessa on this. No one has any business knowing what goes on in a person’s bedroom no matter what their preference is. It can only cause problems if forced to tell one way or the other. That is private business; or at least it should be.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Why are they messing with it? Leave it as it was!

  • Kenneth

    The left wing idiots are never satisfied.Always trying to advance their agenda. Well this one will have ramifications far beyond anything they could imagine. Being retired Military ,I could tell you a thing or two of how it was handled back in the 50′s but you really don’t want to know and you really don’t want to go back to that era.Or do they?

  • Ian Rayburn

    Again, for a country that espouses freedom so much, you right wing nuts certainly go out of your way to choose your own style of freedom.

    • Dave

      Thank you. It really is amazing how freedom only applies to things they like. Anything else is a radical left agenda to weaken the country through letting gay military members admit they’re gay. Maybe if they stopped promoting violence about homosexuals then they wouldn’t have to worry about fragging.

    • Norman F. Cates

      Isn’t that what Freedom means?

    • Ted Crawford

      Okey lan, by your standards of “freedom” we must let those who wish, bring their favorite animals with them or their best 10 year old partner. After all they would just be exercising their sexual preference, and we can’t moralise without impinging on their freedom of choice. Who are we to deciede what’s moral!!

  • Henry Roberson

    If DADT was designed to protect gay and lesbians, it is a miserable, statistical failure. They have been beaten, bulled and even killed. They have been thrown out on the accusation of an anonymous email.
    Professionals have been required not to protect confidentality but to violate it. We have lost good soldiers,
    gay and straight to this monstrous law. The military virtues of honor and integrity have been violated in the name of protection.

    The regulations that prohibit inappropriate sexual activity will cover gays. This is bogus. The under 30 generation does not understand this nor does many of our allies. African Americans and women have
    made our military strong. I’m a conservative and I see this.

    • Captain B

      The big problem is the APA was bullied into taking homosexuality off the listt of mental illnesses by radical homosexuals in the ’70′s. It is as much of a mental illness (or choice) as a man being sexually attracted to a park bench or a poodle.

  • Cris

    According to the Center for Military Readiness: Homosexual activists have made five basic arguments that fall apart upon closer examination. In summary: 1) Everyone can serve in some way, but there is no “civil right” to serve in the military. 2) Polls of civilians who have little understanding of the military are not as credible as surveys of military personnel showing consistently strong support for the 1993 law. 3) The small, dissimilar militaries of 25 of 200 foreign nations that do not have the same military obligations; none of which have adopted the extreme agenda being proposed for our military; are not role models for America’s forces.
    Furthermore, 4) Consistently small numbers and percentages of people discharged due to homosexuality contradict any claim that a national security emergency exists. 5) Human interest stories highlighting problems that former military people encountered due to the expendable “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” administrative policy do not justify repeal of the 1993 Eligibility Law that Congress actually passed. As of January 2010, a formal statement of support for the 1993 Eligibility Law, addressed to the President and Members of Congress, has been personally signed by 1,164 retired Flag & General Officers for the Military, 51 of them of four-star rank.

  • s c

    I doubt very much if George Washington recruited homosexuals or tolerated their presence. The useless limp left must find ways to stay awake and dream up more social engineering ploys to distract and confuse people.
    Let them fund their own military. Congress could supply lists of potential ‘leaders’ (California no doubt has its own ready-made army). For God and country and whatever feels good? No way.

    • John Silver

      I doubt George Washington recruited blacks or tolerated their presence either. According to your logic they should be banned from the military to! I think times have changed just a little since then don’t you?

      • Kim McGough

        George Washington actually had blacks fighting with him, blacks helped found this country. Woodrow Wilson had the history books changed, as far as gays back then who knows, they were probably shot on site

  • Homer

    Look, I know what those “Bastards” do on board ship, and i have seen how they recruit there minnions! I saw how they destroy lives and are perverse in their ways. As a young recruit, I had a Navy Ens. make queer remarks at me and I wanted to slap the @#$% out of him (he later got thrown out) I see how they had sex oragies in the life jacket lockers and i have seen one die because he was killed by his perverse lover (if you call that love, I call it sick) Look do the words “Sodom and Gomorrah” mean anything to anyone. God burned those cities and if he doesn’t do the same here, i.e. San fran/New Orleans then He will have to apologize to them. (that will not happen) If you are a HOMOsexual, repent and ask God’s forgiveness and get OUT of that lifestyle, it is certain death.

  • Nikita

    The Obama administration and the militant gay agenda wish once again, to force a minority viewpoint on the body politic of this country. In this instance however, It is my belief the only people to make the decision are those who will be most affected and quite possibly to the detriment of their performance in the various branches of our military. The issue should be SOLELY decided by those most affected by it; those in active service and on active duty in the military.; not some scumbag politician who has NEVER served and yet wishes to force a possibly quite unacceptable situation on our troops. Te norm
    in our society is heterosexuality. Homosexuality is looked upon as
    abnormal by some and abhorrent by others. Yet, those who must serve with GAYS are not even being asked their opinion about the issue and
    people should also remember that other militaries do NOT share our missions and are certainly never or rarely faced with situations our troops face daily. THis is NOT a civil right. It is a matter of
    choice for the Majority in the military and it is they who should have the decision over DADT to resolve, NOT the govermnent, Who have shown of late repeatedly, how little of a positive nature they have been able to effect for the good of the country. Past surveys have shown that a significant majority of active duty troops FAVOR the policy currently in place. That SHOULD be the determining factor,
    not the bought and sold votes of a politically and morally as well as legally corrupt group of Congressional COWARDS, few of whom have ever served and many of whom sought repeated deferments in order to avoid what was once a Constitutional obligation of citizenship under Selective Service; the obligation to serve in the military if called upon to do so. I did; so did millions of others. Personally,I believe the current policy should continue. We do not need a potentioally divisive policy in the military, particularly not NOW!


    Can you get this we are at a skimish being fired upon and this dirt bag comes to me and says he will go in first if I let him kiss me.Odd balls belong in an odd ball camp.Enough said.

  • http://URL helena


  • Kenneth Delano

    The new law should allow any military man or women on active duty at the time the law is signed to receive an honorable discharge on request, citing breach of his/her enlistment contract. Congress and some military leaders are willing to trade the personal wellbeing and security of the many to pacify the few. This issue is far more serious than they seem to grasp.

    Ken in Oregon
    USN Ret, “ride Runs Deep”

  • http://n/a 2WarAbnVet

    There is no doubt homosexuals have served in the military, and done so successfully -as long as they kept their mouths shut. It is only when they require that their practices be condoned, or when they attempt to impose them on others, that trouble arises.
    Politicians and homosexual activists, who have little concept of the military, continually try to use the military for social engineering. They are able to view the results from a position of safety. Soldiers and sailors do not have that advantage.
    I can easily predict a general destabilization of morale, and actual danger to homosexuals if they are allowed to serve openly.
    Perhaps, however, it will allow Obama to establish yet another bureaucratic agency, “The Homosexual Protection Department”.

    • Disciple127

      Good Post I am a Veteran myself and I agree with you!!!

  • Steve Coy

    Whats next a dress, high heels and a gay Military Wedding? I can see it now, walking down the isle at West Point. What a sight!

  • John Silver

    Are you people really so blind to the complete irony here? This website is called “Personal Liberty” yet most of you are against giving gay and lesbian Americans the liberty to serve in the armed forces!! Or does your use of the term “Personal Liberty” only apply to straight white people? Seriously people, it takes a special kind of ass**** to sit there and judge people based on who they sleep with while they’re out their RISKING THEIR LIVES for you.

    • crystal

      I served honorably in the Navy. There were homosexual women in the barracks and they were abusive bullies. They ruled the lounge, tried to harass any woman who had a date with a man, and got violent when they were turned down by anyone. John Silver — IT DOESN’T WORK!!! There are worst stories than ours.

      • John Silver

        Forgive me Crystal but that is ridiculous logic. I’m sure there are plenty of abusive straight people in the military. Should all straight people be banned too? You have no evidence that it doesn’t work other than your own bigotry. In most militaries around the world this isn’t even an issue. The only reason it’s an issue in America is due to religious extremism and intolerance.

        • Kim McGough

          JS,”Forgive me Crystal”, she was just stating what happened, you —— yourself, I would call that evidence of how some people are, both gay and straight. And as far as the text books, that is puting history back to being real like it was before Woodrow Wilson had it changed to fit his agenda, you need to do a little research about the history before Woody, if gays want to take a chance with their life by being open that is their business, you know how how it is, you are sure showing it to Crystal by calling her bigoted

  • Constance

    Even if this is forced on our military, you aren’t going to change some people who consider this sinful abd abhorent. When you are in the service your orientation shouldn’t have to be proclaimed openly. No matter what it is you are there to protect the country and it is against the law to be performing sexual acts with others and committing adultery. I think the policy should remain as it is. Do you really think soldiers who don’t want to be hit on from gays won’t use violence to deter them? In the 50′s a soldier hit on my father and without thinking my Dad turned around and slugged the soldier. You can say that there are two sexual orientations, but homosexuality is not natural. Ask a doctor who has to take care of gay men. What they do to each other is disgusting.They get more anal cancer and some cancers the general population hardly ever get. Obama is doing this because he promised the GLAD’s that he would for their vote. By the way, in Israel everyone man or woman must serve in their military. I believe it is for about two years. So of course they will have gays in their military.

  • crystal

    The true nature of this repeal is to destroy the military. Obama’s masters (Obama is a mouthpiece) have been in the process of dismantling the U.S. for years now. Once our military is destroyed, it will be no problem destroying the rest of the country and what it was built on. This has already taken effect. My nephew and his friends (all are presently in highschool) are saying they wouldn’t dare go into the (and I quote) “Gay Forces.” It has taken hold already. In addition, get your hands on the history books. The public schools are getting rid of all the history books. I just bought three of them at a school book sale. Reason: they are removing the true history of the United States and replacing it with something else.

    • John Silver

      Oh geez, it’s loony tunes times. I thought this was a serious discussion board. Who invited the whackos? Actually the people dismantling history are extremist conservatives- look at the Texas school board!

      • s c

        First, JS, ‘whacko’ may be acceptable in your world, but its correct spelling is ‘wacko.’ Second, if you want to see one, look in the mirror (day or night).
        Third, the folks in Texas are trying to correct a situation that’s needed to be fixed for a long time. You see, they ‘INHERITED’ those defective textbooks (you’ll never guess who wrote them).
        PC-contaminated textbooks should be outlawed in all 50 states. You’ve got to stop smoking that cannabis arrogansis. Beat a quick path to British Columbia, and buy the good stuff. It may not make you any smarter, but it has to improve your attitude.

  • Tessa

    I’m surprised by the opposition to a repeal of DADT. I always thought the policy was pointless from the beginning: Don’t admit you’re gay and you’re just fine in our books.

    There’s a term for that; it’s called willful denial.

    I support our troops. If they’re willing to die for this country, then they’re good in my book.

  • Mike Creasman

    Army Infantry and I assume Marine Infantry are housed 35+ troops in an open platoon bay. Cots are arranged so that faces and feet are staggered that soldiers don’t cough in each others face. The latrine is laid out with eight commodes, no stalls, against the wall opposite the wall where the labatories and mirrors are. There are eight shower heads behind a shower stall. There are no petition between them. In short, the is absolutely no privacy in the barracks. Who wants to carry out the six ADLs while being stared at by member of the opposite sex or those who sish they were? Speaking of service ones country, how many “straights” will forgo that priviledge for fear of being gwawked at while that go through their daily routines. I would like to know how many of those for this have ever served. Very few in Congress, for or against, same for government employees. As for the civilian population, there are few than 8% of us who are veterans. So 92+% should be at ease.

  • REB

    After a battle I’ll go and drink my beer they can go and suck what they want

  • jeffrey raymond

    Look I served in the Navy, Airforce, marines and coast guard. I was never asked if I was heterosexual and I don’t go around telling everyone I love women. No disrespect to closet queens but Why is it so important to let everyone know that you’re a peter puffer, or any other sexual fad. It’s everyone’s own business as to there sexual preference and I don’t care to know of theirs. I think we have much more important issues to address than who wants to let everyone know who came out of the closet. I say just keep things as they are DADT is fine. The next thing they’ll want is their own barracks, toilets, then to be allowed to cross dress, and lets not forget they have a boyfriend they call their solemate and want medical benifits,and recieve the same as married couples( that is a man and a woman)
    Boy, have we screwed up our priorities and our country has gone rapidly down hill with this owebama character. Owebama needs to be impeached on a number of issues. Being a traitor would be a good start as he is both a foreign and domestic enemy.
    Appreciate the opportunity to exercise the 1st amendment. Long live the II one too.

    • John Silver

      There is a big difference between the two: you didn’t need to hide who you were. If you managed to find a girl to out with you you wouldn’t have to hide it from your superiors. Under DADT homosexuals have to hide who they are and, if they happen to get caught, even if they didn’t say anything about it themselves- they’d get turfed out. How is that right? You seem to have a problem with the current President. I’d suggest you look to the previous president if you really want to see who’s responsible for our current mess. It’s interesting how willing you people are to blame Obama for the deficit, for example: most of it he inherited from Bush, just like he inherited the great recession that’s made the deficit worse.

      • http://MSN PRICE

        Get the facts straight fella. The deficit under Bush was 454bill. not the current 1.5 trillion. This was mostly part of the bank stimulus money that has been paid back with interest I might add. Bush made his share of mistakes as has every president before them, but the BAMSTER tops everyone. He is the most unqualified man to ever run for president hands down. Obama is just smart enough to be dangerous and this becoming more evident each day he is office. The man and his administration should be tried for treason because they shirk the constitution at every corner. You liberal donkeys will meet your waterloo in November and thats THE CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS AND CAN BELIEVE IN. Not the BS the BAMSTER spews.

        • John Silver

          Sorry Price, you’re wrong. Most analysts agree the deficit in 2009 would have been well over a trillion regardless of what Obama did. It was caused by the deficit and financial mess Obama inherited from Bush.
          You right wingers like to yammer on about Obama and the constitution. What has Obama done that was unconstitutional? Did he lie to Congress to gain approval for a war that cost over a trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives? Did he deny basic personal liberties? Has he sanctioned torture? No. Who did all of those things? Let’s see, I think his name starts with G. and ends with Bush.

          • TIME


            Try the HRC Bill for one then get your fingers busy and look up the CCX. The Joyce Foundation, the Emerald Foundation, and when your done take a good look at whats really going on.

            As for Gays this is nothing more than a splintering of the Military.
            Its No differant that whats being done to the whole population of the United States right now and has been going on for well over 100 years.
            I am not a smart man, and I can figure it out.
            Whats your excuse?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            John sliver,
            no he didn’t lie about a war and neither did Bush. He was given faulty information, the same information that all of congress had and they voted to give him the ok to go to war!!! I don’t see Odummer bringing all the troops home from either Iraq OR Afghanistan!!! As a matter of fact he has increased spending on the Afghan war and increased the number of troops!! Remember how the press used to publish the number killed and wounded almost daily during Bushes tenure? I guess nobody dies under Odummer, right??? Wrong! the most deadly day of the Afghan war has been under Odummer! You know why? You could hide half the population of the middle east in the mountains! In Iraq the country is all sand and it’s harder to sneak up on people when they can see you coming from a mile away!! Military experts will tell you the army that controls the high ground controls the fight, guess who controls the high ground and everything between in the mountains in Afghanistan??

      • jeffrey raymond

        You people? The vast majority of American “people” as you put it sir dispise YOUR president. Dispise him for the lies, the cover up, the behind the door dealings, the direct disrespect of the American people sir that WE THE PEOPLE do NOT agree with his polices from healthcare. The muslims and terrorist are given maranda rights and you mr. silver seem to be okay with that! At least Bush wasn’t a traitor and read maranda rights to terrorist,the very people who seek to destroy it like obama but rather hide behind it. I suggest you re-evaluate son why our brave American soldiers and sailors died in wars to protect YOU and yours while you sat in your warm comfy bed. You love obama so much perhaps you can explain why he (your pal obama) can’t make it to the memorial day ceremony? , wear our nations flag, put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegence and his insults to our allies while he bows to enemys of America. Guess he’s has business on the golf course or maybe thinking of what he can further ruin and bankrupting us like the bull sh*t healthcare, all the bailouts, increasing welfare, medicaid, as he destroys small business and it can go on why your owebama should be thrown in jail for fraud, and treason. John do I have a problem with the non transparent muslim who ignores the oil spill, allowing illegals as they cross into our boarders 13 thousand a day! Then get food stamps, medical, welfare, RIGHTS??? What sort of an American are you? YOU BET I HAVE A PROBLEM, it’s “People” like you. If you look and listen to the polls you’d see I’m not alone. Overwhelming numbers hate Owebama for what he’s doing to America. Owebama’s plan is to destroy America, our way of life, to crush Christianity, the consitution, and create a socialist America. You can’t see that or are you to busy collecting your welfare, sitting on your duff, and praising the president of MY country who refuses to show his birth certifican but will spend 2 million dollars hiding the truth. YOU PEOPLE make me sick!!! You’re either stupid, ignorant,or blind but I suppose you could all of it. I proudly served during viet nam, desert shield, desert storm. What have you done Johnny boy? Impeach Owebama, deport him to kenya and take John with you.

        • John Silver

          Actually Jeffrey, Bush did read Miranda rights to terrorists- ever heard of the shoe bomber? He was read his Miranda rights, and rightfully so. The one thing Bush did right. But I guess in your mind that makes Bush a traitor? Why don’t you do a little research before spouting off?

          • jeffrey raymond

            John silver, no matter how you cut it, you’re the piece of dung beneath low lifes shoe, check yours and give it a lick. You’re the sort that gives America a bad name. Why don’t you leave my country go to mexico or north korea, any place other than my country. You take, and don’t replace, you people corrupt, deny or distort the truth to fit a lie, call anything unto your liking racism, you blame rather than take responsibility. You people are a disease and in November we have the cure. You people dispise Americans, it’s noted in your rhetoric, your attitude and your tone. You don’t like my coiuntry get the FK out, Take your people with you since you have no respect for the constitution or its ammendments or Rights of freedom, or yourself. Your priorities are as flawed as your principles.. I see you had no retort on my other points regarding owebama so therefore you must agree. Well perhaps you’re not blind.
            As far as gays in the military, no problem but I don’t see a need to have em all telling me what they like to put in their mouth like it’s normal. Do what you do but I or others don’t care to hear about it, and don’t wear it on your sleeve as if it’s a badge of honor, it’s not. Oh aren’t we proud of John, he came out. Oh what courage!
            As far as Bush, he made bad mistakes alright but again at least he wasn’t refusing to call terrorism what it is. Owebama is a clear and present danger and will always be the absolute worst president in US history. The only one who bought his way, lied his way, into the WH, and the conspiracy surrounding ob is unfathonable. Betcha never served in the military did you? We can tell. Nobody in the military repects your pal, he has no respect for the generals,the troops nor America, the people, or the American way. Allow me to say it’s good obama refused to go to the memorial service at Arlington cemetary on Memorial Day. It’s hallowed ground, sacred John, if you can understand that though I doubt it. obama is unworthy and everyone knows it. Have you checked the poles John?? EVER? Owebama is a Joke, a tee shirt at best. With the joker on it as well displayed previous. November is coming lad! November we Americans will radiate the disease, and we are the cure. God bless our Constitution and our great United States.

          • John Silver

            Jeffrey: I was trying to have an intelligent discussion with you but obviously you’d prefer vicious name calling. Your choice. I made a simply point about reading terrorists their Miranda rights. You vilify Obama for doing that yet are willing to look the other way when Bush did it. Most people would call that hypocrisy. I guess you’d call it commie un-American “logic”. Since you’re obviously ill-equipped for intelligent debate, I’d suggest you spend your time hiding out in the bush with the other militiamen waiting for the apocalypse.


    I met a soldier in Ft. Hood , Texas back in 1970 who had just returned from Viet Nam and was wounded in a firefight. His life was saved by a heroic medic who dragged him 600 feet to safety under heavy fire. He later found out the medic was gay. It didn’t matter to the wounded soldier what the orientation of the medic was… just the fact that he owed his life to him. In retrospect, this incident affects my decision on this issue. I do not dislike homosexuals, I just hate homosexuality.
    Jesus said ” hate the sin.. love the sinner.”

  • J K

    There have always been homosexuals in the military, I suppose. I know that when I was in the army during the Viet Nam years, I smoked a lot of dope. Guess why it never got me kicked out or put in jail? Because I never thumbed my nose at the the 1st sergeant, the company commander, the commander in chief or the American people and dared them to do something about it.

    Do you suppose not a single soldier who has died for freedom every smoked a joint?

    The fact is, it is the homosexuals and lesbians who have made this an issue themselves. The simple thing to do is keep ones mouth shut. Instead, gay and lesbian activist have demanded that we all embrace their lifestyle as “normal” when clearly it is not. They demand that our children be indoctrinated with this idea in public educational institutions. They have demanded the right to put openly gay scout masters in charge of teaching our boys what it means to be “physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight”

    They demand that we embrace and celebrate, that we put the Holy Bible into the closet they have chosen to vacate.

    Frankly, I couldn’t care less who is gay and who is not so long as my right to be left alone is respected. They are not doing that. What they began by declaring was done in the “privacy of their own bedrooms” is now parading through the streets at so-called ‘gay pride’ marches, and seeking to fundamentally alter our society. Then they expect us to embrace and celebrate it at the expense of our own moral convictions.

    The United States Military is NOT a place for social experimentation, and finally, to say that the same thing is happening to gays that happened to blacks is an abominable lie designed to fool stupid people. One does NOT choose ones skin color, and despite all so-called claims to the contrary, a man decides for himself how he will behave in the presence of other men. If that is not so, then he is not a man, he is an animal of instinct only. When I begin believing that of men, then I will believe in the so-called “alternate lifestyle” crap.

    • Tessa

      For many gay soldiers, this has nothing to do with embracing their lifestyle. It’s about allowing them to keep their job; to continue serving without fear of being kicked out if someone finds out they’re gay.

      • J K

        I know what it is about. I also know that the heart and soul of political correctness is to regard moral issues as political issues and political issues as moral issues.

        The fact remains that if men and women were not so promiscuous, there would be no problem. A man is what he is, true enough. I have my own beliefs but I do not try to cram them down the national throat. I was also willing to die for my country, as my own father did. Had I been caught with drugs, what would have been the outcome?

        Was I then justified in being the pot head I used to be? Should I demand that drug addicts cease to be harassed by our military?

        In my last duty station here in the states, I happened to have a black first sergeant who was simultaneously dating two white female specialist 4th class soldiers. I got out of the military because I grew tired in my soul of living in a “co-ed” barracks that was exactly like living in a combination opium parlor and whore house. Today’s army, thankfully has cleared up a lot of that, if not all. Now we should add homosexual proclivities to that environment?

        Frankly, I think a person is short a few cogs of intelligence to believe that. The only way a gay person can be discovered to be gay in the military is by being careless in their conduct. The military is an organization designed to win wars by killing the enemy and breaking their stuff. Any thing that interferes with that mission is detrimental to that mission. Any thing that is detrimental to that mission is detrimental to our national security. Anything that is detrimental to our national security is detrimental to our freedom.

        If a person is gay, so what? Just don’t try to tell the rest of us that we have to abide it. “don’t ask, don’t tell” as much as I hesitate to give Bill Clinton credit for much of anything, seeing that he himself was a draft dodger who in his own words to his draft board “loathes the military” is about as good a compromise as can be gained on this issue. I say leave it as it is. That is the best way to leave every body as they are.

        If I were still in the army and was told I had to live with openly gay men and women, I would be out of the military in a heart beat and no matter who feels like they are morally superior to the rest of the country, I am sure there are a lot of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who feel the same way.

        • Tessa

          Thank you for your service.

          I understand what you’re saying, but as I see it you’re talking about conduct. If a soldier knows how to behave himself or herself while on active duty, then their private life is really inconsequential. The gay soldiers I know (I know a few) would never do *anything* to jeopardize their units. Ever. This includes the fraternization you speak about in the barracks (which is shameful). The gay soldiers I know would never, ever do that; they show the same respect for their fellow servicemen as the straight soldiers I know. They aren’t trying to make any statements or shove their sexuality in anyone’s faces. They want the repeal of DADT because they are terrified of somebody finding out their sexual orientation and losing their jobs as a consequence. I can’t help but understand their viewpoint. They’re willing to die for this country, and so long as they show respect and do their jobs, then they should be able to serve without fear of getting kicked out of the service…

          • Joe K

            There is no such thing as a private life in the barracks. Then again, in the barracks or not, the ONLY thing “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” demands is exactly that, keep it private. If that is done, there is no problem for the gay or the car thief, or the loan shark, or the bigamist or even the (gasp) christian who is constantly told these days that he or she must abandon ALL personal convictions in order that others may openly in their lack of personal convictions?

            So what is wrong with just keeping it private rather than demanding political, military, and social acceptance openly?

            The only thing “don’t ask, don’t tell” does is ask people to keep there personal lives private. Not good enough, huh?

          • Joe K

            P. S. I had more than one male soldier proposition me while I was in the army. Generally, they were drunk when they made their solicitous offer. You can’t convince me that gays would NEVER do that, I know better. That is equivalent to saying that the average heterosexual male in the army will never hit on a female soldier and just about as smart a thing to believe.

            Also, you seem unable to grasp the concept that the very idea of allowing openly gay persons into the military is in and of itself detrimental to unit readiness. The attitudes of ALL soldiers is what makes an army a success or a failure, not just that of a few who insist that every one else accept them as brothers and sisters in arms. Anything that removes or takes away a soldiers ability to be proud of what he does and who he does it for is detrimental to his attitude. Gays and lesbians, though individually they may not see it that way, are by their activism are destroying that pride. In the name of “gay pride”

          • Tessa

            I didn’t say things will never happen. They’ll happen regardless of DADT, as you point out by the stories of your own experiences. The only thing that will change is gay soldiers will no longer have to fear losing their jobs.

            You say “The only thing “don’t ask, don’t tell” does is ask people to keep there personal lives private.” But that’s not the only part of the policy. And you know it.

          • Joe K

            I did not write ‘dadt’ and I have not read it. It was nice of you though to assume that you know what is in my head, the mark of a true liberal.

            “loose their jobs”? Give me a break. I am 58 years old. Trust me, if you can get past your own assumptions concerning what is in my head, I have lost more than one job. It is not the end of the world. You must be extremely niave to believe that is what the whole issue is about. The issue is about making a moral issue into a political one in order to dictate to the rest of the United States military. But, you evidently are just another person who figures they have their own finger on all things holy, noble and righteous and what is really on the minds of other Americans probably does not interest you. And you know it :o)

  • http://gmail i41

    Do like Alexander the great did, put the rumper rangers in one group and leave the rest of us normal ones alone. I would not want gays as medics, or living my close quarters with all the Aids and other nasty stuff that is more prva;ent in gays, Aids and other junk is also in drug use. Which they will get you out of the military in short order. If the rainbows want to go off in their own sequestered area, hop right to it, go off to Netherlands or Iran they need all the preverts they can get! More socialist feel good democrat crap that is taught in schools.

  • Harvey

    If all the ladies in congress would enjoy showering with all the men in congress, then let them vote to kill don’t ask, don’t tell.

    Same difference~!!

  • eddie47d

    Refuse2lose; Your wrong about gays and liberals not serving in the military,but what would we expect from you.

  • Blyker

    I don’t think everyone understands the idea behind don’t ask don’t tell. Currently, it is still illegal to be gay in the military. So if someone finds out that you’re gay, you will be kicked out. If DADT is repealed, the only difference is that you will not be discharged if someone finds out that you’re gay. No one will be forced to admit it if they don’t want to, and most still will practice don’t ask don’t tell. Why is everyone making a big deal out of it?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Do you have a relative serving? If, God forbid, they were killed, would you want even more of the demonstrations that we have right now by that kook preacher? I think not. but if they repeal DADT that’s exactly what will happen! It will inbolden many that would otherwise not participate. I personally think him and his followers are the scum of the universe, but I can’t support legally silencing them as that is messing with freedom of speach even though the speech is disgusting! God Bless Our TROOPS!!!!

  • marvin

    here is a point comparing black people to gays is a put down to black people you have no control over skin color and can not change but on the other hand whom you choose to have sex with is a personal choice and should have no bearing on being in the service the don,t ask don,t tell has work is working and an,t nothing but a liberal agenda to further there goal i don,t care if you are gay but i and millions like me don,t want to be told or see it it is contrary to the laws of nature if you are a man and want to screw a man that is up to him and him but i don,t want to know or be forced to watch,what next made you want to screw an animal

  • JohnR

    … I would find it extremely difficult to follow a homosexual, and I personally would feel uncomfortable knowingly being around them. I do not care about anyones orientation, I do not want to see male or female couples embrscing, etc. They (homosexuals) are currently serving just, “Do Not Ask, Do not Tell”,it is that simple …

  • marvin

    PEOPLE DO NOT REPLY TO THE LIFT WING LIBERALS THEY ARE PLANTS ALL THEY WANT IS TO GET YOU TO SAY SOMETHING BAD SO THEY CAN TELL THEIR MASTER,STICKS AND STONES may break your bones but names will get you reported to the master racist obama and holder just post to the ones you agree with and screw the rest of them that think gay is ok they are just as sick as the gays when two gay men or two gay woman can have a baby then come tell me, so less not argue with the liberals thats the same old liberal tell a lie tell you believe it crap

    • Palin12

      I’m sure some of them are SEIU plants.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If they are, I have a message for them, GO TO HELL!!! Hope i didn’t upset you in any way. I know you don’t support them!

  • Palin12

    If I were a young man about to enlist in the army, and this DADT were overturned, I would have second thoughts about enlisting, knowing that I would have to be in the same sleeping quarters as these homosexuals.

  • marvin

    here is a oxymoron for you obama went to same church same radical church leader for 20 years saz he is a christan and believes in god, so god destroyed two city,s over homo,s and lots wife was turned to salt for turning around and looking at them being destroyed and was told not to look, now obama saz it is ok to be gay, HARD TO BELIEVE this blunder in chief is a christan, he needs to read the BOOK. and the arizona law and stop making jokes about it, one more thing i worked over 20 years in all aspects of the oil fields from drilling the well to putting them on line and pluging them, and i never had someone that had no knowledge,and would not know a kelly from a mud pump or the dog house from the draw works say they would put there foot on my neck i would have lock the brake down and let them take over, were there mistakes made by bp most likly but the goverment needs to be cleaning up the oil not trying to tell bp how to plug there well, the goverment and obama do not know how or have the equipment to plug it

  • Claire

    Apparently BP does not have the proper equipment to plug this oil leak, and this is pathetic. And we still want to deregulate????
    This administration can barely keep track of themselves, let alone take care of any major disaster. Sure, Obama went to Louisiana, he could have stayed a heck of a lot longer and REALLY observed the catastrophe. Was he afraid he would get his hands dirty? Why didn’t he spend the night and talk with the people? This guy needs a wake-up call in the worst way. I saw him on TV giving his little words of support and my first impression was “limp-wristed” stumbling.
    If I were the POTUS I would have been there immediately. I would have raised heck until this disaster was taken care of. I probably would have been freaking out.
    If he was such a great community organizer, why doesn’t he organize people and send them down there to help clean up the mess? Heck, he could round up all the lazy people on welfare and send them down there to help clean up. It appears he leaves the work up to everyone else to get done.
    Why doesn’t he have the guts to do something about the illegals? Why is he so concerned about the gays? He certainly makes sure his “pet projects” get taken care of.
    Sorry, folks, but I am really aggravated with this guy. I really can’t handle the pussy-footing around anymore. I feel like I am a stronger person at my age than he ever will be.

  • Dom

    I served for over 20 years in the Army. In all that time I do not remember ever hearing from any soldier that they should allow Gays to openly serve in the military. Quite the opposite in fact. I believed in 1993 as i do now that the “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” requirement was all the compromise that was needed for gays to join the military. To change that now or ever will be a huge mistake. I love the people who talk about “Your Racial Bias’ against Gays. Nothing “racial” about it. I currently have close friends in Afganistan and Iraq, none of them want “don’t ask, Don’t Tell” Repealed. Leave it alone. In my Fathers Day, Gays that were caught in the Military were destined for Levenworth at 20 years hard labor. Today, Gays can serve in the Military without disrupting Military Discipline or anything else just by keeping their Mouths Shut about their personal lives and doing their job, isn’t that after all what the military is all about?

  • P. R. Petersen

    I served 30 yrs in the Marine Corps infantry and fought in 3 wars. One of the purposes of the military is to maintain good order and discipline. This would be destroyed if we allowed sexual perverts and sexual deviants to serve openly and would destroy the greatest fighing force the world has ever known. Since it is the Liberal agenda to destroy this great county economically, spiritually, and morally is it any wonder they also wish to destroy us militarily.
    Semper Fi

  • li$@

    I think its their business their lives they’re willing to give up for our freedom. some stright guys dont have the guts to do it (most likely the ones that dont approve gay). personalily i like dont ask dont tell for militarily purpose just dont touch me in the wrong way and i agree with P.R. Petersen


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