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Connecting The Dots Of Martial Law

March 20, 2012 by  

Connecting The Dots Of Martial Law
Some people say the President’s latest executive order is nothing to worry about. Others say, “Look around.”

On Friday, the Administration of Barack Obama released the details of an executive order (National Defense Resource Preparedness) that set cyberspace abuzz with reports that the President had put the final mechanisms in place to enact martial law in the United States.

Though the President’s signing of the order riled many Americans who are already more than a bit concerned about the administration’s ongoing expansion of powers, experts say being concerned now is too little too late. The action in question is essentially an update of a similar order put into place by President Dwight D. Eisenhower (EO 10789) in 1958, which was amended in 1994 by President Bill Clinton (EO 12919) in 1994 and later by George W. Bush (EO 13286) in 2003.

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson told WND Americans should worry about Obama’s other vast abuses of power.

“If someone wants to make the argument that this is an expansion of presidential powers, then do so based on actual language,” Jacobson said. “There is enough that Obama actually does wrong without creating claims which do not hold up to scrutiny.”

Despite frightening language in the order that calls for government acquisition of resources and the ability of the government to “foster cooperation between the defense and commercial sectors for research and development and for acquisition of materials, services, components, and equipment to enhance industrial base efficiency and responsiveness,” experts contend that it simply freshens up language about powers the government claimed long ago. In the name of national security, the order lays forth a plan for the Federal government to:

  • “Identify” requirements for emergencies,
  • “Assess” the capability of the country’s industrial and technological base,
  • “Be prepared” to ensure the availability of critical resources in time of national threat,
  • “Improve the efficiency” of the industrial base to support national defense,
  • “Foster cooperation” between commercial and defense sectors.

In modern history, justification for the Federal government to carry out any of the above-mentioned tasks would have been reserved to extreme scenarios, such as military attack on the country or the complete collapse of financial markets. The first item mentioned, however, should come under particular scrutiny, due in part to recent laws and rhetoric from the Federal government that make it possible for the bureaucracy to claim nearly any scenario an emergency and nearly any person an enemy of the State.

Though the President’s recent executive order appears to be fairly innocuous on its own, those even marginally concerned about its language would likely consider its implications when discussed alongside:

Though Jacobson told WND the order is likely no cause for concern, he added, “I’m not ruling out the possibility that this is more than it seems, but unless and until someone [demonstrates any expansion of powers in the order], I’ll consider this to be routine.”

Critics would argue that Jacobsen is misguided in his assertion, and that the expansion of powers is taking place elsewhere while the timing of Obama’s latest executive order is simply a reinforcement of Federal supremacy.

The New American speculates, “Perhaps the President is taking the first few steps necessary to cloak himself in the powers required to ‘legally’ (albeit unconstitutionally) step outside the boundaries of his constitutional authority and ascend to a level of supervision witnessed in all the former republics of history just before their devolution into mobocracy and mayhem.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    I’ve said it before but it must be said again. There will be no more “false flags”. It’s going to be the real deal and it’s going to be the dollar. The Saudi’s have said that if we want cheaper oil then stop printing money to pay for it. China is moving to overtake the dollar for world currency and with our copy machines at the federal reserve, they’ll do it. When the dollar crashes, the country will go on lockdown and the gov’t will put a freeze on prices and take over resources to feed us which will only hold back the inevitable revolt temporarily.

    The writing’s on the (bill) wall.

    • Vigilant

      Agreed; “In modern history, justification for the Federal government to carry out any of the above-mentioned tasks would have been reserved to extreme scenarios, such as…the complete collapse of financial markets.”

      It’s just a matter of time.

      • eddie47d

        Crony Capitalism has already done a fine job of that over the years.

    • cawun cents

      To revnowwhilewecan,

      Point well taken.

      But that would in effect,cancel many out of their piece of pie,and cause those deficits to be made up elsewhere,right?
      It would be easy to conclude that taxes would necessarily skyrocket.Prices would gouge more(incidentally the irony that this is already occuring hasnt slipped past me),and other means of funding pet projects would need be undertaken.
      Take for instance the tin state called California,and it’s heralded policy makers.
      The writing has been on the wall for decades but they choose not to acknowledge it.
      It is as though they have been given carte blanche to run up deficits using other peoples money,which they do not yet posess.So every effort they make is to create laws which enable them to claim that which isn’t theirs,in a vain attempt to seen as if they are doing the common folk good deeds.They seek to run a juggernaut of an economy into it’s grave by requiring the massive body to survive on next to nothing,and praising them for it’s demise.This is how short sighted these folks who introduce bills into legislation are.
      They look at ten year and twenty year scopes but leave the longer term ones unviewed.
      As long as they can pander to the immediate needs of their special interests,and keep their positions of influence,they seem happy to go about creating chaos by instituting laws that hamper proper development.
      The national scene only gets much more deep and confusing as lobyists fight over fundage which has yet to be obtained.
      The spending of monies to fund pet projects should be done on a local level,but the corruption of finances has obstructed the doing of these things at every level.
      If every hand and mouth needs to be fed,there will be no pie left to spread amongst the common man,and the common man thinks to himself,”why am I busting my posterior, affording this effort to have a good life,when others get their good life for next to no effort at all?”
      Now we have come to the crux of the matter.
      Giving some who will not bust their posterior the means to barely squeak by,by making it so the ones bussting their posterior still barely squeak by.And then making it a politically driven gesture of proposing that this is an effort at charity.It is,rather a gesture of futility.
      Even the Arabs and the Chinese see this as fact.
      Yet the powers in the halls of Congress and the Ivy League lawyers which run our system of government cannot.
      One has to ask why is this condition present?
      It is one of perplexity on a level that media/academia(the clear representation of legislation and its processes)cannot see present in the American psyche.or just choose to ignore whilst driving towards their selfish goals.
      Big oil is not the conundrum here.
      It is spending with wild abandon that is and has been the condition of malaise.
      Who will take the first step of recovery and admit that they have a problem?
      The world may never know.

      • Cliffystones

        “Giving some who will not bust their posterior the means to barely squeak by,by making it so the ones busting their posterior still barely squeak by.And then making it a politically driven gesture of proposing that this is an effort at charity.It is,rather a gesture of futility.”

        Wow! A simple yet profound statement that “puts it in a nutshell”.

        Cawun Cents, consider this a cyber-space shaking of your hand.

      • Wyatt

        Call it what it is , Communism . The basic concept of which is ” to each according to their Needs and from each according to their ability ” . So you have people busting their butts to get by so that those who won’t can get by at an equal level . Its not that they can’t it is that they Won’t and they actually believe that they are entitled to all they are given . And even with that , they want more .

        Basically it boils down to , you elect a communist you are going to get communism of some sort at some level . That Obama was a card carrying member of the Communist party while at Harvard and an ardent follower of know Communist teachers and professors while there is no secret . It is also no secret he was raised by a Socialist mother and was fathered by a follower of Communism is also no secret . His promise of change is one of changing America to a Communist Country with a Communist government .

    • Warrior

      Yep, the pieces are in place and there are too many accomplices to list. NDAA convinced me.

    • Larry McElhaney

      I agree with you 100%, “LOC N LOAD”! This so called president has done more damage and called it progress! No one in their right mind wonders where he’s coming from, we already know! He’s a Muslim, but not in the religious sense, he is trying to bring Sharia Law into the US, so that means nothing but POWER to him and exactly whats he interested in, to even mention the idea of MARSHALL LAW right now means he’s about to do something horrific to the US. This SOB should be put in prison right now!

      • http://personalliberty Rhoda

        If Obama has declared Martial Law we might as well forget any other president but him, because he and his cohorts have already fixed it to where there will be no one but him in the WH, so we better get ready for a big fight with all of his croonies if we are going to get our country back, because Obama, Soros, Alinsky, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the idiots in the WH that will do nothing just like that idiot Holder won’t release the 20,000 pages about the Fast and Furious gun running killings that have taken place. We have got to get these idiots out of the WH Immediately. Or is everyone too scared of these people. It’s just like these evil people are some kind of Gods. We have only one God and he doesn’t expect us to sit down and give up, so if no one get up and get started getting something done, then we might as well let these evil people take over and there will be no money for anyone. It is going to be another country just like all the countries that the government takes all the money and the poor people starves to death and will have American Holocausts. So if we are all together in getting this evil gang out of the WH I need help, because I have done all I can and one person can’t do it all.

  • Vigilant

    ALL executive orders ahould be repealed. They are unConstitutional by their very nature.

    • Jerry Minch

      Amen, and we could start to “right” the situation by putting those responsible on trial for treason! They need hanging!

      • chuck

        Hanging is too good for them. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR LIFE IS MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE. Bread, water and darkness gets the message through. Do unto them as they would do unto you. Letting them off by hanging is MUCH too humane.

      • AZ-Ike

        That would be ‘most’ of Congress, many federal judges, and all of the supreme Court Justices, as well as Obama and his minions.

    • snakeater

      Let’s not forget that it was another Illinois lawyer “Dis-honest ABE” that started writing Ex. orders!!

      • TIME

        Dear Snake eater,

        Thank you, OMG – you are 100% correct; EO #1 was infact penned by old Dis Honest Abe, thank you for posting.

        For you that don’t know nor understand – or I guess wish to know what EO #1 was,
        it was “Martial Rule.”
        Also Known as the “first step in building a NEW Government.” As in the Original Constitution was laid to rest……………..
        As well Martial Law was also declared within a few months of EO #1 being signed by AL.

        For you that still don’t get it, we have never been off – “Martial Law” from 1860 to today.

        I would think that at least one of you alledged “Constitutional Scholar’s,” would also be telling the American people about the { ” Original” 13th Amendment, } of what was written in 1812, then radified in 1819.
        ** Unlike Old DIS Honest Abe’s 13th Amendment from; 16 / 12/ 1865. that was “NEVER Radified.”

        People until you all wake up, and – I mean really wake up and smell the coffee, not one
        dam thing will ever change in a Positive way on the People Farm called the 50 states of the Union.
        This is not rocket science people. Google the lost 13th Amendment, find the TRUTH its out there, PROVE it to yourself then you can teach others whats wrong.

        Again there is no such thing as a D v R – its nothing more and nothing less than “Political Theater.” A
        gain there are only 6 people / holdings that provide all News, as well all “TV Programing.” Learn who’s in the 13 Bloodlines and what they think, and why they think what they think, as well what they want.
        Its all part of a far bigger picture than most can get their heads around. BUT – if we don’t it is over.

        Peace and Love

        • revnowwhilewecan

          Yep. All these divisions in society were put into place on purpose. The very few at the top implement catch phrases meant to cause division, conflict, then fund both sides to keep all indebted to them while they care not of whom wins ANY conflict.
          Some of these phrases are:
          War on- terrorism, drugs, religion, poverty, middle class etc.
          Religious divisions = hoax
          Political divisions = meant to separate to give the illusion of choice in a “democratic” society
          Ethnic divisions = terms meant to show subtle differences in the human race.
          Social divisions = democracy, socialism, communism etc.

          Communism in it’s true sense would be ideal in a utopian world but it’s a bad word in the western world because the communism we know is not really for the community by the community but actually government run.

    • Eddie G.

      Amen and thank you Mr Vigilant!

  • Willie

    Your statement of the common man; ”why am I busting my posterior, affording this effort to have a good life,when others get their good life for next to no effort at all?” hits to the heart so true. Never before in my life have I said to myself driving to work in the morning, “Why am i going to work? Many others are counting on me thats why. Well its getting near the breaking point.

    keep your powder dry.

    • Donnie Ayers

      Amen Brother……..

      • Robin Carlisle

        The “others” who live the good life? Are you kidding me….. people who are low income who pay no taxes or those who are on welfare do not have “the good life”. Show me someone in this circumstance who has the good life. I would imagine that their life is not exactly good. I go to work because I have to sustain my lifestyle but never does it cross my mind that I’m working to sustain someone else’s life.

      • cawun cents

        If you could live your entire life and never have to work,you dont think that would be a good life?If someone wiped your bottom(figuratively of course),fed you,housed you and you had every amenity,like hot and cold running water and electricity,roof over your head,and you never had to work hard or put out an effort,dont you think that would be a good life?
        Perhaps you wouldnt have anything of real value,but well taken care of nonetheless?
        Many people who work hard every minute of the day in other nations and barely survive.
        If you dont know that or believe it,I suggest that you go to one of those places and ask them about welfare there.
        Ask what they think about it.
        I dare you.
        You may come away feeling fortunate that you even had a chance at welfare.
        In many countries you may work all day for barely enough food to get you through to the next day.Then you start all over again,and do it over and over for what feels like an eternity.
        So dont think that welfare isnt the good life.
        You may be miserably mistaken,even if you have lived that life.
        For if you go to other places and see other things,you might have differing opinions.
        If you ever live under a really repressive regime for even a moment,you will know what I speak of.You may think of what you have experienced here as repressive,but you would be wrong.
        Welfare is definitely the good life.
        Only those who take from others to give to you,dont think that.
        Everyone else knows.

  • Dwight Mann

    We need to remove this Manchurian candidate ASAP. He is a communistic style Dictator, and will claim anything to implement Martial law when election time comes. Just wait and see.
    We The People need to do something now. . . And what of his BC? He is a foreign exchange student, and a criminal to boot, as are so many of our other elected leaders are. Time for congressional term limits, as it is a corruption to good people.

    • Jerry Minch

      Try the man for treason and give him a permanent case of rope burn or lead poisoning!

      • donald

        The democrat communists in the senate wont allow it.

      • Palickek

        PLEASE..don’t forget the NAZI Bush Family…and his Nazi fellow mates Roe and Cheney.
        IF ANYONE should be tried for TREASON it’s these folks…
        ALL the way back folks..when Grand-pa Bush…SMUGGLED THOUSANDS of Nazi’s INTO the United States…BEFORE AND After WWII…
        AND, Let’s NOT forget Grinch….I’m German ( and YES..A PROUD American Citizen)…HE LOOKS more German than I do.
        I bet cha..his Daddy was 1 of those Nazi’s????

        So before you ASK for Obama’s head…let’s get the TRUE EVIL of this Country…

        THEN…Maybe ,,WE can get America back..!!!

        You Brother with YOUR kenyan born, marxist, muslim CRAP…


        YOU NEED TO CATCH UP ON YOUR REAL HISTORY…not the LIES you put in your School rooms…MISTER…

    • Dave

      very we put, i agree

      • Art

        Here, here If the rebubs get in lets see whats going to happen, not much I expect. I’ve been saying for years no matter who you put into office it’s the same old same old. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the two, the only difference that I can see is the rebubs will take us down the same road only a little bit slower.

    • resorefreedom

      What about that birth certificate that MSM doesn’t address?? Most people would be indicted for something so blantanly fabricated?

      • Susan

        Sheriff Joe has the goods. Why does he or anyone need the media. Joe was whining this week that he gets no coverage. Why us that important when he and his Possee have evidence. Font tell me the media controls the criminal justice Dept. That’s a juvenile defense. Stand up and publicize evidence. Of course Fox, Rush, Glenn will report. Me thinks Sheriff Joe is a blowhard wimp.

  • Darryl

    China has already surpassed the USA as the world’s super power; economically and militarily. Obama, Geitner, and Baernake are just putting the frosting on China’s cake by having printed trillions of dollars thereby devaluing the dollar to pay back the debt these guys have amassed in 3 years.Add on veterans beneifits, medicare, social security, and the government owes $145 Trillion.

    The Chinese yuan is set to become the world’s currency replacing the United States dollar. When that happens, the American people will be at the mercy of the government, and China will dictate the terms. 200 years ago Napoleon said that if China ever wakes up, it will rule the world. That time has come. The United States of America never should have let this happen.

    How we let these politicans spend us into oblivion is simple. Everybody wanted some type of handout for decades. Politicians gave it out gladly to keep themselves in power. How stupid we American are, and have been.

  • El Love

    IF it is just a “freshening up of the language” then why did it need to be done on a FRIDAY NIGHT?????

    This man does all these crazy power grabbing, controversial things on Friday nights — what can be more transparent than waiting until late in the evening of the start of a week-end when everyone is occupied with other activities and not paying attention.

    Don’t let anyone tell me or anyone else that this guy isn’t up to no good — everything we feared he would do, he IS doing…. he WILL create a “problem” so he will have to suspend elections, institute martial law and round up detractors.

    He is a thin skinned loser who already is abusing the Constitution, taking steps to silence detractors (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Breitbart, ……)

    We keep saying We need to stop this man — however, we won’t be able to — all we have is talk and he knows it. Don’t think he isn’t planning for any type of uprising — this is what this “fresh language” is all about.

    And he is overwhelming the system… just as we thought and just as he planned.

    • Michael Frisch

      … and the sad part is – HE TOLD US BEFORE HE GOT ELECTED WHAT HE WOULD DO… but no one really listened and thought through what he was saying.

      Let’s not let a “crisis go to waste” — impeach him for treason and execute the imposter!

    • http://IjusthopethattheAmericanpeoplewillwakeuptothetruthandforcecongresstoinvistigatehislegitimacytoholdofficeofthepresident. jannette

      I do hope that the American people will wake up to the truth and force Concress to act and investigate this man who call himself president and his legitimacy to hold the office of the presidant. and Congress should stand tall and not to be scared as we will be behind you.

    • eddie47d

      That’s a dilemma of your own creating. Obama did win by a substantial margin and with the full knowledge of the American voter. That means his policies were welcomed by the majority of voters. The policies pushed by the Republicans at that time were not acceptable and many of their policies now aren’t welcomed. You need to bridge that gap in order to win and Independents are swinging back to Obama because of Conservative trash talk and wild accusations.

      • AZ-Ike

        I don’t remember him winning by a ‘substantial’ margin. Except for the die-hard liberals who knew and wanted the havoc he would create, most of those who voted for him were brain-dead citizens who couldn’t be bothered to find out who he is and what he meant by ‘hope and change,’ but voted for him anyway. They projected they own ideas of ‘hope and change’ or believed the brainwashing of the liberal biased media who have been waiting for the day their ‘agent in place’ could accomplish the destruction of America.

      • eddie47d

        Sounds like it’s time for Ike to take a hike. Are you saying that you are smarter than 63 million voters ? Give that ca ca bull a rest and stop trying to dupe us. .

      • Alton Clark

        independent is just another word for people who have no idea what they want .They do not stand for any one thing , they vote by what ever mood they are in at that time !

  • http://none Rex L Fey

    After WW II, visited Germany a few times. As the opportunities arose asked several Germans how they got in to the Hitler mess and their country destroyed. The answer was about the same from all, “We werent paying attention to what was being done. Things had been very bad and we were getting promises of great things so we went to sleep. Then one morning in 1933 we found that people, Jews and resistors were being arrested and the rest of us were slavers. What the Gestopo and S S with the help of local police was all legal !” Looks like we are on the same path, only one major obstacle confiscate guns.

    • Sirian

      We have been asleep since prior to and after the FDR years. Especially during our economic growth period after WWII. Unfortunately we remain asleep but more and more are slowly waking up. Hopefully enough will be awake come November to stop the possibility of another four years with Obummer at the helm.

      • JD

        Only problem is we will only be able to chose his paternal twin ” Romney “.

      • Sirian

        I’m not looking forward to that at all either. If that happens then we do have Obummer for another four and we might as well kiss our country good bye.

    • Alex Frazier

      That has been my assessment for a while Rex. We are a gun confiscation and a Jew genocide short of becoming Nazi Germany. The rest of our society, detail for detail, is almost identical to Nazi Germany, right down to the gun control laws we have, and those our politicians are constantly trying to push through. We even call the middle eastern rebels terrorists, which is what the Nazis called anyone who fought back against the German occupation of whichever country they happened to be occupying. To a Nazi, Germany could do no wrong. The propaganda was that Germany was bringing salvation to these other countries. If you spoke out against Germany and its actions, you were arrested as a traitor (which the NDAA has now made possible in America).

      America IS Nazi Germany. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes obvious to everyone, just as the Germans one day woke up and realized they were under the thumb of a dictator.

      The difference this time is that we have the internet, despite the government attempting to get control of it. People are aware. People are awake. Maybe not all of them, but enough. There are enough of us that see Caesar in action, crossing the Rubicon and preparing to declare himself dictator for life.

      If it happens, expect Brutus and Cassius, because true patriots won’t allow it to stand.

    • Alton Clark

      Monsantobama has now made it easy to get all of our guns with this new order of his. He said all metal will belong to the government . That means our guns and the second amendment will be worthless and take all of our seeds so we can use only GM seeds from Monsanto , among other things !

  • John Beach

    As the U.S. demographic becomes more and more diverse and less and less representable, although still representative, finding consensus, as we have seen from many years of gridlocks, will be more difficult and less likely. Our defense department and cooperating agencies will represent this concept from a standpoint of being our own worst enemy. The Obama administration represents this and has very wisely figured out a way to deal with it. If you consider the logic of it, it actually makes sense….to all but those of us who experienced the greatest days of America when commonality of understanding of our heritage and the cost of its preservation were appreciated, which means more than 50 years ago. No one is more aware of the animosities and longstanding, ethnicity-based prejudices than those who have lived in ethnic ghettos which bordered on other ethnic ghettos in the inner-cities of America and remembers the gang wars that terrorized them decades ago. So there is little other than “survival” which unites us and no other agency or department represents that concept as does the Department of Defense. So a fitting strategy to deal with it is very logical. If we can’t beat ourselves, we ought to join ourselves in self-defeating policies that represent the divisiveness of diversity and the impossibility of representing it. Don’t laugh! It is more of a reality than you think. Just watch as the war on terror winds down and you see the strategic effectiveness of the policies that have been utilized over the course of the last 11 years. We were literally a blip on the radar screen in the history of the countries we have attempted to change. But the policy was representative of divisiveness and diversity. If it is all a waste, will anybody really care?

    • Ret

      Good point. What better way than to allow millions of illegals in the country.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    thats what the SOB wants to do martial law.

  • Willie

    Take arms and be prepared. Store seeds, and water. Make friends with your neighbors. Learn to live with as few amenities as possible.

    • libtard

      price of ammo has gone through the roof and gov’t agents are buying as much as they can from gun shows citing gov’t need.

  • Gary

    I knew from early on that this kenyan born, marxist, muslim was going to do one or both of 2 things. 1. Destroy the economy(which he has done) to the point everyone would have to look to government for help. 2. Incite enough civil unrest so as to allow him to declare martial law. Anyone else who incites riots would be arrested and put in jail. We are in BIG trouble and the nutless wonders in Congress deserve to go to the gallows, which is where the dictator will send them. We are going to have to fight this one out, I am afraid. Keep the powder dry!

  • B.Holmes

    He is a representative all right…of Satan. We need to be faithful to God. He is still in charge and He will protect His own. Are we His? Prayer and obedience are essenial.

  • Robert Peavy

    Fast and Furious is(was) but one cog in the process of Gov. control . One only has to know History to see past communist, Socialist and Facist Gov.s had to disarm the citizens in order to kill off the unbelievers . Japan did not invade the U.S. west coast when they had the upperhand because they knew the vast majority of Americans were armed and there would be an American behind every tree with a gun of some sort. With the millions within the past 3 years rearming themselves , me included, it is going to be an all out civil war should our own Gov. try to impose its self on us. I know it is happening on a slow step by step basis now but a tipping point will happen and we will regain through either vote or general revolt our freedom once again.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      I agree except for the civil war part. When push comes to shove, I think our military will not take up arms against us for 2 reasons. First, I like to believe that most of our troops are good and would not fire on us, even if ordered to. Second, that would only leave a few psychopaths left and there are too many of us. That’s why the establishment (I won’t blame just Obama alone as he is just there to sign what he his told) is implementing it’s brownshirt movement (i.e., TSA, FEMA corps ect.) to take up the slack for the military personnel who are “enlightened”.

      My belief is that the only way out of this is to press the “easy” button on the deficit and reprint a new currency such as the “greenbacks” ala Lincoln. You could do away with the federal reserve and distribute new monies accordingly. In a fiat system it is not what BACKS the paper but WHO CONTROLS IT’S QUANTITY. Take away the reserve and we could control its quantity. Some will say that this will “crash” the dollar. This is true on a global scale but what people forget is that we are one of the few countries in the world that does need anything from neighbors and could be truely self-sustaining.

      In doing this, what would happen? We would no longer export or import goods which would bolster our employment at home as we would need to keep jobs here to sustain us and in doing so, be given a sweatshop free price on goods and services. We would then be able to eaisly afford the higher prices on our home built products because a dollar would actually be worth a dollar again.

      What would happen a few years down the road? The dollar could once again take the lead in the world market as we would’ve gained TRUE equilibrium while breaking the Zionist’s chains that hold us captive.

      • libtard

        never any intent of using our troops on their own! Obama knows very few would go through with it. They will deploy international troops including chinese and Russian…they are already here in the coastal regions training up! The NWO boys want to keep our troops in the ME where they belong!

      • Ted Crawford

        EO-13524 sms to give him the unlimited authority to do just that, use NATO troops against his own(?) people!

  • Elzie Lavery

    Maybe martial law could be used to balance the budget. Let’s see, maybe it would require federal employees to work for free. Lots of possibilities. Maybe the lifelong welfare parasites can be hauled to FEMA camps to isolate the rest of the population from their thieving devious ways. By all means, if such could occur, let’s have martial law.. Maybe the unionized employees at the FEMA camps could go on a sit-down strike and consequently the welfare people would have to grow their own food on rooftop gardens, or some other whacked out scenario like that. Maybe the feds have had monsanto make the roofing tar at the places that is a new type of tar that grows vegetables that monsanto has created. And these people will be the guinea pigs for testing. Maybe the goal of these vegetables will be to change the genetic structure of these people to have any newborns be born with a gene that causes a work ethic to be instilled in the recepient. Maybe Monsanto will get a Nobel Prize. Maybe Obama will relinquish his.

    • Karolyn

      Love your imagination!

    • eddie47d

      Spot on Karolyn. The thing is Elzie is that it costs much more to house people in camps and prisons than trying to find a workable solution on the outside. Very little productive work gets done within any prison type system so your imaginative theory is bogus. Prisons only make those incarcerated MORE dependent on government to save them and learn even fewer skills to cope on the outside..

      • steve

        tell that to the 6 million jews who starve to death during ww2

      • eddie47d

        You helped prove my point Steve. Like it said over the gates of Auswitch “hard work will set you free” Slave labor does get you worked to death.

      • Ted Crawford

        The problem with this logic Eddie is that narcissistic despots, believing completely in their omniscience, also believe themselves to be omnipotent. Far above any laws, legal, moral, or natural! The rules that apply to the rest of us have no authority over them! Therefore whatever they do will work, inspite of history or facts to the contrary!

      • Alton Clark

        In the 50′s and 60′s they had to work and grow their on food , do their own cooking . Every thing was done in house .Some were trusties and as kids we would sale coke bottles to them for 2 cents and they go and get 3cents deposit at the store for the bottles.And they can still do it and make a profit from it ‘ hard work but not bottles. OH that’s right, they are to good to do any hard labor work thanks to all the bleeding heart people in America and democrats to , don’t forget them !

  • dan

    Those who don’t remember : Reagan was elected in a landslide because he promised to get rid of a lot of the unconstitutional deadwood in government ….but was GOP’d
    with a CIA drone (NWO Bush Sr.) and Mitt, or Rick will continue the agenda
    even if Barrack Husein doesn’t have the opportunity to finish US off.
    The battle for America has been fought since it’s inception….and it is spiritual

    You can’t legislate morality….

  • Pazuzu

    He needs to be impeached for anti-American behavior, and everything he’s signed as president rendered null and void. I really don’t think he’s going anywhere, election or no election. We voted in our own “dear Leader” for life.

    • Georgia Girl

      Google H.CON.RES.107 Mar. 7, 2012 Obama Impeachment

      CONTACT ALL members of House & Senate Judiciary Committe

      Share with everyone you know

      I already have

      • AZ-Ike

        It’s an empty threat.

  • Dj burgess

    I have said from the beginning of this guys inauguration that he is not what he portrays and will not go away without a fight, if he can’t Winn re-election he will put the country in such turmoil that he will attempt to seize power, the stage is set and the curtain is about to go up, be prepared!

  • CA

    For the first time in history, we have an occupant of the White House who openly despises this country and is doing everything possible to destroy it, and we are supposed to trust the administration not to declare martial law on a whim. BO wants to be a dictator, and many in his rabid base have called for him to become a dictator. Let’s just trust him to do what is right, even though he has never done so in the past.

    • securityman

      You trust him to do whats right, i’ll keep my powder dry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      Ignorance is a simple lack of information. It is easily corrected with information, egro; it’s resolveable
      Stupid is while possesing the information, still operating as if ignorant.
      To have voted for Obama in 2008 can easily (saddly), be blamed on ignorance.
      to do so in2012, falls under the second term!

  • Bill

    This is in response to Palicked: You must be one of those black rascists such as Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson or Reverend Wright! I know that it is hard to realize that your precious black president is about to be thrown out on his butt, but you can be guaranteed of it, come November you can say goodby to the Muslim, Communist Kenyon non-American!!!!!!

    • http://liberty Tony

      Hey Bill:
      Who’s going to beat Obama, Mitt Romney!?! Rick Sanitation!?! (lol) !! Be for real. Next, to rest of you paranoid conspiracy theorists, will you be in touch with the truth. This nonsense is only going to help Obama get re-elected. The way to beat Obama is to point out flaws in his policies. For example, one mention that the deficit has increased by 2 trillion dollars while everyday wages have remained stagant. Secondly, giving AIG thoses bonuses that never should of been allowed in the first place. Granted, AIG has paid back but still that was a bad move. Three, talk about why he kept the troops in Afghanistan for so long, when we should been out of that cursed land at least three yrs ago. Fourthly and finally, point out how Obama always goes on tv and acts like an entertainment personality
      instead of concentrating in dealing with the problems at hand. If an opposition candidate took that approach then beating him would be a strong possibility. However, when you continue with these bizarre conjured delusions, you’ll only lose credibility. Alright, that’s all for now but take this info. to heart. Thanks!!

  • lee

    If the people can’t see what obama is trying to do theres a big problem. The media is filling everybody full of crap and most of them believe it. I’m no brain for sure but i can see whats going to happen if we don’t start electing someone to turn this thing around this term. If not we are all domed.

  • mark

    Obama wants to use we the people as shi* paper.

  • lee

    OK: No problem. Thanks Bob.

  • David

    One sentence in the article states… “but unless and until someone [demonstrates any expansion of powers in the order], I’ll consider this to be routine.”

    We are talking about Barrak Obama here. He doesn’t need any excuse to expand his powers. He does it routinely and has made the statement that “if Congress won’t act, Joe and I will” What does that tell you. He will circumvent Congress and do whatever he darn well pleases.

  • big jack

    If it were coming from someone else, our antenna would or should be pricked. But coming from Obama with all the other misuses of power , not connecting the dots is total apathy.
    Obama and his administration have so much hubris when it comes to the constitution, one must wonder why members of congress are allowing the usurpations to continue. We may wake some day and discover we are no longer the USA, but the USSA. ” Never waist a good crisis”.

    • eddie47d

      The false flag crises against Iran is being pushed even harder by the Republican candidates sans Paul. Those other yahoos will have you eating corn bread out of their hand when it is their turn. They endorsed the Patriot Act and they will push even harder on NDAA. We must connect the dots on several fronts.

  • securityman

    Bottom line=keep your guns ready!!!!!!! I, for one, fought for thiscountry once and stand ready to do so again. Even against the people in our own government who would make us “lay it down”.Remember: unarmed people are “subjects”!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Clarke

    Incrementalism! The old adage of how do you boil a bullfrog. If it is done slowly the frog will never know the exact moment to jump until it is too late and then boils to death.

    The Obama administration and liberal minions are stroking and massaging us so we are lulled to sleep.

  • Westernindiana

    I see talk of an uprising to take the country back, but consider that
    adolph obama has the full use of the military and it’s many puppets to control the population. He has already moved past dead center on total control, and is not afraid of anyone anymore.

  • martin w

    Just remember: it’s we the people against them THE GOVERNMENT.

  • Lee

    What would you expect from a 2 Party 1 Party system.“Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?”
    Joseph Stalin


    Americans need to realize this is a attempt to control all speech and reduce the opposition to big government in order to change the Constitution and dissolve the rule of law, in other words we would no longer be a representative government called a Republic. They are deadly serious and have never had the opportunity they now have to make this agenda become their long lived wet dream and make it into your nightmare, they are communist, pety elitist who want to run your life with impugnity and control all decisions that you would normaly make if you have inalienable rights and rule of law.
    Like Sandra Fluke, they just want to fluck with ya…….communist always lie…axiom

  • william

    OBama has no plans in leaving the white house OBama thinks America is his Empire OBama would invoke Presidinal powers act so he could stay in office even if he was defeated by Mit Romney.

    • Robin Carlisle

      Oh Bulls__t William

  • No fool

    I hope that our military and law enforcement groups will not be stupid enough to abide by his Martial Law.

    • libtard

      Oh yeah! they will cooperate and be paid well with your tax dollars! Commies gotta eat too!

  • James Johnson

    Obviously conservatives want martial law, otherwise they would not keep repeating it and arguing about it happening.
    We have a constitution if you know it, there is no place anywhere in our constitution that allows suspension of anything except Art 1.9.2 where Habeas Coupes can be suspended during invasion or riot, and just for those involved. NO OTHER PART OF THE CONSTITUTION CAN BE SUSPENDED. The Habeas Corpus automatically returns as soon as the riot or evasion is quelled. Hamilton, Randolph and Sumner at the convention. It is local application, it is neither moral nor constitutional to apply Martial law to the whole country. If you want Martial law, keep believing those who will kill you after they remove your weapons. Be sure not to know what the constitution says, and have a sheriff who will not keep his oath. Also make sure you don’t form a militia to protect you. In fact just stand out in the street so they won’t have any trouble finding you. America has been dumbed down so far that all we can do is sound alarms, conservatives are the worst, never taking time to study or learn or teach others how to protect themselves from enemy’s foreign and domestic.
    Here is a website where you can join a local sheriff’s posse for each county and begin to help out your community and at least try to protect yourself. Oh, and you can learn the constitution the way it was written, not how Obama is teaching it. Join your local county and do something positive for yourself and others.
    Jim Johnson
    Port Charlotte, Fl.

    • AZ-Ike

      I am sorry, James. I used to be as naive as you seem to be. The Constitution is interpreted as Congress, SCOTUS and POTUS prefer–not as it was written and intended. Federal courts gave Congress the power to reinterpret it in 2003 and 2004, Walker v. U.S. and Walker v. Congress. SCOTUS has been reinterpreting it and usurping legislative powers for decades and decades. POTUS has been doing it–or trying to–since its inception.

      Congress could have stopped Obama in his tracks–from the beginning. They didn’t–because they don’t want to be constrained by the Constitution any more than POTUS or SCOTUS does. The active military brass probably doesn’t care about anything but being the most powerful military force in the world and exerting influence in ‘policing’ the world. If they did, there would have been more honorable men like Lt.Col. Terry Lakin.

      There will be no taking back America and restoring the true Constitution until we replace all incumbent politicians and numerous judges and Justices through elections, recalls, and/or impeachment.

      We must stop thinking it is enough to replace Obama. It isn’t. We must replace them all.

      • James Johnson

        I 100% agree about the Congress, and the Supreme Court knew he was not elligible, that is probably why Roberts messed up and they had to re-do it the next day without media present. Same with Congress, they are the enemy of the Constitution. But just because Congress is criminal does not give anyone who is moral any excuse to agree with them.
        My main point is that conservatives complain about everything that is happening, with little or no effort to learn their constitution. They believe anyone who is running for office that says the right thing, but couldn’t get over 45% on even a simple constutution test, and that is something we should do is give them a test. Most people who complain will not even put out the effort to learn the principals of the Founding Fathers, and the context of the Constitution. It’s easier to complain and just roll over and hope, than to put out the effort and learn the document that guarantees our Liberties, and Life, and our Property. Those who believe in Liberty will put out the effort it takes or die, so be it.

        You either believe the Constitution or you don’t. Federal courts have no right to make law.
        But if they can convince people to give it up then it is in the mind of man. When you swear an oath it is an oath to THIS Constitution.

        You might go to this web and view some of their Video’s Maybe it will encourage you to see so many Sheriffs and law enforcement and just plain people who are keeping their oaths.

        Your Sheriff is important and can stop, with the help of a posse of whatever size he needs, Federal intervention. It is up to you, no Federal court can change the Constitution except in peoples mind. Or Founders knew these people, because they believed what Gods word said about the heart of man being deceitful and wicked above all else, who can know it. People can either fight to defend theirselves or go stand in the road with others it is your choice.

      • libtard

        All true! Must happen all at once and there are too many elderly, cowards, and misinformed to make a number that really matters enough to effect change to the system.

  • steve

    here a question. can the pres inact marshall law after he has lost the election and the new pres has not taken over yet? and will the new pres take over or does the existing pres stay in power?

    • tony1691

      existing president stays in power….are you ready to party?

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    What better way to stop the election, declare a National Emergency, than invoke Marshall Law. Obama’s poll numbers are tanking, to embarrassing levels, that is hard to win with those polls and all the arrogant, naive, negative things he has said and done. Obama is doing all he can to bring them back up and is failing, because of his incompetent nature.

    Namvet 66/67 USMC.

    • AZ-Ike

      Obama can only be considered incompent if you believe he wanted to bring America back to an economically stable country. He is one of the most competent presidents ever in accomplishing his own goals–destroying the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of every single American.



    • AZ-Ike

      The problem, Frenchie, is that every order Obama has given them is ‘illegal’ because Obama is an ‘unconstitutional’ usurper of the Office. While there are many reitred military officers who stand for the Constitution as it was written and intended, no active military stood up to questioning Obama’s eligibility except for a few honorable men. Not one active member of the military brass stood up for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. He was dishonored by Obama, Congress and his military brethren. Is that an indication of their blindly following Obama? Or, do you still think they will be honorable by not taking up arms against the People?

    • Donald York

      Frenchie, God bless you my friend, and may the almighty god instill the wisdom in our military minds to strike down this monster. Laus Deo

    • libtard

      Frenchie, while I agree with you that our soldiers are more intelligent than before, the 80′s had a loyal US military, now the same service has been heavily diluted with new curriculum trained troops, openly gay and lower standards of discipline. Most of the younger troops are of a gang banger mindset, not all, most from inter-cities. 65 percent of E-4 and below are from urban environments and they do support the president. Anyway, our military won’t be much of a problem so long as they remain deployed overseas, this way UN troops with no interest in the constitution, can enforce martial law and have no second thought about killing American citizens.

  • tony1691

    The illuminati masters are ready to complete their world domination. All the bills, laws, and executive orders are in place and active. Police and other agents don’t need warrants to kick down your doors and shoot you as long as they are acting in “good faith” H.R. 666 took care of that for us…
    You can no longer stand up and try and do it the right way and protest against the wrong doing by congress H.R. 347 took care of that for us…
    Your a terrorist if you have guns, ammo and food stored NDAA took care of that for us…
    We have concentration camps all over the usa just waiting for the good times….
    We have a whole country that is directly under the control of foreign powers…ie the united nation, a communist run organization.
    We have a country that is full of stupid people that don’t have a clue as to how to unite…
    Now here we are today with thousands of laws and bills on the books and illegal president having his strings pulled directly from vatican city and solar storms just around the corner….hmmm smells like martial law to me…
    People, its time to lock and load and know who your enemies are… you can start by going here—–>
    now, what cha gonna do what cha gonna do what cha gonna do when fema pulls you?

    • tony1691

      By the way, This is Antonio for those of you who know me here. This new sign up thing has messed me up and when i put my user name it says “that name is already being used”?
      Mr. livingston can you help me out with this?

  • dM

    Bring on your martial law Obummer, I welcome it! If you Try and take our guns you will have a tough time, cause I for one will not give in or go quietly. many will perish.

  • General ” Bull” Shipper

    we are already under martial law. FDR did it a long time ago and did not recind it and most americans do not realize they have lived under martial law most of their lives.

  • ranger hall

    Bob Clark, So Right, darryl,JD How true.
    Revwhileyoucan, The Police and Military will follow the Govt, The Military Leaders are Govt Puppets, and so are most of our Military People, We are like a 3rd world Country, The people would have to have at lest 45-50% control of the Country before our Military would come over to our side.
    On Time,These People are not Commies, They are Their own Group.
    Americans have waited FAR to long to correct these People, CONGRESS, SUPREME COURT, These people are the Problem, Dems and Repugs, ALL FROM THE SAME CLUB
    YES Americans have been asleep for a long time, What is it going to take to wake up. LONG LIVE AMERICA

  • Georgia Girl

    Have any of you heard about
    H.Con.Res.107 Obama Impeachment
    introduced by Rep. Walter Jones (R) NC on March 7, 2012?

    If you haven’t, google it and see for yourself.

    I can not ENCOURAGE you enough to contact ALL Congressmen on the House Judiciary Committee and ALL Senators on the Senate Judicary Committe and URGE them to get this thing to the floor for a VOTE ASAP. Contact ALL major News outlets and insist that they report this.

    We can NOT wait until November.

    I have already done ALL of the above.

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned….

    “We the People” had better get going…

    • AZ-Ike

      Sorry, GeorgiaGirl, HR 107 Obama Impeachment is an empty threat. Congress will do nothing to stop Obama now, as they are complicit in every unconstitutional act he has taken from the inception of his unconstitutional reign of power.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    O’ Sure… Derail any efforts to abolish the State Penal Code… For the inforcement of the CIVIL Code! When the Feds Squarm for Control…

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Trying to impeach O’ Boma… is like trying to wake up Joe Biden…

  • Bimbam

    This is what you get when you put a negro and a liberal together.

    Did you know that radical intellectuals are classified as fools in the Bible???

    So people like Barry Saetoro (Indonesian Muslim) and Bill Airs-head, Nancy Pvssy, Hairy Weed, the late Dead Kennedy, F*** Schumer, John Scary, etc, are nothing butt stupid fools.

  • Larry

    I am a black man that did not vote for Obama and took a lot of flack for it. Many black people blindly voted for him because he is supposed to be black. They continually make excuses for him and his failure. They will blindly make the same stupid mistake again for the same identical reason. The guy is no good in my opinion. I saw this long ago. Unfortunately, it appears that you need to realize this fact and get ready for the damage that he is going to take to a new level. He has a major character flaw. I contemplated that he would create a major problem in the country among us lower level (average) people of which make up the majority. He just turned out to be ten times worse than I expected. I will not vote for him this time around either. I had better get myself some p#$$y soon. I have not had any for almost thirty-four years. It looks that I am in for a royal f#@%ing again. I need to get mine in while I still can and before it is done to me again. How stupid people can be. By the way, I caught him on the news while in Egypt where he stated that “[he was] a Muslim” out of his own mouth. That particular piece only ran once and I am surprised that nobody has a copy of this to run and use for campaign purposes.

  • Weseeyou

    To all those who are in the dark, with the mainstream media, and who are what they call “raging liberals” (which has many meanings; you have been part of the destruction of our country as you have extolled and elevated this man and his affiliates to the helm, I say, watch your pocketbooks and your affluent styles start to diminish because your greed, like
    this administration’s, are going to come to an epiphany to discover they are very hated by the public, but you, who went along with them, will be going down! Then watch out for your life because, as has happened in Nazi Germany and in other parts of the world before, money did not always guarantee one their “life!” We’ve had a dictator since day 1 and those of you who don’t want to believe just how vicious and evil this man and his notorious mob actually are, just keep riding on your high horse until the collision course comes to knock you off as you pant with fear alongside your own kind when they come for you. Unless you give them what they want, give to them from your bag of wealth, and be like them, (those without conscience), plus never backtalk; consider yourselves traitors to your fellow Americans as well as also be worthless to this newly formed regime. Real democracy has been deteriorating since he was put into power and you will come to find this out too late as your rights, freedoms and privileges are taken away right before your greedy eyes. Terrorism is right here and allowed to thrive quite nicely, that is, until you too become merely a statistic as well then you don’t have to care anymore.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    WARNING…The actions of American and other Western governments are an obvious alert that they EXPECTING Social and Economic chaos and THAT should be what Americans and Canadians, who have been ignoring warnings from past writers, such as Rand,Orwell and Levine , should wake up to. Stop living in Disneyland and Prepare….. World Authoritarianism is here already, cloaked in propaganda and disinformation !!!

    The WORST is yet to come.

    • Ted Crawford

      ” The WORST is yet to come” That’s proven out by the fact that this narcissistic despot still has an approval rating over the number ’0′ !

  • dagodave

    Of course thats what he wanted all along -martial law -complete control– bring it on butt wipe that will start the revolution every one tha is american wants- first order of the day tie a rope around his neck and the other end to a patriot missle and presto old west justice!

    • libtard

      That will never happen soon after the start of the chaos, You won’t be worrying about POTUS, you will be protecting your family, taking shelter, worrying over no information because of news and internet blackouts, looters coming to your door looking for food due to lack of preparation and believe me, chaos was designed for just that, chaos and many will die early on and the prepared will then carry out any simile of a revolt. It’s close and it’s coming hard!

  • john parry

    the obvious counter-balance to this royale degree by obama would be a pentagon contingency plan to physically remove him and his ilk from office….

  • GreatScott

    I read so many comments that say we must replace him at all costs and get him out of there. Replace him with who? Romney? Gingrich? Santorum? More of the same. The only one who would make a difference is Ron Paul, the others =Obama Lite. Replacing evil with the lessor of 2 evils is still evil.

    Ron Paul for POTUS.

  • Jim in NY

    I see the nut jobs are out in force today. I guess the mental hospitals provide internet access now or do you all live in bunkers in place like Montana where you can go for days without interacting with anyone. In the real world. The NASDAQ continues in its upward ways today up 18.5% year to date (less than 3 months) and up almost 115% since Obama took office. Will there be any serious challenge in November 2012? I doubt it.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Obamination has a death wish along with Congress!!!

  • http://yahoo Danny

    Don!t forget that there are 90 million armed FAMILY’S IN THE UNITED STATES that is the largest army in the world.

  • John

    I hope he saved one of those space shuttles, he is going to need it to escape from the wrath of the American people. All he has done is to awaken a sleeping giant, dose history repeat it’s self?…..YOU BET IT DOSE!!!

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