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Congressman Tom McClintock Tells Mexico To Butt Out

May 26, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Average Joe

    Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock , for putting things into perspective.

    • Alan

      Its about time someone said something that makes sense.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree…A real American just stood up to defend our great country.
      Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock may God Bless your efforts.
      All real Americans, please stand up with him, before the reality nightmare Mexico has so cleaverly planned with their invansion take over becomes undefendable.
      My bumper sticker says “Remember The Alamo” what’s on yours?

    • Robert Beezel

      I agree with congressman McClintock 100% and I would like to tell mexico’s president to go to hell and take obama,reid and polosi with them.

    • Robert

      We should ensure that our immigration laws are a mirror image of Mexicos immigration laws. Who could criticize that?

      • hicusdicus

        That is the best idea that I have heard since the continental congress started this nation.

  • Cathy Savage

    Dear Congressman McClintock,

    Thank you for your great speech to Mexican president. Thank you for standing up for U.S. Constitution. I came to this great nation about 34 years ago and I am proud to say that I am American. I love America, that’s how my husband and I teach our two boys (16 and 11).

  • gregory


  • jeffrey raymond

    Where was all this patriotism when the mexican was running down America while our boarders were being over run like cockroaches from a kicked baseboard?? Not ONE American stood up and said bull!!! NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank N

      You missed a lot of public news before your question. Haven’t you? Do some research on John F Kennedy when he was in office. By that I mean his public addresses. This could turn ugly if I started saying what I really feel about your question…Most of Americans know the real reason Nobama got elected into office. I wonder what their thoughts are now? This is here and now bud, not yesterday.

  • Monica

    I didn’t hear any applause but he said Congress applauded the Mexican??

    Oh People, we need to be very very careful when we vote and vote those “non-applauders” out!!!!!!!!

    • RAT

      are you serious? The democrats gave Calderon a standing ovation! Vote the applauders out.

      • BB

        I believe she was talking about those who didn’t applaud Tom McClintock’s comments. Of course, those are probably the same ones who applauded the Mexican president.

  • s c

    Did the Mexican president get paid to come here and insult us, or did he ‘donate’ his speech gratis? If America is such a bad country, it makes no sense for Mexico’s ‘leader’ to let Mexican citizens come here. After all, if America is so bad, no one in their right mind would come here – including a “leader.”
    If the guy had any integrity (he doesn’t), he’d demand that all Mexicans go back home where they’ll be safe and free from America’s negative influences.

    • Dena

      The reason Mexican President wants illegals in this country is because they send money back to his country which has more value there than here.


      I SALUTE YOU! Thank You!
      MORE Americans need to STAND UP!

      Why is it that no Americans can enter into other countries and live
      “illegal” and…GAIN Support, Medical, and many many other benefits?
      While AMERICANS do without! Many Native Americans are sleeping on sidewalks
      living under bridges, HUNGRY and doing WITHOUT Medical Help or houseing!


      Thank You Sir for you standing for TRUTH and against Injustice!

  • Steve

    Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock! The president of Mexico needs to get his own house in order before he has the right to criticize how we run our country.

    Please keep fighting for our nation. I hope that we can stop this “CHANGE” before it is too late to save our great country. This needs to be posted on U-Tube for all to see and hear.

  • crista smith

    I wanted to throw up when I saw out congess standing and aplauding that ignorant Mex…who the hell does he think he is….? And why the hell did people who were supposed to be on America’s side clap for him…Oh people, the ones who haunt the hall of congress and the whitehouse, please put these people in thier place and vote all the ungrateful slobs out of OUR Congress and White house and put them in the slums of HELL!

    • Mary

      Because we have a Redhouse. Any dog come over here to trash us and the congress get super happy. This government is a shame the worst I have ever seen. It’s corrupt all the way. Just classless WT and G.
      I think Calderon is a drug dealer like Hugo Chavez. He just visited his clients.

    • Mary

      You are right we are full of traitors in this country starting with the president. Most of the illegals are ignorants they don’t even speak Spanish right no wonder they are not able to learn English. A lot of them are criminals that come over to continue their raping, killing etc. Our country has been left naked and now with Obama with a hand in the front and the other in the back. The Mexican President came over to defend his business that is drugs and people.

  • California Voter

    BRAVO–Rep. Tom McClintock!
    Now gather any/all the congressional men/women you can to stand with you and state this exact message for all to hear. PLEASE!!!

  • michael Cresswell

    There exists a very deliberate and dangerous agenda among the left of the political spectrum in America, and their goal is nothing short of the absolute destruction of America as it has been since it’s inception. It is just a part of the world wide efforts of that same socialist Left to destroy any vestige of personal freedom in any people, anywhere. Obama is the spearhead of their efforts in America, and scenes like the disgusting speach by the Mexican President are just a beginning. Look past your northern border and you will see how bad it can and will get. In Canada, freedom of speach is no more.

  • http://google mike b.

    The Mexican prez is a thug in a thug country. Hussein Obama is a thug and trying to turn america into a thug country. We need to vote all the anti-americans in the democrat-led criminal congress out and Hussein Obama who’s more at war with a state in the United States than terriosts and leaders of foreign nations. Rep. McClintock is a very brave and patriotic american who is exactly right. The Mexican prez does not belong in this country with his thug behavior and anti-american sentiments. You can add him to the list of high-ranking officials in the Hussein Obama administration that have not read the arizona law. Holder, Napolitano, Hussein Obama himself and his fellow thug-in-chief Mexican prez. All the anti-american dems who gave this thug a standing ovation should not only be voted out of office but arrested for treason. 90% of them have not read the law either and do not care about the rights of illegal aliens but only the hispanic vote in the upcoming 2010 and 2012 elections. They know they will need thier votes because americans are getting sick of the criminal congress trampling the constitution and intruding non-stop into people’s lives while giving illegal immigrants and terriosts lawyers and rights. They are also wising up to thug Hussein Obama and his minions in the mainstream media covering up for him.

    • Gary Green

      Thank you Sir for a Great Speech, you and Glenn Beck should run for the presidency together. I would definitly vote for ya’ll. I don’t believe our government was meant to be run by professional lawyers, but by farmers, doctors, reporters, and every day normal people. We need to get back to those principles, not a ruler elite of lawyers

  • http://google mike b.

    That is one of the best speeches i have heard in years in Congress. This is a great job the personal liberty digest to show this as you can not find it anywhere in the state-controlled mainstream media. All 5 minutes and every word of this speech is exactly right!!! If anyone deserves a standing ovation it is this fine, patriotic american (R) Rep. Tom McClintock!!

  • James

    I think a standing ovation for Tom McClintock’s speech to members of congress would have been highly appropriate. We need more people like him in the service of our country.

  • Barbie B.

    It was a sad and embarrassing day when our Congress stood up against a Federal Law that is being reinforced by Arizona. Our Government has the duty to protect our borders and so far has failed the border states and this Country to protect our citizens. There are many from foreign countries that have been caught coming through the Mexico border to our border states. Countries that have had terrorists come to our country and do harm or attempt to do harm to our Country. What about the ones that haven’t been caught. Where are they? Who are they? What is their intent here? Rep. Tom McClintock stood up proudly for our country. Many of all of your comments were exactly right. I encourage and am proud of those standing up for one of our states, instead of instigating the far left to do marches and degrade our laws and our country. Remember to vote! We need a new Congress and Senate! Make sure those candidates stae their beliefs and to stop the out of control spending and this disgraceful mockery of our country from foreign govenments. Shame on those that tried to disgrace one of our states. Governor Brewer is standing and protecting the citizens in Arizona. Go Gov. Brewer! Thank you Rep. McClintock!

  • vince

    It’s time my boys and I got out our white robes and hoods and headed for the illegal neighborhoods. We will do what the government will not do. We will harass the illegals untill they return on their own.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Katherine K

      It is time we recognize the real source of the immigration problem. That source more appropriately lies with politicians who use all kinds of strategies that appear on the surface to be sympathetic with the illegal immigrant. However, their true intent is anything but kind. Their desired result is to enslave the individual to them so the illegal will eternally be reliant upon a non-forthcoming political promise of help. In short the illegal is a political pawn, which we are allowing, by not standing up to the true violator of our freedom, corrupt politicians!
      This week I spoke with a young woman who confided she was illegal. She was sent to the U.S as a young teen by her mother in order to escape the horrors of Juarez. As a mother, I also would do whatever it took to save my child.
      Make no mistake, I am totally in opposition to illegal immigration! It angers me and those who proceed legally. However it is time we hold the instigators, unscrupulous politicians, accountable for the situation we face. Just going after the illegal is like putting those tiny little bandaids on a hemmoraging, mortal wound.
      Lets enforce the laws of our land, impeach legislators who refuse to do so, and make reasonable opportunity for those who wish to immigrate to this country to do so legally without the hidious cost associated. Lets insist they speak the language, follow the laws, and are exempt from any financial rewards ie welfare, social security, schooling. These are things private individuals who are so inclined may offer, but to which immigrants should not be entitled, at least initially.
      Go put away your robe and do something with tough love that is constructive rather than crating another problem to which the corrupt may point as excuse to enslaving the immigrant!



    • Gary Green

      I dont need no white hood to hide behind, and neither does my Hispanic American partner in my business who is also like my brother. All we need is our shot guns and our God behind us. The left are an affront to our liberties and the principles of our founding fathers. Its time that WE THE PEOPLE GET READY!!!

    • phoenix citizen

      that will only emoblden the illegal activists and the political nitwits…the hoods and robes didn’t work before and they won’t work now…enforce the laws we have.

    • Jeryl D

      We need to expel all illegals, secure the border, then expel the KKK along with them. True patriots don’t need to hide their faces behind a mask.

    • http://none Bill Merrell

      How ignorant! If you can’t see the difference in intimidation and lawful enforcement — you are too stupid to have any credence!

  • WarriorH

    When the dems stood up and applauded after Calderon’s speech, I personally found that to be one of the absolutely most despicable moments in our recent history.

  • JuliaH

    Congressman Tom McClintock and Governor Jan Brewer and the great State of Arizona – THANK YOU – Thank you for showing the rest of us how REAL AMERICANS should respond to America being disrespected and demonized by others, including the potus Hussien Odumbass.
    Illegal is Illegal – the Fed should do what they are Constitutionally Sworn to do – PROTECT AMERICANS ON AMERICAN SOIL !!!

  • country

    It made me sick to my stomach to watch a foreign leader stand up in front of our congress and blast a state who is trying to do something to save Americans! Next, came outrage that our president invited him to speak and then agreed with him. My soul is sick for America. Thank you, Rep. Tom McClintock! You said everything that my family and I feel! Perhaps half of our congress need to view the bodies of Americans that have been murdered on their own land by illegals! Do you think they would actually care? Keep going Arizona! You paved the way. I hope other states follow quickly. For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed. Not for being American. But that our people have been so blind to elect someone who is shaming us all over the world. His TRUE radically beliefs are coming out. OUR President bowed down to a Muslim King!! He kissed Chavez’s cheek! What…? Dislike Bush all you want-But HE would have NEVER done that!! He would never missed the laying of the reef of the unknown soldier either! Obama is going home to Chicago! It’s unbelievable!

  • country

    If the presidential election was today and Rep. Tom McClintock was a candidate-I’d vote for him in a New York minute! The voice of reason and wisdom needs to be in our leaders. Not the blind leading the blind. I am proud and hopeful that we do have “some” in congress who will speak up. I am also proud of Arizona’s governor. She is a strong person to try and do something to save her state since our government sits on side lines and does little of nothing but bring a Mexican president over here to try and humilate her. Some of us do realize what is going on (majority). Hopefully we can rise up in one force and get rid of the blasted thorns in American’s side.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Katherine K

    Thank you congressman! It is time conservative legislators speak out loudly as you did. My only regret in your speech is that you did not also hold the individual portending to be our president and the leadership, ie Pelosi, Reid, etc. equally responsible. I would not be surprised at all to find that Obama was behind Calderon’s remark. He most certainly applauded and agreed with what was said. That is absolutely outrageous! In the oath of office for president, he stated that he would “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” When has he done that?! In fact he seems to be systematically destroying, attacking and on the offense of that most sacred American Document. He treats it as a young child treats the rules of a board game, changing and explaining away any rule that runs contrary to his personal intentions!!
    Please as legislators, hold him and all disloyal officer holders accountable as forcefully as you did Calderon. Again Thank you!

  • Colleen

    This is one of the best speeches I have heard in a long time from someone in Congress! It is way past time to do something to boot these liars, thugs, and tax cheats out of OUR government! Actually, I care not a whit how it happens either!
    Then we can do something about the idiots in the mainstream media! Maybe they will all just go bankrupt when NO ONE buys their lying liberal rags!
    Thank you Congressman!!



  • country

    Bob Livingston-Please make sure that Rep. Tom McClintock knows we all applaud him and are truly greatful! WE are behind you. Thank you, Thank you. If we, the citizens could get up in front of a mic in front of congress we would. Thank you for taking charge and giving us hope. I wish the other congressmen would speak up loud and clear, too.

  • s c

    As of today, ultraliberal progressives haven’t sent in any feedback on this topic. I appreciate that. They tend to ignore specific health issues, too (other than healthcare).
    It should be obvious by now that progressives who respond to articles on this website get paid for their ‘efforts.’ So are they TAXED on that income?

  • Mexican American

    Once upon a time, America was glorified and admired for its principles of freedom, liberty, and fairness as set forth in the Constitution. That was when Americans had the courage to fight evil as embodied by the Nazis who justified oppressing people such as the Jews and others because these did not conform to their models of the Aryan Super-race. Now, we hear so many similiarities in America from “patriots” which parallels that demented ideology. You must speak our language, learn our customs, act like us, and if you can, it would not hurt to even look like us. They forget that the meaning of America goes beyond this and should more correctly be based on ideals of freedom, liberty, loyalty and fairness. Every immigrant has added to what it is to be an American including the Irish, Italians, Germans, English, Africans, Asians, and yes even Hispanics. The American mold was not here waiting for people to be squeezed into; it evolved from various cultures and people. It will continue to change. It is unlikely that people come here refusing to learn English or to reject the good values of this wonderful country. In fact, with time immigrants will adopt many of the characteristics of this country as they add to it. I too, as a Mexican-American believes laws should be followed and that entry to this country should be regulated. But, no matter how the immigration issue ends up this country will continue to profit from its many cultural and financial contributions of its varied people. So let’s stop villifying the immigrant! The evil comes not from them but from all who are selfishly, callously, and ignorantly intolerant. We should not act like Nazis.

    • phoenix citizen

      Are you a mexican or an american? Please make up your mind. Many we incensed about the recent census document not having hispanic or mexican or latino/a as a choice under the race heading. Why? because a mexican is someone born in Mexico, not a race. Your either American or your something else. If you want to be something else, great, but you shouldn’t complain about the American laws.

    • TonyNJ

      Mexican-American: Reading your comment I can see that you are more than willing to debate the topic of Immigration. However, there are actually 2 different topics within the immigration header. First, is the Immigration of people from all the countries of this earth. The second, and in my opinion and many others, is Illegal immigration. First, let me tell you my thought process as you shared yours… My grandparents came to America through Ellis Island. When they got there, they had absolutely no guarantee that they would be admitted into this great country. In fact, they could have been told to board the boat they came in on and go home if they had even a sniffle of a cold or flu. Many more of my family members followed. All of them from the Middle East. I am a Catholic Arab, something that is rare in Arab countries. After my grandparents during the days of Ellis Island, in the 70′s and 80′s many more Arab Catholic family members followed, and this time it was because of more persecution than anything. One of my cousin’s was threatened with an unwanted arranged marriage and the mutilation of her genitals. They came here speaking a different language, with customs very different from those of their new American home. But they knew this was the land of Freedom and opportunity. They were willing to learn the customs of their new country, while ALSO keeping with the customs of their homeland, like food, music, language and other customs. But coming to America is NOT all about custom, even though Arabs and many other cultures have added to the American culture, which is a Very good thing, and even though they were Arab by descent, they were now, proudly and simply, Americans. Your heritage is your heritage and should not be forgotten, and no one is asking anyone to forget it. The problem lies with those that want to come her and literally CHANGE what America is and what it stands for. For example, many Germans came to America after WWII. They had strange customs to many Americans. But eventually, they were accepted and learned the American way. The American way IS a Melting Pot of many different cultures, Yes, but no matter what country you came from, or what language you spoke, when you came to America, you realized that, for example, English was the dominant language, like Mandarin Chinese in China, or Spanish in Mexico, or Arabic in Lebanon. When you adopt a new home, you don’t tell the people that built it to change THEIR ways. You ADOPT the American way, while still KEEPING your cultural heritage. The same goes with American Law. America IS America BECAUSE o its Laws and VALUE SYSTEM set forth by our founders. If that is changed to suit ANY on culture that immigrates here, then we cease to BE America. For example, if we had Mexican Immigration Laws here in the United States, we would no longer be the Melting Pot. Something that you, as an AMERICAN with Mexican heritage, should not deny. Immigrants in MANY countries are considered Second-Class, EXCEPT here in America. I hope I got my point across about that. Now, on to Immigration: First, Legal Immigration. If someone wants to come to the United States, they can, BUT they MUST follow the LAWS of Immigration for the United States. It is NOT A RIGHT to be an American citizen, as you should well know. If a person wants to come to this country, they have to do it they way set forth in American Law. Which brings me to the MAIN PROBLEM WE FACE RIGHT NOW… ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It doesn’t matter if you are Hispanic, German, Chinese, Canadian, British, Russian, Indian, or whatever… you are NOT allowed to just come in whenever you feel like it. UNFORTUNATELY, many people cross the border into the United States from Mexico, which has almost nothing but Hispanic countries below that. So, the LARGE majority of illegal Immigrants coming through Mexico are of Hispanic descent. Canada, our other border country, has Illegal Immigrants as well, but they are NOT of Hispanic descent, yet, they are treated the same… as Illegal Aliens, which, by the way, is NOT a racist term because it has been applied to all “races” since the inception of this country(I hate that word because we are ALL one race, the HUMAN race).Again, UNFORTUNATELY, living conditions in Mexico and the countries south of the United States are not in great shape compared to Canada, therefore, more PEOPLE will want to come to America from that border. Arizona is actually a very good example. This is not about race. It is about people coming into this country Illegally, that HAPPEN to be of Hispanic descent. That’s it. If they were Chinese, which states like Washington and California have a problem with, then so be it. They are still here Illegally and considered Illegal Aliens. Also UNFORTUNATELY, the Crime, Murder and kidnapping rates have skyrocketed in places like Arizona due to illegal Aliens that come over the border from Mexico. The fact that they are of Hispanic descent doesn’t matter. More PEOPLE are coming in Illegally, and the Crime rate goes up with it. It is not a coincidence. I WELCOME people of Hispanic descent, which, by the way, my Best Friend in the world is, so long as they do it LEGALLY. Then, once here, you should Respect your new home and learn the customs and laws that made this country great, not try to change them completely. There is no doubt that Hispanics have added great value to the American culture, however, to many Americans they see signs and protests that claim racism and hatred where there is none toward the LEGAL Immigrants, just those who have come here ILLEGALLY. For example, and coming into this country illegally is obviously against the law, but for example, if a murder is committed and the police suspect a White Man was the killer, why would they look for a black or hispanic man? The same goes for Illegal Aliens. Right now, the large majority, especially in Arizona, is Hispanic, so why would you go looking for Blacks or Chinese or Whites? In my opinion, LEGAL Hispanic immigrants SHOULD be OUTRAGED by the influx of Illegal Hispanic Immigrants. The Hispanics that came here LEGALLY, Waited, worked their butts off, should be furious at ANYONE hispanic, White, Russian, Indian, etc., that wants to come here and TAKE what they had done Legally and worked so very hard for. My Best Friends Parents came from Nicaragua. They came here with very little, but did LEGALLY. They now consider themselves AMERICANS, not Nicaraguan-Americans, just AMERICANS. Their HERITAGE and CUSTOMS are that of Nicaragua, which they still hold VERY dear. But, they are also FURIOUS over any person that tries to come here Illegally and TAKE what they had to WAIT FOR and WORK SO HARD FOR, just like My grandparents who came from teh Middle East. Do you have any idea how hard it was for Arabs back then??? MUCH, MUCH, MUCH harder than ANY heritage or culture in the present. So, while you may be proud of your Mexican Ancestry, which is GREAT, that is simply your ancestral Heritage. You ARE an American… PERIOD. Just as I am, and my Grandparents and parents and cousins the immigrated here. They may have darker skin or had a different first language other than English, but they were PROUD to become AMERICANS. Not Arab-Americans, or Lebonese-Americans… Just simply AMERICAN. So PLEASE, stop putting your culture and heritage together with what you are. They are not the same thing. You are an AMERICAN. Your CULTURAL BACKGROUND and HERITAGE is Mexican. Think of Italians. When I meet someone I may at some point ask what their background is. They say Italian. Not Italian-American. They are Americans that are of Italian Descent. As for LEGAL Immigration, so long as the laws we have now are enforced, things would be much better, but they are NOT enforced. Mostly because of political and politically correct reasons. But ANYONE can come here if they want to. But they must do it according to AMERICAN LAW. One more point… would you want someone, regardless of background or heritage, that is a Criminal or Murderer to be allowed entry to th
      is country? No, of course not. You want GOOD people that will ADD to the greatness of our country. People with good values of Love and Kindness. That’s about our only disqualification for becoming a citizen here. Only Criminals are not allowed. The catch is, coming into this country WITHOUT permission is a crime, so that just makes it harder, even if they ARE good people, for them to become citizens. I know how bad they want to escape the persecution of their countries of origin, but coming in without following the rules is simply NOT RIGHT. A Lot of people live in similar conditions that are NOT Hispanic, but they have to wait their turns as well. It stinks that they live in a place that is not good for them or their children, but we can’t just open the doors and say, “Come on in, everybody!”, because this country would be thrown into chaos. I REALLY hope you see where I’m coming from, because it is the position of a large majority of Americans, whether first generation or sixth generation, because they ALL worked hard and did it the RIGHT WAY, which is VERY important and also speaks to character, Do you think it was easy for my cousin who was threatened with genital mutilation to WAIT? Of course it wasn’t. But that’s the rules, and if a person TRULY wants to come here, Love this country, its people and the opportunities afforded to them, they will start by RESPECTING IT from the very beginning. “RACE” (I hate that word) has NOTHING to do with it. Only a small percentage of idiots, whether White, Black, Hispanic, etc. bring RACE into this. And many of them are politicians USING it to inflame sentiment for their perspective regardless of the ramifications. It’s sad, but that’s the REALITY, and more importantly, it’s the TRUTH.

    • TonyNJ

      Again, someone said basically, “America is respected and held to a high standard by people of other counties, that is why hundreds die in the desert every year trying to get in”… But that is the point EXACTLY!!! They SHOULD NOT be trying to get in walking through the desert!!! They SHOULD be WAITING IN LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO COME HERE JUST AS BAD AS THEY DO!!! Do you think we don’t care about it? If people didn’t think they could sneak in by going through some desert path, how many do you think would try? How many do you think would die? NONE! Because if our borders were secure going through the desert WOULDN”T GET THEM IN!!! Only the PROPER, LAWFUL way to get in, is the RIGHT way to get in and become a CITIZEN and GAIN THE FREEDOM and PROSPERITY that Americans have BECAUSE of the very laws! Saying “Hundred die in the desert trying to get in” just proves the point that they are trying to get in ILLEGALLY!! And, by the way, don’t EVER bring up that “you people” were here in Texas and Arizona before everyone else… it is A MOOT POINT! LIVE IN THE NOW!!! NOW, in the PRESENT, this land BELONGS TO and IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! You are so hung up on Ancestry and “RACE”(I hate that word!! We are ALL HUMAN BEINGS!), that you FORGET THAT WE DO NOT LIVE IN THE PAST!!! GET OVER IT!! YOU personally NEVER occupied that land., just like Blacks that live in the year 2010 were NEVER SLAVES IN COLONIAL TIMES!! LIVE INTHE NOW!!! Instead of Crying about, “But my ancestors had…” NO!!! We are RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! EVERYONE has the same OPPORTUNITY as the Next person, you just HAVE TO ACHIEVE IT FOR YOURSELF. IT WILL NOT BE HANDED TO YOU. You have to DO SOMETHING in order to EARN the American Dream!!! You can’t just sit on your ass and say GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE!!! People ARE willing to corss the desert and WORK HARD, and SOME die (God Bless Them), BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT… IF they are good people and HARD WORKERS, then they should STOP CUTTING IN LINE ILLEGALLY, DO THE PAPERWORK, WAIT YOUR TURN, LEARN ABOUT YOUR NEW COUNTRY and STOP TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! DARN IT!!!

      • http://none Lenore Chicka

        EXCELLENT TONY – WAY TO GO. You made many valid points and hit the nail on the head. It’s not being Hispanic that’s the problem, it’s the illegal status is what has the people angered. Then again, why would they want to be citizens when they get everything for free?
        I’ll bet many of these illegals do not want the path to citizenship. Pay into out Tax System — . Part of it is our fault why they don’t make an effort to learn English. We’ve made it very easy for them, everything is written in Spanish, all over the place. Instructions, supermarkets, produce, products, everything. It was wrong from the beginning. But I agree with you 100%. We have one h*** of a mess, for sure.

    • Frank Tejera

      Mexican American? You failed to recognize the fact that those people are here ILLEGALLY!. It is as simple as right or wrong, open your eyes and don’t insult my intelligence. I came here from another country at the age of 14, ( legally ) when I finished high school, I joined the Marines, always worked, and never took a dime from this great country. May I add that I never violated any laws, in any shape or form. God bless America, and let the laws stand.

  • California voter

    Nor should the illegal immigrant feel SO entitled!
    Illegal Immigrants (II) are on a mission…to milk the system!
    Walk into an ER and 95% of the people waiting to be seen are II. County clinics (subsidized by taxpayers) give out free care to II. Food stamps and WIC vouchers line the wallets of II. Public schools provide free education to II. On and on it goes. Spanish-speaking television stations are everywhere. Billboards, voter pamphlets are written in Spanish along with other languages (I thought you had to read and write English before you could become a citizen.)
    II shouldn’t feel as though they are doing Americans a favor!
    Do your country a favor and stay there.

    • Gary Green

      Mexican American is right Its not the illegals who have done this. Its the left agenda thats done it to bring down our nation. We the people White, Hispanic, Black, are all in this together. Its not a racial issue. We must protect our borders and our way of life from this socialist one world agenda.

  • Mexican American

    You are deluding yourself. These people are terrified and hiding in the shadows, afraid that at any moment the officers will separate them from their children. They are not feeling entitled like you say. They are fighting for survival and you are just being callous. Let’s fix the system not attack the victim. Let’s see how you would fare if you had to feed your family and be constantly on the look out for the “migra” agent? Next time you think of eating lettace or drinking wine be thankful you are not paying a price for them that is 5 times greater. Thank the laborer who is killing his back and inhaling pesticides for your benefit.

    • Sheldon Barbash

      Spoken like an illegal I know several Mexican born AMERICANS that want house to house searches done and ALL illegals sent back to where ever they came from. Wait in line do the paperwork do it RIGHT !!!
      Or should the United States do enforcement like it is done south of the border ? Shoot you in the back while trying to escape ?

  • Karen A.

    Bravo!! WE the people need more congressman Tom McClintocks!!!!

  • California voter

    If illegal immigrants really held America to the highest standard and and really wanted to integrate into American society they would stop taking advantage of the American system. America has a heart of compassion for people who are really down and out and those that truly need assistance.
    Illegal immigrants don’t have any intention of following the rules and when the truth of their journey is exposed they are quick to squeal that they are the victim!
    Let’s get one thing straight–Illegal immigrants are breaking the law (it’s called criminal) and America is the victim.
    America has begun to say…enough is enough!

  • Mexican American

    Immigrants do hold America to a high standard. They believe this is the land of opportunity and freedom. That is why they are here and why hundreds die in the dessert trying to get here. They are not here to rob you or kill you. There may be a few bad apples but I can say that about Americans who have done bad things while in Mexico. Despite your ill focused hatred, they come here because life events force them to move to the U.S. I would do it too, if I needed to chose between feeding my children or seeing them starve. Wouldn’t you? You are so full of hatred you can’t see this. It is an economic choice they make. Sure, blame the corrupt people running Mexico. I am with you on that. But, don’t blame the victim. They are not criminals like you say (it’s probably a misdemeanor anyway). They are economic refugees making logical economic decisions. It is our system that is broken by not developing an efficient and orderly program to make them legal workers. We need them as much as they need us. Have some humanity, man.

  • California Mexican

    Why is it when the economy is tanking bigotry comes out? It is fear, fear that people are powerless and have to blame someone for their misery. It is a natural instinct outside the bounds of spiritual law. I am sorry for the bunch of ignorant people who are demanding families be split and children be expatriated to countries they never have been to. Heartless individuals who have forgotten what charity truly is. I am proud to state I am a Mexican American because I am proud of my culture. I am also a pround American because I am here and served my country for over 25 years. How many of you can proclaim that because you love your country you have sacrificed to save it from our enemies. Stand tall citizens and don’t let this wave of fear dwarf your intelligence. This guy is a politician appealing to emotions. For historical purposes, the first California Constitution was written in Spanish, this same wave of fear happened during the depression and legally born US Citizen Mexicans were deported. More advanced intellectuals are fluent in more than one language. Think about that! Then there is the issue of fear of loosing the political base to immigrants who typically become democrats. Think about that.

    • northern guy

      I am an American not a german or polish american. Just an American. So please, give up on the “mexican” american. Why is it mexicans can’t stand up and make a positive change for their own country?
      Because its easier to come to America, where everything is given to you at an Americans expence. Our ancestors came to this country to seek freedom and liberty. To assimulate into one free people> we call ourselves “America” Only!

      • Mexican American

        If your ancestry is German that probably means they did not come over in the May Flower. Which means that my ancestors were here many many years before you. We lived in Texas and California before the border crossed us. So talk about getting the facts wrong!

        • phoenix citizen

          When the borders crossed you? Funny, I don’t recall the native and truly indigenous people of what is today mexico having any say in the way the Spaniards slaughtered them and took over what was once their land. So, if your going to use history as an excuse for illegal activity today, you can’t just use the history that meets your narrow viewpoint.

          • http://yahoo Don Hoster

            You are a biggot, Mexico and it’s people were here long before the “Americans”. We took the land from them and now you are enraged because they want the same kind of freedoms that we enjoy on their land. I’m all for protecting our borders, it’s people like you that should be deported for intolorance and biggotry. Have a nice day AH!

    • phoenix citizen

      Illegal immigration is not a new topic that suddenly came to light when the economy tanked. This has been a topic of discussion for a long time.

    • Janet

      The problem with being an illegal immigrant is they don’t pay taxes. They use our health care system, our schools,and they get all kinds of perks, some of which even American born citizens don’t. We are a country that is going broke. The fact that illegals send back to Mexico more than a billion dollars a year doesn’t help. If you want to work here get a green card. If you want to live here apply for citizenship. No one is going to separate you from your children. You think the democrats are your friends? No, they are just using you. They want your votes. The republican president didn’t make you go home either. There are so many of you that you are overwhelming our country. You are helping our country become more like yours simply by bleeding us dry. It’s nothing personal.

    • San Jose Bob

      Why not American Mexican?? You are a member of La Raza I presume. Or MELDEF?? WE also have OTM’s sneaking accroww the border. I would say to this worthless president and the US congress, lets just adopt the same immigration laws that Mexico has. How would you feel about that. If the people sneaking into the USA, are so wonderful, why don’ty they apply for a green card first? Then they can start the process of becoming “Americans”. We wrote Prop-187 several years ago, only to have overturned by an activist judje. Thanks to illegals, that would include OTM’s as well, L.A. has closed many of its emergency rooms and hospitals because they can’t get any of these illegals to pay for their care.

      I would like to see all the border states inact SB1070. Then enforce it. Its the job of the US gov. to enforce the border, all Az. did was to bring that to their attention.

  • E’Dona

    it is good to hear Our countrymen make a stand. I feel our voices are not heard. Mexico should be ashamed of themselves. They never, never thought of their own. If they would quit critiziing and look in their back yard and make it better for their people. So they would not have to leave their country. My daughter (a single parent) could not get help. But, the the illegal recieved food stamps, free college education, given an apartment and car plus day-care for their children.What about my daughter and grand-children? She felt being an American in her own country is nothing …Meant nothing, she had a job and struggling to make it. No groceries, bills coming in. I guess we are Americans to suffer and stuggle to gain. Others are given what should have belonged to …..
    Come on America wake-up!

  • kim truhlar

    I am glad to see someone in congress stand up for the American people.We need a lot more men like him in congress. WAY TO TO GO CONGRESSMAN MCCLINTOCK!

  • Mexican American

    Enough said above. No amount of logic and facts can change a heart of stone. Live with your anger, frustration, prejudice, and blindness. This is NOT good for America. You will end up destroying it. Just as it was such a proud thing to be a True Nazi in Germany, your sense of entitlement for being a True American is a bad thing. How soon we forget what history taught us.

    • phoenix citizen

      How sad. You fail to see the problems associated with illegal immigration not only for the American citizen but for the illegal immigrant as well. Is it your desire to allow the illegal immigrants to continue to live in the shadows? To be raped, extored and abused by both the coyotes and the american economic system? Enforcement of sound immigration laws, which exist in America, protect both parties. Why do you view being an American first with such contempt? Bigotry exists when one groups chooses to classify themsleves or another group by the color of their skin or their country of origin. The sooner we as Americans get over this idea that putting America second will help ease racial tensions, we will actually be able to move toward the ideal vision of the Martin Luther King, Jr where people are not identified and classified by the color of their skin. rather they are judged by the content of their character, which includes following the laws of this country or any country an American would visit.

      • American First

        Oh, man Phoenix, you hit the nail on the head. Those in favor of illegal immigration are in fact, in favor of subjugating those people, otherwise fully eligible for American citizenship, instead to a permanent underclass. Illegal immigration, therefore, hurts everyone – the immigrant and we the host equally. I am at a loss as to why anyone would be in favor of inflicting such pain.

        Legal immigration helps everyone – the immigrant and we the pot that he melts into, becoming one with the whole. I am at a loss as to why anyone would be against such life giving unity.

        The divisive hyphen is move against unity, and a selfish struggle to remove self from the American melt.

    • Janet

      There is no prejudice regarding the color of your skin or your culture. We have Mexican neighbors and they are great! Some activists like to use the skin color thing to divide people. It’s really how the person chooses to live their lives. Coming here illegally is a crime, which makes the illegals criminals. I don’t understand how illegals can march and demand their rights. What rights? They don’t have rights, because they aren’t citizens. Become a citizen and them demand your rights.

    • http://none Art

      Your use of loaded words like ‘hatred,’ ‘blind,’ ‘Nazi,’ etc,. ad nauseum, is evidence you have very poor arguments.

    • Gary

      Obviously, you are not an American because you choose to call yourself a Mexican first followed by the word American. You are Merxican first and not a true American regardless of the fact that might have actually been born here on U.S. soil. You do not even have the slightest clue or even the slightest hint of what it means to be an American, but you sure know what it means to be a Mexican! If you are so proud of being a Mexican, would you not be much much much more enormously happier to be living in Mexico with all the other MUCH TOO PROUD MEXICANS FOR BEING A MEXICAN just like yourself? There is absolutely NO such thing as an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”, simply because “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” are NOT IMMIGRANTS in any way, shape, form, defintion or condition. “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” is simply a two word phrase to very cleverly and very insidiously and very disingenuously and very dishonestly and very deceptively camouflage, diguise and hide the 100% true illegal status of all ILLEGAL ALIENS, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, place of national origins and official foreign national citizenship. There is absolutely NO such thing as “being a little bit pregnant”. It is absolutely impossible to be “a little bit pregnant”. Either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant. There is absolutely no such thing as being an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”. It is impossible to be an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”. Either you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN or you are an IMMIGRANT. You cannot be both. You cannot be an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” because there is absolutely NO such thing as an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”. ILLEGAL ALIENS are exclusively only foreign nationals from any foreign nation who have all criminalized themselves by actively participating in 100% total contempt for any U.S. Federal Immigration Laws by consciously, knowingly, voluntarily, deliberately and intentionally violating and breaking any U.S. Federal Immigration Laws anywhere at any time such as illegally entering the U.S., overstaying their VISAS beyond the Legal expiration dates, illegally working in the U.S. and also by illegally residing and illegally remaining present anywhere within the sovereign borders of the U.S. anywhere at anytime. IMMIGRANTS are exclusively ONLY those foreign nationals regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, place of national origins and official foreign national citizenship who have all LEGALLY asked for permission to LEGALLY and officially enter the United States and from that moment forward who always continuously honor, respect and OBEY ALL U.S. Federal Immigration Laws everywhere at all times without any exceptions, without any complaints, without any interruptions and without any excuses of any types at any time. The status of IMMIGRANT refers exclusively ONLY to LEGAL immigrants because ALL LEGAL immigrants are exclusively ONLY foreign nationals who always continuouly honor, respect and OBEY All U.S. Federal Immigration Laws everywhere at all times. The status of IMMIGRANT refers exclusively ONLY to LEGAL immigrants which is a very honorable and a very sacred PRIVILEGE that must be LEGALLY EARNED and that can ONLY BE LEGALLY EARNED by honoring, respecting and OBEYING ALL U.S. Federal Immigration Laws everywhere at all times without any exceptions and without any excuses of any types at any time. The status of LEGAL IMMIGRANT anywhere within the sovereign borders of the U.S. is NOT a right and is NOT a human right in any way, shape, form, condition or defintion at any time. The status of LEGAL IMMIGRANT is exclusively ONLY a very honorable and a very sacred PRIVILEGE that must be and that can only be LEGALLY earned and NEVER demanded at any time. If any Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIENS, who are illegally present and illegally residing anywhere within the U.S. at any time, do not like our U.S. Constitution U.S. Federal Immigration Laws, then it is time for the Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America to adopt and to apply and to ENFORCE ALL of the mandatory Federal Immigration Laws of Mexico here within the sovereign borders of the United States. If the mandatory Federal Immigration Laws in Mexico are adequate and sufficient and very satisfactory for ALL or MOST Mexican Nationals and Mexican Citizens who live anywhere within the sovereign borders of Mexico, then all of the mandatory Federal Immigration Laws of Mexico should be adequate, sufficient and very satisfactory for all Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIENS who are ALL ILLEGALLY residing and who are ALL ILLEGALLY present anywhere at any time within the sovereign borders of the United States. And by the way, ALL ANCHOR BABIES WHO ARE THE OFFSPRING OF ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS are in fact ONLY Counterfeit U.S. Citizens and ALL ANCHOR BABIES are NOT Real, are NOT Legitimate and are NOT Genuine LEGAL U.S. American Citizens which is the result of the totally misunderstood, misinterpreted, misappropriated and misapplied U.S. 14th Amendment which was only written to exclusively guarantee the U.S. American Citizenship status to all ex-slave freed Black Americans immediately after the end of the American Civil War.

    • http://personallibertydigest al mello

      Wow you just don’t get it

  • s c

    Illegals and Americans do have one thing in common. That is, their government serves them just like our government serves us [not at all]. However, the law should not be used to coerce us into doing that which government does best (break the law in the name of ‘serving’ or ‘protecting’ it).
    The basic issue is, was and still remains the same.
    ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE LAND! Congress won’t do it because they don’t work for us. Oscuzzy won’t do it because his strings are pulled by puppet masters. Up with McClintock, and DOWN with everyone who disagrees with him.

  • wasillamc

    We have tow political tools as americans, first is to vote your consciense and two is think about how you spend every penny of your income, where was the product you intend to buy produced, what company made that product and what is the political allegiance of the upper management and CEO, begin this process now. Learn to do without a communist backed product, you all have a choice, begin out war now.

  • Buc

    What nerve the president of Mexico has coming here and ripping on AZ for their wanting to enforce federal law. If he was making sure that conditions in Mexico were better for HIS people they wouldn’t be coming here looking for a better life. Mexico has tough immigration laws,yet he expects us to continue to turn a blind eye to his people coming here, breaking the law the second they enter our country illegally, when their law states anyone in Mexico illegally will be agressively persued and brought to justice. Talk about a hypocrite! My personal opinion is Mexico should be sending us aid to help support all the illegals that he encourages to come here! And I am so ashamed of our president and democrats in congress who gave him a standing ovation for condeming AZ. What traitors to the American people they are! They should all be impeached/ recalled for treason.

  • Freedom

    A-MEN AND A-MEN – and thank you Tom McClintok. When Calderon takes care of the Mexicans living in the city dump in Mexico City, and the Mexican people quit risking their lives trying to leave the country of Mexico, being shot and killed and locked in enclosed trucks, left to die, by those who take their money, then perhaps he can talk. When the Mexicans STOP feeling so desperate, and STOP leaving the country at the risk of their lives! along with the Foreign Terriorists who come into our country through the border then and only then should we pay attention to what Calderon has to say.

  • country

    Mexican-American, I read your comments and I understand what you are trying to say; ONLY you are making assumptions that we all hate illegals. We are simply voicing a strong objection to the Mexican president and politians who don’t follow the laws of our land. NOT ALL ARE filled with hate as you perceive. The majority of Americans are simply fed up! We are a compassionate nation. We are the only country, outside maybe Canada that has unbelievable tolerance toward all people of all backgrounds. This is what we know to be American. Just as Rep. McClintock said. Being American-you should know that by now. There are Americans that are of the Mexican culture that are fed up too! We all want protection. It breaks my heart when some greedy monster lets innocent people die in the back of a hot truck or I read or hear of illegals that have worked all day and paid very little and the nasty slob that hired them knows he can get by with it. But it is also unfair that our citizens; one being a Mexican-American farmer gets shot in the back of the head by an illegal,too. MEXICO needs to get it’s act together is start taking care of it’s own people!! If MEXICO did we would not be having ANY dicussions!

    • Mexican American

      Mr. Country, I actually agree with you on many of the things you said. If you look at my prior comments, I also think Mexico should get its act together. What bothered me were the jingoistic racist comments about the “no good law breaking illegal criminals who are sucking our country dry” type of vitriol. If these complainers are so principled that means that they would not cross a border to break the law in order to save their children’s lives. I know I would. Someone reasonable like you is what I can understand. People like you and I can work to provide real solutions not just cowardly verbiage. Again, let’s blame the politicians from BOTH countries not the poor victims.

      • Janet

        I agree with you about the politicians on both sides being wrong, but I still say you are putting a burden on us that will be our downfall. When I saw the illegals marching and demanding their rights, I thought why can’t they do that in their own country. Stand up and fight for what you want. Do you know how many of our young men are brought home in coffins because they fought for our country. And yes I am aware of the ones who aren’t citizens yet joining the services and getting a chance to be a citizen in return.

  • Kandace


  • Forida citizen

    God Bless you Mr. McClintock. You are truly a great American. When in this country will we have more like you to stand up to these so called leaders who come to this land and say some of the things they say and get away with it! I had to look twice to see what State you were from.
    Again God Bless you sir.

  • Margareta Glud

    I see people using plastic bags in the grocery store every weekend. It makes me angry sometimes. When will our local government ban these ugly plastic bags? Sometimes, I wanted to tell the people in line to just bring their own plastic bags or get a few of durable green supply bags. These bags last me a long time. I even don’t remember the last time I paid for the bags. Do yourself a favor, buy a few of these reusable bags and put them in your car. Even better, give it to the nice person in front of the line when you see he/she is asking for plastic bags.

    • Janet

      You can recycle them. We do.

    • Julia

      Lady, are you crazy??? This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and you are worried about people using white plastic bags!!!!!!!!!!! You must be one of NOBAMA’s czars!!!! We have a muslim idiot playing basketball at the “BLACK HOUSE”, flying all over the world in Air Force One, a Congress which is ruled by his “lackys”, and a country facing a depression, worst than the 1930′s, and all you can see are white plastic bags!!!!! Please tell me you are not responsible for raising a child!! You must be related to al gore!!!!!

      • http://none Bill

        I couldn’t agree more. Your insanity is obvious or anyone to see.



  • Jim on the left coast

    We can’t build the wall fast enough!

    • Julia

      In the meantime, while the wall is being constructed, bring out the National Guard and place them on the border. Give them orders to “shoot to kill”, any and all illegal Mexicans coming in this direction!!! Call the mexican dictator, and tell him to come collect his “citizens”!!! Americans are counting the days until the November election. At that time, “we the people” will be running the show! The “new” Congress needs to repeal the current law, which allows “anchor babies” to become U.S. citizens. No baby born in the U.S., to Mexican parents, should automatically become a U.S. citizen. “The People” will take back this country and never again will we have have an illegal living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

    Thank you Rep. McClintock for letting us know you care about America. I feel like a majority of politicians are trying to destroy America. I do not believe it is just stupidity on their part. They are actually working to destroy our country.

  • mary

    Why do any American people, born in American continue to allow what we have allowed for so long?
    Any people, any race that wants to become an American should go through the proper channels and work towards becoming a citizen, and then we will have the respect for you that you are demanding of us. This is the correct way to become an American citizen. If any American went to any other country they would have to go through the same channels.


  • Jim Armstrong

    Wow Congressman, You really said that well. Thanks for standing up in Congress and saying what needs to be said. I wish that we could find just one Arizona Congress that would do what you just did. Like one blog comment posted here said, No applause? There should have been a standing ovation in support of your speech.

  • Patricia

    On November 2, 2010 The American people will remember this speech and vote out the socialists in our Congress who applauded Mexico’s Chief idiot, and who refused to applaud Congressman Tom McClintock… and make no mistake, we know who you are.

    Then in 2012 we will vote out our socialist Idiot-in-Chief who asked him to speak to our congress about something that’s none of his business.

  • Patricia

    Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock!

  • Janet

    Yes, thank you Congressman McClintock. We will remember you. God bless you!

  • Manuel

    Congressman McClintock is a TRUE Patriot unlike many in Congress. Rest assured that “We the people” will speak loud and clear with our vote on November 2010.

  • Kevin


    • Ken

      Sounds like you would through the baby out with the bathwater.

  • James A Graham

    Question: “What does the Bible say about illegal immigration?”

    Answer: Romans 13:1-7 makes it abundantly clear that God expects us to obey the laws of the government. The only exception to this is when a law of the government forces you to disobey a command of God (Acts 5:29). Illegal immigration is the breaking of a governmental law. There is nothing in Scripture that contradicts a nation having immigration laws. Therefore, it is a sin, rebellion against God, to illegally enter into another country.

    Illegal immigration is definitely a controversial issue in the United States (and some other countries) today. Some argue that the immigration laws are unfair, unjust, and even discriminatory — giving individuals justification to immigrate illegally. However, Romans 13:1-7 does not give any permission to violate a law just because it is unjust. Again, the issue is not the fairness of a law. The only biblical reason to violate a governmental law is if that law violates God’s Word. When Paul wrote the Book of Romans, he was under the authority of the Roman Empire, led by perhaps the most evil of all the Roman emperors, Nero. Under that reign, there were many laws that were unfair, unjust, and/or blatantly evil. Still, Paul instructed Christians to submit to the government.

    Are the immigration laws of the United States unfair or unjust? Some think so, but that is not the issue. All developed countries in the world have immigration laws, some more strict that the USA and some less strict than the USA. There is nothing in the Bible to prohibit a country from having completely open borders, or to have completely closed borders. Romans 13:1-7 also gives the government the authority to punish lawbreakers. Whether the punishment is imprisonment and/or deportation, or even something more severe, it is within the rights of the government to determine.

    The vast majority of illegal immigrants in the United States have come for the purpose of having a better life, providing for their families, and escaping from poverty. These are good goals and motivations. However, it is not biblical to violate a law to achieve something “good.” Caring for the poor, orphans, and widows is something the Bible commands us to do (Galatians 2:10; James 1:27; 2:2-15). However, the biblical fact that we are to care for the misfortunate does not mean we should violate the law in doing so. Supporting, enabling, and/or encouraging illegal immigration is, therefore, also a violation of God’s Word. Those seeking to immigrate to another country should always obey the immigration laws of that country. While this may cause delays and frustrations, these reasons do not give a person the right to violate a law.

    What is the biblical solution to illegal immigration? Simple…don’t do it; obey the laws. If disobedience is not a biblical option, what can be done in regards to an unjust immgration law? It is completely within the rights of citizens to seek to change immigration laws. If it is your conviction that an immigration law is unjust, do everything that is legally within your power to get the law changed: pray, petition, vote, peacefully protest, etc. As Christians, we should be the first to seek to change any law that is unjust. At the same time, we are also to demonstrate our submission to God by obeying the government He has placed in authority over us.

    “Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God” (1 Peter 2:13–16).

    Recommended Resource: Hard Sayings of the Bible by Kaiser, Davids, & Brauch.

    What’s new on

    How can I know how to properly worship God?

    How should a Christian view socialism?

    What is God’s relationship to time?

    How much of a priority should worship be in the church?

    Who are “the cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1?

    What is dispensational premillennialism / premillennial dispensationalism?

    Is the concept of Lucifer’s Flood biblical?

  • Zonie

    Finally! Someone with some guts to say what needed to be said! Thank you Congressman McClintock!

  • Elizabeth

    A real American just stood up to defend our great country.
    Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock may God Bless your efforts.
    All real Americans, please stand up also, before the reality nightmare they have so cleaverly planned with their invansion take over becomes undefendable.
    My bumper sticker says “Remember The Alamo” what’s on yours?

  • Bar_keep

    This Congressman should run classes for the others we have that have no ba11s and will NOT speak up for their constituents! I certainly hope come Nov. we, the People, clean houses. And for those that use the old scape-goat phase…if we didn’t have these backbreaking illegals picking our heads of lettuce, etc…give it up! Americans are resourceful. You would see home gardens pop up in backyards…millions of them…all over the nation if lettuce went to $5 a head. Americans did it when gas went to $4+ a gallon (we dropped usage by 15%), and we’ll do it again when pressed to do so. Time is near for the People to stand up and really put our foots down. Clean house in November!

  • Pat

    When my grandparents came to the United States from Germany many years ago, they had no driver’s license, no passport and they didn’t speak English. McClintock would have had them arrested according to his criteria.

    • American First

      As a point of reference, Pat, the first American driver’s licenses and passports came to be just prior to 1920.

    • http://none Bill

      Did your grandparents come here illegally? The question is NOT immigration; BUT illegality.

  • Barb AZ

    Thank you from Arizona!

  • Jerry

    About time!
    I like this guy!
    Somebody with the courage to speak the truth and common sense!
    Our own leaders are the true idiots in this for allowing all of this to go downhill so far!
    Goody two shoe idiots!
    They need to have these people in their homes and neighborhoods….
    and they need to pay the bill!
    I don’t want too!
    Political correctness has went way too far!
    We Americans have rights too!
    What part of illegal is it our leaders do not understand?
    People will come illegally as long as we let them!
    They have no respect for us because we are stupid and easy!
    Just like a parent that doesn’t make their kids mind and teach them principles! Who is to blame? The kid or the parent?
    We are our own worst enemy because we have allowed our leaders to buy votes with their stupidity and hard working, good and legal American’s money!
    I say God Bless Arizona and I pray they get something done with this!
    God Bless this man too!
    God Bless America…


    I have a friend who is a middle school teacher. She’s VERY liberal and thinks there should be no restrictions on Mexicans coming to America. I asked her how she will feel when a Mexican teacher is given her job. She gave me the “liberal look” (you have all been on the receiving end of those looks) & refused to answer.

  • Rich

    A standing ovation to YOU, Rep. McClintock! Thank you, at last someone is speaking for patriotic AMERICAN citizens. I agree it is high time we adopt English as our sole official national language, that we stop all racial or ethnic preferences and practices, that we stop usage of “dash-American” – you’re either an AMERICAN (and proud of it), or you’re not. We need to be a SOVEREIGN America. We have as president an arrogant, globalist, socialist, elitist hater of America, and most Democrats (and too many Republicans) are in the same ship-of-fools boat. Let’s get rid of the career hack politicians, and replace them with CONSERVATIVE, patriotic, limited-government citizen-legislators (who serve for a while and then leave), such as Rep. McClintock. Let’s also recruit far fewer lawyers for political office and get people who have done some real, honest work, including some young servicemen and women who have already made a selfless commitment to our country, with demonstrated courage and leadership abilities. And let’s put firm controls and restrictions on lobbyists for Special Interests.
    Let’s take back OUR country in 2010 and 2012 and hew anew to our great Constitution. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • fritz


  • http://Comcast-Smartzone Joyce Foster-Konya

    Bless you Congressman McClintock! I’ve been waiting for someone in the WH to explain the truth about our Immigration Laws. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you speaking out as you did. It concerns me that our own President and other Leaders in the WH don’t understand the Immigration Laws in our Country. It should be manditory that all Leaders in the WH know the Immigration Laws in this country. It was disgraceful when Congress clapped after President Calderon spoke to Congress. Our President is supposed to be a good example..he clapped for Calderon too. It’s outrageous! Our own President’s misunderstanding of our laws is inciting more misunderstanding and in some places violence. You are a Hero as far as I’m concerned. I wish the rest of Congress would wake up. My Best Wishes to you and I hope you are re-elected. We need more Leaders like you in the WH.

  • Harold .O.Tennant

    Remember the ALAMO !!! Deport ALL Mexicans, Mexican Decentents forthwith.

  • Elsie Quesenberry

    Thank you for your wonderful stand for our wonderful
    Country. I am so concerned about our Country in these trying times. I don’t believe anyone in our Country wants to hurt anyone but our laws need to be adhered to and when our President and the Democratic Congress stands and clasps for the Mexican President while the President of Mexico is speaking as he did it is just so danggone maddening. Can’t Obama see that it angers people even more when demands are made by people who are illegals as if we owe them. I feel bad that things are so bad in their country but they are becoming bad for us also. I believe the worst is yet to come and it is scary. Sometimes our own President seems to not like us. That is so sad. We are the greatest Nation anywhere and we help all people. But right now we need a break ourself. God Bless America.

  • Ed

    Sweet wording of a short memory.Tom McClintock has cover from the republican congress that preceded him not acting on the issue he now whats’ to make political hay from, but cheap labor verses vote pandering does not have a higher ground on either side. At least one state remembered state rights still exist. God Bless Arizona.

  • Victory67

    There can be no “immigration policy” of whatever kind unless we have the will, the cajones, to secure the border. Phoenix is suffering from a parasitic invasion that few people who do not live there can even understand. The USA has become the big piece of cheese the mice can gnaw on. If Mexico took care of its own people we would not see this, but then the social, economic conditions in Mexico are Mexico’s problem not ours. We must secure the borders with will and haste.

  • daniel


  • Bill Sommers

    My grandparents came here speaking only German. Within 5 years they had jobs, spoke English,Became US citizens and contributed to our society. They had a job and a sponsor before they came. I ask nothing more or less from other immigrants.

    • http://none Bill Merrell

      Wonderful! Great word!

  • http://Facebook Connie Stanson

    Thank You Tom McClintock, For have the courage to stand up for America!!! Its about time someone told obamas friends to but out! God Bless You and God Bless America!!!

  • Ken

    I’m privaleged to have Tom as my Congressman. He should have been elected as Governor of California instead of that imposter Swartzenager.

    My Grandmother migrated here from Mexico. She loved the USA, my father loved the USA and I love the USA. Instead of diluting our culture by letting people into our country who don’t want to be American FIRST and love it as it should be loved, let’s preserve our country by inforcing our imigration laws, especially now. GO Tom!

  • vern

    we need more in OUR government like Mcclintock

  • http://Internetexplorer JerryDunn, MsEd

    OMG!! Mr McClintock will be branded a ‘racist’ if he keeps this up! I jest, yet there are those who would go that route. “Politically Correct” behavior and it’s handmaiden “diversity” makes it possible for citizens to be ‘tolerant’ of those who would malign our country and it’s laws, disobeying law and actually encouaging the behavior, as “cool,” “hip,” and desirable. Whereas, I and most conservatives abhor the behavior as anti-patriotic, our children are indoctrinated into the “one world”view. As we struggle to feed, clothe, and ‘raise’ good citizens, our ‘public’ schools do everything they can to brainwash these same kids to hate their own country, its history and traditions. The Federal Department of Education, which has only been around for a generation, has got to be dismantled. Education, of our children should be local, not federal. Government indoctrination by hate groups like La Raza and, should not be determinates as to what OUR schools teach our childen. America first. All poilitics is local….Education should be as well.

  • Markus

    Tom McClintock was beaten by Arnold in the Gubernatorial Primary several years ago. Can you imagine what this state would look like if we had put Tom in? I assure you, much better than it is now….Tom, please do America a favor, RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Robert Beezel

    You’all know if obamass goes home he will go back to Haiti where he was born, a known fact.

  • Ed

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Mcclintock’s speach and most of the comments to the same with possibly the exception to the plastic bags…However, I would like for people to consider an exception. I have seen legal immigrants mostly Russian, Latvian etc. who come over here on legal visas only to find out that they cannot renew their visas and must return home. I can site example after example of these people who desperately want to be American citizens. They learn fluent English in a year or so, want to join and fight in our military only to be denied, can’t get a green card because their initial visa does not allow it and ultimately are forced to return in many cases with heavy punishements on both ends and will never be allowed a visa to return. I think it is a shame when an individual has demonstrated himself to gain the endorcement of community church and business leaders yet there are no provisions in our law [as there used to be] for them to extend there visas here [with a fine] conditional to them having people write endorsements on their behalf and sponsor what would ultimately be your next taxpaying, law abiding, veteran American. WE THE PEOPLE, don’t have any voice here, and everything is left up to “all or nothing politics”. How many illegals could we get off the books if Americans had any say about individuals that they know who may be in this situation? Personally, I can’t say I know to many of our south of the border friends with these issues, but I can speak from experience that we are losing out on great talents both in acedemics but in true craftsmen that we seem to be losing in this country. Please bring back some of the more tolerant laws that we lost with 911 so that we don’t take people out of the equation.

  • KevinC

    Way to go McClintock! I’m all behind you 100%. Too bad you aren’t our president and eager to ENFORCE our just & true laws and regulations. Have you considered running for the Presidential election? It would be an honor to have you representing me as an American citizen, instead of some lame individual who is unwilling to comply with the United States Amendments and laws and the American People! It is truly sad more folks in Congress, the Senate, and those from the Hill aren’t like you… willing to speak out against the travesties and injustices being witnessed on our soil. God bless your efforts!

  • Scott

    We need more leaders Like Mr McClintock!!!! Donate early and often to his re-election funds. We have very few of our Congressional officials that will say what needs to be said. People like Mike Pence, Tom McClintock, Steve Buayer, Joe Wilson, deserve and need our support to fight back against the FAR LEFT that will turn this into a socialist/comunist country after 60 years of fight to prevent it.

    Oh yeah, El Presidente da mexico, Chupa da grande verde beragos way!!!!!

  • Sam Chianello

    Tim Carpenter and Thom Hartmann hold ill-founded and naive opinions. In 1954, President Eisenhower dealt swiftly and decisively with the illegal alien issue. But In 1986, and to America’s detriment, President Ronald Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazoli Act into American Law. This across-the-board amnesty of 3.5 million illegal alien Mexicans, resulted in unchecked, chained illegal immigration. Misinterpretation of America’s 14th Amendment compounded this disaster with Birthright Citizenship for all newborns of illegals. The invasion continues, and is why Americans must suffer today’s immigration catastrophe. “IT IS A SAD DAY IN AMERICA, WHEN LAW MAKERS SIDE WITH LAW BREAKERS, AGAINST LAW ABIDING CITIZENS”….Ezola Foster 1992

  • http://na Cecilia

    May God bless Congressman Tom McClintok for standing up for the truth. He said it so well. Let us not forget next November. Hopefully we will have congressmen in office who will challenge Mr. Obama and not give away our American rights and privileges!!

  • Eugene

    Thank you all who are standing up for our Country

  • http://personalliiberty Ron

    Mr. McClintock,

    Sir. You are my Hero. Thank you for speaking up.

    Regards, from Pa.

  • Dan

    This issue is not about illegal aliens or about their presidente standing up for them, it’s about our yellow striped liberal leadership in DC and Sacramento and Santa Fe and Austin and everywhere else in our country who require their vote to maintain their destruction of this country and applauded and agreed and (kowtowed)and will sell us out in a heartbeat. These people don’t believe in the rule of law they believe they are a law unto themselves. It is time for them to go!

    • Gary

      Yes Dan, you are absolutely 100% correct. When our so called elected representatives shamefully and shamelessly applauded and honored President Calderon Of Mexico for his arrogant and pompous attack against the U.S. American Citizens living in Arizona, who as a result of being invaded and overrun by President Calderon’s Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIEN Civilian Army of Invasion And Foreign Occupation on U.S. soil in Arizona, are ONLY attempting to ENFORCE the new Arizona State Anti-illegal immigration Laws, which are in fact an almost word for word exact copy and mirror of the already existing current U.S. Federal Immigration Laws as a result of the U.S. Federal Government refusing to honor their sworn public oaths, their sworn public obligations and their sworn public duties to always continuously and faithfully uphold, protect, defend, preserve, obey and enforce the ENTIRE Constitution everywhere at all times and refusing to faithfully and seriously ENFORCE the U.S. Constitution mandated U.S. Federal Immigration Laws everywhere at all times including and especially in the state of Arizona, where all U.S. American Citizens are being invaded and under seige and under the Foreign Occupation of the M

      • Gary

        Well a key was accidentally tapped by mistake that posted the reply before I finished it. I was just ending the reply by saying, where all U.S. American Citizens in Arizona are being Invaded by, under Siege by and under the Foreign Occupation of President Calderon’s Mexican Foreign National ILLEGAL ALIEN Civilain Army of Foreign Inavasion and Foreign Occupation of many parts of the state of Arizona which is of course a part of the United States Of America and is not a part of President Calderon’s Mexico. Hopefully President Calderon Of Mexico has a World Atlas where he can see a map of the United States sovereign border with Mexico especially the Arizona State sovereign border with Mexico just in case President Calderon Of Mexico does not know where the sovereign border of the United States meets the sovereign border of Mexico.

  • skeptic

    I loved the speech and agree with it whole heart-idly! I have not been able to find the time frame between McClintock’s speech that he read, and Calderon’s comments.
    I see a lot of political games being played to get someone in office or keep them there, did he have time to write that speech, or was it already prepared, he did READ it, it was on the same day He is either really good or he had plenty of time.
    I have not been able to find out the difference in times of the speeches, maybe he had the time or is that good? Maybe it was all a show?

  • http://personallibertydigest al mello

    God bless congressman McClintock, we need more like him. Let us protect our border from ILLEGAL immigration, and accept with open arms people from anywhere who come here LEGALLY.

  • DrBarbier

    I am a third generation American. My ancestors came from Sicily in 1888 and broke their backs to become American Citizens and to speak the English Language. My ancestors did what was necessary to assimilate into American Society legally.

    I personally find this ENIGMA we have with Mexico to be overbaring. The elite in Mexico are having the poor cov
    me to this beautiful country because they cannot and do not want to be responsible for them themselves.

    We presently have, as they say, some twelve million or more illegal immigrants in The United States most of whom are from Mexico. The legal authorities have to and must contend with this problem appropriately. But that does not mean that we should stop trying to keep more Mexicans from coming into the United States by enforcing our borders.

    As my ancestors tried their hardest to learn English (which about 60% of the world speaks and not Spanish which about 12% of the world speaks)I believe it should be mandatory that all immigrants must speak English within five years of the day they enter the United States or be deported or not allowed to be a Citizen of this beautiful country.

  • DrBarbier

    I am impressed with the 5 minute presentation of Congressman Tom McClintock and I believe he is the long shot for the Presidential Election of 2010. If I know politics his comments stunned the majority of the Members of Congress and they now know they have a new Rock Star with PRINCIPLES AND TRUST FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • DrBarbier

    In my previous comment I ment to election of 2012.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you Congressman McClintock for standing up and representing your constituents, LEGAL immigrants & American citzens! It seems like our CA senators Boxer and Feinstein, and other congress members do not represent us at all, and are always putting ILLEGAL ALIENS first! I’m for LEGAL immigration, this is an out of control invasion! Our national security is at risk. Terrorists are also crossing our open, pourous borders. More Americans have been murdered by ILLEGALS than the war in Iraq! 15 MILLION AMERICANS ARE UNEMPLOYED, YET 8 MILLION ILLEGALS HOLD NON-AGRICULTURAL JOBS! American teens can no longer find summer jobs. Time for Americans to stand up and be heard! VOTE OUT YOUR REPS WHO PUT ILLEGALS FIRST! GO TO THE POLLS! Become a member and Sign up to send free faxes at You can also look up your Senators and congress grade cards. Boxer and Feinstein’s grade: “F”

  • Jon

    To President Calderone, all I have to say is…

    Lernen Sie Englisch Sie Idiot

  • Vt Helen

    May you have many blessings Congressman McClintock. You are a true American.

  • steve hermanson

    Congessman McClintock- you need to run for President. You are absolutely, positively spot-on with your comments and your beliefs. We need more of you.

  • George Machock

    Than you sir. Immigrants do not come to America to see a Nation that has turned into the one they came from. That is what our leaders today are doing and we cannot let them succeed.

  • Thomas G Noebel

    Bravo Rep. McClintock. Well said. I agree 100%

  • desktop aquarium

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    blogs? I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my viewers would value your work. If you are even remotely
    interested, feel free to shoot me an email.


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