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Congressman Seeks Expanded Distribution Of Anti-Radiation Pills

March 17, 2011 by  

Congressman seeks expanded distribution of anti-radiation pillsFears of widespread radiation exposure in Japan have sparked a political debate about the future of nuclear energy production in the United States.

Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass.), who sits on the House committee overseeing nuclear power, has called for a moratorium on any new construction of nuclear reactors in the U.S. In addition, he sent a letter to President Barack Obama's science advisor, John Holdren, requesting the enactment of a 2002 law expanding the distribution of potassium iodine pills, which may protect individuals from thyroid cancer after radiation exposure, by 10 miles.

According to FOX News, Markey believes the pills should be distributed to people who live within a 20-mile radius of the nation's 104 nuclear power plants. The bill, which he authored, was approved by Congress in 2002, but the law included a provision that allowed the White House to reject the requirement if there was a better way to prevent cancer.

In 2008, the George W. Bush administration waived the requirement, claiming that evacuation and protection from contaminated food are more effective measures than pill distribution, according to the media outlet .

The New York Times reported that the nuclear crisis in Japan has prompted some Americans to purchase potassium iodine on their own. The suppliers of three versions of the medication reported that they were struggling to keep up with demand.

Experts are saying there is no need to panic in the U.S.

"There’s a huge body of water between us and Japan," said Kathryn A. Higley, head of nuclear engineering and radiation health physics at Oregon State University. "I have two kids. I’m not concerned for my kids one iota." 

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  • wasadoc

    “I am not concerned for my kids, one iota””???? My sons are 38 and 41, and I am probably more concerned for them now than I was when they were teens. What an idiotic statement for someone who is an intellectual to make.

    • karolyn

      You’re concerned with your kids taking in radiation? That’s what he’s talking about. It’s not a surprise about people panicking. Look at the Swine Flu panic of ’09 where people stood in line for flue shots. Of course, that was govenment-made. However, people are just too fearful. Look at all the people who run to the doctor with the first sniffle!

      • JIBBS

        Thats because they listen to the government, gee, there goe’s my money down the drain again…….

        • Denniso

          Oh the joys of nuclear power…keep driving the biggest gas hogs we can,living in the largest houses we can afford(or not),ignoring mass transit and trains,flying all over the world for the fun of it,fighting against solar and wind power,and lobbying against and demeaning all conservation efforts proposed by environmentalists.
          All energy use is connected and if we didn’t waste so much we wouldn’t have to be hooked like we are and tied to nuclear power.

          • meteorlady

            “Oh the joys of nuclear power…” – we have the safest record in the world for nuclear power. We generate 20% of our power from nuclear right now today so what’s your great alternative?

            “keep driving the biggest gas hogs we can, living in the largest houses we can afford(or not),ignoring mass transit and trains,flying all over the world for the fun of it,fighting against solar and wind power,and lobbying against and demeaning all conservation efforts proposed by environmentalists.”

            Sorry I will keep driving my Cadillac because I can. It’s converted to Natural Gas though does that count? Also, mass transit takes two times longer on average for a person to get to work and back. So, if they were more efficient maybe people would do it, but they are not, they are government run.

            As for Solar and Wind – I live in Texas where we can buy power on the open market. Those two alternative sources are two to three times more expensive than natural gas and nuclear. So are you going to be the first to jump in and pay double, triple and even quadruple for alternative power?

            Fact is that we have huge oil shale reserves and natural gas is abundant in this country. Why would the environmentalist object to North Dakota, eastern Montana and some of South Dakota as a sight for oil development? As for the Arctic, please look at the map and see that oil companies already have leases up there but are not developing until the price skyrockets. It is also a really small little bit of land that the oil is on, not the entire wildlife preserve.

  • Donald

    Why is there more panic in the US than there is in Japan? There is no need for Iodine pills. Taking them on your own could lead to dangerous side effects.

    • Casey

      There is more “panic” in Japan about radiation than in the U.S. Doctors in Japan frequently don’t tell their patients that they have cancer! Japanese are paranoid about radiation, epidemics and so on. They are crowded. Their society promotes quiet acceptance, cooperation and hard work. Anything less is dishonorable.

    • mik

      Like what???! You need iodine to live and keep you healthy. Today most people do not get enough of it and we get to much of other chemicals (like bromide)that counter iodines benefits. If you take more than your system needs, you just pee it out like vitamin C. Don’t be another one of those scare mongers. Now not everyone needs to run and grab the iodine pills for we are not all in danger. Those at the reactor site and close by are, and they should be taking mega doses of iodine tablets and everyone else should be praying for them!

  • TIME

    This proves beyond any question what some of our nations leaders truly are.
    Some are at best complete and “total buffoons,” yet more are in line with “NANO WITS.”

    Whats even worse is our media’s ability to do anything other than act like 100% Total IDIOTS. Or to even listen to, print or speak of such IDIOTS proves just how worthless the media is.

  • Cribster

    Potassium Iodide is readily available (when we’re not in the middle of a potential nuclear crisis) and inexpensive. I keep them on hand and replace them when they expire.

    I certainly do not want yet another government giveaway for something that people can easily do for themselves.

    We need to remove entitlements, not add them.

    • Bus

      will the cost of these pills be covered under Obamacare?

      • JC

        Probably about 5000.00 ea. if you have the money and the time to celebrate a Birthday or two while standing line to get them.
        Socialist healthcare works like that.

    • Mrs W

      Where would one find these inexpensively? I’m not going to take them now, but would like to have them available IF an emergency arose here in the states.

      • mik

        Go to Amazon and type in iodine – there are numerous natual supplement providers offering them. I would wait 2-3 months though for the inventory is down (unavailable and let the Japs get what is there – they are the ones that need it)and has caused a hopefully short term temp price increase.

  • newspooner

    Edward Markey is a socialist Congressman from Taxacusetts who knows little about science but makes like he is an expert on any scientific issue that can be used to promote unlimited government (slavery).

    • JC

      He’s just another grandstanding politician trying to appear intelligent and concerned.

      • bob wire

        That’s the way I see him as well JC, attention whore, ambulance chaser, opportunist.

  • Bear

    Everyone makes a bad decision from time to time. Perhaps the decision to build a nuclear power plant right on the coast where it is exposed to everything the ocean could possibly have to offer is one of those bad decisions. Japan, next to California, should be one of the most earthquake conscious locations on the planet. They should be way ahead of Hati in their building codes, given their position in the world’s eyes for technology and financial strength. Is that the case, though? As for the people of Japan, they will suffer the consequences of that decision. We will do, as usual, everything we can to help at whatever cost it is to our people and our economy. That is the American way. Is this a reason to put the skids on our own nuclear power program? I don’t think so. It is, however, a typical political “knee jerk.” What we should be doing is looking at what has happened in Japan and figuring out what to do here to insure that this event doesn’t repeat itself here in America. First of all, don’t build the damn thing next to an ocean. Secondly, don’t build it close to areas subject to earthquakes or volcanic/geothermal activity and lastly, build it with some degree earthquake protective technology like we do buildings in San Francisco. We know where the earth’s fault lines are. Stay the hell away from them! Duh!

    • Carlucci

      I agree with you 100%, but people will still go back and rebuild there.
      After “Himmacane” IKE did so much destruction on Galveston Island in 2008, many people went right back down there and rebuilt. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same stupid thing over and over and expecting different results.

      • bob wire

        some people like the sea. ~ I am one. It’s worth it. Owning a tiger? or a big snake? or even a chimp, no thanks. The ocean air is clean air, except for red tide of course. I must breath dirty air here in the city, I dislike dirty air, it make me feel bad. I think people here don’t like to breath air they can’t see.

        • Bear

          Mountain air is like that. I like both mountain and sea air, but not the city stuff. I hate it, though, when all of it gets fouled up by any group of individuals who do something, like build a nuclear plant next to the ocean, and call them selves engineers. In this country and in particular my county, you can’t build anything without having it engineered and approved by the county. Like that’s going to eliminate any possibility of things going wrong. Wasn’t it engineers who designed the unsinkable Titanic?

    • karolyn

      It’s like people building on the shoreline.

    • Mary Kay Andrews

      You asked the question so here is the answer. I saw this on NBC so you progressives cannot scream that Fox News is lying. Japan is the second largest economy in the world. They are not third world. They have building codes that make California building codes look like lego blocks. The buildings withstood the earthquake and the aftershocks, but, there was a major tsunami that washed away a lot and killed a lot of people.. The nuclear power plants are not destroyed. Even the head of the world’s nuclear watchdog said things are serious but not out of control. Of the four plants that were damaged, one plant did not sustain much damage and is not a risk. Two plants have some damage but are operating the way they were designed to operate. The Japanese are still trying to cool the rods. It is still a serious situation since there is little electricity and blackouts. The last one ( plant number 3) is the major problem as it did sustain a lot of damage, a fire broke out and they are not succeeding with cooling the core.

      • libertytrain

        And had the plant just have to deal with the earthquake it probably would have done fine – it’s the tsunami that damaged the plant.

        • independant thinker

          Correct. The saltwater ruined any backup batteries as well as damaging the backup generators to the point they cannot be used.

          • Kate8

            Had governments decided to steer clear of building nuclear plants, we’d have none of these issues to be concerned with.

            Here in CA we have reactors built on or near faultlines. Just as people in So.Cal build mansions on hillsides which are continually subject to landslides.

            The thing is, it has always been known that a breach in a reactor could be catastrophic. Building in unstable areas ups the ante considerably. Then there’s the issue of terrorist attacks on them…

            There are other, safer and more efficient ways to produce energy. Less costly, too, but the government loves to waste our money.

            It had to be known that breaches would, at some point, be inevitable. But what’s a few thousand or million lives. Heck, it is just another opportunity for crisis, which must never be allowed to go to waste.

          • meteorlady

            What about the masses of housing developments that are built right on the fault lines? Fact is that California has ignored those faults for years and there will be a big payoff for doing so.

      • Eddie47d

        Mary; …and what did your comment have to do with progressives? I’m sure there are millions of all political persuasions who are concerned about the fallout and our building codes. The rest of your article was good.

      • Bear

        Mary Kay,
        For the record, I am very conservative. Now what about a question that I asked that you responded to with “here is the answer?” My blog was about why a country with good codes build a nuclear plant beside an ocean? Japan sits on the confluence of three tectonic plates. With that in mind, my concerns would be focused on both earthquakes and tsunamis, the latter which usually occurs shortly after the first event. To build a nuclear reactor anywhere in Japan is risky at best. What I think we need to do is look at this disaster in its entirety and try to learn from it, not drop our own nuclear program. Cureing the problem before it happens keeps people working. Dropping our program puts people out of work and solves no problems relating to our own energy needs.

        • Mary Kay Andrews

          Bear, I never said you were a progressive or a conservative. What I did say if you read my post is that the very progressive and liberal NBC stated the facts I relayed in my response. First: It’s really none of our business where the Japanese decide to build anything, however, they have extremely strict building codes. The buildings themselves are not breached which says a lot about how the buildings were constructed. The water pouring in caused most of the damage. I am at a loss to understand why you would think that building near the ocean is such a bad thing as ocean water is excellent for cooling. (this was stated by one of the experts I heard on the news.) I guess the Japanese should just emigrate to California en masse and get away from those nasty natural disasters that seem to crop up from time to time.

        • Casey

          I am curious why the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant is failing and the companion plant, Fukushima Diani, is not. I see the Onogawa plant, north of the Daiichi plant, also is having some problems but not to the extent of the Daiichi plant. The Onogawa plant is actually closer to the epicenter than the Daiichi plant.

          These plants were not located on a fault line but everywhere in Japan is close to a fault line. If the earthquake had been the only factor, the plants would have survived with internal but controllable damage. The tsunami overwhelmed the tsunami protection at the site, obliterated the backup electrical systems and the scope of the disaster interfered with repairs. That’s why the plant is in trouble.

          It looks like the reactors would have weathered the earthquake damaged but safe – good design, but the double whammy of the tsnami was more than designed for.

          We can learn from this, design for this and have a safe (low carbon) energy source, or we can build more fossil fuel generators which have their own problems.

        • meteorlady

          The damage occurred because they built some things outside the plant where the salt water and waves could damage it. That would be a backup generator.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Like I said in another post, the Perry Nuke plant in Perry Ohio, is built right over a fault line!! It may be a minor fault line, but it is one just the same!! it was built about 25-30 years ago.

      • Casey

        The Perry plant is within 40 miles of two faults but is not over a known fault.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Check again!!

  • RivahMitch

    Here go the progressives again. Their permanent motto “Never let a crisis go to waste”. One more move to use fear to reduce the American standard of living… The political value (to a “progressive”) of putting iodine pills i the hands of parents whose children face no discernible risk is incalculable.

    • Eddie47d

      This public official brought up an issue to be discussed.It’s not so off the wall to be prepared. Maybe those people living within 20 miles of a nuclear didn’t know that Iodine can be a corrective measure from fallout. I do believe those families should purchase those pills on their own but we should be thanking these officials who make us aware of potential problems. Should there be moratorium on new construction? Maybe, but from I’ve heard newer plants can be very safe and can recycle used fuel. It takes years to build a plant so we can’t waste too much time on this issue. Are Nuclear plants in America safe? Probably,except for those on earthquake zones. The big problem is air strikes from an unfriendly nation or from a hijacker. Israel did prove that a Nuclear plant can be taken out or disabled. It’s near impossible to protect plants from the air so we have to be aware of the dangers we are living with. Japan is proving that we can be dead in minutes or at least in danger from nuclear plants. So the Iodine issue is also urgent for some.

      • Bear

        I’ll give credit where it is due. That was a good blog eddie. Both positive and informative. You are right about the iodine information. Potassium iodide is uzed in the early on treatment for thyroid cancer which is usually the first to show up in radiation exposure cases like we will be seeing in Japan. Most of the people in this country know nothing about this treatment and when they do find out, there will be a run on the medication as usual. the manufacturers will be behind on production, availability will be sparse and the price of the treatment……well, we all know what happens there. So, with the information eddie has provided, perhaps we can all avoid the “June rush” and get down to our local pharmacy and make an early purchase…..jsut in case. ;)

        • Bear

          Please pardon all the typos.

  • s c

    Markeypooper sure is an asset for der Obummer (horse’s asset?). What is it about Massachusetts? Certain states have the amazing ability to cough up (puke up?) non-talented parrots who are quicker to respond than salivating laboratory dogs.
    I can’t help feeling that IF a big shipment of ‘anti-radiation pills’ are sent to Japan, it won’t get done unless the manufacturer gets top dollar first AND some of that easy green gets “redistributed” to Markeypooper’s chums. In Washington, one must ALWAYS have priorities. Blah.

    • Kate8

      s c – And, of course, the U.S. will be footing the bill.

      • Eddie47d

        SC is hyperventilating again.Must be time for her distemper shot. Always accusing but never offering a remedy. She is a fool’s parade!

        • Kate8

          eddie – Everyone has their strengths. Some are good at zeroing in on issues that others miss, and some are great at finding solutions. Few people excel at all things.

          How about you? You seem good at criticizing and mocking.

          Come to think of it, I’ve read a lot of complaints coming from you, too.

          • Eddie47d

            I certainly don’t excel at everything,far from it. I do mock those who are consistently mocking others. I would like to mock i41 more often but that is a heavy load to deal with. Even I have to back off on occasion.

          • Kate8

            eddie – I do have to give you credit for being humorous sometimes. Even when I may not be agreeing with you, which is most of the time.

            It’s possible that these threads wouldn’t be as much fun without you.

        • s c

          Your panties and your estrogen levels are down – AGAIN, Edwarda. Using progressive logic, if someone has access to bailout funds, they sure won’t USE that money (really?). If one of der Obummer’s czars has the power of a cabinet member, that power surely WON’T get used (really?).
          If Ben the Boob has access to printing presses that can be used 24/7, those presses surely WON’T get used (really?). I don’t know what planet you’re from, but you sure can’t be from Earth.
          Consider using suspenders or stitches, bubette. Maybe you’ll find a way to keep those panties up instead of having them permanently down around your ankles (for all to see), Edwarda.

          • Eddie47d

            Good timing, SC has proven herself again!

          • bob wire

            how come every other president had “appointment” while Obama got czars?

            Is that explainable?

  • http://personalliberty Confoundmeoncebut nottwotimes

    Money IS the Root of All Evil ! But the truth of it is..The Lack OF It > But wouldn`t it be better if God had seen fit to distribute Proper working Brain power to A lot more People ? Seems That aspect of Necessity went Lacking. Too. Some very good Questions have been mentioned here…that really Do Beg attention. But will that be heeded ? Doubtful, considering past history to go on. We have too many nuclear power plants in this country Already…And Plans to Dismantle them should begin immediately ? How about That for A good Start towards preserving Humanity ? What happened to All the Great Plans For developing Solar…And Water Energy ? Wind Energy would fit in Nicely. But then, So many Geniuses who Enjoy The “word ‘Nuclear’, and all it implies…Would have to give Their brain a rest, Wouldn`t they ?

    • independant thinker

      “Money IS the Root of All Evil !”

      Wrong, its “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. As far as solar and wind as a source of our energy, neither are practical as a major or only source of energy for large cities. I have read That you would have to completely cover the state of Illinois with the most efficient solar panels available to even try to supply Chicago’s energy needs and nothing would be left over for anyone else. That would also take a big chunk of farmland out of production. Wind is the same way plus the windmills kill millions of birds each year. Both Solar and wind are good supplimental sources of energy but neither alone or together are practical to supply most or all of our energy.


    WoW! Another elected medical genius…

    This idiot has not one clue as to what can happen to you should you indicriminately start wolfing down large quantities of iodide pills for no apparent reason…..Someone tell this fear mongering idiot she should lead by example and have her start taking the pills ahead of everyone else..

    • Eddie47d

      Who said anyone would be taking these pills? Do you take an Advil just because they are available? How about Viagra just for the heck of it? You could have a permanent boner. Having Iodine pills in your house makes good sense for many. I thought we had some survivalists on this site with some common sense.

      • mik

        There are survivalist out here and we preparew our own survival kits for we know not to depend on the Gov. People who live near a nuk site should also know to prepare, the gov should educate the public one a year to purchase and check the expiration date of there pills incase of an event so the are prpared just like we check out fire alarm batteries. It’s not the govs responsibility to keep them working. Trying to keep up with people moving in and out would be a true gov fiasco! Pills for prevention of a know risk are not the govs responsibility. People, take some responsibility for your own well being. You don’t ask the gov to bath you do you?

      • meteorlady

        I am a survivalist. I grow food, I stockpile food and I keep guns and ammo, mostly for hunting if need be. I have 6 months supply of emergency food and can grow inside my home if necessary. I have tape for doors and windows, I have medicine that I need to have and I don’t look to the government to save my butt in a crisis because they won’t, can’t and are totally inept.

        As for iodine pills, why? They just help stop thyroid cancer, nothing else. They won’t help radiation burns or other side affects of a nuclear disaster. I would rather be able to tape my house up, eat my food until things clear out and be ready to evacuate if I have to.

  • Ted Crawford

    I realize that Markey is a progressive, so this type of idiosy is expected, but one would think that his friends would remind him of the axioum that it is better to be thought foolish than by opening the mouth remove all doubt!

  • raw livic

    I am sure that it will only be a matter of time befor the DemoRAT’s try to point a finger and put the blame on the Republi-CAN’s

    • bob wire

      hold your breath and wait!

  • http://com i41

    Confound, the solar crap is just that a waste money for a pie in the sky joke that doesn’t work too effective. Water energy is stopped by the envior nut jobs of the dumbocrap party. Might affect the breeding habitat of the water rat(Ted kennedy’s ghost might spook installera), may impede water flow a bit. Wind energy isn’t consistant, there isn’t any power grid to move it, shuts down at high wind speed and would only give China anothewr 138 billion of taxpayer stimulas funds, like the jobs czar of Onumnutts the CEO of Government Electricity. With the demobocraps and Onumnutts at the helm there will not be any new jobs as the next few years of these new regulations dreamed up by the marxist/communists come into fruitation. With the dumb bastard Markey of the soros socialists dream team, shows dumbocraps are not thinking about the economy and financial problems USA faces. Just off the tracks side issues to take citizens minds off of real problems.

  • http://WeThePeople Jean

    I have yet to hear or read anything about the Norwegian Nuclear people. When I worked at TVA – they were always coming out and inspecting the contruction of new sites as well as some of the older plants. Does anyone know what they have said? As far as Iodine – buy the water treatment crystals and store them before you get tablets.

  • http://personalliberty Confoundmeoncebut nottwotimes

    Thanx Readers ! There is A Lot I certainly do not Know…As is Pointed out here ! But one thing I Do know is…That creating wars on top of wars is not going to bring this country anywhere But Down . I don`t think Solar, Water or Wind power will be Enough ( even if put to maximum usage ) Would be near enough to stop the necessity for Oil. BUT. It certainly would be a good starting point in the Right direction..for a Change. Just Think about That . Diminishing the Abundance of Automobiles on our Highways ..And By-ways Would Be a Big step in the right direction. Bring back our railway system. We Must stem our dependence on Foreign oil ( This dependence is the root-Driving force behind our energy crisis,and is the Main cause for WARS all over the universe. Build Cars that give us better Gas mileage. ( And don`t tell me this can`t be done. LIKE Twenty five years ago !) The car companies have had the expertise to do this at their disposal, so Why are these auto companies so set against doing so ? Is this Guvmt. tying their hands ? So IT can continue waging wars in the M.E. and use “Need for oil’ as the excuse ?? What ??

    • Dale on the left coast

      What about Drill, Drill and Drill some more . . . the USA has known oil reserves that will last for many years, some say 100. If drilling had started 10 years ago . . . as was suggested by some, we would be oil independent TODAY!!! Wind and Solar will not power a modern industrial city.

    • meteorlady

      Did you know that India is building a car that runs on compressed air? What is wrong with our automakers?

  • Renee

    I keep Lugol’s around for water disinfection in case I need it. Also, what with fluoride, brominated flour, and chlorinated water most people could probably use some iodine. You don’t have to take the full dose.

  • http://personalliberty Confoundmeoncebut nottwotimes

    Renee…What is “Lugol ?’ And where do I find it ?..about the “use of Fluoride and Chlorinated water… I wonder What the Real reasoning is for Either one. The’Brominated’ flour I do not know what that is. I do believe the flouride and Chlorination in our Water Has been Over-used..But Not for a helpful purpose. People are just now waking up to The dangers of Both. Makes one wonder just what else should be Investigated for Harmful effects, doesn`t it ??

    • newspooner

      Iodine (a diatomic molecule) is a solid crystalline nonmetal at room temperature that is purplish-black in color. It stains and burns skin. It reacts with starch to turn it a distinct blue color. It tends to deliquesce,so that if you put it in a sealed container, you can see the visible vapors that will recrystallize on the inner surfaces of the container. It is only very slightly soluble in water to make a very light brownish solution. It is very soluble in ethyl alcohol, making a dark solution called a tincture. Potassium iodide (KI)is a clear-white crystalline salt that is very soluble in water, similar to socium chloride (NaCl)(table salt), but of course with a much lower safe limit of ingestion before it is considered poisonous. Years ago, a dude named Lugol found that he could get much more solid iodine dissolved in water if the water already had potassium iodide dissolved in it. This is because the iodine atoms attach to the potassium molecules (or more accurately, to the iodide ions formed when the potassium iodide molecules ionize upon solvation), to remain in aqueous solution in a much more concentrated amount than molecular iodine can remain in aqueous solution by itself. Thus, we have Lugol’s Solution (often labelled IKI) as a handy way of having water-based iodine.

  • jopa

    Mary Kay: You have stated ocean water is good for cooling these reactors.I have heard over and over that once they used seawater to try and cool these reactors they will never be functional again.I live next door about two miles from a reactor( Limerick Generating) and fresh river water is used and the same for three mile island.I am pretty sure that is the case with the rest.

  • bob wire

    At this point I think that it goes without saying, Generators need to be installed high enough they are impervious to flooding and pumps have assess to uninterrupted water flow and lots of redundancy.

    The technology is sound, it’s the OOPs! that gets us in trouble.

    I can’t help but wonder what kind of generators they are using in Japan, Turbine or reciprocal, diesel or natural gas (LPG)? What KW is needed? ~ Large diesels generators could have been flown in and set up in 4 hours time here in the USA. Several of them in one days time. Large generators come complete on skids the size of buses. Add fuel and wire them up, 500 MCM is standard industrial feed, a single conductor the size of a quarter , 4 wires , 8 ends per generator.

    Aboard ships there is much redundancy, but as we see in Japan today, if you flood the engine room, it’s over, you are getting wet and in for a long swim with the rest of God creatures and you are on the bottom of the food chain. A jelly fish has better odds.

    There must be something I don’t know.

    • mik

      I agree with you 100%. Not sure why they were not able to get working generators in there frome somewhere – even the us – w/in 2 days. This was an oops that I think could have been avoided if there was a greater crisis response in the beginning. Hind sight is 20:20 though and I guess I’m being the arm charge quarter back.

  • bob wire

    I suppose this is the wrong time and wrong place to bring up the fact mankind is in a race to get off this planet and reach for the stars.

    In whatever way he achieves this, it won’t be belching fire and smoke and will be more user friendly then nuclear and not near as bulky.

    There is a new generation close at hand IF we can survive the next 100 years.

    It’s not new and being done already, just not by us.

  • Dale on the left coast

    “There is a new generation close at hand IF we can survive the next 100 years”

    That should be maybe . . . If we can survive the Progressives” . . .

    • bob wire

      If it wasn’t for progressive, we’d still be wearing animal skins and living in caves.

      A little thinking outside the box and not being satisfied with status quo is a good thing.

      So blame this nuclear “oops” on progressive if you wish, they can take it the heat and you can go back making your arrowheads to throw at anything that displeases your sensibility.


    As Bob Wire states, generators can be rapidly deployed – Even smaller generators, if available which can be phase synchronized and paralleled to power the pumps.

    However, it would greatly depend on whether or not the pump motors had been damaged by the tsunami waters – electric motors do not take kindly to salt water!

    Folks, a lot of good brainstorming could take place on this thread, if only folks could stop insulting each other – Maybe even a SOLUTION to the problem could emerge!

    • bob wire

      We have many years of experience in reclaiming electric motor and engine from the sea and salt. Fresh water removes the salt, WD 40 displaces moisture, then you have the grit and grim on bearing surfaces to deal with ~blow and wipe! surly they have small generators to run power tools and air compressors! IF something hasn’t been exposed too long it’s very salvageable.

      It’s now Friday evening and they still haven’t got this grid feed wired up! What’s the hold up? There is no time to run race ways or encase them ! As far as I can tell, there plenty of “stick” laying about !

      connect the ends and bring her on line!

      I guess I need to be there! NOT!!!!!

      maybe they are trying to run a 7200 volt main grid feed and set a transformer at the end????

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If you work in plumbing as you say you do, you should know salt water is very corrosive!!

        • bob wire

          For sure, salt is corrosive. It will eat the bumpers off of a Buick with time! ~ I am also a Mariner and spent several years at sea as an engineer. I am actually a mechanical engineer and wear many hats. Ships are basically self-contained floating cities, full of wires, pipes , vales and switches. Many redundant systems, battery backup, port and starboard generators. Pony engines that start main engines, pneumatic motors, oil hydraulics motors, etc.

          I call myself simple a plumber(turd puncher)for fun as everyone has a picture in their mind of what a plumber is and my desire to relate.

          Recovery and reclaim has been a big part of what I have done from my time in the service as a 21 year old boy child soldier to the present. It’s fun! I enjoy my work. I’m be involved with many forms of Reclaim and Recovery representing owners interest to insurance companies, from sinking to hyjacking to repo in national waters. Just call me an adventurist plumber or a big liar. In any case, my services are found useful by people that wish to make big events take place and secure some success.

          In any case, a few day being submerged in the salty sea can be washed clean with fresh water and dried with WD 40 or carbon tet ( if you can acquire it) then blown and wiped dry. ~ It’s been done thousands of times everyday and nothing new.

          You are right Joe, everything that is exposed to the sea takes a serious beating and has a half life, requiring constant maintenance.

          Bearing is what takes a serious beating as you can only get them so clean and their life span is greatly reduced without replacement or completely tears down and reconditioning.


    Blessed are the peacemakers.


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