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Congressman Rogers on the dangerous policy of reading Miranda Rights to Terrorists

March 6, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://personallibertydigest Ann

    Bob Livingston sounds like a true American and a true American leader. One of possibly three: Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin. Mr. Hussein Obama: LISTEN, WAKE UP AND LIVE.

    • Susan Tenofsky

      Mr. Roger’s should be commended for his speech. He, Mr. Roger is right on target. Eric Holder wants to expand the Miranda Rights….do you really think his expansion would be for the safety of United States citizens? I don’t. I think Mr. Holder would coyly find away to protect
      terrorists even moreso at the risk of prosecuting civilians in the process….as suspects for anti-government behavior.

  • Demzombie

    Dis man needs to dut up! Obama bin Biden are my heros. Islam is a religion of peace: dey kill u and u rest in peace. Eyes smart cuz I went too publik skool.

    • rosina

      sounds like it also.
      You have never learned spelling and grammar!
      Your name is right, a real zombie


        He’s just being facetious.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest harold

      U go `zom……..

      i be down wit dat………………..

  • s c

    Maybe this is easier for some people to understand if they realize that America is infested with vermin who demand that we dole out Miranda rights to terrorist icons like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, and the current crop of the world’s freedom-destroyers.
    Does that put it in a different perspective?
    We have NO business giving anyone the rights of an American citizen. We are NOT citizens of the world. We are Americans.
    Progressives and other pond scummers want us to glorify our rights and destroy them at the same time. This is typical anti-freedom non-logic. It is the useful idiot approach – on steroids.
    See these losers for who they are, people. If you
    want a practical example, go to Iraq or Iran. Commit a serious crime, and then demand to be treated like you’re a ‘citizen of the world’ who expects to be treated like an American citizen (I want my Miranda rights!).
    I wish you the best of luck. And how do you plan to have your body shipped back to America?

  • Carmel Vella

    Why can’t we make a deal with Russia and send all the terrorist Muslims to them where they can be used as labor in the salt mines? That way we show that we want Russia to prosper in business, and we can then use the beautiful facility at Guantanamo for our soldiers for rest and recreation. After all, we can supply great meals made to order, playgrounds, and security for them? Heck, we can sell the facility to American tourists, after all the billions of US taxpayer dollars put into making that facility superbly acceptable to the most finicky of Muslims.

  • s c

    Carmel, our government is no longer in the ‘common sense’ business. It doesn’t seem to make any difference what the American people want or don’t want. The only thing that matters is whether or not the government ‘gets its way.’
    Any government that permits midnight pay raises, state-sanctioned theft of property without due process and looks for ways to redistribute wealth from its citizens to itself has no use for common sense or good government. Our government is far worse than merely corrupt.

  • Larry Zimmerman

    S.C. you are correct. However, the biggest problem is, our Congress needs to go back to school and be taught the CONSTITUTION. There are many laws that are being given to the public that are not legal. T make things simple, why don’t we let the States collect a National Sales Tax?? Eliminate withholding tax. And let the States distribute the Money to the Feds. This would keep the Feds from overreaching their limits. Also, if Congress were to have the same Health Care and Retirement plans that the citizens of the U.S. have would they be more selective in what they try to shove down our throats???? They got their raise, but, the citizens do not deserve a 3% Soc. Sec. increase.Talk about redistribution of wealth, I guess it only deserving in Washington??????

    • s c

      Larry, we don’t have enough time to ‘school’ our “leaders.” They’re so corrupt that they DO NOT answer to the American people. Americans are so dumbed-down that many think it’s enough to vote someone out of office.
      That’s NOT enough. We’ve had generations of back-stabbers and varities of prosties who know the only way to get ahead in DC is to sell your posterior and your soul. We are NOT dealing with people who listen to reason.
      In a perfect world, where common sense was revered, maybe we could ‘re-school’ those stinking useful idiots. This is anything but a perfect world, and it’s getting worse daily.
      Short of the busness end of a wepon (and it might come to that yet), they WILL NOT listen to the American people. Their masters own their souls, and the cure for that can be very messy.
      I wish we did have time, but we don’t. You don’t get rid of cancer with good intentions, and you don’t change the ways of professional evil-doers with pleas of ‘remember your oath.’

    • rosina

      larry, you have said exactly what i was planning to say.
      I add only, that if this is a war, then these terrorists who only want to kill MUST be treated as ‘prisoners of war’. It is unbelievable what the Obama govt. is doing to this country. If he succeeds, the Constitution will be out and we will live in a totalitarian state.

    • Nancy

      We need to go even further!! Banish the FED It is illegal. We have a Dept of the Treasury in place already. Also, the income tax is illegal. They cannot tax your personal property, ie, money you earned by work you did. There is no law that anyone can find that we must pay tax on our income. The 16th ammendment was NEVER ratified making the IRS an illegal bunch of thugs and robbers. Even former IRS agents are questioning the legallity of the income tax. Go to or and read all the research on the incometax and it will blow you away.

  • http://yahoo Billie

    It seems that it is getting to the point in this once great country that everybody has rights EXCEPT the Americans that were either born here or went thru the legal channels to live in this country.
    Anybody wishing to do harm to America should not be afforded the right to breathe without permission. We are at war! Another one that will turn out ugly because something those idiots in Washington don’t understand… You CAN NOT have a politically correct war!
    They do not deserve the same rights as I have as an American citizen.Just because they crossed the border does NOT afford them automatic rights, and if they are here to do Americans harm they have NO rights. They have broken the laws of this country, Water board them, make them wear panties on their heads, get all the information we can and then send them back to THEIR country in a pine box “made in the U.S.A.” That in itself will boost the economy!

  • http://google DTHOMPSON


  • Niranjan

    Any one will tell me clear and concise definition of terrorism?

  • Chris

    Terrorism – a method of controlling mass populations through the use of fear (eg. 9/11 acts of “terrorism”)

    Billie – “We are at war!” … you’re not at —, do you see thousands of Iraq/Afghanistan troops/military running through Washington shooting civilians and bombing apartment complexes? Okay, until that happens, you’re not at war. What you’re at is an obvious and blatant attempt of rich white men to sustain their monopoly of controlling the oil/gas industry and the “no one can have nuclear weapons, except for us” policy.

    I feel sorry for the US soldiers who are shipped overseas thinking they’re going there to “fight terrorism”, some of them realize this complete bull and can’t do anything about it due to the papers they signed, which clearly waves their right to any freed of expression…

    Ideally my moto would be… if politicians want to go to war, give them a gun and let them go fight!

    But hey, who am I to judge, it’s not like the US budget of $2,000,000,000 PER DAY spending on “war” (Google it) could help out the US economy right? Probably not, since even the actual bail-out package of $700 billion magically did not do anything, *cough* more than 75% of it went to banks in UK (!!!! not US!!!!)… this was confirmed by the head of Federal Reserve (Google it)

    Wake up people, this war is bull, and we should really take care of our own country instead of trying to take over others, clearly the current government and rich white men aren’t doing the job

  • wondering

    !st we must clean from within from osama barrack on down.

  • deas’bones

    if congress wants to pass this health care bill then why don’t the american people insist that they accept the same coverage for themselves. from the president on down. they retire with much better benefits than any other hard working american. what’s good for the geese is good for the ganders.

    • rosina

      tHIS WAS PROPOSED by a Senator-cannot recall the name, but Congress (of course) voted THEMSELVES AND FAMILIES OUT OF THIS!!!!! It is so wonderful that they want nothing to do with it for themselves.
      I even wrote to Obama some months ago and mentioned this, plus to senators, at least 20 of them but doubt whether they care. I also told them that the only healthcare we would accept is THE SAME ONE THEY HAVE FOR THEMSELVES!!!!

  • deas’bones

    aren’t terriorist’s governed by the same patriot act as U.S. citizens. we would lose all of our rights if we were suspected of a plot against our country in any fashion.

  • swandive

    don’t forget, WE where TERRORIST’S 234 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael J.

      Speak for yourself, my ancestors were patriots. Many of them gave their very lives so that you could have the right to spew anti-american hatred. You should be ashamed, very ashamed.



        • DaveH

          Are you a ghost?

    • s c

      Swandive, you must use a most curious dictionary. Would you agree that a terrorist doesn’t have any use for freedom? If you agree, then perhaps now you can better understand the difference between a terrorist and a typical revolutionary in the Revolutionary War.
      Just in case you don’t understand quite yet, Obummer seems to be doing his best to act like a domestic enemy or a domestic terrorist. That is, he has no use for freedom. He hates the Constitution. He’s using every ‘ism’ you can think of to destroy America.
      Does that help?

  • Sally L

    This is a right wing full of “bull” site. All you do is propagate fear and hate, and violence, trying to insight anger in the American people. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for all of your lies.

    • Don in Ohio

      Sally L.
      So, I guess you believe Oboma and the Dems don’t lie?

      I knew Obama was lying during the campaign, and now he has proved it. And most of his “advisors” are Chicago thugs. Why would anyone be suprised with what he is doing? It’s the Chicago way!

      I’m 66 and I’ve never seen so many people so fed up with our goverment. Why, because you can’t trust any of them, we feel that they have NO concern for us regular people. Almost all of them are dishonest and immoral.

      This story was about giving the enemy the rights of citizens and I say “no way”. When you are on the battle field and the enemy shoots at you, you try your best to kill them. Why should it be any different when the enemy is in an airplane and tries to blow it up? They are prisoners of war and should be treated as such!!!!!!!



    Sally Loon, the epitome of a Replicant Mutant of the Left, a useful idiot and the clueless twit who thrives on their liberal masters’ talking point and soundbites, that comprises the S.H.A.M.S. (Secularists, Humanists, Atheists, Marxists, Socialists)

  • jim caputo

    Congressman Rogers makes an important message. If we don’t protect ourselfs from terrorism by giving them Miranda rights we are self destructing. Why isn’t this screamed about on the liberal media? We have to wake up, before it’s too late!

  • dave b

    We’re heading for a huge world war anyway. If we survive as a country the Constitution will either be embraced or it won’t. Either way, a new era in humanity will come to pass. What we have now as a nation and as a world simply cannot survive the physical and political environment resulting from modern life.

    Historically balance has come through famine, disease, and war. Nothing has changed except our ability to hold more people, however, whatever the world’s full capacity is, say, 20 billion, those three aforementioned aspects of life will still be there looming on the horizon. Be prepared.

  • dave b

    I wonder. Congressman Rogers mentioned the terrorist states, Yemen (or however that’s spelled) and so forth. Would it be wrong to simply wipe their existance of the face of the earth? We could do it. Easy. Why waste all this time and resourses on politics when we could just exterminate the entire terrorist country and not have to worry about it? Any country thinking about sanctioning terrorism would think twice about it if they knew the consequences. Individuals and small groups are another story, but whole countries like the congressman mentioned would for sure hold back.

    Let’s blow up Iran while we can. Bunker busters for N. Korea.

  • Dave

    It totally amazes me to read these posts. I can understand how they can get the youth to get tied up into this hoopla but older people should be ashamed. During ww11 the Germans and the Japanese tortured prisioners and even though some of our leaders pushed to torture our prisoners we did not.(not whithout anyone kknowing) If we had, world opinion would have changed away form the US. The United States has been looked up to because we do not (or at least didn’t used to) sway from our basic beliefs. At present, world opinion has changed because the U.S. has changed and we dabble in other countries affairs, overthrow leaders of foreign countries, invade countries with no probable cause, and various other things that only tend to turn the rest of the world against us. Asking to blow up countries as the post above suggests is just speaking without knowing a thing about what you are saying! Do you not know the reason we have a problem with Iran is because the United States orchastrated the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Iran when he was going to nationalize the oil and put the SHAW in power who was a ruthless dictator?? Do you not know the U.S. was planning to invade Iraq way before 9-11 and had plans on the drawing board since 1998?? S.C., what in the heck, you completly passed over dreamweavers post and proceeded to tell the difference between terrorist and revolutionary. Guess what?? When Menachem Begin (former pres of Israel) was blowing up HIS OWN PEOPLE he was considered a revolutionary visionist! It depends on what side of the fence you are on. How many terrorists on 9-11 were Afghanie? How many were Iraqie? Why is it they were all Saudies?? I know this is getting away from giving terrorists rights but one does have a lot to do with the other. If they are infact prisoners of war let them be labeled as such officially. Your polititians are grandstanding even on this topic of such importance and they only care about staying in power and will do anything to achieve this. Don in Ohio, if you are 66 years old you didnt live through but should remember when the U.S. government sent troups to break up (beat and torture) our world war one vets who were demonstrating for their promised benifits. The entire nation was not only fed up with the government but actually startted hateing it! there have been many times the country has been fed up with our leaders. This is a good reason they can only stay in office for a certain length of time. Remember, we are the United States and the reason we are great is because we are different than other countries and hopefully we will remain different than other countries!

  • Thomas Mc

    Congressman Rogers is wrong. What are we supposedly protecting in the “war on terrorists”? Aren’t we supposed to be protecting the natural rights and freedoms which are protected under the Constitution. If these rights are truly “natural” rights, or God-given as some might suggest, how can they be denied to anyone, citizen or non-citizen? Besides, what would we do if someone simply refused to speak or answer questions? Torture them? Remember Ben Franklin’s words: those that would surrender liberty for safety deserve and shall have neither.


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