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Congressman Mike Rogers’ opening statement on Health Care reform in Washington D.C.

February 4, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://excite Cecil Sloan

    This is the way America feels about health care we don’t want it and don’t need it, This is like most of Mr.Obama’s that we don’t want

    • Joe A. Everson

      Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read ‘Vote Obama, I need the money.’ I laughed.

      Once in the restaurant my server had on an ‘Obama 08’ tie, again I laughed as he had given away his political preference—just imagine the coincidence.

      When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to him that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. He stood there in disbelief while I told him that I was going to redistribute his tip to someone who I deemed more in need—the homeless guy outside. The server angrily stormed from my sight.

      I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to thank the server inside as I’ve decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

      At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waiter was pretty angry that I gave away the money he did earn even though the actual recipient was in need of money more.

      I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application.

      This is a funny story, but those who advance this policy are not likely to stop distributing until all on the earth are equal, and that means equally poor.

  • L. Dyer

    I’m proud that there is at least one individual that speaks to the heart of how the working people feel about this legislation. This is simply a power grab and has little to with improving one of the best healthcare systems in the world today. People who are paying attention know this but we need more folks on that floor to speak up like Congressman Rogers – bless him for his courage.

    • Mr Anti Republican

      This freekin clone speaks out of his rhetorical rectum. Read the Republican Polster Frank Luntz instructions to Republicans titled “The language of Health Care” I dare you to do a serach and read it.
      Everything word for word is in Franks strategy to lie to other Republicans.and gain their support.
      Let me know what you think after reading it Im very curious to hear how you feel

      • Michael J.

        Mr. Antie,
        If you can’t debate the issues, attack the messenger or messengers.
        Saul Alinsky would probably give you a medal, except he’s dead, just like the future prospects for the progessive communist party. So Marx my words, the Progressive party, the party of the weak and limp wristed will soon be relegated to obscurity in the dark and deviant shadows of the closet from whence it came.

      • DaveH

        Can there ever be a decent discussion on these boards without a Liberal coming on board with his childish manipulative tactics? And these people think they’re the intelligent class? Talk about Hoping and Dreaming.

      • http://foxfire Cobras

        After reading your progressive remark – all that has to said; “What fools these mortals are”.

        • Dave H

          Cobra is a typical progresive DOPE! Incomplete sentance structure. People like you have no business in our country. Why don’t you try France or some other welfare country. You can practice now by giving your pay check to your neighbor and living on dirt, which is what the Government is going to give you, if God forbid idiots like you ever gain a majority in this country. (Sentence removed for offensive content)

      • Mrs.MacTeacher

        I see no logical reasoning in your comment. I do read and listen to news, from several sources, and as a teacher, I do read, and have always read copiously, from many sources. I am over 80 yrs of age, and have observed and experienced life for a considerable time. Your comments seems very emotional, and immature on a subject that is deadly serious for all citizens of this nation. Your opinion seems to be in the minority, judging from the other comments on this subject. I hope you may open your mind, if you are normally intelligent, and begin to learn what is really important to citizens of this particularly unique and blessed nation. Try to think in a practical, logical way rather than being a clone of a tried and failed ideology. We have no need to try this scheme here, where our health care quality and availability already far exceeds that of most other nations.

        • Spencer

          Mrs. Teacher,
          With all due respect, America’s healthcare system ranks only 37th in the world. The ranking goes by quality and efficiency. America is directly behind Costa Rica and behind most European countries that have socialized medicine. You can’t argue against facts.

          Thanks, Spencer

          • http://personallibertydigest Mari

            Spencer, Have you ever talked to any of the people from those other countries that have government run health care? Well I have talked to several personally. I’m a registered nurse who works in an ER. The wait time they have for chemotherapy after being diagnosed is 6 months plus. Not everyone has that kind of time depending on there cancer. Not to mention just regular checkups have to be made months in advance. Many of the services they received before their government took over are no longer available because the government deems it too expensive. Many of those people are now going to the ER for services because they can be seen sooner. I don’t want to see anymore people in my ER that are not truely in need of emergency services. We have too many now who are on medicaid that think the ER is their personal primary doctor who come in for non-emergency stuff like a small rash on their arm or a headache that just started that afternoon. Give me a break!!! I get headaches all the time and I would never dream of going to an ER because of it. A headache is only a real emergency if the person has real recently hit their head or has a sudden onset of an extreme headache like they’ve never had before. The people in this country are spoiled and I’m sick and tired of paying for the lazy few that want everything handed to them. The 60′s hippies need to get clue.

          • Michael J.

            Do you know anything about the World Health Organization, whose satistics you quote?

            Those who cite the WHO rankings typically present them as an objective measure of the relative performance of national health care systems. They are not. The WHO rankings depend crucially on a number of underlying assumptions— some of them logically incoherent, some characterized by substantial uncertainty, and some rooted in ideological beliefs and values that not everyone shares.

            The analysts behind the WHO rankings express the hope that their framework “will lay the basis for a shift from ideological discourse on health policy to a more empirical one.” Yet the WHO rankings themselves have a strong ideological component. They include factors that are arguably unrelated to actual health performance, some of which could even improve in response to worse health performance. Even setting those concerns aside, the rankings are still highly sensitive to both measurement error and assumptions about the relative importance of the components. And finally, the WHO rankings reflect implicit value judgments and lifestyle preferences that differ among individuals and across countries.

            In short, the WHO is a subsidiary of the United Nations who work together towards the goal of One World Governance (Communism).
            Their method of rating the quality of a countries health care is based on the collectives ideological goals of socialized medicine, not quality of care. It’s no wonder then that the United States ranks 37th in a field of 191 countries.

          • Eric

            Put up the source of your facts please.
            Then you can assert your right to serve the nation but you may not usurp it. With that in mind, our law will remain unaltered except by amendment despite the attempts to nullify it under the pretense of politeness and decency. I will suffer a health insurance loss before loss of liberty. Death is a better end than servitude.

          • Hello?

            Why don’t we just give the Gov. all of our money and let them tell us where to work, what time we are supposed to be there, deliver our groceries , unlock the bathreem when they say when we have to go and everything will be OK and we will not have to worry about anything. That is called Communism and that seems to be what about 50% of the people in this country want or they think they want. Throughout our history we have lost young men and women in battles to fight these Comms. and now we have those among us that want exactly that. I have supported myself and my family all my life and paid for my own mistakes with integrity and I am getting a little tired of supporting everyone else against my will.

      • Steve G.

        Left wing lunatics !!
        How is it possible to think that this insurance program would work. The government has done a great job of making social security a slush fund, and this is by far much bigger. I guess in your opinion we should just keep throwing money (that we don’t have) at the problem, and hope it goes away. The Government can’t even secure our borders. But, I am sure you are part of the crowd that thinks we should let anyone in this country. Can we just direct them to your house for a free stay, why don’t you give them your job too.
        I see stupid ideas, and good ideas on both sides of the aisle. I am sure, to you, that every idea a democrat has is great, and every idea that a republican has is stupid.
        Why don’t you try thinking for yourself, instead of getting your reasoning from Pelosi. As usual, democrats think we should be tolerant of everyone in the world including the terrorists that want to kill us. Yet, at the some time they would like to kill all republicans. Now that makes a lot of sense.

        • Phyllis

          All very true and “speaking” of Pelosi – she is a self-admitted ignorant when it comes to history. Well, she didn’t exactly say it that way; however, in concept it was the same thing.

      • jack manning

        just as expected, this guy attacks, attacks and attacks some more. WHY? he doesn’t have an answer, just like the rest of the progressives. GOD bless America.

      • Nickie

        Money can’t buy the American people who have to live with this misguided, personal & power hungry administration that is in place right now! Bravo to Rodgers who just agrees in the same way as the majority feels about this health care. It can only be aid in one way! Well… oblivious to all, mr. obama speaks out of his rhetorical ass (sounds better than rhetorical for him)repeating his downward free fall of a so called health care among EVERYTHING ELSE! He keeps repeating the same mind-numbing idea to DEAF ears who are tired of hearing it and have already voiced many opinions on how they don’t want it and why. These FACTS Mr. Rodgers STATES are KEY and felt by many millions of people in our country. You can only repeat NO in so many words. And if I am sure YOU read the bill on these issues, it is written and proclaimed THE SAME WAY! We all are clones in the sense that THE MAJORITY DOES NOT WANT THIS BILL AND ALL ALL VOICING THE SAME ANSWER,”WE AREN’T FALLING FOR IT AND WE DON’T WANT IT! I am SURE that has bee written and repeated by millions of Americans so,again, we are all clones. If the people truly felt they were getting the most honest and best thing, it would have went through already. You see, the American people I know and have come to “RESPECT” do not like to ride on the coat tails of others! We don’t like free rides. We like to EARN a living from the efforts we put in and that way you feel self respect and self worth and entitled and rewarded to keep it and can have self pride when you look around and see what you have done for YOURSELF! Every one has that opportunity, EVERYONE, to make the right choices in life.Even correct the ones that weren’t. Even after all his payoffs and behind the scene bribes given with smoke screens! The truth of this matter, the hard blood, sweat and tears of many Americans, true American people, will have the final word. He can’t borrow or print up enough money to bribe everyone. He’s has tried and he has FAILED… AGAIN!!!! As he has thus far!!!!

      • Scott Wright US Amy, Ret.

        Mr. Anti American, I have spent my life giving back to this great country. As a soldier I swore an oath to protect and defend our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. People such as yourselves have made a living off of those like myself long enough. I would be willing to bet my life that you like most of your kind have never once been willing to make any such sacrifice. Unlike you if have grown to love my country, she is not perfect but having seen what your style of life you wish for us brings proves beyond a doubt how little you know about what you speak. You challenged someone to read up on the subject regarding Republican talking points. I challenge YOU to put your money where your mouth is and relocate to another country where your ability to speak out is not tolerated. Freedom and choice are some of the basic tenants of the American dream, so do us all a favor and make the choice and leave.

      • mungaro

        Then, Frank Luntz needs to be fired also…Grow up get out and work and pay for your own insurance. I don’t the gov. to help me do anything. The Gov. needs to do three things, protect us form people like you who probally are democrat and can’t think for themselves.

    • jean

      Well put! It appears to me that it is nothing more than another power grab. I don’t want the government in control of my health care or anyone elses. They don’t seem to be listening to the American people and it’s about time they start! What part don’t they understand…. they work for us, not the other way around. At least, that’s the way it’s suppose to be. We need to keep speaking out for the future of our country.

      • http://facebook Nancy

        Thank you Jean, couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • A R MacKenzie

        They’ll have to listen to us in November, and I doubt they’ll like what they hear. *LOL*

  • Joan Neel

    Thank God for people with courage, such as Congressman Rogers, who has the courage to speak the truth and stand up for the citizens of the United States. He is an example of the way our elected Senators and Congressmen are supposed to represent us.

    jneel from IL.

  • Gramma from Canada

    Can we borrow this man????????
    God Bless,
    Gramma from Canada

  • Michael J.

    The Democratically controled Congress is attempting to implement Health Care reform based on speed bump logic. Just because 15% of drivers exceed the speed limits, the remaining 85% of responsible, law abiding drivers are punished with having to endure speed bumps in parking lots and neighborhoods.

    While this comparison is admittedly less significant than the proposed Health Care debacle, it never the less parallels the base line thinking of the bill.

    By insuring that the 15% receive coverage, EVERYONE would be forced to accept less quantity and quality of Health Care.

  • SONNY E.


  • mark

    Bravo Mr. Rogers. I wish you were here in Illinois. Instead we have Burris and Durbin who have repeatedly lied to us and have disgraced their office. This horrible bill has to be stopped. When the big shots from Canada come here for health care where will we go? If you follow the money I’m sure the fat cats in Washington are lining their pockets with our hard earned money. I’m scared for the first time in my life living here in this beautiful country. If we need reform in this country it starts with voting all of these incumbits out. VOTE.

    • Bill

      Mark I couldnt have said it better myself. We the people must show these folks in Washington that we hold the power and lend it to them by way of or vote. They truly have forgotten this and we must vote them all out in the 2010 election. We are heading down a slippery slop!!
      Vote the bums out!!

    • Natalie

      Here, here to the hard working American citizens that have taken pay-cuts, lost of hours, and seen increases in their taxes! I an very tired of busting my butt, to support people who “believe” the government “owes” them something. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves!! Seeing people with fancy cars, jewelery, new cell phones, etc. and standing behind them in the line at the grocery store while they pull out their food stamps. COME ON! I for one will never accept a hand out from my government, because I for one believe I have the choice and ability to find a job to support myself. Even if it is at a lower cost in hourly wage, more hours, I will do it!! I don’t want any American citizen paying for me to eat or live. That is my responsibility to do for myself not the American public! Greed and corruption is destroying this country and I’m tired of seeing those who have taken more than their share get “bail-outs”. Those companies made their own decisions, bad as they were, we as American citizens were not in that boardroom making those decisions! Did we have a say who should get bailed out? UMMMM NOOOO! In my opinion, a company should never be government owned. The government is here to make laws and PROTECT the American citizens from this kind of behavior, not reward them for “ooops” we made some bad decisions! Like the other person said ago in these blogs, “I am almost ashamed to say I am an American” Bring back American to the people, not the politicians and the Fat Cats with their private agendas! I can go on forever, but I believe its best I just leave this with these last words…. God Bless America and the Hard Working Americans that keep HER STRONG!

  • DaleK

    Congressman Rogers speaks for common sense in dealing with health care. The far-left “progressives” are more interested in grabbing power for the government, because they feel that WE The People are too stupid to live our own lives, so THEY must take care of us. This country was NOT founded on,and became great with such silly ideas, but on the principles of SELF-DETERMINATION & SELF-RELIANCE. I believe that the electorate has FINALLY awakened to the parlous prevarications of the left, and is poised to take back our country away from those European-style socialists in Washington. Like mr antirepublican, they rarely argue the facts, but resort to denigration and name calling, such as that heard by this president and his varlets in reference to anyone in disagreement with “his majesty”. They couldn’t be bothered to listen to the people in regards to this health care debacle, but to plow on with their “vision”. Their reign will soon be over, but the people MUST push for real change in the way our government does it’s business.. ie spends OUR money, and not allow the next group to screw us over.

  • Timothy Jack Taylor

    Wow, I have watched Congress in action on several occasions and usually cannot stomach the stupidity that spews from most of their mouths. I just listened to a politician with some good old fashion common sense. Most I have ever heard were so far out of touch with reality I that thought I was living in a different country than they were. This guy may be the most sensible person to ever talk into the microphone in any hall of Congress. I could actually understand his analogies. Please tell me he will at least consider the presidency after Obama is impeached this spring for TREASON.

  • Carly Baker

    Wow, Mike Rogers is a breath of fresh air!!!! Oh my gosh, a man who speaks with passion and great intelligence. A congressman who seems to have America’s best interest at heart………amazing! This video needs to be on the NEWS every night for a while for Americans to see!

    • Rusticus

      Actually, this type of propaganda is on the air almost daily or if you watch fox, it is on 24/7. If someone slipped this congressman a laxative, the congress would have to be put on mudslide watch.

      He is owned by the health insurance companies his stock in trade is fear. This approach used to be a non-starter when the U.S. was in fact the home of the brave. He and his Republican colleagues have worked and continue to work to change that. A fearful population is good for the Health Insurance corporations.

      • Michael J.

        Actually, this type of propaganda is on the air almost daily or if you watch MSNBC, it is on 24/7. If someone slipped Pelosi and Reid a laxative, the congress would have to be put on mudslide watch.

        They are owned by the health insurance companies, their stock in trade is fear. This approach used to be a non-starter when the U.S. was in fact the home of the brave. They and their Progressive/Liberal colleagues have worked and continue to work to change that. A fearful population is good for the Progressive/Liberal plans to implement One World Governance.

        *Deciphering Progressive/Liberal pig latin is a simple matter of visualizing the exact opposite of what they are saying. By utilizing this method, one arrives at the real truth.

  • Mike D

    I can not for the life of me understand why these “BOZOS” continually push this garbage in our faces when it appears so absolute that the American people want real change that works and not some B.S. take over!

    Congress has yet to acknowledge or propose any significant changes that will actually improve quality or lower coasts of Health Care. Though there are plenty of ideas that have been suggested, they were completely ignored. ???

    In Pres. Obama’s own words “they still don’t get it”!

    • DaveH

      The best idea of all is for government to butt out of the healthcare field. They pretend to be necessary, but in fact all they do is get in the way of the healthcare providers. Here are some real solutions:

  • C King

    I am a Canadian. My neice who is well educated holding a masters degree and my great nephew are American. I worry for them and feel very sorry for all Amiricans who are burdened with private medical insurance. You are being hoodwinked by greedy corporations.

    I have not now, nor ever felt any concern about becoming ill. I do worry for my neice.

    I work full time and therefore contribute to medical insurance, yes for all citizens. When I was younger, a student and then seeking employment, one thing I never had to worry about is becoming ill.

    Medical insurance for all saw to that.
    Many in the USA who have worked a lifetime are currently uninsured, through no fault of their own. What about them? So you leave them and say “tough luck?”

    I urge all of you to think about what you are closing the door on. Public insurance is the best thing and should be accessable to all citizens.

    • DaveH

      Where does anybody get the idea that Heathcare Insurance is a necessity of life? Do you think, C King, that you are somehow going to cheat the Grim Reaper by forcing others to be in your same boat?
      When middle-men are added to the system, of course costs are going to go up. Especially if those middle-men are Government Bureaucrats.
      The people that have healthy life-styles are no way going to come out ahead in the long run with insurance. And the people who have average life-styles will not even break even on average as a result of the added costs of the middle-men. So, only those who live unhealthy life-styles come out ahead. Is this something that should be forced on unwilling people? I think not.
      If you want to be a subject C King, fine. But butt out of our choices. We Americans like our freedom.
      Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

    • Michael J.

      C King,
      With due respect, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams and many others do not share your confidence in Canadian Health Care. Apparently, Canadian Health Care is for those who can not afford to come to America for treatment.


    “WOW!” That was my initial reaction to Congressman Mike Rogers opening remarks, which were astonishingly on the money. Then I read Carly Baker’s comments, which I wholeheartedly agree with! As to which news organization would actually air his presentation, I can only think of one out there that would be willing to do so, in a fair and balanced way. You get three guesses as to which media broadcast that would be, and your first two don’t count. Regarding Timothy Jack Taylor’s impeachment wishes, I hope the only aspect he’s wrong about is the timing. It won’t occur in the Spring, but it could become a reality once the traitorous Obama sycophants are voted out in droves this coming November! THAT MAN (obama) is an absolute menace to any freedom loving American, in addition to being woefully incompetent, he represents a clear and present danger to liberty as well as to our rights as individual citizens. THAT MAN couldn’t run a hot dog stand and make a profit. THAT MAN could not fire a daisy BB gun and yet he is (for the time being) our commander-in-chief! Contrary to what he states about himself, THAT MAN is, in fact, a COMMITTED SOCIALIST IDEOLOGUE! Our TRUE national nightmare will be over only when THAT MAN is removed from office.


    “WOW!” That was my initial reaction to Congressman Mike Rogers opening remarks, which were astonishingly on the money. Then I read Carly Baker’s comments, which I wholeheartedly agree with! As to which news organization would actually air his presentation, I can only think of one out there that would be willing to do so, in a fair and balanced way. You get three guesses as to which media broadcast that would be, and your first two don’t count. Regarding Timothy Jack Taylor’s impeachment wishes, I hope the only aspect he’s wrong about is the timing. It won’t occur in the Spring, but it could become a reality once the traitorous Obama sycophants are voted out in droves this coming November! THAT MAN (obama) is an absolute menace to any freedom loving American. In addition to being woefully incompetent, he represents a clear and present danger to liberty as well as to our rights as individual citizens. THAT MAN couldn’t run a hot dog stand and make a profit. THAT MAN could not fire a daisy BB gun and yet he is (for the time being) our commander-in-chief! Contrary to what he states about himself, THAT MAN is, in fact, a COMMITTED SOCIALIST IDEOLOGUE! Our TRUE national nightmare will be over only when THAT MAN is removed from office.

  • proudamerican

    YAY Dave, u tell it like it is. if u did the right thing all ur life and worked hard for YOURSELf not for some lazy ass that couldnt care less. I worked my whole life, supported myself and family, that is MY JOB,have had insurance and have been without. graduated college, paying students loans, are the lazy folks going to help me pay that back?? why not??? they are taking my money. IT IS MY CHOICE WHETHER OR NOT I WANT INSURANCE AND WHERE I GET IT FROM. government cant even run a lousy post office. BIG GOV.-NO SOLUTIONS/SMALL GOV.-HUGE SOLUTIONS.GOD BLESS AMERICA, I LOVE U AMERICA AND I AM FREEEEEEEE (4 now)

  • Lloyd Revalee

    In the House version of the Health Reform Bill I could find nothing definite about just what we would get if it were passed. I did count over 50 times it saying that the Commissioner would have the power to do everything connected to the bill. One man with the power to say who could have health care. how much it would cost, a person who could raise the cost at will, cancel your health care program, and on and on. If the bill were passed, the would probably change his title to Commissar. The main purpose of the House version of the bill seems to be to allow the government more power over our lives. Communistic aims are to eliminate our religion, ruin our economy, control the labor force, control our children’s education, eliminate private ownership of property, etc. Make us so dependent on the government that they will control every aspect of our lives. If they get their way they may soon tell us when we can go to the bathroom, and what we can do when we go there.

    • James #2

      The government entered our bathrooms many years ago, when they mandated what toilets we could use in our homes and offices. This is Fascism and was their first move on us. Wasn’t that about 15 years ago? Nobody said anything in protest because these were “green toilets” and who can argue with environmentalism? Today, these over-rated “super-efficient” 1.5 gallon toilets usually require two flushes to get the job done, from what I have seen. The more things change the more they remain the same. This is progressive? Heil Hitler!

      • BozoBeater

        Yo, do not mix Fascism with Nationalsocialism. Screaming HEIL HITLER! makes you a friend of mine, but if you are referring to Fascism you should yell AVE DUCE BENITO! – to Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini – istead of Siegy Siegy.

        By the way, the environmentalist green WCs are part of Americas bolshevisation NOT Fascism.
        Siegy Siegy!

  • Linda Fisher, South Carolina

    I hope we can get everyone of the congressmen who vote for this insane bill out of office in 2012 if we still have the rite to vote by then.
    Thanks for standing up against this nonsense.

  • Fred L W

    For too long we have allowed the left leaning supposedly progressives use Paper Tigers to set the argument. Special interest groups have taken over the public voice of middle class America using disingenuous methods to turn our government against the American Way. The Ultra Left and Ultra Right do not represent those in the Middle Class who carry the burden of the everyday America. The majority of Americans want Smaller Government, Lower taxes, Competitive Marketing and Innovations AND REAL representation in Congress. Most Americans do not oppose taxes but do oppose being used to fund Idea-logues agendas such as Cap and Tax, Government Run Down your Throat Health care, and Deficits that will require taxes that will reduce the living standard of our nation to the one of a Banana Republic for years to come.

  • Mark

    What are these people(republicans) doing about costs?
    Health insurance can easily cost much more than all of your other insurance combined, and then after hearing horror stories from people you know and trust you wonder if your insurance will cover you when you need it or will they cancel you after first payment.

    I may not trust the republican wannabes the democrats to provide beneficial change to the health care insurance situation but I trust the Republicans even less when it come to providing any benefits to the general population.
    Oh they will gladly help those who really do not need the help. Like a banker who only loans money to people who do not need a loan their only real concern is the profit motive. It has been class warfare for many decades now and the wealthy have all the guns.

  • mark h

    Mark, It’s 3am go to bed. Things look better in the sunshine, not the darkened hall of congress,

  • N Swenson

    I am amazed to hear what we think and what we feel actually be verbalized there in Washington. I know there are alot of you there, but it sure does not feel like it when listening to “regular” news….by the way I have stopped listening to 95% of that except some of Fox News. We need to go back to Biblical teaching and listen to the wisest instructions ever printed. I agree with Mr Rogers, and thank you sir for stepping up and speaking out. Blessings on you, Mrs. Swenson

  • http://personallibertynews marybeth

    I am from the UK. Dont know how well healthcare works in Canada but probably pretty much the same. Soon as you get a decent job and a bit of money you get private health insurance and Im talking middle class not rich. Its the only way to get proper care like a doctor who can actually speak english. Truth is we pay twice.

  • Spencer

    It is easy for Mr. Rogers to be against this plan because he gets free healthcare provided to him by the government which we already pay for anyway. What is the difference, we already basically have socialized medicine anyway because of the size of our federal government,that was created by certain political leaders in the last 25 years,not to mention the lobbyists who keep their kickbacks coming from big pharmaceuticals who run the healthcare system.

    • linda

      You need to learn to recognize when a man is speaking from his heart and speaking for someone other than himself. This congressman is a delight to hear and eloquently verbalizes the gut feelings of most of the American people. He needs to be praised and honored.
      I hope you will listen again; in that way you won’t just be criticizing from a certain viewpoint.

  • Eric Holme

    Mr. Rogers is following the same line that the Insurance companies told him to say. He would rather see the insurance companies deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions or age or other stupid reason. I have relatives who live in Canada, England and Belgium.
    They have a health care system that does not deny ANYONE medical care.
    Cancer care in Canada covers ALL treatments. Mr. Rogers is DEAD WRONG in his statement about Canada. My brother has seen four friends who had the best treatment for their cancer. The Republicans are puppets for the health insurance business.

    • Hello?

      Eric.Opinions are plentyful, everyone has one. From wehat I understand in this healthcare bill, everyone has to buy ins. now how are the millions of homeless people going to pay for ins. and of courst millions of others that think everyone else owes them a living, Nowm, if you casn’t buy ins you will have to pay a penalty or fine, where is this coming from, oh, I remember now , that is where the public option comes from and with that you will still be paying for your ins. and someone elses. Socialism at it’s finest. History has taught some of us that competition is the best thing to bring down costs and with government regulation removes the competition. Greedy lawyers and greedy defendants are the main things that are causing medical services to rise so fast. We need reform but not government control. We are in a self destruct mode. Why are we all of a sudden in debt trillions of dollars and who is going to pay for all these freebies for half the nation. I suggest you go out and buy a rifle and learn how to shoot. Watch Surviver and get a clue of what is to come.

  • Paul Wilbur

    I have been reading and digesting on this forum for the first time, and several things are apparent to me. 1. The anger-filled rhetoric on the left, trying to defend bills that haven’t even been read; the senseless tact of name-calling and attack speech says to me that there is a frustration level that is going to blow. 2. We conservatives have a very rare opportunity to help turn this great nation around this year. It took a Carter to get a Reagan, and now we have Carter times 10 that could win this nation a huge ‘change we can all believe in’ this fall! So stick to the facts and don’t get dragged into pettiness with those who have no legs to stand on. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Emperor declared that he feared all they had done was to awaken a sleeping giant. I believe this administration has accomplished just that; the Conservative American Giant has awakened and he is carrying a really big stick!

  • Stephanie Waynesboro, Pa.

    Why is everyone against “Big business ” ? You can’t have it both ways-we need jobs but, aren’t they big employers too !? As I see it the topic should be how do we get rid of so much regulation that is in ANY business. That is were costs come in. My father, father-in-law and my brother-in-law are in the insurance business. The continuing education for just the regs is mind boggling! I have a small business and now because of China we are up against new rules for lead saftey that will put me out of business. What ! My company hasn’t poisioned any one. Why don’t we pressure China to clean up there mess- oh that’s right we owe them a crap load of money. No one uses common sense any more. Our family has a major medical plan and it costs us about $550/ month. Not bad when you consider my son’s emergency apendectomy costs $45,000. If we didn’t have insurance he still would have had the surgery and we would be making payments to the hospital instead. He got great care and they literally saved his life. I think that people forget that in a business you are SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY !! Why is that a bad thing ? Big business donates alot of money to projects that no one ever hears about. Don’t you see that they are putting us in a class war ? My friend just bought a boat- should I have one too or is it that he WANTS one and I don’t ?! We are a country that needs to remember that we are NOT OWED a thing and must work for what you have. Sometimes the more you give someone the more you cripple them. If you think the gov. can run anything well- watch the news. We are ***hole deep in snow and the streets of DC are untouched by a plow for the whole storm. Oh by the way- we all knew this was coming and they still haven’t repaired about 25% of the plows yet !!Some streets are actually being snowblown by the neighbors !! Now thats the American spirit !! We don’t always have to wait for the gov. to help us !! Gotta go – it’s time to shovel !!

    • linda

      The trouble with your comment is that this is NOT big business; this is a GOVERNMENT run health care bill that will strangle any real business. Also, just because 15% of the people don’t have insurance, there really is no problem for them in the present America. In the PRESENT America, people with no insurance are able to go to the Emergency Room and still get help. If we change to a socialized/communist medicine like the present administration is advocating it will probably be more like 85% of the people who can’t get the medical attention they need. So, back off. Mr. Obama is taking a small problem and blowing it up into a big problem just so that he can accomplish his radical agenda that the people do not want. It is time to get him out of his office. Hopefully, he will not destroy our whole successful system in the remaining time he has in office.

  • Josie60

    Oh Wow He Gets It!

  • http://wildblue Betty

    Thank God for intelligent people like this fellow!! More power to him and those who are like him, may they grow.

    • linda

      I totally agree with your statement.

  • Grandma Mize

    grandma Mize says; Thank you Stephanie God bless you . You got it why doesn’t the world get it . God helps those who help their selves.

  • James H.

    WE NEED to be just as fiery and forthright as Mr. Rogers. I’m tired of being told I don’t think right or I’m not politically correct. What I am for are the common sense and true fact approach to SOLVING PROBLEMS not prolonging them or enhancing the very thing we want to do away with. Competition and free market will always come to the rescue when the government steps or stumbles out of the way. Many of the so called insurance companies in the health field have carte blanch because of deals with lobbyists. Now we have the right to lobby or kick out our representatives who have done the wrong thing, regardless of party. All the problems can be fixed simply by eliminating the requirements and dictates of federal government. Read and understand the Constitution and you’ll see the wisdom of the Founders when they dictated that they would assist the several states in commerce and defense. PERIOD Wake up and get back on course for our children and grandchildren’s futures. We all owe that much. To those liberals willing to defend this illogical structure of rob from the middle class and redistribute to themselves and the lower class. EAT LEAD. Other than that, have a nice day.

    • linda

      Thank you for mentioning “political correctness.” This is the problem with our country. “Political correctness” is a religion that is trying to smother out true beliefs. I am tremendously tired of people thinking we have to be “politically correct.” This is a guise to destroy our individual freedoms, especially the freedom of religion. The only real answer for our problems is trust in God. God is the author of freedom. When our founding fathers conceived America they wanted all to have religious freedom. Since we have tried to take any mention of God out of the public square, we have successfully gotten our freedom from freedom.

  • Steve G.

    I am one of the millions of Americans that can’t afford Insurance. I own a small construction business and refuse to pay the absurd premiums that the Insurance companies are asking, so I pay for medical as I need it and save thousands of dollars a year. Every time I have to go to the ER (not often) I pay through the nose, while I watch the Illegals in front of me get it for free. and we wonder why it cost so much. But that is the way I choose to do it so I can’t complain too much about it.
    I would like to see a viable solution to the problem. A government run health care system is NOT the answer. I would rather not have insurance at all, then to have insurance run by our government. It won’t take long before we are all paying more for government insurance that doesn’t work, than we did before the government took over. Look at what they have done with Social Security. What a mess. I wrote my Congresswoman and said if this insurance is so good then why is congress not on it. Of course, No reply. how can we Americans expect congress to do anything that is good for America, when they have proven to us that they only want to do what is their best interest. Our government has turned into nothing but a self serving JOKE !! and I don’t want them to make any decisions for me.

    • linda

      Well said, Steve. Thank you for taking your health care concerns into your own hands. That is how America became strong. People not only trust in God but also do their own part to be responsible for their own needs. Thank you, again.

  • diane

    The majority of americans are very proud to have corporate insurance. We all know that the ceo’s take very little and give coverage to all those that are in need of medical care.

  • R. G. Blair

    Thank God for Congressman Mike Rogers !! He has brains and uses them. Mike Rogers is much, much smarter than our sorry president. As far as
    I can see, the only thing he is good at is fooling untelligent people to think that he’s smart. He’s ‘commander in chief’ and doesn’t know how to pronounce corpsman. Also, I heard him on TV say he has been all over our great country, visiting 57 states with just one left to see. All Americans KNOW we have a total of 50 states. He’s a good snake oil salesman but he certainly is not brilliant. He can’t speak one sentence without teleprompters – not even to a classroom of grade school students. ELECT MIKE ROGERS PRESIDENT !!

    • linda

      I believe I’d vote for him if he were running!

  • Rio Rita

    What patriotic Americans who believe in freedom and the Constitution need to do now is this: Start writing letters and emails, filling out surveys, and making phone calls to tell President Obama and his fellow left-wing followers that not only do we NOT want their healthcare reform…..WE DON’T WANT THEM. It should make no difference what they do after this. They have shown themselves to be irresponsible keepers of freedom and the free enterprise system. This is not just a mistake on their part. It is a mind set on their part and some will not change their minds and that includes Obama, Pelosi and Reid. The rest that have been bamboozled into the Obamacare scheme, etc. need to be removed for their lack of courage to stand up and fight this Socialist regime. Listen to what Obama says and then look at what he does. He has no intention of backing down on anything he has proposed even though the American people are screaming at him to do so. Let’s get them all out and then demand the remaining Republicans and Democrats who have fought Obamacare to be responsible and be committed to freedom and the American people whom they serve.

    • linda

      Well said!

  • lorraine

    Dear Congressman and your friends, President Obama, Congress and House:

    Forget it! What we Americans have just experienced since 2008 and 2009 and continuing this year with Nancy Pelosi, Freddy, and Obama we are not interested in ANY GOVERNMENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM. You are all a bunch of GOVERMENTAL QUACKS!

    Look what you have done to our banking, our retirement programs, our jobs, our schools, safety and national security, our US resources such as land, water, forestry..our borders.


    We do not need your help in our lives. I agree with the forefather who said, think it was Andrew Jackson.

    ” A government big enough to give you everything is a government big enough to take away everything you have.”

    President Obama, the congress and house, judiciary, treasury are doing just that right before our very eyes. We FEEL YOUR DANGEROUS PRESENCE IN OUR LIVES.


    Quit rendering me and all Americans poorer than when you entered office!

  • Linda O

    I agree that we need to make available some sort of health care to those who can truly not afford it, but we have that already! It’s called Medicaid.
    Many of the “uninsured” are people who CHOOSE to be uninsured.
    I beleive in personal responsibility. If we were really to follow the Constitution, we would do away with long term Medicaid and make those programs temporary, much like Clinton did with Welfare back in the 90″s. Entitlement programs make our people lazy. We tend to take the path of least resistance. It’s like a closet – the more room you have in it and the more closets you have, the more junk we fill them with.
    I beleive we need to reform health care, but not as an entitlement. Let the private sector take care of it by #1. Allow competition across state lines, #2. Get government out of the way and stop requiring aspects of health care not everyone wants (like smoking cessation, marriage counseling, even cancer care. Believe it or not, there are many people who would opt for alternative medicine choices over traditional cancer care. #3. Set up plans much like a life insurance company sets up plans. If you buy in YOUNG, you can lock in a less expensive plan, if you wait until mid life, it should be more expensive. Allow the buyer to pick each category of a plan they personally desire. Allow a basic “catastrophic” plan be the base and people can expand it from there as it suits their needs. And assure that nothing is FREE. A free lunch breeds couch potatoes.

  • APatriot

    Mr. Rogers – you have identified EXACTLY why conservatives KNOW Obama’s Government controlled Health Care is a disaster. Ask the Canadiens about
    their (Government controlled) Health Care System. Do not ask the young as tkheir numbers do not need specialized health care YET. Ask people 50 & over about Canada’s Government run health care program.

    Canadiens who can afford to do so, come to the United States for GOOD medical care when they need the best.

  • mike

    There people alot of people saying that healthcare is better everywhere else.I sold my house to a Brit that suffered for years with a undiagnosed gall bladder.Months to see a doctor and if they had found the problem months more to get surgury.His employer finally had him go to his private doctor and found the gall bladder problem and within the week removed it. Allowing him to have a life again.
    Watch Danial Hannan on u-tube he’s the British rep to the EU tell why we don’t want the model being held up as better than what we have.
    We could have a better system by fixing what doesn’t work in ours.
    I’ll take freedom over safety.


  • http://none Lewis Munn

    When my congrfessmen, esp-ecially the very rich democtartgs, put aside their healthcare fro the government, and their suptuous retirement plns, qand use nothing more tht the Government health retirement plns they inflict on us, the Inwilol be incined to go long with them.



  • Lewis Munn

    I am very disappointed with my representatives.

    They get retirement benefits I cannot even comprehend, cushy to say the least, out of my pocket. They have wonderful medical plans. I asked them, and they are “too important” to even consider signing up to what they wish to compel the rest of us to get!!

    I will vote for them not again, seeing they want to live high on the hogs off my monies, and give me slop! Last I saw, they even had a provision in the one bill to make it legal for the government to drain my bank accounts w/o telling me, or justify the stealing of my money.

    They need to write small, individual bills in the open, not huge 2000 page bills covering everything from soup to nuts, in secret, and then ram them through, down our throats. One of the things Obama has broken faith with America, and even those who voted for His Highness.

    I worry about UNION influence; forced Unionization, even in police and emergency crews, so they can strike and leave us with no public servants to care for emergencies.

    It is interesting, there seem to be about as many Illegal Aliens Obama is anxious to make Citizens as there are Citizens right now, out of work. Deport all the illegals, maybe US citizens could find jobs? And if he is allowed to make them legal by Imperial Fiat, who has to pick up their health care and their retirement?

  • Norma

    Wake up America! Can’t you see what this so-called president is doing to you?He is another Hitler ,who by the brought Germany to its knees by trying to take over the world.This is what o’bama is trying to do toAmerica,and no the use of small letters in his name was no typo.He does not deserrve capitol letters in a name he probably stole like he did the birth right that by the way we as Americans were born with.Frankly,I for one am tired of having to dial one for English.



  • Dan Shelhart

    I also support what Congresman Mike Rogers has said in this video. I would also like to say that i have never in my life been sooo afraid of my government..I never thought my Country would even consider Socialism…How the hell have we gotten to this stage in life that we would even consider this type of solution..This is soo anti American and anti progress anit american way that it makes me sick!!..Where the hell did this President come from…HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN..NOT BY SPIRIT ANYWAY!!..WE NEED A REVOLUTION, LIKE THE CIVIL WAR..WE CAN’T EVEN ALLOW THIS GOV. TO EVEN THINK SOCIALISM!!!..WAR,WAR,WAR,IS THE ONLY WAY..Anyone that thinks different is ANTI AMERICAN!!!!!

  • Bob

    First, Obama-care is extremely unconstitutional. IT violates the 9th and 10th amendments. Second, does anybody really believe that the same people who brought us cash-for-clunkers and Walter Reed will give us good medical care.

    What would happen is everybody gets “free” health care. Everybody goes into a clinic at the first sign of pain. The clinics are overwhelmed, costs go up. Government officials can’t pay the bills. They cut reimbursements to doctors. Doctors leave their profession. Lines form. People die.

  • Joe A. Everson

    Rights and liberaties, what’s the source?
    God our Creator the answer of course.
    God created man on the sixth day
    Gave him the Bible and sent him on his way.
    Wishing a nation with good underpining
    On God’s words they based it at the beginning.
    Our Constitution was fashioned the goal to assure
    A limit on our servents to keep them demure.
    So we and our government have prospered you see
    By trusting our God and the Bible, Old K.J.V.

    In other words, if the Constitution doesn’t say the
    Government can do something they can’t. The
    Constitution limits government activity to those
    things enumerated and no more.

  • Kanwi Aussie

    It seems to me that Barak Obama is going to be a bigger disaster for Americans that Jimmy Carter ever was. I don’t even think he is constitutionally qualified to be in the President to begin with. How did you Americans get yourselves into tis pickle? kanwi

  • Edward T Graney

    I am a 79 year old man that has been politically active since i ‘ran’ votes for my Mother, a judge of our preceint in elections, when I was 8 years old. I haven’t seen a more dictatorial government in all these years until now. Obama and his “handlers” ought to be all thrown out of Washington on their asses and if that does not do the trick we better get ready for a revolution. And I don’t mean a political revolution.

    I’m ready for any eventuality, are the rest of you patriots?

  • Merrill

    First and foremost, on heath care, what is good for the goose, should
    be good for the gander. However, the politians are not going to give
    up their cadillac insurance, that “we” pay for. If the gov’t wants a
    plan for the uninsured. Do it, and let them pay for their gov’t care
    plan when they get a job like anyone else. We need a constitional
    convention that forces the fed government to balance the budget. And definitely institute term limits, so we do not have to endure morons
    like Pelosi, Reid, Franks, and the rest of the arrogant bastard liberals who want to destroy capitalism, eventhough, they are enjoying the spoils of it….

  • Rick H

    Well, well, well another spirited discussion, and as usual the libs once again get it absolutly dead wrong. Gov’t run health care sucks! You may be thinking how would he know? The answer is simple I am a veteran and recieve health care from the Veterans Administration. When I call to schedule an appointment I usually have to wait three to four months to see a Doctor. I have an ongoing siezure disorder for which I take anti-siezure drugs, I have been waiting for follow-up appointment with a neurologist for this condition since October 2006 that’s right it will soon be four years since I have seen a specialist. Why, because these VA doctors know they can make two, three even four times the money the gov’t pays them elsewhere, most only take the VA jobs to help clear-up a large portion of their student loans and when those commitments are fulfilled they leave for private practice. So do you Americans really want what I have?

  • Keith C

    To put to rest our health standing of 37 [WHO] . I have spent time in Central America , India, Cypress, and Canada and I will choose our america health care ,even as it is, every time.The reforms of portability and legal restraints would help.

  • uponroof

    Where to start….Progressives constantly target “GREEDY CORPORATIONS”. Obviously they can’t comprehend that the greediest corporation is their beloved GOVERNMENT.

    Liberals/progressives are emotionally based through the need to ‘do good’. Most being godless use the government as an outlet for guilt (help others through the government rather than through local faith based organization). So govermnment is god providing absolution through ‘doing good’. If you oppose this thinking you’re heartless.

    Hence we hear such emotionally charged statements from adolecsent like posters who name call and rant without a shred of substance. Pitiful behavior if not so dangerous to our country’s societal future.

    But times are changing. Progressives who usually enjoy an emotional stronghold are finding it strange that conservatives have emotions too. This progressive president and his progressive congress have through their outlandish policies created…. wildly emotional conservatives (tea party etc).

    Soon we will all learn that the country is ‘right leaning’ and won’t be walked into whatever the progressives are reclassifying year by year as the new ‘center’. Good thing JFK their patron saint isn’t around. They’d crucify him for being a right wing maniac.

  • tracy mathias


  • Susan

    Thank God for people like Mr. Roger’s. I commend you Sir for seeing the truth in this horrendous bill. Now if some others would read the darn thing.. maybe all of them would see it as the atrocity that it is. God Bless the USA

  • BozoBeater

    Hey, did u any of you heard that NObamas granny is facing deportation back to Kenya, bc she is illegally in the USA???
    Obama’s Kenyan Aunt Battles Deportation
    February 15, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk
    President Obama’s paternal aunt Zeituni Onyango, who is a citizen of Kenya and living in the U.S. illegally, appeared in a Boston court recently to fight a deportation order issued in 2004.

    Onyango, who is wheelchair bound, testified before Judge Leonard Shapiro about her asylum request, according to media reports. Her previous request filed in 2002 was denied both in first instance and on appeal, but the 57-year-old remained in the U.S. nonetheless.

    The latest round began in December 2008, when the deportation order was suspended pending a new asylum bid. Judge Shapiro did not issue a ruling last week, and attorneys have 30 days to file written closing briefs. The hearing may be continued on May 25 if there is no decision before then.

    The case has come under fire from immigration reform proponents, such as Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, who said it is symptomatic of what is wrong with the U.S. asylum adjudication process.

    “Her case is all too typical, where you have people who have had countless bites at the apple, continuing to press appeal after appeal…and never actually being removed from the country,” he said, quoted by

    Mehlman added that this only encourages immigrants to abuse America’s asylum policies.

    A spokesperson for Obama said the president is not involved in any aspect of the case.

    “This is a legal issue, and the president strongly believes that the law should be followed by everyone,” press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters last week, quoted by CNN.



  • thecap

    Maj. (?) Wright manages to supply the barbaric yawp of the yahoo in suggesting that those who wish to change the system should leave.
    Guess what supposed Maj. Wright: this left/liberal/radical Springsteen American is going to stay just where he is and change the system from within.
    This left/liberal/radical Springsteen American has just as much right to fly the flag of our country from my house as you do.
    This left/liberal/radical Springsteen American doesn’t give your supposed status as a veteran any value whatsoever.
    To me, you’re Scott – nothing more, nothing less.
    Get over yourself!
    We WILL get health care reform, and the hard right religious lunatic radical fringe will oppose it just as they did Social Security and Medicare.
    You will just have to deal with it.

  • mickey

    wake up america and listen to the people Obama and his minions want to destroy the republic for which our flag represents. The difference between a republic and a democracy is simple. A democracy is when 2 wolves and one sheep vote on whats for dinner. A republic keeps and enforces the laws (constitution) it formed to protect the sheep.
    who is the sheep?
    that you folks.

  • George Sidoti

    It’s simple Congressman Mike Rogers, I want the same health care program as a taxpayer as you have as a tax recipient!

    What makes you and your family so much better with the health care program you have as a federal employee, than anyone else who is probably working twice as hard making half as much money as you earn.

    When Abraham Lincoln made the quote about “not making a weak man strong by making a strong man weak”, President Lincoln was referring to the wealth and financial security of a nation, not health care. Lincoln also said…”With charity for all and malice toward none”.

    Your arguments are weak Congressman Rogers….very weak. We, the people in order to form a more perfect union…want a national health care program exactly like the one you have for you and yours.

  • michael santos

    We need more politicians in Washington like Mr. Rogers – wake up America the Pelosi’s and the Obama’s don’t seem to have a firm grip on reality or maybe they just don’t care. Doesn’t pelosi cost us 120,000 dollars a week on jet fuel – We need health reform but we don’t need government expansion – I agree this is awful

  • Denise Mills

    Finally someone to speak for conservative Americans! Go Mike Rogers. Most people are saying they dont want govern run health care and Obamaland is not listening, he is only interested in his ideals, to heck with what the people want. I have written many a congressman,and congresswoman, and senators with my views and have gotten very little response, I will continue to write until I get heard. I am tired of working hard and having so much taken away, govern is really the enemy!! we are even taxed at death, think about it, it is a double tax, I want to leave it to my family not to those thieves in Washinton. Theres never been any mention of tort reform in this healthcare debate or shopping around for insurance rates, why isnt this in the bill. Throw away the bill and forget about it, why should I keep paying for these people who want everything for free!! Get off your butt and get a job, and if the only thing you can do is flip burgers at McDonalds then so be it. Im in school for my Masters Degree at age 50, and if you dont think its hard then try it!!!

  • Peter Nicol

    I would like to ask everyone in Michigan to re-elect Congressman Mike Rogers after listening to his opening remarks on the health care bill on utube.

  • Deanna

    How long are we going to take this ? Are there any heroes left in Anerica? Groups like the ACORN are giving us certain groups of people that are spokespersons for just about every business advertised on the TV…..They are guiding the young in this country….and we are letting this all happen without a thought of how its changing our lives….They want World power….
    They are looking to completely dominate us…Soon we will all wear the gray uniforms and click our heels to do their biding…..Wake up people, stop giving in…
    Our country was based on one thing….Now they are taking even the smallest spark of hope away…..Its still supposed to be One Nation…UNDER GOD>>>>>>

  • Steve Thompson

    I continue in my confusion about the proposed “health plan” and the on-going discussions. Neither seems to deal as much with health or wellness in America as with insurance. Congress has proposed yet another boondoggle – this one to the health insurance industry — without any attempt to deal with the core issue. Vilfredo Pareto discovered a couple hundred years ago that problem solving can most efficiently and cost-effectively be accomplished by solving that 20% of the entire problem that causes fully 80% of the entire problem. Rather, our Congress insists on the foolhardy attempt to solve the entire problem! I’d ask that, instead of skirting the core issue, Congress focus on health care and wellness, rather than wasting their time and our money reforming health insurance.

  • http://Google Victoria

    You all know so much about other countries and their crummy health care… well I can only speak of two.

    I lived in France for 2 years, never waited for a doctor visit, had pre-melanoma removed from my back 3 days after they spotted it, emergency appendectomy with a hospital stay of 5 days, then 2 weeks of visiting nurses to make sure I was doing ok. All of this cost less than $100.

    My taxes were high by our standards, about 50% but the government serves it’s people so well. The public access to transportation is fabulous with no headaches getting gas, rush hour, even paying for a car, I didn’t need one until I moved to a very rural place but the bus and train system was wonderful too. The public schools, the cities, the parks I could go on and on. Everything had enough people working, everything was very clean, their parks are a huge gift to their people. A person doesn’t mind paying more for taxes when they get so much in return.

    Mr. Rogers spoke of Canada and I lived their for 5 years – same story. The longest I waited to get an appointment with my doctor was maybe 2 days. If I felt it was an emergency they saw me that day. I don’t remember waiting longer than 20 minutes in the waiting room.

    To see my in the OBG/YN in America took 2 1/2 months and I sat in her waiting room almost 2 hours! He is so wrong about waiting to get emergency surgery for all kinds of cancer. 3 of my friends had breast cancer and were in hospital within a couple days. I don’t know where he’s getting his information but it is just wrong.

    Now I’m back home in California paying $1083 per month for a family of 4 with a $5,000 deductible and it will go back up 39% as soon as the administration lets them. I don’t want anything for free but my insurance premiums go up every 6 months and my job doesn’t pay for it.

    Either most republicans get insurance through work or they are independently wealthy. This is killing my family. My husband and I squeeze every penny and go without alot but we never get ahead because every 6 months Blue Cross want a couple hundred more. I don’t know if I will even have my job in 6 months!

    I don’t want to go on State Aid but eventually we will because we soon won’t be able to afford insurance. Why are they so greedy? Why don’t they raise the premiums on businesses? Why only the poorer folk?.
    Why don’t any republicans care about their fellow Americans? Why won’t any of you help us? It’s like you hate us. It’s like you want us to die.


  • Hello?

    Victoria, most Americans are suffering right now, you’re not in a boat by yourself. Just think about it for a minute. Have you ever worked for a poor man? No because he does not own a business and what most people don’t understand in a society that we have always lived in business struggle also and the more cost that the government place on business the less jobs they will supply, taxes and burdens implimented by federal and local governments cost jobs. I don’t own any business but I can see where my bread comes from and it comes from business. Our Government is soley responsable for all the jobs moving to other parts of the world. The only way that we, Americans will have jobs and insurance is for our Government leave business alone , give them breaks and let free trade take over, give them incentives to stay in the US and make enough profit to be able to hire workers and supply Insurance. The Gov. is the problem. Just look at the jobs that Microsoft and all the richest people supply to out citizens and whether we like it or not the money people are in charge. The more that Gov. places regulations and taxes on the companys and every dollar burden they put on businesses is one more dollar that the worker will not get. If the Gov. would let business operate tax free, they would move back into this country supply jobs and gernerate taxes for the government through the worker. Whether you know it or not the Democrats are not your friend. ill Clinton singed a bill in 1999 to force banks to loan money to people that canno’t afford housing. Why? Pressure from all the groups that want something for nothing and people like us pay for it and this is the reason that you are in the condition that you are right now. Beyond populsr belief , the Republicans did not cause this problem and a government control of our healthcare and every other aspect of your life will not solve the problem , it will just make it worse. The Dems. have been selling us down the river, taking our money and giving it to those that will not work, it is called buying votes with someone else’s money. Control is all they are interested in. Plaease do some research and find out the truth. If you think that that you are in trouble now, wait until this administration gets through with you. Nothing is free and it is everyones responsability to support themselves. I wish you and your family prosperity but it will not happen with Government regulations. Look who is in charge and has been in charge for the past almost four years in the two houses of congress and you blame Republicans. You want to bite the hand that feeds you. Find out the truth! Sounds like you would be better off in Canada. Why are everyone that need care or surgety coming to the U.S. Good luck.

  • Ty Collins

    Pease unsubscribe me from this raving idiotic lunacy.

  • http://Google Victoria

    Hello Hello?
    Well, what an idiot I am for expecting some actual dialog from a republican. Not one word of compassion or understanding. Of course you suggest I move back to Canada! Isn’t that the GOP line “love it or leave it”? I prefer “love it and improve it”.

    1st: my job USED to have health insurance until it got too expensive and my boss explained he just couldn’t afford to offer it anymore. Gosh, I wish my government could have stepped in and REGULATED those increases just like my state REGULATES auto insurance.

    2nd: give big business tax breaks? Are you kidding? They have all sorts of ways of getting out of paying taxes. Did you know that Boeing hasn’t paid taxes for the last five years? Ever hear of off-shore tax evaders? This administration is the first in decades to attempt to do anything about it and poof! all of a sudden money is pouring in from these great American businesses. The ONLY reason companies move to other countries is because of cheap labor.

    3rd: Clinton did have a small role in softening the requirements of mortgages. Hindsight is 20/20 and at that time banks weren’t screwing people right and left. You’ll remember George H. W. Bush started this whole “financial help for first time home buyers” by penalty-free IRA withdrawals and tax breaks. His son, Baby Bush, made it FAR WORSE and he did see what was coming and chose to do nothing when many in his circle were telling him things were getting out of control. He lied us into an unnecessary war with no idea how to pay for it. Times were good with Clinton. He balanced the budget and people were optimistic. Then you guys finagled baby Bush in with your ACTIVIST SUPREME COURT JUDGES and this country slid into hell. You people have such short attention spans. When the Houses tried to pass decent bills the GOP stopped them, just as they are doing now.

    4th: so you think people would rather be on the dole than working? That is the biggest, ugliest lie that republicans spread. Go to an unemployment office someday and educate yourself.

    5th: Canadians coming here for surgery come for PLASTIC SURGERY. Another one of your pitiful lies.

    So, Hello? why don’t you do a little homework, huh? Maybe you’ll sound a little less asinine. But of course the big guys in the GOP want you uninformed so they can keep pulling the wool over your eyes and falling down with laughter at how stupid you all are. Their only worry is that you might smarten up.
    You’ll keep voting against your own best interests screaming all the way about how bad we DEM’s are but seriously… LOOK WHO PUT AMERICA IN THE HOLE. Got a mirror?

    Keep your luck, you’ll need it soon enough

  • http://congressmanmikerogers Joan

    To Sonny the new Grandfather: You are wrong friend. I have 23 grandchildren and 13 gr. grandchildren and over half of them have no health insurance (yes, most of their parents are working). My beautiful granddaughter, 23 years old has juvenile diabetes, works full-time for Loehman’s Dept. Store and has no health insurance, has barely enough money for food, insulin, needles and skips drs appts because she cannot afford to pay the doctor. She has to go to the hospital continually because of abcesses.
    I am so tired of listening to your uninformed, unthinking ranting and not to mention the predominantly “unChristian” attitudes toward those who are not as lucky as you might be. Where did this callous, selfish, uninformed type of American come from – not from my world!

  • Bob

    Finally someone gets it. Wow, I wish I could vote for Roger. He has hit the nail on the head and I totally agree with him. Why are we putting up with this stuff out of Washington? Roger is right and I will find a way to support him in the up and coming election. All the government can do is hurt the majority to help a few who have chosen not to work and did not choose to get health care insurance. My son is self employed and he has health insurance and his is a start up it is only he and his wife right now. If he can do it then anyone can do it and without the government or Daddies help. Now they are talking about taking our 401-K’s. Is it me or should they put back their last 2 raises back, as far as I can see they did not earn a raise. Everybody blames Bush, actuall it is the current standing congress that had the majority of the votes and placed this country in it’s current economic situation not one President. Don’t you think that congress makes too much money and that they should give that back before they take the money away from the people? I sure do, but then I alos did not vote for Obama either.

  • chuck

    the enemy or ideology that we are battling has been on the earth as long as we have been. it is clearly in place through out the planet and we see it as a failing. to progressives it is not a failing system they see it as a evolving system. to point it out as failure to then is irrelevant.if you listen to obama he does say evolve our Constitution.the roots of this ideology are demonic. we who truly believe that our rights are endowed by our creater GOD as our constitution clearly says also know that there is a flip side. this is a spiritual battle. most people do not see the correlation between taking GOD out of everything and what is happening. satan is alive and well and he is setting up shop in America within the ideology that is practiced in the progressive movement. our founders had less problems drawing up the frame work of this country then we face to day and they knew they could not do it with out divine intervention.I will invite people to read 2chroncles 7:14. I know that many have bought into the idea that GOD can’t or will not do anything or doesn’t even exist at all. most of those ideas have a directly correlation the progressive ideology. I heard a interview from a russian guy. he said when he first got to America he was approached by a guy that told him that russia was a great country. he said he could not understand why this guy would think that. he went on to say how he could only remember how miserable it was. after he had been her a while quickly discovered how America was very slowly being transitioned in to another russia. he said it was kinda scary that the transition that took place in russia was identical to America’s in the way that they first things they did was remove GOD out of society. GOD bless AMERICA! AMERICA BLESS GOD!


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