Congressional Democrats Secure Special-Interest Money


More than $1 million of the special interest campaign financing has gone to the Democratic leadership within Congress.While President Barack Obama and his election staff have sworn off special-interest money for the 2012 campaign, Democrats in Congress have taken advantage of the dollars that are available from these groups, The Associated Press reported.

Democrats that are vying for Congressional seats have already raked in millions from political action committees (PACs), as they are receiving funding from these special-interest groups while the President is publicly denouncing them, according to the news outlet.

Though both parties are equally guilty of accepting donations, the Democrats have been on the offensive in terms of verbally denouncing the actions of the Republicans. A series of statements have been made against the GOP for a lack of disclosure about the origins of campaign financing, reported the AP.

More than $1 million of the special-interest campaign financing has gone to the Democratic leadership within Congress, the news outlet reported.

The allegations come at a time when the 12 members of the super committee to reduce the budget have received a total of $64.5 million from PACs for campaign financing in the past decade, according to Forbes.

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