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Congressional Democrats Pass Unemployment Extension, Blast GOP For Standing In The Way

July 27, 2010 by  

Congressional Democrats Pass Unemployment Extension, Blast GOP For Standing In The WayAfter weeks of querulous debate the Senate voted last week to restore the long-term jobless aid program and extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans who have been out of work for more than six months.

The bill—which will provide monetary support to more than 2.5 million people whose Federal unemployment benefits expired on June 2—was ratified by the House on July 23, and is expected to be signed by President Obama in the coming days.

Soon after the vote House Democrats blasted Republicans in the Senate for continually blocking the passage of the measure, which is expected to add $34 billion to the national debt.

"The House acted in May, but for six weeks Senate Republicans blocked unemployment insurance," said Representative Sander Levin (D-Mich.). "They stood not on the side of, but in the way of, millions of Americans."

However, GOP lawmakers reiterated several times that they would have been happy to vote for the extension had it been paid for by last year’s economic stimulus package, rather than contributing to the nation’s already ballooning debt, according to The Washington Post.

"I haven’t heard anybody say we shouldn’t be extending unemployment benefits," said Representative Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas). "The difference is one side wants to borrow 34 cents on the dollar, mainly from the Chinese, and send the bill to our children and our grandchildren."

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  • s c

    Are these the same ‘Democrats’ who have always had a MAJORITY via having Herr Obummer in the White House? When one side has a concrete MAJORITY (and can’t get things done), then perhaps there’s something going on that they don’t want to talk about – or explain to the American people.
    It’s nice to know that ‘Democrats’ are truly concerned about the welfare of SOME Americans. On the other hand, if the Chinese are the chief beneficiaries of this “concern” [DEBT], then now is a good time to demand that ‘Democrats’ DEFINE concern (yes, along with ‘hope’ and ‘change’).
    Could it be that there are NO ‘Democrats’ who have children or grandchildren? Either the children and grandchildren of ‘Democrats’ will be exempt from paying off the Chinese, or ‘Democrats’ are doing their damnedest to hide something from the rest of us. And the answer is . . . . . .

    • kate8

      Here is a very good explanation of why those in our government have turned on us, and why they give abosolutely no heed to restraint:

      For those who are unfamiliar with places like the Denver Airport.

    • Dan Burke

      If you pay attention, it is not uncommon for the children of politicians to be politicians and for their friends and family to get “sweet” deals. So, the answer is, yes, their children will be exempt of course…. I think read somewhere that some are beginning to understand that we have a “ruling class” in America.

      • Anthony

        Dan -
        This has always been the case in the class-laden society in England. The spanish brought their Patrician Society to Mexico and Central America and most of South America, as well.

        As far as who has had control for the longest – it has been the DEM’s for almost 45 straight years in a row, from JFK onward. I would have to check about who had the upper hand during the Eisenhower Years. Congress did not fall into Republican hands until 1994 with the Gingrich Contract for America and (of course) Bill Clinton’s RETRO-active across-the-board tax hike of 1993 / not to forget mention of the Bill Clinton written Hillary Health Care Bill that was just passed without being read by the Obama (Soetoro?) Regime.

        Several decades prior to that, the Republicans had control for 50 years straight – but, the greatest damage in our entire history has been from the Progressives, the Silent Revolution and the people (themselves) behaving as cowards constantly demanding someone else go take care of it. That’s the real truth of it. Oh sure, much of what we know now was kept hidden, especially in the Walter Cronkite years. Still, our predecessors could have spent more time at the library instead of watching Archie Bunker.

        Until we focus strictly on taking back our currency – THEY HAVE ALL THE POWER.

        Yet, when it all boils down to the bottom line? It has never been our Politicians who have ever really been in control. Certainly, they do the implementations. That I agree. But, more importantly, who must these very same Politicans go to for more and more money? The Central Bank, aka: The Federal Reserve and its fractional banking system.

        I will keep repeating it as long as I live or until braver Representatives finally DEFUND THE FED and cause it’s timely death.

        If a man of entity can grab control of a Country’s currency – they can control that Country, without fail. As stated by Mayer Rothschild (aka: Mayer Amschel Bauer, that is) – he said:

        “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

        And, the above statement was accomplished thanks to PROGRESSIVES [aka: liberals] in the Silent Revolution of 1913. That same year, they fraudulently announced that passage of the 16th Amendment had been accomplished. However, many now believe, with good cause, that the 16th was never “legally” ratified and some States broke their own State Constitutions in the processing of the 16th Amendment along the way.

        This is the very nature of GREED and how Politicians can and will use a Country’s Government to gain Lands and Wealth and Titles for themselves at the expense of theor own Countrymen. After all, the Coutry got its start because of the Landed and the Wealthy. It was supposed to be from their CHARITY – yet the Central Bank Cartel of Europe has always had other ideas on the topic.

        As far as the behaviors of any Politician? They’re just following their marching orders, from the Money Masters…. nothing more. And, you have no recourse in dealing with these Money Masters, other than Revolution of (as I said) “braver” politicians in Congress usurping back control of [our] currency, from the World Bank and THE FED. You do that, and we can begin to reconstruct the freedoms that the Jeffersonians gave us in the first place.

        Now – what are you going to demand of your Congressmen in your States?

    • Kinetic1

      The difference between a Dem majority and a Republican majority is that the Dems can’t depend on all their members to follow the leader. Republicans have, for the most part followed in lock step when the leadership called for it. Southern state Dems, on the other hand tend to be more conservative and will join the Repubs on money issues, while North Eastern and Western Dems will often hold out for more progressive measures. Just consider what could have been done if Obama had the kind of “go along” Congress that Bush had. Health care would have gone through when it was still supported by the majority of Americans. Finance reform would have been done long ago so that now we would be working on immigration. Shoot, who knows how much more would have gone through?

      • Bob Wire

        Kinetic1 ~yes they have offer us a strong front. I would like to acknowledge and thank the few brave GOP members that did step forward and represented the people that sent them to the hill.

        I think we need to give them the credit ~ no doubt it came as a great expense to them as the GOP ~ has decided political gain “might be” only won this way and the need of the people less important then special interest.

  • Regina Alexander

    !!VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER!!Please sign the petition

    • tg7357

      Hey Regina? Newsflash for you: Republicans aren’t your problem right now: the current regime in the White House is. Where are all the ‘jobs’ Obama swore he’d create during his campaign? I don’t mean government jobs that taxpayers have to support, either. Before you try to dump the republicans for another 2 to 4 years of unemployment, raised taxes and socialism, you’d better take a long, hard look at the party who’s driving the boat into the rocks right now, the democrats and their liberal buddies. Republican hands aren’t clean, but they’re a whole lot less dirty than democrat’s hands are right now.

      • JW365

        You folks should stop bickering and realize that it is rich vs. poor. It has been that way forever, and will continue to be that way. There is no, and will never be any true harmony.

        • Bob Wire

          Very good! JW ~

          refreshing !

        • Bruce

          JW, I totaly disagree with with the statment you posted. My Wife and I have a small business we started it with nothing, if it were not for the way that this country is set up to make it possible that we could have such by way of our hard work, then it would never have happened.

          If we lived in Mexico we would be SOL. Why? Their government is so corrupt that the POOR will never be able to gain any wealth. Where as here in the USA, its all based on your abilitys to stay on target to meet goals. Saddly Barry Soetoro wants us to be just like Mexico!

          We have used the tools given to us by God, our brains, our work ethic, our commitment to a goal. With out a goal anyone is doomed to be in the ranks of faliure.
          A goal is no differant than a road map, a guide if you will to where you wish to go. If you don’t set goals to reach you squander you’re life.
          I have a simple HS education and I was not the best student either. I had drive and thats it. Being my backround is from the POOR as in I am a Native American.
          I have never envied the rich, nor have I ever felt that they were holding me back for any reason. Thats an worthless excuse to act like a dult by persons with no drive, or better said persons who want with out doing anything.

          Now as far as UEI Pay, as I noted my wife and I have a small business, we work 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we don’t ask anyone for anything and we have paid all Tax’s etc.

          Well over the last 19 months we have been hit just like everyone else but we packed away money for a day when the sun didn’t shine rather than get a new Tat, smoke it up, drink it up, or waste it on junk we didn’t need.
          We live a very modest life, drive cars that are 10 years plus old, never do we buy new cars, we have a modest home – as in one we could afford to buy.

          The point being we have had little to no money coming in for the last 19 months since Barry Soetoro took office and we would never think of looking into UEI, why?
          We have Pride in ourselfs and belief that we can and will over come this.
          If we have to we will work flipping bugers or digging a ditch to make ends meet we will do what it takes with out all the crying about the wealthy made us this way.
          I speak with people who will not even work as they feel the pay is to low for them. Really, a job is a job. Have some PRIDE in you’re selfs and do what it takes to get where your going, and stop the envy

          • MSSouth

            Bruce, I applaud you and your wife. You have taken the American dream and made a life for yourself. Pride and self-esteem seems to be missing in in this country today. JF Kennedy was made famous by his statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. How have we allowed this statement to be turned around? It’s a very sad day that people have gotten to this point. May God bless you and keep you.

          • American Citizen

            That is all the Constitution guarantees us, the opportunity to do well. It doesn’t say the government should support us cradle to grave. What the progressives want to do is take us backwards into slavery to the government. It’s been said, “Be careful what you ask for as you just may get it.”

          • Bob Wire

            Well, I agree with him and find his post refreshing ~ and I’m not married, live alone and been self employed since 78. I pay for or do myself everything! ~ and I mean everything. and it’s as it should be and wouldn’t have it any other way

            and it has been a hard road of chicken or feathers with government constantly attempt to hobble me while demanding I compete on a unlevel playing field, favoring bigger business and the non compliant and pay taxes on profits never guaranteed.

            I help myself and I help others ~ I tell everyone straight up ! it’s got to good for both of us or you’re history. I’m sometimes both disappointed and pleasantly surprised.

      • pappy

        Sure their not after thirty years of voodoo economics look where we are

        The Ten Commandments of Conservatives.

        I. Thou shalt talk about Christian principles, but not live by them

        II. Thou shalt attack opponents personally when you can’t win on policies

        III. Thou shalt call yourself pro-life, but be in favor of the death penalty

        IV. Thou shalt call yourself pro-life, and put guns in the hands of school children

        V. Thou shalt give lip service to democracy while taking away civil liberties

        VI. Profit is the Lord Thy God, thou shalt not put the people’s interest above those of your corporate contributors

        VII. Thou shalt make sure fetuses have health coverage, but leave children and babies behind(If the shoe fits wear it!)

        VIII Thou shalt bear false witness against your opponents and liberals, and demonize them**

        IX. Thou shalt run on a moderate platform, then enact right-wing policies as soon as possible

        X. Thou shalt call the media liberal, so that people forget that the media is owned by corporations with a conservative fiscal agenda

        • alpha-lemming

          The post was stupid the first time….
          Didn’t need to see the sequel!!

          • s c

            Wow! Perhaps we should thank slappy for admitting that there are severe mental and spiritual consequences for preferring political incest over and above reality.
            Every word of that 10 point insanity chart reads like an indictment of a mind on the edge of absolute paranoia. And, I’ll bet you he’d go “postal” on us if anyone accused him of being a ravening, “compassionate” progressive. Talk about chilling. I can only hope he refuses to own any weapons.

        • http://Livingston M Jodan

          That was stupid! Must be a progressive! What are these ten commandments of which you speak? Something similar to what you libs wanted removed from all parts of our country?

          What a doofus…..

        • Anthony

          Pappy has just related all of the Communist Manifesto “talking points” …One wonders if this person even realizes it, or has ever had the courage to question such a doctrine…..

          • Bob Wire

            Hahah! I thought it accurate , funny and on the button. ~

            If we could ever believe you mean what you say ~ things could be different.

            But we can’t!

            When you say things like “Let’s wake up these Industrial Giant” that’s just another way of saying “All the rest of you take a nap, I don’t want to be bothered with you now”

            When you say “Let’s get the Federal government off of the people’s backs” that’s another way of saying ” City, County and State feel free to jump in with both feet and screw ‘em good”

            When you say, “Tax cuts for top earners create jobs and stimulate commerce” What you are really said is, “I work for people that are getting these tax cut and maybe they will pat me on the head and let me ride in their car or even let me stay and watch their house when they are in Europe on a shopping trip”

            When you say “We Americans” what you are really saying is “People like me”

            When you say “Liberal”, what you are really saying is “sh1thead”

            When you say “Rationalize “, what you are really saying is “I feel like”

            When you say “Facts” , That means “you heard it on Fox news”

    • rm2010

      please!!!!!! the dems have put this countrys freedoms at risk, they r out of there in movember, and 2012 YOUR FIRED

    • Deborah

      I bet that is a short list and those that sign it probably won’t stick with it. I LOVE AMERICA! I take great pride in the Red, White and Blue, being a red-blooded American, the Constitution, Lady Liberty, FREEDOM and our Troops.
      When I was growing up, they taught in school the importance of being free and the cost of losing those freedoms to communism. We were taught the proper way to honor the American Flag from running it up the flag pole to respectfully taking her down. She never touched the ground and her burial was with respect and honor.
      We lived in fear that the old USSR would take us over or bomb us. We were taught to fear communism and all that we’d give up if they invaded and won.
      We played cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians using our fingers or a stick as our guns. Bang, Bang, Bang..You’re dead, then arguing over whether or not we were dead or not.
      My 11 year old, home school son announced that women had the right to freedom BUT should not of been given the right to vote. After looking at the history and today’s current state of affairs, I agree with him. Women had no business in politics. My son felt that children deserved to have full time moms and all the benefits to children that comes from a mom at home. But, instead we leave it to the government schools, government gang force units, street gangs and a wide variety of groups to influence them.
      I am AMERICAN! That means something very special to me. Signing your petition to oust the GOP, which is fine as long as we don’t elect ANY democrats and their roll over for Obama campaign!
      I DO NOT WANT TO BE COMMUNIST! I DO NOT WANT TO BE MUSLIM! I just want America back to her full potential, MY FULL FREEDOMS RESTORED and I’ll forgo signing your petition.
      You’d better wake up! You’re giving up to much and, while that maybe okay with you, it’s not okay with me.

      • JDHDC

        How the hell does women having or not having the right to vote have anything to do with them staying home with their family? It is not surprising that you are falling for the fear propoganda the GOP is pushing, you have been falling for it your whole life. People worry that Obama is a socialist. We live in a social democracy, of course he is. You remember that nice middle-class life that all these (lower) middle class GOPers keep saying they want to get back to? Well that disappeared when Reagan took office and the taxes on the rich were cut from 90 to 35%. Don’t like spreading the wealth around? Move to Russia. There is where our country is moving more toward unless we don’t start looking out for the middle class- a country of great wealth disparity where corruption is expected.

      • Anthony

        Women have no place in Politics? Seriously??

        How many women can you name that, as politicians, have started Wars with other Country’s ???

      • American Citizen

        It, too, will not sign that petition. As for women in politics, I think it’s time women take control. They can’t mess things up any more than the men have. Women know how to prioritize, make do on the money coming in, run a household (much like running a business), and take care of the “citizens” of that household. Multitasking is an every day occurrence.

    • Robert

      Regina, your very retarded. Your best hope is for a Republican take over.
      If you like whats going on now in our Government, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
      Open your eyes Regina. It’s people like you that will destroy this Country. Because of ignorance.

      • Bob Wire

        The sky is falling!

        • Deborah

          Bob, I hope the sky falls on your head!

          • Bob Wire

            if it does , it’ll fall on yours too! and we’ll still be equal and in the same pickle.

          • Deborah

            At least we’ll be together and on the same side. I’m use to seeing die hard liberals mockingly posting “the sky is falling” and I over reacted to your post. You and I, have much in common.:)

          • Bob Wire

            Friendly fire is always a problem in any war. ~ Shoot now, shoot later and shoot some more! Haha heee

        • Ted Crawford

          bob; Don’t you ever get tired of that alinsky horses_ _t? The only one impressed with your lack of substance is you. Of course I realize that it doesn’t take much to impress a progressive!

          • Bob Wire

            So why bother reading it? You seem to be a little light yourself as manure is most common here. I’m here because you are not there yet.

            Once you are, I shall excuse myself.

            As you people seem to enjoy many illusions, being some kind of majority but only one.

            It must be tough to have no trust,no faith or hope. To have such a tiny visions of the future while living in constant fear. Looking at the world though a knot hole in the fence and not sure what you should do.

            To think “Money equals Free Speech” one must surly be lost in the woods.

            Thanks for your input Ted

      • Kinetic1

        Where were you raised? What kind of people taught you how to treat others? Have you visited the link? Do you understand Regina’s reasoning? This petition is a direct response to the Republican block of unemployment assistance. I assume you agree with them. It is also meant to express condemnation for suggesting that people on unemployment do not want to find a job and are enjoying their “vacation.” Well I’ll tell you, what you get is not enough to pay the bills, let alone sit back and relax. Have you ever found yourself out of work for over a year? Do you know what it’s like, what it does to your sense of self when you can’t find a job that will support your family? “Take what you can get!” “maybe you’ll just have to accept lower pay.” Fine, you go from a $65,000 desk job to working at Home Depot. You pay the bills on a McDonalds counter job salary. These politicians are set for life. The only reason they fear losing their jobs is all the power and perks they’ll loose, but they still keep the house, the insurance and the connections. And how do they relate to us? Jim Bunning, the Senator from Kentucky where unemployment is well over 10% tells us how he feels our pain: “I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00,”and it’s the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they’re the only team that has beat Kentucky this year.” How will he and his family ever recover?

        Agree or not, Regina has reason to be angry. You may think the Republicans who helped Bush turn a projected surplus into a trillion dollar debt are the ones to guide us into the future. Regina seems to feel that, while things have not improved yet, the Democrats still are on the right track. You both may have decent arguments on your side, but nothing, NOTHING gives you the right to use that kind of language with someone just because you don’t agree.

        • American Citizen

          Republicans want the Democrats to stick to their own bills they pass. The Pay as You Go is one. They are not against extending the payments, they want to cut spending elsewhere to pay for it so as not to add to the deficit. How much more do we want to be in debt to the Chinese and other countries?

        • Mary

          I’ve been unemployed..I received unemployment for the time alloted.. After that I took a job washing dishes at the local high school. for less than half of what I made before.. I know many people who know how to work the system and live off unemployment.. I’m tired of paying for it at 8.00 an hr. There are jobs listed in every newspaper of the country.. GO TO WORK and quit expecting someone else to pay for your babies and laziness. Unemployment has it’s place.. but it should not be expected to support half the country.

    • William

      how STUPID are you??? vote out the damned democrats!!!

    • refuse2lose

      Yes,Regina…let’s vote out all the Republicans and keep the liberal majority intact so they can continue destroying our country,bankrupting our country,and turning our country into a 3rd world nation. What a wonderful thought!!!!



      • Kinetic1

        GUNDOCTOR and William,
        Read the above post to Robert and grow up.

    • triple x

      I will be to busy voting out democrats

    • dalejr88

      i guess that you work for the caters or you deliver dounts water qunizos etc. or you love to be on food stamps. welfare free ride. muslium ob will soon change your dress.whatever meds your on see a doctor when oboma care kicks in 2014. are you getting stimlus money to get tires for your trailer. its people like you who voted this [offensive word removed] in . hope your happy. 70million+ unemployred more comming. 100million houses trying to sell or being forclosed 14trillion deubt. i guess your getting free money from the goverment and can sit home forever what a great american you are or are you iellagel

  • Daniel

    Dear Senators,

    Thank U, but 99rs need you!

    I am a 54 year old Mexican-American, Arizona State resident and United States Citizen, my ancestors, family and I have worked hard here, and I need you to vote for a Tier 5 Unemployment extension. I need this extension to pay my mortgage. Please note that of the 99 weeks I have been out of full time work that I have worked 26 of those weeks as a part time worker. During that time I earned as little as $200 a week (less money than I have earned in my whole life). My unemployment check (at that time) was $186 a week. This means I made $0 dollars in unemployment benefits for the 26 week period. Please also understand that if I could find a job I would work it. You on the other hand have a job (a good paying job) so do your job and pass a bill that will benefit not only me but millions of unemployed hard working and deserving Americans!


    Daniel E. Reyes III, M.S.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      do you have a wife?? Does she work?? If not, she should!! My wife and I work and we aren’t asking the government for anything. both of my daughters work, one part time, and would contribute to the upkeep of the house if we asked, but we don’t. By both my wife and I working, we will have our mortgage paid off by the end of this month! by the way I am 59, only a few years older than you!

      • arizona

        man joe it sound to me your a luck one but for u to sit here and talk crap is kinda disrespectful for us who dont have a jod u know nothing about this guy (daniel) yet u call him out like hes your son good for u ur wife and ur kids unfoutrently we dont have jobs and we need to pay out rent and feed our families so go take ur stuck self and leave us unemployed alone i9ts people like u that one day ull need help and i hope some one talks crap to u

        • William

          I feal for those unemployed who are trying to find work, but I know some who were drawing unemployment benefits and not even trying to find work, they didn’t want to work, I have been unemployed many times but I was able to find a job. positions are hard to find. a job can be found if a person wants one,

        • refuse2lose

          Hey Arizona,I have some advice for you….before you go spouting off about something you know nothing about….learn how to spell and formulate sentences. It sounds like you might be one of the illegal immigrants in Arizona that we are all talking about.

        • MSSouth

          Arizona, please study English grammer and spelling before you look for your next job. It’s amazing how much it will help you if you ever get to the interview stage. Just some friendly advise.

        • Cribster

          Again in English please?

          • Deborah

            It was in English. Texas history, a little place called the Alamo, at the time it was Mexico. Settlers and Mexican fought for freedom together. It was a Mexican that volunteered to escape from the Mission for help. Like he told the brave men that stood together, they were the wrong skin color and did not speak the language to be able get through. He got through…he got through and alerted Austin. Austin did not ride to their aid, he organized and led the settlers and Mexicans to victory over the Mexican oppressors.
            By disrespecting one of Americans citizens, you disrespect America. Don’t do it again!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          There is no luck involved. I have always been one to take whatever work I can find. I have worked TWO jobs as needed to get by. I bought a house I could afford, at payments I could afford. When times were good, I bought a good welder that I can use when times are bad. I PLAN AHEAD! As was stated above, all I am guaranteed is the chance to succeed, not to succeed. I have busted my azz since I was 15 and I woldn’t change a thing as I can look at myself in the mirror and not be ashamed. you think times are bad now? Let the debt get to the point that we default on it. See where our job market goes then! You won’t be able to buy a job in the united states because no one will invest a cent in a country that doesn’t stand good on its debts!!

      • Tim Layman

        Count your blessings! You are very fortunate, as am I: We both have jobs and hopefully we will continue to have jobs, but not everyone is as lucky as us. I know several people who have been out of work for more than a year. These people lost their jobs through no fault of their own, so I don’t really care about the debt: The people must come first. If republicans are so worried about the debt, I suggest they take a hefty pay cut for starters. Of course, these stupid wars don’t help the debt!

        • Bob Wire

          best of luck Dale ~

          you know you live in a state that’s primary employer is the state?

          Not a good situation to be in. ~ of course you were there before they made a mockery out of the state and watched this all unfold as the years has went by and people “invested” in clean dry air! while planting all the things that was making them sick back home where they came from.

          This package is just a band aid for a bigger problem and the GOP seems to think stalling any initiatives improves their position and standings come next election. ~ Let’s prove them wrong, once again.

          This not really about the GOP or DNC ~ but about who really controls the nation ~ The GOP has no steering wheel but only a brake. They are giving it hell ~~ as the attempt to serve their “masters”

          • William

            bob you say their masters. well my friend the people are their masters. but I suppose you being a good democrat you want four more years of this same old failed bull shit that we have had for two years now,

        • Bob Wire

          The GOP has only one master and it’s not the people but money , money from big business and special interest. ~ but not the people, the people don’t have enough money to give them.

          If you can’t see that, you and I will forever be at odds with each other and I will be forever offering you great resistance.

      • Kinetic1

        Hey Joe H.
        It’s easy to critisize those who are unfortunate. Easy to say “a job can be found if a person wants one.” but the truth is there are now 4 unemployed workers for every job available. Now consider how many of the available jobs require specialized skills and…

        My wife and I had to move our family from our home of 20 years just to find a decent job. We can’t sell our house, so even though we earn a good living, it’s hard to pay the bills. We would have liked to stay and let our kids continue to grow up in the only home they had ever known, but those jobs you speak of were nowhere to be found. We have continued to keep an eye on the job market back home, but after 3 years we are questioning whether we will ever be able to go back. So good for you, your wife and kids. It’s great that you have work enough to pay the bills. I hope for your families sake that you never have to face the problems that the people you demean are facing.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t look down on anyone. you want a bad lay-off? I got laid off the same week my oldest was born! did I say woe is me and look to the giverment to support me? Hell no! I practically wore out a pair of shoes looking for another job! Look at the auto workers. Why should they look for work when they get laid off? They get about 85% of pay to set on their azzes and do nothing! who pays for that? We do in higher prices! this whole nation is becoming a land of people with a “support me” attitude and that isn’t gonna make it in todays world job market!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Oh, and by the way, I didn’t have insurance coverage and my wife delivered c-section. We paid off every one of the bills in full!!! I have always had one thing that the progressive libs hate, A SENSE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!! My wife and I raised three kids and one of them special needs! My son was born handicapped. It would have been a lot easier to give up and say I quit but that’s not my wife or me!!

    • Mike Austin,TX

      We all feel for you. But, we should not be forced to pay your mortgage. I don’t want my grandchildren paying off a debt incurred by you. That is not the responsibility of the Gov’t. This is what family and friends are for. Sell the house, car, tv’s and anything else you have. I will be in the same situation as you if I lose my job but I don’t want anyone carrying my financial burden but myself.

    • Deborah

      We didn’t need the government to bail us out because the cost was to high!
      You will end up losing the farm before it’s over with. Laws designed to take back your land, after paying on it or for it are coming out.

      We need to reign in our local government. HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE!
      We need to depend on each other because that is all we have left.

      God bless you all! God bless America!

      • Bob Wire

        Very good!

        >>We need to reign in our local government. HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE!<<

        But they only want you to look at the FED! and Obama! ~ The State ~ is soo nice!!! ~

        • Deborah

          Yep, but the locals live in your city…:))

          • Bob Wire

            so that’s why they are called locals!

    • dalejr88


  • kasandy

    yeah ARIZONA its people like joe who sits on there high horse and looks down on hard working folks like us..its easy to talk crap when your full of it!!!!!im a single mom thats been unemployed for more than 76 weeks, i look for work every day ( THAT I HAVE GAS MONEY)and if my kids was old enough to work they would.the 148.00 i was getting each week got us by.but its been 6 plus weeks since iv got any thing…SO JOE SINCE YOU GOT IT SO GOOD UP THERE HOW ABOUT GIVING A SINGLE MOTHER OF 3 A JOB…BETTER YET I WILL WORK FOR FOOD!!!! jack xxxxx

    • Mike Austin,TX

      You made your choice to be in your situation and have 3 kids and no husband. Take responsibiltiy for yourself.

      • tg7357

        Thats pretty harsh, Mike in Austin. Suppose this lady’s husband walked out on her, or has passed away? I feel for her: I raised a child (my choice, yes) by myself for many years, but it was in a whole lot better economy. Things are tough for everyone right now, married, single, or indifferent. You might consider cutting her and anyone else struggling with raising a family as bad as it is right now a little slack.

        • Bob Wire

          They are “HarsH” people!

          void human compassion, they got theirs ~ and flock you! You might get something of theirs! Make them walk out of they way to go around you! Ask something from their ! They don’t like that!

          Their time will come. For none of us has as much control over life as we might like to think. ~ We do the best we can, tomorrow you could be laid up in bed and depending on someone to feed and clean your nasty butt. ~

          How dare you have three children and no father in the house! Go get you another one!

          This is much like India’s society ~ the poor are paying for the sins of their father and not to be helped or pitied but scoured, used and abused as cheap labor, 25 cent a day and bowel of meal to clean your house and wash your cloths. ~

        • blamesomeoneelse

          ok so socialim is what you are looking for. This country was not founded on that. I know many came here for a new life, they did not come here for hand outs. But now there are fewer jobs. So instead of creating them we will tax them out of business or force them to move to a country that wants them. Boy we sure are smart! Take from the rich, close down all those nasty businesses and then send me a paycheck cause I cant get a good paying job! There are plenty of jobs in China and India but dont look for government hand outs. Good luck

          • Bob Wire

            No ! I’m looking for people that understand the issues! and can deal with facts.

            The ship is sinking and trying to get everyone and provisions aboard life boat with their life jackets on is not socialism.

            It’s giving’a sh1t and taking the responsibility for being human.

          • MSSouth

            No, Bob it’s not that! It’s called taking responsibility for yourself. You make it sound like the poor don’t have any options. I work at an institution of higher learning, and I know for a fact that there are grants out there for low income people that pays for all expenses for someone who wants to better themselves by seeking an education so that they can become self-sufficient. I also know that alot of people abuse this financial aid that is offered them. People there is help out there. Check into it! Help yourself because big brother government is not the help you need.

          • Bob Wire

            you sense of urgency on this matter is different from mine.

            As grant is nice , a good education wonderful ~ but a job “now” that paid you more then is cost you to work would be great.

            Okay ! ~ screw them all ~ let them figure it out.

            Let the chips fall where they may. ~ I’ll boot a few renters out for being behind ~ get some more that can’t pay, I check these last ones out good, but things seem to change ~ Things can change even quicker with my help.

            I’ll file some liens on some peoples house that defaulting on loans ~ I’m have a wrecker pick up James truck as he’s not made a payment in 6 months, I’ll get my 1300.00 back if i have to spend 6 to do it.

            Next time I see Ben ~ and he doesn’t pay me the 40 he owes me ~ I’ll part his hair and make him bleed and cry.

            I can screw up a lot of people lives, why not spread the pain and discomfort? I’m carrying around pretty heavy load myself. As people look to me for help, answers and jobs.

            I be honest with you ~ it’s getting might heavy as I struggle to meet my own obligations and help others.

            I could use a few people acting like that we might being on the same boat together. Acting like they might care about what happens to others.

            But you don’t! ~ You seem to believe you are in a boat all to yourselves. Somehow Imperious to what’s happening all around you. Your safe! for now.

            It’s just a matter of time ~ and money won’t matter anymore. People will start taking what they need. They have already begun.

      • Deborah

        Jesus Mike! You should clean your own house before trying to clean another persons house. Americans truly do not have a choice at this point in time regarding ANYTHING!
        We just stand back screaming and hollering as they pass one piece of shit law after another. Most are designed AGAINST the American families!
        Now, we should be embracing each other. We have the federal stinkin’ government to make us feel lousy!

      • Karolyn

        What a jerk! Just like so many people who think they know it all! And, of course, you’re a man!

    • Deborah

      We lived through really hard times as well! My husband is working right now but not something he can retire doing and it’s not guaranteed tomorrow they’ll have work for him.
      We got food stamps for 5 months and that is it. We are grateful for the food stamps, thank you America. No income for months left us one step from becoming street people. A friend gave us a place to live but her abuse has been humbling and degrading to my little family.
      I’ll remember every moment of that abuse when I vote in November.
      I will!
      Take back America in November! TAKE HER BACK!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        A friend gave us a place to live but her abuse is so degrading??? She GAVE you a place to live!!! You bite the hand that helps you very often?!?!?!

        • libertytrain

          Joe H – I didn’t read it that way. Sounds to me that the person who was so “giving” is giving at a high price of abusiveness. That kind of charity would make me prefer living in my car or on the street -

  • Jim H.

    The root of the problem is lack of jobs. When ever in our history have unemployment benefits been extended to 75 weeks? Never. Economies started to recover by then. A TRILLION dollars of stimulus and no jobs to show for it. How’s that hope and change thing working for you? Instead of borrowing 34 BILLION more take it out of that TRILLION that’s not making any jobs.

    • Ted Crawford

      Jim; You’ve made the point of contention clear. The progressives want to continue to drive the economy deeper and deeper in debt, while generously handing out “free money”!
      Their answer to reducing the debt and deficit… Raise taxes! History shows us, not just here in America, but world wide, that taxes and revenue are in inverse proportion to each other, not directly!!
      Should they be able to pull a rabbit out of their a_ _…. ER, hat and the economy should stop falling, we will have a debt load that will insure a very, very low standard of living for many, many decades!!
      Conservatives want to solve the debt problem by creating an environment that encourages private sector jobs! They, clearly, indicated that the extention needed to be passed! They just wanted to do it without making the problems even worse!!!

      • Bob Wire

        >>Conservatives want to solve the debt problem by creating an environment that encourages private sector jobs!<<

        Hmm? If my memory correct ~ wasn't the conservatives the ones that gave top wage earners tax break ( the money) and 7 years time to encourages private sector jobs?

        I guess my only question today would be

        Where are they?

        As today the number of under and unemployed is great and the debit higher then ever. This was the case when Obama took office ~ and so far

        the present administration has only slowed the decent. While the GOP continues to tell us they can fix things if we will only do as they say! They know how to fix it!!!! More Tax cuts!

        We did as they wished for 8 years, well lets say 7 ~ 7 years for this approach to work!

        We have gave Obama 15 months and he's been accused of everything under the sun and blocked at every turn. There been no bipartisanship ( not true ) there been very little bipartisanship on Capitol Hill making every initiative a 3rd and goal situation.

        But as the same time we are most willing to give Clinton's economic success to Ronnie Reagan some 8 to 12 years later.

        Somebody needs to wake up and realize the lost the election and they are not driving at the moment. So what do they do ? apply brake! That's all they got that they wish to use, just brake.

        • American Citizen

          If Congress doesn’t extend the Bush tax cuts, everybody’s taxes will go up, not just the wealthy’s. It has to do with the tax brackets. The percentages will go back up to where they were.

    • William

      Jim you are so right. but there are so many people who dont seem to understand that, they listen to the crapp the dems. pump out and dont even doubt for one minute what the dems are saying. the deemocrats just keep on spending and telling the IDIOTS how good they are to them and how mean the repubs are for not voting for more debt,

  • Linda H.

    Honestly, I do feel for all you folks that have been out of work. But is it my responsibility to work, have MORE money taken out of my pocket to pay YOUR mortgage, because that’s what’s happening.
    Look, there are thousands of jobs unfilled in this nation. Did you ever think that maybe you’d have to leave your family to work someplace else? My husband and I are both military veterans, he’s retired NAVY and I’m a former Marine. I can’t tell you how many times we were apart for months at a time. If you love and care for each other you can do this, maybe for the long haul, maybe not.
    In the mean time, there are grants and scholarships available, retraining programs. Go learn a new skill you and your wife, go to community college, go online, tech school….whatever – YOU DO what needs to be done to fix your situation. It’s YOUR responsibility to do what is necessary, not mine and not the govt. And don’t think you’re too old to learn something new. I went back to school in my 40′s to learn engineering.
    Good luck and God Bless.

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – Go for it.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Don

      To Linda H and your husband. The only thing I would like to say is thank you for your service. Without people like you, I would not want to think what our country would be. THANKS

    • Deborah

      I am educated. I’m a vet. You are holding the wrong person responsible for “unemployment”! The jobs are ALL IN ASIA! Clinton GAVE them to China along with millions and millions of tax dollars each year to keep them!
      My husband is gone the better part of the month to work, when work is available.
      Don’t come down hard on Americans! Don’t you do it! We are doing our best to survive this Government screwing JUST LIKE YOU!

      • Bob Wire

        well if Clinton did do that, ~ George Jr. seen fit to do little about it in 8 years now didn’t he. In fact he spread the wealth around with top wage earners while feeling rather good about the whole thing.

        • American Citizen

          I think 9/11 and a Democrat Congress the last 2 years of his administration had a lot to do with that. Obama has tripled the problems. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going to improve, only get a lot worse with his agenda.

          • Kinetic1

            There it is, “Obama TRIPLED the problem!”. I’m not going to argue the point, but I am going to give you a link. No, not to some leftist rant, but to the Cato site. You know, those conservative stalwarts. Note the name of the article; Don’t blame Obama for Bush’s 2009 deficit.
            And while your doing the math, note that Bush’s only positive year, 2001 was actually Clinton’s last budget year.

    • MSSouth

      Linda H, I applaud you and your words. I totally agree with what you said. I work hard to support my family. I can’t support my family and everyone else. My family comes first in my life always as it should.

    • Karolyn

      Linda – Yes, pretty much anybody with low income can get a grant to go to school. The problem is where do you get the job when you get out? I’m back in school at 63, and I know that there are a couple of possibilities for me where I live. However, when you do live in a rural low-income area, the jobs are not here. A lot of people might be able to get jobs if they have the money for gas to go further than 20 miles, but that is very often not the case. That’s my case. I do the best I can, but some weeks I get a big thrill because I have an extra buck to by toilet paper. Some weeks are better than others of course, but it is pretty much a hand-to-mouth existence. I never thought I would be in this position. I am single and even when I had a man around, nobody ever “took care” of me. You need to walk in a man’s shoes before making judgments.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Linda H,
      God bless you and your husband as well. The life YOU have lived is truly a hard row to hoe! You both have a right to gripe, but I don’t hear that from you. You both have a lot of courage and determination.

    • dalejr88


  • tg7357

    Fewer unemployment extensions and MORE JOBS!!!! Where are all the ‘jobs’ the Trifecta of Untruth (Obama,Pelosi and Reid) were touting as their campaign platform? “Oh, did we promise you jobs? You must have misheard us!!” Every sitting politician in Washington needs to be DUMPED unceremoniously out of office and replaced by new people with new ideas, and who don’t have Nanci Pelosi’s hooks into them for politcal payback!! GET RID OF ALL OF THEM and start over again!!!!!

  • Richard J.

    I cannot beleave that the people of this country are so (Stupid) to think that the Republicans want to block unemployment benefits. They do not want all the special earmarks that are in the bill, that have nothing to do with the unemplyment benifits. As for Mr. Levin of Michigan,he is the worst thing that Michigan could have ever done.

    • Deborah

      I agree with you! The liberals passed anti-American laws in the 2011 budget. From the hundreds of billions of dollars of help for the “Immigrants”, legal or not, with the wording “AMERICANS EXEMPT” attached to it.
      New employment laws that state employers MUST seek out immigrants to fill the post even if you have every unemployed American applying for the job, then they must hire fairly. What!!! yep, Anti-American!
      Home land security is nearly as big as funding for our troops. We are paying foreign troops to keep us in check. I doubt seriously if these troops would have a problem mowing down Americans if the president gave the order.
      The money was there in the budget for unemployment, but they chose to give it to anyone other than Americans!

    • Bob Wire

      so it’s just a matter of which pile of money it comes from that the GOP takes exception too? I see

      Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I think the vast majority of those who are unemployed are doing all they can to reenter the workforce. And it is impossible for any of us to assume we know best how someone elses situation should move forward. I am glad the government has extended benefits for those who have fallen on hard times and I am glad that I live in a country that values all of its citizens and can help those in need when it is necessary.

    • Anna Marie Ferguson

      Here’s another interesting perspective: I own a successful small business and for the past 18 months have advertised in many medias, college job boards, etc. in an attempt to hire (2)two more employees. Our Office Manager has tracked the results and I will share them with you.
      When UI benefits were not extended, we were swamped with resumes. It was very time consuming reviewing all the resumes, responding to those who were not qualified for the open positions, setting interview appointments, and conducting the interviews. RESULT: We hired two qualified candidates. One lasted exactly 7 months and the other 9 months….WHY? UI benefits were extended by Federal Government AND their “bonus”?.. they got to claim UI Benefits from our company. Now – the kicker – our company offers top health care, dental,life, and optical insurance at ONE-HALF of the total premium to our employees – a generous salary, generous vacation and sick days with pay. (Note: One even had the audacity to say, “this works out well – I can spend the summer with my kids”.
      We are still advertising for the open positions – guess what? As of one week ago, WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE RESUME.

      The old saying still is true: Give a man a fish, he eats for today. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

      • Deborah

        Where you at? I’d make a great employee! :) I’d even guarantee you I’d never file for UI.
        I’d bust my arse for you. But, it won’t be long before the government runs you out of business.

      • tg7357

        If your business is in either Tulsa Ok or up in northern Missouri above St Joseph, I can get you good employees with a phone call. I’ve got family members who desperately need jobs, and will work their fingers to the bone for you for fair pay, a good job and help with the benefits!!!!

      • http://Livingston M Jodan

        Anna Marie has it right on the head!! Why work at just any old job when I can sit at home and get paid while I wait for the benefits to run out OR for my perfect job to come knock at my front door while I’m watching “The View”! I spent 14 years serving in the military and taking college courses after hours… “waiting” for my perfect job to come along. Never once unemployed since the Army will very rarely “Fire” anyone who is willing to work. I guess the bottom line is for people who want to work, work is available. It may take some sacrifice, but it’s there! Again, I recommend the military who will pay you, teach discipline, teach you a skill and send you to college! Ahh, America!

      • William

        exactly what I was talking about in an earlier posting, I know people who drew unemployment till it ran out, then they went job hunting, true there are some who want to work. and those who want to work can find a job, I am 74 years old and I was able to find jobs when they were practicly none existant, I have been unemployed for three years now. but if I wanted to go back to work I could,

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Don

    I wish that the people in Washington would stop fighting all the time. Please run the country for the people. How many times in the past has a President said I will do this or that. That is how they get into office. And more often than it should, nothing gets done. Our senators and congressman get paid well I think. Do they realize what they do there is for the people? Work together guys and lets get this great country on its feet.

    • tg7357

      The only way Washington politicians are going to work for us is when we force them to do what we put them into office for. That means the electorate is going to have to set some examples by dumping a bunch of the deadbeats who seem to think their political office is a right, not a privelige. Charlie Rangle, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Nanci Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Franks, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and the list goes on and on of useless wastes sitting in government office right now WHO NEED TO BE FIRED.

      • William

        yep. you are so right. but there are people who are STUPID enough to vote for those same people,

    • Deborah

      The presidents has already done to much…I pray, he does NOTHING ELSE! Of course, I do pray for things that are even to big for God.

      • MSSouth

        Never say that!!! Nothing is to big for God!

        • Deborah

          okay, Then where the hell was the f’in Christians when the Church came under attack? I know where I was…getting attacked by every homosexual, non-believer, muslims and government watch dog out there. Don’t tell me God can do anything without those that follow his laws because I’m here to tell you…YOU FAILED GOD, not me or the few others that took all the mocking from the liberal progressives.
          God can do anything he/she wants…but there is a little thing called “free will” and that, my friend, is where Christians failed.
          Look at Kagan. She’ll seal the deal on the death of your God. My God will remain spiritually within me. I had no use for churches for a long time. I didn’t want to see them go. Tons are closed…tell me about how you do nothing and God carries you…yawn…Jesus, lady!

          • http://Livingston M Jodan

            He/she???? Love to go to your “Church”!

  • J.M.R.


    • Deborah

      They are only counting those on UI, not those that their extensions ran out. It makes me sick to see 8-10% UI when I know that it’s closer to 25%.

    • Kinetic1

      The new counting practice started decades ago. I first remember hearing about the change sometime around 2002. Back then Rush was telling everyone that it was just another “Democrat” trick to make Bush look bad. “What do you mean they’re not counting the people who have given up looking?” “No one gives up looking!” Now it’s out in the open, but who wants to hear those numbers?

  • J C Moore, USN Ret

    Extend unemployment compensation indefinitely (forever, for those idiots who do not understand the meaning of indefinitely) so no one will ever have to work at a job they do not like or feel is beneath them, just to survive. Mankind should be protected by the wealth of the rich until there is no longer a wealthy base to steal from, only then will we have equality of the public (proletariat). God, I think I am going to throw up!

  • Deborah

    American made. We need seamstress to make our clothes. Farmers to sell directly to the public. Other trades to take a chance on America and her people. We need to hide the money we make from the Feds.
    Cash only transactions. They’ve cheated us enough!

  • tg7357

    I was thinking earlier this year about trying to open my own small business, but there is NO WAY I’d ever let the Government sink its claws into me, my wallet or my life the way they are doing things now!!
    They’d tax me to death before I even got the doors open, and then I’d have to deal with their version of fair hiring, benefits, etc. No thanks!!!

  • Raggs

    Why are the democrats worried about the GOP holding up unemployment benefits when the democrats are the cause for the unemployment?

    • Bob Wire

      Hmm? NAFTA? is that where you are going with this?

      NAFTA is a tool, much like a hammer. ~ In the hands of the skilled it can be useful. ~ In the hand of the unskilled people can hurt themselves and hit their thumb.

      So we blame the “tool” rather then the user of the tool?

      Tool bad,! , ~ user good?

      This is just another example of GOP thinking and deferring “any and all” responsibility while refusing to be accountable for darn near everything that’s ever happened, as they dominated and held veto power over 22 to the last running 30 years of American politics.

      They are such a cleaver bunch! I’m feeling guilty for even bringing it up!

      • William

        you shouldn’t feel guilty. just stupid, you need to do some research befor you say things bob,

      • Raggs

        Wouldn’t you say it’s odd that the progressives that have been in power for the past four year’s are using thier “tool” to throw the blame to a party that until now has been insignificant…. The progressives are using the GOP to gain further agenda.

      • tg7357

        I believe NAFTA was the schtick of the Clinton Administration. You know, that honest, forthright and up-front administration that gave us a ‘balanced budget’ after it gutted national security? You remember Slick Willie and Co, don’t you? Of course you do!! They were the ones with so many Chinese campaign contributors and lobbyists in bed with Bill and Hilly that they had to put extra mattresses in the Lincoln Bedroom!! Sure you remember?!?

        • Bob Wire

          NAFTA not unlike many other governing policies and bodies of government ( SEC ) requires a “hands on” administration to control it. ~ Allowed to freewheel ~ without supervision the final results can’t be looked on a good for the American people.

          That it’s seen in a poor light today is due in part to how it was applied and governed. ~ or not governed. Do your research before you crack wise.

        • Kinetic1

          NAFTA, like several other Clinton era programs was a Republican idea. Reagan started the ball rolling, GHW Bush negotiated the deal, but final approval didn’t come until Clinton took office. He made a few tweaks to “protect American workers” and the rest is history. A very sad history if you ask me.

          The Republicans hated Clinton for taking their ideas and selling them as “Moderate Democratic” ideas, but what could they do? Even when they wanted one of these programs they had to be against it. Support a Clinton idea? You must be kidding. Not after telling the electorate that he was the most Liberal candidate EVER! Then again, whoever the Democratic party chooses is always labeled “the Most Liberal”.

  • Deborah

    I believe we should turn toward the Anti-Federalist way of thinking. They were right! States rights!
    Do you know who the FIRST president of the U.S. was? Betcha you said G. Washington and he was, under the Constitution. There were 7 others before him under the Articles of Confederation. John Hanson was the first president. Funny huh!

  • 1minuteman

    what hippocrites. they pass pay as you go and then pass bills without paying for them. only crooked lawyers could justify this kind of crap. my fellow patriots lets make them join the ranks of the unemployed come november. what say ye!



  • chucky

    What makes me laugh is the Obama administration wants to get the job numbers up and passing this way over extended unemployment package (126 weeks)costing billions more will only hurt job numbers as the millions of people recieving this, will make them less ambitious to seek employment. You would be surprised how motivated to find work you get when THE UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS STOP. It is going on 2 1/2 years. From what I understand by my neighbors kid who has been benefitting from this windfall that the attitude(mindset) is “Why should I take a job that pays $600 a week when I am getting $500 a week on unemployment”.Another quote from neighbors kid “It is not worth it to me to work 40 hours for $100 dollars more”. “After they take taxes out it is now less than $100 and gas to get there” So you see it is now a game of cat and mouse between unemployed and government. I live on the Jersey Shore and there are help wanted signs up all over the boardwalks up and down the state(heatwaves caused an increase in tourism people coming down for a day to cool off in ocean) but alas nobody will fill these jobs until you STOP THE CHECKS AND KICK MY NEIGHBORS KID AND THE MILLIONS OF OTHERS TO THE CURB. I GUARANTEE YOU THEY WILL ALL FIND JOBS. MAYBE NOT THE JOB THEY DREAMED OF, BUT THEY WILL FIND JOBS TO SURVIVE.

    • tg7357

      You got that right!! I know there are lots of places where there are no jobs to be had, but if there are jobs out there, and no one is filling them, then that state or area needs to get its unemployment cut off. Another case of the Feds throwing money at a problem instead of investigating it and fixing it!!!

  • owldog

    The Neocon-Republican strategy to “STARVE THE BEAST”

    (1) run an UNFUNDED useless Iraqi war (that killed ~100,000 Iraqi civilians [] and creates many more terrorists than it kills)

    (2) give the wealthiest an UNFUNDED tax “relief” (for their bonuses/stock options, etc.)

    (3) pass an UNFUNDED prescription drug benefit (that mostly benefitted big Pharma)

    Bush and most Neocons ran up the debt from 5.7 $Trillion to 11 $Trillion in 8 years (buying votes with money borrowed from the Chinese.)


    It was called “Starve the Beast” folks.
    A “tax cut” Neoconservative political strategy hatched decades ago, which history seems to bear out.

    Here’s how it worked. Republicans in power should run up the national debt and deficit with TAX BREAKS, folks, then when there’s a popular demand to balance the budget. When Democrats take over (that’s when Republicans become deficit hawks), the Democrats won’t be able to have social programs, because they have to pay off the debt from the tax breaks. They might even have to cut back on existing social programs (republicans will encourage this), to pay off THE NATIONAL DEBT (that Republicans) created WITH TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY.)
    Republicans driving up the national debt in 8 years also devalued the dollar against the EURO from ~$.83 to ~$1.40 from 2001 to 2008 – Americans are now “cheap” to the “socialist” universal-health-care Europeans. It now costs about $1.36 for a “socialist” EURO.
    the “beast” is poor and middle class Americans. The “beast” is the government OF, BY and FOR these people.

    Here’s the whole 30 year story, in case you missed it.

    • thinking about

      Very good, you are right, the Republicans could find the money to cover the tax cuts given but can’t find the funds to help the unemployed. We have many jobs “outsourced” to other countries, ones we could have in the USA, workers would then be paying taxes and buying goods.

    • Deborah

      owldog! Tax reduction starts with tax cuts. Starve the beast is the government it said and I do not have one gd reason to want to feed the “Beast”.
      It also talked about physical responsibility. Downsizing government. Although, the author did target social programs for the charity class as the cuts but, it was much more than that! Not to mention millions of people on charity that are illegals.
      Go ahead, find reason to take us communism. Let the government make all your decisions for you. Let thugs enter you home, checking account, your children reprogrammed and let them take what they want from you, in the name of progress.
      Yeah, you can go to Cuba, Russia, China or North Korea for all the communism and socialistic programs they have. Just don’t bring it to America’s door step. That is not our values! OR MORALS

      • Bob Wire

        >> Tax reduction starts with tax cuts. Starve the beast is the government it said and I do not have one gd reason to want to feed the “Beast”.<<

        what! ????

      • owldog

        CHUCK, I don’t know if northern european-type socialism would work – we spend too much money on wars and killing instead of benefitting common people in those countries with their needs.

        But that’s too bad. People in places like Denmark and Sweden are much better off and happier than we are – except the super rich maybe. They use our country for a base while they make money, avoid taxes, and invest in China.

    • chucky

      Owldog you need to understand that wikipedia has been proven time amd time again because you or I could edit or add any B.S. you or I wish to put on there to re-write history(sounds alot like the movies they make in Hollywood now LOL). Also you will thank George Bush when Iran has nukes(seems nobody wants to stop them) and wants to point one at your bsckyard, that there is a base there along with helping our Ally Israel. Your little beast rant reminds me of Blacks today claiming in spite of a black president that “The Man is still keeping me down attitude” of the 70′s. Please keep that hate in your heart (along with the rest of you that think that way) because when you sit and complain, It provides more oppotunity for the ambitious,hard working, and goal oriented, to make major strides. I started out with less than nothing(orphan who was never adopted) and have built a comfortable life for my family and myself through setting goals,believing in myself,believing in the American dream and now living it by not listening to other people(you should look up the crab in the bucket theory in which the people around you right now if they see you have success and you are climbing out of the bucket, All of the other crabs below will try to pull you back in.(sorry got a little too philisophical and spending too much time on my boat.LOL) So my advice to you Owldog is Are you a crab trying your damndest to climb out of the bucket or are you one of the crabs trying to pull the ambitious crab back into the bucket with you. Think hard and honestly before you answer. When I empty my crab traps now if I see a crab with a pincher holding on to the top of the bucket. I throw him overboard and set him free. Because I understand. LOL

      • alpha-lemming

        Way to break the cycle buddy!!!
        Oops…….. crap…. is that considered hate speech now???

  • RayN

    Isnt it funny that they want to cut social security that we paid for all of our working days, but we can keep giving unemploment benefits to people that are not even looking for a job. How many weeks has this been.

  • Robert Jackson

    As long as the GOVERNMENT pays you to sit at home or in the BAR or Casino why go out and look for a job. It’s the Obama way of life… RE-DRISTIBUTION OF WEALTH, The IGNORANT Socialists way of life….

  • chuck b


    we have been under the control of a democratic congress and senate with a large majority since 2006 and a democratic president (if that’s what you call him) for 1 1/2 years and you still are digging to find something to blame the republicans for,
    you have nothing to offer except socialism/communism, your policies are all complete failures ( i read and try to comprehend that great health care bill the liberals passed all on their own) the democrats have never had any policy except to tax the people. typical igborance, eat the horse that pulls your wagon, eat the seed before you plant it.

    the republicans on the other hand are a bunch of wimps, they cower when the demos point an accusing finger at them. they fail to educate the public on these appropriations bills, the media won’t do it!!, how many people know the reason the repubs wouldn’t back this bill, i’ll bet not enough. does the average person care abvout all these earmarks loading down these bills and they are loaded down because the bills are normally important and have to pass. the republicans have failed us and the democrats even more.

    • Bob Wire

      right and the President has final say with veto . so what’s your proint?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Excuse the typo. since you hate the GOP so much and defend Nobama so much, please expand on what Nobamam has changed that Bush did wrong.

        • Bob Wire

          oh come on ! I’d hope for a harder question.

          But why is 43′s mistakes being used as any gauge?

          Obama has listened to the people that place him in the position, you having issues with Obama is a most positive sign he’s working at what we sent him to the Hill for.

          Bush was just a front man for the people that sent him to the hill, special interest. Bush had few original ideas of his own. Even “bring it on”? ~ that was the plan from the beginning and a borrowed movie script.

          It’s going to take a good while to get all the wrong washed off! Obama won’t finish, but only the begin. We’ll be ready for some “right steering” in good time ~ this is your time to do your home works and come up with it! Some of you are ~ but most of you just want to register your disgust and embellish everything that comes before you.

          We wanted to get rid of Rangle long ago ~ but the pressures placed on the DNC by the RNC and baggers with partisanship politics has delayed the process by a good two years. ~ The change promised has been slowed and fought at every turn and stop in the road. ~

          We are going to get lobbyist off the hill. But they have many friends on both side of the isle and they fight so hard! And you help them!

          But it’s all good ! You just keep doing what your doing ! we’ll learn to use you in the position you choice to play, since reaching you seems most unlikely.

          It’s like having a gun on you night stand, you stand a good chance of being a victim of your own tools and ideas. We are counting on you to supply us with the means to defeat you. You’re doing a great job so far ~ keep it up.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            bob, bob, bob!!! Are you a cattleman? So much bull in one place! We are going to get rid of the lobbyist???? Not while Nobama is in office!!! He is so fond of them that he would consider that thought sacrelige!!! I have not heard one peep from him about Rangle. I have however heard a lot from a few Dems and repubs that think he should make a deal or better yet retire!!!

    • owldog

      Au contraire – it is not proper to spin this debt problem as a democratic “tax and spend” invention.

      not blaming Republicans, per se, just saying more than half of the present debt was created with republicans and Bush in power, when heard absoluting nothing from Repubs the growing “debt crisis”

      That’s like driving a car until it is almost empty and then blaming the next person who drives for using all the gas.

  • t norene

    Support the troops Give them your job when they get home…

  • tom

    The recent unemployment bill passed by the Dems does not, I repeat, does not contain anything for Tier 3 benifits. That is for folks that have been out of work for more than a year and need a third extention while they try to seek gainful employment.

    The Dems are so full of BS that I am beginning to believe that they are starting to eat their own excretment.

  • Anthony

    FOLKS – like has been discussed [ in depth ] on NPR radio, practically on a daily basis since the topuic came up and now has been voted on….

    The Republicans were not against the Unemployment Benefits Bill.
    They were against the DEM’s putting this Country even further into Debt.

    The DEM’s had blatantly refused to cut spending on PERK PROGRAMS, so as to avoid raising the total overall debt. I’d like to hear a few loyal lefties defend this raising of the debt ceiling while holding the Country hostage with the propaganda they used in this discussion On-the-hill. Harry Reid constantly avoided the points made by Mitch McConnell about this issue – would not discuss it … he couldn’t afford to. Part of what they always use our tax dollars for – is to buy off those who would keep them in power. Sure, it goes for both parties.. so, that makes it right for the Left when THEY do it, but never for the Right? How about the Libs wiping out this addiction to Hypocrisy.

    This should never be the “get what you can and scram” Country!
    Just because the Money Masters have made it that way, doesn’t mean that’s how it should be.

  • owldog

    Any economist or working class person will tell you there is so much more stimulus in giving people at the bottom money to spend, than letting people at the top keep it and invest in china.

    It’s not “your money” It is “Caesar’s money” and wealthy people benefit immensely by living in a country with “pax Americana” without which, they could not acquire such wealth. They need to pay their fair share to the American infrastructure, and that includes helping people who’ve been hurt by deregulation, hardship, and fundamentalist capitalism, whose only purpose for existence is to make profits.

    • Karolyn

      You hit a good nail right on the head owl. I’ve heard that over and over, and it sure makes sense.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If I earn it, all but a portion of that money is MINE. Caesar can kiss the dark side!!

  • WarriorH

    Soon, the Progressive’s will be banished. Hopefully for a very long time.

    • Bob Wire

      For a man about to be hit by a Bus you sound sure of yourself.

  • chuck b

    you talk too much socialism. people have the opportunity in this country to start their own business and build a future for themselves, not depending on the government to supply a job, otherwise you have the choice to work for someone else. there’s nothing in the constitution that says the government owes you an income or a job. “pursuit of happiness”. since the days of fdr, liberals have led the working people into the welfare trap and now they insist on the government to furnish them health care, welfare and a job. you want to raise the tax rate on the wealthy. the rich didn’t get rich being stupid, they will just take their money out of the market and you will be faced with more un-employment. they can hide their money and you will get less tax. democrats have a hard time understanding this and want to start class warfare. you either make it on your own or head for the welfare line and its getting longer each day as we get more un-documented democrats crossing the border.

  • American Citizen

    A lot of jobs go begging because too many people are lazy, they don’t want to do physical work. I feel for those who are desperately seeking a job and want to get off unemployment. I have a son-in-law in that situation. He’s had interviews, but was not hired. There were too many others after the same jobs. We also have those for whom welfare and unemployment is a way of life. They take a job just long enough to qualify, then do something to deliberately lose the job. To extend unemployment this long without using the pay/go is unconsionable as what you subsidize, you get more of. It happened with the welfare program.

    • American Citizen

      For the record, our son-in-law did have a couple of part time jobs, but they were seasonal. One was subbing as a school bus driver.

  • chucky

    I is not the job my government to tell me what or what not to eat or drink( unless there is a recall and the food or drink will harm me) it is not the job of my government to track my B.M.I. level. It is not the job of my government to try to raise my children through the education system , tell them about the teacher union’s woes because of no raises,or use them as political pawns (Do you hear me N.J.E.A. fight your own battles with Governor Chris Christie keep my children out of it) and it is definetly not the job of my government when they think the time is right to tell my children about sex, gay marriage,ect. I raised my children and that is my wife’s and my sole responsibility. I do not want my government to pick and choose which laws that are on the books will be enforced and which ones will be turned a blind eye to. I do not want my government to provide elected(and appointed) officials to be above the law and to get as rich as a lottery winner by the position they are elected or appointed to. i do not want my government to be financially insolvent or to be the biggest employer of it’s people. I want my government to protect me and it’s LEGAL CITIZENS from invaision(armed or unarmed) of our country. I want my government to provide safe and maintained roads. I do want my government to enforce ALL LAWS THAT ARE ON THE BOOKS. That is about all I want the federal government to do for me.

  • mavis

    Some of the money that the government is handing out in the quise of Unemployment should be used to reeducate the work force.You keep handing out money to the long term unemployed without any requirement or strings attached, you will have a class of workers living off the ones who work, it’s too easy to get into that rut.
    Give them jobs to do for the money they collect, once they find out it’s not going to be free, the ones that really want to work will find something to do. And the ones that don’t want to work drop them pronto!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      I agaree, exactly what was done during the depression of the 30′s.. instead of a handout.. people worked building roads, public buildings, cleaning and mowing public areas.. surely, we could offer a job (and I’ve done some of the worst to support myself) in return for the unemployment, welfare money that is handed out. We have small towns in the midwest going broke. They do not have enough money to pay to have the parks kept up.. and they have many people on the unemployment ranks who sit on their rears.. I also agree with getting rid of the whole fam damily in Washington.. Dam’ol’crats AND Repulsivtons.

      • Mary

        Of course that won’t help much unless we can get 2 things to happen.. term limits and caps on what anyone can spend on getting elected..

        • Bob Wire

          AH! a cap ! thanks for that nugget! ~ There no need of mentioning one without the other.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    The Democraps lash out at the GOP. But if the GOP had its way (tax cuts, etc.), the economy would recover, and unemployment would fall. And there’d be no need for unemployment benefit extensions!! But the democraps won’t do that. And don’t forget that unemployment insurance is only half of what you’d normally earn, yet is still taxable. Now ask yourself – which party really cares more about the unemployed??

    • Evie D

      Earl, if the Repubs got their way, just exactly how would the economy recover and unemployment fall? No sound bites please, but actual examples, backed by facts that their proposals would work, assuming they have actual proposals. As for which party cares more, it certainly isn’t the GOP. They cratered this country’s economy in the first place with two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts, and Bush’s Medicare Prescription Act that is going to cost a few hundred billion more than the original $500 billion or so the CBO originally projected. No votes of ‘no’ from theRepublicans on that. Funny, isn’t it, that increasing the national debt is okay when it comes from Republicans.

      Don’t kid yourself. Neither party actually cares about this country or the debt and mess they leave behind. They won’t be around to have to find a way to pay for any of this. Both parties’ sole interest is in catering to big corporations and special interest groups.

      Earl, QUEENS, NY says:
      July 28, 2010 at 3:08 pm
      The Democraps lash out at the GOP. But if the GOP had its way (tax cuts, etc.), the economy would recover, and unemployment would fall. And there’d be no need for unemployment benefit extensions!! But the democraps won’t do that. And don’t forget that unemployment insurance is only half of what you’d normally earn, yet is still taxable. Now ask yourself – which party really cares more about the unemployed??

  • Bob Wire

    Let’s see ? hmm? which one ?? ~ the one putting food in the belly when they have none?

    It’s not rocket surgery!

    • American Citizen

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions, a good old saw. I once heard someone say she could make more living off welfare than she could if she got a job. What you want more of, you subsidize.

      • Sassy Lou

        There is a great documentary on HBO called “Hotel Kids” of the cases is a single mother who works for Disneyland..who only earns about $10 an hour. You do the math.

  • Sassy Lou

    Yay!…Because nothing makes more sending more jobs overseas..causing less people to be paying into the pot…which thus causes the government to go after the people who have something to take. However, if the “wealthier and business owners” finally get it that they are the next on the “target” to be moved to the lower class…or same as the “last Scrooges” alive…struggling just to stay in the upper middle classes..blaming the poor….just like the classical scrooge..they will realize they are the NEXT in line to be overshadowed and overtaken by the larger multi-national corporations who want nothing more than to run their businesses into the ground so they can get more control over the planet!

    Start looking up people..and I mean above the family owned mom and pop businesses in your community..looking will find no answers there.


  • Evie D

    Funny. Republicans don’t mind ‘going to the Chinese’ and putting the debt on the backs of out ‘children and grandchildren’ when it comes to the military-industrial complex (even those rare instances when they don’t want money for something). Republicans magically form the ability to say ‘yea’ to legislation to keep funding a war we aren’t ever going to win. And they always find the money for all those independent contractors who, incidentally, are accountable to anyone. When it comes to corruption, we give the Taliban and Afghan ‘leadership’ a run for their money.


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