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Congress: Your First Amendment Rights Annoy Us

March 1, 2012 by  

Congress: Your First Amendment Rights Annoy Us

Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The 1st Amendment has been under attack by the American political elite for some time, and a bill voted on in the House on Monday sets the next portion of the Amendment in line for the chopping block.

The House voted this week 388-3 to pass H.R. 347 a bill called the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. The bill was slightly amended and voice-voted by the Senate earlier in the month; House passage of the Senate version sends it to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature into law.

Congress makes it illegal in the bill to trespass on the grounds of the White House. The wording in the bill, however, goes on to allow the government to enforce trespassing laws against more than tourists and protesters near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A portion of the bill explains who it criminalizes:

`(a) Whoever—`(1) knowingly enters or remains in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so; `(2) knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct in, or within such proximity to, any restricted building or grounds when, or so that, such conduct, in fact, impedes or disrupts the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions; `(3) knowingly, and with the intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions, obstructs or impedes ingress or egress to or from any restricted building or grounds; or `(4) knowingly engages in any act of physical violence against any person or property in any restricted building or grounds.

The bill also explains what are considered restricted places for peaceful protesters:

`(1) the term `restricted buildings or grounds’ means any posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area–`(A) of the White House or its grounds, or the Vice President’s official residence or its grounds; `(B) of a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting; or`(C) of a building or grounds so restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance; and `(2) the term `other person protected by the Secret Service’ means any person whom the United States Secret Service is authorized to protect under section 3056 of this title or by Presidential memorandum, when such person has not declined such protection.

Basically, anyplace where Secret Service agents are present or any building where government business is being conducted is made off limits to “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” by language in the bill. Both GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are currently protected by Secret Service agents, and Newt Gingrich has asked for protection. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has said that he will likely not opt for Secret Service protection during the campaign.

According to the Secret Service website, the agency is authorized to protect:

  • The President, the Vice President, (or other individuals next in order of succession to the Office of the President), the President-elect and Vice President-elect.
  • The immediate families of the above individuals.
  • Former Presidents and their spouses, except when the spouse remarries.
  • Children of former Presidents until age 16.
  • Visiting heads of foreign states or governments and their spouses traveling with them, other distinguished foreign visitors to the United States, and official representatives of the United States performing special missions abroad.
  • Major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, and their spouses within 120 days of a general Presidential election.
  • Other individuals as designated per Executive Order of the President.
  • National Special Security Events, when designated as such by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Because foreign dignitaries are often protected by the Secret Service, the Federal government could consider demonstrations against any foreign president on American soil a violation of Federal law, as long as it could be considered disruptive.

Secret Service’s ability to be present at any “National Special Security Events, when designated as such by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security” is also particularly alarming for free-speech advocates, as it could mean no peaceable assembly just about anywhere Janet Napolitano sees fit. According to RT, about three dozen events in all have been considered National Special Security Events since the term was created by President Bill Clinton. Among the events on the DHS-sanctioned NSSE list were Super Bowl XXXVI, the funerals of Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford, State of the Union addresses and the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

The only “no” votes on the bill were from Representatives Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

Amash commented about the bill on his Facebook page saying, “Some government officials may need extraordinary protection to ensure their safety. But criminalizing legitimate First Amendment activity — even if that activity is annoying to those government officials — violates our rights.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Like I’ve been saying. One sneaky bill at a time. Now they’ll have law enforcement officials posted at all of the FEMA camps around the country and arrest anyone trying to expose them. All under the guise of protection.
    Yea for Ron Paul not getting protection from the secret service. Hopefully, sources close to him advised him that he should seek protection FROM the S.S. and not BY the S.S. I’m in Tampa, I’ll help him.

    • flashy

      Congress can pass as many bills as it likes, the bottom line is whether the SCOTUS will rule. If the SCOTUS rules suh is allowed and does not abridge the 1st Amendment Rights…

      We come back to the adage, you get what you asked for.

      Y’all wanted a Conservative packed Court with extremists such as Scalia and Thomas? You got ‘em. y’all concerned how the Court is going to decide?

      • lenze1

        I suppose the y’all is a dig at conservatives. That’s the mentality of a liberal…win at all costs – redirect blame to the blameless – take from the doers and give to the slackers. You’d think that after all these years, liberals/communists would get a clue-your plan has not worked in the past – it will not work in the future. Give the poor dead horse a break!

      • Bob Johnson

        You are obviously a liberal, name one place in time or location where liberal principles have ever worked. This is a move to eliminate protest, no matter what side of the fence you are on. The person in the white house is on a path to destroy the country as you knew it, and replace it with a tyranny, with him as the head dictator.

      • flashy

        bob: Two points. One, as i stated, it doesn’t really matter what they pass as a law. If the SCOTUS rules it oversteps the 1st Amendment boundaries, that’s it. Game over.

        However, given the nature of the Court as packed by Conservatives….I wouldn’t guess which way they’ll be ruling. I mean, these are the jokers who ruled Corporations are citizens fer chrissakes, and have shown a marked propensity towards a lax reading when it comes to government powers. No one with any memory or common sense would believe a Liberal or Moderate Court would have found the Unpatriotic Act consitutional, nor that corporations are people. The Moderate and Liberal Courts FOUND and expanded our individual Rights…

        As to your statement “name one place in time or location where liberal principles have ever worked.” You’re serious? Easy. The United States of America pre-Reagan with a short window under Pres. Clinton.

        I know…you’ll blame it all on liberals and scoff. reality is, we were in MUCH better shape under a Liberal and Moderate government than anything the post Reagan Conservatives left office with. And those are the facts. Look ‘em up.

        As to responding to lense1. I use “y’all” often. Both in writing and in speech.

        • lenze1

          If you believe we’re better off with liberal commies running the country then we are at different ends of the poles. I don’t think many of the dopes in the Republican party currently in Congress are representative of the people, RINOs are everywhere…and I do think that the Democratic party has been hi-jacked by liberal/commies and those are the people from both parties that we need to tar and feather. The foxes have been minding the chicken coop for too long.

      • cawun cents

        Two of my attempted posts magically disappeared in the last couple of days.I spent lengthy time and effort developing and typing them,but as soon as I hit post….wallah!No more.
        Do I think its a conspiracy?
        Do I think that there are folks who would rather not let what I have to say be seen by others?
        Do I think they work for some secret gubment group who is attempting to take our freedoms away?
        Do I think that some folks will think I am batscat crazy for thinking this?
        FCC,FBI…..F U B A R……
        Yes Virginia,I do think they are trying to subvert me through avenues of power and influence.Ever read 1984?
        Am I a conspiracy theorist?
        Only if you consider that I am actually being quieted by some source of gubment bureaucracy,and it has been happening for years now.Not just as soon as Mr.Dr/Livingston has disclaimed that his site is going under rennovation.But for some time before that.
        So needlessly posting that there is a problem with the site is moot I assure you.
        We are in the middle of a change in destination folks.
        Ther is a fork in the track,and depending on the conductor,we can take the train to good places,or we can slide down into hell.
        If you think that we have been some evil empire and sqaundered the resources of the world then hop on the “to hell express”.If you know that we are given to faults and are in need of repair,then hop aboard the train to the next good place.
        In either case your rights are at stake.
        The people who wish to take them from you think its for your own good.
        I call bullscat!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear cawmun cents,

        I have posted for all to see, in bright red type, that we are experiencing unexpected difficulties after switching over to a new site hosting company. Be assured our technical team is working with the new hosting company to figure out what is causing posts to disappear. I can assure you I am more unhappy about this turn of events than you are. I don’t know what else I can say that would make this any clearer, but I’ll try this: THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY TO DELETE COMMENTS! IT IS A TECHNICAL PROBLEM! If you continue to believe some nefarious scheme is afoot, then you are, indeed, batscat crazy for thinking it.

        Yesterday we fell victim to a massive, worldwide Microsoft outage that prevented people from linking to Personal Liberty via the email. That explains why people were unable to access via the first email we sent out. Again, no conspiracy. Apparently just bad programming.

        Best wishes,

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Mr Livingston. While i have nor reason to doubt what you say I have notices I consistantly have more trouble linking to sites or articles with a concervative viewpoint and also articles where the comments take a decidedly concervative viewpoint become more diffucult to access or they dissapear much quicker than ones with a very liberal view. Having said that I have no doubt there are individuals at MSN and other places that would/do try to interupt the free discussion of concervative viewpoints.

      • cawun cents

        I understand Mr/Dr.Livingston,
        It was never my attempt,nor my intention,to disparage you,or your site on a personal basis.
        As always I thank you for the place I have here to post,and for the information you put forth to the folks.
        My concern is for the people who may be working for my server,possibly the folks who are currently monitoring the internet for information regarding what could be contrued as plots against the government.
        People who can patch directly into others computers,hackers,Fedral goons who though employed for one pupose,use their power for nefarious reasons.
        I do not know the integrity of your new hosting service,nor of its employee base,but if the occaision arises where you can contact them on a more intimate and personal basis,would you please remind them where we live and of your patient expectations of them to provide secure access only.
        My thoughts are that some of my postings were of a rather personal nature and therefore that it is possible that I am being investigated by someone on a personal basis.
        The individual or group may not have ulterior motive,but extensive and heartfelt posts have disappeared to my dismay.
        These posts were made as personal observations and contained no threats against anyone,yet for unknown reasons they have disappeared.
        If it seems that I am concerned,it is because these were well thought out lengthy posts that I spent great effort to compose.It seems as if my efforts dont make a difference to anyone but myself.
        I get that.
        Yet my concern is that there is something strange about the particular posts that disappeared.I tend to say things that offend others,and I try not to post attacks to particular folks on a personal basis,though I am guilty of that as are all.
        I try to limit my retorts to peoples position on matters for the most part.
        I do not care for ad hominem replies,yet I find them amusing.
        So if I seem accusatory to you,note that it is my position that it is not you who is responsible for my concerns.
        Thank you again,-CC.

    • Warrior

      Just amazing. When it comes to protecting their own hides, there is NO partisanship. I wonder, can anyone be granted a “waiver”?

      So, what does one make of this? Expecting trouble are we?

    • TML

      After reading the bill H.R. 34 in its entirety, I’m not sure this would be a violation of any 1st Amendment rights. It speaks of entering buildings or grounds which are ‘restricted’, and doing so with intent to be disruptive, disorderly, or violent.

      This law is already on the books in Title 18 Section 1752 (in fact, H.R. 34 even titles as “To correct and simplify the drafting of section 1752 (relating to restricted buildings or grounds) of title 18, United States Code.”, and describes the exact same things, with the exception of actually adding ‘White House’ to the definition of “restricted buildings or grounds” along with the Vice Presidents residence. Not much really changed and is probably the reason it was passed by such a majority. Even the parts about Secret Service agents already existed on the books.

      I just don’t see this as being the major issue that it is being made out to be.

      • TML

        Correction – H.R. 347 (my 7 key is sticking, lol)

        • TML

          Due to technical difficulties, I will suffice it to say check out Title 18 section 1752 of the United States Code, and go to the Library of Congress and check out H.R. 374… there is nothing to be alarmed about.

      • TML

        Oh wow, some crazy things going on with this site, lol.

      • AngryPickle

        Why don’t you just highlight, right click and choose ‘Copy’ after you post just in case it self-deletes.. Then right click/paste and keep trying till it bingo’s.. That’s what I do each and every time.. On all my posts everywhere.. it doesn’t take that much time and it saves a lot of fan $hit anxieties. Don’t ever leave your good work to chance.

    • Joe H

      This has already been done! Evidenced by the group of kids that were going to sing at the Lincoln memorial!!! They were told they couldn’t sing in the memorial. correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the song “America the Beautiful”

      • TML

        “Evidenced by the group of kids that were going to sing at the Lincoln memorial!!! They were told they couldn’t sing in the memorial. correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the song “America the Beautiful””

        I’ve not heard of that… it’s not the Jefferson Memorial dancing protests last year that your referring to is it? Just curious

    • Vigilant

      If it happens to be of any interest to folks here, Sam Rolley made an erroneous report when he said, “the only “no” votes on the bill were from Representatives Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Paul Broun (R-Ga.) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).”

      Correction: Keith Ellison did NOT vote “no.” Three guesses who the third “nay” voter was: Ron Paul.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Vigilant,

        The report is correct, and you did not live up to your namesake. Check the date on the link you provided. It is from the 2011 vote. Here is the correct link.

        Best wishes,

    • Name

      Really? Ron Paul? I didn’t see his name as one of the three that voted against this.

  • s c

    Congress, your textbook schizophrenia and insane lust for power disgusts me and millions of real Americans who see you hobags for the filth you are. The Founders were right. We do not need or want your approval.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Congress can kiss my ass.

    • diana

      that land is ours so ob can li– my a–

      • flashy

        Hmmm….even your so-caled “people’s reps”…the TP crowd, voted for it.

        I’d laugh at how you’ve been used and led by the wealthy elites and powerful interests if it wasn’t seriously affecting my Rights.

        “No compromise” extremists always agree on one thing…extremism.

      • Joe H

        maybe so flushy, but at least WE were trying to CHANGE things for the better. you, however, have always championed things like THIS!!! Go ahead D!PWAD vote for Odumberer again!!! And all those lousy prog politicians you kiss up to so well!!!

  • kategray

    Stop making bills that are meaningless. Common sense is what is needed and big government sitting in your home and any place that else is not needed.

    • Joe H

      It’s like I’ve said all along. the government doesn’t act, they REact!! most of the time, they OVERreact!!!!

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      Actually Kate, IMO, Congress does come up with some good ideas. THEN THEY SCREW THEM UP EVERYTIME!!!

  • Pissed off citizen

    Isn’t it amazing that congress and write and pass laws that the general public citizenry has to follow or be arrested??? Doesn’t that smell like a form of dictatorship to you? It’s time to take back our government and make it the way it was intended by our founding fathers… BY the people, FOR the people… and abolish the feds, creating a new one. Perhaps we the people can say that if you have a net worth of more than $250,000 then you cannot run for a government position. Maybe this will stop the greed of taking from us to line their cronies’ pockets with our hard earned money…. maybe!

    • Rus

      This will just create more puppeteers …

    • Michael Beglin

      We badly need term limits. Our politicians are now career government officials. That, by definition, is a parasite. Our founding fathers served a term or two, then went back to their real lives. That is what we need now.

      You all know what’s coming really soon now.

      • AZ-Ike

        Arizona amended our Constitution with term limits applying to ALL elected officials. The supreme Court shot it down for Congressional reps as, “it changed the constitutional eligibility requirements” from Article 1. If AZ had any guts, we would have told the Court what it could do with it’s decision. Term limits do not change the constitutional eligibility requirements.

        American’s amended the U.S. Constitution to limit terms for President because he is (supposed to be) a representative of the People of the entire country. Therefore, states should be able to amend their own constitutions to limit the terms of the representatives of their own states–whether all states do it, or not.

        Congress will not submit consitutional amendment for term limits because, of course, they want to continue amassing power and control. The only chance the People have is to do it themselves at the voting booth.

      • 2¢ worth…

        Not to mention that if they never worked in g’ment before, hell if they never had a job before, after 4 or 8 years (or 2 for the scum around the WH) their entitled to an executive pension immediately FOR LIFE!! Not to mention protection.

    • Joe H

      P O C,
      you forgot one Of, FOR, & BY the people

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    There are some members of congress that are the scum of the earth , The ones that the scum just love ,that let the potus run slip shod over the people.The whole lot has to be replaced to get back on track .But as long as we have these flushies voting it will be a long hard grind.

    • lenze1

      We must INSIST on term limits for these fools. We the people must finally reach the end of our rope and take our country back.

      • Bob Johnson

        If we make it to the next elections, there will be no more elections after that, and I am not sure that we can make it through this coming election, because if it looks as if he were to lose, he will find a way to declare martial law (it is already written in to the defense bill) and suspend all elections, until such time he decides that he is ready.

      • Fedup

        We have term limits, they are called elections. The problem is the fools keep voting them back in.

      • Joe H

        Stop and think. The way they have been ignoring Ron Paul this election, if they had term limits, how many of you would even know about him??? Hell, half the voters don’t know SQUAT about him now except RUMOR and LIES!!!

      • Earl, QUEENS, NY

        You’re exactly right Fedup!! I’ve long been saying that these suggested term limit laws are merely a placebo to our woes. The problem is that leftwing dmocraps are usually replaced with other leftwing democraps; as we see here with New York City term limits. We lost a good mayor – Rudy Giuliani here in 2001 because of term limits. But the NYC law didn’t stop Michael Bloomberg from breaking the law and getting a third term in 2009. We hear Nasty Nazi Pelosi may retire soon. But since they re-elected her by an 80% landslide in 2010, I’m sure San Fransicko voters will replace her with another evil leftist. People need to wise up and get to the polls, and vote GOP, even if it’s just a vote against today’s leftwing democrap party.


    the way our Government, all 3 branches conduct their self, it is understandable why they want this protection. They know they are corrupt and they know the American public is sooner or later going to get fed up and assemble and take over the WH and Congress and send them all packing. I look for American people to assemble and rise up after Nov elections. American people are fed up and they are trying to constrain their self and get by until Nov. But I highly doubt that if things don’t change with this next elections, their is going to be a violent take over of the Government. People are at their end and will not stand for another 4 yrs of the same.

    Imagine what these clowns will do after the elections when Obama don’t have to worry about another election. If he has been blatantly disregarding our Constitution with the thought that he still needs votes. Imagine what he will do to this Country when he don’t need to worry about votes.

  • mark hammer

    seems the chicken s—- in congress with their 8% approval are getting scared. when the people fear their government you have tyranny, when the government fears the people you have a republic.

    which is it?

  • Alice Steinbacher

    Regarding the changes to the First Amendment. I vehemently oppose any changes at this stage.
    Too many sneaky deals have been made both in the house and the senate lately. It’s just a matter of no faith in Washington.

    Alice Steinbacher

  • css

    Maybe they’re passing unconstitutional laws because they know the public is pissed and they’re coming after them. I think it’s illegal to commit crimes then pass laws to cover up one’s crime or stop people from investigating or protesting, especially on the grounds that the people paid for. Our military needs to march into D.C., remove every piece of scum that breathes, and sit Ron Paul where he needs to be – President of this great country, and all their ridiculous and frivolous laws will be null and void. I’m sick of being treated like a controlled robot or slave while those pigs feed from a bottomless trough. Nobody, especially an elected and paid government, has the right to control or suppress another human being because to control someone is nothing but slavery.

    • Edward Robertson

      Oh, so the answer to “unconstitutional” government is to ignore the Constitution, have a military coup, and then install your “preferred” leader? Thanks, but no thanks. That, in this retired military member’s mind, makes you an enemy of the U.S. Constituion, not a defender of it.

      • cawun cents

        Not that I advocate a coup,because that seems a step too far,yet what do we do about the conditions we have presenlty?
        It must be known to you that an effort is being undertaken to state an intention with the opposite actions being made.
        If words are spoken but differing actions taken,then how can we fix that scenario?
        Are we to just sit and take it until all ability or desire to change it is exhausted?
        What are the parameters of a condition where,and when,we will take action to stop the insanity that is currently plaguing our nation?
        It may be possible that only a military man has the discipline necessary to get something done,whereas our elected officials seem to lack that particular fortitude.
        So where does that leave us…..back at square one as per usual?

      • David Sjoberg

        I agree Edward, but there’s a lot of trouble on the horizon and I’m ready to throw in with other freedom loving men AGAINST the obvious abuse and forthcoming demise of the US Constitution under these career elite politicians. During the French Revolution, King Henry XVI was rightfully confronted by republicans over his absolute power and associated abuses. We all know how that turned out. President Obama and the Regime are power hungry, anti-American (as Ted Nugent correctly asserts) monsters and need to be stopped…but PEACEFULLY. Only problem is, we have no Lafayette. Where is the voice of reason? I was shouted down by a liberal last week in the grocery store checkout line, simply for saying I agree with our Governor (Walker in Wisconsin). These people are absolutely nuts. I’ll tell you what….I swore to protect my Constitution 4 times with each enlistment. I meant it then and I still mean it. I’m scared for the future of my adult children and their freedoms are seriously hanging in the balance. All I can do is vote, watch, put up with occasional abuse at the store, and pray. I’m not going to hide, and I won’t be going to any re-education camp. I’m pretty sick and tired of watching my beautiful country being disassembled by these guys and having no meaningful recourse. Making public land off limits to the public is something akin to making private property accessible to the king’s soldiers. This law is just another chip away from our Constitutional foundation. I stand ready, once again, to pledge my life to freedom, or to die ensuring it if necessary. I don’t think this Congress expects that from guys like me. But I really don’t care what they think anymore. They’d better wake up. I’m one very pissed off American.

      • Joe H

        not that I’m suggesting it, but do you call what Odumberer is doing protecting the constitution?? He, just like you, swore an oath to DEFEND the Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC!!!

      • Joe H

        David S.
        Have you seen the video by Mark Mix on union violence?? Just search his name and you can find it. He a member of the right to work coalition.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        I agree Edward. We believe and defend the Constitution, but they use that against us. We can’t begin to think of a military coup. However, at some point, at some time in the future, WE THE PEOPLE will have had enough. Can’t say when that time will come, but WE did it to the Crown of England and it can happen again. Just hope the time is so far in the future that I won’t live to see it. I love my country and I see it falling apart and leading to Socialism. I don’t want to see that.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Another nail in the coffin of FREEDOM!

  • Humpty Dumpty

    OMG! There’s goes the U.S. Constitution!

  • http://msn Kerri

    Fedup: We do not have term limits. We have elections. We need term limits to protect this country from the fools who keep voting them back in.

    • Joe H

      If you do that, then you also get rid of every one of the pols that might do good. The ones willing to run and do GOOD are far outnumbered by the ones involved in SELF INTEREST!! So you remove one that supports and defends the constitution, like Dr. Paul and it’s twenty years till we get another!!!

  • scout

    And 99% of the people in this country are not even aware and prefer to watch American Idol or other so-called entertainment. They are more concerned about what Hollywood does and taking dope than protecting their freedoms. Just don’t raise their gas prices so they can continue to ride the roads. Idiots all

    • lenze1

      …and, by and large we are an honorable lot, but too trusting of the people we elect. We as citizens have failed, but can the last 50 years can be reversed? Do they teach Civics in school these days and if they are, what are they teaching? The web is so tangled and so far reaching it is sinister in nature.

    • Ted Crawford

      ” If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be ” Thomas Jefferson

  • scout

    You reap what you sow..

  • http://google john p.

    now is the time to vote them out . don’t keep pulling that same old lever
    split your vote . it don’t mater democrat or republican they are all the same
    dictators with different names . but you got to vote them out .

    • Ken B

      Yes John P. you are RIGHT, VOTE them out, But most people Don’t see it that way, they think that a new person in office, just may make a difference and maybe they won’t like it because it just may make good since to them, so they just keep voting the same SO and SO back into office time and time again. They VOTE like a dog, they may not really like that person in office, but that person may be doing something that they like, even if not right for the Country, a dog may like you because you feed him, but he may not really like you, But you feed him. People BETTER wake UP before it’s just too late

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Any one of them in office today doesn’t a name . Just remember thier brand D or R and send them home. All of them….

  • The Old Lady

    This law is understandable on a practical level. Thinking of the $7M+ cost of repairing, cleaning up the Wisconsin State Capitol plus the cost of additional law enforcement caused by protestors last year is inexcusable. It is the protestors who have brought this legislation on themselves. I believe the law says peaceful assembly. And what about the Occupy protests with all of the destructive and violent behavior. All of that kind of behavior is costing the taxpayers big money and are a threat to our American way of life. There are too many thugs out there who attach themselves to valid protests and ruin it for everyone.

    • Joe H

      The Old Lady,
      right you are! They filmed a lot of those demonstrators destroying public property during that demonstration. I believe EVERY ONE of the ones on tape destroying ANYTHING should be charged and if they refuse to pay, let them cool their heels in the hotel with bars till they lose the equivalent of the damage in pay!! Just like our city. One of the parks had three picnic tables worth 750.00 a piece that the neighborhood kids made tooth picks out of. there were calls to the police, city hall, even the mayor, yet they did nothing except replace them. there were withnesses that would have been willing to go to court yet nothing was done. We the tax payer got the shaft AGAIN!!

  • Jeep

    It just gets better and better…The apprently “Constitutional” authorization as stated on the govt website is:

    Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following:
    Article I, Section 8: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States or in any Department or Officer thereof.

    So, the justification for this law is that congress can make laws…hmmmm

  • 45caliber

    There was a comment made when the government destroyed the Branch Davidians at Waco that they were in fact attacking a relious group.

    The government spokesman stated, “We weren’t attacking a religouis group, we were attacking a cult. And the government has the right to determine what is a religion and what is a cult.”

    Doesn’t that give you a nice warm feeling?

    • Ken B

      Then the Government should start to attack IT’S SELF because it in it’s self is a CUTE of ME, MYSELF and I

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Nothing to argue with about that statement!

  • Edward Robertson

    The first of the first ammendment rights that has been under attack is the part about religion. Athism and humanism have been established as the religion of choice, and that in the courts.
    This is about the “Occupy” groups. These groups in New York (Occupy Wall Street), Oakland and others have proven that they are not peaceful protests. It is to prevent what happened in Wisconson with the first of the “Occupy” “Sit-in’s”.

  • Buck

    When the government is afraid of the prople it is a result of TYRANNY , does that tell you anything about our future ?

  • Time to try something new

    If we want a congress that is truly representative of the people we should not be voting on “professional politicians” hand picked by either party. Currently almost 50% of congresspersons are millionaires. How is that representative of a population where less than 2% of households have that kind of net worth???? Is it any wonder all the laws are skewed to favor the wealthy?
    How about rather than elect congressmen we select them in much the same fashion as jurors are selected. Set the requirements (age, education, etc) then randomly select people for a two year stint with the same kind of provisions as jury duty. Think of all the $ we would save on campaign spending, retirements, free healthcare, etc. etc that all the career politicians feel is owed to them. We would save hundreds of millions every year AND have a congress that is truly representative of the American people. The two party system has completely destroyed our govt and it is way past time to put an end to it!

    • 45caliber

      The fact that most Congressmen are millionares makes me laugh. Can’t you see them raising the tax rates so they have to pay more? If they do raise them, you can bet they have enough tax loopholes to insure that they don’t pay more. There are a lot now that only the rich can take advantage of as it is.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        They would just exempt congress. Just like every other law that they pass, they exempt themselves.

  • Vicki

    The OP writes

    Congress makes it illegal in the bill to trespass on the grounds of the White House.

    Seeing as We the People own the White House it is going to be really hard for any of us to tresspass there.

    What should really get our attention is the whole feel of the new laws. They feel JUST like what dictators the world over do to protect themselves from their subjects.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    It now seems our elected officials don’t want us to ne allowed to protest on OUR Government land! One more steps to being slaves and once theses suckers get out gun we are done being free! It’s because we honest citizens are armed that keeps other governments from want to come here and fight us, they know we will be hiding every where with a gun pointed against, that is if Obama,gun running Holder, Hillery,Maxie, Reid, Pelosi, Bloomberg and many others. Wonder why they want us to be slaves?
    Now I bet if protesters start toward any of those government buildings in mass Obama will give us a blood bath just like Syria and all the other Rag head Countries and then will tell us why it’s different over here if the do it! I’m sick of all those bums in Washington vote them all out!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Part of some of what i said got tossed with the glitch, if the idiots I named have there way we wont have any guns for protection and we will be slaves! Other countries are scared to invade us knowing we will have guns every where pointing at them, unless we let Obama and Hillery get that stupid U N Gun treary passed and take all of our guns. Sure hope it don’t pass cause I’m just to old to have to start fighting another country and my own too, BUT I WILL!

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      Why is Obama and others in government afraid of our guns? WE THE PEOPLE are peaceful people.

  • AZ-Ike

    We know we can’t count on the supreme Court to support the Constitution. They already refused to reverse a federal Court decision (Walker v. U.S., 2003) (Walker v. Congress, 2004) that allows Congress to interpret the Constitution as they will—rather than as written and intended by the FFs. (For further info on these decisions see for the lawsuits and commentary.) If any part of our Judiciary system believed in the Constitution as the ‘Rule of Law,’ Obama wouldn’t be illegally occupying the Oval Office, leading the final charge to completely overthrow it and all guarantees of ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’

    Congress also could have stopped Obama’s accelerated destruction of the ‘Contract between the People and Government,’ but they are totally complicit in Obama’s usurpation of the Presidency and the unconstitutional actions he readily and enthusiastically takes in establishing tyranny. Obama is Congress’ ‘agent in place.’

    Most Members of Congress, both the House and Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, know the Constitution as a document that impedes their dictatorial powers and control over the People. As information has become more readily accessible to the average American, the pace of constitutional destruction has accelerated. With their ‘agent of destruction’ in place, the pace has accelerated so rapidly—and blatantly—in the past three years, the Bill of Rights has been all but eliminated.

    Since there is no longer a “Rule of Law,’ we can’t impose term limits through law. It has to be done by voters. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. The longer any elected representative holds office, the more corrupt and he/she becomes. Until ALL Members of Congress are true one-term ‘citizen’ representatives of the People, we will not regain our constitutional liberty.

    As much as I agree with Ron Paul, the identity and promises of a President are immaterial, unless Congress also is willing to restore the Constitution. The three government branches were never meant to be equal. They all had the power of checks and balances, but Congress had the ultimate power as representatives of the People to impeach a President or Justices/Judges and effect the resignation of one of their own. They have given a great deal of that power away in order to accomplish the destruction of the Constitution. It is Congress who has betrayed the People for far more than 30 pieces of silver—and we let them.

    Unconstitutional laws are now in place to crush all resistance. Until the States are ready to re-assume their role as sovereign governments and support the People by nullifying federal laws AND Court decisions, we can forget ‘taking back’ our country. It already may be too late. Some of the states are making strides in the nullification process, but we can all see the eventual result will be capitulation or a ‘fight to the death,’—by the states and the People. God Bless.

    • lenze1

      Sheriff Arpaio is about to make his announcement regarding Obama’s eligibility at 3:00pm EST today.

      • Joe H

        thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t heard of that. 11:22 pm here and i still haven’t seen it. Hope he has some “interesting” news. I saw where Breightbart died today. In one blurb, they mentioned “natural causes” four times, as if they were trying to convince somebody. Maybe THEMSELVES???

  • Tom

    The “bottom of the issue” is NSA hackers doing obummer’s bidding.

  • Priscilla King

    Glad you’re back on line! Linking…

  • Lawrence O. Phillips Jr.

    We the american people have lost the remaining rights under the constitution. with the military able to confine anyone at anytime for any reason and now this. sad oh so sad that a few ruling elite have donr this to us. God help us all – like Germany under Hitler.

  • AZ-Ike

    The Demise of the Bill of Rights:

    Amendment I: dismantled by H.R. 347 (note the 388-3 affirmative vote.)
    Amendment II: constantly under attack.
    Amendment IV: dismantled by The Patriot Act…for the ‘safety’ of American citizens.
    Amendments III, V, VI, and VIII: made redundant by McCain’s and Levin’s NDAA. (Vast majority bi-partisan support.) The dismantling of these Amendments was summed up by (co-author) Sen. John McCain(1) and Sen.Lindsay Graham(2) confirming the ‘Rule of Law’ no longer applies to Americans:

    (1)“I think that as long as that individual, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, if they
    POSE A THREAT to the security of the United States of America, should not be
    allowed to continue the threat.”

    (2)“It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to
    help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about
    what may be coming next,” remarked Graham. “And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’
    you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

    Who decides if a citizen poses a threat? Obama!

    Amendments IX and X are simply ignored by the federal Government, since both the People and the States have voluntarily (through inertia and Amendment XVII) given up their Power under the Constitution by re-electing time and time again, those individuals who are unethical, dishonorable and ambitious for power and control—who lie to the People they represent and manipulate the laws for the benefit of themselves and those to whom they have sold out. These ‘career politicians’ have become America’s royalty—above the laws they unconstitutionally impose on us.

  • Theresa England

    Respectively, that obama character posing as leader of the people, has OVERSTEPPED, boundaries in the elected position which does not give him the authority to change the Constititution of the USA; set in place by our Founding Fathers; exactly for the reason of STOPPING this ellicit abuse of limited powers by communistic individuals.
    PLEASE, American people, WAKE-UP! Stand-up for and protect our beautiful America; land of the free sliding down a slippery slope, just like Hitler built. “Expect the best; BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORST.” From one of us chickens that lay the eggs supplying this country’s livelihood and well being. Don’t you hear the cock crowing?

  • ROLF P

    Welcome to the United Monarchy of America.

  • r.p.

    It isn’t going to end until each representative is held accountable by their respective districts (the people in those districts) and indictments are presented to them for their violation to their oath of office.

  • Emmett Smith

    The Constitution cannot be changed with a bill and all federal property belongs to the citizens. The Constitution is not a cult or political platform. It is the the law


    I think this America’s last chance. You left all these congressmen and senators and after all these years. Now they think the gods.. You know the Republicans and Democrats are going to have a chance in this country.. Is vote them all out we have to start all over again. We got to get rid of all the people behind the scenes.. That House Speaker we have now know good God bless the USA one more time were going down

  • FWO21

    That White House belongs to the people not the political hacks. I can see exactly what they are doing and there’s not a da_n thing I can do about it and they know it. They just keep on taking and taking and taking away from us and making us pay for their mistakes. I am so sick of it, I could just puke.

    And… if they don’t like the fact we are displeased with our government, then they need to start working for the people, not themselves. And I don’t mean more government hand-outs. That is the problem today, nobody is responsible for anything; they are not to blame because they got their “big bad government taking care of them”.

    I think eventually, they are gonna try to change the constitution so Obama can stay in there as long as he wants; actually, so many things are done behind closed doors that we never know about, I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t already doing it. Isn’t he suppose to be a “constitutional lawyer”?

  • CMI’s

    Apathy creates tyranny…and many, many of us ARE awake or awakening. I just knew some kind of crap like this was going to float to the top; seems there’s a rush on things…perhaps the gov’t will be coming for their 90% (of the ‘dollar’) sooner than we think; tying us down before lighting the fire under us…roasting slowly. I would like to say, I’ve seen quite a few negative comments about the Occupy movements…though, not ultimately coordinated or organized, I support those movements. Unfortunately, people get grouped together….a couple bad apples ruins the Peaceful Protests, which is exactly what they began as and were intended to be. Personally, for masses of people, it may be hard to keep your cool when peaceful people beside you are being arrested, maced, pushed, pulled, etc. All I know is it did ’cause’ this…our apathy did. Now we need to come together as to be “divided and conquered”!! Keep fighting the good fight: for freedom! I can’t wait to include this article in my speech at Republican Conventions…
    ~Peace, Prosperity, and Paul~

  • richard holmes

    off them all

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  • Larry S. Massey Sr.

    It seems that the President of the United States and his cronies are all in denial about which country they rule, with complete impunity. Before shipping off to Viet Nam I took an oath to my constitution..NOT to the one that now exists in all its illegal splendor and horror. My fire arms and my military training are only a few of the many things I will never give up to any Dictator or traitor of My America. I dare say there are many like minded old die-hard vets that feel as I do. So Mr. President, Madam Secretary, Mr. Holder or any of your Hench men come on after my guns and freedom whenever you are ready. Just don’t expect me to smile and hand either over willingly

  • Pingback: Connecting The Dots Of Martial Law : Personal Liberty Alerts

  • Saul T. Pepper

    @cawun cents: I tried to post a reply during your ‘ conspiracy’ theories but there wasn’t a reply option, so I’ll post it here in hopes it reaches your eyes. Now, I can’t confirm the authenticity of this little ditty so I’ll leave the believability up to you.

    CIA Will Soon Spy Via ‘Internet of Things’

    CIA Director David Petraeus says technological advances have opened up a whole new field of spying opportunities by turning personal and household devices into what amounts to intelligence-gathering stations.

    Everything from phone applications used to control home lighting to car navigation systems can now be tapped by the CIA or other intelligence agencies and used to monitor the activities of persons of interest, according to Wired magazine’s Danger Zone national security blog.

    Petraeus talked openly earlier this month about what he called an “Internet of Things,” or wired devices that could be turned automatically to spying without their users’ knowledge. He made the comments, the Danger Zone reported, at a summit for In-Q-Tel, a company described as an investment arm of the CIA.

    “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus reportedly said at the summit, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

    “Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation Internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” the CIA director continued.

    Petraeus acknowledged these new household spy devices would likely change “our notions of identity and secrecy,” which is something that worries privacy protection groups and lawmakers already concerned about how easy it is to obtain information from personal devices.

    Petraeus also expressed interest at the summit in creating new online identities for undercover agents and being able to erase any digital record of their existence.

    © 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved.


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  • Anthony

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