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Congress Still Trying To Kill The Internet

December 14, 2011 by  

Congress Still Trying To Kill The Internet

The fascists in both political parties have lost control of their messaging. The wealth of freely exchanged information on the Internet has divested them of their primary means of propaganda: the corporate media. They are working very hard to regain control.

That’s what’s behind two bills in Congress: the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) in the House and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate. Congress, of course, couches the bills as efforts to stop online piracy or to protect consumers from so-called rogue foreign pharmacies. It’s also what was behind last year’s failed efforts to pass an Internet kill switch bill.

According to an article in The Hill: “The bill would empower the Justice Department and copyright holders to demand that search engines, Internet providers and payment processors cut ties with websites ‘dedicated’ to copyright infringement.”

Laurence Tribe, a Constitutional law expert at Harvard Law School, sent a memo to Congress last week describing how the SOPA violates the 1st Amendment because it suppresses speech without a judicial hearing and the bill’s definition of a rogue website is unConstitutionally vague. He says that an entire website containing tens of thousands of pages could be targeted if only a single page were accused of infringement.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the bill would break the Internet.

“By criminalizing links, what these bills do is they force you to take content off the Internet,” Schmidt told The Hill, calling it a form of censorship. He compared the proposal to the Web censorship practiced by repressive foreign governments like China and doubled down on that comparison when speaking with reporters after his remarks at the Economic Club of Washington.

The bill would create problems for sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that allow user-generated content by being repositories for videos, photos and other materials. It would also lead to the potential to shut down sites like Personal Liberty Digest, which allows the posting of links to other sites.

It’s no coincidence that this bill could target social media and information-sharing sites. It was social media, after all, that was used to encourage and organize the protests in the Mideast that became known as Arab Spring. China is notorious for shutting down the Internet in certain areas when protests begin. U.S. lawmakers have made it clear they see China as their model. And information-sharing sites like YouTube and Personal Liberty are the means used by many people to educate the masses on the growing tyranny in America and around the globe.

Last year, Senator Joe Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley, “Right now China — the government — can disconnect parts of its Internet in a case of war. We need to have the ability to do that, too.” And Senator Jay Rockefeller is on a YouTube video saying he wished the Internet had never been invented and people still communicated with paper and pencil.

Last week, former Senator and now Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Chris Dodd told Variety, “When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites.” He also likened Google to the getaway car driver in a bank robbery.

In fact, Dodd is a real robber, having benefited from the banking scandal to the tune of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and favorable loans while supposedly overseeing the banking industry as it collapsed in a heap that has destroyed much of middle-class America.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    Of course Government wants to kill the Internet. It is the only place where a truly free press can exist and because it is so diverse there is no hope of buying it off as there is with traditional press.

    A long time ago it was said that freedom of the press is for those who own the presses. Now, thru the internet EVERYONE who can get to a computer (even in a public library) owns a press. Such freedom of thought can not be tolerated by tyrants so those who move to control or silence this freedom identify themselves as they truly are. Tyrants.

    • Mushin

      I concur Vicki; Let’s look a little deeper – shall we? What do we get from our internet usage? More knowledge about the event’s that are REALLY taking place. Our EMPLOYEES in Washington and their REAL bosses are getting worried – people ARE WAKING UP, and “THEY” are beginning to see they might not be able to pull this thing off.

      For thousands of years, the governments of the world and the religious leaders kept the people stifled, stupid….they incited the riot that destroyed the greatest deposit of knowledge in ancient history – the library in Alexandria…

      And now they’re trying to do it again.


      Here are the preliminary results for a total of 236 votes:

      Barack Obama (D) (35 votes)
      Herman Cain (R) (22 votes)
      Newt Gingrich (R) (10 votes)
      RON PAUL (R) (146 votes)
      Rick Perry (R) (9 votes)
      Mitt Romney (R) (14 votes)

      We as Americans demand our God given liberty – and “THEY” won’t stop us.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Oh really? Are you willing to fight for it?

        • jimmy the greek

          No more better way to die than a good fight .

        • Dennis

          Yes !!
          Am I to read that as you are not ready to fight for it yourself ??
          The Armed Forces is less than 1% of the population, are one of those
          few, or are you letting someone else do the hard work ?

          • jimmy the greek

            To hell with the armed forces , who do you think well have to fight they well be the ones well well have to fight , they work for the government .

          • Vicki

            Our forefathers knew that the people had to be able to defend liberty. That is why EVERY male between the age of 17 and 45 was to be well armed and trained in the art of defense. With an army of the people we were to need no “standing” army for no country could possibly overtake us.

            The law that supports this army of the people is still the law
            Rather amusing that anti gun people have tried to tell us that the 2nd Amendment was only for the militia since all the people ARE the militia.

            It has taken 200+ years to weaken that system but it is still our individual responsibility to BE that army that not even the strongest standing army in the world could stand against.

            YOU are that army. Most of the people from the US Armed Forces are honorable. They will fight with the people not against for they took an oath to support the Constitution not the “administration”.

            Oathkeepers dot org is just the visible part of the huge force of teachers for the people.

          • GRusling

            The vast majority of Armed Forces Members will refuse to wage war against the American People. Anyone who has ever served can and will tell you the same thing.

            Our armed forces do not fight for “POLITICIANS!” They are willing to fight to the death for the American ideal. Who among them do you imagine will fight their parents/brothers/neighbors for the sake of some totally unknown politician in Washington DC?

            Not very many…

          • Joe H.

            Unless you are over 40, I was fighting under this countries flag before you were born!! 18 months in that tropical paradise known as VietNam!!!

        • http://MSN.COM Omega2

          DAMN RIGHT I AM READY WILLING AND ABLE TO BRING MY M-1 out of the closet once again and have taken steps to protect this UNION as my ancesters did in 1774. ARE YOU READY SIR!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

          • Trazzer17

            I certainly applaud your patriotic outlook Omega2 but what good will M1′s or even a 300 Wetherby high power rifle be against an attack helicopter or amored personnel carriers much less a fully functional tank looking at you? There is no guarantee the military would be on the side of those fighting against a government bent on destroying our constitutional rights. You cannot possibly predict where the military’s allegiance wuld go. Local police might initially be overwhelmed but even they are already armed much better than Joe Citizen would imagine. The higher powers are well along in proparing for any uprising. Believe it!

          • vicki

            Trazzer17 writes:
            “You cannot possibly predict where the military’s allegiance wuld go. ”

            Oh yes you can. And it is a very good number for the Republic.

            remember that 100% of “them” is still a very very small %of the civilian gun owners. And the survey shows that a large number of the Armed Service personnel would not thus leading to disruption of missions.

            Of course part of the motive of such a survey is to see which soldiers should be pulled aside for those special missions on American Soil.

          • Matt Newell

            I hope you were the one who typed in those questions. If you didn’t, the selections are loaded so they agree more often than not.

          • Lynda abd Jim Rowan

            we in montana are ready to go as you said LOCK AND LOAD

      • Susan

        I appreciate your posting this, Mushin. The People HAVE awakened! And the Government is moving quickly to “put us in our place” – as in, Subjects and Suspects. Count me in the poll you cite as belonging to the Majority.

      • CJ

        Polls taken by ‘willing volunteers’ are biased and should not be given any value. Unless a poll is truly random and unbiased, its results should be given NO credability.

    • Whitey

      Chris Dodd again that fat ass should be in Jail. America wakeup and go after these thieves

      • Susan

        And what do you think of McCain now? And the “Indefinite Detention for American Citizens” written into his co-sponsored NDAA Bill – and his BULLYING the Senator who raised that particular ‘issue’ on several occasions on the Senate floor?

        AND I VOTED FOR MCCAIN?! Never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils…

        • msbets

          So what are you saying……………….you will NOT vote AT ALL, It’s going to take a decade to undo what the puke we have now has done, it’s going to take some patients, I don’t care how you put it McCain would still have been better then this little tyrant we have now.

          • ChristyK

            I actually think we might be better off with Obama than McCain for one reason. McCain would have taken us down the same path, but slower. Because Obama is changing our country so quickly, it has enabled many people to see what has been happening very slowly for 100+ years. If moving quickly wakes up people, so we can turn this train wreck around, it will be worth the nightmare we are going through.

            Part of me thinks we would be better off with Obama than someone like Gingrich, because people will see how bad off they are with Obama and decided to make real change. The problem is, I don’t think we have 5 years to fix things. I’m just hoping we have at least 1 year before our country becomes unfixable.

          • Joe H.

            No, he said he would not vote for the lesser of two evils. Neither will I!!! If Ron Paul is NOT the candidate, I will write his name in!!! That is my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!! I will, from now on, vote my consience and be as informed as I can possibly be!!! If YOU would not do the same, then it is YOU who has a problem, not US!!!

  • s c

    Lieberman, Rockefeller and Dodd pretty much says it all, Bob. So who’s the fascist, who’s the socialist and who’s the communist? Bob, you said ‘the fascists in both parties.’ I think it depends on who you’re talking about, as this Congress has everything for everyone.
    Never before have had such a collection of misfits, traitors, vermin, perverts and utterly worthless scum in Congress in our history. And these pathetic SOBs and bastardettes are worried about the INTERNET?
    No wonder, eh? They have so much free time on their muserable hands. They’re not motivated to take care
    of the nation.
    They’re busy freaking out over the internet. Maybe they should be more concerned about getting back and forth between ‘vacations.’ If they had to think about who’s watching them when they’re out of their schizophrenic power palace, they might
    get the impression that they should a) never leave Washington or b) never leave home.
    I think it’s fitting that they’re paranoid. What they’ve done to America wasn’t done by leaders. “Leaders” don’t do to a country what has been done to America. True “leaders” would have found ways to get a grip on their warped need for power, easy money and titles.
    These scummers deserve to be nervous. Part of the arrangement in Washington involves not telling the public how corrupt everyone is. That way, they can act like they’re there to ‘fight’ for America. If some get nervous enough, they’ll spill the beans and the whore media will be taken so off-guard that they’ll have to resort to using the INTERNET to explain how bad it REALLY is back there. Like we don’t already have years of clues, eh?

    • rosina

      love your comment.
      could not have said it better!
      The thieves are guarding the jewels and money!
      Especially, the Pelousy witch and the withering ‘reid’
      We must throw them out. Throw them ALL OUT!

      • Lost in Paradise

        Yes, but we must do it with force, and not voting. We must show them that we will do whatever is necessary to win the thing. Even death.

        • jimmy the greek

          I am 60 and mister death is just behind me i could think of no better way to die than fighting for what i believe in .

    • guest

      Amen..well said.

  • rhcrest

    And this would be an unjust law that is tyrannical and we must disobey unjust laws. If they try this we must stand up as a country and disobey it plain and simple. They must not be able to control us in this manner. Just because the gov’t passes a law does not mean it should be obeyed. If millions of us ignore it what will they do? There aren’t enough prisons…

    • Mushin

      It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
      Emiliano Zapata
      Mexican reformer & revolutionary (1877 – 1919)

      A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.
      Thomas Jefferson

      All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
      Thomas Jefferson

      Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind.
      Thomas Jefferson

      Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.
      Thomas Jefferson

      • Lost in Paradise

        We could surely use the founders of our country here today, or at least a contemporary equivalent of same.

        • Susan

          We have ONE Candidate who actually KNOWS what our Founders expressed and what was Committed on paper in Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. One… I think you probably know about whom I’m speaking.

          I hold dear the words on a “shirt” I wear: “RECLAIMING **Our Constitution **Our Liberties **Our Sovereignty **The Rule of Law (The Candidate’s Name appears) RECLAIMING AMERICA

      • jimmy the greek

        Jefferson was cool .

        • ChristyK

          I agree. Jefferson was my favorite president.

          • mr conservative

            Ronald Reagan

    • Susan

      But those who control the “switch”… Well, just not sure how we’ll “disobey” and overcome this “tyranny” when they’ve simply shut something OFF… ? I’ve written my Congressman re many issues involving our Freedoms and Liberty guaranteed under Our Constitutionon, including “Net Neutrality” – which sounds so innocent and fair and decent – like the initially Bush-pushed “Patriotic Act” aka “UNPatriotic Act”, and he, of a liberal mindset, has actually been far more responsive than my “GOP Senators”.

      I believe we have one more opportunity to reverse course. And if we can’t manage to get that accomplished, we will be/are Witness to The Fall of the Republic.

    • Michael

      I personally am already ignoring the Fed’s, I got fed up with our Gov’t 5 years ago. After reading the umpteenth article concerning yet another waste of our money, via the U.N., I stopped filing fed. income taxes. I’m currently drawing disability after onset of arthritis as well as suffering two moderate strokes, and my checks have diminished by $300.00 in just 3 mo.s., due to medicare premiums and delinquent co-pays to the V.A.. Having earned less than $1,000 in each of the previous 4 years, I feel I’ve more than paid my fair share.

      • Brian

        So you ignore the feds…except when they give you money.

        • Karolyn

          Sounds to me like give BACK money. I assume this person has been paying into the system for a while. If you were disabled, you would not accept Medicare and Social Security?

          • Joe H.

            right now, I am hunting and pecking with two hands that are about half AAIN their normal size, I have four screws and pins in my back along with five other bulging discs in both my lumbar and cervicle spine. I am considered by my Dr. to be about 85% disabled. I work EVERY day, and I collect NOTHING in disability!! I could go down tomorrow and apply for it and get disability but I choose NOT TO!! some days it takes me tw hours to get started for the day, and that is why I get up every morning at 6, so I have that time!! I’m very lucky that I have my shop and welder. I doubt there is any employer that would hire me with my condition. If I lost them tomorrow, though, I would pound the pavement till I found something to do!! I am a WORKER and that is all I know!!!

        • Michael

          Bud I started work at age 14, Served 4 in the Air Force, Went straight to work after discharge. I got up every morning at 4 a.m. for 38 years, fifteen of which involved operating logging equipment. That plus heredity is what put me out of commission. There were days in ’05 when it was all I could do to get in my vehicle to drive home, and quite often I came close to acting on the wish to be dead. I told my boss I was going to quit and file for disability and he all but begged me to stay, even offering a raise and other incentives, which I foolishly accepted. I managed one more year, and was down to 1 and 2 day work weeks, before I finally gave up. Try living on $100 or $200.00 a week, then let’s talk.

        • Shivertothink

          “So you ignore the feds…except when they give you money”.. Ho Boy! How many times must this be said? How can the Feds give us something that’s already ours? Disability works with social security and each and every worker put their hard earned money into it for exactly THAT reason (or at least that’s the consensus).. Don’t pay into this system any more, wait approximately 20 to 30 years for the remaining amount to be paid out THEN make that statement. And if you believe those political putz calling it a scam while rubbing their hands together waiting for the people to believe their spew so they can fleece it then your an idiot for continually paying in to it.

    • Robert Smith

      From rhcrest: “Just because the gov’t passes a law does not mean it should be obeyed. If millions of us ignore it what will they do? There aren’t enough prisons…”

      Really? They are trying to build them fast enough to keep pot offenders in jail. They could cut the prison population significantly if they didn’t jail those who were simply using a recreational drug of their choice.

      It was demonstrated with alcohol that prohibition doesn’t work.


      • DaveH

        Have you protested to the Obama administration, Robert?

        • Joe H.

          Protest his hero???? Surely you jest!!!

      • GRusling

        Neither the federal government nor any State government puts “drug users” in jail. Unless you grow it/make it or distribute it, you won’t wing up in jail for more than a day or two.

        Most of those however, who ARE in jail, have never in their life hurt anyone, so they shouldn’t be there.

        Legalize drugs, regulate drugs and TAX drugs. That will take the criminal element out of the “drug business” and halve the population of our jails…

        • Joe H.

          Tell that to one of my friends. her husband injected some bad drugs that were cut with rat poison and died. That dealer is in prison, but then I guess he didn’t push the needle into her husbands arm!!! He DID, hoever, know that the drugs he was selling were quite possibly LETHAL!!! I guess if that poison had gotten into the wrong hands and ended up in the hands of a toddler it wouldn’t be any of the dealers fault either, Technically!!! Course, a technicality won’t stop her brotherinlaw from getting the payback from him he wants, EITHER!!! The majority of those dealers in prison are nothing but vermin SCUM and don’t deserve to see the light of day ever again!! BTW, her husband that died??? He kicked the habit sixteen months before till that piece of $HIT came around and started pressuring him to start up again!! i hope somebody shoves a shiv up his AZZ till he bleeds SLOWLY to death!! Yeah, I know that’s not very Christian but then I think the Lord will forgive me!!

    • MRMO

      RON PAUL 2012!!!!

      • Joe H.

        you want to know a little more about the phones and how long it has been going on DAILY?? Read a book called “The Puzzle Palace”! It has to do with the NSA and their workings!! a real eye opener! Very factual, too!!

  • Andrea

    The internet is the closest thing we have to a true free market model. No wonder the government wants control. Between this and NDAA, I can only think they are preparing for Greece like riots.I pray we never come to that but, well – the government SHOULD fear the people, not the other way around

    • Robert Smith

      From Andrea: “The internet is the closest thing we have to a true free market model. ”

      Really? Do you support stealing in a free market? That’s what copyrite violations are.

      Don’t you support an artist getting value for their creations?

      Why do you advocate in favor of stealing?


      • DaveH

        That’s a non sequitur, Robert, and I think you know that.
        Funny that the show business industry fights so hard to protect itself from monetary loss, while at the same time advocating the taking of money from the rest of us through their Big Government.

        • Lynda abd Jim Rowan

          Hollywood is in bed with the government people. They like to make us feel that they are on our side but they really arent. check it out!!!

      • independant thinker

        You just do not get it do you robert. There is a little thing called due process which this bill eliminates as far as the internet is concerned. This bill would give the government the power to shut down any web site it wanted to without so much as a hearing.

        • http://personalLiberty uptodate

          I think Andrea said it best. The government should fear the people, not the other way around.

  • AJ

    Congress Still Trying To Kill The Internet
    Of course they are because the Internet is killing the congress.
    It’s putting the truth in the eyes and ears of the public and they’re becoming aware of the Cesspool of greed and coruption that Washington DC really is.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    my rep has heard from me about this bs in fact i jumped them about this both of them are now looking what i said.

    • Karolyn

      Yeah, right! I write to mine all the time. Do I really believe they listen? I don’t think so. At least they do respond, but when it is something they respond to with specifics, it’s usually not what I want to hear. Don’t you know? They know better than we do!

      • Joe H.

        I do know mine calls me by name at his precenct meetings that I go to. He has heard from me in those, the phone, by mail and the net. He knows who I am because I have made a pain of myself to him, but he seems to respect that I am active. I have even threatened to campaign against him to his face. so, yeah, in my case I think he listens.

      • Shivertothink

        That’s because the only one who reads them is Joe the janitor and he only does it because their sprawled out in the various trash cans he has to empty every night, and the replies? Same guy dictating what you want to hear in words only a janitor could understand then stamps it with that rubber signature that any one in the office can use (including Joe) as we the people pay thousands in taxes to keep the voted rep going from vacation to vacation.

  • Papasam

    When egos get bruised by the indifference of their audience politicians seem to have a tendency to get even by creating a problem that needs the immediate attention of leadership, so a new law is created in search of a non-problem.

    • Robert Smith

      Stolen and copied movies makes it more expensive for those who are honest and buy them.

      Why do you advocate that I pay more for music or a movie?


      • DaveH

        Don’t buy them, Robert. It’s as easy as that.
        There are laws to prosecute those who pirate movies. Only the severely blindered would believe the Internet Bills have anything to do with that.

      • JC in CA

        OMG ROBERT !! Are we to believe you think this is about stealing movies? YOU DOLT !! ok,….listen you fool…listen good and hard.

        Knowledge is power….and we the people are attaining knowledge, knowledge of the man behind the green curtain…

        You don’t even think before your comments get to your cheezy covered stumps.

        People, pray often.

        JC in CA

      • Joe H.

        I don’t buy them! I wait till my library gets them and watch them at home FOR FREE!! I wouldn’t support those leeches in hollyweird for nothing!!! Even My kids (21 and 31) go to the movies at the dollar cinema here!!! Tell me why I should spend 50.00 of my hard earned money to support a million dollar “actor or actress”??? Don’t be rediculous!!! When they quit trying to USE their popularity to sway how people vote, when they know NOTHING about what they speak of, then MAYBE I will go to the movies again!!

        • Lynda abd Jim Rowan

          right on Joe you got it!! i watch them through the library too.

  • Ross

    Surely this is an opportunity to call or write to your Congressmen to stop this power grab and defiance of our Constitutional rights.

    • Robert Smith

      It isn’t a “power grab.” It’s a tool to stop thieves who are violating copyrites.


      • Brian

        Really? Then why aren’t they going after libraries and video rental stores? I can read a book or watch a movie and not pay a cent to the copyright holder.

        • Kevin

          You are aware that libraries and video rental stores have arrangements with book companies and film distributors, aren’t you? Not a good analogy to counter his argument.

          • Joe H.

            I think his point is that MILLIONS of people watch their movies, read their books FOR FREE, yet you worry about the few that illegally download it?!?!? Kinda small potatoes, dontcha think??

      • DaveH

        All politicians need do is title their bills with flowery terms and people like Robert buy into it, hook, line, and sinker.
        There are myriad laws to protect the people from such things already. These bills are simply excuses for Federal Government to get its foot in the door for Internet Censorship.
        Isn’t it odd that the same people who profess to be able to save us from the ‘dastardly’ Internet, can’t even stop Identity Theft? I mean, how hard can that be? The Identity Thief must have the products he/she buys connected to his address of residence one way or the other to receive his/her goods, right? How hard could it be to catch them and prosecute them? Yet, the Government can’t seem to do accomplish that small feat. Oh, but they can ‘save’ us from the Internet.
        Why do people still believe those sociopaths?

      • DaveH

        If there is a copyright violation, the Government doesn’t need any more laws to punish the violator. They don’t need the power to shut down an Internet host as a result of one of their clients breaking the law.
        Robert’s mentality is like that of those school teachers who punished the whole class for the misbehavior of one student.

  • Brad

    another 1800 days of these thieves and you will have no rights

  • Andrea

    hy guys btw its, PIRACY not PRIVACY

    • Robert Smith

      It was acreative typo to generate hysteria.

      Pirates should be sunk.


  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    It is NOT the governments which want the Internet controlled…they are simply the puppets/proxies for the REAL POWER. It is the RULING ELITE also called the 1 percent by this generation and the Establishmenty by my generation and consist of people like, but most definately not limited to:the British Royal Family, the Vatican, the Rothchilds and other Israeli elites,Goldman Sachs, Reserve Bank controllers and of course the owners of THE UNITED STATES Corporation etcetera.

    Those people are DEATHLY afraid of a truly FREE WORLD and so they WILL WIN…they are in a corner and are fighting for their way of life!!!

    ….and They will win because they have made sure no one else has the KNOWLEDGE about the meaning of REAL FREEDOM nor the FINANCES to stop them.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Well, Roger, with your attitude they will get what they want. I hope most people do not have that same I cannot win attitude. Because if you truly believe you cannot win, you cannot.

      • Susan

        Lost in Paradise, I believe that Roger recognizes the Agenda that has been in place for generations and is very close to coming to fruition. AND if we keep believing status quo will HALT what’s happening/has been happening, We – except for the Global Elites – will indeed be enslaved. The Plan is all there for anyone to read… well, at this point in time anyway.

        • jimmy the greek

          Good for you Susan you done your homework well .

        • 2centsworth

          Susan, some of the things we need to remember is first of all…Things only work upon agreement, and if we just do not agree with what they are doing, we can change things. Also, there are way more of us, than there are of them, and if we don’t let them take us, like they took the jews in germany, it will be much harder for them, and they might get scared of us. They run things through the emotion of fear….by trying to make us fearful…(that’s what they thrive on, as they are low vibration, negative low lifes) Don’t go along with their fear tactics, and don’t be afraid. Try and stay centered in the emotion of love, and stay positive. This will cancel out their negative ambitions. There are lots of military that are NOT for them, but for re-establishing the constitution of the United States. It doesn’t matter what they think….(maybe that the United States is a corporation, etc.) It’s what We The People think that counts, and we will make our thoughts come to fruition, because we are powerful, and we are love!!!

          • AJ

            Light or Love always dispels darkness!

    • DaveH

      The 1% you fear could do NOTHING without the complicity of Government. The Buck stops with the Politicians.

    • Susan

      Good comment… One suggestion re a change: I do NOT believe THEY are ‘deathly afraid” of a “Free World” – because their Agenda is indeed being fully realized, maybe even more quickly than they ever imagined might be possible.

      In the USA, numerous adms and congressional delegations have paved the way for the current prez and his Globalist Bd of Directors. And with so much groundwork already accomplished, things are going swimmingly well for them.

      As for the 2012 elections, my Conscience DEMANDS that I cast my vote for someone who is a true Constitutionalist and strike my little blow against those who are so OBVIOUSLY more of the same: Globalist/New World Order; “Progressive”; Bilderberg; CFR members; Corporatists, etc etc. Will stand out like a sore thumb if one studies their HISTORY, not the words that come out of their mouths NOW.

    • Erik

      Hey Rodger,You are a real loser! A deafeatist in every sense of the word!Thank God that people like you are in the minority!

  • DaveH

    The Stop Online Privacy Act, H.R.3261:

  • Sabulaman

    Clean house, then term Limits.

    • DaveH

      Term limits will do no good without an educated vigilant electorate. And with an educated vigilant electorate we don’t need them.

      • Joe H.

        Very well said DaveH!!! Very true, as well!!

  • MIKE

    i think congressmen and senators should be part time!, and let them have a full time job! there are too many laws on the book now
    so many that are out of date! cut their pay in half they olny work part time any way and all have so much staf come on!!!

    • rhcrest

      Here here Mike! They should work full time to revoke 90% of the laws passed in the last 150 years and then they should work full time jobs in their districts and only be called to DC when something really big is going on – which should be hardly ever. The main problem is that we have literally hundreds of people whose job it is is to sit around all day thinking up laws and rules and regulations for the rest of us to follow and that that do not follow themselves. No one should be sitting around all day thinking up ways for us to live our lives. They should get real jobs.

  • FreedomFighter

    Its getting to the point where the goverment is becoming a Tyrant:

    Once goverment reaches a point as it is coming close to now:


    pay state and local, but stop paying taxes to DC, this action will quickly result in them being removed from power.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      As long as the Federal Reserve exists the Federal Government would just borrow the money and keep on trucking.

    • jimmy the greek

      and they well send the jarheads to get you for not paying LOL

      • FreedomFighter

        They are doing that already, defund them, they cant make money long

        They send jarheads to arrest 75 million Americans? Love to see that. thats just half the tax payers in tax revolt. The other half will stop paying just in sympathy.

        Would also bet of the 150 million gun owners 99 percent are gun owners.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • DaveH

          They can make it until our dollars are worthless.
          They can make it until the Zimbabweans are laughing at our currency.
          Who would stop them?
          Ron Paul, maybe, but even he is going to need some strong backing in Congress.
          I can’t see yet that Americans have figured it out, and until they do Big Government is going to pretty much do as they damn well please.

      • Lynda abd Jim Rowan

        let them send their jarheads thats what starts a CIVIL WAR and i think that america is ready for that!

    • rhcrest

      Getting there? We’ve past that point. It’s barely visible in the rear view

    • 2centsworth

      If everybody does this, it would definitely change things, for real. There are still way more of us than there are of them, and don’t let them take you!!!

    • Lynda abd Jim Rowan

      very well put STOP PAYING FEDS

  • DaveH
    • Ol504Troop

      Thanks Dave, I just sent emails to all of my elected representatives, great link.

  • Baba

    The problem with this theory is that Congress “Federal Government” will still be using the internet to play their card games while they should be working for The People. Killing the internet will be just one more move in demoralizing The People! Fight back on this issue because computers/internet are supposed to be the way of the future. There is a Constitution and Amendments and Bill of Rights. Read and stick with it! No Changes Allowed to American’s rights and freedoms!!!!!!!! If this is a transparent administraton, I would like to know what they call killing the internet. You’ve got that right. Control The People and let Big Government rule our lives. B.S.

    • 2centsworth

      If they want to mess with the internet, then we will find a way to mass communicate, if it comes down to writing down our agendas on paper, and having everyone pass it to everyone they know. We will conquer this bunch of tyrants, because we are powerful, and we are conquerors!!!!

  • ricardo russo

    For those who wish power more than even wealth itself, control is the ultimate. Internet is a danger to DC. It exposes the politicians for who they are. . .control freaks who have a lot to loose.

  • Bob Marshall

    The largest threat to our corrupt government is the information highway know as the internet.I often wonder how much time is spent on facebook and twitter as compared to doing vital research to overcome ignorance? While George Bernard Shaw warned,” Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. This was the warning from Thomas Jefferson.” If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects was never was and what never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.How many of us have failed with that responsibility? America will always have some who want the government to take care of them from the cradle to the grave.It hasn’t alway been this way.

  • DumbStruck

    The problem, as I see it, is that the control freaks are losing control because the 99% are using their computer ‘mouses’ to communicate information the USA controlled media and special corporate interests along with federal agencies really don’t want us to know. Check out these as examples:

    • 2centsworth

      Dumbstruck, Wow…. Thanks for the urls, especially the one from forbiddenknowledge, Alex Jones. This is horrible what these evil people are doing. I believe all of the good people should get together and come up with a plan to absoulutely stop them from what they are doing to us!!!

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • http://explorer Scout

    Ron Paul is best choice. Get us out of these bankrupting wars, Cut foreign aid, taxes,flat tax. His campaign makes the most sense to me. A non-lawyer too. Newt kinda makes sense but he’s business as usual. Cronyism. Go Ron Paul. Let’s all try to save America. Whatever your party affiliation. He’s pro business AND for smaller government.

    • Joe H.

      Salamander Man makes no sense what so ever!!! He is a globalist and simple typical politician!!

  • Altaica

    To quote one of my favorite movies, “People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people.” The government is getting scared. I think it is only a matter of time before the breaking point is reached with the current way things are going.

    • Ol504Troop

      The actual quote by Jefferson is “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

      Unfortunately everyone gets on these blogs and complain, but few actually complain to their elected representatives. Therefore the government doesn’t fear us anymore, they realize that most citizens are just mindless sheep.

  • Buck

    All government officials should be banned from the internet to guard against propaganda . That is the only rule we need other than those to control kiddieporn and criminal scams .

  • The Ducky

    They would love nothing more than to be able to close down the internet …it’s what is going to beat them in 2012 and they know it …

    There are two ways to start the bloodiest battle in the history of the world .. one ..close the internet and/or two outlaw the private ownership of firearms.

    I not real sure that the arrogant idiots that call the shots from the “left” and the “One Worlders” are smart enough to realize that they will be the first ones eliminated should either of the above scenarios be attempted … keep your powder dry …

  • alexa

    China loves the great firewall. A small city has a crooked officials and they just cover it up.
    From the bbc website:

    And this is exactly what our corrupt politicians want.

  • goodwater

    The latest news from Washington -

    The U.S. Senate voted Thursday, December 1, to approve a defense authorization bill. What is really alarming Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows the military to arrest U.S. citizens “suspected” of being terrorists and to detain them indefinitely without formal charges or trial. Section 1031 further crushes the letter and spirit of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This 1878 law forbids the use of the federal military forces from acting as a police force. Who drafted this portion of the bill, none other than Republican in name only Senator John McCain and his partner in treason Democrat Senator Carl Levin. Our own two Texas Senators Cornyn and Hutchinson also voted FOR this provision. Proof once again that the republican or democrat connotation does not matter where the rights of the people are involved. When our elected officials proclaim the American people to be the “terrorists” you know that they have no regard for the Constitution. This means that, in the near future, a controversial Twitter post sent by you, attending a peaceful protest, publishing an anti-Congress or anti-Obama critique or anti-TSA rant on Facebook could land you “indefinite detention” for life with no access to a lawyer and no right to a jury trial of your peers. American citizens will be denied the protection of the 4th and 5th Amendment and assumed guilty until proven innocent. This provision is just one step away from the implementation of marshal law which requires only one person to do so – The President as Commander in Chief. The government, controlled by power elites such as the Senators identified above, is assuring itself permanency and protection from the unalienable Right of the people “…. that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to Alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government….” – Declaration of Independence – July 4, 1776.

    The noose is tightening around our necks. I don’t trust the military leaders to give the order to the troops to lay down their arms when they confront us civilians. NO the order will be shoot, just as they did at Kent State.

    • Marcus

      I am against this as well as most things coming out of DC but I don’t see what you see. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that both parties want to erode the constitution and we are becomming less free than the old USSR but this is what I see everywhere I search:
      “1031 (e) Authorities- Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities, relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.
      1032 (b) (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.”

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Marcus,

        Read 1032 again like this: The requirement… does not extend to citizens of the United States. The word “requirement” gives discretion. Do you think a President who unlawfully assassinated a U.S. Citizen without benefit of trial would not use that discretion? See more from me on this in tomorrow’s Freedom Watch.

        Best wishes,

        • Marcus

          Thank you, it just took looking at it from a different direction. Just as bad as the (Un)Patriot Act. When combined with the detention facilities, wiretapping (Patriot Act) of citizens, and ability to censor the internet. We are already gone.

    • Marcus

      PS. If I am wrong and this was removed please post a link as this was the version which I could find as the latest “passed” version.

  • Ronald Johnston

    If these criminal politicians get control of the internet, our only recourse is to drop the internet and vote them all out of office. If the dictator takes over, it will be a long and bloody war, but we will prevail.

  • John Burleson

    Of course the government wants to control the internet just like they already control the broadcast media. How else can they lead us into wars that somehow seem to enrich them and kill us? I might differ with some of the posts herein because copyright infringment is an issue: creativity is a means of providing a living, not free for those too lazy to create on their own. But having the federal maggots write a bill they say protects the poor artists from being ripped off is like turning alligators loose in a Kentucky Fried Chicken kitchen. Anything this government does is done only to benefit this government and line the pockets of those who bought their way into it: we’re just the chickens.

    John Burleson, I fear no scum.

  • http://charter howe

    The socialist democrats and a few progressive republicans want to take our freedoms away from us little by little. Obama’s FCC CZAR has managed to take quite a bit of control of the internet thanks to Congress and mainly the democrats in the Senate. The national defense authorization act included allowing the military to detain U.S. civilians for suspician of terrorist activity with no safeguards to prevent this corrupt Obama DOJ Holder from indefinite detainment of americans without being charged. I spent 29 years in the military, so I’m ready for this bunch of commies also, because I do not intend living under the most corrupt administration ever in our history.

  • Mark

    In reading the remarks posted on this subject, and some of the volatile language, I wish to share the opinion of, “Walk softly, but carry a Big Stick”.


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