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Congress Dodges Government Shutdown By Approving Two-Week Spending Bill

March 4, 2011 by  

Congress dodges government shutdown by approving two-week spending billFederal lawmakers have averted a government shutdown, at least for another two weeks.

President Barack Obama signed a continuing budget on March 2 after the Senate approved the measure 91-9. The House approved the bill, which cuts $4 billion from current spending levels, on March 1. Legislators passed the two-week extension budget to avoid a government shutdown over the weekend.

According to CNN, Senate Democrats sought a month-long extension because a series of short-term funding bills may contribute to a climate of economic uncertainty. Lawmakers now have until March 14 to approve a budget for fiscal year 2011, which ends on Sept. 30. Since Oct. 1 of last year, the government has been operating on 2010 spending levels.

The Republican-led House has already approved a 2011 budget that would cut $61 billion for the remainder of the year and approximately $100 billion from Obama's proposal. While Democrats have claimed that the GOP's plan would hinder economic growth, some members of the Tea Party said that more needs to be cut.

Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, recently wrote on the group's website that Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) "looks like a fool" by relenting on the GOP's promise to cut $100 billion. Phillips called on the Tea Party to defeat Boehner in a Republican primary next year.

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  • TIME

    This is so much extra BS its beyond absurd, Shut the bloody damm thing down, close it down, how bloody clear do you need to the message to be.

    It’s time to fix the problems in DC, its not what you see its the nasty rotten to the core under belly of the DC Snake.
    The place where the Marxist are all in their box’s nice and snug and paid well to be there.
    As well as the NWO type, who are all working as partners to bring this nation down.

    Just as a rule of thumb as a business owner, when something fails to work as in a new plan does not bring in money. We stop with it ASAP, and work a new plan.
    Where as Our Government just makes up a new department to oversee the one thats failing. So now you have five or six or even ten or twenty five units who empoly the waste materials who are now making more than persons who do have talent and skills and can make things work to cut a profit in just one single well build unit of quality people.

    Anyone else find a problem with that? I know if I ran my business like that I would be living under a bridge somewhere.

    • Teresa

      AMEN..why should we fund to keep it open? WE are sick to death of their scare tactics and double talk. Nothing but time to create more chaos and the masses are falling for it. All we can do now is be as prepared as possible and keep our voices heard as long as we can. Ya know, everyone keeps saying it’s already been foretold..God will take care of everything you just have to have faith. I think everyone needs to open their eyes and realize that they can’t keep hiding behind their built up wall like the churches are going to protect them or something. I am a Christian but God said he helps those whom helps themself. He will only heal this land if WE turn ourselves to HIM ONLY and humble to him. And that means he will give us strength in OUR journey and knowledge. God has blessed us and this nation for a very long time and he did not turn his back on us, we turned our backs on him. The churches have failed christians in a lot of sense because they have become tolerant, they do not want to “upset” a lot of people so they do not TEACH the word of God, the tend to be more bias in teachings today. This is not how it should be, the Lord is not sitting up in heaven going…well times have changed so maybe I should be more lenient…but it is the individuals responsibility to study the Bible and learn Gods word. The harder you try to live right the harder the Devil will try to pull you.
      We are at the time of Good vs. Evil and everyting is happening but there is still things to happen…the meters, the planets to line up, the attacks on Israel, The greatest earthquake ever, The fall of the US, The battles of the blood flowing, Multitudes of slaughters in his name,……
      anyway, the Lord will not leave those who are true to his name but he also knows what is inside your heart, saying you are a Christian and being true to God are two different things. When the time comes, and it will, We will have to be prepared, but God will stand with you and guide you and you will have the knowledge and do not fear man for you will have everlasting life thru Jesus….but do Not sit back and keep saying…oh well Gods already taken care of things!

      • Rationalist

        If you want a model of what a nation looks like with no government, you need to look no further than Somalia.

        • TIME

          Ever been to Afircia or are you just one more arm chair general?

      • Federal Worker

        What about the little people working for the Government? My husband and I are both employed by the Government but in positions that will require us to work during a shutdown. The problem with that? We will not be getting a paycheck for that work if there is a shutdown. How are we going to put gas in our car to get to work when we’re not being paid. How will we eat? Everyone thinks the shutdown would be such an easy fix, but don’t forget about those who can’t afford a shutdown.

        • barbm

          if you’re both working for the govt, you make good salaries. you shouldn’t be spending everything you make. put some money in savings for such rainy days. your checks might be late, but you’ll get them eventually. this issue affects a lot more people than you and yours. if not now, when do we balance the budget? everybody has to take a hit if it’s to happen. the elderly haven’t received raises for 2 years running, but you don’t see us out whining, protesting, destroying public property like they’re doing in wisconsin. and, if there’s a shutdown, we won’t get those small checks either. stop whining.

          • Jeep

            Really? You are complaining about whining? Not all federal employees make those reported high salaries. Besides, you are both wrong…in the event of a govt shutdown, the administration still has the ability to fund certain govt functions. Noone has to go without their govt handout, unless the prez deems it so.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Federal Worker… I feel your pain. I work for a school system. I am not a teacher. I am part of the staff. If we have a snow day, I don’t have to go in, but I don’t get paid either. I don’t get paid through the summer and for any of the “breaks”, like spring break, fall break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas break. I love my job and I don’t want to quit. I don’t belong to a union, and staff has not had a raise in 3 years. If the school system was to shut down, I won’t get paid either. That goes for the janitorial people, cafeteria workers, instructional assistants, etc. Not all of us are getting a cushy pay and benefits.

          • Teresa

            Guess what, I don’t work for the gov. I raise 3 girls alone w/no assistance and bring home less than 20,000 yr. but I don’t whine nor protest nor do I destroy property over it. This nation better come to the realization that WE WILL ALL be affected by this, not just government workers, not just elders, not just union workers, EVERYONE. Our economy is going to crash and it is only a matter of time! And while everyone is crying over their “entitlements”, they need to be preparing for the basic things in order to survive!

        • Jay

          You say that like you’re proud of the fact that you and you’re hubby, both work for the government. That’s well and good. But just keep in mind, that both the government and their employees do not generate any wealth, not one penny? In fact, they are both wealth draining services. Do we need government and government employees? Sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to trim of some major excess fat. Its good for the financial heart.

        • Phillydawg

          Sorry to sound sarcastic but “you will shut up, work your shift whether paid or not, and obey Obama the great leader!!!” Otherwise they have a place for you who don’t comply. :)

          • Phillydawg

            Emphasis on “YOU WILL!!” or else, heh.

    • Jay

      Sadly, they are not running a business. Closer to the truth, they are running a money laundering operation. They’re thugs! Not politicians.

  • Robert

    so what we see is the same ole same ole. get someone who “says” they will do such and such into office and then when they get there they do not do what they say or what got them there in the first place. this clearly indicates a need for activation of dissolution and reconstruction of an entirely new federal government by the states who derive their authority from the people. the protests are turning bloody because there are not enough of them. many people want to be decent and respectable citizens. decency demands we abolish the federal government with no one from there as a part of the reconstruction of the new. that includes all judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government.

    • Jay

      Robert, you’re right. We need a blood transfusion!

  • tim

    Boehner needs to go. The man doesn’t have the set god gave him. It’s time to make cuts, and I mean big cuts!!! Gov’t needs to shrink down at minimum 50%. There are programs out there that most politicians don’t even know about. Dept of ED and dept of energy both need to be shut down. The dept of energy doesn’t do a dam thing, just a bunch of people sitting on thier fat azzez trying to figure out some new regulations they can lay on us. Dept of education needs to go so the states can start teaching our children again and hopefully the socialistic and communist teachings will go away!! We shouldn’t have to worry about our kids coming home and telling us thier being taught arabic or some marxist revolution theories that they need to apply after they leave our finer(Choke)learning institutions!!!.

    • J.M.R.

      agree boehner needs to go just another spineless repub and a liar, we said no compromise and what does he do compromise. i didn’t see compromise for the last 2 yrs and first thing boehner does is compromise, when will they learn you can’t deal with a pack of snakes.

      • Bruce D.

        I would have to disagree with you. The republicans only control a little over 1/2 of 1/3 of government. I think they are on the right track. Anarchy is the tactic the teachers unions is using. I do not think shutting down the government is a good idea. Republican tactics are working and tactics are what they need as they do not control the Senate and President. There are inherent risks with anarchy. The independents who control the outcome of elections would go against that.

        • J.M.R.

          B.D. you have forgotten they the dems did everything behind closed doors, repubs were totally excluded from the process, just because we were the minority we should been allowed to have a say whether we could control the vote or not.

          • Bruce D.

            You want to be able to have your say and be effective too. You need a winning strategy to do that.

      • Jeep

        You chuckleheads need to get “schooled” in govt. Try to wrap your mind around this…the dems failed to pass a FY2011 budget. Got that? The current congress cannot cut something that does not exist. They are fighting over discretionary spending (about 12% of the budget). You should hold your uneducated opinions to yourselves until the FY2012 budget comes out in April. If there are no massive cuts in that budget, then I’ll join you in the whining.

    • Jay

      Right on the mark about all the recommendations you listed above. With respect to the education system, I feel that way too, especially after I enrolled my Son into the system. It’s a freaking cesspool.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      there’s a lot of fat that could be trimmed just by getting rid of the duplicate departments! They came out with a report the other day that says that the road department alone has 35 duplicate departments!! Energy has duplicates as well!! To think that they said they didn’t know about them!! what a bunch of bull$hit!!!

  • Carlucci

    Careful……..he might start crying – !!

  • s c

    So, does someone expect a medal for keeping Uncle Scam’s charade running? I doubt very much if anything bad would have happened if the retards in Washington had shut “it” down.
    As some people say, when they’re ‘in session’ is when the bastards are dangerous. Let them go home for a while. Their constituents may not want them back, but that’s their problem. Give it a try. Shut it down.
    By the way, for the ultraliberal progressive rockheads who infest this website, your bunkies in Wisconsin are trying to shut down Wisconsin, and you think that’s great. So, let’s give shutting down Washington a try. Show some guts, you sorry putzes.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      SC As usual I agree with you. Why is no one in Washington taking the taxpayer seriously? We are fed up and you would think that they all would be able to figure this out by the last election. We have control of the House now. It’s time to do the will of the public!

    • Jay

      LOL and double LOL. s c, you the man!

    • Dan az

      I agree with you if they shut down the over bloated guv then that would be the amount of cuts that we need to start getting this crap out of our lives.Fire them all and lets start over and see how much fat from the top down we can live with.Starting with obummer!

  • jopa

    What’s with all the grumbling.The house already voted against the HCB that should be enough for one year.Any more demands and that may upset the Weeeper of the House and hurt his game of golf.

  • Dale on the left coast

    This is still about last year’s budget, that the dim Dimmicraps didn’t bother to address when they controlled all three houses.
    Next year’s budget will be addressed in a month or so . . . expect massive cuts to the Obominations Spending Spree. Folks need to wake up . . . a 50 cent dollar is on the horizon, the printing presses must stop now!!! Otherwise . . . the party is over.
    The whole country will be like WI . . . when the looney left . . . aka the hands-out crowd, stops getting their checks they will be tearin down the towns.

    • Jeep

      Dale, you seem to be one of a few that “get it”. Everyone else thinks congress is fighting over the whole budget, but its kind of hard to fight over something that doesn’t exist. Where is the outrage from the left that thier buddies could pass spending bills, but not a complete budget? Well, the answer is that of course the dems didn’t want to pass a budget, otherwise they would’ve had to figure out how to pay for their nonsense. Reps are cutting the only thing they can, discretionary spending. We’ll have to wait until April to see how serious they are about cutting spending when the proposed FY2012 budget is introduced. If that is not right (i.e. full of massive spending cuts), then I will join the chorus.

  • Dan

    They all make me sick. The budget is so far over balance and they are talking peanuts, the Republicans want to take the peanuts away and the democrats don’t want them to. What a bunch of idiots. Meanwhile the dollar keeps declining, our debt keeps growing and we keep sending more and more money to countries that hate western civilization. It’s like saying, “you want me to die? Well, hell,let me pay for it.

  • jay Lindberg

    A government with money to burn is a fire waiting to happen. It’s time to put out this fire and force government within its means.

    These unfunded mandates are a death sentence for this nation. If we are not careful, this country will fall apart like the Soviet Union did 20 years ago. It’s called Bankruptcy and Balkanization. It cane happen here.

    Jay Lindberg

  • http://com i41

    The Dept of Agriculture can be dismantled and shut down. There is a bunch of socialist programs that require no effort, but landowners can get free governmnet checks several times a year, Example landowner gets up to 45 and decides he doen’t want to work any more but golf. First he puts all his farm ground in Conservation Reserve Program for 15 years with a chance to renew when ever program expires. Payments of rent averaging $52 an acre a year. Next they go and and sign up the same land again, for shelter belts for another fifteen years and collects a $100 an acres, with a fence paided for by tax payers, that costs us $3000 a mile. When game birds are placed there under another program, the next year the landowner has a private hunting preserve and can charge a hunter, $200 a day durning the hunting season. Same goes for deer which costs run to $1000 a head. Only cost is in paying the lands taxes wich runs about $3.25 an acre a year or $2080 which can deducted off of their incomtaxes. A section of land has about 620 of farmable ground, but you pay taxes on all of the 640 acres. Just on the CRP a land owner make $32,240 a year on one program and do has nothing but cash the government check. Now adding all the other programs the landowner can get paid by taxpayers, as well as the hunting fees, now several land owners from the east coast and other elitist landowners, make off like fat hogs off taxpayers. There are members in Congress that feed off of the programs and will not end any of these programs because it would take a few hundred thousand dollars away. 74% of programs money goes to 10% of farmers with only 5 crops. Average taxpayuers check to them is $455,000 per landowner on one program to do nothing.

  • jopa

    i41-aka scab Why don’t you just leave the reservation you live on make a protest sign and go to Washington.No on to help you here.

  • http://com i41

    jopa, no but wiould do away with all the damnned reservation, they are full o crossbred lazy azzes like you and eddee all soros socialist dumbocrats. Ending reservations would save a few 100 bill ion every year and make the wards of the government jackwads get a life and do honest work. Breaking union strikes never seems to show companies what real good emplotess are like, they out shine the union mental midgets ever time. Most of the union dilrods cann’t run ther pie holes unless the odds are at least ten to one. Pne to one their a pusified one shot wonders, they only do one job. One company used the roster of appling for jobs, there was alway 8-20 union dinks that only worked in their comfort zone, if they were operators they didn’t know how to repair the equipment. or in the plant couldn’t operate but 2 peices of equipment like a milling machine or a dryers . Worthless peices of mental baggage, after a year of sending the unions down the road, when I got moved up the ladders all my hands kmew how to operate everything in our work zone. Production climbes way up and with fewer employees and our wages climbed by 3 dollar a hour compared to the union wages. jopa since you must be a union rat, in the werstern part of the USA when ever I took a truck in with equipment of to pick up a load in a strike zone. My shotgun and a couple of hand guns were close by, usually when I got a load before I went in, it was know not to touch my truck or get in front or jump on my running boards. I never had a problem, do union smucks ever get stupid enough to have a death wish to mess with private contractors?

  • chuckb

    141, if they shut the government down does that mean michelle would have no money for her exotic life style and luxurious vacations. then lets shut it down.

    • http://naver samurai

      Here, here! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      that alone should save a billion or two!!

  • Curious H.S student

    I don’t completely understand what all with be effected from the government shutting down. I know that majority of government spending comes from the Iraq conflict (its not considered a war bc the last war that involved the U.S was WW2), second is from medicare, and the third is from social security. I don’t understand why the federal reserve is printing more money and putting it into Wall street (I know it looks good to foreign investors and we really need foreign money but it is not stable). I also don’t understand why the Federal Reserve is actually buying back American debt with the printed money. Can anyone possibly provide me with a logical explanation. I know there are a lot of uneducated bloggers out there that like to give their input without creditable sources (this is not meant to offend anyone I would like a different perspective and information I might have over looked in my research). I would also like to know the advantages and disadvantages of the government shutting down.

    If any of my information is wrong please feel free to correct me. All the information I’ve obtain was from research and watching foreign news channels because they provide an unbiased view of America.

    Thank you.

    • Jovianus

      I don’t understand why the federal reserve is printing more money and putting it into Wall street (I know it looks good to foreign investors and we really need foreign money but it is not stable).

      Reply: I’ll attempt to stick with facts, but in any discourse there will be a taint of ideological bias. First thing you must dois keep a rational and reasonable analysis in your research. You’ll read and hear about people railing about shutting it down, cut welfare, cut SSI, etc. And you’ll hear statements attempting to bring us back to 18th century government and misquote the people invlved in the creation of the government setup (good rule of thumb:when anyone cites the “Founding Fathers, run.)

      I assume you aren’t researching the fiasco of the Bush administration and the vast numbers of unfunded mandates, not placing the cost of the two wars on the “official’ budget expense sheet, the total waste of a prime opportunity to cut deeply into the deficit by giving away to the wealthy and Big Corporations the surplus etc.

      The problem with responding is that what you are asking involves a long complex dissertation on causal effects and results. I suggest reading articles from Bloomberg, Rueters, etc. Read up on Bernanke and his background, taking note his views on how Japan handled its economic meltdown in the 90′s.

      Look into the credit crisis and how th banks dealt in Mortgage Backed Securities and the derivatives market, concentratoe on AIG and insured securities. In your analysis, especially the bailouts of the auto industry, study the effects based on multiplier effects. Such as the used car buy back programs (CARS).

      It moved vehicles, steadied the shaky US car industry, provided needed cash flow, kept manufacturing jobs, and raised the equity of people not buying cars…by raising the price of used cars because there were fewer older cars on the road, making the price of a used vehicle higher (resulting in less credit restrictions because of equity levels as well as provided equity for refinancing a used car to borrow and make ends meet).

      Study the energy efficient home appliance program where a rebate was given to raise the energy efficiency of home usage and conserve energy (and keeping that price down as supply was kept high). And so forth. Then reflect on the role of government in directing social habits and overall econoic policy. Study the tax policy and decide should government encourage artifical economic activity to promote the public welfare (i.e. favorable tax treatment to encourage activity in what otherwise would be a less profitable or losing practice).

      You’ll have to decide your political philosophy as you view the world right now. Two great beginning reads I would recommend are “Leviathan” (1651) by Thomas Hobbes and “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” (1690) by John Locke. Study how these two early greats delved into the human psyche to formulate the classifying of the main threads of capitalist based indeology.

      Definitely read “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” (aka “Wealth of Nations”) (1776) by Adam Smith [This is considered to be the foundation of modern economic theory.]

      Be careful and do not fall into the trap of reading synopsis of the above. For example, there are many who use Smith’s theories to argue against government intervention in the capitalst economic system. Which is butchering the theme throughout Smith’s writings. Smith saw a need for govenments in the role of economic progress. Yet many “free marketers” tend to ignore that aspect of his theories.

      And vice versa, those who supported a more centralized economies (such as Engels, Marx etc) delved more into Smith’s views of market intervention and ignored the theme of a proactive manufacturing and mechantile integrated system.

      Be careful, be independent.

      Finally, in returning to my advice to run if anyone cites the Founding Fathers in their responses to you. Here’s a bit of information for you to realize the flawed arguments they present.

      Alexander Hamilton, the person given most credit for creation of our economic system of government, in the Federalist Papers, argued against Smith’s theories. Hamilton instead relied on the theories of Colbert (Finance Minister of France for Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King). Colbert argued for strict protectionism of a centralized government in international trade dealings. Whereas Jefferson, a noted supporter of protectionism, was a personal and political enemy of Hamilton and argued against the theories of Colbert!

      And anyone who brings up anything positive about Reaganism…ignore them as they know not what they’re talking about.

      Hope this helps

      • s c

        J, Hamilton’s Leninish, wannabe omnipotent central government paranoia is alive and well at the Fed and explains much about our current economic woes. Hamilton was a closet Brit (among other things), as are most members of the Fed. The current reincarnation of Hamilton has access to a printing press that runs 24/7 (God help us).
        Thomas Jefferson, in contrast to Hamilton, was a far-sighted, extremely intelligent patriot whose many talents are lacking in America’s mentally sterile politicians today (yes, both parties). By the way, Reagan was not mentioned by the folks at the PLND in the above article. While I have my doubts, I hope that clears up the matter for you.

        • Dan az

          Actualy its pretty simple,How else can the fed launder money!Take funny money buy t bills and have the tax payers give there money to them and there you have it clean money.Now they want to take all your retirements and buy more t bills sounds fair to me right?

  • jopa

    Jovianus;Very well said.Very good advice for HS student.

    • Jovianus


      I’m waiting for someone to read the above and proclaim I’m a Communist. Or ignorant. Or an ignorant Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Liberal (pick one).

      If it can’t be said in the most simplistic format using two syllable words and having fear and resentment in it…most on this board are incapable of understanding.

  • jopa

    chuckb;That was so funny when Bush was making plans to go to Switzerland but had to cancel for fear of being locked up for war crimes.The world did not forget.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yeah, but November showed that the U.S. people don’t forget either!!! 2012 will show the same thing as well!! We’ll see how much you crow then, you twerp!!

      • Jovianus

        Well Joe…gotta hand it to you. you didn’t called me a communist. And you did help buttress my point to HS Student about being wary of folks who think in simplistic fear driven manner

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I gotta hand it toYOU for proving what I said the other night about you not having a working brain to think with!!

          • Dan az

            Hey Joe
            Did you hear that just above you?neither did I!Funny how well that works!

  • chuckb

    jovianus, try this little mind game out, sfter reading all that garbage in your comments, this will help get your mind back in track.

  • jopa

    Joeh;November voters didn’t realize what type of nightmare they voted into office like Guv Walker and the likes.I think it is going to get the Democrats out in numbers like man has never seen before and turn our country into the strongest and most respected and admired nation in the world.Last November I believe the voters short term memory was working against our country but things will turn around in 2012.The Wisconsin mess will make our country and unions stronger in the end when Walker is given his Walking papers.

    • libertytrain

      jopa said: ‘November voters didn’t realize what type of nightmare they voted into office’

      That, jopa, is how many many who voted for the hope and change guy and found out quickly that that was bogus now feel.

    • chuckb

      jopa, does that mean we are going will have to put hoods over the grave stones an hide the death records. democrats need votes.

  • Bert Cundle

    OUR DEBT’S: Mida Reports a Variety of Total Indebtedmess… 1.6 T. & 12,5 T. Well: To Pay off our Debt & Build a surpless… The Government Should SPIKE the Land Tax on: HONDA – Mitsubishi – Yamaha – Toyota – Neson – & Tax Their Products When Sold X 500% & Import Tax X 100% on everything else!

  • http://com i41

    Bettter yet do like Pres. Andrew Jackson did sell of federal land till all debts are paid off, with one exception it can only be set up like he did with the homesteader style settlement of 2580 acres to give people enough room to actually produce viaable produces to sell. Then there would not be any need for welfare crap programs.


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