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Congress Attacks Natural Supplements!

March 2, 2010 by  

Congress Attacks Natural Supplements!

I spent another afternoon in disbelief, reading over a dozen emails regarding Congress’ improper use of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). They misappropriated the act to pull Ephedra from the market. And now they’re trying to oust vitamin E!

Next stop… the rest of the alphabet.

In fact, there are so many levels to this issue that I have included many valuable links for you to get the full story from all sides. And since the story is so vast, I will present it as an ongoing series. This is just the first installment.

Since the beginning of America’s founding we citizens have been avid users of natural products for health. At the same time, we’ve been clamoring for our government to keep the bad stuff off our shelves. And while the times of dishonest “snake oil salesmen” are mostly gone, the day of the government ban is on the horizon.

But this has not always been the case.

With Best Intentions…

In 1958, the FDA added the Food Additive Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FD&C). This was done to ensure consumer safety against unsafe supplements and their untrue labeling or misrepresentation of their benefits. We Americans spoke up for the protection of our health and lifestyle choices and our cries were heard.

In 1995, former President Bill Clinton signed the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). It was another amendment to the FD&C. In essence, the Act makes sure that since natural supplements are considered “food” as opposed to “drugs,” they remain available to consumers who wish to include them as a part of their healthy lifestyle choices. And since Congress cannot control how many carrots you eat, it shouldn’t control the amount of vitamin A you consume, either.

The passing of DSHEA was thus considered a massive victory for consumers. The act was Congress’s answer to consumer concerns about their health. In fact, Clinton stated, “The passage of this legislation… speaks to the diligence with which an unofficial army of nutritionally conscious people worked democratically to change the laws in an area deeply important to them.”

With the Riches Come the Spoils

It seems the passing of DSHEA also created a loophole for non-health-friendly members of Congress and the FDA to take our health choices from us.

You see, while these bills appear to protect the public, they actually make it easier for government agencies to control supplement use… or take them off the market completely! And it seems that while it’s the FDA’s job to protect consumers from fraudulent claims being made against the guise of “studies,” it has done nothing in the case against natural herbal, vitamin or mineral supplements.

At least five bills have been introduced in Congress in recent years that would affect your right to access dietary supplements. In fact, only the Hatch Harkin Bill S.1538 proposed the FDA should support the DSHEA rather than fight against it, or merely stand by and do nothing. However, the bill recognized that the FDA requires more money to do its job. It proposed $100 million in funds be allocated for this purpose.

The most recent bill is the Dietary Supplement Safety Act S.3002, introduced in February by Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). The bill would change existing mandatory serious adverse reporting regulations, requiring even minor adverse effects to be reported so that the FDA could arbitrarily pull supplements off the shelves or reclassify them as drugs, according to

Opponents of the bill say the regulations would be ripe for abuse, with minor, unrelated or trumped-up evidence of adverse effects leading to supplements being classified as drugs and pulled off shelves.

Trumped-up “evidence” and certainly misuse of herbals was the cause of the Ephedra ban. Ephedra, known as ma huang in traditional Chinese medicine, has been a staple in formulas used to treat asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases. In the proper dose and for the proper use (inducing sweating to relieve damp heat in the lungs), ma huang is a strong and natural aid for health. But when formulated in much higher doses for use as a metabolism enhancing agent in weight loss supplements… serious problems occurred. And now, because of misuse, the herb is off the market in the U.S.

In fact, the Washington law firm, Hyman, Phelps, and McNamara, P.C. believes the Ephedra rule will endanger all vitamins. Read their “Legal Opinion Regarding FDA’s Ephedra Rule.”

Vitamin E is the target of a similar smear campaign. Yes, that’s right, the same vitamin E used in skin care products and as an immunity aid against free radicals. The government is now calling it “risky.” Yet the cases presented as “proof” were people who suffered pre-existing diseases.

You see, these bills include the Adverse Event Reporting (AER), which is not necessarily bad. However, AER is now being used by dishonest people (in the government and outside of it) as an excuse to bring the industry (and our rights) to its knees. Anti-vitamin stories are surfacing as “proof” that supplements should be banned. These include deaths not related to supplements, but the people happened to also be taking supplements of some kind. And this is the gist of the vitamin E situation.

United We (Must) Stand

It is imperative that we not allow Congress, the FDA, the media or unscrupulous individuals to keep us from seeking and maintaining optimal health by regulating or banning natural supplements. They are only food in another form. They are part and parcel of the daily health choices we make that come with America’s freedom.

The implementing of AER for herbs, minerals and vitamins is as nonsensical as implementing it for a turkey sandwich! The FDA is more worried about the amount of vitamin E we take than the true and severe side effects of synthetic pharma drugs. I find that disturbing. And if this passes, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people could start blaming supplements for their ailments. And the resulting class action lawsuit would be devastating not only to supplement manufacturers’ insurance costs, but to the accessibility of such supplements in the future.

Our only hope is to fight back and stand up for our health rights. Imagine, no more One A Day®, no more calcium tablets, no more B-complex.

In response to the actions of Congress, the Nutritional Health Alliance has activated the Save and Strengthen DSHEA campaign. Visit the NHA site and access the names and addresses of your Congressmen and Senators. Sample letters are there to view, as well as necessary phone and fax numbers.

We need your help. You need your help. Let’s all take a few moments and do our part before it’s too late.

—Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • http://michaeld@UPHS.UPENN.EDU David Michael

    It is bad enough that the government wants to control health care but if they succeed in destroying the supplement industry they will completely destroy the health of this nation. I am sick and tired of the
    way these beaurocrats think it is good sport to take the goodness out
    of peoples lives and literly ruin them.

    • DaveH

      Yes, I can’t believe that at the same time the Big Government lovers are railing about the high cost of healthcare, they are busily trying to prevent us from avoiding the doctors by taking care of ourselves.
      The government should at most fill an advisory role to warn us of dangers, but they should be kept far away from protecting us from ourselves by force.
      Both Republicans and Democrats have been complicit in such matters. We need to get together and vote anybody who attempts to take away our free choices, regardless of Party affiliation, out of office.

    • Mike In MI

      Dave Michael and DaveH

      It’s great to see such passion and concern for yourselves and understanding of what DSSA means to our countrymen, too. There are things you’ll need to know to be able to get out and argue your case. People are conditioned to think, and they will argue against you on this basis, medicine and FDA are based on science. Most people’s idea box is “conventional wisdom” – the social consensus – which leads them to trust whatever government, media and “Medical Science” promotes as “true”. The fact that you are on this blog and utilize supplements indicates your mental processes are not so packed and bound up as to be impervious to reason and reality. Actually, utilizing supplements in proper amounts and variety makes one’s brain functions better. That fact is known to those whose goals are to control others. Societal control requires secrecy of their intents and actions, control of information access and, now, deadened mental functions which stifle the capacity to think.
      Thinking requires energy, lots of it. A basic principle of efficient brain functions is a slightly alkaline blood/brain relationship. If the brain becomes acidic that dulls its ability to work. Most of our people are toxic internally – which is a cause of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation underlies the epidemic of primary organic disturances behind degenerative diseases bedevilling our culture – from obesity to diabetes to cardiovascular, kidney, liver, lung, neuro, arthritic and autoimmune/allergic conditions. Your pH, acid/alkaline balance, controls whether you are vulnerable to or immune from most viral, bacterial and fungal infections. People whose brains are dull because they are acid react slowly and, probably, inaccurately to provocations. Since it is hard for them to think they are content to be told what to think and do. Voila, thought control is not difficult over those who are so affected.

      “Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regards reproof shall be honored.
      The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul: but it is abomination to fools to depart from evil.” Proverbs 13:18,19
      Arguing with idiots is a waste of your time. If they don’t want to think, it may be that their brain is so foggy they can’t – typically Liberal. Biblically, the Liberal agenda is, in almost all of its points, either flat out contrary or twisting of basic principles. That is the reason socialism can never work. Socialism is contrary to the principles created to operate the Universe. Literally it is almost pure unbelief. Unbelief is sand in the machinery of the Universe and, certainly, life. (Don’t think for a second I’m saying everyone who calls himself “christian” is rooted and grounded in Scripture. Any church that is a member of the National Council of Churches is aligned with the Liberal agenda and Socialist causes. It isn’t an individual’s fault, but it is his responsibility to know and act accordingly. But, like it says, “…it is abomination to a fool to depart from evil.”

      Well, that’s all I can do today. Didn’t even get to the “science” stuff. But, “science” that’s done to project preconceived opinions and conclusions is just religious hugger mugger – and it’s rampant.

      • Time

        Mike in MI, All strong valid points, thanks for your very fine posting. I thank you.

        I bet many folks would find it very strange to learn that just 100 years ago Doc’s went to BARBER school for medical traing.

        But that aside, we have all the means to heal our selfs right here on planet earth.
        I have healed myself from stage 3 Cancer, how? By taking Hemp oil, a slight change of diet, more steamed veggies, taking all fryed foods out of my diet, No sugars at all, {that is other than Pure local Honey.}
        I also have used H2 O2 to take away pain from years of crazy things I have done.

        So anyone can heal themselfs if they want to. Thats with out any Government at all. Strange how thats works.

    • Rhonda Miller

      With all the Americans that aare sick and tired of what the Idiots at the WH is doing doesn’t make alot of sense. We as American people need to rise up above these scoundrels and go to the WH and throw all of them out including some Republicans that are so whishy washing between Republicans to Democrats. The Republicans aren’t suppose to be on the Democrats until it is going to benefit the American people . If these Republicans don’t get back to the Middle of the Road Reagan Conservatives. I believe in ousting them out. Obmaa hates the American people and is going to do everything he can to take the American people to the bottom of the barrel. Obama is not going to produce jobs or is he going to help the American people. He is a Muslim and I honestly believe he isn’t an American president. We have got to stand up for what is right. Nothing the WH has done is standing up for what is right. We have got to get these scoundrels out of the WH even if we have to throw them out of the WH. It’s time we got people in the WH that are going to do the job they are suppose to and not what these scoundrels want to do for themselves. I say Impeach! Imp0each! Impeach the WH.

  • Freelancelot

    Gerald, that is anti-capitalist drivel. Having said that, this Act is one of the most dangerous Congress has ever been low-life enough to pass. I am a huge supporter and user of nutritional and herbal supplements.

    I hate to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist, but every once in a while a seeming conspiracy really is a conspiracy. And the fact is, the FDA (not drug companies) conspires to keep people sick and dying. Dr. Benjamin Rush back in 1813 was correct.

    • Time

      How right you are! This is nothing but a sham to make the drug co’s more money by not allowing a person with common sense to take care of ones self.

      When I figured out Barry, I started to see his alledged interest in “Health Care Reform” Was a simple power play, right along with everything he gets involved with. Then reading the HCR bill it was very clear what this was all about.
      This gang of thugs wants you to be sick. Thus his friends at Baxter Drugs can make more $$$$ thus in turn Barry makes more $$$$.

      Doc, thanks for the Blog.

    • DaveH

      Geez, you scared me Lancelot, when you said “low life enough to pass”. My understanding is that this bill is pending.

    • kodster5

      Since the Big Pharma companies cannot, by law, patent a naturally occurring substance (but the supplement companies CAN patent their particular mixture of natural supplements), the Big Pharma companies lobbied McCain (and others) to introduce this control legislation. They move to remove the competition from the market, so that they can make more money by forcing the people to take their products.

      I’m like the rest of you… I’d rather go the the holistic way, osteopathic, and control my own health, rather than take the poisons of the drugs that Big Pharma creates. How many law firms do they keep in business, because of side effects and deaths created by their own products??? No sooner than a drug gets introduced and you see ads by law firms looking for class action lawsuits against it!

  • doug

    …None of the fed’s business. “period”

  • Henry Andrechyn

    I’m 85 and have been taking vitamins my entire adult life, still playing tennis. They ought to let you take your vitamins off your tax bill because of the benefits, keeping you ought of the doctors office and or hospital

    • DaveH

      Better yet, let’s just get rid of the Byzantine Income Tax System, and replace it with a simple Fair Tax, or Flat Tax, so Americans can use that wasted tax preparation time and money to do something productive or enjoyable.

      • DaveH
      • John

        Why dont someone give OBummer a box of latex gloves and let him preform all the colon exams himself. he want to cram this bill down our throats. and now he wonts to take away our vitamins. the money was not enough for him.

      • DaveH

        While I’m on that subject, am I the only one who gets fed up with jumping through their tax hoops like a trained circus dog? And they have the nerve to call it a “voluntary” tax system.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Dave H,

          Come on…now….you know my feelings about the tax system. I absolutely believe in the fair or at the very least flat tax idea (prefer the fair tax, but would accept the flat tax as a starter). Dave H….I know you and many others on this site understand this, but so many still don’t get it. I’m so sick of explaining why if we must have a tax system inplace (and I believe a basic one is needed)….that it makes total sense to expect everyone to pay an equal percentage, or even better….to pay taxes on all the toys we don’t need (like all the newest and greatest techy toys, designer clothing, etc). I keep saying 10/15% of nothing is nothing while the same percentage of a lot more is more is simply a lot more.

          Fed Up Gal

  • Henry Andrechyn

    I guess vitamins don’t help in spelling

  • Michelle

    This is all about government control and money. If vitamins and supplements we take as alternatives to prescription medicines are no longer available then we will no longer have a choice and will be forced to pay for prescription drugs. I take herbal supplements because I experienced the rare and deadly side effects of prescription drugs. The herbal supplements work, with no side effects. This type of legislation will take away our rights to natural medicine and doctors; which is what they want. McCain is up for re-election in Arizona this year with JD Hayworth opposing him. Go against the people in creating legislation and you will pay for it in the elections.

  • Frank

    3 step process to conduct a Mild revolt;
    1-Regster Third party
    2-Change your W-2 to 0 and put the $ in an account and pay Uncle at the end of the year=Withold their War Funds.
    3-Vote out every DEM & REP in office and put no DEM or REP in office unless you are 100% willing to bet your life they are representatives of the people.
    (Hint-Most Millionaires do NOT give a hoot about middle or lower class people)

    • Don

      It’s all about the $$$$ folks. The food companies and the pharmaceutical companies are in bed with each other in this country. The food companies want to sell more food, and the drug companies want to sell more drugs. They want to make us sicker, fatter, and more riddled with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. then ever before. Ever wonder why the good ‘ol US of A leads the world in all these ailments? Remember, the drug companies ONLY make money when we’re sick, not when we’re well. Natural supplements are considered highly dangerous to their profits.

    • DaveH

      The trouble is, which people do they represent? It’d be much better to just cut the size of Government way back and put Individuals back in charge of our own lives. Only the Individuals can truly determine what their personal needs and desires are, and then take appropriate action to address them. Government can only provide one-size-fits-all solutions. And we don’t have a one-size population.

      Vote Libertarian!

  • JUDY

    When the government outlaws cigarettes, then I’ll believe they have our best interest at heart.
    I do not need or want a nanny to help me manage my health.
    This is all about money and power.
    Go home John McCain.

    • Orion

      Hell, that’s just as STUPID as the rest of the nanny state stuff. WHY not OUTLAW CARS? They kill more than cigarettes!
      People, WAKE UP and THINK!


      • JUDY

        Orion, After many years in the medical field, critical care and ED,
        I am of the opinion that cigarette do kill many many more people than cigarettes. The lungs are not the only body system affected. Take a college course on anatomy and physiology so you are educated on this subject.

        You are comparing a non-essential negative substance with cars which
        are needed for our modern way of life. And, many accidents have happened when a person is reaching for a cigarette.

        By the way, do you smoke?

        • http://Don'thaveone Sally

          Judy, you are ridiculous. You are one of the reasons we are in such a mess to begin with. There are many many people who never smoked in their lives that died of lung cancer and don’t tell me that it was second hand smoke. What about alcoholics – drunk drivers etc., etc., etc., The government has no right to tell a smoker he or she cannot smoke period. If the want to smoke and hurt their health so be it. To answer your qauestion No I am not a smoker but I do believe in rights – why not ban homosexuals from sleeping together – that is how HIV is passed on and then the poor individual who gets from a blood transfusion – I could go on and on and on.

          • American Citizen

            You must be a smoker to be in such denial. Secondhand smoke has many carcinogens in it. I am not asthmatic or have a breathing problem, but due to having been a smoker years ago, I think I became allergic to something in the smoke. If I go into a public place where there is smoking allowed, my breathing system immediately begins to shut down, I have chest pain, and have to leave. Where is my right to breathe clean air? Smokers are air polluters, period.

          • Claire

            Sally—Obama smokes, so what do you think about that?

        • Mike In MI

          Judy – “…I have worked for many years in the medical field…”.

          Now, I’m not going to say that smoking cigarettes is good for you. But, lots of folks – of strong minds and other habits – who have smoked yet lived long and basically disease free lives. I know of lots of people who have refused to believe what traditional medical “experts” have told them and manifested what they chose to believe rather than what they were told. For lack of a better term medics who study such things call it the “Placebo Effect” – a mental phenomenon that occurs, as far as they know, to inexplicably bring about a physical realm result which is contrary to what usually occurs according to what we think we know about disease processes, matter and energy.

          Also, you advised someone to take some Anat. and Physiol. classes. I think I’d advise you to take some classes in integrative and CAM studies to learn about phenomena like “apoptosis”, acid/alkaline balance, new theories in vulnerability to disease, immune/brain learning in response to toxic challenge, etc.

          Maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to use obsolete theory to chide
          a layman when the preponderance of our disease problems is due to tradional medicine’s failure to adopt new information, superior and far less expensive methods. Medicine is why we need health reform.

        • Gary

          In this day of ultra liberal government and what seems to be big brother watching every move we make. Now we have to worry about the government trying to stop us from being healthy also. I’ve been using supplement for years even before it got popular. Thanks to supplements i haven’t been sick even with a cold in fifteen years!!!

          • Angie

            What supplements do you take to avoid being ill? (If you don’t mind me asking)

        • Claire

          And reaching for a cell phone.

  • Pete

    I have retired, fit as a fiddle and I take vitamins! I am also lucky enough to receive a pension. Could it be that printing money to get us out of this financial mess is not enough, they want to stop my vitamins so that I die earlier, and they get my pension?

    • Medina, Fl.

      Hello, Pete! Did you read the Health Care Plan? They have a mandate for all 65 yr. old and vets with disabilities to go to their Dr. and let him know how you want to die, since it’s a burden to our families and the rest of the people!!!? I wish I could remember the number of it, but the chosen one did make believe it was not there? This administration is playing God. It’s no surprise they want to control our use of the supplements which help & keep us healthy and live longer! God Help us!

      • Claire

        This couldn’t be true. Egads. I think it is the Living Will scenario. My husband and I have Living Wills at both hospitals here in town and with our doctors. Also in our wills. We did this years ago. Hey, I don’t want to be kept alive if I end up being a vegetable. I don’t want to be kept on life support and be a burden to my family! I don’t want to lay there like a lump of flesh with no reason to keep on living.

    • Claire

      Good grief.

  • john

    i am tired of any government telling me how to take care of myself or saying what you can and can not do or have. i am 70 years old and think i know whats good or bad for me. wheather you agree or dont, if the government used their time more wisely they would report the poisons in our everyday market food and get rid of HIGH FRUCTOUS CORN SYRUP and all the crap that poisons us. oh by the way i dont need the to tell me to wear seat belts either which was iam sure all started by insurance co. i am sure thay could care less if we lived or died in a car accident so long as thay dont pay for it. TO SUM IT UP , GOVERNMENT LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. OH BY THE WAY STAY A WAY FROM BOOZ, THAT COULD KILL OUR OFFICIALS. LOL

    • Ronald D Johnston

      What do you expect from a bunch of Marxists?

      • Claire

        Is McCain a marxist?

    • kodster5

      I agree, John… has anyone made a connection between the increase in the obesity epidemic and the use of HFCS (High Frustose Corn Syrup)? Nope… or if they have… no one has listened, or pooh-poohed it. It’s true! When they started putting it in most of our food supply, our bellies ballooned! Our bodies cannot get rid of it. It’s a poison that breaks down our cellular systems. That’s why I read the labels on my food purchases… if it’s got HFCS in it, it goes back on the shelf, I refuse to buy it. I know that it irritates my GI tract so much that I end up with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I stop the intake, and my symptoms abate. I make my own bread (yes, it’s even in our bread products!), etc., make sure I use unbromated flour (bromine poisoning), etc., in my baking. I cook my food from scratch so that I can control the poisons.

  • Beth

    This has been in the works for some time. Our government does not want us to have a choice in our health..look up and read about Codex Alimentary, if all would have went as planned supplements would have all been pulled by December 31, 2009

    • Bill Livingston

      Maybe they can go after the candy bar next!

      • Time

        Bill – Don’t give them any ideas..

      • American Citizen

        My heard doctor prescribed dark chocolate. I didn’t like it at first, but love it now.

        • Pat R

          AM. Citizen:
          Good for you! Do you use the Dove dk. choc? also Nestle brand dk.

          • Angie

            I would recommend organic chocolate as the others are filled with refined sugars as well as high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of preservatives. The organic chocolates (I like Green and Black best) actually taste like chocolate and I admit I am a conissuer!

    • DaveH

      Yep, we need to get the flock out of the United Nations. They are becoming a huge threat to our Sovereignty.

    • Pam

      Does anyone out there know who Carlton Fredricks was? he was so far ahead of his time nutritionally, that he was persecuted by the FDA!!!
      And he fought them tooth and nail until the day he passed on!!!

  • Time

    A not 100% on target point but yet its a clear picture of the abuse of power and controll. One of our dogs was given a shot called a “Corona”. We were told that the shot was mandated by the state.

    Long story to put it all down so I will make it very short.

    This shots stripped her G I tract, thus starting the problems. She went though hell being sick for weeks, the vets answer was; Anti Biotic’s, thus again stripping the G I Tract, though at the time we did not know all the reasons for any of this.
    After a over a year and she still was not any better due to all the drugs, she was almost dead she went from 45 lbs, to 30 lbs was all skin and bones. All her fur fell out, she could hardly walk and the smell was so bad that we felt she would die any moment.

    Well I spoke with a woman who is a vet that dose “100% Natural cures,” the fist thing we did was start her on Vitimans E & C, Colostrum, also H2 O2 in her water and sprayed on her food plus raw food as in fresh Veggies greens etc, raw chicken, now after two years of rebuilding she is a happy and healty baby again.

    DRUGS made by MAN SUCK.

    • kodster5

      You were lucky… you were able to save her. I lost my last dog due to a vet over-prescribing a worming medicine (Drontel) for him. It killed his liver, and he was gone in just over a month. I miss him dearly, he was only 4 years old!

      • Time

        Kodster5, I understand very well our dogs are like our kids as we don’t have kids so they are spoiled rotten.
        We don’t allow the vets to inject our dogs with anything now, they get a test, the spelling may be off, they are called {Tider} test?

        As what ever shots they get as puppys last a lifetime, so its scam to get you to pay $200.00 per year and if you have 5000 clients paying you $200.00 per year thats not bad money, for shots that cost .24 cents per shot. That they don’t need!

        • Claire

          Time–I have 8 dogs. They get gloucosamine/chondroitan, fish oil capsules with Omega 3, and Vitamin C. I give them their vitamins every morning in their food and I take them at the same time. I buy “Spring Valley” brand at Wal-mart and this is what I take and what I give the dogs. They are happy, healthy, their coats are shiny and lustrous. I give my own shots, and when they reach about 5 years old, they only get Rabies. I give them Interceptor once a month and this keeps them from getting heartworm and the other worms. And I feed them Eagle Pak and make sure they get plenty of water and exercise. They have a good life and sometimes I think they have a better life than some kids. I even have a savings account for them should anyone get sick! And I hope they don’t. The oldest is 9 years old and the youngest is 3 years old. Yes, they are our babies!

          • Time

            Claire I don’t know if you know this or not by Eagle Pack was sold to China, yea I know now even most dog foods are made in China.
            I have nothing aginst the Chinese but for God sake what do we make here in the US.

            And why is it that we don’t make anything any more, “UNIONS.”
            Plain and simple, as I noted yes they are good and yes they are BAD.

          • Claire

            Time_–I think I heard Eagle Pak was sold-I just did not know it was sold to China. Anyway, I am weaning them off of Eagle Pak. I am starting them on Pro Plan chicken and rice for adult dogs. A lot of people I know cook for their dogs, and feed them holistically. I do boil chicken every week-stinks up the house but at least, hopefully, it is good for them. The dog food scare was bad. Same with human food. So much of it does come for foreign countries. Heck, I don’t think we are told the truth. The good Lord only knows what is in dog food and human food. Another big garden for me this year! Oh–I also feed my dogs fresh green beans for treats too.

        • Claire

          Time–Unions?? They are not good for America anymore. Years and years ago they started out okay, but now? No way. That is why we have no jobs here in the U.S. Factories, etc. went to foreign countries. Unions became too greedy like the politicians.

    • Claire

      Time—At the time my Mother passed away, she was on so much medication it was pathetic. The same with my Mother-in-Law. They both had so many bottles of meds it was mindboggling. And I really think all this medicine contributed towards an earlier death for both of them. Has anyone really watched the medicinal ads on TV? The side effects are horrendous. Who wants nausea, diarhhea, vomiting, liver and kidney trouble, heart issues, ulcers, joint pain, and on and on. Not me. I take no medication nor will unless I absolutely have to. I check my blood pressure and yesterday it was 121/71. I try to eat right, I don’t eat meat, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and PASTA!! I love pasta. I get a lot of exercise. The day I depart this world was already in great scheme of things the minute I was born so I will try to enjoy my life until that day comes.

      • Time

        Claire, I can’t disagree with you on the points you have made. I feel strongly that most all Meds are really bad for you.

        If I had gone the standard road to cure my cancer, I would be dead now. I was told that I had a 98% chance I would not see Christmas 09. So on that note here it is March 2010 and I am “100% cancer free.”

        Lets review what really works, standard meds, or the alternatives being NATURAL. I will go NATURAL any time.

        Now if I wanted to kill myself, fast, I would go the standard road, but I hate pain and suffering, so thank GOD we have the FREEDOM to choose.

        • Claire

          Time—”Freedom to choose” — Great sounding words. I hope and pray we can say this 5-10 years from now!

  • CJ

    It should be evident the government wants us to be at a regulated level of sickness. They don’t want us healthy, otherwise medications would not be deductable on taxes and vitamins would.

    • Mike In MI

      OO-oo-oo-ooh, CJ,……Stroke of genius, man. Thanks for the reminder.

      I think it may be time for some coast2coast type focus sessions on BigPharma company melt-downs, drops into sink-holes or electrical grid flares and overloads supplying their plants. Or, better yet their suppliers overseas have transports sunk, hijacked or shipping unions strike? These fools think they’re god or their god is in charge. I think the Head God might dispute that and be willing to act if enough of us concentrate, focussing for Him to bear His arm for us against the enema…-my.

  • Franker Frank

    I have to disagree with you, DaveH, no way would it lead to bigger govt. It would put incumbents and challengers on equal footing. Full disclosure is a good idea, but it doesn’t fix anything, it just shows us that all politicians have angels funding their campaigns and looking for payback in one form or another. Knowing who the angels are doesn’t fix the problem, it just clarifies it.

    • DaveH

      That’s right Frank, but that clarity can help us make better voting decisions.

    • Ron Wilson

      It’s time for the government to back off and give us our lives back. I resent the fact that the government thinks it has the power to tell citizens of this great country what they can take and not take and do what we have common sence enough to do, and let us make our own decisions.

      • Linda Curran

        RIGHT ON!!!

  • hermannelson

    What’s disappointing is Sarah Palin supporting McCain for re-election.
    I don’t trust that dame anymore. What are her real beliefs?

    • DaveH

      I agree. She made a huge mistake allying herself with McCain again.

    • Claire

      Her real beliefs are herself. Not any of us. She has become another typical politician.

  • http://gmail i41

    Term limits of 6 years, 3- 2 year for rep. and 6 years total for sen., would end life long officew holders and keep miving senority along. End Dood and Kenndy, and Byrd and Reid controlling legistration moving. Congress needs new people, send McCain packing back home, he gets more shaky every year.

  • Phil

    You guys are paranoid… And the rest in here are just goverment hateing nutcases..

    • DaveH

      More Grammar school wit from the Liberal Phil.

    • Time

      You know the old company saying; “parrnoia is perfect awarness.”

      • jackie cox

        it must be true otherwise phil wouldn’t have said it, Eh Phil?

      • Time

        Phil, I also wanted to say that most everyone here fails to hate government, “what we dispise is intrusive government.”

        Governments role is simple stay the hell out of the way.
        Cry babys get out of the way, and let us who work do what we do.
        Keep you dam hands out of my pocket, out of my home, and don’t make laws just to make work for yourself.

        Do you reacll ever hearing the old adage;
        “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen?”

        Thats what the deal is Phil, no one dislike’s you nor the government, We just don’t want you nor some twisted pencil head dork telling us what we can and can’t do.
        As long was we respect and treat everyone as we would like to be treated we can all get along.

        Can you get your head around that idea Phil?

        • DaveH

          I dislike him.

    • Claire

      Phil—Excuse me, but I do not hate our government. But at the rate things have been going for the past 30-50 years to the present time, I do not foresee a bright future.

  • gofer

    On a vitamin co. website, there is a long list of herbs and other supplements that are banned from shipping to California. What is going on with this?

    • DaveH

      That doesn’t surprise me. The Liberals there have been trying to control supplements for years.

      • Claire

        Guess I’ll have to stock up on vitamins now, and fish oil, and gloucosamine/chondroitin for myself as well as the dogs. The problem is that I have ran out of storage space. Will this craziness ever end?

        • http://personalliberty Angie

          I think I’ll stock up too but one problem. Some of these supplements don’t have a very long shelf life. Maybe only a year or two in some cases. I guess expired ones are better than having nothing though!

          • Claire

            Angie–just keep rotating your supply, and keep replacing as you go along. If you take the vitamins every day, your supply should not go past the expiration date. I think? Anyway this is what I am doing.

  • Janice Palesch

    The attempt of government to dictate our usage of supplements is very distressing. I believe that this effort is led, at least in part, by the pharmaceutical industry. The utilization of supplements for our health care deprives them of profits and keeps us tethered to them and their ourageous prescription drug prices. Moreover, many natural supplements work as well or better than many high priced prescriptions.

    When my father, who had parkinson’s disease, was still alive, his neurologist prescribed a medication for him, which was intended to control the symptoms of that disease (i.e., tremors, hallucinations, and talking out of his head). That prescription cost $1,200.00 per month (for 30 capsules). I heard about a supplement that I could get at the health food store, which cost me approximately $25.00 per month and which supposedly had the same effects as the prescription drug. I purchased that supplement, and gave it to my father. Within 10 to 15 minutes of ingesting the capsule, all of his symptoms disappeared. My mother and I discontinued the prescription drug, and gave my father only the supplement. On repeated trials, when we stopped the supplement, my father’s symptoms returned, and as soon as we reintroduced the supplement, his symptoms disappeared. (At the time, my father had a premium drug prescription plan, which paid the entire $1,200 for the prescription drug. But, out of a sense of integrity, we opted for the supplement instead.) This incident convinced my own physician that the supplement would work as well as the prescription drug.

    When we have supplements and vitamins that can achieve the same effects as prescription drugs at a much lower cost, we should have the right to purchase them. It saves everyone money. In order to repair our out-of-control health insurance industry and runaway medical care costs in general, we ought to demand that we retain our rights to utilize supplements and vitamins. After all, we should be in charge of our own bodies and our own pocketbooks. Congress needs to keep its hands off our personal business. I am tired of government giving gifts to Big Pharma.

    • Angie

      Will you share the name of your supplement?

    • Pam

      AMEN! Janice. I agree 100%! the big pharma should get the heck out of our choices to opt for natural therapies. they have absolutely no business telling anyone what to and not to take into their bodies. I take many supplements and I’ll be dammed if I let the government tell me I can’t take them!We have a weasel in the WH and he needs to be exterminated! pronto!

  • Doris Birkett

    I am so happy to see all these emails that echo my thoughts. I was very unhealthy & over medicated untill I replaced my meds with hebs. I am almost 70 & 5 times healther than I was then. I can walk 5 miles when b4, I couldn’t walk 1/2 mi. I think our new Government is slowly kiling Americcans & replacing them with out of country Illeagals that don’t believe in our God. They bring in nearly 3 million a yr & cut our Soc Sec to give them free food, medical,transportation & free education. Why can’t they take some of the homeless off the streets & give them the same, I’m sure they would love to get free education,food & warm bed, especially the ones with children. Next they will take away our language, religion, They brought a muslim to American to Amer. & gave him free housing, free schooling to be a head Dr. put him in the Army in Ft Hood, Tx & let him converse with known Terrorist, & he killed about 30 or so American Millitary. but they won’t give Social Sec people that worked all their live & paid taxes a cost of living raise for 2 yrs so they can educate the muslims & give them everything free. When our exsoldiers live on the street.

    • Pam

      Hello, doris, they put a muslim idiot in the white house and now he is bowing to all our enemies and courting their favor. He is making us look like fools in front of the whole world! He needs to be stopped now! He isn’t even an American! Wheere the H does he get the balls to call himself President of the US? He and his whole motley crew should be removed as soon as possible from office. They are slowly destroying our great nation! God Bless America! God Help America!

      • Pam

        Hey Herb! Way to go! Keep taking the Vitamins! and Congress and the government have to keep their big hands off our supplements! I am sure many of them take supplements themselves. But would they jeopardize their own supply by doing away with ours? I don’t think so. They would find a way for themselves to continue getting what they want. So why can’t they realize that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?


    I didn’t vote for Mcbain or OSlama I wrote in Ron Paul! Its kind of funny how he won the Straw Poll but can’t even make it to the big dance because the powers in Washington won’t allow it! (Funny what happens when you bad mouth the Fed!) Hasn’t anyone figured it out yet? This isn’t a Democracy of the people anymore otherwise we would be voting for the people WE like! Ron Paul Won every GOP debate before the last election and left everyone else looking stupid, especially when it came to Economics or Foreign Policy! Funny, that’s where we need the most help! And yet he wasn’t electable? (A strict Constitutionalist and a Staunch Conservative isn’t electable) It’s kind of like Vitamins, its what everyone needs the most so they will not let us have those either! Is anyone else starting to feel like the stepchild that everyone mistreated? I don’t know about everyone else but you might kick me in the shins once but you won’t be standing very long to get in another lick!

    • James

      TP, Well said, I can remember when the FDA raided health-food stores and confiscated any food substance, even honey, where its label said it was good for curing this or that. The medical profession isn’t into prevention, their revenue is based on misery and pain. If the AMA could eliminate all sickness by a vote, how would they vote? Be honest. Healthcare does not require prescriptions or insurance.

  • coal miner


    I never heard such rubbish.Vitamin E and other supplements are harmless.I don’t take vitamins myself,but don’t see the reason why other people can’t take them.Tell these do gooders to cram it.Vitamin E,organic or synthetic,is the most non toxic pill on the market today.I eat only organic food and no preservatives.If you think it keeps you healthy,than do it.

  • dragon5126

    Man this is a horrid double edged sword… You cite the issue of Ephedra, a known killer. WHo should be responsible? Should cyanide be allowed as a trace mineral in dietary suppliments? WHat about the fact that a MAJOR amount of the raw materials bein used in many of our suppliments are coming from China where there is no control over toxicity of trace materials and additives, need I remind you of the melmine that they were adding to their own baby formula that was killing their own children? I am not saying that what BIGdotGOV is doing is right, but this industry IS rife with and FOR abuse… I amd one of the damaged individuals that is of unsound health because of hidden medical experiments (not paranoia, just the simple fact that they couldn’t have been anything else) perpetrated on the youth of AMerica through the 50′s and 60′s. I barely survive today by the heavy use of pharmaceuticals and suppliments thanks to the damage done to my body by childhood innoculations. Do I trust the government? HELL NO! BUT do I trust everyone and their uncle to make safe and reliable dietary suppliments that I NEED? another resounding NO! We are between a rock and a hard place, and I just cant help but feel like I’m the guest star in an ongoing episode of The X Files.
    Our currency proclaims the only person I trust these days and the Athiests even want to take THAT away from us!

    • DaveH

      I am atheist, and I don’t want to take anything away from you. Please put the blame where it belongs, Thieving, Controlling Liberals.

    • coal miner


      Potassium cynide in trace amounts are necessary for the creation of vitamin B compex,in the human body.It is essential for our health.

  • DaveH

    For those Big Government Lovers:

    Remember when Governments across the country were putting flouride in our water, whether we liked it or not?
    And you Ignorant Liberals want Bigger Government? UnBelievable.

  • Big John

    I am a 76 year old senior,living in Canada. My email constantly reminds me that this ‘supplement’ or that ‘E’book’ is available to my good health. My conclusion ?…. These internet healthy supplement pushers are no better than Big Pharma! In the majority of cases, as far as I can determine, they too are only after your money, and are not really concerned with the results achieved by their products.
    Some of their products are priced so highly that the average consumer would be hard pressed to afford them for the time needed to evaluate their effectiveness. $49.95 for one months ‘trial’ or $490.95(?) for a years supply seems a little steep for a supplements that probably costs little to produce. Again I say; It’s all about BIG PROFITS..whether it be Big Pharma or the Health Food Store !

    Stay healthy…live long and prosper !

    • Rick S

      Hi Big John,
      I agree with you on that one. But you should still have the right to choose for yourself whether you want to use the products or not.
      Besides, There are a lot of cheap products out there that really work and I for one want to have that choice.

      In Canada we have a collection of idiots trying to take our rights away just like in the U.S. It don’t matter what country you live in once the government gets involved it takes a good thing and turns it into a pile of crap.

      I’m just praying somebody out there knows how to fight those guys.

      Oil of Oregano saved my arm and most likely my life. Got blood poisoning. In 8 hours it turned my arm red and had a lump in the armpit. Where ever I was scratched it ate a hole in me right to the bone. All that in 8 hours. It would take me four days to get to the doc so I started using the oil and by the time I made it to the doc it was starting to heal. The Doc freaked out when he got the lab report. Must have been a bad bug. lol

      My point is I had the Oregano oil with me because I could. Try getting antibiotics because you might get an infection. They don’t want to hand them out anymore and with good reason.
      Good luck everybody out there.

  • Herbert Cooper

    Years ago {60yrs} I was advised to take vitmins including Vit.E.
    I am now 87 years old, my Doctor tells me I have more energy and strength than most people at 60 yrs.

    As usual congress- Govt. knows little about what they are talking about.

  • Patriot007

    Need more proof that John McCain is a RINO!. We need to take back control of the Government or the government will control everything that hard working Americans now enjoy. This Administration despises American liberties and this Congress is working hard to become Feudal lords requiring tribute from the rest. Out with the bums!

  • Gerald Marquardt

    This is the drug companies in cahoots with these jackasses in congress. They want to make money off vitamins–if they get control watch Laetrile become a cancer treatment.

  • DE. Keen

    I am 73 years old & have wonderful health. I am careful what vitamins I take, but I believe I have this good health because I take supplements for a problem & not drugs. Most of our Government officials want big names for themselves & they do not care if they are good names or bad, just so they can control others & make lots of money. Put God back in the USA & we have a chance. Look at yourselves & what you are doing. Let the American people make decisions for there health – we have that God given right.

  • wayne bower

    Im not only sick of all the things congress does to line some ones pockets. Im just simply sick of congress. Theyre out of work. They should go home and stay there. We would be better off as citizens and a country if we paid these loosers to go home and stay there before we have no nation at all. Right when we think we have heard it all one of these paid criminals does another stupid thing to make life worse here in America. It seem they dont like freedom. So I think rather than ruin life for all who do love freedom these creeps need to go some where they like. LEAVE US ALONE

  • mike

    the link to the nha site did not work

  • Phil

    The goverments been telling us what we can and cannot put in our bodys for a longtime …. Way to long…

  • joyce

    Reason anything good for you natually liberals do not like as you feel good and are healthy ,live long they do not want that

  • http://AlternativeHealthCare Carol Taylor

    Big Pharma at it again..
    It is called “Dumbing down people”. Just to get
    them Hooked on Drugs, more profit for them and their Lobbyist in the Government.
    Was a mess!…………Called it “How to Control the Masses”!
    DUMB DOWN the Population the gain control…….Communisum at its BEST…..

  • Eric

    The only thing making sense in Washington is Dr. Ron Paul. But this makes sense of their ideology of if it’s good then get rid of it. If it’s bad then endorse it. Vitamins for thought! Senator McCain voted for getting rid of vitamins. More of the same aye!

  • bluesuede

    Last year, the FDA banned a naturally occuring vitamin B-6 called pyridoxamine by declaring it to be a drug. If you Google “B-6 banned” you will be able to read more about that than you care to.

    In Europe those vitamin supplements that are allowed are so weak as to be useless. Soon to come to the US in the form of Codex.

    A smaller, sick and dying population is easier to control than a healthy vibrant one. The future looks bleak…

  • Early

    McCain is back at it again, meddling in our lives.You would think the country going broke would be enough to keep him busy, oh he was for the government bail outs too! RINO’s gotta GO! There is a primary in Arizona if people will just wake up.

  • GregS

    Here is the correct link. Copy and paste this into your web browser:

  • Denis Hughes

    I wish I knew the correct way to say how I feel about our government and thier atempt to romove all our freedom. But I know the FEDERALES,
    they can’t spell it either,would come and haul me away. The more I read the madder I get! WAIT! there must be some Brandy here some where?

  • Norm

    Let’s outlaw “killer” flu shots. You gotta watch these guys. I take “E” and like it. I’m a big proponent of supplements. Take selenium with “E”. Government is way too big………….

  • DaveH

    Any help that I can get in removing my state senator, John McCain, from office will be greatly appreciated.

  • Medina, Fl.

    Yes!, you are 100% right. We must get rid of this Hypocrite, who is using his voice to keep pounding his progressive actions. Need to back his opponent to defeat this man who wants to imposed his will on all of us who do not use poisoning drugs the Pharm are pushing as great medicine, but they just kill the people, don’t cure them. Their sufferings continue till are told there is nothing more to help them, but most of the time there is cure which is kept out of the people: Natural Medicine, which I have been using for years.
    By the way call , e-mail congress asking to Vote NO on McCain’s Bill to regulate Natural Medicine Nutrients. Sorry I can remember this bill number.

  • cody

    I agree completely! John McCain needs to retire ASAP! In the past he recommended implementing a .50 per gallon add’l tax on gas and is for amnesty for illegals.

  • Richard Pawley

    In my politically incorrect, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” I write about how a UN sponsored plan almost succeeded in Canada in giving government and the big pharmaceutical companies total control of vitamins with fines as high as $5,000,000. for a mother who might try to give her children an extra edge with vitamin C tablets! More than 80% of our vitamins come from China and I try to avoid them like anything else edible from there, with few exceptions. The difference between NATURAL vitamins in proper amounts (far higher than the UN mandated amounts that they want for the entire planet) and synthetic vitamins is the same as the difference between a real live woman and the blond housewife in the action movie CHERRY 2000! Whenever a government or pharmaceutical paid doctor sets out to prove vitamins are a waste of money they ALWAYS use synthetic vitamins in minimal amounts. Double blind tests with natural vitamins are seldom done and even when they are the results are hard to find. I have used Glucosamine Sulfate for almost two decades but discovered a double blind test that proved around the time Clinton was elected president that chondroitan was basically a filler but it still continues to be advertised and sold. My pill box contains as many as most people my age but not a single drug among them. I take Muscadine grape seed and Antarctic Krill Oil and 4 grams of Vitamin D3 per day in addition to three capsules that compose my all-natural (made mostly from fruits and vegetables) vitamin and mineral complex. I take extra magnesium and two chlorella tablets per day and in the winter time I use Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. I also take six capsules of tart cherry extract in lieu of most headache or pain medicine, and all of this and more is less than what the government wanted to deduct from my social security for Medicare! I’ve heard my 91 year old mom tell my dad (he’s 96) that if they don’t bury you for love they will for the smell! However, remember, you can’t eat all the crap that most Americans eat and not expect to get the diseases that most Americans get. I stopped drinking unfiltered municipal tap water in 1977. I seldom eat pork and only eat grass feed beef and free range eggs and never farm raised fish. I avoid all chemical sugars and MSG and try to avoid HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) which is a filler that affects the liver and is used in almost everything. I only drink milk from farms that pledge not to use artificial bovine hormones and have noticed that many cheesemakers are non-committal about their making of cheese with milk free of rBST and rGBH (illegal in Canada and most of free world but OK for us poor slobs because big industry/FDA says so). I do my best to avoid anything made from soy unless it is fermented and use organic butter (not much) and organic coconut oil. Those elitists who want forced government control of health care are no better than those insurance companies who deny payments for frivolous reasons, and everyone is ignoring the hospitals from California to Florida that are going bankrupt caring for illegal aliens because the Federal government forces them to do so. To force me or anyone to buy health insurance at bloated prices to cover those who drink daily and smoke and otherwise can’t be bothered with their health is unconstitutional, but of course that never stopped congress! We have one last chance to slow down the destruction of life in the USA as we have known it and that is to replace 90% of those in Congress come November. Notice I did not say we have one last chance to stop what is coming but one last chance to slow it down. We do not need the revolution of the Communists or the ‘evolution’ to socialism of the Progressives but we do need a return to the beliefs of our founding fathers and their belief in God as well. Otherwise American’s are going be shocked at what the future holds as they discover our way of life is no more permanent than any other. Wake up, learn, become informed and vote in November. It is our last chance to replace some of those ‘do gooders’ and what used to be called ‘bleeding heart liberals’ who are really Socialist Progressives who want us to be like Cuba and Europe and the former Soviet Union. If we were a company we would already be bankrupt but Congress wants to keep spending until we are all impoverished except for themselves. When you hear (as I have) that “We don’t need God anymore because we have the Democratic Party” remember that there are those in the Republican Party who are just as arrogant. If you are a believer than pray like the lives of your children or grandchildren depended upon it because they may indeed! May God bless you and may He bless the United States; no one else is going to do so!

  • George B

    I see there are a lot of intelligent people out there! Most of them are right on the money! I noticed several truths as I read! 1. It’s ALL about the money & power! 2. They don’t want us healthy(NO money in it!) 3. Keep everyone drugged in the pretense of helping them get well, while in fact it’s just the oposite! It seams like , in the years gone by, we could trust a few people, but now there are damn few! Bt the way, I’m 77 years old, stll playing base ball with the younger crowd, take NO drugs and don’t intend to! I will die first, when the good lord desides he is ready for me! Everyone keep your eyes & ears open it you wish to survive and I take natural supplements along with the lousy processed food we get to buy! George

  • DaveH

    Drug companies and Doctors. I have avoided doctors for 35 years by taking care of myself with good food and the appropriate supplements. Now they are trying to take those choices away from me.

    We need to wake up and realize that neither of the two major Political Parties are looking out for our freedom. Vote these suckers out of office!

    Vote Libertarian:

  • Pat R

    There is a Natural way to get the benefits of Laetrile! It consists of eating Apple seeds and Apricot pits. Just open them up and eat the contents inside of the seeds & pits.

  • DaveH

    Crony Capitalism at its best. We need to greatly lessen our Governments involvement in our economy and get back to Free Markets. Let Capitalism do what it does best – satisfy customers. Without the Government meddling, we can make our own free choices about which companies should succeed or fail by voting with our wallets (or purses).

  • Pam

    Carol, you are right on the money! And the drs. are so in cahoots with the Big Pharma it is disgusting. Every time I accompany someone to their dr.(I don’t see drs. myself) I see the Pharma guys there with their suits and siutcases pushing their products. Of course the drs. go along because of the perks they get. Such as trips, cars, etc. and the drugs prescribed are worse than the disease they are supposed to cure!Another little known fact is that the drs. have stock in the drug companies!BOO!!!

  • Franker Frank

    Not disputing any of the above, just adding a thought others may have missed: this may have one additional purpose, to increase the support of incumbent pols. The producers of supplements who give generously to the campaign funds of the incumbents will get waivers to continue selling us their products. Of course, we’ll have to pay more for them. We MUST insist that politicians pay for their own campaigns with no help from anybody, period, and limit their expenditures to not more than 10% of what their salary will be if elected. This will leave them free to represent us instead of the special interests that finance their election campaigns.

  • DaveH

    I don’t know if their intentions are good or bad. Nevertheless, they need to butt out of our free choices.

  • Annettemarie

    The reason the FDA banned Vit B6 is because a drug company used Vit B6 in a new drug that they have just got pattened. The drug company did not want Vit B6 to be available over the counter to compete with their drug, and the FDA obliged them.

    In September 2008 the FDA granted a drug company a patten for COD LIVER OIL. It is by perscription only, at about $244. per/perscription. Wereby it is still available in health foods stores for about $20, put not for long.

    There is no doubt CODEX will succeed in banning vitamins and dietary supplements. The goal is extermination. Research, and you will find the FDA and the CEO’s of Pharm companies play revolving chairs. The FDA is nothing more than a front for the Pharm industry. I call it Fraud and Death Assoc.

    The drug companies poisen us with deadly chemicals, then give us drugs to “treat” us. It is a matter of enriching themsleves will working towards their goal of massive world extermination. They are a major force of the NWO. Keep in mind it was a Pharm company who made the gas for the gas chambers of the Nazi death camps. The Pharm company was located in right in the most infamous Nazi camp.

    Research how many scientists, doctors, and biologists, have disappeared, or were murdered, or were “suicided” after they found a cure for cancer and other diseases.

    America’s days are numbered. Judgment is going to soon come down on America. The real focus needs to be do we know where we are going when the End comes. Jesus is the way, truth and the life.

  • DaveH

    I just sent him this Email:
    “Ok, John, you have finally made me realize that I must actively campaign against you. Just withholding my vote is no longer enough. You have meddled in my free choices once too often with your Supplement Safety Act. I doubt seriously that you will retain your seat after the next election.”

  • DaveH

    Good for you George.

  • RB

    Looks like the brainwashing at the Hanoi Hilton got to John McCain more than we know….

  • William Mai

    If pharmaceuticals had to pass the test of Section 418 of the bill, about 99% of them would have to be pulled from the market. Maybe most of our food supply might need to be recalled. Leave it to government to fix everything, maybe with less government people would take better care of themselves and we could all be healthier. With all the “good” drugs available are people today so much sicker than 60 years ago?

  • kodster5

    I agree, DaveH. Even John Stossel realized that… he was a liberal that thought Big Brother should be in control of our health, etc., protect us from capitalists. Now, he’s come full 180… that’s why he came on board at Fox News. He’s realized that Big Brother has gotten too big for its own britches, and wants to expose it. That’s why Lou Dobbs abandoned CNN, too.

  • Harold

    Dave, perhaps you mean let unfettered capitalism do what it does best, fleece us all. You want more of what we got from the economic collapse of the past few years?

  • DaveH

    That would just lead to more government. Instead, we need to demand full-disclosure of their funding sources and then act like responsible voters and take action when it is obvious that they are bought and owned.
    And any government official who is caught lying should be voted out in the next election, no ifs, ands, or buts. If we can’t trust them to be honest, we can’t trust them to be our representatives.

  • DaveH

    And keep in mind that it takes a lot of money for a challenger to get out his message. If we limit their campaign expenditures we will assure ourselves of being stuck with the incumbents.

  • DaveH

    Bingo! You hit the nail on the head – Personal Responsibility. When people are under the illusion that government will take care of them, they don’t bother to do the necessary work to take care of themselves.
    That is largely responsible for our current healthcare problems.

  • Barbara F

    This bunch of Marxist is trying to conrol the lives of the people while destroying the economy.

  • kay


  • Medina, Fl.

    My advice is speak up and vote for his Republican opponents Hayworth, who is better than McCain. As far as I know he did a good job when he was in Congress. Just few weeks ago Mcshame was loud mouth Hayworth, whom he is afraid is going to win his seat, so his forced retirement is near. I do hope so, since he insulted the Christian groups when running for President, but never apologized for it, I did let him know about it. Lets put this RINO out of his seat by forced retirement! Thank you.

  • kodster5

    Campaign on behalf of Hayworth. It’s interesting how McCain said that Hayworth was connected to Jack Abramoff in his campaign ads. Wasn’t McCain also accused of collaborating with Abramoff? In fact, McCain was tried, alongside of Abramoff?

  • Paul W.

    I hope you get active now so a “good & strong” conservative candidate will be available during primary time to oppose McCain. I would hate to think of another Dem or Lib in the senate and then they are able to ram health care and whatever else down our throats. I would rather see gridlock in Gov’t that this do whatever they feel like stuff they are now. And NO I do not think Liberatarian is the answer. That is voting Democratic. We need good Conservative candidates on the Republican candidates who stand on the constitution and hold to strong principles. I would like to say Democrats as well but seeing the “Blue Dogs” and how they have swayed … does not give me confidence there is such a thing.

  • dene

    i say amen to this

  • Claire

    Dear God–I hope he doesn’t get re-elected. He needs to retire.

  • Kay Rodriguez

    Just when I thought the way to solve insurance overpays was to allow the inclusion of herbal and vitamin coverage, for ailments (without drugs and/or surgery), here they come.The simplest way to resolve so
    many physical and mental problems, is to take non drug alternatives. I KNOW,CANCER, copd, ASTHMA, INFECTED BLOOD,STAPH INFECTIONS, and on and on and on,. When I discuss
    alternative treatments with friends, the first to die and the last to learn, are the ones who say those choices are not covered by their insurance. AMEN.

  • earl mcmahan

    Wayne, you are absolutely right.
    This government that we now have will not be satisfied until we have been reduced to 3rd world status, communistic, and islamic.
    The blacks used “civil disobediance” to get what thet wanted, and I think all that see our country slipping into the communistic islam abyss had better wake up and act before we have lost the last free country in the world and unfortionatly not much time is left.
    It has been suggested “if you have not read “mein kamph” by adolph hitler” to read it, this is where we are heading.

  • http://gmail i41

    Oiodoit and dingle belle Michele, want to outlaw candy bars and soft drinks at school, to stop obeisity in kids and adults. First get rid of all the bull crap laws on how old you have to be to work. Kids cann’t operate a lawn motor if it has too much horse power or is a riding one. If they do help you had better not work over 4 hrs. total time. The lawn mower regs were rammed through by Ted “can drink and drive ” Kenndy and the unions. Most towns and cities, kids cann’t go mow lawn unless they are bonded. I know the only way to stop this problem is parents and citizens take responsiblity for their kids and stop government when it gets to sticking it fingers in areas they don’t belong. The reason Wal-Mart don’t hire anyone under 18, is because some 17 yr old moron cut himself with a safety knife. Trial lawyers and dems are in bed together, or I should say in Congress. If you read any bills coming out, they are convoluted, why because speaking plain English is to hard for them. Look at the Constitution, and how few of pages are used. Mostly bills are writen for interpetation,so court rooms stay filled and lawyer make work for themselves. It would be a good tax to suggest to dems to tax lawyer a flat 50%, no deductions, probably see more settlement and get red of frivilous law suits. Also put a term limit on judges,the life time garbage is to much, set at 10 years so they are just messing our country up.

  • Harold

    People are under the bigger illusion, through advertising, that corporations are looking out for them with wonderful supplements to improve their health. The reality is supplement manufacturers are looking out for their bottom line and if the supplements help, coincidentally, well that’s a bonus. They particularly influence the elderly and the desparate who have chronic illnesses to try anything at whatever the cost. I’ve certainly seen that with my own family members.

  • http://pld john f

    vote them all out

  • DaveH

    Stossel is my favorite Libertarian on Fox. He is explaining the Libertarian concepts very well.

  • DaveH

    The problem is that the Republicans have long ago abandoned the Constitution and Freedom. They are growing government right alongside the Democrats.
    If you think Libertarians are like Democrats, Paul, then you just do not know what our party is about. We believe in Individual Responsibility, Individual Freedom, Free Markets, and Limited Government. The two major parties don’t even come close to our Principles.

  • DaveH

    Of course they are looking out for themselves Harold. That includes knowing that if they don’t satisfy the customer they lose. I have had several health problems that I have cured with supplements.
    The point is – free choice. If the government backs their favorite supplement producers up with competition-stifling force then I’m with you. But, as long as they can’t force their products on the citizens, they should be left alone.

  • http://gmail i41

    Government will keep controlling more things the public don’t want. Thanks to the USDA and FDA. Congress Staffs dream up some of these regs. When the livestock producers tried to keep Canadian beef out, due to mad cow problems, we got over ridden by Congress and now the American public will get more foreign meat products. Our shrimpers have almost been put out of business. Capitive marketing by packers was the concern in the mid 70′ on when meat and fish was brought in and was kept being talked about. But as now, the American public beleive all the bull about American production of food. The processing of meat guideline that were created by Congress, did not have to abide under the same standrads as American producers had to. As long as the carcusses were broken down out side of borders it could be sold in the USA. Canadian beef is produced with medications that were out lawed over thirty years ago. And as for chichen production another La. purchase was sweeteened for chicken raisers. More government control to benafit forgein producers. If you think we could all go vegan, think again, there isn’t enough tillable land for everyone to eat fruits and nuts as they do in Cal. Unless humans learn to eat grass and like their noses. Progressive libs love to change everything and have total control.

  • DaveH

    Here is J.D. Hayworth’s Issues Page. Note that I’m not endorsing him as I only only vote for the Principled Party (Libertarian), but anybody is better than John McCain:

  • RevSuzanne

    Has is occurred to anyone here that the government has long since been coopted by industrial special interest groups? Do you realize that they are actively trying to kill us by allowing and encouraging the adulteration and weaponization of our foods and medicines? Look at the prions in the meats, the toxic chemicals (mercury, squalene) in the vaccines, and the use of MSG and aspartame in thousands of food products.
    For every idiot out there that buys what the medical doctors are peddling, there’s at least one person like me that will do the research and heal themselves through nutrition… and a government that is going fascist doesn’t like people to live very long.

  • Martha

    Another thing that we get to try to get in Canada now? They may have a lousy health system such that our friends come here for their care, but our elitist governmental interference sure has started to make it a necessity to go there for prescriptions and now maybe supplements too. Since so many Washingtonians seem to have been there long enough to forget that we, the people, really aren’t totally dumb, a total housekeeping sweeping-out seems to be absolutely necessary so that the separate satellite agencies too feel our wishes and don’t think that breaking their borders and boundaries are just suggestions. Seems the whole kit and kabootle forget that they are to represent our wishes, not make up their own, “for our own good,” and that the Constitution is not just a roll of t.p. for their elitist, fat b-tts.

  • Claire


  • Martha

    Just one more thought: When your cardiologist tells you that certain “supplements” are ones you should be taking to aid in your total care, do we just decide that the governmental agency is really better to decide your care or your own doctor. Not that it pertains to Vitamin E in particular, but how long until they take own those your own doctor sees the benefit in.

  • Time

    I second that Dude!

  • Jim Fridas

    vitamin e is a natural in the body, congress is on the take, ok, now lets see how this shakes out, doctors who I have met claim vitamin e is a very important supplement, do the donkeys in congress really think they have a chance of going against the people on this? Just look at health care, of course we need to send these donkeys a message, how long do you expect to serve going against the will of the people you donkey, or is that “jackass”!

  • American Citizen

    The best place to go to for supplements that will help a specific problem is an Amish practitioner.

  • RC

    The title should be:
    Senator McCain Attacks Natural Supplements!.

  • jackie cox

    the predatory lawyers in washington make decisions based upon how the lobbyst want things to happen. The medical lobby, already coexisting in the legal-medical-insurancefraud mafia system this country has degenerated into as opposed to universal nofault insurance illustrates the laws are predatory. If we regulate things like vitamin E and the other supplements it will simply put more cash in the pockets of the MD’s, Its all about usury and Nobility making the decisions for cash in their pockets. Our elected/selected politica is no longer fit for the use intended, we have lost sight of serve and protect the citizens of this great country, whom are ntellectually on par with the Nobility-MD’s, and LLb’s, Its time we reconstructed our government to serve the country by: government by referendum=== resurrecting the import taxation structure, thereby resurrecting our manufacturing infrastructure, (80% of the middle class jobs) eliminating the federal reserve bank, AIPAC/ACORN and the 120 other powerful lobbyst who payoff the lawyers to make their laws, super delegates, electoral college, appointed decision makers, IE: Supreme Court. Its time to treat our gouvernment as an industry, by-allowing a group of networking and industrial engineers to install a new generation of autocad, automating academia, our medical system, better care, magnitudes less expensive. Add universal education, and health care, also nofault insurance—thereby ridding the country of not only its one brand economy, but its prison system for lawyers cash in pocket. In short a government ruled by the constitution, instead of AIPAC etc

  • Keith H

    I agree, It’s very clear to me of what they’re doing, when i hear all these elites talking about population control, and Henry Kissenger saying food could be used as a weapon. When you have these politicians trying to justify taking vitamins off the shelves because they think it’s going to kill us, when not one of them are doctors nor certified nutritionalist, this is the most asinine thing i ever heard in my life, it’s clear our politians are working for those corporations, on top of all of this, they think we’re stupid enough to trust our politicians into thinking there is nothing in the 2700 page healthcare bill that doesn’t work against the interest of the american people, when they won’t even consider a watered down public option.

  • jackie cox

    In 60 short years we have gone from a country that made 96% of its durable goods, to one who imports 96% of the same goods. The companies stolen by NYSE criminal commercial gangs and setup in slave countries. Our citizens have become hirelings in a one brand economy with the newsmedia telling us we are now a goods and services country. They tell us what to buy and sell it to us. We are now a cultivated human garden, being weeded out

    Minium wage jobs triple every 10 years, homelessness is off the charts, the housing crunch is simply because the current retiring generations can no longer afford anything but old mobile homes and apartments. If you don’t work for the: city, county, state, federal gov, energy sector, medical establishment, or a tiny sector of contractors, then your just out of luck. The upper class and their associates the welfare society double their populations every 20 years or less, while what used to be middle class america is vanishing at the rate of less than 2 kids per family. Look down the road, in 20, or 50 years, affirmative action will have impaled us on hireling wages or homelessness, or we will simply be on the way to extinction

  • jackie cox

    the republicans are not currently in power, due to ACORNS election fraud, and they have virtually no say in this law.

  • DaveH

    I really dislike that man. Perhaps more so because he is pretending to be a Republican. Don’t be surprised if he does an Arlen Spector.

  • Claire

    Your are so correct!! And who needs vitamins, fish oil, etc. more than McCain?? He is shooting himself in the foot. Absurdity!!!

  • C. Baumgardner

    Hey Mike: As far as the part about a fool not wanting to give up evil; well truer words were never said. And judging by the definition I can now begin my supreme list of fools;;;; Barack Hussein Obamanation,,, Nancy Pelosi,,, Harry Reid,,,Joe Biden,, etc,, etc,,etc,,, … A ship of fools which definitely has to sink sooner or later… ” It is the right of the people to abolish said government “. But in the meantime I don’t know about you all, but I’m going to start stocking up on my supplements and non-perishable food items, because it’s starting to look as if the NWO is gaining on us..That’s unless; We the people, start getting our heads out of our backsides and nip this thing in the bud.. Starting with the Tea parties and then elections, and then who knows where it could end. I know it seems like a fascist nightmare, but perhaps it’s God’s way of waking us up to the fact that life was never meant to be easy and we’ve surcombed to quiet acceptance and enjoyed the good life for so long that we’ve taken it for granted… Not to mention testing whether we can measure up to our founding fathers and patriots who knew it was a life-long battle to protect us from our enemies who hate democracy and hate what our constitution stands for..
    But I’m proud of our new found patriotism and of the good people who swear they won’t go down easily… God be with all of us and never be afraid to cry: Freedom! P.s. I don’t care if the Federales read this either,, my hubby is probably already on the homeland security risk list; because he’s a Nam vet… I say stick it in your obamarama ears.. Oh… And have a nice day;;; ya’ll…..

  • Happy

    This is madness! We must keep supplements alive. Let’s pray alot.

  • Mike In MI

    Thank you Mrs. C. Baumgardner

    But don’t thank me for that little quote. I didn’t write The Book; I just read it until It makes sense to me enough to put It in motion. Life has really gotten interesting since I read where Jesus Christ said,”The things that I have done and greater things, shall they (believers) do because I go unto the Father.” Over the years I’ve had occaision to call on that little promise. It works when I KNOW the things he did (and what is recorded fits my need). When I get my head screwed down tight on the accomplishments of Jesus Christ and the things in Paul’s Epistles, God and me (and my wife) make a majority.

    When you get serious about God – He gets serious about you.

  • Pam

    Hi C. You are so right! I say Damm the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Let’s sink that ship of fools before it sinks us!

  • DaveH

    The donkeys have been getting away with taking our Freedom for over 100 years.

  • Mike In MI

    They just want the elders dead because they are the ones whose memories retain what freedom and reality were like. Oh, they’re also teaching the kids in school that the youths are smarter, wiser and better than grown ups. So, the youths need not listen to any voice except their teachers or themselves.

  • Claire

    DaveH–I never cared for him either. His campaign done me in.

  • Claire

    DaveH—You really should include the Repubs. They sure as heck didn’t help much either. Both parties gave America a royal screwing.

  • Claire

    Better ad Ex-Lax, he probably needs that too.

  • Claire


  • Linda Curran

    Then I will get mine through Canada, which is more and more showing to be more free then USA….sad…very sad.
    I have personally pulled myself out of 3 stroke attacks [due from high blood pressure] by taking quickly Vitamin E capsules. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT VITAMIN E CAPSULES. I also was able to get my husband off of the DANGEROUS Plavix with him taking VITAMIN E & COQ10.
    I say: CONGRESS, US GOVERNMENT GET OUT OF OUR PERSONAL LIVES AND OUT OF OUR POCKETS….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are just waiting to hand out the PINK SLIPS to those in Congress who keep voting their way instead of remembering that we voted them in to represent us VOTERS! WE WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY!

  • Claire

    Barbara F–I differ with your statement. Our economy has been on a downhill slide for many years. Now we are seeing the results. Both parties are to blame for this chaos we are in. The politicians used their positions to promote greed, corruption, and anything else they could think of to pad their wallets and their egos.

  • Claire

    Happy–I believe in God but a person has to help themselves too.

  • Pam

    Hey Happy, I’m with you! My husband is living proof that supplements work.He’s 78 years young, and a prostate cancer survivor! thnks to all the vitamins and minerals and herbs he is taking. He still works full time every day too! We do indeed have to pray that they don’t take our supplements away. For many it would be a death sentence.

  • Claire

    McCain was involved with something-Contra?? I can’t even remember the name of the organization? Anyway, he got off and I don’t know how he did it, he was guilty as heck. Maybe DaveH will know.

  • DaveH

    I was using Donkeys like Jim did, in a generic sense, Claire. That includes all Congresspeople who are taking away our freedom.

  • Claire

    Dave H–I know, I was just giving you flack.


    John Mccain is a Scum bag! This Gop Lap Dog will do anything he is told without a conscience! He is by far one of the most unAmerican pieces of refuse I’ve ever seen! He has also started a Bill to take canes away from little old ladies, he said if they can’t walk on their own tell’em to sit down! He had No chance of winning AN ELECTION FOR DOG CATCHER let alone the POTUS! And don’t give me this crap about he served his country so did I that doesn’t automatically give him a free pass! “You can tell the tree by it’s fruit”, well I wouldn’t want to be under his when it is shook or I’d be covered in crap! These self righteous trough feeders have got to be cut-off from the Dole they have totally forgotten that their checks come from us! Self-serving pias autocrats need to be voted out fast before its too late! Next they’ll outlaw WATER! Wake Up America! Shut off the Boob Tube and pay attention to what’s falling down around you! GOOD NIGHT what a bunch of brain dead idiots!

  • ann lawler

    John McCain is the leading this fight against vitamins.

  • ann lawler

    Did not believe when Beck said McCain was a progressive. Why does Beck always have to be right??? Was shocked when I learned John McCain was heading this fight on supplements. My God, is this administration ever going to leave us alone?

  • Time

    Ann, NO there are not they feel they are so close to what they want its now a full out fight. So we will either win of loose, if we loose its the end of every thing you have ever held dear.

    You will have zero FREEDOM at anything. John Mac Cane is a 100% total butt head, I have said this before and I will say it again.

    We had NO choice in the 08 elections, we have Marxist Light, John Boy Mac&Cheese, or Marxist Heavy, Barry O boom boom and crew.

    If the American people can come out of the stupor they are in and get the point, its not Republican v Democrat.
    Its Americans who want “FREEDOM” v MARXIST who want you as SLAVES. How bloody simple can it be?

  • TexasMom

    I don’t think stockpiling vitamins is the answer; they don’t keep beyond a year or two.
    Getting rid of John McCain is a better plan. He is a RINO. He needs to get the hell out of my life and yours, friends.
    The last election was sure a great choice, wasn’t it? I had to
    get a couple of belts of Jack Daniels before voting for McCain, only because he was the lesser evil.

  • http://personalliberty Angie


    I think you can forget about going to Canada for supplements. They are already outlawing the purchase of some supplements in Canada. I sent a letter about a month or so ago asking the Canadian president or premier (whatever he is called) to stop outlawing supplements in Canada and let the people decide for themselves what they want to take. I never received a reply or anything back. So they are ahead of us on the ban there. Sorry! Maybe Mexico would be a better route to go if and when they are banned here.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Stefanie Kofalt

    Mr. Pawley, I read your comments, it is fine to have your belief in God, and the freedom to buy your Vitamins & Supplements, but best to inform your Representatives in power you will not stand for their hogwash and taking away of your freedoms, and illegals taking away your jobs, and ruing coming to your country, otherwise your will be a USA run by someone like Hitler and his cronies. Also why did the Media, etc not ask Obama, the Islamic to show proof of his birth certificate before he ran for President, your USA is going down the black hole of poverty, and FEMA camps. Check out: and with Phil Berg. and do you ever listen to rather than biased media CNN.??Wake UP.
    I am Canadian, we fight for our Rights.
    True Canadian

  • DaveH

    Do some studying. Government caused the bubble and collapse. There are many books out explaining the causes of the boom and bust. You can start with Thomas Sowell’s “Housing Boom and Bust”.

    How can you embrace the Force of Government, but Dis the voluntary purchases consumers make from Big Business? It’s Greedy if Big Business strives for profits, but it’s not Greedy for Government Liberals to take those profits with ridiculous taxes?

  • michael

    well we all know that according to the “president” living too long and being too healthy is UNSUSTAINABLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Pam

    I am not surprised by McCain’s actions. many years ago I used to listen to a radio show with Carlton Fredericks. He had a PHD in nutrition. He was so very far ahead of his time in nutrutional treatments for everything. Naturally the FDA persecuted him unmercifully. He fought them courageously to the very end! he must be turning over in his grave! He allied himself with many nutritional doctors who operated hospitals and clinics outside the USA because they worked with treatments that are not allowed in the USA. Today many of these treatments are recognized by alternative medicine and used widely. Sadly, we need more like Dr. Fredericks today. And the goverment needs to keep their paws off my supplements!


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