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December 28, 2011 by  


How our minds are conditioned and controlled: If a person believes a “fact” long enough, he or she cannot ponder or contemplate information or a question that challenges the fact. The mind simply cannot process information that conflicts with previously accepted data. Prior conditioning is difficult to challenge.

The same is true if we believe a lie long enough. We cannot ponder or contemplate information that challenges the lie, even if the lie is lethal, such as “fluoride prevents cavities.”

Psychologists call this quirk of human nature cognitive dissonance. It means the rejection of information not in harmony with previous beliefs. I have written about this before. Even when pointed out to people, they refuse to see it. Note the comments below the linked article.

Confusion is achieved when propaganda injects two opposing thoughts at the same time. The elites use it to great advantage.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Finally, we have a topic in which utopians excel. This one should bring out every current and ex-PLD website moonbat and motormouth (sorry, Joe B) in full force.
    OK, utopians, suck down two pots of strong coffee, lecture the rest of us on what real confusion is, why we need it so much and how you plan to control America via ‘we know best, you miserable, non-utopian infidels.’ Here’s your chance of a lifetime. Can’t wait.

    • FreedomFighter

      Ron Paul 2012

      Just had to.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • DaveH
      • al sowins

        Ron Paul wants to legalize narcotics, is a wimpy, wanky persona, and would drastically reduce our defense capabilities. His morals are those of an alley cat. One day he wants to end the Fed- Great! But the next day he wants to audit it; or modify it; or whatever it. What he really needs is a Wimpy hat and coat and a lifetime supply of those five cent hamburgers he begged from Popeye.

        • Sam

          Sorry Al but right now it is easier for children to buy drugs on the street, like herion, crack, and a host of others, than it is for them to buy a beer. people like you believe that the police serve and protect the public, sorry but they seldom get there in time to stop the crime but are there to gather evidence and maybe apprehend the right perp. Personaly I think drug testing the welfare folks is good because why should they be allowed to burn a fatty on my dime. So think about that the next time you pay taxes (if you do)

          • Old Henry


            I am guessing that Al is one of the 47%ers – livin’ off our labor.

        • Average Joe

          al sowins,
          Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

        • DaveH

          Al says “Ron Paul wants to legalize narcotics”.
          He wants the Federal Government to quit waging their Unconstitutional War on Drugs, Al. You know — The Constitution — The main law of the land, the one Congressmen and Presidents routinely swear to obey but then ignore?
          Drug Criminalization has enriched the Drug Lords, the worst segment of Society, and money is power.
          Drug Criminalization has given the authorities an excuse to terrorize and/or kill thousands of innocent victims, as well as trample our Constitutional Rights.
          Drug Criminalization has driven the market price of drugs to ridiculous heights, thus giving Drug Pushers a great incentive to push their drugs on young children and whoever else they can market to.
          Illegal Drugs kill fewer people each year than do Prescription Drugs.
          Illegal Drugs kill 1/4 the number of people each year than do alcoholic beverages.
          And they’ve been fighting the drug wars for 40 years now. Have they won yet? Hardly.
          Read this, Al, educate yourself:

          • Borsia

            In a recent interview the “Drug Czar” said that he thinks legalizing or decriminalizing drugs would be a terrible blow to the PRISON INDUSTRY!!!
            This is the kind of insanity we have in Washington!
            I hope that enough people will take off their blinders and see that we are loosing America. The 2012 election will be a pivotal point in history where the nation is either saved, Ron Paul, or lost forever, any other candidate.

            Are people capable of throwing off traditional thoughts and beliefs?
            Atheism is the fastest growing belief, non-belief, in the world today. They are throwing off the yolks of ancient beliefs in the light of new ones. So it can be done.

        • DaveH

          Al says “[Ron Paul] is a wimpy, wanky persona, and would drastically reduce our defense capabilities”.
          That’s wimpy, Al? It seems to me that you’re the Wimp — ‘the sky is falling, the muslims are coming, oh save me, please, I will give up all my freedom if only you save me’.
          And Ron Paul is one of only a few Congressmen who have bravely stood against the Constitution-trampling Big Government machine. There is nothing wimpy about the man.

          • Borsia

            In the $662 BILLION “defense” bill there is a provision that allows the Government to arrest any American citizen and throw them into a hole for as long as they please.
            They don’t have to have a reason beyond what they choose to construe as suspicion. No charges need be filed, no trial, no bail, no rights what-so-ever. They don’t have to give you a phone call and they don’t have to tell anyone that they have you.

            You just disappear without a trace. They say “Well, maybe you met a serial killer or you probably just abandoned your family.”

            What’s more it gives them unlimited power to enter your house, no warrant, and search anything they like. All of you private papers, your computers or other devices and if you keep things in a safe they have the power to blow it open. Oh, and you do not have any right to be present or to make any objections.

            If this is the America you want then vote for any Republican or Democrat. The only one who against this bill, of the candidates, was Ron Paul.
            And the Government powers part was written by John McCain.

            I would suggest that they all read the definition of Treason,,, but that might get me arrested.

        • DaveH

          “His morals are those of an alley cat”?
          Really Al? You’re the one who wants Congressmen who will ignore their Oath to uphold the Constitution. You’re the one with the blood lust who wants to militarily force your way on other countries, killing anybody who gets in the way.
          Get real, Al.

        • CJM

          It makes sense to audit the Fed prior to closing it down. It isn’t provided for in the US Constitution and it certainly isn’t needed. As far as legalizing marijuana, that has been an issue for decades; many are for it and just as many are against it, so what’s new there? Kids and adults can get drugs any time, any where, on any date….they can get it for free or at a premium price. Rather than sit back and rely on the government to make some decisions, parents and friends can do a better job IF they were to educate their young and adult relatives that drugs can be (and are) lethal. There is also a great deal of medical help for those so addicted…again, education is a key element. Screaming that Ron Paul “can’t make up his mind” is of no use…neither can the congressional members we now have in office nor can the idiot who wants to be our last elected President and first dictator. I see a lot of complaining, but don’t see much of what one has done to help combat our social or political problems. I do what I can, how about you?

          • Old Henry

            Yes CJM, you are correct. We do need to audit the fed prior to shutting it down. That way we know who to put in jail and who to execute.

        • TML

          “Ron Paul wants to legalize narcotics”

          That’s a good thing. Many of the issues which plague our world will persist unless people come to respect the principles embodied in terms such as individual responsibility, self ownership and freedom. These concepts are what our country was founded upon and the very reason why America prospered. If you shrug your shoulders and brush off the freedom argument, you should be ashamed of yourself. Whether you realize it or not, you are the problem.

          “ is a wimpy, wanky persona,”

          Being the only candidate to remain steadfast in his principles against all odds, shows that he is anything but wimpy or wanky. In fact it takes tremendous courage to stand up there and speak the truth under all scrutiny.

          “ and would drastically reduce our defense capabilities.”

          Bringing our troops HOME would not reduce our defense capability… it would strengthen it. It is weak being spread across the globe seeking monsters to destroy. That isn’t DEFENSE that is OFFENSE.

          “One day he wants to end the Fed- Great! But the next day he wants to audit it; or modify it; or whatever it.”

          He’s been saying the same thing for many years… Audit then End… he doesn’t flip flop, that is for absolute certain.

        • KaosMethod

          Ron Paul wants to legalize narcotics, is a wimpy, wanky persona, and would drastically reduce our defense capabilities.

          Keep me honest, but isn’t Ron Paul’s foreign policy more constitutional and less imperial than any other candidate’s? I thought Paul only seeks to bring our forces home – and only send them out if Congress(we the people) declares war. There is no need for foreign occupying forces. The same effects could be achieved with “letters of marque and reprisal.”

        • Larry Pierson

          With the repeal of the 18th amendment by the 21st amendment we ‘legalized’ alcohol, a drug as addictive as any narcotic. We did not become a nation of drunkards.

          I too was originally apprehensive about legalizing narcotics. After studying the problem I realized that we won’t become a nation of potheads. And we can regulate and tax it and generate a great deal of revenue that we are currently forfeiting.

          • Karolyn

            Good for you, Larry. More people should put some effort into thinking about and researching the subject instead of jumping on the “Reefer Madness” bandwagon!

        • ChristyK

          A recent study came out showing that teen drinking was going down, but teen drug use was increasing. The war on drugs is not reducing drug use, but is creating crime, cost law enforcement lives/money, and making criminals rich. It doesn’t work. If drug use was regulated (by states) instead of being banned, it would cause less harm. FYI, I hate drugs and don’t even use any legal narcotic pain killers even after major injury including no drugs during labor with both of my kids.

          Many people fear that if drugs are legalized, that drug use will increase dramatically. In countries that have totally legalized drugs, drug use has remained the same or slightly decreased. This makes sense when you consider how many people think. If something is banned, they want it more. They try to drink when they are too young. They go and buy a lottery ticket on their 18th birthday because it is now legal, etc.

          In 1917 our country proposed prohibition because alcohol can be misused and cause problems. People previously understood that the federal government did not have the authority to ban alcohol (or drugs), so they proposed the 18th amendment. Prohibition did not stop the problem drinkers from obtaining alcohol, but did cause a massive increase in crime which included innocent people being killed. Eventually they realized that the negative effects of prohibition were worse than the positive effects and repealed prohibition with the 21st amendment. We should learn from history. The war on drugs is expensive, costs lives, makes our southern border less secure, and does not reduce drug use. It makes drug use more dangerous and makes criminals rich.

          Read history. Think logically rather than emotionally. Consider unintentional consequences of actions. Don’t listen to politicians or media.

          • Alex Frazier

            I know I’ll get yelled at for this, and deservedly so, but women are the ones who pushed prohibition behind the scenes. The men bowed down to it in order to gain the women voters once they were granted suffrage (i.e. the right to vote), which was already in the works. So I blame women for prohibition, organized crime, and everything that came with it.

            On a lighter note, marijuana, or more particularly the hemp industry, was illegalized in support of an opposing industry’s monopoly, which hemp was severely cutting into.

            Heroin and similar opiads were illegalized over international trade issues.

            So all of the drugs that are illegal today, or that once were like alcohol, were illegalized for political advantage. The government had no concern whatsoever for the health or morals of the individuals who used such substances when they illegalized them.

            When you put a person in a situation where he or she lives out in the middle of nowhere, it makes no difference whether or not they smoke a joint. It’s the law that makes it wrong, and the law that punishes them for doing as they please, whether it hurts other people or not.

            That’s the problem with them being illegal. They shouldn’t be legalized because everyone should go smoke pot. They need to be legalized so that everyone has their God-given freedom to smoke pot if they so choose. It was never the government’s role to regulate the lives of American citizens. It’s role was to provide justice for wrong doing, tranquility at home during unprovoked domestic disturbances, defense against foreign invaders, and general prosperity and social health for the nation. That is the stated purpose of the constitution in the preamble.

            Years ago, when my children were younger, I didn’t own any guns. At the time, I had made the decision to avoid the danger of becoming a statistic by not having firearms at all, thereby eliminating the possibility of one of my children getting their hands on a gun and killing themselves by accident. At that time, it was my habit to say, “I don’t choose to own any guns, but I absolutely want my right to own them.”

            By the same token, I have no desire to get high. I don’t personally care for the sensation. I don’t like being drunk, either. I have no intention of trying heroin if it becomes legal, because I know what the addiction looks like, and it’s awful. I have no desire to get hooked on cocaine. I had friends years ago who, on crack or cocaine, turned into thieves in order to service their addiction.

            BUT … although I don’t care to do the drugs, I want my God-given right to freedom to do them if I so choose, and I want the moral majority, the bible belt, and the government to get the hell out of my business.

        • Larry

          Dude you are beyond stupid!

        • toadaly

          There are places where narcotics are legal. All else being equal, are they the hell holes you imagine? They were legal in the US for most of the history of the nation. Drug prohibition does not eliminate drugs, nor even significantly slow their usage down. Amazingly, it turns out that passing laws is not the same as changing behavior.

    • Tony

      Dear S C, why are you so angry? It’s like you’re mad at the world for some reason. Certainly things can’t be that bad.

      • DaveH

        Well, let me explain, Tony.
        It’s like this. A man takes your money and imprisons you. Who’s going to have the biggest smile on their face, you or him?

        • Sirian

          Oh that’s good DaveH, that’s good!!! LOL!!!

        • Tony

          No one takes my money and I’m not imprision. I pay taxes and in return I get services from the government, you know roads, safe airplanes, social security, medicare, and even income. Your outlook on life is pretty bad. You know some of the poorest people are the happiest. They say ignorance is bliss, well, let me say if being well educated is having an outlook on life like you have, them I’m glad I’m ignorant. Because I’ll die happy after living a fulfilling life. You on the other hand appear as though you’ll be unhappy for as long as you live.

          • DaveH

            What if I don’t want to invest in those things, Tony? Do I have a choice? Of course not. They take my money and if I resist they imprison me. But, I feel better about it now, Tony, since I know that’s what you want for me.
            Well, at least you admit that Ignorance is Bliss.

          • John Hunter

            There is a good chance that social security and medicare is going
            to end. America faces a very big crisis in 2012. It is a pivotal year.
            The government is becoming more and more controlling. A lot of powerful people are working for one world government (which by the way is prophesied, and will happen and it appears that it is time for it),
            and that means that all people but the elite will go into slavery.
            2012 will not be the end of the world, but, events will probably make
            it an earth shaking year.

          • CJM

            Hey, Tony, I’m poor and sure as hell am not happy about it…that line “the poorest people are the happiest” is the biggest line of bs I have ever heard. Try putting your kids to bed without having a meal all day….get over yourself. By the way, I truly am glad you have never had the experience of being poor.

          • DaveH

            That’s just Tony’s way to try and manipulate us. He can’t do it with logic or experiential facts, so he tries to manipulate us with personal inferences.
            I don’t know what gave Tony the idea that I’m unhappy. Unlike Tony, I like myself because I know that I’ve never taken advantage of somebody else, and I’ve never voted for somebody else to do that for me. I think there’s nothing more important in life than the peace of knowing that I live by the same moral code that I expect others to live by.

          • Karen

            It seems Tony that you are blinded just like a large amount of the American people! Maybe, you need to open your eyes before it is too late and the things that you enjoy will be gone!!!!!!!!!

          • harleybike

            tony said some of the happiest people are the poorest people. there will always be poor people. i am just glad i am not one of them. and i am sure darn happy about it.

          • Robert

            Some of the poorest people are the happiest. That’s true, but I can guarantee you that it is not their lack of money that is the cause of their happiness. Check for yourself and see if I am wrong. Take a handful of money and give it, with no strings attached, to a happy poor person. Then watch their reaction. Do they smile and happily accept it with thanks and gratitude or do they frown, hand it back to you and accuse you of trying to destroy their happiness? I bet you witness the former and not the latter. However if I am wrong then you can be happy in the thought that our government is not willfully sucking the wealth out of the lower and middle class purely because of their own greed, but because they are selflessly trying to transform them into happy people. lol

          • DaveH

            Good one, Robert.

          • bob wire

            Tony, when they are not kicking the dog or washing their apron, they are here acting tough ,mean and nasty.

      • eddie47d

        Wall Street has made us all believe they are our god-send. Invest in them and life will be good! We can’t believe (in our minds of course) they could screw us so badly so we accept it all as a fluke and keep pouring money into their coffers hoping to get rich. Yes indeed they have imprisoned our minds and got very rich off of the deal. We stand back and spin their casino wheel one more time wishing for the big one not caring if we lose our house in the process. We’ve been tricked and deceived but we allow ourselves to step right back into their tangled web and this continued confusion puts us right where they want us.

        • JeffH

          I find it kind of amusing…I’ve never lost a dime to Wall Street and I sure haven’t given them any money either…why I don’t even let them coerce a few bucks from my pocket. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of Wall Street…the government stacks the deck for them. You cut the tail(Wall Street)off of the snake, he’ll slither away to bite another day…you cut the head off(government cronies)and the snakes bites no more. If Wall Street screwed anybody it’s because their crony partner, the government legislators, turned a blind eye to them or the people that invested made a bad gamble. After all, it’s not stealing if you get away with it. And because you — or your cronies — write the laws, you get away with everything. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign contributions, Big Finance has already given $122 million to the candidates for the 2011-12 races. That’s with a year still to go. Learn more. These candidates are bought and paid for. They know who they work for, and it isn’t you.

          “The banking lobbyist is on line two, Senator. He says it’s urgent.”

          Vote Ron Paul 2012!

          • Kate8

            You nailed it, JeffH.

            Government is supposed to exist to keep things in order, and to protect the public trust from takeover by mega-corporate interests and any other enemy to our liberty. But greed is a powerful seducer, and those we sent to represent us long ago sold us out and went to work for the corporations in order to amass untold personal wealth and a place at the corporate lackey table. How they love being part of the “in crowd”, rather than one of the unwashed little people who sent them there in their name.

            Imagine Congressmen and Senators, considering how to cast votes, being told that, if they vote to benefit the elite, they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams and, if they vote their conscience, they will not only be destroyed, but will go down in infamy because of the media’s power of spin and illusion.

            It doesn’t take long for such a conscience to become extinguished.

            There have always been those who would try to use their wealth to gain power and rule their fellow men through corruption of leadership. That is a given. But the shame lies with those who succumb to the seduction and turn on their countrymen, violating their sacred oaths.

            I don’t understand why the Left (and some on the Right) just don’t get that.

            Well, yes I do. It’s just like Bob says. They are brainwashed and are incapable of reasoning.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, of course we both no it’s a lttle more complicated but in a nutshell, Wall Street wouldn’t be as successful without the immoral coercion of government induced crony capitalism. Wall Street would have to earn it the old fashion way…hard work through free market methods…supply and demand.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I recieved an email from “Joe Biden” asking for donations for a chance to sit down with Obama…If I thought I could win it I’d give ‘em a buck just to bend his ear and let him know how real people feel about government and the administration. Give him a little dose of class warfare.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – So great. We have to fork over money for the privilege of telling our fraud-in-chief how we feel about what he’s doing.

            Kind of sums it all up. What, it goes to the highest bidder?

          • bob wire

            Jeff say;”I find it kind of amusing…I’ve never lost a dime to Wall Street and I sure haven’t given them any money either…why I don’t even let them coerce a few bucks from my pocket.”

            I haven’t either Jeff, but I know my father’s holding has took a serious beating.

            But didn’t Wall Street Bankers get a rather large bail out, was it one or two times? If so, I think both you and I have “gave at the office”

        • JeffH

          Only a fool would “allow ourselves to step right back into their tangled web”.

        • eddie47d

          Sure big government can stiffle productivity but that is because so much money is taken in and it doesn’t always come back out. No argument there but let’s take big business Lehman Brothers as an example and whom is tied to Wall Street. That company went belly up and most of the the workers lost their jobs. Their CEO Richard Fuld ended up even wealthier with a $500 million payout. (Technically they are still in business but in bankruptcy). That is private enterprise not the government destroying the economy while certain persons become richer. When greed grows corruption flows whether government or private.

          • JeffH

            eddie says “Sure big government can stiffle productivity”? What does that have in relation to my comment.

            eddie, get it through your thick skull…without the hand of government(crony legislators)Wall Street couldn’t steal a dime from you or me.

            Let me try to simplify this for you…if you have a cracked engine block in your car and it’s leaking oil and water…do you try to patch it and keep putting water and oil in it or do you replace the block? As long as you keep putting water and oil in it you’ll never fix the problem…replace the block and voila…all is good again.

            Until you fix it, it won’t get fixed. Fire the CEO’s and there’s another around the corner to fill his shoes…shutting down the Wall Streeters won’t cure anything…they’ll just operate under another name…fire the crony legislators/POTUS and seek out new ones, vet them and their record, and vote them in office and hold their feet to the fire.

          • JeffH

            As for Lehman Bros. The subprime mortgage crisis was the beginning of the end for Lehman. Despite its ability to survive past disasters, the collapse of the U.S. housing market ultimately brought Lehman Brothers to its knees, as its headlong rush into the subprime mortgage market proved to be disastrous.

            Lehman was also a willing victim of the government created Subprime mortgage meltdown.

            The thousands of mortgage defaults and foreclosures in the “subprime” housing market (i.e., mortgage holders with poor credit ratings) is the direct result of thirty years of government policy that has forced banks to make bad loans to un-creditworthy borrowers. The policy in question is the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which compels banks to make loans to low-income borrowers and in what the supporters of the Act call “communities of color” that they might not otherwise make based on purely economic criteria.

            Consequently, banks in every community in America have been forced to hold a portfolio of bad loans, euphemistically referred to as “subprime” loans. Lenders in every community in America have been forced to hold a portfolio of “subprime” loans. In order to compensate themselves for the added risk of extending these loans, many lenders have increased the lending fees associated with mortgage loans which were met with outcry from organizations like ACORN. If one had browsed the the ACORN web site, one could have read of their boasts of having “predatory lending laws” passed in numerous states which outlaw such fees, prohibiting banks from protecting themselves from the added risk involved in making forced loans to “subprime” borrowers. These are price control laws, and price controls always cause shortages. Normally, banks would respond to such laws by extending fewer riskier loans. But the banks are forced to continue making the marginal loans by their bureaucratic masters at the Fed.

            The only way these borrowers could qualify for their mortgage loans (even ignoring their bad credit ratings) was to take out adjustable rate mortgages, some of which had astonishingly low first-year rates in the 3 percent range, and sometimes lower. This is what has largely fueled the subprime mortgage meltdown — the inability of thousands of subprime borrowers to afford their mortgages now that their rates have adjusted upward. Thus, the combination of the Fed’s enforcement of the CRA (with the help of political pressure groups like ACORN) and its post 9/11 monetary policy in general are the reasons for the bursting real estate bubble and the “subprime” mortgage meltdown.

            I’m in no way defending Lehman Bros. I’m placing the blame squarley on the shoulders of government where it all started.

          • eddie47d

            Mr name caller Jeff; as if you don’t have a “thick skull” and are so moronic about it. When are you going to take that bag off your head and stop blaming the government for everything? I got past that years ago so why are you so stuck. The government has mountains of bull to sort out and some is created by themselves. The government Freddie and Fannie are not innocent but they only encouraged the private mortgage companies to offer easier loans for homeowners. It was the private mortgage business who set up the fancy financing for individuals not Fannie and Freddie. This mortgage company person who worked for JP Morgan,Greg Shaffer was forced by that company to sell toxic Option ARM home loans. They were also called negative ARM’s because the customer had to pay more and more for longer periods of time than were customary. That had nothing to do with Fred and Fannie as he testified. Shaffer refused to go along in selling these Adjustable Rate Mortgages and was fired. He wasn’t even allowed to explain how ARM’s worked to the customer or the long term cost. Most of his customer base went to Washington Mutual by way of JP Morgan. Half of all Washington Mutual loans were these Negative ARM’s. They were pushed by corporate because they earned 5 times as much money as a fixed rate mortgage. Each and everyone a scam by these mortgage companies and banksters who funded these charades. Each and everyone connected to Wall Street.

          • talkinbout

            Re: JeffH, 80% of the people who took out adjustable loans were actually elidgable for fixed loans. The bankers talked them into adjustibles because they were more profitable and because they didn’t care if the loans were not paid back. They could sell them to others – like your pension fund, so they gave out loans like candy. I could find no record of a bank being forced to give a loan to an unqualified applicant. If you can, please forward a link.

            The mortgage crisis was a part of it but it was much more than that.
            I’ve seen about a half dozen “documentaries” on what happened but the best, most complete one is “Inside Job” put out by Sony Pictures. You can Google it. It is non-partisan and shows how big money bought and paid for the opportunity to make their own rules and then cashed in on them. Essentually, it was lack of regulation enforcement. The attitude of the administration, at the time, was let the free market work it’s wonders and that’s exactly what the free market did. I guess they forgot about the greed factor. Allen Greenspan said that he thought “free market” would work and then admitted he was wrong in a Congressional hearing.

          • JeffH

            Mr. hypocrit eddie knows only one way to say baaaa…and that is “baaaa” and he follows it up with a DUH!

          • JeffH

            talkinbout says: Re: JeffH, 80% of the people who took out adjustable loans were actually eligible for fixed loans.

            While I will agree that ARM loans look good to some and no doubt caused huge financial problems for many, it was the idea that unqualified borrowers were now having their credit ratings ignored or falsely upgraded because the Fed and the government pushed for it, pressured many lenders who would not have approved loans to lend to unqualified borrowers. i.e., without the interference of government and the Fed I don’t believe this housing debacle would have been remotely as bad as it is today.

            Why then did they opt for ARM loans? Just because a lender pushes an ARM loan at you doesn’t disqualify a person from making a sound investment decision does it? Fixed rate loans were still a choice correct?

            I’ve always believed if a deal is too good to be true it usually is and one better scrutinize it thoroughly before making any decision.
            Cause and effect.

          • DaveH

            The Austrian economists were warning people ahead of the Housing Collapse that it was a house of cards. Me too. At the time I was wondering why such an obvious bubble wasn’t investigated by Big Government. I know now. It was just another of their schemes to transfer wealth from the citizens to a relative handful of Crony Capitalists.
            We have to get as educated as possible and look out for ourselves, because we sure can’t expect Big Government to look out for us.
            Here’s an example of the prescience of Austrian economists:

          • talkinbout

            Re: JeffH, you say, “the government pushed for it, pressured many lenders who would not have approved loans to lend to unqualified borrowers.”

            I asked if you have any evidence to show otherwise, please show me a link. You didn’t show me a link but you continued to say it. Until someone can show me otherwise, no banks where pressured to make loans to unqualified applicants. That’s one of those “facts”, along with the one about Obama taking money away from working people to give it to people who sit around and do nothing, Bob was talking about in the article. You folks have just been hearing it and hearing it, and agreeing amoung yourselves, so you believe it must be true.

            The banks were dying to make those loans because they were making great money off of them and they carried almost no risk. If you ever bought a house, you know how difficult it is for the average and, especially first time buyers to read and understand all the legal stuff and the all the papers they have to sign and/or initial. Most people rely on the bank to do the deal in good faith and tell them the truth about what they’re signing.

          • eddie47d

            You’re so hypocritical Jeff you forgot what it means anymore.

        • CJM

          Where DO you get your information, eddie47? I have never heard a Wall Streeter beg me to invest in them let alone having them tell me they are a ‘god-send.’ People invested (and still do) in Wall Street because that’s where all that stock trading goes on. You are blaming things on the wrong people…they are workers just as you are, but some make more $$ than you do.

          • eddie47d

            Are you that gullible CJM? Everything you touch has connections to Wall Street. Every home you buy goes through the banks and through Wall Street. Almost every product you buy is within the walls of Wall Street so you buy from Wall Street each and everyday. They have “Workers like you and me”? Want to bet on that one? The FBI was investigating Wall Street and the mortgage fraud before 2004 and had 1000 investigators on the jobs trying to shut them down. They found plenty but G Bush pulled the plug on them and their force was reduced to 100 investigators. That was only a couple of years before the meltdown which could have been avoided. So G Bush was in the thick of the problems and allowed it to grow by leaps and bounds. The same with that phony prostitution case against Eliot Spitzer just 2 years ago when he had Wall Street by the balls and enough evidence to sink a ship. Why are the Elites covering up for Wall Street and stopping those who have exposed them? It can be suicidal to be a whistle blower but what is your excuse for covering for them.

          • DaveH

            Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Do you really think anybody pays attention to your fabricated facts? You have no credibility. I suggest you start posting some references (if you can find any).

          • eddie47d

            I don’t need any phony downloaded facts Dave like you do. Now get over that silly game you play. BORING!!

        • DaveH

          Talk about confusion, Eddie. You see evil all around you on Wall Street, but you somehow can’t muster up the mental power to figure out that far more dangerous creatures live in the body Politic. And those people have assumed the Power of Force to get what they want. You know, Eddie, Force, like that that you and your Union Cohorts use to get your ways.

          • eddie47d

            You said nothing but condescending tripe and it’s smelling really old.

      • al sowins

        Bless your little heart! Things ARE “that bad”; haven’t you heard? North Korea has nukes and we have done nothing about it. Iran, committed to destroy us, is about to get nukes and we have and will do nothing about it. The dollar shrinks in value daily, our national debt spirals out of control, the commie-moslem-psychopath in the White House has intruded the Government into private enterprise, controlling finance, auto manufacture, health care, insurance, etc., ad infinitum. Unborn babies are butchered by the millions, homosexual perversion is encouraged, God is banned from public life. How much worse will it get?

        Oh, of course! Total Government surveillance of all people at all times, the Gulags- FEMA internment camps; detention without constitutional protections- disappearing dissenters- regulations requiring so much reporting of something to somebody that little time is left for slaving at the bottomfeeder job to which Government has assigned one. And you can’t see a problem?

        • Tony

          I get every morning and go to the job of my choice. I work for what I have and try to improve myself in order to earn more. I see my friends and family whenever I want. I can travel anywhere in the world that I want. I own a nice automobile and a nice car. I have my health and am able to get around. I can to whatever church I want or not at all if I want. I can go fishing and hunting and sight seeing. I can have kids if I want or can take precautions not to have any if I don’t want kid. I can own a pet if I want one.
          I don’t worry about North Korea or Iran having nukes because it makes no sense to worry. If they chose to point and firing them at us then I hope my city is one of the first to be hit, but honestly, I’m more like to die in a car accident than from a nuke attack. I really don’t car if the 2 guys that live next door to me have sex with one another or not. They are nice pleasant people anbd always treat others with kindness and respect. However the married couple at the end of my street are very rude and self centered. If a child is going to be unloved and subjected to pain and neglegt all it’s life, then why should you be the one to decide that? Who are you to decide if someone is ready to be a parent or not? How do you know how an unwanted child will be treated? Unless you are the one who is going to take in all the unwanted babies.
          There is so much for us to be thankful for in this nation. You have to realize that you will not always agree with others, but they don’t agree with you either. People are people and and always have been. If you worry about and are truely very angry about all the petty things you mentioned then I feel sorry for you. For wqe have this wonderful life in this wonderful nation. If you think it’s bad here then go live in Russia or Iraq or Iran for a while, then maybe you will truely appreciate what you have here in America.

          • Kate8

            Tony – While it’s wonderful to value and cherish these things, it’s fatal if we think there aren’t forces working to take them away from us. Too many of us have taken these liberties for granted, and (I don’t know how old you are) but we have lost so much already. And we are on the fast track to lose them all.

            The best slaves are the ones who believe themselves to be free. Of course, it’s all a matter of conditioning. Those of past generations would feel wholly oppressed in today’s over-regulated system.

            Our forefathers warned us to be vigilant, Tony, because they knew human nature and saw this coming. Complacence and mindless compliance have no place in a free society. That is why we in such decline in every possible way.

          • DaveH

            Tony says “If you think it’s bad here then go live in Russia or Iraq or Iran for a while, then maybe you will truely appreciate what you have here in America”.
            A non sequitur to be sure, but ignoring that, if you think Russia, Iraq, and Iran are that bad, Tony, why do you want to see our Government going in that same direction?

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        He’s unhappy because he is a poor white trash loser. He thought he was a special case and that he was entitled now he’s bitter because he thinks other people are getting something when he isn’t. It’s pathetic but dont feel sorry for him he deserves a sh– miserable life because he’s a sh– miserable person.

      • Old Henry


        I’ll bet you sit cross-legged in the Living Room and sing Jum Bi Ya all day. Can’t we all just get along???

        • Karolyn

          And what would be wrong with that Old Henry? If more people sought spiritual peace, we would live in a better world; although, actually, more and more are waking up to that fact every day.

  • Angel Wannabe

    “Confusion is achieved when propaganda injects two opposing thoughts at the same time. The elites use it to great advantage.”

    Isn’t this what the TPTB bank on?__Presenting information in a confused matter, with a hard lean on an agenda they want to push?

    Then you have Normalcy Bias thrown in the mix too, a mind overloaded in the midst of crisis, in which the user refuses or can’t see the danger or reality of a situation and reverts to the calm of what they know, normal day to day living.

    With a sick Mother my life was anything but normal., getting disoriented in the middle of a house filled with smoke, as my husband did in our fire in 90…I was screaming for him to get out, he honed in my voice in which led him out… I think, if you’ve lived life on the edge so to speak, it’s easier to think outside of the box, roll with the punches and react to any situation with the right mindset, when they arise!
    and your right sc,

    • Angel Wannabe

      Sorry, hit summit before I was finished…it should be an interesting Point of View when the Liberals show up, and try to explain just how it should be done, glad I won’t be on much today, Grandkids! :)

      • margaret

        point well made Thank you for a pure thought!

  • Karolyn

    Very interesting and understandable. However, if one does balance one’s study, one can come to more balanced beliefs. I have found that over the past year or two my beliefs have changed a lot and part of that is due to this site. However, with that being said, I still do maintain more of a balance than others here might believe of me, having always been a middle-of-the-roader. I tend to see good points on both sides of a story, although there are some core beliefs I certainly will fight for.

    • van

      There is not a thing good on the progressive side.

      • bob wire

        Well that’s a predictable programed opinion and without offering qualifiers or boundaries lines, foolish, the subject of Mr. Livingston’s original post.

        Much like the jaded man that wants to puts down women at every opportunity, but a fool of his own making.

    • DaveH

      Now I know your secret, Karolyn:

      • Karolyn

        HA! HA! So not true, Dave!

    • Kathy

      The only drawback to your “middle of the road” philosophy is you will be run down by both sides. Take a stand for the Country not your own need to be universally accepted.

      • eddie47d

        What you said is true Kathy but taking sides can also be destructive for the nation. Everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. That leads to stagnation and loathing. I don’t like big government or big business for they both manipulate the taxpayer or consumer. I know that makes me a punching bag from the left and the right but Sometimes the middle of the road is the right place to be.

        • Karolyn

          Look at Switzerland! I have always been the Switzerland in between warring friends. There really are two sides to every story! Perception, perception, perception!

          • DaveH

            Then you’re neutral? Are you going to tell me that you don’t vote for Politicians who want to redistribute other peoples’ money?

          • Karolyn

            Dave – That has never entered my mind in deciding on a candidate.

          • talkinbout

            Re: DaveH, I hear the “wants to distribute other people’s money” a lot on the right side but I’ve never been able to narrow down where or how that is happening. Can you help?

          • DaveH

            Obviously not, if you have to ask that question.

          • talkinbout

            Re: DaveH, again a non answer. Why don’t the people who make that statement ever back it up with some evidence?

      • Karolyn

        I don’t care who you are; NOBODY is right about EVERYTHING! If anyone thinks they have all the answers, they are deluded.

        • DaveH

          I was wrong once, Karolyn. I thought I had made a mistake, but I realized later that I hadn’t.

          • Karolyn

            Dave, lol

        • eddie47d

          That means he is full of himself! LOL

  • bob wire

    Behavior predicated on premise of “installed programing”

    “Trash in, Trash out”

    We seem to enjoy a bumper crop of that here as everyone claims that “Their programming is better the the next guys”

    • Karolyn

      It’s all in the perception!

      • al sowins

        No, honey, it is NOT “all in the perception”. True, we may act out as per our perceptions; but all too often we fail to perceive the objective reality.In Logic, the Law of Rationality says that we must harmonize all the evidence to arrive at the truth. That is why we can count, communicate meaningfully, conduct scientific experiments, etc.
        Truth is objective; not subjective. Oprah may believe that she is her own “god”; but believing does not make it so.Uncle Elmo, at the asylum, may be convinced that he is Napoleon Bonaparte(pre-Waterloo); but we know he is not. Mary Baker, Quimby, Glover, Patterson, Moore Eddy believed that matter did not exist; but she is dead, and her matter,(dusted), still exists. Finally, Mohammeds “enslave or kill them all” philosophy is not subjectively wrong; it is objectively wrong. Got it?

        • TML

          Hate to break this to you, but truth IS a perception. Or more precisely, it depends on your frame of reference.

          The opposite of a correct statement, is a false statement, but the opposite of a truth, may well be another truth. FACT is objective, not truth, which deals with philosophy.

          Remember that a fact is always true, but a truth is not always a fact.

          In your examples, “Uncle Elmo, at the asylum, may be convinced that he is Napoleon Bonaparte(pre-Waterloo); but we know he is not.” It would be ‘fact’ that Uncle Elmo is not Napoleon Bonaparte, but it’s ‘true’ that he thinks he is Napoleon. Got it? ;)

          “Finally, Mohammeds “enslave or kill them all” philosophy is not subjectively wrong; it is objectively wrong. Got it?”

          Incorrect… it requires a morally subjective judgment to say that something is morally right or morally wrong. Morality is, in and of itself, subjective… never objective, because it requires emotion to make the judgment.

          • Karolyn

            Thank you TML!

  • Karolyn

    As to the title of this piece, “Confusion,” it sure is. It is understandable why so many don’t even ponder the topics we discuss here. It is so much easier to just shrug and say, “Whatever.” My friend and I were talking yesterday about what a shame it is that the majority of people do not dare go outside the box and are happy in their little cubicles. I have found in my life that thinking outside the box, taking risks and challenging beliefs has made it a more interesting, albeit not necessarily easier, life.

    • bob wire

      Confusion is under appreciated and misunderstood. People will go to great lengths to avoid confusion. People seem to hate confusion.

      Why is this? For we see that people enjoy puzzles and problem solving. Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right prey on this compulsion to solve riddles, to predict a solution.

      When I was young boy working for Safeway, sacking groceries. They worked our butts off back then, two sackers and 8 check out lines to cover, each line 6 to 8 people long. Being union, we was allowed two 15 minutes breaks.

      Walk through the store on my way to a 15 minute break you would be asked several times by customers , “Do you know where “THIS” is?” while you in such a hurry to get off your feet and clock is ticking.

      It was on the third such stop an old man asked me, “Do you where the light bulbs are?” I said, ” No I don’t!” I was all ready having “MIXED FEELING” with my response, I was in a hurry and I was being rude to the old timer.

      Then the old man said something, that confused even more. He said , young man, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone say “THEY DON’T KNOW”. I though about that old man statement for years. What did he really mean? Was he being vindictive?

      Now , I’m an old man and work young men, young men that tell me that they know things and “it’s a big problem when they really don’t know” and now I understand what the old man said.

      Why is it so hard to say that you don’t know?

      We should welcome confusion and not run from it, Confusion is the precursor to knowledge. It takes effort to wade through the confusion and who’s to know?

      • DaveH

        Now I understand.

      • Angel Wannabe

        BW__??? ??? ??? ???

        • bob wire

          Simply put;

          Confusion is the first stage in the learning process that can’t be skipped over or circumvented.

          If you are never confused, you are not learning!

          You are not pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone but only assuming your way through life assuming you “know”.

  • Ellen

    People feel comfortable with things they recognize; it makes them feel smarter. They may not even know why they recognize a name, but they feel smarter for recognizing it. Marketers and politicians exploit this. It is why Obama spews his class warfare and 1% garbage. People hear it and realize they’ve heard it before and feel smarter. Of course, this works best on the ignorant. Thinkers hear such babble and recognize it as garbage. Exploiting the ignorant masses is what Obama does best. This is followed by his blaming of others when the ignorant masses accidentally learn the truth about a topic.

    • dave

      So everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is part of the “ignorant masses”.
      Sounds like majority rule means nothing to you. What a hateful and pigheaded attitude you have. That certainly is against the constitutional rights everyone here seems to believe in. Sickening.

      • DaveH

        We don’t have Majority Rule (mob rule) in this country, Dave, we have a Republic.

      • The Pilot

        The “ignorant Masses” are those who think that there is a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Look at which politicians are members of one or more secret societies which have agendas that are anti-American. Those societies include (but are not limited to) the CFR, the TC, the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, as well as the various “think tanks” which create talking points for those secret societies. You will find that regardless of political affiliation, nearly all are members of one of them or are affiliated with them in some way. The only exception is Ron Paul. Think about it.

        • al sowins

          But that is not Paul’s fault! Even the Globalists of both major parties look down on him for his inane pro-narcotics/pacifist positions, as well as his wimpywanky personae. They can tolerate the intolerables, eg., Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Rove, Cheney, Dubya, Gore; but even they have their limits.

          • Average Joe

            Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

          • DaveH

            Al says “Even the Globalists of both major parties look down on him for his inane pro-narcotics/pacifist positions”.
            Gee, I wonder why, Al? Could it be because both of those positions interfere with the Leaders’ feathering of their own nests?

    • bob wire

      Ellen, if you would look at the numbers complied since 1980, you will see a steep social economic transition taking place in America.

      That Obama’s administration has attempted to address it and the disparity, it was then that the GOP chose to label it as “Class Warfare”.

      So in essence ,you are suggesting there was no class war until which time someone elected to respond to the assault of disproportionate equities.

      So what we had was just a assault taking place until the decision was make to respond to the assault, and only then do we hear claims of a war.

      It is true, it take two to make a fight otherwise we only have a victim of assault.

      Have you taken the time to study these numbers?

  • CP

    I will have to agree with Karolyn, living on the edge or somewhat outside the “normal” range of experience will give you a totally different perspective than living a “safe and normal” life. I have bumped from pillar to post so much in my life that I have learned that he who makes the most noise generally has the poorest product to sell. With that statement I will leave you all to ponder who and what is making the most noise, other than to say it for sure is NOT the president.

    • DaveH

      No, it couldn’t be the man whose face we have to endure almost daily. It couldn’t be the man who has been in campaign mode his entire Presidency.

      • bob wire

        It has clearly been The GOP and all their minions, that has kicked and screamed the loudest in the past three years. They have lashed out like wild beast attempting to stand it ground while bleeding out from a deadly wound.

        And in 1999 GOP Leadership Mich Mc Connell stated point blank, ” It was His job to see that Obama would be a one term President” ~ I would say, GOP campaigning started then and there and it hasn’t let up since.

        Now, how anyone could twist that to see it any other way has a selective memory and not worth the time to waste with discussion.

        • DJ

          So $15 trillion dollars of debt and a sinking, stagnant economy is good for America right? Some of you need to look up the definition of class warfare, it appears. Denouncing the hard workers and job creating business as some kind of “evil capitalists” is a dangerous game children. Sooner or later all that Social justice will water down our society to the point, as the OWS goofs say, everyone gets a paycheck regardless of employment. Then who is going to excel at entrepreneurship and innovation that drives the U.S.A to actually make something to sell other countries? Who is going to work to make the products, while the nanny-state Obama minions sit back and watch or lie on the couch? Nobody! Hint for the Obama wealth redistribution lovers and class warfare deniers: M. Thatcher once said that the only problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to redistribute.(steal)

          • bob wire

            15 trillion is 5 trillion worse then 10 trillion .

            And wealth has always been in the process of redistribution. This one of the many characteristics of wealth .

            And I take it that you want that process to stop?

          • talkinbout

            Where did OWS say that “everyone gets a paycheck regardless of employment”? Was it one person or a statement put out by OWS?

      • Tony

        Yeah, that Mitch McConnel frog Face is something huh?

    • eddie47d

      Yes Ellen we’ve been exploited enough with FEMA death camp swill. There may be camps for emergency situations but no one is dying. Yet that has been pounded into our heads over and over. You fear the left will form a police state and take away our liberties yet just the opposite is happening. It’s the police state that the right is encouraging by pounding OWS protesters and taking away their right of free speech and assembly. All the right can do is bring up the fact that some guy pooped on some police car and so the real issues are oblivious to them. (Wall Street shenanigans and the mortgage meltdown,etc). You know CONFUSE the real problems with “poop” nonsense. Although many here are on board with the Big Pharma issue and condemn their price gouging look how many years they got away with it. It was accepted as their normal way of doing business and many of us sheeple didn’t demand reform. Now we have alternatives to choose from and lower prices. We fought back against these price manipulations from big business. That Confusion is no longer accepted as normal and our minds are free to choose.

      • DaveR

        Each of the examples you cited could not have existed without government actions and programs and agencies that enabled, if not facilitated them.

        • al sowins

          Yes, Dave R! Whatever you choose to run for, you have my vote!

      • eddie47d

        That might well be Dave but you could use that argument on anything that anyone brought up. It’s like when BP had it’s oil spill and a few here said it was the governments fault because they are the ones who issued the permits. In the real world BP failed to cement it wells properly and caused it’s own damage,(personal responsibility). Yet you’d never know that listening to some folks.(invoke confusion) At least the government got BP to step up to the plate and they are making some good strides in correcting the blowout problems and the clean up mess.

  • Tony

    And this site is certainly a good example of conditioning people to believe something. Just like the Democrats leaving the party to vote for Ron Paul. Take one bit of information and make it seem as though the whole nation is for Paul and against Obama and the regulars here believe it. But then this site never claims to be unbias and fair and balanced, so they can say and or write whatever they want. It’s called freedom of speech. Just remember that when someone says something you don’t agree with. Like Obama being born in America. Yes, he really was born here.

    • DaveH

      Don’t worry, Tony, we can lead you to the water, but we can’t make you drink it.

    • eddie47d

      There are plenty here who have stock in Kool Aid Tony and accept fear as fact.

      • DaveH

        Polly want a cracker, Eddie?

      • eddie47d

        There’s one now Tony! Thanks for showing up Dave and proving my point!

        • DaveH

          You mean the one under your hat?

          • JeffH

            :) I’m still laughin’!

    • S. Terry

      Tony, your last statement is debatable as no unrefutable empirical proof has been submitted to public scrutiny. It is also a moot point,as the Constitution restricts the office of POTUS to a ‘native born’ citizen (being the offspring of two citizens)or a resident citizen of the US since before the ratification of the Constitution. It is ‘undeniable fact’ that Mr. Obama’s biological father is/was a citizen of Kenya and subject to the British Crown at the time of his birth. Therefore, he is Constitutionally ‘unqualified’ for the office.
      Just because the gutless Congress refuses to impeach and a Liberal Democrat Senate would not convict,even if impeached,does not make the man qualified to constitutionally hold the office or ‘change’ the known facts of Mr Obama’s birth and ancestry.

      • Angel Wannabe

        S.Terry__Michelle Obama admits her Husbands home country is Kenya as well….he’s doubly “Not a Qualified” POTUS!

      • Thinking about

        Go back and read the Constitution again on requirements to become president. Here is a really good example of confusion Bob Livingston is referring to. This misinformation has been going around for 4 years and some are still coming up with the incorrect information.

        • JeffH

          Thinking about

          Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
          No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

          Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e. in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad.

          The president must only be “natural born,” that is born a citizen. His parents may be born elsewhere.

          • Thinking About

            I also did not see anything about natural born parents. Perhaps one of these days the misinformation will be corrected but don’t depend on youTube to correct this one.

        • libertytrain

          it is more than just reading the Constitution there were clarifications made regarding citizenship….

    • DaveR

      Were you among the attending medical professionals at “what was its name” medical center when Obama was born there? If not, how do you know for sure?

      • Tony

        And I ask can ask the same of you. How do you know for sure?

        • DaveH

          The question is, why didn’t Obama just release his Birth Certificate at the first sign of distrust? After all, we need to provide ours for a simple driving license. Surely to occupy the most powerful position in the world one should quickly comply with proof of eligibility?
          Why do the Liberals so blindly resist such proof? Could it be that as long as he distributes other peoples’ money and advances the Liberal causes that they could care less whether or not he obeys the law? Nah, surely not.

          More on the phony Birth Certificate:

          • Thinking about

            DaveH, you are among the confused. To which president in the past have you ask the same question? Perhaps you did not know a birth certificate was required to have a passport. This has been proven over and over again and “confused” still follows Livingston’s example of misinformation becoming so real to some. Get over it, it is over, game will never be played to turn in your favor.

  • Vazir-Mukhtar

    Mr Livingston, what you point out about ultimately believing a “fact” that is repeated often enough was well known to Joseph Goebells, the Nazi minister of propaganda.

    In addition, he knew that the most persuasive lies contain an element of truth.

    Both of these dicta are well known to most of the members of our Congress, though I suspect that few, if any, have read any of Goebbels’ works.

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      All of the major relegions discovered this principal long before Joseph Goebbels. They still use it very effectively for that matter

  • JimH

    I have found in life most solutions to problems are simple. The people who like to say “it’s complicated” and proceed to complicate it and “confuse you” usually have an ulterior motive.
    Stay away from the politician or bureaucrat with the complicated and, or confusing policies.

    • DaveH

      That’s been my experience also, Jim. Thanks for making that point.

  • Tom

    Here are a couple for you that are provably true when diagrammed and analyzed systemically:

    The rich are able to become richer when governments spend more money. The less wealthy benefit more from cuts in government spending than they benefit when governments increase spending…..But they are still more prone to vote for big government big spending statists.

    The cost of governments is well out front as the number one root cause of economic hardship and poverty in the United States.

    A bonus third:

    The primary political divide is now between those who are dependent upon governments and those upon whom governments must depend.

    • eddie47d

      Love your analogy Tom and so true for crony capitalists and for those who are dependent on government aid. That is another behavior we have accepted as normal and we do get confused when those “benefits” are taken away.

  • Haggard

    The old quote from Winston Churchill will hold true:

    “Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”

    However, more to The Truth: “It has been well said that when a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth he either ceases to be mistaken or he ceases to be honest.”

    I guess it is pretty easy to tell how is honest or not herein and therein as well.

    Happy new year. Keep your powder dry. If you don’t have any, may you should get some ;)

  • Rhondar

    If PSYOPS is being used on us….and I believe it is….that explains why people would support Newt Romney

    RON PAUL 2012

  • uncle jimmy

    Talk about confusion . You would think no one ever heard of a country that was not perfect ,but prosperous long ago. You would think that no one ever heard about this civilization , and how they inflated and debased the currency so that leaders were no longer beholden to a senate or congress could fight wars to make the country safer and more prosperous . You would think no one heard of the roman empire or the byzantine empire, or that no one is paying attention to the United States of America. which is doing the thing .
    You may say it’s a different world now. They didn’t have technology like we do. This is true . But realize that every great or prosperous civilization has gone under because of worthless currency/money and expanding wars . And realize they always sold it to the people as being good for them .
    This is nothing new .

    • DaveH

      Nope. And if people read this Free online book, they will see that it is nothing new for central banks to work hand in hand with Leaders in our own country to feather each other’s nests:

  • uncle jimmy

    Mark twain said ” those who do not read the newspaper are uninformed , those who do read the newspaper are misinformed ” paraphrasing . And he said this in 1800s . Misinformation is nothing new , confusion is a part of history in current events . But if you want to see what is going on around you . Read about the decline of civilizations and what caused it . Currency debasement and war . Repeating history is all we are doing .
    There are obviously some honest journalists; but the mainstream media is generally two confusing sides of a coin .

  • James Sarafin

    Conditioning is when we accept our thoughts about our perceptions as truth, instead of the perceptions themselves, and when we do this we decline to accept that which contradicts our thoughts (beleifs)because if our thoughts are wrong then WE are wrong and we can not handle that.
    The four arenas of civilization (Religion, Politics, Business and Society)require that the people be conditioned for it is the only way to maintain their control over us.
    Freedom from the conditioning can be obtained through serious self inquiry that leads to the insight that we create our own reality.
    This insight is when we ‘see’ our thoughts coming from our mind and ‘see’ our selves react automatically to these thoughts with no consideration whatsoever.
    The ‘seeing’ of the conditioning in action is the release of conditioning.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    There are quite a few confused and delusional people on this site every day, still ranting and raving their support for Ron Paul. What a sad state of affairs. I don’t bother reading the posts here anymore because of the lack of sanity. Good Day.

    • The Pilot

      Yes. And that would include you.

    • GrayStroke

      That didn’t take long! Ha thanks for making my point!! Your a genius…..
      Hey did you follow any of my links? did you read any of the links and ponder, reflect and think back and consider the possibilities? Well welcome to the insane asylum called Amerika the USSA …

    • DaveH

      Didn’t you say that same thing yesterday or the day before, Crony Capitalist? And yet, you come back.

  • The Pilot

    Somehow there is this idea that there are two political parties in America. And each side thinks the other one is wrong. It’s a perfect divide and conquer scenario. But the dopes (on both sides) keep up the fight and never seem to notice that little detail. Bob Livingston is right. Once an idea catches on, it’s very hard to correct it.

    An unbiased observer would find that there is almost no difference between the two political parties. They both vote for more wars and for more government interference in our lives. They both trample on the Constitution and increase government spending. And then they get people to argue that one is “liberal” and one is “conservative”. Are people such morons that they believe the stuff about two political parties?

    If you investigate you will find that nearly all politicians are members of one or more secret societies. And those secret societies have agendas that are anti-American. Such societies include (but are not limited to) the CFR, the TC, the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, as well as the various “think tanks” which create talking points for those secret societies.

    You will find that regardless of political affiliation, nearly all politicians are members of one or more of those secret societies, or are affiliated with them in some way. And they follow the agendas set out for them by those societies. The only exception is Ron Paul. Think about it.

    • GrayStroke

      Right you are! Tragedy & Hope is the best book to read that names all these groups and how their “sincere” (sic) goal is to alleviate world problems with global governance (enslavement that is), thanks for letting know I am not alone in having this figured out. I’ve on vacation for a while and have come to the conclusion I will no longer listen to any of the so called ‘conservative’ talking heads. Whatever I read it is with the understanding they are playing us. Good job summing it up!

  • DJ

    Well done Bob. You have proven your point quite well here. A few facts that can not be disputed are 1 – WE ( our gov’t) are spending so much more than we take in every year that Greece here we come! Basic life’s lessons teach us what happens when we do that at home we end up bankrupt and hungry. 2 – Breeding ignorance in our educational system now has people (47% today) stupid enough to think Obama has dome a good job running the country, even with the anti-American policies he has rammed through in 3 years, that will result in even more debt in the very near future, regardless who is elected in 012. We have college kids whining that they can’t get a job even with their Liberal Arts/Kenyan aids studies degrees today. Many college grads today lack the common sense or work ethic to change a light bulb. I,ve seen this first hand, being called at midnight on an emergency call number to change a light bulb way too many times to think it isn’t widespread.

    3- Many people who want to cry about “Democracy” and how we must protect the voting system also believe that somehow having to show an ID card to vote is some hidden form of oppression. Maybe someone should come right out and say if you are too stupid to go get an ID card, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Every state tells you what to bring in order to vote, and how to register, and that info is available 24/7. Yet preventing Mickey Mouse and dead people ( along with illegals, which is at the heart of this scheme) from illegally voting by requiring an ID card is now being sold as…. voter suppression.

  • uncle jimmy

    A relevant quote by ann coulter , ” Sometimes I have to stop listening to ron paul because I’m afraid he’s going to convince me .”

  • uncle jimmy

    To conservatives that just don’t accept the foreign policy of ron paul.
    He doesn’t just make this stuff up . The CIA created the term blowback to describe actions against citizens are subjected to by terrorists, who attack the citizens in retaliation ,when the citizens are mostly unaware , and are left to wonder what did we do to these people? You did nothing to these people, but our government occupation of their land is what they don’t like . They hijacked planes in the 70s , so we responded with fisa laws , which is basically a watered down patriot act. Did the fisa laws protect us from hijacking that continued to escalate over the years . We ignored the cole bombing . We ignored the 1993 world trade center bombing . We continued to occupy their land and bomb their people in many cases. We kept the regimes they didn’t like in power .
    There was one man standing up in congress saying these are the consequences of our government covet ops the people don’t even know about . Ron paul made speeches warning congress that to continue to ignore this is just putting the american people in harms way . He was trying to protect you and they weren’t listening . Listen to his speech in 1998 or 1999 on the house floor where he warns that we are hurting americans lives and increasingly putting civilians in harms way. He warned it may escalate because of our continued meddling in the middle east .
    There are many good people out there who don’t want to believe this, as I didn’t, but it is the truth .

    I am pro america and if protecting americans means not propping up dictators all over the middle east, we must rethink our foreign policy .

    Its not your fault we were attacked americans . That’s not what paul is saying . Its the fault of shady covert relationships with dictators in the middle east .

    And ron paul will let all these people drill in the US so we can once again become energy independent .

    Drill baby drill out with the epa bribing agency .

    Ron paul 2012

  • GrayStroke

    Ready for 2012?

    And my first post is awaiting moderation? Why did I hit a nerve?

    • JeffH

      …you may have posted multiple url’s…which will induce moderation.

      • DaveH

        When are you going to tire of being surrounded by Liberals and move out here?

        • JeffH

          DaveH, thanks for asking and believe me when I say I think about it almost daily. I do have somewhat of a family oblgation to see thru first(my non-liberal brother)and when the time is right I’ll make my move. He was there for me when times were tough.

          • bob wire

            So we have even stared classifying love ones and family members with our “nasty paint” as well as the “whole world”.

            You two are completely obsessed with this right/left predisposition and the lofty righteousness of your preference.

            You know, there a very narrow line separating the sane and insane. I’m beginning to believe you might have crossed over it.

            Just how much more of the national debit is yours then it is mine? How is it that your contributions more valuable then other peoples?
            I didn’t spend it and did not ask for it to be spent. No one is paying my freight or covering my losses.

            If you wish to live in the 15th century, go somewhere that will allow you to be the completely independent pioneer that you seem to want to be.

            There is still such places like that in the world today, many of them. The mountains of Central Mexico is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not too hot and not too cold, not too wet and not too dry. For $500.00 a month you could live like a king. Yucatan is nice too, me and buddy went to College there after the war for a few semesters.

            Panama, El Salvador, you can get down that and be as mean and nasty as you want, live the good life.

            Or Alaska! You been there? Man, what a place! Liberals won’t bother you there! I’m pretty sure the bears don’t hold to party affiliations and would eat a conservative as quickly as a liberal. You prudence and speed would be the determining factor. It would be something that you wouldn’t attempt to ‘talk your way out of’.

            There no need of staying here if you don’t like what is going on while getting crazier by the day.

            Myself, I’m like Jeff,stuck, with one down and one to go before I will be free once again. Then I’m out of here but I’m in no big rush, as I enjoy every day.

          • JeffH

            bob, go stuff it where the sun don’t shine. As for your advice, if I want it I’ll ask for it but don’t hold your breath in anticipation.

          • DaveH

            Listen to the obtuse muse talking about sanity. Bob, you need help.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, if I wanted to listen to tall tales I’d hunker up with the old farts at the coffee shop every morning…or around the pot bellied stove at the old general store…sheesh!

      • GrayStroke

        AH…got it thanks!

  • http://WindowsLive David

    Now is the time for ALL good Americans to come to the aid of Our Country!

  • Jay

    Look What Happens To People Who Set Traps For Others

    Proverbs 28:10 says – “Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession.”

    Esther 7:10 says – “So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai…”

    Psalm 9:15 says – “The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.”

    Psalm 10:2 says – “The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.”

    Psalm 57:6 says – “They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves.”

    Ecclesiastes 10:8 says – “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.”

    You will notice that each of the above Scriptures deals with someone setting a trap for another, yet in the end falling into his own trap. It is a known principle that anyone who seeks to entrap another ends up being entrapped himself.

    He who casts forth evil from his mouth has it fall within his own bosom. He sets his own house on fire with the same torch that he meant to burn his neighbor’s.

    He who hurls a stone at others has it come down upon his own head. The blow aimed at others recoils on himself. That which one conceives and devises in his mind against another falls upon himself. The violence, injustice, oppression, and wrong shown to others come back on him.

  • GrayStroke

    This is why wallstreet will stay in business and bubbles will rob our wealth:
    Here is a refresher look at a large government fund (“1″ fund)

    The Pie Chart shown is an interactive listing of the different categories of the investments held. What is shown is noted in “thousands” so add three zeros at the end of each number.

    What will amaze you is when you go down the listings of “domestic” and “global” investments listed both in equities; mortgages; bonds; and real-estate ventures.

    Keep in mind this is just “one” government fund (a large one) out of tens of thousands of local and federal investment funds large and small.

    With that in mind, then think of the collective ownership from all local and federal investment accounts. The private sectors ownership in comparison is insignificant at this point.

    Clint Richardson from Utah took the time in one of his recent videos entitled: The Great Pension Fund Hoax (very long), to systematical go through a grouping of one large fund after another just targeting two companies to determine the “collective” ownership by just the showing of those few large funds looked at. One of the two was Apple Inc. From the showing of just a few large government funds the 50% ownership mark was breached rather quickly.

    It really does not take to much cognitive thinking to then think of the collective many “other” government funds to establish almost absolute ownership of the same.

    The population is constantly soundbite distracted never to look at the basics of collective ownership by government and additionally government has many symbiotic relationships with the media and education who are in full cooperation to never mention the same due to the money and control that those collective government investment ownership wield.

    The biggest “fill in the blank” confirmation that is learned when the population looks and then comprehends government collective ownership “globally” is that the United States of America’s political structure and thus United States Government (local and federal) has developed into a well organized corporate communist entity with a rather hostile fascist twist exercised and maintained through the courts and local / federal government statutory creation and control.

    TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

    Separation of fictional TV entertainment combined with masterful selective presentation by the syndicated news media / organized education, or hard cold reality of the “facts”that have always been there but an intentional void was created due to the money and control involved is the choice every one needs to choose between to determine the inevitable outcome of their lives. In end result the choice boils down to “Masterfully entertained” or becoming an educated “Effective activist”.

    The World is ours but only if we make it so. And always remember: “If you are effective it is your own damn fault”

    Sent FYI and truly yours,

    Walter Burien –
    P. O. Box 2112
    Saint Johns, AZ 85936

    Tel. (928) 458-5854

    Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) providing the revenue source to pay every City, County, State’s general purpose annual budgetary needs!

  • Rusty Nail

    A BOOK ” ONE SECOND LATER” by William R. Forstchen – AMAZON HAS IT
    All stuff before this post is meaningless – read the book
    and you will know the future – no crap – believe me


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