Conductor Forgiven For Ejecting Girl, 11


KUMLA, Sweden, Aug. 5 (UPI) — The adult sister of an 11-year-old girl kicked off a train in Sweden because she didn’t have a ticket says she has forgiven the conductor.

“I forgive her for what she’s done and I ask SJ [the train company] to allow her to keep her job,” said Grace Kayenga, whose sister Neema was removed from the train.

The Local, a Swedish newspaper, said the same conductor who sold the Kayengas a ticket later ejected the younger sister when she couldn’t produce a ticket or come up with the money to purchase one.

Grace Kayenga, who is 22, said she was told she only needed to purchase one adult ticket and her sister would travel free because she’s under 15.

When Grace Kayenga went to use a restroom, the conductor asked Neema for her ticket.

“The conductor that threw my sister off had sold us the ticket herself just a little while before,” Grace Kayenga said.

The younger girl was told to leave the train at a station in Kumla, about 12 miles south of Orebro.

Grace Kayenga said she spent a night worrying about her sister but discovered the next day a local woman had cared for her.

“I don’t want to think any more about it,” Grace Kayenga said. “I found my sister. She’s my best friend and it would’ve been a catastrophe if anything had happened to her.”

The conductor was suspended by SJ pending a review of the incident.

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