Company Working On Turning Brown Eyes Blue


LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., Nov. 1 (UPI) — A California company says it is testing a laser-based process that can permanently turn brown eyes blue, something it says a lot of brown-eyed people want.

Stroma Medical of Laguna Beach says the process is not reversible and cannot be used to turn blue eyes brown, but its research indicates far more dark-eyed people want blue eyes than blue-eyed people want dark eyes, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Monday.

Stroma Chief Executive Officer Doug Daniels said the process uses lasers to remove melanin, pigment that is a factor in eye color, in the eye without damaging vision.

The company’s name refers to the place in the iris, or stroma, that contains melanin.

About 80 percent of people have dark eyes, but Stroma said two separate research surveys said 17 percent of them would change their eye color to blue if it was safe and effective.

Stroma Medical has started limited human testing but is seeking funding to complete clinical trials on humans, Daniels said.


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