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Committee vote on Sotomayor prompts criticism

July 29, 2009 by  

Committee vote on Sotomayor prompts criticismThe Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 to recommend the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice yesterday, prompting criticism from some conservative quarters.

On the Republican side only one of seven committee members, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, voted for the nomination.

Sotomayor has spent much time defending herself from allegations that she is an activist judge and that she will bring a racial and gender bias to the highest court.

Her critics have queried her on an opinion she issued in 2008 – which was subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court – that supported the city of New Haven’s decision to annul the results of a firefighter promotion exam because almost no minorities qualified.

According to media reports, only five Republicans are planning to support the nomination when the full Senate gets to vote on the nomination next week.

Among those who expressed outrage over the vote was gun rights expert and a former National Rifle Association editor John M. Snyder who currently serves as public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, treasurer of the Second Amendment Foundation and serves on the Advisory Board of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Among other things, he noted Sotomayor responded "I don’t know" to the question as to whether an individual citizen of the United States has a right to self-defense.

"The right to self-preservation is basic to our nation, to our culture, indeed to civilization itself," says Snyder. "To not know if this right exists is an absolute disqualifier."

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  • s c

    Graham and Alexander willingly turned their backs on America. They used Specter’s defense to show their ‘true’ colors. Sobeit. America, add these two to the master $#*% list. Elected losers, your words and deeds do have consequences! When our congressional hookers go ‘home’ to lie and try to placate, every sold-out loser should be tarred
    and feathered. These two didn’t simply jump ship. They SOLD themselves. Can b o can use two more czars? The South may rise again, but not this way. Is aaron burr’s treachery not yet understood in the South? Does America not have more than enough domestic enemies? Open your eyes, America. Know who your friends are!

    • Foolpatrol

      “Congressional Hookers” don’t go home. They go to the No Tell Motel to swing with “family values ‘Christian’ conservatives” like Vitter, Ensign and the rest of the “moral conservatives.” Would Jesus approve of what conservative, family values, do as I say, not as I do, lawmakers do with their little two inch things?

      • ChuckL

        Footpatrol, Your personal attacks prove that you have nothing factual to say and no valid arguments against those whom you are attacking.

      • American Citizen

        Foolpartol, why do you go on about a couple of Republicans who fell off the family tree when there are so many crooked Democrats up there who can’t wait for you to send them your money? Vote them all out and even vote for a third party if on your ballot. We need to let the two parties know we’re mad and we’re not going to take it any more. Forget the big D or R behind their names and become an Independent.

      • Brian Rawls

        FoolPatrol, you are indeed a hate filled person.

      • Oldmonkey

        Foolpatrol your deviates are far worse. They run home, hiding in their districts afraid those who elected them will tar, feather, and run them out of town on a rail. In California they make secret town hall meetings with their supporters for pausibale deinabality about government helth care, cap and trade, and spending us into oblivion.

    • Paul Torsiello

      Hang them all including Obama

      • Brian Rawls

        In public, might I add.

    • Michele

      In response to S C Right on, the South should rise again, the North is so screwed up with their un-educated, no facts, super liberal stupid talk and if their is a thought process it is truly sub-human.

  • Ned Sexton

    As a 64 year old resident of South Carolina (born and raised in SC), I am totally ashamed to have Senator Lindsey Graham represent my state. He has wavered across the lines between liberalism to conservatism almost as a mirror image of Senator John McCain.
    I sincerely hope we South Carolinians can replace Senator Lindsey Graham with a true conservative in the next election before he does more damage by aiding the liberal agenda in our country.

    • Foolpatrol

      Consider becoming ashamed of “true conservative” Sandford too, will you? Was Sandford representing SC when he was MIA with his South American soul mate while preaching family values and attemptiong to deny relief to the unemployed or repair the disgraceful, delapidated, falling down, ineffective schools? Isn’t Jesus’s standard how we treat the least of them?

      • Oldmonkey

        I guess it’s like Barney Frank ‘s boyfriend running a call-boy escort service out of their house? Unlike Sanford, last time I checked only one was illegal. Or may be it’s like all all Obama’s appointments being tax cheats.

    • Dickie

      Ned, I am a little confused, I totaly agree with you,About lendsey graham,He tell’s us one thing,And does the complete opposite,He has become one of washington’s puppets,I was born & raised in S.C., But I realy hope that you are one of the Idiot’s,That put this anti-christ,Losser in the white house,Thank GOD THEY CAN’T BLAME ALL OF S.C., FOR the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA,I AM PROUD THAT I VOTED FOR MC CAIN & PALIN, AT least HE IS FROM AMERICA, AND FAULT FOR HIS COUNTRY, AND SHE IS A BRILLIANT LEADER WITH MORAL’S,AND DIGNITY.So NED help me pass the word to get lendsey OUT, America has to clear all of these old tyrant’s out,If we don’t we deserve what we get!.

  • Gary Heimerle

    I watched her on tv and she did an excellent dance,, definitely an activist.
    can’t believe our so-called representatives are such a bunch of lyres, thieves and anti-Americans! just about kissed her ring. lets get the tea party going again, BIG TIME!

    • American Citizen

      I totally agree with all of the above comments. Sotamayor’s beliefs haven’t changes, she said what she needed to say to get on the Court. There are far too few senators up there with a backbone to do what’s right for this country. Not to mention quite a few representatives that need to be voted out.

    • Dickie

      Gary, YOU are so right,All she need’s now is to ad this pig gates to her cabnet,When you are a lier,& thief,Who else would you want to put the cherry on the cake, With the other corrupt scoundrel’s on obambanation’s terrorist cabnet,With all his tax cheats.


    We now know it is just fine to sit in front of a congressional committee and simply lie one’s butt off, refute everything in your past that would infringe upon you getting a plum job on the highest court in the land……Sotomayor is another example of political cave in by a RINO called Lindsey Ghram.

    RINO’s are good for nothing.

  • joe rice

    Sen. Graham is definitely an embarrassment almost equal to Specter or Jeffords…However, look what us poor Vermonters have representing us. But what the heck, if they vote the same they are the same. Graham is a liberal socialist at heart and I guess Vermont ain’t no worse off with our 3 stooges. Can it get any worse?

    • s c

      Yes, Joe, things can get worse. They will continue to get worse until Americans realize they’ve been had by domestic enemies. Career politicians and people who keep them in office are the heart of the problem. B O’s turncoat mask is
      coming off, but the cure will be painful. Losers surround themselves with losers. Is there a better way to characterize this perverse joke of an administration?
      Once again, this is NOT about mere politics. This is about those who are willing to sell their country into slavery so they can be seen as ‘leaders.’ They are utter scum, and they deserve whatever fate befalls them – ALL of them. They make an airhead like Madoff look like a pillar of the community.

  • Mike51

    Look people it is ultimately up to you in 2010, if you want the insanity to continue, than continue voting for the same people you have always voted for without reading their voting track record. By doing this you will be no better than they are by not reading the Bills they voted for. If you want to make a real change tho, take a good hard look at their voting track record, sure it takes a little time but in today’s world a little investigative work on your part will pay off. They always say time is money, this is true, by voting in the same people year after year it is your fault these same politicians are wasting your money because you gave them an opportunity to. If you need to change your party, it won’t hurt and it might even help.

    • Ben (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      I Agree with you all the way, 2010 is the target vote to eliminate sell outs of the U.S.A. and our Constitution. However, there is an additional element to this equation and that is to used the RECALL process in every district with congressional jackasses that are up for election in 2012, so all of you that continue to complain and say ” what can we do” you need to start working now and have the recall petitions and required number of signatures to get them out by the time Nov. 2010 elections comes around. It’s hard work but a constitutional right and process given to us. It’s like getting two at the same time. Some of us are working on this in our Congressional district, Rinos and DemoCommies need to go!

  • Guy

    I’m sick and tired of the lack of unity against Sotomayor. I don’t want to hear about excuses or support for ANY jurist with empathy. I want the government to keep its big nose out of my life.

    Jurists with empathy have a history of being poisonous to minorities, freedom, and guns. Dread Scott is the biggest outrage of all! It violated the Constitution denying freedom to a free man, the 10th Ammendment, and the Missouri Compromise that was federal law.

    My wife is a LEGAL immigrant minority naturalized citizen. It is jurists following the Constitution when making decisions, Ida Wells encouraging firearm ownership to prevent lynching, and WWII vetrans defending their war brides honor with their fists that lets us live in peace . It isn’t whether I like a decision, it is about the Constitution

    • James

      Guy, Dred Scott v. Sanford upheld the Constitution. Article III, Section 2 limits the jurisdiction of federal courts to “citizens,” and even two of those cases were removed by the Eleventh Amendment (1795). Mr. Scott wasn’t a ‘citizen’ and the Supreme Court dismissed his suit for lack of jurisdiction. (Supreme Court Justices aren’t empowered to decide what is good and what is evil, they are bound by their constitutional restrictions.) However, disgusting our slavery past, it did not empower the High Court to do the right thing – as the saying goes. It took a Civil War (1861-1865), over 600,000 killed in action, the 13th Amendment (1865) to free the slaves, and the 14th Amendment (1868) to make them citizens.

  • Ned Sexton

    FOOLPATROL–WHAT AN APROPRIATE NAME…You have got to be just another liberal Democrat who hasn’t enough intelligence to stay on one subject. Get a life!

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    I have already contacted my senator and have expressed my disappointment in his decision. When he comes up for reelection, and if I feel he has not voted on the majority of bills that I have contacted him about, I will not be voting for him. In all honesty, I doubt that he would vote for every bill according to my desires. However, if there are several decisions I do not agree with, my vote will not go for him!

  • debrarae

    The fact is Sotomayer is a ACTIVIST JUDGE. She has also (in relation to how she ruled against the white firefighters) a RACIST.

    Time and time again her rulings have been REBUKED by the highest courts in the land.

    Yet here we are, and this wretched woman will be on the supreme court.

    It’s true we’re trading a ‘liberal’ for a ‘liberal’. But it’s also true that she is no ordinary liberal. No matter her ‘racial affialation’ she is a radical liberal, and no friend to the constitution (which she has regularly subverted for her own purposes).

    • DixieConnie

      And where are all of the voices that blasted Palin about being “dumb and not knowing enough to be President”. I don’t believe this woman knows very much. A liberal kiss ass. And the people that vote for her are only kissing BO ass. Its sad but true. We are going to the toliet with this one. Surely there has to be someone more qualified than her? Pitiful !!!!!

  • scott B

    Concerning our Supreme Court, or any Court and their judges I am alarmed at the absense of, or the lack of Words like “The Constitution”, or the real purpose of our Courts and the limits of their positions.
    The framers of the Constitution and later the Ratifiers had the foresight, Wisdom and common sense to see what could happen if this Branch of our system strayed from the original intent of the Constitution, something I believe has, in fact happened. This has brought us to a place of legislating away the Purity and rock solid clarity of the position of each citizen, especially our Court System, whose height is the Supreme Court and if, they are singing “Feelings” while legislating from the Bench, ignoring or worse, passing judgement opposing the Constitution, then we all must hold them accountable to the principles and precepts of their rulings. If a ruling is made contrary to the Constitution, it must be stopped, reversed and the culprits replaced.
    In the case of a nomination of a Supreme Court Judge their record of upholding our Nations supreme rule “The Constitution” must be the yardstick by which they are measured worthy to hold this powerful position . This brings me to the statement regarding our right to keep and bear arms and it’s manifest importance to our Liberty and perhaps the single most powerful guarantee of our ability to perserve and protect our Republic from Tyranny.
    This point was considered vital to the well being of our ability to repel Tyranny from all sources; Both Foreign and in their eyes, of more importance “Domestic” (intrusive/Corrupt) Government.
    Our Founders knew all too well how vulnerable a people are when denied the right to defend themselves; from Slavery, Taxation, or any form of extinguishing individual Freedoms necessary to Self-Govern their Consciences before their God, The Author of our Innealeable Rights.
    Using the Standard for a Supreme Court Judge Ms Sotamayor does not even come close to Qualifying as a candidate!
    We need to forget any Spin, Race, Gender, or anything else, but their record on upholding the Constitution!
    Your Fellow Legal American Citizen.

    • Betty Murphy

      THANK YOU and God Bless you for putting into words, the FIRST THING FIRST!!!Most certainly the Constitution should be the first loyalty of JUDGES,Not just Supreme Court Justices!! When I read about what happened to the signers of the greatest document ever written,and how they struggled so hard to condense it to get it in simple terms so all could understand,never fails to move me to tears.I LOVE MY COUNTRY every day,and thank God every night that I was so blessed to be born in this beautiful,wonderful country!!

  • Coastal Paradise Man

    FOOLPATROL (liberal dems should all use this name and just put numbers behind it) You sure seem to be obsessed with slamming anything to do with Jesus and about 2 inch things. Must be a symptom of a personal problem in both area’s.

  • Brian Rawls

    Well I guess you all know we shall loose all of our rights and freedoms now.

  • Dickie


  • James Corbin

    I would put Sarah Palins intelligence against Bidens or Obama’s! Talk about stupid—-
    Joe Biden, that is why Obama picked him—-so he could pull the wool over his eyes.
    Obama has the gift of gab. Talks alot even if it isn’t true.

  • steven jeffries

    thou a lil off topic the guy writing both crap and trade and health bills was busted for Ethics Complaints and Investigations – Representative Henry Waxman back in 1999 so its great to be the 2nd head snake don’t get me started on Pelosi

  • American Citizen

    Did anyone during the hearings bring up the fact that Sotamayor has been reversed 60% of her decisions? She is not fit to sit on the Supreme Court, Watch how your Senators vote. Let them know you are watching.

  • American Citizen

    Why is it so much hoopla takes place when a “first’ takes place in politics? “First black president”, first Hispanic on the Supreme Court, etc., etc., etc. Who Cares!? What are their policies, what is their track record, etc., that’s what counts. I don’t care if they’re D or R, conservative, moderate or liberal, look at their records and what they say. It’s because people didn’t pay attention to Obama’s records, friends, or words during the campaign is how we got a socialist in the highest office in the land. It blew my mind after the election when people, especially the young, were asked why they voted for Obama. His skin color and promises were the usual answers. I think they need to raise the voting age to 25 at least.

  • http://naver samurai

    As far as Sotamayor being nominated to the Supreme Court, this was not really a smart move here people. I don’t care about her race or gender, but abour her track record. The big thing was her overturning test scores because no minorities made the grade. I saw a lot of this when I was in the military during the Clinton years. She should have considered that the people that made the list probably studied very hard to pass it. I guess she doesn’t want the smart ones to get promoted or have a better life. I also agree that Obama needs to get out of office with a quickness. Has he proven that he was born in America yet? He can’t be president if he wasn’t. My family back in the states (I live in Korea.) tells me about how he is borrowing so much money that my great, great grandchildren will probably be still helping to pay of this massive debt. If Sotamayor and Obama can’t go by the Constitution and the ways of our Conservative Christian Founding Fathers, then to heck with them. Since Obama can’t prove that he was born in America, let’s just start the impeachment process and kick him out. While we are at it, let’s kick out Biden and Hillary too. Let’s just start taking the trash, white or otherwise, out of Washington.

    • Brian Rawls

      Now the 2nd amendment will be under fire. No matter what they say people, if we give of our right to bear arms we will all become slaves. No matter what the elected officials pass——-DO NOT GIVE UP THAT RIGHT!!!!!—–WE CANT GET ALL THE OTHERS BACK WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!!!! I WILL GIVE THEM ALL MY AMMO FIRST BEFORE I GIVE UP MY GUNS!!!!!! POP-POP-POP-POP-BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP

      • James

        Brian R., I would remind all, again, that the right to bear arms is a fundamental, inalienable right that is not dependent on the Second Amendment for its existence. The Second Amendment is simply a part of the Bill of Rights’ restrictions the Founders placed upon their new federal government. The amendment’s “shall not be infringed’ applies to federal laws, not state laws. Just as the First Amendment’s “Congress shall make no law” applies exclusively to ‘Congress’, so does the “shall not be infringed’ of the Second Amendment. There is no such thing as a constitutional or Second Amendment right. If one insists on using “protects” with that amendment, then he should say: The Second Amendment protects my right to bear arms from federal infringement. Beyond that, it has no other purpose.

  • Neo

    People only need to be informed with the many issues already in place and even more pending in Congress to know that Obama, in his own words, is “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” From our massive debt, to the federal government’s unprecedented and continuing power-grab; if we do not educate ourselves and act, we will slowly loose that ability and the freedoms we have always taken for granted under our Constitution. Future generations will look back at this time and say “what the hell were they thinking?”

  • James

    “Judicial Watch unearthed some disturbing information regarding Judge Sotomayor’s connection to a radical leftist group, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF), now known as Latino Justice. Judge Sotomayor served on the PRLDEF’s Board of Directors for 12 years until 1992…In 1990, the PRLDEF attacked then-New York Mayor David Dinkins after the mayor labeled three Puerto Rican “nationalists” who shot five members of Congress in 1954 ‘assassins.’ The radicals were members of a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN (Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion National). The PRLDEF said the mayor’s comments ‘lacked sensitivity.’ Reuben Franco, President of the PRLDEF said: ‘[Mayor Dinkins] doesn’t recognize that too many people in Puerto Rico, these are fighters for freedom and justice…’ In 1988, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund engaged in a battle with the New York City Police Department over its ‘racist’ promotion exam, ultimately presiding over a radical redesign to allow more minotities to achieve a passing grade. According the The New York Times: ‘The new test, a four-part exam prepared with the help of an expert designated by the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund…involved changes in format, including the addition of open-book questions and a video portion.’” (Verdict, The Judicial Watch, Aug. 2009.)

    This Report went on with four more examples of Judge Sotomayor’s involvement with this group, and more comments by The New York Times.

  • T ray

    Sotomayor has proved in her past actions and remarks She don’t have the right to be on the Supreme Court, She set there and Lied to their faces with a Smile on her face. Obama picked her because he knew when Most wanted to vote against her obama would say We were Racist and another thing is that he knows She will vote what ever obama wants her to. he has got the Dem. and some Rep. scared and are afraid to stand up to him and just say She is not right for the job and the American People Don’t want Her in there. If they would get some Back Bone and stand up to obama They would find out that the American people would be there to back them Up even doe they haven’t been there for Us. He has already Destroyed so much of OUR Country and he Pushes this Health Care and Cap and Trade rather We like it or not it will be the End of The Great Country We once Knew and Loved. Obama don’t Care about the American People, he shows it more and more Every Day. He just want Our Money and Power. he has to be STOPPED before its to Late. Stand Up and Save Free America While We still Can.


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