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Commenting On The Obama Impeachment Bill

March 19, 2012 by  

Commenting on The Obama Impeachment Bill,
Bob M says:
March 16, 2012 at 9:18 am
So our government is hopelessly corrupt, the constitution has been torn up and tossed in the trash. We have an illegal alien posing as president, hell bent on destroying the country, and we are afraid to remove him even if we could because we are scared to death of the black community rioting.

Sounds like we are doomed

If all we are willing to do is sit around and whine about it we are doomed. We own the government, the politicians work for us. If we want the Man From Mombasa investigated, we must stand up and demand it.

Whether republican or democrat, a congressional investigation into Obama’s qualification to hold the office of president is vitally important. As long as the question remains as to Obama’s legitimacy, and I personally believe there is no question, nothing his administration has done, none of his appointments none of the actions taken by his appointees has any legitimacy.

As for the riots that will ensue; that’s why we have all those militarized police and swat teams and FEMA camps and so on and so forth.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Rich

    Since the NDAA bill with it’s warts and all was shoved down our throats, making any citizen unsafe in our own country, why not use it? The right wing of the party (there is only one-just with right and left wings) has already declared the “Occupier” to be dead meat, and should be declared a domestic terrorist. Then he and his communist buddies, his cabinet, his co-workers in congress-(all 78) should be militarily escorted to GITMO to rub shoulders with the muzzies down there. They can help build the new soccer field at a fraction of the costs submitted to the Pentagon.

    In their absence, the speaker of the house would become president, and new elections held. It might take some time to cut the government operation in Washington back to it’s normal size, but it could be done effectively. and with little commotion. K-street and it’s minions would be run out of town.

    The FED would be abolished, and the Treasury would be put back in it’s original job of issuing gold-backed certificates. The U.S. should de-link itself from the FED in any and all cases. If the FED wants to be a IMF type bank- let them-they just have to do it on their own without any support from the U.S..or it’s citizenry.

    It’s high time that we start to pump out the bilge water from the “Ship of State” and right our left-leaning ship before it capsizes and goes down.

    • ursulariches (@ursulariches)

      I agree with you from UK, use the enemies weapons against him!

    • castaway

      It is too late! Jump ship now or drown in Facism.

  • Cherokee Lady

    It is my opinion that too many people, including US Congress members, are not truly familiar with certified birth certificates and other documents — also, many attorneys aren’t as intelligent about certain documents as one may think.
    Obama’s first release, the certificate of live birth, should have been totally unacceptable by government compliance, so his name should not have received a place on the ballot without a Certified Original birth certificate from the state of his birth, which is supposed to be Hawaii.
    From the beginning of his run for POTUS, all of Obama’s documents should have been vetted via experts,just as all candidates for POTUS!

    • ursulariches (@ursulariches)

      Absolutely agreeing with you too, funny I usually argue with everyone! Why not have an inquiry into what happens when someone runs for president –and what happened. I hardly think that who has a non American Father, a parent or parents not born in the country AND who has been living abroad for much of his childhood, should be automatically assumed to be American! It is totally reasonable for questions to be asked and not rascist at all! If B.O had a long line of African American parents, he would not need the same vetting by US citizens. It is not about colour (spelled color in US but this way in UK), or ethnic origin, just a plain reasonable need to check it out!

      • Bob M

        It is not a matter of who can or can not be considered an American, it is a matter of constitutional law.
        A candidate for president must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. It is on Obama to prove that he is.

    • TML

      Cherokee Lady says, “It is my opinion that too many people, including US Congress members, are not truly familiar with certified birth certificates and other documents — also, many attorneys aren’t as intelligent about certain documents as one may think.
      Obama’s first release, the certificate of live birth, should have been totally unacceptable by government compliance…”

      Are we to assume that you are familiar with certified birth certificates from Hawaii?

      Why should the first release have been totally unacceptable? By what measure to you consider the birth certificate invalid?

      • castaway

        That has all been covered, and you need to read all the reports from Sheriff Arpaio.

      • Bob M

        In the end the forgeries only matter from a criminal stand point. As far as Obama’s qualifications, it is enough that his father is not a U.S. citizen. As there seems to be no question in regards to Obama’s parentage, and his father’s citizenship status, Obama is not a natural born citizen.

  • Ted Crawford

    Given the time frame, over 3 1/2 years, that many well financed, and resource heavy people have been searching, with no substantive results, it seems that if this proof exists it is well protected with a strong, well financed, multi-layered defence. I do realize, of course, given Andrews fate, that anyone who was close, would very wisely keep it as quiet as possible!
    It seems to me that, while I by no means imply that we should stop searching, the comming election is the best hope to regain our Country the quickest. Should this proof be discovered in some future year, I shudder at the chaos that would surly follow!

    • Mike Ricks

      Mornin Ted liked your reply just FYI I just moved to Cali. from Georgia now I grew up here from 5 to 22 am 51 now so gone 30 years then went back SOUTH I have been here almost a year now and cant believe the IGNORANCE of the People here Cali. is a police state with very large portions of the population in the Prison System. I myself was turned over to the State at 12 by my parents. My point is Obama has been here at least 4 times since Christmas the Media here loves him and is Democratically Biased the people here 2.000.000 million Illegals in Cali. everyone else affraid to open their Doors as Crimals run rampant thepolice have been involved in at least 10 shooting in 4 months so you worry as much as being shot by so called Law Enforcement as Criminals. Obama made a Propaganda Video with the help of Hollywierd talking about how he took out Usama and well 15 more minutes of lies only he could pull off with help from his friends. & Michelle has been here making things for her programs for Fat America lets not stop Monsanto from Poisining us all lets help them get in our whole food supply and with the Obama’s they wont have a problem selling their trash. Obamacare will be here in 2013 Imagine that After the election. But Doctor’s in Cali are preparing they no longer accept Cash Patients as we will all be forced into using obamacare. Take care of your Health issues if you can before the Election Obama will try tomake all Illegals Citizens so they can Vote for him they are the Party of the gimme’s Think about these things and remember he is a Public Speaking Genius but that only works if we allow ourselves to fall for his lies. Sadly about 48% of his voters are welfare recipients and as I think if you don’t contribute you should not have a say. that stat may be a little high but not much. Just Imagine with our Financial Dificulties America Bankrupt. what putting Millions of Illegals in our Society and start or continue supporting them we will never be able to afford Obama for another 1 year let alone 4 more
      hate to learn Spanish and move to Mexico but cant do that only America lets anybody in
      Think about it & sorry for ramblin

    • castaway

      I was just reading, that Obama signed a bill of peacetime Martial Law into effect, as of last Friday. I will be trying to confirm that. I’m sure we will begin to see him use the power it affords him in the coming months, and I suspect that he will suspend the November Voteing.

  • http://Yahoo Meme & nano

    WE do not care for OBAMA ++++++

  • http://Yahoo Meme & nano

    We were taken off of Medicaid because we have money saved for burial fees which is still
    not enough. we are low income & retired. 77 yrs old. No COLA in our pensions.

    WE do not care for (OBAMA). He has not helped us.=====

    • Patty

      If you buy your burial plots now, I do believe that it is a tax deduction and will hedge against inflation.

  • crowvet

    Do you know what the percentage of don’t know much about what is not in main stream news. I am guessing that the figure is fairly high. I believe that is how our illegal person sitting in the White House is accomplishing his destroying of America. I have paid close attention to the coverage of corrupt and unconstitutional movements by this administration and nothing or very little on National Main stream news.
    The corrupt news agencies are directly responsible for the average citizen not to be able to hear of the corruption of this government. The news agencies are as responsble as the government is to the citizens of American to garner the truth. It is despicable that the news media is as corrupt as the Government.
    This corrupt President Just signed into effect the most damaging Constitutional legislation in American History. That is “Agenda 21″ the “Military Authorization Act” the modification of the “Defense Production Act” and “ht 347″ which makes it a felony to be in a restricted zone when government officals are present with secret service personel.
    I can see where the Military Authorization Act is impemented when use with the Ht 347.
    If your arrested for being in an Restricted zone you can lose your rights as a citizen and prosecuted with our repesentation under the Military act starting in 2013.
    Where are our elected officals who are supposed to support the constitution and the freedom loving citizens who support the constitution. What has kept this country free is the citizen who is willing to take up the gun in defense of our constitution. It feels like that this is what this America hating President and the congress wants to happen.

    • castaway

      They are All behind this take over.

  • http://firefox wog1

    Impeachment, I have said it should be done. I was hoping the nonsense would stop but every week with every pen stroke another of our freedoms is be removed. And no one seems to care.

    • Pamela Smith

      Oh, We care! How many times have you written to your congressmen, telling them that you want that bast___out? I’m writing constantly. They work for us, and if they want to keep thier lovely paying jobs, then they had better man up and do the job they were appointed to do, otherwise they will be joining that s.o.b., and his Rats, in thier own welfare lines!

      • castaway

        Pamela you have been fooled. They do not work for us, and we have no say. Anything we tell them falls on deaf ears, as I have been doing same as you. I’m From Wisconsin, and we have too many dems. They do not listen one tiny amount, and always reply with a generic form letter. THey are laughing at us as their power grows in spades.

      • Donald York

        Pamela, I, like many others in our country continually contact our elected represenatives and demand they do the right thing according to the United States constitution and the bill of rights. The one US senator here in ohio, Senator Sherrod Brown always sends a reply, but, with the same remarks.”I will keep your thoughts in mind”. I get so sick of hearing that line that it is hard for me to even contact him anymore! Then there is Senator Rob Portman, he never responds back to me. He just does’nt have time for one of his employers. What really upsets me is the way our congress has been “giving” our president powers that they are susposed to have,ie, purse strings, war powers act, the right to detain without due process, american citizens??? You can plainly see that the imposter is in complete control, and that these elected reps are in his pocket. Lord help us.
        Lets pray that the SCOTUS will derail his socialist Obamacare that is coming up. This man must be neutered now and thrown out of office in November.

      • Donald York

        P.S., If not a member of the T.E.A. party (Totally engaged Americans) now, I suggest yo find a local chapter and join. You will be pleasently surprized to how well organized we are. Don’t beleive what the so called media writes about us, or the blather they spew . Unlike Obamas foot soldiers, the New black panther party, ACORN, OWS, Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk., you wont find that type of radicalism coming from us. Have a nice day.

  • bill j hinson

    why doesnt somebody do something, instead of talk about the impeachment of the president of the united states of america.

    • Pamela Smith

      The man is so full of b.s. that even ordinary country folk, know of all of Obama’s crimes, and his real name is NOT Obama. Nobdy knows who he is, where he’s from, and he’s in the White House without a legal birth certificate.He’s siding with criminals, and is selling guns to the Mexican cartels. Is this who you want for a President? If you do, then your as full of B.S., as he is.

      • Mike Ricks

        Hello Pamela the Problem with America is Americans when we have elections and 20% of the population votes. I was in Tallahassee worked there during the Hanging Chad thing wanna hear about Destroying the Constitution. I can tell you all about that.
        But I agree about Obama he should have never made it to the ballot. imagine that

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Seems to me that the Muslim word for fraud is obama. Where are our “so-called” representatives demanding an investigation into this matter. Remember how quick the investigation into the supposed outing of Valerie Plame was? And that wasn’t even a matter of constitutionality or national security. Poor Scooter Libby got thrown under the bus & had his life ruined. Yet, while the “Kanyan King” is occupying the most important position in the world, not a peep is heard from the chickens in Congress. WHY???? — VOTE FOR AMERICA in November — Stay Well/Stay Safe/Stay Free

  • ursulariches (@ursulariches)

    I really followed what happened in Libya after Easter last year and I started to feel Libyan even. It was they are bombing us night and all day now in Tripoli. The Libyans I began to know on facebook shared what was happening and I dreaded going on each day and as I went to bed I was thinking of the many homes and children and families who would be killed by nato that night. It was massacres by a coalition of bullies in Nato from the skies and destruction of their water supply brought in from aquifers in the dessert. They had no petrol and long queues, the electricity was bombed and no refrigeration in 40 C. I wanted as many planes to be shot down as flew over the country and often wept. The pictures of the little children in pieces or covered in dust babies we killed and the brains and guts spilling out, I looked at them all and loved them and my heart ached. The terrorists of Libya we supported, I would like to be bombed because of the tortured and torture of the people, even young children having their limbs chopped off. When Dad got home a pile of blood on the floor wife and girls and baby lying in it and severed limbs breasts sliced off. The ones we supported are the filth of hell and we support the ones from Libya who with other mercenary terrorists are in Syria killing and killing. Hurrah for Assad and his army fighting the enemy of the people who are less than 40% Syrian. The Christians and almost all support Assad, with big demonstrations to prove it. The reasons for our wars are FALSE because Truth is the first casualty before a war! Our media are liars, Al Jaz reporters have resigned from their jobs for the lies but shameless BBC have not, I wonder if the journalists killed discovered the truth?
    Please do not put me through sleepless nights again, I cannot stand this massacring of tens of thousands and the destruction of all they have to put terrorists into power who will give us oil for blood and bombs
    ! Please in Jesus’ name if you cannot have mercy for the lovely Libyan people, have it for me and what I go through. Vote Ron Paul PLEASE no more evil war crimes! In UK we have no anti war candidate, constitution or rights for the people so use yours! God bless you Amen

    • Carl Manning

      America is occupied by an evil government. The Right and the Left are evil warmongers and will be punished severely by Almighty God for the shedding of innocent blood. As a Christian, an American, and a Ron Paul supporter, it pains me to see so many ignorant Americans supporting these warmongers who derive their justification for evil from the LIE of 911 they continue to bombard us with on their State-controlled Propaganda media out of NYC. Many so-called “Christians” support these evil political parties that kill millions of innocents on the battlefield and in the womb for nothing but lies and profits. The corrupt GOP Establishment here in America hasd engaged in dirty tricks behind the scenes to ostracize and politically disenfranchise Ron Paul delegates and voters. I can only hope Ron Paul goes Independent, but I must say that I am convinced the elections in the US are now rigged. I never thought I’d see the day when we would actually need international observers here for US elections, but that day has most certainly come. Cheerio, Mate!

  • lady kroft


  • crowvet

    If it were not for the Corrupt “Department of Justice and Judges, This poor excuse of a leader would have been tried a year ago.
    If this illegal gets in office again I fear a neighbor against neighbor uprising.
    The freedom loving American Citizens cannot sit by for anouther 4 years of distruction.
    Those who accept security in place of freedom don’t deserve either.

  • http://musfiber,com Gene Quarles

    Impeachment is long overdue.There are no gonads in the Senate or House to persue this cause. It appears to be like the Germans in regard to Hitler.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    According to Prophecy… He will raine for ever… He is to replace the Christ of 2012 Years ago & his false teachings… ( That many believe.)
    Your Vote will mean “0″ ! But: Incurage him to do the right thing, will help to make things a little better, for you.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Remember J.F.K? He was Loved by voters… ” Ask not what …”
      ” M.L.K.? He said he has a dream… ( A Night Mare to MANY!)
      ” Never been an Impeach ment…
      ” George Bush as President… Had “Thousands Killed”, Fighting Terrorest?
      The most corrupt are Victorious!

    • Honestly

      You don’t make any sense at all. Blah Blah Blah!

  • Fred

    I am a small plane owner. Sometimes flying a retractable gear airplane the landing gear fails. If the pilot is not familiar with the emmergency landing gear extension system a gear up-landing and damage to the airplane will occur. All landing gear systems are different. Some planes are hydraulic and some are electric. Some are electric and hydraulic. Some are manual. An uninformed pilot may spend his time pumping a lever thinking he is lowering the landing gear but actually is doing nothing. The landing gear just stays locked up and retracted. Seems we are pumping politicians, contributing money, complaining, marching, belly aching, voting, and the landing gear is still up and locked. Our tactics are all wrong because we do not know the system. The system has changed and new tactics are necessary. Our votes no longer count because we have been disinfranchised. The Texas voter ID law being put down by AG Holder is just one example of how they disenfranchise our votes. A new understanding of how the system really works is necessary.

  • Mel

    Obama cannot be impeached, he can only be arrested and deported because he is a usurper, an illegal alien. And, it is true that nothing he signs or appoints is legal.

    Why the GOP candiates don’t fully realize this truth probably because they don’t know all the facts. This would be a great platform for Newt and would probably secure him as President..

    As an analyst I must have all the facts prior to making a decision. Perhaps the GOP candidates are afraid of a backlash and if any of them have this fear they don’t deserve to sit in the white house as President of Our Great Country!

    So it is puzzling that the GOP canditates don’t assign one of their staff to just simply talk to Joe Arpaio, because Joe has already completed an in-depth research of the fraudulent person sitting in the white house wasting our money joy-riding around the world, including our country, in a multi-million dollar airplane that costs over $100,000 per hour to fly..

    Obama is…. Disgusting!

    • dagodave

      So lets arrest him get him out along with those responsible for putting him there in the first place and we all know who they are! And set things right -no more of this anti-constitutiomal crap-and make this Country as it was —-PROUD !

    • garth

      When things don’t make sense to reasonably intelligent and reasonably informed people, it means information is missing – you don’t know something. Are you asking questions such as why didn’t/doesn’t congress insist on vetting Obama, why aren’t the republican candidates talking about it, why doesn’t someone look at Arpaio’s investigation, why does Bill O’Reilly sweep it under the rug along with all the other so called conservative talk-show personalities? Pick the topic and you’ll ask a long series of why questions. Fast & Furious, Keystone pipe line, voter intimidation, bailouts, quantitative easing, just pick a topic and go. It isn’t because these people are stupid, believe me. They are acting in all cases with full knowledge (and or threat) and if you knew what they knew and agreed with their agenda, you’d do exactly what they are doing. So now, ask yourself with cold scientific method resolve, based on your observations, what as yet unknown data would fit the observations? The answers you start landing on are chilling…

  • dagodave

    I still can’t believe that there is not enough people to un-seat this idiot from kenya-we should be ashamed of our selves for letting this happen and we should also be correcting it at once!

    • Mel

      Back in 2007, when I completed my research of obama I felt that our laws would stop this illegal alien from being elected, but people then were hypnotized by this smooth talker, like Hitler did in the 30′s, and elected him anyway….I was astounded!

      Obama also tried to change Our Constitution so that he would not be affected by Our Law that he MUST be a citizen of the United States, but money paid off his powerful attorneys, so people than just ignored this well known fact of the Constitution..

      Also, many lawsuits were brought against obama to PROVE that he IS a legal U.S. citizen, and these lawsuits have been apparently squashed by Soro’s money..

      It has been many costly and sad days for America since obama has illegally been in the white house.

      What is also astounding is that Michelle is a party to this crime and she is also getting a free pass as well.. She well knows where obama was born and has publicly stated this fact many times..

      I also remember that obama was giving a speech in a college and publicly stated that he was born in Kenya!

      It was a sad day when America put a usurper into the greatest country on our planet, and the lack of knowledge for obama to lead has come to fruitition..

      Obama, as a man, should publicly relate his many lies and fraudulent activities and resign. Then, and only then could he possibly be considered a true man! Until then, he is only a liar and a cheat to us honest AMERICANS!

      • gary

        watch what the kenyain does with the new excutive order check it out at defence resources preparedness excutive order THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION IN NOV.and if there is it will be rigged

  • Dan Holmes

    It’s funny that the Obama loving sheeple love to blame George Bush for everything that was wrong in our country, but now that that big government loving commie is in charge and is tearing up our constitution, nothing is his fault. He just needs more time. Time to finish turning us into Greece. Wait till he comes after our guns. Don’t think it won’t happen. HE MUST BE REMOVED NOW before it is to late! As for rioters ,since when do they need a good excuse. More free stuff for the poor “victims” of our racist society. All rioters should be shot on sight. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • David Driver

    One thing that MUST be done as a part of restoring the country: REPLACE the members of congress (house and senate) that have allowed the deterioration of our country. We need to replace those that voted for obamacare, voted for a supreme court justice with no experience, those that can’t seem to pass a budget, and all of the other legislators that can’t or won’t do the jobs they are required to do!! Voters need to follow up on the records of their legislators (something that SHOULD be in the press) and replace those that are not pro-America! OK, voters…..DO YOUR JOBS!!!

  • lady kroft

    Apparently, Personal Liberty is only indicative of its name if it pleases them. So, when they didn’t post my comment even though there was no violation of their policy, I got the impression that “liberty” was not any concern of theirs. So, “freedom of speech” is not in their repetoire. They can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.
    They can go and commit a physical impossibility as far as I’m concerned.

    • Libertytrain

      Perhaps you had more than one link….

    • Honestly

      I see a comment from you now. Things happen. Maybe you made a mistake.

  • Colonel

    Obama isn’t my president, he is just a puppet used by those with power and money. A Chicago mobster that should have never been allowed to be on the ballet in the first place. Shame on all the people that were supposed to be representing us. They sold us out! Our constitution is the one of the greatest works in the history of man and we allow Obama to treat it like toilet papper. What kind of future do our children have?

  • john antypas

    altho it seems abundantly clear that Obama isn’t eligible to be president, no one appears to have the ability or resources or gumption to do much about it. So all this is merely “talk”, and Obama will probably be re-elected though it will be disgraceful and appalling once again due to the power of incumbancy.

  • Franklin Taft

    Traitors in the White house, Congress and the courts their time will come when they shall answer for their acts against the Constitution and the Republic. Their acts worse then Pearl Harbor and Nazi death camps(fema camps) we as a people must resist with ALL our might the acts of tyranny. Look at the speech Winston to the England in W W II.

    • Carl Manning

      Considering that we have railcars custom-equipped with chains, FEMA camps with guillotines manufactured in Japan and China and equipped with thousands of plastic coffins and there have been observances of Russian troops on American soil and recently even a long train carrying Russian armored vehicles and tanks on American soil in California, I do believe this Marxist government full of avowed Communists will soon hand our government over to the Russian military for martial law. The stage is being set for a Russian military invasion after a nuclear exchange. Why did Obama recently say his intention was to reduce the US nuclear arsenal from around 5,000 to a mere “300″ nuclear missiles, a reduction of over 90% of our nuclear capability??? Why has Congress agreed overwhelmingly to pass every single patently un-Constitutional law that undermines our civil rights and enables Obama to assume dictatorial powers??? The District of Criminals is actively engaged in OVERT ACTS OF TREASON NOW ON A DAILY IF NOT HOURLY BASIS!!! The US military is being sent all over the world to keep the army away from American soil to protect us in the event of invasion. The federal apostate Communist government is all on standby meanwhile waiting for the dollar to crash and burn. When it does, Obama will welcome the Russian generals to the White House in a State dinner celebrating the official Communist takeover of the USSA!!!


    Why is it that Mr. President is able to fly first class in our airplane and cris cross our great land and try to get votes. SOMETHING IS WRONG ABOUT THIS WHOLE MESS IN WASHINGTON. Lord help us to clean house and send them all to Chicago! ITSME75

  • Carl Manning

    We the People have already stood up and demanded it. There have been countless emails and formal letters written to Senators and Congressmen – all to no avail. Orly Taitz, the well-known crusader in countless lawsuits everywhere, has already met with several US Congressmen when she had court proceedings in DC. NOTHING CAME OF IT. The GOP has no intention to pursue any of this just as they have no appetite to impeach Holder or even so much as find him in Contempt of Congress when he repeatedly gave them virtually completely redacted evidence in Fast and Furious and stalled them repeatedly for no valid reason whatsoever. Can’t any of you understand that the GOP is NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE??? In fact, they NEVER WERE YOUR FRIEND! They’re both in this together; the coverup is far and wide because the GOP know if it ever sees the light of day, they are implemented in it, too. The bs about riots is just that; they’re not concerned about riots, they’re concerned about their own criminal implications in HIGH TREASON and reprisals from a well-connected administration with allies complicit in the MSM who will expose the Bribery and crimes the GOP engages in daily. Yes, many feign ignorance, but this is because they really think we are gullible enough to believe they are this ignorant. Trust me when I say these guys emphatically know what the meaning of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is. Most of them are trained lawyers, but even the ones who aren’t lawyers know what this term means. Don’t forget that the Senators including Obama himself already debated whether McCain was qualified for the Presidency back in 2008 and concluded that his mother and father were American citizens when he was born. It was self-evident to the Founding Fathers, and it’s self-evident to them as well. Both the judicial and legislative branches of the federal government know they have a Constitutional crisis on their hands if they touch this, so they choose to look the other way.
    The powers that be in the District of Criminals hate to admit they ever make egregiously horrible mistakes, but on this one, the egg is all over their faces. They screwed up royally when they let this guy through because he was 6.25% black, which means he automatically gets a free pass.

    I honestly believe that if Barack Obama were a serial murderer, rapist, child molester, satanist, wife beater, and even committed incest with his own daughters, the GOP and the MSM would somehow find a way to keep this guy around to avoid a Constitutional crisis in order to save face. The GOP’s trademark answer in response to questions about why they refuse to go after Obama’s ineligibility is always the same answer: “We have more important issues to attend to like fighting his agenda right now, and if you want to address his ineligibility, do so on the ballot in 2012.” This answer as we all know makes absolutely ZERO SENSE whatsoever; it’s even a CONSTITUTIONAL COPOUT! If Obama is the problem and you know beyond the shadow of a doubt he is ineligibile, it’s a no-brainer that you would investigate a Usurper if you cared about the American People and his horribly dangerously evil agenda.

    Now, we also know that members of the MSM have told investigator Zullo of Sheriff Arpaio’s Posse that when they were going to report on the Birther Ineligibility information in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s news conference that many of them were threatened with FTC investigations by the government and many were threatened with being fired and many even “feared for the safety of their families” and outright “quit” on the spot. This Obama Chicago-style government that was formed and is run by the CIA has already killed off many gay men who were about to “OUT” Obama and one man who had information about Passportgate on the night before he was to testify a la Vince Foster of Filegate. John Brennan, a former Deputy CIA Chief and Obama’s CIA handler in the White House, is directly responsible for Passportgate, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he is implemented in the execution-style murder of Lt. Quarles Harris the night before he testified in the parking lot of a Baptist church. I believe that if these thugs have already threatened MSM members, it is certainly conceivable that many Congressmen and Senators may have been threatened or bribed by these same thugs.

    The courts at all levels and jurisdictions have also been bribed and threatened. Most lawyers in this country are Democrats, so the likelihood of finding a Conservative justice is remote and the likelihood of finding any justice not on the take is remote to impossible. GOP Judges like Judge Clay Land of the Middle federal District of Georgia have ruled in favor of Obama and even fined Orly Taitz, the distinguished birther lawyer $20,000 for bringing a “frivolous lawsuit” to his court. BRIBERY IS THE RULE NOT THE EXCEPTION IN GOVERNMENT IN ALL OF ITS BRANCHES.

    The State governments have all become vassals of the federal government. At one time, before the illegal 16th Amendment was passed under dubious and likely illegal conditions, only States collected taxes proportional to their population – NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Now the federal government uses the Income Tax it collects to bribe the States to do its bidding. After the Civil War, virtually all States have lost their appetite for nullification and Secession.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff are all careerist “yes” men for whom the Constitution and their oaths of office means nothing. Witness Major General Karl Horst, formerly stationed in Washington, DC: Karl Horst was the commanding officer who could have reversed the military court martial decision to send LtC Lakin to prison, dishonrably discharge him, and strip him of his rank and retirement, but instead chose to let him go to prison and refused to investigate Obama’s ineligibility to be Commander-in-Chief, a Constitutional obligation of ALL MILITARY OFFICERS. What did Maj General Karl Horst get for this loyalty to Obama: a new assignment and promotion, of course, to Chief of Staff, US Central Command. Absent a Valkyrie-style military operation, it is likely you will get no protection of the Constitution via a bloodless military Coup D’Etat, although in my opinion such an operation is warranted under the current situation.

    The military is supposed to be the last defender of the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, when the government has gone to hell in a handbasket and has been usurped by a criminal cabal of Marxists that have already indicated their intentions to destroy over 90% of our nuclear arsenal of military security, which is one of the most obvious indicators of HIGH TREASON.

    Absent the military, the federal judicial and Congressional branches, the neutered State governments, and the MSM federal Propaganda Ministry, who are all involved in this massive coverup, we find ourselves left with the only means to defend the Constitution: OURSELVES. There is a possibility that we could use the Hidden 4th Branch known as the GRAND JURY. We have 3,141 Counties in the US and 94 federal Districts, all of which can assemble federal or County Grand Juries to investigate crime by corrupt government officials. Some States still have State Grand Juries that can also be used. The Grand Juries have to be empaneled by judges, however, after the evidence is handed over to a DA. We all have access to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s recent report on Obama’s crimes and Dr. Orly Taitz’ extensive evidence covering these crimes and many others. All of us can hand this evidence to our local County Sheriff or County DA or federal District DA with the expressed desire for a GRAND JURY to be convened to investigate these crimes of Obama because electoral fraud, misprision of a felony, obstruction of justice, and High Treason are County offenses, State offenses, and federal offenses. SSN fraud, Passport fraud, identity theft, impersonating a federal official, document forgery, High Treason, Sedition, RICO statute violations, federal campaign violations, obstruction of justice, using HUD assistance money to run for office, and Selective Service Registration fraud are all serious federal crimes. Some States like Texas allow concerned citizens to submit their criminal evidence directly to Grand Juries to avoid corrupt government officials stalling investigations of corrupt officials. Grand Juries have brought down Nixon, Tom DeLay, Susan McDougall, the MSM reporter who refused to reveal her sources that would incriminate officials in the Clinton White House, corrupt judges, corrupt DA’s, Illinois Governor Rod Blagoyevich, corrupt court clerks, corrupt Sheriffs, and many others corrupt officials. They can subpoena ANYBODY on even the suspicion of wrongdoing and hearsay evidence. They can indict but they can’t convict. Conviction is left to a Jury of one’s peers.

    The Grand Jury was inherited from British law dating back to The Magna Carta. Nazi Germany, Mao Tse Tung’s China, and Stalin’s Russia had no Grand Jury. It makes you wonder if the people of those countries could have stopped these madmen had they had this power and used it when they really needed to! Most Americans do not even know about this Hidden 4th Branch; it has been hidden by the corrupt powers that be, who have illegally and un-Constitutionally taken over our public schools according to prescribed Marxist doctrine in the same way they established the 16th Amendment for the progressive income tax according to the dictates of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The Grand Jury is the Peoples’ last political power short of a bloody Revolution, but many Americans and even MANY LAWYERS DO NOT EVEN KNOW ITS REAL POWER.

  • Sarah R.

    Havn’t we been down this road before? Didn’t they riot in the 1960s? Didn’t they, the black community, destroy their big city communities? Sure, it was devestation then but didn’t we pick up the pieces and rebuild the communities? Nothing was worse as 9/11 but we got through it and we are living some semblence of normalcy now. We must take out the Obama Administration one way or another. I’m not so sure we can wait for November.

  • Charles Bill L.

    It is only racist to the racist if your trying to break the law by being able to get to the truth.That being able to vote 5 or 6 times in an election to get your canidate into office.Congress and the senate know obama isnt an American citizen and they want do anything about it because they are scared of the blackman.They dont want race riots breaking out in America if they put him out of office its that simple.

  • http://yahoo jEAN

    The democrats knew he was not eligible to be president. They tried numerous times to change the constitution. Even Hillery Clinton tried to do that. If you look it up you will see they knew he was not eligible. They supposedly met with the supreme court about the birth certificate. It was behind closed doors

  • Eugene Sevene

    I like to be cut off It shows that I am on the right track and someone like what I have to say.

  • Larry

    I am sick and tired of hearing all of the whining that has been going on about this cur in the presidency now. I am black and did not vote for this guy. I took a lot of flack about this fact. I envisioned what would be ushered in by “Oh bummer.” It just turned out to be ten times worse than I expected and hurt me drastically. Black people turned out in record numbers for him merely because he is supposed to be black as well. However, too many ignorant white people voted for him as well. Anyone that was foolish enough to vote for him got what they asked for and deserve. Shut the F#@% up, get off of your a$$, and get him out of the mix come election time. The problem is that any alternative out there is not a good choice either. A lot of white women blindly followed Oprah and contributed to his mess. I do not care for her either. All federal elected officials that are in now need to go and the people should demand a significant change in this dysfunctional governmental system now in place to insure that the citizenry as a whole are represented instead of a few fat cats and government officials only. They are supposed to work for us after-all. I agree that government needs to be cut and the main and first place to start is with them and their outlandish pay and benefits. They need to be subjected to the same as the rest of us for the most part. The majority in our society have become too complacent.

    Semper Fi do or die


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