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Colbert Sticks To Shtick When Defending Migrant Workers

September 29, 2010 by  

Colbert sticks to shtick when defending migrant workersIt's not every day that a comedian testifies in front of Congress to discuss one of America's hot-button topics. That was the case on Sept. 24, when Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert spoke on Capitol Hill about the influx of migrant workers.

Colbert remained in character for much of his testimony, sticking to his ultra-conservative — yet sarcastic — persona. Speaking to the House Judiciary subcommittee, he mocked the reaction many Americans have had to immigrant laborers.

"America's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables," Colbert said. "Now, the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. And if you look at the recent obesity statistics, many Americans have already started."

During recent episodes of The Colbert Report, video footage showed the comedian struggling to perform some basic farming duties and, at times, laying down on the job. During his testimony on Capitol Hill, he praised the people who currently do the job and added: "please don't make me do this again. It is really, really hard."

Republican members on the subcommittee expressed their displeasure with Colbert's appearance, unhappy with his portrayal of U.S. workers. Even some Democrats expressed a similar sentiment.

"I think his testimony was not appropriate," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told FOX News.

CNN reported that Colbert appeared alongside Arturo Rodriguez, president of United Farm Workers, who is pushing for a bill that would give undocumented farm workers the right to earn legal citizenship in the United States.

According to, a recent study by the Migration Policy Institute reveals that the fastest growth in immigrant employment since 2000 covers jobs that require specific skills. An increasing number of immigrant families are making $30,000 or more, the news provider reported. 

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  • Michael J.

    Baloney,the fact is that many illegal alien types have moved into construction trades where they make $20.00 per hour or more. And more still are becoming contractors themselves. All of this while remaining undocumented and receiving free healthcare, housing and education for themselves and their anchor babies which seem to appear out of nowhere at a rate that would make rabbits jealous. It’s not uncommon in the town in which I live to witness a pregnant Guatemalen mother with an infant in a baby stroller, another being carried on her hip and yet two more small children walking along beside her.

    All of this is happening right under our noses and at our expense just so democrats will receive their votes.

    • http://yahoo Cherokee

      Wake up America, fight for your country. We have become an easy target for every country in the world. We are a joke, easy to be taken over. Vote for the politician that makes a stand against illegal immigration.

    • slickporsche

      Soon we will need to start shooting them on site, and or loading them in cattle trucks to take them to the Mexican boarder.
      We then line the boarders with concrete walls,and back about 300′from the wall, we install automated gattling guns on 80′towers, about every 300′ If they get past the Gattling guns, then the Predaters will smoke em. I can hear them now BZZZZZZZT BZZZZZZZT. Only trouble is you would need to reload every hour, on the hour. Then we keep a couple hundred illegals in concentration camps for the purpose of picking up the dead wetbacks and loading them into C-130′s to be airdropped on the other side of the boarder.

      • Soldier

        sorry buddy but the ends don’t justify the means.

        • Soldier

          For example, a much more effective and less “Hitler-like” solution would be to simply cease all benefits payable to illegals except for life and death emergency care. I don’t think to many people would be willing to chain saw their arms off just for free health care.

    • lkar

      Agree 100%. A housing development has recently been expanding near me and several new homes are being built. I was curious as I happen to know who the builder is. I asked him if my 16 year old son and 17 year old son could help out and earn some extra money (as they have been unsuccessful in finding a job this summer). The builder said he would get back to me. The summer is over and they are now back in school, the houses are mostly complete, and guess who did most of the work. Latinos!!! I visited the sites several times and the only people I found working the houses were Latinos. Most of them could not speak english, ahd their mexican music blaring, and by my judgement had slapshod workmanship. My boys have now been properly trained on why illegal aliens must leave so American boys can get summer jobs in America.

      • Al Sieber

        Ikar, these people aren’t here to pick crops, I think the October surprise is gonna be amnesty so he can get his votes for Nov. and hang on to his power.

  • s c

    PLND, is it me, or is Congress so hard up that they have to stoop to renting dolts like Colbert as part of their bread-and-circuses routine? No amount of ‘comedy’ or quasi-comedy will help Obummer’s administration.
    Are we supposed to think that people like Colbert have toiled in the fields? Expert, schmexpert. Let the idiot vacation in the Yuma, Arizona area this coming winter. He can take notes, and then maybe he’ll know what he’s talking about. He’ll stand out in that suit.

    • http://yahoo Cherokee

      I work in a sweat shop.
      I make just enough money to buy food.
      I can’t even hold my back up straight anymore.
      I’m an (AMERICAN).
      SURE WISH I COULD GET PAID 30,000.00 a year.
      Colbert didn’t try to help me at his senate circus show.
      I think that Colbert is a silly, stupid person who will do any thing to get attention.
      It is to my guess that maybe he’s off center a little.

  • theresa

    I am willing to pay more taxes to crack down on illegal aliens in this Country. The USA will be a third world country if something is not done soon. I fear it may already be too late.

    • http://yahoo Cherokee

      I agree with you Theresa. Very smart person (you are).

    • Craig

      You dont have to pay anymore in taxes. All we have to do is stop giving money to other countries. We gave several million to teach Africans to was their johnsons. We waste billions each year giving to other nations. There is more than enough if we stop this crap to hunt down every single illegal and give them a oneway boot out of our country.

      • Craig

        That is WASH their johnsons.

    • airangel

      I said it before in another post…Stop their reason for coming here which is jobs…work out local programs with Agriculture and the prisons and juvenile centers to have the incarcerated pay off their debt to society wy working in the fields. Ag business can still pay the slave wages to the prisons and jails keeping food prices down and the inmates can learn to work with the earth and grow things and the money can help to pay for their incarceration that is currently paid by the tax payers. It’s a win/win….Prisons and jail get paid in which they can staff these excursions, or improve facilities, etc rather than bonds passed that are paid by the tax payers, Ag still pays low wages to incarcerated Americans and we still get affordable food crops and biggest of all, it ousts the Illegals from work since they would no longer be needed.

      • A furlough

        Yes, this is all true and practal, and then bring back our boys from a place where they can not win this war our own government started, and they can work on American soil to remove illegals.Then we are not wasting money fighting a no win war, distroying foreign countries, then rebuilding them,and saving illegal alien hand outs.WoW, How much money did we just save our country.

  • slickporsche

    To come up with a plan to give immigrant farm workers a path to citizen ship is beyond DUMB. What happens when the are citizens, are they then going to quit to make more money elsewhere. Then we bring in more Hispanics, Mexicans,Latinos, THat the majority do not want.I like America like it is, I do not want to live in Spanish country. I want more white europians immigrating here, like by the thousands. I want all illegals and all latinos or what ever the F they are to all go home. We did great before you came here, and we will do even better when you are all gone. Oh and take all the filthy stinking Muslims with you. It is starting to smell really bad around here.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    STOP, YOU ARE KILLING ME! So, how many of these farmers obeyed the law, and got Visas for their employees? How many of these farmers provided porta-potties and washing stands for their “employees”? How many of these farmers paid a prevailing rate to their “immigrant” employees? The answer is: NONE! Too bad colbert is just a young child. Maybe if he wasn’t, he would know what the reality of life is. Just another “rich” movie-personality-type talking garbage. Anybody remember when Sally Field did this? She claimed that her 3 weeks of filming a movie on a “real” farm gave her all the knowledge of life and that she now (then) suppoted chavez and HIS ANTI-AMERICAN, racist attitudes. Anybody know who used to farm the farms, in the old days? School kids! They were let out of school during the summer (gee, what a concept, no school in the summer, how come?), so they could pull in the crops. (Also, for those that don’t know, Halloween is a harvest-celebration!). Anyways, when I grew up in the 50′s, farmers let you pick his own crops for 10 cents a pound, there were community plots in cities (that didn’t have populations of 8 bazillion people per square mile), and people (who used to own homes, like everybody else did, apartments were for unwed mothers and drug addicts. Decent people actually lived in real hotels when they were visiting or during job changes), used to have both vegetable and flower gardens. If you didn’t have a neighborhood butcher shop, you knew a butcher who drove from farm to farm to butcher animals, for a portion of the meat, that he turned into hot dogs, sausages, cut meats, etc., and then as he went on the road, sold them from his truck. There were no “real” supermarkets, like today. With the economy being what it is, these days, I am surprised that Americans aren’t attempting to live life like it used to be. Only problem is, our president didn’t grow up in this country, and because of his age, has no clue as to how or what we need to do to survive. So, nobody in gov’t will ever tell us, and now that every business in the USA hires illegals over legal-law abiding-hard working-Americans, we will just continue to spiral down the toilet we call American life! McC was correct — BITE ME!

    • Randy

      Oh man, you bring back good memories.

    • Granny Mae

      Well I don’t know where you grew up but in the 50′s where I grew up we had honest to goodness supermarket stores and we even had a Yankee Store ! For runner of the K-Marts and Wal-Mart stores. The times you speak of for me were in the 40′s. So I guess that we have a lag in culture from place to place ! However I do remember in the 40′s the milkman brought our milk in a horse drawn wagon ! One day he showed up with a motor truck and the neighborhood went wild ! We didn’t have community gardens where I lived but everyone had a small garden in their back yard. In my world drug addicts were not well known of and single elderly people and young marrieds lived in hotels.
      That being said I have to agree with you that Colbert did his cause more harm than good and was simply there to get attention. Kind of a LOOK AT ME type of thing. Well we did look at him and we didn’t like what we saw ! I am tired of all the apologies for America and the bad remarks and all the tearing down of this Nation that has been so good to so many for so long. This is my country and I’m proud of her and I feel that if no-one like us here they are free to leave any time. They should go where they will be most happy and upon their leaving we will be most happy !

  • Randy

    How much did this little act cost us? The dipshits let somebody like this guy, and Colderon blast us, but won’t let Joe six pack come tell them why he can’t find a job, or the former middle class voice their disgust that all their tax money is going to support illegals and the other group of leeches. AND, why the camel jocks are exempt from obammicare.

  • M.L.

    I agree with all of you. Not only are the Mexicans jumping the border, but the guest workers in the field have run away from the job more often than not. MichaelJ hit the nail on the head, as 08 23 guest worker programs have failed, and both parties say we need yet another guest worker program. Please remember that this administration has Laraza as an advisor in the Whitehouse, and pays them millions of dollars to help the illegals gain a footing for votes in our country, there are no American organizations that hold a status with the Oboma administration. Both sides of the Isle are afraid to lose the hispanic vote so adds are placed in spanish to please them. Maybe we should remind them that the American vote should be the one that counts. In the last two Presidential elections the hispanic organizations have pressed for spanish on the books as a permanent language in our country. They said it is only fail since they are fast becoming the majority.

  • M.L.

    TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobber

    The people of Mexico see illegal imigration as a way to “take back” America from us gringos. Because they see it as war, so should we and if the Mexican government doesn’t stop this invasion, we should take enough of Mexico to make up for the damage Mexico has caused us.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So What? It’s just one more comedian in the ongoing comedy show that is Congress. In fact, Minnesota elected a comedian to the senate to represent them on a daily basis.

    At least while Colbert was there they weren’t passing any further destructive legislation.

  • Janine

    Colbert is right when he says that Americans don’t WANT the farm jobs! Of course they don’t want them, we have welfare, food stamps and disability for those that don’t WANT to work. I didn’t WANT to work at McDonalds when I was 16 either, but my parents wouldn’t pay for movies, gas in the car or insurance to allow me to drive that car. Get rid of illegal immigrants, discontinue the ENTITLEMENT opportunities and plenty of Americans will WANT those jobs, because our tax dollars won’t be taking care of them!!
    I myself am trying to justify why I go to work 5 days a week and have a part time job to support my hobbies, when I could be sitting at home on the government provided welfare/unemployment check watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet?

    • Randy


    • Granny Mae


      I can tell you that there are Americans that want those jobs, but they can’t take them because they don’t pay enough to be able to pay their rent and electric, and buy food. My son is one. He has been laid off from work going on 2 years now and doesn’t get unemployment or food stamps or welfare of any kind. He works at what ever he can to make what ever he can. His problem is he has a young teen age son and feels as though he should be home with him when he is home from school so his work hours have to match the school hours or be the third shift. He can’t find work in our area as it is a farm community and not much available except for the Mexican trade. They all live three and four family’s in a trailer to share the rent and take turns sleeping in the beds. My son has a small home of his own that he wants to keep so he has to get work within a certain distance from home. The farthewr away the work is the more it takes in gas to get back and forth. He had taken work with one of these gas station convenience stores but got laid off because they were cutting back. The company played some shady tricks and so they won’t pay unemployment. His married daughter works for the same company only in another town and she is pregnant and having some difficulties and they are trying to get rid of her so they won’t have to give her maturnity leave. The company is called Fast Track and they are a real piece of work. So anyway not all Americans want to be on welfare and lay around doing nothing. He is working at jobs that pay him minimum wage and is doing odd jobs when and where he can. He refuses to file for welfare because he doesn’t want people to call him lazy or think he is a no-acount. He suffers because of it but that is his choice. In the meantime his father and I try to pick up the slack. We bought the grandsons school cloths and school supplies and bought him his new glasses. He has to have them because he is legally blind without them! It is hard on us because we are retired and living on our social security and a small pension we were able to save. Please don’t group all people in to the same group of no-goods because they are recieving welfare. In our area there are a lot of people on it not by their choice but because they don’t want to go hungry and there are no jobs around here !

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    The only real solution is to get rid of Obama & as many incumbents as possible,& I mean of both parties.You can always tell when an old time politician lies. Every time his or her mouth opens. People in this country have had it too easy for a long time, therefor they paid no attention to what the Idiots in Congress were doing. And because of that, our wonderful elected officials just kept screwing us more & more. As an Independent, I am against what either party does, however I am much more in line with the Republicans. The Democrats are NUTS!!! It will take more then one election, but the Incumbants have to go. Mabey then Illegal immigration will be stopped, & mabey then they will stop giving Billions to countries who hate our guts, & mabey then they will be smart enough to get out of the United Nations, who vote against us over 75% of the time. This country could be like the Garden of Eden, & everyone would be better off, IF we get the right people in Washington.

    • Randy

      There are more and more people claiming to be independents, yet there is no strong candidate for a third party and that causes a problem. Demorats will ALWAYS vote demorat no matter what idiot is running. If independents vote independent or libertarian or whatever the republican vote is diluted and the demorats win.

  • hundabuxt

    We probably need some migrant workers to do those thing’s the typical American doesn’t want to do, or at least arn’t desperate enough to do. If truly hungry and cold, most people would do anything. Few Americans have really suffered such because of numerious programs and agencies available to prevent it. The agriculture industry benifits from immigrant labor and I have no problem with it really except what used to be a temporary visit has become an invasion, which burdens American taxpayers. Mexico is exporting their disenchanted, their poor and desperate. We’re a safety valve for the privleged Mexican rich and powerful. Plus most illegals send billions back to Mexico, which of course helps the Mexican economy and again benifits the rich.
    Apparentl 14 million plus “visitors” have decided life is pretty good here, albeit they often fly their countries flag in ours. Oh, and they of course think they should get back the Southwest because we took it from them and there’s an outside chance they might actually suceed if by no other way than shear numbers and politics plus the support of liberal Americans.
    I have an idea. America houses millions of prisoners, more than any other Western country. We pay around $40,000 a year to support their incarceration. Why don’t we use them to do those thing’s Americans don’t want to do, the common rationalization supporting illegals? Something like the old “Chain Gang”, which were used to clear roadsides of brush and do maintenance. That way they would often be too tired to cause trouble while locked up and save us money or even earn money to mitigate their costs for imprisonment? We could use the money saved to put up and maintain a fence on the border. Perhaps even use illegal criminals to maintain the fence and let them escape South if they wanted to.

    • Granny Mae


      America already does use prison workers for a lot of things. In my state they do road work and lawn work at city buildings. They do janitor work during the day at city offices and they also employ a lot of them (a bus full ) in the local chicken factory. Sometimes it is a good idea and sometimes not so good ! No matter where they work they have to be guarded so we are paying for a guard just to follow them around all day long, plus you have to feed them and they are not close to the prison where they can go to eat so there must be arrangments made for that and there are numerous other problems to be delt with. It isn’t always as easy as it seems at first glance !

  • Soldier

    No body ever talks about the REAL PROBLEM behind illegal immigration. The Mexican elitist bastards and nightly female rapist drug lords who have turned Mexico into a cess pool. No one ever talks about their evil. For all the money we spend in benefits to illegals, we could it spend it on arming the Mexican citizens to keep the drug lords and government officials from raping Mexico. But no one ever complains about the elsitist in power. No one ever complains about those who tie up and rape women silly for hours and hours in dark dungeons while the woman is screaming hundreds of times worse than in a Saw movie.

    No, no, no, Colbert, of course you never talk about the drug lords. The true source of EVIL in Mexico. You are too busy making fun of us fat, dumb Amercians while I sware I can hear currently raped women screaming from here in Texas despite being muffled in a drug lord dungeon.

    • airangel

      The Drug Cartel is a huge problem but needs to be cut off at the knees in Mexico and prison to the BIG CELEB BUYERS in the USA. It can’t just spill over here though unchecked. The Drug Cartel has already stolen 3500 acres in Arizona 80 miles from Tuscon…it’s already filtering onto American Soil and a real concentrated effort needs to be engineered to take out the “gang Kings” and slowly disassemble these Maggots of power. They are every bit of terrorists and war on them should be declared!

      • Granny Mae

        So true. There needs to be something done very soon or it will be too late.

  • L.J.

    Colbert and the other idiot Jon Stewart are NOTHING BUT A COUPLE of clowns which a lot of idiots take seriously. They are entitled to make jackasses out of themselves, that’s their business. But the idiots who watch them AND believe them need a brain transplant. As a daily viewer of Glenn Beck, I am starting to think the same about him. Listen to him very carefully and he appears to not have a clue what side of the fence he is on. He talks about faith, hope and charity, but condemns the pastor who wanted to burn Korans! I guess being a Mormon he looks at life from convoluted perspective. If you want to know what I mean, just Google “The 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre” and you’ll get a sense of what Brigham Young was all about. He stated (about settlers) that “if any of the come here, slit their throats.” Now, Glenn, how’s that working out for you?
    Also, do little research on Glenn Beck’s ties with Saudi Arabia along with Rupert Murdoch. I received that story in one of the other newsletters I receive. ‘Nuff said.

  • christine,


  • http://gmail i41

    Yes and Onumnutts declared off shore drilling in the gulf a no go, so he gave several billion to Mexico, so Mexico can go drill in the same area, besides seal off 3500 wells. What a brillant jug eared bastard, he keeps wasting more taxpayers money, or giving his socialist good buddy several billion to drill in 2 mile deep water, I thought 1 mile was too deep. Colbert is just a dumbocrap idoit who is a party stooge. A lot of these crops could be harvest with plant cross breeding since there are machines now that can harvest special crops. Which are way past the ability of dumbocraps and paper pushers to operate. A machine doesn’t require potty breaks, need sleep, or food, just oil, grease and OMG fuel.

    • Nero R.

      hey y’all, all you hilbilies i want say we becoming more and more and here to stay, we taking over, learn Espanol now you and childsren and great gran children will need to speak it.

      • Granny Mae

        Nero R.

        In your dreams ! LOL ! You may think this easy but I have a surprise for you. In your dreams !

  • hundabuxt

    Nero R

    You can take your Espanol and put it where the sun don’t shine. This is our country and you’re welcome if you want to become part of America as it is or was 20 years ago, but if you want to “take it back” you’re going to have a very serious fight on your hands. People like you are pushing us normally passive and reasonable people to the point where we’re going to take the law into our own hands, because we’ve had enough and when not if that happens you and those like you will not be safe anywhere here and the government at any level does not have the power to stop us. Your days are numbered.


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