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Cohen Compares Republican Efforts To Nazi Propaganda

January 24, 2011 by  

Cohen compares Republican efforts to Nazi propagandaIn a month that has been marked by debate over the tone of political rhetoric, Representative Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) is defending his comments in which he compared Republican attacks on the healthcare law to Nazi propaganda that was spread during the Holocaust.

According to media reports, Cohen, who is Jewish, made the remarks in front of a mostly empty House chamber on Jan. 18. When arguing against the GOP's bid to repeal Obamacare, he said: "They don't like the truth so they summarily dismiss it. They say it's a government takeover of healthcare, a big lie just like [Nazi propagandist Joseph] Goebbels."

His comments raised the ire of the National Jewish Democratic Council, which serves as a liaison between the Jewish community and Democratic lawmakers. In a statement on its Website, the group said that any reference to the Holocaust in an attempt to make a political point is unacceptable.

Cohen has defended his statement, claiming that he wasn't comparing the Republicans to Nazis, but instead warning his peers about the dangers of spreading lies.

In addition to referencing Goebbels, Cohen also used the term "blood libel" to characterize the GOP's repeal efforts. This comes a week after former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was criticized for using the same wording to describe the liberal attacks blaming her for the Jan. 8 shooting in Tucson, Ariz.

"Blood libel" is a phrase that originated in the Middle Ages, and it refers to the false claims that Jews killed Christian babies and used their blood to perform Passover rituals.

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  • Vigilant

    The National Jewish Democratic Council needs to develop a thicker skin and greater powers of logic. By implying that Cohen was drawing a parallel between NAZIs killing Jews and the Repubs wanting Obamacare repealed is ridiculous and illogical.

    “..the group said that any reference to the Holocaust in an attempt to make a political point is unacceptable.” Why? I suppose they’ll ban Volkswagen commercials next because it was Hitler’s project. And do we stop taking Bayer aspirin because Bayer helped fuel the NAZI war machine?

    Cohen was wrong, of course, and it shows that vitriolic discourse in this country is still alive and well. In the wake of the Tucson shootings, more hate speech has come out from the left than the right.

    • Karolyn

      There’s always gonna be somebody to take offense at something. I say “Get a life.” Regarding “more hate speech has come out from the left than the right,” hasn’t this been beaten to death enough?

      • Ted Crawford

        As long as the left continues to spew their vitrol and lies they must be held to account and the truth pointed out, to fail to do so would give their rhetoric the appearence of truth to many people.
        I realize their motivation is the fact that nearly everything they have passed these last two years can’t stand up to the scrutiny of a substantive observation and therefore all the have is Alinsky tactics!

        • Jana

          Ted ,
          You are so right. The left needs to be held accountable. They sure try to make us accountable to them, but when someone calls them up for a wrong, well everyone is just supposed to forgive and forget. NO MORE of that nonsense. We are no longer doormats and we will hold them accountable.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Why does no one, especially the media, contunually press the point that these people, Cohen included, voted to specifically exclude themselves from Obamacare?

          If it is such a nervana they should have been the first in line for Obamacar.

          Cohen’s support of Obamacare death panels smells very Nazi-like in itself.

        • Richard Wicks

          Both sides spread vitriol.

          Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a communist. You’re either with us or against us. You’re a terrorist if you don’t support the wars.

          The problem is, both the Democrats and Republicans may spend a lot of time throwing invective at one another, but the parties do the same thing when they are in power.

          * bailouts that started under Bush are still going on
          * both wars are still going on, and Iraq is not over, get real
          * Guantanamo is still open
          * warrantless wiretapping is still going on despite being a clear violation of the 4th amendment.
          * mercenaries “or contractors if you prefer” are still war profiteering.

          About the only thing that has changed is awful deficits under Bush are now horrendous deficits under Obama. Don’t ask don’t tell is official repealed as if that makes a difference to 99.999% of the population, and some stupid fascist health care bill forcing us to buy health insurance from private companies to make certain they make money, was passed into law.

          Nothing has improved, and none of Bush’s awful policies have been ended. Why people argue over Republican or Democrat is beyond me, both parties well, to be crass, completely suck.

      • Mike In MI

        Karolyn -
        Just another labile-ral balderdash attack. Maybe I’m behind the times because I have heard no one else, anywhere at anytime to any one say word one that would require a clearly salacious and incendiary attack like “beaten to death”…from you. How dare a sweet, unassuming, evenly balanced, tender-hearted young lady as yourself become so vituperative?
        There…did I say anything nasty? No, except to in a very kindly manner reiterate the DISGUSTINGLY VILE, HATEFUL, CONSERVATIVE THRASHING words which no one from this side of the aisle could ever be allowed to utter towards…(dare I say it?)…obamaphiles.

    • ShadrakOfOlde

      “Cohen was wrong, of course”

      I looked for that one to be your thesis statement.

      “….more hate speech has come out from the left than the right.”

      “Hate speech” ‘from the right.” Really? Perhaps I missed it all somehow. Would you mind listing just one ‘Right’ offender and the essence of/ exact statement of what he or she said? This ought to be interesting.

      • Vigilant


        Excellent point. I included the right because somebody, sometime has probably done it. And if I didn’t say it, some leftist would pull out some statement from 35 years ago and call me on it.

    • BigBadJohn

      Cohen was wrong, of course, and it shows that vitriolic discourse in this country is still alive and well. In the wake of the Tucson shootings, more hate speech has come out from the left than the right.

      Interesting – but more liberal politicians have been shot then conservative politicians. What does that say about where the hate lies?

      • http://naver samurai

        Is that why more conservative presidents have been shot than left wing presidents? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bruce

        BBJ, Interesting indeed, so can you name all these Liberal persons who have been shot, and who shot them.

        • BigBadJohn

          Assignations or attempts on Liberals

          · Lincoln, Abraham (president of U.S.): Shot April 14, 1865, in Washington, DC, by John Wilkes Booth; died April 15.

          · Seward, William H. (secretary of state): Escaped assassination (though injured) April 14, 1865, in Washington, DC, by Lewis Powell (or Paine), accomplice of John Wilkes Booth.

          · Garfield, James A. (president of U.S.): Shot July 2, 1881, in Washington, DC, by Charles J. Guiteau; died Sept. 19.

          · McKinley, William (president of U.S.): Shot Sept. 6, 1901, in Buffalo by Leon Czolgosz; died Sept. 14.

          · Roosevelt, Theodore (ex-president of U.S.): Escaped assassination (though shot) Oct. 14, 1912, in Milwaukee while campaigning for president.

          · Roosevelt, Franklin D. (president-elect of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Feb. 15, 1933, in Miami.

          · Long, Huey P. (U.S. senator from Louisiana): Shot Sept. 8, 1935, in Baton Rouge by Dr. Carl A. Weiss; died Sept. 10.

          · Truman, Harry S. (president of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Nov. 1, 1950, in Washington, DC, as 2 Puerto Rican nationalists attempted to shoot their way into Blair House.

          · Kennedy, John F. (president of U.S.): Shot Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas, Tex., allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald; died same day. Injured was Gov. John B. Connally of Texas. Oswald was shot and killed two days later by Jack Ruby.

          · Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (black activist): Shot and killed in a New York City auditorium, Feb. 21, 1965; his killer(s) were never positively identified.

          · King, Martin Luther, Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot April 4, 1968, in Memphis by James Earl Ray; died same day.

          · Kennedy, Robert F. (U.S. senator from New York): Shot June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan; died June 6.
          Jordan, Vernon E., Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 29, 1980, in Fort Wayne, Ind.

          Oklahoma Bombing pulled off by right wing Militia supporter Timothy McVeigh


          · Wallace, George C. (governor of Alabama): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 15, 1972, at Laurel, Md., by Arthur Herman Bremer. Wallace paralyzed from waist down.

          · Ford, Gerald R. (president of U.S.): Escaped assassination attempt Sept. 5, 1975, in Sacramento, Calif., by Lynette Alice (Squeaky) Fromme, who pointed but did not fire .45-caliber pistol. Escaped assassination attempt in San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 22, 1975, by Sara Jane Moore, who fired one shot from a .38-caliber pistol that was deflected.

          · Reagan, Ronald (president of U.S.): Shot in left lung in Washington by John W. Hinckley, Jr., on March 30, 1981; three others also wounded.

          Granted some of these people are hard to say if they are liberal or conservative. If they were in favor of any kind of social programs, I lumped them in the liberal camp.

          • Bruce

            BBJ, Thank you a super post!

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            Good list, now examine why they were shot. Many were shot by apolitical anarcist radicals or straight out lunatics.

          • JeffH

            BBJ, this list proves what? That political figures and high profile activists are more likely to be assassinated? Nothing more. Leftist progressive liberal hate speech has been extremely vitriolic and hate filled and if you would care to compare “notes”, I’d be more than happy to oblige. One person, who I won’t name unless asked, has recently compiled more than 33 pages of examples of “progressive” hate.
            In the wake of the Tuscon shootings, Cohen could have chosen his words a little more carefully.

          • Jana

            And heaven forbid if a Conservative would have made that statement. Nancy Pelosi CLAIMED the conservatives were carrying Nazi signs, but she didn’t read them right. She is a typical Liberal who opens her mouth and inserts her stinky foot. YUCK.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Taht foot of hers is planted permanently! Skin only streatches so far in a face lift!!!

          • Vigilant


            Michelle Malkin’s list in indeed eye-opening, which says the libs can’t read it because their eyes are closed.

          • Vigilant

            My my, how convenient to leave both Bushes and Richard Nixon off the list. Yes, I’ll parody Bruce and say, “what a super flawed post!”

          • Dan Burke

            “Assignations or attempts on Liberals”

            Abraham Lincoln – Republican

            William H Seward – Republican

            William McKinley – Republican


            Wow! You did such a good job with your list of liberals assassinated or attempts made against them!

      • lallyby

        Can we agree that [politicians] are the people that everyone….(except progressives)seem to be angry with? Personally,coming from California as I do…Progressive politicians are the ones I am angry with.Doesnt matter what party they affiliate themselves with.They ruined my state,and they will ruin all of yours too,if you do not expidite ridding yourselves of them in your states by voting the bastards out.

    • Dogma-Free Too

      Yes, the Left is spewing out hate speech, while the Right, of course, is spreading its usual message of love and peace…

      …you know, and of course, lead barrettes for a 9 year old girl.

      Plus, thank ‘god’ that someone has the good sense to repeal health care for the poor. I mean, really…’god’ forbid that any of the ‘undesirables’ should be offered such things.

      After all…Jesus hated poor people…or at least, that’s what I would have to conclude from seeing how ‘the flock’ conducts themselves these days.

      • barbm

        actually, most of the poor already have health care through medicaid and medicare. it’s the middle class the doesn’t have insurance. it’s the people who work for minimum wage or $10 an hour for 30 hours a week at walmart who can barely scrape by and can’t afford insurance. the deadbeats get all the help they need. this includes a whole bunch of illegal aliens who use our emergency rooms for doctors’ offices then never pay their bills. if we’d keep our money at home, stop giving aid to every country out there that seldom sides with the u.s. on any issue, get the illegal aliens out so we could save all that money and open jobs for our own, stop interfering in everybody else’s business and going to war over their problems, and bring our jobs home from foreign shores, we could afford to help our own more. when nobody in our country is sleeping in a box under the freeways or going to bed hungry, then we can consider giving other countries aid. but it should be done in a voluntary manner. if you want to give, do so, if not, they get nothing. the govt shouldn’t be making donations in our names.

        • Dan az

          well said!

      • JeffH

        Dogma-Free, a true “bleeding heart liberal” who bases his argument around the death of a child and the oppression of the poor. The propaganda of emotion, a tactic commonly used by the Marxists, socialists and communists to effect “social” change and justice.

        “Radicals must be resilient, adaptable to shifting political circumstances, and sensitive enough to the process of action and reaction to avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing.”

        A radical working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is “free from the shacles of dogma”…he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….”

        • Jana

          Very good reply.

        • Dogma-Free Too

          Actually, JeffH, I’d say I’m more of a free thinker, and not tied to any political affiliation.

          If, in your narrow field of vision, that makes me a “Bleeding Heart Liberal”, then so be it.

          I’m not sure my support of the military, and/or the death penalty, still qualifies me as a Liberal, but hey…you Republicans are great with coming up with labels for things you don’t understand, so fill your boots…

          I would have to say that I find your approach to be that of an ignoramus…and so if that makes you a ‘Conservative’, then I guess we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

          How interesting though, that by your approach, you would believe the same thing on Wednesday, that you did on Monday…regardless of whatever information may have come to light on Tuesday.

          But then, I guess that’s the Conservative way, isn’t it?

          And I guess it’s been the way that you’ve been conditioned to accept, and to question your so-called ‘truth’ would make you, or anyone else, a sinner.

          It also sheds some light as to why you might cling so desperately to an amendment of a document that was written back in the horse and buggy times.

          It’s also quite telling that you don’t feel Sarah Palin, Jesse Kelly, and your tea-bagging buddies, should have to stand accountable for a senseless MASS GUN SLAYING they helped bring about.


          • Dogma-Free Too

            Actually, I should have said:

            It also sheds some light as to why you might cling so desperately to an amendment of a document that was written back in the horse and buggy times…

            …regardless of all the innocent lives that have been lost *because* of that amendment.

          • JeffH

            Typical? Your retort says absolutely nothing that would change my mind. As I said, and your follow up just confirms, you are a classic Alinskyite…by all definitions. No matter how you try to masquerade your comments, you’re just here to disrupt the thread like any radical Marxist would do…nothing more.

          • Vigilant


            Isn’t it interesting that his monnicker says it all? The left is so consistent in their expression that you know they usually mean just the opposite of what they claim to be. Thus, for example, an act to deprive workers in the workplace of their right to secret ballot somehow becomes “Employee Free Choice Act.”

            Consistent with the Orwellian nightmare of doublespeak, Dogma-Free Too shows himself to be “Dogma-Laden.”

          • Vigilant

            Dogma-Laden’s definition of “Free thinker” is one who disdains the Constitution. It fits right in with the pattern so evident from the left: rather than use the republican process of Constitutional amendment to effect change, the left prefers to circumvent, sidestep, violate and denigrate that venerable document to achieve their nefarious ends.

            Destruction of the respect for rule of law is an indubitable aim of these traitors.

          • JeffH

            Vigilant, it’s all imbedded in their minds.

          • http://naver samurai

            In my opinion, a free thinker is a bleeding heart and they get no respect from me. You’re just about as bad on this site as Jane Fonda would be. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        dogma free too,
        The ERs here in Ohio have a scale that writes off up to the whole ER bill! While this doesn’t do anything for the Dr. bill, everyone knows the biggest part of a emergency room visit is the hospital bill! A lady just down the street from me had 2000 dollars written off by the hospital as she couldn’t pay after being laid off!!

      • independant thinker

        Once again one who claims to be dogma free spreads more extrem leftist dogma.

  • Devasahayam

    And notice that Cohen (who is namesake-Jewish) does this shill for a party that has a historical record of Naziesque propaganda (factoid: Ku Klux Klan was founded by Southern Democrat sympathisers including Nathan Bedford Forrest, and has never been sympathetic to Republicans despite of David Duke’s shambolically failed 1992 attempt to run for POTUS). Hypocrisy thy name is Democrud!

    • Karolyn

      Didn’t you know that most Jews are democratic liberals? That is a well-known fact. I have known many Jews in my life, and they have all been liberals and a great many employed in social services.

      • JUKEBOX

        I just posted that Cohen’s family members were conservative Jews when I was in their home during my high school years in the fifties, and his father was a pediatrician.

        • Karolyn

          I have never known a conservative jew.

          • JeffH

            …does that mean there are no “conservative” jews? A really broad statement I would say.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have and still do!! Perhaps you should widen your circle of aquaintances!!

          • Karolyn

            Well, Joe, it’s a little hard to do here in podunk, SC. There are no jews at all.

          • http://naver samurai

            Then how could you have the knowledge or experience to post such a comment, hmmm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bruce

        Karolyn, I am both Jewish and a Democrat, yet I have not voted for a Democrat in many years. Nor most all of the other Jews I know BTW of what more that fifty percent are Republicans.
        So are you just using a media stereotype?

        I can tell you why I have not voted for a Democrat in years they do not stand for what I find reasonable behavior standards. I would not have voted for Mr. Obama if I were paid to.
        Let me explain why, first off Mr. Obama has not provided the American public with any valid backround on his past at all.
        Thats no matter what the media may lay claim to, the media has acted so inappropriately when it comes to Mr. Obama I find that makes me very concerned as to what is the agenda the media has.
        As well being in the Mental Health venue, when I see obvious signs of a disorder being displayed overtly, such as Extreme Narcissism.
        Not to even make note of the very thin veneer of his personality it then becomes very transparant that there is something very wrong.
        He also displays an obvious total disdain by his body language as well his verbal content then combined with his actions toward the American public over the last nearly four years, one is left with the obvious fact that Mr. Obama feels the vast amound of Americans are far below him and should be serving him.
        Thus anyone with a GOD complex I can not support as a world leader.

        Combined with his actions by withholding his records on his past, as well after reading his books I found multiple discrepancies with the stories he recants in person.
        As in he is either an out right lire or he has a very bad memory, as we are told of his Genius by the media daily I would have to go with my observations of body language as well obvious actions as proof that he is not a Genius, but instead a complete lire.
        And thats only a small fraction of this puzzel we call Mr. Obama.

        • Karolyn

          Bruce – I’m just going by the people I’ve known through my life. Of course, much of my history involves working in the arts, which could explain any discrepancy.

          • kate8

            Karolyn – According to what I’ve heard from Jews, they tend to be democrat in order to distance themselves from what they perceive to be the Christian Right, not because they agree ideologically with the Left. The secular Jews are more liberal, but the more religious Jews are actually conservative in their thinking.

            Jews have long somewhat feared Christians, but the truth is that large numbers of Christians love and support the Jews. In fact, it is the Christian concept of freedom in America that has allowed them to prosper in safety in America.

          • eddie47d

            Kate 8; I agree with what you said and there is little reason why anyone on the left or right would find so much fault with the Jew.They seem to be an easy target and small in numbers.The ones I’ve met are humble,frugal,giving, have high praise for education and strong family ties.I really don’t think the few exceptions should become the rule of total scorn or labeling.

          • Jana

            Kate 8 and eddie,
            I agree wholeheartedly.

          • Vigilant

            An overwhelming majority of American Jews – 73 percent – describe themselves as moderate or liberal; 23 percent label themselves as conservative.

            This data was from 2003, but I don’t believe that much has changed.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        The only real Jews are in Israel. The rest are posers.

  • jimbo

    Cohen !!what a non person !!!!!

  • FlaJim

    The left has always been very threatening in their language and actions, so this should come as no surprise. They’ve also looked directly and innocently into cameras while reciting bald-faced lies about their opponents and their agenda.

    Nothing that the GOP and conservative groups have unearthed about this so-called health care reform bill are lies. The left is simply incensed that they have been found out. They figured that 2,000 pages of dangerous nonsense would be enough to keep the opposition in check long enough to effectively mute opponents.

    • Dogma-Free Too

      haha…you mean the ‘Death Squads’ are really real…??!?

      Well there I go.

      I stand corrected…it looks like the ones coming up with ’2nd Amendment Solutions’ weren’t actually the Republicans…well, other than the example we just saw in Tucson, of course…well, and the ones BBJ listed.

      But, yeah…thank ‘god’ the ‘gop’ has the good sense to repeal health care for the poor. Good work, wealthy ‘goppers’…that should make all your tea-bagging friends happy!

      • ValDM

        the so-called health-care bill isn’tabout health care for the poor or underserved, and you know it. It’s ALL about control. Control of you, me and everyone around us. Poor people have never been excluded from getting health care……usually thru medicaid. If they’re getting welfare, they’re getting health care at our expense. No one has been denied health care due to their inability to pay. The health care providers just charge more for those of us who can pay. Drop your specious comments about the poor. If you feel the need to provide the cost of health care for some of the poor, by all means, pick out several families for your largesse and have a ball. Just don’t expect me to pay the freight for your pipe-dreams.

      • Doug

        Hey dog balls pull you head out of you dog ass and read the bill sheet head! Why you are at it why don’t you go and have about 12 kids and expect everyone to pay for you!

      • JeffH

        Dogma-Free Too, a true student of the Marxist/Alinsky school of thought.

        “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.”

        The shoe fits and you wear it with pride.

  • tim

    This guy is a moron, he probably hasn’t read the bill yet!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      he doesn’t have to progressive central tells him what to think! He’s lost without them!

  • William Glammeyer

    Steve Cohen said: “They don’t like the truth so they summarily dismiss it. They say it’s a government takeover of healthcare, a big lie just like [Nazi propagandist Joseph] Goebbels.”

    Some of these people are insane! If I had to choose party sides, I would have to go with the Republicans. The Democrats are the ones acting like Nazis! Have any of these people actually read the ‘Healthcare’ bill/law? I am all for trying to help people, but why should I be forced to pay for someone else? This so-called ‘Healthcare reform’ has already increased my insurance rates! The company wanted a 25% increase but where I work they got it down to 16% and they said that it would probably go up quite a lot higher after the ‘cheap,-will-not-cost-you-one-more-dime’ government law hits the fan! Obama was right; it will not cost one dime, it will cost thousands of dimes! Apparently, Representative Steve Cohen did not read the bill! I don’t think any of them did. They kissed Obama’s ass because he said he wanted it passed! After all, just like someone else stated; what does the ‘Healthcare’ bill and Nancy Pelosi’s stool sample have in common? They both HAD to be passed to see what was in them! The ‘Healthcare’ bill is mostly to give ‘Herr Obama’ more power! Read it! You will see what I am talking about! Are these people afraid to say NO to a half-black man??? For years we were told to ‘Just say NO’. I think it still applies to whatever Obama wants! … And one more thing; F__K this ‘politically correct’ crap of saying things! People have survived for thousands of years without having political correct wording. Obama is not a ‘perforated buttocks’; he is an ASS!!!!

  • Allan Halbert

    Nothing new here.

    Disagree with Progressives and they’ll proclaim you evil, racist, and stupid. That’s the strategy. And they wonder why there is tension.

    • Dogma-Free Too

      Actually, no that’s not quite true, Allan.

      It’s really because most of the Republican politicians are evil, and racist…though they’re actually pretty smart. Smart enough to pull the wool over half of America’s eyes.

      It’s the people who vote for the Republicans who are quite often racist, and poorly-educated…though I would hesitate to call them evil, since most of them believe they are doing the right thing, since that’s what they’re led to believe.

      Essentially, they take it on faith.

      And as we all know…when it comes to ‘faith’, a *good christian* never questions what they’re told by their ‘god’-fearing leaders.

      • Clinton Hime

        You poor, near blind, socialist (or community), you are either one of the gimmes or one of the givers of confiscated other peoples hard earned income.

      • JeffH

        Dogma-Free Too, pushing more Marxist/Alinsky bile.

        “The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. … The real arena is corrupt and bloody.”

        Every weakness of every proposed tactic is probed by questions…. Is this manipulation? Certainly….”

      • http://naver samurai

        Oh, I don’t know about that, moron. The founders od the KKK were very racist and Southern Democrats, so what’s your point? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Karolyn

      Most of the conservatives here use those same labels on liberals. It goes both ways Allan.

      • JeffH

        Karolyn, that is most always in response to the constant accusations of racism and hate by the liberals and radical leftists on this board.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          But it always seems to be them that bring Racism to the conversation whether it seems appropiate or not. They just try to score on anything!!!

          • JeffH

            Joe, BINGO!


    I went to school with, and was friends with Cohen’s older brother. I was in their home many times, while he was a small child. Somewhere in his education at Vanderbilt University, he must have been influenced by some whackos. I never heard his mother or father spout the kind of vitriol he put forth on the floor of the House. This is reminiscent of the kind of talk Harold Ford Jr. put out during his election campaign in the eighties, and basically they were speaking to the same constituency in Memphis.


      By the way, Cohen’s family members were conservative Jews during the fifties.

    • JC

      I wonder how this Cohen person manages to comnpletely miss that the Nazi’s were also advocates of national health care…or rather government controlled health care. They’re one and the same anyway.

      • JUKEBOX

        It’s ironic that his father was fairly wealthy before health care was ever considered, by being a doctor.

      • Dogma-Free Too

        I think the American armed forces are also advocates of government run health care, are they not?

        • JC

          What exactly are you referring to you twisted little freak?
          The VA system that falls wholly short of even being considered adequate? That “government run” institution of patients waiting to die? The one that considers soldiers who can no longer fight as an expensive liabilty and treats them as such?
          Drop dead moron.

          • Dan az

            thanks you are correct and by the way it was a contract between us and the gov. that they would take care of us after we gave our all.Unlike today where obumer wants the parents of the soldiers to pay for there health care after being maimed for life until they are 26yrs old.

          • JC

            Dan, I’ve got nothing but respect for our veterans and it makes me sick to know how they are treated when they come home injured or maimed.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Dan az,
            Yeah and then he wants to kick them to the curb!! He couldn’t give a good crap about the vets!!

          • Dan az

            Hey guys
            They are going broke the care has dorpped off by 50% and they are losing doctors and cant replace them.I havent had a doctor for over a year now the just use fill ins.Not a good sign for whats coming.I have even had to pay for my medicine which they are suppose to do.But what are ya gunna do.

          • http://naver samurai

            Dog doo doo 2 hasn’t been in the military, let alone the “nads” to serve, so he doesn’t know what the h*** he’s talking about. To all veterans on this site, “GOOD JOB AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!” FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • eddie47d

    Everything that get’s said in Washington from all Parties is propaganda so this is no shocker. It can’t be stopped because of the fear of trying to abolish free speech.So let’s all just skip along to this madness. On this site there has been at least 100 references to someone being a Nazi and probably more. References to Obama being a Nazi garners the most on this issue. So who is really misbehaving? More smoke and mirrors to defuse the real culprits. Besides absolutely no one should be trumping Nazi slogans or comparisons especially this Cohen guy.It has become a useful sickness to spread as much fear as possible in the shortest amount of time. Glenn Beck has used Nazi symbols and slogans on several occasions so why the uproar over this Cohen fellow?

    • Dogma-Free Too

      Eddie, you’re right.

      I think the whole point of this article is to create uproar, and in that, it’s done its job.

      Just like the whole point of Sarah Palin’s ‘gun sights’ campaign poster was to create uproar.

      …well, and to get some Libs shot…but now that it’s done that, they’ll claim it was just to get the people stirred up.

      That’s what this site (and its ‘contributors’) does as well, and they get well-paid to do it, I would imagine.

      Essentially, they help keep the country divided.

      And a divided country is much easier to conquer, as it will just conquer itself.

      Or at least, that’s how I see it.

      • Bruce

        Dogma-Free Too, I would say that its you’re posts thus far that are the most pointed to inflame.
        Shame on you for acting as a Passive aggressor when its you that placed the gas on the dry field then toss a lit match on it.
        Then blame everyone else that also clearly displays that you are a Physiopath as well.
        So don’t blame others for you’re aggression to incite.

        • JeffH

          Bruce, Dogama is only using his education, “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”, to disrupt the board…nothing more.

          • Bruce

            Jeff, I have DFT number down this is clear case of an underachiever who has many facets of very deep seeded anger. As I noted a very extreem case of passive agressive with heavy physiopathic overtones. No moral base more of the type that is compelled to believe in social justice as this form of thinking of what allows such persons to gain power to vent their anger in an outward method think along the lines of Stalins henchman Baria.

          • Dogma-Free Too

            Oh, Bruce…it’s like you read my mail…

            To quote you:

            “Dogma-Free Too, I would say that its you’re posts thus far that are the most pointed to inflame.Shame on you for acting as a Passive aggressor when its you that placed the gas on the dry field then toss a lit match on it.Then blame everyone else that also clearly displays that you are a Physiopath as well.So don’t blame others for you’re aggression to incite.”


            “Jeff, I have DFT number down this is clear case of an underachiever who has many facets of very deep seeded anger. As I noted a very extreem case of passive agressive with heavy physiopathic overtones. No moral base more of the type that is compelled to believe in social justice as this form of thinking of what allows such persons to gain power to vent their anger in an outward method think along the lines of Stalins henchman Baria.”

            Well, gosh-darnit…this doesn’t feel like ‘conservative love’ that I’m getting here…

            Then again, I think ‘conservative love’ is what altar boys get from the priests, and/or what congressional page boys get from Republican congressmen…but I digress. (haha…and yet, you people have the hypocrisy/gall to denounce homosexuality…well, publicly, anyways…even if you endorse it privately…but, no…I digress for real this time)

            So anyways…after your obviously *professional* assessment of my psychology – your spelling, grammatical, and punctuational errors aside – I gotta ask you…WTF is a physiopath…?? And who is/was Baria…??

            haha…me’thinks you’re just makin’ sh!t up now…

            Seriously, I tried to look it up online, and got no love…and so I figured since you’re such an obviously well-educated (said previously mentioned errors aside) expert in such things, maybe you could enlighten us all…or at least me.

            haha…I guess that doesn’t say much for my *obvious Marxism*, and love for communism and such, since I don’t know all about Stalin and his buddies. Actually, it seems kind of odd that you *do* know that much about the subject.

            Oh…haha…and Dogama (though maybe Dog-bama might be better?)…love it! Oh, the name calling…haha…how trite is that…?

          • JeffH

            Dogma-Free Too, c’mon, admit it. You are what you are, spelling and grammar aside. And your use of name calling and ridicule(see rule#5) is more apparent with each post you make.
            RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)

            Dogma, you should consider RULE #7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Get it, don’t become old news.

            It’s better to know thine enemy, especially when they are so tied to one ideology and one set of rules.

            So I’ll say this, keep it up…you’re busted and you don’t like it but it is what it is.

      • JeffH

        …ever hear of the old saying…”birds of a feather…”? Just sayin’, you know…

        • http://naver samurai

          “Bunk Buddies.”

  • ajb

    what happen to our elected officals writing our health care laws isnt that their job, not some progressive union thug.

    • Dan az

      Ron pauls bill.H.R.1495.IH

  • RICK B.


    • Dogma-Free Too

      Dude…I think your Glock is resting on the CAPS LOCK key.

      • Doug

        Hey the clinic here (offensive comment removed)

        • JeffH

          Doug, don’t lower yourself to Dog’s level. Let him continue to be an “example” to remind us of the radical’s attempting to destroy our country.

        • JeffH

          Doug, like I said, don’t respond and lower yourself to Dogma’s level.

          • JeffH

            Interesting that Dogma’s response was censured…although it was below low, if that’s possible.

        • libertytrain

          yes, it was disgusting. But what else would one expect.

          • JeffH

            …and they almost always feign innocence while lambasting others.

  • lallyby

    Mc Veigh was an M1 Bradley tank commander in “Operation Desert Storm”.He may have been a militia supporter,but his reasoning behind attacking the “Murragh Building”,was that the F.B.I. agents that used said Bradley vehicles against the compound at Waco,were stationed there.He was angry that the use of tactics he was personally trained to do was being used against civilians,in Waco.He saw the blatant violations commited there,and decided to get back at the agents in question by bombing the Murragh building.

  • james karalis

    So who cares what the jews think , if they don’t like what he said let them go back to western Europe to live . He is one of there own .

  • Joseph

    Will this false analogy ever stop: what the Nazis did to the Jews !
    The Nazis most certainly did not mass murder the jews who were under their territorial control ! The “story” that the Germans used an insecticide (zyklon-b) to both fumigate clothing and barracks and at the same time to asphyxiate up to 1500 people at one time in improvised food storage rooms and air raid shelters is nonsense ! Surely any educated or at least thinking person question whether such a feat is even possible . Yet we have been force fed this silly and stupid story since WW II ! In europe most countries have passed laws which outlaw my comment ! We live in the 21st century and we allow for laws which are in North Korea ! This ridicualous and hatefull lie has been used to justify the destructive policy of allowing up to 40 million illegal aliens into the US . We cannot pass laws to question their stauts if they are stopped driving a car without a license and they do not speak any english becasue that would be profiling and that would lead to a Nazi like state and you know what the Nazis did!
    We cannot stop sending Israel billions of dollars a year because they
    will suffer and you know how they sufferred under the Nazis ! We must accept 125,000 legal immigrants every month because if we do not we will be called racists and you know what that will lead to: that will lead to us doing what the Nazis did ! Stupid nonsense yet we have been intimidated into not saying that it is stupid but by cowering and keeping our mouth shut and letting our country be overrun by illegal aliens while we are fighting wars in the middleeast east not in our interest but in Israel’s interest ! Let us wake up and stop being cowards .

    • Pathfinder

      In denying the holocast you are ignoring historical fact. My own father was an American Infantryman in WWII and saw the camps first hand. HE HELPED TO LIBERATE THEM !!! In addition to eye witness testimony, there is ample pictorial evidence from that era. Thus, it is not only POSSIBLE; it actually did occur.

      The real lie has been in the so called “political spectrum” which places the communists on the left and “nazis” on the right. The word “nazi” is derived from the phrase “national socialist”. Thus, nazis belong on the far left alongside their hated rivals the communists. Nazis and communists are both forms of socialism. In fact, the reason that both national socialists and communists kill and tyranize so many of their own citizens; is due to the similarities between the two.

      • BobbyB

        This illustrates the misunderstanding of the Nazis. yes, they were called a Socialist party for propaganda purposes. The Nazis were as far right as they came.

        • eddie47d

          Amen Bobby and Sieg Heil to Joseph!

        • JeffH

          BobbyB…ah, but look deeper into history and you will see that what was the “extreme right” of Nazi Germany and Russia would be redefined as the “extreme left” of today. I am referring to the occasional alliances or coalitions between yesterday’s Nazis and yesterday’s Communists.

          Nazi and Communist Collaboration In Germany During the Decade Preceding Hitler’s “Third Reich”[1923-1933]

          It was in Germany’s shaky post First World War democracy, the so-called “Weimar Republic,” that Communists and Nazis organized a strike in Berlin 1932, and were marching together in demonstrations against the ever weaker forces of moderation and calm that still existed in the final years of the Weimar Republic. Hitler’s notoriously violent SA-men or “brownshirts” and Communists marched together through the streets of Berlin paving the way for Hitler’s totalitarian rule. Three months later Hitler would become Reich Chancellor who would subsequently open the abyss for all those who underestimated him.

          Today, leftist Socialists and Marxists join radical Muslims or “Islamists” in what they perceive as the common struggle against the United States and the West. One of the best friends of the extremist Iranian president Ahmadinejad is Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, a radical Socialist who wants to follow the example of Cuba’s Fidel Castro. This is the same Ahmadinejad who is a “Holocaust denier” who invites neo-Nazis and other Fascist Holocaust deniers to conferences in Tehran.

          Today, Islamists from Hamas have been interviewed in the German neo-Nazi press. Both neo-Nazis and radical Palestinians are vehemently opposed to Israel, the USA and usually deny the Holocaust. (At the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal many top Nazis also lamely claimed they had never noticed anything about this genocide; although they could not deny the facts, they still claimed to be completely innocent which was also a form of Holocaust denial.) Many Marxists and so-called anti-globalists are making common cause with radical Muslims. Marxists, leftist “Third Worldists” and neo-Nazis usually have the same kind of enemies: the West, America, Israel, and so on. Marxists and neo-Nazis may be ideological enemies, yet they may find common ground when it comes to hating these common enemies. (“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”)

          It was in 1981 that Hermann Weber, a well known German historian and political scientist, published a very important study on the strategy and tactics of the German Communist Party (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands or KPD) between 1929 and 1933. During this critical period most German Communists described the Social-Democrats as “Social-Fascists,” they were perceived as the greater enemy (Hauptfeind), an enemy worse than the Nazis, that is.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I had two uncles there as well! They saw the graves at auswich and the condition of those that survived! Joseph is a FOOL if he doesn’t believe it!
        I hope he remembers that those that forget history are doomed to repeat it!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Pathfinder please excuse the mis-spelling of your name. it was a misplaced finger!

        • Vigilant

          Joseph is worse than a fool. The mountains of evidence left by the NAZIs themselves (documentary, photographic and otherwise) was bolstered and confirmed by post-Soviet archives after the fall of the USSR. Joseph should have been among the local Germans who were forced to bury the bodies after liberation.

          There is no room in society for the hatred displayed by Joseph. He is the type who would be among the first to join the NAZIs. I’ve never called anyone a despicable human being on this site, but I’ll make this a first by called Joseph such.

    • Dan az

      Could you do us a favor and take your head out of your azz so we can see if your who you say you are or are you Ahmadinejad .

  • Pathfinder

    Actually, the National Socialists instituted government run healthcare in NAZI Germany. Thus, it is those who want socialized medicine who are backing a National Socialist (NAZI) system; NOT those who oppose this socialist scheme.

  • Gary

    It seems there are always those waiting for a statement to be made that they can use to pretend outrage. Why don’t these people stop acting so juvenile. If people on both sides of the aisle and especially the media would tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth we wouldn’t have to put up with all this B.S. snd spin. They might actually be able to do thier jobs.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Cohen explained the Big Lie principal, where you tell a lie often enough and long enough people eventually accept it as the truth. The demorats and liberals are masters of this technique. A couple of examples that come to mind:

    1) ” We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you.”

    2) ” Homosexuality is normal and acceptable behavior “

    • Laurie, Haslet, TX

      You are correct – this time he CHANGED the lie. The first lie was that OBAMACARE was GOOD – that lie NEVER worked – because we are not the STUPID people the progressives like to believe we are.

      So his NEW LIE is ITS THE REPUBLICANS that are lying – NOT ME!

      Its the Progressives who use PROPANGANDA to further their illegal agenda – and WE THE PEOPLE are not falling for it. They are LOSING and now the PROGROSSIVES are going to be causing more and more TROUBLE.

  • http://com i41

    Dogma-Free Too, your thinking is wrong, I haver several children and neices and newphews in the military, who will tell you differnt as well as several national Guard friends who have been deployed. If you have dental problems you get ar 6 month or a delay until your deplotyment is over. Doesn’t make a differnce if you are a officer or a non commissoned. When the Onumnutted idoit and his Soros Socialist Democrap Partyy pukes run their mouth about cutting the military budget, better cut their salary and office budgets by 2 the rate on military. One of my children was stationed in Afganistan for 14 months with broken tooth. They were given antiboditics when every infection was bad, after getting home based was told to wait 8-10 months before a chance to be seen, even though a Capt. Finally spent $6000 of own money, and went to a private dentist, to correct even more problems caused by not getting first tooth taken care of. Same damn thing will happen with Omoron Nocare. Any slub that thinks there is anything good in this Nocare bill must be an abortion that lived. Providing children to age 26, put in by the same idoits of the 1970 who beleived in 18 year olds as adults. Leave it at that 18 grow up and get a job. Get off of the govewrnment and taxpayers tit, 18 is weaning time. Soros Socialist Democrap Party Wants every one on the government sows udder. Pathfinder you nailed that fact in the cross hairs, now lets wait for the slubs to argue those facts.


    Obviously Cohen is a dirt mouth clown with no commonsense, why is there not a ethics committee review?

    Cohen, needs to be kept there on the lectern a made to speak until he falls to the floor from exhaustion and when he recovers, locked in a soundproof room where he has to spend a full 24 hours listening to himself with the volume turned up to a ear splitting volume. There is a cure for hatred, after while it is tiresome.

    • James

      Ontime, Isn’t calling Rep. Cohen a “dirt mouthed clown”, who needs to be tortured till he drops, an example of hatred?

      • 45caliber

        Oh, it’s torture if he has to listen to himself rave??

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Yes, hatred of fools.

  • James

    I’m confused, was Rep. Cohen saying federal control of America’s healthcare system was a Jewish scheme?

  • http://com i41

    All Soros Socialist Democrap Party members in Congress have a code of ethics. Follow the muslim standrads and lie whan every it benits the party and will speed up the destruction of the USA, and sweep in a dictatorship run land mass. Remember Oklahoma bomber was a domestic terroristt democrat liberal, the nut job was liberal democrat drug head domestic terrorist, with soul mates like Bill Ayer, Andy Sterns, Rambutt Rahm, Black Pather Holder, as well as all the tax cheat crooks like Greaser Rangel, “Revs” Compulisive Socialist Liar Sharpton, MLK right hand man Jackson just to mention a few smucks that are party elitist morons that get passes. All from the code of their peverted ethics panels and their media wonks.

  • mike


  • Charles

    What Steven Cohen had to say about Republicans take on health care is just about as stupid as one can be. He is so stupid, he has no idea he
    no longer is a Democrat.He was switched to thr new Progressive party and didn`t even know it. Then again, he may very well have known it.
    He may have been one of those sleepers hiding for years that we have heard so much about. God only knows what he learned while he was at
    Vanderbilt. I believe when the health care bill was passed, wasn`t
    that the way Hitler did things.Wasn`t that the way things were done
    in Nazi Germany, instead of the United States.Also,he should keep his mouth shut about the Holocaust and go back to Tenn. and find out why he has 90 pregnant girls in one school.(What a jerk)


      Cohen succeeded Harold Ford Jr. in a congressional district that is probably 75 to 80% black. Does that tell you what his audience believes in?

  • 45caliber

    I think Cohen would have made the Nazis proud. And they would have been even prouder of him after they shoved him into one of their ovens.

  • Charles

    Gary, if the news papers had did what you thought they should have,
    told the truth about Obama, he wouldn`t be President to- day.

    • Dogma-Free Too

      Charles, I think if people knew the truth, there might not be a government left at all, period.

  • Joe_K

    Just another democrat playing the old faithful “Nazi” card against the Republicans.

    Of course, this one did it after the Great High and Mighty Moral Pontiff off all things Political said it was a no no. But then. That same High and Mighty Moral Pontiff would make me ride on the back of his bus. I mean, he would probably assume that I am a “typical white person” like his grandmother any way, so that is where I probably ought to be, the back of the bus.

    As for Cohens claim that he was just warning his peers about the dangers of spreading lies, ….TOO LATE! There are things about the Democrats that if you are honest, you have to admire. #1 They are not stupid, no matter how some conservatives may think or wish they were. If they were stupid, they wouldn’t win as often as they have. #2 They are team players. They all tell the same lies and back them up with the same absurdities, the re-written history and the same redefining of common ideas, words and phrases into whole newspeak ideals, phrases and words at the same time. In fact, they have made such a fine art of collectivism that they simply cannot tolerate any one who actually thinks things through.

    This is why, collectively speaking, assuming you know something about history, about political tactics, if you actually think like an individual, you can’t believe a word they say.

    What about the Republicans? Well, they just kind of have a history of sitting on their hands and letting the Democrats walk all over them and the rest of the country with them. But, maybe there is a turn around coming. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For myself, I think that the Democrats have pulled the “tone down the rhetoric” stunt before. It cost the Republicans the Senate and the House after they had taken them over for the first time in over 50 years, and it cost Bob Dole the election. Just trying to be the nice guy.

    Now, the “tone down the rhetoric” card has been pulled from the Democrat party sleeve again and laid on the table and the Republicans are again being dared to play against it. I think it is a safe bet that the Democrats will continue to label them as lovers of the wealthy, war mongers, liars, haters of grandmas social security who want to see grandma eat dog and cat food, mean spirited starvers of children, racist, sexist bigots and homophobes and of course the every popular “Nazi”

    The question s, will they (the Republicans and Conservatives, or will they fall into the same trap as last time and loose to the race-baiters and all round hate mongering Democrats again, or will they stand up and start calling the Democrats on their language and tactics.

    It would be easier for them to do so if more American would take the time and trouble to watch and see what is really going on in this country. As the great hero of the left Martin Luther King once said “Nothing pains some people more than having to think”. He really was a great man, and he was right. So how has the democrat party fallen from “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” all the way down to “You are a victim, and the Nazis in the other party want you to stay that way… vote for us.”

  • John

    Cohen is a communist .That is why he compare Gop as Nazi party. Communist and U.N. supporter.A liberal at that.

  • http://com i41

    Since the demorats have marched lock step obeying Nazi Trtaitor George Soros and he funds the Soros Socialist Party Pukes all the way down to state officals election in low population states. They are the Nazi money slubs as all the planned regulation follws Germanys path. We have Soros dropping a million for reporters for the government funded and controlled media, banking reform is right out of Germany and any communist country. Still waiting for the socialist slubs to explain how they love socialism and the ruination of the USA with greater centeralization and government total control over everything. We all have been waiting!

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Soros needs to meet Mr. Nozler, a real head turner.

  • Debra

    Yep, that’s just what they’re doing, trying to use negative propaganda and deceptive techniques to mislead the uneducated and misdirected, making the good look bad so that those poor soul’s will think the left is the only good in the world. They are the one’s who are trying to stir up trouble and cause problems. It’s too bad they don’t believe in the Bible, so they could learn that making right look wrong is just plain and simple evil. Only a Nazi would want to condemn those who support the constitution, and who want freedom from overbearing and restrictive governments. Most Democrats that I have been listening to on the TV make themselves sound real good to those who cannot discern the truth, and they make themselves appear to be very misdirected in life to those who do know truth. People like Cohen and Pelosi are very misdirected, misguided people, who have had no direction in life. Their socialistic regime that they are pressing for is unacceptable. The countries like Canada, Britain, France, and Germany (there are others) who have been on a socialized government system would not have worked for as long as they have without the super power and support from the United States. The more socialized the U.S. became, the more those countries failed and went downhill. These countries would not have survived at all without the support they got from the U.S. They were just territories of the U.S. in reality, but no one wants you to know that. Germany had to close its doors to immigrants because it knew it couldn’t handle anymore people financially, and other countries needed to do the same. California refused to close its doors, and look at what’s happening to that state. People are fleeing that state to get away from it’s wreckless behavior and higher taxes. No one wants higher taxes or be forced to pay for things they already cannot afford. Yet, our Federal Government wants to meet a quota for bringing in immigrants yearly to push the entire nation into a bankrupt, lawless, godless, contentious, and starving nation. The people coming into our country will want a socialized government because that is all they know. They don’t know any difference. The people coming into our country are conditioned to think they should be entitled to free food, free houses, free medicine and doctors, etc., and they don’t care where the money comes from to support all of them. I visited Calgary, Alberta, Canada last year, and Calgary cannot support or provide shelter for all the homeless people there, even though they opened up every available building, including the Pavilion. Alberta has always been a Province with substantial wealth, however, because of all the Chinese, Japanese, and Pakistanian people that the Canadian government has placed there, Alberta is having a real hard time deciding what to do with all of them. It can’t handle the load they have been burdened with, thanks to their government. They simply cannot take care of all of them. Albertan’s are now coming to the U.S. for medical treatment because they cannot get into a hospital there. What good is a socialized system when it cannot and will not provide for all of its occupants. Women are coming here to the U.S. to have their babies because there aren’t any hospital beds for them in Canada. Socialized Health Systems do not work, and this is just one expample why. The U.S., Britian, Germany, France, etc. are all the same. It has always been my point of view, that unless someone has a job to go to in another country, they don’t have a reason to go there, so why is our government so set on bringing them here? People need to stay in their own countries, and their governments need to take care of them. It’s not greener on the other side of the fence, and the Federal Government needs to stop bringing people into our country that really don’t need to be here, especially when they are bringing their problems with them. The Federal Government wants to increase our taxes so that more people can be brought into our country, and yes, they will take our jobs. Go and teach those people to stop having so many babies in their own country, just like what you are trying to condition our college kids to do in our country, and make their own governments responsible for their own people. Quit putting all the burden on us, and quit trying to tell us what we can or cannot do! And especially quit trying to tell the innocent and ignorant citizens of this land that those who stand for the constitution, and want the truth to be made known, are Nazi’s, because you will stand at God’s tribunal soon some day, and will have to answer for leading the public astray. You will be held accountable for attending to your own needs, and not the needs of the people of this country. It’s called “Unrighteous Dominion”.

  • AZMom

    What Cohen seems to not know and many others don’t appear to know is that years BEFORE the Hitler German Nazi’s rounded up and slaughtered the Jews they experimented with socialized medicine aka nationalized healthcare. When it got too costly they rounded up and slaughtered the “infirm”; the physically and mentally disabled. Then they forced abortions and sterilization on women they feared would give birth to “inferior” children. Search: “Forgotten Holocaust”. If either side is heading down the path of the Nazi’s (who were Leftist, despite the propaganda claiming otherwise)it is the Democrats and their push for a similar healthcare plan. It is too costly, there simply is not enough money to go around.

  • http://mikekakish@remaxwest mkakish

    cohen has no respect to the REP parties ,should say sorry,more people die in the right than left,god bless GOP,

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      we have got to change that ratio. As I had written on my helmet in Nam ” Kill a Commie for your Mommie and God “

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        sorry meant ” Kill a Commie for God and your Mommie.”


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