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Code Words

March 5, 2012 by  

Code Words

Things don’t just happen. In the back rooms or inner sanctums, there are change agents whose job it is to create control words or phrases that are repeated over and over to dumb us down and cause conditioned responses.

Here is a sampling of control words or phrases. There are many others:

Democracy: This is the most used and overused word in the world. It was born in America, and every politician and bureaucrat uses the word democracy. This word implies human liberty in the public mind. The truth is the word “democracy” is used as a cover or disguise for all manner of chicanery of governments and politicians. Some of the most brilliant people use the word “democracy” over and over. Little do they realize how this control word misleads. People who use the word “democracy” in its various perverted forms are closet socialists. Some politicians are aware of the deceptive use of the word “democracy,” but not all. Most people just mimic the word because they hear it so much.

Terrorist: This word was mostly hatched by President George W. Bush. It is/was a code word to begin the final demolition of the rule of law in the United States. This code word has come to identify any and all who disagree with the systemic destruction of law and order. They are dubbed dissidents and are subject to arrest and prosecution on frivolous charges or no charges. Bush never knew what he was saying when he spouted the word “terrorist” (which he couldn’t pronounce). He never knew that the word “terrorist” was a control word created to start a final war on the Americans and personal liberty.

“See your doctor” or “tell your doctor”: These are control phrases originating in the secret towers of the pharmaceuticals. They are dependency phrases repeated millions of times a day. They are designed to keep the public from even questioning doctors who are brainwashed in medical schools controlled by the pharmaceuticals. The control phrases were created to build a prescription drug culture in America. Has the plan succeeded? Yes, to the tune of trillions of dollars of profits upon a hapless drug-dependent society. Doctors are unwittingly pharmaceutical’s lackeys, pushing drugs on an ignorant people. The drug culture has actually caused the public to believe that drugs heal in the place of whole food and nutrition. In time, the medical establishment will bankrupt and destroy the United States. Dr. Benjamin Rush, in the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, warned of this very day of medical mafia.

Pay Your Fair Share: This is a control phrase created to condition the public mind to a perverted “fairness” that uses an altruistic public to feel obligated morally to pay taxes. It tells the conscious mind to “do the right thing.” This phrase helps extract tax money without allowance for logic or legality.

Taxpayer: The elite created the term “taxpayer” to force us all to think of ourselves as “taxpayers.” If we think of ourselves as taxpayers, we become willing taxpayers or income-tax payers. Most Americans believe that the U.S. government is financed by income taxes.

Income taxes have absolutely nothing to do with sending money to Washington as taxes. In fact, income taxes began only as recently as World War II for most Americans.

The Federal Income Tax has a dual purpose; neither is for income to run the government. The first purpose is to control consumption and redistribute welfare to the masses of low-income or no-income Americans. The second reason is the creation of a system of dossiers on every citizen: a spy system, no less.

I will quote from a speech by Beardsley Ruml, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve from 1941 to 1946, to dispel the widely believed myth that your income taxes are needed for government income. I repeat that your income taxes have nothing to do with providing income to the Federal government.

In a famous paper titled “Taxes for Revenue Obsolete,” which was read before the American Bar Association during the last year of World War II, Ruml said, “The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for the states and local governments, but it is not true for a national government.” [Emphasis mine]

The speech was originally printed in American Affairs in the January 1946 issue. The editor of American Affairs wrote: “His (Ruml’s) thesis is that given (1) control of a central banking system and (2) an inconvertible currency, a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation, therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences.”

The entire speech can be read here. It is very valuable information to reveal the fraud of income taxes as Americans understand it.

Well, what about money to run the government? Ruml was referring to the fiat monetary system with which the Federal government could print its money with no need for income taxes.

Can we imagine the economic prosperity in America if the fraudulent income tax system were done away with? But I don’t think that it will happen because hundreds of thousands of lawyers and accountants would have to find productive work. They love the income tax system! It will have to collapse! Then the Internal Revenue Service would be destroyed with its army of highly paid parasites.

Collecting income taxes, like the medical system, is a fraud on the backs of Americans.

The second plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Here are some terms that were left out, Bob. “Character” is a worthless word these days. Not too long ago, a man used some extremely relevant thooughts to express the value and significance of CHARACTER. It seems more than strange that the current White House denizen is indifferent to it. In fact, you could claim that this word is NOT in his dictionary (if he ever knew what it meant).
    “Hope” and “change” are usually thought of separate words. However, when they’re used as promises and indicators of good things to come via an election, it serves to prove that someone who uses words to mislead and abuse others is not to be trusted.
    Jobs is a fairly simple term – normally. Since the current pretender moved into the W H, it is just another meaningless word. Lots of talk, but damn little action, to be specific.
    Bailout is a disgusting term. Now, it means something that is doled out to ‘friends,’ favorite banks and groups concerned with conducting class warfare.
    To keep this short, my last word is Constitution. To be ‘fair’
    [THERE's a term], neither party has much use for it. However, when you take a solemn oath and you ignore it, Americans have the right to look at elected types as nothing less than two-legged vermin.
    I’m tempted to throw in ‘president.’ However, this is another meaningless term, and it’s time for others to jump into this topic.

    • Michael J.

      Yes the word “President”, and espescially it’s present usage when conjoined with Obama becomes the ultimate oximoron and is a perfect example why the misuse and overuse of certain words sends them to the trash heap of obsolescence.

      “Natural”is another such now meaningless word. Trampled to death in the 1970′s by manufacturers and food producers aiming to gain market share for their products. A defensible word because by definition, if it exist in nature, it is natural. Canine feces for example is 100%natural.

      “Political Correctness” which became the socially acceptable word phrase that replaced “The Communist Manifesto” while retaining the same list of goodies dressed up for consumption by the dumbed-down masses under a chemtrail sky is another good example of designer word phrases.

      “Global Warming” is a phrase designed to instill fear in the minds of the American Idol crowd. Those whose indoctrination has left them socially and politically challenged, delving only superficially (often obsorbing titles only) into matters that momentarily divert their attention from Simpson re-runs. Early on this term was deemed indefensible and was redefined as “Climate Change” which has a NATURAL ring to it.

      • Cliffystones

        Along with “natural” goes “organic”. Any substance with carbon in it is by strict definition organic. Sure our food, but gasoline, motor oil, coal etc. as well.

      • Lcar

        “Undocumented immigrant” is a term meant to instill the notion that the ILLEGAL ALIEN is some how here due to a paperwork error. It nullifies the reality of law breakers and tresspassers!

      • Burt B

        Yes and the dope dealers are merely unlicensed Pharmacists.

      • granny mae

        It is long past time for everyone in this country to stand up and take notice ! Not just take notice but to act in any way they can to preserve our Constitution and prosacute everyone that circumvents it in any way !

      • granny mae

        Yes I know the spelling is off but what the heck , my speller is getting old !

      • Robert Smith

        “Pro-Life” actually means pro death when it comes to universal health care.


        • Mad Dog

          Rob, I’m not sure I follow. Did you mean “Pro-Choice” actually means pro-death? That makes a little more sense. However, I still have a problem with “Universal Healthcare”. You know, I wasn’t even aware that the Universe was feeling poorly. Must be more of that global warming stuff … getting sucked right through a worm-hole and shooting out across the galaxy.

      • AnneOnymous

        Can’t anyone see? The phrase, “Anybody but Obama” is really dangerous.. You don’t know what your actually going to get because, “Anybody but Obama” is blocking your intellect. What will you get? Someone even worse, at worse and someone who won’t be able to keep his/her promises at best. So, what are we in store for? I shudder to think but your all correct.. We need a true leader.. I would suggest Ron Paul, but obviously there aren’t enough ‘me’ out there to over rule the snakes that are slithering toward our demise. All I can hope is that the lot of you quit saying and thinking, “Anybody but Obama” and use your vote for the benefit of the Nation. Your vote counts, please vote wisely.

      • June

        The “impostor” camping out in the oval office, is NOT a president and I refuse to refer to him as anything other than obama-soetoro! He has no “character” (only an ideology) so why would he ever use the word.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Add ‘Working American’ to that list as well.

      • FreedomFighter

        It will have to collapse! Then the Internal Revenue Service would be destroyed with its army of highly paid parasites.

        That is the plan, then bring in the heros, New World Order world government. You will be chipped, money as we know it will not exist, scan your hand or head. All bartering will be illegal — Agenda 21 will be fully implemented. Your children will be dumbed down, education will be indoctrination, all will serve the state or be purged.

        We are the last generation that can stop this, we are waking up, but will it be in time?

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Mike in PA

        Job Creators

      • granny mae


        That is my question exactly ! Are we in time. My son just pulled his teenage son out of public school today because he doesn’t like what he is being taught and the kid has been attacked twice in the last two months. The school can’t or won’t keep him safe and seems to have gone off the deep end so he will be home schooled from this day on ! What a sad situation this is. Oh by the way there was some gang fighting last week at the school and 16 guns were found along with numerous knives ! All this and there is a resorce officer employed at this school and I guess he had no clue this was going down untill a girl told her mother about it and she called the school and the police ! The school was placed on lock down but if you ask anyone they will deny it ever happened but the kids have put it all over their facebook walls and strongly afirm it all happened ! I believe the kids !

    • Warrior

      “Rights” = “Free Stuff”

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Add to that Social Justice. The words meaning whatever the politicians want them to mean.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        How often have we heard “I want to give back to the community”, or “I want to make a difference”. The sayings all come with the monotone, low and phony pious voice.

      • Burt B

        Of course, liberals are always very eager to “give back to the community” with somebody else’s money.

      • pweiters9

        3/6/12, That’s right, Warrior. Free stuff means someone else foots the bill.

      • olinda moore

        and the people dont have the right to check what the kids read on the new books they have at school,some of them you read a boy with the name of a girl,what are they learning at school this days. And about global warming,thats a natural fenomenosthat happens when people cut the trees and dont replace them,the root of the trees keep the moisteron the land,thas why panama have thebigger rainforce and they take a tree down to sale for construction they plant another one in that place,is diferent over here nobody care cut all the treesand sale it and they forgot to plant the new one becouse they lazy,they dont love the land us to take care,is so easy to plant,thats the reason we have global warming,we the people can do this and dont have to give all gore millions for.remember We The People can change things better than Obama………

    • flashy

      Add to that list of brainwashing code words …

      “Founding Fathers”
      “Liberals” (or “progressives”)
      “attacks on Christianity”

      • Warrior

        Women’s Rights = “More Free Stuff”
        Abortion = “Murder”
        “Disingenuous” = “Fact”

      • Tikvah

        @ FLASHY
        ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?(Freaking…code word )
        Patriot & Founding Fathers =are HISTORICAL FACTS.
        LIBERAL & PROGRESSIVES=ARE what THEY CALL THEMSELVES!!!…Hillary Clinton & Maxine Waters can be HEARD calling THEMSELVES this on YOUTUBE….(YOUTUBE.=”code word” for YOU on the Tube!).Ever heard of “PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE”?GOOGLE it,it’s owned by “progressives”.,
        ATTACKS on Christianity=YOU ARE RIGHT but you left out JEWS because the Koran says…”Make no friends of Christians OR JEWS!
        **BTW I have to disagree with this article because the term TERRORIST DID NOT start with GWB…it’s from Muhammad,1400 years ago…”Strike TERROR in their hearts”.

      • Tikvah

        @ FLASHY
        P.S. I didn’t finish that quote from the Koran’ in response to your “CODE WORD” ,ATTACK on Christianity…..(& Judaism)
        “Take no friends of Christians & JEWS…

      • Mad Dog

        @ Warrior, PERFECT :
        Women’s Rights = “More Free Stuff”
        Abortion = “Murder”
        “Disingenuous” = “Fact”

        I would just add: ProChoice = Abortion = Murder

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I’ve just spent the last 6 hrs at a MSM site and to come back here and see Flashy’s post makes me laugh. Thanks Flash. I needed that!

      • flashy

        Tikvah …. isn’t this the list of Code Words used by the Right to incite one of the elements of the Tea Party and to regain control of the minds if they begin to slip into independent thought?

        Fear, Hate, Ignorance. The Tea Party Trilogy. “Us” versus “them”. polarization (refusal to compromise while accusing the other side of such).

      • DaveH

        “Fear, Hate, Ignorance”?
        Sounds like you’ve summed up Liberal/Progressives quite well, Flashman.
        Although I would add ‘Theft, Control, and Force’ to the description.

      • http://Ray@facebook Ramon Hardesty

        I thought that the words Patriot was the best word to brain wash people . It will condition FREEDOM in the minds of the USA Citizens and to the world , : Stay alert and free ! Do not let the democracy live in a free country . !! We here in the USA have been free for about 237 years . Those who fought for our freedom is our forefathers . They took the chance and won .

        We fought in two wars that was not to be fought . Korea and Viet Nam . I was in Viet Nam. There are a lot of memories that still linger in the back of my mind . Why didn’t the President say ” We must win this battle and end it now”!! Then we could all be heroes …

      • Old Henry

        Hey Rev:

        Better be careful about spending such protracted amounts of time at MSM sites. You could end up with Aids of the mind.

      • Old Henry

        Fear, Hate, Ignorance

        Actually flashy, that is the Democrat Party’s triune god.

      • JeffH

        Yeah flashy, yeah…why is the Tea Party such a threat to you progressives? Oh, that’s right…because they represent the anti-progressive…want to reign in excessive government growth, spending and taxation…believe in the Constitution as it was intended…to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets…pretty scary stuff huh?

      • flashy

        The Tea Party represents, and is a symptom of, the the catharsis currently enveloping this nation. A “we” versus “them’ mentality which harbors no leeway for compromise. It is built, operated and financed based upon the reliability of leading the masses who are easily swayed and influenced by fear, hate and ignorance.

        • Mad Dog

          @ Flashy, you couldn’t be more wrong about your perceptions regarding the TEA Party Movement. I am member of this movement, I have attended hundreds of meetings at the local, state and national level. I have NEVER met anyone that would justify or personify the things you say or the way you feel.

          Please believe me when I say: “Do NOT Believe what you hear from the Media” (any major source including FOX). I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed the media making blatant lies about the TPM. They are not divisive, the ARE very inclusive. The exclude no one, and no opinions. Their primary agenda is to simply shrink big-government and crony-capitalism, return power to the states and municipalities, balance government budgets, reduce (and eventually eliminate) our national debt. They are NOT proponents of eliminating the governments, taxes or services – per se. They are simply focused on shifting such responsibilities to public levels that can best control, moderate and reduce the trillions being wasted.

      • WIA Ben

        flashy = uncle BS

      • flashy

        MD…I make my statements based upon three sources.

        One is media and reading various articles from various sources, taking out the fluff and digesting the facts, trends, and substance.

        Another is from various sites such as this one

        The third is personal interaction with those who identify with the TP.

        It’s a following where facts have no meaning, reality is displaced, anger and fear are the paramount elements, and there is a distinctive tinge of wanting to regress back to an agrarian society governmental structure ignoring the consequences of such in a modern technological world.

        • Mad Dog

          Flashy: I’m so glad that you have that unique talent of “taking out the fluff and digesting the facts, trends and substance”. Because the media always clearly delineates between the fluff and the facts.

          You gain insight about the TP from sites like Bob Livingston’s. I would challenge you to provide me with just one link from Bob’s site that would substantiate your prejudice.

          You go on to accuse the TP as a ” … following where facts have no meaning, reality is displaced, anger and fear are the paramount elements, and there is a distinctive tinge of wanting to regress back to an agrarian society governmental structure ignoring the consequences of such in a modern technological world.”

          I could provide you with specific meeting agendas and proposed political platforms that deal with specifics. All you offer is convenient generalities and euphemisms like “displaced anger and fear”.

          I’m going to waste my time with you and explain the TP’s concern for modern agriculture. Corporate giants like Monsanto are corrupting this country’s agricultural process and the ability to sustain long-term challenges. They are in fact doing this world-wide. They are introducing hundreds of GMO into our farms, our grocery stores and our diets. And you are non-the-wiser. They are corrupting any resemblance of heirloom seeds that have survived the many different challenges of our various climates and geographic locations. The massive herbicides like Roundup have made nearly every farmer dependent upon both their herbicide and their customized GMO seeds. It is becoming increasingly difficult or even illegal for farmers to practice agriculture without the chemical poisons provided to them by the Monsanto’s of the world. The health and diversity of our seed banks is crumbling and the overall condition of our farm lands is in decay. As we move closer and closer to any number of different agricultural calamities, the world’s population continues to grow (7 Billion and no sign of stopping).

          [ PS - Flashy are you aware that RoundUp's original name was Agent Orange. It was declared illegal by the entire world after Vietnam. Monsanto changed their corporate name and the name of their number one poison and started making BILLIONS overnight? ]

          The TP is aware of all this and more. They are actively resisting the monopolistic totalitarianism that our Government (right up to the Supreme Court) not only sanctions but continues to write and enforce laws that will put “The Power of Food into the Hands of a very FEW”.

          And YOU and your liberal media friends would call this “… regressing back to an agrarian society …” Idiots!! Research what I’ve posted. You’ll find it to be true. NOW, what would you do to stop this run-away locomotive that WILL significantly reduce the world’s food supply, drastically increase the cost of basic food, and put all the Control & Power of Food into the hands of a very few? Flashy, what would YOU do?

      • JeffH

        flashy says “One is media and reading various articles(on the Tea Party) from various sources, taking out the fluff and digesting the facts, trends, and substance.”

        Considering that you’re basic premise on anything is pure “fluff”…you haven’t a clue about what a “fact” is(other than your deluded opinion)…basically flashy, your eyes are brown because you’re full of it…considering your complete lack of credibility and distortions of the truth or outright mis-truths why would anyone believe you in the first place.

      • granny mae

        You are so full of BS, I’ll bet your eyes are brown !

      • Lyle Kelley

        I believe the “code word” – PATRIOT is used by every politician to brainwash every voter into siding with them no matter what their agenda is.

      • Dennis48e

        To paraphrase a country song by I think Tom T:

        Pay no attention to Flashy he’s drunk all the time, drunk on libreral wine, bunches of it, and it’s ruined his mind>

      • flashy

        MD…you’re hangin’ with the wrong crowd. you should be with the OWS and the Progressives who have been fighting the fight against genetic changing of foods and monsanto’s 9etc0 stranglehold on the industry.

        What you espouse in having Ag return to ag and not science and chemmies means government intervention and oversight.. which gets you dissed on this site.

        Go ahead, ask how many would welcome government intervention in the “free market’ of genetics and chemmies in our food.

        • Mad Dog

          PLEASE EVERYONE READ AND VOTE: Demonstrate to Flashy that we are (or are not) opposed to GMOs. We are (or are not) apposed to the strong-arm tactics of Monsanto:
          ___ Apposed or ____ In Favor of GMOs and Monsanto-type Monopolies

          Flashy, I doubt that you’re right, but we’ll put it to the test. First I must explain to you that what I’m advocating is not MORE government intrusion, but LESS. You see, Flashy, we have to go way back to the 1980′s when – for the first time in the history of the United States – the Supreme Court passed a ruling that allowed for the Patent of a Living Organism. I am ashamed to say that it was a conservative position championed by Clearance Thomas. Furthermore, it disgusts be to disclose that prior to his current appointment, Thomas was employed by … Monsanto! So you see, Flashy, what I and the pro-agrarian TP movement would advocate is a return to when independent farmers were allowed to harvest, store and replant THEIR OWN SEEDS. Thanks to the strong-arm of Monsanto, the FDA and USDA – backed by the Supreme Court and the US Attorney General – farmers have been ALL BUT FORCED to plant RoundUp ready seeds from Monsanto, and use the herbicide poison, RoundUp, to compete with this technologically advanced agricultural travesty.

          Understanding that — you may first wish to check out Bob Livingston’s opinion on general labeling of GMO products (which is only a small sub-set of the overall problem), and then check out the 158 responses to see how his readers generally stand on this issue:

          Flashy, you commented that I should switch sides and join the OWS. As I mentioned before, the TP is incredibly inclusive. We care not about Blue vs Red vs OWS. We are as apposed to Corporate Welfare as we are to Individual Welfare. We are apposed to subsidies of ALL industries and bailouts to ALL companies. However, I must admit, though I have talked with and listened to many OWS’ers, I’ve never met one that voiced an opinion about GMO or Monsanto; but I’m willing to accept anyone’s help.

      • JeffH

        Mad Dog, am enjoying your resolve with flashy and your common sense approach.

        • Mad Dog

          Thanks, but nobody’s voting one way or the other. Oh well, nobody votes in the real world either.

          In other words, Monsanto and their overload (the NWO) has already won.

      • DaveH

        I vote for Free Markets and Voluntary contracts, something that Flashman and his Progressive cohorts abhor. Ironically, Flashman’s Progressive Leaders are more likely to bed down with Monsanto than to buck it. Flashman either knows that or is extremely ignorant.
        I’m not saying Monsanto should be able to get away with it’s abuses. I’m saying that Monsanto should get no protection from Government at the expense of its competitors, its customers, and the taxpayers. Let the consumer decide what to buy and what to not buy.

        • Mad Dog

          As a general rule, Dave, I too would vote for Free Markets and Voluntary Contracts. I wonder if that will be enough to alter the direction of this corrupt system. It’s a little bit like our Healthcare system: it’s completely out of control and for many – they can’t live with it and they can’t live without it. Healthcare has become so interwoven with our society, culture, business and economy that it’s highly unlikely to be resolved in our lifetime. American Agriculture is just like that.

          Bless their shriveled-up little souls, but most Ag professionals, businesses and politicians thought they were doing the right thing. They knew the number of mouths to feed in America was growing quickly. They knew the number of mouths to feed around the world was growing even faster. They supported every new technology that would maximize production – REGARDLESS of any other sacrifices or compromises. It was determined that massive amounts of corn and soy could be grown quickly and introduced into every form of processed-food. They discovered that by re-engineering the grain’s DNA, they could maximize carbohydrates (without regard for the significant loss in protein and vitamins). They invented a series of herbicides and pesticides that would kill ANYTHING that wasn’t genetically modified to withstand these chemical poisons (without regard for how many years it would effect future crops or wash into the ground water (drinking water) and pollute an unknown number of ecosystems). They learned that high-carb, high-sucrose grains enabled ranchers to bring their livestock to market faster and cheaper. They learned through hybrids and DNA modifications that cattle, pigs and chickens could be fattened up and brought to market even faster and cheaper. They learned that by pumping the livestock with growth hormones they could maximize growth size and speed, as well as milk and egg production (without regard for the same hormones ending up in our diet). They discovered that by providing a constant flow of antibiotics to the livestock, they could prevent costly viruses and illnesses from slowing down or reducing production (without regard for overuse and dysfunction of antibodies in either livestock or humans – leaving us defenseless against a growing number of deadly viruses). They would turn a blind eye to the fact that the same high-carb high-sugar diet that was fattening up the livestock was also fattening up our people; a blind eye to obesity and all the diseases related to obesity. Later they learned that the same mass-produced corn fields could possible fuel our cars and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

          Once these wheels were set in motion, the kind-hearted politicians had no qualms about SUBSIDIZING the hell out of this perverted excuse for a food chain. Consequently – today 95% of all American can afford to eat meat, dairy and eggs. If it weren’t for these subsidies, as many as 50% or 150 million Americans could not afford meat, dairy or eggs; they would be forced to eat a much healthier diet of fruits and vegetables.

          Just like “Universal Healthcare”, this sounds like a pretty good system. The only problem is the nutritional quality of the food is significantly reduced. The food is becoming less and less safe. Hormones and antibiotics continue to saturate our diet and our bodies. Our farmland is being seriously (perhaps permanently) depleted of it’s nutrients and ability to produce crops. And the likelihood of a natural catastrophe wiping out the vast majority of our crops and future seed banks is becoming increasingly likely (like the potato famine of Ireland – TIMES 100).

          I fear it’s just too late for Voluntary Contracts and Free Market evolution. Quite honestly, it’s probably TOO LATE – Period!

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Hey flashy, you don’t like the words, “founding fathers”. Why not? Are you afraid we’ll return, as nation, to the better way of doing things and people who only suck off of the nipple will be cut off and, perish the thought, have to work for a change?

      • DaveH

        I hate to burst your bubble, Mad Dog, but people could afford to eat many more things than they can now with the productivity of Free Markets. What they choose to eat would be their choice (as it should be) not the Government’s choice which is usually to protect their Crony Capitalists.
        It is never too late for Free Markets. It is never too late for people to gain knowledge and Freedom.

        • Mad Dog

          I’m not sure what bubble you think you’re busting, DaveH. I’m fairly certain we both agree the best – probably only – way to go is with a Free Market Enterprise. Certainly under normal circumstances, good old fashioned competition is the best way to return this country to a position of Agricultural strength. Indeed, all the problems that I attempted to enumerate are a direct cause of government intervention, over-regulation, and market-killing subsidies. I apparently did not express that very clearly.

          My closing caution – where I suggested it may be too late for our Free Markets to reverse all the harm that’s been done – was not a criticism of Free Markets. Rather, it was a warning that if some plague, drought, or blight was to strike our farmland before we have a chance to eradicate the Monsanto’s from our agricultural system – then it quite simply “will be too late”.

          Just like our economy is little more than a house-of-cards based on lies; so too is our agricultural system vulnerable to a myriad of calamities that would leave millions of American bellies empty.

    • Warrior

      “Deficicts ” = “Rcih Aren’t Paying Their Fair Share”

    • Tom W.

      Let’s face it everybody there’s a lot of people who make a LOT of money studing us and the way words can be manipulated to express a certain agenda! You’re exposed to it everyday if you watch TV. No wonder everything is so —- up! We are the TV generation raised craddle to grave by the greastest nanny of all time, the boob-tube!!! From fuzzy black and white to crystal clear techno-color HD, how far we’ve come! The only place that we’ve out done entertainment (brainwashing) in technological advances is in the different ways we’ve devived to kill each other!!! Bob, I don’t believe that W coined the term “terrorist”! Was it the “72″ Olympics when the PLO kidnapped and killed those Israeli atheletes that the term first began to get a lot of air-time? My favorite Sly Stallone movie was “Night Hawks” with Billy Dee Williams and Rutger Hauer. An excellent film for defining the definition and purpose of terrorism!!! It’s a vicious circle isn’t it Bob? The health care industry is the prime example of how the NWO is going to be, if you don’t have no insurance, they’ll throw you to the curb! In the same way, if the NWO terms you expendable, they’ll simply turn off your chip. Then you’ll be unable to buy, sell, or trade. (Rev. 13:16-18!!!) In his documentary “America; Freedom to Facsim” the late film maker Aaron Russo made the claim that 100% of the taxes collected by the IRS went to pay the interest owed to the FED for the loans created by a fiat currency!
      Tim Russert, Andrew Brietbart, Aaron Russo, coincidence?!! Yeah I know I’m a hopeless conspiracy theorist! But you gotta admit! I’m just sayin’…
      JESUS IS COMIN’! You’d better get ready!!!

      • Lyle Kelley

        Every merchant in the world learned a long time ago if they kept repeating the same story over and over the general public would eventually come to believe it.

    • wandamurline

      How about “keeping you safe”, then allowing your 4th and 14th amendments to the Constitution be stomped every time you try to board a plane….every criminal in America has the right to probable cause (they can pick you from a line without probable cause, mirandizing (once you are picked, you have no choice and no one tells you you have any rights), a warrant (they can seize your belongings without a warrant) and counsel (you do not get to call an attorney)….you don’t get any of these when radiated and probed at the airports. Then we have “draconian” …. this is the new word from the Demorats to try and demoralize the conservatives who are attempting to control their spending sprees. There are many more and the new one out of the DNC is “women’s right to contraceptives” instead of “Obama is making war on religious institutions by making them pay for something that is against their religion”. I could go on, but this is some of the ones that were left out.

      • DaveH

        You should read the 14th Amendment carefully, then read this:

        Then read the 14th Amendment again carefully. It was strictly the usual Sweet-Sounding Lies that Politicians specialize in foisting on the American Citizens. It was a Political move by the Republican Party to further centralize power to the Federal Government. It also served to punish those who had dared to declare self-government via the secession of the South by disenfranchising those Southerners who would not disavow their part in the war as so-called “rebels”.
        From section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment:
        “But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.”.
        Get it? “when the right to vote …. is denied” — “except for participation in rebellion”.

      • DaveH

        Also read this, wandamurline:

      • flashy

        DaveH..what is it you are suggesting? Abolishing the 14th?

      • DaveH

        I would abolish any of the Amendments (after the Tenth) which had the main purpose of giving the Federal Government more power over the States — The 14th, the 16th, the 17th, the 24th, and the 26th.

      • flashy

        in other words…you support abolishing

        = The Due Process Clause (prohibiting government from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without due process)
        = The Equal protection Clause (provide equal protection under the law to all the people)
        = Allowing an Income tax (the 16th)
        = Allowing for direct voting on Senators preventing political hacks and wealthy influencers from dealing behind closed doors
        = Prohibiting a tax or fee to be levied and paid before voting
        = Allowing 18 year olds the Right to Vote.

        Excuse me for asking..but what country did you say you were a patriot to?

      • granny mae


        You said it all, God bless you !

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “in other words…you support abolishing
        = The Due Process Clause (prohibiting government from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without due process)
        = The Equal protection Clause (provide equal protection under the law to all the people)
        = Allowing an Income tax (the 16th)
        = Allowing for direct voting on Senators preventing political hacks and wealthy influencers from dealing behind closed doors
        = Prohibiting a tax or fee to be levied and paid before voting
        = Allowing 18 year olds the Right to Vote”
        The Due Process Clause? It’s already covered in the Fifth Amendment.
        Equal protection? — One small piece in a large Amendment which, while noble, is neither observed by the Federal Government nor is it any of the Federal Government’s business to dictate to the States.
        Allowing an Income Tax? Just another enabler for the Federal Government’s outlandish growth.
        Allowing for direct voting? The people already had that for the House of Representatives. Our wise Founders knew that the Law-making Power was a Dangerous one so they purposely split the Congress in half to provide a check and balance to Federal Government Power. One half (the House) was to represent the people, and the other half was to represent the States (the Senate). The Leaders know that the further the seat of Government is from the people it represents, the less likely they (the Leaders) will be constrained by the people they are supposedly representing. This is effect allows the very thing that Flashman says he fears (allowing “political hacks and wealthy influencers from dealing behind closed doors”).
        Prohibiting a tax or fee for voting? Again, dictating the voting requirements for States is none of the Federal Government’s business. The States have their own Constitutions to address such issues.
        Allowing 18 year olds to vote? Just another Federal Government ploy to gain votes from people who usually haven’t even had to live on their own yet, and are freshly out of the Propaganda Schools. Again, it’s none of the Federal Government’s business to dictate the State’s voting requirements.

        And none of this has anything at all to do with Patriotism. But you will do your best to influence things by manipulative words, won’t you Flashman?
        I do want to thank you for giving me a chance to get through to the average reader who has heard your kind of Propaganda their entire lives, but has rarely heard other sides of the story.

      • DaveH

        Also the 14th Amendment was passed by sleight of hand by a Republican controlled Congress. As the article I linked to said:
        “Failing to secure the necessary three-fourths of the states, the Republican party, which controlled Congress, passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867 which placed the entire South under military rule”.

      • Lyle Kelley

        If everyone would only study the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JURISDICTION, as I have, they would learn that the Federal Governments Jurisdiction is very limited. All jurisdiction not granted to the Feds by the States, or the People, is left to the States, or the People. The Federal government, along with all DC politicians have duped the public for so long most people, now, never study this to understand what their rights really are.

      • sunshineIQ

        Right on. Obama is no American.

    • Mad Dog

      I would also like to add:
      * The Patriot Act (the antithesis of what I consider Patriotic)
      * The Federal Reserve (we all know, they are neither Federal nor represent any kind of Reserve. AND

      * Healthcare – I don’t know where to begin with this one. Most people think it’s some kind of guaranteed right; the right to what? be healthy? The only guarantee we have of being healthy is Diet and Exercise (to a lesser extent, genetics). And yet there is NO “insurance” for either Diet or Exercise. ??

      Healthcare insurance offers to pay for your hospitalization; There is no “less-healthy” place than the Hospitals. It offers to pay for your pharmaceutical drugs. Many of these drugs are just controlled dosages of Street Drugs with fancy names. Most (if not all) are highly addictive. There are more people addicted to prescription drugs that street drugs, and more people die from Rx drugs than Street drugs.

      Most people think the only way they can afford medical care/drugs is if we (i.e. everyone) has “Healthcare Insurance”; when in reality, it is the FAULT of “Healthcare Insurance” that medical expenses are SOOOO high. And with ObamaCARE, they are guaranteed to go higher.

      Most people cannot discern any difference between “Healthcare” and “Socialized Medicine”. Research on Socialized Medicine (Healthcare Insurance run rampant or governmental run and/or subsidized) has shown that overall COSTS will go UP, AND overall QUALITY of service will go DOWN.

      Lastly, Healthcare Insurance isn’t insurance at all. Insurance is supposed to be a hedge against CATASTROPHIC, unforeseeable events. HC Insurance is increasingly used to cover maintenance and prevention – less and less catastrophic. Now I agree that maintenance and prevention are good and necessary (remember Diet and Exercise), but it has no place in a Catastrophic Insurance model. It will, in fact, destroy or bankrupt a “catastrophic” Insurance model. It has been doing just that for the last 40 years; our system is broken; but we can’t fix it because of all our the misleading “code words” and intentional misrepresentations and misinformation.

      • flashy

        MD…”Most people think it’s some kind of guaranteed right;’ <—you

        Look to the General Welfare Clause as well as the 9th Amendment.

        Thank you

      • Mad Dog

        @ Flashy, I posted:

        “Most people think [Healthcare] is some kind of guaranteed right …”

        You Replied that I should: ” … Look to the General Welfare Clause, as well as the 9th Amendment. Thank you ”

        Let’s assume for a minute that the 9th Amendment or the General Welfare clause would in fact pertain here (which it doesn’t). IT DOESN’T MATTER!

        This so-called “HealthCare” — this code word — this misnomer — has NOTHING to do with Good Health. Did you not read my post or that of a dozen other’s. The Medical Industry is NOT focused on health care; they are focused on suppressing symptoms and diminishing pain. They practice almost nothing that is truly “preventative” in nature. Self admittedly they focus on “cures”. But have a very poor track record in even doing that (have you seen a cure for cancer lately?)

        Granted, this is largely only an opinion held by me and thousands of other health care providers. The AMA and the Pharmaceutical giants of course hold a different opinion. Regardless of your leanings, Flashy, under no circumstances can the practice of experimental medicine be considered critical to the General Welfare.

        Have you not seen the myriad of law suits being brought against the Big-Pharms, or this growing list of drugs being REMOVED for the safe list? This is bad stuff. This is stuff that closely resembles or is identical to street drugs. Flashy, is this really the kind of stuff you think the Constitution should guarantee as “General Welfare”.

        I would encourage you to check out a couple of the posts that are discussing “Brainwashing” !!!

      • One-Angel

        Mad Dog, I have worked in the healthcare field for decades. I agree with you.

        • Mad Dog

          Thank you – you’re an … Angel

    • Vigilant

      One of the most notorious examples of mind-conditioning phraseology is the term “obscene profits.” For decades now, the statists have wanted to train your mind to invariably think of “obscene” as the adjective for “profit” on every occasion, as if it were one word instead of two.

      The left loves to tell you of the oil industry’s 6 cents a gallon profit on gasoline. Let’s be generous here and raise that estimate to 10 cents by factoring in the subsidies and tax sheltering that’s done.

      Compare that with the 18.4 cent Federal Excise tax on each gallon, and the state and local taxes added on to that gallon. The governments at all levels collect 30-50 cents tax on each gallon of gasoline. At the most conservative of estimates, that’s 3 to 5 times more than the oil companies make. Now THAT is what I call “obscene profit.”

      • Puzzler

        You missed something, quite possibly because the Government doesn’t neccesrily tell us everything. As the fuel comes out of the ground, the oil; companies have to pay the value of 1/4 of each gallon pumped to the Government. That is before it goes to the refineries.

      • John

        That does not only goes to the government (although the government holds vast mineral rights in this country) but to whomever holds the mineral rights to that property. In many states, mineral rights are held separate from property rights.. i.e, you could own the property, but the mineral rights are owned by someone else or the government. I own property and mineral rights to them out in Wyoming and Montana, but I also hold the mineral rights only to some property. I get those royalty payments from the gas and oil industry from BOTH properties, even though i do NOT own the physical property in several cases…

      • Vigilant

        Puzzler, mineral rights royalties are an expense that show up on the income statement and are part of profit and loss. It’s already been factored in to come up with the profit per gallon.

      • independant thinker

        I think y’all are talking about two different things. There are royalties paid to the landowner then there is a “depletion tax” (can’t remember the proper term) paid to the government.

    • Old Henry

      In order to have character one must first have morals.

      Communists, frauds, criminals. liberals, socialists, progressives, liars, cheats, con artists, Democraps (ah but I repeat myself) have no morals. Hence it is impossible for such an animal to have character.

      When you see one of them you simply see a snake with legs. Just makes you want to grab the garden hoe and go after them.

      • John

        Add conservatives and republicans to your list.
        I have seen many who call them self conservatives and Christians and cry about the bible and or the constitution constantly…and they had absolute no morals and where liars and cheats… And I have seen many democrats that are down to earth law abiding moral citizens.
        Being immoral is called a human trait and is independent of race, religion and political ideology.

    • DG

      Most of those that comment appear to have understood the article. For those that miss the point and want to gain more of an understanding read the dialogues of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. They all at times dissect the language and how one can abuse the definitions to ones own gain, mislead the masses and corrupt the public. History does indeed repeat its self.

    • Incredulous1

      SC, add another word alongside CHARACTER, that being VIRTUE. Often used by our Founding Fathers, the word has digressed to little more than a reference to female chastity. Do a search for VIRTUE on any “famous quotes” web site focusing on our Founders. Precious few in D.C. could lay claim to it’s original meaning.


      When the constitution was written and they came up withthe ammendments they meant christian believers many Previous Presidents stated that If a man could not obey Gods word then he could not obey mans law , and as we see with obama that rings more true than ever.

  • TIME

    Bob, Again a good solid blog that has meat to it. Saddly, a few other words that people have learned mean one thing, yet in fact really mean something completely differant.

    Democrat = A One party system, Made up by anyone who has sold their soul to EVIL to follow a leader who hates them.

    Republican = One party system, Made up by anyone who has sold their soul to EVIL to follow a leader who hates them.

    DC = The US Inc. City state where 1+1=1 – this also applies to London and The Vatican.
    See the two above for more.

    Mass Media = A form of mass illussion, that has the American mass’s spell bound in a state of agressive stupidity, let alone complete Ignorance. The very Mass’s – Who will at the drop of a hat believe anything they are told. Even to even go and kill others with no valid reason to do so.

    Government = A strange form of Mass control that has no vlaue other than to compress the mass’s into “SERVITUDE” to allow a small group of people to become Demi Gods over the mass’s of fools who will follow with out any questions.

    Freedom = The ability to live in deep debt. Also to pay Globalist Bankers a high % of interest for the use of your own money.

    TAX’S = A form of enslavment made to look like its for your own good. When in fact it’s little more than a Tribute to the same Globalist Bankers to create a method of ridding the earth of the very people who pay the tax’s.

    Education = A system of removing your brain from a working tool, to a bag of mush. Learning to follow a leader whom you are told is there for your own good.
    Thus Taking away all your free will and replacing it with a smile on your face while you wear your new chains of SERVITUDE.

    ACTS as LAWS = A form of all of the above used to make simple minded people think that its all for their own good. While taking away the alledged freedoms that you think you had.
    When in fact you never had any freedom’s to start with as it was all just a well played illussion.

    Truth = LIES.


    I could go on all day long.

    Peace and Love,

    • raw

      The bible said the end times can be recognized when people no longer know the difference between right & wrong, & they claim left is right, black is white, up is down, in is out… We are now living in Bizarro World!!!

      • Karolyn

        “Bizarro World” because you choose not to look at things differently but hold to what has been thought before? It is very freeing when one chooses to think outside the box and loosens the chains of conformity.

      • DaveH

        Can you give us some examples, Karolyn?

      • Karolyn

        Dave – With what little investigation I have done, I can only say that nothing in this world is real, and it is all an illusion. I would love to make a study of quantum physics, but I am not a very scientific person. All I know is what I believe to be. I won’t open up a can of worms here, Dave, I had enough battles fought here over the weekend and am tired of being slammed for what I believe.

      • Mild Bill

        Karolyn is an idiot ! I get out of bed each morning with a renewed outlook. I make personal judgements based on aquired knowledge, tested and proven methods. I try new theories when they seem worthy, and if they hold up I move them “inside” my box. When you “step outside the box” with both feet at every opportunity that avails itself, perhaps you should recheck the contents of your “box” and the prior tools you have accumulated for surely they are of little use if you refuse to use them and hone them and are constantly in the search to reaffirm their value to you. Maybe you have made poor choices. . . . . I would hazzard a guess that you are a liberal, right? . . . . The liberal mindset is to question everything everytime, is it not? . . . . It’s the “Midas touch” of the thought process ! Somewhere you need to reach conclusive thought as a base to build on. Liberals are “the glass is 1/2 empty crowd” that look to the negatives of all so as to destroy any hope that there is “some” good that can be built on in almost any idea. . . They are guided by only the bad, and therefore that is why liberals are not a happy lot. Go back and look in your box Karolyn and see what tools you need. I feel you and most other liberals have only one main tool. That tool is a hammer. . . . When your main tool is a hammer, all problems look like nails !

      • Michael J.

        Karolyn, Dear Karolyn meant to say;
        With what little investigation I have done, I can only say that while one pill makes you larger and one pill will make you small, and the ones that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all. Go ask alice when she’s 10 feet tall. Nothing in this world is real, and it is all an illusion. I would love to take a journey to the center of the mind, where fantasy is fact, but I am not a very scientific person. All I know is what I believe to be. I won’t open up a can of worms here, Dave, I had enough battles fought here over the weekend and am tired of being slammed for what I believe.

        No slamming here Karolyn, you recently posted that you voted for Ron Paul. I believe the significance of that is huge and I whole heartedly applaud your action. Peace, Love and Flower Power Forever Baby !!!!

      • Karolyn

        Well, Mild Bill, I am certainly no idiot. My 65 year path has led me to where I am today, and I am quite content with that. To learn something new every day makes life an adventure. Contrary to what you’ve said, I have found that most conservatives are the negative ones. I look for the good in all and everything. What you concentrate on expands. And, contrary to what you think, I am an independent with left leanings. I can see merit in a variety of subjects on both sides of the fence.

      • JimH

        Karolyn, Realiity is an illusion brought on by a kool-aid deficiancy.

      • DaveH

        Karolyn says “I have found that most conservatives are the negative ones. I look for the good in all and everything. What you concentrate on expands. And, contrary to what you think, I am an independent with left leanings. I can see merit in a variety of subjects on both sides of the fence”.
        As I’ve said before, Karolyn, it’s a lot easier to have a smile on your face when you’re helping yourself to other peoples’ money or lives, than it is for them to have one.

    • Daniel-Christopher

      Well said,… that about covers it. Glad to see so many free thinking people here. It is encouraging for sure. You and the many others here that actually recognize the what has happened and speaking up and educating others is awesome and applaud the time and effort you put in to your posts. Great reading the truth that some would either like to hide or hide from.

    • granny mae


      You dear heart have been doing your homework and have nailed it once again !
      God Bless !

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Add entitlement generation to the list.

  • cawun cents

    Words have always been used to either boggle or edify.
    To some the use of”democracy”code words are central to their means of brainwashing those they wish to subjugate.Make no mistake….these particular words that the leftist liberal uses are effective tools in the arsenal of shadow talk.They are chosen specifically to create conditions by which true(leftist)thinkers ruminate on the processes.Designed to cause a sense of wellbeing and measure of secular humanity,these catchwords and phrases have and are being used worldwide by the Socialiste Democratique.To entice and encite the radical left into action,the words are repeated over and over again,to astounding efficiency.

    This is a carefully planned action,causing a planned response.Words are power,and they give life to certain aspects of political mindbending.You can hear them from either side of the spectrum.The right uses”Constitution”and”liberty”much the same way as the left uses,”democracy”and”freedom”.The smart thing to do is to understand that it is never what you hear that is to be frightened of,rather it is the actions of those speaking these words to you.Walking the walk,instead of talking the talk,is the supreme identifier of politesse in its myriad forms.Enticing the weakminded into subservience,and enciting the dullards to accusation,keeps the mind conditioned to responses in your demographic categories.

    Marketing is their overall strategy.To market the idealism which causes you to charge gleefully into the voting box come November.Hotbutton current issues are planted in your minds on a regular basis to keep you shadowing a particular agenda.As you are fed the words in a specific category at the planned time,your reaction is then noted and taken into perspective for future use by the democratic socialist spin-doctors.Techniques which are used on prisoners to break down their defenses,are shifted to cause the opposite reaction of building them up,when the marketers find it useful to employ and empower you.

    How can you stop this from happening to you?

    Never go along to get along.
    Always question authority(specifically when it comes to government sources).
    Observe the use of Shadow Talk,in relation to the Shadow Walk.
    Lend criticism to your own way of thinking.
    Stand in the other persons shoes for a moment.(figuratively)…..lest we kill another for his highly coveted Nikes.
    Understand that there are forces out there which are at work deliberately trying to encite and entice you for nefarious purposes.(conspiracy is another overlooked term)
    Get yourself a godd male bovine scat detector.
    Build in yourself character,integrity,honor,politeness,and other good virtues,and realize the value of them in all conditions.
    Never compromise yourself to join with a group that preaches one thing a does another.

    If you display and keep faithful to these basic tenants,you will be seen as helpful to whatever cause you envision as your own.And you will be far less likely to be brainwashed into subservience by those who wish to subjugate you.


    • Michael J.

      Excellent !!!

    • peter

      Really like these comments, but respectfully ask to add the following: Never judge another by your own standards and never lower your standards to accomodate theirs.

      • cawun cents

        More appropriately stated to avoid the mindslayers and their craft,

        “Toleration is the last virtue of an immoral society”-James Kennedy

        This is where your words wring true.
        It pertains to my first rule of avoiding the mindslayers craft,
        “Never go along to get along”
        I think that covers what you said in your reply to an extent.

        Many think of toleration as a virtue.
        Few understand its flaws by use of critical thinking.

        To a small degree some tolerations are acceptable.
        But to the degree of political rammification,its is not necessarily so.
        Toleration breeds complacency.
        The list of degradation which follows is immense in scope and nature.
        It is the underlying 90% of the iceberg which sinks our posteriors into the abyss.
        The tendency is and always has been to ignore the conditions and shadow agendas which
        cause complacency so that all can be malleable to changing political directions.
        Buyer beware.
        You may not get the value of the product for which demand is so great.
        Democracy…….a word which should stike terror into individuals in the face of collective bargaining.The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.
        Just as long as the price can be paid by use of social engineering,and social justice,which are codewords for the haves and the have nots.
        What you have will be given to the have nots,in a pefect social engineered world.
        Unfortunately that place never exsisted.
        Chairman Mao would be most proud of those who use the intent of words to bring actions about,then use definition to subdue them.

        “The past is studied for the sake of the present”-Mao Tse Tung

        Toleration will be seen as a virtue now,until its productivity has run its course.
        Then it will be seen as vice.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        First, you have to develop and have standards.

  • Insurgent

    Here are other worthless words:
    US president, Congress, Supreme Court, federal judicial system, birth certificate, social security number, legal, racism, politically correct, and the list goes on and on.

    Washington, DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.

    The corruption at the federal level is beyond control and correction!!!!

    • Michael

      US President, Congress, Supreme Court, Federal Judicial System: I have to disagree with you on these words. They are not worthless, though sometimes the people we give these titles to are. That is our fault.

    • Mad Dog

      @ Insurgent: You stole my all time favorite, “Politically Correct”. I’ve decided this should replace “Military Intelligence” as the ultimate Oxymoron. There is nothing correct about PC – at best it is nothing more than Linguistic Affirmative Action. But the truly oxymoronic implication here is that there is ANYTHING “Correct” about “Politics”.

    • http://google gary gerke

      All of us are strawmen at birth, this gives the government the rights they have today!

      We never agreed to this!!!!!

      Submit your UUC papers and become a freeman!!!!!!!!!

    • sunshineIQ

      Insurgent, are you a wannabe trouble maker? Maybe, hence your name. We need an ethical government. If the guys in Congress aren’t doing their job, it’s our job to boot them out. If the president isn’t doing his job, it’s our job to boot him out too. And if they aren’t keeping their oaths of office, it’s our job to demand it. The silence is deafening on that issue. My choice for top code word is pro-choice. Billions has been spent to seek out life in the universe and they can’t even identify here on earth.

  • Tazio2013

    Nature of Reality and Solutions: After realizing that nearly all facets of reality are based on lies controlled for a certain purpose, one may begin to wonder what the true nature of reality is. Many seek answers in religion, science, or philosophy. Again, given the level of deception in these institutions, I’m not sure anyone can define the nature of reality as a whole. Although there are many enlightened people presenting amazing theories, anyone claiming to know the absolute nature of reality is highly suspect in my book. However, I feel it’s important for each of us to discover as much about the true nature of reality as possible, because that seems to be where genuine solutions can be found.

    In my case, I’ve examined all of the above; religion, science, and philosophy in pursuit of what reality is to me. While I have intellectually believed the following for some time, I have only just begun to holistically understand it through experience. Without getting into labels, here’s what I believe are at least some of the rules that govern the nature of reality: We, as individuals, are infinitely more powerful beings than we’ve been led to believe. As such, we control our own reality and, ultimately, our own destiny. This power resides in each of us as free will of our thoughts and emotions which are physical frequencies that impact the material world. I have repeatedly experienced this in my own life by, for lack of better words, thinking my reality into existence. The bigger lesson for me has been that we all contribute to what manifests in the world around us; and changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves.

    • Karolyn

      Thank you Tazio. In 3 words, Law of Attraction. I have similar beliefs and will check out your link.

      • Tazio2013

        @ Karolyn & Michael

        You two may appreciate viewing the “Thrive” trailer.

        I’m certain that Michael J. & Thor will not understand “Thrive” because they have not eyes to see and ears to hear.

        Foster Gamble on ‘Thrive’ the Movie, Its Critics and What Can Be Done to Stop the Conspiracy
        Sunday, March 04, 2012 – with Anthony Wile

        Daily Bell: Can you give us a synopsis of Thrive?

        Foster Gamble: Thrive is an investigation into what is in the way of our thriving and what on Earth it is going to take for humanity to be thriving on a healthy planet. The film starts with an investigation of what we call ‘The Code.’ The code is a pattern in nature, this donut-shaped toroidal vortex that seems to be, from my studies, the only pattern by which nature sustains a healthy system – and that’s quite a statement. Obviously, we live in a pretty large universe and as far as we can tell, at least from the atomic level to the clustering of galaxies, every system organizes in a toroidal form that can sustain itself. So what is being offered to us is a blueprint from nature as to how to design healthy living systems. There is nothing more critical that we need at this point in history.

        Later in the film, we get into how to use that as a compass to chart a healthy course. But first of all, once we see the implications of this code – because it turns out that inventors who have been aware of this fundamental pattern in nature have designed devices that mimic this pattern and then can be tuned like a musical instrument and at certain frequencies will start pouring out clean, safe electricity. That’s great news, given the way we are polluting our skies and fighting over oil and running out of fossil fuel and all that kind of stuff. So the great news is that those technologies exist. The unfortunate part is that they have all been brutally suppressed by the powers that shouldn’t be.

      • Karolyn

        Taz – I watched Thrive a while ago and was able to “clipgrab” it to my computer for future viewing. Wonderful movie and I recommend ti to people all the time. Have you seen “2012 A Message of Hope”? It’s on Youtube. Another good one but without any political implications.

      • DaveH

        If the theme of Thrive is to get our Government out of the Marketplace except to enforce against Force or Fraud, then I agree.

    • Michael

      Nice speech, but it can all be summed up in a short sentence. A very wise man once said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This covers your entire presentation in just 11 words. If you want to contemplate reality, contemplate this wisdom to it’s end.

      • Mild Bill

        Michael . . . . . There ya’ go ! . . . You can take anything and over think it when more often than not you have the answer at your fingertips. Most decisions are not that difficult.

    • Michael J.

      If you can see it, touch it, feel it, it’s real. All else is speculative. Efforts to further disect reality is the work of progressive socialist and their ongoing quest to unravel the fabric of western society/capitalism. Quick decisions made between right and wrong, fantasy and reality are required in an everyday capitalist economy. The aim of “The Communist Manifesto” and subsequent “Political Correctness” movements was and is the breaking down of these basic tenants to create doubts and the eventual societal paralysis we are now witnessing.

      • Karolyn

        Michael – Nothing is real. It’s all an illusion.

      • Thor

        Gurgle, gurgle, guile and label—surely, Karolyn, your reality is unstable.

        Tazio2013, Michael has your braggadocio nailed. I would add that the laws of physics still prevail and human nature has not changed since writing was invented—some suspect even further back. Perhaps a holistic study of history will take the pain away. Be quick about it! Progressives are steady at work rewriting history as fast as they can.

      • Tazio2013

        @ Michael J. & Thor

        You two are definitely not yet awakened!

        “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

        Possibly this will be more to your liking?

        The dystopian nature of today’s world becomes eerily apparent in those few quotations. The hope that humanity would some day throw off the chains of such Machiavellian control has echoed down through history. Whether that too is just a release valve given or allowed by these iron-fisted controllers is something to consider.

        Are we being so played that even our hopes and aspirations are being channeled into impotence?

        Religion is one such manifestation of that. The hope of a future that billions pray for but do little to realize besides be a better slave of the state is a pretty clever ploy. Politics is another clear example, illusion of freedom and choice to pacify the masses.

      • Karolyn

        Thor – Dare to think outside the box. Look at things with new eyes. It is very enlightening. But I guess to some who are not seekers, it is scary to let go of old comfortable beliefs.

      • Physics major

        What is truly real? Not what we touch or see but ideas such as: justice, hope, love, hate, etc. All that we touch and see (like light) are forms of electrical charges/energy which are visible to our eyes in the presence of other energy (light) which reflects into our energy- sensing eyes. REMARKABLY, Jesus pointed out that the “world is passing away” (entropy) and we need to pursue lasting things such as love and justice and Peter prophesied that all (the entire universe?) will pass away with the very elements perishing in a burnring heat. Then only intangibles will survive. Check out

        webite for

        extensive, detailed descriptions by qualified scholars of the nature of terrestial life and even of the universe itself – with a focus on origins.

      • Mild Bill

        To Karolyn and Taz : . . . . . STEP AWAAAAY FROM THE KOOL AID !!!

      • Michael J.

        Karolyn and Tazio,
        I’m no bumkin, I’ve read Freud, Critical Thinking and a whole host of other fields that are just a quantum waste of time in a world you can reach out and touch. What good does it do to know that molecules in the food you ingest combined with the molecules that make up your body were all formed billions of years ago at the heart of a star going super nova? How does that put food on your table unless you’re an entitlement groupie whose idea of physical toil is walking to the mail box to collect your government check?

        In a practical world, how reality breaks down is not only time wasted, but also kills entrepreneurial spirit through indecision and paralysis.

        Unless you plan to become a career Physicist, these things don’t matter.

    • Jay

      Tazio: Without getting into labels, here’s what I believe are at least some of the rules that govern the nature of reality: We, as individuals, are infinitely more powerful beings than we’ve been led to believe. As such, we control our own reality and, ultimately, our own destiny. This power resides in each of us as free will of our thoughts and emotions which are physical frequencies that impact the material world. I have repeatedly experienced this in my own life by, for lack of better words, thinking my reality into existence. The bigger lesson for me has been that we all contribute to what manifests in the world around us; and changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves.

      Those who, rejecting Scripture, imagine that they have some peculiar way of penetrating to God, are to be deemed not so much under the influence of error as madness. For certain giddy men have lately appeared, who, while they make a great display of the superiority of the Spirit, reject all reading of the Scriptures themselves, and deride the simplicity of those who only delight in what they call the dead and deadly letter.

      But I wish they would tell me what spirit it is whose inspiration raises them to such a sublime height that they dare despise the doctrine of Scripture as mean and childish. If they answer that it is the Spirit of Christ, their confidence is exceedingly ridiculous; since they will, I presume, admit that the apostles and other believers in the primitive Church were not illuminated by any other Spirit. None of these thereby learned to despise the word of God, but every one was imbued with greater reverence for it, as their writings most clearly testify. And, indeed, it had been so foretold by the mouth of Isaiah. For when he says, “My Spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever,” he does not tie down the ancient Church to external doctrine, as he were a mere teacher of elements; he rather shows that, under the reign of Christ, the true and full felicity of the new Church will consist in their being ruled not less by the Word than by the Spirit of God. Hence we infer that these miscreants are guilty of fearful sacrilege in tearing asunder what the prophet joins in indissoluble union.

      Add to this, that Paul, though carried up even to the third heaven, ceased not to profit by the doctrine of the law and the prophets, while, in like manner, he exhorts Timothy, a teacher of singular excellence, to give attention to reading, (1 Tim. 4: 13.) And the eulogium which he pronounces on Scripture well deserves to be remembered, viz., that “it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect,” (2 Tim. 3: 16.) What an infatuation of the devil, therefore, to fancy that Scripture, which conducts the sons of God to the final goal, is of transient and temporary use?

      Again, I should like those people to tell me whether they have imbibed any other Spirit than that which Christ promised to his disciples. Though their madness is extreme, it will scarcely carry them the length of making this their boast. But what kind of Spirit did our Saviour promise to send? One who should not speak of himself, (John 16: 13,) but suggest and instil the truths which he himself had delivered through the word. Hence the office of the Spirit promised to us, is not to form new and unheard-of revelations, or to coin a new form of doctrine, by which we may be led away from the received doctrine of the gospel, but to seal on our minds the very doctrine which the gospel recommends.
      –John Calvin.

      • Louis Lemieux

        The most basic way we come to “know“something is through sense experience, deductive logic, emotion, intuition, authority and science. If I want to be sincere with myself I have to admit that I don’t know if God exists or not. I feel I’m not perfect enough to know that. Humility is learning to know our limits and to accept them.

      • Karolyn

        Jay – Ever read Neville Goddard? He was a New Thought teacher from the 50s and did use scripture, albeit not in the usual way.

      • Jay

        The most basic way we come to “know“something is through sense experience, deductive logic, emotion, intuition, authority and science. –Well, one thing is for sure; according to your approach, you will arrive at “something”.

        If I want to be sincere with myself I have to admit that I don’t know if God exists or not. I feel I’m not perfect enough to know that. Humility is learning to know our limits and to accept them. –A very careful, honest, and measured response; i respect that!

    • sunshineIQ

      Tazio, Having trouble with reality? Pinch yourself. Do it before the beer, wine, joint or whatever.

  • Bill from Tucson

    As an octogenerian who has learned much of this the hard way over the years, I enjoyed and appreciated your Code Word explanations and will circulate it among friends and families. Might even send it to a few liberals who will denounce it sharply.

    • Sirian

      Is not denunciation of words in truth a common consensus amongst those that do not understand? Yes, it is and has become a very, very common reaction. You will probably receive a revelation as to which ones are “True Friends”. That alone is worth the action – very well worth it.

  • WT

    More words: “Freedom” used by all right wingers Fightin fer freedom…we could be killing farmers in Iowa fer freedom. “Freedom fries?”

    “Constitution” Follow the Constitution. Of course that old paper has had to be ammended many times and additionnal Acts legislatative to interpret that paper. Then everyone has a different interpretation.

    “Liberty” is another.

    “Rights” They are taking away my rights (My right to smoke all over you without asking if you mind) My right to make you pray by getting a government employee (teacher) to tell your child to stand up and bow your head and later pledge a religious code. The government took away my right to indoctrinate your child.

  • WT

    “Hates America” Means you disagreee with me

    “Liberal” means godless commie

    “Commie” Catch all phrase for labeling any one or thing that exposes corporate misdeeds.

    “Socialism” Means your socialism…not mine.

    • Karolyn

      Good ones, WT. I especially like “hates America.”

    • Michael

      WOW!!! You are so wrong on so many levels you will never be able to dig yourself out of that hole. I won’t even waste my time trying to tell you how mistaken you are. There is obviously no possibility of reasoning with you. You are as bias as those you accuse and can’t even see it.

      • Mild Bill

        Michael: They are lost. You can’t pull em’ back when they are that far gone. You’re wasting your time buddy. It truely is a “culture war” we are involved in. I say take no prisoners! They’ll drain the very lifeblood from you. That’s what they do.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      and we were going along so well, until you, WT, followed by your minion Karolyn. You, unfortunately, have already been indoctrinated with hatred of all things good. How is it you people live with yourselves, wanting to destroy those who think right?? You’re a sad creature.

      • Karolyn

        And I guess you’re Michael’s “minion.” Do you really think that people who disagree with your viewpoint hate America?

  • Michael

    These words and phrases only have the desired effect when people listen to them instead of looking at the actions of the person speaking these words and phrases. Here’s one phrase that will never be outdated or overused: “Actions speak louder than words.” If more people applied this understanding we would be a lot better off.

  • miken25m

    I recommend going to the Ayn Rand Institute, click on the word bookstore, then on Peter Schwartz and buy his CD set “Clarity in Conceptualization: The Art of Identifying Package Deals.” In it Mr Schwartz shows how package deals destroy proper meanings of concepts and replace them with new illegitimate meanings. some examples are isolationism, multiculturalism, McCarthyism and egalitarianism just to name a few.

  • Steve

    Awesome, thank you. The person who sent this to me thought I would like it and they were right. Conditioning the masses is done all the time. This is a topic I am very interested. The masses are led by the very means you point out and more.

  • tr

    Very interesting reading. The sad thing is that even when we know what is wrong and want to correct ut, we don’t know how. It is simple, we need to repent and pray and ask our creator to fix our hearts and our nation. Mankind can’t alone. That is the new age lie that keeps us down. Our founding fathers knew this and received God’s blessing. We need to go back to the beginning. Not by endorsing a particular religion, as our constitiution prohibits, but to give God our creator his due. To not only allow prayer and worship but to promote it. It was woven throughout our system. Swearing upon the bible when repeating oathes in court or for office, ‘In God we trust’ on our money, the pledge of allegiance to our flag under God with our hands on our hearts every day in school as we started our day, a day of prayer etc., etc. Nineva was spared, will the USA be? Our preachers have been warning us for years but we are deaf or feel there is still time. Time is running out.

    • Eugene Frana

      What are you talking about? The Founding Fathers left god out of the Constitution and the government – on purpose! They did not “pray” before meetings, as people like Glenn Beck and David Barton would have you believe. References to god, on money, pledge of allegiance, etc., even the term “in god we trust” wasn’t added until over 165 years after the signing of the Constitution. Everyone is free to pray all they want and anywhere they want, anyone that tells you different is lying to you! Everyone is free to promote all the religion and belief in a god that they want to. They just can’t have the government do it for them, which is the way it should remain. If something doesn’t come from the heart, it’s useless anyway. If your forced to say words and pretend to believe in something you don’t believe in, then it’s just a fraud. A lot of people use “god” to push thier own agenda, like money, power, and control of the people.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Eugene Frana,

        You write: “The Founding Fathers left god out of the Constitution and the government – on purpose! They did not “pray” before meetings, as people like Glenn Beck and David Barton would have you believe.” This is a bald-faced lie.

        Best wishes,

      • cawun cents

        Just because they did not pray collectively,doesnt mean they did not do so in private for themselves.This is the lie that you omitted in your previous post.
        In fact if you were to actually read the letters some of these men wrote you would know that they were nearly all to a tee pious Christians.
        Because each came from differing religious,social,political backgrounds,the act of praying as a group was not made.But that does no justice to who they were as individuals.
        That is where your estimation of the facts you have been taught is left wanting.
        You are taught that anything not done collectively means nothing.So you superimpose your own interpretation of others values on what you have supposedly leaned about them.
        Your eisegesis manifests itself when you actually read what these brave men wrote in their day,not as a group but as individuals.Your misinterpreting becomes then painfully obvious to those of us who know the character and integrity of these men who drafted the laws of this nation.

      • sunshineIQ

        Eugene Frana: And your interpretation of “endowed by their Creator” (note the capital letter) is . . . ????? The only difference between the Founders’ time and our time is represented by the words “self evident.” Maybe it’s the bottled water.

      • Eugene Frana

        To you that commented on my comment, including Bob Livingston. (I,m disapointed in you the most…I thought you were smarter than that). NONE of you close-minded “people” must have even read past the first two sentences I wrote! And those two sentences were true, by the way. Bob Livingston, why don’t you find the word “god” in the Constitution ANYWHERE, and then tell me where it is! “Creator” DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN “GOD” in the christian sense. Why do you think they used the word “creator”, instead of using the word “god”? And I have read their letters. I didn’t say that most of them didn’t believe in a “christian” god, I just said that they didn’t pray before meetings, AS BEN FRANKLIN STATED!!! Maybe they prayed to themselves, maybe they didn’t, you don’t know that any more than I do, YOU just want it to be that way, so you just pretend it is! Didn’t ANY of you read the rest of my comment? I said that anyone can pray all they want and no one can stop them. But, as usual, that’s just not good enough for you murdering people, is it? It is YOU, the lying, theiving, murdering, so called “christians” that want to FORCE YOUR VERSION of your COWARD god onto everyone in the world. (and he IS a gutless coward in hiding), and that’s why christians think they are created in “his” image! NOTHING is good enough for you people, is it? One of you commented on the “collective”. Didn’t you even read my whole comment about praying whenever you wanted to? If your not trying to turn America into a christian theocracy, then what are you trying to prove?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Eugene Frana,

        You write: “To you that commented on my comment, including Bob Livingston. (I,m disapointed (sic) in you the most…I thought you were smarter than that). NONE of you close-minded “people” must have even read past the first two sentences I wrote! And those two sentences were true, by the way.” Your disappointment is misplaced. It should be directed at your public school teachers or whoever failed to teach you the history of the Founding of our Nation. From
        History of the Chaplaincy
        Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution states: “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers.”
        The election of the Rev. William Linn as Chaplain of the House on May 1, 1789, continued the tradition established by the Continental Congresses of each day’s proceedings opening with a prayer by a chaplain. The early chaplains alternated duties with their Senate counterparts on a weekly basis. The two conducted Sunday services for the Washington community in the House Chamber every other week.
        Since the election of Rev. Linn in 1789, the House has been served by chaplains of various religious denominations, including Baptist (7), Christian (1), Congregationalist (2), Disciples of Christ (1), Episcopalian (4), Lutheran (1), Methodist (16), Presbyterian (15), Roman Catholic (1), Unitarian (2), and Universalist (1).
        In addition to opening proceedings with prayer, the Chaplain provides pastoral counseling to the House community, coordinates the scheduling of guest chaplains, and arranges memorial services for the House and its staff. In the past, Chaplains have performed marriage and funeral ceremonies for House members.

        So again I say, your comments are a bald-faced lie.

        Best wishes,

        P.S. Your blasphemy is beneath contempt. I pray for your soul.

      • Eugene Frana

        To Bob Livingston; My comments are NOT a lie. “God” is NOT in the Constitution ANYWHERE! And as for the part about “praying”, I’m just going by what Ben Frankiln said about there being so many different versions of religion that they wouldn’t know which one to use, so they thought it better not to openly pray at all. Ben Franklin was also a Diest, as were many others, so they didn’t believe in praying AT ALL. Does this bother you?
        Thomas Jefferson wrote; “Why have Christians been distinguished above all other people who have ever lived? It is their INTOLERENCE to other peoples beliefs that have caused all the bustles and wars on account of religion.
        You’re the one getting in a huffy over nothing! All I did was state a couple of FACTS, and you’re going nuts. I also said that anyone can “pray” anytime they want, but as usual, that’s just not good enough for “christians” like you, is it? You seem to think that EVERYONE has to think just like you! That’s the reason I knock the christian religion so much. Because you think that you’re the only people that deserve to live on this earth and you won’t leave people alone unless they submit to your infantile beliefs, no matter how many facts and reasoning and logic they come up with!

  • Cliffystones

    Three more not mentioned;

    Racist, racist and racist.

    • Susan

      Global Warming = Sun

      And I can’t do a darn thing about it. I want some today

    • Leber Saxet

      Racist= what White people are called when others are unable to counter the facts on racial issues.

    • JimH

      Racist, homophobe, and “womans health care.
      Well over use with warped meanings.

  • Paul Roden

    Look at how the New York Times refers to the economy, versus “free markets” to “labor” versus “employment”, “employers” versus “job creators”. The media and the government shape our consciousness in the terms we use to define the problem.

    If you want good government, you have to pay for it. When billionaires and companies like GE, which make billions off of taxpayers, yet get a rebate and pay no taxes something is wrong with the system. If all you believe the government should pay for or do is the military and the judiciary, you can’t pay for it with a “government shrunk so small that you can drown it in Grover Norquist’s bathtub.” It can’t be funded buy the Federal Reserve by printing or creating more money electronically. That is not rational or realistic.
    The purpose of government is provide for the general welfare, protect all of us against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Everyone needs to help pay for it, rich and poor proportionally. You can’t have something for nothing.

    • Michael

      I agree. Companies like GE make 14 Billion dollars in profit and pay no taxes. You can lower or raise the tax rate as much as you want and it will have no effect if the companies don’t have to pay it. But, the problem will continue as long as the President appoints the CEO as his Economic Advisor.

    • Leber Saxet

      “Everyone is supposed to help pay for it”

      No, the government is supposed to suppport itself from fees, duties and import tariffs, not by stealing it from a select group of people aka the working class.

      • Maryland Freestater

        Lever Saxet (I dig the name ‘cos it sounds German for ‘free Saxes! – I was a sax player in another lifetime), you bring up another code word I absofruckinglutely despise – “working people”. Last time I looked, it appeared that everybody who was gainfully employed was working. I even concede that Obama works, after a fashion. He’s definitely not sitting down, feet up on Desk One, puffin’ on a stogie (maybe a Marlboro or Camel)…

        And another one that frosts my cookies red – “celebrate”: one celebrates a special event like a birth, graduation or winning a war. One does NOT celebrate that people are different or have different microcultures. I prefer the old ’60s term ‘dig’ because it’s cool to go to the LatinoFest or Polish-palooza in East Baltimore and get empanadas and pierogies. “Celebrate’ as permissivists (what liberals really are, they Orwelled the word) wish is enforced tolerance – which always causes resentment.

      • Mad Dog

        Good Ones, Maryland Freestater.

        I would also like to add: “Through No Fault of Their Own”.

        My god, if I hear this one more time (particularly from the “entitled-left”, I may have to kill someone. But it will be “through no fault of my own”.

    • DaveH

      No, Paul, the purpose of Government is NOT to provide for the General Welfare. That is strictly an invention by Progressive Leaders used to delude the masses into accepting their Power Grabs:
      “Thomas Jefferson said no; Congress did not have unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, “but were restrained to those specifically enumerated.””

      If the so-called General Welfare Clause was indeed a Power given to the Federal Government by the Constitution, then there would have been no need for the Enumerated Powers listed thereafter, since they and pretty much any other Power could be justified under such an interpretation. The so-called General Welfare Clause was simply a purposeful misinterpretation of the Constitution by slick Power-Hungry Leaders like Alexander Hamilton.

    • sunshineIQ

      Roden: Corporations do pay taxes. It’s called consumer’s cost.

  • JC

    Another one would be “sustainable development” as used by the UN in their now infamous Agenda 21. The term includes the reduction of the planet’s population by a hugely significant amount…genocide? Yet the watermelons use it as a key phrase to push a Green (communist) agenda.

    • DaveH

      Here is a related article by one of my favorite Libertarian authors:

      • Maryland Freestater

        DaveH, thanks for this article you suggested her from von Mises.

        This is the only other time I’ve seen someone describe, besides myself, that Earth is not ‘alive’ – Earth is a ball of rock floating through space that is covered with living things. It is not alive per se. And since it’s more like a very large-scale spaceship with a huge amount of natural and recycling resources, then it IS in our better interest to take care of this big blue marble. Not too many of these in the immediate neighborhood should something catastrophic happen that we could flee to..

        It is NOT in our better interests to be coerced into worshiping ‘Gaea’ – someone else higher up the food chain and pay scale may have something to say about THAT…!

      • Mad Dog

        Maryland, strictly speaking the Earth may not be ‘alive’. Scientist certainly define ‘life’ in such a was as to exclude the inorganic material predominately comprise in our planet. And Yet:

        Electrons are constantly moving in every element known to mankind; every element of this planet, probably our solar system, and likely our entire universe. Life is often equated to ‘energy’ and there is only one ‘local’ source of ‘energy’, LIGHT. (Kind of biblical, but not necessarily.)

        Energy comes to us from the Sun and is converted (by plants), stored (by animals), deposited (in tar pits, coal mines, radio-active materials), and brought back to life my the Exxon’s of the world.

        I don’t mean to distract from your caution that we treat Gaea with a little more respect – we should. But I tend to think that the energies of life (and of God if you choose) permeate ‘everywhere’, always have, always will; before life climbed out of its primordial ooze, and after we’ve annihilated all ‘life’ forms on this floating rock. Einstein proved that Energy does not disappear, it only changes form. Quantum physics strongly suggests that this is true throughout the infinite, timeless Universe. And String theories would tie all ‘energy/life’ sources together as one. E.G. I am ‘one’ with a rock.

        [It all makes more sense with a well-seasoned brownie.]

      • Maryland Freestater

        This one’s to Mad Dog!

        I’m lolling my dupa off right now – I NEEDED a good laugh today and possibly a VERY well seasoned brownie!!!

        Kinda off-tangent but that’s also one of my big problems with liberalism – and here’s something racisty-sounding but VERY true – white liberals are buzzkillers! They don’t seem to derive any true joy out of life – and a false one from attempting to make everybody conform to their twisted, dark and narrow belief system. They are NOT FUN!

        Black folks, on the other hand, DO seem to take joy out of life, and I believe this to be a result of the crappy hand they’ve received in their collective American Experience. Hell, they’re STILL getting a crappy hand. But, when they’re having fun, they are truly having a good time (I’ve been to a lot of black social events in my time, kinda goes with the territory in Maryland).

        It’s amazing (and sad) when I’m in public, and start jawing with someone with a better tan than myself, just how friendly and interactive on a personal level, simply ‘cos I’m treating them like I’m treating one of my cronies. Of course, I’m also NOT talking politics because being a hardcore Libertarian in Maryland and discussi9ng politics can be quite strange and violent.,

        Perhaps ‘Anonymous’ should consider hacking Capitol Hill’s water supply rather than messing with NSA websites and put some magical brownie spice concentrate in, and see if this chills out the libberals (sic)…or Mad Dog do the honors!

        Again, MD, thanks for the laugh!!!

        • Mad Dog

          Admittedly, Maryland, I got WAY off course with regards to the “Mother Earth is a dead spaceship” thread – but “hey” if it brought a smile to someone day, that might be a greater accomplishment than all my other posts combined.

          But you too got off on a bit of a tangent: True, Insightful and Entertaining … very Ebony and Ivory! I have a 5-year old grandson who’s a little miffed that “there aren’t as many black keys as white ones; and why are they so skinny?” For a short while, I was at a lose for that proverbial, all-knowing, grandpa response. Then it came to me:

          ¿dónde están los marrones?

  • Wayne

    Yes code words are in and if we disagree we are out and some think that freedom of speech is to mean so long as you agree with them. Case in point Obama thinks it is ok to inforce his so call health care down gulets of his brain dead followers. But if we object then we are labeled as right wing loonies or racists because he is black

  • http://Yahoo dranyamelknur

    Conservative and Liberal need to be added to the list. Whether it is to divide and conquer or totally unintentionally these labels prejudice each self-labeled group against the other and prevent us from developing a unified front against the incursions on our Constitutional freedoms. To think Obama is right/wrong in whatever he does is just as bad as thinking Bush was right/wrong on everything he did. So what is better? To identify around issues. Although I’ve been a self-professed liberal in defense of a policy to provide opportunities for all, I now see our personal freedoms in danger of being obliterated, if they have not already been lost. We need to unite against the NDAA 2012, pull back into a Defensive posture, not an aggressive one, get rid of our dependence on filthy, fossil fuels, and stop blindly believing every politician who hides behind the label of Conservative or Liberal. What are they actually doing? Actions speak louder than words. Ron Paul in 2012!

  • dqfreemind

    So are all of you going to sit around in the comfort of your home and intellectualize this or are ou going to do something about it?
    Quit filing taxes; it’s that simple.

    • DaveH

      Then you will go to jail for nothing.
      As Bob pointed out, as long as the Federal Government has the Federal Reserve, they don’t need our tax money — They will just print more money and confiscate our income and savings by diluting their purchasing power.

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama’s Ineligibility Shocker, His Enemies Hit List & More with Dr. Jerome Corsi

    Its been Proven documents forged by or for Obama. Criminal cause for removal of Obama, criminal cause for question of eligibility, criminal cause for:


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Tazio2013

      Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than continue to rant and rave re BHO – the selection of The Powers That Shouldn’t Be; i.e., NWO/GPE/Illuminati? You do realize that it will be BHO vs Willard “Mittens” Romney – distinctions without a difference – in November and that BHO will win a second term due, in the main, to independent, moderate, educated, knowledgeable, middle-class white females? White wing wacko and crusading conservative christian males like you are so completely ignorant of the rapidly emerging reality that you should be pitied for your myopia.

      Tuam libera mentem
      Pathei mathos
      Sapere aude
      Semper fi!

      • Mad Dog

        @ Tazio: In many respects I agree with you. Oh, don’t get me wrong, a two-year Senator out of IL has no right being elected POTUS. Quite simply, he’s is the least experience Pres. elected in our lifetime; and his actions for the last 3 years has proven this. Whether he’s a naturalized citizen or a covert Muslim aside – the vetting process in 2007 was a complete joke. There is a lot of questionable power at play here.

        BUT (and this is a VERY BIG BUTT), look at our alternatives: if we impeach Obama, we get Biden? You’ve got to be kidding me! When the two Pres candidates chose their running mates in 2008 (Bidden and Palin); I didn’t understand either choice. Later it occurred to me: IMPEACHMENT INSURANCE.

      • FreedomFighter

        White wing wacko and crusading conservative christian males like you are so completely ignorant of the rapidly emerging reality that you should be pitied for your myopia.

        Im an American Indian.

        Prove the post made incorrect, untrue, false, and we can converse, till then you are just blowin hot air.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • John

      Corsi and Joseph Farah are people who keep the birther conspiracy alive, even though they have been proven wrong over and over. For them, its good business. nothing sells better to the sheep then …gasp… government conspiracy. WND is a rag, and it is not for nothing called the National Inquirer of the right.

      • Mad Dog

        @ John, now there’s an interesting “code word”: Government Conspiracy.

        I couldn’t help but sense that you have little tolerance or appreciation for the concept. In fact, many (and perhaps you are one), equate Government Conspiracy with Conspiracy Theorist; both derogatory references to a misguided, ignorant few.

        Let me assure you, John, that Government Conspiracies occur everyday. Most may be trivial – of little more consequence than conspiracies in the office place or at home. But make no mistake, conspiracies are occurring all around us. Now when those conspiracies involve billions or trillions of taxpayer dollars; or worse, American lives — I take notice.

        Yes, I DO theorize about conspiracies. But that makes me “the thinker” perhaps “the whistle blower”; Not the conspirator. It is a popularly held misconception; and I believe you’ve demonstrated my point.

      • FreedomFighter

        “birther conspiracy alive, even though they have been proven wrong over and over.”

        Not that I have seen, what Obama produced is/was a FAKE. In fact, the more any seems to investigate, the more fake they find.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • kkflash

        That reminds me. What ever happened in the recent Georgia case where the judge heard evidence that Obama couldn’t be on the ballot there? Wasn’t a ruling expected on that last week?


    Google “Psychopolitics”

    • cawun cents

      Google quack.

  • Wyatt Smith

    When common sense leaves the arena, stupidity rules the field. Wyatt Smith

    • Sirian

      Common Sense was removed decades ago Wyatt. What you say is very true – no question, but again, it was eliminated so long ago. That alone proves itself day after day.

      • Howard

        My Grandfather used to say “common sense is the least common of all the senses”. He was right.
        Another code word is “access” as in “women’s health rights”. I used to think access meant I had the ability to get whatever is was they were talking about. Now access is code word for getting someone else to pay for whatever it is I want (currently referring to contraception).

  • Burner123

    Yes these words are used to brainwash the average citizen. Education is the answer and I am not talking strictly about academia. Academia is probably the major source of implementation. We educate ourselves by doing research and not accepting this stuff at face value.

    • DaveH

      Here is an interesting article about the origins of Public Education:

      It’s amazing that people 300 years ago knew the inclinations of Government to use Public Schools to Propagandize the citizens, and so many are ignorant of that fact now.

  • Carl Babcock

    The most overused word in our lexicon is ‘RACIST’ and all of it’s counterparts.
    For instance ‘anti-semite’ is used to stop all conversation on the American taxpayers funding of Israel (over 10 million dollars a day since 1948 with no end in sight).
    When one is called ‘racist’ the argument is over and the person is guilty of the most heinous offense. This is how the left as pushed racial quotas without a backlash from those who are being discriminated against (whites)….

  • FreedomFighter

    What an occupation! To sit and flay your fellow men and then offer their skins for sale and expect them to buy them.
    August Strindberg

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Tear-lag

    I would add “millionaires’n’billionaires” to that noxious mix. Looks as though the two words are one now.

    millionaires’n’billionaires = anyone making in excess of $50 thou a year.

  • ipsd48

    Keep your eyes open for the ’5 year plan’ and variations.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Here are a few more words that have nebulous meaning:
    Libertarian–followers would have you think they are for Liberty, but where there is no law there is no liberty. We need to go back to the drawing board for “party titles” that describe more truthfully their followers. I like the idea of Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party.
    Conservationist–these are people who have gone completely nuts in a fake effort to conserve resources. They are actually wasting H2O.
    Green–used to be a good word, now it has been taken to new lows by nutcase conservationists.
    Gay–used to be a good word, now corrupted to mean homosexual. Let’s call them what they are–refuse to call them “gays”. Don’t tidy up their behavior by use of a euphemism.
    PETA–these people kill more animals than they “ethically treat”. They are extremists of the worst kind, taking donations by pet-loving people and killing animals with the proceeds.
    I could go on, but I have to go to work while I still have a job that obuma has not killed.

    • http://google rose

      You say “where there is no law there is no liberty.” So we have plenty of laws in the land where those who create and enforce the laws do not abide by them. Libetarians do not believe in lawlessness, but in the laws of the constitution. Laws are written upon our hearts unless a person is evil and Godless.

    • DaveH

      Fool says — “Libertarian–followers would have you think they are for Liberty, but where there is no law there is no liberty. We need to go back to the drawing board for “party titles” that describe more truthfully their followers. I like the idea of Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party”.
      Some nice Double-Speak there, Fool.
      Liberty is the lack of constraint by Government. Government cannot grant Liberty, it can only abstain from taking Liberty away. Liberty is a natural right given by God (if you are religious), or given by the nature of our humanity (if you are not religious).
      The only legitimate roles of Government are to protect people from Force and Fraud.
      Government is just people, and those people in Government have no more right to take away our Control of our own body and property then any other people have.
      Our country was purposely designed by our wise Founders so that the “majority” couldn’t easily overrun the rights of the “minority”.

      • Daniel-Christopher

        Awesome Dave!! You are one of the best here always pulling back the curtain and revealing the truth. Great to see it. Thanks because it save me time and trouble to do it myself. Imagine equating Liberty with lawlessness, where do they come up with this stuff?

      • DaveH

        Thank you for your kind words, Daniel.

  • Dens

    There are so many more code words used as weapons of mass confusion. For example;

    Diversity: Anything but white.

    Multicultural: Everything but white.

    Level the playing field: No whites allowed on the field.

    Racist: Any white person who dares suggest their own race and culture have an equal shot at success in their own Country.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    THESE CODE WORDS OFTEN LEAD TO TYRANNY AND ENSLAVEMENT. We need to seek God and His Word to understand why these things happen. When I think of why our world is in such turmoil my mind goes to Psalm 2, “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing.” His answer follows by saying, “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.” Have you noticed the intensity of Christian persecution in our world today? “He that sitteth in the heavens shall LAUGH: AND THE LORD shall have them in derision. THEN SHALL HE SPAEAK UNTO THEM IN HIS WRATH.” I urge all to read the rest of the chapter as those of us that truly know the Saviour will one day rule and reign with him.

  • s c

    For conservatives and utopians alike, I forgot to mention TRANSPARENCY. The Fed has been around since 1913 [that's almost 100 years, in case you utopians can't add yet]. In all that time, the Fed has been audited ONCE.
    It seems that between the last month of ’07 and the sixth month of ’10, the Fed was loaning out a mere $16 TRILLION to American and FOREIGN banks at 0% interest [that's ZERO interest]. That’s what I call COMPASSION.
    Utopians can go back to sleep. For the rest of you, do you know what that MEANS? By the way, you might as well multiple that figure times 99. Just some trivia for minds that want to know (other than utopians, that is). See ya at the bank nearest you!

    • Sirian

      Go back to sleep? When have they ever woke up s c?? You’re being to compassionate :)

      • FreedomFighter

        Better to fight for something than live for nothing.
        George S. Patton

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • Molly Maguires

    How about, “Job Creators?” What a laugh; job absconders is more like it!
    NAFTA (1994), GATT (1994), and the WTO (1999) were sold to the American public as a means to open foreign markets to Made in USA goods to improve our economy, but that’s not what happened! Instead, greedy CEOs and Wall Street jumped into the lucrative trend of outsourcing our middle class jobs to by-pass (with impunity) the high wage of the USA worker. The same work force that established the USA as the shining beacon on the hill, the envy of the world, the top economic power-house on earth! Then they flood these cheap products back into the USA free of charge (zero tariffs) for a dwindling middle class to buy, buy, buy at a discount at WalMart, all the while creating downward pressure on middle class wages so we can “compete” with China ($1.36/hr. avg. wage) for jobs. A downward spiral! The only “job creators” left are the small, local business owners, and I believe we should support them, but the plutocrats; If they want to outsource our jobs, but still want access to the number 1 economy (while we can still say that) in the world, Namely, the USA, these traitors should have tariffs leveled on these imports of at least those leveled by Germany, for example, which extracts a 19% tariff on imports to protect its industrial base from the effects we are seeing here in the USA.

    • DaveH

      First off, NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO have little to do with Free Trade, and everything to do with enriching the Power of certain Politicians and their Crony Capitalists.
      But to think that Protectionism, through Tariffs, Quotas, Subsidies and the like, is the answer is to fall right back into the Trap that resulted in our Great Depression.
      Everybody has their own talents and skill sets. It is this natural Division of Labor that makes actual Free Trade (absence of Government involvement) so beneficial to mankind. Our Founders knew this and thus gave the Federal Government the power to Regulate (make regular) Interstate Commerce to prevent the various States from favoring their in-state businesses with tariffs, quota, subsidies and other protectionist measures.
      Country’s use this natural reality against their enemies by embargoing their International Trade in an effort to bring destruction on their enemies’ economies. Why in the world would we want to voluntarily shoot ourselves in the foot like that?
      Read this, please:

      • Molly Maguires

        If you’re still there; thank you for the reference on protectionism. I’ve read it and have come away with a dreadful sense of foreboding as I consider the ramifications. My vision for the future of our beloved country, more specifically, for the grand middle class with whom I belong, is dire indeed! Had we found ourselves in a race, or competition with entrepreneurship from abroad, and then found it necessary to use our skill and talent to meet the challenge, I would put my money on American ingenuity every time. But THEY GAVE these technologies, industrial models, trade secrets, and capital away in exchange for a work force that our plutocrats can exploit, who will work for pennies on the dollar. My vision for America is one in which we will be under the heel of the plutocrats, (or worse we could become the New Republic of China) our middle class lifestyle stripped from us, lying in utter desolation to fuel this existential dream for the top; nightmare for those of us who knew the America I know, and oppression for our children at the behest of “the man.” Please tell me I’m wrong!

  • R. A. Roller

    How can you say: “Doctors are unwittingly pharmaceutical’s lackeys, pushing drugs on an ignorant people”? That ranks as one of the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. The medical community (doctors – not lawyers, or pharmaceutical representatives) have made a concerted effort to control the access of “reps” to our students and residents. Physicians use the best clinical evidence to prescribe medication which evidently you would like to see freely available at the local Walmart cosmetic counter. Many of these medications, while beneficial also have side-effects that physicians are trained to recognize, and if used indescriminatively could cause a life-threatening reaction. The vast majority of physicians examine the actual scientific and/or clinical evidence (instead of the pharmaceutical company’s brochure) before choosing a medication to prescribe.

    Also, I think you should carefully consider your labeling of the American public as “ignorant people”. I certainly do not consider myself ignorant, and good physicians work with their patients as a Team to choose the most effective care possible. I suppose you would like to see all of these “lackeys” disappear so that our medical care could regress to “Aunt Bea’s” poultice for pneumonia. I used to enjoy your newsletter and have agreed with you on many issues, but you are way off-base in blindly equating all physicians with pharmaceutical corporate greed.

    • http://google rose

      How can he say that? Wow, I see it all around me. Everybody on some kind of anti depressant, pain killer, muscle relaxer. Does everybody need a pill? Went to the doctor a few years ago and he said I was depressed and needed an anti depressant. I said “I am not depressed” and I laughed. I wasn’t depressed, I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t even sad. He wrote me a prescription and I threw it away.

      • Karolyn

        When I recently became enrolled in Medicare, I chose not to pay for Part B and C, which is the prescription plan. I started to think about prescription plans and realized that this is a part of everyday Americans’ lives. Everyone is on something or is wanting to get something for every ache and pain. This is all due to the advertising done by Big Pharma, which is way out of hand. Many yeas ago, I used to read Prevention magazine but stopped when they sold out to Big Pharma. Every couple of pages is an ad for some kind of killer chemicals.

    • FreedomFighter

      These are control phrases originating in the secret towers of the pharmaceuticals. They are dependency phrases repeated millions of times a day. They are designed to keep the public from even questioning doctors who are brainwashed in medical schools controlled by the pharmaceuticals. The control phrases were created to build a prescription drug culture in America. Has the plan succeeded? Yes, to the tune of trillions of dollars of profits upon a hapless drug-dependent society.

      I dont know Mr. Roller it seems pretty self evident,

      Im pretty sure he has a handle on it. I work closely with those the medical field and no doctor can keep up with it all and all to many depend on the information fed to them by the drug carfels. Almost if not all doctors want to do right for the patient, hard to do if your fed bad info.

      Are not most if not all Medical U’s funded at least in part by big pharma?

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Karolyn

      There is usually good science behind “Aunt Bea’s Poultice for pneumonia.” There is no need for all of the chemicals being prescribed. The American people have been brainwashed, as have physicians, by Big Pharma.

      • John

        A healthy died, low in fat, moderation in meat, processed foods and dairy together with even a minimum of exercise will keep 99% of those pills away, a strict vegetarian diet (preferable home grown vegetables or locally grown organic vegetables) with no meat (especially not the chemical enhanced meat and poultry sold in the US) or processed dairy will even reverse ailments such as high cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. Stay away from food that is packaged in plastic or stored in plastic. Recent blood tests done on50K US citizens for a study have shown that the Average US citizens has enough chemicals from plastic manufacturing (leaching out of the plastic) that as a result, sperm counts are 30-40% down from people that live in areas like Siberia and the Amazon. The long term effects of the impact of plastic on humanity is not yet fully known, but I.M.H.O., plastic for food storage and everyday use should be minimized. There is a theory that the upper class wants to reduce population…. well, there is a means to do so…how much plastic do you have in your home? How much residue from plastics does your children get exposed to every day? There is a movie called “plastic” i.m.h.o. a must see for anyone who cares about his family, children and the future.

      • John

        The exact title is called Plastic Planet.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear R.A. Roller,

      You must be a doctor.

      Best wishes,

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You must have hit a raw nerve.

    • Mad Dog

      Sorry Roller, I have to side with Bob, Rose, Karolyn, FF and John: The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries are WAY out of control.

      I’m 56 and don’t take ANY drugs (not even aspirin) and never have. Never been in a hospital other than to visit. Eat out of my garden (nutrition and exercise all in one), occasionally farmer’s markets or commercial organic. I consume minimal amounts of sugar, salt and dairy; moderate red meat and lots of fish, vegetables and fruit. I am not an anomaly, I come from a very large family that lives the same way; and we’ve all raised children and grandchildren all experiencing similar benefits to a holistic approach to health and medicine.

      Conversely, the airwaves and media are replete with horror stories surrounding your profession and the legal beagles getting rich at the expense of the consumer’s pocket books and personal health.

      • http://none Claire

        I could write a book about doctors, my husband had so many. A different doctor for every different issue. These doctors did not communicate with each other, they certainly did not keep track of the medications they put Bob on, one doctor would order a chest x-ray–the next week the other doctor would order a chest x-ray. I had to keep track of this–I would call and say Bob had a chest x-ray last week, why does he need another one, can’t that x-ray be used instead of having another? Same with CAT scans, CT scans. It was a battle keeping track of what the doctors prescribed. Same with medications. More than half the medicine they prescribed was detrimental to the kidneys, according to the side effects. The old saying “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” applies. The medicine they gave him during open heart surgery killed his kidneys, this is why he had to have a doctors care. Care? More like a death warrant. Doctors write prescriptions at the drop of a hat. Personally, I have not seen a doctor since the mid-90s. I am not on any medication. I will take my chances. If something happens, then so be it.

      • http://none Claire

        If I must go to a doctor, I honestly would prefer to go to the small animal clinic at the University of Illinois. Sounds crazy, I know, but this is how I feel. Animals can’t tell a vet where they hurt, the vet has to find the problem himself. I had to take 3 dogs there at different times, these vets were awesome.

    • cawun cents

      Pardon me for this suggestion R.A.,

      But the side effects of Aunt Bea’s poultice arent life altering.
      The healing isnt effective if the condition is masked and not actuiually addressed.
      Often is the case with pharmaceuticals.
      The range of significant diagnosis,is where the real conditions are lacking.
      It is much simpler to offer a placebo,when encountering a person who is perpetually ill,with no inherent symptoms.And the effect of numbing the pain by offering a substitute medication is really liberating.
      So the pharmaceutical companies are a viable alternative to being seen by a nutcase as a charlatan.The abuse of the few,saves the many.
      Therefore instead of fixing the problem by changing the conditions,the physician merely has to exhonerate his/herself by means of misdiagnosis.
      Kickbacks are available(wink).
      Its a cat and mouse game of using one hand to feed the other.
      Like lobbyiing for favors so to speak.
      Insurance,and government hands can be filled,and pockets lined.
      The doctor keeps the lawyers off his/her back,and continues his/her practice.
      In an effort to rush relief to the shelf,the side effects are listed in a disclaimer so as to avoid lengthy legal hassles.But the foolish ignore these warnings so that they can have it now,then form class action suits at a convienient later date.
      Everyone getting their percentage,(the doctor being the exception to that rule)is happy,and has no intent of changing the condition to address the problem.
      Personally I always liked Aunt Bea.
      She wasnt too pretty,but she made darn good pie.
      Her poultices,while possibly ineffective were made with care and nurturing.
      The drug pushers could take a lesson from Aunt Bea.
      They do so in advertising,but who among us doesnt see that business as snake oil sales?
      Only the witless.
      Lets get our populace off the dole,and off the laboratory cooked chemical dependence which we now endure.Lets do this before its too late and we have a perpetual nation of junkies.


      • John

        Doctors don’t cure, they diagnose and treat the symptoms. A pill for high blood presure does NOT cure it, it treats the symptoms… take it away and your high BP comes back… the cure would be eat right and exercise. The Dr. prescribes a pill for depression, it treats the symptoms but does not cure the illness, take away the pill and the depression will be back…cure it (exercise, vitamin c and social contact and engagement) and the person will need no pill… but of course, the side effect is nobody make a profit, not the doctor(follow up visits) not the labs (blood tests) not the pharmacies (selling pills ) and not the pharmaceutical industry whose honest goal it is to have every person in this world on long term maintenance medications and thus profit from that person until they die. To actually cure an illness is NOT in the doctors or pharmaceutical industries interest. Cured, healthy people do not need to see a doctor and take pills.

      • cawun cents

        I am sorry,but when you introduced the word cure into the converstaion,you acted as if it were a hammer I was using to pound my point across with.
        I did not use that adjective.
        When you use blood thining agents to mask the need to cleanse one arteries,do you think that removes the symptoms?
        Only the ones that were observed to use as a diagnosis to begin with.
        The underlying cause is not necessarily established,in which case it would be difficult to do anything other than mask the diagnosed symptoms,correct?
        This was my intent.
        To show that the condition is not always diagnosed to the degree that it needs to be attended.This is not condusive to fixing,or”curing”if I am you…the conditions extant.
        A quick masking serves to send you on your way suffering a malady which whether of your doing,or of inherited genetic trait,is not specifically addressed.
        To say that prevention is worth a pound of cure,never takes the worst case scenario into consideration.Therefore if disaster occurs,it cannot be levied by simple deduction from previous dianoses,which did not screen for this eventuallty.
        In other words John …..nevermind.

    • Karolyn
    • http://none Claire

      Regarding my husband–I just received a statement of the charges to his Blue Cross Blue Shield supplement plan/Medicare. This statement reflects the dialysis charges for the entire month of January. The dialysis treatments (3 days a week) plus the drugs they used totaled $ 54,860.92. I notice that on January 13th they added extra charges for drugs amounting to $865.00. At that same time of the month, he became more ill–he was sicker every day until he passed away January 30th. I am going to the dialysis unit tomorrow morning and ask for an itemized list of drugs that they gave him. God help me, my gut tells me something is not right. I am so suspicious of doctors , anything and everything concerning the medical profession, especially since they botched two surgeries, after which he failed in health.

    • http://none Claire

      R. A. Roller— Doctors should be required to go to college for the same number of years that a veterinarian does. Don’t tell me how great the medical profession is. And yes, they keep the pharmaceutical companies in business. I am a person that has more faith and trust in a veterinarian than a human doctor.

  • http://google rose

    What gets me is that we, the “taxpayers”, have been funding the federal government’s build up of military weapons for years. They will one day use these very weapons against us if we ever decide to revolt.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Government Means C O N T R O L: ( what ever it takes! ) Federal Government ~ State Government ~ County Government ~ City Government … Government Employes are ? % of Population ( Citizens.) We need that much protection? From Who?

  • Louis Lemieux

    Being a liberal, conservative, Muslim, Jew or Christian has nothing to do with being a good or bad American. We all have our reasons for thinking what were thinking and for being what we are. All of us humans on earth form one great family and that in spite of all our religious, political and ideological differences. No doubt we have to protect ourselves from those who’s purpose in life is to harm others, but happiness is peace and peace is love and kindness to all.

    • 45caliber


      Happiness is peace? I disagree.

      Happiness is freedom. There are too many people who preach “peace at any price.” You can have peace by being a slave – but it doesn’t produce happiness or love.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Freedom is something anyone can use to step on their neighbor’s freedom. People don’t always agree where personal freedom stops so freedom by itself cannot bring peace. It has to be included in toleration towards others. Anyone who believes in absolute freedom should never get married! It’s nice to be independent and free but you will find this only in sincere love of others.

      • 45caliber


        There are only two ways to achieve freedom. You can give others the same freedom you want them to give you or you can take it all for yourself by being a tyrant. The first type of freedom requires that you may have to defend that freedom from time to time along with others of like mind because a group refuses to give you any freedom. The second type of freedom is the type you are referring to.

        Love is okay for others – as long as they return it. If they don’t, you are simply a slave, especially if they insist that you MUST give them what they want if you REALLY love them. That seems to be a common argument now.

  • Airangel

    Maybe we need new code words like “honor”, “valor”, “integrity”, “human kindness”, “respect”, “decency”, “love”, “neighborly”, “family dinners”, “living wages not minimum wages”….maybe we need to change ill will to good will and two more words to bring back to the forefront “grace” and “class”

    • Karolyn


    • 45caliber

      I agree. We need those words. But the politicians don’t like them because they mean freedom and opposition to their control.

  • Fernan Doylet Auson ( @FernanDoylet )

    The word “occupiers” was the word used instead of “outraged” (equivalent to ‘indignados’ in Spanish) probably to portrait the 99% movement protesters as ‘invaders’ willing to interfere with our public areas and work routines.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    have you forgot daddy Bushes , New World Order WE are looking at it…

    • FreedomFighter

      Not that Im against World Government, its just that those who will be in charge are Eugenics Satanists that want to depopulate the world of some 6 billion people, mutate the survivors into a sub-human slave and live as gods on there backs.

      People better start waking up or they will get what they want.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • 45caliber


        The definition of a slave is someone who’s labor is take away without compensation to support someone else.

        Sounds like “taxpayer” doesn’t it?

      • FreedomFighter

        Yes, thats why they want to outlaw bartering, full dependance on the system is the goal.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • John

    The word Democracy is neither an American word, not id it an american invention.
    A short search shows that:
    The term comes from the Greek word δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) “rule of the people”,[1] which was coined from δῆμος (dēmos) “people” and κράτος (kratos) “power”, in the middle of the 5th-4th century BC to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens following a popular uprising in 508 BC.[2]
    Just as the first real and only pure democracy was a failure because of greed and corruption, so are all other versions of political systems prone to the same. Democracy just as all other political ideologies like communism,socialism,republic, monarchy, look great on paper but will work only in an ideal, utopian world… they are bound to fail in the real world because of greed and corruption. I left out capitalism as i.m.h.o Capitalism is not a political system, it is a system of commerce and can exist within a variety of political systems.

  • Steve E

    How about this one: “He is unelectable”

  • Robert, TX

    My favorite is the part about the pharmaceutical “companies.” Do you realize that in the first year of her show, Oprah’s advertisers were primarily beauty and haircare products for black women? The Oprah show was twenty times more popular than the producer’s wildest dreams. Within months her primary advertisers were pharmaceutical companies and Oprah launched Ritalin, Prozac and hundreds of other designer pharmaceuticals – on her quest to become the worlds best pharmaceutical salesman.

    • Karolyn

      I beg to differ, having been an Oprah watcher for years. Of course, maybe I just never noticed because I don’t generally pay attention to who advertises on what shows.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Awesome Monday article Bob! My favorites are the ones meant to keep us scared so we can keep at war, such as:

    Axis of Evil
    Evil Empire (or is that the Yankees?)
    Homeland Security (laughable)
    United Nations (laughing more)
    G-20 summit (sounds like a new club)
    Central Intelligence Ag. (the funniest one of all)

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Central Intelligence Ag. (the funniest one of all) XXXXXXXXX
      That is beacuse… C. I. A.. = Christian intelagents Agency… They Get Lots of U.S. Tax payers $ to further there cause. & Power of Government Office!

      • 45caliber

        CIA also can stand for “clueless, ignorant A-holes” … but it doesn’t. So your comment is as meaningless.

  • Robert, TX

    What about the battle cry of the republican party: “making government smaller?” The republicans have FAILED to achieve ANY of their stated goals in the last 34 years – and they have had multiple opportunities. How do you defend that?

    • Patriot Diva

      There is no way to defend it Robert. I am a lifelong republican, but I am so weary of those in office to who talk a good conservative game on the campaign trail, then do the opposite in office. The only thing I go by if possible is their previous voting record. This year, when I looked strictly at voting record, I decided to give Ron Paul a chance.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    “This Perfect World” by author. Ira Levine

    By the way “Anarchist”is also OVER-used to denote users of violence to disrupt/ overthrow society/government, when in fact, it simply means individuals who don’t believe in government. I have seen it used in thatsame disparaging manner by some of the more ignorant who comment in “Personal Liberty Digest”

  • Patriot Diva

    I’d like to add the word conspiracy. People have been conditioned to believe that if one believes there is any type of conspiracy within our government or leadership, that person is nuts. The dictionary’s definition of conspiracy is when two or more persons plan to commit an illegal or unethical act together. When one looks honestly at the definition, it’s easy to see that conspiracies are commonplace. Two guys planning to hold up a bank is a conspiracy. A group of employees who work together to embezzle funds from their employer is a conspiracy.

    • DaveH

      Good point, Diva.
      It should also be noted that the acts of self-interested people, such as Politicians engaging separately to take the property or Freedom of others, are wrong regardless of whether they conspired or not.

  • Pingback: Code Words : Personal Liberty Alerts | Cactus Thorns

  • Louis Lemieux

    “Brainwashing“is an intensive, forcible indoctrination aimed at destroying a person ‘s basic convictions and replacing them with others. The word has been so misused, it now means the one using it is afraid of someone else’s power of persuasion.

    • cawun cents

      Perhaps that is why I received a B instead of an A in marketing courses while in college.
      Maybe I didnt quite grasp exactly what brainwashing was.
      Things like convincing someone they need something which they do not,probably do not fall under your concise definition……
      Demographics aside,dont you see the value of”helping”someone to feel better about accepting whatever it is you want them to accept?
      Brainwashing is forceable persuasion,correct?
      So then can I ask you what Obamacare is?
      Making it mandatory is somewhat forceable is it not?
      It is an Idea of creating an ideal situation(the jury is out on that one)in healthcare for everyone?Kind of like the idea that socialism creates an ideal playing field for everyone?
      But those are not obviously forceable persuasion,correct?
      Just askin’

      • Louis Lemieux

        He who wins an election has a mandate to try to accomplish what he ran for. President Obama campaigned in 2008 on healthcare reform and he won the election.

      • cawun cents

        So what you’re saying is that you dont equate that type of action(ratify before reading)with forceable persuasion.Nobody has been brainwashed here,right?
        My male bovine scat detector is going off.
        Something smells rotten in Denmark….luckily I dont live there.
        So you are one of those who think healthcare is a”right”,yet since it is being mandated then I get fined if I dont exercise my”right”????????????
        Am I the one who is brainwashed here?
        I dont think so.

      • Mad Dog

        CC, you are WAY TOO diplomatic. That’s not a positive reading on your scat-o-meter, that’s enough to fertilize half of Iowa. Seriously, if I didn’t know better I swear that Louis was actually being sarcastic. Listen to it again – it’s a classic:

        “He who wins an election has a mandate to try to accomplish what he ran for. President Obama campaigned in 2008 on healthcare reform and he won the election.”

        Either Louis is an 8-year old boy (and not a very bright one at that) or he’s never taken any class in his life that would resemble civics or American history. Louis, there was once a German who was elected on a mandate to kill all the Jews; after his election he felt compelled to fulfill that promise. Several million Jews and half of Europe tried to convince him otherwise. The story has a crazy twist in the end – just like your Obama story – EVERYONE LOOSES.

    • cawun cents

      Its very likely that the brush used to scrub Louis’ mind had thick bristles.
      Perhaps virulent chemicals were used as well.Marxists in the hallows of educational institutions are known for their vigorous scrubbing motions.Elbow grease is a valuable comodity there,as are false pretenses,and misleading premises.All this for the value of paper money that is continuously printed hurriedly as though it maintained its value shortly after its release from the presses,and needed to find pockets to fill.
      If higher education came with a warning label,it might read something like this:

      Use as directed quickly,for once the enlightenment of wisdom comes upon you,this product cannot maintain its current value.In short,because of its great cost and short shelf life,this medicine is a suppository,and takes its time going to the brain so the mind can be eliminated,and replaced with liberalism.


  • Puzzler

    This is indeed an interesting topic. I have often thought of the use of some of these terms, but not in the sense of “code” words. I thought of them more as “misused” words. Words with miss-understood meanings, and quite frankly that is what they are. As “code” words though, that brings up a different connotation to their meaning. That brings on thoughts that somebody has purposely set out to miss-guide the populace. Thinking back on history, both old and new, I can see how one would come to that conclusion. Like you said about President George W. Bush, the first user of the term may never even thought of it that way. In that case, does that point to the possibility that some other entity may be miss-guiding our Presidents? I’ve wondered this for a long time too.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Great article Bob. I see you have riled up some of the useful idiots, by some of the comments. Keep up the good work. Maybe some of the ignorant will be enlightened. At least we can hope.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Insurgents: Anyone in opposition,
    War on Terrorest … With BOMBS????
    I’m realy astounded at the Citizens Of U.S. of A. { Replaced by Americans & American Flag.} ” By Politicans… & indorced by Media.”
    Yes U.S. of A. is in Rubble, If Not For the Citizens wanting Correctness “not only change”.

  • Gerald

    CODE WORDS and NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMING –You haven’t even scratched the surface of how the democratic party (Hitler was expert at using them too) particularly has used both. I hope you will research this with professionals in the field, and do a NEW article for us. Thank You.

    • John

      Hitler was not the expert, Hitler was a conservative and devout Christian. Himmler and Goehring on the other hand fit your description very well.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        He was into Occultism.

  • DaveH

    I have disliked euphemisms for the entirety of my adult life.
    Killing is Killing, except in self-defense. And NO, it isn’t self-defense to kill the people your neighbor is accusing of threatening his/her life.
    Whether we call it War, or a Military Action, or a War on Terror, we are still killing people who have not directly attacked the United States. In such cases, we are directly the Aggressors.
    Stealing is Stealing, whether we declare that the owner of the property makes more than he/she needs, or that it is their “Fair Share” of Government support, or whatever other rationalization we can use to take the property of other people. No man has a greater claim to a person’s property than the person who earned that property through hard work or some other sacrifice. It doesn’t matter whether the claimant calls himself a thief, “compassionate”, Progressive, a voter, or a person from Government. To take a person’s property, except to satisfy a voluntary contract which that person agreed to, is just plain theft.
    We have become a Society of Criminals:

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The Government biggest offenders of All!

  • C.Davis

    It seems that no-one else has mentioned here that there is a candidate for president who has long campaigned, among other things, on the platform of abolishing the IRS and income taxes in the interest of allowing the American the use of his own hard earned money. Another plank of his platform is the abolishment of the private banking cartel which has inserted itself between the congress and its constitutionally mandated responsibility of coining and regulating our currency. Another of his outspoken positions is to decry the loss of our constitutionally guaranteed rights under the guise of protecting us from “terrorism.”
    And finally as a Doctor of medicine he is adamantly opposed to the tyranny of a medical system mandating the prescription of dangerous drugs in the interest of drug company profits. I could go on and on, but I think one can see that if these issues are as important to others as they are to me, there is only one man they can even dream of supporting for president, and in case you haven’t figured out what his name is, I’ll tell you: RON PAUL 2012

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The Hulk, Superman, Batman CHRIST THE SAVIOR are a MITH!!! “Time” is the bigest form of change! And the efforts of MANY!

  • wbliss

    This is just plain BS poppycock. Everyone knows what a terrorist is and George W. Bush was a good president. Saddam did have WMD but the liberal press does not want to report the truth. Also the WMD was not the only reason for doing what Bush did in Iraq. Everyone who does not just depend on ABC, CBS, NBC and Huffington Post for their news also knows that the recession/depression (Google U3 VS U6 unemployment in the 30′s VS now, we are still in depression) had a direct correlation with the housing bubble and failing banks created by the Democratic party. It was put in motion during the Clinton admin. After all everyone should own a big house whether they can afford it or not. Sound familiar? But of course we must blame everything on Bush and the Republican party.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Of corse Husane had W.M.D’s … Bush Sr. gave them to him… To defend themselves against Iran, that wanted a Nuk’ arsnal…. But, giving a gun to one brother to defend himself against the other, wasn’t enjoyed by husane… He refused to use them! So, Failure to comply was punishable by death!

    • John

      I predict that the day you wake up, you will be in for a “”rude awakening”” lol

    • Mad Dog

      @ wbliss – do not be too quick to jump to George’s defense. I watched him grow our federal government and debt faster than any Democrat in recent history. But we expect it from the Dems. George lied to us. He is not, was not, never will be a fiscal conservative. He is, was and always will be a crony-capitalistic. And that’s true of his entire family and most of his party as well.

      In clear conscious, I could not vote for him in 2004 (don’t worry, I didn’t vote for Kerry either). But do you know what nailed Bush’s coffin closed? The day (2005) he forced David Walker to resign for telling him the TRUTH about our economy. Oh, you are right, the problems began long before he took office – but he could have done something about it (just like we keep demanding of Obama). But he didn’t, he fired Walker and proceeded to make things worse — proceeded to driving this country off the economic cliff of 2008. Seriously, Bush knew what he was doing … knew that Walker, Wiggins, Ron Paul and dozens of other economists were right … AND HE DID NOTHING.

      Your allegiance is misguided.

  • paradigmshift

    @ Tikvah
    Spoken like a true Zionist, have you read the Talmud lately?
    Never forget Deir Yassin, Menachem Begin ordered the Irgun and Stern Gangs to commit this act of barbarianism upon residents of the small village. In all over 100 men, women and children were systematically murdered by the Zionists in the wee hours of the morning while they slept.
    “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War” motto of the Mossad.
    You should read one or two of Victor Ostrovsky’s books, maybe “The Other Side of Deception, A Rogue Agent Exposes The Mossad’s Secret Agenda”
    If you don’t feel like reading some books exposing the agenda of Zionism, I suggest you take your uninformed opinion to another…more Zionist website, you might try a dispensational “Christian” website, there you will find plenty like minded “Christians.”
    As a Christian, I’d like to direct you to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Rev. 2:9 and
    Rev. 3:9. Who is John talking about… do you think???

    • paradigmshift

      BTW Tikvah, Later Menachem Begin received the Nobel Peace Prize.

      • libertarian58

        Also read “The 13th Tribe” by Arthur Keistler, which explains why the Zionists are NOT Semitic. The Code words “Anti-Semite” are designed as a shield for these Zionists to hide behind while doing their dirty work.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Who made you king?
      Tikvah is welcome on this site with her opinions.
      You found your way here with your opinions. Extend the same courtesy to her.

    • Puzzler

      You’re trying to tell somebody who writes a blog on his own website to go to another website. Maybe it’s not his own website, but he has been writing here long enough for it to be his, and you, who are a passing visitor, presume to have the authority to tell him to leave? What a stupid, unintelligent, clown you are.

      • paradigmshift

        Oh Boy, the shills are thick in here!! I have been receiving Bob’s “Personal Liberty Digest” for a few years now, but that’s OK, because I haven’t commented until now. I usually don’t read the comments section because it only makes me angry to read all the confused “Tea Partiers” and the “I’m a Republican, and George Bush was a good president” types.
        I’ll give you a few code words:
        Islamo-fascist… word that main stream media uses to get Americans to hate all middle eastern people except for Jews.
        Self Hating Jew… any Jew that disagrees with the Zionist agenda.
        I didn’t tell her to leave, I told her to READ.
        I’m a conservative, an informed one, I might add!

        • Mad Dog

          Paradigmshift thinks “[He's] a conservative, an informed one, I might add!”

          REALLY? … he goes on to explain that:

          “… [He] usually doesn’t read the comments section because it only makes him angry to read all the confused “Tea Partiers” and the “I’m a Republican, and George Bush was a good president” types … ”

          REALLY? If he followed Bob and those that comment – he’d know that this isn’t exactly a Pro-Bush bunch? I’m wondering how he can consider himself “an informed conservative” and not be willing to learn a little more about the one movement that actually represent a true PARADIGM SHIFT from his worn out excuse for a political party, whether its the Republicats or the Demblicans. BUT I REALLY wonder why he doesn’t have the balls to give any rational reasons or evidence for burying his misguided head in the sand, desperately attempting NOT to learn a little truth about the Tea Party.

          It must be part of the “shifty paradigm” thing.

    • paradigmshift

      @ Mad Dog,
      As I said, I read Bob’s articles and agree with him, but usually skip the comment section. I just finished reading a post that claimed George Bush was a good POTUS, and that Iraq had WMD’s but the liberal media covered it up. I think I have a pretty good idea of what Bob believes…but most of the bloggers??
      My paradigm shift actually came in 2004 when I started to read about the early church writings. Eusebius and Augustine never mentioned a “rapture” as I had been taught in my dispensational evangelical church, so… sorry, it had nothing to do with politics.
      I’d love to be a part of the Tea Party, for the most part, we believe the same things. It seems to me though that they still talk as if the Republican party is the salvation of all US citizens, and they (the ones I’m aquainted with) are war-mongering neo-cons., they hate Muslems and love Zionists. Most Tea Party people that I’ve talked to are from the above mentioned church affiliation so, my opinion may be warped. These Christians don’t give a whit about the systematic genocide being perpatrated against the Palestinian people by the Zionist government that runs Israel. Sorry if I offended people!

      • Mad Dog

        Paradigm – I think we had a mutual misunderstanding. The TP’s I’ve spent the most time with are in my home state, MN. Perhaps not all chapters share the same ideologies. Though most of the TP folks I hang with do lean more towards RED than BLUE, they are generally very quick to call out anything that resembles a RINO, they are religious (but very privately so — Bachmann is an exception), but above all they are Libertarian in focus, Constitutionally compliant, and Fiscally conservative — party affiliation be damned.

        Best Regards.

  • aubreyfarmer

    The code word that I am most bothered by is “apologist” , especially when it refers to Christians and their defense of their faith. I am a Christian and I pray to God that I am never forced to apologize for my beliefs. Something I have noticed is that you never see any Jew labeled as an apologist. Why is that?

    • Puzzler

      An apologist is not one who apolgizes to others for percieved or actual wrong doings. Here is some copy from
      a·pol·o·gist (-pl-jst)
      A person who argues in defense or justification of something, such as a doctrine, policy, or institution. A person who offers a defence by argument. A person who argues to defend or justify some policy or institution; “an apologist for capital punishment.” A person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea.
      Some synonymous terms and words: Argumentation, justifier, vindicator, advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent, defender, spokesman, champion, arguer, maintainer, supporter, pleader.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Thanks Puzzler,today all may be dragging out the dictionaries to see how far our language has changed.

      • cawun cents

        All Christians should be taking courses in Apologetics.
        All Christ centered churches worth their mettle,should teach them.
        An effort should be made to inform others of the good news,as misinformation often clouds the Light from view by others.
        Thanks for the definition.

  • DaveH
  • 45caliber

    Another catch phrase:

    “It’s for the children.”

    This one really annoys me since it covers a lot of bad legislation that has nothing to do with children.

    Another: “If it will save one child, we need to do this.”

    Not if it harms hundreds of others as whatever they want usually will.

    • Daniel-Christopher

      Absolutely!! that has bugged me for years too.

  • Dee Stumbo

    My husband is a CPA and would agree with this article. He does do “real work’, not just tax work and tells his clients that they MUST do something about the system by letting their representatives know that it is immoral and unconstitutional. He would love to see the income tax and IRS gone. He helps people to pay as little as possible, leagally. We have both supported Ron Paul for over 15 years. He is the only one that can save our rebublic, politically. Please be careful about calling decent, Godly men, who support their families, names. Thanks for all of your work in trying to educate the ignorant masses.

  • 45caliber

    The latest catch word is “terrorist”.

    What it actually means is someone who attacks and kills innocent people in the most horrible way possible in an attempt to force survivors into doing what his political party tells them to do.

    However, to many – particularly in Washington – it means” those who don’t do what I tell them to do!” Example: The Homeland Security identification of terrorists as ‘military veterans, those who cling to Bibles and guns, and those who disagree with Obama”.

  • Steven

    I have a few code words….black, stupid, wanabe, fraud, forged, excess vacations, and embezzelement!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Nielsen

    How about “hate crime” or “electability”.

    • 45caliber


      I’ve always been against “hate crime”. That is basically making your thoughts a crime. And how do they prove your thoughts?

      Actually the example they used to pass hate crime wasn’t a hate crime. It was an attack by whites on a black – yes. BUT … it was actually an attack by drug users on a drug dealer who cheated them. He took $5000 to sell them drugs and gave them something else. When they came back for the real thing, he laughed at them and told them there was nothing they could do about it since they couldn’t go to the cops – so they killed him.

  • Niemand

    Sorry, Time: you have to define “TAX’S!” Like, duh, does it mean “TAX IS?” Need to learn how to form plurals w/o all that peace and love!

    Down at Pentagon South a PFC w/o a college degree can fire, load, lubricate, maintain, acquire a target with, AND SPELL “Shillelagh” missile.

    Detroit Public schools grad back when we could read our diplomas!

    • 45caliber

      Actually it means “Tax US”.

  • http://Ray@facebook Ramon Hardesty

    There are a lot of agreements on this issue of brain washing words . Words like freedom. Constitution, and Patriot comes hand in hand of the freedom we have .

  • http://PersonalLiberty Tom Wiegand

    Hurrah to the author! Someone besides myself, Ross Perot and Ron Paul understand the purpose of the income tax is not to finance day to day business of the federal government! I truly think a lot more know it’s true reason but as good King’s/Queen’s men they are silent on the subject. They understand the uncontrollable backlash the truth would incite. The have seen this country’s independent spirit aroused in the past not once but twice by these loyalist towards the British Crown and fear exposure of the truth for fear of another war of expulsion! The IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank of America are the collection agency for the homage tax to the Crown. A tax we had refused to pay willingly in the past but have been paying subversively and somewhat willingly out of duty up to the present. The truth be known we’d be in revolt at the moment of exposure and acceptance of the truth. Remember the truth is the light.

  • libertarian58

    Here’s a couple more, “Hate Crime” , there really is no such thing and “Public Policy” a replacement for actual rule of law, but can be dictated by any government bureaucrat.

    • 45caliber

      Crimes like murder, robbery, etc. are not federal crimes. They are state crimes and are supposed to be state crimes. “Hate crimes” and “deprivation of rights” were added at the national level to allow the federal government to 1) overturn state jury verdicts and 2) to take control away from the states.

  • Joe

    Read all about it! Google George Orwell, 1984: Lies are Truth, Torture is Love, Starvation is Plenty (“We are increasing rations!”); War is Peace. The modern left-wing adds: Rigid tyranny is “Liberal”; and regressive is “Progressive.” The modern Democratic Party adds: patriotism is “extreme” or “radical”; racism (unidirectional) is “diversity”. involuntary taxation is “revenue enhancement”. It’s all there in Orwell. It’s called “Doublethink,” whose key word is “blackwhite”. One loves one’s oppressor and demonstrates it by believing, as instructed, that two plus two is five, and that white is black; to dissent is to be deviant.

    • John

      And it is happening everywhere, from conservatives to liberals, all participating in making George Orwell’s vision come true.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Kevin

    Two omitted code words are ‘racist’ and ‘intolerance’. The left is uses these words over, and over again to describe legitimate disagreement to their policies. Anyone who disagrees with entitlements and the welfare state is branded a ‘racist’, and anyone who disagrees with the radical homosexual agenda is labeled as being intolerant. They use these words so often, it has become like white noise.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      How about EQUAL RIGHTS? What’s right for one, may not be right for another!
      THE WORD CRIME: Rule violation / Code violation / Failure to comply / Like everyone else.

  • Mary Hollaway

    My sampling of code words that I think cause conditioned responses are:

    Climate change

  • Ron


    This refers to smugly crafted propaganda from Roger Ailes right-wing spin machine, born in the Nixon White House, in the reign of King Nixon I. It is adept at pushing every fear-hate button in whiteamerica, is regularly and repeatedly caught in it’s own lies by simply playing video from their own programming from the week before.

    With complete cynicism, it claims that the last 6,000 years of recorded history is a vast, complex, liberal conspiracy to murder white people in their beds. Anyone who’s ever read history is susceptible to brainwashing through “drinking the koolaid” of having an education, while the Real, Holy Truth is only known to an elite, select group of men of the nobility, the Priesthood at Fox News. Lord Limbaugh. Lady Ann. Little Lord Hannity.
    These are the keepers of all knowledge, while anyone with a college degree is merely an “educated idiot” and an infidel.

    This was a group of America-hating blacks who, in the 1930s, took over Germany under the dictatorship of their Kenyan Overlord, Adolf Hussein Obama, and murdered all the white people of Germany in their beds while creating a nanny state which coddled the poor and turned the entire world into a haven for welfare queens. I know it’s true. I’ve seen the posters at Tea Party rallies, and those people would never lie. (See above.)

    Anyone who is loyal to the Confederate States of America–the only RealAmerica, since that holy nation, built through the cleverness of the Job Creators, amassed vast wealth by trafficking in human beings. In the glorious year of 1860 (the Good Olde Days of “Dutch” Reagan, that we look back to with fond longing), the single biggest portion of America’s wealth was concentrated in the slave trade. Times were really wonderful for the 1%, and I’m sure some of the benefits would’ve eventually trickled down to the slaves within a few centuries. But then the Great Satan, the Re-Distributor-in-Chief, Abraham Lincoln attacked America from the North and imposed his CommuNaziHomoSocialist will on the RealAmericans, robbing them of their wealth (libs still call it “freeing the slaves”) and dragging America into an age of prosperity for the lesser, middle classes.

    For this treason, John Wilkes Booth, the Rush Limbaugh of his day, exercised his Second Amendment Remedy and swiftboated Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre. His patriotism was of course reviled by the Americans, but in Our Modern Confederacy, his deed is still admired with a smirk.

    This is a smug, snobbish plot contrived by the Obammanid CommuNaziNig-aKenyanHomoSocialists to indoctrinate our children with information from the outside world. As Senator Santorum recently pointed out, many Americans prefer the holiness of ignorance to the corrosive effects of ideas which are different from their own. This snobbery of believing that people would be better off if they had job skills or tried to make their lives better in some way is just the kind of America-hating brainwash that would lead this nation out of the Confederacy and into some sort of Eisenhower-Communist Hell-hole where the lower classes have the same opportunities as the Better Citizens. As “W” said it so well back during the Cheney Administration: “I’m with the haves and have-mores. Some call you the Power Elite. I call you my power base.”

    Education is the first step to servile insurrection.

    Thank God there are still RealAmericans like Rick Santorum to save America and remind us to gun up, blunt down, and thug out. A man with a book is never more powerful than a paranoid, uneducated mob with guns. After all, look at what we accomplished back during the healthcare debate town hall meetings–we wrecked the entire conversation, and we’ll get to hand Obama his Waterloo!

    If the propaganda ministry at Fox News wants you to have an opinion, they will issue you one. And if they want your opinion (they don’t), they’ll waterboard it out of you.

    Cheney 2.0 in 2012. It’s time to take America back. Way, way, way back.

    • Karolyn

      Didn’t anyone ever tell you you can never go back? Rick Santorum!? Yes, I am sure he will regress us, but he won’t be nominated anyway.

      • Mike Chance

        to uou and everyone else who thinks that moving forward means accepting any and all technology that comes along as a great thing that will make our lives better must have their head where the sun dont shine wake up people take your head outta there if you cant see what all this good stuff is doing to our world then you deserve Obama and all his cronies which includes both major political parties who do not do what the people who elected them wants and you all keep voting for them shame shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John

      Thank you, I had a dreadful morning, this just made my day.

    • cawun cents

      Ratify before you read it!
      Thats the ticket.

    • Wil

      And doesn’t Matthews’ slobbering schoolgirl crush on Obama just give you a tingly feeling down your leg?

      • Ron

        Definitely, Chris Matthews comments have been an embarrassment I’m sure he’s lived to regret, too.

        I’m more concerned about Bill O’Reilly’s taking a dump on the President of the United States during the infamous “Super Bowl interview”. Whereas Chris Matthews was just being stupid and embarrassing, O’Reilly’s arrogance and rudeness to a sitting commander-in-chief (even if you didn’t vote for him) was breathtaking in it’s implications–perhaps culturally more important than a Republican Supreme Court killing the recount in 2000 or handing over the electoral process to the highest bidder via Citizens United.

        If a black journalist had treated Cheney that way back when he was President, Rightwhite Superpatriot America would have been gunned up and out in the streets demanding an apology.

        Obama had to sit and take it because he was black. O’Reilly whizzing all over him was his way of reminding him that in the Confederacy, we don’t like “uppity-ness”. Like Preston Brooks beating Charles Sumner nearly to death in the Senate in the run-up to the Civil War, the libs always take a beating ’cause they’re too “elite” to stand up for themselves and fight back against the Confederacy. And the Confederate States of America has never met a book that couldn’t be burned, or an idea that couldn’t be blunted away with fearhate. They’ve continued to war against the United States of America ever since.

        The Jihadist Right can crow that they are ‘saving America’ from the Obammanid Conspiracy and CommuNaziHomoSocialism–at the point of a gun if necessary–but they’ve been bending America so far and hard back to the Confederacy that Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln would be unwelcome in the “Party of Lincoln”. They’ve succeeding in converting it into the Party of John Wilkes Booth.

        In November 2012, we’re not going to choose between Socialism and Capitalism; we are going to have to choose between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

        If the Confederacy succeeds in defeating America, make no mistake: They may win because they’re armed to the teeth…but the American people will NEVER ‘welcome them as liberators’.

      • JeffH

        Ron, your whole, err, racist rant is, ehh, worn out, recognizable and just plain stupid…your liberal racial attitude is indeed racist. It is you who is the racist here. It is you who has been spoon fed the very ideas you’ve espoused in your comment.

        But, I do understand your dilema here, afterall, you’ve been “programmed” to think these thoughts…Obama’s whole career has been created by and has exploited the perception that he — son of a white mother and an African father, raised in Hawaii, graduate of Columbia and Harvard — is “black,” that is, a victim of America’s incorrigible racism and oppression. In other words, Obama has gotten to where he is by subtly playing, or allowing others to play for him, the most powerful trump card in the game of social and political power.

  • JeffH

    More political doublespeak…which means just the opposite.

    The words we use to ask questions or to label an issue will influence our actions or alter the way we see the issue.
    -William Lutz

    fiscally responsible
    tax cuts
    common sense
    for your own protection
    to Protect America
    to Protect Americans
    open to new ideas
    19 Month Withdrawal
    “Non-Combat” Troops
    teachable Moment
    middle class
    American interests
    balanced budget
    environmental security
    free speech
    no child left behind

    • JeffH

      Change the domestic habits of Americans, their religious devotion, and their high respect for morality, and it will not be necessary to change a single letter of the Constitution in order to vary the whole form of their government.
      quote from a 19th century European immigrant to America – Francis Grund

      • Jay

        Most insightful post! Btw Jeff, the use of code words is a double edged-sword. Certain code words/language, properly used/understood, provide benefit, reference/anchor, as is the case of Scripture. Are you aware, that presently, one revised version of the King James version, is printed every year. And each new version comes reassembled, re-codified, re-worded. The purpose for this? To render its original code/message, inoperative/impotent, replaced with new reassembled, alien message, or “code words”; further, to cause nation-wide amnesia, dislocate humanity from its Creator, Provider, Protector, and to completely empty the cup, as it were, only to be re-filled with poison, , despair, emptiness, death. We are playing a very dangerous game with reality, with words, language; most of all, our Heritage! The quote you pasted, is most relevant to the discussion, all should pay attention to it! TY Jeff.

  • 45caliber

    What is the WORST federal crime you can commit?

    Hint: it isn’t murder.

    It is failure to file the correct records. The fines and prison sentences back this up.

    Besides, murder is NOT a federal crime (unless you kill a federal judge or a federal politician). It is a state crime. Robbery is not a federal crime – unless you steal from the government.

  • http://Yahoo Bryan Richards

    words you dont hear are similar to code words:
    1. Tariffs, would bring back jobs, and technology with no cost to government, in fact the debt has historically been paid with tariffs.
    2. Imigration control, we allow about one million legal imigrants and another million illegals, other countries allow only twenty or thirty thousand, probobly none during high unemployment.
    Imigrants that are suposed to be finanically suported are on relief and no one checks them.
    3. Labor Party, no one represents labor what we have is Corperate Socialism, not Democracy. Business people deduct meals, entertainment, vacations that are so called business trips etc., this drives up the price of these things which workers have to pay for out of pocket, hardly free and equal treatment. while workers can deduct very little.

  • rmd

    The establishment= used by the Paulinistas calling anyone who doesn’t vote for the quisling ron paul as if they are unAmerican.

    • cawun cents

      {“The American People”}— a euphemism for the folks whose brains have been thoroughly scrubbed of all doubt that the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Proressive Liberals(or what we used to call the White House),is acting in their best interests.
      4 more beers!…er uh years,yeah…..thats the ticket.

      • OldWriter

        ‘The American People’ is a phrase that was coined by the Clinton administration. They used it repeatedly during Clinton’s re-election effort.

      • cawun cents

        Well aware Oldwriter,
        I was no born tommorow.
        Nor have I been numb to the idea that the chosen one has no ideas of his own,rather he parrots what his masters tell him to.
        Meanwhile back at the sixteenth tee……
        the natives are getting restless.there may be some Unga Bunga afoot.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Establishment = Liberal Elitists

  • Wil

    How about racist,homophobic,and women’s health(inseperable,of course,from abortion-on-demand) as they are presently being used,meaning no rational discussion allowed.

  • Raggs

    Oh a word game this is?….. So in other words the words that you say mean nothing by definition but the words only apply to a following of a word that can be defined as a meaning… So in other words you are speaking words that you can only understand unless you use words that are likewise understood by your following.

    • 45caliber

      Ah … Say again?

  • Linda

    Fortunately for us, they have overused these words so much, and I am such a cynic, that these words have no meaning anymore. And Will above, is right, the wrods he mentions have lost theri meaning. Frankly I don’t think they realize that a great many of us just don’t buy anything they say anymore.

    • 45caliber


      They know a great many of us don’t believe them any more. But all they have to fool are half plus one of the voters. Further, they can always shade the polls on this to make it appear more support them than actually do. For instance, it is possible to get the polls you want (and apparently the support) if you take your polls only from those you know are on your side. For instance, if you were to want to raise welfare checks, you would make all your poll checks in welfare housing districts. OFFICIALLY that isn’t done, but you get what you pay for.

  • speedle

    Bob Livingston, aren’t you being a bit extra derisive regarding GWB (“which he couldn’t pronounce”)? Normally that kind of sarcasm is reserved for the “real” enemy, or is it that you are determined to piss off the majority of like thinking people and isolate yourself in your own little perpetual protesting minority?

    There is something else. You might want to be careful with the ox you are goring. The complaint about the “Tell your doctor” ads lends itself to a legislative solution. That means more government control. Get over it. It’s called the free market, and aside from actual misleading information by advertisers (lies), it is simply a call for buying action and needs no Obamaish attention.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear speedle,

      You write: “Bob Livingston, aren’t you being a bit extra derisive regarding GWB (“which he couldn’t pronounce”)? Normally that kind of sarcasm is reserved for the “real” enemy, or is it that you are determined to piss off the majority of like thinking people and isolate yourself in your own little perpetual protesting minority?” No. I’m not. GWB is/was a warmongering neocon big government progressive masquerading as a conservative. Therefore, he is one of the “real” enemies and worse than Obama because he claimed the conservative mantle. There is no measuring stick by which he can be called a “good” President.

      You write: “You might want to be careful with the ox you are goring.” I care not whose ox is gored if they are part of the political elite and/or stand in the way of truth and liberty and/or seek to circumvent or tear down the Constitution.

      You write: “The complaint about the “Tell your doctor” ads lends itself to a legislative solution. That means more government control.” You don’t understand that the FDA provides cover for Big Pharma. That is government control.

      You write: “It’s called the free market, and aside from actual misleading information by advertisers (lies)…” There is no free market, and under cover of the FDA and USDA, Big Pharma and Big Food lie to us all the time about the “health benefits” of their products.

      Best wishes,

      • Jerry Marshall

        Bob, I’m with you about GWB not being able to pronounce certain words, including “nuculear,’ or however it would be butchered!
        Most people use a knee-jerk reaction to defend “W,” and I have been guilty of that, myself, but the truth is, this guy really didn’t have a CLUE about a LOT of things, and that includes his power of the VETO!
        Most people don’t realize that a LOT of this Nation’s recent DOWNFALL could have been AVOIDED, had Bush had the COURAGE, or WISDOM to just VETO the JUNK LEGISLATION that was pouring out of Washington in the latter years of his term!

      • http://none Claire

        Bob Livingston: For what it is worth–Good article above, and I agree with your comment.

      • speedle

        Well I don’t agree. You seem to have an all or nothing attitude about politics, which in MHO, is exactly why our side is constantly chasing the prize and never getting it done. Progressives were quite satisfied with incremental changes, bit by bit, year by year until they arrived at the point where it was actually possible to elect a virtual Marxist as POTUS. I am sure you have heard of the theory of the boiled frog.

        People need to understand that we boiled frogs are not going to take the country back right after dinner but before bedtime. It took 60 plus years to screw it up and it will probably take that long to change the mentality of the Great Unwashed to the extent that we can get it all back. The only possible methodology at this point is to use the Republican Party as the vehicle to stop the progressive snowball. (We have to stop it before we can push it back uphill). Once we do that we can work on getting control of the GOP. Of course there are obviously differences of opinion among us thieves about what needs to be done, but for the most part we all have a Libertarian foundation.

        We have half the population that has been sedated by the entitlement state to the point that they actually believe they can get something for nothing (and they are going to vote for whatever jackass tells them what they want to hear. I don’t think it’s a good idea to join the chorus of Olbermann and Maher in ridiculing anyone on the right side of the liberal mainstream. You are simply loading their guns for them.

        I certainly have plenty of criticism for GWB (No child left behind, etc.), but he lowered taxes and had a basic belief in the free market. Compared to what we had before and after him he was Barry Goldwater reincarnated. Lighten up will ya.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          You write: “Well I don’t agree. You seem to have an all or nothing attitude about politics, which in MHO, is exactly why our side is constantly chasing the prize and never getting it done.” The reason “our side” is never getting it done is because so-called conservative voters keep settling for big government progressive war mongering neocon candidates if the appropriate party designation follows the name.

          You write: “had a basic belief in the free market.” “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” GWB

          You write: “Compared to what we had before and after him he was Barry Goldwater reincarnated.” An argument can be made that Clinton was more conservative than GWB. And it wouldn’t be a difficult argument to defend.

          You write: “Lighten up will ya.” No. It is not my responsibility to ensure the election of someone just because he/she places an “R” after his/her name.

          Best wishes,

      • speedle

        Bob, you have avoided my point and continue with the platitudes supported by anecdotal references and quotes more or less taken out of context. It is fast becoming time for decision to replace bloviating. Either one wants to actually help turn the direction of this country or one wants to only make noises from the fringes.

        Character assassinations of those who support turning around the country (in spite of their imperfections) need to stop. That applies to Romney, Paul, Gingrich, Santorum and anyone else that qualifies as such. It is time to spend energy attacking the real enemy because brother there is a clear and present danger to our way of life.

        • Mad Dog

          @Speedle: I know you were hoping for a response from Bob … in the mean time, I’d like submit what I think might paraphrase his response. (At least it paraphrases mine.)

          You’re tired of the bickering, you want 51% of the (so called) “conservatives” to rally together, sing kumbaya, and elect the “lessor of two evils”; i.e. elect a President that will continue “more of the same” (give or take a Trillion). Speedle, that dog just won’t hunt anymore. It hasn’t worked in the Oval Office, it hasn’t worked in Senate, it hasn’t worked in House, it hasn’t worked in the Supreme Court. All the problems of the last century have followed us into the 21st century – doubling or tripling with ever single decade. And all those problems have trickled down to the ‘nanny’ States and ‘nanny’ Cities as well. Truth be known, the ‘Progressive gifts’ are not unique to the US; they are just as rampant in Europe and all other developed countries.

          Look in the mirror, Speedle; it may look a lot like you but in a way it the exact opposite. That analogy is identical to our two political parties: they look similar, pretend to be different, but when either of them ‘farts’ it stinks just the same.

          I’m not going to bore you with the definition of insanity. But suffice it to say – you’re advocating insanity both with your political inclinations AND when you ask Bob to reply. Because he’s answered the questions you ask before — and if he did it again, he’d get the same results. Which probably makes him the most sane one of us three.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          At the risk of Mad Dog thinking me insane, I’ll try one more time.

          You write: “Bob, you have avoided my point and continue with the platitudes supported by anecdotal references and quotes more or less taken out of context.” Not so. I addressed your point explicitly.

          You write: “Either one wants to actually help turn the direction of this country or one wants to only make noises from the fringes.” I want to turn the direction of the country. As I said, neither Romney, Gingrich nor Santorum will turn anything except the placemats for the crony capitalists.

          You write: “Character assassinations of those who support turning around the country (in spite of their imperfections) need to stop.” I have not engaged in character assassination. I have merely pointed out the true nature of the political elites. Facts are facts and cannot be undone, only ignored.

          You write: “It is time to spend energy attacking the real enemy because brother there is a clear and present danger to our way of life.” I attack the real enemy on a daily basis.

          Best wishes,

      • speedle

        Bob and Mad Dog, it seems that no one around this blog understands political realities. There is a time to fight for your position and a time to coalesce into the best you can get. It is the nature of politics to advance your agenda where you can. Supporters of “All or nothing” agendas are losers, and will always be losers, and relegated to barking dogs in the distance.

        How do you think the progressives reached their current level of political success? They didn’t storm our public buildings with red flags and torches. Do you think a moron like Obama could have been elected in 1980? No. They slowly infiltrated academia, media and the court systems. They didn’t throw us into a boiling pot. They simply put us in a nice comfortable tub with lukewarm water and gradually turned up the heat. We still got boiled. It just took a little longer. We should learn from their superior manipulation talents.

        For the record, I suspect that absent of any goofy conspiracy theories that seem to be promoted around here, I am a more committed Libertarian than you. The difference is I want to see eventual results rather than being content to continue engaging in perpetual fringe noise making.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          You may be “a more committed Libertarian,” but you’re certainly not capable of escaping your normalcy bias, as evidenced by your “goofy conspiracy theories” ad hominem. Conventional wisdom is the enemy of the truth.

          Best wishes,

        • Mad Dog

          Despite the fact that we disagree on little and agree on much – I do truly love your analogies. Though I’m not sure they serve your purpose. The boiling frog thing is a classic; you know of course that you and most Repo-cats and Demo-blicans are the frogs still sitting in the boiling water. There are a few of us froggies that are jumping to safer locations.

          I also like the reference to “Supporters … are losers, and will always be losers, and relegated to barking dogs in the distance.”

          Also “… rather than being content to continue engaging in perpetual fringe noise making” is really good one.

          But I was wondering: When Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and a few others decided to stand up against King George – were they the losers, the barking dogs, or the fringe noise makers?

      • speedle

        Bob, it seems to me the ad hominem is accusing the previous administration of conspiracy in the 9-11 attack. I don’t think “normalcy” describes my position very well. Short of armed revolution we are not going to be able to make all the right changes overnight. If that outlook represents “normalcy” to you then so be it.

        Mad Dog, The difference is that Jefferson, Washington and Franklin had no option but to stand up (revolt) against the king, and then set up a system so that we never have to “stand up” (revolt) a tyrant in the future. That’s why we have a political system. My argument with you guys is simply the most effective way to make use of that system.

        • Bob Livingston

          Deer speedle,

          You write: “Bob, it seems to me the ad hominem is accusing the previous administration of conspiracy in the 9-11 attack.” It is very clear the previous administration either did not want the the whole truth to come out, or was so stupid that it did not recognize that people and organizations both within government and without (NGOs) were not telling the whole truth. Even members of the 9/11 Commission said they were unable to uncover the whole truth. There are many, many unanswered (an unasked by the MSM) questions. And now even the vaunted New York Times is becoming a “truther?”

          Anyone who believes the “official” line about 9/11 is wearing blinders (normalcy bias). It’s clear 9/11 was carried out to provide cover for the U.S. to engage in endless wars in the Middle East/North Africa/Persian Gulf region. I cannot say who knew what and when. But I can see who benefits the most from it, and it’s not the American people.

          Best wishes,

        • Mad Dog

          Speedle, you write: ” … that Jefferson, Washington and Franklin had no option but to stand up (revolt) against the king …” No sir, there is always an alternate option: “revolt” was ONE option, but there were many others. And our founding fathers first pursued many such options. Even as the war began, hundreds of colonists (tories) were still supporting a nonviolent, submissive solution.

          You write: “… [they] then set up a system so that we never have to “stand up” (revolt) a tyrant in the future.” Never? Never-ever in the future will we have to stand up against a tyrant? Speedle, what fantasy world are you living in? Few governments last more than a couple hundred years without experiencing some kind of revolution – and sometimes violent ones.

          Finally you write: “That’s why we have a political system. My argument with you guys is simply the most effective way to make use of that system.” But Speedle, weren’t you the one who described our system as a ‘boiling pot of frogs’. I find it curious that you are still turning to your dead and dying, warty friends asking them the most effective way to survive this system of boiling water. Make no mistake, Speedle, there is an entity beyond this discussion (perhaps even a tyrant) that is busily sweeping 9-11 facts under the carpet and anxiously looking forward to Frog-Legs for dinner.

      • speedle

        Mad Dog, I am not going to comment anymore about this conspiracy BS because that’s exactly what it is, at least with regard to 9-11. Not even the most jaded American politician in this era would consider sacrificing 3000 civilians to achieve some political end. You can make an argument about the circumstances revolving around Decemeber 7, 1941 but that was a different time with very different circumstances. It seems that some people will follow conspiracy theories no matter what. There are still people who think Lee Oswald was not the lone gunman in the Kennedy assasination in spite of absolute proof that he was. It’s not even worth the air to talk about it anymore.

        My point with regard to the boiling frog is that we need to adopt that strategy in dealing with the other side. Apparently it has worked very well for them.

        • Mad Dog

          Fair enough, Speedle. Like I said, we agree on more than we don’t – and I think we both respect each others right to those differences.

          I would like to return to the original theme of this thread, however, with one more example:

          I don’t know if this has already been suggested, but CONSPIRACY is kind of a ‘code word’. When you hear or read the word, some very specific – often negative – reactions and images are produced. But it need not be so. Last week, my friends and I CONSPIRED to throw my wife a surprise party. Conspiracies are occurring around us everyday. Most business are replete with Conspiracies – most legal, some not. I think most Marketing plans are conspiracies – ads are vague or even misleading – with forethought and purposeful intent. Certainly corporate take-overs all begin with Conspiracies. And I don’t think anyone would argue that our current political system would collapse if it weren’t for one-side conspiring about the other … conspiring to please a lobbyist, to placate a constituent, to reward a campaign donation, or to ‘scratch each others backs’ (or earmarks).

          Conspiracies are all around us and no one could challenge that. Basically we’re talking about CONSPIRACY FACTS. But I’ve never heard this code-word used that way. It’s always CONSPIRACY THEORY — never fact. We immediately start to think about the CONSPIRACY THEORIST — we rarely think about the actual conspirator. We know they exist, we couldn’t have conspiracy facts without conspirators.

          Is it possible, Speedle, that the Progressives have struck us with yet another boiling pot of frogs. Have they poisoned our minds to immediately dismiss any conspiracies – any and all organized attempts to mislead or misdirect for personal gain.

          I don’t expect everyone to buy into the Truther’s version of the 9-11 bombings, but NO ONE could deny there was a conspiracy. Perhaps if involved only 13 or 14 Muslim terrorists. I doubt it. To execute this dastardly deed probably required over 100 masterminds and soldiers. I would wager that more than one country was involved … more than one government was involved … more than a dozen government officials were involved. I actually find it difficult to believe that some of those conspirators weren’t in or even from the USA. And very few believe that an exemplary effort was made to uncover all truths and facts by the 9-11 Commission. Perhaps that shoddy effort is indicative of a second Conspiracy – unrelated to the actually 9-11 Conspiracy. Perhaps not. Either way, Speedle, we are surrounded by CONSPIRACY FACTS. I am amazed that you can dismiss it with a simple: “Conspiracy BS”.

          Is that water getting a little hot?

      • speedle

        Mad Dog, I am a bit late in replying here. You are right that “conspiracy” is all around us at all times, and yes, there were certainly many conspirators involved in the 9-11 disaster. And yes, there could have been U.S. citizens (or even a rogue government employee somewhere in the mix, although I doubt it). There was certainly a level of incompetence involved in the process of securing U.S. citizens from harm by foreigners. But to accuse George Bush and his government of being a willing participant in the events of 9-11 is silly at best and dangerous paranoia at worst. It detracts from the serious problems that we need to address and solve.

        Insofar as the progressives and their boiling frog methods, I don’t think it applies here. In fact, hearsay and conspiracy notions are a big part of their own strategy. As you know, class warfare is their primary tool to keep the poor and minorities on the plantation. The mantra is “The Man” is conspiring against all po’ folk and minorities politically and economically, and you need us “Progressives” to look out for you and make sure you get your share of the good life. The “system” is skewed against the underclass, blah blah blah.” Just like other conspiracy theories, if one can create enough smoke and sizzle without actually having a fire, some people will want to believe it is true.

  • OldWriter

    For years now I have been pointing out the words that I feel are being used by the liberal media, the Muslims, the ACLU, etc to control us. Those words are DIVERSITY, RACIST, TOLERANCE, ASSIMILATION and all the variations. If you don’t like something the Muslims do, for instance, you are RACIST. (Doesn’t matter that Muslim is not a race). If you don’t like someone moving near you, you are RACIST, you are INTOLERANT, and you don’t like DIVERSITY. When you are called RACIST, you are supposed to tuck your tail between your legs and slink away in fear. Another key word that is now being used by the Democrats in order to get Obama re-elected is TREND. Watch for that word to be used anytime the media is trying to make you believe that the economy is getting better and that jobs are being added. ‘Trend’ does not add up to change, just sounds like it.

  • bono

    One has ton agree with Bob Livingston. All in All we are to adept to believing that which we are told and don’t have the foresight to seek the truth behind the words and the propoganda with which we are fed by our government. The old saying that words have two meanings is truer than most would like to believe and if you allow yourself to be the sheep at the mercy of the wolf you will always suffer the consequences intentended nor not. If you have something repeated enough times you will come to believe it if you are to lazy to seek the secrets behind the lies.
    We have allowed our constitution to be butchered by democrat and republican presidents alike because we want to be afraid and protected or because we just don’t care. President Lincoln was one of the greatest proponants of federal government power yet we all are taught to think of him as the liberator.
    Let’s stick whole heartedly and strong fisted for for constitution and not allow any government institution nor religion take it away from it. We don’t need tyrannts nor theocratic-tyrannts.

    Thansk for the excellant article!

  • “Annie Oakley”

    As far as I’m concerned, the words “Politically Correct” is brainwashing/corruption. Some dumb politian came up with those ridiculous words. There’s no such words in my dictionary!

  • CindyL

    You should try to properly define “Democracy” by defining what our true form of government (not a democracy) but a “Republic.” Democracy does not mean “liberty” it means “Mob Rule.” Perhaps a follow up article would be great! “American Form Of Government & Proper View of Capitalism Pt. 1″ “Overview of America— Part 2 of 2: The Proper View of Capitalism”

    • Jerry Marshall

      Good job, again, Cindy!
      The form of Government we have is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC form of Government, where we ELECT representatives to go to the center of Government (Washington) to represent the constituents that elected them, and have the representative speak on behalf of the constituents!
      Too bad this idea has been subverted by the LEFTISTS, and has been made into a ‘democracy,’ where it is believed by too many in Washington, that ‘majority rules’!
      THAT is a ‘democracy,’ and every democracy in history has FAILED!!!
      Canada, France, Russia, Greece, and the Philippines are some examples of democratic forms of Government, but NOT the Un-United Socialist States of Amerika!
      Which brings up the misused term, NAZI….. National Socialist….. But I’ll wait for another time to get into the LEFTISTS trying to tie this on Conservatives, when it should be used for THEM, at a later time.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Democracy: government by the people, exercised directly or through elected representatives. -The American Heritage Dictionary.

        We live in a democratic republic.

      • cawun cents

        really?????!!!!!!!!……….I thought we all live in a Yellow Submarine,etc.

  • 45caliber

    On words …

    If there were nine people killed in a wreck, including a woman and a child, what is the sex(es) of the dead and how many are adults?

    Answer (According to a lawyer who explained this to me) 9 men were killed.

    According to the lawyer, “including” as used in this means – to a lawyer – “except”. Any lawyers out there who can confirm this?

  • Neil Swan

    If the government didn’t collect taxes they would have to take over all the business to get an income. That’s what is called socialism. I didn’t know you were for that. The rich certainly have enough money to afford paying taxes.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are willing to put your name to the nonsense you wrote.

    • 45caliber

      The government can print all the money it needs and does at the moment. It doesn’t need taxes, although states do. Besides, up until about 1900 all income for the government came from tarrifs on imported goods from other countries. It is possible to do that again. So … no taxes are really needed. Your argument is gone.

  • FreedomFighter

    Code words of the centruy.


    Hal Lindsey Report: 3/2/2012

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Lyle Kelley

    Sometimes, after spending time typing, this “frigging” site will not post your comment.

    • JeffH

      Lyle, read the notice in bright red type just above the “Leave a Reply to”…should help solve the puzzle.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      We read what you wrote at this time.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Of these words I can understand the misuse of them can and has lead to terrible outcomes. However I still believe these words can be used for good. After all democracy is a wonderful ideal. Sadly true democracy can and has gone awry at times, But that does not mean democracy itself is a word to fear. The chief focus of mine is on “pay your fair share” and “tax payer”, Personally I have always seen being a tax payer as being a contributing member of society. As such I see nothing shameful in being one-albeit one who at times wishes he didn’t have to be it. I say have because I want the services we all use to continue. I enjoy having an army to defend our country and services to help those less fortunate then me and I like giving every child a chance to get an education. I see no shame in paying taxes. As to paying our fair share I would admit it is an ambiguous term that can be easily manipulated. The best I figure is we all benefit from our society and we all need to contribute. The problem is determining how much. After all should not one with more pay more or should one with less pay less. Is either option fair in any way. No it isn’t. But the point is we need to work on it and try and improve it. In the meantime we still have a society that we all benefit from and I see nothing wrong with contributing to it. And since we all benefit from society and from our country I believe we all must make some contribution to it. The trick is figuring a- pardon the expression “fair” way of determining how much should be paid. I have no doubt that words like taxes, contribution, even society can and have been misused. But it dose not make them evil words to be feared. Such ideals can and have been used for good as well.

  • loboviejo

    The ones you left out that I see as crucial to the statist causec are: stakeholder, equity, diversity, the commons. Given more time and a glass of Jack I could probably bring up more that I have encountered from the politico-lrgal class. Language is what it’s all about.

  • Jerry Marshall

    How about UNEMPLOYED???
    The ‘Government accountants’ are only counting HALF of the actual people that are truly unemployed!!! The ones they are actually counting are those that are receiving UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, and those even include ILLEGAL INVADERS!
    In Utah, once a ‘conservative’ State, now co-opted by the LEFTISTS, if you have “alien registration, of foreign identification” and had worked, then you can be eligible for unemployment benefits! Plus, if you can show numerous children to support (even if they aren’t your own!) then you can get housing assistance (title 8), food stamps, and CHIP!
    Meanwhile, AMERICANS that have worked hard, all of their lives, who find themselves out of work, for no fault of their own, are barely given small unemployment benefits, NO housing assistance, NO food stamps, and NO healthcare assistance!
    Hardly pays to be a loyal, patriotic Citizen, does it?
    Now, when my unemployment benefits run out, in 4 weeks, I’m sure the unemployment statistics number will drop by one more, even though I will still, likely, be unemployed!

    • Louis Lemieux

      You “forget“ to mention, though, all those who are actually working but being paid under the table and who are counted as unemployed!

      • 45caliber


        The only ones I know who do that are all receiving welfare. Are those the ones you are talking about?

        • Louis Lemieux

          Not true, I know some who are collecting unemployment and working collecting under the table!

  • Marilyn

    How about “Global Warming” “Green House Gasses” all to demoralize the public and make the fat cat, Al Gore, rich which leads to Less American Manufacturing=Less American Jobs. Sustainable Development>Agenda 21=dumb down the robots and make them give up their property= stacked-up living in cities. ObamaCare=Socialized Medicine that will cost a fortune and be government controlled. We all know how that goes when our bucks head to D.C.

  • Larry Luntsford

    Another code phrase to dumb us down and elicit a conditioned response is use of the phrase “some people say,” which is used heavily by FOX NEWS commentators as a preface to a (usually) hostile question, like “Some people say that your vote on (some bill or other) is an attack on freedom? How do you respond to that?”

    The purpose is to make us believe that there is some credible fault with the position of the person being questioned, while allowing the questioner to claim the appearance of objectivity and fairness by referencing “some (unattributed) people.” “Hey, I’m not saying that you’re an enemy of freedom, it’s “some people” who are doing that.”

    This is cheap con, and FOX ought to be called on it.

  • Jay

    Since the 1960s, New Age liberals have been attempting to overturn core American values, especially by transforming the meaning of words that have long been in use. Similar to communist revolutionaries in Eastern Europe throughout much of the twentieth century, contemporary American liberals have discovered that the best way to alter behavior is to penetrate the mind by transforming our vocabulary.

    There are five words in particular that have been hijacked and which form the basis of the liberal philosophy. The first of these is “judgment.” To judge is considered the cardinal liberal sin: “Who are you to judge?” is the most-often repeated phrase when a liberal assaults traditional morality. All the while, the very question is a form of judgment. Yet, every individual makes judgments incessantly, from what to wear, eat, work, live or marry. Judging is an inevitable function of the brain whether one is liberal or conservative.

    What liberals are really doing is conflating “judgment” with “condemnation.” The debate is not whether we should judge or condemn—as we all inevitably do—but ultimately what behaviors are or are not acceptable. In short, the next time a liberal declares, “Who are you to judge?” an apt retort is that to judge is merely human; what the traditionalist is really doing is condemning, not judging. We condemn liberal values in the same manner as liberals condemn conservative values.

    The next most misused word is “toleration.” Liberals believe that toleration is a right: all behaviors ought to be tolerated and to contest this is to be—brace yourself—the second most odious of liberal sins: intolerant. In this instance, the liberal is conflating “tolerance” with “acceptance.” To tolerate behavior is to allow it to take place. In a free society such as the one we live in, few behaviors, with the exception of criminal acts, are not permitted. Hence, conservatives ought to proudly claim that we tolerate but do not accept liberal behavior, in the same manner as liberals tolerate but do not accept the conservative lifestyle.

    In quick succession, once the two commandments, “Thou shalt not judge” and “Thou shalt be tolerant,” are bandied about like Moses on Mount Sinai, the liberal will often lash out with the “compassion” card. This word too has been hijacked. Liberals equate “compassion” with either acceptance of all behaviors or with government largesse. To oppose any of these is to “lack compassion.” Hence, the liberal will often claim moral superiority in advocating a more humane approach to social problems. Yet compassion means simply to have regard for others. Conservatives believe that true compassion means leading individuals toward God and self-sufficiency. In essence, liberals are conflating “compassion” with either “sexual permissiveness” or “government dependency.” Conservatives must reclaim compassion—not as former President George W. Bush did by advocating a soft-liberalism—but by asserting that conservative values are more caring of our neighbors.

    Liberals have done a masterful job of also distorting the word “freedom.” In countless movies and commercials, freedom is presented as part of a lifestyle that includes sex, drugs and bucking social conventions. For centuries, this was not defined as “freedom” but as “bohemianism” or “libertinism.” “Freedom” today is what was previously understood simply as “debauchery.”

    For centuries, freedom was understood in two senses: the first, going back to our Judeo-Christian heritage, derived from the concept that liberty means to be in complete command of oneself to best serve God; hence, freedom was defined as exercising the will and mind over the body; to be truly free is to be free from sin. In a political sense, to have liberty meant to have a sphere of control over one’s affairs that was free from government interference. Hence, from feudal into modern times, the middle class and the aristocracy of various European nations battled the feudal order, including the monarchy, for greater rights. Spheres that were separate from the king’s control were understood as “liberties.” Thus, in the twenty-first century, freedom means the diametric opposite of what it meant for thousands of years.

    In essence, to be truly free is to have self-command and be in harmony with the will of God; to be truly free means to have autonomy from state interference. Enslaved to the flesh, enslaved to the state, that is the liberal definition of “freedom”: Conservatives must cry out: “Freedom is ours; slavery is yours.”

    Finally, one of the key words liberals have gleefully appropriated is “progressive.” Liberal values are cast as forward-looking, leading to a better, brighter future. And conservative values are tainted as leading Americans toward a dark, superstitious, bigoted and medieval past. In reality, “progressivism” is a philosophy that has already been tried and rejected numerous times: In the ancient world it was called Epicureanism and had short shrift as it was supplanted by polytheism and then Christianity; in the declining years of the Roman Empire, sexual permissiveness was rejected in favor of the intellectual and spiritual brilliance of Christianity; and in the twentieth century the promise of a social utopia based on government redistribution of wealth—communism—also collapsed. Thus, “progressives” harken to past models that invariably fail; conservatives see the bright future of a world that embraces the highest form of philosophy on earth, faith in God, in tandem with the best political and economic system ever created: democracy and free markets.

    Once we recognize that the liberal revolution always begins with words, we are armed to counter it. Hence, notice that killing babies in the womb is called “choice”; redistributing wealth is called “equality”; natural fluctuations in the earth’s atmosphere is called “climate change”; debauchery is sanitized as “addiction” or sanctioned as “partying”; propaganda or indoctrination is called “sensitivity training”; thought and speech control is called “political correctness”; illegal immigrants are “undocumented workers”; and corrupting the youth is called “sex education.” In addition, racism which means believing in the biological inferiority of ethnic groups is bandied about so frequently that even patriotism—national pride—is labeled “racist.” This is the ultimate in collective self-flagellation as liberals ultimately seek to destroy all ties that bind humans together organically, in preference for the controlling power of an impersonal bureaucracy. In short, liberalism itself is simply what used to be known as “sin.”

    Thus, it is time conservatives regain control of the English language and speak as follows: “I wholeheartedly condemn your degenerate lifestyle; I tolerate but do not accept your sinful behavior; my compassion is greater than yours; I stand for freedom and you for enslavement. To make progress is to reject the debauchery of the ancient world and the crimes of communism. Ultimately, I know English and history and evidently you do not.”

    This is the kind of self-confidence we need in order to prevent liberalism from infecting the culture. We must first get liberals out of our words, out of our mouth and out of the sinews of our brain before we can truly defeat this destructive ideology.

  • Not You

    “Terrorist…mostly hatched by Bush” If you use “hatched” as in birthed/born then you need to go back and research your “facts”. Back as far as the Reagan years, terrorists were talked about and I’m sure even before that but who cares when it was hatched. You really shouldn’t allow your bias and hate to stretch fiction into facts when you’re trying to show how labels have changed over the years…hard to take people like that serious. I’m not a Bush supporter but making stuff up when all you had to say was since the late 80′s or from the early 90′s to present the word terrorist has grown to include….

  • revnowwhilewecan


  • Wee

    A word / phrase which has bugged me to death is: HOMELAND SECURITY

    When G.W. Bush first uttered this phrase, chills went up my back. Sounds like Hitler with his “motherland”, and it makes me want to puke.

  • newspooner

    Perhaps the biggest semantic fraud is the use of the word “liberal” and the labelling of people as “liberals” who are are actually diametrically opposed to liberty. Most people think that “liberals” advocate liberty more than “conservatives” do. How can this misunderstanding exist??? Self-defined “Liberals” (Kerry, Pelosi, Frank, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein, Markey, etc.) regularly advocate and vote for more government, higher taxes, and more regulations restricting the activites of people who are just minding their own business, and acting in appropriate voluntary ways when doing business with others. That is certainly not promoting liberty, and should not be described as “liberal”. We need to tag these enemies of freedom with the labels that accurately describe what they are and what philosophies they represent: statist, collectivist, socialist, communist, fascist. Certainly, not liberal. Many of them and their supporters use government to enrich themselves financially and rise to positions of personal power over the general populace. Perhaps we should use the term “commuthieves” as a more accurate description.

  • GaryTraditionalUltraConservative

    What in the “Sam Hill” does the Ultra Leftist Ultra Liberal(Ultra Libel or Ultra Liar) Ultra Progressive Ultra Multi-Diversity Ultra Racist Ultra Anti-White code word phrase “White Privilege” mean or refer to in NO UNCERTAIM TERMS????? Because as a White Working Middle Class Tax Payer U.S. Citizen and Veteran, the term “White Privilege” is a mystery to myself unless it is reffering to all of those millions of dead young and over whelmingly mostly and predominantly White men who are the vast majority of U.S. Military Veterans KIA who are buried and soon will be buried in U.S. Military Cemetaries like Arlington and all of the other U.S. Miltary Cemetaries scattered throughout Western Europe and the United States, who had the “Privilege” to risk and ultimately lose their Lives when performing the Privilege of serving in any branch of the U.S. Military to protect and defend We The People’s Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America, our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights so all of our U.S. Citizens living in their homes on U.S SOIL would not be required to fight any foreign enemies, to our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights, that has attacked and invaded the streets of our own hometowns and our own homes and backyards, on American soil. So what in the “tarnation” is the definition of “White Privilege” in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS????? Is the code word phrase “White Privilege” simply a DEROGATORY term of “RACIST ANTI-WHITE HATE SPEECH” to be used against White People, especially against White Males because those people who use the code word phrase “White Privilege” are simply extremely very jealous and extremely very envious of the enormous amount of and the emormous extent of the beneficial positive successes and beneficial positive achievements that have been accomplished by the very hard work, by the very highly educated intelligent brain power and by the very expensive shedding of endless amounts of precious patriotic blood in defense of this nation by those People who just happen to be “White Men” or members of the White Race????? Perhaps “White Privilege” is TRUTHFULLY translated to mean “White Merit” that has been honestly EARNED by the very hard work, by the very highly educated intelligent brain power and by the very expensive shedding of vast amounts of precious patriotic blood in defense of this nation by those People who just happen to be White People, especially White Men, and who also just happen to still be the vast and obvious majority of U.S. Citizens living within the Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America????? Apparently the code word phrase “White Privilege” is a DEROGATORY Racist Anti-White term that is somehow meant to brainwash and mind control all White People, especially all White Males of all age groups and of all socio-economic classes into believing that they should feel GUILTY about being the most long term successful U.S. Citizens in the long history of the Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America. Shameless Jealousy and Shameless Envy Knows NO BOUNDS by those people who are both voluntary and involuntary self made professional irresponsible losers.

    • 45caliber


      I think you have guessed some of the definitions of “White Privilege”. You, as a white person, have the privilege to die to protect those who won’t defend the country and will ridicule you for doing it. You have the privilege to take the blame for all the bad things that happen in the world, regardless of who is at fault. You have the privilege to give up the nice things you would like to have so another can have them. You have the privilege to pay for all those who don’t wish to work to support themselves. You have the privilege to give up having a child of your own so you can support the dozens that others have when they can’t afford to support them. You have the privilege to work hard for what you do own, only to see it destroyed or stolen by those who the law fails to lock away. And you certainly have the privilege to pay all those taxes so a politician can buy enough votes to get reelected.

    • texasnation

      Excellent “White Privledge” does cast shame upon the White Man, as if we stole what we have, illegally on the backs of the Black man. The words also place Blacks as Victims, who because of lack of privledge are owed the fruits of labor earned by the White Man, also known as reparations.

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  • Carol J

    1984 has arrived. Just a bit later than predicted

  • Lena Wood

    Christian theologian Ravi Zacharias says that when you change the meaning of a word, you change the meaning of the world. It’s a haunting statement, isn’t it?

  • texasnation

    Although there are a substantial number of responses to this column, I think most people missed the defenition of “code” word. Most people seem to think of code word as an oxymoron, when if fact that’s not it at all. A code word is a word or phrase that triggers certain images in the eyes of the public that don’t necessary correspond with the real meaning of the word. One of the most used code words is “public servant”. The actual meaning is one who serves the public but in today’s world, public servant triggers images of authority, getting rich of the public, living on the public dole, politician. When we hear public servant we no longer think of police, nurses, teachers, in fact no one serves the public any more.

  • Carlos

    I new that about the taxes but I find sneaky for the government to talk about “saving the taxpayer money” when in reality they never save anything. If they eliminate one expense in the budget that money is not returned to anybody, is just used in some stuff that the Congress find appropriate, that is equal to say: against the will of the people.

  • Wayne Irvin

    How about ‘Homophobe’ , made to sound like if you’re not at least sympathetic towards homosexuals there is something wrong with you!

  • Mary

    did any one already say: SUSTAINABLE. (I didn’t read all the comments)

    • Mad Dog

      … that’s a good one, Mary, also UNSUSTAINABLE. The problem is – I’m guilty of using unsustainable ALL the time. If you turn this into a taboo code word … all my previous arguments will be … unsustainable.

  • Larry Luntsford

    One widely-used code phrase is “liberal media,” usually used to disparage any information which does not tend to support a right-wing point of view. It suggests that the media has a left-wing bias; while, ironically, the opposite is true. Most media (particularly talk radio) is owned and controlled by huge corporations, and reflects a right-wing corporate bias. One network–FOX NEWS–has even dropped all pretense of being an objective “news” organization, and has become a 24/7 propaganda machine for the Republican Party.

    • Mad Dog

      Larry, are you even remotely aware of the derogatory rhetoric, lies, innuendos and name calling that the Media practiced four years ago relative to Sarah Palin; and has continued to use for the last four years; and has extended such despicable practices to not only Sarah but her entire family; attempting to uncover any little piece of dirt, and when it didn’t exist, they started making up lies? Larry, this just wasn’t the radio or newspaper or network TV or cable TV — it was EVERYTHING and everyone – including David Letterman. And it wasn’t just MSNBC, CNBC, or CNN; these disgusting lies made it to each of the four local news stations in the Twin Cities (CBS, ABC, FOX and especially NBC) and I expect across the entire country.

      Now let’s compare the whole Sarah Palin thing with – oh I don’t know – the poor little Fluke woman: One man (admittedly an idiot) Rush Limbaugh calls her one or two inappropriate names and later goes on to apologize – AND THE ENTIRE country wants to tar and feather the man. For Pete’s sake, she got a personal apology from the President of the United States! Larry, did you ever hear any of the names that Bill Maher called Palin, or out right lies he spread about her and her family. His language made Rush sound like a choir boy.

      Where’s the presidential apology for Sarah? Where’s the outcry for “decency to women”? Where’s your “so-called-conservative Media” that you claim exists?

      Larry, this is just ONE example. I could go on for hours – nay days – with example after example of how the Liberal Media has given a free pass to Obama, Rangle, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, etc. etc. Now I’m not saying that Republicans and Conservative shouldn’t be investigated and reported as well. I’m just saying that the media’s coverage – ALL THE MEDIA – needs to be fair. It isn’t. It leans WAY to the LEFT.

      Need more proof, Larry? Do you watch SNL? If you do, you know it’s difficult to find a more Liberal group of comedians and satirists. BUT SNL produced a year’s worth of skits demonstrating the free pass that the media gave Obama during his election and well into 2009 & 10. Come on, Man, when the Media is SO Liberal that SNL makes fun of it – YOU GOTTA KNOW – it’s BAD!!!

      Larry, if you need any more examples, please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, I’d cut down on the kool-aid and switch to a less concentrated brand of brainwashing detergent.

    • Mad Dog

      You know Larry, I almost let you get away with either gross stupidity or out-right lies:

      “Most media (particularly talk radio) is owned and controlled by huge corporations, and reflects a right-wing corporate bias. One network–FOX NEWS–has even dropped all pretense of being an objective “news” organization, and has become a 24/7 propaganda machine for the Republican Party.”

      Most media IS owned and controlled by huge corporations – BUT it’s not particularly true of talk radio; that was a stupid, untrue thing to say. Both Network and Cable TV are MUCH more expensive and are owned and controlled by very large corporations with very deep pockets. Just one out of MANY is owned by a corporation that has more Conservative leanings; BUT ALL THE REST have more Liberal leanings. You tell me, Larry: are you ignorant or dishonest?

      Lastly, you claim that “FOX NEWS has dropped all pretense of being an objective news organization …” Larry, you state this as a matter of fact. But to be factual, FOX would actually have to make such an announcement or at least document it in their programming policy manuals. They’ve done neither. So this is an “implied lie” on your part. But it’s worse than that, Larry:

      This is a very common form of or technique for PROPAGANDA: You make a statement with such confidence that no one would think of questioning you. For example:

      “FOX NEWS–has even dropped all pretense of being an objective “news” organization, and has become a 24/7 propaganda machine for the Republican Party.”

      They haven’t done anything of the sort. You could have said something like “It’s my opinion that FOX NEWS is no longer objective …” Or “Sometimes it appears as if FOX NEWS is no longer objective … they come across as nothing more than a 24/7 propaganda machine …” BUT you didn’t phrase it as an opinion or an impression. You stated it AS FACT. You used a technique that is studied and practiced by the Progressive Liberal movements of this country, the Socialist / Communist movements of the USSR and China, the Nazis of Germany, and various other PROPAGANDA machines throughout history.

      I find it very ironic that you ARE – in fact – exactly what you accused FOX NEWS of being. I now suspect that you don’t drink the kool-aid – but rather you manufacture and sell it.

  • KC Ted

    words are like bullets

    • Jan

      Epidemic – translation wealth transfer tax, tobacco, alcohol, now on to soda pop and junk food to cure the obesity epicemic.

  • speedle

    Mad Dog, I am a bit late in replying here. You are right that “conspiracy” is all around us at all times, and yes, there were certainly many conspirators involved in the 9-11 disaster. And yes, there could have been U.S. citizens (or even a rogue government employee somewhere in the mix, although I doubt it). There was certainly a level of incompetence involved in the process of securing U.S. citizens from harm by foreigners. But to accuse George Bush and his government of being a willing participant in the events of 9-11 is silly at best and dangerous paranoia at worst. It detracts from the serious problems that we need to address and solve.

    Insofar as the progressives and their boiling frog methods, I don’t think it applies here. In fact, hearsay and conspiracy notions are a big part of their own strategy. As you know, class warfare is their primary tool to keep the poor and minorities on the plantation. The mantra is “The Man” is conspiring against all po’ folk and minorities politically and economically, and you need us “Progressives” to look out for you and make sure you get your share of the good life. The “system” is skewed against the underclass, blah blah blah.” Just like other conspiracy theories, if one can create enough smoke and sizzle without actually having a fire, some people will want to believe it is true.

  • Sandy Daniels

    Here is another couple of words that are oxymorons and should NEVER be put together yet this administration HAS. Those words are PATRIOT and TERRORIST here is two more DOMESTIC and TERRORIST. Mr. Obuttsniff was supported by the UNDERGROUND WEATHERMEN ;( they themselves are a terrorist group) (HAMAS) ,(HIZBOLLAH) and (MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD).They had a two week long party in his “home villiage” in Kenya. All of these things are documented facts. Why is he still President? The courts refused to allow facts like these to be entered into evidence. This countries government is so pathetically corupt that even the main players ave forgotton the truth in the midst of all of the lies.

  • Thomas Gunn

    And the MOST DAMAGING misused code word is “own”. When someone in America says “I own my house”, they are among the hundreds of millions of deluded and misguided people who believe that property ownership is even possible in America. It is not. Property rights were eradicated long ago, with the tax on your labor (which is your property), as well as the direct property taxes used to fund our corrupt and inept “public” school system. You cannot claim to “own” an asset, that can be seized by the goverment for non-payment of a tax levied against it….as such, it is property taxation that has rendered REAL property rights in this country a thing of the past. WHen “public” schools are funded by 3rd party corrupt politicians, the schools are then accountable NOT to the families of the children they are supposed to be educating….but to those same corrupt politicians who hold your homes hostage under threat of seizure if you don’t pay up. And indeed, the 10th plank of Marx’s communist manifesto is “free education for all children”….ignoring the actual fact that NOTHING is truly “free”. Everything has a price. Communities across America need to join to eliminate this fundamentally corrupt model, by demanding that shools be privatized, and that perpetual and endless property tax liability, be replaced with TEMPORARY tuition, paid directly to schools, by parents of the children being educated, only for as long as children attend school. With such a model, the tax collection administrators, teachers unions, school district bureaucrats and politicians GO AWAY….and schools become directly accountable to the people they are supposed to be serving. Property values will increase, Property taxes will be eliminated, cost of delivering education will go down, quality of eduation will go up; and communities will become stronger and better connected. Eliminate the Federal Department of Education, Privatize public schools, eliminate property tax, and replace it with direct tuition. It is a better and more economically efficient model.

  • June

    Speaking of “code words” – -when referring to the “oxymoron” (emphasis on moron), in the White House, I refer to “it” as the presidential impostor!

  • June

    Eugene Frana needs to “lighten up”, a bit; to him I say “No, certainly “everyone” does NOT need to believe (or worship) as Christians do!” In this great nation, we still DO have “freedom of religion”- -that means you may worship (or NOT) just as you choose. However, this also means “we have the right to disagree” with your own “personal opinions” – -that means “WE DO NOT” have to “think” as you do, nor do we have to think “as you do”- -that is OUR choice!

  • June

    Oh, typos, sorry- -that last sentence should read “WE DO NOT have to “think” as you do, nor do we have to “agree” with you – -that is OUR choice!

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