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Coburn Says National Debt Could Cause “Apocalyptic Pain”

December 29, 2010 by  

Coburn says national debt could cause apocalyptic painSenator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has provided a grim forecast for the United States if lawmakers do not reduce the government debt.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday on Dec. 26, Coburn said that the U.S. will suffer from "apocalyptic pain" if the nation does not curb its massive deficit. He predicted that America could eventually face an 18 percent unemployment rate and hyperinflation if government waste is not curbed. He said that the U.S. may face austerity measures that have been seen in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Japan.

"The history of republics is they average 200 years of life. And they all fail in the history over fiscal matters. They rot from within before they collapse or are attacked," Coburn told the news provider.

Coburn, who has the nickname "Dr. No" for his refusal to spend taxpayer dollars, played an important role in reducing the amount of money included in a bill to provide healthcare funds for 9/11 responders, which was passed by Congress last week.

In the televised interview, Coburn said that he can come up with at least $350 billion of waste that can be eliminated without negatively impacting the economic recovery, including an overabundance of job training programs that exist throughout the country. He said there are 105 programs that are designed to encourage people to pursue science-related careers, which he deemed unnecessary.

According to CNN, Incoming House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has pledged to cut $100 billion from the Federal budget in an effort to reduce the deficit. The news provider reports that the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that Boehner's goal will lead to a 21 percent annual reduction in the budget that funds education, health, human services, housing and urban development.

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  • charleydan

    He should went on to explain how it works when defaults happen. An Alabama town gave us an idea. They just informed their retirees the fund is broke and no more benefits.

    Think about this in towns and states that go bankrupt or default. They close down like any company and the courts sort it out. And with all the creditors wanting to protect their interest it takes time.

    So when they close down what happens. Municipal water and utilities stop. If your hospital is run by that government or supported. Those services stop. Pension funds are not funded in most of these cities and states as they have been using the money to stay afloat this long. So that stops. Street cleaning stops. Just go down the list of what your government runs and they all stop.

    Now they could also go for reorganization bankruptcy. But you can bet the services will be cut way back and many will get little or be removed from receiving money anymore. Wow, taxation without benefits?

    The Federal government will not go broke as it can print money for inlfation. Of course then your SS check will not buy the bread and to work you go.

    Now add in a high rate of inflation where your money can buy barely essentials. What most people do not understand is. That things of credit will hold steady to going down in value. Things that are bought with cash will go up. After all you only have so much money to go around and essentials come first and things of credit or future pleasures enjoyed today will now be put on hold.

    If bad enough. People will look for ways to avoid taxation and the Patriots who are now winning court cases to that cause. May just put America back on course to the Constitution. I personally hope Americans realize that government makes promises so they can get elected. They then negotiate with big business in regulations for campaign funds to fund their campaign. And when the government approves a product filled with additives from herbicides, to preservatives and give people a false assumption they are watching out for them via the USDA. Well, you get what you deserve.

    Like our forefathers said and warned us to do. If you have a choice between liberty and safety. You chose liberty every time. And government is not offering liberty by the politicians being elected as of late.

    • Colleen

      Well said and absolutely true. You forgot one thing: when the welfare checks also stop, there will be rioting in the streets by those who should be working, but won’t.
      During the depression of the 30s, my greatgrandmother who was raising my mom due to my grandmother’s death due to TB, had many folks of all races (some with families) show up at her doorstep asking for food, clothing, etc. She NEVER just gave/fed anyone for free. You had to work for what you got. Even if that meant you pulled weeds or hoed the garden for a row. Or you beat a rug. Or you repaired something. Whatever you were capable of doing. Even the kids did a little something and that was sometimes just reading a verse from the Bible!
      This simple act of kindness taught people how to work for what they had and to be thankful.
      When my greatgrandmother died, one of the men (with family) showed up at her funeral and offered to pay for it and to do anything else he could for my mom. He explained that he knew my greatgrandmother was not rich and gave from the heart helping those who needed it. The lessons her learned from that kindly lady was how to work and earn an honest living. This is what we need to return to… free lunch. Work for what you get and pass the kindness along to others. This is essentially what our country was founded on….honesty, hard work, earn what you get and return the kindness!!

    • http://na. Robert Bradfield

      Its that South African again, you are describing what is happening in most African countries. To see what the consequences are, check your news about the trouble in Africa and project that for the US.

    • EddieW

      DHS is anxiously waiting for those who will riot when the crash comes, they have many FEMA camps that can hold tens of thousands…plus they might be able to kill a lot of them…population control…they win again…I believe such a hell is coming, one should have a years supply of freeze dried foods…if…you have a cool place to store it, but the government will likely want to move us all to different states, to keep us off balance, and unable to resist…better resist when they come to get you!!

  • josephpatel

    People should never forget that real health depends how well you take care of yourself and not what health insurance you carry but I agree health insurance is important for every one. Search “Wise Health Insurance” online for dollar a day insurance plans.

    • Richard Pawley

      Just remember that you can’t eat what average Americans eat and not get the diseses that average Americans get. When I was a child we were 5th in the world in longevity and all our foods were natural. Today we close to 50TH IN LONGEVITY and 91% of our soybeans (not healthy to begin with) are genetically engineered and over 80% of our corn is genetically modified (GMO), as are sugar beets. Much of our milk is filled with artificial bovine hormoes which are illegal in most countries in the world. 29 TONNES a year of antibiotics are pumped into the hogs and cattle most eat, and artificial chemical sugars like SPLENDA (called sucralose by some) are collecting in our water supplies along with hormones from all unnatural pork and beef and chicken we eat. Maybe part of the pain that is coming will be that these ultra-cheap to produce foods will no longer be available and we will have to pay as much as others around the world for food. Wouldn’t be a bad deal if we got honest to goodness quality food like I grew up on.

      • Cathy

        Half of the fresh drinking water is consumed by animals being raised for food. The other half is polluted by the animals being raised for food. Most of the corn, oats, and wheat grown in the US is fed to animals being raised for food.

        All diseases are the direct cause of consuming an animal-based diet. Americans embraced this type of diet from 1900 on. If everyone quit eating this shit (yeah, all of it contains fecal matter), world hunger would end, diseases would disappear, and the planet would heal. Outrageous? “If everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking.” Benjamin Franklin

  • hflashman

    Yet, we have the GOP holding out from giving extended benefits to unemployed, holding out from helping truly small businesses from gaining stability and growth, holding out giving every American tax relief (up to $250,000 income levels), holding out giving retirees relieffrom inflation … so that the upper 1% income earners in this country receive additional tax breaks no on else has. At a cost of $600 billion to us.

    It’s not that we should ot look to cut spending, yet let’s examine the areas the GOP wants to cut. Using Coburn for example. Training programs in science. As we are falling behind in our scientific prowess and leadership…he wants to cut science training and education. And the GOP leadership has targeted education, health, human services, housing and urban development.

    But as American companies created 1.4 million jobs overseas…versus only 1 milion domestically, have you noticed nothing is being mentioned about the tax credits given to help relocate our jobs overseas? There’s a huge cry about “illegal alies” taking US jobs. Yet note there is no push by the GOP to punish those who employ undocumented labor, evade taxes, shirk their social responsibility (nope…they go after the poor slob looking for a job instead). We spend over $1 billion a DAY in importing il. But the GOP has blocked legislation which would lower subsidies to Big Oil and increase monies into alternative enrgy areas (yes…we subsidize with our money the largest, most profitable companies in the world…ever).

    Make sense? Ya proud of your GOP ?

    • JC

      Reagan this…Bush that…blah blah blah.
      You’re a communist Flash, you have no standing. None.

      • hflashman

        JC….ever notice in the above post I didn’t mention the two most destructive presidencies we ever had? Namely Bush II and Reagan? Yet you did?

        At the subliminal levels, even you agree with me as to those travesties of America Presidencies…

        • JC

          You and your Kamrade Norm can both bite me. You’re Communists and I have more respect for sewer rats.

          • hflashman

            JC..if you actually knew what a communist was…you might be able to convince me you had more than a 3rd grade mental capability. Doubt it…but you’d at least have a shot.

          • JC

            Definition of COMMUNIST
            1: an adherent or advocate of communism
            2: capitalized : communard
            3: a capitalized : a member of a Communist party or movement b often capitalized : an adherent or advocate of a Communist government, party, or movement
            4: often capitalized : one held to engage in left-wing, subversive, or revolutionary activities
            5: Some Freak who calls himself Flashman and advocates Socialism, and the downfall of Freedom and Liberty In the United States. Also see “Traitor”

          • BoxCar

            Thrust of Communism (Socialism)is to gain control of humanity whereas
            Thrust of Western Man (Capitalism)is to gain control of environment
            Neither has had much success because we “go forth and muliply” like
            so many human lemmings going over the cliff of economic destruction
            every 3 generations (every 3 solar cycles) like CLOCK WORK.
            We are in the throes of beginning of the 2nd Great Depression that
            started when 1st baby boomers (born 1946) began to retire and it will only begin to end when the last (born 1963) retire in 2025.
            Medicar will collapse in 2011 when 1st baby boomers begin to qualify
            for Medicare at age 65 + 1946 = 2011. Those who promote multi-birth
            families s/b held accountable for destruction wrought- canU say POPE

      • Norm

        Try using facts instead of ranting like a spoiled kid.

        • JC

          Another advocate of communism speaks.
          One who philosophizes that I should share all because its only “fair”.
          And fair is a concept of children. Which is why none of you parasites can ever be taken seriously.

          • MNIce

            “A whip for the horse,
            A bridle for the donkey,
            And a rod for the fool’s back.
            Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
            Lest you also be like him.
            Answer a fool according to his folly,
            Lest he be wise in his own eyes.” Proverbs 26:3-5

            JC, name-calling is easy but ineffective. It’s the sort of thing leftists do – like calling politicians “heartless” when they try to protect the entire nation from fiscal collapse and poverty caused by excessive government. Surely you can rebut the silly claims hflashman makes.

            For starters, he thinks we need all 105 programs to “promote careers in science.” Isn’t that like Imelda Marcos needed more than 100 pairs of shoes? Besides, except insofar as it is needed to set standard measures, develop equipment for national defense and other Constitutionally listed responsibilities, the Federal government has no business spending on promoting science careers. That is the responsibility of states and corporations who will hire the majority of science students. Nor should the promotion of studying science be confused with funding research, as hflashman appears to do.

            Entire books can and have been written to refute the folly of centralizing charity and all other functions in the Federal government, Keynesian economics and other unsustainable notions of “liberalism”, so I’ll stop with that as sufficient to give you the idea. Lest hflashman accuse me of elephant hurling, I’ll give him the title of one of those books: “Stealing from Each Other” by Edgar K. Browning, PhD, Professor of Economics, Texas A&M.

    • Searcher

      You don’t quite grasp the reality of economics. Tax cuts DON’T increase deficits. Spending more than your income does.
      Why should business be responsible for enforcing immigration laws?
      Waste in education NEEDS to be curtailed. If our students are lacking in science knowledge, TEACH science, instead of wasting time on “Heather has two mommies” and such crap. The current school system is more into propoganda than teaching useful things like science and math.
      Housing? If you are talking about government backed mortgages, if they didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have had the meltdown that put us where we are. If you’re talking about providing housing, gee, here’s a thought, I need a place to live, so I have a JOB. Seems to work pretty good.
      Get a clue instead of just spouting all your anti-GOP tripe.

      • hflashman

        OK Searcher…tell you what, here’s my top 5 areas to cut spending. You can give yours.

        1. Agricultural subsidies to ag companies having adjusted gross income of $5 mil or more.
        2. Eliminate tax benefits for shipping jobs overseas
        3. Raise capitial gains by 5%
        4. End subsidies for timber and mining
        5. End Oil Depletion Allowance.

        If you are too laxy to look up the cost we pay for those on my list, I’ll provide them for you. I doubt you’ll want to know because pesky facts get into the way of a good rant…

        Your list?

        • Teresa

          flash, you do make some interesting points, you would actually be able to debate your cause better if you were not coming off on every single statement bashing previous administrations. We don’t care what happen in the past its not going to change the future which is what we ALL need to pull together and think of ways to do NOW. Please do not take that wrong just try to work together everyone for this is OUR country.

          • hflashman

            Teresa..I do try. But to read above robotic mentalities continuously bash this administration based upon lies, fantasy conjectures, outright hallucinations…when so much good has been done (yes, some bad…)…

            Methinks you should direct your comments to others as well …

          • Teresa

            I will give you some slack flash, but you do realize this is now and everyone feels the same way you do…everyone is stressed, tired, and to a lot of us this administration is doing nothing to help only hurting and destroying our Constitution. But, I will say this…if you are right I will tell you, if you have a good idea I will tell you. We all want the same I hope and that is to keep our freedom, less government and to be able to act like adults and work together to try to come up with good ways to help each other. btw have great new year if I do not talk to you again.

        • UnpopedKernels

          What are the subsidies for timber and mining? Before you start, these are broad terms so I will be specific. What are the subsidies for a landowner who has standing trees to sell or surface rights to coal that can be mined? I’m still looking for my check from the US treasury if you are correct.

        • Marianne

          You asked for my list so here goes.
          1. Get rid of the Dept. of Education (Fed. has NO Constitutional
          authority to meddle in education AT ALL at ANY LEVEL)
          2. Same goes for Fed. Communications Comission (Fed. has NO
          Constitutional authority to regulate who can broadcast or what)
          Free speech is NOT “netneutrality”
          3. Wipe out the IRS. IT rots from the inside! No Fair Tax either.
          Can’t you see it being manipulated UP?
          Consider a National Sales tax that can’t be changed except
          by National ballot. That evens theburden:exempt necessities
          4. Get rid of the Dept. of Agriculture. It has more agents than
          there are farmers besides the Corperate farms control it.
          5. Same goes for Federal Emergency Management. The $$$ that have
          wasted when THEY CSAME TO “HELP” are phenomel!
          6. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act! Many learned men have said that
          whoever controls the money supply of a country controls the
          country. Ron Paul has been telling us for YEARS! They have
          been printing dollars for 20 years AND the day will come –
          some say this year– when the rest of the world will not
          want our dollars — then what? We won’t be able to print
          our way out of debt anymore.

          SOOO hflashman: we –you and me as well as another who gave
          some excellent ideas could save us MUCH MUCH MONEY. What
          do you say?

      • Ken

        Here is a thought. In order to fix the homeless, why don’t we just pass a law requiring everyone too buy a home? That is what we did to fix the uninsured in healthcare. I wonder how many more IRS agents the government would have to hire to enforce that?

    • Laura

      Your an idiot, as far as holding up, it is logical to check things out prior to, to make sure they can be accommodated, oh yea I guess you have to pass bills first before you even read them, and make sure the money is available priro to spending it. Regarding the 1% so called top earnersl interesting when those top earners are the following; Pelosi is worth over 7 million, with Reid not far behind.

      Illegal aliens are foreign invaders here to take America, not become Americans, when you respect something you obviously honor it, come here legally otherwise you are only here to steal from it and then crap all over it.

      All liberals should move to Europe.

      • hflashman

        Laura says:
        December 29, 2010 at 10:22 am
        Your an idiot [and that makes you ...what's lower than an idiot?], as

        …it is logical to check things out prior to, to make sure they can be accommodated, oh yea I guess you have to pass bills first before you even read them, and make sure the money is available priro to spending it. [something the past administration failed to do...and you don't seem to have any issues with that. If you recall, there was such a bill introduced this past year in the never got out because the GOP said guessed it ... "no"]

        Regarding the 1% so called top earnersl interesting when those top earners are the following; Pelosi is worth over 7 million, with Reid not far behind. [Both opposedthe tax benefits for the wealthy the GOP was so insistent on the cost of $600 billion WE all have t pay for and the GOP was so sympathetic to the working man they would have scuttled the entire schebang for the sake of a few multi millionaires havig their subsidies continued.]

        Illegal aliens are foreign invaders here to take America, not become Americans, when you respect something you obviously honor it, come here legally otherwise you are only here to steal from it and then crap all over it. [Noted you said nothing about going after those who employ udocumented workers. What's wrong with the concept...if you employ undocumented labor, you go to jail for awhile. No jobs, no need to come here looking for work. Too easy for you to understand?]

        All liberals should move to Europe. [Then you'd have no one to lead you]

    • http://yahoo Bob

      Flash has many good points.

      • JLC

        So does a porcupine!

    • Rich

      I find your replys interesting and entertaining, not factual or logical, but definitely entertaining. You accuse the GOP of blocking inflation relief for the elderly – how did they do that? They are blocking small business stability? How? The current party in power has struck deals with big business and the unions at the expense of small business and non union workers. Watch the news some night and pay attention to the unemployment rate. Also note how it is remaining steady. The only way to make a substantial dent in that number is through small business, and that won’t happen when all the breaks the Dems are giving go to large unionized companies. You also mention blocking extended unemployment benefits. Do you think that should become another entitlement? Maybe the unemployed need some incentive to accept a job even if it’s not the perfect employment position. Let’s not forget the tax break comments either. There actually were no tax breaks given to anybody except those people paying SS taxes – those earning less than $106,000 [that's a round number ]. The legislation passed eliminated tax increases and the largest of those would go to the lowest wage earners. But please tell me about the special privileges given to the top 1%, and don’t use sound bites from The View. Give actual facts.
      A couple final thoughts. It’s obvious you have never studied economics or finance. Sometime you ought to pick up a text book on either subject and read a little. You might find it enlightening. Also you like to talk about all the “evil” perpetrated on the country by the lowly GOP. During the last 100 years the Republicans have never had total control of the White House and both houses of Congress. How did those terrible bills pass without any Democratic votes, and were the Dem sponsors names forged on those bills? Oh, and since the Dems had total control after the 2008 election, why didn’t they correct all of those hideous things? Maybe because they were in favor of a lot of it or because we have a system in place that promotes greed over good decisions for all of Washington.
      Since 1947 when the Dems lost total control because of abuse of power we have had a two party system creating checks and balances as both parties had to work together. Everything that happened until January 2009 was a result of both parties. The laws that were forced on America for the thirteen months after that are the Dems and they need to start accepting responsibility for the increased deficit, the deepening and continuation of the recession and quit trying to blame Bush for their errors.
      Have a Happy New Year.

  • Larry

    It is sad that we can not depend on your Government to do the right thing but we can only blame our self for the kind of government we have when We the People continue to send the same old power hungry incompetent people back to Washington DC time after time. And yes I am talking about people like Dirty Harry / Fancy Nancy / and did not know the rules and laws Attorney Charlie Rangel. This is jest three of the law breakers we have in Washington DC so if you see what the rest of them have on there records that will leave very few that can be considered honest people.

    • kenny

      i noticed you didnt name any repulicans on that list od do badders

  • Tim Singleton

    My background is in biochemistry. Science and mathematics education should be a priority, of course. Not now, though, when primary and secondary education is so bent on teaching children that homosexuality and graduated income taxes are the natural order of the universe. It is pointless to attempt to educate college students in the hard sciences when they lack even the most basic critical thinking skills.

    The government spending by 40%, cut taxes by 20%, and cut borrowing on the part of the government to zero. You will either do it now while you have some choices in things or you will do it later when you have no choices left to you. Am I married to these numbers? No. They are probably as good and accurate as anything out looney toon government puts out.

    Democrats are mostly to blame, acting as if someone has a right to a part of someone else’s paycheck just because they draw breath. Republicans are to blame, too, because instead of raising taxes to pay for their dreams of empire, they had the Fed print the money so that the tax, as inflation, went mostly unnoticed.

    • hflashman

      Last i looked, Bush II and the GOP inherited a fairly sound budget with minimal deficit spending. A year later we blew away the savings and the deficits soared. Then we had two wars never put on the books and yet the deficits soared higher. That doesn’t count the number of unfunded mandates the GOP led Congress and Admin placed on state and local gvernments to pick up…unfunded mandates that crippled state and local budgets. Every step of the way, the GOP implemented policies which privatized profit for their onors, and socialized thier losses. Every step of the wy the GOP placed burdens on us, and left the wealthy and Big Corporations unfettered paths to locked markets, increased power and concentration of wealth. Every step of the way the GOP blocked any legislation whch would even the playing field and force the wealthy ad Big Corporations to be ousted from their specialized form of welfare and begin pcking uptheir fair share.

      And you see it as being caused by the Democrats????

      • 45caliber

        If I believed half of what you said, I’d be voting Democrat. However, I’ve always had a tendency to look to see what the facts are instead of quoting some Democrat hack.

        • hflashman

          No problem…I’m always glad to debate a GOP hack as yourself. Let’s begin shall we? Can you name anything good for this nation that the previous administration did?

          • Ken

            Libya surrendered their nukes that we didn’t know they had, Hussein is gone, (another one is in the WH), he let your idol, Teddy (the swimmer) write the No Child Left Behind education bill that proved our libtard educators are incapable, there were NO terrorist attacks under his watch after 9/11/01, he made communication between intelligence agencies happen, I could go on………

      • JC

        Reagan this…Bush that…blah blah blah.
        You’re a communist Flash, you have no standing. None.

      • http://yahoo Bob

        I believe what flash says.

        • JC

          Do ya really? :)
          I have a bridge in NYC I’m trying to sell. LOL

      • http://yahoo richard

        the reason there was a surplus is because clinton cut the military by one third and in case you’re not bright enough to know the primary job of the fed govt. is defense not farming or education or banking or insurance or medical or housing

        • hflashman

          And Bush II used the Clinton military (with the reduced 1/3 in budsget) to take on his wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Seemed to work well. Think about that …

        • JC

          Absolutely right Richard. Defense! Not running my life, or yours.

  • Sylvia

    Yep the future looks dark indeed! Well you voted in change and wow do you have it.

  • Kim

    Senator Coburn is talking about government waste, of which there is plenty. You can get on your high horse flashman, and spout your liberal crap, but no one here listens to you. You are more of the problem that exists right now, probably with your hand out like so many others. You probably even have an “Obama phone”, now THERE’S a worthy expenditure!

    • hflashman

      I see…taining programs for Science is a waste which is a high priority to cut above cororate welfare and subsidies for the upper 1% of income earners. Sorry…I’ll give the consideration appropriate in reviewing my standards.

      • Leslie Lehrman

        Flash……I’m with you on everything you say. I can’t believe how many stupid Republicans there are out there. I can’t say any more and I’m going to leave this site because it upsets me too much. Even though you have pointed out everything that is true, they will deny. We would not be in this mess today if it hadn’t been for Bush and all his cronies.

    • http://yahoo Bob

      Why do you spout, your conservative crap?

    • JC

      Kim you’re right about waste. Other than the very few mandates ascribed to our Federal Government under the Constitution…everything they do is a waste of money and paid for by way of theft.
      It is the most criminal system ever seen short of straight up dictatorship.
      Restore the Republic.

    • hflashman

      Kim…there’s an Obama phone? Really? I have a t-shirt…but didn’t know there was a phone ! Got a link where I can pick one up?

      • JC

        Keep wearing the T-Shirt please. ;)

  • fa

    We’ll probably need higher taxes to shave some of that debt off. Has anyone read the 14th Amendment?? Look at section 4, where it says, in a nutshell, that the gov’t (Fed and State) is not responsible for the public debt.
    They were adding stuff like that as they took over the country after the so-called civil war. Most people think that the 14th is about making the former slaves citizens; what it actually did was enslave all of us, and give the gov’t a credit card with an ever increasing credit limit, and no reason to even make payments!

    • 45caliber

      I disagree. We don’t need higher taxes. We need a lot less spending.

      • fa

        Exactly. That was my tongue in cheek point about higher taxes, coupled with the ‘credit card with increasing limit’. But it won’t happen, as they’re not held accountable, and that is due to the 14th Amendment.

      • jimster

        I know how to get the budget balanced, lets cancel the newest programs the govt instituted and keep going until the budget is balanced.

      • http://yahoo Bob

        Conservatives won’t be happy, unitl they pay zero taxes, and slavery is legalized agian.

      • hflashman

        OK 45…you’re being called on what you wrote. Why not list your Top 5 programs or tax breaks you’d eliminate. Go ahead. Heck..list the savings you’d realize from them as well.

        Let’s see what you would ‘protect” and what you want eliminated. What exactly are your priorities? Then we’ll see how many think the same.

  • dan

    bla,bla,bla…democan/republicrat ,left brain /right brain:it’s all the same corrupt political critter …and politics is like religeon:
    good in theory but comes up short in application.

    • Steve

      It seems our only hope might lie within the Tea party movement…We are the sleeping giant that needs to hold the politicians accountable….

      • http://yahoo Bob

        Teabaggers, are not the hope of the nation, just repubs in diguise.

        • barbm

          tea bagging is a homosexual activity. the tea party is made up of mostly middle class working americans who are just as tired of the entitlement programs the dems give as we are of the gop supporting the wealthiest among us.

          i don’t understand why any of you feel the need to throw insults. it’s inciting and rude. it’s obama, not obammy even though i don’t like him. and anybody who can’t make their point without using profanity needs to go back to school.

          it’s appalling to read some of the posts on here. people don’t know how to spell, use proper grammar, use correct pronouns and punctuation, etc.. yes, i know i don’t capitalize as it saves time, but my periods let you know where a sentence starts and stops. it makes us all look like we’re uneducated, back woods hicks. hard to take anybody very seriously when they sound so uneducated.

          • hflashman

            ahem, ahem I would state your comment is very accurate excpet I would delete the ‘makes us all look’ and insert “proves we’re” …. —-> barbm “it makes us all look like we’re uneducated, back woods hicks. hard to take anybody very seriously when they sound so uneducated.”

  • 45caliber

    I don’t want the national debt reduced.

    I want it eliminated and those who insist on overspending replaced.

    • JC

      I’m with you. The National Debt is a myth. Designed as a paper tiger to keep all of us working for Big Brother.

  • DDavis

    How much money could be saved simply by outsourcing the work of most government agencies to reputable private contractors?

    I, as an individual, do not oppose outsourcing, so long as it is done right. My version of “done right” would include:
    (1) At least three competitive bids,
    (2) Must be United States citizens,
    (3) FBI background check would be required,
    (4) Applicants would have to submit original or certified copies of birth and naturalization certificates, records of education and training, and occupational or professional certification or licensing.

    Some examples of possible outsourcing would be:

    (1) Outsourcing national historic sites, monuments, parks, and recreation areas to hotel and resort operators.
    (2) Outsourcing U.S. Government owned hospitals and medical centers to private hospital operators.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Outsourcing is a great Idea if it were to operate within a FREE market. Problem is THEY have poisened that too. Every “private” conversion winds up a mess costing us more and contracted with some big corporate Giant.

    • Steve

      Or government outsourcing could be poisoned like it is here in San Francisco….Suppliers and sub contractors have to be “certified” in order to sell products or services to this glorius city….bascially what that means is you have to have a certain number of gay, or lesbian or minority workers, owners, ect ect the list goes on and on to spread the wealth around to all the little Mafias who then in turn double or triple the price because they are certified vendors…and of course they have to give kick backs to those city or gov employees who place the orders…they have perverted that senario quite well here all in the name of “fairness”

    • JC

      Kind of like NAFTA…which is anything BUT free trade.

  • Mel

    The problem is government income transfer from the productive elements of society to the non-productive. We are in effect subsidizing and thus maximizing the crippled and the stupid. Helping the poor just increases their number and burdens the next generation.
    Education is a particular example. If we want better students, more intelligent people will have to have more children. Trying to educate the stupid is just pouring money down a rat hole. In short, we should stop wasting funds on the poor and the infirm. That will take care of the national debt and build a more vigorous society.

    • JC


  • BJ Cochran

    The real problem is the voters. How many times have you voted for the same incumbent? Imagine how “professional politicans” would act if all incumbents were voted out after one term. The voters have created “professional politicans” and that is the very real problem and root of all US problems. Power corrupts, the longer anyone remains in office, the more corrupt they become. That is the nature of the greed factor, which rules America. To break this daisy chain, always vote the incumbent out. The result will be A congress that realizes that they aren’t there for the long haul and that will return the power to the people, where the constitution says it is supposed to be.

    • JLC

      BJ Cochran — The biggest problem with your proposal (“Always vote the incumbent out”) is that, on rare occasions, you manage to vote one IN who is not only conscientious, but who does the job well. That is the person whom you would like to keep in office forever. “Politics” doesn’t have to be a dirty word —— it is politicians who have made it one!

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    The US needs to:
    A) Cut Spending
    Start by cutting federal employee compensation starting at the top first, Eliminate Pork, repeal OBAMA care, stop lifetime unemployment
    B) Cut red tape for industry, provide real incentives, install successful industrial leaders as heads of organizations,give them a free hands
    C) Replace the FED chief
    D) Pull our troops out of conflicts that don’t fall under the Constitution
    E) Implement the Fair or flat tax with no exemptions for anyone
    ### The Biggest is add 2 term limit amendment for Congress 10 year max and their is no retirement for this service

  • Dr. Mabuse

    Why ask why?
    All of these so called leaders wear fishnet pantyhose and highheeled sneakers once they get behind closed doors. Any one with any real cajones would tell the gangster-bankster-pranksters to take that debt, stick it up their collective azzes and smoke it. (I mean this literally) Doesn’t anyone get it? The way this system is set up we’ll never get out of debt. I don’t care if you cut taxes, cut defense spending, cut social services, or cut your throat and bleed on a dollar bill.

    “The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds’ central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.” – Caroll Quigley, from Tradgedy and Hope

  • PacificRim

    Reading all of the comments, none mention two proven cures for what ails us…1st: GET RID OF THE FEDERAL REVERSE SYSTEM
    2nd: GO BACK ON THE GOLD STANDARD. Doing those 2 things will bring our country (within five years) back on track.
    Stop all this crazy talk.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Point taken, but no one with the exception of Ron Paul, and (back in the day Henry Gonzales) has the balls to even bring it up for consideration, much less put it into effect. So what are your thoughts on accomplishing this task?

  • Harry Buttle

    Then Senator coburn should not have voted to add $70 billion a year to the debt.

    There’s this quote:
    “The problem is government income transfer from the productive elements of society to the non-productive. We are in effect subsidizing and thus maximizing the crippled and the stupid.”

    Aside from being sociopathic, this is completely wrong. The disparity in wealth between rich and poor in the US now exceeds many Third World countries.

    • http://deleted Mel

      We should not worry about the wealthy becoming wealthier as long as society as a whole is becoming more productive. Under Harry Buttle’s proposal the gap between rich and poor will grow greater as limited resources will be distributed among an ever greater mass of non-productive indigents.

      Drive thru Los Angeles and the adjacent communities of Watts and Compton and you will see the results of our destructive welfare system. You will see mile after mile of decayed housing, feral humans strewn about in drugged stupor and savage gangs prowling mindlessly in search of drivers stupid enough to venture into the area. Above all, you will see hordes of ragged children wandering the streets with no supervision. Those of reproductive age drag children of their own. This is what our wealth transfer system has given us and it will destroy us.

      • Dr. Mabuse

        You forgot to mention the pernicious influx of illegal aliens, who obliterated the property values in both Watts and Compton with their third world lifestyle.
        You also neglected to acknowledge the fact that the LA County Sheriff’s Dept., LAPD and the CIA have been in collusion with both Black and Mexican drug dealers for the last 20 some odd years. Turning a blind eye to the cash cows, but busting lower level dealers. (Remember Freeway Rick?) You can go up on Alvarado and the Rampart district and the cops are still collecting rent.
        Last, but certainly not least, welfare (or dependency) is equivalent to volunteer slavery. Its just another means of command and control.
        None of this can be construed as a defense for the reprehensible behavior of these so called “useless eaters”, “the great unwashed” and all the other pejorative terms you really wanted to assign to these people. However, for you to assume any type of moral high ground is at best hypocritical.

      • hflashman

        Mel…drive through any large city in a 3rd world country and see the same. Funny thing is…you don’t see that in Europe or any other civilized country where people are treated by society as people …human beings with value.

        Ever wonder why?

        • libertytrain

          Seems to me there are definitely homeless people in Europe and perhaps you need to travel more in Europe – try walking the streets at night.

  • nanc

    I say end all monies going to countries that do not like us.
    Make the congress payroll about a $100,000 less than they make now
    No more than 2 terms for any congress members and no perks now and after they are gone from office
    NO protection for the expresidents and any congress members after they end their terms in office.
    Have the same crummy health care that they are trying to force on to us

    • JC

      Unless they have a viable product for sale…
      End all monies going to other countries period!

      I don’t buy my friends and I don’t expect my Government to buy them either.

    • Marianne

      Happy New Year, NANC
      Did you know that Members of Parliament get NO Pension when they get voted out or retire? Don’t know whether they get the same health care as the ordinary Brit. I doubt if they have personal security either. Our Congress was supposed to be “servants of the people” but I see the Brits have out doe us. Ironic?

  • hundabuxt

    Frankly I suspect its too late to do anything creative to correct the porblem. The rich and powerful have a strangle hold on our country and they’ll continue to bleed us until we’re completely powerless. Our legislative and executive branches are corrupted by special interests from whom our so called “representatives” take bundles of money to bloster their campaign chests to finance their office tenure, for which they return the favors in cleverly crafted legislation. As long as it takes millions to get elected, we’ll continue to see our republic wither on the vine. We’re fast approaching the point where the gap between the rich and poor cannot be breached and then they’ll have us under total control. A return to the fudal system. I’d charge into the gates of hell and back for a leader who mandates a flat tax system and fiscal responsibility for all agencies and offices in our government. Declare energy independence a national security emergency and fast track develop the resources now locked up due to extreme environmental restrictions and demand the development be done in a reasonable and clean manner at risk of sanctions. Add a small tax to the energy consumption specifically for clean energy development and a heavy tax for any forign imports. Imbark on a moon shot quest for cutting edge technology development and get rid of the National Education Administration, which has contributed to education failure in the US. Force term limits and a fixed amount of spending to get elected as well as a fixed time, say, 5 weeks. Make our representation live with a benifits package on par with the average corporate package with no more than a year of benifits to follow their defeat or retirement. This is just a start. We probably could eliminate 500 billion of programs which are redundant or basically useless.

  • RichardS

    PacRim: Returning to the gold standard is now impossible. Even Jack Kemp a great advocate of gold backed wealth knew this. We are a nation of debt. The problem is a moral one now. There isn’t enough gold in the world to back all of its debt. Next solution anyone? …”…

    • PacificRim

      Gold would have to be set at $6,000.00 an oz.
      It is possible and is the ONLY way to get out of this mess.
      The FED must be shut down and the power to print money given
      back to the people through the Treasury.
      Doing these 2 things will straighten things out within 5 years…

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Write the bad debt off. Its only paper my friends..they keep the illusion of debt glowing bright red & blue.

    Now, If that debt was backed by something tangible and real, it would mean something. Since the paper is backed by nothing, its only worth what people say it is. However, our Dollars are backed by Oil more then anyone realize.

  • Another Voice

    Tom Coburn is one of my senators, and he has always had his head up his ass. He can’t see that it’s our so-called ‘Defense’ Department which is piling up all of the debt. We could stop waging war all the time, and then our financial problems just might take a turn for the better, but no – Coburn wants to defund all the programs which keep our country moving forward peacefully while ramping up ‘defense’ spending. Typical Republican chicken hawk.

    • Cathy

      I personally like Coburn but definitely disagree with the defense spending bullshit. Close down all those military bases scattered around the world (something like 130 countries, 700 bases?) and bring the troops home from the two stupid wars that are not winnable. WE are causing all the problems. Ron Paul is right. We marched right in, we can march right out.

      • JC

        I agree Cathy. We need to end our policy of gunboat diplomacy.
        Not to mention that our Constitution is being very much threatened here at home and we need our best and bravest here on American soil.


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