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CNN Poll: Most Americans Support Arizona Immigration Law

August 3, 2010 by  

CNN Poll: Most Americans Support Arizona Immigration LawJust hours before the Arizona immigration law was scheduled to go into effect a new CNN poll found that a majority of Americans support the controversial legislation.

The survey, released jointly with the Opinion Research Corporation, suggests that 55 percent of respondents support the measure, while 40 percent oppose it.

There are also significant ethnic differences between the opponents, as only 34 percent of white people say they are against the law, while a whopping 71 percent of Hispanics express a similar view.

“Support for the Arizona law also varies by gender and age,” said Keating Holland, the news network’s polling director.

He explained that “nearly six in 10 older Americans and six in 10 men favor the measure. But only a bare majority of women and Americans under 50 years old think the law is a good idea."

However, the pollsters have cautioned that most of those surveyed did express concerns about possible discrimination of Hispanics, and said they were not hopeful the law would make a significant difference in terms of fixing the illegal immigration problem.

In recent weeks the Federal government as well as numerous civil rights groups have been suing Arizona in a Federal court claiming the new law is unconstitutional and may lead to racial profiling of minorities.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19911610-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Like it or not, most Americans do favor Arizona’s Immigration Law. What bothers those who reject it is the idea that anyone would dare to tell Uncle Scam that having his head up his posterior is anything but dignified or responsible.
    But then, we just can’t tell Uncle Scam anything, can we? He’s determined to learn the hard way. I can live with that.

    • Al Sieber

      SC, it’s part of his agenda.

      • s c

        Al, when will America see PROOF that The Anointed One, “God’s” gift to politics, Chicago’s reincarnated Al Capone, Haavid’s contribution to “constitutional law,” NWO progressivism’s cure for freedom, Zbig’s toy boy, is a REAL leader, and we’ll see him beating the bushes in Arizona in the middle of summer, chasing away illegals? Everybody KNOWS Herr Obummer is a natural-born LEADER. So when will he LEAD? I haven’t seen any leadership from that yahoo yet. Have you?
        Like people say, talk is cheap, and Herr Obummer is the new King of Cheap Talk. Whatever else he is, he’s the antithesis of leadership.
        Any “prez” who loves illegals and criminals and hates us deserves whatever happens. He should have stayed in Congress, where he didn’t have to read or think. When he’s ‘done’ chasing away illegals, he can put in a stint in Afghanistan, and show us how it’s done. Then, and only THEN will I admit that this jerk is a LEADER.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

          He isn’t intervening with Arizona because it goes against what he has planned he will grant amnesty. To all the illegal, drug smuggling, law breaking illegals who in a few months will be called American citizens.

  • Al Sieber

    The sheriff of Pinal Co.Ariz. Paul Babeu, is asking for help from the residents to be able to buy weapons that are equal to what the drug cartel has. in other words he’s out gunned. for a sheriff to come on T.V. and appeal to the people for help, the situation has to be critical. it was on NBC news, phoenix, Az. 10:00 P.M. Aug.2.

    • Mike Austin,TX

      He has also called the Federal Gov’t the enemy of the people. He is right and is saying so. The Feds have actively worked against law enforcement. That is treason in my opinion.

      • Antonette Kizinski

        I totally agree with your comments.

        As a senior of 79 I have never seen such behavior and deeds done by so called Congress and our so called president.

      • vicki

        Your opinion is good now however let us look at the law.
        Article III section 3 US Constitution states:

        “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. ”

        Now where are those 2 Witnesses. Arizona should have several.

    • Tess

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the best. Keep up the good work Joe.

      I love the concept of the Maricopa County tent city for inmates.
      He runs a jail as it should be run.
      More than 2,000 prisoners live without smoking, coffee, pornographic magazines, movies and unrestricted television in all jails.

      Arpaio has also instituted what he calls “Hard Knocks High”, the only accredited high school in an American jail.
      That, along with an anti-drug program, says Arpaio, has resulted in a high percentage of his inmates leaving jail without their addictions and few of them returning.

  • JeffH

    Al, good info…Aman has to do what a man has to do, git ‘er done.

    Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’
    ( – Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

    Babeu told that rather than help law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel.

    “What’s very troubling is the fact that at a time when we in law enforcement and our state need help from the federal government, instead of sending help they put up billboard-size signs warning our citizens to stay out of the desert in my county because of dangerous drug and human smuggling and weapons and bandits and all these other things and then, behind that, they drag us into court with the ACLU,” Babeu said.

    • Al Sieber

      JeffH, thanks for the link.

    • vicki

      Seems like if we found just 2 witnesses to a single islam terrorist being allowed into our country by Obama’s refusal to uphold the law that we would have a case for the charge of Treason against Obama.
      Article III section 3 US Constitution.

  • Rebecca Albright

    Has anyone actually stopped to think why Arizona has enacted S.B. 1070? No doubt, the law is flawed. But after 40 years of Federal failure to secure American Borders, what could one expect? Clearly, the United States’ immigration policies need to be immediately reformed. Anyone who does not think so is living in the past. 12 million illegal immigrants are able to reside in America because there is a need for them. Why they have not been given some type of legal working visa is beyond this writer and probably every reader out there, too. In case any readers are wondering, the majority of the top 100 most ethnically diverse cities exist throughout the American Border States. The most ethnically diverse states in the U.S. are Border States. The reality is that most of America, including the lawmakers in Washington D.C., has adopted and supports laws that are not contemporary. Migrant workers are needed throughout North America, and they should be allowed legally in from all over the world.

    • Al Sieber

      Thats bull$hit lady, we don’t have jobs for our own citizens. first they send our jobs to Mexico, then they come up here and take the rest. this goes way beyond coming here to work, this is a fight for our country and way of life.

      • J.M.R.

        right on AL she needs to go to mexico and stay there as we dont need her

        • uffda

          The only reason this administration won’t support it’s own Federal laws is VOTES. There are workers permits allowing migrant workers to come into this country legally already, we don’t need them to come in for any other reason. It’s a burden on the already taxed-to-death taxpayers.

      • john

        Truer words have never been spoken. I worked the construction trade for many years and watched it go to $hit right before my very eyes. I trained those filthy little maggots, just so they could steal my job by accepting a lower wage. Its all about greed on the contractors end.

    • Cribster

      I think 30,000,000 lettuce pickers is enough for eternity, not to mention the fact that they’re spawning uncontrollably.

      • Daniel

        She’s probably an illigal too. I admit that at one time we did need people to do the agricultural work, but now they’re ocupying all other types of jobs that we need. Not only that, but they’re using most of the resources we are paying for in taxes. We no longer need them, send them home.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Rebecca Albright… I am sure in America’s history that migrant workers were welcome and needed. That time has passed sweetie… Those who enter illegally are not here just to work the fields and then go home. They are here to suck America dry. They can get housing, food, schooling, etc. Why would they want to return home? Would you? Why would they want to work if it is free for the taking? Those who do work usually still have relatives in Mexico that they send money to. Since many work for cash, they can still collect whatever benefits the state is willing to give. Those who don’t qualify simply take what they want. I am sure that I am being much too general and that there is a percentage of those who really do want to be American citizens, but how do you separate them from those who are here only to take advantage of America? I think coming here legally would be a good way….

    • JeffH

      Rebecca Albright, “slightly flawed”? Tell us the flaw in SB1070 without the liberal spin? Please?

    • s c

      OK, Rebecca, let’s put your “integrity” to the test. HOW MANY illegals are you willing to let live in YOUR HOME? HOW MANY illegals are you willing to help “assist” with big bucks when they have babies or get sick? Is the gloss wearing off your position yet?
      HOW MANY illegals do you want living in YOUR HOUSE when drugs or kidnappings or drive-by shootings become commonplace? Still ‘motivated’ to do your bit?
      Step up and PROVE to America that you’re willing to ACT on your beliefs, and WE will have a reason to think you’re not completely insane or that your posterior belongs to career criminal Washington politicians. WE”RE WAITING, Rebecca. Having second thoughts about being so ethical and so upstanding?

      • libertytrain

        sc – integrity is easy if one doesn’t have it in one’s own backyard.

    • vicki

      Why. And be precise are they needed?

    • john

      Rebecca you are out of your —– mind! Just kidding because i know your kidding, right…..RIGHT!

  • http://YAHOO ED FOUTS

    sorry you are wrong their letting all kinds of people come in and
    a lot of them are terrorist and arizona is high on the list for
    kidnappings.its a different time in history send them all back.
    their is a time and place for everything and right now is not the time and place until we get our own people and country taken care of.

  • Al Sieber

    Last night on coast to coast A.M. with George Norry the whole show was about illegal immigration. very informative.

  • icharm1954

    I totally agree we don’t need the illegals in this country. Have you seen the trash that has come in here illegally ?They have spit on and trashed our flag and our country .They do not want to come here to find a better life they want to come here to take over and demand everything for stamps,welfare,ssi,free education, And anything else they can get for free.All at the expence of the american citizans. They are bold enough to march on our capital and demand these things. Most of the americian citizans don’t even get.I say they all need to be kicked out and not allowed to return until they do it leagally and are willing to live by our laws and show respect for this country. We the people of the USA owe them NOTHING. This is our country.Go the HELL back to your own .The way it was done in the past is the best way get a sponcer, Learn English ,Pay taxes, And contribute to this country.If they cant do that we don’t want them nor do we need them.I Fully support the AZ Law and it should also be the law of the land Secure the borders and send all illegals back to there own countries. I also feel this way if they don’t like the way their countries are stay the hell home and do something about it. Don’t come here and tell us we owe you anything.NO WE DON”T!!!!!!!!!!! And all the illegals that have marched in protest to anything in this country should all be rounded up and deported ASAP. We have had enough of the sob stories about braking up their families you did it to yourselves by being here illegally so i have no pitty on you or your plight.Take your family members back with you and you won’t have to worry about breaking up family’s.

    • Cribster

      “Trash” is correct.

      We used to insist on immigrants, crazy as it sounds, being legal. They would not be let in if diseased. They would have to have a sponsor, have a skill and prove they would be able to support themselves.

      What we get from south of the border is the lowest of the low. Most have no education, no skills, no money and they are spreading multiple diseases that we have erradicated in the past. On top of that they are the most disrespectful, belligerent leeches that ever tarnished out land.

      Illegal immigration is a cancer that has gone far beyond the southern states. How anyone can support this invasion of epic proportions is beyond me!

    • 45caliber

      I say we need to send them home and NEVER let them in again! They care here illegally which makes them criminals. We don’t need to allow criminals enter. There are enough legal people applying to come here; let those in instead.

      As far as I’m concerned, the first time they are caught, they get sent home. The second time they are caught they get sent home AFTER serving at least a year in the pen – aka Sheriff Paul Babeu. Third offense, ten years. Caught again – they are shot.

    • Lori

      I agree with you 100 percent this is all such bull,they have no flipping right to complain about anything. They are here illegaly and they get all the free s–t they want, our own people can’t even get the help they need but the goverment gives them whatever they want. They don’t have to pay taxes or anything but we the people that were born in America have to pay taxes, what the hell is wrong with the Goverment? We the America people must start fighting back, enough is enough. If the illegalys don’t like it go back to where you came from. You get every thing you —– want and our own people have to suffer because there is no money left because you guys get it all. We have starving people here homeless peopl here sick people here but yet you illegalys have everything, where the hell is the justice there? There is none, for America. The border thing is also wrong I agree 100% with the Arizona law, you come into our country and demand things and your breaking our laws and your getting mad at us,bull your breaking the law,you have no —— right to bitch about anything, if that was us we would be either in jail or prison. There are so many wrong things going on right now that it just sickens me. Everyone in Goverment is corrupt all our senitors and Demorcants are corrupt. Every one that the people voteted for is supposed to be working for us that’s why we voted you in for,well come this November you all will be voted out of there then what will you do? You will have to get a job,good luck with that. Then you all will find out how hard that is going to be for you, not fun huh.All this s–t that is happeing right now has to stop and has to stop now we the American people must start fighting back now.We can’t let them keep pushing us around and running all over us like they are.Maybe we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in if all the illegals were made to taxes, we have to so why don’t they have to. There are so many laws being broken right now that it’s sickening.We need to start putting our foot down fight now. We are getting s–t on and spit on and getting pushed around,we need to start sticking up for ourselves now now now now. We need to let everyone in Congress and in the Goverment that were not going to take this anymore.

  • FlaJim

    The only controversy about this law is brought out by the hand-wringing lefties and their spokesmen in the mainstream media. CNN polls are notoriously slanted to the left (they like to poll in NYC, Chicago, and LA) and when they can’t even find enough opponents, you know the numbers in favor of this are far higher than stated.

    The high number of Hispanics opposed leads one to suspect they polled illegals. Other polls don’t reflect the same percentage.

    • TIME


      You are 100% correct in your post as far as how numbers are garnered and from where.
      You only missed that due to demographic’s they will target the areas where they feel they will get the best response to the poll.

      Note; “find an area where the demographic’s are condusive to the out come”, {then adjust up and down to accomodate the disired out come.}

      Thats straight out of the play book. This is part of what I do.

      In plain words if your looking to sell Heavy Metal Music you don’t target old folks homes for prespective buyers.

  • http://yahoo abby

    What don’t they understand. Illegal is illegal. We have the laws now; they just aren’t being enforced and haven’t been for some time. It’s time to say we aren’t going to take it anymore; vote out the unenforcers; peacefully insist on the government doing its lawful duty of protecting the country’s citizens. Then after shipping back all the illegals, where they come from, shape up a policy for migrant workers (if needed). What about our people? Will they do the jobs mentioned as migrants needed? Well, put them to work instead of extending unemployment rights and giving the jobs to illegals or sending the jobs overseas. Create a system for these illegals to have green card issued where deemed necessary.
    And for the record, has anyone tested the decision to allow anyone born in the USA to become a US Citizen automatically? There should at least be a time limit of an individual residing in the USA; not free carte blanc. The constitutional amendment was created for the slaves (and rightfully so) Why do illegals benefit from this?
    Illegals cost taxpayers astronomical amounts of dollars for all their basic needs. Needs we aren’t even providing our own citizens. This is wrong and must be radically changed.
    The heck with political correctness, it’s always been that way, or nothing can be done. I think AZ is doing the right thing; I also feel more states should get behind them; the opposition gets all the emphasis (sp) in the media. We need some gutsy reporters to start telling the story like it is; or are all the media in the Obama pocket?
    Obama may be a nice man but his and his cohorts ideas originate from textbook theory; not actual reality. We will continue to go further downhill if we don’t take back our country. Vote out the moochers; get in people who will work the people, not line their own pockets. Bribery to pass bills and laws is illegal; why isn’t this being challanged?

    • Lori

      I agree with you 100% we have so many people breaking the law how come they are getting by with this. We the American need to clean house in goverment and in congress get everyone out of there and start over, get people into office that will support us and work for us, that’s why we vote for these people in their supposed to be working for us but their not their lining their pockets with bribs and that’s against the law so why are they getting away with it why are we allowing them to. WE MUST START FIGTING BACK AND GETTING OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  • annajoe

    The ones who do not support the new law, are sucked in by Obama and his henchmen.

  • April

    “However, the pollsters have cautioned that most of those surveyed did express concerns about possible discrimination of Hispanics, and said they were not hopeful the law would make a significant difference in terms of fixing the illegal immigration problem.”

    POSSIBLE DISCRIMINATION??? GOOD GRIEF!! There goes that race card again!! The only disrimination going on here is the Federal govt against the American People who love God and Country.. GRACIOUS!!

  • thefedupamerican

    From the Limbaugh Letter:
    This is about locking in the illegal vote. The deliberate lack of border enforcement is a Democratic strategy to dilute the vote in Red states. Obama is using immigration to attempt to punish the GOP and seek the Latino vote in 2012. The White House feels that Latinos will surge in Red states such as Texas and could change those states to permanently ‘purple.’

    As Rush points out, immigration is nothing more than the largest Democrat voter registration drive in history.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I find this abhorrent…and terrifying for the future of the country.

    • Antonette Kizinski

      You are so right but we need not have to listen to anyone special.


  • Val

    I only hope that everyone will register to vote in November. Illegal immigration is my number one concern and I will def. be aware of where every single candidate stands on this issue before I cast my vote. We have gone to war over lesser issues than this. It is time to enact legislation that does not ENCOURAGE illegal immigration and the place to start is this anchor baby business. It is a JOKE and the joke is not funny. The illegals are breeding like rabbits. This is their ONLY DEFENSE and it’s so simple it’s genius. In time these children will be part of this country’s majority. Just TRY to do something about it then people!!! I knew where Obama was headed when Sotomayer was appointed. Now, when the Arizona case goes to the Supreme Court, guess what’s going to happen?? VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and encourage others to do so!!!!

  • Wadewf

    Enough soldiers to guard every foot of our border. Then deport all illigals

  • Jim H.

    I was just floored when I saw CNN actually admit the results of that poll. I would have thought they would have just gone into denial. I wonder when they will admit most Americans don’t want Obama Care?

    • Mike Austin,TX

      It is simple economics. If they said most Americans in their poll do not support the law, so many people could smell the BS and stop watching what little they do. So, they did the next best thing and say it is a razor margin in favor. We know that is not true but some are not awake.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jim H.
      Instead of listening to the people on Nobama care, the givernment spends one million dollars on a commercial with Andy Griffith in it to tout the non-exhistant benefits of it!!!

      • Jim H.

        I wonder What Andy’s thirty pieces of silver was to betray us. Who would doubt the wisdom of Sheriff Taylor. We really need the wisdom of Sheriff Arpaio.

        • Antonette Kizinski

          Andy Griffith is only a paid actor while the real sheriff is a real person living in a “state” of hell, murder, drug smuggling and over producing off-springs to have America as Mexico.

          The president of Mexico is an idiot. If he doesn’t like our laws, why doesn’t he want to keep his own people in Mexico in a clean and good working environment?

      • JeffH

        Pretty disgusting commercial don’t ya think? Sheriff Taylor, Andy of Mayberry cuddling up to the screen touting “free” for all the seniors.
        This ain’t Las Vegas and it ain’t no BINGO game we’re playing here. As most of us know, “ain’t nuthin’ free”!

  • TIME

    Just a quick note on this topic, I have many Hispanic freinds all of who feel that the AZ law is a Great thing, they don’t like Illegal’s at all.
    They grasp that these folks are breaking the laws of the land as well they are of no benifit to anyone as its a drain on the folks that work for a living in all respects.

    As well a consensus of folks from all over the country is that they are totaly fed up with the Federal Government and feel its completely out of control.
    The facts are that 98% of the people I speak with want the Federal Government to toss out “ALL Ileagals,” and stop the rhetoric for the political self serving gain.

    But hey why would MSNBC MSN or NBC, CBC, think differantly, afterall they are told what to tell you, by the masters of spun rhetoric.
    The race card – is 100% total rotten BS.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct 100%. Those of Mexican descent in this area are also against the illegal immigration argument. Actually about 85% of the people here in Texas – including many illegals – are against more coming in. It costs too much to keep them and the illegals on government dole are upset because they can see the government having to cut money to them due to the new ones coming in.

  • Jim H.

    Time, I have many Hispanic co-workers. They are ones who came in the front door, or are second generation. They resent the illegals, who just come in and don’t go through the process that they went through. It just isn’t the Caucasian’s that oppose illegal immigration, The legal Hispanics resent it too. At least the ones I work with, or have in the past worked with. Maybe someone from CNN should interview some of them.

    • 45caliber

      But if CNN did that might change the story they want to give the country!

  • ajgs

    I totally support the Arizona law. I don’t understand why the judge ruled as she did, its obvious that Arizona is in a very dangerous position and needs help. Why can’t the feds see that? Also I wonder if most of those hispanics opposing the law are illegals themselves. I dont’ know but I can’t understand anyone who opposes the law as to me it makes total sense. What is wrong with America today. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • 45caliber

      I believe that every time there is a protest in support of the illegals, that the police should check the status of everyone there – and arrest all the illegals found. I suspect that all such protests would immediately stop due to lack of participation.

  • Mary

    Rebecca, what planet do you live on???? When a nation stops controlling its borders, it ceases to be a country. We are being invaded, and the administrations of the last 20 years have turned a blind eye. Why??? As to being ethnically diverse, I for one am SICK of ‘diversity’. All it & multiculturalism have done is divide the people of this nation into ‘tribes’. Every one needs to be a member of some ‘group’. We are hyphenated Americans. As such, it is detrimental to us all. People from all parts of the world have been immigrating to our shores for decades. The difference is that in the past, theose individuals came here for a better life and WANTED to BE Amricans! They learned the language. They changed their names to be more American. They pledged their allegiance to America and said farewell to the ‘old’ country. They didn’t receive food stamps, free medical, welfare, or any other handouts. Today’s illegal immigrants are the complete opposite. They come here as parasites and DEMAND rights that they don’t deserve. They REFUSE to enter this country legally and then have the nerve to PROTEST & DESEGRATE our flag. They are INVADERS and must be treated as such!

    • Mary

      Sorry about the typos!

    • 45caliber

      Your comment about “tribes” is one reason that gangs are now so prolific. They want to find a “tribe” that will give them protection from the other tribes.

    • Lori

      I agree with you and the AZ law, they havehad enough of it and since the Fed. goverment won’t do their jobs in keeping the Illegals out of our country AZ is doing it and now some people are mad at them for enforcing the law that the goverment refuses to follow the law. Every State should be backing them up 100%. The Illegals are costing us so much money, we need to get them out of here, then we would have the money to take care of our own people because the money would be there so we could take care of our own people because it wouldn’t be goning to the Illagls it would be going to our own people. I say send the asses back where they belong. Let their own goverment take care of them it’s not our responlbeitly to care of them. For Crist sake we need to take care of our own for once instead of every one else, we have our own starving,homeless,and jobless country we need to take care of our own people before we take care of other countries I just don’t understand why all this s–t is going on.

  • M.L.

    Out of all the blogs that I have read there was never a word about the Americans that are literally starving right here in our own country. The reason why I even bring this up is because many years ago organizations such as Feed The Children have been traveling across America bringing food to as many as they can find. The conditions they lived under were appailling,it literally looked like they were in a third world country. Our Government did nothing about it. In the more recent years these wonderful Organizations still rely on donations from generious Americans to help feed their own. illegals on the other hand live out of the pockets of the Americans by order thru taxes of the government allowing any demands they march for to be met, and I’ve noticed in the last few years the hunger in america has not been shown,only the ones in Mexico. the same goes for the deaths in America the two thousand per year has never been shown nor spoken of on the air, but we get a continual update of the Mexican deaths from the drug cartell.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. If they showed the deaths here, it might scare some people into acting AGAINST what they want.

      There is an average of over 3 murders a day in Houston. According to a cop friend working there, over 90% are gang and drug related. Most of those involve illegals. If we could stop that, we would end most of the murders and crime here.

  • Daniel

    If I could, the first thing I would do is to kick Obama and all his cronies out. Maybe send him to Mexico with all the illigals. By the way I’m pretty certain that Obamer himself is an illigal, otherwise why would he refuse to present his birth certificate. He’s come up with two birth certificates, both of them proved fake.

    Than bring our troops home and place them along both borders and keep all illigals out.

    Than I’d send all illigals home, the government says it’s an impossibility but in life I’ve found that everything is only as impossible as you want to make it.

    • s c

      Daniel, it’s obvious that we have a LIAR in the White House. It’s obvious that we have a lawyer in the White House whose guiding philsophy lets himself think that selective enforcement of the statutes is preferable to upholding his OATH OF OFFICE (and TO HELL with the Constitution).
      We have a throwback to back-room dealers who “lead” via whatever their behind-the-scene bosses tell them to do. So WHO is happy having such a low-life in the Whote House? The same people who praise the ACLU, ACORN, SEIU, anyone who hates America, illegals of every kind, utterly braindead jock strap supporters and fifth columnists. Call them liberals, call them ‘Democrats,’ and call them NWO progressives. Whatever else they are, they are NOT fit to live in America. They have sided with the enemy. They ARE the enemy.


    Although in New York there is a case of moral outrage taking place, the making of a mosque next to the 9/11 site, there is a similiar ring to this and the feds avoidance of their Constitutional obligation to enforce border security and immigration law.

    Both have sufficiently caused the American public to cry out in anger unlike what has been heard since 9/11, we all know the targeted terrorist of that anger is now paying dearly for the physical accosting and the moral insult to this nation but the scenario is yet to play out. We have weak kneed leadership, our politicians for the most part are not capable of putting forth the effort to combat the very element that is threatening even their own existence as the imperil all of America with their namby pamby ways of avoiding responsibility or making personal gain.

    I urge all who read this to give grave consideration for putting those into elected positions who qualify with higher standards than those holding office presently. This is not just a matter of party but of adults who are loyal to the nation and it’s citizens and who are there to serve the country not themselves, who are as willing to to put their lives and reputations on the line as do those they vote to put in harms way. The maintaining of this country, it’s government and preserving all the tradition and heritage is not a job to be taken lightly and we as citizens are just as responsible as those we select to work in our government. It is imperative these elected oficials, no matter the capacity in which they serve understand, they are elected and not annointed.

  • M.L.

    to Daniel, deportation is definitely not imposible. Just one more lie from both sides to please the hispanics and laraza. In the seventies we deported ten million all at once. And to ON Time, we have been fighting almost everything this administration wanted to do since Oboma became President. By the way are you aware there is a Christian church that was damaged in the in the wake of 911 and thus far has been refused permission to rebuild?

    • 45caliber

      Not a surprise. Actually, if they do allow the Muslim temple to be built there, I’d like to see some Christian church build a place next door.

      • Jim H.

        45caliber, I would like to see a place that serves pork sandwiches and beer built next to the Muslim temple.

        • Mary

          I think a Hooters should be built directly across the street aith a great BBQ restaurant next to it with a cute, pink pig as a mascot/logo.

          • Jim H.

            Hi Mary, They all need to serve beer too.

          • Jim H.

            Maybe a dog groomer could open up next door.

          • JeffH

            Mary, and one that is a “whole hog” BBQ at that!

        • 45caliber

          Okay by me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing the place have a mascot pig that gets away about once a month and goes charging through the Muslim temple. Of course the owners would have to appologize but …

        • 45caliber

          In fact, when they are pouring the concrete for the ground floor, “accidently” drop a pork sandwich into the mix. When when they get the place built, casually mention that your sandwich is in the floor somewhere. They would have to tear the place down again to get rid of it.

          • Jim H.

            45caliber, Now remember, when they confront you, it was an ACCIDENT. You dropped the sandwich when you were reaching to catch the beer you spilled and it fell into the concrete. None of it would have happened if you weren’t trying to catch the dog going through there. That’s the story and we’re sticking to it.

  • 45caliber

    Who is still saying 12,000,000 illegals are here? Actually the number is closer to 30,000,000. The 12,000,000 figure comes basically from those the government assumes are working. The rest are family members and those not yet hired.

    To make matters worse, it is easier for an illegal to get all the “free” stuff from the government than an American citizen can. Recently a woman in Dallas shared a maternity room with an illegal. It cost her about $8,000 for the birth; the illegal was free – and it was her fifth baby here.

  • M.L.

    The government is right it is BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE except he has the wrong people.

  • http://Thanks,George! Carol

    Illegal is illegal. NO AMNESTY! NO “path to citizenship”! Our Americans need jobs BADLY! We don’t need illegals for work. They cost us way too much money in BENEFITS! We are broke and getting broker. Terrorists are crossing the borders, too. DEPORTATION FOR ALL ILLEGALS!

    DC is ignorant, and “anti-American”. I want my country back. Why should I press 1 for English? MY ancestors learned the language when they came here [French 1700, German ??, Irish 1745, that I know of so far]. They became AMERICANS! They assimilated. Fought in the American Revolution and gave up the past home they had left behind.

  • Renee

    My suggestion is, just stop giving the illegals hand outs. They’ll leave on their own. Close the revolving door of freebies and make them pay like everyone else. Don’t ask for their papers just say, that’ll be $$$$ and if they don’t have it, OUT THE DOOR! No free lunches for their kids, no free clothes or medical help. No nothing. And Rebecca Albright, if you want to cover the costs for all of that, be my guest. I “used” to work in a school but was laid off because of budget cuts which would not have happened had our government been following up on their responsiblities toward American citizens. The waste of free food to these kids sickens me. They have cell phones, money for snacks but they don’t have to pay for their food. Is that wrong…YES, especially when hard working CITIZENS lose their jobs because of no money! Suggestion for the liberals, how about all of you go to Mexico and ask for a hand out to see what you get, I’ll betcha all you get will be the bird.
    I’m not opposed to the welfare system being used for what it was intended for… a help up but not a lifestyle. These people don’t have any pride, they could give a crap about the messes they leave behind because they know that someone else will pick up after them. The most crime ridden areas, the biggest slums are in the areas where there are nothing but free loaders. I’m personally tired of my hard earned money,(which I don’t get anymore) going to pay for all the people out there that first of all don’t belong here legally, (which I’m not opposed to them becomming citizens..legally) and those that just try to milk the system. NOW about the MOSQUE, Don’t even think about it, I’m hoping there will be an overwhelming uprising against that. It is a slap in the face of EVERYTHING that America stands for and if you don’t know it, Islam does that on purpose to show that they’ve conquered that particular area. Will this administration with their loyalties toward Islam allow such a thing? Probably, but I sure hope the American people take a stand against it.

  • http://yahoomail Scotchman

    I AM a Vietnam era VET WE where told we where fighting for freedom
    against Communist ogression now we have a coward at the wheel of the ship we call AMERICA but he would like too mahe it the 58th state of

  • Viktor Leben

    If you hear an “avalanche” sound, thats Arizona sliding to the Mexican side of the border. Seriously, you guys should consider moving further North ……

    SNAFU man ! Arizona is now FUBAR. The Mexican drug cartels are going to keep raising the heat South of the border. As they raise the heat more illegal immigrants are going to come over the border.

    By 2012 Arizona will be so swamped with illegals your probably going to go with Obama to be re-elected…….

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yeah right, that’s why there’s a big sucking sound as a whole lot of illegals leave Arizona for other states cause they are worried about getting arrested!!!

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    It probably has been said before but if Nobama and his Thugs would have got of their mules, then Arizon would not do it self. But that is they do everthing,

  • Marissa Martini

    I agree with Renee. In Miami, Florida the unempoyment and home foreclosures are higher than in many areas of the country and that is because we have so many illegal immigrants that are draining our hospitals, schools, aid systems. They know all the loopholes, and enjoy frauding the governmen. South Florida is the fraud capital of the country and it’s because of all the illegal residents who come from other countries where there is no respect for authority and, in fact, stealing is the way to survive. I AM CUBAN, but I came in 1959 when the the immigrants came to work and respect the country that took us in. The new “wave” (of all immigrants, not just Cubans) comes to drain the system, collect unemployement (while they still work), food stamps, homes, and then they collect fraudulent disability if they “know” somebody. With that money many go back to Cuba and live there with our dollars. They have “auto accidents” and the clinics pay them to be “patients” so, they all benefit while our insurance rates go up. They sell their credit to buyers who, after using the credit lines to the fullest, stop payment. Since the person disappears there is no way to collect – thus the amount of fraud, foreclosures and unemoployment. Our hospitals have no money and schools are overcrowded. And this law of having American children, pplleeaasseee, don’t the politicans see the writing on the walls? Stop all illegal immigration from all countries!!! We can’t afford to welcome them.

  • Terry

    When some socialist politician tells you, “We can’t deport 20 million people.” Just remind him/her, “Why not, Mexico did.”

    If a bleeding heart liberal suggests you are mean spirited for opposing illegal immigration tell them, “No, I’m for social justice, in Mexico.”

    When some leftist freak says AZ’s law is racist, tell him, “Fine, lets adopt Mexico’s immigration laws.” They jail illegal immigrants on their Southern boarder, and jail anyone who assists them too.

  • Ellet

    I think we should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws, that should make the “Hispanic’s” happy.
    Terry “great statements. I hope yuopui don’t mind if I borrow them

  • Maghee

    Why don’t you “Clowns” who hate the President just get on the phone with each other and express your selves to each other; people who are looking for non-hateful views in a conservative atmosphere should not have to tolorate dishonor and treason in the reading of a comment.

  • Ray

    Our president should be tried for treason. He is supporting the enemies by allowing them to enter the United States of America and doing what they are doing.Something must be done before its to late

  • Robin in oc,ca.

    I’m waiting to hear from Rebecca.

  • mavis

    It has been proven that a fence prohibits illegal aliens

    • john

      A fence is a good start! But a fence with gaurd towers is better. A fence with gaurd towers and .50 cal guns is even better. A fence with gaurd towers,.50 cal guns and killer attack dogs is waaayyy! better. A fence with towers and .50 cal guns with killer attack dogs and MINES IS BEST!. What’s really scary is that i’m totaly serious!……PS. Pass the ammo please.

    • Tess

      Secure our Borders, build the fence, enforce our current immigration laws and deport illegals.

      Arizona and Gov. Brewer, thank you for taking action.

      The Obama administration’s non-enforcement policy must be challenged and dealt with.

      NO to Scantuary Cities. DEPORT Illegal Immigrants.

  • Tess

    Use the money put aside to build the fence across the border, let’s get that fence up. This will help create jobs and slow down illegal immigrants from entering the US. This will also help cut down on the number of “Acnhor Babies”.

    Enforce the current Federal Immigration Laws. Deport illegal immigrants, do not catch and release. Cut down on the number of illegal immigrants and you will cut down the number of “Acnhor Babies”.

    The Obama administration’s non-enforcement policy must be challenged and dealt with.

    NO to Scantuary Cities. DEPORT Illegal Immigrants.

    As a last resort, work on repealing the 14th Amendment when the US has a Strong Enforcement of the Current Federal Immigration Laws. You will only wind up confussing matters with the current Federal immigration laws if you attack the 14th Amendment now.

    I suggest you work on stopping the influx of approx. five thousand illegals that come across that border daily.

    This has nothing to do with Race. I would like to see ALL that are considered ILLEGAL Immigrants under the current laws Deported. My Grandparents followed the law and came here Legally according to the Federal Laws of the late 1800′s and early 1900′s.

  • hundabuxt


    What you interpret as “hateful” is the building frustration with a federal government that is a failure, and does not do the job of the people they were sent to Washington to do. They’re more concerned about the security and future of 3rd world countries than the looming problems right here at home. They’re collectively malfesant and living the lives of royality while the country suffers through the worst crisis in decades if not ever, one largely aided by their incompetence and its not just this administration, albeit the obama crew seems to be accelerating it as if the liberals now in power are drunk with power taking maximum advantage while they can. Our government is corrupt, taking what amounts to bribs rationalized as campaign contributions for the ostensible purpose of getting reelected. Money with strings attached to the power elite. These so called “campaign funds” are interesting bank accounts the recipiant takes with he or she if not reelected and the rules for spending it are very loose. The representative form of government our forefathers brilliantly created with God at their sides, has been preverted by the powerful and enabled by the ignorant. We’re taxed to death and the federal government still spends like the money is free. They’ve stolen all the money paid into SSI, which is now only a program of IOU’s. They’ve put out country into jeopardy by borrowing from our enemies so much money as to give them leverage with our government. Our meaning we the people.
    Our primary education system is an overpriced embarrassment. Our medical system is the most expensive per capita and doesn’t provide the best care and Obamas universal health care initiative, while fundamentally laudable, does not address the gross overcharges the industry imparts on us when you compair per capita costs of say, France for instance, a country the World Health Organization has ranked as the best. And if you want to argue against universal care consider that we taxpayers pay the majority of the cost of the insurance for every government worker in the US from local government to federal. We subsidize their insurance. If you’re a small businessman paying for your own insurance, your taxes also pay for millions of others as well. We pay the lifetime cost of natives also. We understandaby pay for the lifetime cost of veteran coverage, which is worth every penny. I’m not in favor of Obama care. I do favor universal care but that’s for another argument. Point is Obama screwed it up and the lawyers, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and pharmacutical companies gave up just a little while largely maintaining the status quo. Their pockets will still get filled. The tax cut Bush provided mostly benifits the wealthy while citing the old “trickel down” theory which is BS! Warren Buffet pays 17.5% by his own admission, while I pay considerable more and I’m sure as hell not a billioniare, a millioniare or any other damn aire.
    I could easially go on with this but you get the drift. THIS is the reason there is unrest amoung those of us not blinded by the liberal agenda. The liberal movement in America is a cancer, which is destroying us.
    The feds do not protect us from a forign invasion occuring on our southern border and American citizens are suffering for it. We’ve spent a trillion dollars on drug intervention and the program is a failure. Our roads and bridges, some built during the 50′s, are falling apart.


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