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CNN Grills Wasserman Schultz, DNC

September 7, 2012 by  

CNN Grills Wasserman Schultz, DNC

It’s not every day that the MSM comes down hard on the Democratic Party. But on Wednesday, following the floor vote to put God and Jerusalem back in the party’s platform, CNN didn’t pull any punches. Kudos to Anderson Cooper and company.

During an interview, CNN’s Brianna Keilar put Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) in the hot seat. Keilar strung together a series of tough questions. First, Keilar asked Wasserman Schultz, a Jew, if the omission of Jerusalem was disconcerting. Then, Keilar asked if the omission of God was a “technical oversight as well.” Furthermore, Keilar questioned if such a thing could just be overlooked. Keilar also pointed out that it was clear that the floor vote to amendment the platform was not two-thirds.

After the interview, CNN’s panel continued their criticism of Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic National Convention. Cooper said Wasserman Schultz is living in an “alternate universe.”

Among the best one liners of the panel:

“Evidently she was so upset that God and Jerusalem were left out of the platform that it curled her hair.”

“God and Jerusalem were booed on the floor of the Democratic convention today.”

“Did she ever get away with ‘The dog ate my homework.’?”

“I think it was handled badly from beginning to end. Now we’re going to pay a price for it as Democrats. …We need the big dog (Bill Clinton).”

Wasserman Shultz also told ABC that “There was no fight,” within the party over the platform.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • arnie k

    Debbie what can I say. You are a liar. However you are no ordinary liar. You are the biggest liar . Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are an idiot.

    • Vigilant

      Wasserman Schultz is definitely living in some surrealistic parallel universe of she believes her own lies.

      The initial discovery and reporting of the platform “God lapse” was made by David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network. There’s no doubt in my mind that, had he not reported the fact, the platform would have remained unchanged.

      At least five times, Wasserman Schultz says that Obama made sure that the platform was amended so it would reflect his personal view. This is nothing more than politics as usual; Axelrod & Co. ensured it was changed purely as a political damage control move.

      Moreover, it shows the arrogance of Obama in assuming that a national platform is hostage to HIS views, not the will of the rank and file.

      • Vigilant

        Wasserman Schultz said “there wasn’t any discord” on the voice vote to amend the platform. ANYONE who saw and heard that vote can only conclude that Wasserman Schultz is either hard of hearing or a damned liar. I opt for the latter.

      • Lawrence

        A pathological liar is one who really believes their own lies.

      • Old Henry

        Too bad CBN did not wait until after the convention to report the platform’s “lapse”. Then they would have had to live with it.

      • eddie47d

        There is nothing that says God has to be mentioned anywhere especially in the political arena. If any party chooses to use God’s name then they had better stand behind all of God’s principles. I am sick of wars being declared in the name of God or that he is giving us Divine intervention rights. There are few wars that God would have approved of yet we keep them coming. Most wars protect precious little but destroy much and only propagate more evil.

      • Old Henry


        Check out this link / video. It will explain why we have non-stop war and many other things. It runs about 50 minutes, but is a good investment of your time.

      • Old Henry
      • Vigilant

        eddie says, “There is nothing that says God has to be mentioned anywhere especially in the political arena.”

        Au contraire. It’s called “political expediency,” pandering, and some other terms.

        If it’s not important, then you just denied the facts presented to you head on. If it’s not important, then there would have been no need for the party to “walk it back” so quickly, nor would it have been so controversial in the first place.

        Try placing a finger on the pulse of American sentiment, eddie. It’s VERY important to millions and millions of people, whether or not it’s important to you.

    • Gary L

      There are lots of liars in the congress. I guess they are just not used to being called out when they tell thier lies…at least not by the MSM.

    • http://yahoo marc lizotte

      If you all care please check out ;0)

    • gjnhelp

      Actually, barry is the BIGGEST LIAR…. debbie runs a close second

      • ctc wilson

        W3ell. Barry is not a liar.. not at all.. nothing wrong with Ms. Wasserman and her opinions either.. Allah is everywhere, in the flowers, the plants, the trees, the water, and the rocks.. Praise be to Allah! Support for Obama swells into the hearts of all of us who praise
        Allah!! Ms. Wasserman knows the truth about the profit Jesus, he as a good person and meant well, and he did some good things; he brought Barack to us to save our nation and the people. What more can you possibly ask than this, the great and wonderful Black Savior, HE has returned, and HE will be returned to his rightful place, the throne of our House of God and we praise him, Our Alah God Barack!! Praise HIM.

      • Butch

        ctc Wilson, WOW get some help. Allah is a pagan moon goddess pre-Islam that the pedophile, murderer, illiterate raider, hypocrite and sociopath stole from another false religion. Obumma is arguably the biggest fraud in US history because hes not even American. Your ridiculous ramblings and yr defense of Obumma shows you are either dangerously ignorant or a troll.

    • Kay Cleveland

      Debbie is truly the most disgusting and annoying bitch I have ever listened to.

      • ctc wilson

        Now, now.. How could anybody say something like this. We are blessed by our gracious Lord and Savior, our living God, Barack.. , the return to this life of our living God, Praise Allah, in the name of our living God, returned to earth to save the sinful nation in which we live.. We must be thankful and give praise to our living Savior, Barack! (and, send money.. as much as you can send.. to PO Box 108, Atlanta, GA 30330) Some will go to Ms. Wasserman to get a new hair do, or a wig.. or something.. And, a nose job so that she will not have that horrible nasal sound when she talks. Lord..God bless Ms. Wasserman.. Praise Allah! Our Lord God Allah Barack Obama!

      • Charles C. Smith SGM USA Ret

        And she is Butt Ugly also.

      • jopa

        Kay C : With your attitude I would be willing to bet your husband disagrees.

    • J J

      Debbie creates her world as she goes along but I feel that is a Democrat problem – lots of them do this. They create something and when it isn’t accepted the way they thought it would be, they change their idea, opinion, etc. The problem is that the rest of the world isn’t like this and their changing their opinions only makes things worse. We aren’t stupid, Debbie, we can hear and see even if you can’t.

      • eddie47d

        Is that like Romney’s flip flopping or more towards Ryan saying things that aren’t accurate?

    • ctc wilson

      Actually, she is technically a sociopath.. no difference in a sociopath and a psychopath. This is what we have as our spokesman for the Democrat Party.. We like psychos, and this is precisely why we so strongly support President Obama.. Anybody who thinks differently is just incorrect. God is actually everywhere.. the rocks, the shrubberies, the trees, the water.. all is God. God is great. Praise be to Allah!

      • star

        Obama maybe Allah but He is not the Almighty God as you claim. Obama does not claim to be Jesus not God nor Allah so you are in dream land. Obama has to much sense to believe he is any of those things. Your idea’s comes straight out of Hell and that is where you will go when you die if you do not repent and change your evil mind. Islams are a bunch of Religious nuts and wouldn’t
        know the truth if it hit them in the eye. Islam’s are child rapist, murderers. . The real Allah was hidden in a cave by his Mother and was never seen again and never will be seen again. He is dead. Jesus is a live and well and he is not living on this earth but has gone to Heaven, where only those who believe in God and Jesus can ever go.

    • Joseph Jr.

      Lying is the very first part of the DNC platform. So at any time anything can be changed. If they do something stupid( like spitting in Gods face) they just say it didn’t happen and/or it was an”oversight ” ( new big word for Dems) What they did was unexcuseable and put the nail in the coffin that was already closed. Obama has the worst record of any President to date. Even Jimmy Carter. Now Jimmy is the second worst, congratz Jimmy. I don’t want Mitt Romney voters to think it is already won. Obama is a snake and if he could dupe the Clintons he is a worthy opponent. We need a big big turnout. I want Obama to lose by a record amount.

    • Southside Hawk

      Perhaps the Piglousi has been mentoring her!?


      She thinks that when she bats her eyes and flashes that toothy smile, she can tell the biggest lie, and get away with it.

    • Seanoamericano

      Yeah but she is perfect for the democrat party.

  • Fedup

    All demoncrats are liars; you can’t be a demoncrat without being a liar. Their political agenda is based on the lie that government is the answer to every problem, when the opposite is true – GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!

    • ctc wilson

      Come now, Fedup.. surely you must be dulusional or suffering disallusional trends.. Ms. Wasserman is a wonderful person. She just sound strange with that nasal sound in her nose where the doc did a really poor job of trying to fix it! Lord.. sounds like it is full of snot and buggers. She cannot help this, anymore than she can help her allegiance to our Lord God, Allah Barock Obama, the true coming of our gracious and precious Lord and Savior.. our Allah! Use great caution with negative expressions about the Angel of our Lord God, Allah, Ms. Wasserman. You may get her nose in the next life if you are not careful.. Not to mention her gigantic feet that are flatter than a flat rock! She wears a size 10 shoe!

  • craig wettstein

    Man o man…talk about being a “Political Whore”!!!!!!

    • momo

      She’d betray her own religion for politics!

      • valentino

        Well said.

    • eddie47d

      No she is defending our Constitution over politics thus not signaling out any one religion as favorable over another. She didn’t get elected to represent the Jews in Israel anymore than Romney would be elected to represent the Mormons in Utah or elsewhere. Your elected to stand up for all Americans not just one faith or someone elses country.

      • gary

        Tell that to the Black Congressional Caucus

      • http://na Mike in NE

        Ah, yes more idiotic comments from eddie47aka: dumber than a sack of hammers.

      • eddie47d

        …and Mike says nothing of importance and needs the hammer brought down on his “intelligence’. Apparently he wants a Theocracy..any bets?

      • JUKEBOX

        Please quote me the passage in the constitution that specifically says that it is proper to tell a lie over and over, and not be reprimanded for it.

  • Joy Thompson

    The president has proven that he will say anything to get elected…just look at 2008. I think they waited to see how the omissions would fly. When they saw the public backlash they reversed themselves under the cover of “oversight”. As the president said…he is waiting until after the election when he will have more flexibility.

    • Vigilant

      My thoughts precisely.

  • Floridastorm

    All I can say is that the few sensible democrats left must be cringing with shame, in a dark corner of their garage, over what they are witnessing in Charlotte. The lunatics and freaks have taken over the party of Harry Truman and JFK. It is now truly the party of fruits and nuts. How in the world any half way intelligent individual can think that this joke of a convention will convince anyone to vote democrat is beyond belief. If I didn’t know better I would be sure that some group, behind the scenes, was sabotaging Obama. Maybe they realize that he’s a flake and cannot be entrusted with another 4 years. Better to have a Republican managing things than to have a dangerous entity like dear leader. I am even more assured today that the death wish the democrat party is seeking will become a reality come November. I see a landslide for Romney/Ryan.

    • Chester

      I could just as easily say the same thing about the party of Eisenhower, AND Lincoln. Yes, like it or not, Lincoln WAS elected as a Republican, even though it was another Republican who ended his career. Booth was a republican, no cap intended, who thought Lincoln had sold out the party and that Johnson would bring the south back under strict control. He WAS at least partially right, as Johnson, and those following him, nearly controlled the South to death.

  • Henry Albert Limburg

    put God back into every day living and leve Jeruslem out of it. America and the Lord God and the Lord Jeus Christ is very inportant.

    • Benjamin Fox

      God established Jerusalem, so you can’t leave it out, it is the capitol of Israel which He founded, I agree God is important and God come in the flesh Jesus the Christ, Jesus is going to rule from Jerusalem some day and that very soon.

      • Al

        You are a true believer, Benjamin. We must have GOD first in our lives, and those who do read the Bible know about Jerusalem. Is this just a coincidence or is there meaning to the fact Jer-USA-lem is spelled this way?

      • Old Henry

        I thought the capital of Israel was Washington D.C. LOL!

      • ctc wilson

        No.. Ohenry. .it is Hollywood, not Washington DC.. Washington DC is just the would crime capital, and Hollywood is the Head of State place.. LOL

    • ctc wilson

      Yes. leave HIM out of it.. but keep HIM, our Lord Barock Allah in office, sitting on the throne of power. Were it not for our Savior, our Lord Allah, Barock, we would be lost in a sea of misery. We must understand accept our Savior.. he cannot help what he says and does.. he is sub-human. Why else would Wasserman support him? (Well. come to think of it.. I wager anything under the sun that moola.. money, has everything to do with it, despite her proclivity to communism, Satinism, Demon worship., slutting around, and the rest of it.. Praise Allah..

      • Old Henry


        Watch the video link I posted for eddie. It will explain who is running the world, in about 50 minutes give or take.

  • Neil

    Both of the MSN viewers are very grateful the discrepancy has been called out.

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    Obama was also involved in the removal of this language from the platform, according to a leak from the DNC inner circle. The great micro-manager was neither unaware nor shocked to find out it had been removed. After all, is this not the man who declared, “The United States is not a Christian nation?” His fingerprints are all over this.

    • Neil Swan

      This is not a Christian nation it’s a religious free nation.


      • Chester

        Thanks for pointing that out to the hardliners, Neil. There are those who think no man should ever tell them what to do, as God in his wisdom will be sure they do nothing wrong. If that works so well, why are there ANY armies, any where. I do NOT doubt God exists, but I also believe in the FREE WILL he gave Adam and Eve. Yeah, it got them in trouble, and has all the rest of us in the same mess, but it will also help us find our way out of most of the messes we get ourselves into. God does provide guidance for us, but he also lets us follow to the best of our ability, not take us by the hand and drag us along,

      • Old Henry

        Why are there any armies??

        Here is a link to a video presentation that will explain why there are armies, and wars, wars, wars. It runs about 50 minutes and is worth the time.

      • Ed Weber

        “This is not a Christian nation”

        Well,,,tell that to the 85% of us that claim to be Christian. The VAST majority.

      • Old Henry


        Currently only 16 out of every 100 people in the U.S. attend church on any a regular basis.

        I wonder where the other 69% are?

  • duif100

    Wasserman Schultz for president; she lies almost as good as Obama!

    • Benjamin Fox

      Only when their lips are moving and they never shut up.

  • boo

    The Democratic party truly is the big tent party! That is unless you are: white male, own a gun, religious, a Tea Party member, believe in small government, pro-choice, high school educated, believe in Creationism, anti-union, live outside of New York, live outside of California. You know, maybe they aren’t really as big of a tent as they pretend to be. In fact, their hypocritical intolerance of anyone who disagrees with their beliefs was so bad that even Jon Stewart and the team at The Daily Show had to mock it! PS: Wasserman Shultz is a recognized serial liar.

    • Chester

      Boo, no self respecting Tea Party member wants any part of the Democrat party. They want a group they can control by threatening to take their toys and go home. It worked awfully well the last time the debt limit was up for a vote, as they held things up until our credit rating took a hit, then blamed Obama for not giving in, rather than themselves for not being willing to compromise. Several attempts were made to offer a workable compromise, but the Tea Party had one word for anything that was NOT exactly what they wanted, NO.

      • swampfox

        the will of the people is annoying to you librals huh….

  • boo

    did i forget the new name for the Democratic Party? party of death and godlessness.

    • Chester

      Boo, can call the Republican party the party of “IF you ain’t already got it, you ain’t gonna git it.” That seems to be the mantra for most of them. NO, it;s mine, and no, you can NOT use it for anything other than what I want it to do. No, won’t give you a dime, unless you go out and do ten dollars worth of work for me,then might give you a cup of water. This is the attitude I see toward any who are not already very well to do from almost all at the Republican table.

      • Old Henry


        See my post just above and watch the video. You will see just how far ahead of the curve Ron Paul is.

        You will also see the foolishness in the right / left paradigm.

        By the way, Chester is a good name. Not used much anymore, however. I’m guessing you are in your 70s.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I’ll remind you that the Ron Paul supporters at the Republican National Convention were booing and were shut down by the Neo-con Romneyites.

    • Doc Sarvis

      In other words, there’s plenty of dirty laundry on both sides.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Doc, we on the right get rid of ours but the left cheers theirs, the prevert that had sex with a under aged aid, got a demo-rat standing ovation when he turned his back on his congressial repremand, big difference unless your a demo-rat?

      • valentino

        Being independent is a cop out. Stand for something.

    • eddie47d

      We are the United States of America not the United States of Israel. The Democrats strongly support Israel but unlike the Republicans who also support Israel we don’t bow down to their every wish. The Jewish lobby in our country is immense and we should listen but like Wassermann Schultz our allegiance is first and foremost to our ourselves and not the State of Israel. They are a friend and partner but not the controlling party within our government. We have allowed too many foreign governments to dictate our policies and Israel is one of many.

    • momo

      Doc Sarvis Democrat Defender to the rescue!
      You’re pissed because your girl was caught with her pants down!

      • eddie47d

        MOMO; It only shows that not all Jews are a push over for the State of Israel and can see how they have manipulated us over the years. Her pants are fully up and is defending the United States of America and our laws not those in power in Israel. Our Capitol is Washington not Jerusalem where we are an ally of Israel and not them being the 51st State.

      • Doc Sarvis

        momo’s all frothy this morning.

      • momo

        Snappy comeback.

      • Terry Rushing

        Debbie Shultz with her drawers down? What a nightmarish imagination!

      • momo

        eddie47d says: It only shows that not all Jews are a push over for the State of Israel and can see how they have manipulated us over the years.

        I see eddie47 has been reading his copy of Mein Kampf.

      • Old Henry


        That must mean Clinton was just around the corner.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Doc, you a demo-rat? Ron Paul is out of touch with reality, that is the reason he wants to make all drugs legal. Get a life, Ronney boy is a nut job.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I’m an Independent.

      • http://yahoo marc lizotte

        Doc, please check out As an independent you may like this site!

      • Old Henry

        sooooo Benjamin, just how is that 40 year long multi trillion dollar War On Drugs workin’ out for ya? They sure have gotten it under control after 40 years, haven’t they?

        After 40+ years I think it is time to, as Hillary screached, Pull Out Now!!!

  • Dwight Mann

    FBO and all politicians. . .
    They are useless.
    Next in line are the talking heads. . .

  • Randall Kelly

    Wasserman Shultz is the best thing forRepublicans since VP Biden. She, like Rep. Wiener, are just mean, vile humanbeings.

    • Warrior

      There has to be some relationship between the democrat selecting people like schultz-y, wein-y, axelrod, frank, pelosi, reid, schumer, rahm, clinton, oblama, et; al to represent them? I think we can probably find the cause in Big Pharma!

  • Benjamin Paul

    Wasserman Schultz has now violated all Americans who hold this country as Godly Nation given to its People as a GIFT from God and with it HIS iNALIENABLE RIGHTS To enjoy THE FREEDOM of Prayer and Religion, Speeech, education, a Government of the Republic and for its Repulic to hold those offices that make it the greatest Nation in the World..
    How unfortunate to have put a man into the office of President who was not Constitutionaly “VETTED”. ‘a man that does not even have a VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE nor a Valid Social Security Card. Yet, He sits as our “BOGUS POTUS”.
    How unfortunate—-how very unfortunate for a Countru that once was held in the highest esteem through out the world.

    • eddie47d

      I heard no such thing in Wassermann Schultz’s statement Benjamin so you are apparently trying to make this far more contentious that what was really said. Religious Freedom is alive and well in America and all are welcomed. Our Constitution didn’t say anything different and you can enjoy your time in prayer and in church all you want. You need to spend less time feeling persecuted and spend more time defending all religions from being denied those same God given rights.

    • Christopher Romero

      After looking at the convention last night I got so sick to see and hear all this bunch of liars telling disgusting lies about everything. Before last night I had some respect for the Democratic party, but I lost it all last night. Is there any Decent, Honest, Christian Democrat left in that party? I guess not. Bill Clinton (sleek Willie), made me sick, Oh, he is a good speaker, he can convince lots of people, just like the Snake convinced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the tree that GOD told them not to eat. Willy, as a Christian I pardon you for renouncing to be an American and burning the American Flag in London, but I know that the American people can’t forget it. Willy, as a Christian I also pardon you for going to Russia when we had the Iron Curtain and no American was permitted to travel to that Country, but you went, and the KGB took good care of you, but you, been so immature, didn’t know that it was the KGB, poor Willie. Willie, as a Christian I also pardon you for telling the Grand Jury and the American people that you didn’t have sex with that woman (Monica), and also for telling that you didn’t know that Oral sex was considered a form of Sex. Willie, how can yo lies with such straight face, you are disgusting, I don’t know how Obama pick you to speak at the Convention. People Pardon, but People don’t forgive. The voice of the people is that you hate Obama, but you made a deal to support him in this election and that he will support Hillary in the next election.

      • Old Henry

        Decent, Honest, Christian Democrat

        That is a real contradiction in terms, Christopher.

      • eddie47d

        How about slick dishonest Christian Republican would that be more in tuned to the truth? We could all continue with that verbiage and hit the nail on the head more than once.

    • steve

      I would like to add an observation about the comment that we were once respeted & why we have lost a lot of respect. Unfortnately the “baby boomers” went through a lot of their lives trying to give their children “everything” they did not have & since they & their children & children’s children came to expect that (instant gratification)we have set a poor example ! It is possible that half the world hates us for that & the other half uses us whenever possible !!

  • T. Jefferson

    I was truly shocked at watching CNN. I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. I actually walked into a door frame when I left the room.

  • Richard Clark

    The fact that she can call herself a Jew disgusts me. She may have a Jewish name, but she is not Jewish.She is an atheist and a Cretan. The party she represents has been openly hostile to Israel and Obama has repeatedly insulted Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to visit. Debbie Wassermann Schultz is more Nazi than Jew

    • eddie47d

      Richard Clark you are a flat out liar. Obama is standing with Israel but if some of you would wake up we are not their footstool to be manipulated into the next Middle East War. Obama is a tough negotiator unlike other Presidents who allowed Israel to walk all over us. If Israel is attacked we as a country will be there shoulder to shoulder and THEY shouldn’t be DEMANDING anything more.

      • Doug Rodrigues

        “Obama is a tough negotiator.” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I’ve got my laugh for the day. I’ll remember that comment when looking at the photos of Obama bowing deeply to the king of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan. Also, how many millions of dollars did Obama give to Hamas, the people launching rockets into Israel daily? Yeah, Obama stands with Israel. If you recall “Dreams of my father,” Obama said that he will stand with the Muslims…or did you forget that?

      • Old Henry


        Were you around yesterday to watch Wayne Allyn Root’s Thursday presentaion?

      • eddie47d

        No Henry I was down in New Mexico but I could imagine what he would have said.

      • eddie47d

        That is called respect for other cultures Dougie so laugh away you glutinous moron. The Palestinians have been given those rockets from other Arab nations not US dollars. Think before you bring up the next giggle. There are arms smugglers all over the world who love to please their customers so go to the real problem.

    • Chester

      Mr, Clark, sir, why would you have to “worship Israel”, your words, not mine, to be a good Jew? Do you, as a “good Christian”. worship all of Israel and the better part of Palestine in general because this is the land Christ trod? Or, do you, like MOST Christians, worship Christ and God His Father? Most Jews worship the same God we do, but not Christ, our Savior. Actually, you can add another religion that worships this same God, and that is Islam. The big difference there is that they see Christ as a major prophet, not the Savior, and Mohammed is only the latest in a series of prophets for them. I don’t care for a lot of Mohammed’s teachings, but he does claim the Old Testament to be his guide as well.

  • Jerry Crawley

    History repeats itself. Who will be ‘fiddling’ while America burns? Poly is a Greek word that means “many” and “ticks” are blood suckers, hence the word “politics”.

  • Patriot007

    ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! The Marxist Platform was perfect until the “Believers” ruined it! When Obama referred to (his) god wasn’t he facing Mecca?

    You too shall be assimilated! LOL!

    Can’t help but joke about the Joe Biden and Obama Party. LOL! FORWARD! into the ditch. Umm Umm Ummm, I need more time to finish the work I started! (I suppose it does take more than years to undo what hard work and self reliance has built.) Besides, spending more than 80 million on vacations was beneath my personal goal of contribution to tax-payer debt.

  • chuck

    I love it, they had to call in the “big dog”. Yep they are right on that one, The big dog is a complete MORON. Since when is having oral sex in the oval office not a National disgrace? The whole Democratic party should disown this Moron. I have nothing but disgust for what he did In “YOUR OVAL OFFICE”. A complete MORON !

    • momo

      You forgot that he was only the second president in US history to be impeached.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Do you really think that was the first President who had extramarital relations in the White House? How niave.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Doc? The only one caught I’m sure but, doesn’t make it right for anyone.

      • Proud to be a Believer

        No, JFK started that and guess what party he belonged to????

    • Chester

      The only problem with Clinton’s experience with oral sex in the white house is the fact that he got told on. You don’t really want to think about how common an act that is, especially in that location. How many young women are drawn to the aura of power associated with any president, and how many men will successfully tell a couple of hundred or so hinters that they aren’t interested.

      • cawmun cents

        Somalia ring a bell?….Jackass….I mean democrat……supporter

    • steve

      could it just be the “offal” office & fecal matter will eventually run down hill !!!

  • DaveK

    I thought Tel-Aviv was the capital of Israel.




  • Steve in St. Louis

    Everyone wants to use God to get elected, but he is locked out of government the first day after the election.

    • Doc Sarvis

      God doesn’t have a photo ID so God can’t vote.

      • momo

        I thought you Dems didn’t like photo ID’s, you know voter suppression and such.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Wrong again Doc, He doesn’t have to prove who He is or anything else. In the demo-rat party he can vote because they think He is dead. NOT

      • boyscout

        Why Doc, how very astute. This fact, however, should not prevent Him from getting on the ballot eventually.

      • Chester

        Boyscout, how do you get on the ballot without the paperwork to prove you exist, and that you are a natural born citizen? In God’s case, neither of those exist, nor could they when He predates the country.

      • Old Henry


        God could vote, but He could not drive a car, cash a check, buy a six pack, use a credit card, buy a gun / ammo……

      • cawmun cents

        The current admin would treat Him the same way that the one did the last time He sat foot on earth…..If they thought they could do it and get away with it.

  • Ted Gager

    As unfortunate as it is the Democratic party has become more and more Demonic and less and less Democratic. It’s now the party of “SODOM & GOMORRAH”. They wonder why they run into brick walls when others can’t reduce themselves to their disgusting, perverted level. They are godless and without the common morality that once prevailed throughout this once great nation. They have destoyed it for generations to come. God condemn them and help the rest of us!

  • BarbaraJ Greives

    Surreal! She is living on another planet! The israelites think Odumbass is an idiot! And, definitely, not a supporter!

    • Old Henry


      Most of the entire world thinks Little Barry Soetoro is an idiot, and some view him as a useful idiot.

      We, as a nation, have become a laughing stock – and not only because of the Kenyan camping in our White House.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Amen Ted, you have it right and God isn’t asleep and will judge this nation and soon I believe. Everything He says He will judge a nation for in Lev 18 America is doing today plus rejecting Him. God Bless Friend:

  • Ricksmom

    I don’t think God would accept an invitation to a cesspool of immorality where people cheer killing infants. Why would he want to go to a fiasco with people who deny His existence or prove by their actions that they see Him as insignificant in their lives or the affairs of nations. . “They like sheep have all gone astray”.

    • boyscout

      “I don’t think God would accept an invitation to a cesspool of immorality where people cheer killing infants.”
      Ricksmom, Prostitution, Murder, Abortion, in fact, all of the “capital” sins were rampant at the time of Christ’s arrival. Perhaps this is exactly “Why” He chose the time and place, as well as why He chose to associate with sinners as opposed to the rigidly fixated Pharisees. I cannot disagree with your “gone astray” premacebut will rejoice in the recovery of any lost lamb.

  • gunner48

    This is what happens when you hire LAWYERS to run your country. there loyalty is to the BUCK. Nothing else…….

    • boyscout

      DITTO…..and both sides of the aisle are riddled with them, all wanting to write new laws or reconfigure with lawyer-speak those already on the books. These are the Pharisees in what was the temple of freedom.

    • cawmun cents

      I keep waiting for the Department of Fish and Game to declare open season on snakes…then every congressperson is fair game.

  • Wyatt

    It was obvious from the start , before the DNC evan began that something was up . The refusal of the offer to have the local Catholic Churches to offer a prayer , instead having 2,000 members of the Islamic communities hold a 2hr prayer service instead . The ommission was deliberate and to curry favor of our Muslim enemies .

    The Democrats would love to eliminate God and Religion from any political event and from America period . The Boo’s that resounded are proof of that . With out the grounding influence of our faith , our God and Religion it is much easier to control the witless masses and set up their new Communist agenda and empire .

    Americans should wake up and vote all of these people out of office aand make a statement that the Democratic Party’s agenda is not America and not what Americans want !

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Unfortunately, a high percentage of brain dead Americans will never “wake-up.” They are a lost cause because of their demonstrated low intellect. If passing an intelligence test was required to vote, the Democrat Party would cease to exist. Saul Alinski said to focus propaganda on the least intelligent. That seems to be the make-up of the Democrat Party now…those of low intellect: those who would sit back and let big government “take care of them.”.

    • eddie47d

      Not to be the spelling police Doug but you did spell Alinsky wrong so maybe you are just repeating thought nonsense you’ve heard instead of knowing the facts.

  • Robert Lebischak

    It’s the Presidents personal choice, if and when he finds that the voter is not with him, then he changes to show the voter they are wrong. That was a bunch of crap, lies and half-truths handed out to make it look good. When will the voter realize what is going on and stop accepting it.

  • Joy Thompson

    This article creeps me out. I am reminded of what a cheating husband would say when his wife comes home and finds him in bed with another woman: “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” In this case it’s our ears we are asked to disbelieve as we hear over and over again over half of the DNC yelling their disapproval about including God and Jerusalem in the platform. The Bible says that satan has blinded the minds of the unbelievers… II Cor. 4:3-4. There just can’t be any other explanation for this.

  • The Texas Cooke

    God and Israel in the Dim’s platform…they couldn’t raise the 2/3 vote needed to adopt the change, but claimed passage just the same. I THINK that this whole move was conscious in EXACTLY the same way that FAST AND FURIOUS was intended to set the stage for attack on firearms, but, once again, they got caught in their own incompetence. They removed God and support for Israel from the platform so that they could make a big show of openly voting it back into the platform [i.e., "big mistake don't you know....we really are just like you...."]. BUT the floor didn’t want it….they didn’t want it 3 times in a row….so they pretended that the vote succeed to put it back, which it was not [i.e., "big mistake don't you know....we really are just like you...."], except on NATIONAL TELEVISION the whole world now knows that at least the delegates to their national convention is NOT “really just like us” as the bood and hissed after the motion was said to pass. They are the progressive/socialist/communists that the Tea Party has always thought them to be.

  • Florence

    The Demos have evolved into sucking up to whomever votes are necessary to win. Lets see…educaton, amnesty & work permits for u no who..hmmm…leave God out of the event for the muslims… and American taxpaying citizens get to vote their asses out. Fair enough.

  • http://melson Mike

    The American people are getting just what they voted for when they voted for Obama but whats scary to me is that they are poised to vote for him again. As Paul said to suffering believer, “have you suffered so many things in vain.”? I pray not but it looks bad for the future of America at this point. It only makes sense that Obama would get re-elected because “in the last days evil men shall wax worse and worse” and thats where were at.

    • Mary

      That is true. Would have been something if every Christian would have shut off their tv’s right during the vote…or if the lord simply flooded the arena. He knows the truth.

  • John P Feltman

    Debbie wasserman Schultz is a secular Jew and really just reflects the disdain for Israel of her Lord and master of secular alchemy,Barack Obama. Because secular Jews are not really Jews. Read Ezekiel 36:24 to 29. And if you want to know more about what’s happening in Iran and its Nuclear program and what’s about to happen,you can call me at 631 661 2732. I’m an 82 year old research engineer who patented (1966) the technology used by Dr Gernot Zippe to develop the Centrifuges now being used in Iran to separate U235 isotopes from U238 isotopes for uranium enrichment.Ref; Scroll down to Legacy to find my name.
    Obama’s moral and intellectual incompetence could lead to WW3. And the the U.S. will not do so well this time…nor will the world. There is no doubt in my mind that the time is quickly approaching that prophecies of Ezekiel will come to pass and Israel will stand by its pledge…”Never Again!” John P Feltman

  • Old Henry

    I think Blabbermouth Schultz needs to watch Mr. Root’s presentation from yesterday.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Does listening to Big Blabber Mouth debbi make you sick at your stomach or is it just me.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    As with Barack Obama, Debbie Schultz would make a fortune selling junker used cars. They both lie so easily.

    • eddie47d

      Still hard to dispel Romney’s devious past and Ryan’s misinformation! Gotta love politics.

  • Florence

    The white house tells one lie after the other. I like Ron Paul , I dont really like Romney, my biggest problem w/him is wantin to build more nuc power plants… Yeah, lets turn this planet into another sun (with all of that nuclear waste). But I cannot abide another 4 years of a president who is going to give millions of illegals amnesty, I am speaking of the masses that are over the age of 30. This probably is one of those “wait until I am re-elected” plans. I can feel it! The repercussons wil be devastating all the way round for Americans. Congress has done nothing re:birthright citizenship, appropriating money for “the fence”, stopping “chain immigration”, Backing up Americans. I already notice ads on TV interjecting spanish language in the ads. No one is going to enforce English as primary language with this going on. Wait until you start gettin one of those election ballots written in spanish and English…I did… makes me angry!

    However, I will vote for anyone to hopefully put an end to King BOs reign.

    Glenn Beck has a good book “Cowards”…mentions “no-go” areas in our country where muslims control exclusively, and even some of our law enforcement do not even go to, shariah law in this country, etc. Lots of info on white house administration, etc. No matter how you feel about Beck, I think this book is an interesting read.

    Pretty soon, (ha, ha) America will not belong to us if our laws and Constitution are not enforced. Our president does not enforce the Constitution, nor does he intend to, and he tries to prevent States from enforcing the Constitution. The priviledge of paying federal taxes for the loss of our sovereignty, culture, jobs, etc. just does not appeal to me, especially if I have to learn spanish and live in a country with shariah law. Sucks!

    • Elton

      I would vote for my mixed breed dog before I would vote for a wanna be dictator like obama

  • Pingback: The Best and Worst of DNC 2012 | Freedom Report

  • JimH

    Well at least we know who the party of Satan is. It is good the progressive liberals have shown us their substance. From the gates of hell to the DNC came the hoards of Mordor. If you are/were a democrat, and you profess to be a Christian, you better flee as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

    • eddie47d

      Romney “worked” on the financial Tower of Babel and caused companies to come crashing down. Maybe he is what you accuse Obama of being and is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • Joy Thompson

        While Romney was at Bain Capital, many more companies thrived and prospered than failed. That’s capitalism. Nothing and No One is perfect on this earth and you seem to only concentrate on the negative aspects of everyone and everything. We must observe what people do and have done…not just what they say…as we are ascertaining what direction they would take our country. One thought about the Obama administration that comes immediately to mind is his belief that aborted babies that survive outside the womb should not be allowed to live. He’s voted on it numerous times. That’s infanticide. Our lives are given to us by God, not the state. Also, he has sent BILLIONS of our tax-payer dollars to Egypt which is now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are implementing sharia law. I could go on and on, but basically, for those and other reasons, I don’t trust Obama’s judgment and the sooner we can relieve him of any decision-making power, the better.

      • eddie47d

        Nice try Joy. Foreign aid isn’t like a spigot which is turned on and off. It may not be right but that aid to Egypt has been going on for several decades to keep Egypt and Israel from fighting.

        • Joy Thompson

          So what? Spigots can be turned on and off. Israel sure finds itself in a smell of a hess now, don’t they? The people who voted for Obama are upset because they were voting for CHANGE, i.e., stopping business as usual. The people that didn’t vote for Obama are upset because he sent billions of unaccounted for dollars over there when the existing government was tenuous. Billions of dollars flows overseas to tenuous governments and the struggling American public are told that we need our taxes raised. Talk is cheap for politicians and Libya comes to mind when we remember his promise of “no boots on the ground”. He has and will say anything to get elected and his speech the other night was a classic example of that. The bottom line is I don’t trust the judgment of him or the people who surround him: Holder, Axelrod, Clinton, Geithner, Sebelius, Napolitano…so many choices…so little time.. The sooner we can relieve them of any decision-making power the better.

  • Chester

    JimH, sir, I do believe your afterlife is in serious danger already, as it is obvious to any but the blind that you do not practice what you are taught, but what you think you should have been taught. Any time a true believer has to FLEE the hordes of Satan, then truly God is dead, and His Son along with him.

  • jopa

    The “Dog ate my homework” line is being used by Romney.Nobody believed Seamus ate his tax returns just when he was about to show them so now he said somebody stole them.

    • Eagleeye

      Typical comment from an “USELESS IDIOT”! You are going to be SAVED BY FREEDOM LOVING VOTERS so you shall be able to continue being a “USEFUL IDIOT” for the RATS! BTW, do you know RATS EAT RATS??????? Or is it that you believe because you are such a good “USEFUL IDIOT” once the RAT no longer needs your vote that you will be FREE? Be careful what you WISH FOR as you are going to be DESSERT after “THE MARXIST COOL PRESIDENT” uses you for all your worth! For it will be then that you shall SUDDENLY FIND “TRUTH” AND BEG THAT A “TRUE PATRIOT” COME TO YOUR RESCUE! Well, better hope when you SUDDENLY FIND TRUTH “WE THE PEOPLE OF GOD” shall be around to PROTECT YOU! If you can please give this some thought………BEFORE AMERICA REALIZES IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHOM HAVE TO BE PURGED FROM OUR LAND AND MOVED TO A COUNTRY WHICH HAS THE VALUES OF DARKNESS YOU LOVE SO MUCH!!! HEY I KNOW A PLACE………..KENYA BY WAY OF “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MILITARY”! I HOPE you can get used to SAYING “PRESIDENT ROMNEY” as if not YOU CAN THEN SAY “DICTATOR OBAMA” “GAY OBAMA” “KISSME OBAMA” and he can call you “LOVE CHILD”!

    • Been There; Done That

      JOPA: pleas stop drinking that Democrat Kool Aide ….. it is killing your brain cells.

  • Freedom

    Yes……Dumb Blonde Debbie WashingMachine-Schultz……..GIVES NEW MEANING TO THE TERM “DUMB bLONDE”…..

  • Eagleeye


    • Elton

      Alas I believe you are right sir. I have the same gut feeling. We so far survived the last four years, but I fear another four could very well end with a dictatorial America….

    • Steven Matthews

      What is wrong with being Muslim or Homosexual? You are the reason that Democrats are getting more and more votes, although many disagree with their policies. Your comment instills hate among a religion and among someone’s sexual preference. Republicans say we are for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, your statement contradicts our founding principles. Republicans are against Terrorist and Gay Marriages, and WE DO NOT hate Muslims or Gay people. Your comments are why Independent Voters do not want to vote Conservative. For the benefit of our party, keep your hate speech to yourself, because we do have terrorist on our own soil that are not Muslims (remember Timothy McVeigh???)

    • Sherpy

      Oh holy crap dude, smoke a bowl and watch a cartoon. Calm the f*** down, man. I know sh*t just got real but flipping out isn’t going to accomplish anything productive. Just slayin’ =)

      • Been There; Done That

        Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a total DITZ and she is the poster child for all of todays democrats . I can not believe she is so blind to believe what she is saying.

        BOB has fooled the American public long enough. Barry Soetorro is a closet muslim and a communist*. Where do you think all the boos came from? Given that there is a large muslim contingent at the democrat convention and given that Obama declared that America is “no longer a christian nation” want dose anyone expect.

        * The reference to Barry Soetorro being a communist is based on his political mentor and relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. Should you not know this person (google or U Tube) the name before you vote for Barry Soetorro ( AKA BOB)

  • cawmun cents

    They removed God from the schools,and look what kind of shape they are in… removing God from everything else is the step necessary for comminism.
    Dont believe me?
    Look it up you progressive punks.

  • Dorothy

    Never did I believe that GOD should be taken out of anything schools, government etc as this nation was built on GOD. IN GOD WE TRUST. No wonder our country is in the situation of debt. We should always remember We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD. DV

  • RB

    they, [the Democommunists] only care about this for ratings, Election Votes, and polling purposes, and have NO REAL care about the issue, FAR from it. They are Liars and Decievers. CNN is in the Tank, Ratings wise, and that’s why they are actually asking some fairly tough questions to the Democommunist Party Leaders. Deception IS the Agenda of the Democrat Party.

  • Sean

    Well we see how Obama has corrupted the liberal left, even members of his party, Wasserman-Schultz, puts Obama’s craziness before her heritage. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, we seriously need an intervention. Drugs and alcohol are not the only problems some are dependent on.

  • Kevin Curl

    Debbie reminds me of Horseshak form Welcome Back Kotter ! Very annoying when she lies I mean speaks !

  • Jim Mapes

    This woman should be taken out with the garbage. Its a certaintly she can’t keep track of her own lies. She lies so well, its no wonder that she is the Chair of the DNC.

  • http://hotmail Chris Phillips

    So the Republicans are the party of God, eh? I guess that explains why they are for targeted assassination of enemies — including American civilians, pro-torture, anti-middle class, pro-war with Iran and pro-Israel ( a rogue state). I guess God must be quite the monster in this case, Thank the gods that there is still separation of Church & state in America.

    • Joy Thompson

      No political party can say that they are the party of God and I don’t think the Republicans have said that. This article was about the Democratic platform not acknowledging God, not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the delusional Wasserman-Schultz thinking that we have all been drinking the Kool-Aid like they have.

    • cawmun cents

      Pointing the finger of blame at someone else when the converstation is about you…..
      I am surprised you didnt drop a Bushbomb and throw a racecard as well.
      How novel your approach is….

  • Wick

    Now I know why Debbie has the job she has. She is a wonderful liar. She represents her party well.

  • nnicko

    Hey Eddie 47d…………I’m assuming but realistically know that 47 is to high of an IQ for you…..start @ zero and stay there….you are a great candidate for citizenship to North Vietnam. Jane fonda will give you a recommendation! You will like nam because you have the capacity to accept lies, can’t recognize a lie and can live a lie. Trust them, they will treat you like a King……………Kong!!!!!

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    • Joy Thompson

      I think you are correct. Hopefully, people who aren’t the least bit interested in what the God of the Bible has said will be drawn to Him as more and more of these events unfold. We must pray for Bible-believing pastor’s and teacher’s to be heard. Praise God.

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  • Dobber 1029

    She has really drunk way too much of the cool aide? This woman is an idiot and is an elected official? How can that be…Clearly .there was no 2/3 approval, there was discourse and was she even in Charlotte? Everyone has seen the people at the convention, booing the change in platform…And we all heard the audio tape of her lying about the “alleged” statement from the Ambasador from Israel. Thisi woman is the Queen of “denial”

  • Karen

    Did anyone see the Fox News report that showed the telepromptor? It showed the “script” for the speaker that said that there was a 2/3 “yes” vote, before the vote was done. Or maybe that was a “technical problem” or something?

    • Been There; Done That

      Good observation on your part Karen.
      I am starting to think that democrats are loons without the teleprompter

  • s c

    Schultz is a classic example of what can happen when a human brain when is exposed to concentrated stupidity for too long. You could call it a “voluntary waterboarding of the brain.” Since it is voluntary, it is worse than the info extraction procedure of the same name so belittled and slammed by fifth column retards.
    Some people are born stupid. Some prefer it to having a functional brain. Schultz must have ‘what it takes,’ as she is consistently off-the-chart. Either she hangs around Motormouth Joe or Al ‘duh’ Gore daily [or she sees them as infallible icons]. Either way, the stench and the concomitant, mind-rotting devolvement are hard to eliminate (maybe she likes it that way). What can you say about a utopian who thinks they’re Amerika’s best and brightest? They couldn’t pour ____ out of a boot if they had 50 years of “experience.”
    Friends don’t let friends become utopians, folks. Schultz never got the message.

  • swampfox

    this woman is as looney as whoopie Goldberg,rosie Kannada the hut a** ugly odonold,rosan twinkie queen bar,Jane vc fonda,pelosi(where boners go to die),Michelle obuttkus the orangatang witch,
    ever notice all these libral/demogomorian hags are ugly as a bulldogs crack and loony as dingbats,must be in the genes.

  • swampfox

    meant rosie odonald,aka:jabba the huts sex queen,though if jabba existed even he would shoot himself with a blaster rather than have nightmares for the rest of his days.

  • Been There; Done That

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a total DITZ and she is the poster child for all of todays democrats. She is so moonstruck with Barry Soetoro she, like the mainstream media can not see beyond OBAMA’s facade.

    BOB has fooled the American public long enough.
    Barry Soetorro is a closet muslim and a communist*.
    Where do you think all the boos came from? Remember, the opening prayer service at the D’crat convention was islamic and Christians were denied. Given that there is a large muslim contingent at the democrat convention and given that Obama declared that America is “no longer a christian nation” want dose anyone expect.

    * The reference to Barry Soetorro being a communist is based on his political mentor and his close and long relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. Should you not know this person (google or U Tubethe name) before you vote for Barry Soetorro

  • Patrick
  • Wendell Bunch

    The first two years and last two years of the Clinton administration was in a recession. The
    massive job growth of 22-26 million jobs created started with the Republicans and Newt Gingrich “Contract With America.”.Bill Clinton went along for the ride because he new that a veto could be over ridden by the Republicans and conservative Democrats in the House and Senate.This is a matter of public record. Quit lying to the American public as stated at the Democratic National Convention.The real job creation from 1961 until current 2012 is Republicans 50 million plus jobs, Democrats 12- 14 million government and private sector .jobs.I am a registered Independent. When I add 2+2=4 The basic math course that you took is 2+2= what ever fictitious numbers you need to fit the occasion. The American public is fed up with the lies by you and the Obama administration. Romney and Ryan should campaign using the slogan ” Contract To Save America”.The United States cannot survive 4 more years of tax .spend, and more government control. May
    God Bless America and help us return honesty and integrity to our local, state, and federal government ..

  • swampfox

    when the lord Jesus Christ gets his church out of here in the rapture which is VERY soon,yall democrat heathenistic librals can run around naked like a bunch of godless savages and you won’t have to listen to us ‘deluded’ Christians anymore,
    if yall are this deceived by Obama,the anti- Christ will have everyone of you hook,line and sinker.
    i know what’s coming,Obama is just a prelude to something way worse.
    all of this rebellion against Jesus and lawlessness is a obvious indicator that the rapture is near.
    all of you denie Jesus Christ and rebelled against him,the more you do it,the more you are proving what Jesus said would happen,yall are PROOF that Jesus is lord.
    by denieing Jesus you heathens are just proving gods word is absolute,
    heh heh heh heh,yall godless heathen libturds and democrats are without excuse!

  • jopa

    After skipping through these posts I see the war on women continues.Were you all molested by a female relative or even your mother perhaps.I have never in my life seen so much hatred aimed at a woman with so much integrity and patriotism towards her country and then you all talk about the Arabs mistreating women.Your actions today will continue through generations and your sons will also become wifebeaters such as your rhetoric suggests.You all really do need help.I know a lot of you are teabaggers and should perhaps seek out a real Christian religion.The teabagger organization is kinda like the moonies of the faithful with some really messed up ideas.Just sayin.

    • Joy Thompson

      I am not a member of the Tea Party. You say they are “kinda like the moonies of the faithful with some really messed up ideas.” I am interested in hearing what these messed up ideas are that you are referring to. Wasserman-Schultz’s gender has nothing to do with why I have issues with her. If she were a person of color you would probably say I had a problem with that. No, anyone spouting the same obvious misrepresentations would be called on it by objective observers.

  • FreedomFighter

    Not that looks mean anything or relate to what a person is or does…still I cant shake how evil this Wasserman-Shultz looks and obviously acts.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • jopa

    This swampfox guy kinda reminds me of Larry Craig.Bashing women the gays and then we come to find out how fond he is of the same sex.I would bet swampfox is typing away all of his hatred or perhaps fondness from a mens room stall at an airport.This is so common among gay bashers just trying to hide their big secret.

  • Charles

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been drinking the Obama/Soetoro Kool Aid for much to long. That it is Obvious that there was desention in the Convention and equally obvious that there was not a 2/3 majority for the vote.That she is the DNC Chair speaks volumes about what has happened to the Democratic Partythey are so far Left that theyve left this country!

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